8 Ocak 1841 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3

8 Ocak 1841 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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fl AWDI.ES. by llie box or finale lb, for Hale by XJ dlB. OHO. PETERSOX. JlirAIiTON'S VERMONT REGISTIUI, formic fW by C. GOODRICH, Also for sale at the Paper Mill in Milton. Dec WOKM 1.0KX1JS. , , ,, "PHIS valuable article ii ihuly establishing itself as -L ihe best medicine for the exlerpation ami rihefel Worms in children. Notwithstanding that there are other I nenges cried lip fur this complaint, purchasers nro warranted in the good efficiency of these. At Wholesale and Retail by T. A. PECK & CO. Sign of the Mortar. TO HUNTHoonis for a small family, near tho square. II. LEAVENWORTH. Dec. 21,1810. rpiIK attention of tho afflicted is called tothe nrticlo .L "Hay's Liniineiit,"advcrlisedin another column. J24 THEO. A. PECK & CO. WALTON'S VERMONT REGISTER AND FARMER'S ALMANACK for 1811. .for sale at tho Hook Store. D. A. HRAMAN. Dec. 21. 1840. Valuable Hooks lor Holiday V.HU. MRS. WALKER ON FEMALE BEAUT , as preserved and improved by regimen, clean mess and dress, illustrated by 12 colored plates and tie irnntly bound in morrocco pill. Forget me sot, a Christmas, New Years and Birthday present, for 1311. The Token; FaiENrsutr's Ofi-ennui Rose, or Shaiion! A Gin rno.M eairv ianp. Alsoageiicr al assortment of Juvenile Works, Parte) s Books, nollo's Publications Parley's Universal History, '.' vols., etc. &c, for salcby . ..... Dec. 23. D. A. HRAMAN. RI1MOVA1..--.1. LEWIS, the Mechanical Den tist, has rciuoud his oll'ice to his dwelling on Pearl st , nearly opposite J. K. Gray's Carriage Shop, where he will he able to attend to calls at nil hours of the day or night. Ilurlmgton, Oct. 30, 1810. GOODS. The subscribers have rcfc'd and are now opening a vcrv iargn assortment of Wollcn Cloths nf every variety, rich plain, figured and changeable Silks, Mouse-line tic Lames, Alpaeea Cloths, Taglionia Shawls, Hdkfs., Ribbons, iX.c. We will only say that we have a larger assortment of gouds of every variety thin we haveevcr kept before. Oct. 29, 1310. N. LOVELY A Co, TODINE SPRING WATER. A recently discovcr cd fountain at Saratoga and contains properties known in no other Spring its freedom from Iron lenders it safe to be drunk by a certain class of inva lids with whom Iron proves injurious the quantity of Iodine contained in this water renders it the most val uable mineral water fir every species of Scrofula yet discovered, for sale by J. & J. II. PECK & Co. Ag'ts. ui staTus! THE subscriber would remind his friends and the public that he occupies a room in Church street, over Kern and Walker's store, where lieu ill give his personal at tention to Repairing Clocks of every des cription. Those which have been in use many ycirs lilted up in good style and made to have the appearand! of new. He would alo give notice that he has re sumed his former business of repairing , Watches j all entrusted to his care will be carefully repaired and warranted. Hav ing Uren cng'igcn tor twenty years past m making as well as repairing Time keep ' ers.hc tru Is bib experience in the business will enable lnm to givcsatisiiction to those who favor him with a call. P. S. A few Clocks for sale, on commission. J. X. DUNNING. Burlington, Dec 23. 110. TO MHIlCIIANTS V I'.YH liiii.-.. THE undersigned, continuing to be theonly manu facturer of what is I. nown as Indian l'ond Scythe Stones, would respcclfullyinforin Merchants that his Pedlars will, if encouraged, call in the course if the present winter, at most of tho Stores in Ver mont, New Hampshire, and iu Essex and Clinton Counties in New York, ami will, if required, furnish IkuunPund Stone., una credit till October next. Fanners can, by obtaining the Mid Scythe Stones, have sharp Scjthcs with tilth1 labor. A fellow by' the name e'f haac I'ikt, who hails from Haerhill, N. H., pretends to sell Indian Pond Stones j but he sells an inferior counterfeit assuming the name of "Imun Pom,," no doubt, to imrke mcrchandi7c which is known to be of inferior quality. Other persons iu Haverhill and wcinty, make Scyihc Stones, and lest their Pedl.irs represent tlvm of In dian Pond quality, Merchants are requested to notice that c( cry box ofi.vuisN Posu Stones is marked in (Tinted letters (). R. FVLER, v lhadford, VI. Itctiheu Hiiirl's I'.statr. STATE OF VI RMONT, ) rp II n Honorable Distiiict or Chittenden, ss. j .L the Probate Court for the District of (Chittenden : To all persons con cerned in the estate of Reuben Iloud, tale of Un 'er lull. in said District, deceased, Gbeetino. Whereas, Melind l Rogers, tale Mehnda Hond nnd late executrix uf thelast will and testament of said deceased, proposes to render all account of her admin istration, and present her account against said estate for cxamiuition uud allowance at n i.vmoii .f tho Court of Probate, to beholden at the Register's office in numugion, on uie iniru eantjay oi January next. Therefore, You are hereby notified ti appear before said court at the time nnd place aforesaid, and shew cans", if any you Imc, why the account aforesaid Bhould not be allowed. Given under my hand, at Huilington, this seven- leeiun uay oi ueccniDer, A. n. i-iu. Wm. WESTON, Register, .Nathaniel Blood vs I Chittenden Bo uiiy Co in, Au- JlI'TUI BfKDICK gu-t icrm, a, u. isiu. YrAI.HKAS Naibaniel Hl.l of Unrliuslon. T .aid futility, at the March Term (if. aid Court, A. I. 1340, eciiiiiiieneel hi aeiion airaiu-t J-ilti- lliirlie!;, laie cf haf. 11 irl ii'.'ton, now of Kalamazoo in the Qiaie ul Mielii;.in, llieruin de.-Unin: in a idea nflhe ca-e, for that wherealhe .aid llnnhek bert'io- fure, to wit : nn ibe l ti'ay f Janiiarv 1835, was in tlebtrd to the .aid Mood in ihe Mini of S23000, for diver" goinl-, ware., iiiereban be and lumber, Itfore inai lime i y me .aui 11100.1 n, 1 anil ilelivereil l tin slid II irdielr, at the rt'Tict of ibe d-feiulanl, nnd foi which he ihen and there proim-e I tn nay when re nuesteJ. A -o. lbat ine ,ri. ilt-r.'n.lm,, n fl,. 1.1 March, 1839, wa iiulebled tuilieplaiutid in other Mini of 2J000, fur -o m ich inonev I efore that linio laid out, and evieni'ed l.v the Plamll I fur mid ai ibe rein,..! 1 1 the defendant; and which 1lvlrnd4.1t prnmieil to pay when reinestvil. Al-o, for oilier sum of 82.5000; I el Jru law 1-1 .uari.11, las-), lent anil a ivaiuvl bv niainli tu dcrendaiit at hi rcqi el, and whieh be primmed to pay tn the plaintiil when rtv ic le.l. And, at e fur iai ineiicieniunt nulla- l-t .Mnnli 135 was irnlcbl- vJto the plainti I In dtlier Mini ir $35000 fr -omich money had and reet ivkd, an I winch defenlant pr(-in-)! tkpay when rupie.-tisl. Al-o fur S5000 money due fur miere-t on divers large sum. of money Icfbre lent and advuneed, and which -ail seve-r.il sum-, the mid Defendant though of en re ies'l, ba not pai.l to the daniageof the said IIIokI J230C0: whnli .aid aetion was enteral on Ihe len'l.et uf .aid Court at their .aid Majeh Turin, A. I). 1810, and the plamtid appeared by Maeek and Siualle,, hi. aitornie-, and the said ll'irdick being aleent from tl,i. Stale at the time of ihe service of the plamn,T said writ, ihe said eau'cwasby onler of said Court enuiiimed tu the Angiiit rerin thereof, A. D. 1810; at which la.t s.ud term the plainti I'araiu aipe.ired bv his ,ai I aitornie. and it not leing made loappedr to said Court, lbat the said B irdicl; has had ner-onal notice of iliu er- vice oflhe phiiiitiT. ,an wnt and ibe icndeiirv of this suit, Ihe, amewa. again 1 v order of said c'uirt continueJlo llie Marih terni thereof A. ). J8J. And lhe.aidcouit:doordere. that firiber notiec of ihe pendency of this suit I e given, bv publMiiiig the '""'""'"i I""-iiinn i xieeiaranon, 111 the "liur 1 iikiuii rec rrt-ps, a ncw-paiH'r iinnifil 111 saul llur linplon, three weeks .uece-sivelv, the la-i of which pul lieationi lole thirly davs Itfore llie silling of raid court, w hu h shall Iu dimmed Hillicieiit notice to me saio iiumicK to appear anJan.wer tu said nut. Dated at Iljrlington aforesaid, ihis21t day ofDc ..m 1 II ffiin ' ' 5 WM. NODLf, Cltrk. MR. EDITOR, Sir will you. notify all creation that the subscriber hasfor sale, Buck's improved Hot Air Cooking Stove, al the new I rick store, Col- 11-s.w rai, oisoai jesse uay s lomidry. Tim isone of the latest patterns and the first of the kind ever introduced into this State; they have been recently in troduced into the States of Pennsylvania and New York wiih great success: and tuffi it to s ih..u arc the most convenient and will do more business with less fuel than any other stove. A prtamblu to paitieulaiizeils qualities or prices is uselcsss. Just call in, small favors are thsnkfully received and great ones in proportion, and if money continues scarce I intend to use the less of it, soil will be useless to po without on that account. S. W. TAYLOR. Burlington, Dec. 17, 1870. WANTED, a few bushels of good clean white Beans, for which a fair price will ho paid in goods. Dec.lB. GEO. PETERSON. KW TAILORING ESTABLISH M 1NT At II'inoojAi Village. The subscriber has com menced the tailoring business in this nlace, and will do all kinds of work in his line in as good stylo as it is done at any shop in this section of country. Culling aonc ai an nines, on snort nonce. WANTED An apprentice at the above business, JEREMIAH HARRINGTON. Nov. 10, 1810. ' PORTATION CoMrAji-rT The stockholde rs nf the Cham .plain Transportation Cotnnanv arenereov noiuieu 1 nai no an nual mcelinaof said company will be holden at How, ard's,J,(utel in Huilington, on Thrusday the 7th day of .January, 1841, at one orlock, P. 31., for thopurposo of ,cnoos.xig oirrciurs lur inu year eiisiiina. ' .HyofV.