29 Ocak 1841 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3

29 Ocak 1841 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

In in y garden ninl tit my various employments. I send this to Mrs. Dc.itihaut, General Axt.nl lor Som erset and Vol set, anil request her to publish it for the guuu oi 1110 niiiicic'U. "micss my nauu, (Signed) Hlnrv tlovvn. Landlord nfllip Itock tun. F.vtni, Somi-rscl Witnessed by the Ilcv. C. W. II. Evmii:i, Hector of Lxton, nnd by James 1 ocno. Apnl2lili, 1 .' Dad llreath-nadl'crspiralion.TtolU these dis cover without disguise, the corrupt source from which ttiry proceed. How few pay intention to them or their ennseqnencc-s, or hale turned their thoughts to radically prevent tlictn I Soineodorifcrous palliatives arc the whole length 1 ln t science, litis gone in this re spect yet some weeks' use nf tho Vegetable Univci aal Medicines would retnoic the cause. Counlenan I'trruhnat Had Humour. The countenance is the dtal-plato of our interior, mid our being master of it, the suto sign of composure mid serenity the mint enviable anddcsirnlde of nil stales, nnd may claim Divine extraction. With composure and serenity, life glides pleasantly on, like unto npnio unobstructed stream. Intellect, imagination, compo sure, serenity, may bo termed tho fiuit, the essence of thewholo body, If by the management of our bodies, we have not attained to and peril cted these high in tellectual faculties, wo hao dono but little. In llic-m resides all the strength of man ami nf the world; they arc the true fruit of the tree the fruit of this body, winch wo have been nurturing and taking care of from infancy up", certainly, then, all physical assistance administered to the body which experience Ins taught us, and can bo proved beyond a doubt to be instru mental in promoting and perfecting these high func tions of our intclli-ctuil part or being, mint bo accor- ding to nature, and provided by her for lint puiporo; that such is tho case of the Vegetable Universal Medi cines, and their clTccIs lasting, no mm who has tiied them will attempt to deny or dispute. The reason why. the world has never yet reaped the hem fit from purging, expectoration, etc., which are all only modes of cleansing, is, that they have never ben pciscvtred in, and in sufficient strength I people not havingjust idcasas to their true cfleci", they expected that some days' use of cither wnssitflicietit. lias not every one of us, however, experienced, after a cold or smiled head, the enormous quantity of matter that is blown out nnd spit, sometimes listing for wuksand months and do not we always experience the beneficial result of it. Nature, in such cases, fiom causes which we cap not investigate, Ins had the power to bring about this cleaning herself) and if she had not done so, we may well imagine that the patient would have fallen a victim to such a nnsi of humorsjicctiinulatnig in the Ticad. They did not consider the body a mass ini blued with corrupt hummus, and tint cons qu ntly it must be the wmk of time to rniheally fn e it if llitm. Do not Ihey see by a cut or drain undo in a field do not all the stagnant juices from the back, rcmnir parts of the field flow towards this dram s and mut not the borders of tho drain be somewhat affected by their bad quality, till they are all run nil',' So it is with tho whole internal tube nf the human Lodv, to wliich it is the drain; ami if it is krpt in nrd.-r, all the other functions regulate themselves, and the juic s flow in their proper state. In vain, as to llic benefit of man kind, has science madu resean lies, and by aiiatunv pryed into our most iuwaid pans; having once stiay cd from the path of nature, like a man uitcnng a for est, the more they hac advanced, thctnore they have found thtnisi Ives hi w ild, nil and lo-t, and grasping at every thing they culd lay hold of. I!y their inven tions they lnc toitured mini, and left bun moie mis eiable than they found him. Let chciri-trv and man ual dexterity direct.lhemselvcs towaids their proper field, wlicre'tbcy can do no harms but do not attempt to improve human inline by them. JI tir. The hair is the great ornament of the ficr, find comparable to the leaus of the tier-.; and like unto nil other pints of us, its growth, strength, and duration depends on the health and prr.pcr stale of the body; and it re-mams as vet very doubtful win tin r oils, grcasce, or any exterior applications can have auveircctin promoting its prow ill and beauty. Hut we know with certainty, tint it grows luxuriantly when the body is in a proper healthy state, and that ft diminishes and aetinlly falls oil', when llie body is neglected and full of discnre; and that corpulence is by no in nnsa preventive of it, but rather indu-cstt; w Inch, however, should n Dt bo lie case, if we are to consider the hair as plants drawing their nourishment from oil and picas.-. No; the hair is nuuiish'd and suppoitcd by its appropriate juices drawn fiom pule bloo I, like unto every other put of the animal frames as the naih, for example. 1 can, from experience in my own funny inform myrcadus and f ur ooimtrv womcn. tint some months' cpcr.ci,cc with the Yey-i-iablc Universal Medicine v til cure ami picv-.iit all such mishaps, by improving the state t,f the shin and juices, where the hair Ins us mots, and is nourished. My daughter, at the ag, of sixteen, being a I bnat, ling school, and of a eluor.i-, diseased, negh-etcd stale of iiouy, inc uair an uroppvii oil s tin- i.-.in was oi eouise shaved, and a wig made use of for a long time. Tin hair grew ngain, but weakly, and continued in this state till she was near twenty and then it pre w weak, nnd fdl olTrgain, and in placi s for the sve of a crown p:ece, became bare, without a hair upon them. She was, too, though full of lhsh, in a very diseased, chronic state. Tins went on for a length of tim, she lining iho nuny insignificant pnseriptions in use, and not knowing at that lime how to remedy it, or do bet ter. About this peno I, I iys. If began the use of ih -Vegetable Universal Medicines and her staleofhcalth had grown so bad with an altickof erysipelas, thaf she saw the neceity of doing so. nothing to alter her situation, an 1 b?gm with th sann in-thcin?s, which have had such a beneficial '.IFect, as 1 1 lestore lur to perfect health in every respect. The hair of tho haul has re-appealed, and snows with great luxuriance s nnd die erysipelas, which hud even caused lameness j , one leg, has been radiea Iv cured. If grief and alll-e-tion, ns it is said, will turn the hairs giev, and that in n short time, why should not keeping the bodv and mind in a healthv, compose I, serene Mite, produce the contrary, and prevent their falling nil', and turning prey, at least so i.ipidly as we oftm witness? and that the Vepetablo Universal Mcdie'nes ) rail v produce this (-fleet, I am convinced, from what has happened to my owns as my hur has improved in thickness and colour within these four years. Oi'anfc Di"nse.- The proper application of word and their meaning, is the first step tovvardsknow ledge and science! without that von aro only bufi'Ming the air, or what the French call giving a cmi;i il'ejictdant ia-i. One would undo stand by organic disease .such a want or defect in the part or organ, as to pre vent it ever acting right-, nsin thewheilnf a machine, a part broken oh", or so twi'tcd or otherwise deranged, as never to I e remedied. Such seems to be the mean ing attached to organic dirase, and any cine thereof is regarded a' hop, less. Hut has the world ever re flected, that if ever this individual, or any organi7ed being, had thisorgan inapioptr state at or since his birth, any niorbid stateor disease happening to it af terwards is only owing to the gradual inciease of an humour settling upon this organ, ami thus altei inc and prevcntnigtts proper aet.on. All disease, and finally death, may in like manner and with , qual prnpneivbe called organic dis 'aeej for in nil. some organ is first altered and injured, and finallv destroyed, which causes death, In acute disease (which arises solelv from ntplcctnnd want of precaution to purge the body occasionally by the Vegetable Universal Medicine) this rapidly Iakc3 place. In chronic (lit sue it pio coeds by slow (h'rees and imperceptibly, but the cau-e i the same in both, and lending to tho fame result the dcsinrit u m one way or other of some organ. The term organic disease should onlv apply to chfects taken place at or previous to bhili. Do not we f"o in cuts, sotcs, wounds, that nilure filial is the pure blood in man and all annuals) has th power nf regenerating and forming afresh that which isrral ly wanting, toinand In oken even in bones the inn Iv. f, nnd in a still greater degree that of cleansing nnd re storing to its proper