18 Eylül 1840 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1

18 Eylül 1840 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

tee ftiiircterit fvtt ftog, " mi.ot or oiui) HTtMi nrAn o' k o m a. ' BYH. B. STACY, BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 1840. vol. Y1V Yn is ' TVTAGXECTIC ODOJf TICA THE TEETH ! ITJL THE TEETH! I Titc iNcostr-ASsntD Tootm rRCMRTnoM. The faut i proved, snl the mott In eredulou ait doubting are Tilly i.-onvincexLas we hive (he evidence from the rale of 20.000 boxes of the Odon tics, wilhin the pant year, that the Ulopion dreams of the alchymist are realised, and a remedy discovered fur nrerring tboe important ami useful appendages of the h'linaa system, by the use of the Magnetic Odon tica, which ly it attractive, and strengthening quail liti). remove all extraneous substance from the teeth and preserve them in their natural brilliancy, and the experience, that when iied, the teeth will never de cay, hut remain till the latent age of man, with their katural wear. When they are decayeJ, its progress will he arreted, and the teeth preserved and prevented and preserved from aching all lhi has teen done in u multitude of lntanoe: and more ia thousands of eaes nervous toothache, (that climax of pain) has at onoe Keen c.fectuall) cured ly popular dentrilric ia America. And in conclusion, where, or who is the yo'ins; lady or gentleman, yr, the individual that values a beautiful set of teeth, sound (rums and a sweet breath more than Cfiv rent, that will le longer desti tute of a box of Dr. M. Hitchcock's Magnetic Odoalica. For sa'e whole.ale and retail, l.y A. HITCHCOCK At Cv., No. l7Gnee-m. Utica, N. Y., an I by their .gents throughout ihc United State. In Burlington, by J. AJ. H. Pack Co. In Vcrgtnnet by J. H, Besvman. In Milton, by Burnett A Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorento Janea. aug2 LOTIKN. LOTION. DR. EVA.N.V BEAUT! KYI NO LOTION. Highly esteemed for curing II Eruptions Coarseness, ReJntst and Pimplt on the Face Neck or baads, and e lectnatly cleaning tl.e sjmnntexion, and removing all diseases of the skin Nothing contribute-i much in our general sncce-s in lite, as an engaging tint appearance. This Lotion ) admired a int fragrant, mild, safe wa-h and great ly teemnl for its virnir in cleaning, softening, and purifying the skin of ell eruption, so injurious tn fe Male Unity, and retoring it to a high decree ot pu rity. A loaitiful complexion is tLe pride of all who ssca it, aud the envy ol'iho.e who are deprived of it. What i so a fevlinar lt leautiful feinale,in whoefare Mature has displayed her power, as to rind herromj lex tou discoloured with disgusting pimple, which mar litrrhaimst A food appear i nee is ihe tt rvcom toouJaticn ; aud as the Beautifying Lotion purifies the akiu.end remove all Pimples Blotcho,Taii, S inbiirn ad KoJns, and prolHre- a brauiif il hue, it i the only ooametie a lady should ti-e at her toilet. Gentlemen willallaNunndthisadt-1ightf.it remedy, to remove nil Roughness Pimple', Ringwifin, Spots, Redness, Morene.isof thefacu and note, ami every kind of erup tion OH the surface of the human ody. It is particu larly recommended to penllemrn to l uied afierjsha lag, as it will prevent the otlcrwise certain e !ect ol all common totv, in turning the r-eapl premature v a-rev. For sale Whole-ole and retail 1 v A. HITCH" COCK ot Co., No. 1 17 G, -ne-ce street, I'tiea. In Bur Kugton, by J. A J. II. Peck A Co. In Vercenncs, by J. H, Bowman. In Miltun, by Burnett .Sawyer. In Gaorgia, by Lorenzo Janes. aug20 WO It Ms, WOR.HS.-Dk. M. Hitchcock' unrivalled ant unequalled WORM TEA, a tavtreign remedy fur Worms Strange nnJ incredi ble are the e.Veet of the-e detestable ermin; few atfun, and it is thought uone are fiee from ihem, par ticularly females and children. Many persons go through a distressing eoure of medicine without a leueSt, when they niirht c relieve J by using the Worm Tea. This invalua' le meli ipt ha? Uen tested by the exjM-rienc of more than ten years use, and uimini;TcJ to mort: than I (,000 persons of van'out es and not nnu n-li:ar e&mplaint; cn thecimtrary turn lrel have callo-', and unolicitc., Riven their de cided preference lu it. 'ur tryinjr, the di Icrrnt artic!rt ent fjr'h to the pul lc, and pronnun'.'ed Dr. M. Hiirh ixk's Wprin Tea the mot afe, ellectual, and con venient remely that can lr- obtainol: for tu no one of the lho'inds of intan.c where it has le.-n uted freeal.le to the priatol dire -lions ha it everlai'ed. H.M. Ak for Dr. M. Hiuhrr-AN WomiTea, a. there re many nostrum abroad for thede.tructiMiof worm. Fur tale wM.le.ate and retail ly A. HITCHCOCK ii CO.. sn'e proprietors, 1 17 (Jenr.ee street, t'lica, and ty their at;ent. tkrouzhont the t'nion. In riuilint'ion, by J. A J. H. Peek cV Co. In Vergennra, by J. H. Cowman. In Milton, by Burnet Sc Sawyer. In CsVirgia, by Iwiremo Jance. au20 10,000 l'AI.MTai Ar Oll'. Ibr. dry white Lead (J rak ero'imldo do IS l.U. Venetian Re.1 10 caks Krench ye low 30 bhlf. Americas LinrneJ Oil, ti do Sjiirits Turpentine 'pa! Tarnih, Ould lal, Sand paper, Smalts, kV Lhcs Gin r, nmni opat, iy i.et J. if. fr.exci ;n, OTORIi TO IKT, at Winootli Villace, the O store re-entlv occuiiied l.v Lathrop and Pctwin leill le let and p!Mon s;ivi immoliairly, apply tnthe a il'criler corner Church an.l College its. Bur- iaeion or to Gideon L:hrop. MA I O k WAIT. Burlington, May SG, 16-tO. VKRIsENA CRF.AN for shavinr, clarifiwl Ros in, Warrin's lc-t Noodles. Silver Thimbles and lot. r.f new Goods, openine at the arie'y Store. Mayas. PANUBORN It BRINSMAID, POWDCR Jimriy. 1J Less 1 & J. H. Pf.ck & Co. fllHETIPPECANOK TEXT BOOK. Just received. M. a larf'e supply of Tip.ieanoe 'lext Bool., made up of do"uinents and facts illuslratins; Gen. Harrion' hotory, character, service, and opniioii. It it warmly ri;.'.Diinenneii to ine menus oi ien. iiariiron inrougn- rut the I'. State, lor ale at the Krfix store. June 2G. D. A. DRAM AN AYOl7N; I.ADV of pourl family and ota lib eral clucalitn au I who ha a thorouch theore'.i ! and practical knowle-Jje of the Krench and Encluh lsnx'it-ii, wishes to fin I a place either in a fumijy or in a community, n a r rencn iracurr. Apinicnwon (if by letllr post paid,) to tdireoted to Mr. Moll. Pre iVor of Mu.ic, ll'irliiiztnn, Vt. June 4. NOTICK. All per.oas iudeliteJ to the late firm of Lathrop, Potwin and Mail or to Mayo and Wait at their store at winoo.li Villaie.arc hercliv no- tifiedto make paymrnt tnu at our Store in Burlins;- f on, corner tuurea inn uouere sireeta MAYOanl WAIT. Jonathan filllel'i Kstate. STATE OF VERMONT. ) To all oeraona eon DitTsic: or CmTTSNDax, as. cerncdin the estate of Jonathan tiillet, late ofCbarlotta, deceaard. Heraau Ho. ford, exocutor of ihelatt will and testa mrnt of Jonathan Gillrt. late of Charlotte, in aaid dis trie!, deceased, having filed in said court his petition, in wrisiig, setting forth that the amount of debts, allowed bv (he commissioners, azainst said estate are $233 57: that the value of the personal estate unsold does not exceed II 00 j that the amount of money in said ex cutor's bands, after paying the expenses of adminis tration already occurred, is 91 16 02 and that il will be necessary to aell real estate for the payment of so much of the debts as the personal estate is insufficient to pay, and the further expenses of administration, and praying said court to grant him license to sell ao much of tilt real estate of said deceased as may be ntccsiary for thapurposca aforesaid. Whereupon the court afore said doth order that said petition be heerd before aaid court at a session thereof to be held at the Register's Rice in Burlington, on the second Wednesday of Sep tember next, and that notice thereof be given to all persons interested by publication of thisorder, contain ing the substance of aaid petition, three weeks succes sively in the Free Press, a newspaper printed in Bur iington in the County of Chittenden, theism of which publications to be previous to the said second Wednes day of September, 18-10. Given under my hand at Burlington, this 12th day of August, 1840. Wm. WF.8TON, Regiater. STATU OF VKRMONT, I To all persons interested DtSTmeT or CitiTTtHnr.K, 5 in the estate of Sarah Feote and Mary Foote, infants. Gsiktiko. ELANSON II. WHEELER, of Charlotte, in said district, guardian of Sarah Foote and Mary Foote, infanta, under the age of riehtcen years, who reside t Potsdam in the State of New York, having made xnntiratinn to said court for license tv sell (wo undi vided eighths of one undivided .fifth of fifty acres of land, lying in unanoiieaioresam, weing me nnmsianu conveyed by Benjamin Siinonds tothalato Nnthaniel Newell, deceasod, and is part of tec lands act off (o the, widow Polly Ncwctl, as n paJt of her dower in the relate of the said Nathaniel Newel, deceased, which str rrrr nfland ia subject to (ho said widow's right of dower thetein, of which (wo undivided eighths of one undivided nttn oi said land ine ssiu warns arc h'ited in their own aight in fee as (enants in common, representing to said court that a sale of the said ward'a interest in mm ................ ,..r. v. :i...i i,., kivmn the Droceeds thereof nut at interest, Whereupon the court aforesaid doth order that the (aid application DC ncaru ocioreaam cuuri ni session thereof to be hclc at the Register's office in Builington in said district, on (he second Wednesday of Septcnv w.. i Bin .nthsi notice thereof be inven to a per- none interested, by publication of this order three weeks successively tn the Free Press, nawspapei printed at Burlington tn (he county ofChKtenden, the fast of which publications to be previous to the second Wedncedayof September,, lfilO. Given under my nud at nti BulmgVjn.thielh dayof AuMst, A.P. IT OOK AT THIS HAVE YOU A COUGH ti mitttMmiu rotrrit nvv s.' iwm.v .. ..... -(-iB 1 (m-- T OOK AT THIS, J-J TO.OOO DtB or CNNSVMFTtON everv Vear m the United States and millions tu Ibr feom truublesotne couehs and colds, that can l.a curud by Dr. M, Hitch coctt'n. Vegetable Virgin Cream Cough Drops, a afe medical prescription, contaiiig no poisonous drugs "d iifcd in an extensive practicj for eviral years will mol positively allbrd relief, and save you from that awf.il diseace, pulmonary cun.iitnpiion, which usually sweeeps Intothe grave hunnreds efthe young, the old, the fair, the lovely and the gay. Have you a cough f Be persuaded to purchase a Lottie ol (he Cough Drops to-day! To-morrow may Le too late. Have you a coufrht Dr. Hiicecok's Vegetable Virgin Cream Cough Crops is the only remedy you should take to cure you. For this plaig reason. That in nooneof the thatisand eases where it has Leen ued has it failed to relieve rnce 75 cents per bottle, r or sale, wholeale and Re tail, bv A. HITCHCOCK & CO. No. 117 Gene.ea st., Uuca, N. Y. And by their agents throiighout the United States. In Burlington, by J, dc J. II. Peck & Co. In Vergennes, by J, H. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet L. Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janca. DOCT. MARSHALL'S Aromttic, Catarrh and Headache SNUFF. This SntitHs suoerior in nv thine vet known, for removinr llisl lriml.tr. tun. ea, the Catarrh, and alo a cold in the Lead, and the neauacne. it opens ana purge out all obstructions, strengthens the rlandsnid gives a healthy action to the part a looiol. It i ncrfcotlv tree from anv ihine dele. tcrious in its eompo-ition has a lcaant flavor, and its immaltaieelec', after being uted, is abgreeable. Price SO cents per bottle. Doct. Marsha I's Vegetable Indian Black PLASTER. 7hi Fla-tcr i unrivalled for curing scrof.ilous swel lings, .vurvy sores. Lame Uack. anil t r.-h VV ound j pains in the tides Hipsand Limbs; and seldom fail to give relief in local Rhcimatims If applied to the side.it will cure many ofthecummon Liver Coniolaint-: and is canal, if not superior, to anv thtnc in me for corns on the feet ; the virtues ofthi Pla-ter have leen wiinejM.il liy thousand cf individuals in the United States who havme.toJ its elUcacy. Sold by the pro- prietor; v.na. oowen, wiuuienury, vt. jei9 TVISKASKM OF THK LVNRS.llreutedly XJ ihe innsi impulHr remnl) ever knusvn in America Viitttalll Pulmonary Baliam is the must tntubla lemril) uusv ia use f.t cuv(hs, colds, milium or phthisic, eoNfiniipiiiin. vtlinpiiiciiili and pulmBasry arTrciions ofsvet) kind, lis sate is steadily iiicrrasinf . und Ihr prupneturs are reiisianlly . errisiiig ilia niml ouoisble areiuiai ufiissnVcis. 1 lie fidlosviae new eeriilicHirs aie iiRVrrdfur pubbe essnilnsiiun. An Istxkistiso Case Kxiraei of s truer frnm Mr (J H CU), Koifion, U'sier ru,, N. Y. lo ilis pri.prirlors. " Yunra uf the 9ih insl. was duly irc'il. A irinrkuliie eure whs rArcied bv the re4iHtile Put. invrMt) ll.l'jin in the Minrr xml iriii( of 1835. The (.ersnn, ilr. Moodi, lul brrn sick a lonr lime svnli Mr consumption. Ills diiirian hsd eurn In in . He was icdiirnlsii lw as lo bcaiiabtt in lirln liini.rli". 4lld wms rBl.iiif a Attx IHMniili uf bluilt! uhn, l.r euinnirnod us llir BjImih, whiili has rflVcinl a enmplrir rare, and ha is rv as lisle an.l hraru as rri be sas. Mr. Mood mauvril fiom ibis toss. but tie h s prrmiied ine a mure tlttaib d reiuini of his rase, which I will f.i, wnrd oui. C. S CLVY. Kmji.nn, N. Y. June 3S. 183S. Cxirsri uf Irilrr ffnm Dr. Jjn.l. Mirr. Tl.r Vrgrublr I'ulia'iBJir Bsbain line brrn u!it in ihis r.uuaiv far twu j'sts, und ihc medirinr has jalnnl an HiirnaimuH cslclinij, for il .rjrrsli is one inslHiire filled of lianni the desiieil rflcri. ' I am bv na mens ih fasnr of ihr msny anirHm, most el vrliirh ait im. IMiiiimni upuM a rrrilMions pulilir, bul thai which I know by wsr br rflVcw il, I cmimn help bul (iv m aiipiob.iiiiH ilirrno. A couneif.'il prrpamlinn b.s Ifrs) i.ffnr.l hrre by a lratelifl( Ajfnt. of CuBisnn k, ft. Y. and turrris anmhrr article traded hrre lhai i strongly suspeced lu luipurioai. Jacua MTtai. at. u. Mitlliagion, Juniata re. I'rnn. Ma) S, 18.17 Kiom Dr. rlamuel Marrrll. ta ihr rraiu irims nf ihr Vne utile Pnlninnar) Balsam. I am satisfied ihxl ihe Vr. leiable Prttinonairy Balisin is a vatuabte medrciife li has been asrd in this ptare tvilh rimipleie svrrrss in an nbstinaie enmptaint el ilia lun(s, alien. ltd sviih a blood, whir. had prrtiouslv iriisird many apiirovrd prrsrripiinns. A lirr min iht Balsam nna nrtk, the paiirni's s nice rt'rrnrd and hr oasablrm spe.k nudi h!y. I'hit rae aeriirred snma limr sincr, nd il.r man is nasr engaed nal only in artist bin talairious Imsinrts. Krtprrirolis, fer. r. aiaantLl.. Ii is in mnrr lhaa six start sinrr I sat lioiilil srry low b) an kfttriioa nf ihr langs, ami m mmptainl was dtrUie.l in he inriimblp In a rnunril of ihite fists ticiaiit. t tras ihtn re.tnird lo us (no I li.alih a I had snjmi'd fur many jrars, b ininj ihe Vrriblr Put. innaarv B4tsam. Since mjr irr.rr) I hast irrasn rarnilrd iht Balsam in a iri man) ears nf !hm rnmptsiais, and so far as I ran Irsin. its ritt his in urialil) brrn fnllnrd b miirh brnrfii, and in msiiv imianr't il hat eSeciiai curet which rir Hhnliy unsx. prrird. SaMCxt EvxaxTr, But on. March t. 1827. Knr salr, whalrial and retail, by J, se J, II PECK k Co.. Brlinlnn, Vl. IKQIlIHi AKK TIIOSK WHO KMOW. Vhwte nl whofknm bv nisi ai imm'dine ebtrr taliaa, ran fnim Miiy idea of iht t fleets, nfike prrfrel rrbrf, of lite almns' ehxrm.likr cures rlTreird in essrs if iht Puts, Rheumatism, all SwkLiisot, and nil rxirrnal I' 1st, na mstier Imw seirrr. by iht utr tf llajt' Linimrat. Kind nat who has i'1'd II ibal u ill aul land il uboke alllhintt rsrr atrd, and inn nill find ntn I ejniinl br found. trl7l'"nr ihe itiirful tMrT"r ilig human briiigs m kn hi) be afllieied, I brg ),ui In ak t-k nf ihn.e win i knnw Hk ibt Han, Al.rnrb Cosxtlt, U. S Judge fur lhai tbtiriel, trsiiling near Auliura,ask MaTTHrw J. MTtnl, K-n. Alliens, N. V ; ak firn. Durr Gnv , Ult ul Wadiiiifinn ruv. tarn nf