&c. PHILO tor linden, Dcr 5, 1!0 ili.Hil,i ILL, CVtrh H Iff Chance for it Itm-gaiii. . rpiIAT beautiiul FUIM, oc Wff X copied unlil the 22dolOcto. m ber last, by Jolhain It Hall, 3fiJilIL'!lttVfe. nbout Uoinilesfriin tlio village, S-rW ""i1 nboul miles from the '""ff" Burlington, containing 418 acres or land, 3io of which is under first laleeuf tivatiou, and Icncc. Tho buihlings are not surpassed on any farm in this state. They consist of n biick House, 33 by 43, two stories high, thoroughly finished, and of the best mntcrialst a Cellar for potatoes, with kettle and arch for boiling Corn Ham nnd Work Shop above tho Cellar) a Horso Ham, 30 by 40 all of which are new nnd in good repair. Tho Darns near the house, consist of ono 43 by 58, and one 30 by 40, with 150 feet of shed, with water running in a trough In tho yard. Thercis, on said farm, tvvohmis es for tenants, one of which was the former residence of the deceased. Tho house Is in good repair, and fit for tho residence of any small farmer. Near said house, is one barn 2G by 30, and ono 20 by 30, with 50 feet of shed also one excellent building for corn ham and hog sty with good wells of water adjoining. On other parts of said farm nro 4 other barns, sufli ctently large, to contain from 75 to 100 tons of hay. Said farm is watered by brooks nnd springs in al most every lot, and will bo sold, together with the farmtmr tools, if wished, on ihn Reference! may be had to Thomas D. Hammond, of urvvcu. i.mner L,oonus, oi Hnrlington, H. L. Nichols, Ul IlllSIUIIf UI IU IjYDIA HALL, Aclminist'x on tho premises. illusion, lice. iu, ibiu. It. Clarissa Hollistci'a Estate. STATE OF VERMONT. rpiIE Honorable s. S JL the Probate Court District op Chittenden, ss for the District of Chittenden i Tnntl ed in theestatoofClarissa Hollister, late of Hutlington, in said District, deceased. (! Whereas Henry Leavenworth, admin'rof tho estate of said deceased, proposes to render an account of his administration, and present hisi ncemini mminai estate for examination and allowance at a session of me iwouri oi iToDatc, to Do liolclen at the Register'! office in Burlington, on the second Wednesday of Jan uarvnoxt. 1 hercfore. You are herehv notified in mnM, l,r, said court at the time and place aforesaid, and shew cause, u any you nave, wny inc account aforesaid ononm ,iui uiiui,i:u. Git en under in v hand at Hm linntnn. ibis sei,et,nl day of December, A. D. 1310. Wm. WESTON, Register. "IVTOTICE is herehv eiven tbnt ibe 1 x heretofore existing between the subscribers under the firm of "S. Tilley &. Co.," is this day dissolved by mutual consent. The books nnd demands of the firm are in ino lianas ouonnK. Til lev lor collection. iiinesnurun, STril'HIiN TILLEY. Dec. 17, 1340. JOHN R. TILLEY. TO TEACHERS OF ACADEMIES AND SCHOOLS NUTTINfi'S NEW (iltA UMAR. EP. WALTON &i SONS, Montpelier, have rc- eenllv nul li-hed a new srrnmmar lie it,,. IJoi.. liufus NutliiiL', Profo..orof Languages in Western Reserve College; this work i an enlargement and improM'ment ol the excellent and highly popular arammar by the same author, first pibli-hed in 1826 nnd extensively u-ed in erinont. The following le-iimoniais iu inc excellence 01 tins ooolc have al re-ady I e'en revcived. NUTTING'S NEW GRAMMAR. To the PudlIsii- rn-or .NUTTING'S .NEW tiltAMMAR! Havin" nltinl,i..lv cxaminesl the New Grainniar ol'Riil'iis Nutting, now pul.li-Iimg by you, I can truly say that I am happy to i.cumi.ivHu uwiii-v in uuui u , ( eiivci .iiieerve, as far as my opinion may have weizbt, the iuiere i of popular eitu atiun in our slate. I liadaUvavc(in.iJ. e'rel the lormer Cirniumarbv ihe same author eo'ial. "i iii.uijr ii;-ivvi Mij.rriur, loany inii-c; an I on u 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 r 1 uie jiru em w ork wi li l lie ol. I une, I liuil all enlial onii.Motis .nmilieil. and a la ism in.iv. i.r nisniv nrcre.iiiiir ana u-elulma tier aH e, . wine 1. ,n my opinion, now make, it a work letter adapted to llie n-e of our eoniinon schoobs than anv grammar exlanl. .uonipeiierjwpt. X4 iam, ji j- THOJU'SON. I havcrorsc.-eral vear. adooled Nuiiin..'..v.i, ,.r ,. , r. - . n .j-.. i-.iiiis,, wt-iuiiimi , unii nui prepareii 10 say, that 111 my opinion, it is greatly superior to any now in lee, not onlv as correct in the nriiiein'i.s uf "id.. In,,,,-.,... but asbeing ndiplelto the capacity of learners.' Af'er u-ing met of the Engli-h Gianuiiars now in n-e-, I have found that st-hnlar make nuieh mom r.ipul progir.s in followinir this sv-tem than any oilier. The iiuprovemeiiiswhiehili.tirigiii.l, it sbould nut le const ereu 1 in 1 an.i mjiuticiuu. innovation. ; they ae- e-onl withtlie opmioiu ul learnel men in Euvlnnd Scotland, and France, who have written un 1I11 sul jecl. Thi .y.iein has aUo 1 e'en recommended and adopted for many vear.. in the schools of .. llllU- ill the i-..s:aie-( ana tia leeti ft:n,roveJ iv mum l!.. . t... 1 li-..r. .1.- .1 r. f.S fcHKI'AKD. Toiclicr t.f the Morlcl S:liooI nu;.. ti..; .s.. ., v.17'1' v.... , v'iivii', ,xl't IOIU. (From an experiencvl Teaobcr in Detroit, Mich.) rrut. it. -viiliugi I am exceclmglv anxio 15 lbat your orammar siio n.i I e umver-ally kn )wn. The mure 1 use 11 ine 1 eucr 1 ni.e it. 1 nave never seen a work uf Ihe knul winch I think can I e ennipared M ilh il. I have luedullof ihe oilier nio-t iiooulnr.vs'eni.. 1 :.... .1., : . " ' ' . .'. .. ' i.iu .,iiii.n ....il. .,.- iu iini-ru-i iiiv st iicui in me ulject.asi wi-licl. U ttil'irinzihe na. w irer. wiih only one of nutting's graniniars I tin I no ilime illv 111 exciting stieti nn mlere-t a. has let! 10 the hip ri'.nli; an I mi plea-u I are my e'a-s with bu nat iney nave written several eopie- it 11 u, tin ban I, 11,1 1 ise p a their i 11 le. W. . BACON I'xtraet rfii lei er from Zadock Tti .Mi'SCN, rlvr I ' Bnrlin -tun, Nne. 17. 1S10. Bern- en ;.i .el 11 '1 e h mr, -it the tuna Mr. N 11-tiu'- Ura-nniar wi- l.i p-i1 11 h.-tl, in lifG, anil euig ni'isiie' ' y a caret' ex.i 11, ,1 1' ,,11 ul" ih,, wi.r'-, hat il tin-c--eJ tleviile 1 a,l jn'ae-over the Grain mar. then in n-e, I iulrul ieo,i it uilu my schui'l inl ine halelv t and aferti'itig il Oim-tanilv fur more than eight vear , I fu mil no rea-on tu cbaiuru inv opi nuo ul it. Ihe eupyuribe Grniiiintir, 111 11. new Itein, which yo 1 put into my baud-, ha. rcconcl only 11 c.irsnry examination, lot s iliieient tu ,aii fyneihai il i a I'eeidel iiniirovemeiil on the 0ri2in.il work. The introductory It. .on. are em a plan, which I have le-ieii 1 v oiv u'.'ii prueuee, nno i can say irom expe rience ihal I know it to I eexeellent, particularly for young scholar-. Theehange. awl u. Union-, inuiber re-peels, are judicious uud ,uch a. 10 render llie work decidedly superior to any oilier Grammar with which I am acquainiel ; andlibink il might le introduced advniitascoii-lv iu all iio school, in'ibe Sia:e, For .ale bv V. V Wallon and Son-, Mnnipelier; lla-l.ell and Palmer, Wuod.iucl; ; I) A Braman, Hiirlinslon ; Henderson and Ward, Rutland ; Jona. Ilagar, Mi-tdlehury, llu...elland.Skeele., St. Alban; J i-eiih S'eene, Braltleboro'; N. C. Coddard, Windsor. Nov. 27, IS 10. NOTICE. rpiIE members of the Volunteer Engine Co. No. 1, X are hereby notified tint their annual meeting for the purpose of choosing ofliccrs for the yrar ensuing, will be holdcn at the Pearl St. House, on Tuesday evening next at 6 o'clock. A punctual attendance is requesicu. uy.oraer 01 1110 i-nptam, Dec. 18. H. HYDE, Secretary. TIT THOMAS has iust received at his new Store. JUL. a large quantity of BUFFALO ROBES, FUR CAPS, GLOVES, Ac. Ac., which will be sold much lower than any FURS of the like quality have been sold in this market for years. He will pay the highest market price iu cash for Fojc Skins. Raccoon, Slu.sk rat, Oult, Bear, Mink, Sable, and the highest price in cash for Shccp'-Ptlls. Also, cash paid for fresh Pork iiurmieiou, uec. id, 1D1U. Dc M)AF SIJC5A11. OUBLF. REFINED LOAF SUGAR, also n excellent article of Molasses for family use, for sale cucnp uy j. f, YH.L,l.li tfc CO, Dec. 1G, 1310. TOBACCO. T P. WHALING & CO. inform the public that J . Ihey are Agents for Sargent, Sprai'ue if. Co. Tobacconists, Albany, N Y., who manufacture a very superior asticle of