29 Nisan 1842 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1

29 Nisan 1842 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

I ts A MOT TUB GLORY OP C Q S A Hi B D T TUB WELFARE OP ROME. V0L- XV. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 1842. nTI" LILY SYRUP. An unparrallcd remedy for Diseases of the Lungs, Consumption, Coughs, Influenza, Colds, Asthma, Spitting of Blood, Hooping Cough, iyr. ty. TO THE 1'UnUC. In presenting lo thiv,'u,.lie n new remedy for disea ses of the lunis.il may Improper to say that, judging from the many oeitilicatt's nnd reccommondalioiis of' mher snccifics contained m the newspapers oft huil.iv no newreme.lv vvascallel for or required. Dm if llie 'popular remedies had materially levelled (lie lulls ol mortality, or any one 01 me many prciiaraiious pi sesstd those virtues recommended, -o ill it afar a la. trial, llie patient could depend upon its healing pow er, and rationally hope fur a speedy recovery ol health, lhis humble attempt to arre-t the progress of Pulmo- 'aary Consumption would not have appeared. Hut lhal lie viclinis of 1 use est rover nrfl (l.nlv m- 'reastnsr. needs no proof and llie large scales of the 'Druggist show that the remedies il the day have been fairly iriod, and laileil in llieirnii,tvt, 11 inai tin ject was the restoration to health of er.-oii-s derm: lromili.e.i.e of the Inn j--. Wlnlu one remelv drie- up aco'iirh that thoil.lhe propeily aidel to thrown I thevicid phlegm eollecte.l upon we iiin'js anuiuroai 'dm hfirliinffer ofdi.e.ie. aunlhcr. hv a had selection 'ol on expectorant, is indeed enabled to di-po e-s the present tenant, hot leave-a wor-oonoto occupy the shattered preiiii-e J and by it, the work of death is the seont-r accompii-iieu. .... TlieLILVSYRtjPisnow lolicveJto he the tc-t remedy for lung complaint-, that lia ever appeared. To cure Pulmonary Consumption nfier the di-ea-e has done its last work-, orhecome -cited upon the vi 11 f motions, and tubercles are formed and Woken, and atmospheric air is inhale I into the nroken part-, is not anions the pretensions of thelho i-ntidand one popu'ar iiu-trniii-to llie contrary, notwith-tandiwr). Tin- meJiciuoihas re-tore.l many who were sup posed to he leyond cure, hv men standing high in the medical proles-ton j hut the'ir re-toration lo health on ly proved that great and irood men may lo mistaken, in the -lage or progress of theib-ca.-o. llcncc, let no person despair of relief, until he has made a fair trial of the Lily Syrup. This medicine oparatt-s I y promoting a fice am ea-v cpeciOratioii,-thorehy Ircoiug the lungs and throat Irom vi-cidph'eim,an I strengthening Iho par's nJ freeing I hem from inll.iin.Hory action whn'.i constitute' the ih-ea-e of r.ilmumry Con-nniption. Tim Syrup is entirely free from uav mineral -ill slam e, and purely vcieiabb.-; an 1 nny be taken with per fect safety by the mo-t delicate cnn-ti-utiun-. It is highly recoinmeii If I I" llio-e who line weik Inns-. Teacher-tn performer- of vocal uiu-ic will iud it of invaluable use to lliein, by i - givui " cre.it strength and sweetness to I lie time-of in i ic, an I en abling the per-on to perform Willi srie.ilc.i-e. Puttie speakers and debaters will hnJ it ol nival in' Ic scr vicetothem. This ineheine has 1 ecu thorn islily an I -ncce-sfully te.tel by able phy-ician-, an I I y their a.lvice i now prepare! and tilers I to the pal lie, to -pea': fur it-ell" in thecau-e or.illlictel h imaniiy. And may he who hlc-el the i n r imcii'alitv of clay lo open i he eye- ol the blind, make it a bles-mi-toiliohunnu lainily, and the great object of the proprietor will I e accom plished. All me Heine sho 1 1 1 e liven acrorling lo the it n -alien of the patient ; and, if m-ich re I icel, a -mut'er m laniity than where there i- i on-idt-ial lo -Ircng h. The directions on 1 lie bottle may I eta' en a-a general rule: hut if taken for a long -tan linn, on igh.it ma; I e nece--ftry In lake a much larger do e for-olue one or two davs. an 1 even of oner until an c.xne -torntton t- nroduced that will le fice and oi-y. When there i- inui'li lightnc-s ol the cbe-t, it will .-nino'imc- incrcu-c the coul'Ii for a il.iy or two; in which ea-o. ihe p.i'ieni should take the Syrup more ficely, oven until it -ho produce a sligh' nausea of the -tnmach. He nee I not fear any harm from Midi -i-nsatinu. J wo-, 1 1 .ay lo all who nurch.i'e ih s me heme lor u e, thai ihey cm have hut little hope ol I einsr I cnelit e 1 1 y r, im'e - i is ta .en -Im.IiIv elif.i il i i-nniiiience I uun. r-onie havetal.cn it once a diy, then twnv. then not any lor two or threedayj. I cannot -ay thai -uch wo llie likely to receive much I enelli from it but if la1 en regu-arUs it N eminemly ctl -.iliee-t ouproot the di eac, and to restore In soun 1 lu-alib. li i- tlu earne I Jesu're of the proprietor to have every one lint u-e-at lea-t one bollle of it etca lily according to the d.rcc tinn", to coniui inicate the re- ill to the per-on ol whom he pnrclia.-el ihe niedicnie. The propr'c'or i privilege I to refer to the follow in!! per-ons ho h.uc im1 the Idly Syrnp, an I who will be happy Itigive iiiforin.itlon of it- -upcrior bcaluiij power-, to any wi huiir to know more al out it. Mr. C'rilleiiden, one of the linn of l'.. V. Kmilh & Co., whole-ale and retail merchant, L'scliange-ktrce', Koche.ter, for hleedin? nl the l.ins. lev. I' Tjcker, I'a-tor of second Baptist Church, I?och---icr. Cd;,Ait L". Freeman, for ahaleoigh. Mr. StoildarJ, of the linn of .S'anwpoUVCn. loo,i-scller-, corner of ll i'l'ato and Sia'e slreclr., llochc-'er. Mr. J. M. French, North-sheet, ltoche.-tcr, lor the wdrwlitm T-.nilTh. Mr. Southworih, Sione-Mrecl, lloclw-ter, for lad co'ii;h. Mr. Kolert .M'ICiblen, Mnnrrelreei, Hoche.'.cr, in 1 1' vireaii'l alarmin; ca-eot the uiooinnc;-coui! I' Barnard, Inquire, nilte-e in couri-ho.ije, in we of whoounu-co'ish in lu family. Captain V. 1). Ki-h, for a easeoi I'hlhitie in hi.-'fam.n'- n r .," n-..., . v ,.. Hov llev. Mr. T. Church, Pntor of the lir.-t l)apti.-t Church, Itoche-ter. Captain A. Ilrilton, (or Hae.norrhage of the lungs. A. G. Smith, ca-hier of Mechanics and Farmer.-.' Dank, Itoche-ter. L. V. Sibley, of the firm of Sit ley &. S rantom, tlry pood merchants and auctioneer.