4 Aralık 1840 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 2

4 Aralık 1840 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 2
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

AN ACT. llEt-ATINO TO lAMt3. tt Ik hereby enacted by the Ocncral Assembly of the '.aloof Vermont, aalollowst Sr.c. I. Anv banking company, chartered or.rc nharicl, nt the. present scsiun, or nny fuliue session, (hall be subject to tho provisions of this set, nnjl to 'io control, nt nil turns, of the legislalnic, to niter. ncml, or repeal, as the public good mny r'imri'! ami lull be subject to the provisions of tho first twenty- i ven. and the fortieth mid forty-first sections of the eightieth ehnptcrof the riviseil statutes but shrill not b subject to the rciiiainiuij sections of said eightieth chanter, except so fur as this Mine aru re-enacted tt t tit s net. Provided, that no such corporation shall have accrued previous to their act of incorporation or rc-clnrti r, bv the failure of nny safi ly-ltmd bank. Sec.'.'. No such banking company, incorporated m mentioned in the preceding, section, shall make nny loans or discounts, or isuo any hills for circulation, until at least one half itsc.iptal -lock shall have been paid into the bank in gold anil silver, nml permanently deposited fortius ii-o of such hank; nor until this nt !inll hiivnlippii nseu tamed nml the certificate thereof du. onleil with the trcaunrcr of the blah1, us provided in the siioenling section. And no such bank shall coninuii! to make loans or discounts for a longer spice than two years alter commencing business under nii'h act of incorporation, unless he whole, of the cap ital slock allowed in the charter shall have been paid in, snl j" 't to the provisions ol'tlus succeeding section. Six. It. The co imussioncr appointed according to the provisions of the eightieth chapter of the reused statutes, shnll, on the application of such bunking company, examine (lit- auiouiit paid for capital slock, and ascertain by the oaths of a nnjorily of the direc tors, that such money has been paid in by the stock holders lowaiil the payment of theh shares, and not for anv ut'i. r purpose, and that it is intended that the nnu! shall remain in said bank ns ri part of its capital stock, and ibecoiuin'ssinm r shall make a certificate thereof tii the trcusiirir of the State. Sr.c. 1. No such banking corpoiatiim,rp.chartcrcd inent otic.l in the first se.-iion, shall continue in op eration, or take nny heiifil by reason of such re-charter, imbes such enrporntion shall have remaining in such bunk, or shall cause In bo paid into such bank for capital, funds which shall have been paid in, under its oriental chailcr, mid the amount ascertained, au.l tho certificate thenof deposited with the treasurer according to the provisions of the prcci ding section. .Sec..). Every such bunk, whose elnrter shall be extendi- I, shall, with in one j ear afler such extension takes ell" ct.tuv in all ils capital, to be ascertained and cvitiliiM in the manner provided in the third S'ctionj proviitu'l lliatsucli corporation may rcilnce its capital Mock to anv sum not below the amount actually naid in nt liie time of the renewal o! its charter, and uinv. with in one year from the time of its renewal, lilr with tli'! trcas ire'r of tho State a certificate under ihr seal of tlii'i'orpointion setting foith the sum io which the capital stock is to he. reduce d ; and the sum so certified tifter the filint! of such cirtificntr, shall be taken lobe the amoimt nt the capital stork of such hank. Sr.c.ti. Nil nart of tho capital slock of anv banli shall, at any time, during the period, for which it is .n:iori7,'ii io couiiiiuc us o.iiiKiui; opcriiuuus,ue no drawn from such bank. Sel. 7. 'I'm- flock. nroncrtv. and concern", of eve ry Pitch bank, shall bo manured and conducted by di rectors to such number, and appointed in such mut'iiiT as the net or meuiporalion shall iluect, who eMail lie stockholders and inhabitants of tin; State, and hsll h ild their olliccs until others are appomtid ami nuali. lied lo acij and a majority of the directors shall be required to constitu on quorum. Sec. S. Tho ilii. ctora of anv such ban!; shall he liable to pay to the creditors :nii smkholdeis of such bank, all losses which maj he sustain din coiisequenci' of any violation, by by lliein, of the provisions of thi net, of of mi v other law. or other nnfaithfulnessm tin discharge of their official dull'-si and any iiiimhirof s toh directors may he sued in the same action by any ctniMi'iut uniler tho provi-ioiis of thi" section. She. P. I'urih 'r to speure th. liabilities mentioned in the eighth seeli.ui, rnch of the dueetors shall exe cute a bond to the treasurer of the Slate, in an equal amount, the aggregate amount of which hor.ds slnll be equal to the anioimt of the capital slocls ariually 'ul in, with a condition for a payment and ihsrhargu the liabditii s nienlioned in said igjilh sicliun ; and ch bonds uluill lies-cured by onciir more sullicicM irrties, resi hna in this Siate and not director--, orhy ri'Vieienl mortgag,- of real estate, to be examined anil approved by the said commissioner, and such bonds shall be for the security, mid nny be proseemed for tli'J benefii of nny clamianU under tho provisions of the eighth section. Sr.c. 10. No, lirector shall enter upnn.nr discharge any of the duties of his office, nor shall the bank no iulo opeintion, until such bonds .shnll hive hull exe cuted and approved, ns nienlioned in the preceding reliou. Sec. 11. Any director, who may have paid more than bis share of the liabilities mentioned in the prr ccdins sections, may have any proper action, in law or equity, ni'iiinM such olhtr'director'i.ns shall not have paid their full shares. Sec. Vi. Tiro directors, nftcr being qiialifioJ to net as such, in the manner required by law, nny appoint one of their number to ho president of Mich bank j :i 1 may nppoint and remove, at pleasure, a enshirr, ami all other necessary officers and servants, and fix their compcns i lion : anil make all other necary by- said tax ahall be paid for that year- Sec. 25. The director of nny bank ahall not loan or pay out any money, or allow ttie same to be loaned or paid out, on the pledie of nny stock in such hank. Sec, i!0. Thorcnl estnte, which il shnll be lawful for any such bunk to hold, shnll be only such as shall be needed for tho accommodation of said bank, in tho transaction of its business, such as shall have been mortKnued to it. byway of security, or conveyed to it In payment of debts ptcviotisly contracted, or settled on execution in satisnfnction of tho dibts of euch bank. Sec. 27. I'.ach stockholder shall be entitled to a number of votes, proportioned to the number of shares which may hnvobeeii held by euch stockholder, nt least three mouths before the tune of votinrj.nccorilinrj to the following rates, nnu notu for inch share mil exceeding four ', five voti s for six shares, six votes for eight shaies, nnd seven votes for ten shares, one vote for every live shares above ten t provided that no stockholder shnll be entitled to more than twenty wiless and nbsetit stockholdi rs may vote by proxy, aiithori'.id in writing; but no stockholder residing out of the slate shall be entitled to vote, in any wav.in the liieetiiiL's. of the curjKrnlioti,nor shnll nny stockholder no entitled to mora votes m tnsown right nnu oy proxy than one lourtli ol nil Ihu voles given. Sec. 2?. The directors tnnv determine at what times, nnd in what proportion, the stockholders shnll pay into the lunik the nmoiinl unpaid on their shares oi me cupiim sioeii, nnu iney snail give nonce mere. of. bv nublishiti!' lb. ir order, three weeks successively in some one or nunc of the newspapers printed in the comity, v hero l!io liatik is locateili or it no nev spnpcr shall at the tune, lie printed in sum county, in one or more newspaper in nn ndjoiniiisj county, which sliall most generally circulate in the vicinity ol such naiiK ; the last of which publications shall bo at least thirty ilavs luf ,ru llii; time, ntmotntrit for such navmcntt anil if any stockholder shnll neglect to make payment such share and all moneys previously paid thereon, anil nil dividends accruing or due thereon, shnll be fnrlei id Io tho use ol sue i roroorn ion. Sec. Wit. II, It v nny means, the cniutM stock ot any such bnlik shnll be reduced, the ninoimt of live tier cent, in low ilio niuount wineii sunn sunn nave bean paid into the bank, it shall be the duly of the di teetors, immediately to raise the amount of deficiency by assessment on the several shares, in the manner and subject to all ihu regulations provided in tho pro- eeiliim si'Clion, nnd thu stockholders sliall uc snojcci to the hril ililies, and the shares to the forfeiture provi ded in thai section j and the amount so raised shall be held anil deemed a part of die capital slock, with in the nicamni! of this net. Sr.c. '.iO. If tho bank commissioner, on examina tion, shall ascertain, that nny ol the capital stock of anv bank sliall have been lost, ns provided in the pre ceiling suction, he may make no order, requiring the directors, within n lime to be fixed bv bun, to raise ibemiioimt of the defi 'ieney, as provided in the pre ceding section, and give writ ten notice of such order to the presi nit or cashier of such bank ; and if the directors shall neglect to rni.