25 Şubat 1842 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 4

25 Şubat 1842 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 4
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

'"He touched his harp, an J nations heard, entranced." song to the wmrrooiuviLii o v r a n k d E s A M 1 X Complaining bird, that sing'st at eve When all around is cilm and slill Why wilt thou malio my spirit pricve, And hid tno "Whip poor Will 1" What ha? poor Willy done, that ho Should bo the bnidrn ofthy si ng, As, sitting on yon old oak Irei1, Thou chauntc-sl nil night lonir "Whip poor Will 7" I whipped him once, but nhl in vain) Prom copso nnd wood, fioni g'enand hill, Tint oft-repeated lemn strain Still bids me "Whip poor Will." And thinigh tho little fellow -creanird For being whipped he knew not why Till on yen heaven the sinihghi gltati.cd, There came that inournnil crv "Whip poor Willi" On other themes, oh lonesome bird! Employ thy deep, melodious hill, And let me hear Gome oilier wotd, And not "Will" "Whip pot r Will." For William is a pleas int boy, A men-hearted, lovely ono nis falher'a pride, his mother's joy j Why must I whip mv si n' "Whip poor Willi" What I never done! wilt always sin; 1 Can no persuasion Keep thec still 1 IlnM thy sina'l Inrp no uiher siring, Iieti thai "Whip pOJr Will 1" 'Tis even so 'tis mine own thought, And not lliy note, docs Willy wrong : Then sinr away wiih sweetness fraught &ing that complaininL', constat!' song "Whip poor Will!" From tin: Knickerbocker for February. Till". ANTIQUITY" OP FREEDOM. CV XV1LLIAM CL'LLHN nnVANT. Hero are old trees, tnll oa'.s an I gnar'cd pines Tint slream with jrrpy-arcrii mosses: here the ground Was never trenched by s.iailes, an I ll ivvcrs spring up Unsown and die uncathereJ. It i sweet To hn.'er here, among tho Hilling birds And leaping squirrels, wandering brooks, and winds That shako the leaves, nn i scalier as they pass A fraginnce from ike cedars tluekly set Willi p.ilo blue benics. In these pence ful shades l'eacefil, unpriined, immeasurably old My thouelusgo up iho long, dim p.ilh of years, Hack to the earliest d.i) s of Liberty. Oh, Freedom ! thru art not as ports dream, A fair young girl, with light and delicate limbs, And wavy trcssis gushing from I lie cap With which the Human masler crowned his slave When he tuok or Iho gyves. A bearded man, Armed to the Iclh.rtrt tho ; one m uled hand Grasps tin broad shield, and o'lo tho sword ; thy brow, filorionsin bcatily though it be, issearicd With tokens of o'd wars; thv massive limbs fed Are strong wi'li -truguhng. Powerat lh"c haslaunch. His bolls, with h.s lightnings sniitteu thec: They could not quench the life ihouhasi finm Heaven. Merciless Power has dug thy dungeon deep, And his swart armorers, by a thousand fiies, Hawf irg'd thy eh tin; yet wliik- bode mis thec bound, The links are shivered, and I ho prison wn'U Fall outward ; terribly ihou springest forth, As springs the fhuio above a b.irning pile, And shoulest to the nations, who relurn Thy ehoutings, while the pale oppressor files. Thy birth-right was notgixen by human ban 'a; Thou wert twin-bjrn with man. In pleasant fitlds, While yet o ir race was few, that sat'sl with him, To tend the quiet lloclt and watch the star , And teach the reed toulicr simple airs. 1 lion by his side amid llie langled wood Did'sl war upon the pin her and the xvnlf, Your only livs; and thou with him didst draw Tha earliest furrrows on llie mountain idc, Soft wiih the Deluge. Tyranny himself, Thy euemv, nllhniigh of reverend loot, Ho lry wiih many years, and f.ir obeyed, Is liter born than limn ; and as he inccU Too grave dofimro of lliinR elder eve, The uiurpcr trembles in his fnatencsses. Thou shall wa- alionger with ihc lapse of years, Till' shall fade into a feebler ago; Feebler, yet subtler, he shall weave his snares, And spring them nn thy c ircless steps, and clap His wilhend hands, and from Iheir nmbiL-h call His hordes lo fall upon thee. He shall send Quaint niT-k-rs, forms o f.iir nnd gallant tni.-n, To calcli thy gaze, and utiieiing giaeelul words To chatm thy ear; while his slv imps, iy stealth, Twine round theelhreailsnf steel.lin lit thread on thre'd That grow to fetters) or bind down ibv nrnis Wi h chains concealed in chaplets. Oh ! not yd May's! thou unbrace tliy corslet, or lay by This sword, nor vet, O, Freedom! closo thy lids In slumber , for dune enemy never sleeps. And thou must watch and eomb.it, till the day Of thenew Earth and Heaven. I'm wnuM'st thou rest A while from tumult and the frauds of men, These old and friendly solitudes invito Thy visit. They, while yrt the forest trees Were young upon the inviolated Earth, And vet tho mms-stains i n the rork wrro new, Beheld thy glorious childhood, and iijoiced. The f dlowing was, as Mr. Moore stales, wrung from him by the Irish' Coercion II II of tho Whigs : PADDY'S METAMORPHOSIS, Ahanl fifty years since, in the davs of enr daddies, That p'an was commenced which the wise now npphud. Of shipping ofTIreland's most turbulent P.iddic, As good raw material for settlers, abroad. Some West-India island, whose name I forjrt. Was the region then cho 'n for this scheme so romantic ! And such the success the first ci lonv met. That a second, sjoii after, set sail oVr lh' Atlan tic. Behold them now aafo attlie long-look'd for shore, Sailing in between lanUs that the Shann n might greet, And tliinkingof friends whom, but two years before, They had sorrow'd to los,;, but would soon again meet. And, hath ! from the shora a glad welcome there canio 'Arrah, Paddy from Cork, is it you, my svvictboy?' While I'.it sioml astonished, lo hear In- own name llius liau eu uy black devils, who capct d for joy ! Can it possibly be? half nmazament half doubt, Pat listens again rubs his ejes nnd looks steady Then heaves a deep suili. nnd in horror veils nut. 