10 Haziran 1842 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1

10 Haziran 1842 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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9 NOT THE OLOnV OF OJaSAR BUT TUB WSLFAKS OF ROMS. VOL. XVI. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, JUNElQ 1842. " fT ' ' ..... - - - - ".11 .T ; - - - ' - ."7, -' I Wj7 UBIIII ' MffMWMjMMWMMMBMMiMBMMHHMMMIIIMLl.JIB3WBMlWWHiMMMMMMlMMMMMMMWWWiW'l JuliJ.y WWWWW -T I I ! if p I 'IHIII 111 11 EXCHANGE HOTEL, Water street, at the hcrtd of the Steamboat Wharf IStirllugtor, Vermont. BY MOSES L. HART. THIS establishment, o tavorably located for llie accommodation of lliu husoes anil travelling community, is now 0 cn to (he public-. Pcli Coaclie. Mpon the various route call at I lie Exchange Unlet for pasjengers, and ihosc arriving or ilt'iurtinz by Steam Iloal, in which ca-e their baercjac'e is removed without charge, will linJ this hou.epejuiiarly to their convenience The keeper lender, disservices, Willi (lie assurance, that in all respects the hou shall de-erve the favor Able consideration of all who may palroui-c u. ISurlinton, April I, IS 12. 13 f. ,1U(UI?S IH-jKNCK OK 1,1 I'll. A Valuable ill itc lieiue, which, if rightly applied, will le the moans of snvinir thou. and. from an untimily irrntc. It h. been sold and it-ed fur ihiny years, wiihprc.it -cnee'Css, ami found very olhe.icious in the followi'iiu diseases, vist. Ctuisu.upijon, Whooping (.'ouch', com mon Cuurh., Co'cU, diHk-nll Hrc,itliint.', Inlhiciiza, Quinsy, A.lhiiu, I'lulii-ic, Spitliiis, of Iilood, Fl.iln Icncy, InJuie-iioii, Lon-ene. of the llovtVl-, Fuol every hind, Cramp, Nickel., Colic, Catarrh, Dy-cn-tarv,' Kainlinj, Hypochondriac A Icvtir.n., Ilcaila'chcs, Siol.iie.sni Slomaeh, Men-le., a preventive ol'Con lazio i-ili-ea-c-, (.out and Ithuiimati-m. ICTI hoaliove Me Heine is nreiuireJ bv Henrv Sey mour, of Iladley, Ma... fitini tin- Ontri.iiil Kecipe, fy thediru.'tion (it mid .Moore, and Mildly linn and the unncipal Druyiji.lsiii the Unilc-clSlale.. Sold whole-ale and retail liy Peel; A Spear. AMERICAN HOTEL AND GKNI'.KAI, STACK HOUSE, BURLINGTON, VT. TIIK subscribers have leased for a term of years this well known splendid establishment, winch is very pleasantly located in one of the most delightful villtzcs in North America. The several lines of . lanes arrivent and depart from this house daily. This Hotel i furni-hed in the best order, and well supplied with (he choicest that the markets nfford. They will be happy (o sec their friends and all who may favor them with (licit psironnpe. jirCarriages always in attendance at the Steam Do all. S. W. TAYl.OIt. WAIIHEN l SHATTUCK. Burlington, April 29th, 1842. GEORGE H. PECK, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, TWO DOOIS EAtT OFTHT. TOFT orricE, IT STAISS. Ueferto Messrs. J. & J. II. PECK & Co. Nov. 19. A. ROBERTSON, Barrister and Attorney at I, aw, (J.-(e in Hit oflkeof tht llm. Solicitor Gtn'l Day) UTILE ST. JAMES'S STREET. Montreal, 1 Nov. 1511. Reference in llnrlinRtiin, to CHARLES ADAMS, E.piirc.'.4 JNEWjSTOIiE. ' Tht N'evr YoiVCas'.t Hardware Store. TIIK Suliserilcr havina des-Nunc-l to carrv on llm llARjm'AKK liE.-INKr-.S in all ii-. I ranch.-, in Ri.rlinton, Vi.ha. opeu.-d anj now n 'or- lor .ale u cittirely new aud well .elcwiej js-crinioiit of goods in lhe above line. eilject tin. wittier lin; more to letrn the cle mattd. ot lhe ntxrW't, ut order to Ic able to supply the .jiw in lhe Spring, and a he in'eiiet-ili'ins; a Mcit-lly ra.h I -in".., he sotril a shire of p i' 1. c patroi'niev, confident ihai hi- price, will Ic lomH to mil all who mav l.ivor him with a call. II irlmziou, Y. Dec. 21, 1811. - .M..I. IH'NT. Slrofiy's lliiilitinir, (.'njlecc .Ircirt, nearlhe S.piare. WEW SHOE ESTABLISHMENT. S.WOODS TAfOULO re.peclfuUvinturni the Ladle, and Geiv V tlenien of U irlinclDii and vi'-iuiiy thai lie hi' feceaiiv nienc'i an e.iai n.niticni where lie will man ufaciire, (who!e-ale ami re'ail) all kind, of work in lhe Shoe line, lie ha. j 1 1 -1 ic cue l from -New S'oi k ihepre ent sivleol l.a-t., topfher wiih a clu.ica .t iff Huh of SiJc-!.-. llr wtll Keep uoiiMantly n !i.tol and mannU'-ttin- to order all kind- of wor.. " sm up-' in lliHciiintryi anioaj which may le found (Jcnt' Calf, Goat, Sell ini Uaner Doots '.a lie-,' (Jailer., Ibi.k ii-, Walkins SIkic, Slip., .'.e. itc. Al, coar e an I kip Root., lolli fi-r li.en and l.oj'F ; and chllsicn'a Hhoes of all kinds. ,Irei-e cireVm call, two di or. Wi-.t of lhe IVarl Strutl lion-..-, i-.t llie Bin of the "Big JJ.nl " II irli;lnn, Mav, 1915. .10 I". CK.UTA1N CUIIH KOU SICK IIUADACHi:, winch has been used in families. uerv meniher of which has had sick headache from infancy, us a constitutional family complaint, and has cured eflec. Willy in every instance yet Known, nmounimc; to ma ny hundreds. It is not unpleasant to the nifte. rind does not present tlicclaily avocations of oneusinc it it must he persevered in, nun me cure is gradual, nut certain and permanent. Instnnccs nrc constantly multiplyine where tlu ditressinc complaint is com pletely rdictcd and cured, althnuuh of years .tandinj; liy the use of Dr. Spohn's celebrated remedy. One decided preference is its pleasantness, having none of the nauseatiii!; effect of common dru?s. 1 1 is so tierfectlvsatisfaetorv. that the proprietor has riven direction frvr his nsrrnts to refund the price to any one who is not pleafcd with, and even cured by it. He hone also that this mav secure its treat ben efits to the distressed snllerers who nrclahoriiifriindcr Headache, k. srun.N, u inventor and i'io prietor. Sold by CO.VSTOCK:. CO., 71 Maiden Lane. New Vork. P I'.CK & S I' K A I!, Who'csala Auenls, a few doors east of the Post Office, Hurling ton, Vt. ti9 NOTIC H. :uJJ.Medicmc is I ct known by lhe cures it pcrform.al ' Newlon's Panacea, or Piiriher ol'lliu lllood. The unparalleled and .till increa.inirrepuialiiMi which this medicine ha.iicnair eJ Ihro.mho ii (ho New Kushtn ISiate-, and the in.inv cures it has performed, and lhe cre.ll demand made fori! by t.icuJvice ofphy-ieians well ncipiainlw. Willi is prepirntion, has hid iced the proprieur to extend its circulation to almost every lown in lhe ca-tcrn Slate and the pimcipal towns m llie Unite! S:n!e.. Tins P.inacci. warranted purely vesclal le,und i not .nrpa.