3 Aralık 1841 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1

3 Aralık 1841 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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NOT THE GLORY OF ROME. n T" C! A . W V r n. - . j u v A' 11 U w B Ii r A II B OP BY II. B. STAGY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 3, isil. LILY SYRUP. -! unparralhd remedy for Diseases of the. Lungs, Consumption, Coughs, Influenza, Colds, Asthma, Spitting of Wood, Hooping Cough, fyc. i$ TO THE 1'UM.IC. In presenting to the pill lie a new re'ine-dy for disci bus ol the lungsjt ni.i y I u proper to ay (hat, judging from the many icrtitie'ales ami roecoiiiuiend.itinns of oilier spi-oilies contained in the newspapers ol'thc day 'no new remedy wasrallel for or required. II it if i!ie 'popular remedies liatl materially le.encl the bills of 'mortalilv, or nny one of the many preparation pos. 'tcscd those virtue- recommended, so that after a fair trial, the patient could depend upon its helling power-, ami rationally hope fur n speedy recofcry ol health, 'this huinl le attempt to arrel the progress ol'Pulmo h'Zty Consumption would not have appealed. Hut that the victim of ibis destroyer are daily in creasing, need no prnofnnd the largo scale- of the Druggis.)'iow that the reine-dic-s ot the day have 1 .mi fairly tried, and failed in llie-irob.cct, it that ob ject was ihe restoration to healih of persons a tllering from diteifes of the Inn-;.. While one remedy drie.s up nc-ongli tliat she.ul I he propeily aided to throw o l llie viscid phlegm eol)cv:td upon the lungs an I throat the harbinger of di-ea-e, -.mother, hy a hail tclc-ctinu 'of an cxpe-ctcrnnt, is indeed enabled to di-pos-css the present tenant, hot leave-a wnr.eonelo occupy the thitlero.l premi-c-s an I hy il, the wc r'.i of death is ihe .ooiier neecanpli-hed. Tim LILY SVRIP is-now I elievo 1 to le the I et remedy for lung eomp'aint-, that has ever appeared. To euie Pulmonary Consumption afier the ill-ease has doi.e it-- last work, or become eated upon the vi tal fiincliou, ami tubercles are formed and I roU-n, and ntmo-phcric air i- inhaled into the Prol.en part-, i. not unions the pri'tcn-ious of the thou-andand one popular nostrum to the contrary, notwithstanding). Tin-" meJiciiicilus restored many who were .op posed 10 he 1 cyonrl cure, hy nieu standing high in tlie medical profession hut their restoration to health on lyproved that great and good men may 1 e iin-taU-n, iii the. staje or progress of tiied'-cise'. Ilenr-e, let no ipcrscu de-pair of relief, until he ha- made a fair trial tf? the Lily Syrup This medicine opera'es 1 y promoting a flee an i easy epeetorali(in, there! y freeing the lung- and throat from viscid ph'cgm, mid .strengthening llie parK and freeing them from inllamatory action which constitute- the di-ea-e of Pulmonary Con-tunplioti. TheSyrui i. entirely free from anv mineral -id stance, and purely vcietahfe; ami may lie taken with per fect safely hy the mo-t delicate' constitution-. It is highly recoiiuncude I to tho-e who have weak linn-. Teacher, oi performers of vocal mu.ie will find it of invalual.le use to them, hy its giving irie.it i-trensjth and sweenies- to the tone-of inii-ie, and en ol ling the person to peifurin with great ease-. Pul lie peal-ers and delaier-will lind it oi imalita! le ser vice to them. Tin- luedioiue ha- 1 een ihornueilily and Miive-sfully te-te 1 Lvnlile phy-ie-ian-, and hv their advice I- now prepare I an I o lered to the pul lie, to pc.il: tur it-c! in thecau-eof alilicted htiiiiauiiy. An I may hu win hie ed the iiisirumeu'alitv oft-lay to n:tn -lie eve-of I1C WIIIKI, IIMhU II .1 IJ1' ill OOllt.'d ESSEN UK 0I-" LIFE. A Valual.le 1TX Mcdieine, which, if rightly upplieil, will Le the mean of savin? thousands (nun an untimely grate'. It has been sold and u-ed for thirty year, with great silcccs-, anil found ery elhcaciou Hi Hie lullowiug disea-es', viz. Consumption, Whooping Cough, com- I luon Coughs, Co'd-, tlilll-till Bio.ithiuir, iiithicnza, 1 ijuin-y, Asthma, Pliihiie', Spilling of Blond, Kl.uu leney, In hgc-tiiiu, l.oosene.-s of the llowil, Kits ol every hind, Cramp, Rickets, Colie', Catarrh, Pyen larv,' Kaiutinir, llypoehoiidii.iu Atlci'liuu-, lleada'ehes, ) Sic..nosiit Stomach, .Mea-les, a pieentie of Con-I ta'-'ioii-ili-c.i-o-i (iout and l(heumatim. iC" I lie alio ve.Me.liei ne I prepared I v Henry Sey-inourjoniadlej-, Ma-. from the Original llecipe, fy thedireelioii ol said Moore, and solJ hy lulu and llie principal Druggd-ism the UnilodStale. .S( Id w hole-nle nud retail, l y l'ei-k Ss Smr, iiuriiiriou, aim ny lncucaiers fenciauy inro.igti oul llie eouuiiv MIIiMNAItY & DIU.SS M.KIN(i. Dy Miss S. BRAY, a , - s "l7'IIOha9 coinnicnerd rsM Xglt,, V in the new tnti'diii!; rt'Jp'Yf, 0,1 thocast Fide of Churcli y street, opposite 1 1. I.nne s siore,auo a lew runs souiii roi-TA'c.-. i:iii 9 f i PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED eureil Us tliou-nn Isotitie ino-t obstinate uisease-, n can le proved Ly eertiticatesj nud i- pronounced by eminent an I re-pei-tahle physician the le.t medicine ,,,... l.,l,li..(.iH.il!nnini...li I ... 1..- article!' too well known to need common- containing certificate of cures and direction for ta i ntion nnd ihi nrrinriftir-n nf cwn i.mic l.it I l-.... i... I;... .... Tl... r..ll.....;i..r r. i .... ;..i...1 n., demonstrated to llie eoiumerciil cotniiiunity, that llurliiiL'ton, 1' H Civ and SI' K All, It. .Moody (or nccuraey, convenii'iieu and durahility, they are St Allan's, Corti and Hu-sel Milton, C. Drake unrivalled Coal yard scales to wcish liotu3to G Milton l'all- llurnct and Kawver Watcrville. I'i-k ion. Dnrmnnt arc ionic do. to weiffh from 1.'2 b. nnd llniu-n Iline- burLrh. Hull and Coo! l airt: i-aiii.l: live Mi:i)tcii.x. "ne.e tiieLhcine. aru inilel teil for iheir n.iiiin tlieir iiunite.t ami sen-iMc action Ml purifying the prni3 -"lid channels of life, and endiim? them with renewe.1 tone, ami vigor. In many hundred cerlilied e.iscswhich have been made pul In-, and in almost own species of di-ea-e lo wliieli the human frame i Inble, the happy e feels of Moi fat'j Lite l'lix and I'liir-.st; IliTTi-.ns have I ecu greatfullyand pul licly ai-idiowleded by the per.-ons Ienel1lti.il, and who were previously unacquainted wit lit hobcautifnlly phi losophical prineip'e upon which they nrccompoimd ed, and upon which lhcvconciucnly net. The L1KK MKIIIL'INfiS recomincnd Ihemielvi'sin disease of ecry form and description. Their liri operation i lo 'oo-en from the coal of the stomach and bouol-, the various impiiritie and nudities con stantly -ettluiir around ihcintnnd to remove the liTr- deneil fice which collect in the convolution" of the on'. Panacea I i-miiie-l intestine., u.iicr ineiiicnie. only parliallv iiimara elei am sti r""u - ju nmni hhi-i-.s i i-niuu iucreasiuirreiMitatiou w hich thi medicine hasncnair- to produce lialiiluaUostivcnes, Willi all it train ol ed Ihroughoiit the New CnglandSlate.-. nnd the liianv 'vi -. tir Miil.len iliarrhica, with it iinnuneiit iliat-.ii cures it ha performed, and the great demand made 1 ,,u'1 well Known to nil regular analomi.t II. sAililllllU I 111- lllllll.lll IM1W is inn Tuc.uu - ii uu ucuce men nsaiii-tuuack rnl and heralded to S'ate and the principal town in llie t'nited rilates. 