'Good Lord ! only think black nnd curly already!' Deceiv'd by that will-mirnick'd brogue in his ears, Pat read his own doom in these wool-headed lig tires. Anl thought, what a climatp.in less than two jtars, 10 lurn a wnoii) cargo en rais mio niggers: JIOltAL. Tis thus but alas! I.y a marvel more true Than is told in this rivnl of Ovid's best storie Your Whigs, w hen in office n short car or two, By a Cajui naturic, nil turn into Toiies. And thus, when I Inar them 'strong meisuies adviic Krc I lie seals that ihey sit on have time In get steady, auy, wuinr IISU'II, Willi leUTS in III)' 'Good Lord! only think, black and eu.iyalrcndj!' OmaiNu. Si.v. In one of Mr. John Ad onis's letters to his wifo, is tho following an ecdote un originui sin ; "Why," says tho Doctor,"! tati5fy myself " iii'imit-T. i.itiier orii'iual tin is divisible or indivisible. If ;t ;3 ,jvis. ibid, every descendant of Adam and Kvo must have a part and the share which fills to each individual at this day is so small a panicle that I think it is not worth consid ering. If indivisible, then tho whole tiiian. tily must have descended in a right line, and must now t o posussed by ono person only nnd tho chances are millions and millions to ..... . ... ...a. .u se.., .s ow ,A,ta or a meant,,,,,, l nave no.lung ,0 dl) with ' From iho Ocrninn SLEKP AND DUAT1I. Hand in liarnl tlioy wandered over tlm cartli, tlio angel of Slurp nnd Ills brollior angol Dontli. Itvvasovcning. A hill, over looking (he dwellings of men clad in luxuriant green, invited them to rest. The last sound oftlio vi'sper hell had died away on tho hrcc7.c; ti sad nnd solemn silunco reigned in tliu scene liefori! tlicm. In stillness and quietude, the emblem of (heir calling, re posed (ho buncvolcnl spirits; and darker grew tho shades of night, Then rose tho nngel of Sloop from his mossy couch, nnd scattered, with gontlc hand, tho invisible grains of slumber, which cool zephyrs wafted to the quiet habitations of tho wearied tillers of tho soil. Now sunk into swcot reposo tho dwellers of those rural cottages, from the aged man, whoso head was whitcnod by tho frost of many winters, to the smiling babe, blossoms. Tho sick forgot his pain, the mourner his grief, pov erty her cares. All eyes wero closed. Hi benevolent tusk fulfilled, the angel of bleep joined his lonely brother. With a smilo of innocence beaming on his countc nance, ho exclaimed, "When the morning dawns, and the flowers shed their fragrance on tho pi ains, and tho birds warble forth their swcot melodies toward heaven, then will men praiso mo as their friend nnd bo- nefaclir. Oh, what bliss to do good in so cret ami unseen ! Now happv are we, the iiivisiblo fulfillors of a Heavenly w ill ! How blessed h our quiet calling! Sospakolho gentle angel of Sleep j hut his words of joy found no response in the troubled bosom of his companion. Deep wo marked tho lent tires of the angel of Death ; and tears, such as mortals shod not, glisten ed in his dark, calm eyo. "Alas," uttered he, "why nnt also to me the sweet tributo of gratitude ! Ivu lb calls mo tho spoiler, nnd the son ol man denounces me as his foe." "Ob, my brother," replied tho angel of sleep, "When the sun rises that shall quick en to a day that sel, not, to an eternal spring, will not the righteous, in their awakening, know thee as a friend and benefactor? Are wo not brotheis, and the obedient doers of our Heavenly Father's will ?" The conntciinneo of the angel Death t.. i . i . . , i urigiiteneu ai inese wortls ; and stronger grew the tie that buund these brother spirits. UL'MKMilIilt THE I'OOIt. It is a standing law of Providence that the poor shall always be among us, and it is easy to see that society is or may bo the gainer by their presence. It is not well to consider them a tax and a burden, for while they consume a tithe of our superfluities they create occasions fur the exercisu of feelings and conduct, which are of more value to us than our donation can be to them. Thrro u a beautiful philosophy in that axiom of iho haviour, that it is more blessed to give than to receive, and whoever subjects it to exne- nnenl finds bis sweetest pleasures springing fiom sympathizing communion with the mi serable; anil lh.it while tho noor man needs gentle mercies to feed and warm him, not less do we need his necessities to keep our hearts unlrozcn and joyful. mi. KENDALL'S LETTER. So deep an interest is felt hv nil classes of the community on the subject of the Santa lo Expedition, that we have concluded tore publish Mr. Kendall's letter entire, in ,ho as surance that it will be read with pleasure and mention. Apart from the intelligence it conveys ,l possesses an intrinsic interest. We ind heard from good nulhoiity that the pris oners wero treated with severity, whilo Ken dall speaks of the leniency of the Mexicans. I he N. Y. American accounts for this on the supposition that Kendall's letter was writ ten under llie fear of its falling inio the hands of the Mexicans, and was therefore guarded in its tune. C,iiiiir.iitu, Mexico, Nov 27 18-11. M Dear Friends : You have doubtless, ere this, beaid iliat your humble servant was in what mayjusil be termed "a bad muss," but ibis is tlm first time I have had a chanco of letting you kno.v it myself. On tho lolh of Sept. hist, after suffering hardships almost incredible on the praries in iiiu way ot starvation, eye, myself un iniii iiuiLTs wero laiutn prisoners by a detachment of Mexicans near San Miguel, New Mexico. After a confinement of somo' five weeks.it San Miguel, a town sumo fifiv miles from Santa Fc, I was lake,, and brought to ibis city wiih n(.Hr two hundred of the u-oops (prisoner) attached to the Tex an Santa Fo expedition. To-monow or next uay wo aru all to start for tho city of .Mexico where we sdiull probably arrive ear ly in Feburary, and where I have the strong est hopes of gaining my liberty once more, and soon after my arrival. It appears a lit tle singular, does it not, that I, an individual perfectly innocent, and uitb no wrong inten tions towards this government, should be thus made a piisoner of and marched a distance of 1800 o; 000 miles 1 but at present we are well treated and I have no reason to com