-, 'Uu.i'alo-street, Roehes'er. Kev. A. King.lcy, Pastor of the Baptist Church at Vlanche-ter. Rev. Jacob ICnapp, Kvanyeli't. Mr. T. Munn, CarriaRe Maker, Pi. Paul-slrecl, Hiram Tucker, a'lornty at law, ltocl.e-ter. Mr. Thomas A-hman, paver, llocbe-ter, who has received astonishing relief. Ple.i-o inquire of his case. Kev. Thoma-. Carlton, M. K. I'll. Uoche-tcr. . A. Stetl, (bleeihn at lung-) Lock port. H. Miner, Wc-t Henrietta, Munroe Co. Profe-i.or Mctiinius Hamilton '1 heol.Sem'y. Hcv. Levi Tucker, Cleveland, Ohio. C. W. Cook, " " ley The Proprietor has I een oTered esrliBca'ca ly many of the above gentlemen ; but he prefers that those wuhing information, would call on them per onally. PECK & SPI.AR, Ascnts for tin- tevlion. LOVELY &' SEYMOUR. H AVH just ree'd from New Vork a laigo assort ment ol carpctings ot every kinu quality ana price. English Drugetta, a ercat variety of patterns- Octa gon and Drab Persia Floor Oil Cloth from 3-8 to 5-4 wide, Rush Manilla from 4-t to 0-1 wide, Ilugss Manilla and Alneant Mails, Stair Rods i.e. Also, French nnd American Paper Hangings, a larger assortment than was ever beforo ollcri-din this place and at prices that cannot fail to suit purchasers. Nov. 18th 1811. TH E sub-eribcr has a lahge slock of School nooks and Paner. Merchants, School commit'! en 4c. furnished on the most liberal terms. Rags and nostkindsof country produco received in payment. Nov. 26. C. GOODRICH. J. TRYON UKAPH AND TAII.OIt, WOULD oiueinoie remind lu eiutoiiiers that he continues toearry on the above busine-s in all . ,.r(nu- brunches al his Old Stand on Si. Paul street, near the EpUeopal Church, and insight of the npthnlinChiircli. Thankful for past favor-, i.Ueu- tomeri are solicited to conlinuc their patronage, and many new ones aie inucu ue-ireu. 1 ue inno-i u ion promptly received, r?.. .i.i.,A,. .hnri notice ebean for cash. I have"nn hand n me old accounts which 1 should il-e to exchanjefor castx, Nov. 12, 1811. GEORGE II. PECK, Attorney mill t'our.scllorat Law, iwo D00B8 rAbT orTtin rocT orncr.tT stairs. Refer to Messrs. J.H 3. II. PECK it Co. Nov. 19. . aTuobertson, llarrlstcr ami Atlori.cy at f.atv, tlU in the ngiee of the JIn. Solicitor Oen'l Day) UTILE ST. JAMES'S STREET. Montreal, 1 Nov. 1611. Reference in Darlington, 10 rilAUL.ES ADAMS, Evnw.?l M)l t , JSrfl:'Nci: 0F I-HT.-A Vah.ablel IfJ. Medicine, which, if riehtly npplicil, will lo Ihe ucan-oi savin; tliou-aiuS Irom an imfini.ly irraie. I or P.irilier ol llie lilood. I ho imp iralliled and Mil, Ithaslecn sol I and u-ed for ihiny yrars, wi'hgrc.il inciei-ini'repulation which ihb medicine In-acqnir-siiceeA', and I'oiiul ery e:!ic.cio,i- in the following . el 'hro inliD.it the Jiew lluland liate , nnd the! man) di-et-e-, vi. Con-i.npi'iou,Vhoopinq Cousli-, com- j cures it has performed, and the freat demand mi le inon Coiiih, Co'd-, (lillicnlt I'reithintr, Inlbicnz.t, : forit by t.iea lvice ofphy-icians well ncTiainlw. with Quiu-y, A-thiivi, Phthi-ic, Spittmi; of lilood, Flam- , il- prepiralion, h i in.l icel the proprietor to extcn I lency, In hae-lion, Loo-ene-s of the lloul-, Filsof its eir.v.ilation to almo-t every town in the eastern every kind, Cramps, Riekef, Colic, Catarrh, lly-en- S'aie- and the prinfip-.il towns in he Unite! States, tare, l ainlini, Hypochondi i ic A le. tloif, llvailiiel.es, Tln P.tnaccis warrau'cl purely icswa' le,an 1 1 not Sickne.at Slomach, Mea-le-, a preeiilive of Cop- surpjed Iv any other iiie.bcme ever ocered lo the t.i;iou.cli.ea.e--, Ooul and ltlioulii.Ui.-iii. inllliccl a- 'its cVen-ivc .-ale an I irn'at peii ilari y !CP"1 heabove Medicine is prepare 1 1 y Henry Soy plainly prove. Il ha williin the la-t elsh'ecn month' mour, of ljai'lcy, Ma, from the Onsi.ial Hivipe, I y cured its lliou-nn I- ofihe mo-i ob-tina'e di-eac-, a tliedireclion oi'-ni I Moore, nnd sol I I y him and ihe ' can le proved by cerliiicalr-, uuu " prcnoilnce I by urmcipal Dnif-'ifulsin the Uiiilcdtnie. Sold whole-file and mail, by Peck iV Spear. CERTAIN CUIli: FOlt SICK IIF.AIMCIII!, winch Ins been innl in funilics, every inonibcr of which has had sick headache, fioni inf inev, ns a constitutional faintly complaint, and Ins cureil ell'cc- nnily m every instance yet Known, niiiounliii!; to ma I,., Iinn.lrmla llian.it initilnncntil In ,1,. ,L n.,,1 does not prevent thodiily avocations of onou-ins; it dli-ton, N. Cultcii.lcn Kichim-nd.J.ieen &I.I10 le it must b3 persevered ill, and the cure is gradual, but J(',l"'!',!li l" arner ami I ' Monklon, l.ibau certa.n and permanent. Instances nro conlantlv hiiinh llal.er-liel I, Aniunslou and Woojv.ar I ! air- mull qilyinj here this distressing cotnp'nint is com nicteiy relict eu anil cureil, ntlliougli 01 years - tanclins by Iho use of Dr. Spolin's celebrated retiicdy. One decided prcfcrcnccis its pleasantness, havinjr none of the nauscntin! ell'cctof (ouimoii drills. Itis so perfocllysatisfactory, that the proprietor lias given directions lor liisnsent to lefiuid the price to liny one lio is not plcacd with, nnd even cured by it. He hopes also that this may secure ilsprcat ben efits to the distressed suficrcrs who nrolaboriniruiidcr Ilcnditclic. n. SP01IX, 31. U., inventor anil Pro prietor. Soldhv COMSTOCK if- TO., 71 Maiden Lane. New Vork. P F.C K & S P V. A It, Vhn'e ile Ascnts, a few dous east of the Post Office, Utirlinq lon. Vt, n9 70IjI.HTT -i l!I!Al)I.i:Y have just received X and ollir for sale nt the lowest miccs for cash or approved credit, a larno and well seleclei ns-ortincnt 01 iiio.icncs, consiiiii" m partol tue f''l!o.nu'i 5 lllul'; St Croiv a iuir. fi llhd St Cro -v lltiin, - n: it. 11 1 Hi do PorU Rico do 10 do New Orleans d .J l Ij'CS .U'llilUC vt.n. 2" qr ca-'ss Malag-1 Wine, 1:0 Boxes Piper, 20 IIil'J Pepper, 20 do Pimento, 2j Ket' pure Omgcr, 2) do Raisins. 50 Ibis 1:10 Codec, 'JO do .lava do 50 llo.vcs soap, 2 do superior do "1 do Intra do -0 Kc's salt Petie, DOCT. JIAJlSIIAl.lr? n m Hie, Catarrh an,' Ilea lache S.M'FF. Tin- Sin 1 1- - ii.enor tn am thins vet known, for removing iln' Irou! le omedi-'-e.i-e, the I'a'arrh, and al-o a cold m ihe 1 ea I, no I iln headache. Il open- an I ictre;e oil all nb-tMicnoii-, -tieus lien-ll.ee bin 1-,'iu I sac 11 be'ilihy net 'on to li.i pari- a 'c.'e '. Il 1- p' rfc"l'V Iree fiotu a'uy ilunsde'i" crinu- in 11- coiupo-ilion hi- a , lea-nut llavor, an I's inline liatee e,", after I einj; 11-ed, i- al yp'cal le. Price T cent- per botile. Do -I. M ir h ill'- Vereta' In ban Dlaeli P1.A-: n:i!. I hi- I'la-tcr 1- inirtvalleil o r e,:riu j -cruf c.u - -wel tin.'-, S urvy SMrc, Lame Ila tin I IVe b Wi, ml-; u-nn- in lie -1 :e , nip- an 1 1.11111 -, an 1 .eliiniu fail- 11 jive relief 111 local l!he 'luati-in . If aiphel lo tin -I 'e,it will c ire many of iheoiii'iion I.iier Couijilanii-; in I i e pta', if 1101 -o,ici'ior, to any iliiuir iu 11-e I'm corn-on ibofce', the irti e-of tin-Pla ter have ' ecu vllne.-elly ihoi-iiuU of iii'h id.ial-111 ihe Tin e S a'e-. wlio' I1.1 ve le tel 0- ellii'it -y. Sobl 1 vt!n tun. prii'lor; I'h.i-. Iloaen, Mid.Uel uiv, ., nn'l Pr.11; cc -ei'.vn. n in. irluijt 1 1. .Vol's nml lion. f Kil! I ITfi iV.VII.s-, nisDrteil i.c, lorr w) do I'liiisiiurir smh, tin tin lOf) ICts .-p kc. from iOI 10 CO I nnd C inch, 10 Tons of round and squaru Iron, from 'i l-Gths 10 3 incli. 10 Tons of Inise shoo Iron, of l!ie,vario'J3 si.cs 4 do of Hand Iron, fi tin of Scroll tin 10 do a-soi led, flit and square Am. Ulootndo Tor sale at iinuu'aciuu r s pnci s. hv FOl.LF. ITit HIUDLT.V, Asenls. nut. 1. :,iuxsox. A...r , .re-peci- '--Ji' ' ...ri-i4J tltlte I'lv,.- nn. V'-feArZ V '"a.ii.facl.'riiiL' a variety ol ri.ino 1 orte, wh'ch are olcre.l tor sale on the uiu t rca-onab e term-. A-ll.e em Irriei n'-nie mat eon a virymicli improve I plan, they are waii.iiiled 10 I e superior I" ail other in ir'iiueiu- 1 f ll.e P.ano km in tiartakinz 111 a bih t'eico ll.e tone U the i'Jiiti In point of 10 u h an ltlur.i' d'ny of workman-hiji they arcnl-o wariantcd to le (r:iitl 10 any in-trii- men's luuntifai tuiel 111 the I'in'ed Sla'i", All ier-t'ii- who want a coot, P.ano nie particularly in vited tocall ami cxamuic 1' i"l.tiu elves. Ihirlmslou, Kc'.. -.'I, ISP.. a tsrn for the Mifliit; Ita 1; 1; ATLiJ.,1 1; .'S Calf llo.iltf, sovvc I nml prjrpcd, v.