neuon an organ which we have onlv all wed to become dirty J Whul Ins dissection profitlcdto mankin II it? piocesses nnv be lermcj a system nfciuc.lt)' to man anil beast, making experi ments to prolong life after d- privm them of some in ternal organ, the spleen, tho kidnivs, and thus en- roaraging unking incisons into tho nhdinrn of tho human body. Head the uuiucal r poi is ,n t lie ir ihap sodies. One would think the human mind bad nVliv. f-rcd itrelf up bound baud and font, to unorance and infatuation. Countrymen, fellow citizens, read these reports of what takes place in our hospitals, and open your eyes after ticnti.iga patient and drugging him for several months, trying one thing and then another tho patient die", his body is opened, nnd what is found that which every man but a doctor, with half his senses, knows befote-hnnd must hefound j nauvly, a mass nf humours of various kinds, eon ;ulated blood, etc. which hava first obstructed, nnd finally ditroed some organ either of the head or trunk and if they do not alter their theory and treatment, they will go on from now to eternity, as they have been doing, with out benefitting mankind, but injuring lliem: and all this is covered with tho nnpeaianee of science and knowledge to the piirroundinr' miittittid,- hn sitmil aghast and amazed at the prodigies of their att, and of tne miseries urn iney incnmives aro llireneneilwiili. All this misery and suffering would have been insily nnd inoehsllv prevented nnd cured in some wexks by tho Vegetable I'n.vrrsal Medicines. Let nature, work. and when assisted by llieni, the has tho power of thorougiiiycieaiisinpanti regenerating too, that which is wanting, they will do that which no other power on eareii can un, Advantages attending the Use of te Vigttable I'ni renal jMtdieines. 1st Sound sWp, if it b" already wanting. Jnd Regular appetite and enjoyment of meals. 3rd Cheerfulness, contentment. 4th Agility, fice use of body nnd limbs. Btli Prevents mclancliolly and suicide'. Clh Prevents sudden death, angina pectoris, apo- P'CXV- , , - , , 7tli Causes no restraint : cat and drink what you please. Rlh Invigorates the mind nnd f incv. Otli I'ifty per cent, pecuniary sating throughout the vear. lOih Comfortable old age. Iltli Corrects nil bodily deforiiiit.es, tiud improves deportment. . , I2lh Conviction, which you ion f 1 1 that you arc doing tho best that can bo done for) our health, Disailcantaaet nllmdlnv; the l'.,e nf the Vegetable Unlrtrsal .Medicine. A minute's repugnance at bed-tune on swolloiviii" from four to fifteen small p.llsi this repiignioe,. (. mini'hes ns you become better, and your health im- The'brcNI'INI! Morton's Pills, which are ruling morcsick nef'ple than any other medicine and which continue, more and mote to bo called for whilst mnny other medicines retire tojustobscurity.catibcoltn md in this town, ONLY of P.tNoajnN if- Umnsmaip, , ,, ... Stnto Agents. I', very packet and box sold in tho state is put up w ith I'm; labels and signed on the outside, "Pangborn and Bimsmaid" if not so SIGNED do not buy them. I lie call for this invaluable purifier of tho llfoodnnd renovator of tho whnln fil'Sle-m. rntitmlieH In inrTp.iRn daily nildis tnorcvnhmil thnmnri. It is known. Honk and Pamphlets explaining tho Morisonian theory of unuuau mm us cure, can no h.ui oiau ino .vgems. GEO. TAYLOR, Hygeist, DIBroadwnyNcvvYork, soloU. S. Agent, for tho Brit ish College ofllcallh, London, ivohavo the Hooks to sell or letui as persons may wish. PANOBORNtf' BRINSMAID. GtLASS WARE. Plain and cut Tumblers, cut T Wines and ChainnsLMio Glasses, plain nnd cut Lemonade Olases, Plain and cut whip Glasses, com uiouniid cut Lamps, etc, cheap by N. Lovely cc Co. Jan. 1 1. rWGLLSH POWDER. Pigons & Wilkes ami 1-J Rurtoii'seelebralLil lillc hovvder. in Bound canis ters by, H. M. il DOINGS & Co. j" (JOKING GLASSES, mahogany flamed, at tho I J low est prices, by II. M. GIDDINGS &. Co, ID EVISED STATUTES of Vermont, for.sal7by' " It Jnn. 9. O. GOODRICH. C1 A m'DLES, bv tho box or single lb, for sale by J (119. ' Gl'.O. PETERSON. v, '"ALTON'S VERMONT UKUISTKR AND l l-'ARMLIt'S AI.MANWCK for IHII.for sale at the Hook Store. D. A. 11RAMAN. Dec. 21. lei 10. :v'u- iNtstiiiKiiiuout. T P. WHALING ,f- CO. inform tho public that they have located themselves in tho village of llurliiigteiii, and have lilted u n store on the east sido of Church street, which may well b" denominated "Cheap-sid-," nearly oppoMto the hank nf Hurling ton, and nre receiving from New Yolk u choice selec tion of goods well suited to tho season, which they oiler for sale enoir as can be purchased in thcivuntry, for ready noy. Among their goods may be found beaver and bro ulcloths, cassimercs, satinets, flannels, merinos, mousline de laines e'-c. A choice selection, also of I'roneh, lhiglih and American prints, cejiinf, at least, to any in Durllneton. A general assort ment of cambrics, muslins, plain and figured, edgings, insirlings, blond laecs, ,-c. A great vaiietv of shawls, and dress handkerchiefs, ladies' gloves and hose, with a good supply of bh ached and unbleached domestic go-ids. Also n good supply of crockery, of llic latent patterns, with a few elegant astral parlor lamps ; and finally, a few choice family groceries, such as teas, sugars, molasses, coffee, rice, raisins, dry fish, tobac co", lamp oils, e-c. Wo do not pretend to specify all tho kinds, to ay nothing of the numerous articles of which tach kind is composed) hut suffice it to say, that the assortment will bo fv.md to contain most of the articles wanted in the country, and those that fivor us with their custom will be entirely relieved from the examination of old goo Is, or remnants. Our entire slock is new, and fresh from the market, andhasbtcn selected with the greatest possible caro. with reference to the wants, comforts and Vncfit of the people. Hut wo do not wish the public to tako our word in this matter, but mot cordially invito them to call anil examine for themselves. " llurlington, Nov. 213, 1S10. O I2.MOVAI..--.1. LI5WIS, the Mechanical Den II tist, liasr, moved his office to his dwelling on Pearl si , neailvoppo-itc.I. K. Gray's Carriage Shop, where he will be able to attend lo calls al all hours of the day or night. llurlington, Oct. 30, 1810. O'l'OVIX A IMI'F..-Stro.ncs i Co. have rc O ceived and nfii r to ptuchascis COOKING STOVKS e'f a great varictyof sit s anil most approved patterns, which will be sold at whole sale or retail, with or without tiimmings, to suit purchasers. Also, PARLOR AND ISOX STOVI'.S in pica! varielv of sues and patterns. Canada sinplo and double Stoves '.'1 to III) inches, together with .1000 JOINTS STOVI-: IMPf.of Canada, English and Russia sheet Iron. Dumb Stoves, stove furni lurccif Ooppi r, Cooper bottom, and Tin. Connected with this establishment is a manufactory of Stove Trimmings, Sheet lion vvoik nnd Tin Ware, which can supple at short notice any article not on hand, on reasonable terms nnd in a stj'le inferior to none. The attention of purchasers is respectfully solicited. Nov. 2 is 10 TTARD WARE, SADDLERY WARE. GUNS.- l-JL. Hollow ware, l-c. '1 he subscriber lias nisi rp. cc'vvd slid is now opening a largeand geneial assort ment oi ini'iuiove goous; co-unrising nearly every aitielo in the line, and which will be o!d on vervtca sonaWe terms for cash or lhort credit, at the hard vvaic store, corner of church street and the square. ROIir.RT MOODY. Hurlinstou, Nov. CO, 1 10. IICOX, STUM,, &v. 7)C Tons asrai ted sizes, English Tire Iron, 4.J :t ' " Swedes Iron, 6 " Russia Old Sable do 25 " Peru manuf li'turcd Iron, consisting of all thovaiious sires of round fiom j inch lo 2 inch square do., Hand, Scroll, llanie, and llorsc Shoo Iron &c. ite. STM'.L. SAVDcnsos oc Hnorurn's Ct-i Steel, all sizes. d Greaves' German do English Hlisleird and American do. Aho, a full and gi ne ral assortment of 'all descriptions of goods con nected with llie above trade. Nov. lit, 1M0. STRONGS' & CO. A LPACCA 'LOTUS for cloaks-, crapes, camb- i lets, camme'tccn", go finals' hair and common w-ors. .1 camblcts, printed Saxonvs, plain and figured al- pines, plain and printed muslin de laines, all wool, now opening by N. LOVELY Jfc CO. TO M KUCHA NTS is: KAK.M IJItS. THE undersigned, continuing lo be thoonly manu facturer of what is known as Indian I'oml Scjlhc Stones, would lespccifullyinform Merchants that Ins Pedlars will, if encouraged, call in llie course of thepresent wintir, al most of tho Stores in Ver mont, New Hampshire, and in Essex and Clinton Counties in New York, nnd will, if required, furnish I.vntvN Pond Stones, on a credit till October next. Farmers can, by obtaining the said Scythe Stones, have sharp Scv'thes with little labor. A fellow hv' the name of Isaac J'il.e, who hails from I faveilul1, N. II., pretends