plain, although my case is a peculiar hard one. One thing however I have gained hv the operation hrallh, and that of tho bes't kind. I verily believe wero 1 ,o enter the office in my present condition.you would not know me. I uni stouter and heaver than t v er I was in my life. I have not seen a paper or hoard a word fiom tho United Stalessinco I loft in May last, with tho exception that war had been declared against England, and that iho old Harrison cabinet 'bursted up.' Altogether I havo I een it the woild for the last six months, I havo not been of'n. You must write somoofyou, and that im mediately, to my friend in Alabama felling them that I am still in tliu land of the living and havo strong hopes of continuing in it a whilo longer. You can also tell Mr. Mil ford that his friend Falconer is along with me, and also in good health. My ankle has nearly recovered, and per haps you will think it time. So serious was the injury that fortwo months I was unable to put my foot to the ground. A broken leg would havo been a mero scratch in comnari- son. There nroa number of English and Amer- ienns here, who II. ,7.i . . . kindness. The GoveVnoV .V't " " Chihuahua is also u gennuni nh Z"j hearted man, and has done much lo alleviate tho condition of tho prisoners. This is n place I should liko extremely well if 1 had my liberty, as tho people aro Kinu-ncartcu anu very nueniive mm Dunging (o strangers. At Passu, a town somo three hundred miles from this, I received favors from tho priest of tho place, such us would not be granted or conferred by any Minister of tho gospel out of Mexico but of all this I shall sneak further when I get home. Onco moro 1 say to all keep "stilT tipper lips" Tell all my Iriends that I shall "man ifest" invself amonclhem ono of these days Hoping that you arc all enjoying as good hoalth as myscll, I remain still Guo. Wilkins Kcndai.l. It is so long sinco i havo written that I havo almost forgotten how I I FATHER, OTLYNN, AND HIS CONOUEOATIO .V rutlinr trancis U rlynn, or, as lie was generally called by his parishioners "Father Frank, was Iho choicest specimen you could desire ot a jolly, quiet-going,ease-lov-in;:, Irish country priest of tho old school His parish lay near a small town in tho eas tern part ol tliu county UorK, anu lor lorty livo years ho lived amongst his flock, per forming all the duties of his office, and tak ing his dues ("when ho got them) with never-tiring good humor. But age, that spares not priest nor layman, had stolen upon Father Frank, and he gradually relinquish ed to his younger curates the task ofpiearh iug, till at length his sermons dwindled down to two in tho voar one at Christmas, and the other at Easter, at winch times his cler ical dues were about cominc in. In one of these memorable occasions 1 first chan ced lo hear Father Frank address his conrre gallon. I have him now beforo my mind's rye, as bo then appeared ; a stout middle size man, with ample shoulders, enveloped in a coat of superfine black, and substantial legs, encased in long straight boots, reach- in;; to the knee. His forehead, nnd the up or part of his head, were bald ; but tho use of hair-powder cave a fine effect to his mas sive, but good-humored features, that glow ed with tho rich tint ol a halo ol old ace. A bunch of largo gold seals, tlependini; fiom i massive jack-chain of tho same metal, os ciliated with becoming dignity from llie lower verge of his waistcoat, over tho good ly prominence ol his " fair round belly.' Glancing his half-closed, hut piercing eye, around his auditory, as if calculating tho contents of every pocket present, hu com meuced his address as follows: 1 ell, nn goou ponple, 1 suiipnso vc know that to-morrow will bo tbe;tn, of saint 1' incen, and no doubt ye ll all be lor going to the blessed way to say your Jiad- hercens ; nut l ll go uait mere s lew ol you ever hoard the reason why the water of that well won't raise a lather, or wash anything clean, iiiougu you were lo put an uio soap in Cork into it. W ell, pay .intuition, and I'll tell you. Mrs. Delany, can't you keep your clulel quiet while I'm spacing I It happened a long while ago, that Saint Fiueen, a holy and devout Christian, lived all alone, conveynaut to the well ; theie he was lo be found ever and always praying and reading bis lm.Vn.ry iiin a cowld stone that lay beside it. Onluckily ennngli, mere lived nisei in tho neighborhood n ctillkcn dims called Muriecn, and this Murieen bad a fash ion of coming down to the well every illum ing, at sunrise, to w ash her legs and feet; and, by all accounts, yon couldn't meet a whiter or a shaplier paii from this to Ran ry. Saint Fiueen, lion ever, was so dis thracted in his heavenly meditations, poor man ! that ho never onco looked at tliem, but kept his eyes fast on his holy bouks, while Morieen was rubbing nnd lathering a way, till the legs used lo look liko two beau tiful pieces of alabaster in the clear water. Matters went on this way sometime, Mori cm coming regular to the well, till one fine morning, as she stepped into tho water she struck her foot against a stone ami cut it. " Oh ! Millia niurdher! What'll I do?" cried the callkcn, in the pitifulesl voice you ever heard. 