20 Ağustos 1841 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3

20 Ağustos 1841 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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MURDER. By a correspondent at Crown Point, N. Y. who signs himself nn oyo.wltnosF, it woulil Bccm that a murder was committed on the 3d Inst., upon a boy of the name of Benjamin Franklin Gale, of about 17 yearB of age, whose family live in Colchester, Vt. Tho circum stances are stated as follows. The boy was living with a man by tho name of Joseph West, and wont out about fi o'clock in the morning to milk his cowc While milking, the mur dcrercamo up and knocked him down with a lever, fractured his skull, which occasioned his death 07 hours after. The deceased was much respected by all who knew him. A man by tho name of Joseph Winch, a revolutionary soldier aged 8fl years, it is said is charged with tho dreadful deed, and was committed to jail on the Wednesday following. Ho discovers, no Bymptoms of penitence. The reason he assigns for tho deed is, that somo boys had, tho day previous, provoked him by throwing stones and chips, and ho had resolved to bo revenged, and in tho blindness of his rase had mistaken tho deceased for one of tho'ofl'endcrs. MidJlebury Press, Aug. 17. ANOTHER A correspondent of tlio Rutland Herald, gives tho following particulars of an unlor lunato affair in that county. Wms, Ava. 13, 1941. 1 hasten to inform you of an unfortunalo trim-action which lias jut hnppeneu in this pla, which has resulted in the dcaih of n person by the name of Martin Bebce, who was found much bruised and nearly speechless on Wednesday of this week in the still lo of John Howe, the Inn keeper of this place. Bebce died of tho wounds in about one hour and a half. The magistrates forth with summoned 15 persons as a jury of inquest to . ii nfilix itf-nt h of the decaescd. VAUIIIIIIU W UIVVUU . . , After hearing tho testimony introduced and making r il.n Imdv. ihcv came in with a unanimous opinion that Martin Rebec camo tu bis death by Felon v in consequence of severe treatment by tho hands of Oison Cone of l'outtnoy as principal, and Cephas Wilcox as accessary, upon which the uiirl rVinr. nml Wilcox wero committed to Rutland jail to awnit their trial at the county court next to be holden at Rutland. Cono and Wifcox were seen to follow the deceased to the shed, and were gone about fifteen minutes and returned together, and when asked wheie Martin was, said they had floored him. Tho urincioal in the case insulted and abused said lichee much previous to leaving the house. A HORRIBLE MURDER. On Sunday morning week, Miss Cecilia Rogers, who lormcrly attended Jolin An derson's tobacco store in Broadway, and was known as 'the beautiful cigar girl,' left her home. 126 Nassau-street, lor a walK Hntl at tho corner of Theatre Alley she was met and accosted by a young man, apparent lv an acquaintance, with whom she pro- cceded toward Barclay-street, as if for an excursion to Hoboken. Nothing further was heard of her that day by her friends j and alarmed by her non-anncaranco, tlioy ad vertiscd for her in Tuesday's papers. Still nothing was seen or heard of her till Wed nesday, when Mr. II. G. Luther and two rcccollcction, and I said so aiiumur tiiiumui j-juiu, is luiyui man iiiui hi o promote the election of VnnBuren over Harrison, tho Post would tfiivc him up yet, and I still ' . . night I called on Mr. Clay, really cheat its readers into tho belief that it contraoy, that little Joubt exists but that he will tako ofono Locoloco candidato over McLung, that fatal step. Tho evcnlB of the last election csm- . , . , , . paign are so iWi in my rcccollcction, and 1 said so another another Loco, is larger than that of niucn mm won m i Tnhn Tvlrr. that I cannot , ionrror tneucpi. LiiiBi ni, ml found htm fliscnpnppd. Me finnko frreiv oi xno l m mi ...... a - r7eeted veto, and said with rmnhn, s. tl the errnt 'W ory glim. 1 no oiny .em voiu Whig party had Rained a bootless victory, ifit was In tho vote for the General Ticket ami thoDis- ll,. Minn. Afnnii in.n In lU ..11 nnl.n mtmn expressed through Congress-that he should now go trict System. Tho former is a Tory and the or an alteration ortho constitution, limiting no ve- alter n Whig measure Tho Legislature is to power to a mere check, to throw hack a lull to the " , ' b . b IIouso where it oricinaled. tole nasscd again or re- nrobablv Tory as usual. jcctcilby awojorfjr I Knntuck v. whoro national nolilics tttr- LionRrcss or at icasitne iiouso oi ucpro'Bninim.3, i - will adjourn over after io-morrnw until Monday, to ncA ,,0 SCale, ihe Whics have swent the isit Annapolis and the shins of war there the 1 re. I . . in iHpnt u ilfnrcnmtiA-ii. ihpi ,. There, is no want of dCCK. 1 llO tlOOr LOCOS Call liardlV SBV ICC. rain here t vegetation am-ears Juxurisint, and the c , Riclarj M Johnson has hocn chosen to weather is not uncomfortably warm, lours, ckc. ... , ... e ii e .t v tho IIouso from Scott county. Tho poor Wo copy tho following from tlio National j ' nliirli i will fa-"" .. Ul WUIUIUUJ, ..Wll. ... - - 1 t , 111 f nuiil Ul 'Ullll.ll H93uviaic iiiiu .uiiungui a v. tho samo stamp. Thus fur tho Colonel, and a natnesako from Trimblo county, aro the on- ly Tories ascertained to be chosen. Bust. At THE FORTIFICATION BILL. This bill, which, among the other Whig BRISTOL HOARD. A superior nriicle, this day received. Aug. 19. H. HUM'INUTO.N. to tlio Shorn Lamb.' Albany Ims reason to I e happy I T7- A Y 'S Progrclve Infant and I'limary School and grntcful in the reflection tlint Institutions cstab-1 IVItenitcr and Delincr tosrctlier wilb Elementary lished, endowed and sustained by its enterprise, be-1 lotions in Drawim ami Kxcrcio in wrilinu, for sale nnvn nnrn.nii mum mnnp. n.n Mi.Minn nriiiinn, ill til- Hii.r.iu u imv I I ii iY I Al wm tno iiignest honors oi cuucaiion. nen snan we look for higher or purer cnjojtncnt than that which rewards those who devote themselves to these duties ml dilaaintiu nf lnvn tiMrl Itirrrv I . . . ,... Wiscomkiv t.rn. A furnace has rreentlv been o I A 1 1'. Or f.RMO.N'l, I The Hon.tho Prolate hilt n nruirollnii on Un.Mr lYivnr. linn 14. Minlii. DMTRlCT Of tlllTTP.K'lirM. I fntii-l Ur llin IJi.in'iM gnn, which turns out 6,000 lbs lead daily. This tract is I of Cliiltendcii ! To all iieroiiHconccrned In the islale 20 or 30 mi es in extent. Tho Milwaukio Courier says r A,B Lyon, latu of .Shelburn, in said ditriei, ile- umi nuoui ouuu IIDS aro limnuL-iciureu nsiiy uy