-ilh and Willi out hid plates ; Kip iioois. (wea nun pe; f I ; Jleu'- and Boys' Till' It Hoofs; Gent's Ca;f Oaitcrn, the best uttie'efur SfiinL'wear ever inaiifnctuicJ. ."O Pairs Women's I.iather Jlootet s an Shoes, Oent's Leather Over Shoes. The above v. ill le fold low for ready cc!i, by .j.'.jinn 11. im.att. Corner of Church and Cherry Streets, Uuilingtuti, March 1, IP 53. HEW ARE OF DECEPTION. It has frcq .ently cotno to tint knovvlc Ige of tho sub scribcr, thai eniply Snull'J'irs, with his Label on llicm, have been bought up fur the purpose uf i-Hing in them nn inf, rior t nlily Snidl'-, and also, that lua Snuff-labels have, in some instincts, been counter feited, or the renernl design cf the same so inii'aled as to eaeilv deciivo iho unwarv. He deems it. there. fore, hi- duly to inform purchasers of Iho nimncr in which they arc often impiscd upon; and he would hereby rcquct them to tear ofl'or deface llie libels on the oulsidoof tlic Jars, tifler having disposed of the contents, so ns to prevent further 11st of the same. A suitable reward will hopnul lor such evidence ns will lead 10 the detection and conviction of the im postors. i attubtender continues lo .limijiirliirr, ami of. fersfor tale the ftllocin 'articles t I'lno Drown Stuiir. Oenuino Maccoboy, ro-o American Rappee, imiiaiiuii uo. v uavorca, Jioiianti uo. Sicily. do. Tuberose. Maltese, do. St.Onier. Curacoa, uo. Hirnsburg. uaai'scn row 11 .ttiiiu. Demicros. Nnttliitoches. Pure Virninia. French Rnnnee. Bourbon. Atncricnn (icntlcman St. Dominsa. Pure Snamsh. Copenhagen, superior flavor. I.. .Mixture. Yellow Still II. Fcolchnnd) .- Irish Black miard rr ? HiithTnnstJ Irish Uwh Toa.l, 1 Mveut nri-iitril I'ne l ill LllctVIHE i nunrco. Spanish, Kilefott, Canaster, Common nnd Steins. FVA liberal discount made to wholesale dealers. PETER LOR1LLARD, Jr., 12 Chalnam-St., New 1 oik. Plicctliiss. TO n1-'"-t; 4-1 Rrnvvn Slieeling'. I 3 Caies Iltcachcd i'o. For hale I y VILAS, LOOM1S & CO. Nov. SO, 1311. " The New VorVCasli Hardware Store. rPHE Sn'fi'P! it having iVerininel tocurrvm 1 the HARDWARE IHblNLSS in nil ii.l rauc .e in II irlin?lo, Vl.hu i-psned an I now- o er. lor a t an en iroly new all! well .-elected as cr.mont of g ,ul in ihu ul ovo line. Hi. i,V;ivl I ti i- win'er 1 ci'ng more to learn th de man I-of ihe market, in order to le nble lo pplv Ihnsauie in ihe Spring, ami a- be uitciuls do ng n ,trctly ea-h III iue.-s, In- soluiis n siiaiu ol pi It patronage, eoulideiit lli.it lisirno- will lo lo.ul ti tuit all who may favor him with a tal . Burlington,Vt.Dte.2(, 18-11. W.M.J.IM'NT S'rcns'sIluilding.Colli-SKiirret, rtarthe Square f" LI-SS, Vol TWOTICKnaMedicinei- lestl.nown bylhe ll cues it perform I. Newton' Panacea, ominenl and re lie 'la' le physician- Ihe I e-t uiedicine in use. U-efuI information may I e lound in eircuiur oontainin; certificate-" of cures and dire.Mioni for In kin the ined.cine. The following appoiu'ed agent. liurlinlon, PF.CICnud SIT. All, II. Moody f-'l Allan-, Curtis ami Itit-sel Milttm, C. Drake Miliou Fall-, II irnct and .Sawyer W'aterville, Fik nnd IJrowu, Iline-burlt, Hull an I Cook Fafrlax, Parker and Maltield Vcraeniie', Ad.nn- nnd Murray Caml raise, M. Wire Fiu'crin'M, M. ('. Harney iNOrt l TCrrl-l UrJ I. II. C. It'kcr ll COrSI.! . A. lUl field, II irnct and Farn-worlh. e.o.p 1 j: 1 9 WINDOW SAfSII Jusl received Li, 211 and 2 17 by 0 ca'Cinent- nl -ali, a First rate article at 3J and 3J ceil" per liehli al-o all l.in.l- an l-izc-, birui-hed lo order. Tieouucroira blio-k lea I, a lir-t rale article, for sale very low, losciher with j. a ereat variety of other arti cles as cheap as can be found at any ether e-tal li.-h-incut in t Iio place (5 1:0. Pr.Tr.nso.v. TXT HATCH would inform tho in- t Habitants ol llurlui" on aim vi- cuiity, that he lias opened a shop m Chuich street, at the sii;ii of tho Rifle, w hue he intends to entry on the Gun smith Business, in nil its vniious branch es. Ilavipir Wen employed for tho last six yiarsin the shop of J. M. Caswell, in Laiisiii"biirL'li, (iindoubli illy the best shoji m llie Uuilctl Stales,) be foils war rant :il m oir'nujliis woik to the public. Rutl'mslon, .lime 1, 1811. MYSTI5IUOUS! A petilleniaii Ltlon-iiifr to one of the most aiu-ient anil wealthy families of llus eily,who must he wi II known to numerous friends havm'' since the year $ up lo recently, been hem ueaily double, and lor several jears confined ( his bed, has been leslored In w tl health has regained his ti i turat erect position nnd has tpntittl bis car- ria'c, anil now vv inks with ease 1 1 We In hcvu tins is llicLVti Icinan'-nu 11 tlcsi'riplion as near ns posi!di, and there is no exaaaoration 'ti it. We will aive iiniJi- rcrs his ad Iress, -ind iliiubt nut liunintc fcelunjs will e.se re llie liucriy su in.n any one tiationmr, may .lion lliese facts liouuli he rctniests his name nny not 'lppt ar m prim. Anion!: other instances, Air. Jn. (i. Rcvnolds, 1-11 C'liri-t:e-trect, lias been restored, and will eive peisonnl assuinnecs of iho ficls of his ea-c. liolh v.eie rlii uiiniisiii, nnd contracted cords and sinews, llnvvlns this I ecu done ( Avuif'T. Hi the Imlicf.t Vrri la'ila Elixcr tn- ternttllv, miii . ires' .V'fif end Buns Linhiicnl cx'eniaUt. .fan. IS 11. Sold null fcv COMSTOCK T tf. CO., 71 Muitltn fire. Xcio York nt) PFCIC & .VI'CAH. Wholesale Asents, a few tloors east of llie Pot Office, llurliiiii'oii, Vt. WILLlAiM WIMGHT'S Indian fintti.v;-! vn i-ii,i., Dnliruly 'iJ;etililc. MANUFACH;i:i:i mi Jer ihe inunelia'e viipeiln. ti il leiice of WillialiiWrish',vice-pre Idcnl of ihe Xorth American College tif Health, for the treatment and c 're id" ilca-e m iho ft-riu tif llillio-t- nod Ner-vou- Fever-, Mea-le-, Small Pox, Pains in Ike -lorn tel.-, 1 aclt an I -i.'e, Coii-' inption, Dropsy, .Seri-f-!a, Cancer, Suinins 1 B!oo I, .Sicl.-llei I-ache, IM'C iiuati-in. Diarrhte.i. Dv-eutary. I'olic-, Dy-neii- sia, P.ilpi'alitu of llie Heart, Ulcers au-l tores of every i.iiki, jj-t--. .e For -ale 1 y PI'ICU' & SPU.Mt, Bcrlinstcn. ' W. II. HOI.LV, Wdli-ton. W.J. Droi.'LA.s', ilme.lnrsh. .1. II. IIAI.III'KI'. We-tfonl. lliirr ;,!lll Sloitcs and r:ulllii'c; Clitlis, 1 Q PAIR of French Burr Mill Stones and a com tJ'wplcio aesnlment of Bolting Cloths, from a cile brakil Manufaetory in Hull mil, fur salu nt nduccd prices, bv FOI.LKTTiS: UIIADI.UV, Agents. Oov. 20. LYMAN & mil. Tr A v I-. Ki'i'ive-i, 111 n Id.'tion to ll.cir for stock of i .Liiry lioiuts, nn extensive a--si r inent of Full 1111 1 Win-er Gi " I- i u-iiiiii'j which will le fu'ind a aie-it variety 1 1' arm le- I r l.iiuic-,' Ulna'. j Alpaccj L i-ire, a very pret'v article; Alp.ic 1 nil. Warp, Cam' ie'ten, ).tin H'li -k Al.cue, Fij'd do., Satin H.iui'i '., Ilry hc'la, Per inn ("'nth, French, d'ermac, nnd Ku .-li.-h'.'Ieruio , Mou'ehae t'e lame and prm'e .Sisune-, a ere.it v.n 'cty and low priced j O'taiV lla.r and Iun,atiou Cam! let. A small a-irtment of lit li lis'd and sln'ptl Silks, Heavy Black Canton, Oroi'e S'.vi , and other silk-. Lupin'.- le.l -etrle", I lie' ,wh,'e, an I cnloied; A few extra sixe Wi r 't-.l bawl , Oh'vc- an I llo .cry. a i.iree as or.'inen- ; an 1111.1- a K Hrireii r-rliiu-iiWI Aiiicricau prui' ; 1'ieu -h 1111 1 i i-.