-c such amount within the lime limited, such corporation may be proceeded again!, by such eouinimis'siiiner, and enjoined by the courtof Chancery, as an insolvent corporation, as pro vided in the eightieth chnptrrof thr revised t itutes. Sbc 151. If nny such bank shall, directly or indi rectly, make any loan or discount contrary io the pro visions of this net. or if any such bank shall directly or indirectly distributeor divide any portion of its cap ital Mock, anion;: ihu stockholders of such corpora tion bi.fore the expiinli'U of its charter, such bank urn v be iiiocceiL'd auriitis and r : ined as an insol vent corporation, ns prnviJ. J in tl.J eightieth chapter of the revised statutes. Sec. 3'J. If nny director or other officer of any bank, or any p m.iii interested in or having charge or control of th-same, shall, corruptly or by design, put or cause to bp put in circulation aiiy amount of the hills nt' such bank, beyond the amount lim'ted and prescribed by this net, he shall, on pouvipIioii thereof, In- euntined to hanl lahor in the Hate prison lor a pe riod not exceed inn ten vmrs. Sec. 3 J. If anv director or other officer, or any person inten ste.l in or having chat gu or control of ilu same, shall, wilfully or corruptly loan or pay any money, or cause the same lo lie loam d or paid, to any ihtector or oili'T oflieer or stockholder, or in.iilinl, or company, or eoipornhon, or discount or cause to be di-couuicd any bill, note, or otic r obligation or secu rity, fur any sueh director, or officer, or stockholdi r, or individual, company or corporation, so that such di rector, officer, or stockholder, individual, company or corporation, shall then by he'-niiu; indcbtid to such bank to a gn liter aiiuiuiii than is allowed by the sev enteenth section of this set, the person so oll'ending shall, on conviction thereof, be eaniined to hnrd labor in thu tato prison for a period not exceeding five years. Sr.c. 31. The shares in any such bank shnll be transferable in such manner as may bo provided in the net of incorpation, or by the by-laws; hut no transfer shall be valid until rccoidul in a book kept in said bank for that purpose, nor until the person making such transfer shnll have dischnrgid all the liabilities due finiii him to such corporation. Sec. 3."i. All acts, incorporating banking compa nies, nre declared to bo public acts, nnd shall be con strued in nil courts mid places lieniimly and favorably foreviry beneficial putpnse therein iiieniinriril. Sec. Sii. The bank conimis inner i authorized 'o yiit ami inspect the condition nnd nllairs of any hank iiur eoipor.ition, nt any lime, n the appli '.ation of any rediloror s ockholdi r, if he sliall judge the in terest of the creditors or stoekhol 'ers -h ill require, it. Sec. 37. The audi or of acco m's shnll audit the n -counts of the bank commissioner, and draw ord, rs STATU OV VKttMONT. At a freeman's meeting legally warned and holdcn in the. county of the last Wedncsdnv of March, A. 1). 1811, the votes for Council of Cen sors having been only taken, sorted nnd counted, Hi? following pgrsons hid thu number of votes annexed lo their names respeciivoly, to wit; thia day Given tinder our hands at of March. A. 1). 1911. A. D. First Constable. Town Clrrk, or Uclccfmcn, (as the case may be.) And it is made the duty of such presiding office r to deliver such certificate, so scaled up, to the clerk of the county court m the county in which such votes were taken, within fourteen days from the tnking of such votes. And the said countv clerks nre hereby directed to receive the said voles nnd to meet nt the Stnte Mouse in Montpihcr on Wednesday next fol low, inn the first Momlnv of May next, nl one o'clock in the afternoon, who, when convened, shnll proceed to sort and count the votes, and shall certify to the Governor tho thirteen persons who have the highest number of votes, ns elected Censors, within six days from the time of their mectinir aforesaid, who is hereby required nt the charge of I lie slate, to notify such per sons oiiiciany, oi itteir election within twenty days. 'i. In case of the absence or disability of nny such county cleik, it shall be the duty of t he nrcs'idum offi cer nforesaid to leliveJ such orlificnlc, so sealed, to the shcrill' of such county, whose duly it shall he !o perform the services in this net enjoined upon the count v cienc. 3. Tho Counci of Censors shall hold their first mecliii'' nt the Statu House in Monlpclicr on the day mid be awsnu.t regulations nm mco i-rui "' "-' n ,le S ate treasurer, for such suiii as he shall find 1. The conduct and dul"s of .ha "ow-ml officers The Ililies nnd nines of boldiiiL'.r.nd the manner i of notifying, the meetings ul the directors and of the corporation ; I 3. The terms anil conditions on which all loans and , discounts shall be madcniii! other nco'0cialicns of the corporation shall be transactid : 1. The disposition of the stock, property, and effects of said corporation i . 5. Tho election of directors and filling vacancies in that office; An I all oilier regulations necessary to the proper man agement of the business of thebaiik, and lo carry into eif-ct the pur oses of its incorporation. Sec. 13. Tim cashier of the bank shall be required, before he enters upon thu duties of his office, to give a bond i) tho treasurer of this Slate, with sufficient su reties, to ho approved by the bank commissioner, in the sum of nut less than twenty thousand dollars, conditioned for the faithful discharge of the duties of his office: which shall ho for the security, and may be prosecuted for this benefit, not only of the corporation but of all others interesKd. Sr.c 1 1. Any such bank may loan and ncgocnlc its money and ell'cels, bv discounting on banking princi ples, upon such security us the di'criois shall deem expedient; and dividends of inc profits of the bank may be made by i tic directors every six months. Sec. 1,". .Such corporation shnll not receive or de mand any greater interest or discount, on nny note, or security,ilian nt the rale of six per cent, per annum, lint such discount may iiccum aiin'o; iuhcii accuiumk to the fstalilished ndes of banking. Sf. 10. No such coiporation shall, directly or in directly, employ in Undo or toninicicc, or dial or tiade 'in buying or selling nny goods, chatted, wires, or m reliiindie: providul that such corpora tion may sell all kinds of property which shall come intuits posse-ion in the ordinary colle tion ol us debt. Skc. 17. No stockholder, director, or other officer, shall at anv onetime, be, cither directly or indirectly, inbebted to'ths bank, in a greater amount than five percent. of the capital stock actually paid in; nor 'hall anv individual, company or eo'poialiou other than f.ich stockholder, director or other oll'mr, benlauy onetime indebted lo any bank in a gicnter niuount than the Finn of tin per ccnl of the capital slo-k so paid in, except for ihpositrs made by such l.ank for the purpose of redeeming their lulls nt the phiei of such redemption, or on thu purchase of b.lls of rx change; an I nil the directors ami oilier ollicfrs Mini I nit, nt anv one time, hedirrelly, or indirectly, iudebt d to tho b ink, to a greater amount than the nugro fate amount of three per cent, of such capital stock, for lach dinetor. Sr.c. 13. No such bank shall Ntue bil's, or other wise contract debts to a greater amount than ihe amount of the deposings, nnd twico the niuount of the rnpilnl stork actually paid in; hit the violation of ibis provision sliall not nv niil sin v