28 Ağustos 1840 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1

28 Ağustos 1840 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

NOT TUB aiiORY OF O S A R BUT TUB tfBLFAR B OF ROMS. BY H. B. STACY. MItLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, AUGUST 28, 1840. VOL. XIV....N0. 12. PAPER. C. GOODRICH has iust received from theiiianumcttticrs in Massachusetts, n full Ripply of linen hand-made, royal, medium, Demy, cap, letter, folio-post nnil billet pnper, of vnrious qual ities, as wove, satin, laid, tilt. &c. &c. for salo at man ufactures prices. Juno 30. B HISTOID JlOAHl), Drawing paper and Pen cil'.. Brilliant red fluid. Mue flniil, japan inland ladies and gentlemen's steel pens, .tnt received from New York, and (or sale l.v S. HUNTINGTON. Collesc si. Juno 25, 1810. STDTE kOF VERMONT. ) HTMIE hon, tho prolate DlsT. or CtiiTTENnr.M ss. j X court for the diMricl of Chiltenden, To all person eoueerned in the estate of Alno Ilickok Inleof Caarlolte, in said dNtrict de ceased, greeting. Whereas, Nelson Hienok ndmitra lor of the estate of said deceased, proposes to render an account of hi administration, and pro-enl his ac count against snid estate for examination and allow ance at a session of tho Court of Probate, to lie hold en at the Register oilico in Burlington on the second Wedcnsday of September next; Therefore, you are hereby notified to appear before snid court ul the time and place aforesaid, and show cause, if any you have, why the account should not be allowed. Given under niy'hand at Burlington thi first day of August, A. D. 1&10. nug 5 WM. WESTON RegMcr. FItANKMN 1IOUSH, AT THE MINERAL SPRINGS, IN HIGIIGATE, VT. The subscri ber having furnUhed and lilted up, for the reception of company, "the above establishment, respectfully solicits the patronage of his friend, and the public generally. The celebrity tin spring ha attained, tho beauty of its location being situated in a pleasant and healthful section of tho country together with the exertions of, the subscriber to give satisfaction to all, it is hoped will make it a desirable situation fur those who wish to avail thcmelvcs of the benefits of the medicinal waters, and a relaxation from the ordinary care of business. S. W. WOOD. Highgate, June 3, 1810. Sw N E1V GOODS, now opening: an additional assortment ol various kinds of good, among them are Mezolinto Brushes, Satin Dead Head Hands, Sar.-aparilla Lozenges. Accordeon books, extract of Hcrgamot, bristol board,groen Spectac es, Castors, new silver pocket Comb, Kagle licit Plates, etc. ALSO, a good assortment of trimmed and plain line Satin and bombazine Stocks ; thin summer Stocks, lig'd and plain tonic willi bows very nice and light for warm weath er J we have alo very narrow Stocks, suitable for boys or men. Also, long stocks for those who have largeNeeKs, in a word our assortment of Stocks, Col lars and Bo-oms is very complete. For further par ticulars please call at the Variety Store. Jlllie II. I'aS'CUOIIN & IlltlN'HAlD. PAN'GllOKN & HU1NSMA1IJ, of the Variety stoic, are oflcring a great variety of Watches, (Mocks, Jewelry, Perfumery. Musical Instruments, Girls, Cards, Pictures, Snps,Hiiir Oi'ls,I!azors, Knives, Scissor-, Cane.-, Slocks, Cap-, drawing materials, wil low Waggons, Chairs and t radlc-, Castors, Pencils, Tea and Oollee I'ots and Urns; silver ware, plated Ware, Lamp Wicks and Glasses, Collars and Uosoms, Suspenders, Swords and Pitol,Thermomelcrs,Station cry. Inks, Court Plaster; Doll, Dags, pocket Dooks ami a great variety of fancy articles to supply the wants and minister to the gratification of the notional and all who call at the Variety stoic ; we are in "Ap ple riu" order ready to answer orders or return calls at the variety siore, Panohohn & Iini.v-MAID. MAGXECTIC OUONTICA.THE TEETH I THE TEETH!! The iNcoMt'AtiAuLD Tooth PtiErAnVTioN. The fact is proved, and Ihu most in credulous nil doubting nre fully convinced, as we have tho evidence from tho sain of 20.000 boxes of the Odon- tica, within tho past year, that the Utopiou ilreanis of tlie aiciiymist are realized, ami n remedy Discovered for preserving those important and useful nppendages of the human system, by the Use of the Magnetic Odon ticn, which by its attractive, and strengthening quali ties, removes all extraneous substances from the teeth and preserves them in their nntural brilliancy, and the gums in soundness nnd beauty. It is ascertained from experience, that when used, tho teeth will never de cay, but remain till the latest age of man, with their natural wear. When they arc decayed, its progress will bo arrested, and the teeth preserved nnd prevented and preserved from aching all this ha. I ten done in a multitude of instances: and more in thousands of eas-es, nervous toothache, (that climax of pain) has at once been cilectually cured by popular denlrifrice 'in America. And in conclusion, where, or who is the young lady or gentleman, aye, the individual that value a beautiful set of tecih, sound gums nnd a sweet breath more than fifty cents, that will le longer desti tute of a box of Dr. M, Hitchcock's MngneliV Olonticn. For sale wholesale and retnil, by A. HITCHCOCK & Co., No. 117 Genesee st. Ulica, N. Y., and by their agents throughout the United Stntes. In Burlington, by J. &J. H. Peck & Co. In Vergcnncs by J. ,H, Bowman. In Milton, by Uurnctt & Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. our2 LOTION. LOTION. 1K. EVANS' BEAUTI FYING LOTION. Highly esteemed for curing all Eruptions Coarseness, Heilness and Pimples on tho Face Neck or hands, and clectually denning the complexion, and removing all diseases of tho sknr Nothing contributes so much to our general success in lile, ns an engaging first appearance. This Lotion i admireiLa most fragrant; mild, sufe wash and great ly esteemed for its virtues) m cleansing, softening, and purifying the skin of all eruptions, so injurious to fe male beauty, and restoring it to n high degree ol pu rity. A beautiful complexion is the pride of nil who possess it, and the envy of those who are deprived of it. what is so aflectingloa beautiful female,in whose face nature has displayed herpower,astofind her complex ion discoloured with disgusting pimples, which mar her charms 1 A good appearance is tho bct recom mendation ; and as the Beautifying Lotion purifies the skin, and removes all Pimples, Blotcho, Tan, Sunburn and Redness, and produces a beautiful hue, it is the only cosmetic a lady should use at her toilet. Gentlemen will all also find this a delightful remedy, to remove all Houghno'., Pimples, Ringworm, Spots, Redness, Soreness of theface nnd nose, nnd every kind of erup tion on the surface of the. human body. It is particu larly recommended to gentlemen to I e used after ha ving, as it will prevent the otherwise certain ctleet, of all common soap, in turning the icard prematurely irrev. For sale Wliole-ole nnd retail bv A. HITCH COCK & Co,, No. 1 17 Genesee street, Utien. In Bur- Jtnston, uy ,i. & J. H. recti cc uo. in vergcnncs, ny J. H, Bowman. In Milton, by Burnett ec SawyeV. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. augVP LOOK AT THIS. HAVE YCU A COUGH t TO,000 Din or consumption every year in the United State, nnd millions sutler fcom troublesome coughs and colds, that can ha curud by Dr. M. Hitch cock's Vegetable Virgin Cream Cougli Drop, a safe medical prescription, contning no poisonous drugs, nnd ucd in nn extensive prneticu for several year will most positively all'ord relief, nnd save you from that awful discace, pulmonary consumption, which utinllv sweeeps into the grave hunnreds eflhe young, the old, Ihc fair, the lovely and the gny. Have you a cough 7 Be persuaded to purchase n bottle of the Cough Drops to-day ! To-morrow may be too late. Hnvu you n coughl Dr. Hiteecok'. Vegetable Virgin Cream Cough Crops is the only remedy you should take to cure you. For thisplaig reason. That in no one of tliu ihaunnd eases where it has been ii-cd ha it failed to relieve Price 75 cent per bottle. For sale, wholesale and Re tail, by A. HITCHCOCK & CO. No. 117 Genc-eo st,, Utica, N. Y. And by their ngents throughout tho United States. In Burlington, by J. it J, H. Peck & Co. In Vergcnncs, by J. II. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet L. Sawyer. In Georgia, by I.orciuo Jnticn. DOCT. MAKSIIAMS Aromatic, Catarrh and Headache SNUFF. This SnuH'i superior to any thing yet known, for removing that troublesome dis ease, the Catarrh, and alo a cold in the head, and tho headache. It opens and purges out all obstructions, strengthens the gland.,aiid gives n healthy action to the parts nlleetod. It is perfectly tree from any tiling dele terious in its composition has a pleasant flavor, and its immediate elfect, nflcr being used, is nbgreeabfo. Price SO cents per bottle. Dort. Marshall's Vegetable Indian Black PLASTER. This Plaster I unrivalled for curing scrofulous swel ling, Scurvy Sores, Lame Back, and 1' re-h Wounds : pains in the side, Hip and Limbs: nnd seldom fails to give relief in local Rheumatism. If applied to the side.it will euro many of the common Liver Conmlninis! and is equal, if not superior, to any thing in use for corn on the feel ; the virtues of thi Plaster have been witnessed by thousand of individual in the United State, who have teted its efficacy. Sold by the pro ...,.... ii. mm. li.. ,'. ' '..n INltloi , V.H.1-. mmi-n, ...luiuomiiy, , i. TVTEW SHEET IRON. 1 ESTABLISHMENT. COPPUR & TIN WARE The subscriber, late of the linn of Starr & Bostwick, having purchased and re moved tothe Store lately occupied by Strongs & Co., Mt side of the Court Ilou-e Square, one door north ol the Log Cabin, i now ready to do all kind of work that the public wih in his fine of business, such as covering roofs with tin, making and putting up cave troughs a ml spout. All kind of Tin, sheet Iron and Copper Ware will I e kepi on hand, and for sale at as low prices as can be found in llio Sinie. Sheet Zinc, Conner Pump, Lead Pipe, and all oilier articles in the liue of our business kept on hand. For cheapness of price and neatness of execution, my work will not be excelled tjy any in me state, n you wisiiioranytnnig in the above line, before you tra !e I e sure and call upon II. II. BOSTWICK. Burlington, July, 1810. WORMS, WOH.MS.-Dn. M. Hitchcock's unrivalled and unequalled WORM TEA, n sovereign remedy for Worm. Strange and incredi ble are the clfects of these detestable vermin ; few person, nnd it is thought none are free from them, par ticularly females and children. Many person go llirouc.lt n uiiresmg course ui invuiuuiis wimuui a benefit, when they micht ! relieved by using the Worm Tea. This invaluable medicine has been le-ted by the experience of more than ten years use, and administered to more than 10,000 persons of various age, and not one solitary complaint: on the contrary hundred have called, and unsolicited, given their de cided preference to it. after trying the di.lerent articles sent forth to the pubic, and pronounced Dr. M. Hitch cock' Worm Tea tho most safe, eflectunl, and con venient remedy that can be obtained ; for in no one of tlie lliounnus oi instance wucre u mis im-ii usuu agreeable to the printed direction has it ever failed. N.B. A8kforDr. M. Hitchcock's) Worm Tea, ii there are many nostrums abroad for thodcstruelionol worm For sale wholesale nnd retail bv A. HITCHCOCK & CO.. sole proprietors, 117 Gene-ee street, Utica, nnd by their agents throughout the Union. In Burlington, by J. & J. H. Peck & Co. In Vergcnncs, by J. H. Rnwmnn. In Milton, bv Burnet & Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. nup20 "HEWEY'S Patent Sprlnc-Tooth lIorscRnkc. XJ The Wire Tooth Horse-Hake, which has been used with so much satisfaction during: the last two having seasons in the counties of Rutland, Addison nnd Bennington, Vt. nnd Washington. N. Y. will be kept for sale the present season by STRONGS & Co. llurlington. These rakes arc adapted to all meadows: they arc easily tended, and do the work faster and better man any otner tiorso tiaivo in usj. n is found by experience, that tho expense of raking hay with the Spring Tooth Ilorse-Itnke is only about one quarter as much as (lie common method of raking with hand-rakes, besides) securing tliehuyin belter or der. Some farmers who have largo meadows, esti mate the use of one rake last hay season at forty to fifty dollars. DAVID DEWEY, Patentee. July I, 1810. rpo THE PUIHilC. In offering this Edition of X. Smith's Geography and Atlas to the public, the Publishers invito attention to the following additions and improvements. The Geography has been carefully revised and en larged, is illustrated by about ii7y additional Cuts, and is perfectly adapted in all its parts to the new Maps. Tho entire text of the honk has, (at much expense, been thrown into uniform large type which we feel confident will bo regarded as a very decided impro- vninnnt. The tables, appended to tho Hook wcro made up with care, and contain much valuable information ma condensed torm. l no names ami lengin ot tne iirinninal Canals and Rail Roads (finished and in nro- gress) arc given, and tho places connected ; also n .'omnlcto list of tho Colleges, Law nnd Medical .Schools, Theological .Seminaries and Religious do- nOinilinUOllS Ol U1U UlUItu oioita. Iliu ib-lguillg JUV creignsof Luroue, Ate An I7ALUAI1LE INFOIl.UATION.-7Ae In J diem Vestlahlt Pills aie a certain cure fur diaease in ila every vurielyof form, brciuse they tho roughly cleanse the sioiiihcIi and bowels, induce a pro. ner discharge bv the lunss. skin and kidney, and eti- mnluiR i he blood 10 nurifv itself. In oilier words iln open nil the nnlural dr.iins, and leave KATUnt the Grand Phytician) nee to di'ue disease from the budv. 'I'lie above outlets, or drains, are llie common sewers of tlie budv, throuch hich all mnilndand cor rupt humors (die cause ol disease) are ran led off; and so long as they aie all kept open, and discharge (reel llieir allolicil porliuns ol impuriiy, uic uouy win cum. tinue in health : liul wlien trom canng improper loou, brcaihins ininuro uir. sudden transitions from lie.it In cold, over exhaustion or any oilier cpue, llie bowels become coative, llie pores ol the akin become closed, or ihekidneji foil o perform theii functions prnpeily. the impuriliea which ahnulil lie drained nom ine uouy hv ilipjfl mil tern, will be retained, and continue lo ac cumulate until the body bcc.nmes literally loaded-wilh disaae. If llie channel! of our miiihty rivers should become blocked up, wonld not the accumulated waters finu new outlets, or llie country uecouie inuncuiey i Junto with llie human body: if the natural drains be come closed, the stagnant and corrupt humors will find vent m the larious tonus ol iliseaae sucn as rever Small l'nx. Mentle. Rheumatism, doiit. Apoplexy &c. or Death will eud our fuflerintie. Therefore when licknc'i at llie alninach, p.iins in die back ami tide, quick piilee, burning akin, or any oilier unpten aant symptoms, indicate I hat one or more of the na, lural lira in are not diecharaine fieely, and I lie conali union i about to commence a strueele for the reatora lion of health, no lime should be tost in ndininiaiering a few brisk doaei of llie Indian Purcalitc (Indian Ve getable Pills.) By so doing, all