20 Ağustos 1841 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1

20 Ağustos 1841 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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NOT THE GtOHY or 0 JQ S A m BUT tub welfare op home. BY II. li. STACY. 1IOOItL'S KSSI'.NCF. 01'' L1FK.-A Vulimblc JLTJ. Medicine, which, if rightly applied, will bo the incansui saving inutisauus inun tin iimi'i.ij K'a.t.-. It has been sold nml iim-iI for llilrt wears with irrc.it success, nnd found cr eibe-nciotis in Ihu following diseases, viz. Oonstt.npiion, Whooping Coughs, com inon Cough., Co'd, diiti .-nit Bicathing, Inlliicnza, Qtin, Asthma, Phthisic, Spilt in p: of Blood, Fl.uu lency, Indigo-Uoii, Loo-encs of ihe Bowel, Fitsol every kiwi, Crani, Rickets Colic, Catarrh, Dysen tary," Fainting, Hypochondriac Allcelion, Headache, SicKUCss ai oietuiacii, .uc.tsies, u picvciiiiiu ui iuu tagions disease's, Gout and Hhciiin.iH'sm. tr-TTIiealiovBMoJiemciniiciinreJ by Henrv Sey mour, ofllndley, Mass, from the Original Recipe, by ilit! direction ol said Moore-, anil sold by hun and tho principal Druggists in llie Unitcili-tnte's. Sold wholesale andrclnil. livJ.cc .1. II. Peek Co nndTheo. A. Peck & Co., Burlington, and by the dealers generally throughout the country PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS nrticleis too well known to need commen dation -anil the experience of seven years has demonstrated to the commercial community, that for accuracy, convenience and durability, they are unrivalled Coal vard scales to weigh from 3 to G tons. Dormant Warehouse do, to weigh from 1-2 lb. to ."000 lbs., Portable do. to weigh from 12 oz. to 200 lbs. PortahleCouiiterdo a newortiele to weigh from 1-2 oz. to -10 lbs. J. & J. II. Teck & Co. Agents. Burlington, April 8 1S41. r.u.vrixc. THK suusrilcr being thankful for pa-t favors would respectfully solicit a eontiiiuaiu'e ot the same and n'lnind hisfiiend- and the public that he is prepared to accommodate them on the shortest notice nudnm-il ivorable terms in the vanou branches, m thealioveline. Shop oppoMic Mr. C. A. Seymour's Hat Store, Pcail-sltcil, Burlinirlein, Vl. J AM MS .SCOTT. April 1, IS II. nl:l:ly pKRTAIX CURF. FOR SICK 11F.ADACHF., V which has been used in families, every member of which has had tick headache Iroin infancy, as a constitutional family complaint, nnillns cured cllcc tually in every instance yet known, amounting to ma ny hundreds. It is not unpli.ai.ant to the ta.-le, and does not prevent thedaily avocation1 of.'unc using it it must be persevered in, and the erne is gradual, hut ccrtn.n nnd permanent. Instances are conslaiilly inultipltingtihcrethi distressing conipl.iiut is coui plctely relict eel ami curcdj nltlionli of tears -1:111111112 Iiy tlie uc of Dr. Spotm s, celebrated "remedy. One decided preference is its pleasantness, having none of the inuscutiug elh'-ct of common drills. I lis so perfectly ili-facloi y, that the proprietor lias given directions lor hi agent 10 refund the price to nny one who is not pleased with, ami even cuied by it. lie hopes also tint this may secure its emit ben efits to the distressed ulb'rcrs who are labiiriiigunder Headache. K. SPOIIX, M. D., inventor and Pro prietor. Sold by COMSTOCK 4- CO., 71 Maiden Lane. New York. Tlir.O. A. PUCK & CO., Wholesale Vgents, a low doors east of the Post Oilier, Uurlmg lon, t. n0 MiW .Ml.'MC, AMI MCWICAl. IXSTl.lJ. MliXT, x Wtff if- Tf 11. mann, Jeii,j a supply of iltW .MUSIC, .lU- al Iiitrtiments, iVc, which be is authorized to n-ll at the lowest Rnsiiiu rolnil prices. Tho Music for the rutin 1-oite consists of, Songs, Gli'es, Duetts and Trios. .Ycwnnd beiutited Marches, Uiurksttps, Gal npades, Waltzes, Dances, and pieces with vaintnius, some of whu h are the latest publications of the Hos ton Hrimdc and Ilra3 Hands. ALSO A sreat variety of American, German, French and nnlish Musical Instrument?, conti-tin of Unifies, Trumpets, I'mich Horns, Ilass, Tenor mid AltoTromhonrs, II (lat, C.ind KtlalCIarionctts, Ger man Concert Klules,) from one to nine keys,) riairro. li tis, Oetave and Picolo I'lutcs and I'ifes. Splendid Ihss Viols and Violins, elcirant and plain Violin and liass Viol liows. Superior Homan Violin, lla's Viol and CJuitar Slriucs of every size and letter. Iliifjlish and Krench Clarionett llccds. Splendid French Ac cordeous, Spanish Guitars, with plain, and Ocrniun Silver patent heads. Instruction Hooks, with Gam uts, Lessons, and 12ercies for all the above, and oth er instruments, are now for sale at Mr. Mann's resi lience a few roils north of the Knisconat Church, in Uurlinston, where ho respectfully mutes customers to Rive nun a can. Military Hands and Music Schools, furnished with Jlusic, .AliHical instruments, t,aii(t noruction, ij dc sirttl.S at short notice. Jj-PIANO I'OltTF.S strunL', repaired and tuned as usual. uuumitton, .iluy 7, Ibll. lc) NEW ARRIVAL, X. l.OVUIiV t CO. A UK now rcceiwiiL' their linril sunnlv of Fancy XI. Staple and other Goods, adapted to the wantsof the market, whieli were piiiehasedat Xew Votk, the last week, and are new offered for casli, at a small ad vance and (really reduced prices among which arc the following: Satin strnieChallys, do. dei funuiol ami plain Iiiu-luic Del.iines for ilrcjsi's, ome a.s low aS2,50a pattern, J'nnkil Lawns (or dreses, plain 1I0. for bonnets, Fiench striped Prims, KnslHi and American do. Satin stripe silks, for ilicssc-, a fancy articlf lllackand bliu; Hack Gro deSwi-s, tiro i!u Hhino etc. of every variety, colored silu i.f mcrv srade, White Uro do Afrieand other eol'd silk (or (ouiiels, 'rape's and crape L!e-e, Fillet scarfs and shawl-, somei very superior, Thre-ad Laee- ixluiKs and Ingenious, Aliislinlust'ilions, tiiei'iun Lai'es, Ladle's Kmbroideied and wcrl-cel cuiies uiidetillars, Fille.t Jlits and (Move-, long and ,ln rl, ull color., Kibboiis, 11 beautiful a.-urimcni, cul're new stylv, Vcllnni liiblon-, Head bauds, i'unirec-, and Pongee hdkfs, unrtisl U-l Mou-lineek'Lauie bhawls, anew and chcai ar- i.iiien cumbrio hdkfs, Iiwus, etc. Fre.ich Artilieials, Whalebone, and Kalians, Parastilsefc L'mbrcllas, direct from ihumanulJi'turcr i?-lilamaksilk shawls, cheaper than cut, Travelling nndWork basket- Jfed and lilaek Merino sbawl, at a creat Kirpam, Jlawsilkandeilher dress hdkls and shawls, 11 fc'tcat variety, Ilishop Lawns, Nansook and Hook Mu-lin-, WireNett, liailroad, Wash Ulond anil othe r laces, Irish Linens and cambrics, She'll side and other combs, Ladies and gents-, silk and LWlchose', do do Glovo', Hellenics, bead bags mid purses, Sattinett.,caiine'ri'sandl roadelolh-, cheap enouch Hilk VeKets.forliidies andcents. alto for vesting, ilrk and light Vesting-, Valencias, etc. eic. Table spread-, cloths, diapers, elf. Wheelings uulthirlings, bleached and unblejelie-d, Jeans and eazenets, furnilure dimities, Curtain fringee.. To which may be added, a large ascrlincnt of Dry Groceries, such as; Mack nndGrecii Teas, of every variety, White, Jluvnima and other brown Sugars, Mola-ses, Pimento, Penper, (iinge'r, Cloves, Cassia Poland Slarch, Fuglish Currants. Ciockcnj and Uluss Ware, Frendi and American 1'aper Hangings, As cash is our object, we will give great bargains. Call and examine for yourselves. liurliiigton, July 30. "8 Crockery, China ami Glass Ware. A large nnd rich assortment just received and opened, purchased at greatly redincd prices in Xew York, and now for sale at the very lowest rate I, X. liOVKLV & CO. June 9, loll. n2 -r-hic:nMst nml ATtncks. Fine frilled nnd idain iio. JTJ fcoms, n few more of the new Hylc Storks, which arc much admired, Euuare mid round Collars. Rce'd. ) uly 21 l" II, i'A.NXlHOUN ii UUl.N S.M AID, MUiMXAHY & DHCSS MAKIXG. By Miss S. DRAY, "tTHO has commenced V in the new buildini; on the cast side of Church street, opposite II. Lane's store, nnd n few rods south fm of thoChurch, where every inttelttion will be qiven to IIIO IIIflKlliy 01 liONNETS, CArsAND Diiesses, ill ac cordance with the most im proved New York stvle. which Fashions nro now just received for the sea- mom. riurlington May 2G, 1811. :i3l soi'Enion vfjouit. T N. HIXSDILL, Atrcnt forllo I . cl hestcr and other Western Mills etc. has for sale, now in store, and receiving Kight Thousand llarrels of Fancy and Siincrfino ltrnmU of v 1 iiuit. 