-i h to. DOMESTIC GOODS. Cotlon hhet-iini.' and -hir'iiL-; Tiri 5 and Wad clins i lllcached Cotlon anil.Meir.iuac-het-.iii-r, very low. TMhotrs vniMMisas. Wor-lcl H'liihu?, silk tin. Lartre lound nnd s-uaie Mohair Cords for overcoatsj -ilk Cord fordre-.- coatsi nr-iei aim sin. .- ir;e: ii'-ure I sill; mil velvet Billion., pew lisi.ro : sewinir -ill.. Twi.i an I Tim ad; Pa Mint', Caiiva , scVia-, Col'd Je.111-, Brown anil Black Linen ; Wor-ted pl.ul for F.iCi'uj: Buttons for over coat.-, ecc. FANCY JIKFS. A vnriotj nfriclidii l.anif, Chally. silk, ami new . i. 1.. 1 :. irir .... i v...i ' ' PIJ lv i 1 1 v J D" I . IIIIU It'll, JiJiU.HJ UJ.UTlltS. Ileavvdo'ilb.- lulled Broad (I01I1-! Ibnur ami Pilot Cloth-; llich Diainond lleavei Cloih-: al-o a general as.orlincnt ol U iilmslon Mill Cloth-. (ic ullcmcu and La. be- are united to on II and exam ine our veryextensivenssoiimeni, which we oiler at rci'iecii prue- lor i-.ali. 11 ulunrlon, 'li u I. IS II. DUnLINGTOU CHAIR TACTORY a L. NLLhON, conlmucs the ' business of tunuuf.tf tutmg Chairs at Ihe old stand, of iho fol lowing descriptions: Cuil Maplo Gncinn, CuneSral, Com'inon Cane and Flag Siat, L-irgo and Small Raisetl Siat Rockint', do do Com mon uo, Common Dining, oVc. itc. All of which aro warranled a first rale article ami will bo sold at prices ,, to lorrcspnoti won ine limes. FEATHERS, AND FEATHER BEDS, READY MADE. Constantly on hand, n supply of warranted Live Grcese IVnlhers, which will be sold low for cash. WANTED, by the subscriber, Curl and Birds I've .Maple, delivered at his shop in Church siren, opposite the obi Hank. (!. L. NEI-ON I'JW ItWJLeJpZ STA23KJ3. II. C O I. II Mil T II O ESPECTFUI.LY informs his fiiends and tin l.Vpublic, 'hat heli.-s now opened a Liverv S able and Ins on hand natty far use some excellent Horses nnd Cirrnies. Sltii-liP, lliirptre-.ie. which bow ill hi on rctsonal bleniis, stable at l!ci iamtn Bishop' .s lintel, South West Corr.er Court House Square, lill! lltlgltlll, Ueocmbtr 10, 1311. haws. 1 "ROWLAND'S Oerunn Sieol sawinill saws, man -kuf icliiicil li) order niul fitted fir tho aawinso hemloclt, spruce, pine, and every descriptiin of liaid iiuii.er. o, oj jinn i it-fi, yviso English Cnst-sieel cross cut saws, llnettCo.'s do circiiliu tlo from Ifi lo 25 inclics,and maniiraclnre I lor i lie undent nisviciniiy For tale al I'm Wharf, by N w. '1 I'-OLLETT.fc BRADLEY , it ANTED.-Donieslic Quills wanted in fxchango V for Hooks r,r Smtionery, by March 10 S. HUNTINCtTON rm J MOFFAT'S VFOLTAlll.i: LIFK MKPICINLS. The.-e inctlicines are indebted for their name, to llieir inanife-t and seii-ible netiou in purifyin? the prunr-nil I channels of life, mi l enduing them with renewed tone mil vuior. In many hundred certified e.i-oswluch have I ecu made nul lie, and in almost every species ofdoea-o lo v hieh ihe human frame it lia'le,lhu happy e 'eels ofMorr.vr's l.ttc Pili.s and PiuksU lltiTr.ns have leeii greaifullynrd puhlidy acnowled'jcl by Ihe pefons lenefitled, and who were iirevio'i-ly unacquainted Willi the beautifully phf lo-ophiea! pnncip'es upon which they arccoinpbund e I, nml uiiMi wlii'-h they eon eqnently net. The LIFK MFDICI.NKS recommend thrmtclvcs in di-ea.-e.s of every form and ile-cription. Their fir.-l opcralion i- to 'oo.eu from llie coals of the stomach and lovvel , the varin i impurities ami crudities con--lanlly seillniL' nrn md ihcin", ami to remove tho hur ilcnel' faces v.'lm'li eolle,-t in thu convolution of ihe sinallc-t inte.-tiue-i. O.her lucdiciiies only iartialy eleaiuethe-p, and leave such collected tnas-es I eliui'd a to produce habitual cu-tivencss, with all its tram of evils. or-i'Jdcn tliarrheea, with it imminent daer.-.n This fact is well known lo nil regular aiialoiiu-t-, who examine the human bowelaflerilealli j and hence the prejudiieoflhosowcllinforinediiK'ii njaiii'l qunck medicine or me licmes prepared and heralded lo then il lieby iuoranl per-ou-. 'Ihe secoml eHeet nl llie Life Medicines is to clean-e llie kidneys and the bladder, nu.l by tin- mean.-, the liver and the luni-, Ihe he.il'lil'.ilaclioii ofnhichenlirclydepend-upoii llie rr Kiilarity tf Iho urinary or-an-. The blood, 'which take- rs retl color from the aaeney of the liver and the lung- Islore it pa-es into the heart, I eiuir thus purified I y lliein, nii.l noun'-hed by fooil eoinmj fiom a clean -lomacli. eoir-es ficely throush the vein-, renews every pari of the svslem, and triuinpliaully mounts the banner ol heallli in llie I loouiini: cheek. Modiu's Vegetable Life Medicine- have I een llior nuslily le-tcil, andprono mce'la suvrretsn remetlvfor Dy-pep-ia, Flatulency, Palpilatioii of the Heart, Lu-s ol Appetite, Ileart-biirn an I Ilea 1-a' be, lie-tle-.-ne-s, Ill-temper, Anxiety, L imjuor an I Melancholy, Co-tivenes-, Diarrlnca, Cholera, Feveri of nil' kind--, Khe iiii.ttiwii, (Io n, Drop-it's id all kind-, Gravel, Worm., A-lhma, and Con-umptiou, Scurvy' Ulcer' Inveterate Sores, Scorbutic 1'rnpliuus and li.nl Complexion-, I.Viiptive complaint-, sallow, Cloudy, anil oibcrtli-aireeal It! Complexion-, Salt Rheum, Kry-ip-ela-, ("oinniou Cold- and !ulh:cuzn,aii'l various iillur compliini which nllhct ihelriman frame. In Fr.vr.n an 1 Aout:, parlic d.irly, Iho Life Medicines have Icon mo-t eminently -ucce-slnl ; so inucli mi that in Ihe Fever an I AL"iedi-lricls, Phy.-iciau- ulmo-t universally pr rile lliein. All lb it Mr. Mol'at retiuire-of his patlenls i to le particular in takiirj the Life Medicine- slriclly ac"0r dins lo ihe threc'ion-. Il i-not a nevvpaiicr notice, or byanythiirjlbei hehini-elfinay-ay iiiilieir favor, tlul he hopes lo gain credit. III.-alone by llie re-ull-ofa la r ip.il. MOFFAT'S MFDICAL MANUAL; de-iuned a- n doine.ii"j-uile'obc.il b. Tin-lillle pampldc, ed'.tetl I y W.IJ. Mo l.it, -J7j lima l.uiy, New York-, In- 1 e'ii f i' li.-hel for ihe P Tpo-e nfcxjilaiuiii'j moref l'y Mr. Mo 'at'-theory rl'ib-ei-e--, an I will le lound liinh'y intcre-liivj tn i ci-on-eekiua heallli. ll hells upon prevalent th-e.i-e-, airllhecau'C- theienf. Price, 23 ecu' for -ale 1 v Mr M il'il'-Arentcenerally. Theft- viloab'c Me be ne- are lor sale I y til ORi:ll L. WAliM II it Co. .It.bn-i.ii, Vl., Ot ntrul Aleuts, I V whom all order- from any pan tf the Sialo or C tn.vla, will I e proinptlv nti-'vvcred. 2d-1 I Dec. 17, 1311. HAG Mi ff AR TJIUR, Oeneial Aaenls for Jin al'- ecle' lined medicine, in whom all applications for ugihcics ?nut( Le ad-dre-el. lS.irlini''n, Jan. 2?, 1812. vfATimirs oiiAND iu:stci:ativi:. Tin- LN yali.al.lu Verctiil lo Medicine stand- unrivalled Ibelollowiii'j eoiunlainu. vi: Dy..ieo-ia. or Indi- setiou,di-e.i-ed Liver, bi!ioii-tli-t rdcr-, Diop-y, A-lh-iii.i, Co-tivt'iie-s, Worm uu, It--- of Aonelite. and lv h.in-int llie siouiai l '"'' ' -vt's. imiii" tn tin. Me, -toiuacti an. I t rcct-t, i . n li-1 eouirh- ol Inn -Uutlui'j, lloartene--, shortne-s ofliealh. Nervous nipl.iinl,ete., which arelieiiieutly the elect of dis- '.i-e. i or i cicruiiu iiL-i.r, u i-a ttiu-r va uaoie ore- vcnlative us well as a .-overt itrri n lucdv. ll.- Mrltie. -:iria- any tiling heretofore known in'rcmovi'mr Hi Vit i' Dam e, two I otlle- have 1 een known lo cure im-aiiliclinc;iii.-ease, alierliavmj lallteil every oxer lion for four jcar-. It Ins a luo-i powerful influence in reuiovnifr ncrvou- ei iiipl.iui!.