-eil 'v any oilier medicine ever o 'ered lo the (lllcied a. its eienue sale mm preat pop-uarey !.i mil iii'ove. h h,i-wilhin the ln-t eighteen inonlh. ured lis tiiou.nn I- nflho mo-l ob.thia'O di.-ca-e-, as anle oruved bv ccrlilicalcs, anci is iirononnce I by eminent nnd rup'c-la' le phyMci.in. the I e.t iiieJiiine n ii. e. u ct it Inliirm.inoii may i e lo ino in einai.iirs onlaininsr i-cr'ifiean-. of c ue and diitviioii for la- kinif lhe medicine. The folhiwniT n'.v)inled nirent. li.irlmalon, i' i; t; K ami oni.ni, it. ..."out St Allan., Corn, mil It i-scl Miliou, C. Dmu- Millim 1'all-, Ibirnct and S.nvver Walerville, l-i.l. and llrown, lliiie-biirah, Mull mil Ceo! 1-airlax, l'niker and MaHield Vcrscnnc, Adam, nnd Murray Caml ridjc, ,M. Wire Cndcilnll, M. t;. Ii.trncy .Mirl i f ern, llr II. II. ty. ty icm.t ucomiii, .i. ih- Kihan Willi. Ion. N. Chillcn len ltic.-liiii.-ntl, Crcen & Rhode- .. - ... ... t. John-ou, t. I.. arncr oiui t. - ..imiimuii, Sniiiii llat.er-licld. Arinimrttin and Woodwar I Kuir licld, Ibirnct and l ain. worth. e.o.p.l y.f.19 WI.NDOW SASII--Inst received 15, 2D and 217 by 9 ca-einciits ol nsh.a lirsl rale article at 31 and HI ceu. per licrht i al.o nil km J. nnd.ize-, f.irni.hed to order. Tieonc'ero'ja black let I. a lir.t rale article, for irieiv of other arti cles as thtop ns can be found at any other c.tahli-h- Inent. lir.o. l r.Tr.itso.N. IOKI.KTT & 1JUADI.UV hate jus! received X and oiler for sale at the lowest prices for cash or approved credit, alari-e and well selected assortment of (iioecrics, consisting 111 part of the followinc 5 Hhds St Croix s igar. 10 do Porlo Rico 10 do New Oilcans 50 Hags Rio Collee, '10 do Java do ")0 lloe. .mp, 2.1 do "iipciior do 2.1 do F.xtrn do 20 Kc;s salt Petre, 5 Hhd Si Croix Rum, a I'ipes noiinne uin, 21 qr cask Malaga Vinc, "0 Hoxes Pipe, 20 R igs Pepper, '20 dc l'lnunto, 21 Keg pure Ginger, 21 do Raisins. pOCT. MAHSIIAI.IS Arc in me, Catarrh and J llc.i'Uehe S.M t f. 1 in. Mm 1 1. s.ipcrior to any tln'mr vet known, for removing that Iroul le-oiiie th.-ea-e, lhe Ca'arrh, and al-o a cold 111 llie !.ea I, an I lhe headache. It open., and purpe. out all cib.iiiictiou., Iienfriln-n lhe plan l-,nnd que- a hcalihy aet'ou to lhe nan. a 'ec'e.l. It i. 11' rfccilv Iree from uin- tlnnsrdc!.- Icrio i. in it. eoniio.ition lia. a . leu-ant Ibcvor, and its unine halee et", after I ciug u-e I, is ftl.greci! Ic rri-e.5 ecu. per bottle. Doei. Mar-li.tllV Ve -.eiavtltdian Iliac!. n.ASTrii, 1 hi- Pb.ler i. 1 1 11 ri vs '. ! . J fur eurnie serof dnu. .wel- Imp., S 'urvy Sf,ic, l.ame Rack, and I'ri.-h Wound. J pain. 111 cue .i-ic.., nip. ami 1.11111 s; ami .cidoni Mils 10 jive relief in local Ithe iinati-m.. If applied to lhe -ide,il will ci' re inanvof ihecciiiiuion Liter Complain and 1. e pial, if not superior, to any linn; in 11-e lor corn. 011 lhe feci , the tirtnc of tin. Pl.t-ter h.ne I ecu wime.-ed bv thn.i.aud. of individuals in lhe I'niic S ii'c, tvlio'have te-led il. e'bca.'V. Sold I y the prn- iirietor: t.na.. iiovten, .tiioiiiciuirv, .., aiu 1'i.ci; et Jpi:it, It in.orlint V. TYSTi:!()U.Sl A gentlemnn bdom nig to 1JL oncof the most ancient and wealthy fannl es of this city, who must bo well known to numerous Irieuds having since the year 1 B 18, up to recently, been bent ncaily double, and for secial years confined In bis bed, ha been restored to go, d health has regained his natural erect position and has quilted his ear- nage, aiidnow walks Willi easel! te neiievoini' 1 tliCL'cnilciiiaif.. own description as near as possible, nnd therein no exaggeration n it. We will git e inqui rers his addles?, and doubt not humane letliugs will excite thelibertvi f-o tha( any one nonbtiniz, may tote these fucts ihottnb be rccpicsls Ins iiuine limy not appear in punt. Among other instances, .11 r. -ins. G. Reynold, 1-14 Christie-stieet, has been restored, and will give personal assurances of the f.icts of Ins eae. Moth were rheunritisiii, unci contracted cords and sinews, llowhas this I een done? nswcr. liu lhe Indian egelahle LUxer tt- tcrnally, and llcu-ei? Acne ami liuue Liniment cxrrnalli. Jan. 120, lis II. SolihmhjbiCO.MSTOCJt .f- CO., 71 Maiilcn Ijctrt, .Vim Yuri;. tiD 1T.CK t Sl'LAK, Wholesale Agents, a lew Joorst-a-t of llie Post OHicc, Riirlington. Vt. NEW FASHIONS m NEW GOODS. The . lbicnlur ha. pi.t retiirued I10111 .New- 1 ork with 1 well .clecicd as.ori luciil of wool cited CI.OTIIS and c tssiMi:i:i;s Also, Sumner (loud, e linj. an I Trim iinngs 01 n,u ,try 1 est quality. The a' ovc article w re iiurcha.cH will nr ail I note nupoor I 10 1 elcunJ in Ii lot. l-'AMUO.N A.Mi ST VI. H For the aped, Middle aged, and tht Vi.h yr. The subx-nher jiarlicuhirly r. q ie-isthe ait Ml Til young sentleraen lo the sltle of llrcs. and l"r Coals made al lusetta'li hmciit llns Sprinp. (! itlenien more advanced in life cm be aecominoda with enrments Adapted to ihcir ape, general appear ance, te. Ac. Mc than usual pains tai;en a. 1 'if,-eic and eoiofi-rl. Having obtained llie la'e i:ii.proiemeiits in the arlof Cultiug and Malting pen tJnnen' parmcntscif all kind-A.1 v iiiulaluiK lhe mi- nicee..liil of Ciiy Tailors nieonllnual improvement from tim 10 time, lhe s-it-iscril er lro-1. that 111. dab fiirhmenl will U found one of the tery be.t in tin countrv. JAMr.R M1TCIIF1.1., Drancr andTailor. v- n Vni.L mihn cn-tomer atlheabove n.iab rr.'hmeitt. fienlltmcn not asked to lake a garment .finle.s fined. , . Burlington, 13 My, 1842. XnitK nnil Iron, f rn'k Id". ! XAtr.