01 tnu nigiiest reputation 111 tno j,ew Votk and lioston markets. Among which aro the fo lowinir. H. F.Iy. T. HeniDsha I. F. S. C alk efc Co. J. uavis, 11. Holmes, union iilills, Jackson itlills, Clifton Mills, and .1. Rosher, together with several choice brands of Ohio and Michigan Flour. Also, R. Ruddand N. Shiclc, suitable for the Montreal Mar- i.et. Mm chants and dealers will bo furnished to order. at a very low rate, by remitting Drafts. Ccttiftcates of iiepostt, or uasn, to jij Kivcr-sireet. Troy, wticre n full supply will be kept at all times. uay is-i t tuiinj NOTICU. JCF'.Meihcine 19 l est known by the cures it iierl'orms.ni I. .Newton's Panacea. or Punlier ol'the llloeid. The unparalleled and still ineroasinprcpiiialion which this medicine haac(air ed throughout the New England Stales, and the many I'ines it has perloriiieU, and the great eleniaiul maite lor it by the advice uf physicians we'll acipiainttx will, its preparation, has induced the proprietor to eviend its eir.iiil.ilion 10 aluio-t every town in the eastern Sia'c- and the principal teiwiis in the Fulled Slates. This Panaccis warranied purely vi'!retalile,iind is not -nrpus-e'd by any olher medicine ever ollcreil to tho .illhcte'd as its i'xtcn-ie -ale anil grcal popularity plainly prove. It has within the last eiirhlceu mouths eiire'il Us tnrm-aiiits 01 tne most oo-nnate ui-ca-e-, as can le preivej by certificate's, and i- proimnnccl by eminent and rc-pVi'table physie-iatis tholo.t luiNlicinc muse', l'.e ful information iu.iy 1 c loinid 111 circular containing cerlilieali's of cures and direclions for ta- kins the meshcine'. 1'he billowing appointed agents. Hiirlinslon, J. & J. II. Peck and Co., It. Moody- Si Allan-, Curtis and Hussel Millon, C. Drake Milton Fall', llurnct and Sawye'i atcm'lle, Fi-k iiud llrowu, Iliucsburirh. Hull and Cesik Kuifix. Parker and Mallield Vcreeune-', Adaui- nnd .Murray Ca nil ridge, M. Wire I'ndeihill, M. O. Harney .Norih I'cnisburgh, II. C. Wicker Georgia, A. llli-s Willi-ton. X. Clutlende'ii Hie hiiinnil. Gireint.Hh(Hle- lobu-ou, fi. L. Warner and C'' Monktou, Lihan Sioiih llakeT-liehl, Arininlon and WoeMlecard Fair field, Uuriiet and Farnsworlh. c.o.p.Iy.f.ia MAltSIIAl.l.'S eontiiiiii's unnvalle'd as a Mre-nglhe'iiiiiE PLASTKlt : Also, llr Ifheuina- 1. Lameness or pains m thesides, limbs or back t for -erolulo'i- swelling-, scurvy sore'-, Fresh wounds ; ,111 1 lor .1 '-eucral 1 aunly I'la-icr or salve. lor Corns, uieiretni'r try it ; paicclo-e', pcr-eveio 111 theii-e by iiiaktuira new application occa-ioniilly, and in time', your corns will I e cured. For -ale by " J. et J. II. PF.CK it Co. TI1KO. A. Pi:CIC A: Co. and Da. KOllT. MOODY. H.'rlin-.'t'in, Jan. 22, IS II . ly.f.IS OF the Subscriber is just replcni-hcd with a new nnd valusiMe assortment of HOOKS, STATION ARY AND F.NGRAVING;-, ninonn the many in teresting works may be found the following Learn to Die, by Christopher Sutton, Sutton on the Sactanicnls, The Young Man's Aid, by Rev. II. YWiislow, G'mipses of the Past, n . 1 "I M-, Tales of the Ocean, Flora's Interpreter, Flora's Lexicon, Summer Journey in I ho West, by Mrs. Steel, The Xestorians, or the Lo.-t Tribe s, by Dr. Grant A Week lit Wull-StiLet , D. A. HliAMAX. July 30, 3 From the X. Y. Herald. BLANK BOOKS. Ledgers, .Journals & Hcconl Hooks. It OR towns, county and probato records mannfac . tureil from the best linen wove Demi nnd Medi um naper.bouud in ralf : Also, a vnriitv of common iii,i, ...,t, i .a r ' . .1 T r t..i 11 ,nn i j-.iii; vneup 101 iwuj- pay ai i:ic sign Ol me ucii i.eugcr, i y c. llU.M l.Mi ru., June 2"i, 1311. n3 CA'ITLi: of kinds I ougut us nual, a ltlral ad vance made for tho-e taken on coiiimi-siou a few pairs of good Ucef Oxen will I e vi'ry acivptaijle em the lOthof June, and the higbe-t price will be paid hi 1 11 ,if, .-in 11. ALSO To exchange, a fir-t rate Chaise and liar lie--, for slock or eash. n50 DAXILL KIMBALL, Jr. Ilurliiijlon, .May 12, IS 11. HUH LI NGTONCASU STOUF. ''.-'."-.. ,.,.1 IV 00. rJTHLSub-eriliiT b.isan e'lilire new Sleiek of Gooil-, r, i v ' . 1 llv , CompiiM l a-hiOiiable Stnplc and Fancy Gooels 71. ,.k sl.ll'. Moushu elejLaincs ami Printed Lawns Milinery G00.U Florence Hraid llonnets Stlrfllt. Ir..ni.... .1... I. . V.n SMril.' lIlJnriL'Ni ('o' .11" .. . . ..... .......... ..ituv.t'.iiir.o an 01 wincii are " " ! priees. i,y s. U IIKHIJICK jj.iniiis'ioii, juiy y Ifc 11. PAPKR HAXGIXfiS. XF.W supply, wjlh borders, &c. just rre'd from me oianuiaciurTS. juiy 44. u. tilteJDIUCH KF.W finniis .rpilK subscril erH li.ue just receiyeil from X. Yorl nil d-sui Hiiiili HI !' A ncy (; o o n s amonu' which may 1 e fouu I Heavy Mack anil Line Mac. I'm cle Sot Silkf Jrode Swiss ' ' " " " Pekinsirmed ' " " GrodeAlrirjue" " Light coloicd " do " " , do Peknisinpcd .. " Plaid Poi ele Sot. (a new article) " Honnet silks, bonnet Lawns blk Italian cravat-, 1,1. ni nmt li.i'.l l'rt.iw I. !......(....... ' Half niouriiiug.iilaui if- lig'el, nil wool Motrsline Chinee and' Salin strijied Muuline eleLaincs very lint'. 1 .nr., A ..it. ' lllk neit shawls and scarf-, neit Mitts and Glove- siiiii.rinr ii ill t. ) innl.N.in .....I ..V . . , ...i.nir uiiu suoil SIOCKS. Workis ram br in. Mn.l.Y, I,....., x. i.m.' .. Thread Ivlgiiigs.bonnet&eap Ribbins, new iylu! Zephyr W orsieel, plain and ribb'd silk ilo-e, vorsie-u norKing rattensnn. i-uina... en-. July 23, 1841. K. 51. WRIGHT & CO. W1 IXDOW SASII- .Illwt ..1 if tn and 2I7 hv .7, sash.alirst rate arlicleat3j aildal cents per light j also all kinds nneUizci, furnished to order. Tieonderoga black lead, a first rate article, for sale very low, together with , 7 , o's'.iyaneiyoi oilier urli- clase cheap as can be lound at any oilier establish. ' - "f.o. iKTnrtsOM. OURLIMGTOM RIIAin rArn.. sjs, I MI'I env . . ... .....,ms.,,, e-oiiiinues thu V. husmcss of inaiiufactunnL. ( hairs tit tho old stand, of thufol. lowing ilfscriptiotis! Cutl JInp0 .ly.0"- Reseat, Common Cane and Mag Seat, Large anil Small Raised Seat Rocking do do Com I rata article and will be "old at prices In rnrrrsnnni ... ,l. .i.. ' ul pnees FKATHIUIS, AND PKATIlKIl HKD.s, UdadY Constantly on hand, a supply of warranted I Greese Kealfiers, which will Le sold low for C1sl WANTKD, by the subscriber. Curl and MmUKyo ld&C,la,,,,6i,' JJurltnJun. 1.15U. y man n7 I JJ U 11 L I N GT tcTPlMPOIlTAX'I CAUTlON.