cnittrunr, or ho constriu il to prevent thu collection of any debt, contracted by mieb bank. Sno. 19. All the bills and notes of such bank sliall be divined to bepaynblcnt such bank, and shall ut nil times be received tiv said nanx, on nil judgements, ex r anions, or demands, made payable to, or the proper' ty of, such bank. Krrv on. If the officers of anv such bnnk shall re. fus.ifn ilclnv oavincnt. in cold or silver lnnncv. of nnv i.;il nr imie (.f s acb bank, presenn d for nnvmciit in lheiruunl houisof business, the ak bnnk shall ho liable to pay the holder of such bill or niilii ns daiua j'i s, nt the rate of twelve per cent, n yenr, for the time during which sucu pnyiueni Bii.ni i oi uuuy id. oi vinni- lime, within two vrnrs finm ihn time nny such bank may buincorpomtcd or rechnrter ed, such corporation shall Ins required, when requested by the h"gi"lature, to Wa:t to Ibw ''late nny sum of i.iouev which nnv be so requested, to be repaid m throe annualinsialnii'nis, or sooner, nt the i eeliou nl the State, with ntinuil interest; ptovided thnt the whole, nnmint duo to siicdi bank from the Slalo for such loans, nt any ouo lime, sliall not exceed five lliousmd dollars; provided also that such corporation shall not Inri'Tiired, to makn such loan, when il shall be in violation of the provisions of the eighteenth section ,.f iloo nl. Sr.c.'JJ. Nobnn s'lalllcmadp.nrnnybillornote discounted, without the consent of a majority of thu Kr.t . ', No bank shnll isue bills of a lcs ilcnom imtion than one dollar, or bills which cout am fraction .1 ,.nf,u nf nili.llMr. ini'ler a penally of una huiidrii da' ais, invalilo to the treasurer of tho slate, whi'di may b" recovered of such hank, man actum of dtlit ill the name of said treasurer. a o AllBiinlilinnltimrPOrpornlioiiHshall.setui anmiaily.'nt I'lolimesnt which llio directors shnll us ...ii .llnm i'i dividends of ihe profits of such bnnk in v into the rcnorv of this statu on per cent, of ihu capital stock actually paid in. ns ri tax upon the iucnino or such nallKI provio o, "; ""-'"" k.vn n siiflU'ient deposit of finds in tho city af Ho on In Iho Co'iimonwnalth of Mansaehiiseis, and siial nt .i... ..!inr,lu rnunn their bills lo bo rediiaiied nl par, tmch comnrnlinn shall be exempt -from such psy Wit i but if they fall m t" rcdw-in their bills for the justly duo. vv hi h the trcamrcr sliall pay out of the hank Intnl. Sec 39. All bon is, taken according to the provi sions ol ibis act, may be put in si it on h. .'("plication of i ha receiver ii poiu ed 1 y the Court of Chancery, a- provi ed in the eightieth" chap'cr f the revised sta tutes, cr by order of he bank coiiiiuis ioncr ; and the avail-of nil sir h Inn's hall be nppliul in the same nianiicr, a- pr, vi 'ed m ho twenty-Mr t sect'on of 'he p'uhticth chapter of the revisid statute-, until the debts of ueh bank shall be satislio I ; and ho I n lanee, if any, shall be relumed to the directors, frctn whom the sum: was eo-hvtcd, in such proportion to each .as lliesiis.e was colle ted, re pectivcly. Sr.c. 39. If the direc'ors of any banking corpora lion m'ject to the provisions of tins chapter, shall execute I onds to tho treasurer of the Suite to the amount and with thu eeurity teqiiirel in the ninth section of this net, to be approve I by the bank com tnissioin r, and dipo-ittd with mid Irca urcr, condi tioned that su"h direeti rs shall at all limes pay and redeem, according tu law, all ihe I ills is tied by -uch Innk, nml shnll pay and nf oid all deposit' made in Mirh banlr, when ruch payuciit- an; demanded, while neb directors are m office, s eli bank shall tlu reafti r Isj exenmt from nil iiavnicnls ren ircd hi the eightieth chapter of the revi ed statutes, lo the bnnk fun I, and from a I i ho. pr' visions for ihe e la 1 1 sbmeiit, preservation nnd ri'culn ion of said fund : nnd in such ease, the 1 ond required in this a t lo bo given by the cashier, n1i.i1' be given and made payable to su -h corporation ; provided, that ill such ense, uch linnn shall pay the hank commissioner, out ol ns own funds, for his services in making any examina tion icquncil ny law. Sec. -ill. It sha I he the. duty of me bank coniurs inner, annually, orolleiie.r, to examine '.he 0"tid'uioii f the bonds reuuiied bv tills net to bo given bv the linctor ; and lie may require the same to be renew ed, willi addit on il ecmitv, within such time nsho may presenile; mid il such urcciors sh nl neglect lo furnish security in the manner .and by llio time pre- criin ii uy iiiecouimisicner, nnu n the eoniini sioner ha11 deem the set urilv of the bon 's insufiicieiit. such Innk maybe proeei; led u.'ainst by such coiiunis toner and enjoined by thu court of chancery as an iiisalvcn' c rp ration, as provided in iho puhtieth chapter of the revised statute . approval, uct. as, isiu. An Act rclniing to S.ate Prison. It is hereby enneted &.C. 1. Allen W'ardncr of Windsor, and David Pierce of Woodstock, lordlier Willi Ihe hope rintendalit ol the v crinoiit Slate Prison. mo hereby constituted a committee to let out, for n term not exceeding three ycnr, to nny pei. son or per sons who will hire tho.samc, the labor of all tho con victs pi said prison, m sucu manner and on such terms as such committee or n majority thereof, shall judgu most conducive to the interest of thu Male. No contract made under tha authority given in the first section hereof, shall b valbd unless the con tractor or contractors shall at the lime of making the same, give security satisfactory lo said committee, by bund with sun-ties, executed lo the Irtnsurer of this state, ronditiotied ibal said contractor or contractors wholly intleuihifv and snve harmless I'm state from any evpensu whatever on .account, of said prison inai snail accrue during the term oi such contract or contracts. Provided however, thnt nothing herein contained shall give to siid contractor or contractors any right lo intirfore m the govern incut of said Prison. Piovi hd nb-o. ibnl milium' belt ncontaiiud shnll ha construed tnnpply lo nnyeoi ii i which on failure of s no couiiiiiiiei; io inline a . ji ' a t or contracts, the Superinteiiilant may p i for llio labor of said con victs, or any portion . e them, by the day, in the man ner herctufoio pra" ird, 3. The Superintendent of said Prison shall have power lo draw on the treasurer of ibis Male, for a sum ii. il exceeding iiirc thousand dollars, and the said trensurer is hereby dirctcd to pay lb) same. Approved, October 2P, llfi. appointed by thu Constitution for that purpose, i notice from the Governor of such election, shall sufficient credentials of such choice; and it is hereby made the duty of the Secretary of the state to cause this act to bo published in two newsnatiers in each county in llio stnte, where then- are so many, as soon can conveniently ucuonc alter tins ucgisiniurc ad journs. A. II the first constable or other presiding officer, in any town, snail neglect or rcluse to perlorm any of the duties enjoined bv this act. and be thereof coil' vtctcd by the county roiirl or the county where such refusal or neglect shall tnke place, he sliall forfeit and pay to the treasurer of the sutue county a fine of twenty dollnrsniid costs. If nnv countv clerk or sheriff refuse or neglect to perform thedutie- required of him by this act, and bo thereof convicted before the county court of the coun tv where he rssides, he shall forfeit and pay a fine to mo treasurer oi uns siaicoi otic iiuuurcu uonnrs wiiu costs. fi. The said presiding officer sliall be entitled to re- ceive for their services in returning said votes, six cents per mile, each way, fiom their respective dwellings to the residence of the county clerk or sheriff to whom such return, by th;sact,is to be made. And the said county cleiksand sheriffs shall receive six cents per mi'ceach wav. for their travel, and two dollars and fifty rents per day, while attending to the business of lueir nppoiniuieui, io on paiuoui ui uie treasury oi ims state. Ami tho auditor of accounts against the state H hereby diiccted tonudit the accounts of the county clerks nnd sheriffs, .ami the county clerks nre directed to nudit their accounts ol ihoconsinhlesatidollicr pre st.lingomccrs, nnd draw orders accordingly. Approved, October 29, 1810. An Act in addition tochap. cightoflbe revised statutes It is hereby enacted etc. 1. The scrgcant-at-arms shall be ent iled to receive from the treasury of this Slate, one hundred and fifty dollnis ns salary, during the full term of the recess of the Legislature, per year; and the sergeanl-al.arins for receiving compensation I for his ordinary services, or for repairs, or necessary work, ns provided in the chapter to which this is in addition. 