Paper Tobacco in every a ricty of size. Grocers and others will find it to their advantage to call and examine the ar.icle. Also Plug lobacco ofilillcient qualities, all of which will be sold encap lor casn. Also anmi 01 nuierent kinds. liiiwsi of Vermont, 1SIO, FOR the several towns in the County of Chittenden are ready for delivery, Town Clerks or Constables will please call or send for them. Those entitled to them in the town of Burlington will be supplied by callingon the subscriber. C. GOODRICH. Dec. 15 Iw BKASS CLOCKS. Persons wishing good brass stiikinc Clocks in beautiful finished cases, can find them on favorable terms, at the Variety Store. Also, Bank and Oflice Clocks, for sale; these Clocks are warranted to Keepcorrcct lime, and tlicy will per form as well as any other clocks. UCC. lb. IMlMitlLMlIM U liltli .MA1U. TWUOIIEN CLOCKS, for sale at the Variety VV Store, warranted ; one or two wooden or Brass uiocks will Dc sold tor good Iteecli and Alnpla wood, the Clock to be delivered when tho wood is delivered. Dec. 18. PANGBORN it BRINSMAID 1 Kit HUMAN CLOCKS small german time-pieces at VJ 8, German striking Clocks at 6 50, German : Clocks at ii fill, Ucrm PanGDOIIN & BnlNSMAID, Alarm Clocks atG 50. t-JlLVKR ALARM WATCHES, at S18,20, 825. sJ Dec. 18. pAsnsonN & Hcinsmaid. ATllOVAItJM-,Iec. 1, 1HIO. CILK SHIRTS AND DRAWERS, for Ladies and Gentlemen. Articles that are said if not quite til Cliro Will erenllv f,IUul., ill. .(In llm the Genuine Brandieth's Pills, which with thousoof lueiiuu.uuuiuicsii inken will eradicate Rheumatism from any person recently afflicted, if not o, money for tho pills refunded. I0,?.T'K,Kn,.,(at. '''rPi marked with tar, J Whoever will give information, shall be 8 rcwardrd. T. M, shall be suitably FOR SALE. A superior new milch cow and calf. Also, for sale, or to exchange for cattle, sheep or pork, a genteel chaise and harness. I). KIMBALL, rf CO. Purlinjton, Nov. 21, 1040, pOD FISH, MACKEREL!, and SHAD of supc-V- rioi quality for sale by N. LOVELY & Co. Dec iu, is-iu. pANADA STOCKINGS', Gciitlemtn and Ladies VJ Buck skill und Indian Moccasins, Fur Gloves Buck skin Mittens, Wol cnTrppcts, Ladies and Gen (lumens Merino Lambs wool and Worsted Wrap. pi rs, just lei eived and for sale by mc. IU, If lU. i. i.uv i.Lii cc e..o. i,"1 STRAY STEER. Hroke Into the enclosure of li the subscrii cr on the Gth Nov., a red lino back two year old Steer, marked with a slit in llie tell ear with a square notch taken out. The owner of said Steer is requested to prove, property, pay charges and take him away. NOBLE ROOT. Chat lotto, Nov. 10, 1&I0, NOTICIi!. TM1R rents and interest, payable to tho town of JL liurlinnlon, will tan duo on 111c nrsi uay ni Jan uary next. The lessees and debtors ol the town are requested to make prompt payment, without further llOIICC. Jl.J. t,. uiiii.,, Dec. 11, 1810. i otrn 7tasurcr. MVUllY STABLE. HAVING madeextensive re pairs by addition of new buildinirs. Horses. Carriages. Harnesses, Saddles. cVc. the subscriber is nrenared to accom modate the public, in good style nnd on short notice. Single, Tcndcm, four or six Horse nVnn.o u.lll l.n rrni.l,r..l in n.r. cnua.oVi tics ofnlcasurc. A man may be found in the Barn at any hour, day or night, to at tend calls. Cash paid for Oats and Hay, 3 doors Eat t f the Log Cabin, or at my shop 2 doors West of J. & J. II, Peck & Co.'s store. SAMUEL S. SKINNER. Burlington, Dec. 12, 1310. BOTANICAL MEDICINES. The subscribers bavn received a coniDlcteassortincntof the above articles; among which arc, extra flowered bayterry and barberry barks; ginger, pleurisy, tumeric nnd uni corn roots; pepper of many kinds, in pods and pow der; gum myrrh, and peach kernels. Ill vi . I-,..... - SAVE COST. All pctsons baling unsettled ac counts with Lnthrop, Potwin it Wait or with the Subscribers are hereby notified that all accounts not settled in some way, before the 15th December will be ieft with an attorneyforcollection. Nov. 20. MA YO it WAIT, Vrusttts. SHEET ZINC AND SHEET LEAD. 3 Casks Sheet Zinc 24 to 40 inches wide, 3 rolls Sheet Lead, by STRONGS & CO. Nov. lfl, 1840. SLEIGH SHOES, &c. Pair Steel plated, Cutter and Sleigh Shoos, JJ Cast lion do. finished Crow Bars, Anvills, Vices, Waggon Boxes, Shovels, Spades, Dung Forks, Sheet Lead, Sheet Zinc.Hollow ware in great variety, Nov. 19. STRONGS & CO. QOO Canada l'latcs.Tln &c. OUv Boxes Canada Plates, , 100 do Tin plates J X with extra sizes, B0 bundles Iron Wire assorted, , 50 do assorted Nos, English Sheet Iron, , 10 Packs Russia Sheet Iron, together with tinned and black Rivets, Copper do, Kettle Ears, Wire Vellum, Sheet Lead and Zinc (Vc. bv Nov, IS. STRONGS fc Co. NEW ESTABLISHMENT. The subscri bers would inform the public that they have formed a copartnershipunder tho firm of MITCHELL it BARNES, and established tlie Cnln'nef business in the Brick Shop fotmcrly occupied by Abbott and Wood, where they arc manufacturing and intend to keep constantly on hand an assortment of Sofas and Furniture, of various kinds and prices to suit custom ers; nlso. a few splendid Hiiaps Clocks chenp for cash. All kinds of lumber used in Cabinet Making received in exchange for Furniture. Burlington, Dec. 2 1810. T. M. MITCHELL. A. BARNES. Tin Plate, Sheet Iron, Sic. S)FC UOXES Till plate 1-3 X. C bundle. Riis .ia Iron. 100 bundles wire. 300 lbs tinned e'o'iper, jnt received and for sale bv N..v. 2,3. VILAS, LOOMIS, it Co. A f HALES brown sheetings. 2 do. power loom 4LiV ticks. 2 ca-ei York do. 1 bale 40 inch Burlap-. 1 bale canvas., jusl received nn I for sale by Nov. 23, 1S40. VILAS, LOOMIS &. Co. S)f CASES Fancy print-. 2 do. bleecheJ sheet .WV ings. do. Damask table covers, jii.t receiv ed and for .ale. n28 VILAS, LOOMIS, tt Co. THREADS, &e. 300 lb-, white ami colored cotton thre-a l. 50 lb-, linen do. 500 bundle. 100 skein thread. 20 lb-. Italian .ewins-. 10 lbs. Italian twi.t, fur -ale I v VILAS, LOOMIS, it Co. 2 CASUS Luiuli.,1 Puis. I cue woo I poekci combs. 21)0 duzeii sii-nen leri'. 50 aro.s i'or-ct laeet.. 50 irro-s huoks and eye.. 200 M drilled eyed nee Ilex fur -ale bv VILAS, LOO.M1--, & Co. JOTICR My Wjre. Snpltin 7-W.M. luis len mv L bed and board, without nnyju tifioation, and 1 therefore forbid all persons harboring or trusting her 0:1 my account. JA.ui-.a rim r.LU fii ,r.',i.D 'C. 1, 1310. poiliC LYMVN it COLE will pay cash for i llr in l'ork, well filtencd and in good order Ho?s nionld bealloivcd to hang and drain onefulldav afi 'i butchering before taken to market. None will be bouclit by us wit'iout suitable allowance for shrink- re unless 111 mercbnnlablcordcr. Cash paid for slaughtered Sheep's Pelts. Burlington, Dec. 4.1S40. 1 ( (WM) I' VINTS & OILS. LU,UU" lbs. dry while Lead lOOea-kssroiuddu do 15 libl-. Venciian Itei 10 ea-ks French ye low 50 hll. American Linseed Oil, 25 do Spirits Turpentine Copal Varnish. Gold Leal, Sand paper. Small', Brushes, Glue, O im Copal, by J.& J. II. I'r.CKit Co. BANK OF BURLINGTON. Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the Stockholders of the Hank of U irlington will be holden at their Banking House, on the 2d Tuesday of January next, at 11 o'clock, A. JI. foi the purpose of choosing seven di rectors ior ine year ensuing. ny order 01 ine rrcsidclii ami uirectors. Dec. 2, 1840. R. G. COLE, Cashier. DON'T MISTAKE tho sign of tho Red Echoed, if vou wonld buv Common School Hooks. Blank Booksor Stationery on little the best terms,! say don't mtsiane me lied L.edger, uollego st. Dec. 4. . HUNTINGTON. 500 COM IIS. doz. Cap and Twist Combs, 3000 " WHIe and Narrow Side do 50 Coarse and Fine do 400 " Ivory do For sale by Vilas, Loo.mis & Co. Nov. 23, 1340. IVcw Establishment J P. WHALING .f- CO. inform the public that they havo located themselves in thu village of uurnngton, and nave ntieu up a store on ine casi siuc of Church street, which may well bo denominated "Cheap-side," nearly opposite the bank of Burling ton, and are receiving fiom New York a choico selec tion of goods well suited to the season, which they oiler for sale as low as can be purchased in the country. ror rcautt vny. Among incir eoous niny no iuuiiu heaver and broadcloths, cassimcrcs. satinets, flannels, merinos, mousliuc de Inincs ij-c. A choice selection, also of French, English and American prints, equal, at least, to any in liurlincton. A general assort ment of cambrics, muslins, plain and figured, edgings, insertings, blond laces, f-c. A great variety of shawls, nnd dress handkerchiefs, ladies' gloves and hose, wiih a good sunply of bleached and unbleached domestic goods. Also a good supply of crockery, of the latest pattern, with a few elegant astral parlor lamps ; and finally, a' few choico family groceries, such as teas, sugars, molasses, coffee, rice, raisins, dry fish, tobac cos, lamp oils, d'-c. Wo do not pretend to specify all the kinds, to say nothing of the numerous articles of which each kind is composed; but suffice it to say, that the assortment wHI bo found to