-S, n-s-irnd si7es, 1 OIJ' t 100 do Finishing Nnils, do do 100 lte-s snip, from 30. 10 C01 nnd G inch. 10 Ton of round and square Iron, from 3 1-Glhs to i men. 10 Tons of hote liou lion, of t'.ie.tarious sir.es 4 do of Hand Iron, r. do of Scroll do 10 cio a-soricil, fl.il mid scc-irc Am. K'iooui Jo For SJlc at iiimulncluicr s puce s, i,y KOI.LF. IT tt HUADI.r.Y, Aprnls, l'IA0 F0 21TE5S. MR. I. 5IUXSOX. .MOST re poet yT-tsi'vi.lic-e thai he ha. &1&xMfwi?'m 'Tl a"'1 ,s Yi foUtS-eHt-rir manuMclurmga TiUli vane-lv.ifl'iaiio 'erles, which are olercd lor i-ale e,n lhe mo- rtR.cm.ib c lenn.. As the e instrument)- arc- mai co; crvm-ieh iinprciTc I plan, they arc warrant!' 1 1 m-rinr in nil oilier inir miens of the P.ano I in. , ntir'j .ine 111 a n. c i cverc'O e line c 1 ine ri i;e In poiul i.t'in ich anddtir.ilili'v t f workiiian-lnp iliet areal.o wiirianieii 10 le cqii-ii 10 any innn-iikM-i. 111 -niifa tme I 111 t'ie 1'niT.l S .re-. At lser on. who until :t irooc! l'.rnio are pnrticuatly 1.1 viuslli. ea I am' 1 x.nintie l"r hem etc.. llnrlmglc n, I'Vi. 21, 512. II -ale very low, togelhcr with -'il a prc.it v. WILLIAM WRIGHT'S INDIAN I'lU.OATIVH TILLS, Hnlirely Vegetable. MANUFAC'lUltld) 1111 'cr the inline bale suprrin u 11 li-in-r of WilliaiiiWrieh'.v.ce-iire-idciil ol lhe iNorA.lmrri'ccin College or Ilcatth, for the treatment uidcMrc; of di-ca-c- in' llie foim of llillio t- and .cr- vois lever-. Jkiii'-. .-sui.li l'o. J -.1 ins. 111 ine .limine!:, back nn I .idc. Con.nnimion, l)rop.'.Scrcf- tla, Cati-cr, S nnina if Hloo!, S-e .-llc.i'i-nehc, like iniii-iii, Di.irrbie.i, I'y-i'nMrv, Oolic, l.y.pei I'.iliiitaii, 11 el" lhe Heart, Ll.-ers and txrcs ol etcry kind, if--. .Vc t ur -n'c 1 v 1-1 .'! .V MI-US!., I. rlt. W. II. MOI.I.V. Wdli-ion. XV. I. DIDHI.A.s', lliiio.b'irph. -I. II. IIAI.IICII T. Wi-ifcr.l. MOIT-'AT'S VI.Gl'.l Alibi'. LI MS .MKDICINLS. The-e merlieines are indel led fur llieir nnme le. their m.inife.l nnd .eii.iblc action lu purifying tin. .pringsniid chaiinels of life, and enduing thorn Willi renewed lone nnd vigor. In many hundred terlilie I eii-cswhic li h.ive been made lull lie, and in almost every species ofditen-e In which tho human frame l liable, the happy olevls of .Moffat's Life Pili.s and Pikk.s'Ix RliTt.ns liave l-en gre.ilfullyand publicly acnowledired by the per-ons leneliiied, nnd who tvera inevioii-ly iinacquinnted wiih ihebeautifully phi losophical princip'e. upon which they are compound 11.1,1111 1 iiiiiui which Ihev consequently net. The LII'L MLUK 'lMS recommend them. elves in di-cn-e. of every form nnd ile-criplion. Their first operation is to 'oo.en from the coals of lhe stomach tin I bowel , lhe viiricvis impurities and erudiiies eon .lanllv -filling around Iheinjnn l to remove the har dener face, which uolleol in the; convolutions of the .inalle-t in'tc.-tines. O.her medicines only partially clean.-clhe-e, and leave .ncli collceiesl mas es I ehind as to produce lnbiiiialco.tivene.ss, with all its Irani ol evil, or Midden diarrheca, with its iiiuuinent ilager-.n This f.iel is well known to all regular anatoiui.t., who examine llie human bowclsnflereleiilh ; and hence llie prei'idiconf those well iufcrmesl men nrnin-t quark inedieine- or mehcines preparesl and hrraliled lo lliep-il lie by ipnoianl pcr-ous. 1 he second eflect ol the Life Me'lienies is 10 c lcan-e the kidneys nnd lhe bladder, and by Ihi. mean-, the liter unci lhe luiiz, the heal lifiiluc.'ioii iifttliiclieiilirelydenendsitpon the re gulariiy of the urinary orpan-. The blood, which tnk-e.i's ru I color froni lhe aae-ncy ol the liver nnd the limps I clore it p.t-scs inioihe heart, 1 ciiiptliu-, ,nrificd by them, nil t nouri-hed l,yfoud coming from a clean stomach, co-ir-es fieely through the veins, renews every pari ofilit- .v-teni, and triumphantly iiiuunis the fanner ol heal'h ill llie bloominp e-heek. Mn lilt's Vegelable Life -Medicine, have I een llior o ighly te-te I, and prontriiiced a sovereign retiie.lv fur Dv-pep-ia, Flatulency, Palpitation of lhe Heart, l.o.s ol'Apjioiilc, lle.irt-bu'rn and Ilcad-ac he, I!e.le-.ie-., Ill-letitper, Aiixieiy, I.augior and Melancholy, Co.-livene.-, Diarrhie'i, Cholera, Fevers of all' kind-, lllieiniati-in, (!oui, Urop.ies ol till kinds, Giavel, Worm-, A.llun.i and Con-iimptinu, Scnrvv' l.'lcer.' Invelerate Sore., .Scorbutic Fruptiou. and llad Com plexion., IVipiive comp'ain'., -allow, Cloudy, and oilici-di.ii'.'iec.ilile Coiiiulexion.. Salt Rheum, I rvin- ela-, Common Cold- and liill ienza,aud tnriou. other eo'ni.lainls winch allliei iiicirimau inline. 111 I'r.tnn an I AcitiE, pnitieiilarly, lhe Life .Medicines hate Ic ino-l einineliliv .nece ni reter.iirl Agiictii.lrie lire-en'e them. All lit 11 Mr. Mofat rcnuires of hi patients i. 10 le particular in takmplhe Life Meliutne. strictly aeenr cluip lo the direciioiis. It i- not a new-paper iioiicc, or by nnvthinp thct he him-i'lfimy.ay in their favor, thai he lionet to cam credit. It is alone by the results of a fa-r trial. MOFFAT'.-- MKDICAL MANUAL; designed a a dome-tic p n lelolie.-il'h. T.lnslillle pamphlet, edued bv W. II. Mo i'at, 275 Ilroadtvay, New Vork, ha. I een pii! li.he I forlhe p-irpce ofexplaining morefnlly Mr. Mo !ai'. iheory of di.ea.es, and will le lound highly inlerc.liup to ieron. -cckinp health. It treats upon prevalent dt-ca-e-, an llhceau.es thereof. Price, 2j cent for -ale I y Mr MnlV.it'. Apcnt. generally. These valuable Mebcine. are (or sate by GF.ORF.V) L. WAli.NMt it Co. John. on, Vl., General Apenlf, be u-h 0111 all order, from nnv nart of the Sia'e or Cnnad.c. will I e oioiimllt an. tiered. 