1 ,L'l".'i'll.L'.l'y 'r'"'"-?"1 person. I lie secoml eliect ol Tin Pauacei warranted purely vegetal le.aud i not -,,l,-''i,'"7.' ciean-e ne Kiciiiey nnd llie -uriias.ed ly any other medicine eer otlered to ,1U bladder, iwtdj.y thisiwan-, llie Iner and the lungs, the .(libeled as its exten-ive sale and ureal nonulariiv iicaiiiiiuiaeuon oi nieu ciuueiy uepeiiusiipoii uie ic: nlaiuly prove. It ha within the la-l cizhlceu inonlhs S".lar"5- "rmar organ r-.i'0 - o( IheC'liurch, whereevcry o-1 1 no mnlsitiir of Honncts, iAPs ami unr.ssEf, in ac cordance with the most ap proved ?v,cwi Vork style, which Fashions are now just received for the sea son. n31 I known by the Burlington May 2G, 1811. """""" TYTIOIi.!CJ-Mcdicine is lest I 1 cures it perforni.r3J I. Newt or Purifier of the lllood. The uuparall iucreasiiigreputatiou which tin nicdicii ed throughout the New Knglari. Slate.-, cures it lia nerforiuol. ami the i-reat t for it by the advice ofphysician well acmiaiutw wilh wlioe.xanmiotlu-hiiniau bowels aft its preparation, ha induced the proprietor to extend ,llu l.'reiiidiccol those wellinfoniieil its ciwulalion to almost every town in the eastern ""-'dicine- or medicine prepar. NOTION. fTin.gub"-nde.i having transferred their entire , . s,,'-,"f Urugs V Medicines to T. A. PKCK it A. C. SPIIAlltako this occasion tnmnkci their ac knowledgements to their friends &lho Public (ol their liberal and loriK continued patronano which hasbien extended to'lhcm asdrugists jand at llio samo timo Ihey I eg leave slronL'ly to rcceoiiimcnd their succcs sors-Mcssrs PI'.CK & Sl'KAll ns regularly bred Druggists and that on their fidelity andexpcricncc the Public may Mly rely. j. i. j. ii. rr.cKA.Co. Ilurhiiglon Sept. 20 1911. w auuu His., t'ortablo do. towtigli from 1-2 oz. to 200 lb. Porl ible Counter do a new article to weigh from 1-2 oz. to 10 lbs. J. & J. II. Peck & Co. Agents. Huilinston, April 8 1811. rarker ami alattieti! ergennc, Ailanis am Cambridge. M. Wire Underbill. M. C. Harney North 1 errisl urgh, II. C. icker (icorgia, A. 1 It t-.- illiston, A. . liitteniien Kichmomi, lireen it Hlioile -Jobnon, I!. L. amer and Ce Monkton, Kthan 'iiiith Haker-licld. Armin-'ton and Woodward Kair- lield, ll irnet ami l arnswoiih. e.o.p.ly.1,19 Hi AllSIln ttlS continues unriva led ns iTJL slrengthening PLASTK.lt: Also, for Hhciirmi- tisin, L.ninenc-s or pains ill tlic siile, limns or tiaeu l or serom oils swell i iiz. scurvy -ore, r resn wounu- anJ fora sreueral Kaiinly Plaslerorsalve. For Corn- Shop opposite Mr. C. A. Seymour's Hat Store, moreoei try it i paie clo.o, per-evere in lhene by niauinga new iippiicaiiou oct-a-iunaii, aim iiuiuie, JAMI-S SCOTl. your corn will I eenre.1. roraienv n 13:1 V . n & Sl f-Mi, of the tinnar organ-. The blood, which lake its ml color from the agency ot llie liver and the luii2!ielore it pae into the heart, 1 emir tin- punlicd by Ihein, and nouri-hed by foot! coining from a clean slumaeh, cour-es freely ihrough the vein, renews every part of the system, nnd triumphantly mount the banner ril health m the blooming cheek. Mod'al's Vegetable Life Medicines have 1 een thor oughly teled, and pronounced n sovereign remedy fur Dy spop-ia, Flatulency, Palpitation of thcllenrl, Lo of Aniieiite. Heart-burn and Ilcad-acbe, Restlessness. I linrf.J,! Ill-temper, Anxiety, Languor an I Melancholy, Cos j '., . Iivenes, Diarrhiea, Cholera, Fever of all kir.iU, Kiieiimatisin, uom, I'ropsic-i ot all i.'imi, Uracl, DRUGS AND MEDICINES. One door castof J, & 3. II. PHCK & Co. ri III H subscribers successors nsOruggists to McssrB A J.it J. II. PI'.CIC &ro, havaformcu n copartner ship under the linn of I'KL'K if .S'PKAK, and have purcliaeil ot tlieir preteecssors their entire stock of Drugs if- Medicines which, together with late addi tions from N'ew Vork if I'oston renders tlieir assort ment large if- complete enabling them to supply Hie trade on the most liberal nnd advantageous terms. l-roni their knowledgcof, lie business and the unre mitting and txduntc attcn'ion which they arc deter mined to bestow they hope to givo satisfaction to the public. T. A. PP.Ch', miriington, vept. -.'u, isil a. u. i'i;au. Ll'll. L III" .'ILL-UsX .-LiaM! LJUSSIMil.'S STOMACH linTI.IIS. lunv used In Wincor water. Thcseeelebratedbrileri arocoinpo.-cd purely of Vetu able of ihe ino-t inno cent yet specdm virtue. They lire recoiuinenilfd par ticularly for re-toriiig weak constitutions, cleaning and strengthening Ihe stomach, nil I increasing the uppetite alo n preM'utatueaaniii't the cholera mr.r bu, feer and ague, removing nausea, vomiting, heart burning, we iness in llie l,icjt, pain in the stomach and oilier symptoms oflkttiilcucc and imlicu, liou. One box will tincture one gallon. Price 23 ets. a box. IlL-ssr.i.L's Irtit Oixtment. Tin's choice and safe oiiitincul i said lo I e superior to any now in tie, for that iliagieeab!e an I loalbsomu d.sea.e. Ihe ITCH. ThisOiiitment I so ccarlaiu in lis operation that no per-on uuui n-i Willi liie ai ove iti-onlcr ought to l e without it. It i a remedy lor cutaneous emotion. scorbutic infections of the head, ornny otlferlireakin PAINTINC. Till! siibriler leing thankful for pa-t favors would lespectf.illy solicit a eoutiuuance ol the same an 1 remind his friends and llie public that he is prepaied to accommodate them otilhe shorte-t notice and nio-tf.ivor.iLle terms in Ihe various Ltauche in tlic at ove line Pearl-sttevt, Durlingtou, Vl April I, 1811. -1KKTAIN CUIIF. FOU SICK IIHADAClin, W wlncli lias uccn useit iii tunnies, every mcmlicr of which his had sick headache fiom infancy, ns a constitutional family complaint, and Ins cured cllec tinllv in every instance vet known, amountim.' lo ma- nv hundreds. It is nut iiniileasiiit to the taste, and - " i"- iiu.i'.i 1 1 .nun), ."in n mjt hapersevcrca in, ami the cure is gradual, hut oerlun ami permanent, instances nre constantly innltiiiUiiigwlierellii-diiresni complaint is com- ph-telyrclievcd and cured, nlllinugh of years -landing liv the ue of Dr. Snohn's celebrated remedy. One decided priferenceis its pleaititness, having none of mo iiauseaiiug emci oi eoiuinon uriigs. It is so perfecilvsatisfactory. that the nronrictnr lias given directions lor hisn-rrntstu nfund the price to any one who I hoi pieasi-u wiin, ami even cureil ny it. lit-honi's uUu lint this may scenic its crcat ben efits tothe di3ticsse,l stitlercrs who arc hiborini' under llealache. K. SPOHN. ."1. I)., inventor and Pio- pnctor. sotit nv uu.iw ui.ii ii .,(., 1 1 .uaiiien Line. New Vork. P F. C K V S P F. A II, Who'csilc Agent, a few dot rs. cast of the Post Ollice, Hurling. ton. t. n9 the great object of the proprietor Will 1 c aceoin plishe-J. All inebcine -ho il I 1 c iriven aeeordin-r lo the -dilation of the patient ; and, it much re 1 ice I, a snud'er ipiautity than wheie there is ionu'cial.!e sircngih. The diie.-t ions on he I utile may 1 i"al.cn as a general rule : hut if taken for a long standi,!-? coiu'h, it may I e ne-esary lo take a much Inrircr do e for sun e one or two day, and even ot ener until an expectoration i produied that will le fis-o and ca-y. When lliere is m.ich tiglitne-s ol the chest, it will oiue'.iiue iucrea-e the cough for a day cr two; m which ca e, the patient s!.o-..lJ lake the syrup niorelicely, own until it -hould prod. ice a slishl nausea of the siLnmi-h lie me I not fear any harm from such sensation. 