jur. ,,,iil.i,,,, . ... wm... .. . f1.l.;. nrn. ii... n,l i)..,i ir,nnon m. hnvo WIII'.RI.AS. Ceorce A. A U. Ai1miniir!ilnrtito. been shipped thence for New York this season. nisnon oflheestate ofMiiildecen.rd.propOscito render .i. hiuiiikui nn ...Miiiiitirmiiin,nn(i pruMMii m t t i,i,, v-l.!l. iiuuiu nK"insiMiiu eiimeior vxaniiiiuliun ami snow uck. llAnniso: ash illr. Intcllirxcnccr bo seen that doubt is entertained as to tho fate of tho land and Bankrupt bilk An other week, howover will put all those ques tions at rest. Tn ilm SniA ilin T.n.l niairibiitinn nml Prn-emn- tionbill, and in tho IIouso of Representatives the Bankrupt bill, were yesterday discussed, without coming to a uceision upon eniicr oi mem. We "wish wo could pivcour readers any satisfactory I measures of the Extra Session, comes in for a share of Loco-Foco denunciation, makes tho following appropriations : For the Forts in Boston Harbor, New Bedford, New Port, Rhode Island, New London, Connecticut, hort iirgara, opinion about the ultimate decision of these bills. We regret to siy that the fate ol both of them is more doubtful now than it was a week ago, and has be come so under the snspenso which has existed, and yet exists, as to me latcof the Hank, bill winch nas passed both Houses, and is in the hands of the Ex ecutive. Wc yet hone for the best, however. Of the decision of the President unon the Hank Bill noihingis yet known, or can now ho known before Alonuay, this brine; the day fixed upon lor the visit oi Ihe President and his friends, HendBOf Departments. Members of Congress, nnd others, to tho United States seventy-four pun ship DruwAtir, now lying in ChcsapekeUny, ofl'lho haibor Annnpolis. Toename its members to make this useiuianu in structive visit of inspection, the House of Representa tives, wneu ii iiujourneu ycsicruay, aujuunieu uvtt iu Monday.' The Navy Pension Bill has passed both houses, and was presented to the President on Friday fcr his approval. Fort Ontario, Oswego Forls near New York, Fort Delaware, Funs at Annapolis, Mar j land, Fort Washington, Fort Monroe. Old Point, Forts Caswell and Johnson, &c Forts near Charleston, S. C., &c Fort Pulaski, Savannah, Fort Marion, &c, St. Augustine, Foris at Pciisscoln, Fort Morgan, Mobile, Fort Livingston, Harataria Bay, Forts near New Orleans, Contingences of Fortifu ation, Incidental cxpenccsfor the Bamr, 3180,000 5,000 45,000 45,000 20,000 15,000 139,000 50,000 5,000 35,000 115,000 5,000 45,000 35,000 25,000 65,000 40,000 30,000 60,000 15,000 55,000 For Fortifications 81,019,000 S3 25.000 I Purchace of ordnance nnd ordnance stores. 75,000 Armament oi t- oriitiranons, iuu,uuu I'urchasc ot saltpetre and brimstone, muuu 9220,000 For preventing and repressing Indian hos tilities under various heads, S833.137 66 miming a toiai appropriaica oy una uui, us ii puna' cd the House, of S2.022.C37 BG. It has since nnscd tho Senate, with some amendments, one of which appropriates 3100,000 for armed steamers on Lake Lriej another, 475,000 for an Armory in the Wests and another, S 60,000 for barracks nnd defensive l'Al'KR HANGINGS. Tlio Huhscrllicr has on hand and will often bo receiving Paper Hangings, direct from tho manufac turers, which will I sold to merchants and dealers at city prices, adding freight. Any person wishing par ticular pattorns can bo supplied by giving a short no tice C. GOODRICH. July 3, 1911. nG O-A SATIN BAR'D and Plnin Muslin do lano O fUSHAWLS, just rccc tho Burlington Cash Store. IAWLS, just rcccivednndfor snlo cheap ut a. i,. iibiuum. August 13, 1B1L fSvl-Th extract from ?"Z"?h ? ', Prolt who hol.len a letter, writtenfn 1S39, by Gen. Harrison toMr Brent ' e V ' ' " mpi"' - " P n,iH ni.Mi.lipd l,vil,.Uiiprnint pmnn. hnv-Miio room ; " nc,' 0 ,bM'unber next , an.l Mar Orn J, for rfoub. that, at that time; the nrlificc, of Mr. Clay's "( tXiZZZ onemics hail induced tho General to harbor suspicions . ., ..." inner ndminNlrnlrix of the prtiHiW ) tu settle her minimis- , i iiuiiuii ni.uijii n nil: hailie IIU10 Rllll Dial. nenuiy iceiings lowarus ininseii. .u Tiicur.ronr, Vun nreh.rcl,y notili.-l In appear l,e- ecn then, is well known. The follow Ti" i . . Y" wu xna mum ",u,,: fttm iii.iiiu uwi uu iiiiuwi.il. onemics hail induced tho General to harbor suspicion! . ,r . l. . I.' .. oi -u r iiiay s i mat tnese su that the most subsisted betw ;ng extract rrom a speech delivered at a public dinner aiven under my hand at Burlington, thU fifth day in GiKirirntnwn. hv Gpn Harrison, in resnonse to a 1 f i . i. 'lnI. "'""i"'"' ! ' toast cDinplimentary to Henry Clay, twenty days I nj- 1 ' ' ' WM. WE unum nia liiaiiultiilun, ctt.ia. v.vif iiimu u. ..... . act I ... I.MIIinnl llnitrx.t ttaaj. WE the uberiU'r, havinir leen appointed hv the Ilonorablellni l'rol.ale Court Hr the Di.Mr'ict of '.hitlcndcn, e;iininiion(Ts lo receive, exainlno and adjust the claims and demanis of all persons, againt LEONARD HODanS, kTSTON, Rtgiittr. ment i I tako great pleasure in responding to tli it which hsi just been received with so m e scnti- miich en thusiasm I y the company, for 1 nin proud to be able to state inai mo aisungiiisncu inaiyiaiiai auuacu to ii mv firm nersonsl and nolitical friend. Mv own in clination, ns well ns a duty which I owed to the country, pruiupicu niu iu lenuef iu nun uie nri iiubi i , . , fv. . . . i ' , tralion'would wccWp cordial support troZ him as a - do hcrely R i n uc, t we J tend t, he Senator of tho United states, and Irom uio cxpe- .- ,;.' ! ' ' T V-. .i o-.i. lieneewh.eh 1.9,1 thaucrht me that Henrv Clav vas Hodges in Wi hston, m fa.d di-tnet, on the 2, h alwavs rinht. let him differ with whom lie may. 1 rnnsidrr hia iuilirmrnt fliinerinr tn that of nnv mat! i:.. e i!..., i '. f t i .J:nn.l living, loruuring my puuueai niui uavu uevuruiucii:i with him on any important subject that I did not af terwards become convinced that he was right and I was wrong." History of the U. S. Ranks. General days of Septeml er and Decern! er next, at tcu o'clock, A. .... on earn oi me khu uay. nil I)aleil,lhi I9ih .lay of July, A. D. 1841. ) A. J. FULLKR, TO HUNT. THE Brick Store on Church Street, now oeeunipd hv N. Lovelv & Co. Posesion given tho first day of April , next. For terms enquiro of the subscriber. u. vAi.nmuiii. Burlington, August 12, 1811. ALBUIIGII SPRINGS. THAT large anil airy Mnnsion, at Al burch Sarinns. is n'onin reopened by Mr. Samuel Mill", for the reception of visitors uunng me present season, iiie report industriously nut in circulation. tbnt fresh water has been let into the