2. If the STgcant-at-arms or anv other person in his employ s'lnll receive ol nil) person, nny sum of money or other thing, as a compensation lor waiting upon visitors nml showing them the Stnte House nnd grounds ns provided in tho first section of this net, be shall forfeit and pay to the treasurer of this slate the sum ot ten dollars for each and ever v oliencc, to be recovered in an notion of debt founded on Ibis statute in the iiama of tho Iruasiucr of the state, before any court proper to try the same. Approved, uct. y, lain. As Act to niter the seventh section of the eighty- second chapter ol the Itevised statutes. Il is hereby enacted by the General Assembly of the Stale of Vermont, that if anv nerson shall sell or oiler for sale, sny victuals, drink, or merchandize vviihni iwo miles ol the place ol Holding any eainp-meeting within this. state during thu continuance of s rh meet ing he shall be punished by line not exceeding forty dollars, to the uie of I ho town in which such meeting is held. Approved, Oct. 23, An Act in addition lo section fourteen, chapter twenty six of the revised statutes. It is hereht enacted itc. That all suits hereafter brought before a Justice Peace, where the defendant shall reside without this .Male, may be brought and triad in the town where ihe plamtill' resides, or in the town wheic service is made on defendant. Approved, Oct. 29, IS 10. of law, forcibly rcmovo or attempt to remove from service or labor, or nny rugitive irom service or tntior. or any person who is claimed as such fugitive, shall liirlut the sum oi live liumlrcd dollars io mo party agrioved,'nnd shall be guilty of the trimo of kidnap ping, nnd upon the conviction of such offence, shnll be puilisueil ny llli'usuiiilicill III IHU Bum- iiibuii iui u period not exceeding ten years. II. J ins act suau not bo so consirueu ns io nppiy tothorrlntion of tunster and apprentice, which may exist in nny other stnte. Approved, uct. zy, 1B1U. 3. AN ACT, in amendment of thu forty-third chapter ol the Housed Statutes. It is hereby enacted by the General Assem' ly of the ?ln n of VVrmoii'. That the Simremi' Court for the county of Chittenden sha'l hereafter be holdcn at llur lington on the Monday next preceding tho Fir-t Tues day in January, ill lieu of the timo now provi 'cd by law. Approved, Oct. 29, IS 10. AN ACT, relating to evidence. It is hereby enacted by the General Assembly of the Stnln. nf Vermont, ns follows i I. The treasurer of Ihn State is hereby made a certi fying officer, and a certified copy of any record or paper belonging io ins ucparimciii, or which is loiieu there by tho "operation of law, sliall be admitted by the coiirlsof this State in the trial of nny civil cause. 2. It shall be the duly of the treasurer to furnish copies of all such records or papers to nnyperson, and snail receive me sum oi six cents lor every iiuuurcu words, of any person requesting the same. AN ACT, in relation to highwny.s. It is brn bv enacted bv the General Assembly of the Slate cf Vermont, ns follows s 1. Notovvnin this Slalo sliall be indicted for not keeping in repair the highways in said town, unless tho selectmen therein snail nnvu been previously noiincd in writing that the road complained of was out of re pair. 2. Tho notice required in the first section of this act, shall be signed by some person residing in the county in which said road i shunted, nnd shnll bo given to one of the selectmen of said town, nt least fifteen days previous to the session of the court to whi h said com )lainl is made, which sn'd notice sliall hound Ihe road eomplninid of, nnd shall gcncrnlly describe the defects thereof. Approved, uct. so, isiu. An Act extending the jurisdiction of justices of the Peace. It is hereby rnacted. &c. 1. All prosecutions of a erimnal nature for any of the. crimes described in the twenty first, twenty-second, twetity-lliird, twenty fourth, nnd twenty fifth sections of chapter ninety- eight ; also in the fifth nnd seventh sections of chapter eighty-two, of the revised statutes, may be tried and determined by nny justice of the Peace within the county where the offence is committed. And any Juslico bciorc whom such prosecution is tried may scnlcnco the offender lo pay n fine in a sum nol exceed ing twenty dollars, nnd may issue a warrant to carry his judgment into cfTect,. in case no appeal is taken. 2. Anv Justice before whom nnv prosecution is com menced for either of the crimes mentioned in nnv one of the sections of Iho revised statutes, included in tho first s"c(ion of this net, may, if in bis discretion tho public good requires it, b'milover the respondent, with sufficient sureties, for trial by the county court, nnd in case such sureties arc not furnished, to commit the respondent to )nil. Approved, Oct. 29, 1810. FOREIGN AFFAIRS An Act to regulatu the choice of n Council of Censors. It is hereby enai led Ac. 1. The first constable in rnch town in ibis stale, or m his absence or inability, the town clerk, or onn or more of ihn seloetmen, is hereby required nl least twelve days bi foro llio last Wednesday ill March next, to warn n meclioi' of tho freemen in tin ir respective towns, to bo held at the An Act, to extend the right cf trial by jury. It is hereby enacted itc. 1. Whenever any alleged fugitive from service or labor, to which he is held under the laws of any oilier state, shah have escaped into this state, his identity and the lact ol his having escaped from another state of the United States into (his slate, shall be determined by a jury 2. Kvcry writ for the arrest of such fugitive shall be returnable to the county court in the county in which said fugitive shall be arresud. 3. The jury to try the matters aforesaid shall be drawn in the same manner as for the trial of civil caus es from thu jurors summoned and attending said court and the said matters shall be tried and determined like nny issue of fact in such couit. 4. If the finding of the jury be in favor of tho claim ant upon all mallei s submitted, the court before whom uch hearing shnll have been bad, shall giant to uueh claimant a ceitilicalu stating that it appciirs from the evidence submitted to the juiy that such fugitive, who !nan ne parucuiaiiy uescrioeo in sucu ceriuicaie, until own service or labor to the person claiming the same under the laws of some other slate in thu Union, nam ing such person and the stale under whose laws such claim is sustained. 5. If the finding of the jury be against the claimant, on any of the mailers submitted to them, tho person so claimed as a fugitive sliall be I'm th with set at l.berly, and shall never thereafter be molested upon thu same claim ; and any person who shall thereafter arrest, re turn, or proceed m nny manner to retake such nllcdgid lugilive upon the same claim, or shall by virtue of the sanui chum remove such allulgeu fugitive out of this slate undtr any process or proceeding whalever, shall be deemed guilty of kidnapping, mid upon conviction thereof shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison not exceeding ten year. C. The Slate's Attorney in any county in which nny alledged fugitive from service or labor from another stnte bhall bo proceeded ngainsl by any person claim ing hiicli fugitiv e, shall, upon notice of such proceeding r. iuliT bis mlvicu and professional services lo such nlledged fugitive, au.l shall attend on his behalf on the irial of such claim, nnd shall reetivo such compensa linn ilnuefor. as shall bo certified lo be iust and reason able by the conn before whom the proceedings sliall I.Mivm.hietcd. tube bald as a nart of Ihe contingent ex- nenses or the slate. And in case of the omission of such staio'u attorney so to attend, or to render professional services, thu court before whom the pro ceeding shall be had, shall assign soino attorney of said court, to conduct tin defence of such alleged fugitive. nud render to him the usual services of counsel, for which ho shall receive n compensation lo be certified and paid us herein before provided in respect to the slate s attorney 7. K.very person, so claimed as a fugitive, shall be entitled to subpoenas for his wilnerses from the court before whom ihe habcus corpus maybe return able, without anv fee or charco