1 woill say lo h II v. ho pureh.ve ih-s me heme lor u-c. that they can havi I nl little bote ol I eing I euefitte 1 1 y I', mile- il is taken stead ly when it I commenced with. Home havetaken it once a diy then twice, then not any for two or threedays. I cauiioi uy that sii'-h wo Idle likely to recohe m ii-h l.enctii from it i but if taken regularly, it i- eminently i-.ili-.il.rcd lb uproot llie di euc, au'l lo rcstr-rc to sound health. Il i-thce.irne-t de-ire of the propnc'ur to hue every one ilia' u-Csiit least one Louie i f it stea hlv aceorduit: u ihe d ree- lioii'-, to coiiini'tnicdtii ihe rcs.dt to ihe iierson ol whom he purchased the medicine. The projir.e'or i privilege 1 to refer lo thw follow iui rer-ous a hit hao u ivl the l.dy Syrup, and who w. e happy to give information of Us supi in r hcalin nowcr. to any wihiinr u know uu re at out it. Mr. Crittenden, one i f Ihe linn ol I'. 1'. Smith & Co., whole iilu.mil ictnil iiierchani, I.'xilunge-sirce' Ituche-icr. I. r hlccdmirat the lung. Key. K. Tucker, Pastor of se.-und Ilaptist Chard-, Jtoelicter. Captain I'. Freeman, for a bad couch. Air. tiloildard. of the tirm ol Stanwood V Co. Look teller, i-oruer of Ilullalo nud Stn'e -irceis. Kceheslcr, Mr. J. M. French, North-street, Iio l.e-tcr, lor the whooiiin-cociih. Mr. Soulhwerlli, Stone-street, Itcclwster, for lad cough. Mr. Ilolert M'Kiblen, Monroe-street, Koche-ler, in a everealid alariningea-eof the whooping-cough r. Barnard, L-ipure, othce m coiirl-liou-c, in rase of wliooiiiiiL'-couch m his family. Captain W. I). Fish, fir a caseoi Phlhisie in his familv. Key. Mr. Clark, Paslor i f the UaptUt Church, l.e Rov Rev. Mr. P. Church, 'Pastor of thu lir-t Unpti-t Church. Hoc hosier. Cnntain A. llrit'.on, (or Haemorrhage of the lungs. A. U. Smith, cahier of Mechanics an J Farmers' 13ank, Koche-ler. I.. W. Sibley, of the firm of Sil ley &. Scrantom, -dry cood merchants and auctioneer-, Un.lalo-slreet, Rochester. Rev. A. Kins-ley, Pa-ler of the Ilaptist Chinch at Alanchc-tcr. ;ttev. Jacob ICnapp, Kangelit. Mr. T. Ilunn, Carriage Makir, St. Paul-street, Hiram Tucker, allorneyat law, KoeLe-ltr. Mr. Thomas A-hinan, p.ner, llnehestcr, who has ,rreeivel astonishing iclief. Plea;e inipiiie of his .case Rev. Thomas Carlton, M. F,. Cli. Uuehe.-lcr. A. Steel, (blreding al lung) Locliport. II. Miner, West Henrietta, Munroc Co. Professor MetJinui-, Ilanullon 'I beol. fc'cm'y. llev. Ix-vi Tucker, Cleveland, Ohio. Si. W. Cool;, " " JC75 The Proprietor has 1 een oTeri-il e:rtilicatcs Ly many of the above gentlemen ; but he prelersthat Iho-e wi-hing information, would call on theiu per- tspnallj-. PECK Jc SPKAR, Agents for this teetion. and l)n. KOIIT. MOODV. llurlington, Jan. 22, 1SII. ly.f.18 T II E 1 5 O 6 K ST O R E OF the Subscriber is just replenished wilh a new and valuable assortment of BOOKS. STATION AllV AND F.NGIIAVING, among the many in teresting works may bo found the following 1 .cam to Liie, ny uurisiopner auuon, Sutton on ihe Sacraments, The Voung Man's Aid, by Hcv. II. Winslow, Glimpses uf the Past, Language of Flowers, Tales of the Ocean, Flora's Interpreter, Flora's Lexicon, Summer Journey in the Wct, hy Mrs. Steel, The Nestoriiins, or the Lost Tribes, by Dr. Grant A We-.k in Wall-Street D. A. BHAMAX. In , n9 Worm, Asthma and Consumption, Scurvv.' Fleers' Inveterate bores, fceorlintie i-ruplious ami Had Com plexion, Fruptive complaints, siillow, Cloudy, and oilier disagreeable Complexions, Salt Rheum, Frysip ela, Common Cold nnd Iullueuza,and various other complaints which ullhct tin-human frame. In Fnr.lt and Ar.uc, particularly, the Life Medicines have been most eminently successful j so much so that in the Fever and A true district? Physicians almost universally pri-scril c Ihein. All that Mr Moffat iciiuire-of his patients is lo be particular ill taking the Life Medicines strictly accor ding lo the directions, hi not a newspaper nolice, or hy anything thct hebini-elfinaysiiy in their favor, thai he hopes to gain credit. Il is alone by the result oi ii lair mm. MOFFA'Pri MKDICAl. MANI'Al.i desicned a a domestic iruidetolx-alih. Tlnslillle pamphlet, cchtil by W.B. Modal, 27j Broaduay, New Vork, ha I een pullishcd forliiu iiiirpo-c ofexplaunng more fully Mr. Modal'.-theory of diseases, and will le touiid highly interestimr to nersons seeking health. It treats uiioii prevalenldisea-es, nnd the causes thereof. Price, 2a cent- for sale by Mr Moll'at's A'.'cnl generally. These Valuable .Medicine are lor sale ny koi ert Moody Druggist, if- General agent, (to whom all ap plications for ageiicicsshould I e addressed, pot paid) llllrllllgiun, I. ami, -i, lo 1 1 . l'Alil, GOODS AT N. LOVELY & Go's. TU-T received, and now opining for sale, full J Assortment of Goods, adiplcd to ihe season, such is : Printed Saxony cloth, a great variety Alnntkas. nil kinds, plain and funircd Ficnch and F.nclisli Mcrinoes. finured and n'nin Plain blk and fig'd mourning and lialf-mourning Mo issehue-de-lauie Plain, fancy and figiited ditto Plain white ratlin, striped cliallys Phid moiisseline-de-laine, a new article Prints A i lioieo selection of Furniture Prints, .September, 10, 1S41. NOTICE. milF. COPARTNFItSIIIP heretofore cxMim B iweeu II. .11. (.HIDINGS and DAN IjY- ),N. i-iidcr llu-iirmofll. al. CIllDI.MiS v i-o., lia Lccii di o'veil I y t l.e I'ccca-e of II . al. I i I II ,1 1 1 M ri... suivivni" nar ner na- (ii inu otvv-jv ttOODSio SA.Mt'l.L M. PUPF., who is hereby an .i...,,.,l tm ullei l ai.d di-charzc llie debt- due llie Iale firm i an liho.-e in lebted are roipie-ted to mat n p.iy- mi-n! lo Hill. ".- '"-'.-. B.irlingtonOe'.. 1. 1541. m VMUHI M. I'OIM'. having punha-ed tl.e O stock ofGood-of ihe lire Firm ot II. -n. i.iii-iiiviil- e. f'. I...r..l v f-ivf mil ii e that he hi-coin- lll.lllij U. I..,.. . I "II nienied bu-incs al the Stand recently oceiipie.1 0 ...:.l ,,,i,l ini-ile Ills friends and i he eii-lomers oi liie Iale concern and the Public generally to extend to hint, nl lea-t, aslurjoi tlieir patronage. Iiiirlmgloii.uci. l. icu. BLANK HOOKS. Ledgers, Journals .fc Itccord Hooks. TT'Oll towns, county nnd probate records tnannfac 1- Hired from thu best linen wove Demi and Medi um p.ipcr.boiind in calf : Alo. a variety uf common iilaiiR woriior sateclicap lor rcauy pay at iticsign oi llie lieu Ledger, i y I1U.MI.U1U., Juno 23, IS I. n3 , TIir. Burlington Brewery i now X in full operation, and Beer of die vcrv best mini 1 1 v n kept con Lstantlv on hind for sale in wholo Siior halt barrels, o. rL. riilt.SU.. Oct. la, 1311. ATUllK'S GRAND KKSTORATl VF. This NEW HOOKS. rpHF. I'oys's and Girls' Own Hook of Fairy Tales, J. Conistock the Wlialcinan. Juvemlu Furect Ale Not, Fortune Tellers nnd Dream Books, and a great vanciy oi ciumren s hooks, lor anie at October I. H. Hl'.MI.MiTOR'S, NSW GOODS. PI:OOIITTLF, has just received hi Fall up . nlv of Goods, consisting of all the Variety of Dnv Goons, Dry Groceries, &c, usually called for, which lie will sell for the very taucsl rmcr.s. Burlington, Sept. 30, 1811. II.UiSA M ) V li I V E II W ) It T , Ob-erve when vcu buy that vou get the genuine, lrcpareil at 375 llowery, New Vork. See Ihat 373 liowervsew . on is on ine wrapper