Springs, it nn i rror, w ithout the least shadow of truth, as no altera tion has been had, in, or about tho Spring since tho ncqiiaintnnco of the subscriber with tho Spring, in lujj. nut ihe springs remain that great fountain, pure and unadulitratcd, not in need nf a weekly at tending physician to recommend her, nsdo her Battel litos. Accommodationsgoo'l. Board twodollnrs per week. Private Families pleasantly accommodated, .f-c SAMUEL MILLS. Alburgh Springs, June 2, 1611. iiitv c:itoi:i'iti km. A GOOD ASHORTMKNT of Dry Groctritsof all kinds can be had cheap of Aug. IZ, I-.. Jl. WRIGHT A. CO. NEW GOODS. Qtj'PlIRIOR Flannels andConon Bailing, O do. WadJini and Wickine, do. i'aililing nnd Cama s, Jilt received and for isle vrv chtan at tho n..rluif ten Curb Store, by S. I,. III.KKILK. July S3. n7 WOltSTEU NI.MDI.IJS BLACK silk Bags, Rodgcrs and Elliots best Raz ors, Hankers Shears, Black Straps, Silk Sashes, Miniatute coses, and oilier Goods. Received at PANGBORN & BR1NSMAID. July St STEPHEN'S TRAVELS IN CENTRAL AMERICA. A new and valuable work, now for nle at th 1Y Book Store, D. A. I1RAMAN. July 30. STRAYED from the subscriber about the first of June last, three yearlings, two line backed, nnd one red t one a steer and the other two heifers. Whoever will give information where they may bo found shall be reworded for their trouble. PHINEAS ATWATER. Burlington, August 10, 1841. nlO BASS VIOLS. OR Violencelloe, three fine Uass Vid, jut rwtul and for talc at the lowest pmc, at the Vsntlf i.torc. Strings at lower hricei than usual. Mimieal In struments of allkinda low. Pakcbcrn f- BniKSMAlO. June 25, I B 1 1 n3 Tr. Amos Hull's L'lcro Alidominal Suppu XJ ter. A supply ol the above celebrated Inttm- Tient", i.wiiicn nave never lapea oi n-i recened lur a i!o and will I v and by June 21-t, 1811. nl ment, (which have never lai'ed ot I erlorniins; a cure) in I u kept constantly tn It. MOODY, Druggist. THE VETO POWER. The present condition of things is nn ex emplification of the immense influence of of this power. Tlio whole country from Forcurcnt expenses of ordnance service, Maine to Georgia, is held in suspense; as to the course of this ono individual. Ono man can set at naught tho wishes of the whole people, and defeat tho most beneficial legis lation. This is nothing more than the auto crat of all tho Rnssias could do and to this extent our institutions aro monarchical. Rut the power is given by tho Constitution the President lias tlio right to exercise it, and wo-ka Detroit. At present the British have two . D armed steamers on Lake Erie, nnd wc have none. wi: musi suii.n.t. wo must co.i.uss wc Th(J bi whl , amendmcn,s made lho arc so much of Democrats, that we feel rath- Sona,0 ,mving becn nfemi ,0 ,,. con)mh. er restive at tho substitution of tho will of ,t, f ..,.,. , ma. M, v.im, r.m other pcntlcman, who were passing the one man for the will of tho whole. It is n t1le COmmittc. rcnortcd am'ri5f the annro- bybil's Cavo, "XJiTtL truth an invasion of the Democratic princple. iatons for the' purclmso of a sit0 for a TZttt "WC t'ZttI" Western Armorvand proposed to add the :. . 4 . . thn ivil nf tlio nnnnln. n rnflorlpil hv their .. 1 hoy brought it ashore, a coroners inquest . . n i i, loiiowing: Ileal r.stute Vor Sale. ABOUT sixteen acres of l.in.l, lying in I'n'lerhill, ..Imlni'n.. ik.. I'n.n, r.f ll..l ..n O...I ... ...1.1. I Washington retained tho bill providing for house and l.arn thereon, leing the Iioii'g nnd land the charter of tho first U. S. liailk eleven I owned undptwe-K-l 1; Reuben Uoml, , dwen-el, at v ii . . .t. t.:tl tne nine ui nis t;ertin. is now o era lor a'e. itie Mr. Madison did not veto tho bill Undu ,lf .rnn, .u,' , ,,, r,,, anil ndire. I'er.-ons had it in his possession ten days; nor did lie 1eJ"jPpj.rcl,I'e wi" '"aU "rP1'""1' 10 sign tho bill chartering the Hank of 181G, till ,e su 'Lyu w. CHCRCH, adm'r dc lonU non, mo iciuii any uuer no rccuivou it. uuiienu Jackson vetoed tlio bill re-chartering the samo Bank on tlio sixth day after lie received NOTICE. CAME into the inclosure of the subscriber on the .lih iniii. n red. two vears old STEER, notnnrticu- larly marked. The owner can hae him by paying charges, proving property, oe.jAMEg Burlington, August 9, 1311. TinOTflV Arnilcrnv's Collection. Massachusetts -LJ Collection. Boston Glee Book, American Glee Underbill, Aug. 11,1911. of the estate ol ItcuU-n Homl. Book, just received by AUgUSt 1.1111, 1311. nlllf It. ELL UARNUM'S ESTATE. State or Vehmont, j AT Probate Court, held icnuen. -. District of Chittenden. J Jrx. at Burlington, within and for the District of Chittenden, on ihe ninth nay oi .lugusi, A. it. 1311. Elijah Hcrriek and Sainncl Boardmnn. ndminis trators of the o-talc of Ell llnrnum, late of Milton, NEW YORK MARKET. f5Trmxv. Aua. 11. Flour is rather dull, though prices are not much changed, Ohio and Gencusce, There are no sales of wheat to day. buuu dubiicis m said tlistnct, having filed in said court, their neti northern rye, to be delivered, sold lor distilling j tiou, in writing, setting forth that tho debts allowed cents. 4000 bushels Maryland yellow corn sold at i5 1 ,y the coiniiiissioneis against the estate of tho said cents, measure, eor icw i-.ncinna cms ineiu nit oeceasca amount to w,7U) bU j Hint the personal is luu her sales than nave been mauo Dciorot noiuicm i tnte of said deceased, as inventoried, amounts to oats are 45 cinta. ... , 142,493 42 ; that tlio expenses of administration aro 500 barrels Ohio prime porK, city inspected, wero nol less limn SbO and that it will be nccosnaiy to anA tn dnv for the British Provinces at 33 Per bbl. I cell e9tatc for thenavmont nf tin. dobtanr t! m-im! Remittances by tne uunaiu steamer ai , f 1 deceased the t.v expenses of administration; that.among have closed at 81 premium for tcrling bills, and 5for I other parcels ofreal estate, the said Barnuimlicd s. iieil 2T to ib for lrancs. l'riccs were a nine nigner two , Hna posscsseu ol a larin, situate In said Milton, was summoned, and it proved to be the Uodv ineuiani neiusenwiivn, of Miss Rogers, and it was evident that she sway. lliehmond Whig, had been horribly outraged and murdered ! The inquest returned a verdict of murder by some person or persons unknown. might bear For Ihe purchase of a site al Buffalo. $ 50,000 For Fortifications on Lake Champlain, 75,000 r or jlatiawomDeag, at tne mouili oi tne l'c- nobscott, in Maino, 8 75,000 These amendment will doubtless bo sane- Thcro is no demand for specie, yet the receipts are more than