therefor, nnd evert constableor sherilf lo whom any such subpoenas shall lie delivered lo be served, shall serve the same, and shnll lin allowed tho samo fees as for serving n subpnma in the court uforcsaid, to be paid as a part of theconlingciiiexpenscs oi me suite 8. No person shall bo entitled to a writ to arrest a fugitive from labor or servieu until he shall have ili liveicil to ihu court to whom ntinlicntiou for such writ shall bo mnde, a bond to tho treasurer of ibis Si.nn in ibn nenal sum of ouo thousand dollars with two suflici"iit sureties, inhabitants mid free-holders of i ns Sinii.. to be aiinrovcd by such court, conditioned to pay all costs and expenses that may accrim in the prosecution of said writ legnlly chnrgcnblu lo such c In'mmnt. nnd also lo nay weekly tho suiii of two dol lars to the pcrsm having suchalleged fugilivein his custody, for the support of such nlledgcd fugitive so l,ii i. a l,n slmll renmin in custody under such writ, or linifelained liy iho proceedings thereon ; nnd also if nnv inrv eiiiinnne ed miner lis net sunn rciiuer n verdict to such n claim, thcp, ibnt such clnimnnl sliall pay nil cosis nnd expenses of tho prormlingn, inchi din" lliosu to which such alleged fugilivo shall hnvii An Act, relating lo the Grand hist. It is hereby enacted bv the General Assenihlv of ihp State of Vermont, ns follows: 1. All steamboat stock in any company chartered by the Legislature of this State, whether the owners thereof reside within or out of this state, shall be set in the list nt the rate of six dollars for every hundred dollars actually paid in. 2. It shnll be ihnduly of every person owning such stock, to exibit to the listers or some one of ihein. in the town in which he resides, on or before the first il ty of May in every year, a list of the number of sbnrcs by him owned in such company, on the first nf April next preceding, and the amount actually paid in on each share. 3. If the listers of such town shall be of the opin ion that nny person in such town hns neglected to ex hibit n list of such amount of stock by him owned, ns required in the preceding sections, or has exhibited a list of a less amount than he ought lo hnve done, it shall be the duty of such listers to insert in the list of such person such un amount ns they shall deem just, in the list of such person, according to the best judg ment of such listers. I. The stock of such persons ns reside out of the stnte shnll bo set in the list of the town where such company is required by itsrhnrter to hold their annual meeting for thcclcction ofollicers. 5. It shall be the duty of the clerk of every such company, in iho month of April in every ycar,to rsport in writing to the town clerk of each town in this stnte where the owner of such stock resides, the name of such sti ckholdcr, the amount of stock by him own ed the amount actually paid in on each share, and shall also report the names of nil stock holders reiil ini; out of tbo state, the number or slmrcs bv tlm, owned, and thenmount actually paid inon each share, to the town clerk in the town 'where such company is bv its charter required to hold its annual meetings to elect officers. fi. If thu clerk of nny such company shall neglect to make report to the'town clerk ns required in the two preceding sections, he shnll forfeit nnd pay a sum not exceeding one hundred dollars for every such neg l.'cl, to be recovered in an action on this statute, in the name of the town where such report should have been made, for the use of such town, before any court bav in?, jurisciclion of the case. 7. All'sloops, schooners, and other vessels owned in this state, or held by any person out of the stnte, for the benefit of, or in trust' tor any person residing in this stale, except such vessels as are owned bv ineor- porated companies whose stock is tnxed bv virtue of the preceding sections, shall beset in the list at four per centum on the value thereof in money. 8. where vessels are owned or held by any persons out of this state in trust for, nnd for the benefit of nny person in this state, such vessels shall be set in the list ofthepcrion lor whose uenelit such vessels are own ed or held. 9. Whenever anv nrrson shall hereafter bo asses scd foruioncv on hand, debts due. bank, insurance or steam boat slock, in a greater sum or for n grtatir amount than such person shall deem just, he may, on or before the twentieth day of August, make applica tion to the listers, in writing, to have his assessment reduced orvncntcdnnd the listers may examine, such person on oath in relation lo the subject of such appli cation, ami hear the testimony in relation thereto, nnd nftcr such hearing, shnll nssess .uch person in such sum ns from the evidence thev shal deem iust which assessment shall be taken ns thu assessment of such person, for his slock, debts due, or money on hand. 10. Such applicant shall not. on such examination. be required by the listers, to diselos,. the names of the persons who nnv be indebted lo nun. ll. i ntsact siiaii lake etieci on me nrst day of January next. approved, ucioncr a, io;u. It will now bo a long timo lioforo wo shall receive any furtlicr intollijfcncc fro.n Kurnpo. At this season of,thc year tho sailing packets usually occupy a long1 time in accoiiiji1isliinr the voyage, and no steaiiiship will leave until thu 1st, of December. It is more than probable that we shall hear nothing further until llio arrival of the Acadia, which sails from Liverpool on the ltli of December, ami w ill arrive at Hoston about tho 18th. Soimrof our splendid packets may reach us before that time. Let us briefly post up the books, therefore, and sec how we arc to leave tho foreign account standing. According to all present appearances', the symptoms of general war, which at one time appeared soTilriniiing, have almost wholly vanished. The now ministry of France arc dis- posed to keep the peace, and all the European powers arc disposed to help them. The coin- pleto overthrow of Mohctnot All's power in Syria leaves nothing to fight about there ; and for the purpose of appeasing France, and as a ualvo to her honor the old man will bo allowed peaceably to retain the government of F.gvpt, so as to leave no ground for quarrel there. Tho war in Syria, Egypt anil Europe may therefore, if the outward aspect of affiirs may ho trusted, be considered at an end. Thu barbarian troops under the command of Ibrahim Pasha in Syria fell at the touch of European discipline like lla.v before the fire, and it is perfectly evident that they can never hope to stand boforu tho armies of civilized nations who understand tho science of war. While, therefore, the personal bravery and the talcnls of Mehctnct Ali and his son is acknowledged throughout tho world, their power will hereafter bo considered foolilo indeed. The greatest interest attached to tho news which we shall next receive will be in reference to China and the internal affairs of France. In regard to the former wc cannot repress tho wish although wc have no hope that tho arrogant Britons may get such a thorough flogging as they richly deserve. The war is cruel, unjust and unholy a war in which power, not right, is consulted, and bo tho result what it may to the outraged Chinese, the rest of the world must depend upon the magnanimity of England for the establishment of any more beneficial commercial relations with that empire. What sort of a dependence that is the history of tho past will show. Wc would as soon trust to the honor of a thief. In reference to tho internal affairs of France there is much to fear. The danger of foreijxn wars being past, the aroused passions of the mill titude will be left to spend their fury at homo. The ministry mav be sustained for a short time for the purpose of Bottling without emharras incut the cas'.em question, but we think it cannot s' and a 'year if the friends of Thiers organize to put it down. However, there is no use in spec ulating as to what may occur in France, wliere revolutions arc sometimes only tho work of a day. There is much reason to hope that public opinion is more calm, formed upon cooler delib oration than in former times, and if so, there i little danger of the violence which some arc ap prehending. -V. Y. Sun. FROM CHINA. Wc announced yesterday, in a postcript, the arrival of the fast-sailing diaman, the Ann Mc Kim, from Canton, whence she sailed on the liotli of June, bringing the long-expected intel ligence of the arrival