I lie lunciions of the body will be restored to order, mil the foul humors (llie cauao of every inflam.ilioii or pain we tufler) will be removed in to easy and natural a manner, that the body will be rcatored aa if by n charm. The Htiote Pills may be lakcimt all times and tinder ALL cir cumeiances. with neifecl a.ifeiy. Tliey a nit all com nfainlt and all asea, and are to llie human ronaliimion aa food : conuquenily the can nener injure even llie moat delicate. Like our food, ihey ure digestible; llieicfore they enter into llie circulation nnd imparl an energy to llie blood, which ciiMblrs it lo flow wnfrfiee. dom quite In llie extremities nnd ciimrqupnlly to keep llie porci ofilie akin open. They aie iruo and perfect purifiera of (he bluod : because they drain all corrupt humora from that life giving fluid. I'hcy impart trenslh and riuor lo the whale system, nnd llieir' ef fects arenlwaya beiuficlal : because ihey only remove thore humora which arc onnoaeil lo health, I'hey aid and improve digerlion, and sound deep follows llieir use: because ihey cleanse the (toinncli and bowels ol ihoai fliiny humoiira which not only irriiaic and excite llie nervous ryatem, lint painlyic and weaken llie dis. Eesiiveorenna. In ahorl ihev tinasess all they eooil proicriies llut can be claimed for any medicine : and uiLat liii. uitrtr rpimirl. ..liU. il !a iiMerli' ininnpttb'e In DISIiASliS OF TUB I.UNGS.-.Decidcdly llie moat popular remedy ever known in America Vegetable Pulmonary JJalsam ii llie moat valuable remedy now in use fur coiigha, colds, aalhma or phthisic, consumption, whooping cough and pulmonary afTrclions ol every kind. Ila sale ii steadily incicaaing. and llie proprietors are roasianlly receiving i lie must favoiable account of its cflfecls. The following new certificates aie offered for public examination. An Interesting Case. Extract ofa letter from Mr C S Clay, Kingston, Ulster Co., N. Y. to llie proprietors, " ours of the Oili insl. was duly tec d. A icmaik.iblo cure was effected ty llie Vecaialile Pul. monary Balsam in llie winicr and spring nf 1S35. The person, Mr. Moodv, had been sick a long limn wilh ihe consumption. His physicians had given him tip. lie was reduced so low as to be unable in help hnmcll, ml was raising a largo iiuantily of blood when he commenced using llm Balsam, which has effected a complete cure, uud lie is now as hale and hearty as ever lip was. air. iYtooily lias icmoveil liom Mils town, but he has premised me a more detailed account of his case, which ! will fui ward vou. C, S. CLAY. Kingsion, N. Y, June 25. 1833. Extract of a letter from Dr. Jacob Mvers. The Vegetable Pulmonale Balaam has been sold in this comity for two jrara, and llie medicine has gained nn uncommon celebrity, for il scarcely in one instance tailed ol having llie desired rltect. I am uy nn means in favor of llie many nostrums, moat ol which are im position! upon a credulous public, but that which I know by use lo be cffeciual, I cannot help but give my approbation lliereln. A counterfeit preparation has been offered hereby a travelling Agent, ofCnmstock, IN. Y. and there is another article vended heie l h.it is trongly suspected lo be spurious. jAcon myers, ni, u. Mifllinctoii, Juniata co. Penn. May 3, 1837. From Dr. .Samuel Morrcll, to the Propiielois of the Veac labte Pulmonary Balsam. I am satisfied lli.it the Ve getable Piilinonasry Balsam is a valuable mcdecine Il has been used in ibis place with complete success in an obsliiuie complaint of llie lungs, uncoiled wilh u severe cough, loss of voice, and the raising of much blood, which had previously resisted many approved prescriptions. Alter using llie Balsam one week, the pattern s voice reiurncu and lie was ainc to ppenK audi bly. This case occurred some lime sinre, and the man is now engaged not only in active but laborious business. Ilpfpeetlulty, Sc. o. nlonRKl.L. Ii is now murp than six ears since I vvms brought very low by an uffeclion of the lungs, nnd mv complaint was derlaied lo be incurable by a council of three phy sicians. I was I hen restored to as goo I liealth as I had enjofd fur many ears, by using the Vegetable Pul monary Balsam. Since my recovery I have recom mended the Balaam in a great many cases of lung cnmphiinis, nnd an far ns 1 ran team, ils use li.ia in variably been billow rd by much licnehl, anil in man instances il has effected cures which were wholly unex pected. Samuel Everett, ISnsion, alar cli Z, lbJ7. For sale, wholesale and retail, by J. 7 J. II PECK & Co., Burlington, Vl. SHERMAN'S COUGH LOZIINGUS. flic proprietor they did not give perfect satisfaction. Several ihou. nndboxc have been sold within the last three month roitorinn, lo health, persons in almost every stage ol consumption, nnd tho-o laboring under the most dis tressing cold nnd cough. They do not check nnd dry up Ihe cough, but render it easy, promote expec toration, allay tho tlckllns or irritation, and remove the proximalu or exciting catise. They nro made from nVombinnlion of the most valuable expectorant, or cough medicines, nnd ure undoubtedly superior lo every thing in use for those complaints. Hundreds upon hundreds; of certificates have Iccn ollercd of their wonderful virtues, from those wdio have been saved from an untimely grave, and restored to perfect health by using Iheni. Dose. One lozenge is a dose for nn adult, nud may bo repeated from three to six times a day, a required. Children, eight years years old, half of one: four years a quarter, nnd so in pro portion. Very small children or infant will take theiii nest dissolved in n little waler. Should they net as an emetic, or produce nausea, the doc must bo lesened to what tho stomach will bear. Half of one will gen erally lie siillieient to tnko before breakfat. ns the stomach is then more easily sickened. No ill ellecls enn nrisc from nn overdoc, at It will cause the sto mach to reject it j and although not a pleasant sensa tion, will bo found to givo relief, where there is much pain in the breast or side, one of Sherman's Poor Man'. Plaster. should be applied over the part, nnd worn till relieved. If attended witli costiveness, n few cathartic or laxative Lozenge, or any mild ca thartic medicine, should be u.-ed as occasion require. Sold at the Variety Store, by PANGBORN & UKirvs.uAiu, Jeweller., uuriiiiglon, t. SlIKItMANVS WORM LOZENGES are the greatest discovery ever made, for dispelling the va rious kind. of worms that so frequently and ditrcss simrlv annoy both children and adults. Thev aro on infallible remedy, and so pleasant to the late that children will take tliem a readily as a common pep permint lorengc. Many diseases arise from worms, without ils lieing suspected. Sometimes a very trouble some cough, pains m the joints or limbs, bleeding at the nose,.itc. are occasioned by worms, nnd can 1 easily cured bv thi celebrated medicine. The follow ing symptoms indicate the presence of worm, viz : licaunclic, vertigo, torpor, uiiurijeu cream, sleep broken oil' by fright and screaming, convulsions, fe verihness, tliir.st, pallid hue, bad tate m Ihe mouth, olli'iisive breath, cough, dillicult breathing, itching at the nose, uains in the stomach, nausea, snucnniMi- ness, voracity, leanness, tenesmus, itching at the anus toward night, and at length, dejections nud film and mucu-. One is n doe for a child two year old two for one four year. old :hreo for eight years, and five for nn adult, and should be repeated every morning, or avery other morning until relieved. Sip- Sold at the Variety store by PANGBOUN & ijkuas.uaiw, Jtmeucrs, uuriiiiglon, t. TVTATURE'S L valuable Vegetable Medicine GRAND