the out-gocs. Jour, vj Lorn. C. GOODRICH. nlO UASS AND Premium DOUBLt: HASH . i - T? STRAYED from the subeeriber .u-.i. ,i..i,.,,i row uu iiiciiiiiuni. u uniniiu v. v. - with n dark 1 ng, her horns turn in ward, one of which is crnckid. Who ever will crivo information where sai' Cuw may blound, shall be suitably rewarded. Ilurhngton, Aug iishi. n.i.Mr.u HP JUST RECEIVED AT Uic Xcw Cash Store, a full assortment of hirtintr, ..heeling and batting. AIo, a general Mirimrni of ramilv tiroennei-, all ot which will be sold very low for cash, Ly Julv 1C. . P. WHALING 4. CO. n7 FRIDAY M ORX1 N O, AUGUST 20, 1311. THE BANK HILL. Wi Ui-. no rnrtlicr inlellic.nnri.. of ft ilrfinntn char- octer, from Washington, iii relation to the action of tioncd by the HoUSO, and the bill in that the Prc-ident iiinn the Hill to establish the Fiscal . . , Bank. We publish, todav, a communication from an "al,u ui-.ui- occasional concspondent at Washington, who has ample means of judgingol public measures wlucli oc- ABSTRACTIONS cur. or are UKtiy iu uutiir iiicie. uo 1101 now 1 t with him. in all the eroimds he assumes. We hold The Richmond WlllfT makes no terms that the Presiilent is tounrf to give his sigi.aturo to . .,,.-... abstractionists or Virginia im- tne limn inn, nounu iiy ins ouiigations tu me - o great Party that placed him in the eminent position he praclicablcs, and the way ill which it USCS now occupies bound, as one ol that Party, by the I , . ,, . c . . pleugc mat m mvn given to tne people, mat inese ..... -. j , -j b. measuresof iclicf shall bo adopted and carried out Wc copy tlio following from a late number bound by n due regard 10 the necesMtics of the people f , and Ihe convenience of the Government and bound of that paper. Iinaiiy, oy the examples 01 tno soiinu painoisonci Wc copy an ctgan, cttcr rrom the Norfolk Herald. We hear, that Mr. Osgood, who visited Burlington nearly thirty years ago, has gone to Boston to sec his friends, and on his return will speak. He is soliciting assistance for libraries and for the support ini n Nrhnnl frir nonr rhildrrn. b.r. . ... . . ciiuiiiv ui uiiiuu-iriL, 1'cini. u purl 01 tne ug-'oncr All, who take tho Burling on pnpers will ee that ,,, so cMai and being Hie lame land deeded by they are in need of good books ns well as none). jonl,llim Holcomb to saiJliarnuin. on the 23ih dav A .. . l.L.n.1 n.qn If U.1 I HI., ll.AtP nifl 111 llliri 111.. I ... 1 .nnn I . . .' . . ,iuu 11 13 nu.yu ... ...v.. - ot .nnrni wt Nnu also ol another niece ot land, called the Soper Place, contninini? nbout 110 acres o land, and that it is not only necessary to sell said lanu lor payment 01 ueuis, but mat 11 would He ben eficial to nil persons interested to hate s-iid land sold immediately, and praying tho court to grant them license to sdl said land. And tho said administrators further set forth, that the said Barnum, at the time of Ins death was seized of about six acres of Intid in Alburah. in the county of Grnnd-Itle, being a part of the Waggoner JESSE CAItPEM'EK, Attorney at Law, & Solicitor in Chancery. AT ESSEX CC.NTJIE, CHITTENDEN CO., VT. Oriur, near Barney's Hotel. Ksir.x, July 1, 1811. nS WHIG MEETING. Wo would direct tho attention of the Whins of Durlinston. to the mootinc on Mon- dav cveninu'. Unfortunately, it scorns the no- nt'10lls 'talesmen who have preceded him in the touching matters and things in general, at Washing- . - . - . . , . I "'"ibv"1 ' vu""'",'""r-t "' "-n 'ton. Among oilier matters relerred to, there nre two "Abstractions and "A third party about which we would say a word. We have hi-ard something of tice of the former meeting was not so widely circulated as to bring it to tho knowledge oA all who take interest in such tmttcrs,vfc whose counsels aro deemed desirable. Tho coin nntteo have therefore deemed it proper to call another primary mcet:ng,for the purpose imposing depotrsm that ever threatened destruction of taking up anew tho suhjuct ot a candidato have almost perfected their great work of reform, to brenR up in contusion, and lorego all tne ueiieins aim these hich oblication. and, out of mere pertinacious nci-s of oninion". vetoes this bill, we do not wiBO to concenlthed g eiof niortitica'ionand disappointmsn with which we than receive sucn aacurminaiion. But then, suppose-tho Vein comes. What is to be ilone r.e 1 1 Is the great Whig party to fnll asunder! Are the men who banded themselves tocethcr, and, by an almost super-human ehorl, shook oil the most courn0 cvery dissentient, to court and flatter him and urge Inm on to war upon Ins party friends. They this third party before but it camo through Locos, wno, lor very ouvious reasons, nrc greatly ticKiea at theidea. Thevhavenood. common sense inoui'h to sen that they alone are to derive benefit from any schism in the whig ranks. It is their policy to cn- Inn mill it Q vii'iliit V. The object of the Friendly Union is to kill vice in every form and promote useful knowledge, without any controversy or sectarian views in religion or polities. , , Thai God may bless all uch efforts must be the prayers of all good men. Com. lor town representative. . cood cause .hotild not be prejudiced by even the sem blance of unfairness, and most certain wo arc, that no truo whig would for ono moment consent to a nomination that was not clearly nnd manifestly the unequivocal expression of his party. Lei's have a full attendance, n fair unprejudiced expression, and then hi) ksingR fur the production of which their union was reinimed! Because one man has disappointed our expectations and that upon but onepsini are wo to miy inrnw nwny tno victory which h nas cuei us vears of labor, and s'ores of treasure, to achieve 1 Forbid it, every principle of consistency nnd manli ness. Forbid it, every scntinicntof enduring and per- scrvering patriotism wc vet heliev the Bank Bill. that rarsintvT TvLtn will s'an But as the matter is so far involv eel know that the idea of forming a third Part v is an ab surdity of the first water that they, as soon as the division among tho Whigs becomes irreparable, will profit by the dif-cord. This was so clearly demon strated in the falo of Vhh Burenisni, that one would suppose that none could be so blind as nut to foris-ec it in that of tho Whigs, should a like fatuity overcome thcin. But as the Locosareso deeply interested in fomenting Whig dissension, we should lisien with great caution to any rumor to that eilcct. as 10 .is.rae.iuns we use on Abstraction as well VJO ahead for the candidate, whoever ho much doubt