to sell Indian Pond Atones; but he sells an inferior counterfeit assuming the name of "Inpias Pond," no doubt, to market merchandise which is known to be at inferior quality. Oilier persons m Haverhill and vicinty," make Scythe Stones, and lest tln-ir Pedlais represent them of In dian Pond quality, Merchants are requested to notice that eve ry box of Isni.VN Pond Stose is marked in nrinlcd letters (). R. I'YLER, 1w Dradford, ft. Cv. HI V I1T VA!t IZ. Tliesu'oseribcr has resum- cd the- Cabinet business nt the old shop on Church street, formerly occupied by Nichols et Hcrrick, and recently by IS. It. Walker, where he intends to manu facture nH k-i constantly on hand all kinds of t'AlilN'ET FURNITURE, of a style and quality not inferior to any manufactured in this vicinity." Ho hup.'s his loin; expel it uee, togellu r with a strict atten tion to the business, will secure him a share of the public patronage. !"j"WANTHD inexehanccfor Cabinet Work, Hirrh anil Alaph) Scanih-I, suitable for beehtc'ids; basswood jdank, and boards from 1 inch to I inch; white Pine boards, Mot kindsof ceuntry produce received in pavnv nl, (but cash would bcvcrvncrcptahlc.) Hiirlington, Jan. 1,1311. SAMUEL NICHOLS. NIS Sel'lIOIU. tJIIOGiTXl'IIY AND TL.S W l l'll OI'TLINEMAPS, by i. Avci'i tl's MirritH L. The author ot the al oiu works has I ecu proles-ional'v ileiv ute-.l to ibc science of Oeo'y and thu p ilili-hiiigof Map., diring m.inv vear- and bis former production-, c pe-eially hi- .Map i.f ihe. World for Aim lemic, 1 ear ample t'c-tiinunoiiy e f Ins itbnn elanl reo ir.c, upon wliich ho has so lilt r.i'lvelrawn, in prod iciiic tbcal five 'chool works. The ffillcnvintj cxlraet of Ibc Oeo'y anil Alia-, i.sfruin a piint rtvoiti inenJatir.il of ll.u Teaehert in the cilv of New Vork. 'Their merits arc niiincrou ihu c'viiniiion- remark ably plain ande'onciM'. The exerei-cs arc copious and important, and ihodr-criptive' is luminous anil correct. The-divi-ions of the American continent, nrn i.-or,-. -trile.l nnd elc-cnl Has ibe-y really i'xi-1 at the ,nei'nl lime An.l the rross ini-nnleme:nts generally K.und in mmoi-I geographic- aiceoncnd. Ti e typo't'raplii i Ml execution is uncommonly ucaimiJ distinct, iiielecd the a'l.is is a moebl of ibc kiuel, and ae'tually teems Willi iiilornntion." 'I ho outline Maps are ne-culiarly 'uli'ul.iu'dio ixerci-elhe student in hi-nu.lc, an I to fill up at hi lei-urc. For sale by C. GOODRICH. Bl. KS HIT' I. The nii.serilcr having re cently mov esl fiom All any, and commenced the Black-nulli 1 unnes--, in all Us form-, in thu new shop on Miidion street, near Fol.'ett cV. Bradley's Store would re-pi'i'tl'ully invite tl.u inhabitants of Burlington and viemily lo give luni a call, as he is fully prepared .eiilonll kind-et work in Ins hue, on ihe shortest notice-, I e-t manner, an I miM favorable term', flu has for many years pa-t given hi particular nttcntie 11 to the- Horse shoeing bu-ine.-i-, and Furriery in all il I ranches. 1 roin tho long er.perie'nee which be ha had, and llie general inlormaiinn be- has ele-nv evl loth from theory nnd praetiee, be- feels fully confident in re eoinmen bus biiu'i lfto the publii'. lie- will I e pre pares! at nil times teigiyc hi- peronal ancnlion to all kinds of work in hi- line neb as Ironing Wafgons and S!i-igh, Slopwork, iVi", All kind tl rt'gi- tool rnaile m ibe I e-t manner andino-t approvcel style. He trusts that I y K ving lui-ine.-s his iinebvidisl allention and ibe low price at which be will I oniubhsl to fur nish work, lureee-ivoa tbaronfllie public tialronaec. JOIINSORAGEN. Ilurluiglon, April 10 1810. AT inm'Aitns.ncc. 1, ihio. CILIv SIIIIITS AND DRAWERS, for Ladies mid J Geiitlemen. Artie les that aro said if not quilo tO Clire Wl l "rea'lv a leViatC ItllCliniAtln nninu ,llun .el. ,1.1.. 11 ii .7 1 ! 1 V. loo I icnuilic ir,iiiiiie 111 s rues, VMlieil Willi tne 1160 Ot Ihe above articles it taKcn will crn licale Rbe-umatinni from any persin recently allhctcd, if not so, money for the pills refunded, C!A I.Kit ATI'S. 10 casks, by J. & J. Juno I'J. I'Et K d Co 'I'Jd January, 1H1 1. rilHKUU has been an 18j years business done A in the "up and (long, quick and cheap for cash, and no Imprisonment for debt" store) and hu9 been no dun, nor dun, never done yet. Information is hereby given that this same storn bus now one of tho best stocks of merchandize for the season, anel mat cost may Lie saved on any goods pur chased fovcr ordinary prices, by applying tothopco plo'sagent.at HOWARD'S. CROCCERV AND GLASS WARE.-I'ull sells of granite China ware. Tea and Dining fcctls, together with n general assortment of crockery and glass ware i also lamps, patent top, screw top nnd astral lamps. Lanterns, tumblers, &e. all of which will be sold cheun for cash, as we will convince any that favor us with a call. Church st. J. I. WHALING & Co. BROAD CLOTIIS.-Pleasecall at the new cash stoic on Church street, and examine the broad cloths, beaver cloths, cassimercs and satinctts, before purchasing elsewhere, and much oblige J. P. WIIAf.ING V Co. Goods shown with pleasure, whether purchased or not. ) S'y IIAKERS' YARN. White nnd mixed Shakers' WHALING & Co.'s am at STAT1 ; OI-' VERMONT, jrpiIK Honorable DismicT or Cutit kndkn. ss. 1 s. J- the rrountc Court for the District ofChittenden t To all persons concern cil in theestatu nl iSnliby lintcs, Into of Charlotte, in said Distiict, deceased, Giikctino: Wiieiikas, William Dean, executor of tho last will and Testament of said deceased, proposes to ren der an account of his administration, and ptescnthis account against said estate for examination and allow ance at a session of the Court of Probate, to be hoi den nt tho Regislet's office in lliuhiigtoii on the se cond Wednesday of February next. Therefore, You are hereby notified lo ntipenr before said court at the lime and place afore said, and shew cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under my hand at Uurlington, this ICth day of January, A. D. IS11. NVAY ClltntCII MUSIC Otis, Iitoaders it Co, have published under the direction and sanc tion of thoDoston Musical institute, a book of Church Musicof every variety for devotional exercises, called the lloston .Musical InsUtutc's Collection of Church Music, The whole having been composed, selected nnd arranged by Thomas Comer, Esq, Organist at King's Chapel. For a longtime vvc have known that Mr Comer has been industriously preparing tins work for the press. Within his re-sources and no man in this country has greater nothing has been h fi untouched which would aid in the composition of Sacred Music, Ho has had English, German nnd Ital.an music at his command, and has used them freely. Mr Coiner is the most accomplished musician, in all the departments of the science and practice of that divine art, that vvehavo known in lto-ton ; and his nameis a warrant that tho often repeated humbug of making a new book out of old tunes, spoiled by the absurd alterations of an ignoramus, has not been practised. His knowledge of harmony is profound) ins taste pure and highly cultivated in the best schools; his acquaintance with authors of sacred, operatic, vocal nnd instrumental music is uncaqualcd by any other member of tho profession among us. Asa per former on the violin, piano forte, and espccilv upon the organ, he has acquired a reputation in t'oston, thatis truly enviable a reputation which neither ho nor the Insitiitc would sacrifice by publishing n poor book. From a cursory examination of this collection, we are satisfied it is tho best ever published in this country, in so far as it is new, rich, appropriate, and adapted to the popular taste and the state of musical knowledge. The melodies nrc choice, the harmonies simple, easy and correct s the varieties of tunes nnd anthems are suites! lo every occasions and such is the tone of feeing which generally pervades the book, that we feci confident that all who desire improvement will introduce it into their choirs immediately. People may, if they please, adhere to the dull music of old tunes j but we advise them to follow the example of the Institute, and keep pace with the improved taste of modern days, and better music. Uoston Daily 7Vi?us. All lovers of music are requested to call and ex amine the above book at D. A. BRAMAN'S Jan. 20, I'll. Hook Store. "jVTOTICE. The Hoard of Commissioners for the X instruction of I he Deaf nnd Dumb and the Wind, will convene at ilu- Pavilion House in Montpelier, on Tbutsday, the lEihday of Febiuary next, forthe pur pose of designating beneficiaries who are to receive aid fiom the stale of Veimont, nnd for the transac tion of any other business arrpcrla.ning to the legal duties of the board. County Clerks and the civil authority of towns are refen eel to title Oih, chap. lDlh, of the Rev ised S latutcs, touching llteir icspective duties on this subject. L. SARGEANT, ) Jan. 1, 1S1L JOHN COLBY, 5 Comnus HENRY STOWEL, ) 6'ners. P. S. Publishers of newspapers in the slate of Vermont will confer a favor on the unfortunate by giving the above notice a place in their respective jour nals. Cabinet Shop on C.itllu's l,c, DEAR SIR; Permit me o inform you and others in your vicinity that I am still engaged in the CABINET BUSINESS, nnd that Nr.r.Di.sa custom, any thing in my lincmav be bought of me on ns good terms as nny where in this market. I am now fiom various causes making work cheaper than lever did befores and all pa)ing customers whether okl or new I shall be happy to s-o at the New Shop, where no pains will be spared to give satisfaction. Lumber and Produce re c'd as usual and n lutle cash, (if there is any left in the country,) will be found to do wonders a few rods east of Cburch-st. D. K. PANGBORN. llurlington, January 11, 1511. TyjOTlCE. All notes and accounts due the subscri is her, must bo paid by th fiist day of Fe-bruary next, or they will be found in the hands of an attorney. W.M. II. MUNSON. WRAPPING PAPIiR. -.:!