contain most of the articles wanted in tho country; and those that favor us with their LTusiuiii win uc entirely reuevesi iruui hid cauiiiiiiuiiiju of old goods, or remnants. Our entire stock is new, and fresh from the market, nnd has been selected with the grcate-st possible care, with reference to the wants. comforts and benefit of the people. But wo do not wish the public to lake our word iu this matter, but most cordially invil: them tn call nnd examine for themselves. Burlington, Nov. 20, 1B1U. TyfEEDLES. Hcinnnngs i)- Sons', Warren's, and 1 other fino sewing necnles, ground downs, be twee 11s and sharps, Sadlcrs, Harness, Milliners, Glovers. Darning. Knitting. Tape. Netting and Tam bour Needles. Those wish good needles can depend upon Hinting mem al nil tunes at tno ariety More. PINS. l'nner and ounce nins. black pins, hail pins, very lung, large pins, very small, short pins, al llie variety aiore, uy i-asobobs ij. iihin.maid NOTICE. J. TRYON, Merchant Tailor, would respectfully announce to tho public and his old customers In particular. Ihat ho continues to accom modate all who call, with the late st improved fashions and work not inferior to any, 011 reasonable notice, at his old stand ou St. Paul street, On hand and fur sale chenn for cash a choice assortment of superior Broadcloths, Uasjtumercs, Vrstmgs, and Trimmings N. R. Coals cut for 50 cents, cash, P. S. Those indebted will plcaso call nnd pay up ALPACCA CLOTHS for cloaks 1 crapes, camb. lets, caiiibleloeus, goats' hair and common wors ted camtilcts, printed Haxunys, plain and figured al pine s, plain and primes! muslin de taints, all wool.no' operiingny t,urr.L,v 10, H .ISAAC WAWVr.K. AS received and keeps eonstantlvonlinndalargo and full ussortinent ot GROCERIES, among which nro COGNAC BRANDY, I St. CROIX RUM HOLLAND GIN, A variety of WINES, and nlmosl every article in the Grocery line, all nf which ho will sell on the most teasonable terms. Ho would nlso inform Tavern keepers in particular that bo will sell rum, brandy and gin for 03 cents a gallon, which he will warrant of a belter quality ihan some which havo Intely been hawked about the country by ft certain New Yoik pedlar, nnd if not adjudged by the best judges to be belter, ho will not ask any pay for them. Ho iniitcs them to call and compare. Ihtrlington, Oct. 1840. tf. IKON, STr.KI,, Ac. Tons assorted sir.es, English Tiro Iron, CJ 3 " " Swales Iron, 5 " Russia Old Sablo do 25, " Peru manufactured Iron, consisting of all the various sizes of round from 4 inch to 2 inch square do., Band, Scroll, Hnme. nnd Horse Shoe Iron tfcc.&c. STI-EL.-SANnrnso.N & Bnoriicri's Cast Steel, all sizes, do Greaves' German do English Blistered and American do. Also, a full anil general assortment of fall descriptions of goods con nected with the above trade. Nov. 19, 1840 STRONGS & CO. UNBLEACHED Cotton Shirting and Sheeting, cotton varn. tinttinrr. wickin?. black and white wadding, Russia diaper, crash table diapcts, padding canvass, merseillcs, quilts, countcrpaincs, roso and horse blankets, bleached cottons, bleached and un bleached cotton flannels, English, French and Amer ican prints, as cheap as the cheapest, by n3 N. LOVELY & CO. STOVKS & IMPE.Stiionos & Co. have re ceived and offer to purchasers COOKING STOVES of agrcat variety of sizrs and most approved patterns, which will ho, sold at whole sale or retail, with or without trimmings, to suit purchasers. Also, PARLOR AND BOX STOVES in great variety of si7cs and patterns. Canada single and double Stoves 21 to 3(5 inches, together with 5000 JOINTS STOVE PIPE of Canada, English nnrt UiiBsia sbovi Iron Oiunh Stoves, stove ftirni turoofCoppcr, Cooper bottom, and Tin. Connected with this establishment is a manufactory of Stove Trimmings, Sheet Iron work and Tin Ware, which can supply at short notice any article not on hand, nn reasonable terms nnd in a style inferior to none. The attention of purchasers is respectfully solicited. Nov. 23, 1310 DRY GOODS AT AUCTION.-.The sub scrii ers give not ec that they will oiler lor sale at Publiu Auction, ontho8ih day of Decern! er next, ul the Store, rorner of Church und College street., Ihe entire and extensive assortment of Dry 5ood, not previou-ly di.po-eil of at private sale. The sale will I e positive and the terms very lil ral to those xvi-hin to buy larze amount.. Sale will commence al 9J o' clock in the morn 111,4 and continue every Tuc-day, Thursday and SaturJay nnld the u hole is iii.posed of. We inviiethu nltenlioh uf Merchants in the ailioiniug towns in particular to this sale. MAYO&WAIT, B.irlinirion, Nuv.27, 1810. Trutttts. AVinooski Iron Foundry. THIS concern is yet in operation, and ready to execute all orders for castings, tn good order, and of good metal, for various purposes. The subscriber is now ready to contract or otherwise for the building of mills of all descriptions, being in a situation to fur nish all the materials at short notice. Contracts will be taken very low. Plans of all kinds of mills made on annlication to tho subscriber, nnd warranted cor rect ; wmcn win save cosi in uuuuing, uuu aisu many blundars. Ail assortment of castings such as kettles, ploughs, wagon boxes, wagon arms, s'eigh shoes, box and cooking stoves, a very superb 1 , tide, for doing a large business with hltle work and fuel, all of which can be found at all times, at this concern. Patterns made'to order on reasonable terms. Also the subscriber offers for sale one first rate high pressure steam engine, of four horsepower, a good article, built irom l.iecestcr 3 plan, and has been in use, which will be sold reasona ble, nnd on credit. All orders to the subscriber, Bur lington, Vt. will receive attention. JESSE GAY. Winooski Village, Nov. 10. TTARD WARE. SADDLERY WARE, GUNS,- JLl Hollow ware, d'-c. The subscriber has iust re ceived nnd is now opening a large and general assort ment of the above goods ; comprising nearly every article in the line, and which will be sold on very rea sonable terms for cash or short credit, at the riard ware store, corner of church slrcet and the squnre. ROBERT MOODY. Burlington, Nov. 20, 1340. ii LOTUS & CAWIMKUKS. BEAVER Cloth-, Lug Cal in Ca.siinere-s-, Black, Blue Black, Blue Brown Dalhin, Olive Green, Invisible Gritm andGiccn, Sieel Oxford and colored mixed Ilioad Cloths. . M EH I NOES Engli-h, French and German Meri- nue; Kreneh n,nl Cwnimn Thibet and Saxony Uloibsj Taglioni-and Allipiues; Black, Brown, Purple, Blue lllael; and light eoloied Allanaevj Cloth-: Mouseline dc Lames, all wool, wool and cotton, & silk and wool, hlacie grounds very line, 1 eautiMi. Shaker Yurn, all euluiirs and white very line; Ger man Cruel, all colours: rrtngesnnd Binding, beavv Silk, Mohair and wur-trd Fringes for Dres-i-s and Mantillas very rich, bv H. W. CATl.IN & Co. NEW GOODS If C T. Englcsbu's corner Ilriek Store near .1r, I'hilo Doolittle's. 'TMIE subscribers arc receiving an entire new sclec- X lion of DRY GOODS HARDWARE, DRY GROCERIES, CROCKERY, GUSSWARE, FINE SACK SALT. Coarse gnd Fine CAN- AIM !5AL,T, CODFISH, NAILS. LAMP OIL, GLASS, &c.

and respectfully invite the attention of purchasers to me new prices. li. .VIJ UlUUllNliS tt CO. Burlington, Nov. 20, 1810. f IVH A, II LET L1VK."-Tlie subscrii er JUi would re-ptvifnlly return his thanks to his former patrons fur the many favors reeeive.1, and would also inform ibcm that I'leeonlinues Hook Bind ing und Blank Book manufacturing al his old stand and thai he will sell Blank Books, common sihoul books, Bible-, Albums and stationery 011 as good term, as any one. lll.iuk Books made to any pallern on short notice. The patronage of the public is re spectfully solioilcd. SAMUEL HUNTINGTON. oign 01 ine lieu uenger, I college-lit. Nov. 20, 1810. 1 10 GROCERIES. Hhds St. Croix and N. O. Sugars, 20 Bbls. do do 10 Boxes refilled and Loaf do S Bids Crushed do 5 do Powdered do 50 Chests II. S Y. II. and O. II. Teas, 20 Hags Java & Laguira Coffee, Pepper At Spice. 5 Casks Saleratu 10 Boxes Starch, 20 kegs if. boxcsTobacco 30 boxes Bar Soap, 10 boxes Pipes, 30 bbls Lorillards Snuff and Tobacco. Nov. 10. ID kegs Ginger, 50 malts Cassia, 1 cask Cloves, 1 do Nutmeg", ifc. ifc. ilc, by STRONGS . CO. D. iVu BRAMAN. RuoKsELLEn and STATioNr.n, Burlinglon. respectfully informs his friends and the public, that he is still constantly making additions lo his assortment of Laxr, Medical, Classical, lfistor ical, and Miscillaiicous HoriU. from most of the niominent rublishing houses iu the country. He will endeavor to have it at all times embrace tho most popular publications in every branch of literature and science', ins Biuctl Ul ociiuiii neiims, III e-ve-- uejiai i- uicntof Iraming. of the most popular editions now in use, eonipiiscs nil that are used in this section of the country. Blank Hooks of all sizes and descriptions, of superior ruling and paper, and bound in a substan tial manner, constantly on uanu., e-ap aim i.cccr Paper of every quality and description, as well as Drawing and Fancy paper of all colors and varieties, together with a general assortment of STATIONERY and almost every article usually called for in a Book store, always for sale. All of which were purchased al very low prices, and will be sold at a small advance from cost. ... . CfHe respectfully invites the attention of Parents Teachers nnd Merchants, tn his stock and prices. Burlington, Nov. 19, 1810. LAST ARRIVAL-. NEW GOODS jut received hy the subscriber , and it is of but little consequence to tho purchaser how they came. I will only say they were mostly purchased on a credit and will have to be sold at some price to pay my debts as I will convince any one who will call at my store on Pearl street. SIDNEY HARLOW. WO I.MS, WOK.MS.