ol eaeli Mottle. All others are Frauds and -old only by speeulaK rs, without regard to justice, to the public, or the proprie tors o( the genuine article. IJ'OR Consumption, and Liver complaint, Dyspep . sia, dizine-s of the head, los of appetile, Dy.en- lary, au-l general icgulaterol Ihe wholesv-steui. None genuine I ut that prepared ut 37j llowery, New Vork, where the -arlicle vva- first made, thechar ae'croflhe lucdicme formed and c-labhshed I y the pre-ent sole proprietors, and who a re the only per on s knowing the composition of the genuine, Ithisleeii u-ed sm-ce-sfully for eight year in the cure of lliesc disease. id"-"ltcineinl r'lhe original and Genuine i made only at No. 375 llowery, New Vork. All other are counterfeit. Consumption and Liver Complaint ! As a general remedy lor thec diseases, I Mil fully sutisfud, from long experience, lliere is no ined.eine epialtoDr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort. Bung ptire'y vegetable, it can lieu-ed wilh thu utmost safely hy all ne.sous in evtry condition. It cleanse the iiiil's by expectoration, relieves difficult breadline andseeu'isto heal ihe chest, 'fherecan I c noituestiou but tin medicine is a certain cure for chronic cot.ghs and colds. I have i sedit four years in my praetite, and always Willi su-ces . A. t. Kuui.its, .m. i. Tickling in the Throat. 1 know Dr. Taylor' Balsam if I.ivervvoit to I acertam remedy'for ihis complain, as I have u-ed H mviclf and fouuil Us c ccts an iinincil.ate. I wis 111111.I1 troubled 1 1 ii 1 1 1 I made nerfihi- uelu-ine. M. L. IILNSHAW. '.'1 1 Mangin -I, Hoar-enes Ciuei! Forlheei rr of hnar-eneis 1 can stronelv reeeomincnd Dr. Taylor's llabain of Liv erwort. I nave noi oniyiounu (ireat I eiieni iny-eii, ''Pill-. ubcrd ere have lu-t rcicivcd from N X alargea-i r 1. NEW GOODS Ycrk, ortmcnt 1 1 FANCY GOODS. among which may le found Heavy I lack and 1 hie black Pol de oi bilks, " " ' GrodcSwi-s " " ,: " Pekin striped " " " " " OrodeAlnque" " Light coloreJ " do " " do " Pekm striped " " Piaid Poi deSoi, (a new arlicle) " Bonnet dk, I onnei Lawn-, blk Italian eravats iilain andlig'd I-renrh boml azme-, AT li valuaLIt WL'f.alle Medicine Maruk unrivalleil for ihcfclltm'ins com.!.i'nt-, viz: ljf ju-p'-ia, or Imli ce lion. Ji-ea-eJ Liter, bilioiitli.'t nlcr. I)iopv. A 1 1 j ma, Costitt'iif, Vtrm ami lt-. of Ajtnctiif. anJ 1 y cloaiisins the loiiiacli ami 1 owcN, cnre pain- m ll.e Moinacli ami LrtM, vuUU ami couphi of long stamiiu!:, noarMMie,. iioi me- oi I re.it Ii, ,crou omnlaiut-.eir., wtuch are uenneullv the e.iut oi iii-i- can ror ru trand Ai;iie, it na niut valuaLIu vrc- hm nianv of mv eonirre-'ation I v niv rcvoniniemla- venlative a well as u Mieroin remcily. 11. irtue jIOn have reeieveil irrc.it t eneht (ruin its vim e. it i- -urpns any tiling nereiumre known in removing i. at once jni'.U , eilieaeioui anJ harin'e. Villi.--' Dame, two liotlle have 1 een Known to cure HKV. A. LtlWLS. thnaniieiin oeatc. ai;eruani Lanieu eveiy exer Severe Uouirhs ana Coldi l have had a ino?t ac tion lor four car. It lias a most powerful iiillitcme Vere eolil ami eousli, for a Ion? time tvlmh I eonM in reniuviii'dr nrrvou.t ubniiiiiim u i- piraMiiii miiihr 0t pet rnioi. Alier n-ing nuny ueies i f i j nf7 1 1 ri andoeay in it operation, mat it may t eaiiininnten-a ttl Tavlor s Unbam of Liicrworl, and it e-irtl inn in to themlaat willualeiy. I lie above .Aledieine i very ;l Wv dav. JAS. IL KKItlilOCK, Iiichlv reeoninien lcd "hv inanv n'lenliTie centleinen. Ti-.ism- nf Illon.! Al.n-ii iwn w. e'.s n -n I ImJ ami a Urje nuinler oflailie-, who have proecl the (a( woieh caused me to pit Inrzv nu.uti! of I loci vfitinJ of the Meiheine I y personal uaeaml that of iheir Whiuh nulhinir efnihl mre until I tried (Jr. Tavlcr' iaimin. t inn ui ifruiiu;iir .iut.-itmjiunn; iiu-u ituuii., ij.iitani ot liverwort. I nis me-ii-'inu avu me nnme- witlulireeiion. it may le had whole.-aie or retail ol llntaiu, lLirre, ami J. L. raraam, Ta-t iilianH- town, t. ?o!e proprietor, l'repared Irom the origin rofiiie; lorMie iy tu. H. l'remis-, .lonipeiier, and out whieh nrts.'i from than humors iA-tbi iloul. IW25et. a I ox. , I!i'di:t.i.S Vk(.ktai;u; IIilmovs Piils, or-fahuly pliysie, for general the, in tw-vt of Jaiimhie, Inorl'id -etiMl'ility ol the tioinarlt nud howeN, lo-i ot appetite, 1111(1 1 reatti, eo.tiveiie-, IMe-, a ti'l ftll ili-eu-f- anv ing from 1'ilmry derangement, aim fur eorrei-tmp the ta'e of ihe I loud, and 'Ieaniug the sysieui of foul anil vick1 hniii(.ur-t The pills are a "mild ra thartie, pri)!m-mu neitlur pamv nor tripinif, am are therefore a valnal te and highly approve I inediciiie, and are pronounced nMieh ly t lie hum tlMingm-hcd phv-ieian.. l.'ach Lox euut'aining 33 iMIs. l'nce 3i et-.a I ox Kucirs eelcl raled.SALT Kiicum OlS'TMt.ST. T lu ii uivpieMioual lv tlie I est and snfesi remei'.y ever vet ottered to the p-ililie for that oUtina'e di-order aLT Itlll.r.M. Wheiu other lueans have tailed, it Iijsmic eeede I, and the fact that it ha 1 1 en (-x'enMrely u-ed l.y eminent I'raelitioner pea!l vohiu in H praie. It is equally eilieat'io'M in all dieae-i of tin Iiii, scald head, nil,? wormian I the most inveterate Itch, ice, &e. Sumerous ecrtitieale- miht le ohtamed, I ut the propritor elioo-e that a fair trutl -hotdil I e the only evrleme ofit- -tiperiore.firacy. I'mroO'-enta hox. I'or sale hv Icck if Spear and Hoi ert Moody, H. irlintoii : Pr. Mile, and Hull & CouL, lime luir.'h j . II. Ilarne-, Charlotle; L. Jane.-, CJeorfriu; I. . Tvler, lUtvx ; KulUr S: Hmitiutofi, ln hmoud Al-o," druggists and n.erehautf generally hrotmhotit the Mate7 o'J.Oir. TlSKASi:s OT TIIK !,ITNc:. T)t-r!edl .l.y ihe ino-d (lopitl.ir remn rri kimu n in Ammrri fgetabte Pulmonary Jialsam in the moot t .itn.iLte leuu il) mjw in ii9e fid oji'jJi-.coU, .iiuhiii.1 ur plitlu-ic, coiiinunpiun. uhuoitiiis coiiilli tiitl niduiuniii nlT'Cliua ofever) kind, lu e.i'eid fle.nlil) meie.iiini. ind Itif propiictuiM aie ruiulam lv .fceiving ihe ni'ist f.ivomble riccuiint of in cfTerii.. 'Ihe fidlowinij iietv certifies I fit iiie uflVrt-d fir puhhr cx.iiii'hMliun. An I mkuks tia Cask Cxir.ici of n leiier ft cm Mr H S Ohij , Kingidmi, U'kit co., N. T. id ihe pr.tpriPUMr. 1 omis nf ihe Dili utit. win ihi irr.d A teuiiikidiie cure u.iit elf.'Cinl In ihe Vrj.iiulde l nl. tnwM.il) Ii ilf.iin lit llie ttin'ei nnd cpi iiip id IS33. 'llie (ei fun, Mi . Muod , h.td heen suk tt lun I inn w nh he oumnnptiun. IIh phvriei.tiH hid i;-U'ii linn up lie u an i Ctluci d u Utw Hi lu le uu.ililf; in lif'p linn-rlf. iiiil v.i4 r.i 1-in.f a l.nitt iiuiuiiiv o( liluod when he eoiuinenei d u-iug ihe Il.1l1.ini, ulmli h i etTeuird .i cuuiplt'iu cum, ii nd he m if) a ii, Te iud heul ik efi lir ..iii, .Mr. MoihU Ii.is i Pino il fi uni ihM ium u. Inn lie li if prrimred ine . tinjie tlelaih d .icfuiiiii of U'r ci"e, ulnth I w ill fui w rtrd inn. C. 6 CLAY. Knigmoii, N. V. June 25. IS.1S, Exli.u i nf .i leiirr fioui Dr. J.ii'uL Al)ern, The Vri!M.i1i!t I'uhiioo.ii V Urfl-.nu h.iii l.e-u uhl in llitf Cuimiv for itvo vp-ita, aiid ihe me linne h.i j.iined in uiirniiiui.nl relehni), hu it e.tieelj in imp iiifLinrc filled nl h.iini ihe denf-i rfTt ri. I :uii nn mr.Hii in f.ivur nf tho ui.i it v iio-iiinii', in o t 1 1 ulni h .ne im pn.ttiniH iipos .1 eretluliiu putdie, hm ili.il ithirh I kimtv I iv iit h he rnciu il, I r.inin(t hftp lui civ mv t tiiuti iiiiiu tlifitm. A i mmiei fiii prep'ii otiou U.t VOL. XV....Xo. 20. a'-.tj.