'What's tho matter?" said Saint Fin ecu. " I've cut my foot again this inisfortinat stone," says she, making answer. Father Frank having taken breath, nnd wiped his forehead, resumed his address. " I'm going to change my subject now, and I expect attention. Shawn IJarry I Where's Shawn IJarry V " Here, your Rivirenco," replies a voice from tho depth of the crowd. " Come up heie, Shawn, 'till I examine you about your Catechism and dortbrines." A rough-headed fellow elbowed Ins way slowly 1 1 1 rough iho congregation, and moul ding his old hat into a thousand grotesque shapes, between his huge palms, presented himself before his pastor, with very much tho air of a puz.lcd philosopher. " Well, Shawn, my boy, do you know what is the meaning of Faith 1" " I'arficlly, your Rivirence," replied the fellow, wiih a knowing grin. "Faith menus when Paddy Ilogan gives ine credit for balf-a-pint of the best." " Get out of my sight, you onUayeent vag abond ; you're n disgrace to my Hock. Here, you Tom M'Gaw lep,wlnt's Charily?" "Rating a proces.s-savcr,yourHiviiencc," replied Tom promptly. " Oh ! blessed saints ! how I'm persecu ted with ye, root and branch. Jim Hutila ghid, I'm looking at you, there, behind Peggy Callanane's cloak ; como up here, you hanging bone slieveen, ar.d tell mo what is the Last Dayl" "I did'nt como lo thatyet,sir,"replied Jim, scratching his head. "I wovldn't fear you, you bosthoon. Well, liston, and I'll tell you. It's the day when you'll all havo to settle your accounts, and I'm thinking theie'll bo a heavy score against some of you, if you don't mind what I'm saying to you. When that day comes, I'll walk up to Heaven and rap ut tlm hall door. Then St. Peter, who will bo lakiu' a nap after dinner in his arm-chair inside, and nut liking to bo disturbed, will call out mighty surly" Who's there 1" " It's I, my Lord," I'll inako answer. Av course, hu'll know my voice, and jumping up liko a cricket, hu II open the door as wido as the hinges vt ill let it, and sav quito politeh " I am proud to set, you here, Father Frank. Walk in, ifyoti please." Upon tha, I'll scrape my feet, and walk in, and then Si Pother will say again " Well, Father Frank, wh.it'havo yon go, to say for yourself 1 Did you look well afther your flock ; and mind to have them all christened, anil married, and buried, ac cording lo the rites of our holy church 1" "iott, goou peoplo, I've been forty-five ypaisamonsgtyoinnd didn't I christen eve ry mother's soul of yon V Congregation. You did. von did. - yourRivcrencc. , Z. V". ?" i. ' ."OlyMto h, s difficult tosav. This l ather Frank. And didn't ip- i".iii.ims lor an your iittio girls? And didn't I gel good wives for all tho well-behaved boys in my parish f Why don't you shako up, Mick Donovan "I Mick. You did, your Kiverence. Father Frank. Well, that's settled: but then St Pother will sav " Father Frank," says he, " you'ro n proper man ; but how diil your flock behave to you did they pay you your dues regularly V Ah ! good chris tians, how shall lanswcr that question? Put it in my powerto say something good of you: don't ho ashamed to como tip and pay your priest's dues. Come, inako a lann there, and let ye all come up with colilhrilo hearts and open hands. Tim Dalany ! make way for Tim : how much will you give, Tim? 5f7i. I'll not bo worso than another, your Rivorence. I'll give a crown. Father Frank. Thank you, Timothy : tho daccnt drop is in you. Keep n lane, there! any of yo that hasn't a crown, or half-a-crown, don't bo bashful of coming up with your hngorymtr testhir. And thus Father Frank went on oncour. aging and wheedling his (lock to pay up his dues, until ho had genu through his en tiro congregation, when I left tho chapel, highly amused at the characteristic scene I had witnessed. TRACING A PEDIGREE. A shah of Persia had a superb war-horso brought to him for sale, and called his offi cers round linn in fiont of his palace, to judge of tho animal's value; a gang of slaves with their task-masters, crossed the court at thosanio time, nnd one of them, a Gicek, paused to look at the horse. "And what do you think of the purclnse ?" snid tho Shah, rather contemptuously. "Tho horse is a good one, Sire," replied the Greek ; "hut I will pawn my life which for a slave is not much that hu was suckled by an ass." Suckled by an ass 1 It was impossible I But the owner of the steed being sent for, continued, the statement. Tho maro who foalded him had died, and a sho ass, who was in milk, had been his foster mother. "Ry tho hump of tho holy camel," exclaimed the Shah, "the Christain dug has brains ; give him half a loaf a day at the expense ol the public." The Greek's penetration dis turbed the mind of the descendant of All : he thought incessantly of asses. Shortly after wards, among his treasures, hu discovered a costlv jasper. "Inshallah I I will have this carved into a spacious, cup," said he, "from which I will qiiaiThhcibet to the honor of our piopliet ; and that Greek, hu ol tho ass shall do the work." "Light of tho sun!" said tho Greek, his task being proposed to mm, "tins stone contains an animal." Allah Kerini ! This was too much I Rut the stone was sawed in two, and a lizard was found in the middle. "Then, is but one God I" said the Shah. "Ry tho beaid of the Prophet upon which be eternal oil of roses. Give him a whole loaf a dav, at the public expense," said the Shah. Some time after this his highness the Shah was sei .. i ... i .... . zoo witn auouutisto ins own legitimacy. It was a nice point for a king to itimiho ',n'n : but yet he had misgivings that Ali "Mi ham med had not at all points been his progeni tor. The Greek was this timo privately sent -ion, snin tno anon, moodily, "you, who rtito tno Mars, leu me, i command you, what was my father ?" "I have no contiol over the stnis," replied the Greek, "or I should scarcely have leinained so long a prisoner ; but as far as I can judge from ob servation. I should take your Highness'-, father to havo been a baker." On this the shall pnntleied more than ever. Al times ho deeply blamed his mother. Onco he thought ofreMgiiing the crown. Al length lie onco moro ordered 1 1 in week to be brought before him. " T 11 me, O Chris tian, must accursed I" said tho Shah, "since 1 am llie sou of a baker, (may tho eternal ovens be his pnitiun !) tell me ihu particular manipulator of flour to whom 1 owe my be ing." "Your Highness s command," le tin ncu tlio treeK, "passes mv capacity lo obey. I have no power over Genii, hut de rive my knouledge, little as it is, fro in close observation and comparison of prnhnb. lilies." "Rut how, unless by magic an," asked the king, "could you know that niv horse had been nursed by an ass ?" "It was because such fostering in my country, Sire, is nut un common ; anu that horses so nur.scd acquire ironi imitation a peculiar mode ol