RESTORATIVE. Thi lands unrivalled for the following coniiilaints. viz: Dvsiiensia. or Indi gestion, diseased Liver, biliou disorder, Dropsy, Asth ma, uoMivcncss, worms mm los oi Appetite, and uy cleansing the stomach and bowels, cures pains in the side, stomach nnd breast, cold and coughs of long standing, Hoarscne-., shortness of breath, Nervom complaint, etc., wh'eli niel'reqncntly the eilect of dis ease. For Fever and Ague, it i a most valuable pre ventative n well as a sovereign remedy. It. virtues surpass any thing heretofore Known in removing St Vitus.' Dance, two bottles have been known to cure thisalllictingdiscasc, after having badled every exer tion for four years. It has a mo.t powerful influence in removing nervous complaints. It is pleasant to take and so easy in it, operation, that il mny I e administered to tho infant with -afety. The above Medicine is very highly recommended bv many scientific gentlemen, and a large number ol ladies, who have proved the virtues ot tho Medicine liy personal use and that ol tlieir familie-. A bill of certificate accompanies each bottle. with directions. It may l.e had wholesale or retail of S. Britain, Barre, ami J. C. Furnnui, Kust Williams- town, v t. soje proprietor.. I'repared irom llie origin al recipe ; for sale by E. II. Prentiss, Montpelier, and J.&. J. H. Peck & Co, Burlington, and in the priuei- ).il towns in tho state; all directions signed in the rand writing of the proprietor.-. j'elO TROY & MICHIGAN SIX DAY LINE. CHIP by Old Troy Tow Boat Llne.-Coenties Slip. Is5 18(0. AGENTS Allen Wiir.n.rn. LicMAnn Crocker, 100, Broad st. New York Moore & Stiinp sou, River st. Troyj Win. II. Moore, 72 Quay si. Al bany; Sidney Allen, Rochester J George Davis & Co. uuiiuui; i iiuip Alien, iiiiuaio: ueo. a. ricueli, Dun kirk, N. Y. George T. Camp ii Co. Barcelona : C. M. Recti, Erie, Pa.: McNair 5c Co. Cleaveland, O.j M. B. Ross & Co. Portsmouth. O.i II. N. ,v. X. h. rnii. Blnek River, O.; Jenkins fc Tracy, Huron, O.; Barber iV Barney, S.tudiil;v City, O.j Cheter iC Slringhain, iuiruii, .uicu.j a. i. inns, toieuo, u. u. o. Hazard, Manincc City, O.j Wheeler & Porter, St. Joseph ; J. G. Sleight, Michigan City, Ind.j Dawson cc Hosiner, Millwuukie, W. C. M. Heed, Chicago, III. j"e.l.3m Mark packages, T. & M. Line.'' LAKKGIiOltGU PACKKT. lflio. rfllh new Steam Packet, 1 WM. CALDWELL, L. C. Larabee, Master, will roinnii.iw, rimnlu. regularly every day (except Siuidavs) both ways through tho Lake, on TUESDAY, the 2d day of June next. Leaving Caldwell forTicondcroga, every morn ing, and returning lo Caldwell the same day. Lake ucorge l'usengers will 1 e landed from, and taken on board the Lake Champlaiii Steam Puekets, near the old Fort Ticonderogu, from the Mansion House ol v -ii. r. rtL,i iwi now a 1'ublicHoiise. This beau lifulcstablishnient has Ucn greatly improved since last Summer, by erection of a Large Addition, con taining n spaeiou Dining Rooni,nnd Assembly Room and has recently passed into the hands of Mr. H. CLOW, a gentleman favorably known by the trav elling Public By taking thu Lake Georoe Route, Travellers will not onlyenj'oy the finest scenery of our Country, bin lose no lime on the Northern Tour, as they take the same Chamiilnin Steam Boat at Ticon derogn, which they would have taken at Whitehall, had Ihey gone that way. May 27, 1810. 2m. CASH PAII I'OIl WOOL.-The subscriber will pay cash, on delivery, for good clean fleece wool, delivered at the old store occupied by Hi Hyde & Co. north west comer of College Green. Burlington, June 10. HARRY BRADLEY. BA11NE8 new Geography, on the Classification system n very Useful work for school. jul ree'd and for sale ut the Bookstore jcl3 D A DRA.MAN MOIIK NKW BOOKS were last evening rc ccived nt Ihe Book Store and now for sale vert cheap by May 27. D ale very A. BRAMAN. BONNUTTS.JiM received some new shape Florence Braid Split and colored Straw Bonuelts which will be sold very low for cash. July 0, 1840. N. LOVELY & Co. TT E V OOOUS, cheaper than ever. 11. W. Cal 1 1 I in & Co. arc now receiving a new assortment of Dry Good., to which they invite the attention of pur chasers . June -1, 1810. STRAYED, from the subscriber on ihu 15th inst. n red cow, rather low in flesh, with one horn saw ed oft". Whoever will return her shall be suitably rewarded. M. L. DENNETT. Burlington, June 29, 1810. GH INI)STOXKS. by June 7. J, & J. 11. PECK A". Co, POWDEH. June 19. 100 kegs & J. H. Peck & Co. FOIMVAHDINt;, Ac. 1HIO. llie. suhscnl er will continue their business n forwarding and Com mission Merchants and Custom House Agcnls, nt the Port of Saint Johns. Lower Canada. They do not oiler their service "free of any charge" to those person interested in trade with the, United Stales, but will endeavor lo make their attention to the interest id' their employers worthy u reasonable rccoiupcncc. Having good Whnrve (at which Ihe Lake Ciiam plain Steamuoat-) will land) and excellent Storage, together with llie convenience of a connecting Rail Track with tlie Chamtlain nnd St, Lawrence Rail-Road over llie-u wharves, Ihey flatter tlieniscl ve. that, with lillcen year experience in this branch ol business, they will l.e enabled lo do much to lacilitate and eneourgo trade between the United Stute. and the Lower Province. JASON C. PIERCE & SON. St. Johns, L. C, March, 1810. 6m t VVIN,,OVV SASH I TT Just received 15,20 UNU ! I !) JUIJtU.llllS Ul ash, a first rate article ai 3J and 3 cent. per light ; also all kinds nud sizes, furnished to order. Ticouderoga black- lead, a fir-l rale article, for sale very low, together with a great varieiv of other arti cle. us cheap a can be found nt any other establish ment in the place. Geo. Peterson. WOOJL TWINE fur sale at HOWARD'S. ni28 D1U7CJS AND MEDICINES. A larire supply just ree'd by June 19. J. & J.H. PECK (t Co. POTASH KETTLES contantlv on hand by June 19 J. & J. II. I'KCK fe Co. O li,m, IIOWAHl), of the Cheap ensh stt.re, Ot arrived home from New York lat evening by the splendid steamer Whitehall, D. Lyon Cnpt, nnd brought wilh him an additional supply of Goodi which Willi hi, two former purchase of till. sedwi tnnkei tltc assortment nltocetlierono oftliu most desirable to select from ofuny that he has heretofore had for the, at eigiituen year, and l oi ti:o lotiowing Kind, vi I rich, fashionable, fancy nnd staple nrttelu in every Icpaitment of the Dry Good line, such a Broadcloth. Casiincre. Vesting. MoidcIiiio do Ininu. Challv. Silk, BoiubnKine--, Calicoes, Linen, Mtislm, Lace, jtioDon. J'.muruiuerie, noicrv iiiove, runs, um brellas, Parasoll, etc., with n full supply of Florence und Straw Bonnet?, and Millenary (lood, nl.-o, Car peting, .Mattings, Taper Hangings, Shoe and llati together Willi all the heavy description of domestic! and other good, such in Sheeting., Yarn, Burlaps' Wool Twine, etc. The Crockery, Looking Glaand China Gallery i nto replenished', the Cutlery, Haul ware and House furnishing department is in accordance; itli the other slocks on hand, the variety of fancy ar ticle, Mich a. Toy., Jewelry, Combs, Curls, Confec tionary, etc. etc., which tills one hundred feel of show cae in lentil on in counter is innumerable. liiu Dome and picture gallery is 1 cnntiPillv arranged for the display of Good under a strong light, and then the large supply ot superior ijmiiy iiroceric oased upon t lie Stad'of Life. Rochester city Mill Flour, make hit Grand Bazaar cheap cah store, one of ihu most fasci nuu'ng desirable uud convenient store to I o furnished from wilh all and every kind of article. that may bs wished for, or looked ul for nmucmcnt and gratifica tion, or Willi a uesire lo convey tlie most pleamg in telligence to friend, of the place where every articlu ihey may desire for the bettering of nppeance., adding to comfort, or supplying necessary wants, may be had and all dono in so lew words, as by only saying for whatever nnd whenever you wish to buy cheap fureaslt go to HOWARD'S. Burlington, Vt., June 11, 1810. CKOWX GLASS. Redford, Saranac and Clinton ' Town by J. & J. H. PECK & Co, SALEUATUS. 