11 Aralık 1840 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3

11 Aralık 1840 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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Treasurer of the 1 Chittenden County Court, Au Staib or Vbhmont. mist Term, A. 0. 1840. I TmlEREAS, the Treasurer John Willi ami, f VV oftheStnto of Vermont, Jacoi Uoltc, & at tho Mnrch Term of s tid , HeNsv Hand. J court, A. D. 1840, commenced hisa tionol debt on recognizance a.rainst the said John William of Burlington, and Jacob Holfe and Henry Hand, of Colchester, all in said county, therein declaring, that on the 4th day of September A. D. 13.19, bel'ore said court then sitting, at Burlington afore id, the said John William!) a principal and the said Jacob Rolf and Henry Hind ns sureties, jointly nJ severally acknowledged themsclvrs indebted to tho Treasurer of tho Slatf of Vermont in the sum of fou hundred dollars, to bc'lcvicd of their and each of their goods and battels, lands and tenements and for wtnt thereof on their bodies, if default thereof be made in the condition following! to wit. thalif the said John Williams, who wni then in custody on nn indictment belorc said court for keeping n house of ill fame, and a eomrrnn nuisance, shill make his personal appearance before tho said court then sitting as aforesaid, nnd re main from time to time nnd from day today, nnd shall then and there answer to such mat crs nnd things as should then nnd the o bo objected to him in that be half, and should abide such order and decree of said court, as the s-iid court should mnko in the premises, and not depart without leave of slid court, then tho said rccogniznn -c should be void nnd of no effect, but othcrwiso it should remain in full forco nnd dice I. And tho said John Williams nftcrwnrds, during said term of said court, was publicly called in said court, to make his personal nppenrnnce before said court nnd answer to such matters nnd things as should be ob jected to him in that behalf, nnd although tho siid Jacob Rolf and Henry Hand were, by order of said court three limes publicly called in said court, to have the said Willivns before said court, according to the condition of the said recognizance, yet tho snid John Wil iams did not appear and answer, nor did the said Rolf nnd Hand appear or have the snid Williams in aid court, to tnnke nnswer, but neglected nnd refused so to do, nnd suffered snid rccognznncetobccomcfor feitcd against them. And the snid defendants nre thereupon called to show rnuseif nny they hnve why the snid Treasurer should not hnve his execution against them for the s iid sum of 8400, nnd bis costs of suit : which netion was entered on inn docket ot said court nt their March Term. A. D. 1940, and the said plnintifTnppenrcd by David French his attorney, nnd the sai l John Williams being absent from this state at the time of the service of tho plaintiffs said wtit, the said cause was by order of said court, continued to the AugutT'rm A. D. 1S40, of said .court, at which term the DlnintitT atrain annearcd bv his s.rd nttnrnev. And it nut bcim.' made to appear to the said court that the said John William! has had personal notice of the ser vice of snid writ and the pendency of this suit, tlie same was ngain continued by order of said court, to the Mireh Term thereof A. D. 1841. And the said court also ordered that further notice of the pendency oi mis sun do given nv pu'ius'iinginc stinsinncc ni inn plaintiff's declaration tn 'The llurtinzton h'ree Press' a newspaper printed in siid Burlington, three weeks successively the last of which publications to be nt 'least thirtv'davs before the sitting of said court, which shall be deemed sufficient notice to the said Williams to appear and nnswer to said suit. Dated at Burlington, aforesaid this 4th day of De cembcr A. D. 1S40. Win, NOBLE, Clerk. Ucsjamim Hcwes, ) Chittenden count v court. August vs. Term, A. U. 1S1U. Levi Hatitus. S "117HKRKAS, Benjamin Hcwcs, of Milton, in snid v county nt the .March Term or said court A. U 1839. commen -cd his nciion against Levi Harris for mcrly of siid Milton, then of South 11 rlin in the coun ty of Chenango in the State of New York, in n plea of me ense, in an netion on noieuiiieu nprii io, ioji, iur 160, payable one day after date. A'so, further de-cdarin-.', that on the same 16th day of April 1S37 the defendant was justly indebted to the plaintiff in the sum oi o )UU uu, lor a certain piece oi iano in saui juu ton. before flint limn sold and ennveved bv the plain tiff to tho defendant, nnd in consideration the defendnnt executed nnd delivered to the plnintitf his order or dinrtin writing of that date to and on one luiwaru Smith for firm t hundred coniesof the 'Irish Rebellion.' printed by said Smith, which were ihcnuf the value of vw w, wiik.ii snid order wns presented 10 saui oiuun who refused to accent or nav the same, the defendnnt having before withdrawn said copies nnd nil his funds from -aid Smith, whereupon the defendant beenme liable to pnyto tbcplaintitl the reasonable value or said 800 copies at the time of the presentation of said order, and on the 13th of October 1838 promised to pnv such aid sum on demand. Also further declaring that the defendant on the 13th of October 19"l9 was indebted to the plnintifTin the further sum of S500 00 before thn! time had and received. Also for a further sum of $500 for a piece of land before that time sold and conveyed by plaintiff to defendant Ivino m Milton nforcsnid, being the wh'leof Lot No. 63 4th division of therieht of James Wilmot, except 40 acres from the cast end thereof, to the damage of the plaintiM'81000 00 which action was entered on the docket of said court at said March Term 1839, and the plaintiff appeared by A. G Wbittcinore his Attorney, and the defendant being nb ent from this sinte nt the time of the service of snid writ, the siiJ cause was continued to the August Term 1839 of said court, nt which Term the plnintiff again appeared by his siid nttorncy nnd the aid cause was itgmn continued tiy sniu court to me .tinrcn rerm inereoi a. u. ISiU, and the piaintm again appearing tiy nis said attorney, the said cause w runner con' tinned bv nii.l ouri 10 the August Term thereof A. D 1340, nt which term the plaintifTngain nppenred by his said nttorney. And it not being made to appear to the court that the defendant has had personal notice of the said service nnd pendency of this suit, the same is again continued by said court to the March Term thereof A D. 1841. And tho said court also order that further notice of the service and pendency of snid suit be given, by publishing the substance of the plain tiff's declaration three weeks successively in the''Bur lin.'ton Free Prcs," a newspaper prin eil in snid Rur lington, the last of which to be at least thirty days he fore the sitting of said court, which shall be deemed sufficient njtice to the said Levi to appear and answer to said suit. Dated at Burlington aforesaid this 2.1th day of Nov. A. D. 1610. Wm. NOI1LK, Clerk. Abthvb Bostwick, ) Chittenden county Court, Au- vs. gust Term, A. D. 1540. Amasiah Elmer. WHEREAS, Arthur Bostwick of Jerico in said county, nt the March Term A. D. 1S10, of said eourt, commenced his action of ejectment against Am ariah Elmer late of Underbill in said county, declaring in a plea, that to the said Arthur, tho said Amariah render the seizure and peaceable possession of a certain tract or parcel of land with the appurtenances lying and being in Underbill aforesaid, ana described as fol lows, to wit : Lot No. C9,in the 2d division, nnd drnwn to the original rialit of t illiam Allen, of which tract of iano tne sniu Ariuur on tne i.'jtn uct. itu.i, was wen seized and possessed in his own right iu fee, nn I so continued thereof possessed until the 18lh Oct. 1333, when the said Amariah without law or right, nnd con trary to the will of tho said Arthur, thereinto entered, eiectcd and expelled nnd amoved tho said Arthur therefrom, and ever since hnth nnd still doth keep out the siid Arthur from the premises, tnking tho whole firofits to himself, to the ilamagoof the said Arthur as le says 8500, to recover which and the quiet nnd peaceable possession of tho said premises, nnd just costs, he brinss this suit ; which wns entered on the docket of aid court nt said March Term thereof A. D. 1810, and the plnintifTapncared by Wm. S. Hawkins his attorney. And the defendant being absent from this State at the time of the service of the plaintiff's lid writ, the said cause was continued to the Almost Term 1840, of said court, at which Term the plaintiff agsiii uiiuami uy sniu auurney, nnu 11 noi ucins uinuc to appear to the court, that the defendant has had per sonal notice of the service and pendency of this suit, the same is again continued bv said court to the Mirch Term thereof A. D. 1811. And the said court, also, order that further notice of (he service and nendenev -of this suit be given, by publishing the substance of 'the plnintitl s declaration three weeks successively, in the "Burlington Free Press," a newspaper printed in said Burlington, the last of which to be nt least thirty days before the sittins of said cour', which shall be -deemed sufficient notice to the siid Amariah, to ap pearand answer to said suit. Dated nt Burlington aforesaid this 2iiih day of Nov. 