5 Kasım 1841 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1

5 Kasım 1841 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

NOT TUB OZ.OHT OP O 21 S A R, BUT TUB WELFARE OF ROME. BYH.B. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, N0VE3IBER 5, 1841. M (JOKE'S ESSENCE OK I. IKK. A Valuable Medicine, which, if rightly applied, will bo the means of saving thousands from an untimely grille. It has been sol.Tand used for thirty year, w'lth great success, and found very cllicneioii" In the following Uiae, vix. Uortsu.npiion, Whoeqiing Couch", com mon Cough", Cu'.d-, diiricnll Breathing. Influenza, Quinsy, Asthma, Phthisic, Spitting of Blood, Flatu lency, Indigestion, Looscncs of the Dowel", Kilsol every kind, Cramp, Hiekct", Colic, Cainrrh, Dysen tary, Fainting, Hypochondriac Allectioii", Headaches, Biekness at Stomach, Measles, a preventive of Con tagion disease", Gout and Rheumatism. ICyThe above Medicine is prepared by Henry Sey mour,of Hadley, Mas., from ihe Original Recipe, by 'the direction ot said Moore, and sold by him and the itirincipal Druggists in the United Slates. Sold wholesale and retail, by Peck Si Spear, liieuealcrs generally throng h- Burlington, and bv out the eountrv 1 PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS I article is too well known to need commen dation and the experience of seven years has demonstrated to the commercial community, that lor accuracy, convenience nnd durability, they are unrivalled Coal vard scales to weigh "from 3 to G Ions. Dormant Warehouse do, to weigh from 1-2 lb. to 000 lbs., Portable do. to weigh from 12 oz. to 200 lbs. Portable Counter do a new article to weigh from 1-2 oz. to -10 lbs. J. & J. II. Peck & Co. -Incurs. Curlmeton, April 8 1911. PAINTINCJ. THK suWiler being thankful for p,it favors would repeelfiilly solicit u continuance ol the Mine and remind his friend" and the public that he is prepared to accommodate 'hem on the sborle-i notice and most favorable terms m he various branches in the above line. Shop opposite Mr. C. A. Seymour's Hat Store, Pearl-ttet, Burlington, Vl. jamks scorr. Aprd I, 1S1I. nl3:ly HEADACHS. CERTAIN CURE FOR SICK HEADACHE, which has been used in families, every member of which has had sick headache fiom infancy, no a constitutional family complaint, and Ins cured effee tually in every instance yet known, amounting to ma ny hundreds. It is not unpleasant to the taste, nnd does nut prevent the daily avocations of'oiicuing it it must be persevered in, and the cure is gradual, but certain and permanent. Instances are constantly miiltiplvitigwlicrethi- distressing complaint is rnm. tiitety reucven aim citreu, aiiiiougti ol years standing iv the use of Dr. Spohn's celebrated icmcdv. One decided preference is its pleasantness having none of the nauseating ellcctof common drugs. Itis so perfcctlysatisfactory, that the proprietor has giren directions for his agents to refund tha price to any one who is not pleased with, and even cured by it. He hopes also that this may secure its great ben efits to the distressed sulleri'rs who arc laboring under -Headache. 1.. bl'Ull.N, ai. D., inventor and It prictor. Sold by COMSTOCK if- CO., 71 Maiden I.nne. New York. PECK & S P I". A It, Wholesale Agents, afew doors east of the Post Office, Builing ,:on, Vt. 9 .MILIilNAHY it 1)11 IMS MAKING. By Mitt S. BRAY, "IT7HO has commenced VV in the new building on the cast side of Church street, opposite H. Lane's store, anu n lew rods soiitn r ,i,.,r-i,ri, ...!,. ...,. ?7JlU attention will' be iriven to 'VJffj'rS- the making of Bonnets, JSfr Caps and Dbesses, in ac cordance vviiti me most ap proved New York style, which Fnshions arc now just received for the season. Burlington May 26, 1841. n51 wvr, NtlTIv t, rttt I i .. , uciicii I.ICUS tVIIHJII VUHUVl ll, TIGI. .Medicine is best known by the mM intestine-. Other i. "I"" ' llCT,?,rl,,VIQ.J ' Nuw'0,n 1 1 "niu' cleansclbese, and leave scl or I urilier ol the Blood. 1 he unparalleled and still n , ,,r0Juce habitual co-iivi MOFFAT'S VEOLTAULE UKK MEDICINES. Thee medicines are indebted for their name to their manifest and sensible action m purifying the springs and channels of life, nnd enduing them with renewed tone and vigor. In many hundred certified caseswhieh have been made lull ir, nnd In almost every species ofdi-easuti which the human frame i li.iblc, llio happy elects oI'Moffat's Lite Pills and Piiienix IltiTEns have been greatfullyand publicly acknowledged by the persons benefitted, nnd who were previously unacquainted with the beautifully phi losophica! principles upon which they ore compound ed.aud upon which they consequently act. The LIFE MEDICINES recommend themselves in diseases of every form and description. Their first operation is to 'oo-en from the coals of the stomach and bowel", the various impurities and crudities con stantly scitlimr around tbenii and to remove the har dened faces which collect in the convolution ofthe it medicines only partially uch collected masses drliiiid VOL. XV....No. 22. allbeted as its extensive sale and great popularity plainly prove. It ha within the last eighteen mouths ,nlU, ., mor fl0tn ,,0 :,gency n( tlic liver and the enrol its iiiousanuoiiiie most oie-unax diseases, n lungsbctore it pacs into the heart, being thii" purified " n";'"i 1 1 , , " ny liicm, an.i nourisiicii ny loon coming irom a clean cniinent and re-pei'table physicians the best ine,li(iiieh,to,nai;l, courses fieelv through the veins, renews use. iveiiuiniorniaiioninay I'Oiouiui in circular" cverv nart ofthe system, and triunmhanilv mou'iiN sv. in, , v. iiuiuii.' ... vi.. ..m. ' ' uie uaniicr ol neanii in ine uiuomiiig cneeu. king the medicine. The following apiiouited agent". Moil'al's Vegetable Life Medicines have I mil llinr- and pronounced a sovereign remedy for LUGISLATUltK OP VliKMONT. HOUSE OP REPRESENTATIVES. SENATE. Monday, Oct. 23, A. M. Prayer by (ho Chaplain. A Hill, By Mr. Ilotluin, to abolish the Stntn School Pund, nnd appropriating part ofthe fund to the pay ment ofthe Slalo debt ! twice read and referred td the committee on Education. Mr. Swift called 111) the rntmrt nr llm rmiiiYitdnn mi llio communication from Rhodo Island, on the subject of a National Dank, The question being upon tho acceptance of the report of the committee, ndver-o to any legislation upon tho subject! Mr. Hatch moved an amendment to tho report, dissenting from tho reasons assigned by a majority of the com mil tec, bjr striking out the" preamble and inserting n subsljtuto which Mr. II. presented. The chair decided thonio" tion not in order. Mr. Hatch was in favor of'llic re produce habitual cosiivcness, with all its tram of ,Z V .J:;.,.rr . .1.1 ..!" :... ' V" .' evil", or sudden diarrluca, with its iinininciil dagerr.n roanlminn ul ..t.lu J'.;n,:n .i J "i. . in which reasons wero assigned. After remarks by Messrs. Swift, Hatch, Woostcr, Dana, Clark and Uartlett. the report was laid upon the table. Pill, By Mr. Stevens, to define tho right of free men : twice read, and referred to tho committee on the Judiciary. A communtcntion was received from the Secretary tnittces to examine and liccnso ichool teacher-. Uy committee on Roads and Canals, against tho bill to repeal the IrMwny act of Oct. 20, 1810, and it was laid on the tnblc. By committee on Election", against