over it we derm it our duty to advise Hut thrust it fortl . our friends to be prepared for the eto. 0f business and e may be. Wchave noticed in sonic nfour exchange papers, 0f place, as Mr. as any mnn living but it should he in season. Take it nf n 1f.it., tri nOnrnnnn nr n l,nl..,1n.. nn.l in uncertainty nml as our information, from sources cnI) surpass it. It is delicious. It thrills the senso- upon which wc aro nccusioiiim 111 my, iumn u rmin it sharpens the wit and snbiiliies the intellect rtn into inc rough ana uusthngavenues every nay luu, nun it IB as nillenout . -inii.rKnii until t.pn. jnrifaiiti u.aiiu and we hear every day in tlio ttrcets, anous, Lc ln ,,e Presidential Chair. It has no congeniality, crude speculations as to the probablu cflcct of no .Hantation for the work-a-dav conicrns of life this Veto upon the Whnr Party. Anticipations are jt shrinks from them like the sensitive plant from a put forth, of a great explosion in Congress that the tdc iouch. Its sphere is Eeclusion and quiet in the VVIiina ll.nrn ..-ill nnrlrtnlto ti rinri ttinntl (hi lrpui. I -t .r.L..T-.-.. 1 .1 ..... l prevails as to tho fate of this measure With dent that they will refuse to pass upon any other of walks of the Poet. the President. Conioctures aro various and ' ? 'm? 'M"5":" " -r.T.i" ."!'. V. .Hom.u P?hticians, who have made themselves rid.c As a portion of tho Whins of the town of Burling ton did not receive the published notice of tho meeting on the 9lh inst. Notice lo hereby ffiven that another meeting to nominate Town Representative, will bo held on Monday l-.vemng next, at Howard a, at seu-n o'clock. A general and punctual attendance is re- rcnustcd. By order of the Town Committee. August lfilh, 1811. NOTICE. THE Democratic Whigs of Grand-Isle Ccunty are requested to meet at the Courl-IIouse, in Jsorth Hero, on Wednesdav. 25th dav of Aueust, at 11 o'cloik A.M., for till purpose of nominating n State Senator. A general attcudancc of the Whigs from the several towns is requested. By order of tho Committee. North Hero, August Mill, 1311. BOOKS. on which the old Waggoner House, so called, in Al burgh, stand, beinz the same house and Iatidnlso deeded by said tinlcoiub lo said Uarnum, by said Holcomb s other deed, dated the same 23th dav of March, 1333, which lands nnd house, in Alburgh, the said Bnrnum, at the time of his deaih, held in trust for, anil under a contract to deed to, one Mcr ritt Rockwell, on tho oavmcnt of forty-three dollar-. or thereabouts j tint the said Merrit't, had paid to inc miiu (u!iii!imr.rur3 uic amount v. men lie was to pay previous torcceisinu'ndccdof said lat mentioned lands and house, and piavinir slid court to license them to convey said last mentioned lands nnd house lo the said .Mcrritt. v hereupon the court aroresaid doth appoint the second Wednesday of St ntctnhr r iii;ai, iui in-tiling aim uti luillf III! MI1IJ cuullll. nl the office of the Register of said court, in said Bur lington, nnd doth, order that all persons interested be politico inercoi oy publication nl this order, contain ing the substnnce'of said nrtition. Ihre.. weeks suc cessively in the Burlington Free Press a newspaper printed in Burlington, in the county of Chittenden. tne last oi wincn publication to lie previous to the sain seconu neuncsuny oi cplclnber. .. u. it'll. Ctivvn iimler my hand, at said Burlington, this ninth laroi Aiipitt, i'. 1511. WM. WKSTON, Regi.ler rpIIU fn'lo'ving tin-day recdved anJ for sale ly X the. iibcril'Cr. Ulaki:'. Kvidencw, I.eeN Phyiolciiy, Life uf Fianklin, New IluslandUazettevr, Yoiinir Orator, The (Sift. AL.S'O, a new supply of I'bcU-l Bibles, cheaper than ever, by O. lie. I1..V1I v.. July 29, 1611. D Confesion of a S.hool Master, Psreni' Present, Sleigh Hide, .Marr.ed Lite, American iicnlleinen. TIOLS. 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City, at the great Fair of tho Mechanic's Association in Boston, nnd nl the Fair of the Mechanic's Chnrita blo Association in Portland, Maine he now not only tenders his thanks to his friends nnd patron for past favors, but pledges himself to Religious Societies, Muical Associations and individuals who may wish to purchase, that no reasonable efforts shall be want ing on his part, to enable him to meet their orders in tho most prompt and satisfactory manner, that h may still retain iheireonfidcnce, ntid merit a continu anco'oflthe liberal patronage hu has for many ywir cnioved. tic also seep an extensive assortment oi MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, of the best quality, which he offers for sale on tin most reasonable terms, among which nrc MKLODIONS AND SKRAPH1NES, which are much admired for sweetness of lone, ani well a lapted to parlor or church music. Music Schools, Military Bands, or individuals, can be supplied with Brass and other instruments of any description, as cheap or cheaper than they can pur chase in the city of Boston. Also, Violin, Bass and Double Bnsi Viol Strings, Bows, Bridges, Patent Heads, Tuning Forks & Pipes, Instruction Books, Clarionclt Reeds and mouth Pio- cos, Umbrellas, Parasols, Walking Canes, cic. Urdcrs will be grntelully received, anu instruments sent by Stairo at the risk of the manufacturer, and if not sati'lactory, inn v bo exciinngeu. Musical instruments and Umbrellas,rcp..ircd ns usu al. Phase call nt his new Music Store, a few dnori south of the Laglo Coflec House. nsl i.onconl. Aew Hampshire, .iiarcn i, iiii. PANGBORN if BRINSMAID, Agents, liurUnj.- ton, Vt. PANS AND CANES ! I7"OH sale at the Vanely Store, 1 PANOBORN & niUNSMAID. July 1,1611. nt AGRKAT Variety of Rich Silks Just received and TTAVK for Sale very chap at tha Burlington Cash Store JTJ. Qoi by S. L. HUrtRlCK. July 1G 1S11 J L'ST opened .1 benutiful n0Hineut worked Lobars, nin-Juce-u priv" July 23. of French S. I). SCOIT THE BANK BILL. Tho most feverish anxiety every where I iiTtiie in flint vtnftltfi rtr liv fif r.yi i ir Ii --. lH - i in,! announced. o have the most entire connueneo others selfish and unprincipled who, under the that they will do no such silly and senseless things. shield of nftected purism, have never scrupled to per M ihe Whig members thmild so far depart from a jiit pctratc any political atrocity, which might redound sense of propriety nnd decorum, iney would stand to their aggrandnemcnt-liave sought to confound still less jiinified before tho people .than the Presi- Principles and Abstractions. 