Iktsr f tai'f mr n know nfrasrr unrnnipirr abit b) all oilier rrmtibrt or phyiinans, ihnuith li'rrf f ,r msr tears, lhai haa hrtu rtiinl by ihr nit nf ihe (rnuiiit Hay' i J.inimtnt. Th msands nfoihtr prisons knuw simitar ruin. We apimal in ihrir irnir nf jus. lire ihtir human frelinjt. IVZF'il is bul a duly yon owr in mir siiffrnrg fcHo-lirias to Irl ihis (real rrnirdt be known. Hi'fnk of n I lieu is all or U if ad This still salt muth ptin nhrrr iKa nrnipapers aie nil trad, nr sil.tre iradrrt ait ine'edHluus, became sn mn wnrihlt't Mrlicttt ars adtrrilsrd lor lha same parpnir, Tn butrrs sra sty, if all who lutr used il dn nal say il is br)inri all praiic, thrn dn not lake il I lit prnprisiur will nal allow ihis article lo br psid for unless il cures, when all ihe direeiiant ait fitllv follow td. Will any one suhVriac refusr now In ny il ? If lie dntr, he ought m be pitird more (nr bit obstinacy than his siifltriiie. ICPM1r. Hats would urtrr rnnsini In nflVr I It t ariiele, weir hr nnl rninpellrd b) his sfnienf morsl nt religious nnu IB Ho all in In. pin, rr lor lie iniini of ilitnrti and miirrv. Fur ibis purpost he wniild snnnrr dttoie a forianr, ill in "nif a .lollar for any wuiiUlssi article. ICJ1 LOOK OUT.-Snme sstiail'tis hat rmiiileifriieil ih't anicle, and pin il up wild sarinus doirrs. lit nol bt impnied iipra. Our ihii'f only willproirrl ou il is the namr of Comitrt tr Co ; thai naint hiusi br alwa)t on llir wrapprr, nr jnu ure i nta'til. Da uol fuigtl II, Ttkt this dirrr. linn nun , and led liy thai, or never nay ; lur it is iuiposiible fur ani tiller lo bt Irur nr grnuinn, SOLOMON HY.1. 8nM b) CwmsrarJc Co. ? plttehrr tirrsi, N. Ynrk. el for salr ONLY bt 1'snoaoaa k BniasMAiD. mo TIIK nALO-IIKAOICD A OTHERS X Dots any know a nsiglib ir nr a fiirnd b hat been Bald, and nbnie head it now roteird with line hair7 One trhost roat cellar was rottird wlih dan dn'CT, llmiigh braihrd estry lionr mlucli hat now v m ished rnliiely ! Or one siho.e hairt at early sign wrie niriiiag erry, whs now hat hoi a grej bail 7 Cbildirn wkast lisadi ttit eotrird wilh icuif, sthcte hair would nal grow, thai are now growing l lie fullest ciopi f l.air ! Soma casts muil br known lo moil persons Ak ihi'm ihe ratir, and )u will be lol l that ihrir ihings haie lirrn done by I lie use of ihe J7ans of Co lumbia, Of 20 ran grnwih is ibis article, in demand increasing annually tonit bundled ptr cent. though when ilisroirrrd nnl nppiird by auditing lur the same pnrpnsr, now iissailrd by ulmo.t numlirile.t mu.hroun irt.li pieparittinns lhai will ruin llir hair if lord lo nn rx'rnl, ('an mme than ibtre f-ieis be wanted rrler Hi ihe rerummi inUiions by a list ofnamrs of lesprela. biliiy, unr(ii.illrd b) any oilier arlirle, l.nnk lo llirse ihings buy ihis article. Slay and present nur lnii b) us u.f , nr if In til rrsinir. Ii, Lailirs, alierid lo ihis hiiudrei'.t in faiblonablt life are using il at ihe oulj arliHe rv.llat fii lur ilia inilri. I.nni hair it teiy apt in fall out. Ladies, tut iht Balm nf Columbia in lime in late tnurieSes the disgrace ol baldnrs by nrgltcl nf your prisons, Ilis jnur duly, ai miiii.ll.i, tn pie irrie ihu heauiiti nf naliirt, wilh nhiik Ihuiiii iful Crealoi has rndnwed )oti ; use ihr Balin,fnr il still do il, CAUTION TO BE REMEMBERED. (Several moil flagrant nitempit hate been mads to fnumrrfeil iht tme Un'in of Columbia. Soma of the imisnilers have f one lo lar as lo rotimeiftlt Iht tpltn did wrapptri, and lha Pall of Niagara, and eveiy ex irrnal inaikexcspi lbs name of Couniork, uhieh lhv dare nil forge, Tn moid imposition! therefore, al w.ji look for ihtnaait nf Cnmstoek lc Co, or L. 8. Coinslock, and nevtr bay ihe article unlets il hai lhai aamrDn.mil Bold wholesale ond itlail. only al No, Flttrhtr urttt, N. Y. tf) tr? PiPSBOF and rjflf IHA1P twrit(4, v, yij HIIKRM AN'sl COUnit I.OZK.XRKK. ARE the safest, most sure and eileotual remedy fc r Couch. Colds. Consiilnntion. whooninr ("nmrli. Asthma, Tightne-s of the Lungs or chest, Vr. &c The proprietor has never known an inlance where they did not give perfect satisfaction. Several thous and boxes have been sold within the last three month retoring to health, persons in almost every stage ol consumption, and tbo'e lal tiring under the mo.! di tressing cold and coughs They do not cheek and dry up the rough, bul render it ciy, promote expec toration, allay the tickling or irritation, and remove the proximate or exciting cau,e. They are made Irom a combination of the mo.-t valuable expectorant, or cough medicines, and arc undoubtedly tuticncr to every thing in use for iho-c complaints. Hundred upon hundreds of certificate. have been oflered of their wonderful virtue', from those who have been saved from an untimely grave, and restored to perfect health by using them. Doc One lozenge is a doe for an adult, aud may Lc repeated from three to six times a lav, as required. Children, eight jeara year old, half of one: four year a quarter, and so in pro portion. Very Hnall children or infants will take them best ditsolvcd in a little water. Should they act as an emetic, or produce oauna. the do-e mustle Ics-eneJ to what the stomach will Lear. Half of one will gen erally I sufficient to uke Icfore Ireakfast, as the stoinarb is then more caily sickened. No ill elects can arise from an over doe, as it will cause the sto mach to reject it ; and although not a pleasant sensa tion, will Le found to give relief, where there i much pain in the breast or side, one of Sherman'. Poor Man's Plasters should 1 applied over the part, and worn till relieved. Ifaitcnded with costiveness, a few cathartic or laxative Loxcnjrc-, or any mild ca thartic meJicine, should le u.-ed us occaion require. Sold at Ihe Variety Store, l.y PANGBORN & BRINSMAID, Jewellers, Burlington, Vt. SHERMAN'S WORM LOZKNCE9 arc the greater discovery ever made, for dispelling the va rious kindi of worms that so frequently and distress singly annoy both children and ndult. They are an infallible re nedy, and so pleasant to the tatc that children will take them ai readily as a common pep permint loxenge. Many diMae arise from worm., without its lieing suspected. Sometimes a very trouble some cough, pains in the joints or limbs, Heeding at the nose, olc. are occasioned by worms, and ran 1 easily curol by this celebrated medicine. The follow ing symptoms indicate Ihe presence of worm, vix: headache, verliuo, torpor, disturbed dream, sleep broken of by fright and screaming, convulsions, fe. verishnes,tbir.l, pallid hue, bad tate in the month, u:lenive breath, cougb, dilficult breathing, itthine at the noc, pains in the stomach, nausea, sqneanii.. lines-, voracity, Icanne.-s, teue.mns, itching ai the anus toward nighi.andat length, dejections and film and mucus One i a ilo-e for a child two year old two for one four year old ihrce lor eight years and live for an a lull, and should I e repeated every morning', or averv other morning until relieved. IctT" Sold at the Variety store by PANGBORN ot BRINSMAID, Jtntltin, Burlington, Vt. NATURE'S GRAND RESTORATIVE. This valuable Vegetable Medicine stands unrivalled for the following complaints viz: Dyspepsia, or Indi gestion, disea-ed Liver, bilious disorder, Drop.y, Asth ma, Costivencs, Worm. and loss of Appetitc.'and by cleaning the stomach and bowels, cures pains in the side, stomach and I reast, cold. and coughs of long standing, Hoarene-, shortnes of I rcath, Ncrvou complaint, etc., h ch arefrerjnently the elect of dis ease. For Fever and Ague, it is a mot valuable pre ventative as well a a sovereign remedy. Its virtues tirpas any thing heretofore known in removing St. Vitus' Danes, twu bottle have I ecn known to cure this afniclins di. ease, after ruvin? ladled cverv exer tion tor four years. It has a most powerful influence in removing nervous complaints. It i pleasant lo take and so easy in in operation, i bat it may I e administered to the infant with safety. The above Medicine i very highly recommended by many scientific gentlemen, and a Iare numl er ofladie., who have proved ihc virtue of the Medicine by personal use and that of their families. A bill ofcertificate.accomtianiecach l ottie. with directions It mav I e had wholesale or re'ail of s. nr.,..., ii,,M, an.l J C Farnam. Eat Williams lowu, Vt. sole proprietor. Prepared from the origin al recine : for sale I v K II. Prentiss. Muntiielirr. and J. & J. IL Peck &. Co, Bnrling'on, and in the princi pal towns in I be state; an directions signed in the handwriting of the proprietors je!9 SHERMAN'S POOR MAN'S PLASTER. The I est strengthening pla.