earning their cars." "Risniill.ib ! hut how did "you discoer," returned tho Shah, "that there was uli7.ini within the jewell?" "Jt was I I . your iiigiuiess, mat i nave uetore, in my travels, seen such prodigies ; and that a cer tain opacity about the centre of the stone in question, made me suppose die fact in this particular case, "llul, w luskerol the Proph ei s cat," exclaimed iho piizxled Prince, "wiinl coulu lean you to suspect that I am tho son of a baker?" "Pardon me, sire, but it was a t ircumstunco in your Iligliness'sown conduct." " In my own conduct, slave ? Tell it, or, son of a dog, this moment is vnui last." " Wlien I first told your highness that the horse you had bought had been nurs ed by an ass, your Highness commended my knowledge and ordered half a loaf of luead lo be given to me." " I did." reioined the Shah. " When a second time, 1 discovered lo yuur Highness that tho globe ol Jasper contained an animal, your Highness set mv wisdom above that of your whole Court, and ordeied that I should receive a whole loaf ol bread." " 1 did ; but what of all this ?" cntd the impatient hhnh. On this, sire, 1 pondered ; and I said within myself, The sons of Kings pay good services "with treas ures, and villi honors, with jewels, wiih iiigu oiuces, aim Willi sums ol gold. Ho whoso farthest conception of largeness is riv ing a loaf of bread can be no other than the sun ofa baker." This hint afforded iho Shah a gooil opportunity of proving his legitima cy, anu oi course, succeeded. EFFEC'rlFoF INCREASED DUTIES e quote an article finm the New York Evening Post, depicting in strong colors, iho evils which must fall upon tho silk manu- lacturers m Lyons, from the impost of our government ol'O per cent, upon imported . .iiliuis, it is io oo presumed, no exaggerated coloring in llns picture. The operatives in the silk manufactories bulb in Franco and England, and so also of China, am proUalily the worst fed of any class of laborers on tho continent. Wo may, we must, if wo aro men, feel for them. Every benevolent mind deeply compassionates llmir condition : hut Ihu caro of ihcm and thoir reliel belong to their own government and not to us. Tho situation of lew of ihc nian ufaciurors ol any description, on anv pan of tho European continent is belter. "They aro all woiked excessively and fate most hardly. The wretchedness in England pro vailing among many classes of manufactur ers is oxtrunie, and almost past relief. Rut how to remedy this, or oven Imw m prouicn lor tin 'oliition of whci the 'it art of tlm christian philanthropist aches with agony. If all men wero christians, and lived only and fully upon christian principles, if justice and the loveofour neighbor prevailed every where, there would be litllo of this suffering. There would ho no occasion for laws other than what would bo dictated by man's own heart and conscience. All penal enactments would hu needless, nnd government would ho felt by us only as tho great law and power of gravitation aio felt by us. Rut it is nut o ; and whilo the reigning spirit ef Chris tianity is universal love and universal equity, that of the world is univeisal selfishness und uuiveisal rapacity. In such a condition of things, it seems idle to talk about free trade. Tliero is not, nor is thcro likely to be, a civilized nation upon tho earth where it exists ; and for us to act upon a system of entire freedom of trade, would hu' only to crush our own improve ment, and to expose ourselves as helpless victims to the rapacity of other nations. If other nations wero willing lo receive tho products of our industry without impost, we might then consent to admit theirs upon the same terms: hut whilo they prohibit all competition with their labor, we should seek, in the same way to protect and encourage ours. The only true independence of an in didual or a nation, lies in its power to supply its own wants ; and this it should constantly seek lo do. U'e cannot, in this case, enter upon the great and vexed subject of protection. It would bo a charming picture, if we could sou all the nalions oflhewoild engaged innfree and imiestricted exchange and interchange of their various products. Uut at present, such a thing can exist only in tho benevolent im agination. In the present condition of soci ety, nations are compelled to act upon the defensive, or suffer tliu bread to bo taken from tliu mouths of their own children. The governments under which these unfortunate people live and suffer, aro responsible for a great portion of tho misery In which they aro reduced ; and for thai system of bloody tyranny by which they compel them to stifle their complaints, and to dio in the agonies of starvation and lamine. Our movement in this maltcrmay produce extreme distress, but it is the duty ol their own governments lo alleviate their sufferings. or by timely provision prevent them. I here is mil a single objection to bo urged against tho encouragement of our own manufactures in this cuse, but w hat w o'.ilil apply with equal lorceio mo invention ol anv Mini ol art or machinery by which labor may ho abridged and transleircd, and consequently vast num bers be thrown out of employment. In the end, however, all such improvements redound as lunch to the benefit of the laboring as of other classes. It would nut hu difficult to show that the consequences of tho free in troduction of foreign luxuries, foreign silks, gewgaws, and wines into our country, if ll could bo examined in all its various influences has been pioduclivu of moro suffering or evil in our country, than the imposition of duties upon such articles can produce in Lyons or other manufacturing tow lis in Franco or Eng land. A gentleman recently stopped at a tavern, and being in a hurry, ordered the hostler to kivu uia iuimi Mimu n.ti, "us mjoii as no nao donn breathing." Ro icniained as long; as lie thought necessary, and on going out, asked the hostler if he had given his horse oats, according to his diiections. "Arrnh llie deuce an oat I've given him," answered