6 Mayıs 1842 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1

6 Mayıs 1842 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

LILY SYRUP. An unparrallcd remedy fur Diseases of the Lungs, Consumption, Coughs, Influenza, Colds, Asthma, Spitting oj Wood, Hooping Cough, Sfc. Sf. TO TUB PUIH.IC. In presenting to tlicspuiJia a new remedy for eh'sea lies of the lungs.it may las proper to say that, judging from the many cettilu-atc nnd receotninendation of; ojher spceihcs contained in the newpapcrs of the day no ucw remedy was called, for or required. Ilul iT I lie popular remedies had materially learned the bill ol inortalitv, or nny one of the many preparation po eicd those virtue recommended, o that after n la. trial, the patieat could depend upon its healing power, and rationally hope for n speedy recovery ol healih, this humble n'tlempt to arret the progre-s of Pulmo nary Consumption would not have appeared. Hut that the victim of this destroyer are daily in creasing, needs no proofaiul the larsre scale of t lie Druggitsuuw thatlhe. remedies ol the day have been fairly tried, and failed in theirolijecl, if that oh ject was the rc-turaiion to hcil'h of persons sutlering Jron, disca-os of the Inn;. While one icmedy drie op a cough that should he properly aided to throw od the viscid phlegm collected upon the Inns and throat the harbinger of disease, another, by a bad (-election ol an expectorant, is indeed enabled to dispossess the present tenant, but leaves n worse one to neenpv the hattcred premises ; and by it, the worl; of death i. the seioncr accomplished. The LILY SYRUP isnnw beltcvc.lto be the lc-t remedy for lung complaints, that ha ever Appeared. To cure Pulmonary Consumption after the disease has done it last work-, orliecome seated upon the vi tal functions, and tubercles are formed and brol.en, and atmospheric, air i tnhaleJ Into the nrol.en parts, It not anion? the pretensions of lhelho'iandanil one popu'ar nostrums to the contrary, notwithstanding:). Tin medicineiha restored many who were sup posed tolie beyond cure, by men standing high in the medical profession ; but their restoration to health on lyproved that great and good men may be mistaken, in the stage or progress of thed'seae. Hence, let no person de-pair of relief, until he has made a fair trial of the Lilv Syrup. Tina medicine operates by promoting a free and easy expectoration, thereby treeing the lung and throat from viscid phlegmi mid -trengihciiing'.lii! parts anil freeing them from inll.imatory action which s-nnstilutes'lhe discae of Pulmonary Consumption. TheSyrnp i entirely free from any minernl nt pt.i n e, nd purely vegetable; ami may be taken with per fect safety by the mn-t delicate' constitution-. It i. highly recommended to lhoe who have weal; lung. Teachers 01 performers of vocal muic will (nid it of invaluable use to them, by iis giving threat Dtrenetli and sweetness to the touc-eif nui-ie, anil en abling the person to perform wuh great ease. uljic speaker aad debaters will lind it ol iuvalual le ser vicetothein. This uielicine has 1 een thoroughly and successfully tested byable phy-ician-, and by their advice Is now prepared and o lered to the public, to -peal; for itself in the cause of atlhclcd huinanuy. Anil may he who blessed the insiruineutabtv of clay to open the eye-of tha blind, make it a bles-mg to die human family, anil the Croat object of the proprietor will le accom plished. All meheinc shouM be given according to the situ ation of the patient i and, il much reduced, a smaller laniity than wnero mere i consnieralile strength, 'he directions on the bottle mav be taken a a central Tl rule: lint iflal.cn for a long standing cough, it mav lie necessary to take a much larger do-c for someone or two days, and even opener until an expeiioratiou is produced that will be free and easy. When there is much tightness ol the chest, it will sometimes increase the cough for a day or two; in which case, the patient should lake the Syrup moie freely, even until it should produce a slight nausea of the stomach, lie need not fear any harm from such sensation. 1 would say to hii wuu purcnaf mis uienicine iuru-e, mat tnev can have but lilllc hope of Leinir lenefitla-d tie it. nub's, n im i.l.-.,. ..,..1.1.. Mti r"IT1tlirilr-Wt'i .Some limits, A. Li. Miittti, casluer oi -Mechanics, and farmers' Dank, His'bester. L. W. Sibley, of the linn of Sil ley t S.-rantnm, dry eood merchants, and auctioneer.-, Biiiialo-strect, Eochea'er. Rev. A. King-ley, Pastor of the llaptist Church at "Uanche-tcr. Rev. Jacob ICnapp, Kvanpeb-t. Mr. T. llunn, Carriage Maker, Si. Paul-street, Hiram Tucker, attorney at law, lliH-lii's,-r, Mr. Thomas Ashman, paver, Rochester, who lias receive I astonulung relief. Please inquire of hit ease. Hcv. Thomas Carlton, M. E. Ch. Rochester, A. Steel, (bleeding at lung) l.ockpnrt. II. Miner, We.t llenrieita, Monroe Co. Professor .Mcllmnis, Hamilton '1 hcol. Scm'y, Rev. lo-vi Tucker, Cleveland, Ohio. C.W. Cook, " " ',fZf The Proprietor has leeu o.ered c-rtincates by many of the above gentlemen J but he prefers that those wishing information, would call on them per sonally, PECK t&SPRAR, Agents for this section. LOVELY SEYMOUR. II AVE just ree'd from New York a large nssort- . . ! r i.:.i 1.... I meni OI sarpcilligi oi every nuiu ejuuuiy uin-i price. Knrdisli nmgetts. a great variety of patterns Ocla- ;onand Drab Persia Floor Oil Cloth from 3-8 to -4 wide. Rush Slatting from -1-4 to 0-4 wide. Ruggs Planum nnu .tiacniu iiiniis, mair juius ivc. also, French and American Paper Hangings, a larger assortmciil than wns ever before olllreilm this place and at prices that cannot fail to suit purchasers. Nov. lBtli 1S4I. Til 15 sub-eriber has a lahge stock of School Books and Paper. Merchants, School committees eVc. furnished on tnc most liberal terms. Rags and most kinds of country produce received in payment. Nov. 26. C.tiOODRiUI. J. TRYON, JDKAI'KII AJilt TAIIiOR, WOUI,t) once more remind bis customer, that he continues to carry cm the above business in nil ts various branches at his Old Stand on St. Paul street, near the Kpiscopal Church, and in sight of the CitholieChiirch. Thankful for pa-l favor., dJcus toiner are solicited to continue their patronage and many new ones are much desired. The newes t I-'ash-ions promptly leceived. Cutting don on short notice cheap for rnA. I have on hand some old accounts which 1 should ike. to exchange for cash. Nov. 12, 1841. GEORGE II. PECK, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, TWO OO0HS EAST OF TIIC TOST OFFICE, UP STAIRS. Refer to Messrs. J. V J. H.PKCK & Co. Nov. 19. A. ROBERTSON, Itarrlsilcr ami Attorney at I-aw, Lale in the qffictuflhe linn. Solicitor Gen't Day) MTTI.K ST. JAMKS'S STRKKT. Montreal, 1 Nov. 1841. Rrfcrcnco in llurlinglnn, lo CHARLES ADAMS, Esquire.W MOOKK'S ICSSKMOM OK LIKK-A Valuable Medicine, which, if rightly applied, will be the ineansof saving thon-and- from nu nntiimly grave. It has been sold and used for thiriv wars, witliirrcni siicivss, nnd found vrrv oii;,-n, ),, ikn n,ti,i-. disease., vi. Consu.nption, Vlinoilns Coughs cm. mon Cough., Co!d., difficult Hrentliing, fnllucnza, , . .. j j . ,,l .