-ter in the world, and a sovereign remedy f' r nam or weakness in the l ack. loin, side, breast, neck, limb, joints, rheumatism, lorn! ago, &e.6tc. One million a year will not supply uicuoniaiiu. i ucy rinpnrr: . unit: v. arnunt; i.ciore ap plication. Warranted superior to all other, and for one quarter the usual price, making not only the bei, nui i ne cncape-i pia.icr in ine wonu. it a .oru reiiel in a few hours, and makes asloni-hinc cuns. In liver complsint and dyspepsia, it should be worn over the region otitic uvvr or stomach, ana it will ailurd great and astonishing relief. In cough, cold, asthma, diffi culty of breathing, oppression of the chest or stomach, iney win nnnieuiaieiy sooin, anu greauy i.cneni ine patient. Persons ol sedentarv habit., or tho-e oblicod to stand much, will receive decided support from one of the.e truly, strengthening plasters Physicians gen erall) recommend them, in preference to all otbers,te- catne tney hick or aancrc letter and a lorJ greater relief. In their operation they arc stim ilant, tonic, and anodyne. They are compote.) of entirely di fcrenl ii.gre.lients from any other; and known from the ex perience of millions, who have mej ihem, as well as the united te-limony, of all ihe celebrated and distin gi.-hcl clergy and physicians, lo le the most useful aud highly meJicated plaster, ever invented or ollered lotliepuli'ic. Several person have called at the ware ho-ue to express their surprise and thanks at thp alino-t miraculous cure. these planter have e'lected. One man who had 1 ecu so afl"ncted with houmaii-m, as to le unable to dres himself without asilanic, waenal led after wearing one, only one night to gel up alone in the morning, nut on his clothe and call at our office with eye learning with joy and his tongue pouring lorin ine giaunes oi nis near, at ine stiuuen and signal relief he had received from this, l est of all remedies Ak for Dr. Sherman's Poor Man'. Plaster. Il is so called, because the price places it in the power man to purchase, rcincomv 12 cts So'd at ihe va riety store by PANGBORN 6c BRINSMAID, Jewellers, Burlington, Vt. TVKW SCHOOL fiKOdltAPIIY AND XI ATLAS WITH OUTLINE MA PS. bv S. Accds tus Mitciulu The author ot the al ove works has I een professionally devoted to the science of Geo'y and ihe publishing of Map, during many yean and his former production, especially his Map ol the World for Academies, I ear ample ietimonony of hi abun dant resources, upon which he has so literally drawn, in producing the above school works. The following extract ofthc Oeo'v and Alla, is from a joint recom mendation of ihe Teachers in ihe cilv of New York. " heir merits are numerous the dehniitons remark ably plain and concise. Theexerei-e. are copiou and important, and ihede.crinttvc is luminnii and correct. The divisions of ihe American continent, are rt-nrr. rnieo anu oe.-crii en as mey realty exit at Ihe present im--. And the gross mistaiements generally lound n asiool cencranliies are cr.rre 'ted. The Ivno'zranhi. lal exMiition is uncommonly neat and distinct, indeed me anas i a rnonci ui ine Kino, anu actually leem wiih inlormatinn." The outline Maps are peculiarly ealculaiedlo exercise the student in his study, audio nil up at his leisure. For sale by C. GOODRICH. BOSTON and TROY IRON COMPANY. The public are hereby notified, that the busines ol , v.ciy ,'rauin aim vani'iy, is none lo orier, uu iiicmuric-i nonce, ni irny, si, i ne company have much enlarged their foundry, and are now prepared to do all kinds of work done at any foundry in the country. Mill-gearing, Put Ash Keltic, Stove., Plough", Axlctrees Ac., on hand, or furnished to order. All who wish to contract for stovr.nlate.. nr lo nnr. cha-es large quantity of hollow-ware, for the purpoe ui icmnint.-, wm i c lurnisnen ai wnoiesaie prices ana all who may favor us with their calls or crlcr, will I e dealt by as literally as al any establishment in Ihe country. Orders should le addressed to E, R. Cross man, Superintendent, or A. Young, Agent, Troy, Vt. to secure an early reply, and prompt attention. ' Troy, Vt,, June 1810. jy;9 Burlington Dye House. MK A IIS FIELD, t-ILK, WOOLLEN AND t COTTON DYER re.pectf illy informs the Inhabitants of Burlington and the neighboring towns that he has taken a premoes in Water-sl. one door south nf D, Pavi Store and will commence dying and finishing in (he le( manner, (he following good: Broadcloths, Casrimere., new Merinoes Ladies silk and Merino Dresses Shawls. Ho.ierv. silk and cotion Velvet, Gentlemen's coal, cloaks and Vottilyed and finished nearly equal to new, without ripping. Broad cloths, silk, woollen or cotton good.-, dyed in the most permanent colors, if wanted for merchants and manu facturers on reasnnoble terms. Also urnr.l.!. .Lrin COttOn. Snd skein Silk dvrd in Ihr mo. I cnlrnrl;,l.nlnr. He fast employed a celebrated dyer and color maker, uuiuEi.iu wKiusr, mr. .uoiony ws employed a. superintendent in some of the larcest rlcin,ri.i,li)i. ments in Great Britain and America. The mi)iii mav depend on having ibeir orders executed id the fest manner and with all pcsihle ii.rte,k, fnt i .r..iai rniii run niniLi ibtuiictiL SHIP by Old Troy Tow Boat Llnv,Coenties Slip. 1340. AOENTS-Allkn i Wilslt7 ui?.iiD Crocker, IOC, Broad st. iew York sMoore At Stiinp son, River st. Troy; Wm. H. MoorJfcVg Quay M. Al bany Sidney Allen, Roche-U-r I George Davi 6t Co. p.illaloi Philip Allen, Bullaloj (Jeo. A. French, Dun u ) ' eott?. Can,J' Co- Biircelona : C. M. Reed, Erie, Pa.: McNatr it Co. I'lcaveland, O.J M. B. Ross fit Co. Portsmouth, O.j H. N. 6c N. U. Gate, Black River, O.) Jenkins & Tracy, Huron, O.J Barber & Uarncv.Sandusky Ciiy, 0. Chester fit Stringham, Detroit, Mjrh.iR. W. Titus, Toledo, 0. O. S. Hixard Mauinee Ciiv, 0.j Wheeler dc Por er, St. Joseph J. 0. Sleight, Michigan City, Indi Dawson 6c llo-mcr, Millwaukie, W.i C. M. Reed, Chicago, III. je.l.Jm Mark packages, "T. cV M. Line." FORWARDINC, &c 1840. int. aiiuscniers will rontinnr their iiu-inrss a Forwarding and Com mlsslou Merchants ami Cut torn House Agents, at the Port of Saint Johns. Lowt-r rn,t.. T bey do not o Jer their service "frtt of anv ehargt" to those persons interested in i,ade with the Unite I ."Jiates but will endeavor to make their attention to the interest of their employers worthy a reasonable recniiipcnce. Having good Wharcs (at which the Lags Cium plain Steamboats will land) and excellent Storage, together with the convenience of a connecting Rail Track with the Chamflals and St. Lawrence Rail-Road over thc,e wharve., Ihey flatter themselves that, with fifteen years experience in this branch ol business, ihey will l enabled to do much to tacilitate niidcncourge trade letweon the United Slates and the Lower Province. JASON C. PIERCE 6l SON. St. Johns, L. C, March, 1840. 6-n WINDOW SASI1 Just received 15, 30 and 247 by 9 casements ol sash, a first rale article at Si and 31 cents per light; al.-o all kinds tad sixes furnished to order. Ticondcroga black le.vl, a fir-t rate article, for sale very low, together with a irrr-at vsnrtv of nilirr art,. clcs as cheap at can bo lound at any other establish ment in the place. Geo. Petemon. BUM KSUITII.Thc siibscriLer havm? rt ccntly moved from Albany, and commenced the Blacksmith busincs-, tu all its form., in the new shop on Madison street, near Follelt it Bradley's Store, would re-pecifully invite the inhabitants f Burlington ami vicinity to give him a call, as he is fully prepared to do all kinds ot work in his line, on the .