'A. D. 1810. Wm. NOBLE, Clerk. STATE OF VERMONT, ) rpo all persons in Distbict or Ciiittrnpe.v, s. J X tcrcsted in the eta'e of Lo-ii a M. Allen. Shak-penre Allen, anil Vol taire R. Allen, minor and children of Lucy Allen, late of Kee evillc, Now York, decea-ed. Horace Saxto.v, tr-'nr.lian of Lout-a II. A'len, -Shakspcnre Allen, nnd Voltaire It. Allen, minors, hav in2 made applica'ion to aid co irt. rctlinir forth that the said Louisa M. Slinkspeare and Voltaire R. are seized inlbcirown right lee, a tenants in common of twenty acre ot land situa'e in fthcllnirn in the county of (-bitten ten, I ein-r I he same land deeded by Jirelt Isham, la'e of said Slielbnrn, dcdease-l.tn Lucy Allen, on lhc2G hday of Jdy, 1837, as 'vibe said Jireb's deed of that date, will appear J That the said Loni-a M. i seized in her own riirh' in fee often acre. nn 1 120 rod of Inn I. I cm'; the same Inn I et of to said l)iiisab' the Committee npnoin'ed I y said prolate court to make partition and distril ution of the said tale of the said Jirch Isbain j That iho snid Shaks pea re Allen is seized in his own right in fee often acre and 20 rod of land, I eing tho same land M'lol'to the said Shakspeare by said committeo appointed a a f--re-a id lo male partition nnd distribution of ihe c--at of the said Jirehl ham.ilecea-c.lt That the said Voltair R. R. Allen is seized in his own right in fee of ten acres anil I20 rods or land, leinir the same land set ol'tosnid Voltaire R. Allen, by snid commit tee nppointed as iilorc aid, lo mill e partition and dis tril ution of the estate of ihe snid Jireh I bam, deceas edi all which lnnd are sitnn'o in snid Slielbnrn i and repre-entiuglliatit would coniluce toihehe-t intcre-t' ol bis said ward to sell all the ufcresnid liind-, and put the proceed thereof at interett: and praying said court to authorize and empower him, the said guar dian lo sell all Ihe said land-, agreeably to the ttatute in anfli inn-l nml nrovided. Whereupon, the courl afort-aid doth order, that the raid application t o ncant t eioroiam ou' n m i thercr)f to I o held at ihe HegMer's olllcc in OurlinBton in said county, on iho 2J dayofDecemler, A. D. 1840 and that notice thereof I e given to all per-ons inter ested, by piillication of thi order, containing the substance of said amilication three weeks wicce-slvely in Ihe Birhnglon r ice Pre, the last of which pnblica tmnain l nrevioun lo said 22 1 dav of December. 1840. Given nilder my hand at Burlington in taid district, this SOihVay oi BepicmLcr, ih-iu. dS WM. WESTON, Rcg'r. Jiiemiah Hackvtt 1 Chittenden County Court, Au- VS. gUSI, A. U, IB4U, Henry Roardman, WT h K R 11 A S, Jeremiah Trustee of v Hackct. of Littlo Na- Thomas Pahkons. I lion, Pnnineau'a Seiirnorv. in tho District of Montreal in the Province of Lower Ca nada, nt the Mnrch term, A. D. 1810. of tho Chitten den County Court, commenced his action against iicnry uonrumnn oi iiurungion, in saia county oi r-i.:. ... i.,iu...,rTi,.?,.. n ....,. rM..,i. in tho county of Calhoun, and stale of Michigan, an absent debtor from this state t therein declaring, in n plea of the case against the snid Thomas Parsons, that on tne imn clay or February, A. D. 1827, at Ucek mantown, in the county of Clinton and state of New York, to wit. at South Hero, in the county of Grand Islo in the state of Vermont, the said Thomas agreed wiiti wiu emu .icrcmtnri wr nno. in consideration oi inc sum of three hundred dollarsthcn and there paid by the siid Jeremiah to the said Thomas, at his own cost and chnrges, to support nnd maintain one Dor cas Hnckct, the mother of said Jeremiah from the day and year last aforesaid, for nnd during the natural life oi iiio saiu uorens, wiui suiinimyiiiciii, drum, longing, medicine, nursing, nnd wearing apparel, according to her rank and degree, nnd that tho said Thomas has wholly neglected nnd failed to fulfil snid agreement. Also in n further nlca of the cao for one thousand dollars, for so much money had nnd received. And nlso for one thousand dollars for boarding, nursing and clothing the said Dorcns Hnckctt, for the space of live years next iiciorctne nrst oi Ainy. isaa s nnu the snid Thomas, though often requested, has wholly neg lected nnd refused to pay snid sums or nnv part thereof, to the damage of tho plaintiff. $2,000 nnd further slatinu that the said Roardman has in his nos- session, monies, goons, chattels, rights or credits of tliesmd Thomasrnrsons, to tne value or 5.uu which action wascntercd on thn docket of said court, nt tho March term thereof, A. D. 1940 1 nnd the plaintiff ap peared by his attorney, Hector Adnms, Esq. nnd the snid Thomas being absent from this state nt the time of the service of said snid writ, tho snid cause was con tinued to tho August term, 1840, of said court, at which term the plaintiff again appeared by his attorney, nnd it not being made to appear to the said court that the said Thomas Parsons has had personal notice of Ihe said service and pendency of this suit, the same is aaain continued bv said court to to the Mntch tor in thcreor, A. u. 1811. And tne said court nlso order that further notico of tho pendency of said suit bo civcn bv publishing the substance of the plaintiff's declara tion three weeks successively in the Turlington Free Press, a newspaper printed in siid Buringtnn, the lat oi wnicn puniicniions 10 nn ni icnt iiurivonys ncinre the setting or said court which shall he deemed sum cient notice to the said Thomas Parsons to appear and nnswer to said suit. Dated at Burlington, aforesaid. this 21st dav nf No- vembember, 1S40. WM. NOBLE, Clerk. WM, It. Ila- n ni I ) I bitten 'en Ununtv I'n-n Fncr.MAN C. Vilas. A-ir it Term A. P. 1810 vs. JUniKRKAS. Wiliain n. CiiAtit.F.s II. .Tasks. VV Vila and Frreman O. im , l oth of II irlinzton in sai I eoun'v. at the March term 1840, of ai) cour', commence I their action nL-nin-t Charles B. Jane , formerly of II irlmrlnn. nforr nid, now uf I he eitv. co intv. anil -ta'e of New YurV, in a plea of the ea-f, therein ilcelarina that the sum t liarie-. u. Jnne.-. him one LhaHe L.. u rii-, the Mb day i.f O.toier A. D. 1837, nt Birlinainn, afure ni I, m'a le, execute I nnd ileliv;rel to the plaint i l' iheir irrmin proini-siry note in writintr, of the date afore, aid, ami therein p'romi-ed jointly and severally In pay the raid plainti If, 1 y the nanie and style lif W. It. and F. C. Vila-, ix month of erda'e, the um of i went v tlirtx- h nlrel nnd -ix dollar, and forlv threeif nt-, for val e received. An 1 in f irther plea of I lie eat', that hf-ai.l.lauf, ontlielt'h day ot ueio 'er, 1837, ai I) rlingtnnnf' re aid, made, executed and iiviiveruil to the plainti is tn certain oilier note in writinir, I earing da'eiheday and year la-t nfore aid. and thereby promised the plainti Is for val io received io pay them, by the name and style of W. R. and F, C. Vilao-ix month., alter the date thereof, die sum of twenty three hundred anii six dollar nnd lorly three cent, and sinuug that the iielcmiunt ha not paunne nine or any part thereof, Ihinch of en req'ieMol, but ha wholly nei'lecleiland ref i-tdso lodo, lo tlieilam aire of the plainti.!' ihrve tho'i-and dollar-: which action wacn!ereil on Ihu docket of snid court nt said March term, 1810 j and the plainii'l appeared by Cbnrle. Ru-ell. their attorney and the defendant I eins absent from ihe slate at the lime of the service of the plainttll's said writ, tho .aid cau-c wa continued to tin; Auiriist term, 1810, of . -aid court, at which term tlie plainti l nwain appeared by their attorney, and it not iieiug niado to appear to the court that the -aid Janes tin" tin i per-onai nonce ot tne au .ervice an t pen dency of thi suit, ihe-ame isaain continued by sai court to tlie March term there. f. A. I). 1811. An the said court alo order that further notice ot the pen enci ofsaidsiiil I egiven I y publi-hing thed stance ft Ihe plainti N' declara'ion three wee';.