-D11. M. Hitchcock'' unrivalled and unequalled WORM TEA, a sovereign remedy fur Worms. Strange and incrili ble are the elects uf Ibc.e dett'slablc vermin; few person', nnd it l thought none nre free from them, par ticularly females and children. Many persons go through a distressing course of ine heiuo without a lencht, when ihey inighl le relieved by using the Worm Tea. This invaluable medii ine ha. 1,,-cn tested bv ihe experience of more ihnn len eir use. and administered tu more than 10,000 persons uf various age-, and not one soman complaint 1 on me contrary hundreds have called, and im-oliciied. given their de cided preferenio 10 il, after trying the diilereul articles sent forth to the pubic, and pronounced Dr. M, Hitch cock. Worm Tea llie met safe, effectual, and con venient reinudy that e-an Is, oblaiuiil ; for in no one of Ihe thou. aiids uf iii-iance. where il has l exn u.ed nirrfcab o lo the printed directions has it ever failed. N.B. Ask for Dr. M, Hitchcock's WurmTea, a-lhere are many nostrums abroad for Ibodeslrueiioiiofworins Fursalu vvhole-alu and retail I y A. HITCHCOCK eV CO., .ii'e proprietor., 117 Gem-eo street, Ulien, and by their agents throughout the I'uion. In Burlington, hv J. tt J. II. Peck & Co.. and Theo. A. Peck ifc Co.. In Vcrgennes, by J. II, Bowman. In Milton, by Hurnct A- Saviytr In Georftu, by I.ircno Janes. Dll. l'IIINNEYS FAMILY PILLS, lor remo. I vini; svnintnnis of irri'ution arbhiL' from foul stomach and bowels) such as loss of appetite, or inorom cravings lor loud, jie-Knens or vomitting, pains or an uneasy sensation al Ihe pit of stomach, wiih sourness, anda costive statcof the bowels, flatu lence with fulness of theso nails, and pain on pres.iue, wiih fafiiliiess, jaundice, dysentnry, pain in either side, and piles, Alleetions uf ihe head,dizxines, stu por, weaknes, deprcssiun of spiril", hysteria, hypo ehondria, and oficii di-turled sleep, sick head ache socominon with feeble', delicate persons, especially females, diarrhoea, or looseness of the I owels, and dy scntary, disea-es ol the skin, and worms so frequent with children, nllcctionsof the thct, such as coughs, or difficulty nf breathing, occasioned very I'rcqeen'ly by a disordered state of the stomach. Monthly a lte" lions of feiiialcs, when checked by general dehib'iy wild loss tifnpielile, attended with cold feet, fie., ngue nnd fever, inlluenxa, rhcumatii) a'leetions of ibe joint., scrofula, tic deilorutix, orpainlul nllueiiuns of the nerves of the face, neck and shoulders. 1 have found them u-i-ful in removing chronie: ealarrh, if persevered 111 for some time, In smaller do.es. They ore necommo dated to nit age., (children nfu year old may snfily use them,) and lu any climate-, anil under all circum slaneses. I hey contain no mercury nor oilier mincnl. They arc purely vi'gclnl le. Dusr.. Two to lour may belukenaln time, and repeated every 01 her nlglt, until the tongue s clean, and Ihe discharge from li e bowels, instead uf I einglight colored or dark and e4 fensive, 1 econies free and full and healthy, with a re turn of appetite. CERTIFICATES The umlcrsienc.1 has had the pleasure uf an acquaintance with Dr S. Phinney U some years past, liriiig his rc-idenec in this villniu where he bus attained a high character a a physiein.. He has had nn opportunity al-o in repeated in lancn ullestinelbe value ul lhe''Fainilv Pills." andfrom li. own expene'iice of their cdicae'v, as w ell as from a knowledge of their good e.lcct.s in other eases, be hi. no hesitation in recommending ihem to lujust what they proless to be, a ve'ry valuable r uttnlv Misheme. THOMAS M. SMITH,, Pastor of the Presl ytenan church, Catskill N.Y I feel it to 1 c a privilege ami duly tn say, that 10 the extent uf my oli-ervation and experience, which is very eon-iderable d ring several year., the u.ility of ine article uulli lur uypep.y uiui aa inoir.iicaemus Family Metlieine, far exeenleil my antieipnlioiis. More than thirty years 1 have not en m veil henllh. but siillereil much f'rum sick head-aehe, and fiom billions a'lceiion?, 1 nave nau mean vice 01 many re-peetai ;e physicians, but never foind anv e leetual relief from my complaints until atrial of Dr Phinuey's Bills had US..-" ."UU. .'A.-I.'r s It s Illl.b llarmonsbiirg. Crawford Co., Pa., July, IS.18. Catskill, Greene Co., N. Y., April. 1325. To nil whom it may concern : This ee rtilicsthat Dr S. Phinney ia Phy-ician of the tir-l sianding in this village-, having revelled his iilJichI degree al tnin bridge Univer-ity, and it entilleil to the highest re-peet Irom me public. Rev. David Por'er. D. D.: Rev. Joseph Prentiss. A M.j Thomas II. Cooke, President uf Cnl-kill Bank ; Kev. 1 nomas n Miuiti ; Jacoh llaight : llol ert 1'or Ion, Coun'ellor ; John Adanis, do; M. Wat.un, do. If these pills do not give satisfaction altera fair irial they may be returned, and the mo.iey wi1! be rcliiddcd. Agentsare hereby authorized to do so. Agent. II. Mouily, Burlinglon ; UJaue., Georgia; T. W Smith, Si. Alban ; C. L. Drake, We-t Milton and at ino-i uf I be stores in the state. o30.3m LtlTI'iN, LOTION. DR. EVANS' BEAiril FVING LOTION. Hichly esteemed lor curing all Eruptions. Coarseness, Reelne-s and Pimples 011 Ihe Face Neck or hand-, and e.leetually cleaning ibe cumolcxioii, and removing all di.-ea.es of the skin- Nothing contributes so much to our general sucie-s in life, as an engaging tir.t appearance. '1 his Lotion i admired a most fragrant, mild, safe wa-hand great ly esteenie-d for its virtues m eleau-mg, sufieninc, and purifying the skin of all eruptions, so injurious, to fe male leaniy, and le-tonnir it to a high de.-rce! uf pu rity. A Leimlifiil e-oniplexion is the pride of all who nosse-s il, and the envy oflho-ewho are deprived uf it. w lint is su a looting tu a 1 eaiitiiui ieiii.iie,iu wiio-etjee nature has displayed her power, as to find her complex ion discoloured with di.-gu-ting pimple-, which mar her ehaniis 1 A good appear nice is the I e-l ree eun mendatiun ; and as the Bcautilv ins l.titiuu purifies the skin, and remove, all Pimple-, Blutche., Tan, S.inburn and limine-., and produce- a I eautiful hue', it i- the only cosmetic a lady should n- at her toilet. Gcntltincu will all al-u lmd ihi a ildigbtfiil remeily, to remove all Il'iueline--, Pimple-, Ringwoim-, Spins, Rtslness, Soreiic of the Hie e and 110-e, nnd every kind of erup- lionon the surface 01 the Human i-cmy. 11 is pariien larlv ix-coinmeiidetl 10 gentlemen to I'e u-ed aficr sha ving, a- 11 will prevenl Ihe otherwise certain e 'ect uf all eoniinon -oap, in turuitig the le-ard preinanreiv grey. Fur sale Whole-ule and retail I v A. HITCH COCK &. Co.. No. 1 17 Genesee stree'. Etiea. In Bur lington, by J. & J. II. Peck tt Co., and Theo. A. Peck it Co. In Verccnnes, by J. II, Bowman. In Milton, by Burnett & Savvver. Ill Georgia, by I.renzo Janes aug 20 TTAIllt IIAIIIW nALDNKSS Inipoi. Li. taut Discovery Ihe Great Mvsterv found out at last. DR. STERRY'S HAIR REGENE RATOR. Dr. Sterry, nftir much atleiilion tn the. iiiipuiuiut subject of preserving the hair, has, after many experiments chemical and physical been able to discover and article which is now oll'ered with the greatest confidence for the toilet as the best thingever discovered, tor, lor itssoitening nnd penetrating quality to produce a cood head of hair to prevent it from milling uir-l,e,i lAldnt,e is npprtbetldeil to rCStOIC 11 vvncii uaiuncss nas lancn place, ami 10 preicm 11 from turning gray. It ii is more nourishing than po matum, antique oil, or Cologne water. It is a buuti fill article for ladies curls it makes the hair soft and lively, nnd produces uncommon l.rillinncy. Thous ands have tested lis superior virtues and excellence, and in every instance it stands unrivalled. It is nn infallible cure in all affections of the skin on the head Is dandruff, &c. Ac. Every family should be sup plied witn a uollle 01 this oil, that hy its application to the hcadand hairof children, tho beautiful and or namental appendage of a fine head of haic, which na ture Ins supplied us may be preserved. Fiom the numerous certificates n nd recommendations received of its salutary influence, the Doctor feels firmly per suaded he has succeeded in producing