of the English squadron. ami the commencement of that outrage upon na tional justice and the rights of humanity which England, in tho pride of bur strength, meditates consummating at tho' expense of the ancient em pire ol" China. The first arrival in tho Chinese waters was the sloop-of-war Alligator, on tho Oth of June ; the next, on the 10th, was the armed steam ship Madagascar ; and on the :21st the Wcllesley 71 made her appearance, having on board Com modore llrcmcr, commanding the squadron until the arrival of Admiral Elliott ; at the same tune with the Wellesley arrived two more armed stcain-bhips, the Queen and Atalantn, two sloops of war, a troop ship and eighteen transports, having on board sonic 0000 of the troops for land service. On the 2:2nd June Commodore llrcmer issued official notice of thelblockado of Canton and its river by all entrances, to toko elTect oti tho 123th. On the same day, the 12 Jtul, two of the men of war and several of the transports proceeded North, and were followed on the 'JlJr.l by the Wellesley and all the other vessels except the frigate Druid, the sloops of war Hyacinth, Volngo and Lame, two transport and the steamship Madagascar, which remained to enforce the blockade. Nothing positiv e was known ns to the destination of the squadron. .V. 1". Cuuricr. position manifested by Slopford nnd llandiern to land troops, In order thnt nobody should be left, I In; s.ek were beaten out with sticks bv their countrymen. About WlO in nil, who remained outside the vvidls, re entered the next morning, nml surretidirtd themselves ptisoners. Uell. .Smith has fixed his head quarters ut lleyrout. The camp nt Djuni Hay is broken tin. The only vessels now remaining there aro Vtco Admiral Walk er's and two Turkish fiignles, one of which, with ?09 prisoners on hoard, is to ho sent immediately to Con stantinople. Commodore N'tini'T. in tho Powerful, and ihn steam ers fl.irgon nnd Cyclops, havo quitted IJjimi liny to attack Tripoli. II y the tamno. oi iioyrotll tnioiil twenty pierrsot nrlillery witii iimuuilioii and provisions havefalleti into the possession of allied powers. The East Intlii ship Globe, arrived at N. York on Saturday, in Mil days from Canton, bringing dates from that ciiy to tho dlh July, being ton lays later th in the last accounts received from that quarter. Adm'rtl Elliot, with tho rest of tho Anirm Indian force, had arrived at Macao. The block ado of Canton was in full force at last nnd tho Admiral and tho rest of the fleet had proceeded northward toward the is'auds of Formosa or ("liusan, or to tho Vellow Son. The destination of the Hoc', or its plan of action seems not to be exactly known at M tcao. Soma suppov) that they will tako possession nf Chu au, an irAind opposite the great emporium of N tii'in ; others libit they will proceed to the Vellow Sea, and atta'' I'ekitt, the eapitol itself. Wha'evcr plan of action the Dritish have adopted, there scorns to he no doubt of the ulti mate success, or the impirtnnt even's tint may iiruw out ol the expedition. I he whole force ol the Anln-lndiaii empire, numbering a popula turn ol lri(MX)tMHN), extending Irom the Indies to the lliirmapootra rivers, will be turned upon the Lclostial empire. Uy Cap'. Christopher himself wo loam verba' lv that the Chinese were not in the least alarm ed at the force the British have brought ngauis' them, and appeared to bo indifferent tit the ef fects of the blockade. They may rather like soino change than otherwise. The general opinion was that the blockade would bo enforced until some settlement could be ellectcd, cither in one or two years'. European discipline, steam power, military experience, and every clement of civilized ari. will unite in this movement. II the Chinese are dissatisfied with tho'r government, we should not bo surprised if the I'-iiiirlisii iu'c to incite a rev olution in tho provinces, and do as they did in Hindustan, turn one province out upon the other, a id make thorn do the fighting, while they are benefitted by the conllict. VnrccsiiJ thi' hxiwililmn arrival in ,hma.- If. M. ships Wellesly.-'l; Melville, 71 ; Druid 11; li.oade, vl Volage, Us; Alligator, Conwav, US; 1irne, 120; Hyacinth, Is; Aljje rinc, 10; 1'ylados, 1?; Cruier, 10; Rattlesnake Court What havo you cot to say for your. self 1 K.ng Dick .Most potetii, grave nnd reverend Seigniors .My very noble and approved good masters" Court Whore did you come from I King Dick on the Crnmpiaii bills my father feeds his flocks'' Coiirl l!v your looks you aro little better than a loal'mif vagrant. Ki g Dirk I'lien s nee tho heavens have shaped mv bodv so. Let hell make clocked my iiiinil to answer to it ! Court I lliinl; you'll havo to take ton days. Km' D,d; Oh imnstro'.is thottgjit' more vam than my ambitionl'r Coiirl on inu.-l be locked up. KdiLf Dok "Alas l.I hlanm you not, for you ore mortal, "And nurtal eyjs eamnt endure Ihu devil I" Court Take him along ollicer Kim: D ck "Hung h? the heaveni in black, "i Vnu'ts importing changes of time and itito, "lir.indish join " Curl SiHv::! Kin r D.cl; "From lli'.s ti.no I will tut spak word I" Mr. Kendall w is m irch J.I oil", snouting scrans f plays, nnd the last wo heard of him, he was giving imitations ol re obratcd actors for the niii.ispiiient of the prisoners in tho lobby of the Jail. ij.'inoi'f'!'. Cit.wo Ast Kr,, tun Siamcsi: Twins. A corresp ju.loiit of iho Tennessee Mirroir, says in? I.i'o excursion in iN.irth Carolina lie paid a vutt to Clring ami F.ti;r, at their residence in W ilk County, H iinlo.i cast of Wilksborotiirh. Hu ays tluv spaak thoir opinions on all subjects freely, tho iirh in ni xlcrariou, and in politics are leciileiliy lug, they h?ving taKon the neces- stein to liocoin na.' ti raluot!, that they might enjoy the righ' of suUVago ami citizenship which ri'irli' of sdllVa'e, thev for the first timo xerciscd in the contest for (! jvemnr each one casting hia vole for Morchcail, the Whig candi- lato for Uovernor. Gr.nr.Nsnor.o, Vt. Nov. 1510. Henry B!al of (irconsb')ro', on tho Itlst thy of October, IS 10, took his gun and went out into li s field (without anydog)fox hunting, nnd by 12 o'clocl P. M. ho camo in, having shot five full grow foxes, the pelts of wiiich ho has since sold for five dollars besides the bounty. Wake up, old Hunters , Greensboro' challenges the state to beat it. OjA monu tho list of arrivals at the Unitei States Hotel, the past week, isayoting EAflLI presented by the Whigs of Vcrn out to the I Ion Daniel WnnsTr-i:. A high compliment indeed Host. Clitz. The Hon. Henry A. Wise, of Virginia, wai married on Thursday to the accomplished daugh tcroftho Hon. John Sergeant of Philadelphia pil of tn Unj B in tho whole, in any ouo yror, ilu I form tollowinjr, to wit i places ngrrcd upon for holding freemen' meetings in been subjected, and in addition therein, shnll pay such such towns, on the last Wednesday in March next, nt alleged fugitive the sum of ouo hundred do lars and a ono o'clock in the afternoon, to gjvo in their vntes for i damages which lei may sustain. 'I ho snid bond shal thirteen such persons as ihov vvouiii cnooso lor a ('oiiii"il of Censors ns provided by thu Coiisiituiion--ntid the presiding officers nru hereby required lo open (be muling, audio call ihe freemen from timo to time, fir the spaco of four hours, to give in their votes f.ir thirteen such persons ns they would choose for n Council of Censors which voles shall bo sorted mid counted by llio presiding officer, with the assistanco ofihcit.iwn clerk, for the time being-and n list of the same being, made on 1 sheet of paper, furthn num ber of votes for eauh person, of which a record shall bo made in iho town clerk' office, signed by the presi ding officer and sealed up and aupericrihed with llio namd nf iho town nnd the wont, "Vots for the Council of Censor," which cerlLficat shall be In tbr 1... r.Cl !,, thnnU'liutnf iho ch tk of tliccouutv. nml may bo prosecuted by nnv person claiming nny bene fit from its provisions, in the iiaino of ihu trensurer of ibis stnte, but tho state shall not be liable for any c sis in such suit. ... , P. No indue or other officer of this tatc shall eranl or Issue any certificate or other process, for Iho re movnl from this state of any fugitive, or of any person claimed as a liiaitivo from service or labor, otherwise llian m pursuance of Iho provisions of Hits net j nnd everv such judco or other officer who shall grant or issue any such certificate or other process, except in the manner prescribed in and by tins act, shall be deemed guilty of misdemeanor, andliablo to punish. '"io! Br7per wbo rtrtU. without lh uthcrity An Act in relation to bills of divorce. Il is hereby enacted by tho General Assembly of the Stnte of Virmoul, That bills of divorce from tho bands of mntriiuony may be granted by the supreme com i, wuen inn marriage oi me parties snail nave been solemnized in tins Stnte, nnd when the parly npplying tor tiiu sniuu sunn nave occu an inuauiiaiit oi nil: hlate belore, nnu at the urn oi such marriage, not withstanding the cause for such divorce may have nc criied in some other stain or country; Provided ihe libelant shall have resided in this state three full years next before the filing, of such libel. Approved, Oct. a I, 1910. An Act relating; to sheep infected with the scab. Il is hereby enneted by the (ieneral Assembly of the stale nf Vermont, That sheep infected with the dis easy railed the 'senb,' sliall be subjected to the pro visions of ihe revised statutes, nnd the owners nnd keepers of such diseased sheep, shall be subject to the liabihiicsnml penalties, and be liable lobe prosecuted in maimer provided in ibnt section. Approved, Oct. 