( reams assort ed qualities and sizes for salo for Rag", country produce, or goods by Jan. 1-!. C. GOODRICH. .Merchants supplied with paper and books for Rags. BOOTS, SHOES et LEATHER. The subscriber having taken the slote fotmcrly occupied by Messrs. Mishap if- Whipple, is now opening n general assortment of thiols, Shoes and Leather, which have all been bought for cash and will he sold for the same at the lowest pricec, and ns thc'articlcs are too numer ous to mention in an advei lisement, although Mr Sta cy has enlarged his paper, I would simply invite all to call and examine the goods and prices be fore purchas ing elsewhere. Burlington, July 1, 1810. HENRY C. STIMSON, by E. J. Stimson, Agent. A MILLER WANTED, to tend the gristmill nt -TV. HubbclPa Falls, Esc.x, by the fust of May next, who is well acquainted with tho business, and can give satisfactory reference. Jan. 19, 1S1L tf. JAMES I. CUTLER. "jVTOTICE. The subscriber having purchased tho Is house and premises formerly occupied by Guy Catbn, Esq. nearly opposite the Reading Room, in Burlington, has opened a BOARDING HOUSE, at which lie will bo happy lo accommodate gentlemen ami lailics with the best attentions, and upon reason able terms, tivv JOSHUA DOANE. "WEBSTER'S SPELLING BOOKS. 2000 for v enlo by c. GOODRICH. QUPERITNE blue laid cap and letter paper, for kj sale at manufacturers' prices, by Jn.'Jl. c. GOODRICH. ,T LADOW S French Dictionary, containing more Ltl vvords than Roger's, at half the price. For sale "j; C. GOODRICH. "I T ERMONT Drawintr Book of I.nndtcnno nn. mining rules and instructions for landscape uiu,og, i itua. containing iu piati-s, puhiislied by Jnu.21. C. GOODRICH. 1 I AI.L .CK S BRITISH POETS, which have - a. jiisi nern nuunsiieei, were reeeivcet last week, and oaie? ue iiie: iiuiae oiore. i.iKewise many miscellaneous publications, among which aro the fol lowing! Soiithe.ite'sTour. Life-of WvcbfT- i.-,s. ncnt 1-reneh wuters, by Mrs. Shelley. Court of England, 2 vols. Johnson's Life nnd Works. Keightleys England. Federal Government from 1769 to 1839. Book for the Sabbath. Confessions of airy i.orrcquer. iioshciis Johnson, Bowdler's I annly Shakspcarc. Kirk's Sermons. Kingsbury on the Sabbath. Newton on tho Prophecies. Bry ant s American Pocls. Coleridge's Poelieal Works. so- 1). A. IIRAMAN. YT1L is hereby given that a meeting c-f the J-s Corporation of the Trusties of the Burlington bemale Seminary, will bo holden nt the dwelling house of I). A. Ilrainan, in said Burlington, on Mon day, tho first dav of Fehrnm v nii si r. L n t fur the purpose of electing the necessary officers Vf roiu u, .Mie,,,. unu 10 transact such other business us limy ue. eneniuni necessary wiicn met. By older of the President. WM. A. GHISWOLD Clerk Burlington, Jan. 20, 1811. ;;, ul'"' cl"k' 70R SALE, The House nnd Lot now OCCIIPICIt HV I.. J. Slmienn l.Vr terms, inouire of the suhsi-nl,rr .1 Kn i Strong's budding. Also, lt.mi. t.i,.2 and Leatbe r for sale low for cash, to close a concern. All those indebted to H. Stimson are requested to ...-.trn r,.r,,n., l...r,r. tl.n l. nf l.-.l ' . munv j-ajiiiwii, un-iiw , di ui in 11-11 v IIC.TI, E. J. STIMSON, Agent. Burlington, Jon. 21, 1811. h TTOUSE WANTED. A small conveninm t I J X incut, suitable for a family consisting of tluce ! rr.o lnniilrn.l ililanlllm, r in i -.-'i." 1 -...vs. . ,j. , - - - TVTEDICAL ALMANAC for 1811, for salo nt the noon store. I'ricobiicts. U. A. BuAMAN. CJPERM CANDLES Ktngland's clarified snerm J candltes, No 1 AUo, mould rnndlfs for sale by 4k 1 i V WIIAL,jr(j tj- Co. T.MNE BROAD CLOTHS and CASSIMKRES. X The subscribers would solicit tho attention of all who arc in want of any very fine Cloths or Cassi mercs as they have a goodassortmcntofalmostevcry shade and color which will be sold very cheap for cash, Jan. 1-1, 1311. by N. LOVELY and Co. BROWN Sheetings, very cheap by thu piece or yard, at LOVELY and Co's cheap store. 3Gr N. )!. Also, a choice assortment uf Notes nnd Accounts adapted to the present season, which not withstanding nave been on handsome lime, tire not the less desirable, and nrc oficred at private salo until tho first of February next purchasers will see tho "time is short." Burlington, January 11, 19)1. MR. STACY, Dear Sir Reading an article in a Into paper of yours, setting forth the utility of frequent and regular advertising, with your own illus trations in connexion, has "brought us over to tho faith." Wcshall try the experiment. Truly yours, II. M. GIDDINGS tt Co. AC "ALES brown sheetings, ado. power loom H.'KJ ticks. 2 t-ates York do. 1 bale 10 inch ftur lap. 1 bale canvass, just res e'i'visl and for sale by Nov. 29, 1810. VILAS. l.OOMIS &. Co. r Milt KA US, &c ' 300 I b. w U lie a ml e'edorereTloTi X threads. SO lbs. linen do. 500 bundles 100 skein thread. 20 lb.-. Italian -rwinirs. 10 lbs. Imliim twi-l, forsnloby VILAS, l.OOMIS, Co. 2 CASES London Pin. 1 can-wood pocket combs. 200 dozen su-ii'n Icrs. 50 ero-s cnret hurls. 50 gross hooks audeves. 200 M drilled eve'd needles for s.iluby MI.AS LOOMP. &, Co. NOTICI-;. Mv wife, Sophia 1'oietll, bus left my bed nnd board, without any ju-tifientinn, nnd 'I therefore forbid all persons harboring or trusting her on my account. JAMES POWELL. ueorgia, Dec. I, IBID. i n nnn paints a oils. IUjUUH ,. dry white Le.a.l 100 e-a-k.s ground do do 15 bbl. Venetian Red 10 ea-ks French ve low 50 hbls. American Linseed Oil, 25 do Spirit Turpentine oopal varnish, tjoiei i.ent, Sand paper, Smalt" Bruslie-, Glue, Gum Copal, by .1. 0 J. jr. 11. Pi-.ck&Co. BANK OF BURLINGTON. Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the Stockholders of Ihe Bank of Burlington w ill he holden at their Banking House, on the 2d Tuesday of January next, at 11 o'clock, A. M. for the purpose of choosing seven di rectors lor iiicyenr ensuing. By order of the President and Directors. Dec. 2, 1910. R. G. COLE, Cashier. DON'T MISTAKE the sign of ibc Rr.n LEnnsn, if you wonld buy Common School Dooks, Blank Hooksor Stationery on lillltthe bctt terms, I sayfioii'f mistake the Red Ledger, College st. Dec. 4. S. HUNTINGTON. 500 COM IIS. doz. Can nnd Twist Combs, 3000 " Wide and Narrow Side do 50 " Coarse and Fine do I0O " Ivory do For sale by Vilas. Loomis tt Co. Nov. 23, 1910. UNBLEACHED Cotton Shirting and Sheeting, cotton yarn, hatting, wickiup, black and white wadding. Russia dinner, e rash table diancts, padding canvas", merseilles, quilts, countcrpaines, rose nnd Horse otanitcts, nieaciieii cottons, meaencu aim un bleached cotton flannels, English, French and Amer ican prints, as cheap as the cheapest, by n9 N. LOVELY & CO. CLOTHS & CASSIMKKKS. BEAVER Cloth-, Log Cabin Cas-imeros, Black, Blue Black, Blue Brown D.ilhia, Olive Grcou, Invisible Green and Gicen, Steel Oxford and colored mixed Broad Oitiths, MEKINOES Engli-h, French and German Meri- noe; French and Oerinan Thibet and Saxony Cloihs Taglioiii-and Allipiuc-i Black, Brown, Purple, Blue lilac!; and luht colored AllupaceM Cloth-; .Mo-i.-eline etc Lame-, all wool, wtiol and cotton, & silk anel wool, blae;k grounds very fine, I cautiful. Sinker Yarn, a'll colours and white very fine1: Ger man Crncls, all colours; I 'ringesand Rinding-, heavy Silk, Mohair and wor-itd Futures for Drews and Mantillas very rie-li, by II. W. CATI.IN A Co. 300 Canada Plates, Tin Ac. Boxes Canada Plates, 100 do Tin plates X with extra sizes, 50 bundles Iron ire assorted, 50 do assorted N'os, English Sheet Iron, 10 Packs Russia Sheet Iron, together with tinned and black Rivets, Copper do, Kettle Ears, Wire Vellum, Sheet Lead and Zinc e.Vc. bv Nov, 19. STRONGS k Co. NEW KHTAlllilSIIMUNT.