-HIIIMi4 -l I" llllll- leney, Indigestion, looseness of the llowcl, Kits of every i;inu, uratups, Rickets, Colic, Catarrh, Dy-en-tary, rainting, Hypochondriac Alleclion-, Headaches, Sicknessnt Stomach, Measles, ajirevcnlive of Cou- fr--Ti.-i ' uul allM 'sueumaiism. ICPTIienhovcMtHlicinolsprepnred bvllenrv Scv mnnp. nftTn,!!,.,. U... r .1.. 'n..i.. m . V thedircction of said Moore, and sold by Inm and the "i ,.is(.s in uIK uiiueisiniest Sold wholesale and retail by Pcck& ,?pear. HEADACHE. -tKRTAIN CURK I"OR SICK HKADACHR, lj tvtilMi line lipmi nen.l i., r.,i:a -...1 -I of which has lind sick headache from infancy, ns a constitutional family complaint, nnd has curcil cllec tinlly in every instance yet known, amounting to ma ny hundreds. It i not unpleasant to the tnste, nnd does tlflt nreVCni I he dnitw n vnnal'mna nr'n : . .. "s...is-,o i.i.iiu i ii ill; li lt must he persevered in, and the cine is gradual, but certain nnd permanent. Instances nre constantly imiltiplyingwhorcthis distressing complaint is com pletely relievo! and rured, although of years standing by the use of Dr. Snohn's celebrated reined v. .In.. decided prefcrenceis its pleasantness, having none of the nauseating effect of common drugs. 1 1 la Sri nnrr,.rll uenlicrft.f ilm, il,..hms.!n,.. 1 . . . ....... ...s.wi , IIIULIIH- l,,,fUlljr IIUS given directions for Ins agents to refund the price to ; s.,... (J ,.uv iiii, nun i-,, i, ,-iin-ll Iiy If. innna n cn I il,l. . . I. ' A V I t i. iim.t iiiiij Dscuii- H-sn-iil IH'll- cftts to the distressed sufferers who ore laboring under Headache. 13. SPOHN. M. I).. inventor nnd Prn. prictor. Hold Iiy VU.MSTOC.K .f. CO., 71 Maiden I.nne. New ork. P UCK fe S P U A It, Wholesale Agents, a few doors bast of tlio Post Office, Curling- iuii, . i. nl 70T,I,KTT & UltAl)r,nV have just received nnnrnvrd rrciltt. n I.irm nml vi'oll -. . , V ' v" " ttuvn .(Paul iinuui 5 Ilhds St faro'iv sriirnr. 5 Hhd St Croix Rum, II) do Porto Rico do 10 do New Orleans do a I'ipcs Ilollanil Uin, 2j qr casks JIalagn Wine, T0 lloxcs Pipes, "0 Bags Pepper, '20 do Pimento, 23 Kegs pure Ginger, 23 do Raisins. 50 Hags Rio Collee, H no Java do .r0 Uoxes soap, 1') do superior do '-j do K.xtra do '20 Kegs salt Pctro, DOCT. MAKSIIAI.IS Arnnntic, Catarrh and Headache SM1KK. Tin Snuil is suucrior lo nnv thing yet known, for removing that troublesome id's, e.w, the Catarrh, and al-n a cold in the bead, and the ncauacne. u opens ami purge mil nit o!)uuciions, strengthen, the pl.tniUtandmven healthy net inn to I lie parts nllected. It i pi rfcctlv tree from any thmgdcle- lenous in its couuiosition ha n nh-n-anl lluvor. nml its imincdiateeileci, niter being iisctl, is ahgreeable. Price it T con t s per bot lie. Doct.Marsha I's Veuetab'e Indian nine!; Pl.ASTI-'l! This Plaster i unrivalled for curing scrofulous swel lings, Scurvy Sores, l.aine Hack, and Kre-h Wounds; pains m ine iue-, nip nnu i.iniijs; aiiu seUloni fail to give relief in local Rheumatisms. If applied to the -.itie.ii win cure many of ine common l.iver Uomplninls; and is equal, if nut superior, to nny thing in ne for corn on the feel : the virtues of this Plnster have been wilnes-cd by thousand of individual in thernilcd Slates, who navelc-ted it ellicacy. Sold bylhe pro prietor; Cha. Ilowen, Middlcbury, Vt., and Pf.(.k it Spf.ab, H in.orlingl Vt. Nails nuil Iron. 1 flll KK-'S NAII.S, assorted sizes, AljyJ' 100 do finishing Nails, do do loo ivrgs .--iiii.i', iroui ,iuu in uuii nnu o men, 10 Tons ul round and square Iron, from a l-Cths to 3 inch. 10 Tons of hot so shoe Iron, of the4various sizes 4 do of Hand Iron, fi do of Scroll do 10 do nortci, fl it nnd square Am. llloom do For sale at manufacturer's price", by KOU,i; iT & ISRADIlr.Y, Agents. PIA&'O FOUSTES. MR. T. MUXSDS, liner Irnrtes, wh'ch are o.lcred lor sale on the mo.t var eir oi ri-ino I reason ib'c terms. A tlie-ein-lniinenlsnru iiindeou ,i vcryinuch unproved plan, they are warranted to be superior to all other in-triHucm of the Piano kind, m partaking in a Inch degree the tone ol the I'lute. In point oftnuch iiiulduralulitv ofworliinan.bin ibev Iarcnl-o warranlctl to le equiil to any iiismi inents inanul'ai lure I in the United Suite. Al! I persons who want a good Piano are nariiciilurlv Ivited tocall and examine for themselves. Iliirlingion, l eli. 21, 1842. BOOTS A1TD SHOES. l''or the spring trade. UtifliLKJI UN'S Calf Roots, sowed nnd pegped, with nnd with, out heel plates ; Kip i.oois, sowcu nnu peg geil t Men's and Hoys' Thick Hoots: Cent's Calf Gaiters, the best article fur Spring wear ever niaufaeturid. SO Pairs Women's Leather Hnotees yjd Shoes, Gent's Leather Over Shoes. The above will lc sold low for ready cash, by .1 A MHS II. PIiATT, Corner of Cliurdi nnd Cherry Streets, Uurlington. March 1, 1842. nniVARE OF DECEPTION. It has frequently come to the know ledge of the sub scriber, that empty Snuil' Jars, with his Label on them, have been bought up for the purpose of selling in theninn inferior quality Siiull j nnd also, that Ins Snufl'-labtlshavc, in some instances, been lounter felted, or the general design cf the same so imitated ns to easily deceive the unwary. He deems it, there fore, hi- duty to inform purchasers of the manner in which they are often imposed upon; and lie would herein! renncsf flipm to ti.nr nfl'nr ifcAino il.n I l...l on the outside of the Jars, after having disposed of the contents, so ns to prevent Iiirthcr list ol the name. A suitable reward will ba paid for such evidence ns will lead to tho detection nnd conviction of the im postors. Wic subtrriiler continues to Manufacture, and of fers fur sale the following articles: Vino Hrown Simtl". Genuine Maccoboy, ) ro-e American Rappee, Imitation do. J flavored, Holland do. Sicily, do, Tuberose. Maltese, do. St.Omer. Curacon, do. Strasburg. coarsen rovrn niilt. Deniit?ros INntclntochf Pure Virginia. Hourhon. St, Domingo. Conenlmgen. sunerinr flavor French Rannee. American (icnllcman Pure Spanish. Li. .Mixture. - M!llV Ssllllir. Scotch nnd ) Irish Illackguard or ) 0 HighToast r,nc- Irish High Toast, Coarse. veelcellletl Kno Cut Cliewlng Tobacco. Spanish, Kilefort, Canasler, Common and Struts. "A liberal discount inado to wholesale dealers. PKTKU LORILLARH, Jr., 42 Chatnani-St.. Now i ork. Sheetings. HALI1S 4..1 ItrownSlicelinr. 