Senate bill toguldtiiig election of representatives, and u a iiiki ob-iiio laDio: uy coiiimutee on state inereasingreputntion which this imsiiciiie hasacuair cu tnrousiiouiiiie.cvyi-.iiBiaii(istatC", and the many This fact is well-known to nil resrular anatomist cures it has perlornieii, anu the great demand made whoexnniine the human bowels nfierdcath j and hence iui il uy iminuiiu in j -lyaiis si, .u,,iuiiuui. (U prej iiilico ol ttioso well inloriueil men ngn I n "t lllini'k prci.iriion, iias niuiiwu wit; iiupiiviur 10 tisiiu niedieitics or medicines prcparis and heralded to us cir.iuiiiim.i iu uiniusi every lown in uie ensiern tliu public by ignorant person". T he second cllect ol Siate and the principal towns in ihe United Slates. ii.l.,r.. Mi..li,.incs is in ,-timi. it.,- I. iM,,,.v m.i ,i,., This Panaceis warranted purely vegetal le, and is nut ,1a,,lL.r, nnd by this means, the liver nndtholunirs,thc : hcatthiuiact.on o. wi.ien entirely. icpcnus.ipon the re- f State, enclosing a conv in nar . of tho k. r n giiiarny oi ttic uriiiar. organ-, i tie iiood, winch . nf .1, - r,., ii, ti;.i,;.leu strengthening PLiASTKl! : Al-o, fur Rhcuina ti-m, Lamene-s or pains in the sides, limbs or back : for scrolulous swelling", scurvy sore", Krcsh wound" i and for a general Family Piaster nr salve. For Corns, moreover try it; paioclo.-e, persevere in the u-e by making a new applicalion occasionally, and in time, yonreorns will be eured. For sale by PECK & SPEAK, and Dn. ROUT. MOODV. Burlington, Jan. 23, 1811. ly.f.lS susof this Slate, received fiom the District Clerk. 1 he rules of tho Senate, on motion of Mr. Dana. wero so amended ns to admit members of the Coun cil of Censors to seats on tho floor of .he Senate. i. incorporation the Vt. Minim? and Sine line company, called up by Mr. Dana, the nmendincnt of Mr. Hatch, to render private property of tho stock liolileis liablo for tho debts of the corporation being Flninl.'ii.-v l'nliuniii,nnrilu.l!..nr. I ,, . ""ucr consideration, iur. iiaicn epono in lavnr oi llio Hatulemj, lalpitationol tlie lenrt, Lof nronosed amendment, onno-rd in drbato bv Mes-rs. Iieart-iuirn anu iieaci-acne, uu.t e..ness, p.nt... ,. nnA'.l,lM ;,.!,,,', ..vnln ,,. ed the object of the application, as merely to raise a iiinu iroiu small sums, to try an cxpcrimeiu upon a mine, supposed to consist principally of zinc. Messrs. Woostcr and Bartlett advocated the amend ment, andMe-srs. Clark and Bottum opposed, when i ne inn was laid upon the tiinte. BUI, relating to the trustee process, called up by Mr. Woostcr. who explained iis nrovisinns, nnd ad vocated its passage, when Mr. Bartlett, after remarks Burlington, PECK nnd SPEAR, H. Moody otHily te-lciCn St Albaii", Curtis and Ru-sel Milton, C. Drake Dvpepia, Flat Milton Falls, Buinet and Sawyer Waterv ille, Fik of Aimetite. Ilea i ...... 11.. n...l - 1 :.r... I ... ' ' ' . r .a. ' ..mi uruwii,-iiiiiy-i.uisii, nun uhu ouu i uu i.ix, M.cniper, Anxiety, Languor ami .vieianclioly, Uos Parker and .Iatlk-ld Vergenne-, Adams and Murray hivenes", Diarrbusj, Cholera, Fevers of all' kind-. Uinilindge, .M. w ires Uiderlnll, M. Harney R,cuiu.itim, (Join, Drop.ics ot all kinds, -(Jrnvel, North rernsburzh, H. C. Wicker Georgia, A. Bliss Vorm, Asthma nnd Consumption, Scurvy' Ulcers' Wdliston.iS. Chittenden Richmond. Green & Rhodes t..,.i1.rn!f. Snss. K.-nrl,iinV KniPiinns and lln.I tv.m. Johnson, (J. L. Warner and Monklon, Ethan Llexions, Eruptive complaints, sallow, Cloudy, and Smith Bakerslield. Arniingtoii and Woodward hair- oiherdi-ngreeable Complexions, Salt Hheuni, Erysip- uciii, nuriivi mm aiu.wwiii, c.u. .. i y .1. i j cla, lAiintiion uoid" and iiiiiuenza,nnd various other rrrr.".TT1 . : 7T. coiiiiilamts which allhVt Ihe human frame. In Fever. lm m A ItS II A 1. 1."'s conllniiiis ntirivn mi! n. n ..i . .L... I .r.. . ill lengthening I'LAST KR. KLo U Ithcuma- Z Tj.l I, Zl: T S' " T. "Pn the pbneral subject, tnored ll.a.the bill be re ' . " j i ...... li'-- nnimitin.l .! inn.Fitnii.tiia nf nim ill llloril. 1 1 J ijunii.ain ut , I. w. Uikc4 Di , j;, sj. Camp 16 i I SLNA'I E, 2 o'clock P. M ScattcnnoO. , . n,lls-Hy Mr. Woostcr, in alteration of chapter 109 Win. Woston, Lsq. of Burlington vvas elected Ro- of Revised Statutes, repotted without amendment, porter ordeci-ioiisol the Supicmo Court s nnd ordered to he engrossed, and rend a third thnci We".0!' 'oil ! P. Thompson 60 Scattering 4. Mn addition to chapter 03, sec. 15 of revised statutes, prison. Senate Nil. to eiec.i,,,, , reported by committee on the ludic.ary, wut.ou. theOnneral Awml.l inAi i. Vll f . .Uil X.iCr. "","v""i"" "u "u Blm U""Q- na ine aincnumeni, rca.ia tniru lime anu pnsreo. iw-iilim. iiu it ji.oi Vi I ,U"V"I" persuiia Here ticciiu : .-vtr. UlarK tailed up Hie rep reading. Bv Select committee, recommending the passage of a resolution, directing the Governor to ap point an agent tocxamino whether Vermont has a just claim upon the national government for revolu tionary sorvuees, an I tho resolution vvas adopted. By Land. Tafoommiitec, bill taxing Newark. The report on the case of Mr. Scott of Greensboro' was recommitted to thocommittcc of Elections with directions (o mako a w rilteii report of the facts in tho case. The Senate came in, and in joint assembly, David J?icrce, Es). of Woodstock was unanimously appoint c,tl auditor of accounts against the state. '.The Senate withdrew and the llouso adj. SENATE. Tuesday. Communication from Council of Censors relative to the militia laws vvas referred to Judiciary Com mittee. Hilt, authorizing the Secretary of State to sub scribe for Thompson's Ga.ettecr, amended by eras ing 50, and inserting 100 copies, to he subscribed for, when llio bill vvas read a third lime nnd passed. The Senate went into joint assembly, and devot ed the remainder of the founoon in the uppoiutmcnt of county officer-. HOUSE Ulllt. Prom the Senate, authorizing the trcasutcr to settlo concerns of the state bank, or d. red to a third reading; from the S'enntc, for tho election of chaplain of statu prison by the general as sembly, laid on the table ; for amendment. Vote of yesterday on rep. rt of committee not to repeal Pox Bounty was rcconsi Itrcd, and leave was gr anted to bring in a bill to repeal said bounty. ringroisid bills. Taxing lands in Newark and Goshen, severally passed. The Senate came in and the following appointments were made. COUNTV OFFICERS. DE.N.NISOTON COUNTY. HclirV StOWell (if Cnlllbriilno. fKlnur.tl f,n r........ no c .9v ' uiuuici i.jiioii oi, ocaiiermg 4.) un Ihe report nnd resolution. r- Na-1 lating to Senators holding office under tho outhort'v I ,f .iiiirrri.wd nnd limviil 1I1M Inn rnnnrf Smt fpsiltu i, tlV """"Jury, (.icvvctl iu, i.evi ttoti ho recommitted with instructions to me commit- -. !,' ,c,ftlc,lni!