30 Nisan 1841 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3

30 Nisan 1841 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

FUNERAL OHSEQUIES. Tlic funeral cer-nimiics on Friday Inst in remembrance of tlio lalu Pri'sitlcnt, were solemn mul iniposinjr, nnd conilncleil with great propriety throughout! Nul'.vitliM.ind ing tho excessive had travelling n very hire number of people assembled I'rem this and the neighboring towns. At eleven o'clock the procession formed at tho Square under the direction of Col. Thomas, and led by an rNcelent band of music tinder the direction of Wni. F. Grisivold Esq. ami escoited by Capt. Walker's company of Light Infantry, proceeded to the Brick Church. The church was crowded to overflowing, und seldom have wo seen so attentive an audience The pulpit galleries, &c. were hung-in deep mourning, and the place, .the occasion, nnd the services, all conspired to impress the audience with deep reverential awe. Tho exercises opened with a voluntary from the organ, chaiinting lite Lords Prayer and sing ing the following hymn : When thccnlmnes of evening lulls nntnrc to rest, Ami the wild howling tempest now ceases to rave, Sure this is iho scisnn of others lite best, To tcftect on the colJ silent night of Iho grave. Ah I what arc tho lilies, the honors ofcnnli, The laurels of pool?, iho wreaths of the bravo Since the clods uf t!u valley which gave them their Lirl li , .... Must enclose them ere long in (he tns!lit of the grave. Ami where is llial friend, in affection "o dear, Which th Father of Light ill his tenderness gave 7 Ah me ! his sweet accents no mote meet our tar, lie now lies entombed in the night of the grave. Must we then ield to sorrow 1 Ah I 'u'll rejoice For though o'er his tomb the sad ui v vnvci From the courts of high Heaven, sv t vvimqers a voice 'There's a morning that dawns, on tho n:ght of the gi av e. The Rev. Mr. Ingcrsoll then addressed the the Throne of Grace with much fervor and Kbility ; and after the singing of .'mother hymn, President Wheeler proceeded to ad dress the audience, and for near an hour held them in rapt attention. To those acquaint ed with Mr. Wheeler wo need not say that he handled the subject with great ability ; nor can we describe to those not present the im posing effect of his oratory. The address will duubllcss be published Tho exercises closed by a prayer from Mr. Converse, and singing tho following hymn : Hark! o'er valley, moor and mountain, M urnful tolls the funeral Hell, Peaceful sleeps the Patriot Ileto, In the land where Angels dw ill. Hark ! a nation sunk in sadness, Chims the requiem, o'er his tomb : Hush'd the joyous songs of gl.i.lii'.b.' Dark the lowering cloud of (doom. Mournid with unavailing sorrow His undying name shall bo Listening stranger ! listening stranger I Soon that bell shall lull for thee. Much credit is due to Mr. II. F. Griswold mul other members of tho choir, on this occa sion and wo cannot withhold our meed of praise for the soldier like and gentlemanly deportment of dpt. Walker's rompanv of Light Infantry. c In Committee of Arrangement, 23 i'p!i! I'll. On motion, Voted tint the thinks of tin i .iiii'mtue be tendered to I'rr idnt m eler, for his eloquent in J impressive d.s 'ourse, and that a eopv ho rcqnested for the press. On motion, Voted tint tli thinks of this Commit tee bcikcwio presented to the I.'glit Infantry Com pany, under the command of Captain Wnlkir, wl o ncled as a voluntary escort on the occasion, for their orderly and soldhr-like appeal nneo. at'd That the Conimiitce express iheir obligations to the Musical T'boir, directed by W II. Oriswo'd, and the Hand, who contributed much to tin interest anj soleui nitv of the occasion. On motion, Voted tint the Chairman snd Secreta ry be the bearers of these expressions to iheirrever.il oliiects. W. A. GRISWOI.D, Chairman. Toarrov, Sccictnrv. Tax tios im Hostom. II y a list of names nublishoJ in Boston, wo learn that 121 individuals in that cily, nrcasses-cil over 8"n0 annually 41 pay upwards of S1P00 each -ii, !)rOU-in,-?.'0C0-C, ji-,0O-2,..50O0, and I, S700!). Taxation in llo-toti is heavy, yet it inuit bciin opulent man to piv SIOO, and n very wealthy man who pays 7,0110 laus. MARtiiAnn tKTiinl'ot.ur: OrricE. A young Jew ess immeil Delia Plnlps, liauig sued a young Isiaehtc named Isaac Sleinbergh, for I reach of promise of tnarrmge, 'avimt her Jjmages at S.'OOO- the faithless swam wasl.vU.ed in Ihodehtors' prison, in default of bail. There ho had timo to reflect, and then agreed to innrrv, when iho lady refused, but tho counsel and friernlsof both parties interposing, they became re iiniled agnin, and piocccding into the police office wilh their witness were duly married by Justice Mat sell, Journal Com. T.v's in Bos-on. Tho Huston Evoning Journal contains a list of the principal tax- payer- in i lint city, with the nmonnl they pay rospce duly. Theestateof the late John Parker pi vs the highest tax, vi;t 87,011; I'eter C. Brooks. S.j.Oitj i Trustees nf the estate nf Ci. Orecne, Sj.021 t Jonathan Phillips. -vl99t John 1). wi'liaius. SM)34: David Sears. S.'.fili.". Robert G. Shaw. 82.446 ! Harrison (irnv Otis. SI.7PO, S. c. Ac There nreten paying over S2.000 ; twenty-two over i loriy-one over i.uuujauu one hundred and thirty-five out 8300. FfSNV RErnr.cxoK. A petition wa prsrnt. ed to the House of llcpresentatics of l'ennsyl. ....! .... m.t. .i . . ..iiM.i, uii inu niii msi., ,,-,hing mat a tax rniiii he imposed upon bachelors over the ie of thir ty years. The document was referred to the Committee on Domestic Manufactures. Pointed, Vnnv ! The following is from an ex Exchange paper ; "I wonder how any one can eat his brc.ikf.ist before reading a newspaper," said an old borrower of this article. "I woti.l?r how any one can eat his breakfast after rending a borrowed paper," said his mote conscientious wife. Vore meddling with other people's business. A Iloston paper lately published an article ten ding to discredit the Hills of the Bennington Vt. Bank. The Bennington Gazette, which wo pre sume i.s Official authority, as the Bmk is a loco- Toco concern, says there is no good ground for distrust Htllows Fulls Gazette. Incident during the Funehal Procession in Yomc. A woman who must have been nearly ninety years age, and almost bent double, leaning on a stalT.fol lowed the procession through the entire route. She appeared deeply affected, and in reply toa gentltnan who made the inquiry, said bbe bad known and nursed General Har rison when he was an infant, and never thought to have lived to witness his funeral. Lit! K.utoN h:om the Mf.tkoi'oms. There are n,nv tl() wf.-uls in Indon and St. Katharine Docks, fitting out to eorivoy enrgrants to Syd ney, Hub' rl 'IVwn, (mid i, New York, and' to the colony of New ''jj 'and, which are to nil during the pro.-ent nnulli t.-ri anil will carry in r '! '.bout 50,01)!) p i-vo"ge-i'. The tide of emigration kccius especially to be setting to wards New Zealand. Yavke!: t VANciir.sT. The Whig caiuli due lor (Jo; fiHir ol Mississippi is tho Hon. Dan. D. Shitted;. A long tune-ago he went to N. ("i!ina as poor Yankee Pedlar. In time lie loll h i wares for h s bonks and by application ho became a succes-ful preacher of the Gopel. In 1;3 he removed to Mississippi, and toon went !r iiii thcsicred desk to the Judges Bunch. Thero li" i;: z' present, and the Whigs of Mis. sL-sippi now propose to mike him the Chief Magistrate uf the State. Succss to him. Disnr.ACEn-r. We ? n that at the lato street fall! in Vir-ksburg, in which two nlilnrs were onirairei!, neariv two-thirds of tin ritireni of the? place wore assembled te witness the di-1 4-ieelul outrage as tho . ml :is-'"iiule ;o v.nt-1 no- ariyciiiiM it il .A', i'. 'i'!i!.s "'nvs con-: i' ",v, that uuhougii the gtimhlrrs may hue ' b--' i expelled fiotn that city, the blackguard still iedo:!iinule. Ifonsltm Ttleijraph. In this town on the 2?lli utt.