an article which suatica ue nas succceueu in producing an article wn will meet the desired wishes and approbation of duhlie. For sale wholesale nnd refill by A. HITC COCK it Co. 1 17 Genesee st. Ulica, N. Y. In 11 in ui trie HITCH- Bur lington, by J. &, J. II. PECK iV Co. nnd THEO. A ri'.uiv ol un. invcrccnnesnyj.il. iiowman. In Milton, by Burnet et Sawyer, In Georgia, bv Loren zo Janes rpilE LION OF THE DAY. NO CUKE NO J PAY I The Genuine old Dutch or Ger man Vegetable 111.4- Highly recommended - l)iK-t. valentine .Molt, 51. II. ul . v., and others. The-e are the onler- I Anv une thai dues not find re lief from these pills the price is rcfinded lack, thee are ihe positive orders uf the Proprietor In agents and others. In tillering Ihese pills to ibe public, 1 appeal lo their intelligence. If these pills are not what they reeuiiimendcil. vou are in d.itv I ound out of reuect tn yourself and community to reject ihem, nnd publi-h them to the world as an impp-itioti, humbug nnd quackery. The public may leassurcd tbe-yare purely veeeinl le, they are compii-ed ul nine iiigreilints, part ut the niislie-ine is onlv found in Asia and in the val leys of Germany. Fur convenience ihce extracts are made into pills and will I e fuund a sure cure ur re lief lor all bdlieius complaint-, yellow and billions fevers, fever and ague, jami lice, scarlet ra-h, 1 ilium ehulic di-pep-ia. Ac. It is imi pretended that tin. medicine 1 a cure mr all di eae to wtueb the human system i-liable. Ten ihou-and 11-elt-s cl'orl have I een made lu draw from the regions ut iinknuii n fancy some long-spun theory of magic an, which viunlil cine each and every dicae. Goeitl iiiriheine is not loiiiidin tne lire or wntr wimi. iiealtli nnd happiness hang upon chance wind -lime i thu herald uf truth. The pa-l at le.i.t i secure; they have already raised a iiiuuiiiiie'iii ui iiscir grc.iiucss i 1111 11 wci ueiy ine eurrulingttiuth uf tun. None can I c Genuine wiibnut a wrapper and direelion 011 each box un which my natneis wrillen at lengtn. now wtiuiesaie anu retail V the subscrii er at Glen's rails. IV At, l. t D. Sand 70, and 100 Futlon st. and It. M. Mcig. 3S9 Souih Maikei st. All anv. B.111111 it Hawlev. 219 Siver st. Troy, General Agents for the state of New Vork. ' tl l.'lllll'l. f5l,IL'L'ISJ 1,.I1IV,I I 1,111, 4 I... Fur sale by Wm. Rhodes And E. B. Green, Rich mond: Morton it Clark, and D. et D. S. Laihrun. Wilh'sion j Ilagar stCom-tock, Shell urn j H. Stanton, f.s.rx t l"'0. 11. uai.es, and Allcrl Uarney, Jericho; R. Hiirlbut. W est ford: J. II. Barnes. Charlotte: II. Moodv nnd Geo. Peter-OH, Burlinglon ; aiul by E DltlotiS, Burlington, Agent for I'hiitenden Co., where Sub-Agents can 1 e supplied al vvnolcale prices. LOOK AT TIIIS.-i-HAVE YCUA COUGIM TO. 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And by their agent lb hule-alc and lie- 1 17 Geiie.ee ihruicrhoii! the I'liittxl States, In Burlington, hv J. & J, II. Peck et Co., Theo. A. Peck & Co. In Vergennes, hy J. II. Howmnn. In Milton, by Burnet A, Sawyer. In Geor gia, by Lorenzo Janes. au.2 OIISKRVK, that the genuine Cough and Worm Lo zenges and ull oilier-, made by Dr.'A. Sherman, are sold 111 boxes, scaled up ami have ibe name of "A, Sherman, M, O." on the Boxes, Pnrcha.cr.s will please reiiieml cr this as the popularity of these articles, ha. indocil ninny individuals 10 make an nrticlo, far infe rior, 111 sell, when the-e articles nre i-mi liml fur. The iiotrMiin' Pla.lers nnd Sherman's Lnzenccrr, are Sold at the Variety Store, I'anoooun t IIiunsmaIp. CONFECTIONARIES-Just received, a selected variety of Stuart's celebrated ronfectiouarios neatty n up fur rttiOl trade. Also at wholesale. tlfCO, A, PECK.tt fO MACNFCTIC OUONTICA. THE TECTH THE TEETH I The IneuMi-ADAnLO Tooth Pnr.PAKVTiON, The fact Is nroinl. and llie mo-, in- credulous ad doubting are fully i'onvinced,as we have he evidence from the sale of 20.000 boxen of Ihe Oilon tica, within Ihr past year, thai the I'topion dreams ol thu alihymlst re reallieel, nnd a remedy discovered for lire-erving Iho-e important and u.efnl appendages of the human system, bylhe u-e of llicMagnetieOiluii- uen, which 1 y us uiirnciive, nnu strengiiicniiiK iiui lles, rcmovesnll extrnneuns subslnntesfrom the teeth and preserves theui in theirnatural brilliancy, and Ihe gums 111 soundness and beauty. It Is ascertained from isxpcricner, that when u.ed, the tuelh will never de cay, but remain till the latet age ul man, wiih their t.-i ., n .1 , j.. .... iidiuini .ur. ..lieu iney urc iiveiiyei, un juwis-ss will le arrested, and the teeth pri-ssrveiliitidpreventisl and preserved from aching ali this has been elone in a ninltiiude ofinstaniTs t and more 111 ihuu-nnds ol ca-e-, nervous toothache, (lbat climax of pain) has at once 1 een e..eetuaii) eurisj ly popular iientrilrne in Aiiicrje-a Aim in cuuemsion, wncre, or wno is me young inly er gentleman, ajr, the tudivnlunl that v aloe's a l.eantil'ul set of lerth, sound gum. and a sweet breath mote than fifiy cent., that will le longer ile-li-tote of a box uf Dr. M. Hitchee ck'sMagiielieOlontiea. Forsacvihcle'ale.indiclail, ly A. III! CUCOUK o. Co., No. ll7Genc.ee st. Ulica, N. Y., and by their agent. ihrouzho'it ihe I'niied Siato. In Burlington, by J. & J. H. Peck & Co., and Theo. A. Peck iV Co. in vcrgennes liy J, li. lloivnian. in iunton, ny tiur- nett & Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. aug2 RUSSI-:LLS STOMACH BI'ITKItS. may le-u-ed in Wineor waler. Thc-t-celel rulcil biiter-areeonipo-eil purely ufve'.'e- al le uf the most inno cent yet specific virtue-. They arc recommended par ticularly form-luring weak constitution', clean ing and slrciiclhening the stomach, nnd increasing the appetite al-o a preventative azaiiist Ihe cholera mix -bo, fever and ague, removing nausea, vomitintr, heart burning, weakness fn ihe hre.i-1, pain in the stuinaeh and either symptoms uf flatulence nnd in lige tion. One box will tluciure one gallon. Price 25 cts. 11 I ox. Rfssr.ti.'s Itch Oistmfnt. This choice and safe oinlinent is said to Le superior to any now in n-e, for that di-acreeable and loath-ome d.se.i e, the I'l Cll. This Ointment is so eeartnln in its opernlion that no per-on tloul'leJ Willi the alovu disorder eiiiglit to le without it. It is a reinedy for cutaneous eruption, scorbutic nlectiuns uf the bead, or any other breakinir nut whieh nri-rs. from sharp humors in the Mood. Price 25 cts. n 1 ox. Rcs.El.l.'s VcncTADLK Uiu.toi's Pii.i.-t, or family phvsie. for general u-e, iu eax-s uf Jauudii e, inurbid sen-il ility uf Ihe stumaeh nnd bowels, lo-s of appelile', lie! id breath, eostlvent-ss, Piles, and nil diea.es nn inir from biliary ele'ranae'ineiits. j'U fiir euriei'tins the state uf the blood, and cleansing Ibe system uf lonl nnd viscid iiiiinnurs, 1 iiive puis 111 e a mini ca thartic, producing neither pains nur griping, and are then-lore a vnluaMe and litghiv appiovisi m,Mn-ine and are pronnuneed assueh bylheniost elistingui-bis pliVsicinus. Knch box containing 33 Pills. Price 371 ct'.a I ox It isscll's e-clct rated Salt RiieI'M OlNTMr.Nf This is unqiie-tionablv the I est nnd -nflM lemeily ever vet offered to Ihe p iblie for that obstina'e disorder SA LT RHKl'.M. Where other means have laded, il Ii.ismic- reeile.1, and the fact that il has 1 ecu sxien.ively un by eminent Practitioners speak, volumes in it. prui-e. It is e,r,iallv cllicacious in all di-ease. uf ihe s.in. snild he-ad, ring worms, nnd the most iiuelcr.ile Itch, eVe. iVi. Sinneroiis certilieate. might le ubtniuel, I ut the prupritor eboo-es that a fair trial should I elhe uuly evi'ieiue ufits superior e'fieaey. Price 50 e-euts i, hut. Fur sale by J, ii J. II. Peck i: Co., 'I beodure A. 1 ecu ev uo.jSigu ui ihe .uoriar, aim uoien .uoouv, B iilinglun; Dr. V. E. Mile-, and it, II . Cook, I lines burch; S. H, B.irne-, Ch.ir'utte; L. .lane-, Geurgia ; L. Tyler, E-sex ; Fuller &i Hiuitiiigiun, Kn bmuii I. AI'O, by the druggi-ts and merwhanls generally throughout the state. " c.2.9m SlllMtMAiVS COUGH LOZEMJI-.S. JTIS Lozenge- me sealed, and have "A. Sber Jl J man, M. I." un the iJe of the I ox. They are the safest, mo-l sure and e:'eeti!al remedy for Cough-, Culil-, Consumption', whooping Cough, Asthma, liglilue-s ol the Lungs or ehct, eve. .Vc. The prupnetur has never known an lu-lancc where thev did nut give perfect .ati-faiiiun. Sevunl ihoii. aiid I OM-s have I ecu sold Willi fn the lat tlueeniuinlis redoring tu heal h, pcr.'tns 111 a'mosl every .tag,, ol tonsiiiiip ir n. and io.e al rrmg e u'er he 1110-1 m ti i-sing cold and ei ugh-. They do nut check and ill y up the cough, bill lender It e.i'y, promote expec toration, allay llie tickling 01 irritutiun, and reinuve the proximate ur exciting eau e. 'I bey are made Irom neoml iuationul the mu-t i.ilua' lee. 