-Tho subscri bers would inform the public that they have formed a copartnership under tho firm of MITCHELL & BARNLS, and established the Cabinet business in llie Brick Shop formerly occupied by Abbott and Wood, where they are manufacturing and intend to keep constantly on baud an assortment of Sofas and Furniture, of various kinds and prices to suit custom ers) also, a few splendid II n ass Clocks cheap for cash. All Kinds of luii, be-r uecd ill Cabinet Miikine received in exchange for Furniture. Burlington, Dec. 2 1310. T. M. MITCHELL. A. BARNES. Tin Plate. Sheet li on. ,tr. BOX US Tin plate 1-3 X. 0 bundle. Bus tJJ sialrm. 100 bundles wire. 300 lbs Hulled pper, pi-t received and lor sale bv Nov. 23. VILAS, LOOMIS, & Co. POltK. LYMAN & COLE will pay cash for Heavy Pork, well f ittened and in good order Hogs should bcallovveel to hang and drain one full day after butchering before taken to market. None will bo bought by us without suitable alluwance for shrink ago unless in merchantable order. Cash paid for slaughtered Slucp s Pelts. Burhugton, Dec. 1, 1S10. CJAVE COST.- All nelsons having unsettled ac .J c counts vvuh Lathroi), Potwin e.t Wail or with the Subscribers are hereby notified that all accounts not scttleelin some way, before the) 15th December will be I vl t witnan atlorneylorcoiiection. iov. -tii. .VIA 1U exvt.ur, t rustees. pOTANICAL MEDICINES. The subscribers Jj have received a complete assortment of the above articles; among which are, extra flowered baylerry nnd barberry barks; ginger, pleurisy, tumeric and uni corn roots; pepper of many kinds.'in pods and pow der; Eiimm)rrh, and peach kernels. iiii.u. a. ri'.iis, cv. iu. SLGICII SHOES, &c. 1 rrv Pair Stesl plated, Cutter and Sleigh Shoc, I JJ Cast Iron do. finished Crow Bars. Anvills. Vices, Waggon Boxes, Shovels, Spades, Dung Forks, Sheet Lead, Sheet mc,tloliow ware in great variety, iSOV. I'J. Sl IUJAUS k i.u. CJNUFFONI.V TWI.NTV- -FIVE CE.NTS.1. M. 3 Hitchcock's tie'wly inven'e'l Snu'l'ibe le t arti cle ever eli-covercd l.y scje-ntifio ine-n, in Europe' or America, for the cure anil ab-olule relief of Catarrh, Dizziness of thu Head, Weak Eves, Nervous Head ache-, fallen Sickne-s, Fits, and Infant- i roubles 1 vvuh Snutlle, partial -brs'ks of P.il-y, See, For sab' whole-a!.' anel retail, by A. HITCHCOCK eV Co., sole Proprietor, No. 117 Ge-ne-ec st. I.'liea, and by their agent- throughout ibe Union. In Burlingtnii, J. eV J. II, Peck & Co. In Vcrgeune-, by J. II. Bowman. In .Mi ion. bv Burnett sv. sawyer. In uvorsia. bv Lo renzo Jane-. DUY (SOOUS AT All(Vrio.N..-rii..' mb seril cr- give not.e-e that they will uller li r sate nt Public Auction, on thoBdi elav of Deviinli-r next, at llie Slerc, corner of Church and Collcgu streets, bo entire au i exlciisivc as-tirtment ot nry ueiou-, m t ireviou-ly dipn-e-d ofat priva'e sale. '1 be sale will e no-itiveand ibo lersis very lil eral to lho-c wi hmg to buy large air.otnts. Salo will commence at 0 o' clock in the morning and continue every Tne-ilay, Thursday and Saturday until the whom is di-pose-el of. We invite the at'eulicii of llerebants ui the a-limnnig towns in particular lo this sale. MAYO efc WAIT, llurlnigloii, .suv.'.'i, jspj, l i-UiUrs. Winooski Iron Ftiiiiifli'j'. THIS concern is jet in operation, and re-ad y to execute nil orders for castings, in good order, and of good metal, for various purposes. The subscriber ih now ready to contract or otherwise for the building of mills nf ull descriptions, being in a situation lo fur nish all the materials nl snort notice, contracts win be taken very low. Plansof all kinds of mills made on application to the subscriber, and warranted cor rect ; vviucn win save cost in uuuuing, ana aiso many blunders. An assortment of castings such as kettles, ploughs, wnnnn boxes, waeron arms, sh-nrh shoes, box and cooking stoves, a very superb, .ticle, for doing a large business with little work and fuel, all of which can be found at all times, at this concern. I'atlerns inane to order on reasonable terms. Also the subscriber oilers for sale one first rate high pressure steam engine, of four horse power, a good artirle, built from Liecolfer's plan, anil lias been In use, which will tie sola rcasnna hie, and on credit. All orders to the subscriber, Bur lington, Vt. will receive attention. JI.. -v-i, If.l 1 . Winooski Village, Nov. 10. rpt) HUNT Dooms for a small family, near the X square. II. LEAVENWORTH. Dec. 21, 1BI0. rpHE attention of the ufliicted Is called to the article Hay's Liniment," ad vcrlised in another column. THEO. A. PECK efc CO. d21 Valuable Hooks fur Holiday Gifts; MRS, WALKER ON FEMALE. BEAUTY, as preserved and improved by reginun, cleanliness nnd dress, illustrated by 12 colored plates and ele gantly bound in morrocco pill, Foiioet Mr. mot, a Christmas, New Years and Birthdaypresent, for 1841. Tub Token! Friendship's OrrtsiNa; Rose or Siiasoni A Gtrr rsoM taiiiv laml Also a gener al aisorlmcnl of Jutenilo Works, Parley's Books, Knllo's Publications, Porlny's Universal Iliitory, 1 vols.,&,c. 4c, for ultby . Dec. 23. P. A. BIUMAN. IJ'OR SALE, About ten Ions of Hay, of good quality and In good condition. Apply to 12 Jan, IB4I. Hi6K0K et CATI.IN. A XES. .Siminons' Cast Sleel Axes, for salo by II, M. GIDDINGS, & Co. 21,000,000 Hoxos. riHERE has never been a medicine discovered JL which has acquireil nnd sustained the reputation for the same 1-jngth of time, as Morrison's Pills made at the British College of Health, London. Wears selling some thousands of boxes yentlv in Vermont, and it takes some millions to supply the United States. The genuine article can bo obtained in this town only al the Variety Store, and nil sold in the state are sign ed PANGBORN if- I1IIINS.MAID, Stale Agent". HARD WARE.-Bulcher's heavy fivi. Ibbof soii'h do. nnd rasps. Hnnd ssw Files. Butts, Screws, Norfolk Latches, hand nnd panncl Saw, cast steel Wood Saws; knives and forks, bono anel buck handles; Tea Servers, Sad Irons, Shovels and mugs, wool earns, norse cards, augers, trace chains, manure folks, Ames' shovels, etc. bv H. M. GIDDINGS, &. Co. THOSE troubled with coughs or colds, will do well to call at THEO. A. PECK & Cel. Apothecaries. SILVER Levers, of superior workmanship, nndc O to our order and we warrant them to pive satis faction. Also pood Levers which we purchased in New York and Boston, of fine quality, at lower prices. PANGBORN it BRINSMAID, Watch Repairers. OLD WATCHES. We invite those Tho ore wishing good fine finished Levcts or Lepincs, to examine some beautiful ones, which areaccutnte time keepers, nt the Variety Slore. We sell vv niches of oooti quality as low as'lbev aro sold in Boston or N. York. PANG HORN e- I1R1NSMA1D. WATCH and Clock Cleaning nnd Repairing. Watches and clocks cleaned and repaired in the same stjlc as usual. Persons sending their watches, should send word if they stop, how often, and in what position. This will sometimes enable them to get the watch returned regulated, sooner than if they neglect to do so. PANGBORN & BRINSMAID. Watch Repairers. llurlington Fire Society. VfOTICE is hereby given lo the members of the Is Burlington Fire'Society, that the annual meeting of said Society will ho holden at the hotel of John Howard, on the 27lh instant, at" o'clock. P. M. Jan. 11, 1811. G. II. SHAW, Clerk. HAYS) LINIMENT, For the cure of the Piles. We inform those who nrc troubled with this dis tressing complaint, that we have sold a great number of bottles of this article, and that wo can n fir to per sons in this town who have been cured by the use of the liniment which we sold them. It can be used with all confidence; we do not believe it will fad to cure one case in 100. The genuine is signed " Com stock d- Co." We have the article directly from them and will sell it by the gross, dozen or single bottle. Remember how it is signed, as counterfeits are abroad. Variety Store. PANGBORN et BRINSMAID. BOSTON Almanacs and Hamsun Almanacs for 1811, nl tho Variety store. PANGBORN if- BRINSMAID. I'aini lur I'or Sale. THE subscriber ofTcr- for sale a Farm one and a half miles from the College on the Winooski turnpike, containing 50, 100. ISO. or 200 acres of land as tho nur- T.a. tit 1LL' chaser may choose. The buildings with little ex pense may be put in good condition for a tavern, and there is not a belter location for such an establishment between Burlington and Montpeliei. Tunis of pay ment easy, and nny enterprising industrious man with a small capital may own a good establishment in a few years by purchasing tliis property. CHAUNCEY GOODRICH. Burlington, Jan. II, is 11. VV ST.VIHS. I i 1 1 1 1'. suuscriocr w e,uui rcinmei ii is iri'-iius s.u.i i.ie, I'liAeTii'.vi. riiai'.s-oi r.r.isT, will remain a -L and tho public that he occupies a room hrrl tune at the Ann riean Hotel w here be will reevi ve in Church street, over Kern