70 3 Cases llieaelied do. I or sale by VILAS, LOOM1S iV CO. Nov. 30, 1811. JVEWSl'ORE. " The New York"Cash Hardware Store. THE Subscriler having determined to carrv on tliellAIIDWAKI-: IKWINKS8 in all itbranchc in Ilnrlingioii, Vi.ha opened nnd now o'ler for sale an entirely new and well selected assortment of good, in the above line. Hi object this winter Icing morn to learn the de mands ol the market, m order lo l a uble to supply tho same in the Spring, and a liu intend doing n strictly cash 1-u-iness, he solicits n share of public patronage, confident that his prices will bo found to suit all who may tavcr him with a call. Uurlington, Vt. Dec 21, 1841. WM.J. lll'NT. Strong's buildinp, College strut, near the Square. 'ZW-"" hi""1 anil'- f ejs-sy-r-i inaiiulacturing a JVOTICK. Jcy.Ucdicine is best known by the 11 cures it nerform.J II I. Newton's Panacea. or runner m ine niooct. i ne unparalleled nml still inereasingrepiitalion which this medicine hnsneqair ed throughout thcNow KnglandStnte, nnd the many cure it ha performed, nnd the great demand made lorn uy i.in Rflriit ol physicians well ncqualnlot Willi its preparation, has ind iced the proprietor to extend it eiroiilnlioit to almost every town in the eastern Slates and the principal town in the United Stntes. This Panaeeis warranted purely vegetnbliyind Is tiot surpassed ly any other medicine ever ollered lo the allhcled as its extensive sale nnd great popularity plainly prove. It ha within the lnt eighteen month cured its thousands of the most obstinate disease-, as can l e proved by certificate, ana Is pronounced by eminent nnd respectable physicians the best imilicin'e in use. Useful information may be found in circular eoiitaining certificates of cures and directions fur ta king the medicine. The following nppointed agents. Iliirlingion, PKCKnnd SPKAR, R. Moody Si Albans, Curti and Ru-sel Milton, C, Drake Millon Kail-, Unmet nnd Sawyer Walerville, Kisk and Hrown, Hineburgh, Hull nnd Cook Fairfax, Parker and Maltield Vergenne, Adam and Murray Cambridge, M. Wire. 1'nderhill, M. C. Darner North Kerrisliurgh, II. C. Wicker Georgia, A. llliss VVilli.lon, .N. Chittenden llichmrnil. Green & UIukIcs Johnson, (J, L, Warner nnd Co Monkton, Kthau Smith llakerslicld, Arminglon nnd Woodward Kair lield, llurnct and l arnsworth. e.o.p.ly.f.19 IWsnaiiaanm. tlTIMlOW SAHI1- Just received 15, 20 B I I nnd 21 7 by 9 casement ol U I I B sash, a lirst rate article ul3J a I I K and 'l cenls ner liirhl ! ntsn 1! nil kinds nndsjzes, furniheii B to order. Ticondeniga black J lend, a first rate arlicle, for I sale very low, together with -ns- av a mi-ill variety oi oiiiL-ruril- ciesas chcapnscan be found at any other establish- iiii-u- in uic UUL-e ilLO. I CTI.aSO?. HATCH would inform tho in habitants of Uurlington nnd vi cinity, that ho lias opened a shop in Chuich street, nt the sign of tho Rifle, where he intends to carry on the Gun smith liusincss. in nil its various branch es. Having been employed for the last six years in the shop of J. M. Caswell, in Lansinghurgli, (undoubtedly the best suop in me unueii oinic,) tie teeis war ranted in ollering his work to the public. iiuriiugiun, June i, inn. il l I I.KIUli b! A pent email lie on'Mii" to J-'-L pneof the most nnciciil and wealthy families of uus ciiy,iioiiiust uo wen Known to numcrouslrtenus having since the year 1SI3, up to recently, been bent neatly double, nnd for several years confuted to bis neu, uas oceii restored to goon Health lias regained bis natural erect position and has quilted his car riage, and now walks with cae!l Wc believe this is tliegentleinan own description as near ns possible, and theruisnocxnifi-erutinnin it. Wewill rmnitmni- rers his address, nnd doubt not humane tedium will excuse tho liberty ; so that any one doubting, may hnoir these facts though he requests his name may inn ;iin..ir in prim, among oilier instances, .iir.Ja. G. Revnolds. 144 Christie-street. lias hern restored. and will givu personal assurances of the f.icts of ids case. lioth were rheumatism, nnd contracted cords anil sinews, llowlias tins lien done? Answer, liu the Indian Vrirrlahle F.li.rrr in tcrnalltj, and licues' Ncrre and Hone Liniment externally. Jan. 'J!J, 1841. HoM only by COMSTOCK if- CO., 71 Maiden ijiirr, 4-cic ton:. n'J PKCK & SI'K.AR, Wholesale Agents, a few doors east of tho Post Ofrice,l!urliiigien, Vt. WILLIAM WRIGIIT'.S Indian I'lntn.vrivu pim.s, Ihilirely Vegrtatilc. "TANtl'ACT UltKII iiniln Hit- fmuirJinir Miiiirtfti 11 Llendenee of WilliainWri-rbt, vice-president ol the iurin jimcncan t-ofrge ol Jleallli, lor the treatment and cure of disc.i-es in the form of Ilillious nnd Ner- von l ever, Measles, Small Pox, P.iins in llir stomack, back und side, Consutnpiion, Drojiy, Scrof ula, Cancer, Spitting of lilniwl, .S'lck-Ilc'ad-aclie, lthe imati-m. DiurrlinM. Dventarr. Colic. I)cn sia, Palpitation of the Heart, L'kers ami sores of ecry uiiio, qc. o-c For sale by PKCK it SITAn, Uurlington. W. 11. IIOLLV, Willis,,,,,. W.J. DrOCLA.S", Hmesburgh. J. II, IIAI.m'KT, Wcslfiird. Utirr Mill Slones and Uniting Clotlm, PAIR of French Ilurr Mill Smuts ami a enm ''plcte nssorlment of Dolling Cloth, from a cele brated Manufactory in Holland, fur salo at reduced prices, bv FOLLKTT& HRADLF.V, A"cnts Oov. 20. LYMAN & COLE rr A 1. rceeiM-d, in addition In Ihcir for stork of i xiirv i.niius, nu extensive us.sortnicut , -'j, nnd Winter Gcml-; among which will be fo In great variety of anii e f, r Ladies' Cloaks ; Alpacca Ln-tri', a verr pretty nrlicb'; Alpnna ilk Warp C. imbletcen, Plain IPncI; Alpine, J'ig'd do., Satin D. imasl;, Hrychclla, Persian Cloth, Ficiieh, Herman, and l.ngli-h Merino., Mouel,eile Inine nud pnulcii Saxonies, a treat variety and low priced; Gout's Hair and imitation Cnmblci. fill.KS. A small assortment of rich lig'd and stn'pd Silks Heavy Hlaek Cinton, Grode ,Vwiss, and other silks ' SHAWLS. Lupin's 1 est scarlet, I lack, white, and coloied; A few extra ize orsttsl shawls , ncs mid Hosiery, n Inrge us-ortincnt ; an luiusuailybirgeus-oiiincniol American prinls; Ficucb and luigli.h do DOMESTIC GOODS. Cotton shceling nnd slutting; Ticking nnd Wad ding ; Uleuched Cotton and Meiriuiac sheeting, vcrr low. ' ' TAII.Oll S THIMMINGS. Wor-teil llinding.silk-do. Large round nnd squaie Mohair Cords for overcoats; silk Cord furdre-s rn-iis; Worstivl and silk .Virge; figured silk and Velvet Hultoiis, new figure ; sewing silk, Twist nnd Thread: Padding, Canvass, tclecia-, Col'd .Wis, lr(,wn and Hlaek Linen ; Worsted plaid for Facing ; ll.ittons for over coats, ito. FANCY IIKFS. A var.'ety of rich dn Lame, Chally, silk, and new stjlul ancy Ilkfs. nnd Veils. IIIIO AD CLOTHS. Heavy double milled llioad Cloths; Hinvcr and Pilot Cloths ( Rich Diamond Hcacr Cloihs ; also a general assortment of Iliirlingion Mill Cloth.. Gentlemen nnd Ladie arc tinned tocall and exam ine our eiyextciiiveuo!tnicnl, which we o:ler at ludiirrd price for Cash. Iliirlingion, 22 O.l. 1811. BURLINGTON CHAIR FACTORY t' I.. .M'.l.hu.N, continues the ' business of manufacturing Chairs nt tho old stand, of the fol lowing descriptions : Curl Maple Grecian, Cane Seal, Common Cane nnd Flag Sent, Largo nnd Small Raised Seat Rocking, do do Com mon do, Common Dining, tc &c. All of which arc warranted a first rato article and will bo sold nt prices r.n.mnnn , , I'll II Willi UIC H FEATHERS, AND FKATHK.lt DUDS, READY MADE. Constantly on hand, a supply of warranted Live firra-Rft I.Ynllii'rB ..,l.;..l. ...Ill l. J.l.l 1 e I. ta. . r,..,...s . "c iuw lur casu. . WAaM l-.l), by tho subscriber, Curl nnd Birds Eye Maple, delivered at his shop in Church street, opposite tho old Hnnk, C. L. NELSON NSW XIVERY tiTABIfE. it. f. n i . ii i" 11 i' ii KESPECTFULLV inforins liis friends and the public, that helms now opened u Livery Slab e. .... iMauii Hiaiui i v-.iii nu usu Boiiie excciicui norses and Carriages, Sleighs, Harnesses, Ac. which he will h i on ic.isuiiuuiu icruis. .