-nt ll isa singular fact undone much lulo regretted that valuable medicines, as soon as they become' pop. ular. and bale received lhete-1 and nnnroval of a ili-i'riiiiinatlii!.' public, are; sine to he counterfeited, and tnus a bail ami spurious aiticle isimnie'liately paliueiJ upon llieuii.siispi'e'lingl'ortbe genuine. This'has been notoriously the ease with nil popular tried and truly valuable medieiies for years pat, nnd will probably continue to I e llie e.ie for yi'arsto come. The ba'e nnd contemptible! counterfeit in tin. way meanly lakes advantage ol nil the ellbrtsand ndter-li-ing useil by the proprietors of the genuine article, to eel their medicines into 11-0 nnd ele-e'rved nnohiari- ty. ltislhcrefore-not less iheelutv than it contributes to the sarcty of every honest individual 111 the com Imuiily to expose, froivn down, and forever afier I IS TltULT all I1KAKTLII5.S LMiRATLSwho thus irre sponiibly trifle with be-allb and liTc. llTHKRKFOHK TAKK XOTICi:.,.raj There is a person by the name of J. H."liOUlIK I'OUT. now cngnged 111 selling a Pill done up 111 boxes ill exact and pcrloot imitation oftlie genuine. LMllAN VKGLTAIILK PILLS, with the onu-sion ofonlyone word em the Iioxc viz. Winrmr. The Pills sold by this liochcforl are evidently intcneleil as a fraud and mi)o-ilion upon the coininuuiiy, or they would not have Iktii done up in such exact 'mutation of ihe gen uine. This person is mil blu-termg with a great tbe airical swagger. He was lecently known nsa very poor plaj it in llaltimore, tineler the musical cognomen of Jim Hrowii, and is aboil twenty Ihu years ofngt" It is almost beyond a doubt that bets simnliifl with the Pills from a DruguM lirm in this city, who have ncrctoioru oee'ii notoriously eonnecleil Willi counter feit incilieine-. As soon as proof isoblaini'd ibo foun tain he'.td of this ncfau'ous bu-incss will be expo-ed, that the community may shun theni as they woulel a seTpcnt. ,S f,T, l Ml.', S rr-l S, .v.el (...1.1 ..... n..i ll iiil, .uj-..e. 11.10. 1111. lL lit.ll Alii. ly.VU i'IO.NT.1) asainst buying WKIGllT'S In'iiian Veci-.tawt. Pii.i.s of any one who does not exhibit a certificate of agen cy signal by the ngcnl for the New I.'nglnnd State and 1 earing elate since January IS 10. Al.-o take par ticular notice that the feillou'inzwonlinir is on thubox- c Wrisrht's Indian Vcsclablel'i'l (Ind. Purgative) 01 me .sorui .iiiicrican e.eiie'e Ol llealtll. J lie Indian vegetable 1'illa aio a cei lain cure fur lisci'e in itstnt'ii taiielvof fmin. Ih'c.hup ihcv tho toiighl) cleanse llie sinuiach and bocs, indncen pro. pei i.i'iiMigc nv llie lungs, skin a ml kuliicj , anil rl mutate I lip bluod 10 puiifi itself. In ulher words ihcv open nil ihe 11 1 1 trr.it diaiiH, and Icaee KATltnt: the Grand I'liyticlan) lice 10 driie disease fiuni the bodj. The iibtieo ouiiels, or diniiif, are ihe cunuiion sewe-is ol the hod), llueiigh which all niuiliiiLand cur rupl luiiuuis (ihe c.iu-i! ol clijcafc) aic canied oil'; nnd so long 11 ihey aic all kepi open, .i net discharge freel ihelr alloiicd iorlions iifnnpiiriiy, the body will con. tiiuie in lie.ilili : bin when lioiu enling improper food, bii'.uli in j impure nir, suihlen liau.-iiioiu buin heal to olil, nier exhaustion or aiiv olher rmiic. ihe bowed bermni' eostiie, ihe pores ol the skin becuinc closed, or ihekiduC)S fill (u pel form theii fuuciions properly, llie iinpurilies which shuuld be diaiui-il lioiu the body by ihc-e ouiiels, w ill be relnincd, mid cihi I i mie 10 ac cumulate omit die body becomes lileiull) loaded willi disasc. I f 1 lie- elunnids of our inighij rivers should bee nine blocked up, would not ihe uccimulnird waters find new mulcts, or the country become iniiiidaled J "s I f u willi the Ii 11 m e 1 body j ifllie naiuial drains be coine closed, ilieetngn.int and coriupt liuniois will find lent 111 llie lanous Ioiims ol eliseasc such as l eter, Small Pox, .Measles, Rliciumiisin,- Gout, Apopleny, &e. or Denlh will cul our sufleiiivs. Thcicfui'e, when sickness at the elmu.ich, pains 111 ihe back Mud side, ipiiek puUc, burning skin, or any oilier unplea sant synipiouis, indicaie 1l1.il one or niorii of the 101. ur ill itjains nie not dii longing fiecly, nnd ihe runs Ii Iiiliou is iibuut tucuimui'iiceiisiiiii'aie lui Ihe restora lion ol lie.ilili, no tune shuuld lie lost ill administering a fe v In isk dose of tint Indian I'eiitrriiiie ( Indian Ve Xetublc l'illi.) Ily so doing, all 1 lie lunciioiis of ihe iioiiy w ill lie lesloreel 10 oteler. rnd llie fun humors (lite rauseol ceeiy tnllatn iliuu or pain we fiifiei) will ok teinoicii in ?u easy mm n.iiural a 111.1 liner. Dial ihe body will bp tcsioicd as if byacb.iiin. The aboie Pills may be inki ntit all 1 linen and under AI.Lcn. ctiiii'iancrs, willi pcifcci safely, Tltrv suil alt com jit.iinis anil .111 itjps, nml are 10 Hip 1iuiii.hi cnii.tiiutioii as li.eel : consrepienily ihe can nenerinjuie eecti the inosl debcaie. Like our (001), ihey aie digestible; thpipfoie ilipy enter inlo die citciilalioii ami itnpai 1 an etipigy 10 llie liloiul, iiuicli cit.il, IPs 11 10 How with liee. doin epiilp to die exlieititiics iind con,rqiiPuily 10 keep Ihe pores ofihe skin open. They .11 e Hue atid pet feci tiiirifipis of ihe hlnod . bfcitire ihey drain all eutiiini liutnois ft 0111 that life g'ning fluid. I'hey imparl siienmh and V1201 lo ihe whale svsietn. and iltcir pf feels aie.ibiays bpiirfici.il : because ihey only rrnioep lltiiso hutnois 'which .tie opposed 10 lie.ilili. I'hey aid and iniptuee diui'slion, and sound sleep fidluw-9 llteir ue : berau-e ihcvileansp I lie sioiniirh and bonrls ol Hiojp slimy humours which 1101 only in naic 1111J i xcne the ttei ions sysiem, but onmlvzc iind wpaken ilicdts. itestiieorg.iii. Inshnti ihey possPss all ihey good in "iu, iirs 111.11 can oe riaiuico lor any meuicine : anil wlini tiis ieiy remarkable, il is uilet ly iiupos.ib'e 10 u-r iticiit uitiioui oeni'lil. Price 25 cents per llox, with full direi-iion. Oflieo and General De'pol for the New F.mrland Slate-, JSo, l3STieinonlSirccl,near Court sheet, H0.-U111. The regular appoime I Agents i-an res etvetbeir stii-pile-of tho aboie popular Pill-, lis heretofore, flum the only oiheeauil general elcpol for the New i.nslaud State-, 'lUSTie'inonl street, llo-ton. Pedlars or trav elling agent- are not allowcdtoscll lite genuine indian vegetable Pills, Ihcrelbie never purchase from them, for ff you do yon will be sure 10 obtain a dangerous and eoun:crfcit article'. si Tnr.o. A. Peck &. C:o, Agentsin liurliiigton, for the sale of the Indian Vegetal le Pills nl-o, W. II. Holli.t, Willi-ton. Vt. nnd A. Hriu-iiiiiiJ, Huilington. - roiTA-rrTv7! :GFT.iiLi: 1.1 Fi-: m 1 :dicTn KS. ITJl These iinshetnc- are indel ted for their name to their manifest nnd sen-il lo action in purifying the sprmisaud chaniie'ls of life, and enduing them Willi renewed lone nnd vigor. In many bundled ce'rlified oases which have been made put lie, and in almost eie'ry species ofeli-ea-eto which the human frame is liable, the happy elects 1,1'Moiiat's Lite 1'ii.i.s and Piiiknix Hirriuis have been gri-atfullyand publicly iieknowle-ilscd by the per-ons I euciitted, and who were prcvioii-ly'unaeqiiainle'd Willi thebeautiftilly phi-lo-eiplnca! pnneip'i's upon which they uruetompouud eel, and ti,ou which llicyi'on-eipiently net. Tho L1FK MKDIClNKS reeonuuend thenisi'lics m disease of every form nnd description. Their first operation is lo !oo-en from the e'oatsof the stomach and bowe'ls, the various iinpurilies and crudities con stautly settling around them; nnd toremovelhe har eleneil faces which collect in the coniolutioiis of the smallest inti'stmcs. Olher