Pat, "yu tould mo to give them lo him when he had got done braythin', an' I've watched him everv niinuto an' fath he's braythin' yet." A SixnuT. "My dear Murphv," said an Irishman to his friend?" "Is it betraying you call it ? Sure when I found I wasn't able to keep it myself, didn't I do well to tell it to somebody who could ? cnMMissusi:iis? so Tier. V. the Subscribers, having been :i painted by the Ilonolllblc iho Piobaie Court lorlbnl istrirlnf Oiiilicnilcn, cominissioneis lo receive, examine and a ljust Ihc claims and demands ofall persons, againsl hecsaaie of Ira lliidiop, laic of Charlotte, in aid Dislricl, deceased, repre enied ins-ohcnt, nnd also all e-I urns an I denianils exhibited in i HVel iheiclo; anil SIX months flulll the dav f lilt il.He 111 r,.nf. ln'inrr nl. lo.vcd by paid Court for that purpose-, we do ihcreiore hereby five notice, that we will it tend to die business ol our appointment, at llieijHellmof -oplna Ihshop in Charlotte in s ud eli-trtct, on I uitday the 13ih day of March an I the 3lh day of July next, at 10 o'cloc, .i. .'i., un ein-ii oi fcaiu nays. Dated litis Slh day of January. A. D. 1S13. A. I.. liKACll, DAVID COOK, C'om'rs. NOTICE. rrilll'. Hoard i f Ciinniiiine-r- for llie In-lrueleii M r,l llie I'eal au.l I'limli ami the llim l m I(. S'nie- c,f Vermont, will nievt nl Ine- Vermont Ilo'el m Middleb irv, on WVdni-.d.iv il.eOlb of I'e' uiary, IS 12, nir ine purpo-e-1 1 i'c-iinaiiiis iie-neiii'i.irie'- i, u,c Stale, and lor their. nitaciinii e,l any ill. er I uwms wiihin Iheir pnwrr- and dutu. dainty Clerl.-and lliu Civil Aiillioritio el'Tinvns nrerarne.tlv rroniM. t-d lo lifer to Title-0 h, Clnpler I9h of ihu lte-risisl sjiitiile', louiiniii' iheir re- cctiie uitliis upon tin ubi-i. Aliu Act No. -.'J ot the l.t-'nlaliire- efiln Sl.ile, pa ed at their Oetol e-r Se-.-Mon, A. I'. 1811, reiumis niMint- i-onr. IinMlVVTOWri.l.,) CA1AIX JJ: KIT, . iCcniVs. (,. 1'. CIIA.M).t:it. ) COM.UIS.SIONKUS NOTlt K. ; llie Fiibsenbers, haviiifrbeen appointed by the It Honorable the I'rul ate Court fur die District of t tiil'i'iiileit, commissioners to icecive, examine anl adjust ihcclaimsand demands ofall persons against dm e-t.tto of Stcnbcn llo.-.i-.e. late of .Vilton. in ni,l Distii't, il.nn eil, irrrtFinlid inuhint, and al o all claims and demands exhibit id in llVet Iherc'o; and sit months from the day of the date hereof, being tuiu, vi 'y n.iiu i mti i ,ui iiiiii ,uiM?t, w u uii Uliri'- forc hereby rive notice, hat we will a'lcn I to die bus'i lies of our atuioin'iiieiii, al iho due-linn; of Tirah lloxsie, in Milton in sai I District, on iho 1 lib, day of .uareii anu ine uin, uay oi July next, nl lu o clock, ,. .., on tacii oi sain uay. Dated tliis5ihd'ivofJaunarv, A. I). 1S12. .UIKIil'il CI.AItlv S MUKL IIOAItDMAN LAWSO.N" MOItSll. Coinmis doners. CnmniNstoiii'i's .Vol Ire. WI! llie Subs ribers, liawn? been appointed by the Honorable, the IJroba o Court for the Dis trict of Chittenden, commissioners lo receive-, exam ine und a jutt the claims and demands of all persons, asainmiheeslalcof Vilhani Kilburu lato of Hurling ion in said District, deceased, repreJeiiled insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in ofiVet iheictiij and lx months from llie day of the I'ale hereof, being allowed by said Court for thai purpose, U'o do tlieri loro hereby eivo nonce that we will at tend I" the business of our iippointnenl, al iho duel linijof iho widow Ann Kilburn in Ihirlinglon in taid Disire-i, on die lirst Monday of April and July next al lOn'c'o k, A. M.,oneaih of said days. Dated this 12th dav of January A. 1). 181.'. I.IITIIKIt I.OOMIS, ; Commi.. IIl.MtVWIUTMlV. J biomrf. ComniKslniK-i-'s N'ntlrp. w J V. the sid senders, having bein appointed by ' tho Honorable tho l'robnlo Court lor lha l)U. trict ofChiilenden, commissioners lo receive, exam, me and adjust tho claims and demands ofall persons against thecstaleof Abel Newell lato of Charlotte in aid District, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in oll'w t therctoj ami fix months from die day of die date hetcof, bp. ing nllownl by enid Court for that purpose, e , therefore hereby (jive- notice, that wo wi'l attend In tho busmcssof our appointment, nl tho durllimj of tho widow llelsey Newell in Charlotte in mud Dis inn, on thcid Mondays of March and July nexl, al 10 o'clock, A. M., on '.t h of sni, dam, Daied Ihu lth dav ofjanuary A, I). 161?, I ,'! Ml.r.CII I t TIR It STONI5 CUI.KIIIMIAUTOX ' Coinmis J noners, J"lh Sinra Silo I.fnlher for .nlc bv -v A; i-or.i r ra. rn n v NEWSTORE. " The New Yorli"Cas1i Hardware Store. TUB Suh'crilcr having de'ermined to carry on . Iho IIAUIJWAUK MJ.3INKSS in all il branches in Uiirhngion, Vl. has opened and now oilers for .sale an i-nilrely new nnd well sulecle-d assortment of good, hi Ihc nbovu hue. Ills object Ibis winter Icing moro to learn tho tie tiianiU ol Ihu market, in order tu lo able to nuiply Illumine. In llie Nor me', nnd as bit int..,,, I. ,l,i i Mricily cnh I uiiic. , be pojieils n fbaro of put ho patronage, eonlident Ihal bis prices will lo found lo un n wuii iniiy mvur nun Willi a ep.n. Ilurlinstion, Vt.Dcc. 21, 1811. W.M.J. HUNT. Sir-wig' IJin'Idhijr, C'olle-se 1 1 reel, near the Square. (icrmnu Couxli Syrup 1 rjMIISdeiorioilly ih.iiisui.-liud medicine, together ..... ),,., j. ,,ui-.,iu j.ivi-ru'nri javne Indian I.xpeelornnl, Lily Syrup, Down ' l-.lixir, Moore's Ke'nee of Life, Unrlliuloiut-w-' I'nil; Lx peelornnt syrup, (or st-veru cold.-, coughs and coin plalnls lending; lo Cunsumplion. f.-- ...I.. 1 .. sr.... nfr.tr r . .. . m run; y ii iiv. I . l l.U,l Al 1U I.A !(, Bn IlilDS. Gardner llrcwer's N. Kngland Hum WW -10 IWannil ItnlM.iniM A II. 10 do do llallimoro Oin, ' 10 do do Tcllcvoisin' Urnndy, 5 do do 'Swan' Gin, 10 11lids.Sl.CroixR.ini, 30 llbls. Sherry nnd Madeira Winrs, 33 do Malaga do T, rtn !.,., .1.. 31 Dec. 1811 byJ.&J. II. PKt.rn. FLO fill. CiP.SS Iim'S," nn'1 C0 llalf do- M be most ap CJCJWV proved brands, by 30Dec, J8 1 J. & J. II. P1XIC .f- Co. .,M-51,.E.rr,a,,.N 'clcbratcrt Medicines! QIlI.lt.UA.VS Lnren-u., of every sort. I'.ipdlary O.I, (a certain cure for -ore nipple-) " ln.XI..