-.v. ' .'. . r ..-lIulir'-'-M!aii A Hit . VAMJAUl 1J F A It j'M F O II S A L K. rrill. sul)enlicr brini dcfitous to retire Iroin ncli-i J. Iiufim s? , now oilers to dijioso of s it , n jj , ."iluntrj m Colchcstrr, one linlf mil - A thu statu tnad, Icaduiir from llutliugton lo i. A.I jut nnd oniy fix miles from liurlininn. ,Sii..i l-i rin i3u.iih1soiih.Ij situnlcil, enn tsinni s Iflll i-re, of na good land t.J can bofound in Chittenden county, nnd under as liijh stnto of cultirnlion, having I'm under the imprOMi tnent of en Knqlislt Agric-iltur "t tlio last Hvent). llirte ycari. There is on the Farm a eonrcnicnt I lousn, wilh a never failing well of pure water at tin door. A cowl Ham, with convenient sheds attached toil, n Talii.-ihlo ood lot i f He-nch and Msple, and .1 fine Orchard of choice Kruit. Any peron wishing u purchafo mcli a farm ns nboio describe.!, had betti r niaLe application soon to James Scott, I'cnrl-strtct', l!urhii"ton, or the subscriber on llie premise a. WILLIAM aCOTT. I'urlinrjton, July C, I'll. J"V IV. 1', Terms of payment vtAl bo made very easy. n5 CUnHlMliTON CHAIR VACTORY C I. .i;i.SO., continues the ' . busmtsa of irianufactunnr; Chairs st the old s and, of the fui lowing descriptions! Curl Jlapls tirrciiin, Cnne.S'ist, Common Car and riait Scat, Large and Sma.l Raised IStat ltockini', do do Com mon do, ( nmtnon liimni;. eVc. eVe All of whieh are warranted a firel rate article and will be sold at prici. to corn "point witn it.c tunes. AND IT.ATI1ER UED.S, UEAD1" alADi:. Constantly 011 limd, a supply of warranted Livo (Jrctte IVallicrs, wh.cli will lie sold low for cash. W.XNTKD, by the subscriber, Curl and liirds Eyj Maple, delivered at his shop in Church slrcet. oppnsiig h-n ' ) , C. L. NELbON rEATiir.us, I.DlVAItl) J. 1'AY'S BOOT i SHOE STOHZ. Clrmli- Strrit, llurlinvton. WHERE lie lias on hand a superior assortment 0 Ladies and (ientlenicn's I.'OOIS AND SHOES, of the following assortment 1 tient's fine tal I", ewd Hoots " " ' petr'd do. " lijlit " ' do. " Summer O.ntcrs, " " Pumps, " Calf " " Mhoes A-I'rn'-ans " Thick ij-Kip 11 .ts, " " " Ilroyans Coys Shoes v I'roans, ' Tmek ei Kip Roots, Vths " & " ' " ifc " Rronani. 1 J--i:. J. 1". would inviteliis customcrsand the pub lic in peneral to call nnd ixaniine hu iirsortincni or Hums ,t h-iions which In- tan warrant to be of 90J stock, thorough woiUmanshiii nnd laleststytes. Auo, .Measure Woik and Repairiii done at tha slinrtcst notice, nsusunl. n3l Hurl'meton, May Pll. Hoys Calf Shoes, Ladies f-aitcr Hoots, " Kid Slips, " Ncwip.'insuini & Ties, " Colored Slips, " Ilronzcd " " Calf " Misses Shoes if- Slips, Also, n lareje a-sortincnt of Children and .Infaati Shoes. 1 r c- m I u in MASS AN!) DOU'JIi.: IJASS VIOI.S. ABRAHAM P R E a-COTTwoulure- 'i!spcctfililyi:iforrii all persuns inter ested in the ic, rr.ee of Music, tliat lie continues to inanufactuu 4 Concord, .New llanipshiri-. 1 liASS A.ND IJUUlll.i ii.ion 1 iout, 1 of a VLrv superior quality, ami having obtained tin been ulle red ki'ie li a 11 .m-llm f "i. "I Lnmsinrk, .... ;.,,.:,',., , ,nr has ever been awarded to an A l. . jii.lilieii-is .m.iihi 1 nr'U-le eiulf. heie 1 h.u 1. mcrlcal, nianutacturer uf tuch Ir.stiumcnts at tin irun5ij miiccieu iu ur., 1.1 inn.. ureal uirj ol llie American institute 111 ravv Yni , . -i. it i a 1 , r- . .. .1 s i MilllinSliin, Jnili.it. I eo. IV1111. M t Dr. .SrtiRiii-l Mm it'll, to llie I'iiiiii if uu t.tblf I'liliuan.irv It.1le.1n1 I .1111 1- iii.ficil 1I1 11 ihe Vc ,, ,. I ureal uirjol llie American Institute 111 .Naw Ym ' ".o' I City, at the ureat l'air of the Mechanic's AssociatiCT 3, 1.,7 Minn 1 m j0,,(m nnd the Pair of the Mechanic's Chantu ..if ihe f 1 Association in I'oilland, Maine honow not on1- diate relief and 111 .1 very short tune e Iceled an entile cure-. Let all pi-r-ons trv it. Jirr.II MC (lARVP.V.il Cannon n. Dr. Taylrr'.s liaUam of Liverwort 'I Ins superior retne.lv torili-ea-es e.I llie 111115s nnel Iner has ohiriin- llalt mourmns, plain if- ligM, all wool Mo-js'.ine Burlington, and in the prine-iptl towns in the state J.ill el a re.inta'itui neeer lufoieeiu illeJ. (luLame ' Heal Ustnte For !alc. nniT si(ti-i-ii acres of 1 in.l. lvma 111 Lniiernu r.t it. vl! ,'ii i-.iri.i-r. wii 1 .1 leins the hou-c and land ASS ..,,.1 I n,-ii lli.-ri-Ilil. 1 1 ..-I l.v lli-iilirn lionJ. dee-e.ircJ. at the nine of bis de-atli,'is now otlered for Mile-. The landis of(riHl nualilv and lies upon the hill ro.ul leailins trcini Liiiieriiin vuiase iu v.u., i.i-. . s. -,..-wi-hiii',' to pureliato will please make applie-.ilien to the tub-mi rr. .IliA . v.llLlte.11, nuiu r o "oms i.f ihe estate 01 lie ilen Hou.l. PiiJcrhill, An?. 11,1611. Utf Cbuie-e 1 and Satin -tripeJ Mo isline dcLaincs ycrv line. l.-u-u 1 ell, I'll; nc:t -li 1 w . ami .carf-, nett Mitts and Glove-, siii.-riur iiu no 1 uilliiuzine unl ,ntlll Meict', Worl.i-1 i-.iml ricet M11-I111 Inertui!;s& liL-ins hrcail ivmers luiniii-t&i-.ii, Itilibm-, newslyle--, .vtiii. . ..wi i.., ,i.iiu .uiu , uu, i .in; uee', Wor-u-il AVoil.in P.i!!cnni'l C'linvn-s, ,-i,., July 23, IB11 n7 K. M. WRIGHT & CO. T Just received lj, 20 anu 21 - hy ucaenieiits 01 snail, a tirst rate article at 31 and 31 cents per lifrhl ; al-o all kin-Is aiulize, luriil-hesl ,n nn ... i.i,it- i.ti.i N lead, .1 first rate iiriie-lc, for Mile very low, tose'lier with a ere.it varielv of oilier am- clase cheap as can 1 e found at any oilier establish ment 111 tlie puii". r.o. rKTi.nso.v. directions signal in Ihe hand wntinq of the proprietor SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL, 1- Mari-h's celel ra ;lor TPS T received, a suiuily ol This- or small !Cf'l'rufC ne-eurately appliedf recof rliirge, es. of ecrv description, fur sale by the flo or sinsle, ;i.v. I. rix n if- .m-i.ak C'ATAUHII SNUl'l". ir?- tyRTK 1W TTT TWf! H "1TARSIIALL'S SM'H, is -ii 1 eurinathe (. atarrh VW - ss, w .- .- i-s MM. 100' CROCKERY, GLASS & CHINA WARE. l'AHUAIl & WAIT, Importers anil Wholtsaledealers in Croclcru, Class 1 t r.t . ttr 1 r .. - antt isnina 11 are, unu .u mujuciurcrs nj V(one 11 are. I CRATES just received nnd now opening nunc v 25 Packages Killed and Common Wore, 2S do Blue Printed do lfl rin Tirtiif,! ltmirhnil Snriff do COntainin complete ilinncr eervicva. Ten nets and 'Toilu Ware. '10 'do Vrctich While Granit Ware, with com plete sets 1 1 1 rou 14! 1 on t . 10 do Antique Vase Opnejuu Pearl Ware, c on taining perfect dinner sets, entitely new patterns and .hope, a most beautiful attielc, wiih.Tcu nnd Toilet Ware to match. CHINA WARE. JOpackegcs China Ware, containing Beautiful New l'all Goods. T" M. WRIGHT v Co. have, just receive-;! an ns-i-...rtti.!n, nl' ..nun. new naiienis M. do Lames, Hurt. KriL-li.li nrinl-. 1-1 Scotch t.miliain-, Cotton .... .. ... , , ,11. . 1 .1-1.1 ... L .... Li-Ie,Tlireail nnu uinen i.ices, i iaiu 1 nn 1-1-, u 1 nelclanewarticlefur children's wear,) PI.11J Shawl., etc. wlucli arc o.iereu ai very iuw .ris-.-. Ai.su, 1 -,n,.t.- r,l t-'nru-idl' fi.iili r lloeit-. Wnlkintf ci.. ;,,. t,-i. 1,11,1 French Kid Tie- nud Slippers, . ,vr. . 1.. i..... .1.1 1,11 1 n, 1 1 f I I lllllllTs. I'l 11C1V IIIVI.I ...t-rv '-. vhich will 1 e sold cheap as llie cheapest. Amr.25. 