- Micce-tvelv in the U irliiiirtoii Free I're s. a newnaner nriu'e.l in aid 13 irlington,lliela. of hieh aid pu' lication-lo teat lea-t thiriy day l etore the sitting ot aid court wnicn shall le ueeine.i iitticient notice to the Charle U Janes lo appear an I answer to said -t Da'e.l at B irlinzton aforesaid, thi 21 t day of No veml er, A. D. 1810. WM. NOBI.E, Cler Ctfrf Yards super fine, fine and common wool CJJJ en Carpctings, just opened. Also, plain vi-neiian and damask stair carpctini;, Turkey and Brussels Rugs, Oil cloths for tables and stoves, tush matting, printed floor cloths, &c. bv.. . n5 . LOVELY, & CO. MESSRS. PANG BORN & BRINSMAID have just returned from Boston and New York with their full assortment of goods which will be found very complete. Watches Wc have received some more of those fine finished levers, made by R. & G. Beesley of Liv erpool, both gold and silver cases, some extra jewel led. We have also received gold and silver English levers, of various other manufactures. Gold and sil ver anchor escapement levers, with beautiful engraved backs and dials. Gold and silver lepinc watches, some beautiful patterns, with engraved backs. Our as sortment of watches is far better than usual. Head and neck ornaments of various kinds, jet and gold hearts, crosses, in sets or single. Bullous for velvet wristlets. Bags. Lnrge and small sized, jet and dove colored bead bags ; net bags of silk and worsted, and purses. Curls. Large and small sets ringlets, noi on wire: New sets wire curls ; nice sets plain hair. Shell combs. The best quality shell side and twist combs, at our usual prices, a few cheaper shill side combs also for sale. Britaxia wabe. Some beautiful finished fine quality, tea and coffee pots ; communion furniture, tumblers, and patent lamps. Plated wnc. Cake and fruit baskets, castors, hish and low candlesticks, snuffers and trays, cups and spoons, a better assortment than usual. Table mats, oil cloth, and willow mats of various sizes and shapes. Stocks. In this department, we have rivalled the variety store. Those who wish to get a neat made stock, no matter at what price, cheap or dear, are as sured that we will try to suit them in every particular. Also collars, bosoms, suspenders, straps, and a few nice plain and figured cravats. Perfumebv. Soaps, hair oils, Farinas best Ger man coloene. Those who have once used this article, never wish for any other. Fnrinas good cologne. Dolls and fancy boxes. Wc have not forgotton our young friends, but have selected some fine wax dolls, and many other articles suitable for presents. Rosewood Boxes. Ladies rosewood woik boxes, furnished and unfurnished j some nice ones. Those wishing for them or for portable writing desks, will please inquire (or them, as they are kept up stairs, with many other bulky goods. Willow chairs, waggons and cradles up stairs. Brass candlesticks, high and low. Brass snuffers and travs. Steel do. VARIETY. Go to bed lamps, with extinguishers, n very nice article. An article to clean brass, pi tte or britania, very nice. Cake cutters, assorted patterns. Chopping trays, cedar tubs for washing dishes iu, brass hooped. Carpet hammers for taking up or put tjns down carncts. Nursery lamps with China and tin dishes, and tea kettles. New conversation cards, pearl souvenirs ear trumpets for deaf persons, chil dren's cups and saucers) fine card cases j violins and other instruments. We haveadded loom assortment of all kinds such things as we could find in New York' and Boston, which wcjudired would suit our market, and we now shall be most happy to distribute them to our friends and customers who wish for them. Variety Store, PANGBORN & BRINSMAID. DRUGS, Medicine, Perfumery, Paints, Dye Stud's, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes, &c. The subscriber is now rcrciving his fall supplies of the above goods; selected with prcat care, which he will dispose of at the lowest market prices. ROBERT MOODY. Tit R KMT A small house situated nt the head of Main street, ono door west of tho Medicnl Colleae. Its construction is convenient for a small family s and upon rcrtain conditions, will he rented for nny length of time, ns shall best accommodate tho applicant. For further information apply to tho present occupant. Burlington, Nov. 24, I840.3. REMOVAL J. LEWIS, the Mechanical Den tist, has removed his office to his dwellinc on Pearl st , nearly opposite J. K. Gray's Carrincc Shop, where he will be able to attend to calls at all hours of the day or night. Ilurlincton, Oct. 30, 1840. CAPS, CAPS. W. I. SEYMOUR offers for sale Black and Brown Otter Hair and fur seal and Muskrat CAPS-dark and licht coloured FURS for Muffand trimmings. Boas best and common, Seal Collars, Russia Lamb, Black and Grey for Collars. Burlingtou Nov. 5, 1840. 4w CLOTHS rASSIMKRKS. BEAVER Cloth, Lost Cat in Casnnero, Black, Blue Black, Blue Brown Dalhia, Olive Green. Invisi' le Green and Gicen, Steel Oxford and colored mixed Broad Colli. MEHINOES. English, French and German Meri noe; French and German Thibet and Saxony Clo'h-i Taglionisand Allipinest Black, Brown, Purple, Blue Black and light colored Allapaoca Lloth.t Mooseltne lo Laine, all wool, wool and cotton, tilk and wool, black grounds very fine, bcaniifiil. Shaker Yarn, all colours and white very fine: Ger man Cruels, all colours j Fringe and Bindings, heavy Silk, Mohair and worstaJ Frinws for JJres e and Mantilla very rich, by H. W. CATI-IN A Co. LOG CABIN AT AUCTION. Tho Tionccanoo Club of Rurlino-tnn. liavinrr resolved that their Log Cabin ho Hold and the proceeds appropriated for the benefit uf the poor: NOTICE is hereby given that the same will be sold At public auction on the l-'th day of De cember init. in the premises, nt one o'clock, 1'. M. UKU. A. ALLEN, 1 T. P. STRONG, Committee. JA8. 1. CUTLER, ) DRY GOODS AT AIU:TIO...The rub scril ere mve not co that thev will n ier for fale Public Auction, on theSlh dav of Decern1 er nev. nt the Store, ctirncr of Ch irch and College ctreclf, the entire mid exlen'ivca-i'r'inent of Dry Ouod, not nreviou-iy uiiotM otat private sale. I he sale win he poitivenndthc terms very literal to lhoc wi-hing to buy lame amounts. Sale will commence at 91 o' clock in the mornina and continue everv Tnculav. Thursday and Saturday until the whole i dipoed of. we invite tne atienliou ni Aierunant in I lie aiiioining towns in particular to l hi sale. MAYO &.W A IT, iiuriington, inuv.37, 1810. Tnutttt. MEW ESTABLISHMENT The subscri- ll bcra would inform the nuhlie that thev hnve formed a copartnership tinder the firm of MITCHELL & BARNKS, and established the Cabintt butintt in the Brick Shop foitnerly occupied by Abbott and Wood, where they are manufacturing and intend to keep constantly on band nn assortment of Sofas and Furniture, of various kinds and prices to suit custom ers i also, a few splendid Brass Clocks .cheap for cash. All kinds or lumber used in Uauinct Making received in exchange tor t urmtnre. Burlington, Dec. 2 1840. T. M. MITCHELL A. BARNES. FIRX. OTTER Seal and N era Caps) Linx and Coney Mu ; Boa ,nat rat c ilo r, Swan, Coney on I Nutr:B Trimming., B illalo R'.t es. for sale I v le.'. 2, 1810. II. W. CATLIS & Co. Tin Plate, Sheet Iron, Ac. S)rXC BOXES Tin plate 1-3 X. 6 -n lle. - ZOKJ sia Iron. 100 bundles wire. 300lbstinned copper, iot received and for 'ale l y Nnv. 29. VILAS, l,UUMf,& Co, A f J1ALES brown wheeling. 2 do. power loom fv ticks. 2ca.e York do. 1 bale 40 inch B ir- lap. 1 I ale canvas, ju$t received an I for sale by NOV. 28, 1810. V1L.AS, l.UUMISCfct;o, S)f CASES Fancy print. 2 do. hlecched sheet' CJ ins-. 1 do. Damask ta' le cover-, just rei'ciV' e.l and for a'e. n29 VILAS, LOOM IS, & Co. 1 liASL G 4 English Merino.. 1 ca e French do. X 1 ca-e iilnek bouibarine. 1 cae colore 1 do. Just ree'd nnd for sale l-y VI LAS, LOOM 1 3 & CO. rpilREADS, &c. 300 lbs. white and colored coilv,n X threa I. SO lb, linen do. 500 bundle 100 skein thread. 20 lbs. Italian sewing.. 10 lbs. Italian twist, for tale by VILAS, LOOMIS, Si Co 2 CASES London Pins. 200 dozen upenders. 50 gru-s hooks and eye., for sale by 1 ca-e wood pocket com! 50 sro.s cor-et lacel. 200 M drilled eved needles VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. NOTICE. My wife, Sophia Poietll, has left my bed and board, without anv iu tification. and I therefore forbid all persons harboring or trusting her on my account. JAMES POWELL. ueorgia, ucc. I, law. PORK LYMAN cV. COLE will pay cash for Heavy Pork, well fattened and in good order Hogs should be allowed to hang and drain one full day after butchering before taken to market. None will be bought by us witltout suitable allowance for shrink age unless in merchantable order. Cash paid for slaughtered Sheep's Pelts. Burhugton, Dec. 4,1840. BANK OF BURLINGTON. Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the Stockholders of the Bank of B irlington will be holdcn at their Bankinc House, on tho 2d Tuesday of January next, at 11 o'clock, A. M. fot the purpose of choosing seven di rectors for the year ensuing. By order of the President and Directors. Dec. 2, 1S40. R. G. COLE, Cashier. DON'T MISTAKE the sign of the Rbd Le if you would buy Common School Hook, I F.nOEB, Blank Booksor Stationery on little the bett terms. I savton' Dec. 4. S. HUNTINGTON. coMns. VJvfvr doz. Cap and Twist Combs, 3000 11 Wide and Narrow Side do BO " Coarse and Fine do 400 " Ivory do For sale by Vilas, Looms & Co. Nov. 28, 1840. EXTRA ! EXTRA ! 