-) I tec of Elections to report what action is necessary O. P. Chandler of Woodstock. (Chandltr 1 13, upon the subject. Mr. Pik said the committee sp. Ira Davis 79, II, ,11. Henry 1.) I po3ed they had discharged their duty in reporting tf.o Tho senate withdrew, and the House, after order- ficls, and leaving the action necessary to the decision "K niu iiiiiiiuiK oi mo rtjiori oi inc superintctiuent ol ot the senate. mo stain prison. Adj SENATE-Wednesiuv, Oct. 27. Mr. Clark asked leave of absence from and .ifltr to. morrow morning, tor Jlr. Richer, Hills, bing a tax on lands in Jay, reported by committee without amendment, read a third tune am1 msscdi altcriiiL' the name of tho town of Coventry in l.rnvn rrrnntnt. I flrlnne rnnnr't'A liv Mr. f rnntfliwA V. ttbn Rt.ltr Hill, incorporating the Vermont Miningnnd Smelt-1 the f.ets m llie case, and, on motion of Mr. Fli1., nig toinpauy, uio question oiing upon Ihe amend- the lull vvas laid Upon the table. iiitm, ,ui. iiu.eii propose.! iuiuu.r to amend tne amendment, purporting better to secure to l.ibor.rs for the corporation, the payment of their dues. Mr. H. accompanied his proposition with remarks in its favor, ot some length. Mr. Dana "uggestcd that the bill already made ample provision for'tho object eon- icinpiaicu nv lie amendment now o l.-rw . .nr. Kiongctt demanded the yens and nays, when J the bill bo indefinitely po-tpomd the amendment to the amendment wasadontd. VLas ' tininuve. v. as 21. navs 1. 22, nays lis theqaesti' n arising upon the adoption of I (Icolvgical Sumy Mr. Blodgctt presented a m the amendment ns amended, a debate ensued by nonty report ot the committee on Agriculture, adverf Messrs. Dillingham in favor, and Eaton of Fr oppos. 17 such a survey, which was read and lail upon tin cd, when the .-euate went into joint assembly, and. 1 table, when returning, the .abate vvas further continued by .vlf-ssrs The Senate went into joint assembly. Assistant Justices. committed, with instructions of ntn.ndmcnt. The rover ami Agueuiincis,i uysiciuiis uiuiusi universally """J.!.v VfltV.r. ..... i.:.i .i. .i.i. .1 1 1111 . un mil lull ui .nr. iiiiim. w,i liiiu uiiuii i iv iiilis-. present e inem. ,,,11 ,!,!: f, ,, ,.,,,! nf ,,n nrnrpeda of llm THE BOOKSTORE OP the Subscriber is just replenished with a new and valuable assortment of BOOKS, STATION ARY AND ENGRAVING-?, among the many in teresting works may be found the follow ing I.carn to Die, by Christopher Sutton, Sutton on the Sacianieuts, The Young Man's Aid, by Rev. H. Winslow, Glimpses of the Past, Language of Flowers, Tales of the Ocean, Flora's Int. rprctcr, Flora's Lexicon, Summer Journey in the West, bv M Rn-. l The Nestorians, or the Lost Tribes, by Dr. Grant A Weuk in Wall-Street , , , D. A. BRAMAN. July 30, ll9 All that Mr. MoHat renuirfs of hi" natients is to be particular in taking the Life Medicine" strictly accor ding to the direction". It i" not a newspaper notice, or by anything thet heluniselfniay.-ay in their favor, that he hopes to gain credit. It is alone by the rc-ulls 01 it lair iriui. MOFFAT'S MEDICAL MANUAL! de-mned as a dome-tic cmde to health. Thislinle tiaiuiihlet. cd'nil by W.H. Mo Tal.275 UroaiUvav. New York. ba I tvn pill li-hcd for the nurposu ofexplaining morcfully Mr. .vio lats theory 01 uisca-cs, anu win tc toiin.i highly interestmi toi'iersons stvkiiiK health. It treats upon prevalent di-ea-es, and the causes thereof. Price, 25 cent for sale by Mr Moll'.il'" A gent" generally. 1 uc-e taiuanie .'leucines arc lor sate uy lvoi eri Mno.lv Drmrci-t. if- Ueneralasent. (to whom all an- plieations for aSLmcies should I eaddietsed, post paid) liiirtmgion, v t. jan. 4, ibii. public land-, called un by , Mr. uana, and the proposed amendment, ptoviding that so much of the avails as may not be oiherwise appropriated, bo applied to the payment of the Slate debt, (incurred in building llio Siato House) being under consideration, after remarks by Messrs. Dana and Bottum, the bill was laid upon tho table, and l lie Senate adjourned. HOUSE. Monday, Oct. 25. 2,00 DHLS. Pork 1,0001b". Lard 10,UOO lbs Hams, for sale by LYMAN & COLI'. FALL GOODS AT N. LOVELY & Co's. ""fUST received, and now opening for sale, Ledgers, Journals & Record Hooks. OR towns, county nnd probate records manufac tured from the best linen wove Demi and Mcdi mn pancr.bound in calf: Also, a variety of common vcnlative as well as a sovereign remedy in..... ....i. 1. ni r... .....1.. ... . . i.. nr . ....... I,;,,.. i..,...,,,r.... 1 ;.. ...mm.;.... u lHJim ill I. JH SJIU llli;.!' 1UI ICilU l'J t ls DlH UI I Sill (ins-, tint 111111 lisisiwiwit nuvn hi ititiiMii, i, full J Assortment of Goods, adapted to the season, such Printed Saxony cloth, a great variety Alpackas, all kinds, plain and figured French and English Merinoes, fiuuied and p'ain Plain blk and fig'd mourning and half-mourning Mo-isselilie-dc-Iainc Plain, fancy ami figured ditto Plain white satiin. striped challys Plaid mousseline-dc-laine, a new article Prints A choice selection of Furniture Prints. September, 10, 18-11. the Red Ledger, by 1911. flATTLE of kinds bongul as usual, a lilwral ad- vy vauce made for those taken on commission, few- pair of srood Uecf Oxen will be very acceptable on the 10th of June, and the highest price will Lupaid ca-u lor .such. ALSO To exchange, a fir-t rate Chaite and Hnr- lor stoci. or iali. n50 DANIEL KIMBALL, Jr. Burlington, May 12, IS 1 1 . NOTICE. THE COPARTNERSHIP heretofore exi-ling 1 . vecn II. M. CIDMMIS and DAN I.Y ttS under the firm of If. M. GlllDI.N'tJS .V Co., ha r"'.ii.s,!vetUvihedec.-a-eof II. M- OIDDI.NHS. ipu ktirvivinn nailncr has -oil tbu STOCK of ..jAitu in S4MIir.l. M. POPE, who is bcubv ai ihoriied loroliect ai.d discharge the debts due the late ' . ...lil.n..- imb-htnl are reuuested to mil! .! iay- Siohim: , DAN LYON. Uiiilingion Oct. 1. Id II. QAMUE1. M. POl'M having mm-hajc-tl the nfRn.li of He ale Firm of H. M. OH'- rr,.,.o. r. i...,,.i . -rit-i-s nitiicn ibal he ha- com- UliVUOW' s, isi'i r," ; - . , , ... i i....:,,...s at i ho Si.md ri-ceuilv occiipic.1 by said firm, and invites hi" friend- and the eu-loincrs of Ihe late Concern and the Public generally to extend to him, at len-t, a share ol Iheir patronage. Burlington. Pet. 1. 1811. I at The Real Uslate l'or Sale. i nilT .;v,..n n.-r... i,f laild. lvillg 111 Ulldcrllill A ,l,ini.iL' Ihe farm cf Ruul eu Parker, with a good M.n..u. nnil I nrn thereon, lemg the hou-e and bin -owned and poc-ed 1 y Reuben Bond, deceased . .: . in. .li.nili. i note ol'eied for sale. landisofgoo-1 quality nnd lies upon the hill road . f.i:L. r.,,, ItniWrliill villasu to Canil ridge. Per-oiis '. wishing to purchase will please mako application to : the subxriler. , .... iiii w rutlllLH. adm'r lie boms non of the e-tale ol Reuben lloud. t...i..i,ill Aim. 14. 1811. I''' Vnf irall Hoods. M. WRIGHT &i Co. have just received an as T7 XJ.fortincnt ot entire new piiuriiis .... w. n-trk- Fn-lish nr nls, 4-4 Scotch viuiguaiu-, .nn-u Lis e, Thread and L'inen Laces, Plaid Tl.,1 ets Flan--'?''.... nrti.. for children'- wear,) Plaid Shawls, etc. 'which are odered at very low prices i ,u .trvl. of Farewell'. Gaiter Boot", Walking ' c.'.: wl i.n.l French Kid Tie" nnd Slippers, ?,r.:,,7 ' rT!;,.n,..f new article.) Mi-ses do. all which will le sold cheap as thechcape.-l. Aug. 25. n-? NEW SILK GOODS. PHELPS & KIMBALL, 71 Slate street, Boston i. ili.