40 casks, bv June 19. J. & 'J. PECK & Co. CONGRESS WAT Ell, just received a fresli supply ofCongreas water, and for sale by Ma y 2G. O EO. PhTERSON. WOOL received in exchange for Broadcloth and oilier Goods at my Store at Winooki village July 10, 1S10. SIDNEY BARLOW. "OONXETS. Tuscan and English traw Bonnet XJ of the laie.si fahioiis, just rd'civcd and for alc cheap by P. DOOLITTLE, POMJT BROOMS & PAILS. v oOdoz. palent Pails, -100 doz. com broonii June 19. J. & J. H. Pec Kit Co. 50 HOSTON N. K. HUM. Hhds. Garthner Brewer, bv June 19. J. & J if. PECK & Co. UST HECI'UVEI) at the Variety Store, a few dozen Harrison Melulie, of the Boston improved edition, being a collection of palriolio song dedieatcd o tne ncro oi i ippeeanoe. ai-o, a lot oi nam on Almaeks for IS II. Thce bcide the usual tables and calculation of a common . linanack, contain an excellent Biography of Gen. Harrison. It is fnter- persed witu nuincrou original engraving, nusirat- ig tuo leaning incident oi in History, uul snvs one A drop of'hard CidcjfcWill anwcr inv turn" a "it's getting in fa-hion up heie," ForMnatelv our variety can allordhim one, fur here i a book entitled "a drop i... i ..I-..H v..i. i...!i Melodie-, whig sungs tfi.".," published by Elton, New Yoik. Theje came n!o with the song book, a Va riety of Log Cabin Bo-oin J'in, some very prctly cameo and gold one. Quantity of log Cnbm Medals. nnd a variety of other good-, among which was somo. gold piper, pull Ijom's witli pulls mid powder, iviti- ical instrument, sWIetees, null; ol rose-, and several inds of fancy soaps and perf iniery. I'he variety U ontnntly inerea-mg at PaNcboiis'ivV Hiusmaio'.. HOUSE HAY HAKES, bv J. & J. If. PECK, & CO. & III M.I. ES. 100 M. Pine Shingle, by July 10. J. & J. H. PECK & Co. TjVUHBANK'S SCALES, by July 10. J. & J. ti. PECK & Co. FLOUR. Troy, Ohio and Michigan, constantly receiving by J. & J. H. Peck & Co. BOOTS, SHOES & LEATHER. vThc sub.cribcr having taken the store formerly occupied hv tTeeara l!t,hn,,A. 1 1. '., i'u nnil- m.iiM.,r ..nnnrn'l assortment of Boots, Slioes and Leather, which have all been bought for cash and will lie sold for tlie samo at the lowest price?, and as the"articlc3 arc loo numer ous to mention in an advertisement, nllhough MrSta- lias enlarged 1113 paper, I vvouiu Bimpiy mviic ail it ill anil examine the goods and puces ueiorcpurcnas- g clsevviierc. Diitlington, J-ily 1, SiO. HENRY C. STIMSON, by 15. J. Stimson, Agent. 30 ke TOllACCO. kegs plug Tobacco. 40 boxes Cavendish do GO package sheep do 2000 lbs. Leaf do. do. by J. & J. II. PECK & Co. T'wi? linen. Bullous, Binding. Li: ViVTIVfl Wl. , i ,t , , r. t " miu iik u aier.-ui s. v a cm a. i eureu Palin, he, tiauzc. and rich chally fancy ll'dk'f-. A great vdriciy oi otner uicv uooiw which comprise a cry cxton-ivo assortment, nnd are tillered at astonish ing low pilee. Liu1 rarid Gentlemen are invited to cull ituJ cscuumc 'piauuvj und pnect, June J. what his very remarkable, il is (Uteri V iiiuioMib'e uie idem willinul benefit, More ihan twelve thousand persons can bo rcferrrd lo, who havo been cured of complaints apparently o the most dangerous character, solely by llie me ol ihe Indian Vegetable Pills Office, and genrral Depot for Ihe sale cf the above Pills in ihe NewEngbind Stales, 108 TREMONT STREET, near couil ureel, Boilon, where ihey can be had at whgleeale or retail. Agents have been ap pointed for the lale of ihe Pilli in almost every town in New. England. All letters relative lo the pillt muit benddreised iliui : " N. E. Office N. A, College of Health, 198 Iremunt tsireci, iioiion, Man. iinrlinrrion. A. BniusM aid. Woodstock, Ilnskell & Palmer S. Shaftsbiiry. Jona Houghton William- sville, Charles w. joy uennii gion, j. i. iiasweiic -Middlebury, Geo. II. Fish-Rutlund, Win. Fay Dover Hiram Baldwin Bratlleboro', Birge, Brockett it Co Watcrfonl, H. Cutting & Co. Newbury, i ii.nni .j Kni.riit ifetnei. na niu aiisi u ii. j iriuu- field, Geo. Washburn Proctor & Robinson Lon domicrry, Smith- &. Glaaiur Bridgewater, Ihoj, Soulhgate-Chester, Phjneas O Sargent Windsor, S. W. Hubbard E. Poullney Hickou cc nitars- .. s3,l v.vort Wilm iiston. A. B. Chi d -Stovve, Aller. Comps-l'ot M"l-Jw'niah Wilton -nmnrai-' '.v ..... i. n i;-.. Clarke Ltid ow Jiiltn wunuar nnu b- Wo(k1 & Merrill-llartlord-J P. Strong cV t. m ii.,.., .v Ni.tuifin narnaru J, i. fun. lorlh-Roeheler-Charles Dodl-Ci.Vridish-A. Oil I son nndSonGuilfore Philip Murtlil-lla mix J. U A. fii W.lm n.lir Aiirnn Illiui L-liv;u IW..nil,urifi I, lli if Hi rl elt Marl anu lOllou u- irramble rnirlax. iiampiou i.uvcgrovv. i i nnn paints & 0ILS4 1U.UUU lbs. dry white Lead 00 casks grounddo do ..in. tr. :.. Iul ID uin. vvilvlinu iwi INQUIKI'ASK THOSE WHO KNOV. Tlioie only vvholknow hv tiial oi immedi.ite olscr- vation, can form any idea ofilie efiecis, of the peifeci relief, of the nhnosi r.h.inu.like cures effected in cases of ihe Piles, Rheumatism, all Swellings, and all cxlernal Pains, no mailer how severe, by ihe use ofllajs' Liniment, r mil one who has used il lliat will nnt l.nifl ii Minvp ult thin", rver 119P1I. and ion will find what cannot be found. itZp'l'oT Iip relief ol suffer ing human beings who inaj be afflicted, I beg on In ink nk of those who know nek ihe Hon, Alfred Conxlin, U. S. Judge for that district, residing near Auburn; ark Matthew J. Myehs, Erj. Alliens, l. 1 : nsK vieu. uut r uittts, uinoi ".imiiiciuu cilv. each of ilie-e eeuiltinen know ofcascs unconiiner. utile liy all oilier reuicuirs or physician?, lliougu inea fir many vears, dial have been cured by ihe use of ihe genuine Hay's Liniment. Th uuands ofoiher persons know similar cute. We anneal 10 llieir ene of itii- lice their human feelings. CZPIt i' hula duly yon owe lo jour suffering lellovv-ociiiga lo let this grcal remedv he known. Speak nf il then to all votii frieads 'I'll is will save much pain where the newspapers are not read, or where readers are incredulous, because bo many worthless articles nre ndvcnlsed for llie same purpose. To bujers we say, if all who have used il da nut say il is bejnnd all prime, ihen do not lake il, The prnprieior will not allow this ailiclc 10 be pi id for unless il cures, when nil ihe direciinns nie fully follow ed. Will any one sutTerini; refine nuvv lo try il ? I f lie does, he ought to be pitied more (nr his obstinacy than his tufTciiug. ICP 'Ir. Has would never consent to offer thii arlicle, were he not rompellSd by his sense of mural ol religious duly 10 du all in his power lor 1 lie victims of distress and misery. For ibis purpose he wou'd sooner ilevoie a furlune, lb in senire a dollar fur any vvurlbless article. ICfLOOK OUT.