( by John Barstow, Ksq Mr. (iooilsil Peters of Kau lield to Mrs. Uicinda How ard of Windham. At Richmond, on Sunday the 23th. insi. by R. A. Stansbury V.ni. .Mr. John Delaware Jr. to Miss Mary Barber, nil of ltic hinond. a In Dnimlle, by Ilev. K. Adams, on Saturday eve ninir, April I9th, Mr. Tobias W. Craven to Mis SoplironiaS. Robertson. In Qoshen Oore, by Rev. I. Adams, 15th intt. Mr. Osburn Ward to Miss Adaline Laniard, both of Ooshen Oore. At New York City, on Wednesday evening the 14th inst.by Rev. W. Triiipctt, Col. Horatio Him., formeily of Concord N. II. to Miss Ruzahetii Lewis, daughter of W. Royal Wilds, of that citv. In New York, on the 31st till., by the Rev. Mr. Chase, Mr. Wallace II. Cuttinp, merchant, formerly of Westport, to Miss Sarah A. Rikcr. In Orange, 13th insr., Mr. Ucorgc Camp, 2d, to Miss lletsev O. Wheeler. In this town on Thursday morning, Iba IIinht. only sou of Ira Siiattvcu, aged fourteen monthsaiid fourreen days. In Pomfrct, March 26, Mr. Joel Perkins, aged SO, a Revolutionary pensioner. Also, 31st nil., Mrs. Betsey Ware, relict of the laic Jonathan Ware, Ksq., aged In Halifax, March 10, of quick consumption, Mr. Adam Denison, in the 69th year of his ni;e: nnd in less than one hour afterwards, his daughter Eunice, wife ofMr. I'.dward Kish, of a protracted illncii ter uiinalini; in consumption, aued 27. At his residence, in Hardin eo., N. V. March 3 Rev. Alexander MeDougal, in the 103d year of his npc. This valuable citizen took part in the war of the Revolution, and has been esteemed throughout his lone life, for his moral worth. He was a minister of t lie Itaiitist society. Ill St. Johnsbury, 16th inst. Mr. Samuel Cross man, aced 72. In Morristown, 11th ult., Mrs. Mary Willard, late of Lyndon, ayed nearly E0 years. In' New port, Vl., 2'nh nit. I'loi e'la Eaton, only daughter of Gardner und Betsey C , aged 7 years and 3 months. At Durham, Gp.onor Fhost, Esq. tii'cd 73, for the last thirty years Post Master of that place. At Claremont, Mrs Marianne C. wife of Jonn H. Warland, Esq eduor of the National Eajjle, and laughter of Win. E. Carter, of Cambridge Mass. At Portmouth, on Friday evening, Ifilh inst, William Lawi, niied G3, the well known Friend of Pence. Mr. Ladd was one of the most eminent Philanthropists of our age and country, and his name will be held in lasting remembcranee by all the friends of humanity. Ho was in early life a shipmaster, and nil that capacity was highly istecnicd : but for fifteen or twenty veirs oast, lmins declined all mercantile business, he has devoted himself to the promotion of various benevolent cnjiris, ana more ispecnny io that of permament and universal peace. Ho died suddenly, Inning arrived in the cars at half past 7, and dying before midnight. He had been absent on a lecturing tour lor six months, anu was on ins way to his summer seat at Minot, Maine. Ho paused at the house which was the liomcof his youth, and where hisladyhad boarded during his absence and thence his spirit took its flight to the marnionsof rest above. Portsmovth Journal. In Albion, N. Y. on tho Gtli inst Mr--. Betsey WoodrulV, aged 35 yeai s, wife of Ezra WoodrnfT, 1 ate of this town. In Orange. Hlli inst., Mr Benjamin Dow, aged 3'i. In Monlpdier of Consumption, 20th inst., Mr. Sol onion JennuiL's, agodSl. He was a member of the Capitol llille Company, and was buriul on Thursday wilh military honors. In I!(ihn,'6lh inst., Widow Martha Havey, aged 82 years and 1 month for inorrthan 50 years a worthy member of the Cornrrgntintnl ehuiih. In Morriswllc. April 15th, Mrs. ( i-jline A., wife of Doct. Almkhin Ti.N!ii.i,,and daug!i:e. ifMosca Vilas, Eq , aged 36 yiaia. By this sudden I - c ienl ner husband is left to mourn an nfl".:eliriii!i:" .md taill'rnl coin"; Ilion. a itldi- cious and prujent eoimi.il r j lief r hiUren a kind and tender mother j one, indied etiiii i uilified to in struct and guide them in the paths oi wrtuc, and train them for future usefulness j Iterated parents are be reavtdofan only remaining, amiable and dchglitlul daughter: I' - brothers, an affectionate mid mreh loved Kte' f l mi'tiTus circle of acquaintaiices a symphaili 1 ron-t-nt friend. Her loss is diejily f it till nsivlv d.-plored. Mrs. T. bore a in"1'' 'linfid, '' 'h 'holt siekr"fs wilh cnlire calni n s aiul rrsiu.iat.oii to the Diwne will. She niani f. ! u ill h -r la "t illiiesj an unshaken trii. 1 in the TO BUILDERS. Proposals will be received for fufiiishinglniatcrialsand building the Brick School nol house in district No. 10. E plan ollhe building may bef mud at tho Stoiocl Strongs if. Co. from and after Mi..iday next, nnd propoiaU recend for one week thereafter. OEO. A. ALLEN 1 W. I.. STRONO Comm. SETH MORSE b Burlington, April 22, 1311. l'OIIMl. OR may be found in this village, directly opposite tho Methodist Chapel, an OLD PAINT SHOP, newly fitted up in good atylc, Where the undersigned will be glnd to wait on Ins old customers who 'nay fuvor him with their patronage. 011140 It. O. SPAULD1NO. Burlington, April 23, 1911. IIOKHICt STRAYED or stolen Irom the subscriber, on the night of the 13th inst., a small Black HORSE, with heavy inane, hanging on both sides of lire neck, star in the forehead, and the right hind fool standing out a little. A suitable compensation will be given for information w here said horse may be found. 46w3 M. I.ADUE. Hincsburgh, April 17, 1811. 22 April 181 1 New floods. FANCY Goods, nnd Milhniry articles, also Cali coes, Challys, Mous. de Lames, Silks, Hosiery, (Jloves, Ribbons, Luce, fce. dec., juit'rcccived and for sale at HOWARD'S. HERD'S GRASS and lUd and White CLOVER SEED, a new supply at . HOWAU 1 pril 23, 1811 VKIlJIOS'f DRAWING HOOK. THE Vermont Drawing llook of Landscapes pre pared and arranged by John Henry Hopkins, D. D. Bishop of the Diocese of Vermont, Nos.5 and 6, containing 12 beautiful I.ithoginphic prints, with the letter press description, this day published by CHAIJNCEV GOODRICH. April 22, 1811. Complete setts of the Vermont Drawing Book in 0 nos. constantly for sale. tinrilen ScciN, IJMIOM the Yankee Farmer Ollicc, Boston, of the growth of 1340, for sale by April 22. C. GOODRICH. NEW BOOKS. JUDGE Marshall's Decisions on Constitutional Uucstions in the Supreme Court of the United Stites. Holmes' American Annuals, 2 vols. 9 vo. Butltrs' History of lliu American Revolution, 2 vols 3 vo. foi sale by C. GOODRICH. April 22. to itu.vr. THE store next east of Mr. llraman's Book Store on College street. H. LEAVENWORTH. Api.l 19, 1B11. sTaTE OF VERMONT, ) rp H E Honorable nisTiiicT or ciiittknden, ss. J X ihc probate court for the District of Chittenden : To all nersuiis con cerned in the estate of Jiuuo iMuniii, late of Jeriro in said dislriet, deceased, GREETING. Wur.nr.As, Hannah Martin admin ilratnx ol thoe-tate of said deceased, proposes to render an account of her administration, and present her account against raid es tate for examination and allowanceata session of the Court of Prolvite, to be holden at Burlington on the "ccoivl ediiL-ii.iy ot June nevt. I hcrefort, vou are hereby "itificd lo appear before said court at lb,-lime and place utoitsaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not lie allowed. Given under my hand at liurlington, this 1 Mi dy of April A. D. It'll. W.m. WESTON, Register. Valuable ItcalEtUte for Sale. IJ'OR sale all the real Estate, late ihc properly of Mr. John Abbott, in the village of Burlington, situate, and adjoining the south-east corner of the Coiirl-hnusc squarc,and consisting of a dwcllinghousc and out-buildings, also n three story brick budding occupied as a Cabinet Shop, but may be so arranged as to mako a good store and dwelling. This property will be sold together or separately as will best suit, to gether w ith land for gardens, ic., AUo one building lot separate. A crcditiwill be given on good security for the grca ter part of the purchase money. For father particu lars apply to JOHN JOHNSON. Burlington, Aptil 8, 1841. Commissioner's Notice WE the Subscribers having been appointed by the Honorable Probate Court for the district of Grand Isle, Commissioners to receive and examine and adjust Ihc claims and demands of all persons against the estate of F.I.ISH A REYNOLDS, l.itc of Isle La Molt, in said district, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offiet thereto, and six months from the day of the date hereof being allowed by said court for that pur pose, we do therefore hereby give notice that wo will attend to the business of our oppointmcntat the dwel ling House oi I'.iizaoeiu ueynolds, in isle L.n .noil, on the first Tuesday of July and September, A.D. 1811, from ten o'clock in the forenoon, till six o'cltck in the altcrnoon, on each of the said days. Dated at Isle La Mott, this third day of April, A. D. 1941. 