- 'ill...'. Con'lanlly for ?ale-al ' X i ivJ ,j (' K& Sl'HAIt'S Hid 'vl'"' Wo'10".'"! col'd'l bread, v uu macs. 1,1 en. 7j Gross Round and Flat I.acels, Xov. 30, 1311. For sale by VILAS, LOOMIS &. Co. Slicctinss. fi TSAMS 1-d HrownSl,ee-liii2.. I V3 Ca-c, Uleached do. For nalo I y Xov. 30, 1311. VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. , PLASTER. A tzf. TONS Fresh Ground Plaster, by IQvJ SO Dec. '-1I. J. & .1. 11. 1'rcit .f- Co. FOR SALE. A CONVF.-.-T ,1utlinn tf. J nnd mint-lni nfm In, nn r'l.o 1..' street, near the Glass Fact' ry. Pus ( session j;ivi ii 1st April next. Terms mauc easy, i.nrpiireoi Dec. 2D, 1911. I.V.MAN CUMMIXGS PISH. QUINTALS CODFISH, 100 lioxes Hcmmr, 30 Half bbls. .Mackerel, 30 Dec, 1911. bv J. it J. II. PIX'K & Co. B LACK, I lue I lac' , Imbi plain, h-ibt (igure.l, Jro 'e Airi'i'ie ana unina oHKt, low mr ca-n, I v Xov. 5. S I!. SCOTT, Shcetiinrs, HALIIS of heavy slice imjsof diuT'rcnl qualities, -'wlinvo uist been received and are offered for sale at Manufacturers prices I o Merchants nnd others, w ho arc invited to call and examine Iho stock he-foie piirclins.ni; elsewhere, under the tx-hel that the exam inaitou win prove auvanne'eous in mem. By FOLLKTT & IlKADLr.V, Nov. 2!). at the Wharf Wf AI1'O.VS Vermont Kciti-ter, and Farmer's Almanac, for IS 12. AI-0,11 few cop e-of Car lylc's Mlecellaniu-, jii?l received and for -ale by Dev. 3 1. D.A. HliAMAX scotch Ils Iron. 75 X TON'S Garlsherrie, Nn. 1 -voldi Pi; Iron for sa'cnltlic Wharf, by l ui.L.l-1 l ev. l,lt.Ll.lii . Nov. 29. I A. MP Oil, I leai bed anl unl.lca -lusl, of superior -. inbly, for m u ebeip l y ,S. M. 1'01'K. Xov. Satiiiou Qfl HBLS and COha T do. Xorth Shore Hudson l. llnv S.'i,,oi,, for S,lli ,V Dec. 1, 1811. FOLLiVri-ci VUAVl.r.Y. drlllil SlUIK'S. Finished and unfinished X'ova Scolia. "2Q TON'S Grind Stones, assorted sizes, W1'J Water stones, for sale by Nov. 20. I'OLLi; I T it IlItADI.r.V. Shce-tiui;s. rm IIALF.S-I-I Urown Sheetings, ' w 3 Cas, s llleaehcd do Nov. 30, 1S11. Fot sale by VILA.V, LOOMIS it Co C. CASKS and Dales Tickings, I 1 Hale Canvass, 2 do Drilling, 20 Pieces 10 inch I!mlap, IB do lied Padding, For sale bv Nov. 30, la t. VILAS.'LOO.MIS .f- Co QQ CAbHS Ihihsh and American Prints, wO 2 do colored Cambrics, 1'ore.alohv Xov. :.0, 1911. VILAS, I.OOMIS & Co. SilU. "3 C.W. Pongee Silks, 33 Pieces black, blue black and fi;ured do 20 lbs. Italian sewing, 25 " India do 10" black and colored Twist, Nov. 30, IS-IL For sale by VILAS, I.OOMIS & Co Merinos, Ac. QH PH'.CF.S Cidored 1- n-dish and French Merinos. OU 20 do black do do 29 do figured Hombazilie, 20 do black do 2") Alpacea cloth, Nov, 30, 1M1. Fur salohy VILAS. LOOMIS & Co Walton's Veimout ttci;Istcr for 1 8 4 2, For sale by Dec. 13, 1S1I. S. 1H XTINGTON Gilpin's I in pi iix.it Scll-Ii.!,c r. T3RIN'! 1 US are I't-iit-J to witni'-s llie operarmn nfiiiii- in llie (.iih-enli-r- ollii-o. Tbt-y will I l'.irni;lie-d ul the- m:i ti u f;i -u i re l '.- iriie--. r. t.oonmcn, 1'. 15. Agint fur the Manufacturer. Clocbs. Til O S II who wi.-h lo piriha-c niber I!ra-s or Wuiu'en Clo.-ks are inviledlo tall and look nl emr a-orimeul. We have lliem lliat run one and ui.-lr dajs, llio-u lli.it strike, hour and alarm i?oel,s j vie have lliem ipuie e Leap ft r kill ben rr rbanil i r aim Hue ones suitable- for Parlor or riuVe. Cim k- i-ieaiusi and w-arran ed. I'ANUUOUX & 1 IUXSMAID. Dev. 1, IS 11. NOTICE. rIMIIl Stibs ribcrs having formed n ccpartnership X under iho tirni of HATCH, ODF.LL iV Co., would inlorin their friends and die public cenerallvj lliat ihev have recived a cood assorlmi n of FAMILY GHOCF.lllKS, which ihey nre now offering for sa'e nt irdurtd piiccs, at tho corner of .Main nnd Water Slret-s. Also, Flour, Pork, Salmon, Codfish, Mackerel, Iron, Nails, Glass, Itrown Sbcilings and Shirtings Hoots and Shoes, and Liquors of nil kinds. J. HATCH, W. .1. ODF.LL, CltOiS if- iivdi:, Hnrlinalon, Dec. 8th, IS11. it. c o i, it i: it t ii "O FSPLCTI'ULLV informs his fuendsand ihc I.V public, dial he has now opened a Livery S able, and has on hand ready for Use sonic excellent Horses and Catriigcs, Sleighs, Harnesses, Ac. i Inch he xx ill lei on reasonable terms. Stable ut Heujainin Hishop's Hotel, Souih WcM Corner Court House Square, lluilington. iicecmtier IU, ltni. I n HA09 Filbert", J U 10 do iirazil X'uls, 10 do hard shell Almonds, H Frails soft do do 20 It' Is. Hickory Nuts, 5 do Chestnu's, Of superior quality, and offered low, by FOLLLTT it MHADLI'.Y. LAW BLANKS. CI GOODHICIl has ronstanlly for ralo by Ibo lleani or Quire, general assortment of law blanks( prinlcd from forms from lleviscd 6'talutcs, consistuif; of Justice vN'ritH and executions, all kinds in use Trustee Writs County Court Writs nnd executions, various kinds Wartantry. Quit-claim, and Mortgage Deeds Chancery Ihlls for fore-losing Mortgages lllanksfer Depositions Administrators HotuK Letters of Guardianship Officers Itcceints Justico Appeafs lllanksfor Notes, Hay-Scales, Ac. An. rpiIOSH euffi-nn? from an irritateil itate of the 1 Limes, particularly nl ibis sea. on of ih ver will find an excellent medicine in dial of tho LILY SYHUr, I it advertisement of xvliu-h, Innkif fir. I coIuinn.tH l, s i - . r For tle by I'Hl'k" il- SPK,a Mm ..'.'"'J'011. Steel nnd Hardware. A O 9H E,n.l-',iah Iron, from I 1-8 to 6 inch. fliVJ 10 do Old Soblo V S I Russia do i no ixcw aaiie 12 do Kwedeii 8 do Peru do do do do do do from i-4 ta 2 iueh, 10 do Horse Sho! 20 do Hound IS do Snuaro no 3.n to 3 " 15 do llnmc & Scroll do 10 do Hand do " l-l to 3 " .0 do Hoop do " 1-2 to 1 " 12 do I' SI Russia Nail ftods, 2 do Sanderson's Cat Steel, 1 do Picrsons1 Spring do from i to 2 Inctm 2 do Swedes do lor sleigh shots, 1 do American do 1 do I'nixlish Illistcr do 3 do German do 100 Pairs Sleigh and Culler Shoes, 15110 Kegs Nails, from 2d lo 20u 200 do Snke, from 30J to COd 2,0 do Floor Ilrnds 100 Iloxcs Lathrop'a Axes, 300 Di z. Hasns and Files, and a ccnorot assort. incnl of Anvils and Vices, by iu nee. mil. j, cc J.II. 1'I.iJK &. Co. OAS 1 1 paid for Flax Seed, I v W l)ce.22, 1811. HATCH. ODKLL ,f- Co. NEW MUSIC. A IJRV largo and well selected assoitment of Mtl.K. n'latttn 1 fnr tl,i. Pii,in i , I Burlington Uookstore. Also Mu'ieai Works, such it noilliern Harp, cnnvr Organ Music, Piano Fori Primer, llun'en's Instruction for tho Piano Forte, l or sale by Jan. 1. D. A. HRAMAN. CASH pant Tor all kinds of Shipnini! furs, by OJau. 191-2. HATCH, ODKLL &. Co. IO HMDS. Ne. n,n r....i.. i .. 