-. It i- pleasant to lake an 1-oea-y in it- nperanon,ihal it may I eadmini-tcrcd to llie nilaiit with -afety. I be ul.uve Meibciue i- very hu;bly leconinieiii'etl ly many scientific eenllemeii, mim ,i urje numicr' oi lau.e-, who nave proveil the virti t-of the Medicine I y pcrstmnl iiseaudlhat nf their f.iiuilii's. A lull oficriilic.ite-aecoinpai ie-each bottle, wiihil.rectiou-. ll may I e had who'c'-ido or retail ol I i-it-i in, Itarrc, and J. C. 1 amain, Ua-t Villinms- iowii, i. soie proprietor-, rrepareil Irnni Ihe 0112 al recipe ; lor sale Ly 1). 11. Prentis-, Mompchcr, ant! 1 r.cn ipbri-An, Il'ir inston. and 111 the nrineinal Itnvn- 111 tin- son.. -nil uiie-iiutis tijueuin ii.euaiijwritini: oiiiieiro;irietor SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. T " S T received, a supply ol Mar-h's iclelratel i 1 r .s e--, ol every i e-eription, for ia'e by the tlozen or-tiule, Nov. 1. . PCK if. SPEAR. iUj5" I ru-cs ncc'ira-ely api.Ii eilfice of i barge. FARRAR, WAIT $ ROOT, Iint'oi'tcrs nml W liolcsaloatid lielallDcalcrsln CR&CKcRV, GLASS & CHINA WARE, Keep constant ly on hand largo assort mint of Din ner Sets com pit le, Willi soup and saucu Tu reens, Butter Boats, Salad covtted Dishes Platters. Piektl I'lshe- ami Uuaiurtl Cups ol lllue, Pmk, lute, .Mi. an nnd Bourbon spri" d waic. with lea jjeta 0 match cacti t n great vaiieiy ot tuiiti eia anil an quaii.ics ot coiumun ware usually wanitu lor taiuiiy ue, an of which will he sold cheap at wholesalo or re lad al iiuir ."-lore, corner ol unurcli ana uoiugo streets. B.irhngtoii, Jan. 31, 1S1-'. E.L. FARRAR gives noiico thai lie continues to carry on the husi uess us usual ol manufacturing Mono ware of sjtieriar quality in all its varieties and will at all limes he in read iiicss to sunolv merchants on the most renson it le terms, all t ruer piomptly attended to nt Ins Factory , Pearl Street iiuriiiigiou. jau.ji. loi GLASS WARE, f' all descriptions ennstanllv on hand i a full as Wsorlmcnt of Tiimidcrs, plain, pressed, ground star bottom nnd cu'. gtat Wines; Jellies, Leinonath and Egg glasses; Limps of all descriptions i Lam; glasse-, Dcc-inicis, Wnicr Ikitlleit, Specie Jars, vtti ous sues j Preserve Di-hes, cut glass (hi tnrd How If Piltlnrst, Sails, Castor Hollies, Revolving Cas,or anil eul glass Lanirs, for sale (cheap of course) at th new Crockery and Glass Wine House of 1'UtRAR, WAIT -V ROOT, Burlington, Jan. 31, ISl'i. NEW GOODS. THE S.il order, hav. ju.-l ret i'ivollarg'n.1 hiion in the r s ock i f Saddletv Coach an I Shelf Hardwnit in all its vanetic-. ALSO Drngf, Mrshciiies, Painls, Varni.tie-.Dvesiti.fs,nriish I- of nil kind-. Jolliers' Torls. See, &u. iitUi.Mi ct A I tit li. AttlieoldSiand.SisnoIihf Padtook, corner' ct Cbur-h and College 5-ireet. wM 1 DR. m'E'jI.OSVS n A .Ii s A Til o V It 1 v k 11 w o n T, Observe when you buy that von get Ihu jreniune, prepared nt 3?S How-cry, New Vork. See that 375 BoweryNew orkis on the vmpper of each Bottle. All other are I-rauds and sold only by speculator-, without rciardlo ju-licc, to the b'lie,or the proprie tors of Iho ge.iuinoarticle. IOR Consumption, and Ltvcr ermplnint, Dyspcp . sia, tlizzuie--of llie head, lo-s of appetite, Dycn tary; and general regulalerol the whole svteui. None jrenuine but that prepared at 373 Huvvery, New 1 ork, where Ihu niiiclo wa- lirt made, theebar ae'eroflhe meJieine formed and e-lal lished I y the pre-ent sole propnelort, anil whoare theonly persons knowing iho com position of the genuine. It has I ecu ii-ed ..iicce-fi lly for ciahl years m the cure of ihcse thsea-et. Cllememl ir the- original nnd (ienui.ie is made only at No. 373 Bowery, New York. All others are counterfoil. Consumption and Liver Complaint ! A a general remedy for the t- disease", I am filly .-all-liif.l, from long experience, I hero is no medicine equal 10 Dr. Tayloi's Balsam of L, .erworl. Being pure y wgeiabro, it can be 11-ed with the ulmo-t siilety by all pc.-ons in every eonhlion. It clean-in the lungs by expectoralion, lelieves thineiili breathiuir, nnil'veinstn heal llieehe-l. There ran I c nnque-liou but I hit medicine i- a certain cure for chronic co ishs and colds. I have used'it four year- in my practice, and always Willi succc'. A. F. HOUKU'S, M. D. Tickling in the Throat. I know Dr. Taylor' 11 it-am if Liverwort to be acerliiu remedy for llii- complaint, as I have mod il myself nnd found its t"'ect nn iiimied.ale. I wa. much troubled until I made u-t- ofiln- medicine. M. L. HKNSIIAW. 211 Maiif-in si. Hoar-cues' Ciued For the cure of lioar-ene-s 1 can slronirlv reeeoiiiineiul Dr. Taylor'.- Ilal-am of Liv erwort. I have not onlyloiind great 1 cnelit myelf, bill many of my conirciMtirn by my rc-enuiiiieiid.v lion have recieved grtal lenelit from its virlue. It is atonce lui!tl,einc.ieiou anl h,irin'e-. 1IKV.A'. LEWIS. Seven-Cough-and Cold; 1 have had n ino-t ft vcre eoltl nnd cousli, (or n long lime which I eoul.l not gel ridof. Ader lining many u-e'e-s thhnrt I tri etlTuylor'.s H.iUain of Liverwori, and il cured me in .1 ievV-n.1V". .IAS. It. IvLKKI.MJUK. Rii-ni'j of Blootl VI out two wick ugo I had a fall, wnich ciiu-e.l niu lu -pit lurire ipialilies of I lood whit b noihmg t'Oiihl cure until 1 tried Dr. Taylor's I'al-nm of Liverwori. Tin- medicine iravt- me iinnie I ate relief ami 111 a very short tune e'.'ecle 1 mi entire ure. Let all per-on-I rv i llt GII W. HARVEY, 21 Cannon -1. Dr. Tavler' l!al-ain of Liverwort 'I lu- -interior reiue ly furdi-ea-e- of ihu lima- nn I livir ha- obtain e 1 a rt-'iuta' ion never I i.biee put Mod. ltcmaruable Lure of Consumption. was -n ne-ir her tleaih with tin- dot-.i.e. that my fr.erils sent for a pr e-l Inconfe-- me l ie I t'ied. He in hi- nurcv, told me not In eiveup until I trie! Dr. r.iyloi'- l!al-am of l.ivviwort. 1 sent iinnied,a'elv for thi- mediciue, an I ulthoiigli the eonle-t for a few lav I etween Iln-nie hcinc, and my th.e.i'i- was se- veie , the int-tlicine eouqtieioJ, uiu'l in a fortnight I wa- re-tore I toh'-alih. I had a to lab, rai-111 J ofinat- ter, In-s of my vai.ee. pain-, weikne-, ite, 1 can ic ier to Doctor Wil-i 11, in the Cnilton Ilon-e, for the truili oimystalenienl. .M.uti 1JII.U 10 h slrecicor. Lewaie of Ira'itl-. 1,13 uveiu.e. Summer Comvlahtt. The l'abaiu ol Liverwort, in several ea-es of this -ei-e, where all other lemedie- np.ilicd by phv-i- ei'ans have proved inctleettial, b.u produced a pe(lecl ire Surprizing Cure of Consumption. Sir. It. lil.iddin ol Delhi, N'. Y of a naturally con. -ttmplive eon ! ttutioii, h 1- 1 ecu saved fiom un tin timely cud by the 11-e ef Dr. Tnyloi'- 11 il-ain of l.iv. erworl. A seven- cold I rnu-jht'nii tin attack of Pltu-tt-j-, 1111,1 il,u- i-n.lrf in Beiii-i.ilituliitiiy anil con-iilup inn. A t't.n-taui eoui-h, beciie I'.u-b. re-tle ni'.'hi- I't'c pul-e, an I cout.nucd loss of flish, acircicil 1 .ee.ty death i but a- soon a- I eoinmeiici-1 ll.e n.t-f thi- bal-am I grew le.tcr, nud i- now fully reore.l to neaitii. Shortness of Rrcath. For thi- tli-ea-e. I hnvi- .iiutit- i.,,i lir. -iv. lr.-i Bal-am of Liverwort 1111 exceifent ifiiti-Jy. It 'i- a tune .-11 -iiu-illltl -o e i-'live. licit 1 ll iniMl.11 ll 111 my piactice, and lecfoimuend il to my fnend-. I nave u-ej 11 111 -oine nuiviro.ls 1 1 ea-e- within ll.e pa .. ..1... .1..,. . 1 .-..11.. 