-sianie at neiijaunn iiishnp s Hotel, South West Corner Court House Square, aaui iiiiiuii, December 10, 1811. Satvs. HOWLAND'S German Steel saw mill saws, man ufactured to order nnd fitted for tho sawing of lienitridr anmnn ..Inn nit.l ai-a.u .t..oitrim nt l.ns.l ...uw.., r,,, , s . J MbOkl ll'IIUII ui llillU timber. C, fii nnd 7 feet. Also English Cnst-steel cross cut saws, . Hoc & Co.'b do circular do from Id to 20 inches, and manufactured fur the, Itndein this vicinity. Nov. 29 for bale at the Wharf, bv FOLLK'ITifc HRADLEV WANTED. Domestic (Xuills wanted in exchange for Honks or Stationery, by March 10. s, HUNTINGTON. These medicine are indebted for their nnr.u.'tii their inanifc! nnd sensible action in piiriTyiu the springsund channels of life, nnd enduing lhumrwilh renewed tone and vigor. In many hundred certified caseswhich have turn made nnbfie, and in almost every specie ofdicauto which the human frame i liable, the happyelects of Moffat's Life Pii.i. and Piiienix Hitter have been grenlfullynnd publicly acknowledged by the persons bcnciiiied, nml who were previously unacquainted with the beautifully phi loophical pnneip'e upon wbichlhey nreeouipbund cd, nnd upon which thcycoii-cquently act. The LIFE MEDICINES rcuommtsjd themselvc in disca-cs of every form and description. Their first operation i to loosen from tho coals of the stomach and bowel, the various impurities and crudities con stantly settling around Ihcinj and to remove the har dened face which collect in the convolution of the iunllct intestine. Oilier medicines only partially cleanse these, and leave such collected Inas-e bchin'd a lo produce habitual costiveness, with all its tram ol evils, or sudden diarrlura, with it imminent dngers.n This fact i well known to all regular anatomists, who examine the human bowel after death ; nnd hence the prejudice oflhose wellinformed men againstquack medicines or medicines prepared and heralded to theniiblieby ignoranl persons. The second elleet ol the Life Medicines i to cleanse the kidney and the bladder, nnd by this mean, the liver and the lungs, the healihfuln elioii of which entirely depends upon the re gularity of the urinary organ'. The blood, which lake us red color from the agency ol the liverand the lungs belore it passe into the heart, being thus purified by lliem, nnd nourished by food coming from a clean stomach, course freely ihrough the vein, renews every part of the system, and triumphantly mounts the banner ol healih in the blooming cheek, MoilatV Vegetable Lile Medicines have been thor oughly tested, und pronounced n sovereign remedy for Dy.pepsia, Flatulency, Palpitation of the Heart, Loss of Appetite, Heart-burn and Head-ache, Restlessness, Ill-temper, Anxiety, Languor nnd Melancholy, Cos- uii.-iii.-ss iiiirriui:ii, suriciu, revers OI n kin Rheumatism, Gout, Dropsies ol all kinds, Gravel, Worms, Asthma and Consumption, Scurvy' Ulcers' complaints which allhet the human frame. In Fevr.n and Antin, particularly, the Life Medicine have been mot eminently successful ; so much so lhat in the Fever and Agnodistrict, Physicians almost universally prescribe them. All that Mr. Molfiit require of his patient is to be particular in taking the Life Medicines strictly accor ding to the directions. It is not a newspaper notice, or by anything thet hehimclfniaysay in their favor, that he hopes to gain credit. Itisalonebyihe results of n lair trial. MOFFAT'S MEDICAL MANUAL; designed a a domestic guideto health Thisltttle pamphlet, eddi-d by W.U. Moilat,273 Broadway, New York, ha 1 een published for the purpose ofexplaining more fully Mr. MoHnt's theory of disease, nnd will be tound highly iiiterestingtopersonsseeking health. It treat upon prevalent disease, nnd the causes thereof. Price, 25 cent for sale by Mr MoU'.tt'. Agents generally. These valuable Medicine are (or sale by GEOREE L. WARNER & Co. Johnson, Vt., General Agents, by whom all order from any part of the Slate or Canada, will I promptly answered. 28-1 f Dec. 17, 1811. II AGAR !f AR TIIUR, General Agents lor Mo'lal's celebrated medicine, to whom all applications for ngclicies mustle ad dressed. Uurlington, Jan. 23, 1812. TVTATUIIK'S GRAND RESTORATIVE. Tin il valuable egetable Medicine stnnd unrivalled lor inoioiiowinsr complaints, viz I Dvspepin, or liuli gct ion, diracd Liver, bilious disorders, Drop.v. Astli ma, Costiveness, Worms ti tid los ol'Appeliie. and by , -s "ii'iu-iLii .uin noweis, i-ures pain in ine ide, sloniach mid breast, cold I finish of Ions staildine. IlfKlrsrna'sv. sfilirliii.H (' tn-t,lli. INt'rvous iini,.h,,iit, .-., winch nrelieqneiilly the e.lii-t ol di. . ,,i a c-ii-riiiiu ai'iu , u is it iiiosi vaiuanie pre ventaiive as well us a sotcrcicii reiiiedc. Its- viruif. sin pass any thing heretofore knuwn in removing St. Vitus' Dame, two hollies have been known to cine iiiisiiiiiii-iinxoisfjsc, niter Having l.allliif every exer lion lor four years. It has a mo.t powerful influenci in removing nervous complaints. It js plen.iiit lit lake ami snr.isy in ifs operation, that it may I e administered " iu nu won safety, lie iihoio Medicine i. verv highly rccoiuinem'ed by many scientific treiillemen. and n large muni ,.r of ladies, who have pro.ed the .,,,.-... - ..is-siii-iur ny personal iiseaniiiiiat oltheir lainilics. A bill ofi ertificate-nccomianie each bottle, . ,V ' "al wnoicsnie or retail of !. Iliuain, Harre, and J. C. Karnain, Eat Willi.nns- iiovii, i. sun- propricmr. rreparcil Iroin the or " al recipe; for sale by K 11. Prenti-, Montpelier, and llurlinglnn, and in the principal town m the stnte;all direction stgneJ in the hand writing of the proprietor SINGLE. DOUBLE, UMBIUCAL. T P S 1 received, a supply of Marsh's celebrated 1 rus-es, of every description, for t nle by the dozen ,"li!"2,t'' Nov. 1. Pi:CKif..?l'i:All. iCP"lruses accurately nppli cilfrte of i h.iice. FAIIRAR, WAIT ROOT, IinporUrs ami Wliolcsaloaml Retail Dealersln CROCKERV, GLASS & CHINA WARE, Keep constant ly on hand a large assort ment of Din ner Hits com. plile.with soup nnd saueo Tu reens, Butter Boats, Salad, covered Dishes l'lniorc 1,I,..I I'lshcsiind Custaid Cups o Blue, Pink, White, .Milan nnd Bourbon sprig'd ware, with Tea Sets to tnatcii each , a great variety of Todtt Sets and all qualities ".'"'