'e'e'.Ta.it, or cough 11 eih'-'iiu's, and are 1111 N .ibte-J'y su,,( rn r to every thing in esc fur 'ho-e cm ip'-uuis. llun ne.l upiip h ndreils ufi t r'lu -:ues b.ue 1 , in ulieie I ,f the r woie'crful vitiue-, fruin tbu.e M.'i-li.ne I , eu saved from an ntiliinily gr.i'.i, aui re-t,,rcd t" peileet healih I v using ibe'iii. lb sr.. Ib,r luii nge i. a C e for an ad ilt, and may 1 e repealed trim three 10 i . tunes a elav, asri'q'iiresl. t'hildieu, eight eais vears old, half uf one: four year- a q.i.iner, and ' so 111" pro portion. Verv small children ur infants will lake 1 hem I es ,li-sol v I'd in a litlle water, hhuuld they ail a- an emetie, ur prudtiee litlu.-en, tbediee lllustl e le'S-euvd to what llie stumaeh will (ear. Half uf nne will geu ciaily I e siillii'ieut tu take I lore I ri-jl-l'ist, as llie sli.in.U'h is then mure I'U.ily sickened. No ill c.lecls can arise from an 01 er due, ai ,t will cause the .10 mach to reject it; and nllhungh not a plea-ant sen-n-liun, villi le fiiiind in give relet'. Where there is m ich pain in ihe bria-i or -ii'e, one of Sherman's Pesir Msu'r Piasters .liO'dd I e applied over the pari, 1111I worn till relieved. 1 1 alien, ic. 1 vvilli I'listiveiies., 11 few cathartic ur laxative Lozenge, ur any iiuid ea tbartii nie-diCine, sbe,uld 1 c u-eil n. ueoa.io'n require-. Sold at the Variety Sture, bv I'AN'GHORN tv Hlll.SSMAlD, Jeweller-, Burlinglon, Vt. wholesale agents. A liberal hsco. n: to merchants wlu Luy to sell again. Sherman's Ilrcnst Ointment, If applied propel ly mnl indue liu.c, will cure the most painful cases oi" swelled breasts, and prevent the for mation nf abscesses Even where the swelling has pointed and shown everv appearance of breaking, this ointment has entirely dispelled it, and reslcred thu parts to a healthy condition. In appl)ingil, a smooth and soft covering to the breast should be made of soft leather, or fine compact limn, 11I1 a hole in the cen tre tn admit the tuple. When so uindc, put a coaling uf the ointment over the inner surface and apply it closely and smoothly over ihe whole briost, leaving the nipple protruding through the hole, so that the child can nurse, which it should do as long as the mother can bear it. Cineohotddbe taken to have the breast draw n by the child or otherwise, so as to pre vcnl an accumulation of milk. Whenever the phis ter gets rinkled, and thereby uncomfortable, a newone should he appl.e'd, and constantly worn until a cure is allictcd. 1 1 is) somiimcs necessary to slit (he sides so they will conform 10 the shape of the breast, nnd cover it closely. Ask for Sherman's brea.tointmcnt, nnd see that "his signature thus, "A. Sherman, M. II., is on the wrapper, none otner can ue genuine. SHERMAN'S PAPILLARY OIL Is the only infallible remedy for sore nipples ever dis covered. It will cure the most troublesome eases ii a few days, without di priving the infant of the bieast vvurrantcd superior to all other middies when applied according to the directions on the bottle. Sic that the. signature of ".4. Sherman, M. D." is on tin, wrapper, none other i genuine. He particular or you will be deceived and disappointed. Sold at the Vnric ,y store. PANGBORN & BRINSMAID. TMl'OUTANT TO MOTH UK! Ai YOUNG Al.nS.DocTK. Revm LPs. it l'.iiiMEer.l's celebral.tl PILLS, or HEALTH RESTORATIVE for complaints peculiarly incident to the Female Sex. This nrticlo is now brought before tho public, under sanction of the strongest testimony, from those who liavoahkeused it, and also witnessed its unequalled powers, in tho removal of Female obstructions of ihe most aggravated and desperate character. These testimonials are not brought from the ignorant and illiterate hut from Ph)sicians and other Scientific Persons, who havo tested its gitat viitues, and now recommend it in their practice and lend to it the sanc tion of their names. It is not intended, ns many medi cines generally aie for all the va:ictics of disease, which it is the lot to suffer under. Hut it is intended, simply for ono class of complahits, and those only re lating lo one sex. These be-iug of rather a dehe-ate na ture, there would be n.bre than an ordidary degree of diffidence in coming with this article before the public were it not Ihe fact that thousands nre continually passing from llioslagc of action, victims to disease, which this medicine lias never failed to prevent or cure. Such has hci 11 the provision of Nature, that nearly all the complaints of Females, are connected in some degree., with Ihe habits allied to their sex. And manv car. hear witness, where a mere cold nl a par ticular slage, has produce! cheeks, thai the hand of Science and Skill, never has been able to dispel or alleviate. Al first, the irregularity and supprtssinn of tho natural hntuts produces no very aiurnung symp toms, and i treated generally with neglect. And pre per attention is procrastiaatcd until the hollow eye, sallow complexion und great bodily dihilily indicate that either rapid consumption, or some oilier fatal disease has fastcne.! its resistless grasp on ihe sufli rer which soon terminates existence, by a lingering hut certain death. For complaints inevitably productive of such results this invaluable inethcmeis now brought before the public. It invariably removesobsiructions and regulates a too profuse menstruralion, and cures by its uncqualliil qualities, all llio variety of derange ment connected with the Female habit. The eminent and distinguished Doct. J. Murriscn. whn hns prac tised medicine at Oneida, N, Yoik, wiih the most sig nal I slice rs for "-0 years, sa)s "It is tho best medicine now iu use. In I'ases of retention, or supression of the Mtiiscs, I think it will sustain tho appelation of a specific. I have tried il in the worst cans with most admirable success, and I wish for the good of stifleriiig Females, that all physicians would introduce it in their practice, ns I have, found it nnsiiers beyond my most sanguine exi relation.." In ilsillicl it is kind may be taken without the least inconvenience, ns it is not cathartic, hut tonic and aperient. For ample par ticulars respecting jta efficiency, mtificalia of Pysl cianswho lnvr viitncsed its 1 fleets, nnd of olhets, who have been most signally benefited nnd restored bv iN virtues reference is now eiflirrd lo the pnm phh ts acco'iipnnying the medicine, ntti! to the mrro particular evidence! in ibe hands of tho subscriber Sola Agent for the New Einlmd Slates. EDWARD BRINLEY. WholeHilc Dealer n Drugf, Medicines, Paints and llyeShitr, .Nr. 3 A 4 -miili Jt-o!d FaiKvil Hall Chittenden County Court, Au gust Term, A. D. 1810. ."llIIF.REAS.iheTrcasursr VV of the State of Vermont, at the March Term of said court, A. D. 1810. commenced Staic or VlBMONT, vs. John Williams, Jacob Rolte, it HENRY HAND. his action ol debt on recognizance against the said John Williams of Burlington, and Jacob Rolfo and Ilcnrv Hand, of Colchester, all in said county, therein declaring, that on tho 4th day of September A. D. 1?3'.', before said court then sitting, at , Burlington aforcaid, tho said John Williams a principal and the saul Jncoli Holland Henry Hand as sureties, jointly nnd severally acknowledged themselves indebted to tho Treasurer of the Slate of Vermont in the sum of four hundred dollars, lobo levied or their and each of their goods nnd 1 battels, lands and trnemcnls and for want thereof on their bodies, if default thereof Ise made in tho condition following : to wit, that if the said John Williams, who was then in custody on an indictment before said court for kee pinga house of ill fame, and a common nuisance, shall make his personal nppenranco before the said court then sitting as aforesaid, and re main from time to time and fiou'i day today, and shall then nnd there answer to such mat ers and things as should then and tlic'c be objected tu him in thai be half, and should abide such order and decree of said court, as tho said court should make in the premises, and not depart without leave of sid court, then the said recogn zan e should be void and of no efleet. I .1 othcrwiso it should remntn in full force and eflrci. And the said John Williams afterwntds, during raid term uf said court, was publicly called in said court, to make hipers?nal appearance before fn d court and answer lo such matters and things as shnild be ob jected to him in that behalf, and although llie a id Jacob Rolf nnd Henry Hand were, by older of s-id court thro times publicly called in said court, to have the said Williams before said court, according to tho condition of the said recognizance-, jet the said John Wil'iams tiid not appear nnd answer, nor did the said Rolf and Hand nppenr or have the say Wdl.ains in said court, to tnnlio answer, but ncglcctid nnd refused so to do, and suffered said recogivznnco lo beenmcfor feitcd against Ihem. And the said defendants aia thereupon called tu show cause if any they have why the said Treasurer should not havo his execution against ihem for thesaid sum of S100, and his costs of uit : which action was entered on the docket of said court at their March Term, A. D. 1SI0, and the said plainlill'nppcorod by David French his attorney, and the said John Williams being absent from this slate at the tiino of the scrvico of the plaintiffs said wtit, the snid cause was by order of said court, continued to tho August Term A. "D. 1810, or said court, at which term the plainlifl'agaiu appeared by his said attorney. And it not bciiu' made to appear tu ihe said court that tho said John Williams has had personal notice of the ser vice of said writ and the pendency of this suit, tl.e same was again continued by order of said court, to the March Term thereof A. I). 