1 A N Extraordinary Extra lot of Silk. Worsted. iX Woolen, Coitcn and Fur Goods, with Looking uiasscs, urockery, Ulnna, uiass anil riated wares, also Knives. Forks. Puckat Knives. Rogers' Candle sticks. Servers. Spoons. &c. &c. with an increased lot of 1st 2d and 3d quality of Bosom Pins, Finger and Ear Rincs. end other Jewelry at 50 ocr cent less than low prices and thenagain a new assortment of tJarpcling at just io per cent, less than ever, with a choice lot of Family Groceries, Good Lamp Oil &c. ah lorwaroeu oy my attentive iew York buying Agent, who says, now as he bought cheap to please me he wants the goods should be sold Cheap Cheap Cheap, to please the customers of the People's Cash oiure, which snau ue uunc as opportunity oners. HOWARDS. New EantfahlUliiiient. JP. WHALING 4- CO. inform the public that they have located themselves in tli3 village of uurungton, and have httcd up a store on the cast side of Church street, which may well bo denominated vneap-siue, nearly opposite the bank or Hurling ton, and arc receiving from Now York n rhnien srIrc- lion of goods well suited to the season, which they offer for sale as hie as can be purchased in the country, for ready nny. Among their goods may bo found beaver and broadcloths, cassimercs, satinets, flannels, merinos, mousline de laines il-c. A choice selection, also of French, English and American prints, equal, at least, to any in Burlington. A general assort ment of cambrics, muslins, plain and figured, edgings, insertings, blond laces, f-c. A great variety of shawls, and tlress handkerchiefs, ladiesr gloves and hose, with a cood Sunnlv of bleached and unhlpnrhiul dnnutii goods. Also a good supply of crockery, of the latest patterns, with a few elegant astral parlor lamps j and finally, a few choice family groceries, such as teas, sugars, molasses, coffee, rice, raisins, dry fish, tobac cos, lamp oils, dc. Wc do not pretend to specify all the kinds, to say nothing of the numerous articles of which each kind is composed; but suffice it to say, that the assortment will be found to contain most of the articles wanted in the country; and those that favor us with their custom will be entirely relieved from the examination of old goods, or remnants. Our entire stock is new, and fresh from the market, nnd.hasbeen selected with the greatest possible carr. with reference to the wants, comforts and benefit of the people. But we do not wish the public to take our word in this matter, but most cordially invite them to cnll and examine for tnemscivcs. uurungton, Nov. 2G, 1840. STRAYED from an inclosure on the interval north of the village of Burlington, about 2 weeks iince, the fol owing Horses, viz- one large iron-grey .hree year old Mare; one dark bay or brown smallish sized Morgan Mare, a fine animal, five years old, car ries her head very hilll. short aurilrli tnil . nH sorrel while faced french Horse with spavin on the vp "'";. """iw nuiiKivc iiiiurninnon io II. 1 nomas, T. Chamberlain, or C. Pa red y ofBurlineton, sh II be suitably rewarded. October 22, 1840. i o nno . paimts oils, IU)UUW b. dry white Lead 100 casks ground do do 15 bbls. Venetian Red 10 ca-ks French ye low 50 bbls. American Lin.reJ Oil, 25 doSoiriti. Tiirncnline Copal Varni-h, Gold Leaf, Sand paper, Smalts, Brihe, Glue, Gum Copal, by J.& J. II. PecbcV Co, SNUFF ONLY TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. I). M. Hitchcock' newly inven'ed Snuil'ihe led arti cle ever discovered by scientific men, in Europe or America, for the core nnd absolute relief of Catarrh, 1'izzine-K oi ineneoo, rtvaw eyes, nervous tlcatl . ..i.... l.ii.... c:..i ... . v.. . ... i i..-... i nciiu , . iini, uivhiiv r, . , Mini llinilll. iruuiiictl with Snofllc , partial shocks of Palsy, &v. For sale wholc. ale and re ail, I y A. HITCHCOCK &fo., sole Proprietor, No. 117 Gene-ecst. Ulica, and by ihrir aiienl throughout the Union. In Durlinirlon, J. dt J..H. Peck k Co, In Vergenne, I y J. H. Bowman. in muion, uy uurneii at sawyer, in ueorgia. hy Lo renzo Jane. N- W BOOKS received the present week at the Rook Store vizi Two vcara before tho masti Family Physician, by Samuel B. Emmons. Christ's second coming, by J. Litch. Barnes' Notes on Isaiah. Mcmors of Mrs H. L. Smith. Voice of the Nioht. hv H. W. Lonpfellow , Family at Hcathcrdale. Tha Young Ladies Friend, Domestic Education, by H. Humphrey. Breckenridgcs Tour. Family Religion. France, its King, Courl, &e. br an American. Chinat ita state and prospects. Scotland and the Scotch, Uy C. Sinclair. Thiers History of the French Revolution, by F. Shoberl. Tongu of Time. Life and Times of Whitfield, A wreath for the Tomb. Duel's Farmera Instructor. The Orchard, by Cha's Mcintosh C. F. C. II. 8., London edition. Annuals for 1811. Tlie Token. Rose of Sharon. Nov, 3, 18KX Friendship's Offerin,', D- A. URAMAN, . BARGAINS, BARGAINS. Great I argain. In Dry Good at the store, corner of Ch irch aud College sirectt. Ihi large aurimeat I otertxt entire ai whole-ale or retail at uneienipiary low price- lor Cash or approval Note. This I an excellent opj purtunity for Merchants to buy such good a they may want loreplenNh their aoortment, and for fattii lie to supply themselves fur the icason on very ad vantageous term,. ..,., . MIVS "All, 1 rutin- Bnrlingion, Nov. 27, 1840. LOST. Eight fat sheep, marked with tar, T. M. Whoever will give information, shall be suitably rewarded. ... ... FOR SALE. A superior new milch cow and can. AUn. fur aale. or lo exchanse for cattle, sheep or pxrk, a genteel chaise and harness. U, IVl.llU.ll.La, If -vr Burlington, Nov. 24, 1840. Jolham II. Halt's Estate. WE tho Subscribers, having been appointed by the honorable the Probate Court for the district of Chitteniinn.ttimmisaioners to receive, exatninc and ad just the claims and demands of all nelsons, against the estate oi JOtnamii. naiiimeoi lviiiisioninsaiauis- trict, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto; and six monthsfrom the day of the date hereof, being allowed by said Court for that purpose,we do hereby give notice that we will attend to the business of our appointment at the dwelling of the widow Lvdia Hall in Witliston in said district, on tne jo aionaay ot ueccmner nnu on the 1st Monday of February and May next, at 10 o.clock, A. M., on each of snid days. Dated, this 23d day of November, A. D. 1840. l iviJiiiAN Kim r it.i-iut.ky. l LUTHER LOOMIS, Comrs. n.29 JOHN VAN SICKLEN, Jr., S THE Creditors arc requested to present their clnims on the first sitting of the commissioners if possible. I.YDIA HALL, Administratrix. Samuel Smith' Estate. IHrE Ibc s'lb-ml cr- bavin? I een appoin'cd bv the It bouoralle the pro' a'e court for the ditrict of Cbipen-len. coinini sinner to reitnc, examine and a ij'M the claim nnd ileman I- of all iwr-oti nsnm' the e-ta c of Sam -l Smith late uf Colcbe Ier, in 'he district afore ail, ilecea el, re;ircen!el in-oiveit', an I also all claim au-l demand e.hil red ill ot-c i her -mi and ix nuiiith- from ihedayol'lheilatc here of I emu allowedly aid court for 'that ptrpo c, we do therefore here' v Hire notice mat we win nueini iu Ihe hnhie.. of o'r anpoiutnient, at the dwellinir of Charle Smith in Colc'he-tcr in said district, on the 2d Monlavs in January and May nex', at 10 o'clock A. m., on taid uay. t'a-ei tni via nay oi .iur, n. u, 1840. L. B. PLATT, ) THO-l. BROWN ELL, Com'r.. nS4 JOHN LYON, ) TVTEEDLES. Hemmings f- Sons', Warren's, and XI other tine sewing necnies, ground aowns, ue tweens and sharps, Sadlers, Harness, Milliners, nlnvrra. Darnine. Kniltinir. Tnne. Ncttinir and Tam bour Needles. Those wish good needles can depend upon finding them at nil times at the v anety store. PINS. Paper and ounce nins. black pins, hnn pins, very long, large pins, very small, short pins, at the variety store, uy 1'akooohn cj- iiniKs.MAio. NOTICE. J. TRYON, Merchant Tailor, would respectfully announce to the public and his old customers in particular, that he continues to accom modate all who call, with the latest improved fashions and work not inferior to anv. on reasonable notice. nt his old stand ou St. Paul street. On hand and for sale cheap for cash a choice assortment or superior Broadcloths, Cassimcres, Vcstings, and Trimmings. N. B. Coats cut ror 5U cents, cash. P. S. Those indebted will please call and pay up Burlington, Nov. w, isiu. w ICM. WtiR.ll. Da. M. Hitchcock1 unrivalled and uncanalled WORM TEA, a sovereign remedy for Worm. Strange and incredi ble are Ihe e feet oi ine-e iieie.iaiie vermin; icw niTson. and it i. thought none are free from them, par ticularly female and children. Many per-on go through a ditrc-sing course or medicine without a lenefil, when they iiiisht be relieved by using the Worm Tea. This invaluable medHne ha lieeu teted by the exrience of more than ten years use, ant ndmiiiistcrtid to more than 16.000 persons of various age-, and not one solitary complaint : on theconlrary hundred have called, and unoliciled, ttiyen their ; de cided prcierence to p. mier trying tne n -emu nrucics sent forth to ibepuMc, and pronounced Dr. M. Hitch cock'. Worm Tea ihe miM safe, effectual, and con venient remedy that can he obtained ; lor in no one ot the thousand of intance where it ha I een u-cd airreeal le to the printed dire -lions ha- it everfai!ed. i. 11. AS. lortir. Illinu-liUK-. "un.l .., in-ic nre many nostrum-al road for the de lr u'tii-nof wi.nn For sale whole ale and retail I y A. HITCHCOCK & CO., sole proprietor-, 117 Geiie.