3w44 AMASA L. HOLCOMB, nmm;.;,. EI.IHU HOLCOMI1. j Commissioner.. Medicinal Liquors. VHTICLES in litis line of First quality, may l.e constantly found at THEO. A. PECK & CO'S, Apothecaries INOTICU. WHITE and Grey Mnrb'e grave stones ol super, lor quality and workmanship will be furnish ed on the U rlc-t uoticehy. II. S. CI. A IT. Burl n April 15 1841, NO HUE. rTMIF. Copartner-hip heretofore existing under the X linn oI'M.iyo fit Wait an tru-lees of Lathrop ci. I'otwin, was di-solved on Ihe I Dili March 18-11 by tnmuil Con-ent. Joeph Wait withdrawing, the bus-inc-.. of llietni-l will bu closed by Henry Mayo the rcma nine; partner at the store Corner of Choreli and College Si. liurlington. HENRY MAYO. April 12 Ife, JOS. WAIT. posTcniPT. NOT fond ol, and the tinie, not ling propitiouF for a change.lhcrewi'l none take nlaee. There fore plen-e not anticipate what might hr, leeu contemplated had cireumtanecs conipired lo have induccdi'l. Srnnec it is that sundry divers lari;e Na I ion al, Coinmereic.il finnneial, corporate nnd helitel-ualSpeeulalious-'bave ol late 'jCenrieen notwithstand ing all fair external oppe irntu ft lo have oollapsed. So now as with old land mar i conflJeJ in, i the long tried cheap cash Mnru to the lliou-aiuls ol Caul ions buyers who do tut only wlh to goes they buy cheap but want to rominue for the pro-ent at leat where they know ll.vy can Luy so. Which is said by Mr. Smith and hisl'rcinds to le at. Api ill5 1911. HOWARDS. Canlcii Seeds of the grou th of 1810. RAISED for and put up by Joseph Ureck U Co., at the Seed Kitablivlnncnt eonnceted wilh the New England Farmer O.licejllo-ton. Each sort i labelled wilh Direction? for it culture. "The above Seeds arc of the growth of 1810, and of the very lie-t quality, beiuz rai-eil by the nio-1 ex perienied growers, expressly for thi c-tablishinent, except neh sorts as will not ripen to advantage in thi. country, which arc imported Irom the liM homei. in E irope. Awaretof the reat eoinp'aints.thit have hitherto exolcil in regard to Seed., and ol the impor tance lo the Gardener, of havine such a enn be re lied upon,cvery cfort ha been made atlhiestabli'.h inent lo rai-e and vend such only as will give pcrll-el satifarlion." ALSO Ornamental Flower Senls e. elio'n varie IV. Ruta Baza, White Flat Toruii, 'i-anire Cnrrol, Sugar Meet, &e. above at whoteaU nnd retail by April 1811. STRONGS & CO. f p t IK attention of ill disposed to engage in lh maU JL service is specially called to the ndurtiseinenl for proposals for carrying the mied States mails, in 'he New England Slates, and in IN't-r York issued by my predcrwsor in December last. The last dnr for receiving bids is the lOihof April (at 3cclotk p. M.) nnd for deciding upon them the 21th of April. Asibe lettings cinnot be postponed without materially diminishing the competition by increasing the diffi culty on the part of new contractors in making ade qate preparations for the service which must com mence on the 1st of July, all those in the Stato of Vermont, taking an inteicst in this matter are refer red to the mail advertisement published in Ihe Vsr mont Gaiette, ihe Vermont Republican, tho Vermont Watchman cV Stato Journal nnd the Spirit of the Age. And to be found in pamphlet form at each Post Offica at the County towns eVat theends of routs for full information as to the particulars of th servico the nature of I lie liabilities, ihe mode of bidding and the formof the guaranty which is to necompanv every proposal. Post Office Department March 13th 1841 ) F GRANGER. ' Stephen Ilalsht'i I'.statc. WElheMiberilers, having I ren appointed by the Honorable Ihe Prol ate Court fortbe District ol Chittenden, commi-sinners to rceehe, examine and adpit Iherlauns and demand', of nil persons, a '.'a in -I Ihe e-late of Stephen IIaight,lateofUiirlinnton in said District, deeea-eil, reprc-entol in-olvent, nnd al-o all claims and demands exhibited in o'let thereto; and six months from the day of the dale hereof, lein? allowed l.ysnid Court lor that purpose, we do theie ore hereby give notice that we will allend to the oo-iness oi our appoinouent ai tor uweuiii ui John Howar ', in liurlington in said distriul on the second Monday of June and first Monday ofOeto- lier next, at 10 oVIock, A. M., nn em h ol'said ilay. D4ted,ihis 12'hday of April A. I). 1841. 3w4j ARCIlVw. HYie', ! '-'omrri,"iI"l,'r'" The gftods remaining unsold in the bauds of Henry Mayo as 1 rusiee nitist lv sold. All will do well to avail themselves of this opporuitnniiy, lo piireln-e 70odt at retail, inueh l.elow their value, al priees to it customers for rash. April 12 1811. NOTICE. JL LL per-ons indebted lo us, be the amount C-ls 25 2m. cts $1. or more, are politely requested to pay, as we need the moiiy. Tho-e having any account against tisw'ill plea-e present it. April 15th 1841. PANOUOHN 4, UltlNSMAID. OIIUIt.MAN'S coucai iiO.i:N(a:s-ii.e O very best Cough remedy, and Sherman's Poor .Man's Plaster1-, lor 12i eenls, Ur Miperior to your 50 cent or ooiiar piasiers. ouiuiu me uneiy oiorc uy PANOIIOIIN A IIUINSMAID. Sole Agents for the town and State. N. II The makerV name " A. SHERMAN, M. II." is on each Box of Lozenges and each Pla-.er. April 1811. John Van SIcMcn's Estate. fl'. the S'ibseribcrs. having I een aimotnted by the V Honurablcthe Prolate Court lor the District of hiticjiden, eounni-sioner to receive, examine and adjust the claims and demand of all persons, aconM theestateof JOHN VAN SICKCEN', lale sf Uurlui; ton, in -niddi-trie!, deceased, repre.-cnte.l insolvent, and nljJ all elauin and demands exlubileel in ollset iberetoV and six monihs fiom the date In ret. I', leing allowed by said Conn, I'ur.that purpose, we do hereby give notice, that we will attfn l to the buMnc,s of our appointment, at Im duelling ol John Van Sicklen, (Utcjun.) in liurlington. ui caid district, on tlie'IO.h day of Sepleml er next, at ten oMook, A. M. Dated, Ibis tenth .I.iv i.l .March, A. u.1311. Ai.Ai rouir., I.tn ilKIt LOOM IS, HARRY BRADLEY, 1 Commissioners. Ell Ilariiiini's r.slalc. STATE OF VERMONT, ) riiHE Probate Court distbict or chittenuen, s. JL for the District of Chittenden: To the creditors nnd other, concerned in the estate of Ell Hamuli., late of Milton, in said Diftrict, deceased. Whereas, Elijah Hcrrict." nnd Samuel Roardman, Administrators ol theistateol'said deeea e l,ha;c made application to this Court, to extend the time limited 'or making payment of the debts of said deceased, twelvo months from the 29th day of April, 1911, and the second Wednesday of May next, I ring assigned foi a hearing in the premises, at the OuVeof the Re gister of this Com t, and it having been jr.lcrcl that notice thereof be given, by publishing tl. - decree three ttrtus succisMvciv in the liurlington l r.e Press a OIIERMAN'S WORM liO.ENGES ate O dillerc I lioul all oilier picp.iruliuns put forth for children aml.ntlults lor worms. Ihe genuine aie lor sale at the V ariety More, ny PANGUOUN ci liHl.NSMAlD. Solo Accnls for Ibis town and ihe Slale. N. B. Look mid see if Ihe name "A. SHERMAN. M. IV'i, on Ihe box. April 1S1U. 1?" CilAin.Ks Davis, Iq., of Dinvillc, hit. been .ippn nted by the President, l H. Attorney for the Dirtrict of Vermont. I lit .lea i.nr.t.r t.rniosl fit llnrlinrrfnn ti.r.,r 1 1 .