'JU, 1810. An Act in ndition to chapter eight of tho Revised Statutes. It is hereby enacted by the rScnrr.il Assembly of the state of Vermont, Thai llio auditor of accounts, is au thorised lo draw oulers on the treasurer, for such sums of motley in favor of any town, ns shnll bo ne cessary to correct any error m the slate tax, arising from n inisiakoiu tho grand lisl of such town. Approved, Oct. 'JU. 1610. An Act in addition to an An regulating and Govern ing the .viihtia. It is hereby enacted by the ficncr.il Assembly of the stale of Vermont, That so much of thu first section of the lUlh chapter of the Act regulating and govern ing the Militia of this state, as provides thai every person who shall be elected to any office in the mili tia, nnd shall not within fifteen days after he shall have been notified of his election signify his accep tance thereof, shnll I " considered ns declining lo serve such office, bo nml the same is beriby n pealed. Approved, Oct. 'JO, 1810. An Act in addition lo nn Act rrgnluting nnd govern ing thu in il it in of this stnte. It is hereby cnnctid bv the t'iencinl Assembly of llie skhimii vcriiiom, nsioitows: I. The sovcial companies berclnforo comprising the first rillu icumif ul in I'rnnklin coimiv. formerly n. tnehed to the third brigade and third "division of iho hilhlia of this snile, nre mustntcd nnd rcstorid lo nil the privilege un regiment which snid regiment pos. sessul previous to thu revision of llio mililin law in eighteen bundled nnd llnrlv-s.'vi'ii. in 1,., ni,nl,.,.i ,.. llio first brigndo nnd second division of the militia of mm n,,c, nccuiimig to ino new orgaiiialion, nnv law to the coiitrnry notwithstanding. Provided said regiment shall not bo entitled to receive of tlx- gover nor iho ipioia of onus or colors now reotiircd by law, to bo furnished to each regiment. 'J. An Act entitled nn Art in addition lonn Act gov. erning the mililin of this stale, approved Nov. 5, is hereby repealed. Approved, Oct. 20, l!0. The Lexington Observer, in noticing tho result of the Tennessee election, exclaims i "Sir groans or Polk and druwlyl" Wo rather think that these per onct tt do tlifix own groaning, about tbeee day. ItcwAnn or iNonNutrv. Mr. l'unlcn of tin 1'rov Iron Work--, invented last fall, an inge nious and valuable piece ol machinery for com pressing .'unl gu nig lorm to the bail iron, as it comes giouiiiglrom the furnace. It is intended is a mi'"-' 'i'c fur trphammers and does its woiu iistaiiUy. It po-i-e.-ses immense value, both as a It bor savin ' machine and because it accomplish'1 ils work with much noatno-s and apulttv. yet oii.y one ol those midlines has boon erected in th.s country. Contracts are now unking bv Mr. Bir.lct', to supply other iron establi-lmiunN. Ii.it the host of il is, last week the Inventor sold the Patent ri"ht. fur .Scotland ilone for 3'25,00() I That's tlom the thin;: hand somely. 7V"V M til. I'HE "TITL'.S O.VITS" IIL'TLEU "PLAAT." Wc learu from tiie Xew York American of Saturday that the Grand Jury have thrown out the bills againt UlTdworlh it being proved that thechief witness .SVetcn.wn, was not worthy of belief on oath. 1 1 is own near relatives trsti-- lied to tins. It was understood tint the Grand Jury still had it under cons'dora im, w lusher they .should or not present the Recorder ati.l lbs District At torncy. P. S. We just hear that the Recorder has, been proven e.l by tho Grand Jury. They had no, yet 0:112 into eo'.ir however, as 2 o'clock. Sackkts llAisnon, Nov. 21. Eirlvon Mond morning las, a spin of horses attached to the lorward part ol a lumber wajriron were tli. vered drilled on shore at Madison llirra. An inquiry was instituted for the owner, b nothing was elicited until some tune in the lore noon when the coroner was iiit'ornied ol iho me laiieboly fact, that the lifeless bodies of two m bad il jilted ashore on Navy Point. A jury w caned, ami nn imiMnst liii.d, whoti 11 was nscer tabled that the bodies were those of Col. John Gotham, a respectable and we ihhy farmer atertown, and an lnsh laborer 111 li s employ. It appears that he had lelt home lor ihe purpose of visiting some of the fishing stations 111 tins vi c iiity, with the intention ot exchanging sum'1 of the produce of his farm for fish, lie arrived 111 this village on the evening previous, UiirniLr a severe miow sipi ill, having previously expressed his determination to cross over to lior.-e !.;!aud that nigh, the road to which from tins village, runs on the bank of the lake in ihngerous pro ximi'y, and from the circumstance of the wagon, much broken, bo.ng fun, id under the In ik, and the track of the wlieo.s distinctly traced to the spot, it is supposed that upon approaching the bank, being blinded by the sleet and deafened by the rusliing storm, lie drove directly off the precipice of some 110 or -10 feet into tho lake. He has left a lare family. Tho Cincinnati Guottc says " There are symptom of a sTimb'.o for ths o'li.'e ol" CI rkolthe Cur' of Common Pleas in th.-- I'oun'y, since it Ins been ascertained that Gjneral ilan',.'ii will bo 1 13 noxt President." Th.s rem n h us tint the man j'ist elected by tlu voice of his country, to the h.gnest office on ..urth. is the : ii.ibitio.is occupml nf a Kurr.hlt f'oiei; ChrlifUi. 11 rx beautiful does the fact illustrate too ciuirirW of our ropjblican instt tuti Kis A' cest r l);n. We le.ar.t from an nuthuniic nnrcc, that on th 3 n.''it pro. iii.is to ill ' hs: (Lite s from Ijndon, (1 in. I lamilton bad conclu led a trea'y with Lord P Vmeston. E i'hit 1 re.'opni.:cs the indepeii- ! dj.ioj of Tcxn and ii-ssous tin character of mediator between Texas a.ul Mexico. A. lr. (' .'(I'l'-T. Correspondence of the Journal of Commerce. . . Macao, 'J.Jil June, lo-'O. The British fleet is at length arrived and is now in Macao Koads. It is smaller than was expected, tun when thu portion ol it which is expcitcil irom Kngland makes its appearance, with Admiral Elliott, it will be sufficient, if proper mcusiirrs are decided on mm vigorously carried into ettcct, ill tins, however iheionro some reasonable doubts. Nothing is known of ihu intentions of ihe English government, but 11 is conjectured that Canton will no' 1 1 attacked ; that the lloguefjrls will be taken possession of, and the river blockaded : and the forces then move immediately to Ihu North. If they go to I'ekiu at once, they will bo unsuccessful j ihe probability is that ihcy will lake possession of Chus.an, or soino insular position, and operate from thence on such points ns seem to oiler tli3 best chance of distressing the Chinese without great loss of life. These probably are the mouths of the great livers, and particularly the junction ol" tho grand canal vviih litem. There are partit s who believe ibis will be suffi cient bin to me it seems wholly inadequate to the end proposed, which, as I haveolteii written, ns virtually to revolutionize this immense empiic. Such a result may be brought about, but only, I think, by n sys tem of intimidation, nud sucb n show of forcoas sliall convince the Chinese hai resistance is wholly use'ess. This 111:1 v bo tfiecled without difficulty bv a res ilnto power t for the great cities of China on the coast aro wholly defenceless, (heir forts wholly dilaiiidaled. nud