and Walker's . vi-itor torthe EXAMINATION OF HEADS, er will store, where lie will give his pcisonal at- lentiou to Repairing Clocks of every des cription. Those which have been in use many yens fitted up in good style and made to have the appearance of new. He wiuld also give notice that he has re sumed hi former business of repairing Watches; all entrusted to his care will be carefully repaired and warranted. Hav ing been engaged for twenty ears past in makiugas well as repairing Time keep crs.he tru ts bis experience in the business will enable bun to give satisfaction lo those who favor him with a call. S. A few Clocks for sale, on commission. J. N. DUNNING. Burlington, Dec 23, 1340. Anthony Rhodes' IMatc. STATE OF VERMONT, ) The Probate Court for District of CiiiTTnKUEN, ss. j the District ofChit tenden : To all persons interested in the estate of An thony Rhodes, late of Richmond, in said District, deceased. WllF.nK.vs. Wm. Rhodes. Ir.. admlnis'rnf llie rslstp of said deceased, has made application to ibis Court, I iej t.iiniu imp ennc iiuuieu ior making payment oi inc debts of said deceased, twelve uionths from the Sth day of January, 1811, and tho third Monday of February next, being assigned for a hearing in" the nremise-s, at the Eagle Hull in Wilhstou, and it having been ordered that notice thereof be given, by publishing this electee three wcel-s successively in the Free Press, a news paper printeel at Bur lington, before the time fixed lor hearing. Therefore, you nrc hereby notified, to appear before said Court, at the time and place aforesaid, then and there, to make objection if any you have', to the said lime of payment being further extended as aforesaid. Given under my hand at Butlitiglon, this Sth day of January, A. D. 1310. WM. WESTON, Register. LADII.V India Rubier siio'csTTlaircr 7bri7t-waUr-mg Shoes, French I. id and -pring Hivl Slip. Dec 31, IS 10. Just icc'd I y N. LOVELY &. Co. MU.M I.OZI5.S. This valnalle- arliclc T T is daily '.stabli-bing itself, as ihe 1 e-t medicine for that p.inifid and sometimes fatal complaint in chil dren, the-worms. At whole-ale and retail ly Jan.l, 1811. 'IllliO.A.PECK.'vCo. r HAMPi, .UN TRANS- PORT ATION COMt-ANV. The stockholders of the Cham- jjjKplain Tiansportation Company are hereby nniified ibat the nn. nual meeting of said comnanv will be ho den at How ard's I Intel in Buihngton, n Thrnsday the 7th day of January, 1911, at one oclock, P. M., for tho purpose of choosing directors for the vear ensuing. Hy order, tc. PHII.O DOOLHTLE, Burlington, Dec. .", IB 10. Clerk. ATTOOimN CLOCKS, for sale at the Variety Slore, warranted; one or two wooden or Brass Clocks vviH'oe sold for good Beech and Maple Wood, the Clock to be delivered when the wood is delivered. Dec. 13. PANGUORN -t BRINSMAID, GERMAN CLOCKS small german timo-pincrs at S3, German striking Clocks at G 50, German Alarm Clocks nlfl 50. P.sNuooaN & BniNsMAin. tILVER ALARM W VTC1IES, at SI,A20, O Dec. 13. 1'ANe.uonN eV Bkinsm id. jTR. EDITOR, Sir will you notify all creation it L that the subscriber has for sale, Buck's unproved Hut Air Cooking Stove, at the new I rick s iore, Ctd lege street, also at Jesse Gav's foundry. This is one of the latest patterns nnd the first of the kind ever introduces! into tins stale; Iney nave Decn recently in troduced into the Slates of IVnnsjhania and New Yoik with ercat success: and suffice it to say. they nrc tho most convenient and will do more business vvuh less fuel than nny other stove. A preamble to snieiindnrsrl-eilimivlMu Tosii-nlll par li ulanzelts qualities or in, small favors are thankfully received and great ones ill proportion, and if money continues scarce I intend louse the less ofit, so it will be useless to go without on that account. S. W. TAYLOR. Burlington, Dec. 17, 1S7U. WANTED, a few bushels of good clean white Beans, for which o fatrprice will be. paid in goods. Dee. Id. GEO. PETERSON. "TVJEW TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT Is At IITinoojAi Village. The subscriber has com mence! the tailoring business in this place, anil will do all kinds of work in his line in ue good style as it is done at any shop in this section of country. Cutting dono at nil times, on short notice. WANTED An apprentice at the above business. JEREMIAH HARRINGTON. Nov. 10, 1I0. "jVTOTICE is hereby given that the copartnership 1 1 he rctofoi e existing betw e cu the subscribers under the firm of "S, Tdlcy tV. Co.," is this day dissolved by mutual consent. Thu books nnd demands of the firm are m the hands of John R. Tdley for collection. Hincsburgh, STEPHEN T1LLEY, Dec. 17, 1810. JOHN R. T1LLEY. Iti'ubcn Iloiul'H Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ; rp n r. Honoiable District or Ciiittknukn, ss. S X tho Probate Court for the District of Chittenden s To all persons con cernctl in tho estate of Reuben Bond, lain of Under bill in said District, deeeasesl. tinr.ETiNa. Whereas, Melmela Rogers', late .vielinda Hotul ami late executrix of thcl.ist will and testament of said iW.-ns.il. nronnses to render an account of her admin istration, and present her account against said eslale 101 exaininniion nntl auutviineu in a swfiiui ui nil- r?,.nri nf IW.inir. lobe hoIJeii at the RcL'ister's office ill Burlinglou, on ihe third Wednesday cf January next, . . ... Therefore, You are hereby notified to appear before used court at tho time and nlace aforesaid, nnd shew cause, if any you havr, why the account aforesaid slinuid not oe aiiowcu. Given under my hand, at Burlington, ihii tven tetnth day of Pscemher. A. D. Iflln. Wm, WESTON, Regittcr W m p. WALTON'S VERMONT REGISTER, for solo , , C. GOODRICH, Also for sale at the Taper Mill in .Milton. Dec. 8. WOIIM L07.K'GUS. THIS vnlunble article h daily establishing itself as tho best tircdicmo for the cxterpalion and relief of Worms m children. Notwithstanding that there aru other lozenges cried up for this complaint, purchasers are warranted in tho rjoerd efficiency of these. At Whore-sale and Retail by T. A. PECK eV CO. .Vi'gn rf the Mai tar. THU salo at AUCTION at Mayo and Wait's, will commence to-morrow at 2 o clock, by offering first, sonic first rate SLEIGHS, which will be sold without reserve. Burlington, Jan. 9, 1911. 1 (Z or 20 tons HAY for sale by G. PETERSON. I.J II., .1 a mo - - - ..umiiKiun, jein. ibii, ; ; ) 'J'0"9,'' ood pine Shingles for sale by QJ Jan. 8, 1941. U. PETERSON. SCHOOL HOOKS.-A genera! assortment of School Books for sale at wholesale! or retnd, by (J. MUUU1UUH. f LOBES. A uair of 12 inch tib.bns on high stands I faeturcrs price I GODIIICIL i yj forsalo at two tliitds of the manufacturers '" 'J 0)' Ly. TDUBLIC LAWS OF VERMONT FOR 1 HI 0. 1 J- to bo continued vearlv r, 1,1 rnrm n fnm.l.r I .s-.uM.e, ,e,i Bum i,y li, lJUUIJllICI! BUCK WHEAT FLOWER, fresh ground ofsu perior quality, for sale by C. GOODRICH. January 7, 1311. QUAKER'S YARN, ntTiuo. A. PteK ei. Co's. Jan. 8, 1911. DU CiOOOS.-silk and worsted Crape, Cam blcts, Merinos, line Circassion nnd printed Sax onv.vrry cheap by H. JI. GIDDINGS A, Co., dtn-S. Corner Collego-st. and the Square. ROAD CLOTHS. Wool-dvcd Black, Blue, Brown and Green, plain and Fancy Cassimere, faruum's sup. Oxfotd and Steel mixed 'Satinctts, by ai JU 9-IL 1 1. M. GIDDINGS & Co. CtANADA SALT. Coarso and fine, also, fine sack ' Salt, Jan, 9. by II. M. GIDDINGS et C'j. IIN'B TUA. Hyson Skin and Young Hy - TEAS, of superior quality, warranted. Al Porto Rico Syrup, Molasses, very heavy and son -U.o, fine flavor, by H. M. GIDDINl Set Co. CIASH paid for OATS bv ' Jan 9, 1341. II. t. GIDDINGS efe Co. BOSTON ACADEMY'. Srec'd at lie.' toi.kslt.ie ibis day mid for -ale at wbolc-ale by I) A IIRA.MAN TMIEO. A. PEOKefc Cn. m ibmn r.r il. Mnrmr J. have just ree'd a quanlity of Cayenne Pepper, of iMigusn imouriaiiein. i.onsiantiv on nanu, liomuay Gum Myrrh, genuine Baybcrrv Bark, do. do. in Pow der, Jamaica Ginger Root, do. do. in Powder, Bengal and Ohio Turmerics, etc. &.C. Sept. 1G, 1940. NOTICI-:... I deem ii my duly to inform the pub lic that I have invesieil a salve, perfevlly inno cent, from three snnp'u vegetable-, tint entirely su-ni-11-es.Vs a spam. b fly Pla-n-r, which gives entire re lict in all lutlamniory a Ifcetion e.flhe b iman Imdy in 2 1 to 13 hour-, and nce' ls but one application. Its ac tion i- by absorption and evaporation, It dissolves a com from the ftet entirely and without pain, counter acts lire in a burn o,' cul'd in 15 minute afitr its ap pli 'ation. Apply it to Ibc side on a piece eif ejil silk or dri'.-ed sbecp skin, forinllamatiou ( I' ihe liver or lungs an I it extraets all excitement from tbo-e organ-. Warranted to give relicfa rcc'jiumcuileil. A. MARR, Se le pri'pnclor, 1 19 flroome stree', New York. The Indesuppl esl at the Preipricior' pnees by B-irliugton, Dec IS 10. J. & J. II. PECK .V Co. UIIIlKNOI.OGY...TLeLail.'e, "d Geutlem.