-ee -tree, Utii-n, and I y their auent throu-.'ho it the Union. In Burlington, by J. & J. H. Peck & Co., and Theo. A. Peck & Co., in vergenncs, oy J. n. iiowmnn. in luiiton, .oy Burnet & Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. INQirilli ASK I HOSK WHO KNOW. I'lm.e unit whoknuwbt liintm unnieili.np olner vuliou, run fin in un idm of i be rflrrie, nfllie peifrrl relief, nfllie hIiihis rlurui. like cioen -fP-rled incases of ihe I'ltrs. Rheumatism, all SwuLiiitos, mid all ex-rimil PAINS, no iinlirr h-iwsevrie, hv the one of llms' Liniuieni, I-ind one who Im lined ll linn will not l-iiid ii iihutp hII tliiiigti eter used, nnd )iin will fiml wlut c-.iiiiiiI be fnuiiil. t3' "r eliefnl snff.-r. mg hum-ill briugs-wli" lie iifflired, I heg mi tn Hk -k of i lime who know usk lie lion. ALFHKU I'onKLIS, U. S Jiflgefor ilul ibstriet, lesudiiiK near Auburn, H.k Matthkw J. MvekJ, E-ki. Alliens, N YtH.ktSen. Durr Gxr.es. t oe of Wrfi-liiiunin ritt, eirhol'ihese((eiiiieiiien know ofca.es oruiui( ier. able lit all oilier lemed es or i-liysii'Miis, 1 1 nil men forin-inv e.u-, ihu he been roied lit ihe use nfllie g inline lay's Liniment Th .ii.nudii ofodier iieismi kn-iw similar i ii e Wn uppejl in iheir srnse nf ju, tire iheir Iiiiiimii feebiiK JCPli in but a i!hi )un owe in tnur puttering lelinwneiiis lo lei liiisgteul reniedt lie known. Sienknf it then lo -ill yiiir ft ifHils This will e.ive nun ll miii uheie ihe neisi.i eis air nii read, or where le cleis air- inc edn'on., Iieciiuseso inaut tviirih'e.s iiriirles re Hdveriiseil fnr the smne puipn.e. To butere we say, if nil who have used ii do nut s-iy it liHtnnd all prsise, iben do not Hike n The piopiie'or'willnoi iillnw ill's jnirle io be pi id for unless it emeu, when -ill 'be diieeiinni me fully full nv eil. Will lint nne euffeiing refuse nw In ii) it ? Ifhe does, lie oualii m ha piiisd uioie l--r hie obsniiary iIihii hi. suflViiiii. IGPMr. Ilt wniild ueter ronin III In offer I hie sriicle, tteiehe not roinpelled by trie sense of rnorxl ol religious dint to no all in Ins potter lor lie tinim of disiirss and misery. For litis purpose he would 'miner dero'e a foriune, thin serine -lolUr fnr ant wiirihless article. ICPLOOK OUT. Some ewindteis li-ive riiun'eifeiird lies miicte, xud put ii up with viirious tletii i s. Do mil be imposed upon. One ilii- g unit will pro-ei.t ton it is ihe iwiiienf Cnmncyi k tf Co ; linn ii-inie Hitisi be alttats on ihe wrspperi or yiui me rne.i-eil 1),i noi fngei it. Tke ibi. dure linn wnh tim, and te-l by iImI. or never but ; for it is impiissible fnr ant oiher'io br line or genuine NOLO HIM II VH Sold lit Comttoek tr Co ? Fleirhei eneei, N Ymk. THEO 1 I'Et.'K & C. Wlinles-tle A-nis for, I lie SM-e nt Vriinuiii. mo THE It 4 Mr-UK AIM l V DTIIKIt I II e 4ii, ku-it 4 iieililhii or a fiiend hn Im. Iireii Itald, nnl ttli-ie heul now eoteieil wnh fine Inn? line wh e run rnh-ir w.i rmeied wnh d in huff, ill-nigh lupsheil exert Imiii whii-h h-is notv vol shed ennii-lt ! Oi one vth-.-e li.iu nl emit "kf weie in iing tin y, uh'i ii" Ih inn h giet Imm 7 l.'hildieii wbo-e lis -ll wrie mteied ttuli eeinf. uh'-Se li.it wnn'il nut grow, ihu 4ie imu gniMiug the fullein i-inps if l.rfir I Simie Crt-is iiiiisI be kiinwii In iiluin peieniii, Ak ill'lll -lleclls.-, 4i.il too Will he Intd ImI llie.e h-iig h tie been dime lit ihe one nf ihe Balm of Co. lumbia. Of 20 ti-.iiegrnwih ihi Hiiicle, n ileiii-md iniieisiiig Hiiiiiinllt some hninlieil per rem. th-ugh when distcivi red mil npposeilbt iiiitilnug lor ilie.iine iuiMie, now 4ssHibil hy nhiinl iiniulieilrss iiiueliioi.il imh pieMriiiin-tlui will min the b ur if used lo suit exieni. t.'.ni m-ue Ih-ni ihe.e fids be w-mied - irler io ihe reroiiiiiisn-l.il ion. by a li'i of name uf iespiiH. Iiility, uneqiMlled lit any other article. Ltmk lo iltese tilings Inn. ibis -iriir.tr. Stay an-l presrrte tuur Ii jr b i' iisp, or if ImIiI re.iine ii, l..iiliiv, alieud In thi. luiu-lieil. in I'jsliioiMblt life are using it us ihe only arnrle rrallt fit fnr the ioil'1, Long h-iir is ten apt tit fill mil ' 1.4 ir. life the II ihu nf t'o'tnnbi.i in time lo ens tiiii'se'te. ihe ibfgr.ire ul haltlne h neglect nf yum peisuua III. tnnr iluly, a mmalisip to ,ne sen e I he beam let of nninre, wiili Hbii-h a iHiniiiifnl Creatoi bus endowed nn ; imp the Bnbii,fur ll will tlu il, CAUi niN I'll HE HF.mK tlllEREI). 8rei-d iini.i fl.igr-nil iilieiiipn h ue been ui.de tn tMiineifeii ihe line Rutin of Ciiliunhi4. Smne n ilie I ipimei. but e gone en f.ir in i-iuiiiieifeii die slin. ti I wiapirre, and ihe Full nf Nugmn, nnd eei ex. piimI nMikexcepi llieii.ine of Coinsn-rk. whlrh thet lue n i- linge. To ntoid uniu.iii'-n iheiefioe, nl W4t o"k lor ilie itnine nf Coinnlork k Co. or L. 8. Cuiii'lork, nnd never Inn lite 4rnrle unless ii limih.it n one ii)u il Snid wlinle.ile ami r. lull, unit hi Nn. 2 Fleirlier .urn, N. Y. i IIEO. A. PECK & Co. W bulrsula Ainn fnr ids Himo nf Vrinioni. el RICH plain black and blue black gro de a wiss silks for dressessi changeable gro de New York, gro de Afric and repp silks, assorted colors for bonnets Clain and fig'd poult de soi silks, dark and light colors, lack, blue black and colored silk velvets. A large assortment of ribands of all kinds i chinelle cord, ilk cord, dec. Tassels, Itce veils, worked collars, Thread laces, working cotton, black trimming lace. Light nd dark kid gloves, black fillet do. Rlark silk and mohair mills, by N. LOVELY CO. STORE TO LET aud Block or Dry Goods For 8ale..A first rate store suited to a large business with a good run of customer, would He let for term of years, nnd the w.hole pr part of the Slock for sale on very advantageous teYms. The present is . r.r. .nlim-tnnllir fir .til- nnn l&M,irirnrrTn nritl1IPnr(t : h.uiness, forfurthfr pirtfeulara applv ntijio stoic, Jo MA'0 tS:- WAIT, Tructit. Bntlmrun 0t ? ' ' . ISAAy ffAHntiiH . HAS received and keeps constantly on hamf a largo and full tossorlmcnt ot GROCERIES, among which are COGNAC BRANDY, St. CROIX RUM HOLLAND GIN, A variety of WINKS, and almost every article in the Grocery line, all uf which no win sen on mo inoni reasonautc terms. lie would nlso inform Tavern keepers in narticnlar that he will sell rum, brandy and gin for G3 cents a gallon, which no win wnrrnni oi a oeiicr quality titan some which have lately been hawked about the country bv a certain New Yolk pedlar, and if not adjudged by inc iirsijuiiL'es io tic oeiicr, ne win noi nsn any pay for them, lie invites them to call and compare. uumngiun. uci. miu. it. IKON. ST I? EL, Ac. )( Tons assorted sizes. Enirlish Tire Iron, XiKJ 3 " " Swedes Iron. 5 " Russia Old Sable do 25 11 Peru m-iniifacturcd Iron, eonsistinc of all the various sizes of round from i inch to 2 inch- square do., Hand, Scroll, Hnmc. nnd Horse Shoe Iron &C.&C. STI- EL. Sanokason oi Huotiieb's Cast Steel, all sizes, do Qrcnvcs' Oermnn do English Blistered and American do, Afro, a full and general assortment of 'all descriptions of goods con nected with the above trade. Nov. 19, 1840. STRONGS 6i CO. 300 Canada I"nics.Tln Ac. Boxes Canada Plates, 100 do Tin plates I X with extra sizes, 60 bundles Iron Wire assorted, B0 do assorted Nos, English Sheet Iron, 10 Packs Russia Sheet Iron, together with tinned and black Rivets, Copper do, Kettle Ears, Wire Vellum, Sheet Lead and Zinc &c. bv iov, is. STKUiNUS t;o. SHEET ZINC AND SHEET LEAD. Q Casks Sheet Zinc 21 lo 46 inches wide, iclics wide, STRONGS b CO. J 3 rolls Sheet Lead, by Nov. 19, 1840. SLEIGH SHOES, &c. Pair Steel plated, Cutter and Sleigh Shoes, 0J Cast Iron do. finished Crow Bars, Anvills, Vices, Waptron Boxes, Shovels, Spades, Dung Forks, Sheet I-end, Sheet Ziiic,MoIIow ware in ureal variety. INOV. I'J. S TKU.MJS K t.U. SToVES At lMPESTnoNGS & Co. have re ceived and offer to purchasers COOKING STOVES of aercat vnrictvof siz s and most approved patterns, wnicn win dc soin nt wuoie snic or retail, wun or without tnmmim.'s, to suit purchaser.'.. Also, PARLOR AND BOX STOVES in great variety of sizes and patterns. Canada single nnd double Stoves 24 to 3G inches, together with 5000 JOINTS STOVE VIPK or Uanadn, Kngltslt and Russia sheet Iron. Dumb Stoves, stove furni ture of Cooper. Conner bottom, nnd Tin. Connected with this establishment is a manufactory of Stove Trimmings, Sheet Iron work and Tin Ware, which can sunnlv nt short notice any article not on hand, on reasonable terms nnd in style inferior to none. The attention of purchasers is respectfully solicited. NOV. 23, 1S1U NEW TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT At Winooski Villase. The subscriber has com menced the tnilorinir business in this place, and will do all kinds of work in his line in as good style as it is done at any shop in this section of country. Cutting done at all times, on snort notice. WANTED An apprentice nt the above business JEREMIAH HARRINGTON. Nov. 10, 1840. UNBLEACHED Cotton Shirting and Sheeting, cotton yarn, batting, wickinu, black and white wadding, Russia diaper, crash table diapcts, padding canvass, merseilles, quilts, countcrnaines, rose and horse blankets, bleached cottons, tiieacncu ana un bleached cotton flannels, English, French and Amer ican prints, as cheap as the cheapest, Dy n8 N. f OVF.LY & CO. 1 lUUrv STUllfc.. The subscuuer is wecKiv ucuv Xj ing new supplies of Books, and his store now contains the best assortment he lias ever ottered to tin public. Among the miscellaneous works this day re ceived, are the following : Ten thousand a year.'Per rv's Vovasres. Jack a shore. 