- tin... nenisof the Gnat Redeemer, thrnmih whom she , Hvi.,1 r.ir lienrmt.. Tlin.f.irp inn nn. lir.ri.be imtiticft. hoped she was icceo.ieiled to (iod, so that death wn.s 1 10 :.iK.ar before sii I Court, al the time and place 1. N. From the Albany Argus. STEAM-BOAT DISASTUIi. On Saturday tii'ht, a the rtpnln-l.oat Point America, Capt. I'r.AiNAr.D, way n her passage up the river, an atrident orcurrd which ninth damaged the machinery of tho hont.ind scvere )y injured several of the passengers When, (according to a. st.il:m;nt in the Diily Adverser,) olTSopus Ihits, about 1U 1-2 at ivpht, the boat bein;; under a very moderate head of steam, owing to the fopy unto of the weather, and the engine making hut 15 or 10 revolutions in a minute, the shaft broke t-hoit off by the crank just as the piston had risen nearly to the top of the cylinder. Being thus freed from the weight of the thift and wheel, and pressed by the Etcam from above, the piston descend with great force, broke the bottom of the cylinder, jarred heavily the iron columns which, resting on the condenser, support the cylinder, and, as isVwjccturcd cracked the condenser itself. A quantity of mingled steam and water escaped or was forced out of the condenser into the gang ways of the fore and aft cabins, and as many of the passengers at the lir.t alarm sprang from their berths to the floor, tho feet, hands and faces of several who had gangway berths were badly scalded. Owing to the promptitude ami energy of Capt. Brainard and the ollicers and rrcwnf the boat, the mfierers and Iho oilier passengers were relived from immediate danger; and the steamboats Diamond o ' '''m.ur.Aini coming up soon after the accidon , . once to their relief. The passengers go irahy, in cluding those who were disabled, were imme diately taken on board tho Diamond, where eery attention was afforded them, and every thing done by Capt. Flower, his passengers ollicers nnd crew, to alleviate their sufferings. Vlicy reached this city about 0 A.M., and the wound ed were immediately taken ashore for medical treatment, which was promptly tendered try Docts. Staats, Armsby, fircone, Payne, and otherF. We understand that the Telegraph brought tip tho mails and her way passengers. 7'he following arc tho names of the pewons injured. Mr. Conant, Ballston Spa, severely. Mr. Glen, Schenectady. Mr. Jones, Rensselaer. Mr. Garwin, 'my; since dead. I Taylor, do. Solomon Smith, Fort Plain. George Warwick, Amsterdam. James Steer, I lard wick. Another, a resident of Hvdo Park, and left on board. A colored man, a hand on hoard. TT Wo rosret to learn that Mr. Garwin died this morning, at Troy. Those under li cit mailt in this city nr-j doing well, with a prospect of speedy recovct r.lUClHTON MARKET. Monday, April 19 From ihe ltostou Patriot. At markc t, 'J00 Reef Cattle, 20 yoke uorkingOxen, 3.1 eows an 1 calves, 72, Mio p. 112 Swine. Pan r.s l!ecf Cattle A small niUnnre was effect ed. Weij.fite iifuwcx tra 7i a 57; First quality at ST 2') a So 50 ; Second quality 83 73 a 60 ; Thud qual it V Si a Si 73. 'Working Oven - Sale ?C2, S70, ?0, S33 and SK'O, ?lin?i13. Cown uuJCalics-SM, S23, S'.'7, 431, and one at ft IV Viet, i -A l-ii of tirdiiriry were - ,M for SI, 30 each. Lots ol Mall fed r.l Mi 7i, VI SI 73, anil 43. Swine S.ihs ijuiel, Ms. mil advance Lots lo ped dle weie generall) sold for 4 I -I loroii- and 5 I-S for barrows. I.irgc selected bariOMS at 5 und 5 1-1. Al retail fum 1 1-2 ioS. lissrnied of Us It rrori-. She was permitted to eniov the fill possession of In r reason till the last, bidding an nU'eetionstc faiewcll lo her cempanion. children snd atten linsr fiicn Is, shs ealmlvf yi bled her spirit into the hands of Him w ho gave it, without fear ItnnoilU ll'Afgr. In Windsor, on Saturday, the lPth inst., Asnb Elizabeth, aged 2G, daughter of Horace and Mahv Evr.ar.TT. In Richmond on the 23d inst Mr Samuel Pitts, aged 6-i. IVatrli l-'ouml. TOL'N'D by the suhsenber, a few days since, a Silver Watch, which the owner can haveby iden tifying, anil paving clnig' s. ' " H.T.M LONKV, Vatbtr. April 30, 111. Pi rl. 1,000 II'-. Lard 10,000 llniii', fur -ale 1 s LYMAN &. COLI'.. afore-aid. then and there, lo makeobiection if nnv vou hive, to the said time of payment being further cxtc. id ed as aforesaid. Oiven under my hand al flurlinton this 20lh day of April .i. i). ibii. w.M. ivkn iw, itegttltr, VERMONT, ) rplIEHon.thePro- ct ru-rv.nm.s C,KJKnj lis Mistake. A gentlemin at the railroad A in Providence, had h- pocket picked on rCrJ "I ' V, -tem,:.-; the ,i ii?r 3l,' fr0!n us ' -zc anJ f"""- i''i-nnl;iii. t nef pro j.ia oo!l T)ie rcnt,cnian )nrcf ,lie 'r ttnc ? . J'iar,n a "M'ful !efb0n frc"n 'he Bpoils fe lotv mav I, d1EhcncUly obtained, which r. tnus e NEW -H)RK MARKET. Aran 21. We have advices down lo the Ith inst from Europe, nnd the news is dundcdly favorable. f Since down to the Slh, wilh the same aspen. 'Ihe war fever has subside I, and money is easier. The nnrki isforotlou had declined, 'flic settlement of gricviuees wnh china apiars to be as distant its ever. The new shah but little influence here. The stale of ihe eurtney is such, 1 lint thcrenppenrs to be but little, if any prospect, of an v immediate improve ment A return to a Specie lnw by the Southern and Western Hank-, seems to be nearly as distant as ever. The panic which the public was thrown into hy the third suspension of ihe Philsdelphii Hanks, had the effect to check the Spring Trade. This trade hi", however, been revived, and on the opening ol ihe Canal, which will be next week, it is expected there will Ui more activity. The .Money Market eonliniies to be abundant, with n propect of nn increased con tiiiuence. Exchanges, Foreign and domestic, are dendtdly in our favor. Foen The slock of western when the river closed was greater thin it had been for many years, not vvithstindlll'' ibis, neirlv the u hole hfi-'l.ccn .-,,tl.. .l oil'. Common brands western nrrlhn at S4 'Jli 3 i Georgetown SI 73 ; Ohio &19luS5; Richmond county .! 57 j Philadelphia (S3. These pnersnic the imuorin raies that have hceii rst:itiiis;ei ror three wetknpisi. In Corn Mciland Rc Fluur there is no change. fSnsiv I'urlher sales of nboul 3000 bus!. 'Is of Wheal hive In en made nt 03 ets. Itvc comef .i. ah- ontasfistns uis wauled. Sales have been midi frcily nl 3:ti3tets. which is a shade better. North crnOjtsTslo lOcls. Soullu ru "Jli a 27cts. Their- eeipts oi Corn have not been large, and prices have bein fully siist.iincd, at 52 a 5 lets. Puovnsiovs There has been a good demand for Prime Hi if lor shipping, and sales al 3 37 a 6 12' ; Mess not so bri-k. s-iles at S?a:t. The stock nf Pur'k is necinmdaling, salesof Messat S I III 12 30. Prime, inistn 1 .i ..i -mci 1 .v4 ..V . ...,,u , j.i Wooi.--We have only to notice siles of 17 Itnrnn'i Ayiia, and 90 do. Shcrp Skins, on terms not trans- pirco. I1USIMWS PHOSPKCTS OP TROY. Several country merchant- arrived in town yesterday and our Hotels are fast filling up. cxt week our merchants expect to bo busily employed. Injudging from the appearanc of our advertising columns lor a lew weeks past, we have no hesitation in saving that the impor tations of foreign goods into this city during the present seaon have been unusually large. I he stock ol domestic goods hero is also larse. and of the lie&t description Sou r il new houses hive gone uto bu-ino'' ' since tin let. ot January and iinny already in operation nave creatlv enlarged their business durnc the same time. I lie consequence is that a .r nn'ter assortment of goods may be found here than has usually been kept here. Western and Noi them mer- clniits therefore, who have been in tho habit of purchasing in Now York, will find it greatly to their advantage to examine the stocks of our merchants, before going elsewhere. My means of lower icnts, and a more economical stylo of ; ..... .i.- 1 . . ..r p n'..i : n ii iiiu Miuicii.iin ui i juj tan aiium ut M'll goods at least as iJieap, if not cheaper, than me mer 'nuts ol anv other city. my Whig, STM'E I F VI. 