9 and the various diseases of the head, as well as ,-oreevc.. lu all parts of the e-ounlrv : and ulainins thu reputation which it has lou since earned, of l-e-im; absolutely the best article of the kind in the inarlet. Lacli buttle contnins threonines the uiianlilv ofone nf those winch nre ellcrcd at "ON1.V TWKM ir es, llanne lieeii employed lor the last FIVE CI-..MS." And is therefore a much cheaper six years 111 tno snop ot j. .11. uaswell, as well as Letter arlicle. Kor.ah.-bv WJ HATCH would inform the in- . habitants of llurlmirioii and vi emit v. that ho lias opened n slum in Cliuieh street, at the sign of the Rille, wiicre licmtciiels to carry on the Uun sniiih Business, in all its various branch in Laiisiiiburuh, (undoubtedly the best snop 111 ine uinteii state's,) nelecls war ranted in olU-rins his work to the public, iiurungion, june 1, lail T( VSTUUIOUS! A gentleman belonsin, liJ. one of tlio most nnrient and wealthy famihe to s of PKCK & SPEAR and Dn. ROUP. MOODV. nrlinstnn, Jan. 22, 1811. ly.l.lS S10O RtWARD. C1 nn REWARD has been ollcrcd for mouths X VV" to any one w ho will use a bottle of Jlay s iiinunrm jor ine files. ui uiousanus soiu, 111 no one this city.who must bo well known to numerous friends ...... l..l ... l.l r..- -Jl ,- wilbnut brinr? cured iivu'll iiuiiuii-, uiiu iui cetnui yeuia tuiiiiueil lu 1113 1. , n , , .. p I I l.,l li:,, I n rn.mri.,1 in ..n,l il.l,i,n ,ni.,.i instance has it fnilcd of a cure. Proof ou rwlitliiuiig his natural erect position and has quitted Ins car- 1 ' cri! " 1 n. . ..:.i. , , ii-. 1...1: I nrnrlti trim ease. imj;., mm ii,jv aiis wiiii rusuii ill lie IICVC 11119 IS ' rt, - 1, . f 11 I 1..,t,n Vr.Aieriiiiny,; in iiie- iiinun uij; euiiijuiuiuo. i u !.. tcnacricci, tore tnroai, ny can nage, anu now walks witn easel! we lielicvetlus is "'"''y , f ,, the ecntlcinaii's own description ns near as possible, (I-tcnially,) m the foil and'thcreis no exapijerntinn in it. We will iivo innui. I'M, ff n'l dropsy, tcndi n, rers his address, and doubt not huinaiie leelinss will or "leers, croup, w! fjr?-NKr SILK GOODS.) PHELPS tl KI.MHAl.l., 71 Male Mreri, isoion i...... r...i,..,l ihcir Fall Miniilv ol Silk Hoods . ' i i ..I r,.l,.,,,,..l !,. :im,I I ,!.... r .l,,,..i. i... ..,,, . i.i .?! en.i rac nS a c. -v '- - .-. - - " ' . , -'V - ; " ""'-V," 'V" naieor lomr siandimr. f.esh wounds, chilblains. etc. eiesiraoic nriiu; ... .uy. ,-. "v.,'',v" 1""rb . ...... ..s.-, ... ,....s. ,,iit.u ,,,..,,;. I.r. ,n,;c llie attention ot purctian-r, nir or uu miuh u, neynoius, in unnsiio-sircct, lias uccn restoreil, ., -"-" . -..... eredil, lowhoin they will le .old nt llie low.-t mar- and will Kivo pcrtonal assurances of the facts of his iiarticfcniiuliii;i iriArai-ioiwiJericM. Do not liooiiiiit; eousli. scald head. ,.v..s,. il.nl.Uri... s i,, .,. ,;.,..i.. .-...? Tiehlness of I ho chest, especially in ehililrcn.loul ill- 1.' .i ..'. . i . ' .- ol l..nra.,r.T,..t.t(a or nllinr fininii hnri-u Iia ni cr fihsll- llemarhablc Cure of Consumption. wasso near her death wilh this dieae. Ibat my fr.ends t-enl lor a pr et to confess me err I i'ie,l. He in his mer'V, told me nut to jjive ii;i iiniil I tni-l I'r. Taylor's l;alam ot Liu-rwort. 1 lent iminedia'ely for iliis"ii:eJii-ine, and alihoush llie lonte-l for a few days 1 etween ihuineJie-uir, anJ my ih-ei-e was .e vere , llie medicine conquered, and in ft fi.riniht I was re-stored to health. J bad a cough, raisins of lust ier, lo-s ol my voire, pa m, u cilme-., I enn re- le-r lo lioe-ter iiscn, in tne e arm n iiou-e, lur ine trui h ofniynmcnic.it. MARV DILI., 10 h street e-or. lieware ol irauu-. oi i i avenue. Summer Complaint. The Bnbain oILncrvron. in several i-aes r.f this die.iii-, w here all ntliT rcinedu'3 applirj ly j.liy-i-eians have proved inellee-tual, has produce 1 a perfect cure Surprizing Cure of Consumption. Mr. H. ilia Idm ol Delhi, .. V., of a ii.iliu.il'V eon. siimjitive coustitiilii n, has 1 ecu ael from an un limely end by the ue of Dr. Tnylur's. I3.iU.im of Liv erwort. A severe cold I roiiKht on an attack of Ple-u- re-y, and thus endel in rencraldchililyand consiimp Uon. A ei.nstant eotth, hectie Hush, rest'e. nishls, 1'iicl; niil-i'. nn 1 i-onl.iiuel o-s of flesh, angered a pecly i!e-ath ; but as soon a- I commenced the ueif tin- I aiam i (,-rew ie;ie-r, ami is now miiy rcotore-i to he-jlth. Shortness of Breath. Per this dirae, 1 have always (oiind Dr Taylor's l!alam of Liverwort nn execlfcut reme lv. It is at once so nife and o elective, that I always ue It in my piartiie, ami reccoiimicnil it to my Irie-uil-. 1 have u-ed it ill some hundreds rf i'ae-- wilhin the pa four ve-ar-. and 1 have never had it fail. In inanv caes ofa-lhrna, 1 fully lehevcittn line 1 ecu the- means el saving prce-ious nee, ia-i all use it. 1..1.UKUI, KAI.l'll, .11. 11. None Pennine but thai pu-iiared at 3T5. Wowrrv. New Vork, as will te seen by the lale-ls and wrap pers ol each nullle. lie Mire vou loo', when vo-i 1 uv. I he erenuuie can always i eoutaineu oi tlio old agents .N. Line v v e,o. in ii iriiusion, also oi nr. 3iuu.lv and IVvk .f- Spear, Dni;-it Samuel II. Harne, uiiarlotte. eublr l'nliniiii.i.r H.ililla M .i r.tlu.ih'e lllt-drt-iiie li h.i- be.-u ii. fit in tin. place .villi cuinpleti: sin-re in ii uli.liu ne cuiupl.iiiil ul ihe luiij., ..Mended w lib a -i-ieie ciiugli, loss ..f t nie-c and tin- raiimi of nun li liliiod, wliiclilutd pifii.iu.lv ti-.i-led iiiiii iiipn.e-l pi e.i-i ipiiuii.. Alier 111111 1 l.e H.its.itn u.ie ut-tk.ilip p tlirili. mice 1 eniinrd and he wiis.iblf ii, ipesk .nidi lily. i'lu. ca.e ficciinrd mune lime .inn-, nnd ihe ul. 111 is ii'iiv en mod nol nut) in arlne bin l.ibni inn. biMinio. Rcprri full), .-. Mount Il is 1111W illuie ll.-.u ti er. .iuir I u. tiiuuulil lerv lu b) 1111 alferliou ul llu-ttini., and 1111 c-.tliplaiul ,..t ilerlair.t in lie im-iii able bv 11 i.aiuril r. I" lb, ee phi. siriaii. I iva. llie-n iCsliuld lu .1- iin I lu-alili a 1 bail Pli.,11) eil l-i. mail) iru., liv lilni llie i-pi.iii.i. ru'. niuiiaiv II il.nin. Sun.' inv iccun-r) I l.a.e .,riiin infiuled the B il.ain 111 a eie.tl in.i.i) east t'f 't'.t riunpliiiiii., 11. d .u far :i I can ti-ain. iis list li . in fnnabl) been fiillmvPil liv inni'li b..lrlil, and 111 uian ilslal.cr. II ha. en't-Cletl CUICi wllll h wr-ie ..liuUv imp.- nri-ipil. SiMUKt.Evr.Rtrr. It.i. on. Marrl. 3, 1837. For .h!p, wholpoalp iind lelail, b) PECK $: Sl'r..R,M..r iimiiui, Vi. WE the subscril ers, Imviiiz I een appointed by the nuiiiir.il.b-ll.i- Prol ale LV n tur the Diirict ot Chittenden coinniissiouer lo receive, exMiime and a Ijiist the claims and dcinanJs of all pfrcn, ngain-l the estate cf J.!)IV. PENMMAN, late of Ce.I -hes'e-, 1.1 .ail Di trie!, ilc.ea el, reprx-enie-d insolvent, u d u!n a I claims and teni.iri.i-- ex- hil ncl 111 o.l-ei thereto an-i n niunins in, 111 n-uua c hereof, I emir all owe 1 by s.ii 1 Co ut, f ir that p. r,in f we do bcrcl.y i.'ive iniUce, that wuwd mtpu I 10 ll.e ine'-set o ir appuiivmc-nt, ai tlx el'velliii" of Jurm Howard, 1,1 Biirlin 1., in -aid di-triet, cn tin .e.