2 vols. Memoirs of thi court of England by John H. Jesse, Shetland and the Shctlandcrs bv Sinclair. Woman's mission: Around the world a narrative of a voyage in the East India Snuadron under Commodore Uco. U. Kccd in i vols. uontessions ot narrv L.orrcuucr i voi. Burhneton, Nov. IU. ti. A. mt.fllA.. Moses Rugbies Kstatc. STATE OF VERMONT. ) Tn nil persons con Pistrict of CiiiTTr.Nor.N.ss. 5 X ccrned in the cs tnte of Moses Ruceles late of Westford. deceased, Elisha Ruggles, administrator of the estate of Moses nuggtcs, laic oi tvesuoru, in saiu district, oeccasju hnvinu filed in said court his petition, in writtint', set- ting forth that tlie amount o debts against said estate as allowed ny tne commissioners, is 3rwo,au; Hint from said administrators first administration account allowed by said cour', it appears that there is a balance that the amount of personal estate on hand is S1S1.51 and thnt it will be necessary to sell all the real estate of siid deceased, together with the reversion of the widow's dower therein, lor the payment or the dcht! against said estate and tho expenses of administration which real estate consists of the home farm of said deceased, so called, containing, by estimation, one nundreo and twenty live acres, and noout tnirty tit acres of land Ivinc on Richardson's Hill, which land are situate in snid Westford and of which the widow of the said deceased has been endowed of one third part, and praying said court to grant him license to sen ti-c whole oi said estate, togetner with tne rever sion of the widow's dower for the purpose aforesaid Whereupon the court aforesaid doth order that said petition he heard before said court at a session thereof to be held at the Register's officcin Burlington, nn the second Wednesday of December next, and that notice inereoi ne given to an persons micreaicu oy me puim cation of this order, containing tho substance of said petifion, three weeks successively in the Free Press a newspaper printed in Burlington in the county of Chittenden, the last of which publications to be pre vious to said second Wednesday of I'crembrr, 1840. Given under m v hand nt Burlington, in said District, this 11th, day of November, 15-10. WM. WESTON, Ilcaister. Winodskl Iron Foundry. THIS concern is yet in operation, and ready " execute all orders for castings, in good order, nnd of good metal, for various purposes. The subscriber is now ready to contract or otherwise for tho building of mills of all descriptions, being in a situation to fur nish all the materials at short notice. Contracts will be taken very low. Plans of all kinds of mills made on application to the subscriber, and warranted cor rect ; which will save cost in building, and also many blunders. An assortment of castings such as kettles, ploughs, waeon boxes, wagon arms, sleich shoes, box and cooking stoves, n very superb article, for doing a lame business with little work and fuel, all of which can be found at all times, at this concern. Patterns made lo order on reasonable terms. Also the subscriber offers for sale one first rate biah pressure steam engine, of four horsepower, a cood article, built from Liccester's plan, and has heen in use, which will be sold reasona ble, and on credit. All orders to tho subscriber, Bur lington, Vt. will receive attention. JESSE GAY. Winooski Village, Nov. 10. C1AUTIO.N. The genuine Mori-on'. Pill. made at the BrilMi College pf lleabb, Lon Ion, can I eol tainolat the Variety Store and iiiiotiich place in this town ; anil reinent' cr, every I ox and pael.el is signed with a pen, "Pans' nrnnn.nJriiismnid." nil sold in the s'a e are so SIGNED. P 'Hia cr- will p'ca c rcmcni I crihi caution. Panoeokv & IIiiinsmaid, tatea:ents NEW SHEET IHON, COPPl'.R & TIN WARE ESTABLISHMENT. 'I hesubscril cr, bite of the firm of Starr it Bo-tvick, bavins p irebased ami re moved to ibo Store lately occupied I y Strongs & Co., east side of the Conn Houe Square, one door north ol the Log Cabin, i- now ready to do all kind of worl. that the p iblic wi- Ii in hi fine of buiiie-s, such a covering roof- with tin, making and putting up cave troughs and spoilt.. All kind of Tin, sheet Iron and Copjicr Ware will le kept on hand, and for sale nt as low price-as can I c found in tho State. Sheet Zinc, Conner Piimn-. Lead Pipe, and all other articles in the line of our bu-uie.-s ken on hand. For cbeapue-s of price and nca'ne-s of execution, my work will not le excelled by nny in tho state. If yon w'sh foranythin? in the above line, before you trn 'e le sure and call upon H. II. BOSTWICK. B irlington, July, ISI0. BlITtlllc.UI.X.. I'I.esul.M-riler Mill butcher Hogs an I other animal-, and pack the samo (for family me, if ri'ip'Csted,) fi r all thoe who may wish iu this village, ihu pre cut fall and if not done in a workiunltl emanni r, no pay. Burlington, Sept. 21. CALEB RICHARDSON. N. II. Having good accommodation , I will ta' c the animals at my residence and return them well dre.iod, for a fair cnn,'enaiion C. R. rp O COUNTRY MERCHANTS FALL 1 SUPPLY OF EARTHEN, CHINA AND GLASS WARE. A. SEASON & Co.. nre now re ceiving a supply of Earthcrn, China and. Glass-Ware among which miy ueiuuuu mu lunumii; i Kidgways uicni nt up " White Chine Glazed, " 11 Grnnito China, " Blue " " . , " Bourbon Sp'g aniteChma, " fl arthen, and i Pink DINING, TEA, IRtAKrA8 and TOILET WARE Low priced China Tea Sctsi plain and cut Lamps and Tumblers, of every variety, pattern and price. Together withn very large assortment of cover goods, embracing qualities and quantities, not usually found north of New York. All of which are offered at the very lowest prices, at No. 165 Rivcrst. Troy. o30.3w HARD WARE, SADDLERY WARE, OUNS, Ilollow ware, fc. The subscriber has just re ceived and is now opening a large and general assort ment of ihe above goods; comprising nearly every article in the line, nnd which will he sold on very rea sonable farms for cash or thorl credij at the hard ware store, turner of church 9 VtOHnRT M OOD Y . BurlinE'-'ri Nov 20 1810. r.llnhn Btcclc'R Estate. STATE OF VERMONT. ) The Probate Court for DtsTBtcT or ChitteMdem, ss. the District of Chit tenderi f To the creditors nnd others conacrncd ill the estate of Eliphns Steele lato of Hincsburgh in said Wntrict, deceased. Wmebeas Josiah Steele, administrator of the estate ofsafd deceased, has made application to this Court, to extend the tunc limited lor niacins payment ot tne lebts or said deceased, tweivs months irnm thn iilh lav of November. 1840. and the second Wcdnesdsv of January next, beini? nssisnrd for a hearing In tho premise, at tne twice or tne iccgisrcr oi tins tourr, nnd it having been ordered that notice thereof be iriven, by ptiblishinir this decree three wrvliH succes sively in the Free Press, n news paper printed nt Bur lington, before the time fixed for hearing. Therefore, you nre hereby notified, to appear before siid Court, ot the lime nnd place nforrsaitl, then and there, to make objection if any yon have, to the snid time of payment being further extended as aforesaid. Given under mv band nt Burlington, this 5th day of November, A. 'D. 1840. v,M. w i-irvi u.N, Kep'S'rr. TO BDILDBRS. PROPOSALS will be received for biiililine n Brick School House at Winooski Village. Snid pro posals must be delivered, senled. nt the office of the Winooski Iron Foundry on or before tho 2th of De cember next. Builders wishing to cxnmine tho plnns, can see them at all times by cnlling nt llic nforesai I plncc. Proposals for the Mason woik, must Include diggingror the foundation stone, hrick nnd laying; plastcrinir, and nil materials contieeted thercwi h. The proposals for the Carpenter work must include ine tiinocr, nnu mitcriais connected inerewnnj nnu finished ready for plastering! the painting nlso inclu ded. JESSE GAY, t,..;i.i: BENJ. WRIGHT, J- r" 7L Nov. 23. GEO. W. HORTOX, $ Committeo. NEW GOODS it E. 7 Knlcsby's corner Uriel; Store near Mr, Philo Dooli tile's. rTMIE subscribers ore receiving an entire new selec- x tmn oi DRY GOODS HARDWARE, DRY GROCERIES, CROCKERY, GLASSWARE, FINE SACK SALT, Coarse ..nd Fine CAN ADA SALT, CODFISH, NAILS. L.A.M1 OIL,, GLASS, &.C and respectfully invite the attention of purchasers to the new prices. tl. .11, UIUW1.M..O IX t-0 Burlington, Nov. 20, 1810. 't m: AMM.KT .IV I-:." Tho viibscrdcr I-i tvoul.l re pec filly return hi tbnuk. to hi former patrons H r the many f.ivor received, anil would also inform them tha: be continue Bool. Bind In? and Blank Book manufacturing at hi old stand- that he will cll Blank Book, common school looks. Bible. Albums and stationery on a good term a any one. Blank Bool; made to any pattern on snori nonce, i nc pa ronizc u uiu inline i re specif illy solici'e.l. SAMUEL 1 1 U.N i'lNGTON. Hisn ol ihe ited i-ctaer, ) col!i:c-t. Nov.20, 1810. I 10 OIlOCEItlES. Hhds St. Croix and N. O. Suaars. 