-ir Fall simnlv of Silk Ooods i - ,.mit!iii. assortment of fashionable anil desirable articles in their line, to vvhich they invito rfhe attention of purchasers, for Ca-h, or on short ....., itt. will lc so d at the owesl mar- let price". Their assortment consists in part of Ihe followinz articles ! Blk synshrws and sar-net.,1 Merino and cloak studs Blk and blue-black cro' dr Book and ftwi- mu-lins, Swiss. Tlain and rich fig'd gro' de Nante", Chine silks of all kind", Striped and fig'd Rep. silks. Bonnet silks alius, f Jorenci-s, wrge, crepe li tre, Plain and fig'd satin vest Blk, blue-black and coi'd bombazines, Ulk and blue-blk nib vel vets, .1 I. ine. Hilienne", print"! Saxo-nie. Uosion, September 1, 1811. BLANK BOOKS. TVTATIJKE'S GRAND RISTORAT1VE. L valuable Vegetable Medicine stands unrivalled for the following complaints, viz: Dyspepsia, or Indi gestion, diseased Liver, bilious disorder-, Dropsy, Asth ma. Costivene-". Worms and lo-s of Appetite, and by cleansing the siomach and bowels, cures pains m ihe side, stomacti and lireast, colds and coughs ol long standing, Hoarseness shortness of breath, iNervous 'otnplnmts, etc., which areficnncntly the elect of dis ease. I til i cvcr.lliu jiuiii, ll is a must VUIU.UUC oit;- II" virtue June HUNTINGTON. Ii3 Prayer bv Rev. Mr. Ballou, Itcnorts. Bv committee on Agriculture, against tho petition of N. W. Gurnsey and others for a repeal of tho fox bounty : after a few remarks by Mr. Rice of S. against concurring m this icporl and Messrs. Robbies and Gilchrist for concurring the House concurred m the report, 73 to 72. By com mittee of Claims, bill to pay Henry S. Morse and others, and it vvas ordered to uc engrossed. I'ctitions. Of Abel Onion and others, and of Cal viti French and others, referred to select committee on the division of Windsor co. Of first concreL'a- Plus ''u113' society of Pavvktt, referred to Judiciary com mince. T ic Sneaker annointcd tho committee on the peti tion for a tax on Washington co. Messrs. Sargeant, Chandler ot vt. and V Has. Ensrrosscd hills. In addition to chan. Gj R. S, relating to oaths of guardians ; in addition to chap 7111. S., venders of clocks to bo deetnel pedlars altering name of Coventry to Orleans; annexing part ol 1-airlax and i-lelcticr to camuridgei to alter inc namo ot Janeu hure i. and mauenerhcirot .Aiartin nnd Evelina Armstrong) severally lead the third tunc nnd pissed. Hilti introduced. Bv Mr. Dewey, in addition to 25th chan. R. S. fnrovidinir. amoui' other llniiirs, that execution -hall not issue against ihe body of the Gardin B. Soutliworth, ) lleni. F. Olin, (JuidinA. Smith, Shcrilf, Ilnrniou Cnnfield, State's Attorney; Aaron Dcnio. jr. Hieh H ail if 1". Lorcn Dean, Judge of Probate for the district of Manchester. Orsanius C. Merrill, Judge of Pro'into for the dis trict of Bennington. A. P. Merrnnan, John C. Roberts, William il. Spciry, Commissioners for the jail nl Manchester. Orsatnus C. Merrill, John Weeks, Daniel Iluhng, Commissioners for the jail of Bennington. WINDHAM COUNTY. Henry Wheclock, Wm. R. Shaficr. Gates Perry, jr. Shcrifl'. Vitus' Dance, two bottles have I ecu known to cure this alllictnig disease, after having I allied every excr lion lor four vears. It has a most powerful inthience in removing nervous complaint". It i pleasant to lake I i '" ""''"" i""i ,7 , , nnd socasy in its operation, that it may I caduiinislered lu person rcsiu.og u. me o uu-, m... u, ,-ithsatety. ineaiiovo aiedicine is very "".. :--s ... ..is.. A PAPER HANGINGS. NEW supply, with burders, etc. just ree.'d from tho inanutacturers. juy a. u. uuuuitiutt, to the infant wi' highly recommende.1 by many scientihe gentlemen, and n large miinlcr ol Indie-, who have proved the virtue" 01 the.iicdi.-inc by personal use and ihat ol ilieir families. A bill ofccriilicaleaccoinpaiiie.seach bottle, wilh directions. It may I e had wholesale or lelad ol S. Britain, Barre, and J. C. Fnrnani, Ea-t Williams- town, v t. sole proprietor-, rrcpared Irom the origin al recipe; for sale by E. II. Prentis-, Monlpelier, and I tCK q-aptAU, Burlington, and in the principal towns in the shite tall directions signed in the hand writing olibeproprietor NEW GOODS. nnill! sub-cril eis h ue just received from N. York, jl a large iis-oriiueni 01 F A N C Y GOODS. aniong which may e found Heavy 1 lack and Muu blaelc roi do ?oi Silks, " (irodeSwi-s " " " " " Pekin striped " .. " UrodeAlrique" " Light coloicd " do " '" .In " Pekin striped " " Plaid Poule Sol. (a new article) " Boiinci silk-, 1 nnnct Lawn-, blk Italian cravatS; plain and fig'd Ficnch boml azine--. Half mourning;, plain fig'd, all wool Mouslinc .Icl.ame--, Chinee nnd Palm striped Mo i-line deLainc very hue. Luce V oil-, Blk nett sb.iw s and -carf-, licit Mitts and Glow siiucrior Kid do bombazine and satin stocks. Worked cambric & Mu-lin In-erlings & lodging-, 1 bread K lgiug",bonnet&cap Kilitun-, new styles .epliyr vvor-teii, plain and noii d sill, iio-e, Worsieil Working Patten-aivl Canva, etc. July 23, 1811. ti7 E. M. WRIGHT & CO. SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. T 11 ST received, a supply U Trus-e-, of every uescriptioti or single, Oct. 1. ol Marsh's celebrated for -ale by the dozen CATAIIHH SNUFF, IITARSHALL'S S.M'FF, is still euringthe Catarrh ITXand the various di-case- ecinion against the body is not allowed ;) referred to Judiciary committee. By Mr. Bascoin, abolishing the stateseliool fund ; referred to committee on l.du cation. By Mr. Pierpoint, in addition to a. t charter in: Verrrennesi referred to Juai iarv committee Prom the Senate, authorizing the treasurer to settle concerns of the Vl. State Bank ; ordcreJ to a second readme. llcsoluttons. By Mr. Barnes of A., requesting the treasurer to report the amount paid from tho treasury for the last six vears. for militnrv drills and courts martial ; adopted. By .Mr. May, instructing the committee of Ways and Means to report the balance lor or against ine siaie, aucr ucuueung iroui mo re cctiits of ast vear funds not apt) bcaule to stato ex pen-es! adopted. Bv .Mr. Canlield. for a joint as semi ly i p. 111. on tu.siay to diet supc'ineniiini 01 tne slate prison; laid oil tne lauic. isy .vir. iie-icu, instructing committee on Education to inquire into the exprdieney of making an appropri ition to aid in preparing l nompson s new azettccr 01 1. ; a tonic.1 The resolution prohibiting the introduction of bills, save ov committees, alter lues.nv. vvas taken up, nit nniendmcnt by inserting Fndav, movid and the resolution uml n,i, cn.lMie, it tvns 1...1 i.rt tl.Mtol.l.. I ho Gth annual Report of the Vt. Asvlum for the Insane vvas presented, nnaouu copies wero ordered nrinted. .11 r. mason inov.d 1110 printing 01 jiai cop es ncpori of committee to settle with tho superintendent of the state prison ; agreed to. Adj. SENATE. 2 O'clock, P. M. Sabin, Ddlinghnn. Bottom ami Dniw. wlu-n Mr Hetnenvvay demanded the yea- and navs, and the amendment vvns rejicted, yeas 11, inys (3, nnd the bill, on motion of Mr. Dana, was laid upi ti the table; relating lu the trustio process, .nllcd up by Mr. ,uu3iurff uiu tjiii'siiou ucing up'in a motion 10 recom mit the I ill, with instructions of nmi tidmctit, was op posed by Messrs. Dillingham and Woostcr, when Mr. Rat licit withdrew- his motion of reeonimiltiitut, and the bill was ordered to bo engrossed t Ifnusn hiiu. jaying n tax on land-in Goshen, layinga tax on lands in Avery's Gore severally twice riad and referred to committee on laud laves; to pay Henry S. Morse and others the sum mentioned, twice read and refer red to coiuniittec on Claims. Message from the Governor, transmuting paprrs from several States, which were read, and severally rcierreti 10 iuc;r appropriate commute, s. Assistant Justices. Royal Tyler, State's Attorney. 