-horte-l no tice, lest manner, and most favorable term. He ha for many years pa-t given his particular attention to the Horse sboeme business, and Farrierv in all it branches Krotn the long experience which he has liau, and the general inlonnatton he has denied both from theory and practice, he feels fully confident in re commendins himself lo the mi! lie. Ha will lc nre- pared at all times (ogive his per.onal attention to all kinds of work in hN line uch as Ironing Wafgons and Sleiich. Slu'DWOrk. &ie. All kind ol dire tools made in ihe 1 est manner and mot approved style. He truts that by giving business bis undivided attention, nnu ihc inw price? ai which ne will Lccnaoieu 10 lur uish work, to receive a share of the public patrona.r. joiinsoiugen; Burlinyton, April 10, 1S40. TMPORTANT TO MOTHERS At YnilNR JL FEMAIjES. DOCTS. RXVNI IDE (tPABMSLLl'e celebrated PILLS, or HEALTH RESTORATIVE for complaints pcculiarily incident to the Female Sex. This article is now brought before the public, under sanction of the strongest testimony, from those who have alike used it, and also witnessed ita uneoua ttd pour, in the removal of Female obstructions of the most aggravated and desperate cnaractcr. These testimonials arc not brought from the ignorant and illiterate but from Physicians and other Scientific recommend it in their practice and lend to it the sanc tion of their names. It is not intended ss many medi cines generally are for all the varieties of disease, which it is the lot to suffer under. But it is intended, simply iur one ciass oi complaints, ana inose only rc latinc to one sex. These bcincr of rather a delicate na ture, there would be more than an ordidary degTce of ili'm.lm, ,'n rnm!nT -lt), ).!. .r.lr'o l,C-,r .h. 1.K were it not the fact that thousands are continually which this medicine lias never failed to prevent or cure. Such has been the provision of Nnture, that nearly all the complaints of Females, are connected in some degree, with the habits allied to their sex. And many can bear witness, where a mere co Id at a nar- ticular stage, has produced checks, that the hand of Science and Skill, never has been able to disael or alleviate. At first, the irregularity and suppression of ine naiurai naous produces no very alarming symp toms, and is treated generally with neglect. And prcper attention is nrocrnstianted until the hollow eve. sallow complexion and great bodily debility indicate that either rapid consumption, or some other fatal disease has fastened its resistless rrasD on the sufferer which soon terminates existence, by a lingering but certain death. For complaints inevitably productive of such results this invaluable medicine is now brought before the public. It invariably removes obstructions and regulates a too profuse menstruration, and cures by its unequalled nualities, all the variety of derange ment connected with the Female habit. The eminent and distinguished Doct. J. Morrison, who has prac tised medicine at Oneida, N. York, with the most sin nal sucess for 'iO years, says "It is the best medicine now in use. In cases of retention, or suprcssion of the .Menses, i think, it will sustain the appelation of a specific. I have tried it in the worst cases with most admirable success, and I wish for the good of suffering Females, that all physicians would introduce it in their practice, as I have found it answers beyond my most sanguine expectations," In its effect it is 'kind may be taken without the least inconvenience, as it is not cathartic, but ionic and aperient. For ample par ticulars respecting us eincicncv, ceriiucaics oi rysi. ...v,n v,.. ;,. '.it.,.,. t n,u... who have been most signally benefited and restored bv its virtues reference is now offered to the nam- plileta accompanying the medicine, and to tht more particular evidences, in the hands oi me subscriber, Sole Agent for the New Eniland .states. EDWARD BRINLEY, Wholesale Dealer in Drugs, Medicines, Paints and Dye Stutls, IVo. 3 . 4 south side old fr ancuil nnu. "tON'SUMPTION I No person can have an ade v qualo idea of the astonishing relief which Dr. !!.,tC.' l.,l.i;. , fnn.nmhllv. PilU frlv. in Pnn, sumotion. Couch. Colds, Asthma, difficulty of breath ing, wheezing, tightness of the Chest, Pain in the side, spuilli; oi moon, etc. n inir mat ouiy is imcesssry to convince persons suncring uom inesc coiupiamii that this is one of the most vnluablo medicines yet dis covered and this is the testimony of relieved naticnts, Cases, A gentleman, of this neighborhood, recently observed to the proprietor, that he believod these pills had kept him alive for the last two years. Many others mve similar testimony. A letter states "the Asthmatic Pills give such astonishing relief in cases of Cough, Common colds, c:c. as no one can oeneve, unlrsi thru make the trial." Important testimony. "There has been, (writes an urcent, an unusual call this winter for Relfe's Asthmatic Pills. Applicants pronounce them a vaiuaoie meuicine, ana say mey cannot find aaubstitute." A young Lady Was three spitting of blood, and disturbed real at night and was restored to perfect health by taking two boxes. A case of Aslhmn Of thirty years standing, was cured bv these Pills. A Gent eman Who had been veara aiinrirn witn a vio em coucn. nam in ine siue. for years afflicted with a violent cough, difficulty of nrcathtng, etc. was cured oy mess invaiuaoie nut, An Agent writ's "Your Relfo'o Asthmatic Pills,1 gam credit daily. " A Physician writes. After al other medicines have failed to rrivo relief in consumn don cases. I have found the 'He fo a Asthmatic rills most excellent I' Extract "Several persons afflicted with lunrcoinnlaints. in various staces of the dis case. after trying every thinR else, havu used these Pills with the most happy success." A Rematknblo Case. A Udy who was given over as past recovery, and her death dailv etnected. was raised from what was ex pected would be her denth bed, and from the borders ot tne eiave, by these mis and declared ner wid that she could proclaim to' (ho worth of this invalua ble medicine. Such are the valuable properties of these Pills in Coughs, Cob';, Asthma. Difficulties of Breathing, Hoarsoncs, Wheeling Spitting of Blood and complaints of the Lunc cenrrall v. that numerous persons relieve from these complaints, pronounce this the best medicine theveyer melwith. Common colds removed In few hours. Price. $1 for whole boxes of 30 Pills, and 50 cents for half Boxes of 12 Pills. k3 a Prepared by T. KIDDER, sole proprietor and successor to Dr. Conway and may be had at bis counting room, 99 Conrt-st. up stairs, near Concert Hall, Boston, and also of J, cV J. II. PECK, &. CO. Burlinpton. Vermont. None genuine, unless signed T. Kreosa en ths cisHe rnnup iappr Lwg diswwttt dealers Will pav cash, on delivers, for food clean fleece wool, delivered at the old store occupied by H. Hyde Jc Co. nor.h west ci rner of College Green. Burlington, June 10. HARRY BRADLEY. BARNES' new Gengraph, nn the Classification system; a verv useful work for scIkk.I-, jul rtv'd and for sale at the Buiiksturu je!9 D A BfUMAN MOHK NKM HOOKS were last evening re ceived at the Book Store and now for sale very cheap by May 27. D. A. BRAMAN. BONNETTS..Jut received some new shapes Florence Bra,d Snllt andilora.) .Sirnw H.,n,,ni. which will l sold very low for cah. joiy , imu. n. luv ti,y ox Co. V K W OOU.S,ibeaer than ever. IL W. Cal ! ' lin & Co. are now receiving a new assortment of Drv Goods, to which thsv invite the allcnlion ofnnr. cl'aer. June4. 1810. QTRAYED, from the subscriber on the 15th in.it. U a red COW. rather low in floah. with nn hnrn .. edon". Whoever will return her ahall be suitably r. u-a i-rll r s nt? vrrsTwr. Burlington, June 29, 1340. GRINDSTONES, by Junc7. J. dt J. H. PECK rt Co. WOOL TWINE for .a!a at HOWARD'S. rn28 13l AMI KETTLES conlanlly on hand l.v June 19 J. & J. If. PECK &. C C1ROWN GLASS. Rwllord, Saranic and Clinton crown by J. & J. II. PECK &. Co. SAI.ERATUH. 