'MOJJT, i 'nnEIIuii.lheprobalo Dislriet of Cnittei. l-.i cs. ( X C.iurt for the Dis- trictofChiltcndeii: To all persons conrerned ill iho esiaiuo: jouii .icweiiiaic oi uii'iriuticin sai l Kis' ici, ilceeaso', (im ;,l I.Nw. WHEREAS, Ezra Tilt. -. iiill.K 'til, ad mmistratorsoi ttiu j.:.1jIh o. ..... Jeecn M propose to render an aeco-Ut of their udniinittralijii, mid pre sent Iheir account a'iinsl mul esta'efor exaiuinat'ion nn I -llowanco at a scssi.-ni 'vi-t e.l Prolmtc to deli 'cnatlhcR" ' "irln on n ifltli 04) o M j .. f. Theril U', You uie lieituy n"itifie' nppi-jr bifore saij coiirt at tin n" an.l p: in, nn shew cauee if any )oi Slave, wh , I f ccout aforesaid should not be allowed. Oivun under my lur.J nt IturhnEton this 2-th day of April A. D. 1911 WM, WESTON K'gisitr. Ilr warp of Deception! IT ha frequenlly conic to the knowledge of the sub scriber that empty Snuff Jars, with his Libel on them, have been 'ought up, for the purpjse of selling in them an inferior quality of Smill"; and, nisi, that his Snufflilxls have in some instances been counterfeit ed, or the general design of the same so imitated as to easily diceive theunwarj ; he deems il, therefore, his duly'xo inform purchasers of the manner in which they are often imposed upon -, and he would hereby request them to tear oil' or difaeo the Labels on the outside of the Jars after having disposed of the con tents, so as to prevent further use or Ihe same. A suitable reward will be paid for such evidence as w ill lead to the detection it conviction of thcimposter. The subscriber continues to manufacture, and offers for sale, the follwmg articles : ' t-.S'., till. MI'S.' sjvtlL'r. I LSI. IIIVOIIO com I fienuinc Maeeoboy, ) rose I American Rappee, Imitation do S.lnref Holland o Sicily do Maltese do Curacoa do STATE Of pistbict or ciiiTTENnns, ss. X bate court for the District of Chittenden : To all persons concerned in tho estnto uf Kit Ilarnnm, Ute of Ml'lon, in said District, deceased, GREETING. WiinnEAs, Elijah Herrick and Samuel Hoardninn adnir's of the estate of said deetased, propose lo render an account uf their administration, and present men account against saiii esiaie tor examination and allowance at a session of the Court ofProlnlo, to be holiten at the llrnistcr s ollicc in liiirhii'Mon. on the second Wednesday of May next. Therefore, you are liereiiy notilieit to ai pear oclorcsaiil court at the time and placeaforesaid tiiid shew cause, if any vou have, why tho account more said should not be'al- owed, (iiven under mv hand al liurlington, this Ulimay oi .pru -. I', i.-u. .m. vviiSlUA, Kegister, aim;tion auction. "YXl I.L ! sold ill Anciiun a general as-ortnient of t Dry Ooo U on Saturday April 2 1 al 2 ei'clool. id 7 o'cl'ocL P. M. at the Store comer of Church :uid Culleire St. nn.l lo Le cunlinuesl on each -aiiuilav following uniil nil -nl I. IIE.SRY M.WO. Trustee. ' Il'.rlinzion Apr. 1 15, IS 1 1 Tuberose, St. Omer, Strasburg, COARSE I1ROWX SNUFF. Dcmicros. Pure Virginia, Iturbon, St, Domingo, Copenhagen, supf.ar'd YELLOW Scotch ) and 'ine. High Toast. ) swei:t-sce.ted fine-cut TOIlACCO. " " Oronoko do do. FINE Ct.'T SMOKINfJ TOBACCO. Spcnish, Kitefoot, Canaster. Com mon, and Steins. ' PETER I.OUII.LARD, jr. 12 ' tham Street, New VorV. March. 2311. ' Vi.J J. it J. H, PurK if- Co., .lgfnfs, I!jI..ilgton, Vt Natchitoches, French Rappee, American fientlimnn, Pure Spanish, I.. Mixture. SN'TK. lri-ii lliekguard ) or eoarse Irish High Toast) CHEWINO New ami Fashionable TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. MR. HKN'NS would inform his riends and Ihe public ceuerallv. that he has taken the well known stand in Church-street, recently occupied by iMlwaru 1.. I'.vans, Draper nnel iailori at which place will be kept constantly on hand and for sale, a general assortment of French, English and American Broadcloths, Cassimeres, nnd Vesiings, suited for dif ferent seasons. Also Fashionable Trimmings of all kinds, and of the best quality, which will be sold for Cash as low as can elsewhere be obtained. The Culling Department will be superintended by Mr. Evans for the time beinz. Noniins wid be spared on his part lo employ the best of workmen, and to make ibis one of the best e-itiblishmcnts of the kind in the stale. Any gcnileiusn who may favor him with any order, may rely upon having it exeeutid at the time appointed and in the very best pot sible m.-. ner. An aiMinon v ri to maje lo ine anove siock a soon as ihe opening -f navii'it;e.n will permit. He hopes by thlij enec and nltetilion lo merit a share of the ptiiuic patronage. w m liurlington, .xpru e, in. 40 Kc. nrl I.Vh 1811. FllWDKIt. Blasting Powder 1 v. STKONtiS &Co. til l.u'i. Seed Rye, free from all oilier seeds, for OV I Pearl-si. Sept. lfi. sale by C. BE.sNS, iILVI'.R ALARM WATCHES, at 81B,.S20, S23. Dec. 19. Pangcobk & Bkinsmaip. OARD WARE, SADDLERY WARE, OUNS,- I.A. Hn iiwwnr,. .r-c. The stibscntier has mat rc ci iverl ami is nnw noeninr a larire and General assort mem oi tlicaliove gooiuti comprising neany cury nrticle in the line, nnd which will nesoin on very rca sonatue terms lor cash or snori criiiu, ni ine naro ware store, comer of church street and the square. KOIIKIll .IHJUUV NtrriCF,. My wife, Sophia i'oinll, li.isleft my bed snd bonrd. without anv m-tifioathn, and I therefore, forbid all persons harboring or trusting her on my account. JAMES PON ELL. Georgia, Dee. I, 1810. TlTEDICAl. ALMANAC for IS 11, for sale at the 1U book store. Price b.'J ets. I). A. liKA.il.vA NOTICE... I deem ii my duly lo lulorm ihe pule liolhal I have invested n sae', perft 'tly innie icnl. from ihree simple vivtlal le. lliat i ntifely su ocrceiles a snaiii-h llv Plaster, which civr entire re iiel in all mflamatory a'lertions of the, human Uidy in 21 to 48 hrir-, anu neon, out rme nppncaiion. lis ac lion is .y absorption alio evaporancn, u uissoivcs corn from ihc bit nine v an I wnh pain, counter nets lire In II billll Ofi lllSln.r. al;irltap plication. Apply n I' ' ici e i foil silk or dre-sed sheeni sl.in, I nn ation flheb er or lung. mil il extrncls all i s..i i it Ii. in I i.i e organs. Warranted lo give reilvfn rccoiiicd'1"-' . ltlt, Sole proprietor. 1 18 Itrnumc .,et , i v Yorli The trade niipliisl at the t'rn.rie;(,r'. pi ices by ll.irliiigton, I 1810. J. & J. H. I'KCK & IV, tTr. r. ii a. ii m.it ! I the Tsvirn Stand ccupi. 1 bj Mr. J. Pot t, near I'm", i liiniinL'loii, will at all tin, ui)'' "nn nmiii I m- -ners and nlhtrs With Boul J.luvlnill,hoi bciCP- ..t'.r . r-r.i.,iniodat'"ii' ill eoc.1 lvl. and no puTiis will bo spirud c,i his art, to make them eom for table, and on the nct icasonablc Terms. Price of Single meals one Stilling. IljrlinionAriU'JHh, 1511 K" ' Vh v ..n.l FIRST REPORT From the Cheap Cash Store. A S was heraldid forth in the Burlington Free Im. Press on the morning ot the -Ith .March, saying the former Agent, HOWARD, was continued, and had commenced unon his twentieth year. who now most respectfully reports, as follows, vizi That the effort made in disposing of the old stock of remnants and UooUs at selltng-otr prices was Highly satisiacio rv. That on the 2'td he proceeded to Albany, and was nrcseni in ine i.emsiaiure wuen mc cuniiiimec rcpoited, adverse to tlic building of a ltridgo at that place, and were directed to take back the papers and bring in a bill for immediate aclion to determine', whether, constitutionally, an obstruction eouiii ne thrown over the Hudson, when the Uencrul Govern item nan oiiorovco i ll nav lmiui 1 iv rei iu nn u r ncditnctits and deenenini. its chainlet, far above such place, is the question. Now that noble River being ihc inlet from Ihc high sens nnel Atlantic ucean to the trade of ihc Green mountain State, of course the Peo ple's Agent could not but have a deep interest in the result which may soon be known. That on thc27lh be left in ihc Steamer Utica for New Yolk, on which passige Lieutenant Governor lltadisli was called to ihc chair, J. Fennimore Cooper, secretary, and the meeting being addressed by -Major General Snuford, whereupon a unanimous expression of thanks was voted to Captain Sliultz, by the Lady and Gentlemen passengers lor his unltl.itigable enterprise nun exer nous in plouuhiiiL' a w ay ihrouch the ice from Pouch keensie to Albany, thereby allonliiiL' a pleasurable trin hy water instead of a dangerous one through mud by lann io s e w i oris. That lisviii" arrived al the great commercial emno rium of the Union after a winter's absence was cheer ed by mutual salutations with former friends who without exceptions, DrolVcred their every effort in shewing and uispliying nit of their most Fashionable beautiful, and desirable articles of Merchandize with a corresponding wish to favor me with such selections as might be wanted anu at the very best bargains, par ticularly as being for the supply of the ever up and ilomg, epucK anu cheap, cheap tor cash nmi non-im- prisonnicnt-ior-dcnt store, located in the Pcautiiiii val lev of Lake Chamnlain, nt Burlington, ermont. 