-Some swindlers have rnunlei felled ill's inlicle, nnd pul il up wilh various devices, Do not be imposed upon. One thing only will protect you il is llie name of ComifocA - Co ; llial name must be ulwajs on llie wrapper, or ou me cheated. Do not forget il. Take itils direc lion with jou, and lest by that, or never buy for il is impossible fur any other lo be true nr genuine. auuunun iiaio, Sold by ComiforA- JJ- Co. 2 Fleiclier sireoi, N. York. el lorsaleOiY.l by I'anobohn k uhinsmaid. CIIKIIMAX'S POOH MAN'S PIASTER. O The best strengthening plaster in the world, and a overeigii remedy fi r pain or weakness in the back, loin-, side, breast, neck, limb, joints, rheumatism, lumbago, &e. fc:. One million a year will not supply the demand. They require n little wainiing Lcfore ap plication. Warraule-l superior to nil other, nnd for one quarter the usual price, making not only the best, tint Ihe cheapest plaster 111 the world, it nitord reuei in a few hours, and makes astonishing curie. In liver complaint ami dyspepsia, it should lie worn oyer the region of the liver or stomach, and it will atl'urd great and astonishing relief. In cough.,eold, asthma, diffi culty of breathing, oppression of llie chest or stomach, lliey win immediately sootn, and greatly Deneiu trie patient. Persons ol scdcntnry habits, or tlioe obliged to stand much, will leoeive decided support from one of the.o truly, strengthening piasters. Physicians gen erally recommend iheni, in preference lo all other.,re caiisu they slick or adhere letter and afford greater relief. In their operation they arc stimulant, tonic, anil anodyne. They nre composed of entirely diU'ercnt ingredient, from any other j and known from the ex perience of millions, who have Used lliem, as well a llie united testimony, of all the celebrated and ditin. gished clergy and physicians, to la; the mo-l useful and highly medicated plaster, ever invented or ollercd to the puli'ic. Several persons have called at tlie ware lioti.e to express their surprise and thanks at the almost miraculous cures these plasters have elleeted. One man who had been so atfiicied with iheiiiiialisin, ns to be unable to dres him-clf without assistance, wa.enallcd after wearing one, only one night lo gel up nlonu in tlie morning, put on his clothe nnd call at our odico with eye beaming withjoy and his longue pouring forth llm gladness ol In heart, at t tic sudden and signal relief he had received from thi best of all remedies. Ask for Dr. Sherman's Poor Man'. Plater. It i so called, because the price phuvs it in the power ol all to purchase, Icing only 12J cts. esom at llie va riety store by PANGBORN & BRlNSMAlD,f jewellers, iiiiniugioii, 1 1 10 casks Ereneh yellow SO bbls. American Linseed Oil) 25 do Spirit! I urpcnltne oul Vittnish. Gold Lr4l, Sand panen Smalisi - Pf iit Oluc, Gum Copal, by J, rnt) Till: IIAI.D-IIEADED OTI1KIIS M. I), ici any know a neighbor or a friend who has been Bald, and whose head is now rovcred with fine hairf Uno whose coat collar was coveieu Willi dan druff, though brushed every hour which hni now van ithed entirely I Ur one whose hairs nt early age were turning grey, who now has not a grej hair? . Children whoso heads were coveted wilh scud, vvlinie Hair would not grow, that are now growing the fullest ciops of hair ! Some cases must be known lo moil perron i. Ask them llie cause, and on will be told dial these ihinzs have been done by the use of ihe Palm of Co. lumttia, U years grovvih is mis article, 111 ucmanii increasing annually some hundred per cent, though when discovired nnt opposed by unfiling (or ihe name purpose, now assailrd by almost numberless mushroun irntli prcparaliunstliat will nun llie hair II used lo tun extent. Can more than these facts lin warned rcler to the re comine ndallons by a list of names of tcsnecia bilily, unequalled by any oilier article Look lu these iiiuigs, uuy Hits urlicle, ouiy and preserve our ii.nr uy in me, or II naid restore 11, Lames, aiieuu 10 inn hundreds in fashlonablu life nre using it as the only article renllv fit fur tho tailed I.uiik hair Is very apl 10 1.1 11 uul, 1. aiiid, uso llie liaun ni (.uiuuuiia in nine lo save yoiinelves llio disgrace of baldness by neglect of vonr neisoni. It is vour dulv. as inorallsls to lire- serve ihn beauties of nature, wilh which n hnuuliful Creator has endowed you j use Ihe Uahn,lor It will uo II CAUTION TO BE REMEMBERED Several most flagrant nliempts havo been mudo lo counterfeit Hid line Italin 01 Uoiuniuia. Home 01 the iuipostcrshavegohc so lar! lo counterfeit the iplen ,ii.l wmnneri. and die Falls of Niagara, and Cveiv ex lernal inmkeXccpi ihe name of Cumnock, which ihey dare itol forgo, To auul miposiiiuns mereiore, hi l. a.. Innk (nr llm lllllllB of Cullllluck U Co, Or L. 8 Comilock, nnd nrver buy iharlicleunle!i It Imi thai liame upon It dow vvnoienaie mm reiuu, umy ui n lri:w school geoghaphy and 11 ATLAS WITH OUTLINE MAPS, by S. Auous tus Mitchell. Tho nutlinr ot the abuve works has been professionally devoted to the science of Geo'' and llie publi-hing of Map, during ninny years anil hi furmer productions, especially his Map of ihe World for Academic's, bear ample t'e-tiiiionony of bis abun dant resources, upon which he has so liberally drawn. in producing the ntxivc scnooi worKs. 1 lie loiiowmg extract of tlie Geo'v nnd Atlas, is from n joint rivom- iiiiiriiiuuii in uic is-us-iicis. 111 nil.-tujr ui -s;v mint "Their merits are nunierous Ihe definitions remark ably plain and concise. Thecxercies nre copious nnd important, nnd llio descriptive is luminous nnd correct. The divisions of tlie American continent, nre repre sented und described ns Ihey really exist nt the present lime. And tho gross misstatements generally found in so.iool geographic ure corrected, 'l lie typographi cal execution is un commonly neat and distinct, indeed the atlas is a model of ihe kind, nnd actually teem with Information." 1 he outline maps are peculiarly caleuiaied 10 exercise llio student in his study, and to fill up at his leisure. For sale by U. l.UUURIUII. l-liiebtr inert, W. V. nd by rAliUlOltn W$ nijjMAib Jjuilingioii, 5 ( j'-X TMPOUTANT TO MOTHERS YOUNG X I-'EMAIjES. Docts. Uevnolds &PAnMEu:v's celebrated PILLS, or HEALTH RESTORATIVE for coniiilaints ncculiarilv incident to the Female Sex. This nrticle is now brought before the public, under sanction of the strongest testimony, from those who havo alike used it, and also witnessed its unequalled powers, in the removal of Female obstructions of the most aggravated and desperate character. These testimonials are not brought from the ignorant nnd illiterate but from Physicians und other Scientific Persons, who have tested its great virtues, and now recommend it in their practice und lend to it the sanc tion of their names. It is not intended as many medi cines generally nro lor all the varieties ol disease, which it is the lot to suffer under. Rut it is intended, simply for one class of complaints, and those only re lating to one sex. These being of rather a delicate na ture, there would bo more tliun an ordidary degree of diffidence in coming with this article before llie public weru it not tliu lact that thousands nro continually passing from the stage of action, victims lo disease, which this medicine has never failed to prevent or cure. Such has been tho provision of N'aturc, that nearly all the coniiilaints of Females, are connected in some degree, with the habits allied to their sex. And manv can bear witness, where a mere cold at n par ticular stage, has produced cheeks, that the hand of Science and Skill, never has been nblo to dispel or alleviate. At first, the irregularity and suppression of llio natural habits produces no very manning symp toms, and in treated generally with neglect. And riroocrnltenlion is procrastiiated until the hollow eve. sallow complexion and great bodily debility indicate that either rapid consumption, or soinu other fatal disease has fastened ils resistless grasp on the suflerer wiicli soon terminates existence, uy a lingering uul certain death. For complaints inevitably productive of such results this invaluable medicine is now brought before the public. It invariably removes obstructions and regulates a too