iiicilienies only partially clc.in-elhe-e, and leave such collecleil inas-es I chtiid its to produce habitual co-tiene's.s, with all its train ol evils, orsudlcn diarrlnea, Willi its imiiiinent 1lagers.11 Tins fact is well known to all icgular anatomist, wdio examine Ibo human bowclMificrdcath ; and hence the prejudice of those well itifoi itieil men again-l eiimck ineslieiue's or medicines prepared and heralded to llie public by ignoianl persons. The second elfect ol llie Life Me bcines is to elcan-e the kidneys and the bladder, and by this means, the liu'r and Ihe lungs, the heullhfnlaeiioii ofwliiehe'iitiiclydepciidsiipoii ihe re gularity of tho urinary organ-. The blood, 'which tako.sis rod color from the, agency ol the liwrund ihe lunssbeloru 11 pa-es inlo ibo heart, 1 eing thus purifieil by them, and noun'-hed by foinl coining from a clean stottue h, courses freely through the veins, renews every part of ihe system, nnd triumphanlly mcunts llie banner ot health in ihu blnotuin.' chti;k. .Menial'. egeiable Life Medicines have Ucn ihor riighly leiisl, and pronomiciil a sovi-re'ign remeilyfor Dyspepsia, Flatulene'y, Palpitation of the Heart, Lo-s of Appetite, Ue-art-liurn and Ucad-ache, lle-tle-sness, lll-lemper, AiuieMy, Lair-uor and Jlelancholy, Co. liveness, Diarihica, Cholera, Fcyi'rs of all kind-, liheum.iti.m, Geit, Dropsies c all kind-, Graved, Worm-, Atlbma and Consumption, Scurvy' Fleers' Inveterate' Sores, Scorbutio b'ruptions and liad Com. ph'Nions, Kruptive complaints, sallow, Cloudy, and oihereh-agrecablii Complexions, Salt Ithciim, Krysip. elas, Common Colds and Intlueiua,and various other eeimplaiuts w bicb nllbct tliehnmaii fmiiie. In Fmlk and AnvF., particularly, tho Lift) Medicines have le-en inost einiiieiitly siie'ci ssful ; so much so (hat in lite Fei e r and Agitcdistrii t, Physicians almost universally present' them. All that Mr. Moll'at require, of hi patients is to be particular ill taking the Life MedieniiH strictly accor ding to tho directions, It is not a newspaper notice', or by anything the! be Itiinsi'lfmayfay in their favor, that ho hopes lu gain credit. Ills alone by ihe lesulls of a fair trial. MOFFAT'S MLDICAL MANL'ALi devir-ned as a domestic tfitidetohcallh Thisliltlo pamphlet, cd'ted uy .i. .11011111, 7a liroaa.vny, A(w tori;, Inn lei'n published fur thu purpose ofexplaintng more' fully Mr. Mo'lat's theory of diseases, und will be lound highly inli'icslingtupersons seeking health. It Heats upon prevalent ditcases, and the causes thereof. Price, 23 cent for sale by Mr Moll.il', Agents generally. These aluablo Medie'incs are lor sale by Robert Mrlu lis. nr.. in ,t. e:.,i, ..,.1.. . ...i. ' ..n ..... plieatinns for airencies should be uddicsfed, post paid) Hurlutgion, Vi. Jan. I, IS 11. 0 OfY""'"'"''" Llbs. Lard laUOO lbs jWW Hams, for ale Iv 'Li.M.S ft voir., 0 N, VERMONT, FRIDAY, AUGUST 20, 1841. pVlSUASUS OV T1II5 LUNKS.-Deeidedly j. me masi popular rctnpiiy cer known In Ameilca Vegetable Pulmonary Ilnltam is the must ealiiable lenn dj now in use for coughs, coldi, milium or phihisic, coiiiiiinpiion, whonpbig cough nml piilmonmy amnions ofeiery kind, Its sale is steadily inra casing, nnd llie proprieiois aie roitsianily recciiing the mosi faiomble account of iif ciTerls. 'Ihe following new certificates aic nfl'pictlfnr public ctnininalion. A.i Intkhcstikq Case Exlraclofa Icliei ftom Mr L' S Clay, King-ton, Ulsn-r ro., N, Y. to ihe proprietors. "Youis ol'lhe Dili insi. was duly lee'd. a 1cn1.1rh.1n10 cine waseliecieel hy H10 VrgJIatile Put. mutiarj llalsam in the evlnler nnd spriiiR nf)835. The person, Mr. Moodt, had liopn sick a long lime willi the consumption. His physicians had fciieu hint up. He was reduced no loev ill to beunablcln help him-elf, and was raising a large tpianiiiy of blood when he commenced using ihe llalsntn, whuh has pfTecied a C9iupleie cure, and be is nutv as hale nnd hearty ns Pier he win. Air. Moody lute lemovpil fiom litis lown, but he has premised ine it mote detailed nccoitiil of his case, which I will lot ward tnu. C. S. CLAY. Kingston, N, Y. June 23. 1838. Exliart ofa Idler A tun Dr. Jacob Aljcrs. The Vegetable Puhnonnry Dulsuin bus Ixpii sold in litis comity for two tears, nnd Ihe medicine bus gained an uncommon celebrity, for it scarcely in one instance failed ofltating Ihe desiicd cffecl. I am by no means in favor of llie many nostrums, rnostol which aic im position upon a credulous public, but I ha I which I know by use lo be effectual, I cannot Itelp but give mj appiobilion thereto. A counterfeit preparation lias been offered hereby Hiraielling Agent, of Comaiock, N. Y. and there is another article tended here that is strongly sttspccicd to bespm iotts. Jacob Myers, M. D. Mifllington, Juniata co. I'enn. Mnj 3, 1837. Finni Dr. Samuel Morrell, to ihe Proprieiois of the Vece tablp Pulmonary Balsam. 1 am satisfied llmlthc Vn. teiable Piilinoniisry Halsam is a valuable meJecine. it 11.H ueen usetl in Hits place Willi complete success in nil nlj-liiiaie cotnnlaiui ol Ihe Iiiiil's. aitemled willi n seiere cough, lossof toice. nnd ihe raising of much blooil, wltieli hail prctiouslv ielled nmtij npiroved ptcserlpiions. After using ihe Balsam one wcik, lite p ilieni's loiee relumed nml be wasable 10 speak audi bly. This case ocruried some lime since, and the man is now engaged not only In unite but labraiotts business. Rpsppctfiilly, &c. S. MounKLI.. 11 is now more tliau six jears since I was (nought ery low by nn iifiection of the lungs, and 1111 eotnptainl was declared lo be incurable hi a council of ttticc tdte. siciaus. I was I lien restored 10 sis goo I health as I had ciijojeil I or many jears, by using the V egpinblc Put. monaty B il.-aui. Since my lecoiery I h.ne recom mended the Balsam in n cieal inanv cases uf 'iiiiu complaints, nnd so far as I can learn, lie use has in variant been billowed by much benefit, mil in man) instances ii has cffeclcci cures whirb were w lolly unex pected. Samuel Evehett, Boston, M.irrh 2, 1837. For sale, wholesale and retail, by J. J, II PF.CK & Co.,itiid THEO, A. PECK & Co., Bur lington, Vi. (LT-HUMOHS! HUMOUS 'I'llE attention of that part of the commu.iity who arc nllhcted with Salt Rheum, Leprosy, St. An thony's Fire, I'rysipiias, or .Scrofula of any kind, arc directed to a new compound which, by an internal application, proves a stirc.safe and complete remedy for till kinds ofhuntors. This wonderful inelicinc is prepared by Mr. Charles Jones, of Clnrcmont, X'. H. who formally years was been afllictcd witli Ihe lepro sy in its worst possible forms, and by untvearu'dcx ertions in experimenting upon his own person, has at last found a coiupletu cure. This compound has nc i er failed of doing its important work w here a fa'.r trial has been made, and directions followed. Certificate after certificate might le here laid bel'oic the public as to its wonderful ellects, but the reader is referred to tlioso who keep the article for sale where particuiais mid recconimctidatioiis may be had. Ho confident is tho discoverer of this valuable medicine that he makes bold to state to the world that a complete cure is warranted where directions nrefully complied with and a fair trial undo. From the very many certifi cates of its elfcncy let the follow ingsulfice1. "As a philanthropist, I feclin duty bound to state, that 1 nppbed lo Mr. Charles Jones, of Claremont, XML in Augustlast, for Ins Drops for Humorst, he having.', to