1 tins having been so received 1 made a nidicious sc lection of such nrticles as were calculated for spring triil", and returned home, where nuy of the many Kinds oi rancy ana omer uooos may oe nno ni pri ces to suit purchasers, nt llOW.WUJ .". April 3d, 1811. STATE OF Vf'ItMONT, CAT a ProUte district or ciilTTr.snrsr, ss. ) J. Court hi leu at llcrlinilon within and for the Di-trict nfi.re-aid on the 30 Inlay of March A. D. IS1J. an Instrument imrpi rlimr to le the In-t Will mid Te-lanienl of U'onurd llmlies lale of Wdb'ston in said District do-I'en-ed, ws p.e-entesl to the Court here for Prol ate, by David Frenihibe Executor. therein named. The refore it is onVrrel ly s,,l Court, that the put 1 1 notice be given loall per-ons concerned therein lo appear 1 efore said Court, t a e.siou thereof to 1 holden nt the Eaglellnll in Will-ton on third Monday of April A. D. 1811, nod eonte-t Ihe prolate of siJ v ill. ami il Is lurlhtr ordered lliat tliu ore'er 1 c pub lishes) Ihree weeks successively in ihe Durlinuloo Free Press a new-paper prmtesl in Unrliuslon. In ibis Slale, the la-t of which shall I e previous lo the day assitnci, ns uiurc-flio, mr nearniir, Oiven under my hand at the Kegi.ter's OmVc. this 30ih day of March A. D. IS II. WM. WESTON. Register. II. THOMAS, BEGS leave respectfully to announce to the trading and business I tc, 1 lint he has opened an AEC HON AND COMMISSION STORE; on College t., near the Court Hoti-c Square, in hi newand eoinmo dioiis block f lliriek stoics. Men lundixe and preip- er'y ol all kinds received on eon iz.inieut, and -old nn eonunisiin,eiiher at private -ale or at a ie'ion, a the eoiisigueesb ibreei, on reJsonal le term-. A reasonal le advance will at ull tunes Le mado on properly received. Auction Sdles on every Saturday, nl one oVInfl'i, P. M. to eouiincuce on theiir-t Saturday in April nix!. BurhnstMi, March 2S, 1S-I1. STAVE OF VERMONT) District o! ChilleiHlcn, ... 1 Al a I'rol.ate I ourt liolien at liurlington within nod for said di-trict on the tenth dtvof Ard, A, D. 1811. BENJAMIN UEI-.HS. of Ch.irlolle in the County ot Chittenden, ciuirdinn of the ,iO.erlv and esiuir'nl Nhiicv O. Oilk-ii. Lu'-ina Gdlelt and Sarah Ann Giilctt, 'minor children of Sheldon Gilleil f stud Lliarloite', havinir Idlesl in said eotut his pen non in wriiiii'r. scltinir luri i that ii-said wards are setc,l in their own riirht in fee of one e"qual tuidivide'd hallei! iniriy nine ano eine nap acre- oi ine iii'inc farm eif wh'cn Jonathan (illicit, laic of said Cb,ir-lolte,di.s-ea-e'd, died seizeil, icing all of said liunie farm, excepting sixteen acre- ihercofwhleh has 1 een se: o I to ttie widow eil tlic said iiecci.eM as u nn ol her dower in lee real e-late ol said i ei caves', and ex ceniimr. al-o. 17 1-2 acres of said firm which ha hern sold by theexeculor of thi'la-t wi'l of ihe -aid diss'a-ed. under an order ot -aid prol a'c court. And that ins said wards aie al-o seized ii one on i.viuisi ha f of two and one half acres ol ihe vv ocd lo. called, of Ihe said dii-ea-el I tins all of -aid wood lot, except two and e ue hall acres thercol winch ha- al-o U"en set out lo the widow of said ikvea-eil aa furth er iurlioti of her elower in -aid real e-taie And I -aid viard-.ire a.o scizel in uieir own ri.nt in ol'thrce undivided emh h parts of said -ix e-en ae and -aid two an.) one h.vlf.ioie rf s.nd land -o --t ont to the widow of -ai.tdecca-c I, w Inch -ix'eeu acres and two anil 1'iie halfacres ol land aie mih'eci to the life esMleoaid widow of the said ilecea-e therein, all of winch lands are ituate in -aid Charlotte; repre-en- g that it would I e e'ondiii'ive to ibe m'ere-t 1 1 said wards to have iheir tntcre-t in said lau-U sold, and the procceils of siu-lt -a'e put nt interest and priiyiui; aul eoim to license and empower nun io sell in wards interest in said hnd, for je purpose ufure- aid. hereupon Ihe court atore-aid doih appoint the llnrd day of May next fur heiriuir said penition and deciding I hereon, at ihe offi e of Ihc Resi-ier of said Court in said Burlington, and doth order thai notice thereof I e given to a'l per-on- inleresieil by publica tion ofthi- order, eoniaming the siibstanee ol sjiiI petition, m the Uorlinglon r rce Pre-, a new-paper priiildm Burlington in tlieeountyofChilleiiden, three weeks successively previous to ihe said third day of .Mav, lu. Inven nnd. r my hand at aid liurlington this tenth lay ol April. 1841. WM. WESTON, lleqister. New Goods First In MarVct, AT LUVEIiY IIUHLIUJT'S. A Lea iiiful as-ortmenl ot Fancy I'm Gogd, e-'3-led with great care, from importations at Nuwr Ytirfc, since the (ir-t of March, of winch we einuner a'c a lew. Prinleil Lawn-, French Cam! rice, Eusli-h Prints, . ' enure new style, Ulk, Blue 131k. and Celnr ee Silts, Lilt and Maroon colored Velvet Ve-niirj, Blk .ind I ti nt- UI1' Bombazine-, Light and Dark Puiigeus, "I't Italian Cnvais.Satiu Ve-tuig-, Mou-lin elcl.u'iie Kihbins, Thread Lace-, Kid Ulove-,Mitt, Ciuel-, CLa ii lie Curds, c. B irlingloii, March IS, 1911. TTOUNE'S INTRODUCTION .cuuplee in 2 vol- XL nines, iiit reu'd by C. OOOU11ICII. March 23. UMUItCI.EAS. DIRECT from ihe inannfaetarcr-, and cf iho teol umterials, for sale al reduced prices n23 by II. M. UIDDING5 St CO. MAXUHC l'ORKS. 170CR Tined Slcul Man ire Fork, li r -ale by n25 II. M. GIDIilNGS k CO. T P. WHALING tl they ore Agents for Sirgent, Sprague TOIlACCO. &. CO. inform the public fiat ir Sirgent. Sprague tf- t . Tobacconists, Albany, N. Y., who loanufracture a very superior asticle of Paper Tobacco in every v -rietyofsize. (iroccrs and others will find it to tl r advantage to call and examine the ancle. Also P Tobacco of difleient qualities, all of which will be s . cheap for cash. Also Snuff of different kind. ODIN'E SPRING WATER. A recently discov.r- L ed fountain at Saratoga and contains nrooertiej known in no other Spnng its freedom from Iron ten lers it sate to lie drunk by a certiui class of una hdswith whom Iron proves injurious the quantity of Iodine contained in this water renders it the most val uable mineral wabir fireve'rv species of Scrofula vet liseoverccl.forsaleby J. A. J. II. PECK Co. .lg'fj. 10DFISH, of superior quality for s'e by J 11. M. GIDDINGs & CO. NOTICK TO iiiim.ii:k. THE Fuhfcnl vr will f.irni-h in Burlington and vicinity, GRANITE window ap, sill-, under pinning, Tlire-hohls nnd Door teps e.f any descrip tion, ol the lir-t quality A lull ol any -tone wanted will l e attended to, mid ill information lurni-l cd ly Me-sr . rnllett c- ilradtcv, Peeks eV Co.. and Bradley &; Hyde. Awvper-on can scelheqiialilyofihe -lone, y those f implied lor Judge roller- hen ee r I're-f lent Wheeler's hcu-e in Burlmglon. It i nre-uinnl that the quality and price of the-e -lone will warrant a general n-e ii'builders will tal.e ihe Iroulle to ex .iniinethe stonennd price'. GEO. W, COLLA.MI R. Il.irre.X. relruary 1SI1. 