22 Dee. HATCH. hDRI.r. A rn , 11 ASK I'fUV QOMC beautiful Mass Viols and Flute PANGHOltN .f- DlilNSMAID. ' nrr.M f250f5 9AI's-PureWinl"ana Fall Sperm Oil, sJ UJ-Z0W do Whale blcaih-J and unbleached , ou uuis. jvincrican i.tns-eo, hy 30lh Dec. 1911. J. & J. H. PECK & Co. GLASS. IrkOO lOXKS Hurlington, Vermont, nil 'JyJyJ Fssex Cylinder Glass, 300 do Itcdford, Saranac, and t Union Crown da. , by J. At, J, II. PECK it Co. 30 Dec. 1811. Agent.. GROCERIES. ( HHD5 St. Croix and Porto Rico Suer, lJ 15 Hoxss Lump do 39 Hhds. Molasses, CO Harrcls do 60 Chests Young Hyson Tea, CO do Hyson Skin do H do Hyson do 40 Catties do io ZOO .Mads Cassia, 2 Harrcls Cloves, 1 do X" itmegs, 20 Tierces Sa'rralus, 41) Kegs Pure Ginger, 100 Ho.xcs Har Soap, 50 do Pipes, 20 Hags Pepper, 23 do Pimento, 40 do Iho ColT.e, 13do Java do byJ.i J. H.PECKit Co. 30 Dec. 1E-I1. IVOTICE. ALL who are indeb'ed to the undersigned whose notes and accounts have become due, are hereby notified, that immediate payment must be made, to save cost. To those whose demand-are becoming due, wo woulJ say that prompt payment, according to contract, is expect, d. Tho term of copartnership of the subscribers ex pires by limitation nn the 1st of April next, il will theiefore be insisted upon, that all contracts b closid. STRONGS & Co. Hurlington, Dec. 30, IB 11. CI OA It SP. SALT T-rk's Island and St.UbM ' Sail. AUo fine barrel Sail for sale bv Dec. 13-11. S. Sf. POPE. UiicL's Patent Uaol.lng Stoves. Till. I e-l stove forllie savim.' uf lal ur and ftr', w Ireb ba- ever I een u 'erel for sale in thi sta'e 'lie the 1 cm? dire t'y nin'i r the I oilers-, to lotako 'he lir I ami -harjie-i bear, nnJ I fieri a-sinr around il,.. ,.ici, in tli e-,, so n lo-ive llie oven n re?, lar heal; lakini; e-ij allou I nek nven ; and I ein? larger than in anv ntlierriKikinj stove now-in u-i-. Fcr tale by Xov. 10, 1S-II. S.M. POI'F.. Tobacco. Q IT KICGS Fidinond's, 12 lioxes F.rv ine' s, 12 do Home's, lOICei'S Cardvvell's, 10 tloxes Howe's. Tho above aro all . lioice brands, and ore offered ow by i)lli:tt it HRADLIY. White China Tea and Coffee Sets. tfAIUtAlt iV. WAIT havejusi reicive.l an a.tcn ineiil tif Wb 'e Chun Co 'ee 'el-, Cu-iard Cups, Brca'.f.ist an l Tea Pi.ite-, I'm hers, Cowl-and But ler -lan U, fur sa'c cheap al the New Crockeiy Stcif. I'e-:-. 10. DYE STUPPS. ftC HIILS. Campeachy Logwood, cSwsw'-ioo , St. Domingo da 2".0 do Fustie, 130 do Xicaranm, 100 do Cam Wood, 33 do Madder, 10 do Alum, 50 do Cnpper.T, 23 do H ue Vitriol, 50 Demijohns Oil do., bv 30 Dec, 1B41. J. it J. II. PECK A Co. 9f")IIHDS. Tiinidad, and 30 hhds. Porto Rico ' 'V 5'ul'isscs, luavy bo ted and hcht colored, jjM received and for sale, at a verv low price. bv FOLLETT &. liRADLKV Old Dock, H irlinglon. TOliAVCO i- SXCFP. rstt IIARRFLS I.oirillard's chew ing Tobaeee. .10 do tb. wnokmc do 200 Jars do Macaboy snufi", 330 Madders do S -otch do 30 Dec. 1S11. by J. it J. II. PECK 3c Co. Agen. I'ratliers. l-ll". G- e l-Y.rher-, of superior quality. J.tS.wWSnil,j. IK-n'-.lo. For -ale low- ly JVovSO, l-JII. VILAS, LOOMIS & CO, Shi-en Skins for Hook IlliigliiK.&c. RQ DO5. Slin-p Skill-, as-tirlcl qualities on wwwhand nn I for .i e in man f.ieiiirir and itlit-r. ai lo.v pn -e-, bv VILAS, LOOMIS, it Co. X.'V. 30,1311. Miet-t Iron. 1 C PACKS Ris.ia Iron, a-si-netl X'os, 1 V SO II in. He- Kmr,.in I Amcri.-an Iron,as'd .Nr 75 H,ixc Canada I'la'c lor -aV ly Nov-:0 IS It. VILVS, LOOMIS A. Co. I'Taniirls. Il'ASK While an I toli rel Flannel', 20 pn-. es lisnred Sali.-bnry do. 100 " -earlei dome-lie do. Jii't ri-i ei id and for sale I y N..V.3C lll VILAS. I.OOMIS A Co. CnickcVy at Cost-! A ,,"'! tf,,.';ut'' !! nk anJ 1,ovc "are i i'0, mt,ias Hi-he., Lamp-, etc. at e-cjt for tht piiriiii-ei.febK-ngihat kind of busine-s. Nuv. 12 s B.SCOTT. Sas. R ,w''-i;v;I)'S German Steel saw mill saws, man-l-Viifaciured lo order nnd fitted for the sawing of hemlock, snrnee. ninp. nnil piori, l.c-rini!nn nr timber. C, GJ and 7 feet. Also English Cast-steel cross cut saws, Iln.. X. - A.. .1 I.. .1.. V .m i.miii.v, a uu iiiiui.ii uo ITOin 10 IO 70 inches, and manufictured for die trade in this vicinity. i-or baic ai inn vx nan. ny Nov- "0 FOLLKTTiC BRADLEY Vhlte I.rad. p 'rav c? nit. ..t mi i ...i. . .. , Oiv.i. ,eiiieren i'ry nuoi.eaa, 5 do No 1 and Extra do clo in packages from 100 to 500 pounds, 2Tcnsl'.xlra Ground in Oil, in Kegs of 25 and 10 pounds, for sale at Manufacturers' prices and freight, by Nuv.9. J-TJLLETT .r- HRADLKV. i ft 4 o. w ALTON'S VI lt.Mu.VI ltmiSTKn.5oo inM meived ly l'ic.15. C. GOODRICH. HHLS. Winter Oil, of superior qunlitv, for sk low I y FOLLETT it llltADLKY. 50 NOTICE. WD iht, subscriliT-, eif Iliirliiigicn, Chittenden (ounly mid state cf Vermont, do hereby five nonce to iho p'lblio generally, lhat we have a very larjea-soriinentoi Heaver und Pilot Cloth", every sij lo I'road cloth-, la-Mincre- und simnclls : Figured and Plain S,k, Alp.uva c-loihs, Fn-nch and Kngli-U Merinos, every sljlei Sh.i-vl and llankrnhiVf-. M. De lame-, Ai-. whiih we o !er at ve ry re.loec.1 price,. Ibrc.ih. Ihv 23. K 51. WRIGHT f. CO., Carpctlngs. XV one wisliiu us l buy a carpet chean. if ihev w i I null- take ihu Iroul fe In call nn E. M. Wri' A-, C i, Cullevii slrce-i, Ihey can be aivomiuodatol iki lu price an I quality, no mistake. Dee. 23. Q( IIDI.S. Tar for sale by Old Dc-k L' r 20 do. pilch and 1 Ton Oak rn, FOI LF.'IT A IIHAIU.I;Y ton.

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