all appearance, ellcctcct on himself a perfect cure of et cry troublesome disease the Lenrosv or Salt-Rheum, (Ihcsainc witli which mv wife was troubled) by drops ot Ins own discovery, I was willing my wife should make onemore client to eradicate the aboic naincddisease, witli which she had been seri ously afllictcd for eighteen years, during which time she nail tried various remedies, but they all availed nothing. My wife has taken two phials of the. above named Drops, which lias effected a perfect cure. She now cniovs perfect health, free ftom humors the first time she can say it for eighteen years. She says that her musing infant received the same benefit by taking it irom tno urensi j ana she now checrlully joins witliinem making it public to tho tvorlil. We believe wo can confidently recommend litis medicine to such as are atlltctcd w till humors ol any kind, as a safe in fallible remedy." ll.OCK HILLS, LAURA G. HILLS. Proctorsvilli'. Vl. Oct. 2tl. IStn. More than TWO HUNDRED persons within the last four months in the State of Vt. have giien proof positive ot wontierliil cures. ror sale oy KonEnT Mooov authori.ed ngentin Hutlinglon. und by K. P. Walton it sous Montnelicr Vt. "cneral ti'tents for the principal part of Vermont FOR SALE. Tr-tttd niHAT larirn and e-ommoilious two sto A?Vvifc J- ry Brick Duelling House & I,nt, ::IB sittiale-il on llie west siele ot ueiiie-gegre'en i!AflJkma! the bead of Collcse-strCct. m this vil- agc. The IIocsk is 32 by -15, with a 1 asemcnt siory, with Kitche'n and Provision e'dlars. and a winir 32 by 05, extending norlh on CeillegeGieen.wiih wueij and store hou-e below, nnel clmmiers an tsleepiui' rooms ubtne. A large and e'onimotliotis Barn! carriage house ice hou-c, and either nut-houses, and uj spacious yarel w'est of tU'dwellimrhniise'. and a rKtl iliirablo well eif wafer of the I e"St quality in llie vilfjn;!', nnd a 1 rick extern. One and a qnarlcr aeresof Isjiiel, tflhe first qiialitj ; a large garden and choice fruit trees west of tho hou.e and ) ard. 3 The Buildings are constructed in mexlcrn sttle, ot Ihu lest inalcrials and workmanship, wcrcre'c'tcd by the siib-criber for Ins own use, and llie location nl" lorils a very extcnslMi and p.lcasanl" prospect of the village ahJ lake on llie West and is not surpassed by any oilier in Ibis pari of the country. A'so for sale a lot eontuiuingau acre of lund direct ly onnosite lite ubovc lot with a small com etiie'iit wood ilwi'lhng hou-e thereon. Pur diasers are mviled loi'all and cxmiucfor Ibetn seive Terms made known by ihe subscriber on the prcmi.es. SAMl'LL REED. Burlington June, 10, 1B-10. n3 roatlclotlis, CassimcrcK, and --attlncUi-. E. M. WltlGHTsV CO.. have nisi oneiieel very Fine Wool Dyeil Black, llluo ll.'ncl, Invisible Green and fancy eeiloretl HroadclothSj a goexl assorimeni eif low piiecel do. Also, Very l ino Wool Dyed Cassi meres, nssorleJ colors, elo. do, and common tatti liens, veryehcap. liurliiigton, July IC, 1611. nG Wrm (Cnslj Stoic JP, WHALIXG &Co. are now receiting a full . and elegant assortment of foods suited to llie season, such as French, English and American Prints, Painted Muslins and Lawns, Mouseltuo do I.aines, Challys, Silks for dresses and bonnels, Lawns and Silks for Shirred Hals, Black Luce Veils, Black Veiling, Linen Edging of various qualities and patterns, Swiss Muslin Edging and Insci Hon, Cambric do. do., Linen Cambric Hdkfs, French Worked Collars ol superior quality, Mourning do., Ladies Cravnts and Drees Helkfs, 8-1 Silk Shawls, Gloves of every qual ity, a general assortmentof Hosiery, Bonnet and Cap Ribbons, Svperior Leghorn nnd Plain Slratv Bonnets, Zephyr Worsted and Patterns. Umbrellas and Para sols. Finally almost any thing the Ladies ol Burling, ton may want cnil be found atlho"X'cw Cash Store on "Cheap Side." 1 DRV GROCERIES, Such ns Teas, Sugars, Molasses Salcratus, Rice', Ginger Spices, itc; almost uny article that Farmers want. Also, an assortment of CROCKERY AXD GLASS WARE. , . , , . , All the nhovo muted nrliclt't, together w till many not enumerated, w ill be sold al a very low price for cash. Burlington, June 1, 1811. NEW AUIUVAL. Just Itccrlvrd ittTbeo. A. Peek nnd Co's.Apnih. evane's, Vuughan's Rose Ointment fdr removing Freckles, King Worms, Pimples on the Face, ami other eruptions. . , ,,, Atkinson's Depilatory, for removing niptrtllious Hair on the face', etc. , . , . , , , French Corn Plaster, which give immediate iclicf, nnd requires but few applications to eradicate llicin altogether. ..... A supply of Balm 'f ( eilumbia, the mot cclebra led article lor D.tndru'f and rcsioralion j the Hair. June lB, 111 I'J DANIEL SIMPSON. Patent Lever Watch Maker, from J.hcrjmol. AS ill's now twelve years since! heavaileiil hiiii.'cll ol the privilege of lulitriiing bis grateful ncktiowlcdgcments to hi friends and the public in ireilernl. foratmosl tinortsci!ilen. '("WvC: pU"? teillavors-, he lg leave lo in l)rVgjSS form I hem that he is mil at Ihe ono door south of Xobl,. Lovoii, .-.lri.it,. .n,n. ,,.i,...! he lii-rsonally attend, to Ihe icpairing of Chronome ters, Paie-nt Levers, Duplex, Upine-s, and all other ilc.-eriptiun of Time pieces. He will warrant nil new wort, aiitxcei to Watches m his shop tolc as good as the original, or as any done on the continent. X. 11. A good assortment of A7JH I I'A TC11ES or the first quality of workmanship, and will liesold us t heap nnd on us good terms as at 'any other shop in ihe state. From hi. long experience in llie bn-incss,. and his being so many years engaged in the making of watch es in I-.nglantl, lietlalierliiin-clf ih.il he is'os com petent to males selections ns any in the vicinity. Burlington, June II, 1811. ' nl DA. IIRAJIAN, has this day rceived n new asnort-. of Hooks and Stationery, comprising Addresses f,,i! Vpcwi. nr,Kn l,...nt.l r. te- .t. ... . . - . Iv n'siui.1110 nun, ,1 asiiiiiutoil 10 Harrison. Valuable and approved works, in Tneolog cut uou .tiicceiiaiicous i.iteraiure. ucncral Uiogrnpliy I'ni'rnra ns.il trnina iTI,n I.I... .J.,:,.. f .1.7 .,t.b..u..n ..u. 1 IIU IlltlSI lllllllllS ui 1110 inosi nplirotcd School Classical and Mathematical Hooks. A Iflrrri. Ct,n1, nf Unnn. r,..UU Illnnt. 1, 1. - ISt .... f." ' j v, . u.'ll, V.UI1I0, 11 Kills. IIOIII, r.lClll- entnry nnd other Spellars, Grammars nnd Gooiirnphies Hiialnn .,n,n... .. Cl I.... II I. n.l..... ,..' I ..u.i.ii,jf .4ti;i; uuu. jiiii, IUIOH, ilil'J JUVCUUC hooks carefully selected, all which are ottered nt (lie ioe.-si jim-us, ai enc noon Diore. juiy I i-j-n. RUSSKM.'S STOMACH UPITKHS. may le used in Wineor water Thcse-cclebiatod bitier. areconipo-eil pure'ly of veire'able's of the most inno I'eiityet specibc virtues. They nre lecommeneleil par tictih'irly for restoring weal; con-liiuiion,-, clean-itie and sifengtbening the sloinaeh, and increasimr the uppi'tiie also n preventalie e against tbee lieilera mor-Im-, fcicr nnd ague', removing nausea, vomiting, hear! Iitirniug, wealiiies.- In the l rea-1, pain in ihe stomach and other svmiitomsol'llaliilence'and tinbVcs. lion. One box will tincliireouet'allou. Price 25 cl-. a hox. 1!useli.S Itch Ointment. This choie-n and sale oluiment is said lobe superior In nny nutv in me, for that di.agrcc.ible and loaihsiune ibs'oa-c, ihe ITCH. This Ointment i so ceartain in its operationth.it no per.