23 t f Dec. 1 1S1I. nA(JAR ARrWIif Cencrnl Acent. for Mo ml', eelel rated medicine 10 whom all applications for ageheies must Le ad dree I. Burlington, Jan. 29, 1842. BDHLirJGTQN CIIAXIt FACTOHY 4 n 1,. .M-.j.5i.i.N, connniics me V. business of iinnufiieliiiiiip Cbaiis at the old stand, of the bil low .tig clesciiptions: Cuil Mnplo (irictnn, c.'ane Sent, f 'oniuion Cane nnd Fine Scat. I.'iii'e and Small Ra sed S.al Rockiiip, do do C0111- t,r inriii ,1.1 Common ini.itip, tvc. eve. AM of w inch are wnriniiled a brl inte ai tiele and will be sold nt prices lo correspond with the tunes. FHATHF.RS, ..'r FFATJIFR HF.U.S, RF.ADV .tl.tiii-. Constantlv on hnnrl. a sunnlv of wnrranteel Live Grerse Fcnlhers. tthieh will be sold low for rash. WANTF.l). hv t he subseriber. Cuilnnd Ilird I.ve duple, delivered at his shop 111 Church street, opposite llie oltl lianlt. u. 1.. .m.i, u. QPIItl'l'S. 10 Ilh.ls.N. P.. Rum, 3 Si. Croix do. 3 Rran If. 3 Gin, for i-'ele by fl Mav, 141. S. WALK ni. DEXi'lSTRY. nr i.r.Tiis .v .1. n. XI.'HOI.S liuc a.so .1 . ;A ,k..m..u.,.. I,, I,., -men-i fr the acconiino- ,..t,. r ,i,n.. ai.n h.c. rim the nrjnor tu nily of '-culling t their reside one. Mr. N. ill spend most of histimein visiting the villages in tin and the. adjoin ing counfic6, and will perform nil ope rationt on lhe tseih necessary for their pmcrvatmn Mr. N. will also prepare the mouth for the reef ption of artificial teeth ; tWe models, and transmit ihem to Mr. Lewis, .he celebrated mechanical tlemist, who will always tbe at home, and who.e uniivallel fuccess, and un . wetried excrlions to please, w ill eusure the pub'ic bet iter work than can bo procured elsewhere. Our mode of selling is fr superior to any other in point ol looks, convenience, and durability. Any one wanting teeth can come one diy with a mouth full of decayed teeth, and return the next wi h n nrw tel. Price suited to the times and circumslauccs. All operations war ranted. J. LEWIS. J. 11. NICHOLS. Burlington, Vt., May, 1812. BOOTS iillDSHCSS. C.ENTLF.M EN'S Summer Root , some lowpriccd. Alto, most una ol ll.iols ana 1 Shoes suitable for lhe leasonf. r men, women, nnd boys or guls. Work as usual done to order. .IAMIW II. PIjATT, Corner of Church and Cherry Streets, Uurhngton. May 12, 18. m:VAiiu or DECEPTION Tt has frcq enlly come lo ihcUnottle'ge of the fid uerihor. Ilmt rinntv Snuff JnrB. Willi lllS I.allCilo lhi.ni. limn been bouL'ht un for the i.urposc of htllill in them an inferior qi nlny Sni-lTi and aho, tluil his onuii-iain i-nut e, in soiiiu iiimjiiw.-, uit-,i c, felted, or lhe penrnil drs-gn rf tho s'liuo so imi'nted ns to easily deceive! llie unwary, iiuniciusii, met fore. hi. iliilii to inform inir. hasers of the manner which they arc often impc scd upon s and he would hereby rtqiiesi ihr-m 10 le-nr offor deface the Libels on the oulsidoof the Jars, nfler hntinp d.-povd of the contents, mi ns lo prevent Jurl tier use ol the Mine. A suitable rewarl will be paid for such evidence ns will lead to tho detection nnd comiciion of the im postors. The iitbscrldcr continues to Manufacture, and of fers for talc the fallowing articles t I-'inc Uroun Sim!!. Genuine Maccoboy, ? ro e Aincricm Rnppce, Imitaiicin do. J flavored, Holland do. S-.cilv, do. Tuberose. Mnller-e, do. St.Omer. Curacoa, do. Sira.burg. Cjarsra rown Jmtfl". ncmijros. Nntchitoelies. Pure Virnimm. I'rench llnnpee. Ilourbun. American Grntlcmsn Si. Domingo. Pure Spanish. Copenhagen, esunf nor fhvor. L. Mixture. Yellow Sunll, c.otchand Fi Irish lllael-iiruard or ) nowt, IlmliToasti lme Irish Until Toa.t, f wcpt Srcnlrrt Flic CUl CUewdiB I oiiarro. Gn-...;sl, Kiipr.irt. fSnnster. Common and Stems. T"r liberal discount made lo wholesale dealer. PKTF.Il LOIULLARIl, Jr., 42 Chalnain-Sb, New York. . Itool; nnd Paper. CGOOnillCIl, one door F.n-t r.f Tarrar efc Wait's . Cre-ckerv Snue-, VP STA lit5, ha. a very Ciier-i collection of Honks, ineludinp a large slo'i of el;ot)l Hooks and Paper. All wi l.mg to pui-cha-u will do well lo call. Produce and ilomctie manulac lures' ei cverv i!e.c riplio.i rec eive 1 in pat n eni. Schcx.l enm- r .I, ..l...l. . 1. .11 1.1 I .1.1.- nrl. luitiee. iiirni.iiinp icr st-u,..-,., r.,..,. .... . ...... luiloit.ly lor all elill tren in tneit uuincis tvn.i-' t rents are nr.a . e to uv. "-.. u. COP Ml TMillSllll'. TTHXIIY II. DOSTWICIi & T. F. &. XV. I l'J.-strong haviiip r-onnceted th.-ir Tin ishops. tt-.lldo business in that line under the name ol II. II. Rost wic'. i&Qn. ni the shop ocenpied by nd liisttvick, wliere inn v bo fuiind n full nnd complete a ortmcrit of TIN WARE, inniiufneitued exintssly fur thorettiil iinri.-. innrther Willi Copper ami Sheet lion work. StotoPipe, S otciTiiiniiiuins t All kin's of Job woikfiiiiilshcd al Hiort in tice. F.ave iriithnnd cor die tor pipe furnished nnd pul up. Copper rumps aril lend pipe lurnisnrci aim s. i u required, i nose who natinnize llti liinnch I f business shall, nt Ibis shop l e quickly and well served, fir a reisoin' le eonipen sniion. II II. IlOSTWICK& Co. Hurlington, Apr. 10, 1B42. GASH STCR2. d o yxtox $ n unit i r r, (Sueeessors-o A.S. tt G D.Wellcr.l J OI'LD respcclfully inform the inhabitants: of nines' tirpli ami Itiu niijoiinng lotvus mat uiey have cominen' rit iiu.incs in the Mioro loimeriy oc cupied by A. S. it (i. D. v c Her, and ore now- receiv ing a general ntsoi tinent c f Fancy Dry Oc ods, Hard ware ami Groceries, which Ihcv offer lo lhe public a low ns can be purchased in lhe county fore-ash. They rcspecifully solicit a share of public nntronage, confident that their prices will bo fo .nil to suit nil who may favor thtm with n mil. NOI1LF. L. ROVNTON, WILLIAM RUIIRITT. Hirefbnrch, May -1, 1812. 