40 casks by June 19. J. cV. J. PECK At Co. CONGRESS WATER, ju.M reveivcl a freab supply of Congress water, and for sale I v iiay-.ro. ur.u. rr.lWtiUN. WOOL received In exchange for BrcaJcloih and other Goods at my Store al Winooaki village July 10, 1810. SIDNEY BARLOW. BONNETS. Tuscan and Engli-h straw Bonnets of the latest fashion., just receive.) and for sale cheap by P. DOOLITTLE. CORN BROOMS & PAl LS. 100 dot. corn brooms SOdcz. patent Pails, J"ne 1. J. Oc J. H. Pxcx .V C.-. 50 HOSTON IN. V.. RU.M. Ilhds. Gardiner llrewtr. bv June 19. J. 4, J H. PECK A Co. TTORSE HAY RAKES, by J. & J. II. PECK, & CO. SUIM;i,t-. 100 M. Pine Shmg'e lv July 10. J. at J. H. PKCK PECK & Co. HRUCS AND MEDICINES, A lar"c -iiiirlc tu.i yj ree'd by June 19. J. &. J. H. PECK AC... FAIRBA.NK'S SCALES, l y July 10. J. a A J. H. PECK A Co. FLOUR. Troy, Ohio and Michiifan, constantly ret-eiving I y J. A J. li. Peck A Co. 30 Ton.vcco. leg llo Tolacco. 40 l-oxe. Cavenih'.hdo GO package sluen do 2000 lbs. Leaf do. do. ly J. 6c J. II. PECK 4. Co. 1000 HI'ERM OIL. gallons winier S.erm Uil. 2000 do. (all do. do. 1500 tie refined l.. June 7. J. Ac J. H. PECK Cr. 45 OILS. bb!. American Linsed Oil. 10 Tierces fall sperm do S do winter do do 3S bit, refined do dn J.A J If. Pnca & Cc 'ifTl C. Lathes eul'd. and black Krtnch SUna. 0J 20 da do. Gaiter Boats, moo .nisses eora sups, EOdo Gent's Pumps, 2 eases Men's seal Boots. Burlington, July 14. II. C. STIM30N. 5000 TIN WARE. Ten quart Pans. 4500 six do do 3500 nails assorted sizes. tore-W wiihatarcr and general assortment nf all kin-Is of wair, now on oanu anu lorsaie ny Jiinr 10. !LS l.tiCMn & Lo. 80001. SALT. h. selarSalt 3000 do steam do 1500 do fine do dn Turks Ulaud do bbls. tine do do dairy do do cor.re dn 1000 1000 100 350 200 sacks dairy do I y J. &. J. H. PIXK A Tn. 2000 Nails, Brads Ai American Iron. kees Nails from 31 tu COd 350 do BraJsfroin Ca to20a Hor,e shoe Iron Scroll and Hame do all sites Band Iron from 11 m 41 inch Round do r!o toll do 5.iare do 5- 6 lo 3 do J. A J. II. Paca A Co., June 19. Arents for Keestville Manufacturing Co 1 Hfi FARMING C'TKNHII.3. 1UU dcx. Rakes 50 do Hay For'-s, 15 do Manure Kirks, 50 do Hoes 60 do scythe Snathes 75 do ca'l and German steel Scxtkr. erndle Scyihn, Sickle, Ploughs, and Plnueh castings hv utirlington, June yj. j. cc J. it. 1'eck ot to. orv Sheeting, Shlrtlug, Prints, Air. IJJ lales 4-4 Lrown sheeting, S do j do shining, 10 Ho Ticking, 3 caet 4-4 bleach faceting, 10 dn American Prints, for sale 1 v June 10 VILAS, LOOMIS and Cn. 1 CC GROCERIES. 1VJ chests young Hyscn Tea, 75 do Hysnnslin, at 20 1 ags pep)r, 20 do Pimcntc, 40 d Codec 50 bcxet Pipes 100 do BarSoap 200 dn Raisins 50 legs do 40 do Pure ginger 400 Mat t'a-sia Hi. r.mtx Rum. Holland Gin. !lrnrtie (Wnndv. Bal timore Gin, American Brandy, Chainpaipne. Ilrown and Pale Hherry, Madeira and Sicily Miidcira, Mar seill. Madeira and Malaga Wine, I y June 7. J. Cc J. tl. I f.v.r or- - o. lfrtfl VB STUFFS. IUU bbls. Cam Wood 200 do Log Wood St, Doming 250 do Log Wood Canrncacby !150 do Fustic 200 do Nicaragua 40 do Alum S5 do Hlnc Vitriol 30 do Madder 50 carboys Oil Vitriol Muriatic Acui, Aq'ia Forli, Nitrsf Acid, Curcuma, Rsr Wnml. Peach Wocl. Qurr Citron Bark, Spauish Flotant and Bengal Indigo. Lac Dye, Null Galls, press Paper-. Jacks, 1 enter hooks, ream inrtsr ami Agai June 10. 1 y J. A J. H. PECK A Co. 1VTI ILli YOU BE SIIAVIl at Louey'. no . VV DresinfRoom. 1. Lonev the tindersicnol. wculd Now inform the pul licllnd, That having left church slrct', In Howard's Hotel can le found. He will not boast his barter skill, A thi the public, bng have known, But I egs lo ask iheir rustom sti'l, For dilligencc he yields to none. When he that would unto his face And head hiive sterling justice done, Pray don't mistake the proper place, But call upon Icem Lonst, P. S. Clothes carefully cleaned to orler. Perfum ery of all kind con-tanily on hand and for sale. Burlington, July 10, IB lit. TtflflTS. .SHOES at LEATHER. The subscriber JVJ having (aken (he atore fotmerly occupied by Messrs. Uithon I- tvruppit, is now opening a pontral sasortment of Boots, Shoes and Leather, which have all been bought for cash snd will bo sold for the tame st the lowest prices, ana ss, mearnciet are too numer ous to mention in an advtrtisemsnL althouih Mr Sta cy has enlarged his paper, I would simply invite all to call and examine the goods tnd prices before purchos- Inn elsewhere. BaiKnrfon, July 1, 1M0. HENRY C. amMBOIV, by E- J flnataw, 4y m. LEATIIEK.-Sole Leather, a s morif article for sale by J. ft J. 11. PECK & Co. uunington, Augutt 13, le-iu, S1 ROCERIES. The subscnlcr has a full sunn V VJ ofUrocvnos im-liidiiig cognise Brandy, common I . n. II,, I'.,,, I .n,l It. I, rT, u, r.,.(i ....1 i do. Holland and Baltimore (Jin. St. Croix nnd low I priced Rum, Port, Madeira, Chaitipaignc, Muscat, Malaga and other Wines Molasw;, Teas Cofliv, Chocolate, loaf, lump and brown Sugars Ri', Pepper, w,,(,.,wii, b.uiiuv..-, .tii-iiiit; uuu oiuvr spice, i-ars. Tobacco, Macliercl, (X)DFiSH, !( kind for 83 per 100 lb. And mot oilier articles In lha gruvry line, isu i uwuo, an 01 wiucu win njMiiu as encap a at any other place. The Liquors will x warranted ofthc le-l nnalitv IntcndoJ nrineinallv tar siinnlvni Tavcrn-Kcoporr-, who will end it for ihuir interest to call and examine them. ISAAC WARNER. Burlington, J ine 10, ISIO.tf NEW GOODS. Wo are please to inform our customers and friends that we have iutt returned from NewYork with a fine assotttnent of New Goods in the various departments of our trade) no pains nave un gpareu in selecting oood articles, and ouch as will meet the npprobnlion of persons of taste. We have (beside very ninny other tninpa which must re main unenumtratcd,) Watches, Gold and Silver, price nnd quality to suit cu-iiomers i Pins, some beau tiful Cameos, fancy Enamelled, and stone Pins. Rings, various patt-rn.i of new Rinas best quabty of Gold j Shell Card Cases, inlaid and plain, very pretty ones, Engluh Pencds, very heavy and beautiful finished Fancy Bo.x9i, very pretty for pres-:nti, several kinds. Canes, manv very handsome and sstne very strong. Stocks, A. No. 1. various Patterns. Shell, md Ivory Combs, something ncie in this line. Shell, Buffalo Horn, Ivory and other newdrcsting Combat Brushes, very nice and nsw pattornn, bust quality. Preston Salts in beautiful bottles various patterns; Perfumery, Enrlish. French and American. Ouitars nmtna. and other Musical Instrument! Hearts. Crosses and Jet Ornaments for th Neck, Golden and Coral Bracelets. Gold Neck Chains iame length of Oold Bcedst Silver, Buttr nnd Fruit Knives; Ivory and Shell, fancy Boxes; Bosoms, Suspenders an-i Collars fine kinds; Elastics, some very nice ones. Cards, all files of fine quality. We can orcely give a general outline of the new' goods now being'openod and ar ranged at the Variety Store, but would whilst we ex press thanks to our numerous friends and customers for the liberality with which they have seconded our efforts to make our assortment what it is; just men tion that our assortment was never more complete, we have not only the uiunl variety, but have addelmany new and handsome articles, to which we are making vlditions almost ersry cttk. Please enquire for Goods wanted as very many of our articles arc not in sifht. Remember the Varic'tv Store. Aug. 24. PANGBORN A BRINSMAID. IYMAX A t'Obl'. ha tv re- elved their usual 1 ex'en-ive aiscriment of Spr.'ig nnd summer GOODS, emlracinjf a lautifil variety of goods for ladie s untner ilrcsie j ric h neli h and scotch Ging-bm-, India in i!m a siipcri'.rartKb tor whi'udresse : Jaconet rami rir, a great ascrtuienl of I arreil and ehe'erel Can' nc, prurr. Lnwti, inruriiinir do. prin ted cam) ric and French Mulin. An c.!cnive ai.orl tnent of American t'alici-ncl.i-aper than ever. A few English and French do. SILKS. A tin !! i., crti'i-n: of Rich ilks fncludin black, 1 1'ic I lack, colored and strisl. IlamUna H'd'f. Pongee, Crim.on, white siU- di, 1! 