their anna matchlocks nnd bows niufaimws I Hut the fear is that the Knells!) will buconteutul with too lit lie, nnd thai they will not lake proper steps to secuio even tins periiianemiy nut a ii.w days may cnatilu us to form n belter opinion nf what is lo be done here about. Meanwhile Iho Americans .aro caving Cm ton almost nil their ships aro out of llie river, anil llicir property lor thu most part safe. Wt havo today many reports in circulation which mav not all be truoj that a icvvard of S J'i.OOO will be paid lo any one blowing up the " Well"sly," nnd in proportion forthe olhrr men of war; that ri price has been set on the head.) of some of the English mcr 1 hunts 1 nml thnt tho American have been ordered lo leave Cnnton in fivodnys! It is impossible In believe ibis. The stock of tea is exhausted, and but little Nnnkin silk remains. After all. tho export of tea lo England will amount to l!0 millions nt pounds ! ten millions more than was confidently predicted. Wc think there is everv reason 10 anticipate a long inter ruption of trade, from G to H 111 nubs, (as it appears In us ihat narlies will bo safe in aelmg on this calcu lation.) Tho opium trade, tho causa of our p'esenl troubles 1 mximntely, so far from being checked by the mcusuirsof I, in, was never more flourishing. From the .Malta Tunes, Oct. 27. H V H 1 A . On the 10th instant, nn engagement took place be Ivveen iho allied troops nnd lliuso of Ibrahim nud So. liiiinn I'neba, in which llio latter wcro caniplelclv defeated, and look 10 the mountains with two bundled cavalry and only two officers. Seven thousand in killed, wounded, and prisoners, have, from lb result of Ibis engagement., fallen iulo the povvir of the Sub bine I'orte. Umir el Casim has been named successor to tho I'.mir iieeiur, nml wns, with n largo body of moun taineers. 111 pursuit of Ibrohuu Pacha, who has little or no chance or escape. We arc in possession of Ilryroul, which was evacu ated on the inht of the 10th, in consequence of Hi- riOlTO.N' Wrippur O .Sjtit. 2. Tw.n.', ngr 1 1 article just ree'd by X. h'J VELV oc Co. LM.OL'lt. A few li'.ih. of I'.i.iulv Elour. of superior 1 uhty, ju-t rve d an lur sill-at UOWAltDS. Q.IJI.V USl't jo'.vi)i:i!.- too .1 .in 1.1. .t. & .1. II. Pr.n; & Co. ).S' i.;, v .1. &.). II. NVC it(. TV! 1 I-: fur .-.ilo at IlUWAlU ! 1, !! a'i.'I'I i.l'.i ,'i,u ma lv on h.i.illv 1.1 .1. & .1. II. Pl.t iv &'Oo. From the N. V, American. Nathaniel PniMit.The city was shocked this morning by hearing tint this well known and much respected gentleman had perished by his own hand. Mr. Prime in the possession of every thing that could make life desirable, mihleiuish ;d character, larire properly, ami surrounded by a n microtis and afiectioua'e family has yet added another to the melancholy catalog. it; of those who have found life a burthen too gr.ovous to bj bump. With a very active mind, sound bady con stitution, Mr.'Priine, alter passing youth and manhood in at t.vo business, retired many years ago, and has since resided at his beautiful seat at Hollgato. Tho want of its accustonnd work nny poss.b'y have caused the mind to prey upon itsolf . Cer tain it is, that at intervals lately, :reat depres sion came over the spirits of the deceased, for which ho was not able to account, anil niraiust which, alas ! ho has boon unable to struggle. Yesterday ho was in tho city, well apparently, and cheerful ; returned to Ins house about 1 o' clock, and taking a book said he would lie down a while before dinner. Ho was within a quarter of an hour found by Mrs. P. on tho llmr of his dressing-room in a pool of blind, and dead the fatal razor near him in its case. Tho Coroner went out this morning, and after viewing the body nnd hearing the testimony, tho verdict of the jury was, that the deceased put an end tohis existence during a 1 : "V ary deranjc inent of mind, produced by indisposition, ROC11ESTEU POLICE. Novr.Miir.n 11. John Phillip KernM?, n.'ir, Mm Jacksim must be well known to mast of our readers a-: a stage struck hero nla llewlet who h ii done tho dagger scene in Macbeth, the love scene in Uouieo, and the tent scene 111 Ui chard, for tho amu-einent of tho spectators a id his individual profit. K,)r tho information of those who never hail the honor of witnessing the efforts of this disciple ofTlnlia, wo will give a description of htm. Upon his caput he wore the body of what Ind once been a h it but now un fortuuiitelv, was berolt of its crown and rim ; "vox c: it vy ip y oi Cun' WAl'i::!. i-l re e.vcl .1 Irca 1 cr, an I lor :i e I v t;i 0. i'i;n"it-ON. 1 illHX Hui.j W .- '. ::. ji.ilcn. l'.nl .1 11, CI. I'Alu?. 100 ,0. cxiii I rti.nu I. vcv .1. II. IY.ci: Co. 50 liia 1'). Itlls'l'ov . . (.'.ii- liner lliewi IMJ.W. M. I'l VK DlilJCS t.vii .1' IL l IM iv -M v .1 " Itl. .1. A lai'.-e n.ip'v Jiut .1.11. 1'l-CK ci Co. J"A "KEitr.I,, 011 cou-imimeiit, 111 halt barrih just i L r.'.'dve I an 1 lor - lie bv J. sV .1.11. I'KCK iVv Co. B71 MKTAV V .1 ly 10. .1. & .). II. IM O'v OcCo. no 1 .Ui liu' 01, ci u- an ly .1. it .1. II. I'm; it Co. I.M.mit.-li. I re en u .- I v "l ni.UVl.N'li P M'EIl. -00 riams various sizca W iimp"''.! N'.iv.'.'O. byCliOODKI.il. ALMANACS for I'll, for sale at A .-ie;-c.: XX the book store. O. A. IllUMA.W on1 HOST ,N Aradrmys and Hnrnionits, for VJU salcat the book stoien.Vl'.U VMA.V. v,'Il WI,S. A large assortment, comprising nearly O every variety of quality and style, lor sile by nl ' II. W. CATI.lXvt CO. C" KOC1CE1JY, Olassand China ware; large and small I looking !;lisnes, a good nssorinu ut, bv n', X. LOVELY & CO. OLOTll: ' chasers 1 ) specially invited to the assortment of cloths, eassiiucris, and vestmi's ol nl ' 11. W. CATI.1X it CO. C'Pl'.ECli of Hon O lions! nf rrpresentaiivi of January. 1-v pnvAi.o KOI1ES. J s.il.de, bv Win, Slnde, delivered in the on Ihe l?lh and VOth of For v..'. bv 0. A. UK AM AN. 10 hales fr sale bv the bale lUCKOK it CA'TI.IN. 1A15XIi X.i y-te 11 ; and fir a'e 11 ' new licicraplu, 1 11 ihe l i.i-itK.i'iin a very o-cl'il wor- ( r-vie ml . I'M rec'J ih.'Hu.i'.-t.ire -t 111 II A 111 MAX 8 do. Hales brown sheetiuus nnd slurlili Ov7 Vj.k, puwir Uioin, and Dorcbe'ler Ticks, fjr nleby (sin) VILAS, I.OOM1S it CO 1 1)IM', I imill It, I, r lie. J. i.'.m'. ,n, I. 1, ,ui' I. 1 in I, slti I, c c ir au.l emu mm a, .ply in ?'l ItO.M'.S it Ci 2IKJ 1 It. I I lib I-. II. S igur l"r -aV iv- II. Will I Ul u. 11 h Th plain do. do. mot- Idler Seals. p vs-duous it IIiilNSM.vim underneath this rovonng was his hrr-d and neck, rnTir. l'. on 1 ut; it. --1 1 1 O S'c. 3;,, S ll. LO'.ALS, Log Cabin Idler Sciil kJ tu . .. 1 1 . . .1.., I,r.. nf 1'IU. l . opli S rrolll.llliai iiimiiiiiu-, 11, uiu ii Win 1 1,-nrv Harrison, bv diehard Ilildicth, for sale at th" Hook Store, price 20 cts. Ilnrl.il -ton, Sept. i HIO. 1). A. JlRAM-.l - JIOKS, a f U .i or mi1"' , r ae 1 v II. W. CAT' I.N & . Alt'.V 10 ''''.l'; ci' V WVK it Co. Salmon, which would not have disgraced a nrv.e on ; his hps and nose stroug'y resembled llie heels of a pair of nulla rubber over ..hoes with ono toe tur t ed up; his limbs were encasod in an oM blue jerkin and pilot pants ; ami to complete h sens tuino a pair of russet stayo boots with Irs tees peeping out, covered part of Ins feet. Ye have not tolii I his complexion yet. Ho wvas black asthotonofspulo'', and tba' is nine times black nrllnnthoace. This highly talented individual for tho last mouth, has been nston,shing th? na tives, with readings of .Shakspearc, th'.' tiirow1 j((y -El', ( -nunc and People's Almanacs, . old daddy Dvvyor qiiito into the shade, .and lor a! O ,1000 for sale at r,,l,"IV'r.'.,,,ir,hs. . sixpence nnlv. On Sutidav one of our Consta. Sen 'JO. II.Ao, l.uii.vun v hies, envious of tho tragedian's talents, collared; T'-vv hWs fn I'iat". 4 X. 30 bundl.'s English 1.1.., .,i. 1. . u I l l( n,l A.neri, an sheit Lou. M iU do. do. ugly mugs" and "oiling "on the agony" in the. w ' "?,'; l"'r lmn Vh,"'w)051IH,& to, il, villi Ktriwrirlo nf ilielinril. I In vv.as! "cabined. Sep.-'. 1 cribbed, confined" in tho watch house until this liioniiiijj, when ho w?o brought up nn a vagrant, v v i.i'.n.v i h. K' .1 .lie It). T .x,.i .'. "i- I.'.,,, Iv li'riivries, Yj s n n'v.'d U' tno'.'. torsaienv lJ. ".VmoivV f't.Nri, lleifi'i-'l, Sininai'iindCIni on ( Vl V I. iV .1. IL I'l I 11 vt C. v.y i r"W u 1 Miiiunucs, lor ItilO. CO. X Hbd Niw Orliaii" Su.iar. n convicnnrifc O Ai'f for sale bvN L(TI.- K Co.

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