-n JL of ll-irlington arc rc-pe-clliilly iiiformcl that J. w-.nt upon tlm e who prefer it, at their rc-idenee-. In- Iim b ;ilir panic who avail tlicin-cives ot his pro- fessiimal -ervice-, are guarante-cd a ci rrci-l eleliuiMtion ol their vai lo-i-prevailing di-piisilioiis and peculiari ties of latent, ae'i'iiiiipanie-el wnb ebievtiiin that may assist tin-in in improving their letter qualitb at ion's and enrrc -ting their de licicneie-. ICy'dr. S. will eleliver a courio of Lectures on this inleriMing sceii - e in the Court II. ue-, panic .lars of which will be annouiiee-.l tn a lu'urc advertu-e-iinnt. B irlnigtcn, Jau uiry 1, IS 11. STATE OF VERMONT, rno all persons, in- DISTS1CT OF CHITTENDEN, 63. J 1 tCrCSted in lllO 9- tale of Barnabas P. Rarnunt. Ell Barnum and Julia A Barnum, of Milton in said district, infants and minor j children of Ell Barnum, late of said Milton deceased, Arthur Hunting, guardian of Barnabas P. Barnum, Ell Barnum and Julia A. Barnum, minors having I made application to the ProbateCourt within and for ! said District, setting forth that the said Barnabas P., I I'll ami Julia A. are seized as tenats in common in, thcii own right in fee of three equal undivided fifteenth i partsof two certain parcels of land, situates! in South I Hero in the county nf Grand Isle anj State of Ver mont, described as follows, lo wit i Lot No. 97 of the I first division of Samuel Hosfnrd, supposed to contain j 57 acres of land, also ID acres on Lot No. U3 of the 1st division of Joseph Smilh, and is that part of said ' LolN'o.DS of which Mdu Adams late of said South , Hero died seized, and representing that a sain of thai 6aid lands of Ins said wards would be conducive to their best interest, and praying said court to authorize I and empower him, the) said' guardi en to sell the said three1 equal undivide-el fifteenth parts of ssid two par-, celsof land agreeable to the statute in such case male and provided. Whereiinoii the court aforesaid doth order that the said application be heard before ssid court at a session thereof to be held at thu Register's ollice in Burling-1 ton in iaid county of C'liitten 'en on the 1'Jth day of January . D. 1911, and that notice thereof be given to all persons interested by publication of this order containing the substance eif aid application ihrco wicks successively in the Iliitlingion Free Pre ss, the Inst of which publications to be previous to the ssid 19lh day of January, 1911. Given under my hand ul Burlington, this 30tli day of Devemb r. . D. 1910. CHARLES RUSSELL, Judge. BURLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL. rpllE Trustees of lite Hurhnton High Sell date .1 notified to meet at .'(din Howard s on Monday evening, Dec. 23, at i 0 leek. Dec. 21, 1SI0. N. II. HASWELL, Sec'y H THOMAS has just reveivednt his new Store. . a large Quantity of HUFF U.O ItOHES. ITR , CAPS, GLOVE'S, tic. Ac, which will he sold much lower than any FURS of the like qialitv have been sold in this market fir years. lie will pay the highest market price in cash for Fox Skins, Raccoon, Musk rat, Otter, Bear, Mink, Sihle, nnd the highest price in cash for Sheep'-Pi Its. Also, cashpaidfor freshl'oik Burlington, Dec. 1, 1910. iiOAif srn.vit. OUBI.E REFINED LOAF SUO ML aho nn excellent arliclc of Molasses for fitndv use, for sale che-ap by J. P. WHALING oV Co. Dec. 16, 1!0. TOll.VCCO. TP. WHM.INl! A CO. inform the public that they are Agents for Sargent, Sprague tf- Co. Tobacconists, Albany, N. Y.. who manufacture a very superior astiele of Paper Tobacco in every va riety of size. Grueersand others will find it to their advantage to call and examine the anicbv Also Plug Tobacco of different qualities, all ol" which will be sold cheap for cash. Also Snuff cf different kinds. V.nu'si oT Vcrmoii;, 1SIO, T.",OR the several te-vvns in the County of Chine n.len rc rcacty i..r .u-ii. ery. low-,, . lerK.ore.onsia nies will please call or end for them. 1 hose entitled to llieni in the town of llurlington will be siiiinhod bv calling on the subscriber. C GOODRICH. Dec. 15 lw Bit ASS CLOCKS. Persons vvilunr good bras striking Clock in beautiful finished cases, can find them on favorable terms, at the Variety Store. Also, Bank and Ollice Clocks, for sale; thee Clocks nro warranted to keep eoire.'t time, and they will per form as well as any other clucks. Dec. IS. r.t.M.liuttA K iiiii.x.n.ML'. IOST. Eight fat sheep, marked with tar, T. M. J Whoever will give information, shall bo suitably rewarded. FOR SALE. A superior new milch cow and calf. Also, for sale, or In exchange for cattle, sheep or pork, f genteel chaise and harness. ' ' ..-, ..!... r 1 r i'. rsi.utt.iiii., t t w, Burlington, Nov. 21, IS 10. CvOD ITSH.MACKERELI, and SH Ml of supe- rior quality for sale by IS. LOVELY & Co. Dec. Ill, lu. CANADA STOCKING, Gentlemen and Lad'us Buck skin nnd Indian Moce-asuis, Fur Gloves Buck skin Mittens, Weil cn Tippets, Ladies and Gen tletnens Merino Lambs wool and Worsted Wrap. pers, jut reecivnl and for sale' by wee. m, ibiu. t. i,tv i-.i.v ev o. C'lOODS.-The subscribers have ree'd and are now I opening a very largo assort mrnt uf Wollen Cloths of every variety, nch plain, liguitd and changeable Silks, Mousehne tic Lames. Alpaeea Cloihs, Taghonia Shawls. lldUfa.. Ribbons, sic. Wo will only say that we have a larger assort inent of goods of every variety man we uavo ever i.epi oeiore. .,.,, .. , Oct. 29, 1310. V. LOVELY & Co, IODINE SPRING WATER.- A recently discove r ed fountain nt Saratoga and contains properties known in no other Spnng-its freedom from Iron renders it safo to be druiiK uy a certain class or tnva-hdsv-th whom Iron proves inj'irious Ibc quanlity pf Iodine ronlsincdln this water renders it the most val- I utu mineral wsier nr every spectrs oi ccroiuia vet I ivescovcted.fot sl( by J (VJ. 11. PECK A Co. Aft: MACJNI'CTIC O'JONTICA. 'IHE TEETH THE TEETH I !-Tnr. iNeosifAnADLO Tooill PnEr-A'ATririvj. Thcfje;! I pi'dred, and the most in erexluloUs ad doubting arc folly convinced, tu we bavo be evidence from the sale of 20.000' I oxer of the Odon tica, vvilhfn Ihe past year, lliul llie I'lfjpiort dr-ains tit llie aleliymist are n-nllzesl, nnd n lemcely discovcrfl for tircserving tbo-e ii"p"rtaiit and ii-efnl appendage eif the biitnnn system, I. y Ibe ue of ibc Magnetic Oelon Ilea, winch by itsaitra'i-tive, itnd -trt-ngtbi-nlnif qunli lie, remove'all cxtraiii'iiiis substam e- from the leclb and preserves them in theirnatiiral bnllianey, and tho gum in soundness and beauty. It is nsi ertdineilfroin cxpencnee, ibat when meil, tin tceib will never del cay, but remain till the Inle.-t age tl man, Willi ths r natural wear. When they niu ele-enyeel, it pregrss will le arrc-lesl, and the tee.-th pre-erTilnnilpicventcJ nun pi-.-e-rve-ei iroiu ueiiiug all I Ins nns I ten uur.e- in a niuliltude of in-taiiecs! nnd more In thoiiT.ntli esl inuiiiiuiic in in-iaiiecs I anel more in tridilsrnui m ca-e, nervous lootbache, (ibat climax of panil has at once Le en u.le'ilujlli cured by popular dcnirifnce in America. And in conclusion, v l'e.e, or who is to young laely er Kcnileinan, nje, the individual tbh. values a beautiful ct of le-ctb, sound euiiu and a swest breuth more than lifiv'eeuls,ibat will le lonoe-r 'e tl- tuleeiin I-nx of Dr. .M. Hituhe-cck'sMagneticOlontica. J',or'.',; whole-ale and icsiul, I y A. IHTCHLOUK Ci (-' ' Gene-ee -t, Ulieai, N. V.,nn! by their agents tbroogbont tbe t'niie-J Siate. In Hurlinton, b) J. efc J, H. Peek et Co., and Thto. A. Pe ck c. Co. In Verrennes bv J. II. IWmnn. In'Milton. bv lliir nctt & Snw-vr-r. Tn n.-sirmi In? t.nreno Jnnns". nue'J RUSSELL'S STOMACH BI'iTT.RS. m.iy lei u.-e-l in Wineor walcr. Thc.