20 Bbls. do do 10 Boxes refined and Loaf do 5 Bbls Crushed do 6 do Powdered da 50 Chests II. S., V. II. and O. II. Tins, 20 Bags Java b Laguira Coffee, Pepper V Spice. 5 Casks Saieratu , 10 Boxes Starch, 20 kegs if- boxesTobacco i 10 kegs Ginger, 30 boxes Bat Soap, I 50 malts Casein, 10 boxes Pipes, 1 cask Cloves, 30 bbls Lorillards Snuff 1 do Nutmegs, and Tobacco. I ifc. ifc. ifc, by Nov. 10. STRGNGS ,' CO. Gcorec S. Ilalc's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT. JTIIE Honorable Distbict or Chittenden, ss. J. the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden : To nil persons concern ed in the estate of George S. Hale, late of Westford, in said District, deceased, Grpetino : Whereas John W. Hale, administrator of the estate of said deceased, proposes to render an account of his administration, and present his account ngainsl said estate for examination and allowance nt a session of the Court of Probate, to be holdcn nt the Register's office in Burlington, on the second Wednesday of De cember next. Therefore You arc hereby notified to nppear before said court nt the time and place aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why tho account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington, this twelfth dayof November, A. D. 1610. Wm. WESTON, Register. Orson I. Wlicclci's Estate. STATE OF VI RMONT, rr H E Honorable District or Chittenpe-v, ss. X the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden : To all persons con cerned in the estate of Orion P. Wheeler, late of Chnrlotte, in said District, deceased, UnKr.Ti.so -. Whereas, Shclden Wheeler, administrator of the estate of said deceased, proposes to render an account of his administration, nnd present his account nguinst said estate for examination and allowance at n session of the Court of Probate, to be holdcn at the Recistcr's ofTice in Burlington, on the second Wednesday of December next. Therefore, You are hereby notifiul to nppear before said court at the time nnd place aforesaid, nnd shew cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given undermy hand.ntBuilington, this eighteenth day of November, A. D. 1S10. Wm. WESTON. Register. I El'ORTED as at Howard's Grand Bazaar cash -i- store. Howard. Ha, ha, how do you do Mr. Smith, glad to see yen. smith, wen, wen, wen, i maim you. u wiiai a man, so filled with custoniers,0 what lots of Goods. II. Just so, I tell you, never so many before, and all good first rate, no mis ake. a. Cheap too, I suppose. II. You arc ruiht. if not so. should not have bounlit them; moimy is "citing plenty nml may as well keep it going, I buy with and sell for it onlv just an Agent for the People, O yes I keep a People's Store and work encap. . S. That's what wo like, wc can get nil kinds of useful good pretty and handsome goc-ds lure, of tho latest fi:h.ins. ... H. Thank you, thank you, great compliment, I an. glad thev think so, walk along, look around, in the Carpel Room below, up in the saloon, or in the gallery above, or any where please excuse for a moment, all the clerks are busy, some customers waitinz, 1 will sec you again soon. Nov. 10, 13-10. DA. BllAMAN, Bookseixt.r asp Stationee, Btulington, respectfully informs his fiknds and the public, that he is still constantly making additions to Ins assortment of Lmr, Medical, Classical, Iliitor ical, and Miscellaneous Works, from most of the prominent f ublUhing houses in the country. He will endeavor to have it at all times cmbraco the most popular publications in every branch of litcrnture nnd science. His stock of School Books, in every depart ment of Iraming. of the most popular editions now in use, comprises all that are used in this section of the country. Blank Books of all sizes and dcsciirtions, of superior ruling and paper, nnd bound in a substan tial manner, constantly on hand. Cnp nnd Letts Paper of every quality nnd t'cscriptioii, ns well ns Diawingand Fancy pnper of nil colors nnd varieties, together with a genera! assortment of T.VTIONERY and almost every article usually called for in n Book store, always for sale. All of which wire purchased nt very low prices, and will be sold at a amall advance from cost. , "CHc respectfully iiiwtrs th. attention of Parents Teachers anil Merchants, to his stock nnd juices. Burlington, Nov. 19, 16)0. .MUSIC. , , t0 MR. A. GRANT begs respectfully to inluiiate , tha inhabitants of Burlington and vicinity tha he will open classes for instruction in Vocal and In strumental Music early in November. Particulars known by applying to Messrs Pnngborn & Britisnwid. Balls ami private dancing parties altendid. o23 Burlington, Oct. 23, 160. rTMlEO. A. PECK & Co. at the sign of the Mortar X have just ree'd a quantity of Cayenne Pepper, of I'.nglHi importation, constantly on nana, tioiiiuay Gum Mvrrn, g.'nuino Rayberryftark.de. do. in Pow der, Jamaica Ginger Root, do. do. in Powder, Bengal snd Ohio Turmerics, A c. A c. Sept. 1G, 1S40. LAST AHIuVa'l. NEW GOODS just received by the subcrhVr i ind it is of but little consequence to the purchaser now they came. I will only say they wi re mostly piirchnsed on a credit nnd will linvo to bo sold nt soma prico to pay my tbbts as I will convince nny ono who will call at my store on Pearl street. SIDNEY BARLOW. TV OTICE. Thu scbscribers having formed a L partnership under thcnamiand firniof STAnu& Dow, in the Tin, Sheet Itonand Stove business, would respectfully inform (he public that they keep constant ly on hand a complcto assortment in the nbovo line, f hey have now on hand a variety of Parlour, Rox and Cooking Stoves, ti imings Ac, which they will disnoseof at iho very lowest piices in inatket. All orders will ho executed on short notice and in the best style of workmanship. J. J. STARR, ISAAC DOW. Church St., opposite the jail. ) uurungton, uct M, imu. I7ALL patterns of Merinos. Tjighotlis, brown h k 1 and purple, fine qualities. AlbpinrH, brown, bl k nnd light colors. Mouselin de Isines, nil wool, cotton nnd wnnl. nnd silk and wool, r rcnch, German, ant English Merinos. Alpacea cloths, und black ground mouselin do laincs, very fine and beautiful, for sale by mouscun oo ""J H. W. CATLIN & CO. To lurcltasern of nook A fitatloucry. DA. BR AM AN o ler at whole ulc nod retail a choice as-orlineiil of School BOOKS nnd Mi, rollancous works, loge'lier with an ex'ensitc supply of Sianonery. Civin'rv merchan's can lofrnih'il with all k'n l of l'APrR, on thn mo t tea rm'V terni' . I'iooV m l' a arc o' a'nc.l m Bo-ion 'N Yerl; and pin'a'plph'a mar' c , criVre.-'at bortiirtlctv 0urlini;ton,.Oct.K, IB-JO- DOCT. MA1MIAI.tVf Aromatic, Catarrh and Headache SNUFF. This Snull Is superior to any thing yet I. nown, for removing that troublesome dl ca c. uiev-niarrti, and also a coiu in tne i.rau, anu iuc headache. It om-n and iinriro. out all obstructions. stiengl ben thu gland ,nn(l give a bwallhy action to the part. a -eciul. ll i pi rfeetlv free from any thing dele terious tn it composition ha n leaiani flavor, and ns imiui: nnicu .co, ntier I ting men, is ' grecatis.-" PriceOO cents per I utile. l)o.-t. Marshall's Vee'ah'e Indian Black PLASTER. 'I hi Pis tcr I tinrivallcil lor ocring si'rofnloM swel ling, s -urvy sore. Lame riacl;. anil rreh wounds pain fn 'be side-, Hip. and Liml s and seldom fail to mve relief iu local Ilhe tnnti in-. If applied to tha side,it will cure many uf -he common Liver Complaint; mi l I ini al. If not stiiient.r. Hi out tbniir In ue for corn on the feci , the t Irti c of ihi Piaster have I n wi ne e.l I y lliti ound- if individual in the Unfed Sin c, v. Ihi' unvote tol i' eilita y. Sold I y Ihe pro prieiorp u.i-. ixiucn, .n"i oi.urj, vt., nnu into. a. Pkck iV Co., rii'rlinan n, A t. jc)9 MAC. N 1'CT IC ODO NTI CA 1 UK TEET lift Till. TI.I TH r-l UK lNto.MVALAni.B Tooth I'rtcr.MiVTtov. 'I ho fact I prtned, and the inot in-cre-lulou a. I doul ling tire f nly c(uivinted,a we hava be eyldent e from the sale, of 20.000 loxe of the Otlon lica, within Ihe pat vcr, thai the Utopion dreams nl lliuulchymi-iK.ro realized, and a remedy discoveretl for lire erving thu u important and uicful appendages of the liumnn sys'L-in, I y the tiii of the MagnutiuOdon lien, wnicn i y u- uiiiactivc, nno sirengiiiening quail lie-, remove-till exirnneoit substance from the teeth and preserve. Ibem in tbeiruatiiral brilliancy, and ihe g in iu .-O'liidne.. and lenuty. ll i- ascertained from experience, that when ucd, the teeth will never do cay, but remain 'III the late! age of mnn, with their na'ural wear. When they nre decayed, it progress will le arre-tcd, and tbetcclh pre-crvttl and picventrd and preserved fioin iieliing all thi ha I ttn done in a niiillitude of uptoncu ! ami more in thousands ol i:aes, uervon toothache, (that climax of pain) ha at once I ecu e ci-tuillj curc.l ly popular dcntrifrice in America. And in conclusion, v here, or who is the young lady or gentleman, aye, the individual that values a I cautiful ci of teeth, sound gum and a swevt brealb more than lifiy cent-, that ivill lo longer deti tnteofit box of Dr. M. llilchcitil.VMnsncticOilontica. For sa e wheio-nlc and te nil, I y A. HITCHCOCK it Co., No. 117 Genu co st. Ulica, N. Y., and by their airentlhroughout ihe United ritnte. In Burlington, by J. & J. II. Peck & Co., nnd Theo. A. Peck & Co. In Vergenncs by J. II. Bowman. In Milton, by Bur nett& Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. nug2 Vf ATUIU-J'S H.ND RESTORATIVE. This -lN valuable Vcirc'nl le Medicine stands iinrivalleJ tor thefi-llotyins compla nt, viz: lly.peiisia, or Indi getlon,dii i."tl Liter, bilioti disorder, Dropsy, Asth ma, t-olivcuus. Worm ami lo of Appetite, and bv clean-ing the tom.ieh and bowel., cure. pain in tha si Ic, stomach an I breast, cold and cough of long sUmling, lloir.