0m NOTICE. THIS mav certify, that 1 have given my son Levi S. Cole.'his lime, after this date. I will lav ii'i claims to his services or any property he may accu mulate hercaitcr, and will noia myseu rcponsiuinio pay none of his dolus. if S-T- Tl CAI r- illiSl.l IS. I.UI.I.. Colchester, April 3, 1811. STATE OF VERMONT? Dislriet ofChilteuden, s, A T a Probale Uourl holden al ll irlingtnn, within XI. and for sniddisirict. on the 8'h day ofAnril. A I) ISH, LYMAN HALL, guardian of ihe property and estate of Gtwc Bli-s, Marlha H, B'iss. Sophia Bliss nnd Jo-hua I. ham Rliss, minor., children of Mo-es Bti-s and Sophia Bliss, having hits! in said Court Ins petition in writing, selling fi lib thai his said wards are seized in iheir own right in fee. as tenants in common, of the following described pan-cis ot land, lying ami I emg situate in Mlieiuurn, in the counly ol IJIiitiendcn, viz s A piece of land containing one acre, formerly 1 r. longing to the e-tate ot Jo-hua Iham, deeca-ed, ly ing on Iheseiuth east corner of the farm oes'upiesl bv .lode We-t, winch acre has heretofore been bused to icnh Tucker. Also, a piece of land boundeil as v's t Beginning at a hemlock, Handing in the i.,ii line of Joshua Revel's land in said Slie-lhurn, and norlb of the Iham firm, so eallesl ; i he-nee East sevente-en chains sis: links; Ihenccsouili SfJo 25 east twelve chain- to the road leading north from F. Maivk's j thence south 2 lo 45' west eight chains, thence south !3o wM nficen ehi n nnd suiy-ilve Court lo license and empower him io sell his wird linl.-; Ihcnee we-t iwo.li.nns and sixiy nine links; interest in said lands, agreeably to the statute in sue iji.-nre south loin i vve-t .twenty fo ir rhains and ten case mule and provided. Whereupon, the Com links; thence north SOo 43 w;e-i, ihirlyiive chain., aforesaid doth appoint the third day of May nextf, HI'.ltn'H Cilt ASH HKI) .or sale by STRONGS & CO. April 6, 16)1. HAY FOII SAI.K. THE subscriber ha niiand a few tons of first rate Inv for sale. Wills weigh it in oualities lo su poichasers.at his barn at III dollars per Ion, for read bus. JOHNV AN S1CKLEN. T ATESSIIS. PANGBORN & HUINSMAH). cent, iVx The "Vr Boxes ofShrnnan's Cough Lozenges had of you tl me entirely of a severe nttarle of the I. nn" Tin r !,,'(.), iiinnied liv a Hard Colieh. I es teem them highly nnd recoiumcnd them to all who haven ' ougli or Ihe i.ting revcr. 1..11A HUl l. r r. vi. July i. liiiu. pan n n Unnsinaid sole agents lor nnermin a Co .linntl Worm LoTengeand Poor Man's Plnsters, &. Lozenges all have .1. Mirman, 31 D on the Pox, riAXADA IX I37--38. showing, by his J lorical fiets. the causes of the late ntlcinplcd Revolution, nnd of its failure. The present condition of tlio people and their future prospects, together with the personal a Iv nturcsnfihr Author,p.nd others who wire connected wilh the. Revolution, by E. A. Thellc lliie. Gen. in the Canadian ll-puHiein service, ''"us day received and for sale at 'he B.iok Store ol I'. s. liii.iAivs, tCTTatcnt Mrrllchies.-fl? CvTPPLlES ol ererv thins in tins bran O healing an, of the popular kind, togeihcr vvh the cldhngluli article thins in this branch of the coiitiu'ially on li.ni I at TIIEO.'A. PECK A: CO'S. CTORE FOR SALE. 'I'll subscril er being abo.it VJ to relinquish the mere ut lc busincps oilers i Store md remaining stock of GOODS for sale. The 'i s2ti bv 36 feel, two slur 'gh nn.l well finish- . width ii wood house, aiitl e shed D-! feet lonL' n'"ieh -d. The location is a desirable one for business and will be sold low. ' ceil t will begiven if desired ALEXANDER FERGUSON. Huntington, South Village, Jan. 20;13I1 TTj It ASH CLOCK!. Persons wi!hpp pood brass JJ sinking Clocks in beautiful finish' m ,s, can find them on f-"onble Icrms, at the 'v store- .io. Bank I 1 'ice Clocks, for sale iP'iekf arewairantc roi..i,ie.urrcct tunc, and nicy will per lorm as wen as anv oiner ciockb. Dec. IS. VANGBORN J. RR1NSMAID. TflfESH RlCLTibrTiic by X II. M. CIDDrNfiS .V CO- and loriv links, lo the road leading Irom the falls to Joshua Keel's ; ihemv north in the road 19o 10' ea-t. six onains ami iweniy e gin nnss; inenee norlh Ban 3D en .tweiily-scve iieliain-lo Ihe place of I eginnin con'ainnr one nunuriM aim loriy. seven and ninety Ihtee lun lreihs aencs. Al-o. the middle division ol the seve'ii aciejlci, o cnllesl, formerly le-longing lo Ihc estate of the saw hea Uham, devea-ed, bo'indr-l as follows: l egui. uata .lake standing soiuh B3. t two chains nn I ninety one inks from Ihe south len-t corner of Anson Tucker's lot in said She-Ilium; inenee uonii !. .ii rq'in cnaius nnn eigiiiv live unu ence soutn t-uo 10' east, two chains and nine-ty om ' 'hence soul h 45' we-t eighl chains and niueiy e i ii t, taenii: nortli two we-t, to chains an ue i nit nn ;s to the place oi i.e 'inning, contain g two and fifiy-sii hundre-lhs acre.. AI,o. ihe middle division of Ihe twenty-one acre ot. so chI le I, formerly belonging to the e to'eif ihe saidjo-h-na Isham, tUtcea-esI, hounded us Itdhovs; lginnmg at a slake standing south 87o, west five chains and ixty-tive links iroinihe north ea-t corner ol -aid ol thence lo 30 ea-l, tweiye clnuis and ten inks llieiie- 've-l. six chain'; thence norlh I n 30' u est. elev en chain- and eighty links io the mad; thence norlh C7oeisi six chains to ine p aeool icginuing, ennlain- ing yen acres. And that it would le e-onducive to the ii cre-ts ol said wards to have said lands sold, and ihe pres e'esls of such sale put al intere-t, or invested in stin ks, rtnd praying ihc said Court to grant him, the .aid Lyman Hall, guardian as nfore-aid, license to sen -aiu laud- lor the purno-e atore-aid. hereupon Ihe court nlore-anl. doth nnnnint the 2 lih day of April, 16)1, for hearing said petition and ueciiiinz inereuii, ni 1IIOOII1CC 1 ine ivegisier Cl said court in said Burlington, and doth order, that notice thereof! given to all persons interested, by puUica- lion i iiii orucr, containing me sunsiant u oi said pe il. . n . . . . iniiiii. in iniri mum r re- j res.a newspaner linn ,.l ,n Il...t.nn,nn ... ..e et-:...il ,,. s.,1. in r.ii.i si'iiins ui s.iiuiciiiirn. inrpts weeks nicccsnvely, previously to ihe said 2 lib day of Apro, ion. Given under my hand, at Burlington, in said district. tins oin nay tu April, It'll. vv.H Tf,aiej., itegistrr. STATE OF VERMONT? District of Chittenden, ss. S Tn Proline Court In Id at nuihtii'ton within and .A for said District of Chittcii leu on the tenth day of April A. D. IS 11. WilhimO. "arkerof Chailottc in the Uouiity ol Liuitendtn ,'iianuan oi me pro perty and estate of Catharine Barnes, Lucretin B inies, Caroline Barnes and Euiily Barries, all of sud Chsr lotte. minor children of John Barnes of sud Charlotte, having b ed in slid Court his pennon, m writin setting lorth that his said wauls are seized in their own right in fee of foul equal undivided tilth parts ol one undivided hallo! thirty nine and one, hall acres ol Ihe home farm nf which Jonathan Oillett. late of said Charlotte, died seized, being all of said home farm. executing sixteen acres thereof winch hns been set oil . .i . " , . t- -, i ..r I I io i lie wiuovv oi siiu tiecciseu as a pari oi ner power in the real e-tatc of said deceased and excepting also 174 neres of said farm wh.eli has been sold hy the Executor of the last will of the said deceased under nn order of said Probate Court. And that said wards are nlso seized of four equal undivided fifth parts of one undivided half of two and one half acres of the wood lot. so called, of paid deceased, being nil of said wood lot, except two and one halfacres thereof which has also been sit out to tne pain widow ns a further portion of her dower in iid real inte. And that said wards arc also seized m the:, inn rig.it .n fee of four enuil undivided eighth pans of nd sixteen acres and said two and one hilf acres of land, so set out to the said widovv of said deceied as her dower in the real estate nf said deceased, which sixteen acres and two and one half acres are subject In the life estate of the said w plow ot nn