7'iicre are no two dent, in theexcrciso of his eto for that is, with htm things so nearly allied, more distinct in their nature anti aiirinuies unless it oe a norse-cnesmut ana rlipstntlf.hnrftn. An A lintrneltrin la suit, and wo will then Jtiucc I'rcsitlont I VIcr woinu stand umustitieti ny any conmiuuonai viewoi Principle. A Principle is vital, . J ' their duty, and by the dietaics of common sense. nnd alwavs leads to reaults--U tiy ins reasons. It is said, also, that it will be theduty of the mem- very eS-cncnof an Abstraction when it loses th Tho President has already sidled the bill Pc" 01 cabinet mseno m tneir resignations, torin distinctive feature, it ceases to be itself. Univers; w I wnn.nii inn -inmiiit'iHiitiii ni iiir i pill mill ruinur. to repeal tho sub-treasury, and if he vetoes w ith her restless tongue, has already determined, in nil, mice, inu itsn-iin tun ui -tin. ., .nii.., nnu iiiiiti or four other of the Heads of Departments in his com pany. Wc think we know a little too much of Ma. Webster's temperament, to apprehend any such has ty nnd ill-advised action. Ho has too deep nn inter est in the welfare of his country, thus tneanlv to de sert her standard. He huB stood up too fearlessly in contradictory, in regard to it; but as tho picstion must have been disposed of pre vious to Thursday, it is idle to spectilato a- bout tirobabilitics or conscnuonc.es. A verv .1 , i.. . -It .. . r . i. uic nil;, iiiuuuii nil untimely unt, ui a ttpicu uunn w days will put us in possession of tho ro- whi,K h'urh acU,ss course, on the part of C'ongress the bank bill, he virtually takes to himself the custody of tho public money. Will he do it "? If ho does, ho should give most cogent rea sons for the step. a disembodied active, nro-creative -Utter sterility is of tho IRIS ersal equality is an Abstraction. The greatest good to the greatest number is a rrincipte. it you were to put the Government into the hands of aaet of nuro Abstr actionists, they would (as the saying is) "run it into tho ground', in less than a fortnight, or prove recreant to their professions. Each ono would nave his own abstraction and all would concur only in ono thing inretiudiatinecverv thine practical. If thev could not compass the extremity of good, they would take The following-, from tho correspondent of defence of the L'onnilutinn, to shrink away from it nothing deeming aught short of the greatest tan'ta- wiiih ii iimy iiiuxt, nt;. u inn am ui ma oiiuii(; mm. n,ount to tne greatest evil, i ncy arc a rare genera- He participated too largely in, the great struEgie tj0n and as there is no procreativity about them. which routed the Agrarians, to relinquish, so ligntiy, ,hey nmst die out before long. Another crop may tl.t.nilviiti,ntrr(i.fMinvitnrt.. I..-: . . .1 !... r. ... n . . , arise lit BOiua iiiBiuiii uu y uy diioiitiiiit-iius liniturilion .vie take the liberty to m orm out exulting ene- or litcc the armed men of Cadmus, fiom Dragon's the tjommorctal Advertiser is tho latest we have from Washington. Satchiiav, August 11. Tho House did not sit to-day. Alout 100 of tho members went to Annapolis, where, by invitation of Coin. Morris, tbey were to visit the U. S. ship Dela ware. The President was expected tn join them, but ho did not go. It is said that, as the Senato had refused to adjourn, and as the fate nf the great measure of the session was still undecided, ho thought it improper to leave his poet at this juncture. The Prcsidtnl has signed the bill to repeal the sub Treasury net, and ho is now, according to the ron riruction of some, tlio sole depository of the public money. The law of 17SF, which isnll in force, snys the Treasurer "shall rpp.i-ivn nml L. ti thn mdilie money," but luadutvand thatof the Secretary of the Treasury will be discharged under tho direction of the President. Hu willcmploy banks or individuals ns the tleposi'ories, nnl specie, Treasury notes, or notes of specie-paying banks, will be received in payment of public, dues. Some suppose that the President has not yet made up his mind as to his course on the bank bill. Wc shall soon know,as he cannot retain tho bid longer than Thursday. Wo regret to learn from the National In telligencer, says tho Evening Journal, that a disposition has becn manifested in Congress, to lot the Land bill and tho Bankrupt Bill go by the board, in caso the Bank hill should be vrtood. .Such a courso would bo unjustifia ble and suicidical in tho oxtromc. These measures have their own intrinsic merits, and their fate should not ho linked in with others which have no connection with them. FROM Wa"sTiINGT0N. Corrcspondedce of the Albany Daily Advertiser. Washington. Aueust 12. 1811. I am hero in the mules of mnph excitement, aris infrom lho now general belief that the President will veto tho National Bank Bill, n is true lliut he is not vetirrevocouiypieiigeo io no so.but so many cir piimtiances oany irnii-pne to ncw ins inclination that way, and nJtt one (exctptbis tilcnce) to prove the NOT ICR. TThc Democratic Miranda Churchill 5 rrHE petitioner states that th v. f JL was marriid to iIip riFpnn nishaB.Churchill. )tlent on the 23th June, 1531, tha the respondent wilfully deserted her on tho 20th June 133d, nnd left this stnte, nnd from that time luiu afforded no nid nor support, and praying that the bands of matrimony between her and the respondent may i e tifsoneu. It Having been mane to nppcnr that the said Kliha B. Churchill, is without the state of Vcrniont.lit i or- lered that the subtanceof said libel be published in the Free l'res, three wee!.- succe-sivelv, the last of which to be mole than sixty d.ivs before the session of the court. And the said Elisha B. Churchill is hereby summoned to appear before tho Supreme luen nt nuriingtnii, on the .Monday NEW GOODS. MHS. T.AXfJWOllTnV HAS received a supply ot Fashionable Goods for the season. Rich lone and sauare Shawls, Scarfs, French embroidered Capes and Collars, Para sols, Ribbons, fruited .Muslins, lowers, tracts, er- fumery, stc. c. Stoue, south aide Court-House Square. n7 Burlington, July 23, 1811. SCHOOL AND CLASSICAL BOOKS genera! assortment for salo at the lowest prices by ic Whlisof F.SSKX. onaand all. are ",""7 . ,."u i request - rnee. 7' "t next before the first Tucs lay of Januarv, 1?I2, to iuiiut;. ri udt (..uiiiiil:. -ui ii ill pi. al u u tui.ni ...... i t . .. t. .. .1. :. j . " , . ... 