1'ardon U. Kimball, High liaihtl. Assistant Jus iccs. Assistant Justices Assistant Justices, Parker, Willard Assistant Justices. Mn.VDOlV SASII- v T Just received 13, 211 Hill, to nay Thos. II. Puller the sum of ten dol- ofthe head, as well as lars for services performed fur the State, reported by sore eye., in all parts 01 the eouniry ; and sustaining tho coninnttee on claims, mat mo samo ougui 10 the rep ilalion which it has long since gained, of pass; ordered to bo engrossed and read .1 third lime; Icing niisoiuiciy llie ncsi article 01 llie kino 111 me irom llie Itouse.aucring uamcni ineioivu 01 toveuiry market. to that of Orlcnni twice icid anJ r. ferred to the Each botlle contnins tbreeiimes the .iiiantilv of one Senator from Orleans county; m addition to clinji those which arc oflercd nt "urvLJ I v r. I 1 - 7-1 of the revised statutes, (taxing clock pcdl oflho' FIVE CENTS." And i" therefore 11 much cheaper and a 17 liy J easements 01 as well as uctier arliclc. i- or sine ny . .. -. . 1 1 sash, a lirsl rale article at 31 and 3 J cents per light-, al-o all kind" and-ize, lurui-nui 10 order. Ticondcroga black- lea I. a tir-t rale article, for sale v-erv low. together wi a great variety of other am clasc cheat) as cuu be (ouiid at any other establish- inenl iu the place. Geo. Peterson. PECK &. SPEAR and Dr. UOBV. .MOODY. Burlington, Jan. 22, 1811. ly.1.18 ars) twice read, and referred to committee on Finance ; altering tho name of Jane Church to that of Jane Armstronui twico read and referred to the commit lee on tho Judiciary ; in addition to chap. 63, sec. -13, of the revised statutes-twice read ami reterreu 10 ine committee on the Judiciary : annexing a part of the tow ns ot l-airlax and i-telcher to ine town 01 L-am-bridge twice read and referred to the Senators from

Franklin county. Mr. Fisk. of the committee on Election', to whom vvas referred the resolution raising iheinquiry whether any gentlemen holding seats in the Senatcnro holding &IOO K. t WARD. C'l fill REWARD has been offered for months tJJ 1 XjyJ to any one who will use ahottlcof Jlcni's Liniment for the I'iles, without being cured. Of thousands sold, in no one lnslnnf-,t ttna if fnitil nf .1 rnrp. Proof nv-rritli. I mini. N12W ARRIVAL. to be hud where it is sold. It is also a certain euro in any office of profit or trust under the authority of Jtlsl itcceiveu ui i'1-.v.rv. anu 01 -r.rtiv .tpoiu-1 ntarly ctery case. congress, mauu rcpori, mat uiu iin. ...nnti ... ecane-. Vaugban'sHo-e Oinimcnl for r.-nioving (ExternallrA iu the follow inpcomnlaints. For the Aiken, a Senator from Caledonia, was. at tho tunc l l.-t.... Itin-. Worms. Punt) cs on llie race, mid Pit. . f,.r ;,tl drntiev. o-nrli-r fj-.-t snrn ilironr l,t. .-nn. I nf Ins election, nostiuaster at I.amoilievute. nnd thai other cruptiuns. eirs or ulc.rs, croup, whooiiing cough, scald head, pos' bills to Ihe 2Jd ins', bearing Ins signature, have Atk-iii.on's lleni a orv. or removing supcruuou -i-,,, .mrssnr 1 inchest, csnecia Iv in e 11 drcn. toul 11 . Of en rccciveu ai iiioiiosvouiceiu .Huninciivi icuu.anu lTnir n tin. Inr-i-. PII-. I i.r. .if llm tone nr ntbi-r fiiliiriis son-s. Imtvi'i fi- nl.sli. laid linon the table. i-1-..m- i 1:01-1, iinsii-r. t-iiicii gives lmuieuiaie ri- in, nuisnr ,inir smniiinci. nM i uiiiini h. rni limit i ic yris in auuiuon io ciitinicr uu. oi uie rev SCO sr. nn,l ,.n,,i,,'pn. l.iit f.-w- ni.lilli-nillllls lO eradicate itlCUll inrVLT fltT'l' Viimi- c,rii.i- hnr mmlfr-f. lltrt I tiltPS. Called lin. and tllO OUCStiOtl of CIlLTOSSIIieUl I1C- i hta nrrirr. null, inn il im ,riuirariouniier,rtK. un not eauveu ; in it-uc u uiw uouiuy .-ii maris, i,.n.u nun be imposed upon. Onu thing only vvi'l protect you nnd referred to tho committee on ngneullure ; by ccm. ii istliniiniiii-iif CO.VSTOCK if- CO; that unit on education, a I ill authorizing the sec. of slatu to ....i n,.-.,,, n ,1-fMnir. nr t-nit innt-1 .-hint, sntiscribc for fifty conies of Tlioiunson's Gizcttcer, cd. Do not torect it. Take the direction with you twico read and ordered to bo engrossed an I rend a third and test by that, or never buy n ; for it is impossible time ; incorporating tho t. Mining and hinclling for any oilier to bo Irnenr genuine. n'J company, caueu up uy .nr. uana, mo question ncio alloai-tni-r. A supply of Balm of Columbia, the mo-t celebra . i ' i, I....I- i ,.r.i,.. ii,., i- ivu aril, it? I. r tiiuiiriiii mm lu-iviuinni ,.i in-. ...... Sept. IS, IS 11. Shawls of all km-J Fancy handkerchief" and scan-, n creai varieiv. Pocket handkerchiefs of all kind-. Linen caml rie and cam bric handkerchief-. Italian et French cravats, 31. 30, 38, -10 inch, Glove", men's, women's c. c ildrcn's silk", hucw, and woolen. Itibbons,cap, bonnet, licit, laita anu satin, Plain aa'd fig'd mousseline Galloons, French and En- -jewing silk", twist, braids, cords, etc. &c. Gw, fly BROAD CLOTHS 0 rllEAP ! cheap! ciiuap ! TUST opened by E. M. Wmgiit & Co, a large .1 A....r,.n. of Broad C oths, which areofltred to .h. i. cheancr than cver.-P. S. Call and see. , .'.i.-,eu Becmnber, 9th 1811. IfOOND. . , OR may be found in this village, directly opposite the Methodist Chapel, an OLD PAINT SHOP, newly fitted upin good style, where tho undersigned will bo glad, to wait on his old cujtonuru who may favor him with their patronage. 6ml9 .. R. O. SPAULDING, Builinjtonj Ajiril 13, 1H. (CrG UKSMITHING,J "Itr HATCH would inform tho in- habitants of Burling'oti and vi cinity, that he has opened a simp in Cliuich street, nt the sign of tho Rifle, where lie intends to carry on the Gun smith Business, iu all its various branch es. Having been employed for tho last six years in the shop of J. M. Caswell, in Lansingburgh, (undoubtedly the best shop in the United ."states,) lie tcet- war ranted in offering his work to tho public. Burlington, June 1, 1811. HXYKTKIimilS! A oentleman btioneincto IVL oneof the most ancient and wealthy families of tins city, who must bo well known to numerous trienus having since the year 1818, up to recently, been bent neatly double, and for several years confined to his bed, has been restored to good health has regained his natural creel position nnd has nuitteil his cur- ringe, and now walkswitli case!! We bclievo this is the gentleman's own description as near as possible, and there is no exaggeration in it. We will eive innui- rcrshisnddress, and doubt not humane feelings will excuse iiicnotriy; so mat any one aouuime, may . . . I. . r .1 1. I i i SI hnutc inese lucis inuugii uu icuucsis ms name may notnppcar in print. Aniong other instances. Sir. Jas. G. Reynolds. Ill Christie-street, has been restored. and will givo personal assurances of the facts of his case. Both were rheumatism, nnd contracted cords and sinews. I low lias tins I ecu doner Answer, liu the Indian Veuelalile r.lUer in ternally, and Jlewes' AVrte Bone LinimeiU externally. Jan. 20, 1811. Sold only by COMSTOCK CO., 71 Maiden .