1 ..t , . . : iit-.u vi-.tr-, iiuu 1 nave never na. it lai . In 01:1, n- l.,-. , ui a-11111,,1, 1 inn, 1 1 1 ie i 11 in iiue 1 ecu t 1 means of saving piecicus lie . Let all me 11. (iEOROE RALPH, M. D. None genuine but that pu-parej 111 37 j. joacp New Vork as will lo -een be the l.il tnl u-r-,,' pers of each buttle. Be sure v'011 look v. hen you buy. 'I be gi n-u'iie can alvvav- 1 e obtained nl'ibt- Oltl Agent", Me-rs. N. Lovely & Co.. now Loetdc Ai Sevmo'ir Dr. MoihIv and 1',-ik it S,ie:tr. Cli,.mi-t'. and DrugR-i-ts, B iiluuion S. II. ll.iine-, Clnrlotte Kiiuam i.uo es, ar. lin lunoiui lien. Avers iV Lo, .-iiuiui .1. iv -t.iirnwi. tin 1 .is- a. 11. s.ts.nr South Hero Horace W.vd-worth, Noith I li re kit .1. H.1V1-, All urgli F. it L. Olcn-j, West Albtirgb-D. ct . u.irpciuer, v uteri nry. NEW EST VIJLISILMENT. MiftoIaoElltSsBairaas, fsnrnwsoits to i:. jiitiGcjs,) Wholesale and Retail Confectioners, sS7"OI'Ll) re-pc.'tfn'ly inform ihe inbabitanl- of TT Bnrlinginn and Ihe siirroundin-' et untre. tlmt Iliey carry on i lie i-onjcclionnry IJusiness, on all it, var'io I- I lanche-. Detennined to u-e the veiyle- ni.iieriai-in ni.iuui.tciiu unr, nicy will ut mi tutu" I'urin-li Merchants and others dealing in Coulecl.oii arte-, wl.ti tlie LcjI tpialuy, ami on llielowe-i po.-M bleterin-. Shop on t bur It Slreei, two dm rs So uh 1 1 5. i.. iiowaru s s.orc, newly nn I neatly littt-l up wnere wo cor.uaiiy inviie an in call and eamiuenur article-, eousi-tiugnf all kintl- of Stick Candi, Balls .in t ivt-.-r-, iiiuin tiiiii I'l.iniuiiii-, iir.ito-. i I'liper mini, uciiiuii itruji., lanuia ureaiu, i.njicuiie-, t-.igur IMimii-, Larravvay., i.onilil-, I a-sia Butt-, Rock and tirnvvn i.iu iy, o.igar r-anci, .nonce- an, I Sccre!-. Sicar Apple-, Potairc-t, E--g-, nn I lla-ket-, witli various oilier articles loo u miei-ou- in I e mentioned, A ceneral as-oitmenl ol rich ami fancy Cake- nn hand, and bake I to order, together Willi Ice Creams lolurnisli panic, .e..c. A Iso count Canbt, which we recoinineud for Onii"h Cild.-, noai'-ent , &e. Wo do not nre't-nd to s.iv Willi Mr.J. PraseSon, that cur Candy will fine nil tli-ea-e- lea ling to Consiiinpnon, vie think thai is saying loo inucn. CLOCKS. We have a good ii-orimcnt of ttrass and llueoVn ( locks, winch wi-will -ell very low for cash or ap proved credit. Plea,e call anil examine lofore pur t h i-ing ebewbere. N. II. All rrtlers Irom a di-iauie, post nai l, will le promptly attended to, and package- and boxo- put on loaro ni suites or toai-, wuen rfutrtvi, Iit-e r charge. Be pailiciil.tr and ad Ire-- ail order- in Mi l CHELL MUAKXES, Confectioners, tbcro leingtw linns of ihe same naiiie in ihe village. Bur'unrlon. Vi. ()!. ii, IS II. To IHaeksniilhs Itlnsburirli Coal. rpiIE subscribers have just reccivt it forty tons of I ;,).,. h r.,.,i tti.nl, r..r .,,i.' ..... - - IIIK.H. ft". ww., ...tv....... -.111,1,1 a ll.-u 3llllfU passed byauy of tlieiuinernl coals, ami vvhrroknowi tins Inkcii tb tdien ol rb.lrco.-il. Tfrnititw. rie lx n.l burning freely, it is highly iccniumendei) for urates nnd domestic use. FOLLETT fc BRADLEY. CHUHCII .MUSIC. rPHE following valuable Musical Works are con X slanlly for salo hv the subscriber nt tho lovves : .1 I r. - . prices, n tue on, orrirger ipiauiiiv, vu I The Modern Psalmist, a new woik hv I.. Mnson. I!o3ton Academv's collection of Church Music S....I... i: . n ' ; itii-iuu'ii-i iiaruivuisi, Odeon, nntl l!nion and American Glee Book. Nov. 1811. D A. BRA MAN, lluol.s nntl l'HH'r. rt nOODRICII. one.dooi East of Farrar . IV.ii', Crockery Siore, I 'P STAIR', has a very ecneral iiiei uon ri iooi,'r, inciuuine n large nock- ol I-clioo' Innk-s and iM-ieri All wi lung lo purcha-e will i veil In call. Produce ami tloiiu-tie liiaui.lai lures very de-i nptioii reieivn.1 m p.ivruent. Kcln t loom nitiei- f irni-lung fir ichool., shall have I ool.s gra iiilou-!y for all ctnbiren in their dislricis whn e uh fins. are until le to my. Dee. S, rpllESuhscnlcr v-i'lp.iyrnlifora few Thotitant! I pounds of good Fleece Won', delivered nt i heir Store, heailnf Pearl St. RRADLEY A. HYDE. July'.Meil. Ittoiid Clollls. i rI"llE iinder'iined oiler the cloths manufacdwl by J. the "IliirlinoUn Mill Co." at wholeaahat l eatr:. . pries. 'I lie assortment comprises the vnrioif colon. 1 and qualities, and fur lexluir.. beauty of finish, and exre lencn oi maim aeiurr. are not siirnssseit bv nn American or Enslish rloths. " rOLLETf cf- BRADLEY, Not 29 Burlington Mill Co. n 'HI m r,..T-:c,'J PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. npHIS articlois too well known to need common- ilaliou and tho experience of seven years has demonstrated to Iho coinmrreiil communlte. ilnit for nccuiacy, convenience ami durability, they are unrivalled Coal yard scales to weigh from 'J to G ions. jJonnant Warehouse tin. ft, wet', 1 rrnin I-'jllt. to t'000 His.. Portable do. to weirdi fnim I ti7. tn 200 Hi j. PortabloCouutcr do a new article to weieh tromi-'.'oz. to -10lh.s. J. it .1. H. Peck it Co. Ascnts. Ilurlinglon, April 8 1911. g UMMI-ll.l.'. sj'IO.UAl.il DITI LBS. may Is H- ii-t-d in Wineor water. 'I'beseeelel rated bitter' nreoonipo.od purely of vei'o ables of llie nio-l inno cent yet -pecilic virlue-. Thcv ure recoiiuiiended oar- Heal. irly lur re-loriug weak eoii-tilulinns. e ean-iua ami sireiiiinenini ine stomacii, tinn iiicreasinir t lie appetite al-o a provenlamoagain-l thei l.oleraiuor' bii, lever ami ague, removing nausea, vouiitiinr, heart burning, weaknes in lhn hea-t, pain in the tomach anil oilier symptoms ol Italulcnce anil iniliee Hon. One Loxvvill tincture one gallon. Prneistt- box. Rcssell's Itch Oin-tmcn-t. This choice and safi oinlineiit is said lot t simerior lo nny now in tee. for that ili-agree.ible an I lo.,th-niue d.-'ea e, the I'l I'll. I hi-Uiiitiueiit is Fo ce.ir inn in its operation that no per-on tloul letl Willi the al ove ni-or-ter o tent to it without it It is a remedy for cutaneous eruptions, scorbutic aft'dions oftlie head, orany oilier i rcaking out which arl-es Irom sharp liuinors m the l-looil, nee 2j et-. a I ox. lies i.li.'s vr.GETABLc Iln i.toi's Pius, or lannlv hvsie. for ceneral ti-e, in ca-e. of Jaundice, morbnl eu-il ilitv i f the -ItJiua 'ti an I Low el-, lo-s of uppeti'e, Itetitl I icatli, co-tiveiie , file-, ami all ci-ea-e- uri--ing from biliary I'erannenicnt-, al-o fir correcting Ihe sla'e t f the 1 loo I, nml i-leatiMiis llie sy-iem ol foul and viscitl humour-. The e mils nie a until ca- lartic, pro li.ciiii; ne.thtr pain-nor gripin-', and are icri'fore a valoal to ami hiirhlv nmu-oved uiedicine. and arc pronounced a--t.eh 1 y the uio-t tli-tingin-bed nliy-ician-. Each Lox coiit'aluuu' 33 Pills. Price 37J et-. a 1 ox K-i-ell - celcl rntett Si.vt-T Klir.CM UIs-TJtr.XT. I nn is niKi, t-1ioii:i v l a- I e-l an. -a le.l i-e nei y ever V e o'teietl lo the p il'lie lor mat ol -iiuate tii-ort:cr n.vi i RIIEFM. Wbeie otbermeins havelailel, it lia.s e e.le I. and the fact that it ha- 1 1 eu -xtcn-tvely it-e V eminent Practi'ii.nei-. speaks volumes m it irai-e Ills in ally e.rie.iciu'is m nil tb-e-.i-es if the -kin cald bead, ringworms, an I tl e m i-t mvetera't- I lib, .tc. e. Nuinero'i- icrliiicn'e- iii-irlil te obla ned. 1 ut ihe proprilor clioo-es that a fair trial -lin ild I e ll e only evi.Icn'.e ofil- s'lperiort'.rci' y. Price Mi eiil-a I ox. f or -ale I y rt ell t',- ."spear ami t;oi ert .onoiiy, ll.iiluiL'tou: I'r. C 1.. .Mill's-, ami Jl ill -t i noi,, uiue- Hirs t: S. II. B.unc-. Cnailo'io; L. Jane-, deuriria 1 vicr. l..