1 luw i.uii-9t; ni v fir the purpose of noininnting a suitable person as their candidato tor Representative tonic next Legisla ture. A full and punctual atlendance is requested. thv the nraver uf said nctition should not be granted. M. I.. BKNNF.T, Judireof SuDreme Court. Burlington, Vt. August 13th, 1811. DR. TAYLOR'S nAIiSAM OF LIVERWORT, (SELECT SCHOOL, lllNISUUItGH. vr. TIIK second term of the Stfcc. StAoolfor Voting -a- laaics in tne village oi innesoiirgn, win com mence ll.e nrst -Mondav in September next, .viis -pOIt Cons'iinption, and Liver complainis, Dvspep Beechcr, (the principal) is an experienced leacher, I" sia, dizzin- 'l'lhe head, los of appetite, flysi-n-of the lirst order! having received her. rdtiralion in ,., aj ,.....rjl remilaierot thr whole .tMein. an institution, where a thnroush and niid mwipline None genuim-but that prepared at 373 Bowery, "i ......v.; ...... ....... CAV . or. U,rrc nriii le was nr-i mauc, inc ennr past uuparalleled succes, in leaching, we think her ac,t.r f lh, milc,e formed and etablish,-d hv thi every way qualilie.1 to eonduct the youthlnl mini ,)re.ent sole proprietor . and whoare iheonly persons along the rugged, yet de ighlful path r,f science ; and ,nowjn(. ,. Vnmpo-ition bf the ccnuin.-. It hi Ut-n niiesandourdoubuiig friends, that, etoor novcto. tl.th. But the probability is, that the present age .,,K.ui,. i ii. ......uML.. ...h.-. I'."'-". win sustain uui nine more ucinnicni irom mem measures, ionic nuopnon oi wmcn uieyurc. jiieupeu, .. ,11 I,., r,,ll,. .1 ,1 C.....U.. nJnrxU.A one or two of them may bo postponed for a time but The Globe complains bitterly that the Whigs in enough will be presently completed, fully to justuy v ongrcsn eurry uui umi niuasure uy tne niu oi call tho F.xtra Session, nnd to reflect great credit on tho cuscs. How truly melancholy 1 Loco-focoism pros Whig Congrc-s nnd the Whi Cabinet. We shall re- trnted through. the instrumentality, of tho caucus grct'lhat the President has it nctcssnry to carry system I Satan impaled upon the tines of his own his peculiar views of the rnnsti'ution lo such an un- pitchfork. Louinille Journal, desirable extent but, as hispcrsonal nnd political in- terests would seem lo lead him lo givo hi sanction CorrrrtRrEiT Mexican Dollars. On Saturday to the bill, we shall be compelled to allow him tho last a drover from New Hampshire, named F.bcncicr merit, at least, in he exercise of the Veto, of nn hon- Watson, went into Spear's office with 5100 in specie est compliance wiin iiisuriiiouiiitiuirujniimiii. io exenange, unu .nt. o(tcur ueieeisu no less man oi Whatever mnv lie the faieof the Bank Bill, we sav counterfeit Mexican dollars in the lot. He took the to our political bretheren throughout thulnud staj.d man to the police court, where lie told a very plain Toar-Tiir.n, ooon ien Asn Titer. Bo calm be dc- story that he received the money in pnymcnt for teriuincil be miiKO. Adopt no rasn or nasiy nuns some cattle, wnicn ne seni io banana to be sold, uies. He not alarmed by the senseless clamor of Ho gave up the spurious coin to constnblo Pierce. your enemies. Be not ili'heatlcncd by tho erratic There was no doubt of the truth of his statement, course of 6omc of your friends. Prescrvo your pobt- and no proceedings wero instituted against him. in a.i'euiling this difficult waylirifA her pupils. Miss Ui-echcr has a nappy laeuny oi iicntng, wium snr improrti the niinil. To thoe who arc aopiaintcd with the character and qualifications e.f Miss H. ns a teacher, she need no tanner commcn'ianon. Terms cl tuition n. follows: Common Knshsli bianche, 82,10 Higher do. 3,00 Itiii and French Languages 3,50 N. B. Board may be secured in repectable fimilie on reasonablo terms, or room, if any wish io hoard themselves. w. i. jutlix suix, F. W. BALDWIN Hinesburgh, Aug. 17, l&ll. NOTICK. I have this day given my son, Hopkins Barnes, his time, with full pcrmissit-n to transact business for his own benefit. This is therefore to give notice mat i snan uereaiter claim noiniiig on nis nc count, nor hold mystlf responsible for any of his con tracts. A. 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C GOODRICH has constantly for sale by Ihe Ream or Quire, n gcntr.il assortment of law blanks, printed from forms from Revised Mamies, consisting of . . ..... i - .: .ii i.:nj. ;H .. justice t rns ami ..vetuuiiii., uu minis ui l.u Trustee Writs County Court W nts and Kccution, various kinds Warrantry. Quit-claim, and Moilgnge Dctds .Mortgages FOR SALU AVOU.N'G COW with her second calf about three weeks old, Or, if pieferrcd, an older one, with a calf two 1 weckBold. C. BI.NNS. August, 20ih. Chancery Bills for forclosing Ulanus lcr l)epoinous Adniimsirators Bonds Letters of Guardianship Officers Receipt Justice Appeals lilanksior iXotcs, iiay.J-cnies, eve. etc. August JUih. Qhtctini;s. Shirtings, Ticking, Canvas",, Padding, O Batting, Cotton Varn, etc. etc. just received at a. ti. own . Aug. 6. n9 Oatln StrIHtl t'liallys Plain tfc Figured Mous- line del.aine, rust rcctiviu nun lorsait; niw. nt S. B. SCOTT S. Aug. 6. German Silver Table fpoons. JUST received, of the best qunlity and will be sold at the lowest prico. Also, wo would call attention, to some pood Plated Spoons, made for u, after the ulur patterns, nil goods will lie sold at thn lowest prices. PANGBORN &. BRINSMAID. Julv 23. n7 KAYS' IINIIIENT, Amost excellent article for coring old or young persons of Pains and Rheumatism in the back or side, healing up sores, curing sore thronts, swelling-, etc., and for the cure of the P1I.F.S. It has not its eounl, seldom or never failing to cure when ipplud co piously, and according to directions, sold at the Varie ty SlOrC, OV tlio UOteil ur rillm uutuu. ' PANGUORN & BUIN'SMAID. July 15, 1311. 09 GOI.I) M ATCH KSJOI.Y 6tll. 'WT'K have tht wo!,- rnv vid . 1 some lean:itii! fmtshul r, Vr..li.h inn.!., rinld Wntrhi- j ' i JnViT This i the fourth lot r'tcivin L';i u'SWS thi.-.print an 1 summer. We in- .IWsV.jA?.--, that we are selling them nt y Till, ailtntwn nf ihcpiihlic is inviltil In a large stix k of gni.U now opening at S. 11. SCOTTS. A rare opportunity for puivhatiiig poiJ Goods at cxctedingly low prices, July 23 rMU. LADV'S Cabinet, devoted to snenco and Jl general literature, just received it the Book Store where subscription are received for Ibis nnd the N. X. Review, American Journal of tho Medical Scimcis and N. American Review. July 1, D. A. URA.MAN. nHSSUIv Paper, green, vellow, blue, nnd other col X ors, Ladies note nnd letter paper, It. II 11. H. H. II, mill, F and other drawing Pencils. Justrec'd Julv Ul 1511. PANGBORN IIHINSMAlll. 