."""''"'"""""ii- iur lamily use, all ol which will be sold cheap at wholesale or retail at uii.li .anus., a-uniui ui iwiurcii unu 'voitco streets Burlington, Jan. 31, 16.3. . " E.L. FARRAR gives notice that he continues to carry on the husi ness ns usual of manufacturing -.tone ware ol n suocrior nualitv in all its varieties and will at all times he in read iness to supply merchants on tho most rconnablc terms, all orders promptly atmnueu to at Ins I'actory , Pearl Street, Burlington. Jan.31. 1842. GLASS WARE, OF all descriptions constantly on hand ; a full as sortment ol ramblers, plain, pressed, ground, star bottom and cut gtas Wines; Jellies, Lemonade anu ngg glasses j Lamps of all descriptions; Lamp glasses, Dccaiiicts, Water Bottles, Specie Jnis, vin ous sizes; Preserve Dishes, cut glass Cu.tnrii Bowls, Pitchers, Sabs, Castor Bottles, Revolving Casiors and cut glass Lamps, for sale (cheap of course) nt the new Ijrncki'rv mid filmo v..... ti ..r 1 -...a s....... a ,11 l-Ill.USlT l'l F.IRRAR. WAIT it nOOT Burlington, Jan. 3I.IBI2. NE W GOODS. THE Subscril er have jiisiriivivisllargnddiiions to their stock of Saddlery, Coach and Shell Hardware in all its varieties. a-ll.,0 Drugs, Medicine, Paints, Varni.hc,l)yesiuil"s, Brush, e of all kind, Joiners' Tools, Ai'. Hp. nAOAR iy. AHTIIFR, At IDC Ol Padlock ACZvc!,U'W and College Sitects. inveterate ore, acoruutic i-.ruptiou and Had Com plexion, Eruptive complaints, sallow, Cloudy, and other disagreeable Complexions, Salt Rheum, Erysip elas, Common Cold nnd Influenza. and vnrion. inl,,-,- WW DR. TAYIOR'S II A Ii 8 A M OVLIVEmVOBT, Observe when vou buy that you get the genuine, prepared at 37? Jlowery, New York. See ,,nt 375 llow-ry New ork on the wrapper of each Iloltlc. All others arc I-rauds nnd nl,l ,,,! i.,. .i.. without regard to justice, lo the public, or the proniie tors ol the genuine article. FOR Consumption, and Liver complaint, Dyspep sia, dizzine of the head, loss of appetite, Dysen tary, and general regulnterol the wholesvstcm. None genuine but that prepared al .175 Hnwery, iNew ork, where the arlicle was first made thoebnr acterorthe tne-hcine formed nnd c-tnblished by the Present sole proprietors, and whoaro iheonly persons knowing the composition ofine opnnmi" Ii nu Li.il. meil sucecslullv fI)r eight years Tn the cure of these disease. itZPRcineinber the original and Genuine is made only nt No. 37S llowerv. Nm v.,.ts ah others are counterfeit. Consumption and Liver Complaint ! Asa general remedr for tbe.e disi-an.. I ,.m rn,. satisfied, from long experience, there is no meilicinc equnltoDr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort. Being ,,.. , .s, ,.-, iimuiiu iiseu won nu inmost saiely j all nc.son in everr condition. It lKi.n. . i.f. lung by expectoration, relieves diinculi breathing, nndseeinsto heal the chest. There can be noque.tioti tint thi medicine i a certain cure for chronic cough and colds. I have used'it lour year in mr practice, and aluayswiihsueces. A. F. ROGERS, M. D. 1 icklmg in the Throat. I know Dr.Tavlor' llalsnm of l.u-i..,nM in l.a. a certain remedy for thi complaint, lis 1 ha u-cd il myself and found its c:Tect an ininu-diaic. I wan much troubled until I made meoflhis medicine. HE.NS1IAW. 211 Mnngin st. Hoarseness Liued For the cure r l,(,i--,i,,. 1 can strouglv reivomiiiend Dr. Taylor's Balam of Liv erwort. I hnenot onlylound ureal lenelit mvself. but many ol my congregation by my rccoinmenda tion liavc recicvol great I enelit from its virtue. It is at once mild .ellicaeiuus and harmless. , REV. AZ. LEWIS. PeverCI.Ollgll and Colds I have, had n mn.l s. vere cold and cough, for n long tune which 1 could not get ridof. Alter umg,many Useless things 1 tri ed Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort, and it cured me in ii icw nays. JAW. U. KKKKIaNUUK. Raising of Rlooil About two weeks ago I bad a (all, which caused me to siit large qualities of blood which nothing could cure until I tried Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort. Tin medicine gave me imme diate riliefandm n very short lime elected an entire cure. Let all peron trv it. IIUGII MC GARVEV.2I Cannon st. Dr. Taylors Balsnm of Liverwort This superior remedy fordi-eases of the linn; und liver ha. obtain ed a reputa'iou never hcforeequnlled. Remarkable Cure of Consumntion. . a . was so near her death with thi disease, lhat my friends sent for a pr.et toeonfess ine ere I died. He in hi mercy, told ine not to give lip umil I tried Dr. Taylor'. Ilala,ii of Liverwort. I sent immediately forlhi mnheine, and although the contest for a few days 1 ctween this mnihcine, and my disease wa se vere , the medicineeonquciod, anil in a fortnight I wa restored tohealth. I had a ruizli, raising of mat ter, loss ol my voice, pains, weakne-., iStc. I can re fer to Doctor Wilson, in the Carlton House, for the truth ofniy statement. MARY DILL, lli'.h streetcor. Beware of fraud. 0l'3d avenue. Summer Complaint. The Rnlsam ol Liverwort, in several eases of this disease, where all other remedies applied by physi cian, have proved inell'eetual, has produced a pei'fccl cure Suqmzing Cure of Consumption. Mr. R. Gladdiu ol Delhi, N. Y., ofa naturally con. siunptive constitution, ha I ecu saved from an nu timely end by the u-eof Dr. Tnylor' Halsam uf Liv erwort. A severe cold brought on an attack of Plcu resy, nnd thus ended in general debility and eonsuiiip. lion. A constant foiiarh, tiei-lic flush, rest!'-, niirlils. iiuie 'i niil.e. nnd eontinufsil Ins .u tl..ol, i .: s needy death ; but as soon as I commenced Hie use of nu- nii-uiu i Srew Leucr, and is now fully restored III I, a. III. - Shortness of Breath. For thi disease, 1 have always found Dr. Taylor's Halsam of Liverwort tin excellent rei ly. It i, 1 once so sale and so e:lr.-ne, that I always use it in my practice, and reccommrnd it to my ft lend. I have used it in some hundreds ofca.es within the na luur year-, anu i nave never had it fail. ,anv c.i.es of iisllunn I fii ,. 1 U .n , . ' i i j 'i in iiuie i een the means ofsavmg precious iyr.. I-t .,. j, . , geoiioe Ralph, m. d. None genuine but that prepared nt 375. Wowerv. New . ork a will ,e s,v ,v ,,e l els and wrap per ofeach bottle. He sure you look u hen you buy. I he genuine can always le obtained ofihe Old Agents, Jle.sr.. N. Lovely . (., nw Lovely A: heyinour Dr. Moily and IV, k & Si,e,ir, Chemi.i". ami I Druggists H,,i inglonS. II. Il.irne., Ch.irlotn William Rhodes, Jr. Richmond Ceo. Aver iV Co Mihon-A. & W. Brown, (Irand lhW: II. Keelerl .south Hero Horace Wadswonh, N'orih Hero s; J Davis, Alburgh-F. ti L. Oleiia, Wc.