1611. And the SBid court also ordered that fur I lie r notice of the pendency of this suit be given by publishing the substance of tho plaintiffs declaration in '77ie llurlinqton JV.e Press,' a newspaper primed in said Burlington, three weeks successively, th" last of which publications to be at lca't thirty days before the silting of said court, whieh shall bo deemed sufficient notice to the said Williams to appear nnd answer lo snid suit. Dated at Burlington, aforesaid this 4th day of De comber A. P. 1840. Wm. NOBLE, Cletk. Benjamin II ewes, ) Chittenden coiintvcourt, August vs. Term, A. 1). IS 10. Levi Haorie. 3 VlfHEREAS, Benjamin IIcwcs, of Milton, in said county at the March Term of said court A. D. 1839, comiiuncedhis action against Levi Harris fur nicrly ofsaid Milton, then of South Hi rlin in thecouiT ly of Chenango iu the State of New York, in a plea of tho case, in an action ou note dated April 1C, 1S37, for S1G0, payable one day after date. Also, further dc elaring, "that on the samo ltilh day of April 1937 tho defendant was justly indebted to the plaintiff in the sum of 8300 00, for a certain piece of laud in said Mil ton, before that times, ild and conveyed by the plain titrto the defendant, and in consideration the defendant executed and delivered to llie plnintifl' his order or cltaft In vviitingof that date to and on one Edward Smith for eight hundred copiesof the 'Irish Rebellion,' printed by said Smith, which were llienof the value of J.CO0 00, vihieh snid order was presented to said Smith who refusfd tu accept or pay the same, the defendant having before withdrawn said copies nnd all his funds fiom aid Smith, whereupon the defendant became liab e lonavto tipnlainlifl'the reasonable value of said 800 copies at ihetimo of the presentation of srnidorder, nnd on the 13th of October 1E33 promised to pay such said sum on demand. Also futther dechr np '',at thu defiiidant on the 13th of Octobir 1 ""- .it- uidcbtei' to the plamtifl in thefnrtuei s 'in of f I'd b f e 'bat time ind and leeeiiu1. Alsof.'.r afiiithe: f, m oft'Cu loi np.e cof land before that time ;-ohi at J c nveyed bv p!,i..u.ii tu defindnnt lur.g m M.'.'in nf res' j, being tile win le of Lot No. O'i -iili dl.'n o. " e ricut of James Wilmut, except 40 ncrrs from tne cast end tin rem tn tne oi'inaeot tne pwinnu sivw v tei scuon wasenteiid on the docket if s.i d c ri at pa d Mr.rcii Term l;u9.nnd the ,'-. uiJI's pi 1 y A li. niiicinore l. is Attorney, am', me in l.tiuari 1 r.rp 11 sent front thisttr'i atthc t.me of the rcviee of sa.d writ, the said causouRsconnnr.ed to tho Angus' tern 1839ofsnidcouri.nl which Temi t!.e 1 la.u..iT again afpearcd by hissaid attorney and the 'aid cau'o .ic3 uiiiu Luiiuiiiieu liy a.i.u luiiu " ,111 .uuiiii 111111 thereof A. D. 1S40, and the iilaintifl'ngain appearing by his said attorney, the said cau-.e was fur'her con tinued by said court (o llie August Timii thereof A. D. IS 10, ul which term the piainliu" again appeared by h.s said attorney. And it not being made to appear to thecourt that the defendant has had personal notice of the said service and pendency of Ibis suit, llie same is againcontinced by said couit to tho March Term thereof A D. l?ll. And the said court also order that further notice of the service and pendency of said suit be given, by publishing the substance of the plain till 's declaration three weeks successively in thc"l!ur lington Free Press" a newspaper piin'cd in said Bur lington, the last of which to beat least ilurtvdays be fore the sitting of said court, nh ch shall be deemed sufficient, notice to thesaid Levi to appear and answer to said suit. Dated at Butlington aforesaid this 25th day nf Nov. A. I). 1310. Wm. NOBLE, Clerk. ASTHl'It BOSTWICK, VS. Am.vhivii ELMEn. ) Chittenden county Court, Au . gust Tcnn, A. D. 1510. WHEREAS, Arthur Bostwick uf Jenco in said county, at the March Term A. D. 1S40, of said court, commenced Ins action of ejectment against Am ariah Elmer late of Underbill iu said county! declaring in a plea, lbat tu the snid Arthur, llie stud Atnariaii render llie s'inire nnd peaceable possession of a certain trad or parcel of land with the appurtenances lying and being in Underbill aforesaid, and described as fol low , to wit : Lut No. C3,in ihe '-'d division, and drawn to the original light of tlhain Allen, of which tract of land ihe said Arthur on the 15th Oct. 1533, was well seized and possess, d in his own light in fee, and sa continued thereof possessul utilil the lslh Oct. li-r when the said Amnriali without law or right, and cm trary tothe will of the said Arthur, thereinto entered, ejected and expelled nnd nmoved the raid Arllur thcicfrnm, and ever since haih and still doth keep oui the said Arthur from llie premises, taking ihe v-.hu!, profits to himself, to the damage of the said Arthur as lie says S3U0, tn recover which and the quiet nnd piaceable possession of lite said premise., and jest costs, he brings Ibis si.il ; which was en'eied on the docket of said'eourt nt said Marcli Term thrirof A. D. 1SI0, and the plnintifTnpprarcd by Wm. S, Hawkins his attorney. And the defendant being alscnt from this Slate at the time of the set vice of ihe plp.int.fl's said writ, the said cause vias continued 10 the August Term 1840, of said court, nl which Term the plaintiff again appeared by said attorney, nnd it not being made to appear to the court, that Mie defendant has had per sonal notice of the service and pendencyof this suit, the fame is again con untied bv said court lo the Marcli Term thercol A. D. 1811. Arid llie said conn, alto, order that further notice of the viviee and pendency of this suil be given, by publishing ihe substnnce a! the pla'mtilPs declaration thne weeks successively, in tlie ''Burlinglon Free Press," a newspaper printed in said Burlinglon, tho last of whieh 10 bo at lean thiitr da) s before the silling of said court, which shall ba deemed sufficient notice to the slid Aniariah, to ap. pear and answer to said suit. Datul at Hutlington aforesaid th.s Colli dnvcf Nov. A. P. 1840. Wm. NOBLE, CIcrk. BOOTS, SHOES eV LEATHER. The subscriber having taken the stote formerly occupied by Miesrs. HiiHop ip tVhipple, is now openinga general assortment of Boots, Shoes and Leather, which havo all been bought for cash and will be sold for the same at the lowest prices, and as the articles are too numer ous to mention in an advertisement, although Mr Sta cy has enlarged hi' paper, I wiiidd simply invite all to call and rvaminc the goods and pficis before purchas ing elsewhere. Butlingion, July 1, 1810. HENRY ft. SI IMSON, hy E. J. Stivsp.'. Agent. S.N I 1 F ON LV TWL.M V.ri TTU N'I !T P M. Hitcbi'ik's newly inveiilitl Snutl'lbe lest aril ele ever di-eoierti! I y scientific nun, in Fiirupetr America, fortbe cure mil til suliite relief uf Catarrh, DizziiKs tf ibclliad, Weak 1'yes, Nervous Head ache, Fallen Sickne-s, Fits, and Infant mulled wiih Snuffles, partial shoe ks uf I'al.v, vlr. For tale wholesale and retail, I v A.HIItltLOCK & IV, sole Proprietor, No, 117 Gcncitest. I'lica, and ly their Hgcuts tbroiigheuit the I'liiou. Iu Barlinctpn, J. A. 1. II. Peck & Co, III Vcrgennrs, I y J. H. Bowman, III Milton, I y lliirnill i'e Sawyer, lu Georgia. I y Lo renzo Jane.. Bl,i KSllTn.Tie siib-crilrr having re cently moved from All any, and commenced the Black. milh limine., ui all it. forms, in the new shop on Mndiscn street, near Folletl ic llrad'ry' Store, would re'spceifully inv in- llie iiihal ilan's rf Burlington and vicinity 10 give him a e all, as he is fully prrparnl lodonll kind-i I work in hi line, un ibe slior'e.t no tice, I e-1 manner, and ino.l f.ivouil le term. Hu has for many year pa. I given hi panic ilnr atleuiii n li the Horse shoeing hiiinis, and Farrcry In all its liinncbes. From the lung experience which he h.i bad, and the general information he ha dcri eil 1 1" h from ihcorv nnd praeticc, he loo- IV 1 , 1 ' ,'1111 m ic I'uinmeii'ltng him I'Tiu 'he -ct1 .. He v. 1 le ore :ari d ft 'i , 1, uc u i.t-tu- per- na ' -P' n e a i. n's of vv .' nh- It,i?--sii. ti a ft n . i Warg 0 nnd Sleivrhs tttiipwork, sVc. All kind-n f, ,-e te made m ha hwniiannir auJ mo. apprmcl -ij Lu trusts that I y f 'V '.'ig business hi iimlte'ide.' n rvu ,11 an I the low price, nt whi -b tic w 'l I eenaUed lo f r msh work, torect vc a share 01 tl e t;-d li" i.a'rcnace. JOHN iKAv,l .N Hiirlitif-trn, Arri!,, l't Treasurer of tho