-ex t l'u er it Iluuliniritjii, luchmoni M-o, I y the tlrug. -i.-t- and n.eitbaiUs generally hro.u-htmt the state. i,2.9ir yMSEASr.S OF TIIH I.UNlJS...t)ertdi-.llj JL Hie lllti-l p-rptllai letili lit Clt-r Kllini II III Atlll IC I cxclable Pulmonary Jl.ihum is ilu- 11101.1 uthntblc sintlv umi niii-efiti ctitti-li.., cul.H, a-tliitia or rhtlii-ic coii'iiiiijiiioii. wlinoping t'ttnti .md piibnoii.il v afl-eiitiitii iifeier) kiittl. lis sa'e is ittt-,tibli incie i.iiig, und lite piftpiieitiis .ut- fuitsi.tiilli .ti'ttiiiij -lie um-l Ijiot.tlilt si'ciHtiil i, tl. i-lti'rls. Ilit- liiMouin- new eer t ifie.nee ne uniedfr pttbt e exaiinn iiiutt. a.-i iM Kiiusinn was s. i.viaci u le rr 11,111 Mr I," S Cl.t), Kiii.inti, Uti-n-r cu., N. Y. lu ihe priipnelot-. " 1 titus til ihe Oill tn-l. uas iu tip , 1 ! in 11 K. thie citi i " 11 an Iff c led b, ihe v t't.i utile t it iiuu ir B il-ain in lite iitiiii-i .nut .pi inu of IStlo. 'I I petsun, .nr. iitnnit , 11.nl lit-t-ti mi s. ii long lum- 1111 ih" 1 uitsitiitiih'n. Hi-1 bi-it'i 111. hd cneii liim on He was teilucrd s,i Itm .is in I e tui.tblr: ni Itf to biiii.elf. intl 11,1s i,ii.iii(i alttce titi.tiiliil t,f liliiot, uiteiiti nitliiiriict tl itstii-' ill,- llsl-.itn. uIikIi h.i- ifirtied eotuplt'lt- 1 tue, riiitt lie is 11. ,11 .1-Ii tie and be. 11 11 ever lie h.i. Mr. Metuli h.i. tei-i'iinl fiom ibis in it 11 but lie bss pretiiipeit ine .t limit- tlci.tiltil .n-etiiuit of b ca.e, tihirli I tviilbiiu.tril mti. ('. S CLY KniStcett, N, Y. June 2o IStlS. En.it-t nf .1 Icller fiom Dr. J.iftb Mipis Tl,- Vfgt-i.iblt- Puliiifiii n BhI-.iiii I, as I pi-11 .tild in lltt. cuiiiiiv for iwuve.iis, .nnl ihe medicine has e.iincd tin tiiit'iuninoii lelt-britv, for it -i.nerU in ntte i'iiUaiu-e fti'pd el it nuts ij,r tlryi, eti ifltt-i. 1 inn I'V 110 uie.ttie ut f unr nf lltt-ni.tiiy itn.liitiiis, uiti.l ul wlut h hip im pnsilioni upon .1 i-reiliiltitis ptittii', bill lhal v.liieh 1 know by tt.t- in be PlTt'eui it, I i.tnaoi hett but iic nn appiob nion llicieio, A t'oiitiii'i felt ptep.trrtlion li.i'. teen nirctetl Iteiebi an 111II1112 Acen'. nl ("tnnsiutk. N. V. .mil then- is anotliei ariiele vended lieie lb. 11 is Irongl fupeeicd lu bespurttui. jAcon Mvk ps, M. I). Mifllit'l-ioii, Jiini.11.1 cti Pfini. M.n D. 1S37 F10111 Dr. S.iii'.iiel .Mtuiell, 10 ilit- Piiipi inois of tin. Wee (able P11bn011.tr PmN'iiii. I am s-.iit-ltt 'I lb il llie Ve. eluble Piiliuori.i-i 1 B.tlitin is .1 v .itnabV uiedfeinc Ii has been ii.t-tl ut ibis pi tee with rimi'deie sttet'ess in an iib-liii.ne t'tiinpliinl nf llie lnn'. .inentleil tvilb ti -even- congli , luits of ittiet'. und the r.ti.'ftg of tniirh lilootl, wlut Ii nail prpMoiHlt lesi-teil iii.iuv upitnieti pie.t'riplintH, Aflt r tisiti" ibe Bals nil uut- week. 1 be palieni's voice le'tirnetl anil he uasabtf in pp tk .todi l y. Mill case ocrtmrtt stone tune sinei', and Hie iimii is tun ptig.iseit noi only in active tun labniioiis btisinpj.1. Rpsperifullv , tzc. S. VIoeiiili.i., ll is nniv iiiote 1I1.111 s ipirs sinee 1 lias bieii'ln 1 pr J Ion by an .-inet-liua tif lite littles, anil nil roinpt.iiiii was tlet l.ire.l in be iiitiui.tble lt a i-onncil of ilitee dii sieoiiis. I lias then le-loted in .is goo 1 heallli a. I li.ul pn'tntill'.r tenij jp.iis, tn inin the VegPialttp Pid uinti.tii BaUain, Since u-y icctiierj I hive lennn iiienilpil Ihe ItiVain in n gip.11 many ca.ts of 'ttui. ritinphiinls, .nut 10 far a. t can l-unii, ils use has in vitriabl) been fnllini fit hi ninth bent lit, .liul in ui.iiii iiiriitiici's 11 liss upeictl eines itlitt h 111 re ubollv luiex perird. SAHVEt. EvKitLrr. Una on, .il.trrh -', Ib.;. Ftu fale, wltolfs-ite and relail, bj PECK SPE.vR.Bnrlingiiin, Vi. neniKiti Cnugli Syrup ! rjlHLS deservedly ib-lingui-lio'l medicine, together X wiih Taylor'-' Bal-am of Liverwort Javne's Indian Expeeioraul, Lily Synp, Down ' i'hvr, Moore's Esrcucc of Life, H.iiiholomew's Pink l.x pectoiant svrap, (or seveiu cold-, coughs and etm ptauils lea ling to Consui-iriion. For salety Nuv. I. PECK it SPEAK. Slii-ctlnc-. rfi RALES of heavy shee'ingsof different qualities, dwhavc tust been received and are ollVretl fur sale at Manufacturers,' pricisto Jlrrclnnts nnd others, who are invited to call anil examine the stock befotn purchasing elsewhere, under the bil l t that the exam ination will prove advannieotis t , them. 1 lly FOLLET1" it BRADLEY, Nov. 29. at Ihe Wharf V HEAVY assortment of Slcieh and Cutter shoes, W roughtNails, Crow Pais, Ac, just rrceivctl nnd olU-rcdlow by Nov. 23. FOLLETTil BRADLEY. SELLING OFF CHEAP. STRONGS it Co. now nil', r their slock- of Goods for prices at which purchnstts will fin I it an ob ject lu buy. 'I he slock is largo nnd must be sold pre vious lo the 1st nt .pril next, wuen mo ttrniol co partnership expires. Sugars, Ttas, Spices, Raisins, Tnbareo, Codfish, Salmon, coarsonnd fine salt, Lamp Oi1, MolaR i s,iV c. Iron. Foreign and Atnntcan, ol every description. Stcil of all Kinds, Anvi's, Vices, shovels, spades, I I'otks, Caldron Kettles, and Hollow Waro in gicai variety. Stores. Stove nin. and slova Irimmines. Tin um ' Ac. c'lrtjp, all cheap, reryeheap. Dec. 30,1811. TO YOUNG HOUSE-KEEPERS. I-'AHUAn, WAIT & ROOT. T.I'.F.P ronstantly on hand a full assortment of IV.ltgant Tea Sets, or Cold I anil China. Gold band Tea Plan s, Gold sprig'd do. Gobi edge nntl line do. Evua widceoM band do. Gold edge.hnrA spng'd do Gold cilco oiitl lino do, GoM band Preserve and vviuic nna sprig it rln. fup pint Whiio China Breakfast nnd Tea Plates. Pin-br. I Bowls. Butter Stands nnd Nurse Lamps, vvnb smnll u-arois niiscneti. i.iuna inks lands, n article for presents for t.ala cheap at thj Crookerv ' Store, eorncr of Church an, Collies strests X Burlington, Jan. 31, 1812 I at incton. Jan. 31. 1SI5 THE SmVcriler W. L. KIDDER, givus notice that ho ha. ..ueeeed the late T. Kitlder In th preparation of ihe well known Conwat Medicines, and will hcrtallcr pivu parlieular alleniion to llie preparation of the following article--, the long es tablished eelehi ity of which, precludes the neceiiy of a re-tiiiblicatiou of the numerous Cerllluatcs in the hands of the proprietor. Doct. JcbU's Ktictitn.itlc l.lnlmeirt. ror Itlie.in-ali-ni. Br.ii-e.. Stiruiu-. Nninbtit'.ci Chilblain", Stiiiniss hi (he joints, &e., will afford the most tiiiexpicvd und iniuicdiatu relitfin the mni ob-linato eases cf ltlio imatinn, in u few liour.- i this uriicie is opemy reconunentieti oy i nysicians. mo Liniment is done up in enlarged bottles. Price 371 cents. IJtunfrlcs' Itch Oltilmctil. The cxten-ive sale and established reputation ri I't'Mi r.tr.-' Itch Oi.vtmunt, encouragei tho pro prietor to recoinmen 1 it to the public with renuweJ coniidciice, as the mo-t innocent and powerful rem edy for Ibis annoying di-ea ej it conmins no mer cury, or nny other dangerous ingredient, and can I e applied ri nil times Willi perleel salety. fncn 25 tents u Box. Remedy for Hie Vllcs. The eciicnriintr ti-liintnv of relieved iinticntK troin nil quarter.