'k Italian Cravat, Gentlemen' col'dnnd 1 lack li I Clnvu, docol'd, I lacl; and white silk glove-, do. Berlin, Lisle Thread. Linen nnd cotton gK vv. A W-A aortmcnt of Ho-it-ry, vcrv cheap. L'm; rel a' tnd 1'arAsols. Thin Uocts anrShoc-, L-vhes kid Tie am slip. DOMESTIC GOfJliS. Mwimack cottons DiviV n'!led( 5-4. Cotti n Slitrtinr, Shirting, Tiding, coi'd Camln-v Yarn, ThroAi), an 1 Knitting Cotton. S i fcrrinr l.t nC'Ich-and I Irachcntlon. York Mixture Stripes, Drill &c. In.- h Ltnen, Shirting and Shecliiii'. Diaper and l'rb. TAILOR'S. TRIMMINGS. Including .cving Silk, Twit,Threa Padding, ennva-s, slcev-a-linin, brown linen, l!u'on, Bindimr, he. VESTING. White fig'd Mer ails Valemia, rlitured Satin, tec. Game, and rich chally fancy HMIi'fs, A irCHl var.vty of other DRY GOODS -which compri-e a vcrv exun-ive a-sorment. and are o-lrred at asionf.h- utr lew pn'iv-. Ladies an.l Gentlemen are invited lo ctr an t examine qnaiilit an I price. June 4 BALSOM OF LIVEHWORT-for Consumption, Dvrpepia, Aihma, nnd all duea.es tf the Lung and Liver. These duca ej prevail to a great extent, cn-a'.ing much distre. and omc fatality. All ihtsecan l rvmilio.l by ihe use of Dr. Taylor'- Balsom of Ltverwor'. Thi nicsliciui! is p-irtfly Vegitable, and from lis pecul.ar anion upon the Liver i n ways found a. ra-hVnl rcrriely for ihe-e di,ca o.. Frr Females nnd men in a -.cry 'weak state, no mcltcme can le so icra'efnl a re-torativc, a il not cn'y slivnglhtns, but nurilieN and give n hvalihy ar'ion to the whole svs. tun. Constantly lor salr by N. LOVELY A Co. who liavu inn recciveJ a frc-h np.ly r.f fea'oiia! !e Goods from Nw York, all very cheap' fur Cdh. Biiriinston, l ily 30, 1S10. SNUFF only twcnty-llvc cents.- .Dr. M. Hitchcock's! newly invented Snuff, tkc hist ani. clc evr discoverod by scientific nun, in Europe or mrnca, ior ine cure anu nusuiuia rtmr o: catairh. Dizziness of the Hend, Weak Eyes, Nervous Head aches, Fallen Sickness, Fun, nnd Infants troubled vritli hnufllcs partial 6hocks ot Palsy, iVc. For sale, wholtealc end retail, by A. HITCHCOCK A Co.. sole Proprietor, No. 117 Genrsoe st. Unc i, and by their agents throughout the Union. In Hurliimton, J. A J. IL Peck t Co. In ereiima, bv J.U. Bowman. tn Jli.ton, by Iwrncti ct Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lo rcr.ro Jnifs. 1 T.wR i ii.MT : : n.r,i). r.ss. inuior. XJL (ant Discovery the Cn nt Mystery found out at last. DR. STEUltY'S HAIR REGENE RATOR. Dr. bterry, after much attention to the important subject of prcs?rving the hair, hs.s, after many experiments chemical nnd physical licen able to discover an.l article which is now oflered with the greatest confidence for the toilet as the best thmgever discovered, for, foritssofieningand penetratingqualitv to produce n gCK)d hmd of hair lo prevent it from fnllinr: olYwhen baldnsss is apprehended to restote ii when baldncs. nas taken place, and to preveni il irom itirninggrny. iiuismore noiirisntti.g man po maliiiii. anlinuc oil, or Colocnc water. It is a beauti ful article for Indies curls it makes the hair soft nd livtly. and produceH uncommon brilliancy. Thous nnds have testrtl its superior irluc and excellence, and in cveiy instance it stands unrivalled. Ii is an infallible curoin all affections of the a. in on the head as dandruff. Ac. Ac. Eu rv family should be sun- p!irJ with a bottle of this oil, thai by its application to the hon'1 and hair of children, the beautiful and or- na:n:ntal appendage of a fine bend ofhaic, which na ture has supplied ua may lu preserved. From the numerous certificates mid tcommendalions received of its salutary influence, the Doctor fi.-ls firmly pcr- suarletl he nas succeeded in proaucnig an article wrucli wnll meet thi'ciesirerl wishes aim approhation of th dublic. For sals wholesale nnd retail by A. HITCH COCK A Co. 117 Guicsre Ft. Utica, N. Y. In Bur lington, by J. A J. IL PF.CK A Co, .In Vrrgcnncs- liy J. it. iiowman. in .union, oy nurnei i., rtaw- yr. in iioorain, oy uorenzo janes. aug.u ritHF. LION OF THE DAY. NO CURE NO J PAY! The Genuine old Dutch or Ger man Vegetable. Pills, Itwh'v rc.-omtnen-'ed ly IVvt. Valentine Mo;t, M. D. of N. Y,, nnd others. The.- are the nr'er-1 Any one that di e- not find re bel from these pills the price is irl n icsl lack, the e are the positive order nf ihe Proprietor to apt-Ms and others. In n 'eringthe-e pills to the pul lie, 1 appeal to their intelligence. If the-e pill are not whnt they recommend!, vou arc in d ity 1 oun l out t.f re-noci to yourself and community to re:evi ihem. and pnblish them to the world a an imnn-ition, humbug and quarkerv. The public may le a.itrtl ihty nr purely vesetable, they are com;n.l of nine liiRreditit-, part of thu medicine is only found in A-ia und in the val lev of Germany. For convenience lhe-c extras- are ma le into pill an I will I e found a ttreotirr or re lief for all lulliru. complaint' , yellow and billions fevers, fever and n?ue, jaundice, scarlet rn! lilnon- cholio di-pep-ia. A". Il u not prvtendol that this nieiicine i a cure ior ati cu-e.u in wnicn ine numan system i liable, Ten thousand nse!es elrrls hae i een m.i.io in tirawiruni ine region oiunnnnwii tancy tome long-spun theory ol" inane en, which wonlil euir each and every ihte.i.e. Good medicine i not found in Ihc fire or wlunwind, Health and bappinc bans upon cb-incu wind timo i the herald of imlb. Tho past at lcal is socure) ihvy have already r.vol a monument of their greatnc which wrl defy the corroding tooth r.f lime. None can le Genuine wchout a wrapper ami ilireenons on each I ox on wtiicn my natno is written at length. Sold wholesale and reinil by ibesubscriler at Glen's Fall, bv A. H. A D. San-I 79, and 100 Fulton si. and R. M. M"R;; 3 South Majlet st. Albany. B-tum tt Hawlev. 219 Siver tl. Troy, General Agents MMm'GMFFlX. For sale by Wm. Rhode and E. B. Green, Rich mond Mortoii A Clark, and D. A D. R. Lathrors W llitton I Hafftr A;Com.-iock. f?hellurn H.Stanton, FVscx t Geo. B. Oglo, snd Alien Barney', Jtrichnj J. JL Hurlbnt, Wectfonl) J. H. Barnse, Charlotte R. mv4o and Geo. Peier.-cn. flurlinenon : and lv E. IPRIGGS BJrL'arini, Agent ftrChmenden Co., ); S.ib-AftsCsnsVi,jprl!'l1' n'a.'ealeph-ef. DEWEY'S Patent Sprlng.Tooth HorseRtko. The Wire Tooth Horsq-Rake, which haj ba UKd with so much satisfaction during ths last two haying seasons in the counties of Rutland, Addison and Uenninoton, Vt. nnd Washington. N. Y. will be f'Ps0' 1 ' present season oy STIIOIS us 6V, Co Burlington. These rakes are adapted to all mendows they arc easily tended, nnd do the work faster ani better than nnv other liars. U.iltn in nsn tl la found by experience, that the expense of raking bay wiwi me opnng loom norsc-uaite is oniy aooui one quarter ns much na the common meihtd of raking with hand-rakes, besides securing thohnyin better or dcr. Sorao farmers who Have large meadows, oeli- mate me use oi oiu rake last hay season at lor(y U fifty dollars. DAVID DEWEY, Patentee. July 1, 1940. NEW GOODS, now opening i an additional assonmrnt ol various kinds of good, among: thcin are Mczottnto Brushes Satin Bead Head Band. Sanaparilla Loxenge. Accordeon Look, extract cl Bergamot, Instol board,green Spec-trie e, Castor-, new silver pocLet Comb, Eagle Belt Plate, etc, ALSO, good asortmcnt of imnined and plain fine Satin and LomLaxinc Stocks ( thin summer Stocks, fig',1 and plaia some wilh bows wry nice and light for warm weath er we have al-o very narrow Siocks suitable) fof boys nt men. Also, long slocks for lhoe who have large Nevits, in a word oiirafirimnl of Stocks, Co.. Inr and Bo'iOms is very complete. For furthM pxr liculars please call at the Variety Slcre. June II. Panodorh & Bnts'MsiD. PANGBORN St BUINS.MAID.of the Variety store, are olluring a great variety cf Watche Clock. Jewelry, Perfumery. Musical Instruments, Curl, Card, Picture, Soaps,nairOil,Ra2ors Kuivm.', Scisor, Cauoi, Stocks Cai., drawing materials wil low Wargun, Chair. and I'raJle-, Ca-tor.