(in. jYjui York. n9 PECK & SPEAR, Wholesale Acsnts, a few .tljoii mm vf thPot office, Duilinyon, Yt, Sold by COMSTOCK CO., 71 Maiden Lane, upon tho adoption of the amendment rendering the New York. P K U K cc s I" I-; A it, wimisale Agents, a few doors east of the Post Ofiicc, Burlin;;- ton, Vt. DOUT. MABSIIAIiIS Aromatic, Catarrh and Headache SNUFF. This Sniilfis superior to any ilo'ii-' vci known, fur reinoving ibat I roitble-ome dis ease, ihe Catarrh, and nlo a cold in the l.eiul, mid Ihe headache. It opens and purges out ail on-unctions, stienglhens the gland-,and give a ht-allhy action to the parts a!!ecied. ll i perfectly tree from uny ibingdcle lerious in its composition lias a pleasant flavor, and ilsiniiiusliatecileci, after U-ing iiscil, i abgreeable. Price 3T cents per bottle. Duel. Mar-hall's Vegetalite Indian iitacn n.ASi 1lii Plaster is unrivalled for curing scrofulous svvcl lincs, Scurv y Sores, Lame Back, and Fre-h Wounds ; ......... I 1. II ,.ll .- nn,l .l,l,im r..l.. ... IIUIIIs ill llie Mti.-, ..i-- - ..it. iu give relief in lis-al Rheumatisms. If applied to the iile.il will cure many of the common Liver Couiplaiui.; and is equal, if nol superior, to any linns in u-e for corns on llio feet ; the urine, of Ibis Pla-ter have I ton witnessed by thousand, (it individuals in tiiu railed Sidihs. w ho have te-leil its etlicai-v. Sold bv I be pro prietor; Cha. Howen, Middlebury, Vt., and Plck & Si-ear, Burlington, vt. jel SABBATH SCHOOL BOOKS. DA, DRAMAN would solicit tho attention of supcrintendants ol Sabbath Scholia, and others, to his assortment of Books suitable for S, S. Librai-rii-s. which be offers at a vcrv largo discount from retail prices. The Moss. Sabbath School Society's publications are always on hand, including the valu ablo and increasingly popular series of Bible Quev lions by Newcomo, i August Ultli, t - - - private propetly of the stockholders liablo for all the debt" of llio corporation. Mr. Di linghaiti supported tho amendment, on ihe ground thnt it protected tho rights of the people. Mr, Bottum opposed, for the reasin that it would prove n cheat; purporting to hold out protection, but really operating ns a fraud, 'llio amendment vvas further iiniintpii tiv .viessrs. linn cuauu u no nam. iiinvoi. nnd Messrs. Dana and Bottom against ; tho bill was laid on the table, on motion of -Mr. Dillingham. On motion rf Mr. Woostcr, tho Sonata adj. HOUSE. 2 o'clock. P. M. Contested Seat. The committee on Elections, to whom hid beeen rcfercd thoered.-ntiilsof Nathan W. Scott of Greensboro', reported lint Mr. Scott hid not resided in the town of Greensboro' ouo year preced ing, and concluding with a resolution that Mr. Scott is ml entitled to n seat. Laid on the table. till! intrmlured. Iii mir-n.inca of leave.a bill taxing the lands in Goshen, which was twico real and or dered to be cngros'cd. t',i!iimi if-c. Tho remonstrance of Artemas Rich ardson and others against 'llie right of FarrW Leonard of Worcester to a seat in this House, was referred to tho committee 01 Meeiion. 1 no pennon m jvuuhu Postrr and others waJ referred to tho Judiciary com mittee. , l?mi,rtii. llv rnmmittpft on Anrirnltnrp. n bill to encnurace the growing of wheat, (for 20 bushels of well elcanse.l wheat, granting premium Mr every Knalipl over 20 and un to 100. six cents and for cverv bushel over one 100, three cts., all premiums lo be hv town irsasurpr :V ordered to a second reining. By committee on Education, that it ia inexpedient to Ellery Albce, Judge of Ptobato for the district of tt csuiiiiisier. Marshall .Miller, Judge of Probate for the district of Marlboro'. Win. Adams, Walter Eigcr, Betij. Ormsbee, Jail (Commissioners. WINDSOR COUNTY. David Pierce. ) Reuben Washburn, S Joel Lull, jr. Shcrill, Barnabas Dean, High Bailiff. II..nrs- ftlna.nl, Sln.n'fl Atlfimnt- Thomas P. Hammond, Judge of Probate for the district of Windsor. Thomas P. R issell, Judge of Probate torthcuis trict of llarlford. Walter Pnlmer. Ehphalet Dunham, siuion vvnr renJail Commissioners. RUTLAND COUNTY. Zimri Howe, Obadiah Noble. Jacob Egcrton, Sheriir. Abial P. Mead, High Bailiff. Stntoninn Foot. State's Attorney. Wm. Hall, Judge of Piobate "for the district of Rutland. .... Almon Warner, Judge ol rrohateror the uistrtci nf I'airhaven. Robert Pierpoint, Luther Daniels, A. I., lirown, Jail Commissioners. ADDISON COUNTY. Samuel II. Hollcy, ) Davis Rich, 5 Adna Smith, Shcrill. Asa Chapman, High Bailiff. Ozias Seymour. State's Attorney. Silas II. Jcmsoii. Judge of Probate for the district of Addison. Harvey Mimsdl, Judge I'rohate lor tuo district oi .Ncvvli iven. Dotastus Woostcr, Ira Allen, Nahum Commissioners for the jail at MidJlcbury. John Pierpoint, Elliot Shcrrdl, Hosea Commissioners for the jail at Vergenncs. CIIITTENDI'.N COUNTY. Francis Wilson, r..ltniind Vcllmgton. Geo. A. Allen, SlierilV. Horace Pcrri", High Badid. titu. K. I'l.it., Htaie s Attorney. 11. Judi-e of Probali, Israel P. Richardson, John K. Gray, Charles I Nel-on, Jail Commissioners. On the nominations of the County ot Chittenden beiii.' considered, ohn-clious wero mado to the no mination nt two justices m inueruiu anu iioiiuu licm-T iiliii-cti-d that those nominations were made a Senator of the county, contrary to the wishes of the representatives ol those towns, ine onjcetion mi ans'niiiL'd bv Messrs. Vilas. Dillingham. He- Inrd. Cilinii. Ktith. Baker. Gilchrist. 'Penney nnd others, and ouposcd uy .viessrs. i-rencu, aargeanr, uovvov and ouicrs, anu uio nouiinaiioiis vvcrorcjeci ...I . ....-.."'; inua-'I'i Ttn mint ssseoitilv annum i d lo io-iiiorrow 10 clock ; tho senate withdrew ml the House ndjuurncd. SENATE afternoon. Hill, by Mr. F.iton of Washington Co., in nlttration of chapter 10'Jof the revised statute", relating to administering oaths, twice read and referred ; incorporating tho Vermont Min ing company, the amendment making private pro perly of tho stockholders lhblo for debts of the cor poration, being under consideration. ,)lr. inillgave 111. visits in iiiijiniitii'ii iu iim a- mnmliiipiit. Of all the acts for similar purposes. heretofore passed, not ono could ho find, where tho principle proposed iu tho amendment had been incor porated. .Mr. Blodget gave his rsasons for the vote lie should give. 110 was in lavor oi ine iiiuciiumc.ii lor uie s line reason that ho won'd subject the privaio pro perty of partners in trade lo liability lor debts ol too Mr. Sheldon ndvoeated the amendment. Tho ob ject of the corporation was to nnko money. The ob ject was to guirit ami proiuci uiu puunc. .Mr. Sabin viewed llie subject in n somewhat dif ferent light. Ho felt bound to casl his vote for no act, miles" ho was convinced llio publi.i interest te- n.iircd it. That as-ertaincd. ho vvas prepared In sus tain it. Did he wish entirely to defeat llio hill and render hopeless tho objertof llio applicants, lie should be in favor of tho amendment. -Mr. Eaton of W. followed, in remarks in favor ofthe nniendmcnt. Tho hill without uio amendment, seemed to him a revival of tho ancient lottery sys- implicated by the Governor, vvas read, and referred to commune on .unitary All.urs. Mr Woostcr moved that the committee to whom In I beet! referred the subject of the Veto sow er, be discharged fiom the consideration of that subject .- motion adopted. Mr. Hitch moved a reconsideration of the votcnas- sing the bill relating to the trustee process, nnd the vote was reconsidered, and the bill laid upon the ta- e. Onmo'iou of Mr. Sheldon, the Smite adjourned. HOL'.