-t Alb.irgh-D. oi W . Carpenter, Wulerlniry. NEW ESTABLISIliMENT. MftcslhcM&BcMriaffia, (.SUCCKS.SOU.S TO K. H1MOG.S,) Wholesale and Retail Confectioners, WOULD respectfully inform the inhabitant of Iliirlingion nnd the surrounding country, lhat they carry on the Confectionary Hvilnu, on all n, various branches. Deicrinined to use the very be.f material- in mnnufui luring, they will al all tunes furnish Merchants and others dealing in Confection arie, with Ihe I,e3t qualify, nnd on the lowest posji-bletei-iii-. Shop on Church Street, two door South ol S. h. Howard's Siore, newly nud neatly fitted i,,. where we cordially invite all to call and examine our article;., consisting ol all kinds of Slick Candy, Balls and Kisse-, lle.titsnnd Diamond., Braids, IVpper mint, Lemon Drops, Vanilla Cream, Lozenge., SiVar Plumbs, Carrawnys, Coinlits, Cassia Buds, lloe-l; ,in, Brown Candy, Sugar Sand, Moiior and Secrets, Sugar Apples, Poiatoc, te.. and Unskeis. ,..,ii various oilier articles too numerous to be mentioned. A gcuernl assortment of nth nnd fancy Cake on hand, and baked lo ouler, together with Ice Creams tolumish parties, tVc.oai-. ALSO t'opnii Candt. which Colds, Hoarseness, Ac. Wo do not protend ,o say Willi Mr. J. Psase iV Sin. lli.it our ('a..,!. i li disease, lending lo Consumption, we think that is Sill lll 1UU UIUI 11. CLOCKS. Yr h ive a goo.1 assortment of trass and Wooden Clocks, which wo will sell very low for cash or ap. proved credit. I'lea-e call and examine lefore pur chasing el-ewhcrea N. B. All orilcrs Irom a distance, pot paid, jyill be jiroinplly attendeslto, nnd package. and boxes put on loard of siage-s or boats, whn required, fire if i. ilr, I ..' . ' """ an onier lo .Mi r-Ull-.lal, 61 BARNr-", Confectioners, there lingtwo itiii.a'i mar s,n,,u inline 111 Hill VlliagCa Iliirlingion. Vt. Oct. 22, 1841, To Hlacksmlths llloshurrli I n.il. THE subscribers liavo just rcccit eel forty tons of IllOilurgh Coal, tyhcih for Smith's use is unsur- passcu nynny oi tnc mineral coals, and where known has taken '.ha place ol charcoal. Igniting easily and burning freely, it is highly recommended for grates unu uuuicfiic use. ! tJL.i.i-. i -n IIIAI)I,F,V CHURCH MUSIC. THE following valuable Musical Work are con stantly for sale bylhe subscriber at tho lowest prices, by the doz. or larger quantity, viz t The Modern Psalmist, a new work by L. Mason. Boston Academy's collection of Church Mimic .Methodist Harmonist, Odeon, and Boion and American Glee Rook. '" lal1- D.A. nil.VMAX. Hooks and Paper. C GOODRICH, one door E ist of Farrar fc Wail's Crockery Store. IIP STA I IIS. U.. . ,.ot colltvtion of Bool.-, including n Urge slock of .School i'oiiks nut r.iper. All wishing lo purchase will do tvcll to e-all. PriMlitce nnd domi'stie ihiihiNiihn,. etery description receivitl in pnjnient. Sciioolcom- iiirui-iiiiiR ior scuoois, snail nave Pool. gra tuitously lor all children in Iheir districts whose pa. rents me un.ihlo to l uy, Dec, (5 rpHE Subscriler will pay rash for n few Thousand X Pounds Of COOll I'll-ei'il Wool, delii'prpd t il.i. Store, head l Pearl St. BRADLEY it HYDE. July 2, 1B1I, T, t a.,..i s,,.n,a, 1 1 Pa under. lined nlTer tho cloths manufaclprrii bv the "Burlington .Mill Co." at wholesaleat IVmi lll.aan.1 J'1,.11. prices. I he assortment comprises the vnriou-eolors and qualities, and fur lextuip. Iia-sitm r .,:.u ... 1 v ,o FOLLETT f. BRADLEY, uunington Will Co. --s-W p it ia PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. 'T' IIIS article is too well known to need common elation and tho experience of seven years has demonstrated tn tin ,..;-,! a.. f , ..is.,.,. a.s.iiiiiiuiiiiy, uiui lor aceuracy, convenience nnd durability, they nre unrivalled Coal yard scales to weigh from 3 to fl tons. Dormant WnrdinuQ., iln tr, i.-..;,,t, r.m i., u. inn"?,00 l.lJ,- I!(,r"1,o do. to weigh from 1 2 m. to jjuu His. PortableCounter do a now article. to weigh M-ntti l.O .. . .. AC It. ..s.... a-a. ua, U 'IV IU9, J. & J. II. Peck & Co. Agents. Burlington, April 8 1911. UUS!;..i. I.'. s'lUMAUi lirriEHS. may Is tisci) in Wineor water. Thcsecelcbrated bitter.' arccomposeil purely of veirc'nbles of the most inno cent yet specific virtue. They nre iccominendtsl pur- iicuiuny iur restoring weak constitution, cleansing and strengthening the tomaeh. and inereasinir ibe appetite also a preventative against the cholera mor on-, tever nnu ague, removing nausea, vomiting, heart burning. weakness in Ihe breast, nnin in flu- siomach and other syinptoinsofflalulenceand indiges tion. One box will tincture ont gallon. Price 25 ets. a box. Russell's Itch Ointment. Thi choice nnd safe ointment is said to be superior lo nny now in use, for that disagreeable and loathsome dise-a-e. t ie I'ICll. This Ointment is so ccarlain in its operation thai no person tlonbled with the above disorder ought to be without it. It is a remtsly (or eutaneiius eruptions, scoroiiiic amnions oi tnc neau, or any other lirenkin; out which arises from glial p humors in the Hood. Price 25 ets. a box. KussF.il's VEiiF.TABi.r. Bn.LlotJs Pii.i., or family physic, lor general u-e, in ca-ei of Jaundice, morbid sensibility of the stomach and bowi'l, los ol appetite, fmnd breath, costi'venc., Piles, and all diseases aris ing from biliary ilcrnngements, alo furj'orreciiug the stale of the I lood, and cleansing the .sy,ein ol foul nnd viscid humours. These pills nre a mild ca thartic, producing .neither pain nor griping, and are therefore a valuable and highly appruveil meslicine, andare pronounced assiich by tlicnm-t distiuguished physicians. L'ach box containing 33 Pills.' Price 37J ets. a box Russell's celebrated Salt Rnr.CM Ointmes't. This is unquestionably the le-t and siife-t remedy eier yet olleresl to the p ililto lor that otMin.itc in-order SAL I KI1KUM. Where other means have tailed, it has suc ceeded, nnd ihe fact thai ha btcn sxteiisively u-eil by euunent Practitioners speaks veilumes m it praise1. Ills equally eiltcaciou in nil eh-ease- ol the skin, scald head, ringworms, and the most inveterate Itch die. se. .Miiucron certilicate might In! olitatncil, but the propritor choose that a fair trial should be the only evideiicu of it superior elheacy. Trice 5U cent, a box. r or sale by Peek d Spear and Robert Moody Burlington; Dr. C. E. Mile's, and Hull & Cook, Mines burgh; S. II. Barnes, Charlotte: L. Jane, Georgia L. I yle-r, Essex ; fuller V Huntington, Richmond Also, by the druggists and merchants generally iiroiigiioui ine sune'. oz.uir DISKASKS OF TIIK I.U.(.S..-!)eeidfdl.v the innsl iinnul.ir reuiedv eier kimivn in Amsiiej Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam is the innst vnliiablr lenii'd) now mi n.e fur cut't;hs,cnlil,n,iliiiia or phthisic, coii'iimpiinn. linoiiiigruugli and pulinnu.ii) (T, elioii. ofeverv kind. Its sate is tucudily iiieieu.ii'ig. snd llir proprietors nre eoustsntlv irceivini! i lie must faenmblp account of lis rfjeeis. 