22& vi rv low nrice. and f inlenJ lo p as lo-.v him lower intn tnesamcnuaiiiv 1 1 ..iitcii e , can be bought in New Vork or Bostc-n, We eu- gate to sell a low at any rnie. He ware of Deception t TTlm frenuenily come to the knowledge of the sab- L scribcr that e'mpty Snuff Jars, Willi his Label on them, have been '-ought up, for tho purpose of selling tn them .m inferior quality of SninTt and, also, that his Snutl'-lil'eU hae in some instnnces been countirfcit cd, or the general design of the same so mutated as to easily deceive theuiiwai j l he theins it, thirpfore, his duly to inform purchasers of tho maiimr in which they are often imposed upon; and he would hereby rcipiest them to ttnr otTor ritfaec lho Labels on the. otilstdo of the Jars after hiving disposed of tho con tents, ho is to prevent further ti-e of lho same. V suitable reward wi I be ad for such evidence as will lead lo the detection &. conviction of tho mi poster. The eiih.nber enntinnes to manufacture, and off rs for sate, ihe fnilwnig articles : FINE BROWN SNUFF. THE ELECTIONS. Tlio elections for members of the Legis lature in Indiana have not turned upon na- Academy, gives tho following interesting tional oolitic?, but upon the micstion of in- (net : prml intnrnvfnmnt Rocauso bv tnrninc There was one incident cunnectcd with this Exhi ternal improvement, uocause, n turning raiifvincin its nature, and io well calcu this nunslinn tn account the LoCOPDCOS ItnVO lnti.1 tn awaken the human svmnathits. that we ran. ,.ainod nnmlimllv n few members, the Post is UP aUow it to pass ..ni.oticea Some year, ago an inc a creat ado, as if its parly had really philanthropy olTtrs to these chili ir,. ' . i .i i.. by her intelligence and good condi grounds for hope 111 a StatO Which Only nevolentritiien into whose family mak any two months iigo gavo a Whig majority in ev ery Congressional district in tho State, and an aggrcgato Whig majority of twelve thou sand. So too tho Post talks of Locofoco gains in Alabama, as if there were any Whig can didato for Governor. Because the majority Dupiiav who had found a home in the Asvlum which loren ni nnsioriune, tici, mtcrrsieu a uc 1 she was afterwards taken. Here she confirmed and deepened nil tho kindly sympathies which she had previously exerted. Subsequently, through the inlerest of friends, she was sent to the Acutlemy, where she has enjoyed its adtintBgcs gratuitously advantages which, as will bo seen, she did not neglect, for this Orphan, who was cast in her helpless childhood upon the charitica of the world, vesicrdav. standim? tin ainonpst the daughters of tho rich and great, received a zold mtdal as the wrtttr of the best romposmon in the Third Department! 'Cod dots ndttd temper the" wind STRIKE WHILE THE IRON IS HOT rnllAT being tho case, inst now 3 o'Llock P. M., J. the Mercury at 91 degress, the striking ofi" of Goods at thcCheapCashStore, is in lho most active, sweltering, inciting, rvaporutUo operation. Persons of great curiosity and desire, would do well to call wm o tne nirnace is in lull mast, nnu sec ine oouus vanish it is a great curiosity, for it requires lut a I jtore 0f nine money to extricate a great many pretty (jumm irom a uorinaiu to mo pasting on rtam ai 1 nmeinnic 1U if 4HJ '. Wednesday, lSih August 'II. COMMON PRAYER, For Sale, by August, lOth. C. GOODRICH. August COth. ROBINSON'S the Book D. A. 11 RAMAN. TJIDLICAT. Re-earches in Palestine, Mount-Sinai XJ nnd Afabia-relrea, now lor suie at niark Teo. for sale l,v I ) J p. WHALING it CO. July 10. n7 TAAGliKRRF.OTYPF. MIN'ITURF.S taken by E. Ua. Allen, nt the Ameiiean Hotel, Burlington, Vt. Ladies nnd Gentlemen wishincf to obtain beautiful and perfectly correct hkenes-ts, are respectfully invited tn enll and examine his specimens and prices. He trusts lhat the novelty of the science. 10 snv the hast, "ill induce the eurioui to give him a call. Tho Miniatures can be made of various, sim: s suitable- for ancat Morotco Case, Gilt Frame, l.urkct or Breast Pin. SAHHATH SCHOOL HOOKS. "T A. BRAMAN would solicit the attention of XJ stipcrintcndiiits ol Sabbath Scholls, and others, to his assortment of B-ioks suitable for S. S, Libiai nes. which he offers at a very large discount from retail pricis. Tho Muis. Sabbath School Society's publications nrc nlays on hand, including tho valu able, anu increasingly juijiuiur scues oi mum vtuc lions by Newcomb. August -utti. MUSICAL Instruments Ac. 11 K & F tlat Clnno ncttes, B iV C Fifes, Flagtelets, Guitar, Violin, nnd Vinlineelloiitrings. recievel by July ".'I 1811. PANGBORN .V BRINSMAID. STOSF.'S CASTSTP.t'.L AXF.S, Warranted su. perior to any thing in Market ?n doi. for phIp by 1 STRONGS cf. Co. July 1. ian Genuine Marciibov. ) rtwc Imitation Ho ijiar'd Sicily do ."ilaltec do Curaeon An American llnrppp, ll,.ll,,n,l J., Tuberosr, St. Omer, Slrnsburg, ('f)ARSE BROWN SM'IT. NEW GOODS. THR subscribers have ree'd. n new csortmrnt of Plain intilin DeLaiiisPrintpd muslin and Print ed I.iwns 7lk and whilo irnssellsLape French sjr. nctt I) Railroad and 7lond Do Ribbons Fans if-C. n, MURRAY WRIGHT d-co. June 16, ISO. CHINA and Kmbroided Ribbons, China Scnrf. nnd n new lot of French artificials. S. B. SCOTT. July 23. Dcniiero, Pure Virgin.n, Buibon, Kl 11(111111110. Cor-nhageii, mp,fr'd STRAY HEIFER. ClAMr. into the enclosure of the subscriber, about ' the 1st May last, a red, line-backed, two year eld heifer, of cood sua. Tho owner is reouestcd to N. B. ii..-uci0Vh-.i be even to al.rmtedmiTiDir ray Charges ana iae nir ow sy. of Pupils, if det.rsd, and the Apparatus. Materials, I A. P. MURRAY Ac. for thertocitsfurnUhtd. Aug. 10. l&H. wiiiton, Augus; ICtri, 1.11 STRAYED, from the subscriber, about five wnks since, a small black French HORSE, 10 or 11 years old, wilh long tail, smill spavins on his leg, and a stripe round the right hind leg. Whoever will return said horse, or give any information relating lo the sime, wJeremuh Potter shall be suitably re warded. Hl'Br.RT BI.AIS. Burlngton, COth August Natchitoches, French Rappee. American Gentleman, Pure Spri!h, L. Mixture. YELLOW SNUFF. Scotch ) Iris-h illaekgunrd ) nnd 'inf. or mart High Toast.) Irish High Tossl ) SWEET-SCENTED FINE-CUT CHEWINO TOR CCO. " " Oronoko do do. FINE-CUT SMOKING TOBACCO. Sptnith, Kitifoot, Canaster, Common, and stems. ri. u.1. i.imti,i,.uui, jr. 45 Chatham Strftt, New Yotk, March. Z5U. 471m, J. J. II. PrK ( Co., AgfnJ, flmlington, Vt. 1lA7.lt IIS .ItJl.Y Hll,. E have hist rerpivl v a variety of Rodi'frs and Elliot's FinellAZORR much liked bv rrsot)a nrc, shave the rrslvr". I'ANCSOBK CV BRC'SMAfC.

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