-, Pendls, Tea and'i'o.lee Pots and L'rnsj silver ware, p!a'ei Ware, Lamp Wicks and Glasses Collar and Boom.--, 5upeiiders.Sworiland P.'lo.,T hermotnctcr.-,S:a'icn-cry, Inks, Court Plaster; Doll-, Bz, pocei Bool; and a great variety of fancy articles to supply lha wants anJ minister to ibe gratification of the notional and all who call at the Variety store ; we are in "Ap ple Pie" order ready to anwer orders or return calls at ibr variety store, Pancboixn & BMNssUtD, ATEW SHEET IRON. COPPER A TIN WARS IN ESTABLISHMENT. 1 hesub.-criler, late of ths firm of Starr A Bo-lt ick, having purchased and re moved to the Store lately occupied lySrongs A Co., east side of the Court House S'lae.rc, one door north of i lie Log Lal;in, i now reauy to no all Una, ol woric that the public wi-b in bt line of bu-incs, such as covering roof, wuh tin, inakiu. mid p ittiuif up euro tro-.ijbs airl spo ii. All kinds of Tin, sbect Iron and Coji(.cr Ware will I e kept on hind, and for sale at s lowprncsa can lefo-iud iniheri.ac. Shent Zinc-, Copper Pump.-, Lead Pipe, and nil other articles in the nnv oi our business s.upi on ninu. ror encupnest u unco and nvatnes of execution, inv work will uot I excelled by any m the state. If you w.'th lor any thing lo a-tvc uue, oeiorc yyj ir u ui sure anu cn4 upca ii. ii. uvsi ttN. it iriiiigton, Juiy, la-pj. HO THE PUBLIC. Inoffering this Edition of X .Smith's Geography and Atlas to the public, lbs Publishers invite attention to the following additions and improvements. i he ueography nas Been careiuuy revisea and tn larrtd, is illustrated by about thirty additional Cuts, and is perfectly adapted in all iu parts to ths new .Maps. 'Ihe entire text of the book has, (at much e.tnons,! been thrown into uniform large typ which w feel confident will be regarded as a very cosidoi iropre vement. The tr.blcs appended to the Book were mads up with care, and contain much valuable information in a cimiiinttii form. The names and length of ths principal Canals and Rail Roads (finished and in pro gress) arc given, and the places connected I also a complete list of the Colleges, Law and Medical Schools, Theological Seminaries and Religious de nominations of tho United Slates, the reigning Soy. ereigns of Eurode, Ac. An entire new Atlas accompanies the Book, con taining tightttn very superior Maps, mostly drawn exprcssly'for this work irom original survevs and ths most authentic sources, and embraces much valuable information not to be found in any similar work. Our own country has received special attention. Ths Rail Roads, Canal-, navigation of Rivers and recont changss, are all carefully marked, and many counties are sliown which do not appear in any other Atlas. Among the peculiarities of tilts work may be mention ed the plan of showing the population of States and Countries in round numbers on the face'of the Maps. The navigation of Rivers for Slu'pV, Steamboats, Vloops, Ac, is shown bv placing at the head of n Mgation the appropriate characters for each. The Map and Chart of the World combin d (on an entire new plan, showing nt one view the Natural and Political Divisions of the Globe, the Extent, Popula tion, Rtligion, Form of Government and Stan of Civilization of each Country,) has attracted much at tention, and is considered a great improvement upon anv thine heretofore attempted in the form of a Chart as here all are shown at a single glance, and the re lations they sustain to each o'ther. Wo would also solicit attention to the remarkable distinctness end ease with which every name on the Map may bo read as will as to the very superior 6tyle and execution of the woik in other respects. The Questions at tba close of the Bjok arc important, and will be found vcrv convenient for a General Review. SPALDING A STORRS. Hertford Conntcliait. For sale by SAMUEL HUNTINGTON, Bur linston, Vt. and by tho Princial Booksellers in the United State?. Burlington, July 3d, 1540. SEABIi IIOWAHI), cl" ihe Cheap cash sttir, arrived home I'roiti New York li-t evening br th splendid steamer Whitehall, D, Lyon Capt. anil I rourlil with him nn additional supply of Goods which with his two former purchase of this ieann makes tl.e asnrtment alli'sr.-ilicrone of the mot ileiral!e to t'e:t frem tf any that he ha hnetoforc had for iht la-t i itrhtctn year'-, and i of ihe following kinds, vn : rich, fa-hiom'l le, fancy and staple article m every department cf the Dry Good line, such n Br' a-li-lo'h, Casinierc-, Vesting-, Mou-Hine tie lainc, Chally', Silk, Bom) azine-, '"-ilicre, Liuvn, Muslins, Laces, Ribbon. Enil rc-ici-rie.-, Hosiery Glove, Fan, Um brellas, Para-oll, etc., with a lull supply of Florencst' and S.raw Bonnets, nnd Millenary Gooel, also, Cnr petinx, MmIUiic, Paper Hangings, Shoes and He.ta togeihcr with all the hravv I'e-cnptiens of domcstio an i ti'lur gocl, such .i Bhcettnc, Yarn, Burlaps' Wo. I Twme, e'.c. The Crocl cry, Loolins G(n and Cl.um Gallery is also lejilonifbe.l j the Cutlery, Hard ware and House f 'rnishing department i- tn avconlancn with theoil.rr stocks cn hand, the var-etv of fancy ar ticle, sin-h a Toy, Jewelry, Coml s, Curls, Cnnfec tiniiarv,etc. etc , which fill one hundred feet of show c.ve ni Irnth on his co-inter is innumerable. The Dome and picture gallery i leaulifully arranicil fir the display of GocU tm-lera slronr light, ami thn tho larre uppiy cf superior family Grocent 1 aied ujn-n thvSlaVm'L'fe, Rochetrr city Mill Flour, males hit Grand Bazaar cbcanca-h store, one tl'tlie tiit fasci nating ile-irable and ronicnient store to le furnt-heil from wph all and rvcry I ind cf articles that may lei wshei fi r, or .poke-1 at for annireincnt and craurVa tion,or with a de-ire to convey the most plvatinr in telligence to friend-, of ihe place whtrc every artlcln they may drsire for the I elter ni of appeance', aiding lo cdinlbri, or supplying necessary wan's, may I chad and a'l doni in so lew word-, a I v only laying f:r w hatever and whenever ynti wi h to In v dicaii for a.b eo to HOWARD'.'. Burlmstnn, Vt ,.f nr II. 18-10. BUKI.INGTON FEMALE SEMINARY Tho fall term of the Seminary commences ICth Sept. Conditions oi Atmittancs. Boarders per annum. 8U0, or 70 per term, half payable in advance This Mini entitle the pupil to board, lodging, room rent, fire, lights, ttc, and to tuition in any or all branches included m the extensiccoui!C of Enpltrh studies pur MiMin the Se-ninary nnd Latin. Extra charges are mad for Music, including practice 813. 'V ocalSl for mus.c pupils, t for others. Drawing 8.u I rench 83. Pupils not received far a shorter period, than ono ouftr ter unles specified on entrance. Deviation from this rule is mide in case cf sickness. Application , ia be made to the Principal, M. C. GREEN. Burlington, Aug. 6. lw- NMlVEtjY fc Co., have just ree'dfrom New . Yuri., and are now olerim forsnle nt still fur ther reduced price, lor ready CASH a innro complc e assortment of finr-y an I other Goons Bdapicl In the seaon and iii tunc' than evcrlefore among whi' h arominy new article never I fforo oifereil In this mar ket, Also, a new supply nf Glassware, Crockery an ! Lool;ins-Gla!Ci' Als", L'ngll-h Currant, Prunea Dry Grocrrie, Ma's, Rtuna snd oiher Carpeiing, Oil Cloth for Table, Floorriand Linings, etc. More next week, Jnnel9 ( IIW l'AlTSIIOI'...SPAULDI.r,&MILU1 1 have opened a new Paint ?uor t-n Church-ft. two ilr-orri south rf 11, Lane's tVnre, where ihey w.l .ll L-,n-l Arunrmi.' willlP ctr.M ...ir-ientisis' PAINTING, in the le-i ponsible manner and cn term to sun inn-t woo may iavoir tnem wnn iBelr nstro rn han. anifor tale. ' lri-;ton, Apr'' 0, 1 a. isrroiaiF, uu, icroD ana rmiy K. It. SiH C. P

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