profuse inensirurntion, nnd cures by its unequalled qualities, all the variety of derange ment connected wilh the Female habit. Tho eminent and distinguished Doct. J. Morrison, who has prac tised medicine nt Oneida. IV. i ork. with tltc most sic nal siiccss for 20 years, says "It is tliu best medicine now 111 use. in eases 01 retention, or stiprcssion 01 the Menses, I think it will sustain the appclation ot a specific. I havo tried it in tlie worst cases with niost adinirablo success, and I wish for the good of siillering Fe.inn e.. that all physicians would introduce it in their practice, ns 1 havo found it answers beyond my most sanguine expectations." In its effect it is "kind may bo taken without tho least inconvenience, ns it is 1101 euimiruc, inn nunc nnu uiit-iitm. rui uihiiiu iui ticularR resncctiiiL' ils efficiency, certificates of Pysi cians who have witnessed its effects, nnd of others, who have been most signally benefited and restored 1000 45 Cf prs. Ladies coi'd. and black French Slips, 0J 20 do do. Gaiter Boots, on.i.,vi.o.nit.i uit... ' 50 do Gent's Pumps, ' 2 Cases Men's seal Boots. Burlington, July 1 1. II. C. STHISON'. 5000 TIN WARE. Ten nuart Pans. -1500 six do do 2500 paiUassortcd ize. together wiihahirsi ami general assortment of all kind. of ware, now on Hand nn.l lorate liy .111110 1U. tl.A, I.00M1 & Co 8000 bv ils virtue: reference is now ollercd to the nam plilcts nccoinpanying the medicine, nntl to the more particular evidences, ill liiu nanus ui uiu nuuscuuer. So 0 Agent lor the icw l-.iniami mates. EDWARD DRINLEY, Wholesale Dealer in Drugs, Medicines, Paints and Dyo Stulls, No. 3 cV. 1 snuih sidoold l- nneiiu nail BOSTON and TROY IRON COMPANY, The uiiblie are hereby notified, that the business ot casting in every branch and variety, is done to order, ontliusnorieaiuuiiir, iu ii"), i. tiics.uiuj.iui) mut much enlarged their foundry, and nro now prepared to do all kind of work done at nny foundry in ihe country. Mill-gearing, rot ash rveiues, moves, Houghs, Axlelrce, aw., on nunu, or iiiriiisiicu 10 urucr. All who wish to contract for stove-plate., or to pur chase a large quantity of hollow-ware, for the purpose of retailing, will be furnished at wholesale prices and all who may lavor uswiiii tneircausor rnicr., win ne dealt by u Iderallyns at any establishment in tlie country. Orders should bo addressed to E.R.Cross- man, Snperinleiidaiii. or A. otiiig, Agent, I my, l. to secure an early reply, and prompt attention. Troy, vt.( Jimu leiu. jy;u lliirllimloii live Hoiisei MSARSl-'IEI.O, SILK, WOOLLEN AND COTTON DVER re.speclfully informs the inlinliiiiitiis of Biiililiuion dnd ihunciuhborini: town. that hu has taken a premises In Watcr-st. ouu door south ol D, Davis' Siore and will commence dying and finishing in llm test manner, mo loiiowmg goods t Broadcloth. C'nsimi're, new Mcrinoe, Ladies silk mid Merino Drcssc. Shawls. Hosiery, silk and cotton Velvet, (ientlctiieu'iJ coals, cloaks nnd Vest dyed and finished nearly equal to new, without ripping. Broad cloths, silk, woollen or eollou goods, dyed in tho most permanent colors, u wniinjiivriiicrviiiiutis uno manu facturers, on rciisonoble terms. Also worsted, skein ntion. and skein silk dyed ill the inot splkudid colors. II,. has I'mnlovcd ti celebrated dyer nnd color maker. Coiinklius Molont. Mr. Molony wns employed as fciiperiiitiudtntln sumo of this largest dying establish ments, in Great Britain and America, The public may .lanonri nn bavinc their orders, exeoutbd in ihc best m'niiier and '"ith 'H posfil.'e dc patehi jm CONSUMPTION ! No person can have on ode J uuato idea of tho astonishing relief which Dr. RelfeV Asthmatic or Consumptive Pills give, m Con sumption, Cough, Colds, Asthma, difficulty of breath inir. WhecziniT. tiuhtness of the Chest. Pain in the side snittinrr nf bluod. &c. A fair trial only is necessary lo convince persons suffering from tlieso coinplainis that this is ono ol tlie most vniuauio medicines ycmis covered nnd ibis is ihu testimony of relieved patients Casks. A gentleman, of this neighborhood, recently observed to the proprietor, thai ho believed these pills had kept him alive for tho last two year's. Many others givo similar testimony. A letter dates "the Asihmatic Pills givo such astonishing relief in cases ol Coii"h, Common Colds, tVc. as no one can ueuevc, milrl it, innlic Ihn trial." Important testimony. "Thero has been, (writes an urgent) an unusual call this winter for ltepVs Asthmatic Pills. Applicants pronounco them n valuable medicine, nnd any they cannot find a substitute." A young Lady Was three years atlhctcil with a vioieni cougn, pain in mo sine, spitting of blood, and disturbed rest at nifht and u-imrnelnrejl In llprffCt hcnllh llV lakitlU (WO boXCS, A caso of Asthma Of thirty years standing, was run-, iiv llies.i Pills. A Gcuilcman Who had been tor years nilllCieu Willi ll iuici v tuugii, iimiraiif m breathing, &e. was cured liy theso invahiahlo Pills. An Agent wriles "Your Rclfu's Afllhnintiu Pills.1 on n credit i ai v." A riiysician wrues.Aiier an other inedieines have failed lo give relief in consiimi I mi imisi-s. I have roiiml tho 'He o a am llimtic I'll i most excellent !' Extract -"Several per-wns nillieied Willi lung complaints, in various stages of the disease, nfiertryingevcry thing else, have used these Pills with lady who was given over ns past recovery, nnd her .1....1I. .l,.ll niu--ted. was raised from what was ex pected would dia Tier death bed, nnd from tho burden, of tho grave, li' theso Pills and declared her wish lilo medicine. Such nro tho valuable properties of ihesa Pills in Coughs, Colds, Asthma. Diincultiesof Breathing, Hoarscne?, Wheeling Spitting of Blood .,,.1 cnnm nints of tho Littler generally, that numerous persons relieve from Ihcso complaints, pronounco this !t. iw.ai merliriiui the v ever met with. Common colds removed in a few hours, Prieo SI for whole boxes of 30 Pills, nnd 50 cents for half Boxes of 12 Pills. K i(r.,.rvl I,,. T kMnilKH- Hnln nrObnetnrand successor to Dr. Conway and may ho had at his countins room, 09 Court-st, up sliurs. ncsr Concert Hall, Boston, and nl&o of J. & J, H. PECK, cV CO. BuilinBton, Vermontt , Nono genuine, unltts signrd T. Kicprs on the .Sl'ERM OH.. gallons winter Sperm Oil, 2000 do. fall do. do. 1500 do refined dn. June 7. J. & J. H. PECK Co. OILS. bbls. American Linseed Oil. 10 Tierce fall sperm do 5 do winter do do 35 bbl. refined do do J.& J' H. Pr.CK &. Co. 3000 1500 1000 1000 100 250 salt bti-h. olar Salt do steam do do tine do do Turks Island do bl'l. fine do do dairy do uo coarse do 200 sacks dairy do by J. & J. H. PECK it Co OriOn Nails, Iliads & Airici &VJUU keys Natl from 3 1 to f.Od Viiicrlcan Iron. 250 do Brad- from 0a to'lda Horse shoe Iron Scroll r.ud Hame do all size Band Iron from U to -1J inch Round do do J to U do Square do o-'fl to 3 do J. it J. 11. PrxK cv, Co., June 10. Agents for lv'ccseville Manufacturing Co 1 HO FAHMIXti UTENSILS 1UU dor. Rake, 50 do Hay Forks, !5 do Manure Forks, 50 do Hoc 60 do scythe Snathe 75 do cat artd German strfd Sevihe, cradle Scythe, Sickle-, Plough-, and Plough castings by Uurlington, June VJ. J, . J. it. 1'kck iv uo. orj Sheeting, Shirting, Prints, &cv OVJ bales -1-1 brown sheeting, 5 do 3 do shirting, 10 do Ticking, 3 case d-l bleach Sheeting) 10 do American Print., for sale by . June 10 VILAS, LOOM13 and Co, CJONGS OF THE PEOPLE. Log Cnbm Son 3 Book 1-eing a collection of Harrison and Tylor Melodic embcllisluil wilh a neatly engraved Portrait Olden, vv in. li. iiarrisDU, nnu a view ui viu run Meig, fors.ale at the Hook store. I. A. HK.U1A.N Burbngton, Suite 2G, IS 10. 1 OH CiHOCERII-. 