-tne .. shorincs ol Lrcath, Ncrvouj compla nt-, etc., which arefreinently the elect t.f du cat'.', l'or Fewrand Ague, it l a mo.t valuable pre ventative a well a a sovereign remedy, ll virtues urpa-s any thing heretofore knuwn in removing St. Vitus' Ditn'c, twli loltle-have I ecu known to cura thi.alllictin;ili-case, af er li.ivuig luilled every exer tion for four year.. It ha a ino-t powerful influenco in removing uervon. complaint-. It i pleasant totaku and o cay in it operation, 'bat it may I c administered to the infant wi h safely. The al ove Medicine i very Inalily tei'ommendeil 'l-y many cieiin'tio gentlemen, and a lane n mil er of lathe , who have proved tha virtue- of the Medicine by personal i sand that of their familie-. A I ill ofoer ihia eaini itij-anic each I ottle, wilhdirei'tion. It may ' c h i 1 whole ale or re' ad of S. Ilri:niu, Uaire, and J. C. Enrnnm, La t Willinius town, Vt. sole piopneii r . I'rei-tiied from the origin al recipe; for sale I y F, II. I'renu'-i, Mon'pelier, and J. & J. II. Pi'.ck & Co, and 'I itEo. A. Peck Co., Bur lin'on, uiul in die principal town in the state; all direction, signed in the hand writing tf the proprietor. jelB SHERMAN'S COUCH LOZENGES. HIS Li zeiiae me senled, and have "A. Sher man, M." I)." on the file of the I ox. 'I hey are the snfe-t, mo-t sure ami e ectnal remedy for t'o'gh, Cold-, Con-ump'ions, uhoopins Cough, Asthma, Tish'ne-. of the Lunsr. or chet, eVc. flic The proprietor has never known an in-lance where they did not give perfect sati faction. Several thous and l oxe. hate I ten sold within the lat three inonihs restoring to hcalih, per-ons in nlmost every stage ol iouiiuiition, and those lal oring under the mo I dij ti J.-sine cold and cough. They do not chuck and dry up the cough, hut lender it easy, promote expec toration, all.iy the tickling or irritation, and remove the proxinia'c or exciting cau e. They are made from a eoml.iir.ition of the mol valuable expectorant, orcousli medicines, and are undoubtedly superior to every thins in use fur those complaint.. Hundreds upon hundred- of certificates have I een ollered of their wonderful virtue , from those who have I een saved from an untimely grave, ami re.-tored to perfect health by using them, Do-r.. One lozense i a do.a for an a'l.ilt, ami tuny l e repeated from three to six I mi n day, n requited. Children, eight jear. year old, half of one: four j car-a quarter, and o in pro portion. Very small children or infants will take ti.em be i di-sohed'iii u little water. Should they act as an emetic, or produce nausea, the do-e must le les-ened to what the stomach will I c.ir. Hall of one will gen erally 1 e -iitlicicnt to take 1 efore brcakfa-t, a the stomach i then more eaily siel.eueJ. No ill cTeeta can an'.c from an ovcrdo-c, a it will cause the sto mach lo re.ect il ; niidnltlfo-igh not a pleasant seiita- tim, will le found to ive relief. Where ttere is much pain in tho 1-rea-t or idc, one of Sherman's Poor Man' I'la-tcr -hould le applied over the part, and worn till relieved. Ifnttemled with costivencs, a few c.vhai ie or laxative Lozenge, or any mild ca thartic medicine, should I e ued it m-ca-ion rei'iire. Sold nt the Varicv Store, by PANGBORN & BRINSMAID, Jeweller, II- rlmston, Vt. wholcnle a.'eiit. A If eral di-co- n' to merchant-, who buy to sell ajaiu. Slicniiau's r.rrast Ointment, If applied pronei ly nnd in due lime, will cure the most painful eases ol swelled bieasf, and prevent the for mation of abscesses Even where the swelling has pointtd and shown everv appearance of breaking, this ointment has entirely d.spilled it, and restored the parts to n healthy condition. In applying it, a smooth nnd soft coverim; to the breast should" be made of soft lentlur, or fine compact Imm, with a hole in the cen tre to admit the niple. When so made, put a coating of the ointment over the inner surface nnd apply it clos- ly and smoothly over the whole breast, leaving the nipple protruding ihrouuh the hob, so that tha child can nurse, winch it should do as long as the mother can boar it. Care should be taken to have tho brcait drr-vn bv the child or otherwise, so as to pre vent nn accumulation of milk. Whencor the plas ter gets niiMed, and thereby uncomfortable, a newone should be applied, and constantly worn until a cure is atlccted. It is sometimes necessary to sin the sides so they will conform to tc shape of the breast, and cover it closely. Ask for Sliei man's brenst ointment, and si e that bis signature thus, "A. Sherman, M. D" is on the wrapper, none other can be centime. SHERMAN'S PAPILLARY OIL Is the only infallible remedy for sore nipples ever dis covered. It will cure the most troublesome cases in n few days, without depriving the infant of the hrrast wurranted s-uperior to all other remidies when npplied according to tho directions on the bottle. Sec that the signature of "A. Slierman, M. D." is on thu wrapper, none other is genuine. Be particular or you will be deceived ami disappointed. Sold nt the Varie ty store. l'ANGPORN fc BRINSMAID. I MPORTAXT TO MOTHERS & YOUNfi I'EMAI.IW.-" Docts. Rr.YNt tus & Pakmelei's celebrated PILLS, or HEALTH RESTORATIVE for complaints peculiarity incident to the Female Sex. This article is now brought btforc the public, under snnct.on of ihe strongest testimony, froni those who have nlJ.t used it, nnd nlso witnessed its unequallid powers, in the removal of Female obstructions of the most aggravated nnd desperate character. Thcs testimonials are not brought from tho ignorant and illiterate but fio.n Physicians and other Scientific Persons, who hat o tested its great virtues, und now, recommend u m their piactire and lend to it the sanc tion of their names. It is not intended as many medi cines generally nio for r.ll the varieties of disease, which it is the lot to sufTer under. But it is intrndid, simply for one class of complaints, and those only re lating to one sex. Thise being of rather a dchcutc na ture, there would be more than nn ordidary degree of dilUdenco in coming with this article befoic the public were it not tho fact that thousands nio contiiiur.lly passing from the stage of netion, victims to disease, whicli tliis medicine has never failed to pretrnt or .cure. Such has been the prows-ion of Niilurr, that nearly nil the complaints of Itiinli-s aie ccnr.cctid m soniu'degrn', with tho habits allied to their sex. And many cm tear witness, where tt mi ro cold nt n par ticular stage, has prod tired checks, that the hand of -in, nee tint! Skill, pm r has been nblo to dispel or alleviate. Ai firM, the irregularity nnd st pjwnon of tho natuiul habits pindures no tery alainiiiig pynip. toms, nnd is treated geneially with nrihci. And pn pcrnttcntio'vs procinsiiaattd mini the hollow eye, Billow coniple.Mtm and great bodily dibility indirme that either rapid coiiftuiitdlon, or some other fatal ili-easo has fastened its resistless ptn-p on the sufleicr which so jii terniinales exisf.rnco, by a Itnger lig bt I certain death. Eor coinplnints mrvitnbly proditriive of such rrsulll this invaluable medicine is now brought before the public It invariably removes obsimctiona and regulates n too profuse menstruraiion, nnd cures hy its unequalled qunlitics. nil tho variety of derange ment connected with the Female hnbit. Thorminent ami distinguished Doct. J. Mortison. who hns prnc tiscil medicine at Oneida, N. York, with thonioft sig. nal succss for '-0 years, says "It is the best medicine now iu use. In rases of retention, or rupvestion of the M?nos, I think it will sitstnm the nprrJation of a specific 1 Imvo Hied il in the worst ca.es ',ith most admirnble success, nnd 1 wish for the good of iiitill'rinjr Females, ihat all physicians would introduce it in their practice, as I have found jt nnswers beyond my most sangulno expectations." In its effect it is k'nd may bo taken without the least inconvenience, as it i not cathartic, hut tonio nnd aperient. For ntnplepniv titulars respecting its efficiency, certificates of Pysi cians who have witnessed its ellccir. and of others, w ho have been most Mgimlly beiicfitiui nnd rcrlorcd by ili. vh lues reference is now ottered to the pam phlets nriompnnyinj iho medicine, nnd to tbo inpre parll'udir pvitloneen. pi be bnpi'i ol the en'jt enter Sole rott fnr th" New .' T,r v r ' , Whclcsile DciVt to D v- v s ' '-!

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