iierensenl, allot which said andsaresituate in said Charlotte: represenun that a sale of his said wards interest in said lands would he conducive lo their interest, by having the proceeds of such sale put at interrs', nnd praying said ros ch Court nnoint Ihe third davol .May next lor hearing and deciding on said petition, at the office of i he Itenster or said Uourt. in sun liurlington, and doth order lliat notice thereof be given to all persons interested, bv publication of tins order, containing the substance of said petition, in the Burlington Free Press, si nevvpiper prinlen in liiirungionin ine i.oun tv f Chittenden, three weeks successively previous U said third dar of Mav. A. D. r.iv - nndcr my hand at Burlington, this 1 0th day of April, Isll. w.u. vvi.tsiii., negisicr NOTICE!. T70R SALE. A two story dwelling HOUSE and i" tween nve ana six acres 01 mat rate i.a. d T!ie oousuis situated on Shclburn street, a few rods outii 01 the village, rossrtsion given about ihe n' 1 .viay. ror mriner particulars enquire nf 'lurt ngton, ArU9, 1841. A. 1). IIJSHOP. STATE OF VERMONT, 1 DisTntfT or f'lilTTpvnrsJ s. I A T a Proba'e Ci url held al Bnrhnrton, within and m for saiddistnctr'ct ofChitlendcn on the l.Vh.ny of April IS4I. Cyrus heuh, ofSheldon in the county of Franklin, ruan'ban of Melnda Brooks, ir. of Cleve land in the Slate nf Ohio, a female infant ine'ci the ace ofeiehteen veirs. d.iuglrer of Jo-lvia Brook hie of "urlinztiui in lhcr;univnfL'tiittcndii,de'cas ed, having filed 111 said court hi- pennon. :n writing, setting tortn mat ills sanwaro is mini in iiir rshtiu fee of one equal undivided fourth part of city or quirlcr acre lots nunilerel 21 nd 22, situate in said Burlington, and the bull lings and appiiriensnee- iriirn nl and ikerein llfinnini-. snl.iecl 10 the right of dow- .. ih. nf u'i. iu. i.l ii.a .ai.l .lissh'is liroos. tir.-rii.r'i, which right of dower is a life estate lo sni-I whlaw in , l.i..l i,f nf.n,.l lsn 1 and nrcini-i's ; repre-rnt- .... ' ..r . 1 ......1 tittru.t in snt.l ing mat a saie 01 siu w..,.. - - land, and prenpes wool I lie con lufive 10 her interest bv having ihe proceeds e fsui-h sale pnt at interest, and praying said court to lic ence and empower him ti sell tils wartis inieresi 10 si !-.. a"recahlyeo ihe statute in sucn cast made and prO' ..ri.i Whereupon ihe court aforesaid doih appoint the third day of May next, for hearing and deciding on ....I .fiinn nl ihe nin.-enf ihelfp-'lstcr of-aid Court in innl llurlinglon and doth onlcr that notife iherrof I e given to nil persons intereslel ly pollication of this order riini.iining tne siiosiance 01 snm .i,,.-.. ... il... I!ilin-mn IVIs. Pres.. a newspaper printed in taid Burlington, ihree weeks soecessivelv', previous to ,ai. lh.nl dayol May. IBM. ... Given under mi. Iiaixl at slid Birlmsinn llns 1 5.1 iq 11 iv VI w l-S TON. flimsier. Cabinet Simp on CalllnS l.anc. DEAR SIR i Permit me to inform you and other, in vnur viciniiv that I am still engaged in tha CABINET BUSINESS, and that -tr.r.niso custom, any thing in my line mav be bought of niton as gooa terms as any where in this mirket. I am now Irom vinous causes making work cnenper man 1 ever Hid 11 lorei and nil paying customers whether old or new I slnil be happy to see at the New Shop, whetc no pains will bo spared to give satisfaction. Lumber and Piod'ieerec'd ns usiintand a little cnh, (if there is anv lcrt in the country,) will he found to do wonden .1 few rods east nfChureh-st. I). K. PANGBORN. Burlington, January 11, 1541. BAl-t-OM OF LIVERWORT lor lin-impii n lly-l e'p-in, Asihnia, and all di-ea-es e t" In- Lung. and Liver. These ihe.i'e prevail in a great extent, renting 111 ich distress ami onielainlny. All thc-ecin le reinesh.! by ihe use of Dr. Taylor's llalsom t.f Liverwort. Thi- medicine is purely vegilalle. and from Us peculiar action upon Ihe Liver is a ways found ,1 ra heal rcuielylorihe-eih-ea-es. Fnr Female- and men in a very'weak -lale, no medicine can le so grateful a rc-toralive, a. it 1101 only strrngihrns, but purifies an I give-a healthy action io ihe whole sys- te-tn. U.ns'a'itlv lor sale l.y .N. LUV vo. veho have pist re ei,l a lre-h sup:,ly of -ea-onal.ie GocsJa from New York, ill vvrvekeap' for cash. lliiriinsinn, lolysHl, lalil. NEW TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT Al IlinewisW Villaac. The subscribct has com- inencisl the t uloring business in this place, and will lo all kinds of work in his line in as good rtjle n it is loneat any shop in this section of countrv. Cutting one st all times, on short notice. WANTED An apptmtice nt the above business. JEREMIAH HARRINGTON, Nov. 10, 1340. VjOTICB. The subscriber having purchase!! trie Is house and premises formerly occupied bv Guv Calhn, Eq. neaily opposite the Reading Room, tii liurlington, has opened a iiu.ikui.Mi iiuim., at which he will be happy to aecotnmoditr gentle nnsi and ladies with the best attentions, nnd upon r ison able terms. 6w JOSHUA DOANF TJARD WARE. Butcher's heavy Files. 11 lMinl- son's do. and rip. Hand ssw Files. Butts, Screws. Nnrfo k Latches, hand and pannel raws. cast steel Wood Saws; knives and fork", hop snd buck handles; Tea .'Vrvers, Sad Irons, Shivc's and longs, wool cards, borsn esrtls, augers, trace cnams, manure forks, Ames' shovel", etc. by II. .11. Vfll'i'l.SH., CV V. o. An'enean 1- as . BLFSINi: to Moihers 1 Scrip for chillren eotlnc tee'h. The lonely u-e of ibis article will -nve children muihpa n, efieri a Feverand Ihe punf il o.serinon of lancing (lie G m, pricenliiv.lto37J ets. fiohrey'.-Corhal an ex it lent ancle tor the n irey 12Jet'., loih iho-ean les sold al p-e varietV'More, i'as'cbokn 0 I'r.ls-.uip, IlHi'ln KSSF-NCE OF LIFE. A JTl ".shcr.., which, if richllv applied, wii Va' a) In lc'l.e means of tav.'hg thoioar,,1. irom nn untimely crave. It has been sol i nnd u-ed lor thirty ycar, wnh gnat success, and lound very eiiiouciou in tne ionpu-ing disease-, vir. Lonsii.npiion, vv iieiopmg v. one n-, com mon Cough-, Co d-, il.fli nil llieaihinc. inlli'enr.1, fj lin-y, Anhina, Pluhi-ic, Spitlmgol ldn I, Him- lency, inoige-iion, iHio-rne-s 01 ine ni-ttn, rjisc'r ever'v kind, Craiop-, Rickets, (Mir, Catnrih, I'y en larv,' Fainting, Ilypiiipndriac Aileciion, ilesdael.es, Sickncssai Stomach, Mea.le-, a preventive ofC 3-taciousdi.ea-et, G011I and Rhcuniau-m. Cr-Theal'Ove Medicine is prepare llv Henrv Fee. raour,ofHadIcv, Mas., from (he Original Re ,pe, 'y thedireciinn of .aid Moore, ami stilly hull an 1 iho principal Druggists in the I'mteslSiaie. Soi l whole-ale andreiad, I y J. iv. J, Peel. Co ilandliervA. Peck iV Co., Iliirim ton, and ly 'in ralcrsT geneiallv ihroiighoui il e lOiin'rv BOSTON ACADEMY'.- rtv'.l at ibe Boo' s't re 1 e!ay nnd for f.ile at w holt" ale by D A UK A M day of April, 1511. WO KM LO,KNr.KS..Thi valuable alct is dadv establishing itself, ns ihc 1 est msdiVinc for lliatpainfil and scmetim-sfrtal complaint p- chil dren, the wrrms, At vvhole-ole and retail b Jan. 1, IS-IJ THEO. A. PECK 'A: fo. A YOUNG MAN, (nol Oentlemnn we Ihink,) nisscsIa$2Coiinterfril St, Albans bill " Boy in our store vesierday, iha l7lh inst. rive lu.l ;. V.S oai i.iirr 1. slirnrsl A. Plimmon. Cahitr. II. Swift, President, The bill is much worn nnd has k... n .nil mendfit in two n'.aee.a and n.rt of the hilljone. Some one mnv reeolleei of tecinp. such a hill in the hinds of iha SCOUNDREL who pitsed it and can aid us in bringing him injustice. We pub. lifh this hoph? to tttort Usm in vM "sy Feb. 13, 1611. I.NGU0UN & llrUNSMAID. I A DIES' ludiaHuMer Shoe-, Carer llnr-.v-a .J nig Sl.iss, French kid and spr tig llcel SI 1V-.31, 184U. JuitrecM I v N. LOV1 LV s. Co. NOTICt:. TJ"OR S U.l'on rcssoiislilc terms Pew No, 22, in St, Paul Church, For flintier pntliculnrs PIcbso call on KT.RN or EVANS, Riirlinoton March, 22, IS',0. on Tnousanr! gosi pine Sh nptt? for silebv O Jin C,1S41. G PETERSON TO RCVT-s;urt. Ptjojns for a tmill faiodv, near lb 11. LEAVENWORTH

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