-E-Wedsesday, Oct. '.'7. lietiortit. Bv General Committfc. lull In preserve fish iu Shrew bury pond, which wa" Iwice rtad, op posed by Mcssis. Fullum and Kiitli and di.m-ssea. liy committee on Koads and anal", lull incorpora ting Woodfoid and Rcadsboro' li.rii ike co. with an amenlnunt subjecting the hill to the action of anv future Legislature; amendment agreed to nnd the bill ordered to bo cugro-sod. Also bill incorporating Vi' iigtiuy lake t to be engrossed mils annexing pari of the towns of Fairfax an" Fletcher to the town of Cambridge, uportcd by M' Sabin, read a third tune and passed ; in addition t" chiptcr 7 1 of revised statutes, nxing clock pedlar". n ported by committee, read a thud time nun passim relating to the grand list, called up by .Mr. Woostef who demanded: the yea" and nays on nts motion ins' ueciacu in inc ai IIOUSE.-2 o'clock, P. M HenlulUn. By Mr. Pullam, to pay the debenture of .Mr. .-cott if Greensboro'; adopted. Hill introduced. By Mr. Canfield, appointing f committee to inquire into the expediency of altcrmr the shiro towns of Bennington co.; referred to tin. members of that county. Hngrosscd tills. Taxing lands in Avery's Gore. Franklin county; authorizing the treasurer to scitU tho concerns of the Vermont state bank ; passed. ll'liorts By tho committee on tho grand list, s rrsolniion, dooming the town of Virtory in tho sun of ?100, for not returning real cs atn in the list laid on th lablc. By Land Tax committee, bills taxui llullaii I, nnd Salem, ordered lo be engrossed. Bv committee on Education, Senate bill for tho unio1 of schoi 1 district-, and it was ordered to a third read iiui sgan'ttho resol ton to appropriate a sum for The report of the (luaricr Master General, com- Thompson's Ga?ettcer ; in favor of the hill to abohs the state school fund, and it vvas laid on the table By Judiciary committee, against bill relating to" witnesses, (no inquiry to be made as to rfih gious belief,) and it was dismissed ; against bill t, amend chap. 3-1 R. S. (justice jurisdiction in plea of od'sett when the account of the debtor exceeds S100 ) rej"cted on second reading. By committee on Educo Hon, a teport, 300 copies of which were ordered to tin- priirel. I Tho committe of elections on tho case of Mr. Leon I ai-d of Worcester, reported a statement of facts, con 1 chiding wilh a resolution that Ferris Leonard is en titled to a scat, which was adopted. , The Senile rame in, nnd llie joint assembly pro ceeded to ballot for Secretary of State. I Mr. Nors nominited Joib Seeley, Mr. Bliss o I Jericho nominated C. L. Knapp, and Mr. Vilas no minated J. 1 . .ilarslon. Hallotttnirt for Secretary nf State. turnpike co., mid the bill was ordered i j Marston, il. Bv s.imc committic. bill rclatini? to 1 Joah oseley, lighvvays and bridges, (lownsunayoider taxes ill ad-! V; "".Pl't co oy Mr. Whrolock moved so to amend the amendment that no stockholder should bo liibln to a greater a. mount limit his stock bears to tho whoio amount pa d '"'Mr. Hitc'i dennnded the veas and nays, and Mr, WhcclocK's amendment vvas adopted, yea, 13, nays ilr Illndcreit innvcil lint the hill and tho amend mem be laid upon the t lble, and ilennndcl tho vcis and niys; Inst, yen l'J. nays lb, when Jlr. Dillmg Inm dcimnded the yeas and nays upon tho passage of tho bill, ns amend d. After further debate by Messrs. Chrk, Dana, But. linn, Blodgctt and preneli, the senilo went into joint as-omhly. wiihout taking the question. HOUSE I'ditions refirred. Of John .'. Mar ccy nnd others, lo committee on division of Windsor county i:wrositdbill. To pay John S. Morse and oth. nr. onaspil. Ulorls. By commillep of Elections, the facts in thecisoof Mr. Srott of Groansboro'. (It oppeared tint Mr. Scott had resided alternitely in Greensboro' and Walden, for tho year preceding his election, he hiving removed to tho latter town wiih his family for tliopurposoofrebuddintihishniHsin Greensboro.) Tho srnito camo in a'ld Ihe toint ns-ctnbly proceed ed to ballot for fourth asistant justice, when Hon. Milo L. Bennett was clccto I, MiloL. Bennett, H'it Charles Lmslev 93 ; Geo. P. Marsh 0; O.K. Linslev I t Blank 1. The election ol secretary oi siato was postponed to 1 dition to what is now assessed bv selcc ni.-n :) order- e I to be engrossed. By committee of Claim", against the bill to pay Abel I ndervvood, and the bill was dis missed, llv Judiciirv committee, aeninst the bill re lating to fees of auditors and r. fcr.es ; lull suppoited by Messrs. Davis of N., and Sprague, opposed bv Messrs. Chandler of P., and Fullum, and laid on ihe tail;. By select committee, bill relating in thegrand list, nnd 300 conies of the bill were ordered to be printed. lulls, l-rom the Senate, to pay I fine. II. Fuller, referred lo the committee of CI inns. From the Sen ate, to subscribe for 100 copies nf Thompson's Gazet teer, rcierreu to committeeon i-.ducntiun. T ic Senate cauic-m. and the followinc sonoint- mcnts wero m ule : COUNTY OFFICERS. FRANKLIN COUNTY. Dccius R. Boguc, Sheriff", James l!llows, Hieh Jl 'ililf, Orlando Nievcn", Stale's Attorney, Wm. Bridges. Judnc of 1'robate for the district of (icornij. Jam's Davis, Bn'rs Turner, Jasi cr Curtis, Com- mission ers of.tu it tlrlirery. VV.s,ui.M, lu.t IUI.V 11 , Horace Hollister, ) lo . ,,, .... Joseph Sawyer, "''''"" susIicm. John Starkweather, Sheriff" Levi Smith, ll,h llailf. Homer W. Ilealon, States Attorney. D.inii-I 1 Th.,ninnii. Jttilvr. ,,f I'rt.fmtr. Cyrus Ware, Woostcr Sprague, Silas C. French, s'ommii-sioicrjf ol Jail Dclivtxh'. LAMOILLE CliFNTV. hinL&a,!''" Martin Armstrong, Shcrifl". Joshua Luce, .g llailij: Hirlow P. Smith, State's Attorney. Samuel A Wlllird. Jutl'TC of Probate. Moses I.. Il.irt, Vernon 'W. Wn erman, Alvm I'oardmatl, C'y'nmissioners olJait Dilitery. I GRAND I.sLF, COUNTY. Calvin Fletcher, ) .,. t .-. Joseph M. Molt, S-,SI,5M"' Gray Whitney. Sheriff". Martin Reynold", ig'i 1'aili.ff", Joel Allen Judue of Probate. Win, II. Russell, Augusttn Knight, Joel Hazen Cominissioiurs of inl .hlivery. llio joint assuihly adjounud lot rtday next, s p. m. and the senate withdrew. Contested teat. The House resumed the consideration ofthe case of Mr. Scott, nf Greensboro', tho nucslion beinc upon Pic amendment moved by Mr. Pierpoint, thai Mr. Scott isc-nilxd to a seat. Mr. Vilas sustained the amendment, urging that there was in llii" ca-e but a temporary absence; that .vtr. cotl considered Him self in fact a resident iu Greensboro', and also thai, in the jiid.'iiient of the people of Greensboro', wt'h a perfect knowledguof all the fact", .Mr. .-cott was a citizen of that town, and eligible to a seat in this Hoii"o. Mr. Premiss of lrasburgh, opposed ihe amendment, urging that the constitution and law s prescribe an actual resi'ence in the town for one year; the kind of pro)f to show tho want of such re liciice, viz. the certificate of tho conslab'e; an I al. j fuinisli n criterion for dcei ling tho question, of residence iu tho provision for the case of voters, that is, the residence of Ins family. Tho certificate vvas that Mr. Scull has not resided in the town one year preceding his election; and the fact found and rtnorled bv tho comniitlco that the fjimly of Jlr. Scut had resided a portion of the time m the town of vvildcn. un these groun is Air. r.uccmoi u periecny clear thnt under the constitution Mr. Scott was incli gib'e; an! as tl.e deri ion of llii" ei"o would form a precedent for the future, lie urged that it should be decided upon the plain ruie prescribed by the consti tution and laws. Tint was tho only safe, sial le an J proper ru'e. It would not do to adopt auyo her prin ciple, and above all the tulc contended for on the other side, thnt the residence must bo decided by the intention of tho claimant lo n seat. He might reside w ith his family in Wilden any number of years, four or five, and il would no' do to say that ho was never theless a cilizcitnf Gicnsboro', during all this time, because lie intend d nl'inntely to return to Greensbo ro. This rule would he exlicnieiy nnsimi. .nr. Alvah Sabiu. John L. Buck, C. M. Knapp, Ahab Stdev, J. T. Marshal, F. F. Mcrn I, S. Fullam, jr. H. F. Janes, Blank, 1st' bal. 63 fi2 G3 5 3d E'J 02 61 1 7th 90 33 101 15 1 St Ii 90 11 E7 57 9th 63 1 1th 90 81 69 3 l 10th 60 5th 9 65 77 3 3 11th 89 6th 91 43 9J 13 1 I 55 100 'i 1 43 111 2 l:.T.f tikis aar n fin iltannni'lirm nr thf lninl fund. irBt.. ..... ,sn. "?'