43 PI Ilvn.n-1 Clotll. THE tinde r-ijneel oII'.t llm clolh nmnufactt'rrr! by ibn.'lliirbrii.lnn M ill Co." at W 'holes!: i.. rs8lfn prices. 'I heas.cirtmenl romprise (he varimt c-olnrs sml nnt',iu nnd for textuie. beautv of finish, and excellence i manufnciiire, are nol surpassed by any American or English Inths, I UI.l.l. I l ci- iiit.nwi.i-. i . Nov. 29. lluilinatnn Mill Co. STEW GOODS. P. DOOUTTLE TTAS uistrrceitrd from New York a tor:e surplv 11 of New Goods, comprising a general ns-ortment ol imported ami aonicsno Ihii C! noils, Dru Groceries, ftc. His o'd stock of O.vieis havinpheen nearly sold nut, enables bun to offer almost nn enlhe new slock which have been bought al the prcsenl lotvrntc, nnd will lie sold at lo.tcr price, (fur many articles) than ever before uttered in this town. May 5, 1812 4SwS n a ii s a m of li v i; invon t, Ob-ervo when vou buy ilmt you gel the genuine, prepared nt 375 flowery, New- York. See Ilmt 375 HowrryNeiv York- is on the wrapper of each Hemic. All oilier-are Frauds nnd mid only by (peculator-, without regard lo. ju. lice, lo lhe public, or thepropiie lors ol the genuine; article. FOR Consumption, nnd Liver ccinplnlnt, Dyspep sia, dizziness of the head, loss of nppciilc, lJy.-en-tart'i nnd general rcgululerol lhe wliole-t-.tcm. None Pennine I ut ilmt prepared al 375 llowcry, New York, wliere the nnicle wn. dr. I made, lliechar ac'ereiflhe niudictne formed and c-tablisho.l by the pre..en( sole proprietor., and whoare Iheonly pcr-oti. knowing the cciiiiio.i)ion of lhe peum'ne. It Im. I ecu it-ed itece..fi'tly ibr eiphl tear, in lint cure of these cbsea.es. Rcineml er'ihe original and Oenui.ie is made only al No. 375 llowcry, New York. All others are counterfeit. Consumption and Liver Complaint ! ysn general remedy for ihe-e disease-, I mil fitly sati.licd, from long experience, lliere is no mc'icine equal 10 Dr. Taylor'. H.ilsiim of Liverwort. Ileitis pure y tepetahle-, it can lie used wiih lhe utmost safely liy all tie. -ems m every e m illion. Il cleati-us the lungs by expecliiration, relieves iluTieull breathing, and-e'euisc) heal theehe-t. Therecati be noqtie-tion but this medicine is a certain e-ure for chronic e-o iphs and cold.. I hate ti.vj'-il lour year, in mv praciue', nnd always wiih success. A. F. ROGERS, .M. D. Tickling in the Throat, I know-Dr. Tuylcu's I!.i!mihi of Liteiwort to lo a certain remedy 'fur tin-comphn'nl, n. I hate u-ed il my. elf and found it e'eets nn iiuit eilmie. I wa.. much trouLlcd until I made nenfihis ineihcine. M. I.. IIENSIIAW.21I Mungin st. Honr-encs.-- CiueJ For lie cure of hoar-ene-s 1 can strongly rcceoiiimcii'l Dr. Tat lor'.. Ilal-ntu of Liv erwort. I linte nol onlyleiind great 1 e-nefit nty-clf, but ninny of my eonpiegaln n I v my ic 'ci'innicnd.i lion hate rc.'ievcd prc.nl I cnelit ironi ns virtue. It i alonee mi!d ,e!iicaeiojsnuJ harmless. REV. A'. LEWIS. Sevi-ref'onghs and Cold- I have had n mo-t ic vere co!d nnd cciuh, for a long lime w hich I could nol eel rut of. Al'er u-inp many u-e-le-s things 1 1 ri-e-dTnylor's Unl-am of Liverwort, and it cured me tu a icw-oavs. ,i,s,. n. ni-.ieiei.M-utt. Rni.tn-r of li ood Al oul two weeks aio I had a '-f il ; mi much so that in lhe (all, which cause! me lo .pit larpe qualities of I loud ts, Physicians almost universally tt hi. It nolhuip co.dd cue until I tr.cd Dr. Taylor's isai-nm ol Liverwort, l ins medicine gate met iitnn- dia'e re'ief and tu a very .short time e .'cclt.l an etilt.e cure. Lei all per-on in- it. Ill.'tlll MC nARr.Y,21 Cannon si. Dr. Tnylor's H.il-nin of Lucrwor! 'I Ills sttjie-i tor rente lv loreh-ea.e. ol the limps and liver lias obtain ed a re minion ni'ft-r lefoieepinUcd. HemarUablc Cure nj Consumption. wassonc.tr her death with this di-ea-e. that my friends sent Ibr a pr.e-t lo confe-s ine ere I .lie I. He in hi. inci-'V, told me not to, piteuii until I tried Dr. Taylor's llalsani of Liverw-url. 1 -ent iinniedialely lor this ine-dtcine, and .liinoupn I lie e-on'e-t u-r o lew lays I ctween tin. me lieinc, and my ,ii ca-e was tc- vcre , llie im-dicine conqcered, an I in a forinipht I was re-loredloli.-.illh. I ha I a cci iph, r.li-iutr of mat ter, lo- ol in v vein c. nam., weakne t, &i: 1 can re fer lo Doctor ilsi u, tu the Carlicn Ucvi-e, for lhe trul li of inj stulciiieni. .MARY DILL, 10 h lreclcoi-. lieware ol Hand.. ol J I avciii.c.

Summer Complaint. The Ral-am olLuerwori, in -everal ca-e of thi. disease, where all either renie he. annlied bv i.liy. 1- cians have proved inclllvtual, ha produced a perlcct cure Surprizing Cure of Consumption, Mr. It. (iladdut ol Delhi, N. Y., ol a uainraby c-oti snmitlive coiisiitiition. lias ecu -utel from un till timely end by lhe u-t- of Dr. Tnvlor'- Hnl-ani of l.iv- ... Ht.nr- .,, r.iHCIU 111, ,1,1 tlllll.'S Ul .ICil' andthu. endel in pcncrul debiluy ami i',n-'tiniv U in. A 1'i.tisiant t'O'iih, he-lie flu-h. re-tle.s nipht. q ue'; pul-e, and cont.iiuel lo.s of llcsh, .n-ureicl i st-ecsly de-.-ith ; but u. .oon a- I eonnncncd lhe ti-.-of all i - Lai-am I grew letter, and is now fully reslore.l to liealtn. Shortness of Breath. For ihi. di-ea-e. 1 hate alttnt- ion,,. I Dr. TnvlnJ llaUnm of Liverwort nn excellent reioe-ly. It i. a once so .nicaud -o e r -lite, ihat I nltvnv. u-e Hi P rt 1 si PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. YAR BANTED. TUIS articleis too well known to need comtnen- da ion and lhe experience of seven vcars has demotistrnted to lhe eoititiiercinl coiinnuiiiiy. tliat for accuracy, convenience: and durability, they ore unrivalled Coal vtird scales lo weiph iroin'dto C ton. Dnrmniit Wnichouse do, lo weigh from 1-2 lb. lo 5000 lbs., Portable do. lo weigh from 1-2 oz. to 200 lb. PortableCounter do a new article to weigh irom i-ioc. lo -lu IDs. J. tt .1. IL Pkck & Co.