-ond Mii'idav 11fJanu.11 y and April next, at 10 o'clock, A. M. on cadi of uiu uay. Faied, th.s llihd.iv rl Uctoler, A. I. 1311. ALVAS POO II . ,.,, i.irriiEit i.oomis, t-u-'1 Gold edge and line Tea Sets and gold band China Nurse Lamps. Let price. Their assortment ton.i-lsin pan 01 me .bllowiniart icle-st Hlk synshews and sarsnel-.iMerinn and -loak .tuTs 1111; and bluc-bUck firo' di llro'.: nud Swiss iiiulms, s,nawis 1.1 uu iiin, ... m Vi ,11 CUIl... UMllllll. Ul UIU Ll III INS , , -,, Both were rhcumitistii, nnd contracted cords !o imposed upon. . O110 ihuijionlywiM protect you- WhiteTea Sets, Sptii; do do ftnli! l.nnd &. snriir do Ul.Aao niiiii,, 10 packages Glass Ware containing I., 9, and 0 flute Heavy Cut Gloss Tumblers, fi, 8, and 9 fluto " Pressed do do 3 packages fine plain Tumblers, very cheap, Cut Gloss Lamps, Plain do do, a ureal variety, Supeth Cut Glass Hall Lamps, Asirnl T.amns. GirnnikdcR. Candlc'tira. l.eilioiliiuu eiiny.e-s, Splendil French Poree lino Vates, with How crs nulls, Swi Plain nnd rich ligM gru' elc Nan'c-, Chine silks of all kind-, Striped and fig'd Rep. nlks. Bonnet bill:. atim-, Florences, terge, erepe li- ,ee-, Plain r.n l ligM satin vet- lll'Til. Blk, blue-hlaek and col'J boiubuKiue, Blk and MucblU tilk vel vets, Plain and fiit'd mou'ieline ile lame. Eslienne-, printed Saxo nies, Fancy handkerchief- and scar -. 11 crcai varu-iv. Poekel handkerebiefs of all kind- Linen i-ainlric and i-am- brie handkerchief. Italian it French cravat, 31. 3t;, 3n, -It) men, (itinc. nii-n's. women' U e'lUren's .ilk, buck, a.ld woolen, and smews. Ilowlias this Icen done? liiSK-c)-. Jlii the Indian exelable hluer in- tcrmtUij, and llciceb' Xerie and Hone Liniment externally. Jan. '-.!), 1811. Holaontij 01 1. 1 un. 00., ,1 .ijairri Lane, .Veir York. Ill) PECK & .SPEAR. Who esnle Acents. a few doors east of the Post Office, Burlington, Vl. it is the name of COMSTOCK if. CO 1 that name must be always on the wrapper, or you may be ciliat ed. Do not foract it. Take the direction wilh you nnd test by that, or 11c cr buy it ; tor 11 is ii;iossidf , hey carry 011 the Confectionary lluslnt', on all it. it Cut Glass Bowls, Pitchers, Decaliters, rlnblpts. Wina and nnu s and a varirty of olhe-r articles in tlieir line, nil of which nre now (iflcrcil Wholesale and Retail at Now York prices. 1 & W. would invito the attention '' Mer chants in 1 ha surrounding towns to their stuck of ware, assuring them that they will sell in packapo assorted to ordrron asgond terms ns can be purchased in New York Boston or Troy, ut their warehouse corner 01 of Church am) Collrgo Sis. Burlington, June 1. 1611. PAl'F.R HANGINGS. NKW mpply, wilh borders, tcr. jut ree'd from the rnaaul'"',r, "" ' ''"JililCM gli.li shoe ribbon-, sewing MIK, twi.i.nrnias. eord-, sc. eve. Boston, Septemler I, 1811. Cw. FOR SALE. mllAT larce and commodious two stn J- ry llrick Dwelin House & I, at situated on tlio west sido of College gre'cn at the head of Collc!?o.street. in this vil. Ribbon-.e-ap, bonnet, 1 elt, age. The House is 32 by 15, with a basement story, i.iiin and .aim. with Kitchen and Provision cellars, and a wine32 bv Cialloon., French nnd Kn C3.exlendini; north on Colleje Green, with woiKland store nour uviyw, nun 1 111111. e-i iiui, nt-.-piii' rooms aboc. A iuiVC and commodious B.iru,carri.i'.,e home Ice houe, and oilier out-hoilst-, CilJn .paeiuu; yanl west ci tix-uweiiing uiiiit-t nnu a j;oou uurnt io wed or water of llie lies I nualilv hi the villase, nnd a bricl. e.steru. One and a nuarlcr acres nl land, oflho hr l niinlityi .1 larrte '.irdcit and elioieo fruit tre'e-s west of thu houc and yard. 'Ihe II. Hidings are e-niHtriicte-d 111 modem style, ol ihe I est materials and workmanship, were erevti-4 bv ibu .ubscriU-r lor hi-own ue. and the location af ford, a very extensive and pleasant prospect of the village- and lal.c on I ho e-t and Is not surpas.eJ by any oilier 111 tln . ail nf llie country. 1 A'ro fui- .itlu n lot containing an aero nf land direct 1.. . .....r,..,,. .1 1 ...... 1 1 ,..11 ,....,..., 1, ...... 1 newly filled lipin good style, wheru ihe undersigned dwelling hoiikotheiion. will be telad to wait on his old customers who may Pur.-ha.crs are invited toeall and exmiiie for Iheni. favor him wilh their patronage. , selves-Vrnis ma.'e known hy ih .11 1 seril e-r on the ' tim rt 11. O. SPAULDINO. 'pic'iii-B'. , ie !? n 5SM T.L KI-TJD. Uurlmifton, April !3 15-11- , llurlinyen Jun-, 16, ? 10. al 07- IJllOAl) CLOTHS CIIUAf ! LI1UA1'! CIIBU' ! TUST c'cncd by E. M. Wkioht & Co, a largo J assortment of Broad Cloths, wlucli the publ.e cheaper than evir. 1 . Scpiembcr, Dili 1811. 1'OIIM). may he found in ibis villige, directly opposite J the Methodist Chapel, an otD 1'Al.vr Miur. nre olTcrtd to Cull and see. NEW ESTABLISHMENT. (succKssons to i:. imkjhs.) Wholesale and Retail Confectioners, ,I7 01 1.1) ri'spctfu'ly inform ihe inhabitants r.f IT Burlington and the surruuu ling e-i untry, that for any oilier 10 be iruo or genuine. Sold by CO.MSTUCh .) n9 CO.. 71 Maiden Lane, New York. 1 KCK it S P 1. A It, Wholsalc Agents, a few doors cast of ihe Post Ollicc, Burling ton, Vt. rvocT. U Ileitd.ieheS.M'FF. MAHSIIAl.I.'H Aronntic, Catarrh and L-be SM'FF. This Sniul is sune-rior to any ,1.;., ,-pt L-nnw-n. for removin-r that trouble-lime ui ea-c, the Ualarrn, anu nio a com in me i.eau, uun iiic he'adache. It opens and purges out all ohtrui'tion, tre'iiglhens llie gland,nnd gin's a he-allhy netion tothe ..arts niiM-osi. it is m-picci iv iree i roiii anv ui iizue e- terio-is 111 its composilion has n pleasant flavor, and iisimnieili.iteei'ee-i, nfterleing U'cil, is abgiee'.ible. Price I1 1 cents per boitle'. Den-i. .Murshnll's Vegetable Indian Black PLASTEll. 'I hi. Plotter i unniallisl fur curing scrofulous w,-l. lings, Scurv y Sores, linie Back, and Fre-h Wound, i nam 'in the side-, Hip-, and Limit.; nnd seldom fails 10 give relief in les.--.il Khei.iuatisni... If iipnlnil tothe Mino is 1 rauebe. Detemiiiicil to u-e the very le.t materials m lunuui.ietiirmir, nicy win ai nil time: furnish Mci, hants and others dealing 111 i'milevnon uric., ui'h Ihe nualilv. and on the lowe-st no-si bietcrin. Shop on Church Street, two door. Soulh nf S. E. Howard's Store, newlv and ne.iilv lltievl m. where we cordially invite all to call and e'Miiniupo ir article-, comi-tingo! nil Kin. 1 01 ,Mir.'.-c.hh.'i, nail and Ki'te, llcarls and Hkiiiionu-., iii.ini., fepper mint, Lcme'ii Drops. ninlla Cream, Lneii;i, Sugar Plumbs. Canaw av, Comfits, Ca-na Bud, Rock and Brown Candy, hugur S.ind, Mottoes an I Scorett, Sugar Apples, rotator., Egg, nnd Basket., will 1. 1 nous oiher articles 100 niimere us 10 lo mriiticued A general assortment 01 rien anu lancy .aie. on band, and 1 sked lo order, together with Ice Cream. tolurnish purlie, e',ii'. I'.iL-r.n CixiiT. which we r'-vommeuj fur Cugh Pi J.I.. Hiinr.eiiess. Ai-. o il. net prele n I to s i with Mr. J. 1 '-.i-c v Mm, mat 1 ur -anuv will eiirc ail tendi'is his thinks lu his friends and patron! for pa favors, but pledges biiii'rlf to Religious Societic. Musical Associations .111.1 inuiuuiiais who may vti.i to iiurclrisi'. ihat 110 rcisonableellbrts shall be wai nig on his part, lu enable him to meet their ordcu iu the most priimpt anu siusiaciory uianuer, uiai i.. may still retain ihcirconfidcncc, and merit a ceiituu anco oft the liberal pan cnage he his for inany yetia cnjo.ul. Heslso keeps in cl.'ii'vr -is'i-tmrnt of ML'MCAL I.N.