1UU chests young Hyton Tea, 75 do llysonskiii, iloi 20 bugs pcjiper, 20 do Piuiciili), 40 do Codi-o 50 boxe Pipes 100 do BrtrSoitp 200 do Raisins 50 kegs do AO do Pure ginger .11X1 Mats Cnia St. Crniv Rum. Holland Girl. Sicnclte Brsndv. Bal r::.. iA.,.;,.n lt,.l,. I'i,.,mn,n tu.. and rate hlierry, ainucira anu runny maueira, .nur seills .vliuleira and Malaga wines, oy June 7. a. rv. j. ii. rr.ivjv iviv.o. I fifl VE STUFrS. IUU bbU. Cam Wood 200 do Log Wood Si. Domingo 250 do Log Wood Canpeachy 250 do Kustiu 200 do Nicaragua 10 do Alum 25 do Blue Vitriol 30 do Madder 50 carboys Od Vitriol Miin.iiii; Anid. Anna Forli. Nitric And. C.-ircnma Bar Wood. Pcaeli Wood, Quer Citron Bark. Spanisl Flotant und Bengal ludigoi Lao Dye, Nutt Gulls, press I'apers, Jaclis, lenier tioous, c ream Tartar ami Agat liy J. iV J. 11, ri A.N vv. v u, June 1'J. "liMMi YOU nnSHAVH at Lc-uey new V Dressing Room. I Loncy tho undersigned, would Now inform lb'' pul I'1' kind, Thai having lift eliur-ll slrt-et, In Howard's Hotel can lie found. II.. will hoi boa.-t bis barter skill. As ibis llie publio leng hnvo known, But'U'ws U ask their custom still, For dllllgenco he yield to none. When he llinl would unto Ins facn And head have sterling jusllccdhne, Pray don'l iiuslttkoihe proitr place, But call upon Iiem Loftcr. P S, Cloihes carufully cleaned to ordrr Terfum v of nil kind constantly on hand illdfor laid Ballingio July- J0 if jv?. .luincs C. l'lcrce's Kstafe. WE the sub-cnl er. having been appointed by the honorable the probate court fur the diirict of Chittenden, commissioners to rec.-ive, examine and adjust the claim, and demands of all person ftartinst the estate of .lame. C. Picr- e, late of Huntington, ni aid district, deceaed, lepre-cntod insolvent, and also ill claiuisaud dcmftiid-c.ihibilcd in o i'sct iherjlo) and ix month from the day of the date hereof being al lowed by snid court for that purpose, we tlicn-forc hereby giv e notice thai we wnl attend lo the bii.-ine-i of our nppoinliiieiit, at Ihe dwelling of Jonathan B. Dike, in Huntington, in said I'l-'ru-', on the 2 I luc---lays of O.'tober Ami Januarv next at 10 o'cltn-' , A. M on ca-li of said ihy--. lan.'l ihi- Sth dav of J . D. 1S10. JA Ml 3 AMBLER, I..MKRA TAYLOR, ConnnVs. iytM SILAS JOHNS S BA1AI.M OF LIM-.RUOR'l fui Ccilsiilimlion, Dyspepsia, Alhma, anil nil ih-en-c-, of tho Lumrs nnd Liver. These di.-ca-es prevail lo a eivat extent. creating much distress j.nd some fatality, Alltlie-ecau be remedied by the use of Dr. Taylor' llal-om ol" Liverwort. I In medicine i purtsly vegitable, and from it peculiar action upon the Liven a ways found (radical reme.i Itiril'.e-e uisca-e.-. l-cr l emities and men in a vciV weak stcic, no intvlicine can le so grateful a ictiir!tlivc, a it not inly sln-ngthen. but purifie and give a healthy action in tho whole .sys tem. Constantly lor nlol.y N, LOVELY & Cts. who have just received a tic-h -tipple of sea-onal ie Goculs from New i ork, nil very -heap for cash. llurlington, July isw. SXI'I-'t' Hitclieo only twcntv-liv e cents. -Dr. M. Hitclieock's newly invented Snuff, tko best arti clu ever discovered by scientific men, in Europe or America, mr ine cure nnu aiumine reuci ot untarrn, Dizzini-s of the Head, Weak Eyes, Nervous Hcad aches,, I-'nI'cn Sickness, Fits, and Infants troubled with Snullles, partial shock of l'.dsv, A-c. For sale, wholesale and retail, by A. HITCHCOCK it Co., sole Proprietor, No. 117 Gcitssec st. I'tica. and by their agents throughout the Union. In Burlington, J. it .1. 11. reck xv, I.-,,, in crgenncs, oy J. 11. Uowman. in Jlilton, by Burnelt & Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lo- renzo Janes. rTAiut haiti: H.VI.H.MiSS. hiilHjf- taut Dlscovcrv -tlie Gt eut .Iystcry limml out nt last. DU. STr.RRV'S HAIR REGENE RATOR. Dr. Sterrv. after much attention to tho important subject of preserving tho hair, has, after many experiment) chemical and physical nccn aula to discover ami article which i now offered wilh tliu reatc.st confidence fur the toilet as the best thing ever discovered, for, for its softening and penctratingquality to produce n good head ol hair to prevent it irom fulling off when baldness is apprcht nded to rcstoio it when bnlducs nas ttkcii plt'ci', and to prevent it from turning gray. It ii is mnro nourishing ihan po- luaiuin, .unique on, or (. oiogno water, u is a iicaiiu ful article for ladies curld it makes die hair soft and lively, and produces uncommon brilliancy. Thous ands' have tested its superior vuiurra nntl excellence, and in every instance it stands unuvalled. It is an infallible cure in all afl'iclions of Ihe skin on the head as dandruli", Ac. Arc. Every family should be sup plied Willi n botlle ol this oil, that ny its application to ihe held and hair of children, the beautiful nnd or- namrrital appendage ma fine head nflmie, which nn ture has supplied us may bo preserved. Froh) the numerous certificates and recommendation. received. of Its salutary influence, the Dot tor feels firmly per suaded he has succeeded in producing nn firtirlc whicli will meet llie desired wihcs and approbation of tho dubhe. For sale w holesale and rcinil by AvIllTCH COfK v Co. 117 Genesee si. Uhca, N Y. In Bur lington, bv J. & J. H. PI-'.CK vi Co. In Vergcnncs, by J. 11. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet L, Saw yer. In Goorifia, by Lorenzo Janes. ntiplfl riMlE LION OF THE DAY.-N0 CURE NO JL PAY! Tint Genuine did DUlcll or Ger man VcsctrtbU' I'll!. Highly iccohiniendcd by Doct, Valentine Mott. M. D. of N. Y nud others. These are lb" orders ! Any one- t'-ai doc not find re lief 0 out these pill Ihu pruv is n'fmideil back, ihei uro the positive order ui'tlit Proprietor lo ngenls audi oiheri. Ill olll-'ingthese lulls lo the public, I appeal' lo their intelligence. If llies. pills mc not what ihey reeoinmeiided, you srO in duty bound out of re-pivt-to yhiirsflf aiidcoinlnuuiti' lo reject ihcm, and rublislit iheni 10 the world a nn imposiiion, humbug and quackery. The publio may leiissiiml ilu-y are purely vegetable, they areivmpomd ofninn mgrvxlmts, part o ihe medicine is only found in Asia nnd in ihe val leys of Germany, l or convenience theo exiruein are niftde into lull nnd will tu found n sure euro or re lief lor all bullous complaints, yellow nnd billiou-s fevers, fever and ague, jaundice, scarlet rash, billions cholie dispepsia, &r. It is nut pretendl that this, medicine i a cine fur nil disease to which tho human sytcm i liable. Ten th aisaud useless eil'ort have l-cn mailo to draw from the region ol unknown fancy some long-spun theory ofmniemi, which woul'ti cuio each nnd every disease. Good midu inc i no found in ihe litunr wlnr'wlivl. Jlmillh nnd bnppini-. hang upon cluinco wu,d linn- i itu hvrnld uf irutli Tho past at len-t i seourci ihi have alrtudy raucd a monument of llieir Riciinc.s w im h wnl defy tl.w eorroiliugiooih of lime. Nuneenn I etienuino wiihoui, u wrapper and dinvliuu on each box on which my name is written ill Icnglli, Sold vvhoh'-alc uud iclnil by iliosiil-MTibernUileii's Full; l y A. B. vV I). S.iml 70, und 101) Fulton st, und R. M. Meigs, South Ma.kel st. Albany, B.iuui &. Ilawlev, 219 Siversl, Troy, Genera. Agenls tomwYofc Forsahi by Win. Rhodes nnd E. B. Green, Rich, mnndi Morion iV Qlark, and D. D. S. Luihrop, WillMoni IUsarAComsiook. Shell urn U.Siantuu, Essex i tieo. B. Onke, nnd Allcrl Barney, Jericho; J. R. Hurlbiil, Weslford j J. H. Barnes, Chnrlone; Jl Moody and Pec- IVterton, Buibnglon and j BRK 'IS, Burlingipii, Afvn frr t'hiuendt-n ( ,whci Bub- ,Mi vail U' rnpj'kc-i at t uvlcsaie prii cs,

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