-.it'e-Ji.. Rutlinpton, April 8 1911. llhM.I.I.'.n mu.tlAi.il urril.i.s. may li u-ed in Wine or wa'cr. Thcsce-clebru'etll uteri areeoinpo-ed purely of veee nbles of llm most intio- cetilvei specibc virtues. '1'he.y are recommoiu'cd oar tieiilarly tor rcstonup weak constitutions, clean-nip and s'renpihcninp the slomach, and incre'.isinp lb. uppclite al-o a preveu'niteiipatiist ihecholcr.t uior' b I-. feter nnd apuc. teiiiovtuir liaii'e.i, vomilinp hcirl biirniu, weakness in the li.-a.t, pain in the siotnacti and oilier .yinptciinsol ll.iliileiicuuiid indiges tiun. One box will linciure unegaliou. Price2jels. u box. Ilussnt.l.'s Itch Okt.mi.nt- Tin's choice and -afe ointment i said lo I e .-tprrior lo any now- in u-e, for lint di-n?i-ecab'e nn 1 lunih-oine ik-ca-e, lbs ITCH. 'I hi. O.nlincnl . so ecar'nin in lis operatic n Ihat no icr-iin tlo'tbled with lhe al ovc di.-on'cr o.iphl to 1 tvithoul tt. It is a icnu-Jy (or ciitan.-ous eruption-, .corbutic n-'ection. of the hci 1, or any other l.i.-akiii--out which an-es from -htii',1 li uiiors in the blued. Price 21 ct-. a 1 n. Hutkli.'s Vr.Ri-.TACi.r. Utn.tous Pilii, or f.imilt physic, for general u-e, m e-j e. t l'Ja .uJice, morl le. cii-i'tlity ..fthe .lomaeli an 1 1 uw el., lo-s o( nppeti'e, lii!' id l.re'aih, cci.litene-, Pile., and all disease, un tup from I iliary ilci-.nigemenl-, al-o f ir oorrcctinp the -tu:e of the! I loo 1, Mil J elenn.ing ibe sy.ieiii ol fo il and yicid huint-ur-. The e pills lire a mild cn- lliarnc, pro l..cnig neither "idi nor pripuip, and are I, .rs-li re it V,.I,.1U v., ul I,,, bit' itpt, rove.1 li.isii.,i,iu, I are pronounced us si e'i byllieiuo-l ilisliiipui.lied by ieiaits. Each I ox eouuiuint; 3j Pills. Pnee 37ict-.alox Itu.-cll s eelel ni'cl.'stl.T Unr.r.M DINTMrMT. I in- nnq. e-lioiial It tin- I ct and -nie-t ii-inedy eteryet red to the n it.lic tor tic.il onsiiu.m- nisornci- c-.ti. i III I'M. hetc oiln-r means liave tailed, il ha. . ne ce VJ, andlhefactlli.il il has l(-n ..ven.ively u-e.l y eminent I'raetiiu.ncrs spcaus volumes in it- prni-e. Is eq-tallt e.licaciols in an nnca-es in ine .1.111, aid bc.id. nncr worm ..and tt e most lllietcr.ile II. It, c. i.c. Ntimero'is cei-tttcii-e. itiipht le ol lauicd, ut the proprilor choo es that a lair trial .hcv. Id I ell., nU--itfe i, fit. .nieriorc lieu -v. Pr.-c 0 cents i ,. l or tale I v l'ecii q- .ipear un t uon-ri ..inuoy, II ulinplon; Dr. (!. E- Mile-, and II ill & ( ook, lime bur" li: S. II. I'arne.. Char.o.li': I., .lane-, e.eoipia .. v er. l.-.c. : r u ler .V llniitlnpti n, Kli lilnomi M-o, by the diugpi-t and ii.eiehants geuennly hro-r.'hiiut the state. e.-..Jir AL1IANY AND llOMO.N HAIL. UOAD1 I'arc reduced to II so ton 93. Time of slsrlinn altered to 1 before 0 A. M.on nnd after .Monday, 2nd inst., (thi,i dcy) nrritt 111 iiosioii same day nt 7 r. .11. .Morning Irani throiiph 10 Hoston, leave, the Depot at Urccn'.ii.h at J beforo G o'clock' preeuely evciy inorniil?,(3iinil,iys excepted.) I'as-engers inu-t leavu cMUaiiy by lhe aoulh 1 erry, not later man t past a o clock. Noon traiijsto Sprinpfirlil is du-rontinued. A mVi traii through to JJostvn wilt leavd Greendiish nt I efore 7 P. .M. pas-er.cer I1111.I leave Albany, a- above, not later than Cj o'clock. Pncnpcrs tor Sprinalield can lake this lrntn. The train from lio-lnn arrives 111 Greenbtith at 5i P. .M. giving .uilicient tunc for iia-'cnu;ers to is ,u the curs for the wet, or the 7 o'clock Urn; lor.N. YI ran jMiTi'ojm axv sV;iri.ir:.v. Pu tenpers leaving All any in ti e morning I y the Jlvfoie 0 o'clii I. tnilii fiom Grtenl i-h, arnte in Siiriitifield ntlMa. ni tray leave immediately for Hartfoid thence by cars arrive in New-Hat in by 7 p. 111 (Ir leave (iii-uiUish in (I'.e beforo 7 p. in. train, arrive in Springfield hI 1 a. 111. Ihenee at d a.m. by steam Iloal in tlartlurd, arriving thereat 11 llit nce by Sleam Host at 2 p. 111. arrive in New S'ork next tn'orningliy 0 o'clock, or thy may laata Ilnrtford forNew Haven by Rail Rood all p. m. und nritte lliere di i p. m. Steam Hoat lcates New Haven for New- Yotk ai 0 a. in. and arrive at the hitler city at 2 p. m. F.ue in Si-rdipticldv-3.00. Pa. -. Miners uie particularly rcq 'cs'ed to procur-i their Ticket- I eloretaking-calslu llie Cars. 'I i els e-in he obluined in All city at G. I!. Paynu'. niVe, a J Rioadttay, or nt Ticket 'O.ncu 111 I.'epol at Grteulu.h. W.M. 1I.TOW.SSEND, Masier Transponation; Green'.'i.h Pen-t, Mav 2, IB 12. VT ATIJItli-S GRAND RESTORATIVE. Tin 1.1 va'iuille cpetublc Medicine -lamb, unrivalled lor lhe followins coniplii'iits, viz: Dvpepni, or Indi , II .., . ,...i.: il .. ...i. Kill, .ll-S- l-.-ll I.IIIT, IMUU, Is I,, -'... 1T-, ..;,,- ... . ... w..I-I,- 01 rtiipentr. ami .y ic-insinp 111c sic niiicn unci i owcis, i inc- p..in. in uit- Ic, sloinai h and I UM.t, col.!, and eo ighs eil Ions Kiidinp, lloar.-cn.--s, slmrnie-s ol I reath, Nervous iimplsiuls,elc., ttliich niefieqcieiitly the elect ol d.- st-. rnr 1 c-te-riinii nunc, n i--t .im. vuiunoie pre- niaiivc a. wen a. n suvereipu re-ineuy. lis virtue urpass any thing hcretofotr knnvvn in removing St. mis- iiuii.c, iwn 1 onie. tiiive 1 ecu i.nown 10 cure Ihi-nlllictiugili.scase, nfer h iving I allied every exer- 1011 lor lour tears. It lias a most now erful influence 111 rciiicivinp iiervousei.iuiilntnls. 11 is picasaul 10 lake my uucitcc, ami rccconmiend 11 10 my incn.i ii ml m 1-a.v 111 Us operation, that il may I e administered hate u-ed 11 111 some hundreds c Ica-e- vviihin lhe pas 10 the- int.iiit wiih-ate'y. I he abuvc Medicine is very io.tr year., mm 1 nave never had 11 lati. In many an V lecoinmcn 'c.i ,v many .cieniuic penileiiicn, ca-t-s 01 i.