-em lloulileil Willi tile ahoye eli-oriicr otighl to I e wiliioul il. It is a reme'dy for eitlancous eruptions, scorbutic infections of the he-ael, or any other bicitkiti'.' out which an-es from sharp humors in blood. Price 25 cl-. a box. Ritj.-r.i i.'s Vegetable Ilui.iors Pii.i.s, or family physic, for general use, in ci-e. olMnunduv, Inorbiil sensibility of the -loniaeh and bowels, o.. td appeiiie, foetid breath, coMivenes", Piles, and nil eli-eases nn's ing from biliary dcrangemeiit-, aNt, fur e-orre-cliug the stale of the blood, and cleansing; the. sysiotn ol foul and viscid humour.-. Tlie-o pills are a mild e'a lii.irnV, producing neither pain- nor griping, and are therifore a valuable and highly approved iilJJtcinc, anilnre pronoiinceM ussttcii nyincuiost ilisiiiiguislicit physician-. Each box containing 33 Pills. Price 37i ets. a box lltis-cll's ce'lcbraieHl Salt Uiihcm Ointmi-.nt. This is tinnuttiomiblv the be-i uud snfe'st rcnte'dv ceiTcci oilcresl to the pnlibc for that ob-linale disorder SA LT HIIKl'M. When! other nii'iins have failed, it basstie" e eeilcil, nnd llie Met mat it lias I ee'll sxte-u-ively usW by eminent Practitioners speaks ve,hiines in lis praise, i.. ti :.. ..ti .t: . .i. . , . . Ill- ,'Mtniiiy unii .ii lull- (ii iu iii-r.i' i s i in- shut, 111... ..1 .,, ..,,! , I...U1 Sir. iVe. Knuicroiis cerlilicatus inighl lu ulitniucil, but the' propritor chouse's ihat a fair trial should lethe only evidcne'C ofils superior eflicaey. PriceSOerntsa box. For sale by J. it J. II. Peek Si Co., '1 lu odore A. Peck it Co., sign of the Mortar, and l(olrt Meiody, Bitilinclon ; Dr. C. E. Miles, and Hull & Cook, Hines burgh; S. II, Barm'-, Churlntti') L. Jane's, Geotgia; L. Tyler, Essex ; Fuller eV lliiiitinginii, llichme'tid Also,' by Ihe druggists und merchunts ge-nerally nroitgiioui me suite. eix.yir. ALI'IIEUS HALL'S ESTATE. W: lite Subscribers, hating bce'ti appsinted by I Ik- Honorable tbeProbaie Court for thu Dis' Inct of Chittenden, commissioners lo ren ne-, etain ine and mlptst the idaiins and ilemands ef all per-ons against the es'nte of ALPIIEl'S HALL, late of Millon, in said District, ele-va-ed, repre sented in-olcnt, nnd nl-o all claims uud demand- ex hibited in enlset therein; and six mouths from ihe day of the dale hereof, being allowed by said Court fir that purpose, we tin therefore hereby give nonce, that we wtllcitcnd lo thebu-incss of our uppeiinitncnt, nl the dwelling of Mrs. Mercy Ilnll, in Milton, in said District, on the IStli daysjnf Cvlol cr it Dcccrnl er next, nl leu ei'cleick, A. M. on each of said days. Dated, this 2Gih day of July, A. 1). Sil. Ii2 BKXJAMIX FAIIl('IIIl.l), , . . KD.MUXD WELLIXGTO.N, ) Ccininissioiiers. KOIIXI). OR may be found in this village, directly opposite the Methodist Chapel, nn OLD PAINT SHOP, newiy itiicti upm goou siyie, wnere me undersigned will be glad to wait on Ins old customers who mav favor him with their patronage. Cinlti R. G. SPAUI.DIXG. Burlington, April 23, 1SII. Howard f the Cheap Store to Ills Xew-York. Azcnt. Dear Sir. The salisfictioii with which llie Goods as per invoices or loth were received you will see by tho Free Press se nt ; they come most oppot tuuely, nntl were beautiful und cheap beyond comparison, with the money passed to vour Credit in the Exchange otlice of Xo Wall street ; make such dis position as you may think most fur my inictcsl in further purchases. Von say correctly that my sales iicreasn with often renewed assortments,. Burlington was never more beautiful, with nil ils enchaining Gardens, lately Walks, nnd spe.wiid scenery, Hotels nie filling with strangers from the magnificent Steamers and Stages, and tho town willi visitor for tho comiiigJubilcu Lite rary Season. Com mencement of the University of Vermont an exam ination of ihe Burlington Female Seminary and Schools next week. Parties of cxcuisionon lite I.a'.c and to the Mountain daily taking plaee, which willi the ctening sociables areail constantly requiring sonic pretty Xew Goeds from HOWARD'S. July 29.1SI1. NEW GOODS. BURXETT & SAWVr.lt, nt .Milton Falls, have just received their Spriug Slock of Goeels, com prising n rrcne-r.il assortment of DRV" GOODS, DRV GROCERIES, CROCKERY AXD GLASSWARE, HARDWARE, DRUGS AXD MEDICINES, DYE STUFFS, PAINTS .IND OIL, GLASS, NAILS, CODFISH, MACKEREL, GRIND.STONEsi, rfc Ac. All of which, having been purchased at the present very low prices, will bo sold at moderate profits for Produce, and as cheap as the cheapest for Cashi anil ns we have not time this morning to emimcraleai licks and pne s wo would respectfully in vile our tormer pa trons and the nublic generally to call, examine and judgo for themselves. jiiron, Julie i, ibll. P. S. Moll'attsLifo Medicines, Newton's Panacea, Hitchcock's Snufl'nnd Worm Tea, Cough Lozenges, and many other of tho most approtcd Medicines, constantly on hand. IVKAlM'l.NGVAlT.n. REAM Sas6o:icdBi3C9 snd qualities just ice. 20O by. C. GOODRICH. June 17. Dry Goods very Cheap. SFPEEHIOR black, blue black, pro ele swiss Silk, tin. do. Italian Real do Bonnet and Florence silks, While aiid buck Crape-, Mourning Lawns and Prints, superior French Bond azoic, Black Fillet Yii, Lace do. Fillet ninlGauieS'arls, Funoy llanddcrclucfs, Victoria) Skirts, Pic NicGlDvc-, -ic. by 11. M. GIDDINGS & Co. July I, 1911. ni PIANOS. IN order to closo the runevrn cf Herrick, Christo pher & Co., we oiler tho three icninming Piano's nl two hundred Dollars acli, for Cash, nr opprovcel l IO ,..nil.J ...llli inlrri.t. I.Vir tl. IIUIl ,11 I a HIUIIMI. ,. ...... s . s . . mv IUillJiy and durability of there instruments, rcfcmicois made to many nl mo uinzcns oi tins t inagc, who bate had Piano's of llio aboto manufacture in use for vtars Reference also to Profl'c6sor Molt of the Musical department ol llie I V male Seminary. Ituilirigton, .'d, July 1511, LVMAN it COLE. Jjii.a.ji.euL-jiuixs STEAM-BOAT HOTEL, DUKLINOTO.V, VCI'.MONT. IIY .TO.YATIIAX HART. Mn.H,respec.fu!ly announces lo the citizen of Burlington nnd vicinity, and tho travelling public generally, that ho lias puichrscd, thoroughly repaired, painted, fitted up, and furnished the nhute Hotel, situated on the corner of South ami Water streets, opposite the head of tho .Steamboat Wharf in thcvillageof Burlington, (formerly owned ntid kept by Captain I. R, Harrington, of the Slenniboal Phre tux,) m a style of comcnieiico and comfort not sur passed by any olher Hotel in the tillage. A spacious parlor, sitting room, reading room, and dining room, all cominumcale with each otltcr, ami Willi llie front piazza on Hie ground floor. The Bar room, barns, sheds and yards arearranged in the best possible man ner to accommodate the travailing and business pub lic. An ncre of ground, nearly on a level, adjoins ihh lintel, with convenient out-houses, spacious ami niry walks, and gnrdens i are all invintig to travellers, business men, boarders and parties of pleasure. Mr. II. from long experience professes to know how to furnish a good Table and Bar, nnd to serve up the cltoictt eatables and rarest delicacies that the market and season allord, in a manner to suit the tnstc of the connoisseur ( and lie confidently assures Ids patrons and guests that his utmost exertions will be put in re quisition to serve them. Steamboat passengers will bo waited on, to nnd from Ihe Boats, and their baggage transported, and taken care of nt thisllotcl, and save their Hack hire to and from tho Court house square. Singe passengers can bo left nt nnd taken from this Hotel without additional fare, iintl those taking llie Boats w ill be shown on board anil iltcir bngirngp free of expense, nnd without incurring any risk 'of being lefl, by Iheilarliliess or lalencssof llie' night, or any oilier contingency incident to theprecipitancvof'stcaiii power, or lln; fluctuations of wind and weather. Horses and Carriages furnished lltose who wish to tranact business, or visit any part of the! villa"?, on reasonable terms. . Singlcmcals 23 cents, and oilier charges in propnr "" ,. 