-, ii-tifyiiiir to the cures eiiected ly (lie mo heme afitr all tilh'cr had laded, together with, the increasing demand forlhe ani le Irom all parts cf tlieeoiintrv, prove it to I e one of the most valuable pecilics known for this trcul le-ouie couiplaiat. JCJ-A Clergyman wnte Boston, Felruarv 1J, 141. . I have mule (rial cf Dumfr.e.-,' Pile Electuary and foun I it produced a salutary iull.ientu almost imm ili ilely, and eoniidcnily I clieve it nil e.'ectiinl remed ior tn.it tineouuoriai .t- aiu ueijili'.atinic complaint. I! "inanity h i- induct"! inelo it'cowuncnU it lo pcrom th i- aliliuteJ, and so 1 shall continue to do. lours re-pectlully, J. S. The remedy con.-i-ts of an Ointment nnd Electuary; Price for Loth 7j icnts, or 375 cent- when but ono is wanted, atvniiip.inied Willi plain and ample direc tions wi.h a de-eription if llie complaint, DiinilVIcs' Eye Water. F..r rorc or ii'tlamed eves, notbiuir known elros such immediate nnd comjortabte ttlief, and ill omi exceedingly bad cases llie lutst m.exj ected Hud !-- -uai.ie rciit'i na-Lctii lo'iuti niliiuii-e ot tun tyo wa'er, after other remedies had failed. Parsons vvi! ave iitt-ti it, pronounce it without he. nation llm LOei icparation fir sore, iffnt, or inflamed eves, tlmf have ever met with. Prut- 2j cents n bottle. CURE FOIl COItNS. Albion Corn Plaster. The mo-t safe and speeJy cure for Corns yet dls: overcl: the relief is immediate, it dissolves and re.nove the corn fiom the foot with ease and exptdi' Hon and ,t:lthout the least jiain. Price 25 cents ii llt.X. I nil ami amnle directions accoinnanv each of thi al ove nrlicle-. N. II. None of the above articles will Le genuine, llllt-.-s -itimsl W. L. Kit! Jer on ibt-n it-it'e Wrnauer. For salt-at luCointing Room, SG State Street, Up Stair-, ctuiicr of. Mcrclrin's Row-, Do-ton. Also by .Mitssr.s. PI CK & SPEAR, B irbngtcn, Vt. ' A IP era! t'i-en mt allowetl to dealers. uLuu y amJ stiA.ui: or esulaxd. In a scries of familiar Letters to a Tricnd. P.y C. EDWARDS LESTER. riHIS is tlie title of a work, just published in NW A York by lUriier and JJrothers. 111 two volume4 of .r,0 pages, and embellished with magnificent Slot! l.tigravniiis. '1 lie author lias furnished some very striking facti relative to Ihu actual social stale of England, and I lucid her Glory and Simile in striking contrast. Tlie f"lIowiiig aie some of the tonics dntlt upon. 't he ill .sttious Mm of Great llriiain their history and act", their conversations (with the author,) cnJ th-ir iulitieu'.-o upon tlie destines of tlie world. Also-, Orlghtul Communicatiansttom tiro most distinguish ed si.ilestnt'ii and poets in Europe, on the gicatot subjects now agitating tho world llie cruel and tyrannical oppression of the Ensl.sh Government in nil ils bcniiigs its blind course in regard to the whole Tariff nnd Duty Question iho horrtbhi starvation, iiahtduess, woe, crime and degradation ol the mast of the ieojilc of England their Causes tho untold nbon-.inalior.s and cruellies of the Factory Sys tem, in its destruction of thousands of innocent chil dren, iv-c.- the tyranny and corruptions of the Estab lished Church the woes and o prcsslons of Ireland the gnat structure of English dtspoiism in Asia, wnh us -nenficeof mibons by famine and slavery and an honest but painful picture of all tint consti tutes the Shame of England. Ami a can 'id picture also, of all that is lovely, beautiful, liberal and great in hcrSictcty, constituting its Glory.- A descriptiort ol the most interesting an I venerable Ruins, Cathe drals, Castles, Abbe)s and Monuments, with as full a picture of London, (the metropolis of the world,) as lluro is space fur great Public Woiks Liberal am! Benevolent institutions Noble fUbrts making fur tho itdcii'plton of the oppressed of England from tyran ny with glaiucs at every interesting object tho au thor met with at tea and during 16-10 m Gnat Britain. Tlie New York Commercial Advcrtiser.atthecloso of some remarks, continues: " We can do no justico to this work in this brief notice, nor is it important we shou'd, Tor it vv 1:1 be readily read, and duly appre ciated. The American people are duly interested in ihe subjects of which it treats, and they are ably and clnfiucntly discussed." For sale at the Bookstore of 1 t'h. 13-12. D.A. BRAMAX. FOR SALE. rpilAT large nnd commodious two sto. L ry Illicit Dvvelng Ilntiso d: 7t nutated on tlie west side of College green at the hesd of nnlh-fyi-.atrrtr, in .),;.. ..II. The IIor-K is 3'2 hv .! v uitl, s l,nl.,nnn, w ith Kitchen an I Provision cellars, and a wing 32 by oj.extendnignoith en CnlIegeOreen with wood and -lore hon-e be'o-.v, and chamler- nn.l -!iepin rooms a love. A !nr,enndcommodio is Barn, carrinre house iiehou-i-.aiH other o it-houses, a nil a spacious yard west of Ibeilwe 'inghivi.p. nnd a iron,! l,trl.lrt i,.ll cf water if il.e'tst ij'iali'y in the villare,anda brick lylern. One an 1 aq-mrier acresot land, of iho first 'lunlityi alai.f'.irilen and choice fruit trees west cl in- liru-c a. id ard. '. !,,- B'liltling- ure eon iirue'ed in int.lern style, ct ihe I e-l maiena's an 1 wnrkmausliip, vyeie erected bv ihe snbfcril er fur his own tne, and the location af fords a very extensive anl p'ea-nnl pro-pect of the village an I lake mi the Wi-.-i and is not surpasc eJ 1 r any oilier in llus part of ll.e coi.ntiy. Aiso f.n-sale n bit coii'auiiugana'crc nf land directs 'v oppo-ite ihe al ove lot with a small convenient wood J'.veiling Iio'Im- thereon. Parcha-ersaii- mvfej to call nnd exmine fiir thtirf.' nlve Terms made known ty ihe tin riter on the premi-es. " 6V.MVKL REED. Biirlmglnn June, 10, IS 10. . o3 TO RENT. Js. THE two nerv dwelling Hon c nn Pearl fc,reei, late lyoi -upied by lli-hop llnitkins and nearly opo.-ite the Brick Chun h. 'I he prenii-os may le vs.-ii tlnt any nine, sad immedi ate o-e s du riven. Apply lo GEO. U. LNGhRsiOLL. f-gifl I I 1 Jan. -I h !!!. TO AIJMWKS Cl R ASS SE (: I). The Subscribers have selected ' from best sa.nples of northern growth, their usual supply of A oi (7rnsand Ctonr Stcd, which they can recommend as very superior, .Many far mers who have iiiifoitunaiely used the southern or western seed, n large quantity of which has teen heretofore sold in the neighborhood of Luke f'ham plain, baveb en taught by experience Iho dillVrenc between 6eeds of a southern cr northern growth. For sa'cat ihe Dock. March Hi, 9j, FOLLETT & 11RADLY; ONE SHILLING. A MATCH .FOR HARD TIMES 11 The Mibseritier ofll-rs fur sale tho GREEN MOL'AITAIN REPOSITORY, 'or one $'iilline each. PIIEbookconiaiiis i'Sl Duodeciiti pages and h X bound in n good substantial manner The book contain many luo;:rsiplm-:il noiicis of tha earlier let ters of riinont-a id much authentic information re lative to the natural nud nvd lasiory of tho State, 'I he price of lhn RrpoM'nrv ts within the teach of every "niun Iranian unit child," nn.1 is a luok thit Mi tild be m I'.ie hands nf every child in Ihe Siatethat 'an read, and f! would no! be i very scrtcUs iniizrv to .dulls,ifth'i!thouldi,adit, J A l.bcral dis'ooiuit made to those who buy to sell, of buy to givoaway. , . SAMUEL HUNT1GTO.V. Burbclon, Mnreli 10, ISJ2. i ....., ,..,. cirrFliw.iiMehIsr!. i.i... .i t. SrKS m.lS ?.f, 0 . .T in -' '"" L'."-" i'y aire. Dec 10 S. B SCOTT

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