'I lie fullowing new certificates ate offered fur public exrfliiiiuliiiu. An Isterestiko Cask. Extract ofa Isitrrfrcm Mr C S Clay, Kingston, Ulster en., N. Y. lo i lis proprietor. " urns nl ihe yih mat. un dole icc'il n rem.irkaiile rurew.i e (recied Ii) the Vegaialde Put nonary iiaioam in ine winter anil spring of 1835. Tin person, air. alooih, had been mek a long lime uiih Ilia consumption. His pliisieian tat! gieen Imn up lie w as rrdiiceil an Imv a m ln im.ilil. n, l,aln I,!,.. .nil and was raising n large qu.imile of blnoe! uhenhe cuinmencru using i in- isal.ain, wliu-li lias elleried coinpleln riire, and lie is now as hale unci liearlv " ever he was. .Mr. Mnn,li li.i. a..,nn,,..t r.... ,i.i. bin he Im. premised me ii more detailed iicrnnui of his case, w iikii i will tut ward mil. C. 8. CHY, Kingston, N. V. June 23. 1S38. r.xlraei i,r,i lener finm Dr. Jiirnli Mjers. The Vegel.iblH Piilinniiai v Halnam lias been sold in this cnnni for iwnjears, and llm nieilicine has earned an inn niiuunii reieuriiv, lor it ae.nrpiv in nne inalanre filled nl li.it me the denireii fllret. T am by no means in i.ivnr nl me in.iii) nnsiiiiins, nin.tol nliii h aie un positions upon n rreduluiis public, bin that which I know by imc to be cflVcio il, I rHiiimt help bin give mv ai'probitinn thereio. A roiinieifeii pirparaiion lias beennlTrred here by a ir.i riling Agem, nfCmnsinrk, N. V, andlherei another arlicle euded lieie thai i. slronglj suspecied lo befpiirmus. Jacob Mvrns. M. D. Mifflinglnn, Juniata en. I'eim. ,Ma 3, 1S37 Finin Dr. Samuel Mnrrell, to the I'mpi icon, of the Veje table Puluiuiiarv llal.ain. I am salisried lhat l lie Ve. tteiablp Puhnnna.r, ll.tlnin is a valuable nieilecuip Il ha been used in tin place with r-umplrip suece.s in an olmtiime coniplauil of ihe lung, anpinlrd wiih n .eipie rnugli, lo of inice. hihI ihe raimni; of iniirh uiooii, vaiiicu nau pietiuiiniv resisted mailt appreitrd piesrripiinni. Alur using itir II.iIs-iiti nun ueik, ihe paueni s niee reiurnpn nml lie wasalile in spe ik audi o.y. I lus rase neeuned sonip urns steep, and Ibe man is now engasptl not only in unite bin laborious easiness, itesneeiliillv. Rc. S. Mouitri.L. Il is nriw mnrp Illan sit: epnr slnra. I wu l.r,.,.l,i vert low bj an affeeiinn of lli'e lungs, anil nu cunipla'inl was derl.lt eel in he ineiiiahle lit n euiitiril nfflure pht. sieians. I hs ihen lesiorrd in asgno I healih I had eiln)Hllur man) tears, lit uln; the Vegetable Pill inn n -i r v Balsam, Since niv ircmery I hate ipenni iiiriiiiru un: ii.iir.nn iii ,i great many raaps nl 'ung cmiiplainif, nud so far a I eaa learn, its iisp b.is in. variant) been fnllonpd bv murh beiipfii, and in many ,,,r,n,,,.t r ,i na ruci; iru I llir u turn w si e il lllll 1 1 II IIP X l'""""d. SAMOEt EVERFTT. B-.sion, -M.irrh 2, 1837. l or salp, tthulesalp and retail, by PECK & ,ri'aAv,lllllllllJIOIl, vt. .crman Cough Svnin 1 'YilIlS deservedly distinguished inclicine, together A with Taylor'. Balain of Literwort Jayne's Indian Expis'torant, Lily Syrup, Down ' Elixir, .Meiore s is.ence ol laile, Harlholomew's P,nk Ex pectorant svrup, for Severn cold., coughs and I'om plaint leading to Consumption. For saiely Nov. 1. PECK vt SPEAR. hllCCtlllgs. KIT BALES of heavy shee'ings of different nualities, -''-'have just been rcceired and are ortered for sale at aiiaiiuiaciurers pncisto ..lerrhants and others, win are invited to call and examine the slock before purchasing elsewhere, under the hrbet that tho exam ination win prove ativannceoiis to them. By FOLLETT it BRADLEY, Nov. 20. nt the Wharf A HEAVY assortment nf Sleigh and Cutter shops, Wrought N'nils, Crow Bars, .tc, just receited and olTered low by Nov. 28.) FOLLEITA BRADLEY. SELLING OFF CHEAP. STRON'GS A. Co. now offer their slock of Goods for prices at which purchasers will find it nn oh. ject to buy. 'I he stock is large and must be sold pre vious io ino isi 01 atpni nexi, ttnen tne term or co partnership expires. Sugars. Teas. Snices. Raisins. Tobacco. Cndfib. Salmon, coarspand fine salt, Lamp Oil, Jlolas es.A c. Iron, Foreign nnd American, of every description. Steel of all kintls, Anvils, Vice's, shovels, spades. li.l I 1--..1 1 a a tl ' roiKs, t-aiuruu jveiues, aim iiouow vtaro in great variety. Store: Stove nipei and stnvn trimminn. Tin un... etc. cheap, all cheap, very cheap. ' I'CC. .to, 10 11. TO YO UNG HO USE-KEE PERS. PA Hit AX, WAIT HOOT, KEEP constantly on hand a full assortment of elegant Tea Sets, of no u i.nnu snina. liold band Tea Plates, Gold sprig'd do. Gold edge nnd line do. Extra wtdogold band do, Gold cdge.line.t spti,.'tl do Goldcilgonndjinodo. Gold band Preserve and it lute and sorie d do. f'nn nlni,. vtlnie t una Breakfast urn IV, llni n;, I Bowls, Butler Stands and Nurso Lamps, with small ' leu i-ois. atiaenii I. Lhinn luksinml. .-,-.,..,...,.. 1 sVirLeenrrLrr"nrforuM,f. j!",?'1 " ,he Cw'clicry n 'i, .Flrf.hr,.?'1 CullC ,UK"- I CONWAY MEHKaliNIKaS. THE Subscriber W. I,. KIDDER, RVOs nntica that he has sueceeil il. ti T k,Vi,t. . .1... prenaration of the well known Conwat Mkiucine., and will hercalier pile particular attention to tbd preiiaration of the follovung arlicle-, the long es tablished culcbt Iiy of which, pree ludes the necessity or a re-iiiiblieation of the numerous certificates in the hand of the proprietor. Ioct. .Icbli's IllicUmnllc Mnlmetit. hnr lfl,a.,,li,nl,.l 11....- .. ... s- .. . a-n -I, i V"""- ,",'-'" -', .(iraius, i-iuiinnHs., Chilblain", Stillness in tin: joinis, eVc,, will nll'ord the most unexpee'ed nnd immeiliatu reliefin the mo.t obstinate! eases of Ilhcttmallsln, in a few hours; this article is openly recommended by Physicians. The LiniHicnlM done up m enlarged liottles. Price 374 cents. Dumfries' Itch Ointment The extensive snb nml a.iai.tii....i ni.-nM i DtiMrniEs' Itch Ointment. encniir.i7is ll,.a urn. pnetor to reiomiiiend it to the public with renewisl conhdence, as tho mo.t innocent and powerful rutu- eiiy tor tins annoying disease; it contains no nicr- inry, cr any oilier iiangerou ingredienl, und can lie applied nl all tiinei with ncrf",-.-! .l.u-. l... 25 cents' a Box. ' Itemcily for the Tiles. The concurring testimony of relici-ed natia.ni.. from all quarters, te.-tifyrng'to the cure elici ted by l ie medicine ufier all others had laded, together with the increasing demand for the article Irom all part of the country, prove it to be one of the most valuable .specines known lor tin troublesome cbniplatnti !r 7i e ru 1 IS. . a sv nig,, lll.lll M ml-. , , , Boston, February 13, 1S1L I have made trial of Dmnfrif.' 