3iiij0 Burlington, May 20, 1511. icmvAun j.TCvvs BOOT & SKOEiSTOIlE. Clvirdi-Slrcct, liurliiigton. WHERE lie has on hand a superior assortment of Ladies and Gentlemen's HOOTS AXD SHOES, of the following assortment t Gent's linee.tlf -e'wd Bouts " " " pcg'el elo. " light " " do. " Summer (Jailers-, " " Pumps, " Calf " "ShocsitHrogans " Thick i-Kip Hoots, " " " Brogans Hoys Sliocs & Brogans, " Thick it Kip Hoots, Yths " it ' " " " it- " BroiTins. Hoys Calf Shoes, Ladies Gaiter Boots, " Kid Slips, " New spring nips it Tics, " Colored Slips, " Bronzed ' " Calf " Misses Shoes if- Slips, Also, a large a-sortment of Children and Infants Shoes. 7tE. J. I". would mule his custoiiiersand llie null lie in geneinl to call and txamino his arsortiuctit of Boots ip Snoiis whicii he can warrant to lie of good stock, thorough workmanship and latest styles. Also, .Measure Work and Repairing done at the shortest notice, asusual. iijI Burlington, .May 2 IS 11. CROCKERY, GLASS & CHINA WARE. I Alt IC Alt & WAIT, Importers and II hnlcsnle dialers in Crocrery, Glass and C'lina ll.ire, and AhnuJ'wlttrcrt ot' .Stone U't're. 100 CIl'J''S JUit rccuvt'sl al"' "ow opening 25 Packnrc's Edged and Common Ware, 25 do Blue Printed do 10 do Royal Bourbon Sprig do containing completa dinner services, Tea sets und Toilet Ware. 10 do French While Granite Ware, willi com plete sets throughout, do Aniinue Vase Oirauuc Pearl Ware, con 10 taining perfect dinner ets, entirely new patterns and shape, a most beautiful nuiclc, with .Tea and Toilet Ware to match. CHINA WARE. 10 packeges China Ware, containing Beautiful White Tea, Sets, Sptig do do Golel band it sprig do Gold edge and line Tea Sets ami golel band China Nurse Lamps, GLASS WARE. 10 packages Glass Waie containing ti, S, anil 9 llule Heavy Cut Glass Tumblers, (i, f. nnd ! Mute " Pressed do tin 'J pnckngcH tine plain Tumblers, very cheap, Cut Glass Lamps, Pi-tin dn e'o, a irrcat variety, Superb t Vt Glass Hull Limps, Astral Lamps, Girondales, Candlehras, Cul Glass Howls, I Lemonade Glassc, Pitchers, Decanters, Splendid French Pore-e Gurnets, Wine and line Vases, with (lowers and shades, und a variety of nthcr articles in their line, nil of which ate now oll'creil Wholesale and Retail at Xew Votk prices. I-. Ar Vt. would invito Ihe attention ol Mer chants in I he surrounding towns to thcr slock of w are, assuring them that they will sell in packnge assorted to order on assooil terms ns can be purchased in New- York Boston or Troy, nt their warehouse corner oi oi ;nurcii nun college his. Burlington, June 1. 1841. A VUHY VAI.UAHI r. F A Ii M FOR S A L I. THF. subscriber being desirous fo retire from active business, now offers to dts -ose of bis 1 A I! .1 , situated ill Colchester, one half mile west of the slag road, leading from Burlington to St. Albans, and only six miles from Burlington. Said Farm is Inndsoinely situated, containing ISO ncres of as good laud as can befound in Chilieiiilcn county, and under as high slate of cultivation, hating btrn iindt-r tho improve ment of nn F.ngbsli Agriculturist the lust twenty-thre-e ycurs. Thtro is em titn Farm a convenient House, willi n never failing well of pure water at the door, A good Hani, with convi niciil sheds attached a it, a valuable wood lot f Beach and .Maple, and a fine Orchard of choice Frml. Any person wishing lo purchase such a farm as aboic described, had bi'tcr make application soon to J tint's Seoit, Piarl-strccel,' Burlington, or the subscriber on the premise's. WILLIAM SCOTT. Htiiliiigtnn, July (!, le 11. ?. T N. B. Terms of payment will be made tcry easy. n3 Hi.NCSUUliOI! AdAFJKMY. THE Truslecs of Hisr.sci-Koii Actim.MV arc hannv X to inform lite public, thai they bate obtained llie hev. t'eoLA tii-KKEE, as a pcriiitiiiciu teaciiir. .nr. Duikeo has been engaged, for many years, in the business of instruction, and has giirn, it beret cr he nas iit-en cntpioveei, ample sausiacimn. iieuassue' cccdcel, especially in conciliating the confidence nnd alliclions of his pupils, in awakening wiihin ihcm ii ihitst for improvement, and in leading them to lest thoroughly, their own potters. From his tried skill and experi'enco.high expectations nre excited, and it is confidently bcliotcd that none will be disappointed who may favor the Institution with their patronjgoby placing their eons or their daughters Under his luiuon and care. While it expected that proper moral and rel'gmus instruction will be given, and a constant and pater nal overnight inkenof thedcpoitincnt of tlm students, it is designed that the institution shall be kept from eviry tliulgol a sectarian character. The Academic year will b divided inlo two Terms, comprising two quarters each of 11 wrek. The first Term will commence on Wednesday iho 1st day of Scpleinber, There will bo a vacation uf two weeks at tho closcof tho first Tcrm.aud another of six weeks at the end of the second. Tuition for cnuiinon branches will bo 4,G0 per quar ter, For alloihersiudieisit will be -1,50. No inciden tal chatges will be made. Board will be afforded in respectable families from 41,25 to 81,50 iter week. For boardin" places, lifer- race may be had to Jtdrdiah Bovnlon, O. S, Iloyl, .aiiuin I'ccle, (isn, Orlo J. Hahtwin, Ilnrnton llur ditt, A. S. Wilier, Joel Turtill. Mrs. Henlou, Dau'l Goodyiar. This Institution is pleasantly located in a healthful, flourishing Village. It has now been in opcralton about six teen j cars, ami its course has been steadily onward, nctcr surfeited with a Hood Of rchohrs, never famishing for want of support. The building, situated on a delightful cmim-ncc and overlooking tho whole Ullage", is undergoing thoroith re flairs. It will be finished in a ileal and fashionable stylo, so as lo combine cligantc Willi eontcnicncc. Huusbutsh, 'ii August, ?w VOL. XY....No. ll. "jVTATUnH'!j GRAND Ifl.S'l OliATIN L. Tim 1' valuable Vcge'abli! Mei'ii-me ilam! omtaiel for Ihefollowina complaints, vizi Hy-pi'pia, or Indi' ee-tiou,disea.ed Liter, bili'itistb. order-, Drop v, A h ma, Cotivenes, Worm and les uf Appetite, nnd I y cleansing the stomach and bowel-, cures pa us m tlnj side', stomal Ii and I reast, ci Id- nnd rutt-hs ,,f staiiilme, IIoarseiie-. sbonnes of I renih, Xirvotii complaint-, cle., which nreftcqncntly the e le 1 of tit. can1. For Fever nnd Ague, it i-a must valtt i' le pto ventitlive ns well as n soveicicn remcdj. Its j-ii"-. snrpn.s nny thing heretofore known in'teiu'iv. i St Vitus' Dance, two btmles hn;e I ten know ;i to u,i-thisaniiclingdi-e.isc, afierhaiiug bnlilcd etcry exer lion for four year-. It has ,, mo-l powerful in'fhrcni e in removing nervous romplnmi.. It is pleasant totat.e and so easy in its opcratiun, ihal il may I e administer. I to the infant Willi safety. The nbote'Medirjne istcit highly recommended by ninny -ca-imhe gentlemen nnd n lori'e niim! cr nl lad.es, tiho bate proietl ll.c. vtrtces ol'the Medicine by persrnal use and that nf tin-it fnniibi's. . billeifierliirca't-acci.nipainiseacii I on , Willi dirci-lions. ll li'ay I e had whole-ale or re-n,i . 