-' Y"; n-r , J.-l'l. .flPrnn 111 tn I D I ' liy samo comnutire, sgimsi mn irprmmg sec. mm jnnut ..-i..-- , ... . Jt , B.,dismtsedj 105 to .9 j by same, ogatn-.t com- Wm. T. Hurnliam was elected !er;'am-a..lrnif. Pierpoint, in reply to tins point, insisted upon the propriety of consideung the intention of iheclninianl ns to wlnt is his permanent residence, a princip'e according, ho said, with tho dtcisians of the U. S. Supremo Court. If the contrary rule, requiring an nrtuil residence for tho entire yeir, was to beadoptc Iheu would (he s'unplo nbsenco Irom llio tow n for a day or an hi ur remlcr a man inrligili'r. Under this rule Mr, P. believed ihtl every meinbcrnf the House would bo decided ineligible. Jlr. CanftV'd ndmittcd that the intcniion w as to bo considered ; but as in this case Mr. Scott did intend lo reside in Walden for n specifie time, ho was thus rendered ineligible for fireensboro'. The motion was further opposed bv Messrs Fullim, Downs, Dewey and Bobbin-, and rcje.ie.lj a yes 80, U'es 119. Tho resolution declaring Mr. Scott is not enliiled to a icat was adopted. Adj. In thoeourso of tho debate, bolh yesterday nnd tn-diy, there was considerable discussion between Messrs Was and Dewey on ihe cases of Messrs Bailey, Grundy nn I Woodbury, who were elected to seals in congress while residing nt Washington ns public officers. The rcporler has omitted all 'his, lirltevin." it lo have no bearinz on this cise. These cases rested simply on the question whether rflicers of the govcrnmo it shall be considered, hk ambassa dor, never to n- the rosulenep which they left for J. T. Marston, Jtab Seelev, C. L. Kmim. Alvah Sabin, 15 57 83 John L. Buck. 1 I C. M. Knapp, Ahah sccicy, J. T. .Marshal, F. P. Merrill, S, Fullam, jr. H. F. Janes, 1 Blank-, i On the 5th ballot, Mr. Sabin moved to adjourn , negatived. On the 7th ballot being declared, Mr. Noyes no minated Alvah Sabin. On the flth ballot. Mr. Gilchrist moved that thi join! assembly adjourn to3o'clo.k P. M. to-morrow; negatived, luu lo iud. 1 On llie 10th ballot, Mr. Bascom renewed the mo tion to adj urn; negatived, 112 to 100. On the 12th ballot, a motion was made to adjourn to 10 o'clock to-morrow morning; earned, 121to97 The Senate withdrew and tho House adjourned. SEMATE, Thursday, Oct. 23, A. M. Pravcr by the Ch ipl lin. Petition of Fanny Ncsnuth, praying ft r the alter nation of her name,' rtfericd to committee. ;.', to amend chapter 20 of the rev lied statutes, called u; by Mr. Dillingham, who offered amend incuts, wlui'li Were ad )pted, and the bill, as amead cd, on motion of Mr. Woostcr, wa- laid upon ths table. 1,'isolulion, By Mr. Blodrett, providing for tho election of superintendent of ihe state prison, in joint assembly on Monday next, lead and adopted. Mr. Fi k, of the committee on election", report ed llie facts in the case of lion. D. W. Aiken, with, r. itsolution declaring that Mr. Aiktn is not entitled to a sea' in the senate. It appeand from the fact' st ited, that Mr. Aiken vvas postmaster nt the tune of hi -election, and that po"t bill", with hi" name, of tii"2Jd inst. wero received at the post o.lico in this vulairc. The signature to the nost bill was in print. . iiiuscl for Mr. Aiken, was before the committee. ue clnirmnn requo-ted a member ol the commit tee to notify Mr. Aiken ; audit was under-tood from ' e ., . ... -.. .1... ST. I I 1 J. iitcmiicr oi uie commune, iiiai .ur ... oau uc in d appearing before the committee. Mr. Dilling ham moved that llio report and resolution belaid ill on the table, and. after remarks by Messrs. Woos-i.-r, Fisk, CI irk, F.iton of Fr., F.iton of W. and Dina, tho report and -cso'uti' n were laid upon mo table, nnd mado the order for to-morrow morning. T i senate went into joint ns"embly. T-ie senate returned, when, on motion, Mr Svnfl had Icive of absence from and after this day, and Tlio senate adj turned. HOU?E Thursday, Oct. 23. 'h introduced. On leave, a bill repealine the fox bounty, and ll vvas ordered to a second reading . bv Mr Sargeant, relating to the mditn, referred to committeeon military affairs; by Mr Vtln, annex inn Norwich, Sharon, Royaltonand Bethel to Orang county, audit was referted to llio select committee on division of Windsor county; by Mr Hcbard, re lating to bail in criminal casts, (when cs"e is passed to supremo court, co. court judge miy take bail and discharge the respondent from cniiimiimcnt,)rcfcned to Judiciary commiiieo ; bv Mr Pierpoint, to pay Chauncey Goodrich 5933 ; referred to committee of claims ; by Mr Gnswold, ,t)tng a tax on Chitten den county, referred to members of that co-irrty ; by Mr Morrill, to pay Sdis Wright J39, referred to com mittee of chnns; by Mr. H.bard, altering nimes of certain persons, referred toa Ocne-ial committee; by Mr Rice of Somerset, repealing premium on sdk, re feried to General comnuilce; by Jlr Fificld, for en couragement of agriculture (appropriating 33C0O from hnd fun 1 nnnuilly, to be distributed among county agricultural societies.) lo rnmimlles on agriculture ; by Mr Vilas, lopay John Bull, refctred to coinnitltte of climis. Hcsolutians. By Mr. Keith, directing the commit Ice of elcctuiis to inquire whelhcr any persons are holding sens in this llouso who wire ineligible at the time of election ; adopted. By Mr Davis of N. appointing David 11 bbard.jr. Sewall I'ullnm, jr. and Daniel Cobb to investigate the ntlnrs of Essex bank, and to protect tho safely fund from lu3s on recount of that bank ; adopted. Mr. Swift of Middlehnry, obtained leave of ab sence for the remainder of lite session. Petitions .f-c. Remonstrance and p-Mition of F.has Hall against Diniel P. Thompson for uial-admmis-tratiou as justice of tho peace, anil praying Ins im peachment ; read, and on motion of Mr. Baylies, re ferred to the nismbeis of Wn-hington county; cf Cobb and Tenney and other" nnd of John Merrill, rec.immpted to cnmmilti-o on Kilm-.-itio,!. Htports, By Judiciary committee, that no legis lation i necessary on tho subject of forcible entry nnd detainer ; hi I for coninus"iincrs in Canada to take acknowledgment of deeds, ec., ordersJ to bo' cngiossetl. Secretary cf S'ate. The scnalfl came in, and a joint assembly wa ft lined for llio election of secrriarv of state. Mr rik nominated C. L. Knapp; Mr Sabm rcqncslsvl hn name in bo withdrawn, when Mr Nnyps noir.inated F.I' Mcrrillr Mr vitas nouunsicti J i. .'.Hrsion tho purpose of pe fjrm j th duties of their offices. 1 Ml Dewey siid he would take the l'l Mies -J