1',!.. I'i n.,. .,4 found it prisluced a salutary inlluem e almost iinmu diately, ami confidently le-lieve il nu e.'eclual icmeily lor that uncoinforiable nnd debilunliiijr e'omplamt. Humanity ha induce-d inelo recommend ittoper-ons I bus alllivted, and so I shall continue to do. i our respectfully, J. S. n T,'K'.r"ne''l' eonsi.ts of an Ointment and Electiinry. Price for both 75 cent, or 37J cent when but one is warned, nivotiinnnted wnb li'niti il rail nmta'aa ifirw. lions with a description of the complaint, Dumfries' Eye Water. For SOrC Or in flamed eves. nOtlunir l.-nnn-n tn,.. iich immediate and comjortable ulicf, and in some exceedingly bad cases Ihe most unexpected and de sirable relief ha been found in the-ii-e ol this Eve water, after oilier remedies had failed. Parsons who have used it, prunouui-u it wnhoiit lu'sitntion the I et jireparaiion for iorc, trtaA-, or injlamcd ryes, they hae ever met with. Priee 25 cent.,a bottle. CURE FOR CORNS. Albion Corn Piaster The most .nfcand speedy cure for Corn vet dl overod ; the relief is unnie'diaie. n dissolve, and removes the com from the foot with cane nnd cxpedi. lion nnd uilhout the least pain. Price 25 cents a iio.x. rull and amnio directions .iccomnani finch of ibrt above arlicle-. IV. B. .None of ihe above article will I e genuine, unless signed Y. L. Kidder on the outsicV wrapper, for sale at hi. Counting Roc 66 State Stieet. un Slair-, corner of . Merchants Umw Boston. Also bv Mr.sms. PECK & SPEAR, Burlington, Vt. 1 A liberal di.couni allowe'd lo de-aler.. ULOUY AM) fill AMU OF UMU, ND. In a scries of familiar Letters to a Friend. Ry C. EDWARDS LESTER. riMIIS is the title of a work, just published in Jte'. X York by Harper and lirothrrs, m two tolumea of 550 pages, and embellished with magnificent Stuil Engravings. The author lias furnished some very stnkin" facts relatno to the nctitat social stale of England, and placed her Glory nnd Shame, in striking contrast. I hcfollowiui; arc some of the topics dwelt upon. The illustrious Men of Great Britain their luslory and nets, their contcrsations (with the author,) and their influence upon the destinies of the world. Also, Original Communications from the most distinguish., cd statesmen nnd poets in I'.urope, on the citatest subjects now ngitating the world the cruel and tyrannical oppression of Ihe English Government in all its hearings-its blind course in regard to the whole Tanll and Duty Questioti-tho hornbls starvation, iiakcdues, wop, crime and degradation of themass of the people of A'ligfanrf their Catises-lhe untold abomination! and cruelties of the Factory Sys tem, in its destruction of thousands of innocent chil dren, eVc.--the tyranny nnd corruptions of the Estnb' lishcd Church the woes and oppressions of Ireland the great structure of English despotism in Asia, with us sncrifircnf imbonsby famine and slavery and nn honest hut painful picture of all Ihateousti lutes the Shame of England. Ar.d a candid pictura alo, of all that is lotely, beautiful, liberal nnd great in her Society, consliluiini' its isir,. t .1. ,-.:?..:.. - ol the most interesting and vrnernblo Ruin, Cathe dral, (. astles, Abbeys and Monumi nt, with ns full a picture of London, (the metropolis of tho ttoild las there i space for great Public Works-Liberal am! Benevolent inti ons Noblo efforts ninkin- for the teilenipiion of ibe oppressed of England from tyran ny with glances ut eterv interesting object the au Ihor met ttnl, nt en nnd during ISlOiu Gnat Britain. Ihe New ork Commercial Advertiser, at the cln-a of some remarks, cunttniiest " We can elo no jut,co to this work in thi brief noiice, nor is it important wo should, for it will be readily rend, nml duly npprs. cinled. The Amn lean people arn duly interested in the subjects of tthic h it treats, nnd they nre ably and elonucnll v discussed." For sale nt the Bookstore of htb- D.A. HRAMA.V. FOR SALE. THAT large nnd commodious two sin. ry Hiiek Ottclng llnti.c .fc I,nt situated on the wet side of Colle-e green a 1 " . , - ii'i sii-i-iiiii'-re onis nel . i", '""'"'"""'"wltous B,.rn,carnnge bouse lit house, a ml eiiher out-house-., and a spiciou. yard w.st ,,r ihedweMiii.v,, . " " ........... ( nm) u tiiiMi utrrai le ire I rr wa-erol ihe best quality , the village, nnd a I nek i.-iern. One and n ipiarier acie.ol land, oftho fir-t .1.1.1 itv ; n (urge garden and choice fruit tit-cute! of the hcu. e nnd yard. The Biddings are constructed in modern ty'e ol he I r.1 maiena's and wor!iI ,1,,,,, tv. r.-eree'-.e-l 1-v he subscriler tor his own use, nn.l the loiniion af- '!nn.',U'r'i'7,l'"h!' "i'.'.1 I'l,,!-l'"'t prospecl of ihe village ami lake 011 the Wet nud is o't suma-sod by any oilier in tin. parlof il.ei'ininiry, ' A'o lor sale n lot is.m.i -..:.... n. 1 .1 , , "rviiaii-i 1,1 reel . Iv ot.po. ue t he above lot with 11 small tvm enieul wool duelling hou.e ihereott. P T 'hl-ers an' tnvilisl ini.nl! cn.l a.s-n.:.... r .1 1 ,,, , : siitiiie iur uiviii. selves I t-rni. inadeLiiown by the sul-riler on the Pr,.'.n"re-- . afA.Ml'KL RKIlli. Hirlitigion June, Ifi, 1SI0. i TO RENT. HIE two story dwelling Hou.e on Pearl Sinvi, laie lyocciipirtl ,y !.hi), Hopkins and nearly opo.jie the Brick Chuich. 'I he nreliii.e. nifiel t lettitlat any tune, and iiiuntsh- iiie po-e-s on gitvu. Apply to I'l.w. ti. liUhKSULL. TO FA It! ill 10 lis GRASS SUED. The ."subscribers have selected from best nmnki nf ,,,,i..,. .u .1. usual supply oUIeuls Crass and Clover Seed, wliich they can recommend as very superior. .Many far mers who have unfoiiunately used the southern or iV.. V "" V-1 ,ac T'auuty of nhicli has I een heretofore sold m the i neighborhood of Lakn Cham Plain, Have b, en 1 taught by exprrienre the dilli ienes between seeds ofn smnhcrn or northern growtb, ! or sale at tho Dock. March 16, ISIS. FOLLETT it HRADLV. K ONE SHIIJJNG. A MATCH FOR II A R D Tl M ES ! 1 rite Subscriber oilers fur rale thn GREE.N -MOL'-MTALV REPOSITORY, T..r, 1 1 '"p "e Uline 'ocli. HE book contain, 231 Duodecimo pagea and is bound 111 11 good siibsianital manner. The book contains many biographical notices of the earlier sef. ers of Vermont-atid much nuthenlic information re lative to the natural nnd cit il history of tho ."state. 1 he price of Ihe Repository is ttifhln the tench of every "man ieenia u,i,i child," mid is n book tint should be 111 tho hands ofct cry child in Ihe Stale that can read, auj it iroilld not bea riry serious iniuru lo Adults, 1 they thouldrcadil. A hlnral discount niado to those ttlio buy to sell, or buy tu giveaway. ,. SAMUIaLIlL'.VIlGTOX. Iturlision, March 10, 1S12. n,.i i..i. . OUPER Wooldveblaek,invisible'grecn, olive, b &"nJ '"'"'J tl""'8. ' unusually low puces niirAU-i hv 1 - a lv. lib Ki.cl en an I Provision cellars, and a witi"3 bv sMiriole'r't'""11 ,,",trl,t,,i-';r' Kttirp iio.i-e t''iiu nuil f in.,, .i . i.. I rtiss ml Jan. dili IS it. ""'""(.""'I uti. Ji ICMi Dec. 10. S. II. SCOTT,

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