1 S. Brilam, Harrc, uud'J. C. Fariiam, Last U ii.mins' Itiwu, Vt. sole piopriettTs. Prepared Iri'in Ibo ' r in al recipe ; for sale by I.'. H. Prcntis., Monlpclicr, and J. it J. II. I'i.cl it Co, and Tiiko. A. 1'r.ti. Co., Har linglou, and in the principal towns in the tatu; nil directions signeil in the baud Writing oltJie proprietor NvT.N'CjOSKT SASII FACTOKle IS in e-on-tant ojieralion, and prepared to cse'cuio orders fur Wl.NDOW.--SH of every desert, iln-n, and it Ihe be-l Inanner. A cem-lani siipp'y kept est hand and for sale at ihu store eil George Peterson, in Bur- jFtZHh lington, at thetollowiug vi c n s : 12 Lithl casrmcutf, 3J etnta per Light. ti elo elo. do elo do do do do U do. C do. 1 de. June 1, do. do. do. e'o elo elo do do tin SIDNEY SMITH. lili DOCT. .MARSHA !,1S Aromatic, Catarrh an 1 Jleadaclse SXI l-'F. This Smiil is s,, cnor to -anv thing vet known, for icmoTing ihal tread lesontc dts-e-a-e, t fit- Cntarrh, nnd al-o a cohl in Ihe bead, an.i 'he. lica laclte. It opens and purges out all ob-Hnctions, stienelhcn-1 he irhiiul.,anel cite- a healthy art tun le. 'he. port- mlecied. It pi rl'ettly free from atij I lung dele terious m its composition has a Icn-ani flavor, and ils immediate ellect, a fieri eing used, is abgiee-abfe. Price ii 7 cents per bottle. Don. Marshall's Venriab'e Indian Black PLASTER, Ibis Plaster is unrivalled for i-urimr scrofulous swe-f-ling-, Scurvy Sores, Lame Back, and Fre-h Wounds ; pains in the si le-, llip- and Limbs; andsc-biuni fails tei irive relief in local Rbei niati nis. If applied to the side-pi will cure many of ibecumiiitiii Liver Complaints and is cqcal, if not superior, lo any thins; in u.e fur corns on the feet ; the t irlues of ilis Pla-lcr have I ecu witiie-.s-cd I y thousands of unlit lelemU in the I nncei Males, who bate te-leil us rilie-.u-y. bold bv the pro prietor; (;h.. Howen, Midillebiiry, Vl., and '1 iilo. A I'CCK CS lei., lilirllllgll ll, M. ICl "Itr HATCH would iufonn I'm in- . habitants of Burlmit'on and ti riliity. ihnt be tins otienid n shmi m (I Chuieli slreet. nt the sern of the Rule. where lie intends! to carry on the Gun smith Business, in all lis t nriotis brain li es. Hating been eniplojed for the las'. si years m the shop of J. M. Cnsweil, in L'aiisingb'irgh, (undoubtedly tho best siiop hi tito unitcet --tntcs,; tie lecl- war ranted m ofleriug his work to the public. Burlington, June 1, 1311. YSTHIUOI'S! A getillsiean beb n.ingto 1X oneof the most ancient and wealthy families of tins city, who must be well known toiiunilroiulri"nds biting since iheieT-r up to recently, lun bent nearly double, and for several yenrs coniinid lo his be-d, has he-en rctorcel to trot d 'health has regained his natural erect position and has tju.Hed bis car nage, anei now wanes Willi ease 1 1 we liclicvo tris is ibegenibinaii's own description as near as possible, nnd there is no exaggeration m it. We will gite inqui rers his address, aiid doubt not humane feelings will excuse the liberty i so that nny otic duu'itmer, may .iioif thcsefaclf though he requests his name may noi appear in print, .iiiiong oilier instances, .ur. Jus. G. Reynolds, 111 Cliristie -trctt, has been listored, and will gic personal assurances of the facts of Ins. case. Both were rheumatism, and contracted corda and sinews, llov, lias this I ceil done'! Answer. Uy the Indian Ven'table I'lixr in trnmlhj, and ll wis ycrie and Uona J,v unnil externally. Jan. 'JO, 1611. Sold o-.lij bv COMSTUCK ., CO., TI M.iid n Imm, .V.ie Yuri,. ),'J THICO. A. PUCK A (O, Wbel eit'e Ar-cnts, a few doors c-ist of the Post I 'dice, Hurliiig'oii, Vt. Q1 n RLWARD bis been oircnd 1 ir montlu V Iw" to ant-one who will use a bottle ol Hay's Jiinimi nt J'ur ih- 'i.'ts, without being cured. Of thousands sold, m no one liisiauce has it failed of acure. Proof ovei whelming lo be bad where it is sold. It is aUj a certain c.'re in nearly event ease. (F.ttcrnally,) in the following complaints. For the rues, ior annropsy, lenuer teet, sore throat, ly can cers or ulcers, croup, whooping cough, scale! head, lightness of thee best, csneciallv in clnl.lr.-tl fnnl nl cirsof the legs, of other fungus sous, bowcter ohs i natr or long standing, ficsh wounds, chilblains, etc. LOO K OCT. Some .ici'irf, ,s Imre i, ,.xt,rit,il tris article, and nut It tin urith r.-iriouxilrir. . Ii.s n, . be imnosed upon. Ono thing only wdl proiict you II is the name of t'O.MSTClCK if- CO; that v"i muit be alx'aus on the irru; er, or t ou n at be clu at id. Do not forget ii. Take llie direction' w ,th you ana testbt that, or net er buy ii i for it is i-i.. "' fur any oilier 10 be true or genuine. ufj Sold by CO.MSVOVK CO 71 Maiden Lane', New York. TIIKO. A. PIX'IC it CO., Wholsab Agents, uletv floors cast of the Post OlHee, Burling tun. Vt. pearT W 'ee'FJwvlT l.l KLI.VGTOX, Vi:UMOXT. J. s. pfihci: HAS lati'ly iipt'iinl ihe al ove esiabli-limci-l f.i- tda ren-i piioii of families und ti.itv.Ier-, !.'ii.t-r.iliy, who may tisit ll'is part of the Gicen .Ms nl t n siait , an l may tetiesirou. uf passing u lew summer wtcks. fii'llu' piclurcquc heights e.l Bur ingn n. The- lloiel i- spacieia-and ceamnodiotis a id is s ,' , , . alexl near the Cnner-ny, nl ibchrad iil'IVarl-st., ruiu ft Ibem'Jsl fu.liieiii.il lean 1 agreeii' le HiiriM.iifares in tnetowii.comtiiiiniliiig an i-xien-irto vie.v ei I alt Cbamplaiu ami the siirrii!iuJtugr..nuiry. '1 be t iew-s Irutu I be wi'siern window', and p-azzas are unrivallcil ty any on thu boMcrs of ibo Lake for their nianii'n ctm nnd I t-a-iiy, and a'c, prut ablv, n it urp2s,etl in the 1 1 ittxISiule-'. In the' mteiii.il arrangement uf ibe llon-i', even e yartl Ir.isl ci-ti paid In llie et.mfi.rt evf familie-s, who inay I c a(veiiinne-.'a-i-J wuh pritaie parlur and the evrupatil tbitU'rs bun.clf thai li e fiini.b-n- tf u s tal lc and the attendance, nre such us to merii the ap probation ol thu. c ladies and GfntleJticn who may lavor lnm wuh ibctr pa'runavc. The; A"7'.l(7;;.S:ionnd fruin iheXorlh, N'erth-l a-t and Fast pa.sel.i ly, and lo parlies noppm- ul Bur liiiglon.on Ibeirwiy to ihe While Minima n-, end those Irattijuig in nny tf the above e'lr.vii in-, nv -e leisure is itifonleJ, as ihe slage. leannz town n 1 at this house half an hour later than lower part rf the yillitg,- A reanlbrlablf Carriage atlcaels logulerly, rn ihr arrival of the teals, wuh ibestcwar I cfthe'estahl.tl,. mew, wilt) will take charge of the I aggage etc. 111 short, no pains will le snared 10 g,v. sun-Ouon tu nil patrons, and cn'.tile ibu hou-e tu (besuppirt of the put lie. X, B. Wiut", Conlials auj Lmuoi-s. tlf t.liltrnvi.l epialily, kept rllwuy on htm I, Horse-, und Carriage, kept in readiness fir the ao I'oinme-J.itiou ol Mich as may require llicin. iiiiriinuii'ii, aiine' -;eit leu. ,j C ATA It UU SN TivK MARSHALL'S! SM'l'F, is siill nunnalhe (' r. and tin-v.i' on. diseases of iIib be.i.I. dew,... soreryvs, III nil parts of ihu country t arid si- -lamin-Ihe reputation which il has lewg sine! gained eif K'ing nb.solatcly the best aruele of llie kmj . '.lq majSt-l. Kich bolllo conlnui- thtcettmes ibe nflhoso which aic cfTercd at "OXLV I WICNTY- 1 lL C1-.XI.V And is tbea-fure a much cheaper. as well its Utter article. For ml' bv J. A J. 11. ITCK A Co, 1 IILO. A. I'KCK & t e . and iu. itonr Moor Dur'mjton. Jan. '.'.', fl jt t

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