-inm... 1 nniy leueve 11 in nave 1 een tin in. I n lame 11. mil er ol lathe-, w ho have tirovccl lhe incin. ofraving picctuu. lite-. Eel all me it. virlre- ol lhe Medicine I vpcr-oiuil tsee nil Ihat oftbeir . i.i.uili.l-. KAI.ru, ..1. 11. '.unt ies. A bill of. crlittc-ute-. necoiiiiiai te. each botile. none Pennine lull thai pieparnl at Jo. Kowcry. . . . . . . '. . . I S 11 . .,...,.,, ti'iiniiire-v.ioiis. 11 inny 1 e had wlin;e-ide or reinii 01 .sew 1 1,0, H.tvin it- -crn i.y in.-i;u ei. auu wrap lu-iiuin, llarre. and J. U, i-arnaui. I a-t Williams own. vi. sole proprietor.. I'retinred Irom theorisin al recipe ; for sale by E. II. Premiss, Montpclier, nmr t'ECK cparFAn, II irlinglon, and in lhe principal towns in the stale-pill lireetion. signed in Itieli end wnliiic ol lhe proprietor SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMWUCA1 ner. ot each boll e. He sure von look when von 1 nv The genuine can always cohinmed ofihe U d APeni., .tie-.r.. .. I.citeiy .v 1 o., now Lovely A: Sevmo ir Dr. .Moodr and Pec k A, Sni-ar. Chcnii.i'- and Drugpi.ls, I) ulinplon S. II. jl.irne-, Charlotic William Kitoie-., Jr. itieliinonc' l.e-o. Avirs tV. lo, Milton A. tV. W. Hrown. Grand l-le W." II. Keelcr. South Hero Horac e Wadsworlh. North Hero -s.cS: .1. Diivi-. Alburph F. I.. O ena. We. Alb irph D. A. w . l.arpenicr, w iiteri ury. OILS. OI?Tlf fALS Pure Winter and Fall Sperm Oil tQO WsClOOcb. Whale hlen -hl nnd mibl-ctchcd 30 Ubls. American Ltns eeel, by 30th Dec. 1341. J. A .1. H. PKCK et Co. Tt' S T received, a supply ot Mar-h's ee!e-Vr.ntcl Tn:es, of every description, for ta'e bv the dozmi or -itislf, Nov. 1. PECK cf- .SPEAR, iCT Vrussfs aeciira.elv applierlfrec ol charge. GLASS. I KCC ROXES Hurlington, Vermont, and 1 OkJK. I Essex Cylinder Glnss, 3C0 do Kedford, Jsarntnc, nnd 1 hntnn Crown do by J. ."s J. 11. 1'l'XK tt (;o. 30 Pec. 1811. Agents. E. L. FA Itll AH gives notice that he continues to carry on tho busi ness ns usual of manufacturing Stone ware of a sunerior quality in all its varieties and will it all times be in rend. 1 . r-fTMiness 10 supply itteichaiitson the most reusona lo letin, all orders pruinptly attended to at his Factory . Pearl Street, iiuiiiiipioii. jan.ji. iQi I.rlilcli ' oal. m tf TONS l-ehigh raked, Coarse Coal, houfc JL vt,nj Lent fiom the tte-ilher, fur sale bv Nov. 21. FOI.LLTT if- HRADLF.Y. Sugars. -I ( P.HL-. Powdered. 1U 10 do Crushed, 10 Doves riou'ile 1.001, 12 do Philadelphia Lurpp, 12 do New Yotk da of superior quality, for ssle by At lhe Wharf. FOLLKTT II HRADLF.Y 'lIIE Hurlinpion Hrewery i now A. 111 lull opciniion, anil licer 0 the very best quality is kept con stanlly on hind for sale in whole orhnlfberrels. o. I'b I bllso.N, GLASS WARE, iF nil descriptions constantly on hand : a full as- Wsortmcnt of Tumblers, plain, pressed, ground, star bottom and cut gla-sWinesi Jellies, Lemonade nnd Egp glasses- Lamps of all descriptions! Lamp "liis.se.s.'Decaniers. Water lloiilt. Snccie Jars, vtri- ous sizes i Preserve Dishes, cut glass Cu-lard Bowls, Pilrhers. Stills. Castor Hollies. Revolvinc Casiors and cut glass Lamps, fot sale (cheap of course) at the new Crockcty and Glass Ware House 01 FARRAR, WAIT & ROOT, liiirltnpton, -inn. 31, 1842. jAt'on-s's packagi: i:xihi.ss, JJrtwcen Albany and Montreal, VNTIL further police, leaving Albany SPRING FASHION FOR a CUARLESA. SEYMOUR HAS lust leccivcd from New Yotk theepring patterns for Hats and invites the public to call and examine. Ins assortment, which comprises hats of various qualities an 1 priers, sonic very low, Iletspecinl y inviles such crn ll.nun ns liave'herelofoie piven 1 priferenco 10 lints of Southern manufacture 10 look at In su ck rf fine hits which nn in point of calornn I finish nrc equnl, ant in point SELLINO OFF CHKAI. THE subscriber, desirous of closing his business, now offers to lhe public, at ,(, the whole of Ins etock in trade, coni-isting of a largo and gcnersl ns .....,n,.ni of nlnin tin and inpanned ware. brns Uettlea. stove pipes, stoves and, trimmings, and every other 1. '..I... u .lln.l form his line of business. Alsn ?. .i.i.. ...ri.H.siies. Ru-sia, r.nzlish.andCnnadii . ( . . . 1 . ....... Ine. lend nine. wrr A sneci iron, m... s-"!1'. . 1 ' . 1 ' ' . .'' Oe All persons wishing to purchase any of the above articles, are Invited to call and examine for themselves, and they will bo convinced of the above t atement. , , , All accounts due to ine iaie nnn 01 aiuu wow, BURLINGTON BOOK STORE, J). A. URAMAX, Collect Street, trest eciraer of Stronpt buildings. Tnkt-s tins method of advising thepuhbn of Ins re moval, nml that he has now for sale, In, believes, lhe largest nnd best assortment of Hooks to be found in thw Slate. Hi nrrnngements for supplies from New York, nnd Lonnnnre such ns will enable) lmn 10 atibtvei monthly all orders promptly. May 1, 1B12. TTd 'T" manufacured n ns'." 1 1 ' . . ... I Hk, dill. .l X ullr Vflf . :.. : :.l 11 ,1.... x. 1 .1 hnn im i" " NOTICF, 'lOMKRCIIAVVS. That buy Crockery .to Glass Ware. FA It I' AD WAIT to HOOT give nonce lo merchants in the adjoining C.niniies that they have their spring slock of Crockery in store and are now ready to supply Ihcir orJer-far as-orlcl Crates itianvnmo tnt packed 111 lhe 1111M weirknianlikeiiian ner at New York and Iln-ion pricer, which w-i 1 le manifestly h great saving loall that buv of us. All or lor.sprniiiptlyexccuie.ini their store, Corner -hurch andCeillege flreet., Hurlington. G K I-: SRF A Tfl K lis ! LHS. Live Gee.e Fea'hers. iu-l received OUU and for tule for I'aeh lower than ever before sold in town. iivi.i.au.v. May 13. dOJ nr. n n -v 4 nw. II trim NACMS. with elevated Ov'. L ens, a convenient and oconomical article forcoo,e- mg, in warm weather, for tale bv