-'l.lL .1i.T.n, of thebest qinutv '.nihil: '" fer sale on t.. most reasonable n-nns, uinong w huh .".re MiLODlOXS AND SERAPHINES, which arc much admi's-d fur sv. 'tness of tone, f.! well atapted topi'' . or chure 11 miisie. Music School". Military Bands, ur individuals, cn besupplnd with Bra.' and other instr T.cnts ot uv dcscnpnoi -- Imp or cheaper than they can (. chase 111 the city of Boston. Also, Violin, Bass nnd Double Bass iol Str" Hows, Bndi'i s, Patent IL id-, Tuning Porks A. P.i Instiuctioii Rooks, Cluriu. . .1 Rec 1 and mouth P ce, Umbrellas, Parasols, Walliinj Canes, Ac. Ordirri will be ginte'ully nceivcd, and liistrumc . "cut bv Staere at the risk of i'"' m-nufacimcr, ai. ' not s-iti.f i"iorv, may be r. inngnl. Musical iiisirumcnts an I I'm .i.llas.repaircdasu al, Plca-e call at In- new M11 e Store, a few ri... t soulh of the Eaglet'otl'ic lloi-c. nsl Cuncuril, New Ilniiip-lure. March 2, 1-11. PANGBORN .p 1IR1NSJIA1D, Agents, BurU" ton, Vt. STEAM-BOAT HOTKL, W.tA S 2 STW 11CP.MKCIO.V, mm VERMONT. '"V1.? irS'Ti-S. Z; Z y.l n-i le foMd.;eae:icad,ng to Conuinpl,ui, wc think that is eornlo.i'lh.'r.'eii the virtue'sof thi'sPlaste, havelien "V'ng W ."ch. witne-steil bv tlion-un.is ri inuiviuuais 111 iui-iiuu-u - -.- Si.n... w-bo'luvcie-ted 11 rilie.tev. Snldl.ylhe pro- We hue a poo.1 n.sorliucnt ot llrats and lloudrn " ' 1 ... S1..I.II..I...:.. V-. nn I .-. A- I -i....l.. ...l.l. ..... .ill .1I IL'fl- low- f.,t i-sh f,r m. .... .... j ..-- aud examine tefuro pur- basing i-l..-wliere. Heal INtnte lor Sale, at llie rails. .v n. .-" "r...rs ...-....., ,,... w.i, ive.ii ..s.ts . . ',. ,...l.. n.it.n.l.! ,1). nml n.ic .it-.is nn.l liovi.j rnt v-n llnusos owned liv .nr. I., lidrnarti, ai n- ........ .11; . , - . HY JONATHAN HART. ATK. H. respectfully announces to tlio citizens or Il-L fijrlniL'lon ana mciiiiiv, nni 1110 iriniiiiug iiulibi-irjiierallv. thai I10 has DUlchrscd. thurmuhly repaired, p-iinlcd, littcd up, and furnished the above Hotel, situated on tne i-orncr 01 scnnn ami min streets, opposite the head of the Steamboat Wharf 111 ilit!lln".'of nurhm.iiiii. (forincrlv ownd nnd kept by Captain 1. R. Harrington, of tlie SteMinboi.t Plice nix,) iu a style of convenience and comfort not sur passed by nny other I Intel 111 the village. A spacious parlor, b.iiing room, rcuuiug luoui, mm inning i all cummunicate wilh e-nch other, and with the fiom ni.i7 nn itm eround lluor. The Bar room, b.iriit, sheets and yards nrearrangcu 111 ine nesi .u.-iu.: man ner to accoiniiiodate the travelling and biuim ts pub lie. An acre of ground, nearly on a level, adjoins tins Hotel, wilh convenient out-liiiusc', spae-iuus nun air) walks, and girdcns j aro ull inviting to Haveners, l.ncln.ss tin m limrilfrs nil. I nnilicsof pleasure. ai 11 r.,.i nff nvn..ri..ii,-i urn esses 10 Know uu tofutnisha coodTiiblo and Bar, and In servo up the I,,.ms, niiiliii-sinnil mrpRt di-hracirs lint the nnrkcl and season ullord. in a manner to suit the mtc of the connoisseur i and he confidently assures his pations and "uests that hu utmost exertion, will be putm re. ..:.:?: , . ... il,n. .UIISlllllll IU OS. . ''. .... . , ... 1 . . ...III I.. ...nl.A.l , ,,s nnil r-lea lipoai passenzers win ce- jui .., - from the Boats, and their baggne Irnii-portcil, and taken care of at this Hold, and save their llaek hue to anil fiom the Court hou.-e s.-uare. Stage passengers e-.iu lie leu ai nnu iiimii ii; Hotel without nddiliunnl fare', and those taking Ihe Boats will be shown 011 hoard and their haggngii Iteti of evpense, nnd without ineurrin;' nny 11-.1 of being left, by the darkness or lateness of iho night, o r an other contingency mciileiit to theprecipitiincv-ol steam power, or ilii'niietiiatnni of wind and weather. Horses and Carriages fuinishid iho who wish to transact bii'incss, or visit any part of llie village, 011 rcat-junble terms. , I.. ..ni nn.l.,i)i.rKl,'iri(r. in limnOr- .llllglCllie-ain -a es.i., .... v..., - " ' tlOII. Biirlinglon, May "0. 111. 1 S Q 1 . novt'tci ti Ti'iiss-yosf.ilioii Line. rriHIS L.iic of dual Boats nn Cli.imp'ain Lan tail VccN and Sii-ani 011 I 11' e Hi untilatn v. rr mm edl.y JA MIS H. UOO.e 1 li, 7'rov, r IS vAC V. BAKUt, H7u7t.W Tl efnenls cf tin- Line, and thepw I we lelic ' .-. . . e sniispcJ wilh tin- .1rra11je11.cn'. The Usui i..eiue nnd I u-ine-s 1. so'.cksl. Every exert m . I e made tu give .atisf.i'-l!iu. -I'll Sept. 1 S 11 P. r freight npp'y to POPE CATI.1N, ) 31 an I C H. JANFS, I -o I'icn'.icsSlip, X. 1 L.A.C'AllI l.TON, ) ,. .... ...... !. J. II. HOOK I 1!, S 1 1 " (i. II. BAILS hY, 75 Pier, Allan-. I. V. BAia it.Whitch.i'l. Hm'... POLLL'IT & BRADLEY, Burlington, V- ' WILLIAM WHIG I IT'S INDIAN I'llllRATl VI J rn,l.!, Lntinly Vegetable. A l"ANPFAt"ll'l!I.D urnUr lie iiiimcli.i'.e suptrio 1 I nn 'riuv of W Ili.imWriglit.v ee-pre-n'cit cf ib .vrt .Imeriian CMege ot' lUaltli, fur he treaiioml and cure e f di ci e in the f nil nf Bib m. and Ner vous Fevers, Mcale's, Small Pox, Pans 111 th-t-lnui !.-, lack and tide, Cuns'im.uion, 1'rerpty, Scrof ula, t .nicer, Spi'iins I' Bln.1, R '.I'ead.ji he, Itl.fiim.iti m. Di.irilnv.i, Dy-Piitary, l'i.l.. Dy.pcp. sia, P.ilpiia'u 11 if tin" Hear, I Ierrs and nre ai eviTv l:ia ', if--'. ' ' Pcrta'elv I'lil ls' V SPEAR, llurlingtcn. V,-. 11. HOLLY. Willistou. W.J. I d OP. I .A if, Ilini-sliiugli. J. II. H.U.BIT.T, Westf r l. s:0-l 1511. prii'lor i t'hav. Bowen. Middlebury, Vl., and PtCK V Clocks, which we will tell SrEAii, Biirlinglon, Vt. jel ,,rovisl ciwlit. 1'Ie.iie call mn 1: 1 Burhncton l'all-, will be sold at a reduced price, on I nard of tinge 01 boat-, when Attached looTJ-aboutaii acre of land, and t'o the ehajge Be other about half an acre. App lv to M. . llll..-vi"iun- MlT i. iptl- M ' ,':",'0', '"''Ii:i ll' (of tinges 01 boat-, when ri'.pureil, frev nf 1." 1 ii m 1. mi i.j:. 1 j...! 1 -. ...... . . 170R Sale a farm, rmisi.tuitf xf. n'"'"' 0l '"" A. II 1 11 1 111 II ill ill I L ! Ul lit lilt ' " . , .,fc-b. road from Huusburgh to t'S Ihcro nreeood buil.lii. ""ho ccfi I;'llcl'" " ' vvillbo.old low. Kor further particulars enquire o Sept 17 B. ISHAM, She-lburne, t iioi.ti:in's ni:v I'ltuxcsiiirAucn, CONTAlNlNli Ordinal and Selected Anecdotes, Biographical Skf tch- and t harae lerinc Trai'.s of Persons Disi.nsuishcd by their Ocnius nnd thci. Know'.eitgc! Historical l-aois, in'-'""'"'. Mi.lluiic,. Ps.-ful. lntcresimi and laritif. Wii Notes end an Arpendix Just received by , C. COODHlCn. iircs i 1 rimers. 10 .111 1. 1 r-swfef 1 inn, i-rcueii ..'.,..-. -, ,. . e..evii.... ,i,... i. ........ II II I iiri.i..rrrNr s nualilv am rrieei r." y.i r -..,.,., -, ::r . ,VHnr.nT A-Co French P.ngl.sli nnd American ' .n-i r.c'.l bv Oct 7. "."ach'ers are Kucsted 10 send for copies for - . . : cr. .n;....l ai,a. kr ..., Ir '"!- nP.NTINCTON'S, l'nhi-ye tirre Vp', 21. Koiv TailofinK i'-stn-jlislinieni, On Pearl Street. rtIir. Subf-'tdcr respcrllully infunns tb; -viM'c 1 tluit ho has opened a .hop in the new brick build !.... 1 inf.li.. I'.iarl-st. Hons.', whera he. UIU UHV .IUW. Ul, -. ...s - . I .- . , wiUbohappv to ri-ceivc oiders irom h.s tneiidsand the public. Work of every dcicnplmn i-u-d.'.dm the mo.i fashionable style, or to suit any t,ci ... tastaof his nitron. AH promptly ait,.j..s to. 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