-ucc!cl la'esl billers are eonipo-ed purely of veie al les f tin m st inno cent jet specific virtues. They are ns-nmtnen i'r-lic-il.irly for rc-toring weak coiistiliilinns, elean-ins; and strengthening the stomach, and uicictiing tlu appelite al-o a preventative! against ibe-clio'cis na r-bu-, fever and ague, removing na-i'ea, vcm-jnst, heart burning, weakness m the I rea-t, pain in tho stomach and e,iher symptoms cf flatulence and induc tion. One box will "tincture one gallon. Pn e2j ts. a box. Russr.Li.'s hen Oistmest. Tin- ebcicc and afo oiiilincnt is said tol e supe rior lo any ntivy m u-e, fr.r that eli-iigreeable and loaih-oinc eb-ea-e, tic JI CIL This Ointment i so ceartain in its opcraiien that no pi-r-on tin. ibleel with llie1 al ove- di-ore!er ought to lo without it. It i a remedy for cutaneous eruptions, scorbutic a'l'eelions of the bead, or any other breaking nut which nn-ej from sharp lniinors in the Ueod. Price 25 cl-. a 1 ox. Re lii.'s Vccltai'.li: Bit.ini's Pills, cr family phvsic, for ge-ntral me, in ca-es ol'Jaun l.ec, morbid -eu-il tbiy of the stomaeh an 1 bovvi-1-, loss of apiclile, (le'iil 1 reatb, e-ostivencj-, Pile", -in I ull di.cae-s aru mg from biliary derange'iiient-, alo fur correcting the state i.f the blood, and cleansing the system of fo'd and viscid humour-. Tlic-epill are a mild ca thartic, producing neither pain nor griping, and are) and are priiiinuiierj as such bylbemost distingui-hesj tnciclore a vaiimi le an-l highly approved mtlioin. puv sie-ians. r.ae'U lox coiliainiu jo I ill, jtjcu 37i ct-. a I ox Kussell's celcl ralcd Slt HnrXM Ointment This is tinqi.e-tiouablv the 1 est and safe-l remedy ever vet od'eresl to the; puhlie for thai obstinate disorder SA LT RIII.I'M. Where other means have taile-d, it hassuc cceeleel, and the fact that it has been sxlensively U'ed I y eminent Piactitioners speaks vedumcs mils prnisv. It i equally elTieaeious in all di-e-.ase nf the skin, si-aid bead, ring worm-, and the most inveterate lteb, eSsc. eVc. Numerous certificates might Le obtained, I ut the propritor e'hoo-e-s that a fair trial should lulho ei. ly cvidcnec ofits supcrieireilie-acy. Price 50ecntsa box. For sale by J. : J. It. Peck' efc Cti., 'Ibetidorej A. Peck eV Cel., sign of IbcMorlar, nnd Rol ert Mtiexly, Uiiibngtuns 1'r. C. E. Mile-, and Hull & Cook, limes burzh ; S. II. Kami's, Charlotte ; L, Jane-, Georgia ; L. Tyler, Essex ; Fuller et Huntington, Richmond. Also, by the druggists and merchants generally thro igboiit Ihe stale. c2.9't SIIEItMA.VS COUCH LOZENGES. H1 IS Li'zengi' are sealed, and have "A. Sher man. M. D." on the side of the lex. They arc the safe--t, mo-t sur and eileciual remedy for eoueu-, eoius, v. on-iimpuon.1, wnooping eougUf Astbnu, Tinli'ne-s of the Lungs ore-hot, &c.cVe. The proprietor ha never known an iiistaiuc xvheru they did not give perfect -ati-faction. Several thous an 1 l-oxcs have I e-cn sold within the lat ilneuinonihi rc'te.rmg to health, per-ens in almost e very stage of teinsiiiuplton, and tho-e' lal e ring une'e-r the most dis ti j-sing ciilel and cone lis. They do nejt checl: and eh y tip the-cough, but te-neler it ca-y, pronote expee loiatieu, al! ty the lie-1. ling or irrit.'ilicn, and rcmovo Ibe pruxmiale or exciting eau-e. They are maJ-j Irom a'eombiualion of ibo mo-t valuable expectorant, oreotigb mt-Jicincs, and are iiiieloiil,'ediy superier to every thing in use for those complaints, llundredi upon hundred oficrlilie ate's bav e I e-cn clh reJ cf their wonderful virtue-, from those who have Iccn saved frem an untimely grave, and restored to perfect health by using them, Dost. Ouo lozenge 1 a doso fur an a'lult, aud may le repealed fn-in three to six t me's a e'ay, a-requinsl. Children, e'ight ) ear years eild, half f enes four vearsa quarter, and so in pro portion. Very small 'children cr infants will take them I est ehsolvcil in a little water. Should they act as an einelie', or produce nausea, thedo-e mustle lessened to what ihe- stomach will Lear. Half e.fcne vv ill gen erally 1 e sufficient lo tal-c leforc I rc-ukta!, as the) sti m'ach is then more easily sickcneel. No ill elVev'IJ can arise- fiom nn overdo':, a 11 will cause the tc uiaeh to reject it ; and although not a pleasant sensa tion, will le found fo give' ie!:ef. Where there it much pain in ibe breast or side, one ol'Sherman't Poor Man's Plasters should le applied over the part, and w orn till relieve-el. Ifattende-d with cotivene, a, few cathartic or laxative Lozenges, cr any mild cu- manic meiiieine, -nruiu le u-e-i ,i ex-iM-ion requires. Sold at Ibe Variety Store, by PANGBORN te BRINSMAID, Jeweller-, ILirlingleii, Vt. win le-alo agents. A literal discoi.nl to merchants who buy to sell again. Sherman's llreast Ointment, Ifapplud propetlyand in due lime, will cure the mojt nainful cse- of swelled breus's, and prevent the for mation ot abscesses Evin where the swelling has pointed and shown every appearance of bieaknig, this , ointment has cntiiely dispelled it, and restored the parts to a neaituy eoiur.uon. in nppiyuigit, a mootii and soft covering" to the breast should be'mado of soft leather, or fine coinuact hnin. with a hole in the e-cn- tie to admit the niple. When so made, put a coating of the onitiniiil tevtr the inner smface and apply it closely and smoothly over llie whole broas' leaving the nipple protruding through the hole, so that tho child can nurse, which it should do as long as the motli-r can bear it. Care should be taken to have tho breast drawn by the child or otherwise, so as to pro vent an accumulation of milk. Whenever ihe plas ter if Is rinkled. andthtrebv uncomfortable nnewono should be' applied, and constantly worn until a euro is alUcttd. It is .sometimes necessary tnsi.t the sides so tliey will conform to the sbepe of" the brnast, and cover it closely. Asl; for Sherman's breast ointment, end see that 'bis s'-gnnluro thus, ".1. S-mai, M. II., is on the wrapper, none other can be genuine. SHERMAN'S PAPILLARY OIL Is flic only infallible remedy for soienippl'S ev:r dis covered. It will cure the most troubles -me e "sis m a few days, without depriving the infant of 'be breast warianted superior to all oilier remidies when on hed according to the directions on the bottl' Sec that the signature of ".I. She' man, M, I). ' is on tho wrapper, none other is genuine. Be particular or you will bi deceived in I il'sippointed. Sold a' the Vnries iv store PVNGliOltN - HRINSMA1D. "I M PORTA NT TO MOTHi:itS YOl'NCJ L Ii'l-:l.l.i;S. DeTS. Rev:;- lt A. Parmelev's celebrated PILLS, or HEALTH RI.S'10RT1 E for complaints pccuhaiily incident to the Female Sex. This article is now brought before the pu'ilu-, under sanction of the strong' st testimony, from those who have alike vre-t! it, and also witnessed its unequnllesl puvvers, in llie removal of Female obstructions of the mot apg-avated ami dcs crate character. Thcso testimonials are not brought from the ignorant and illiterate -but from Plivsieian- and ether Scientific Person?, vv Ho hnve tt strd its prtat virtues, and now recommend it m their practice am' lend to it the sane lion of thiirnainc. It is not intnid d r many mcdi cues generally ate for all the vai c ties of disease, which it is the lot to suffer under. Hut it is intended, simply for one class of complaints, and those only re lating'toone sex. These bong of rathe r a delicate lis' lure, there would ho more than an ordidarv degne of ditlidencc in coining Willi this article beforr ihe public were it not the fact that thousands are c'ltunallv passing from the stage of action, victims fo e'iseore, which tin medicine !" rcver failed to prcvnil or cure. Such has bt eu the provision of Nature, that nearly all ihe complaints of Females are connected in e-onicdegne with the habits allieel to their sex. And man) can bear witness, where o mere cold at a par 'iculnr slice. hs nrpjuccd cheeks, that the hand uf Science and Skill, never has btcn able to disptl or alleviate. Al first, the irregularity and supptcsston of the natural habits prod'iccs no very alarming ymp teims. and if trtated genetnlly wuh neghfl. And pre per attention is proetastiaated until the hedlow e)e, sanow complexion anti grtni uouuy eieuiuiy iniuenies that either raiiid consumniien. or Some other fatal disease has fastcni-d its resistless grasp on the sufferer which soon terminates existence, ny a lingering "ut certain death. I'or complaints inevitably produelivn of such results this invaluable medicine is now brought bt fore the public, ll invariably removes obftriictions and regulates a too preifuse nu nsiruralion, nnd cures by its unequalled qualities, all (he variety nfdeiance incut connected with the FtinnV habit. 'The eminent anil distinguished Doet J. Moruson. who has prac tiscd ine-luine nt Oneida, N. York, with tl.cnitsst sig nal 'ueess f,ir 20 years, 'ays "It is the bc' nicdicnift now in use. Incases of retention, or impression of the Menses, I ihink it will se.stieui Ihe appelannn of n specific. I havctried il in the worst eases with most ndmirahle success, and I wish foi the rot-1 of sullering Females, that all ph)sietans wouht in' educe H m their practice, ns 1 have round it answers beyond mv most sanguino expectations." Intisffl'eet It is kind may be taken without t'.ic least Inconvenience as it m not eathaitic, hut tome and aperient. For ample par lirulars respecting it efficiency, certificates of Pysv cianvvho have witnessed its effects, and of others, who havo been most signally bentfilcd and restored, hv its viriues reft rence is now ofit red to the pant- pnieis accoinpau) ing inc inetiiemr, nnn to ino moro particular rtidenc-s, m the bands of the subscriber Sole Agent for the New Enalsnd Stales. F.DWARD HRINLEY. Wholesale Dealer tn Drugs, Medi'ines, Paints and DjiSlufla, No. 3 ex. 1 south tidt"!'' Funisiil Hall

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