Apr. 12. H. H. BOCTWlCh&Co. BARGAINS! BARGAINS ! ! must bo closed immediately, enhi.r hv payment or Tfyqu wtnt to buy Hoots and Shoes that will wear niue. J ' !'TARR t X vell at very low pricsi ca'l at DA"I S. Nn 10, F.VANS CHANCE'S ESTATE. STSTR OF VERMONT.) The Hon. thePtobite District of Chtitenden, ss. 5 court for the District of Chitiendeui to nil per-ons concerned in tliee slale of F.vans Uliance late 01 uuiiingiou 111 sow I'isiiiri, ue I. Greeting, Whereas. Harmon Reach, adnun stralor debonis nonof (he estate of said deceased, proposes lo render nn account of liindminiMinlion, ond prctent hi ac count against said rsinle for examination nnd iillow- nncc at n session or the court 01 riobale, to ne no. den at the Regist.r's office in Ruthngton in said dis trie! nn thci second wcduesdnv ol Jiinu next. Therefore, vou nie herebv notified lonppearbrfore said court nt lhe tuna and plnro aforesaid, und shew cause, il any yen have, why tho a-count aforesaid should not no nuovvci. , ., , ... . I '"""i ."? " r.- tj ..,h.m,Vit. (liven under mv nana ai iiiuungion 1111s sjiu mty men gu.ja imvv u ii, r v vvek, in connexion with llnrnden etCo. ni Albany to New-York. Philndelphia, Hosion, Liverpool, l.on bin. Iiehnd. Scoibn.l nod Havre, for tho trans r-nrlnl'mi nl Ssnreie. HHnlf Aoiese V HIUIU e I'apeir, Packages ol uooas, uoons, ana an oiner raicvio Ihat may oiler. .tion real i.xenanpe t.onee House. Al' nnv No. 12, Exelmnce Hultdings. ;rcw Yotk No. 3, Wall Street. Boston No. S, Court Stretst. Hurlington J. et J. II. Peek-, et Co. REFERENCES. Ems lUurn, ) Alhsnv v V I.. Y. ef-J. H. Rixp, S AiMny,.-. . P. Wells, ) E. tt IL H. Plum, ( Tf N y K r.LLi o if. Co., I ' A. Watoois, J A. II. W. Hvpe-: ACo-Csstleton, Vt. -I, ct J. II. Peck tt Co., rturlinrion, t. .1. C. Peibce .f- Son, Si. Johns, L. C. April 23. 49 Pearl M. April 15ih. VHIVATK S IiKCT KOAKDLXG SCIJOOI. rollK nnw Hnd fi'iafifiiK Unildin!? now fretinc 1 Knsl Cliarl(U1c will !enn'nei (if the Lnnl wiih I itu ler ttitf MiKTinttndi'nt ot .ir. J. i f.n hkccki:, mmiM inil'R icii.c 't!iarimoiu m rrfneaana .uum I.y Mi-i 31. A, I 1'iiz.KCi l(i'h May, isi:, Fall term opcnc 23 h A'tcnw, Wintrp .lei OJS 1, Nnvini' IT. onmnio lalftl in lb: family cf Mr. T. Trrnu 525 v iru-r ... n.ivniK'iv MiiioCl0. 1 riMifh in' Al'-I in, 5. Wa- lung exira. JJay Sho!arf, from S2.50 in j cn Mi.!. edirMPl i!nt:frtnCfircoicmtncni itdriirr-, nnt! Invinp Imuht in Un Un, I'nff.i nnJ in ilii State ........ tar nrpivn . f. ntnniv fiiidiitir l I o linen n I U t INC Frtnch anJ Musiu tie; ariment, Goveirtim'in sir.cily parcntnl. 'rolhocnnacqnrini1withthr tvrVt expmtmce m-l aniliiyoi Mr. I . rcim'ncr may i r hi iu :,T.Knalel v.n.irlincion, I K. Mwi, Si. Johnf, 1 9 ilie iiiii!t iioi'iil.u i-'iiit-iM cct knou ii in , un i ic-t Vtzctable Pulmonary Isnlaum h ih nioM .iiiuiit inn tit imi i'i M-e l"i rni's;hirni(H, ! li it.. or iiMiifip tiiuiMi)iiitM). vilm'tpiiiy roiij'li -inl tn1iiinmi ..ft'.'. him levetv Kiml. Hi -.it it t.f.tuii) titct cnj-Mtj; . .tttti int iiiiiii ifui i. hip rni4.inil .fn iMtig Hit ni't-l Mm hIjI Ai fiiuiii nt iik t rri'ic. In lullnwinc Cf.v ctr liiic.lt-i nie tiflfii t fir i iitl 1 i f 4 itiiii lit At NTPIthSrin U8K I.K'lHri uV.t IpMPI fin III Mr M rj CUv. KiMfinMf u'nir iN. V. in il in ini iPlmn, u'lii ul Ihi- Uill . u.i nulv i er il icm iilvtiili run lI'P'n h ilii rj-ii.tlilp rin inon.it ll.tl-iii in ihi u ni't'i .inn ii imk nl I c.i j, I hi' i. pi mhi. Mi . Mijmli . Ii el n t w .ni K . lon i nn w i'i III COHrMMlntlMI. Uli' lillloll'l.llli llHlI llHIl III He W Hr M llliri it j)ll lllW At tO lit IIM.lll'p III liclp llMllifir I w.id r.iloliik. il t.nyi- tiMii(iH of htom! ulifii lit' (JIltllHMIIM ll tli'Mlg tllM li lU.tlM, Willi II ll.W f llri'lPlI muplfiH rine, am In ! nou li ifr m hr.iri . n hp w tt, ili , M"'nlt ii.ii1 i rni'.v il liom tin- in n Imt Iip It ijt Hf'iii'ri hip .i huh r ilrMili il .irronnt uf hir- 4p. ia hit Ii i w ill w rd U'H. C. & CI i . Kinc un, . V Jiitif 25 1S-I3. Kxtnitt if .i tf-iifi fin tn Pi. .I.irul Mirrs TIip Vrii.iUV ,iiIihiii.ii lt.il,iin li.i" lpfn iu!il in ilnr (iiiii fo iiit t-f.iiit. .mil ilif mr.lipnii lu uiMPtl niirntinini'1 i Ni Im 1 1 , fin ii ti-.tircl) in on iiMinnrr t.iilnl u h.uMiii ilii- ilPinieii t-flfci I ;ini h nn inpi.f hi f-iv.tr ofiln m.inv notinini. innm ul uliirh .hp mu )io-iiiiifH iijuiit .1 rrpiliiloiii fiililir, Inn ili.it uIihIi know bv 1 1 .ir lu hp rtft c'n il, I i .iniiot hclji dm ii nn ippmli iiimi llicifo. A rnniiifi Im p r.u rti hmi m lifenoflTrip.! Iipip U a ii.ui1iiij Ai;-!!'. ol INinidiM k, N . V. criiul tliei p i -iinilif r ri irte u mini hti e ihai if Ironjjl) rui-jipr't'il lu lie jn nun jAnnn Mi n?. M, O. M ilTiinctfui , Jniii.it.. rn IViiii. M.i 'i, IS. 17 Tinm l)i. S.tinupl Mniit M, I" I In 1'iupi ifinn. o ilo p irthlp t'litinmirfi Itlp.iui. I m i4i iuV. iluiilirW' ,ptMp I'li'inmMi-ri Itiitidtn i ! .iln.iliV inpprin(' i lipfii iici'il iii pl.iri wild ruiiipii nuccr in in OUsellll HP l'IIUI.IMll ll lliP liO-i", .Illl'llilfU (All!) Ji tvpip ronh, l(ij ul inu'c, nii.t iip r.nfMij uf tmu'li lilooil, a hit Ii ti.ul pip. i.iiiflv i -1 r- I iiMn :itnw'i pr . i iptiun. Atifi (Mm- ilip H.iUtn on ui-ik.il-p (Miifii1 V hiii'p lOHiim il .iml lip v4i-il'p iii yt ik umli li.V lltir.ip ortiiiii'fl romp iiiiip piiirp, umI If.' Ul hi nuu pi.nuPil nol uiil iii.iriiiP 1'ltl Ulmiioiif liii-iiiii ltp-ti-t,ifiil , k.c, S. )umi.m.i.. Ii i nw hkiip ilt.tu tlx rAr inrp I u.in I'linijlii pr Ittw l ihi .iCTiTiinn of ilir 1111120. -nI nn ruiiiitlHini v rtf iIpi I hp'I in lit im ni.ittlp lit h roonril of ilure ili iirirtii?, I tt tii Hi il lP-loi ( fj Ki i'ii I tiP4lli a- I 11411 -n,i)pi) l"i niiny pii., h. n-nj ih) Vpcp'-'IiV I'll' imonri. Itl-4tn. .Siiirp in) ipcn.er) I h.iii iprmu nir-ihlM) (lit IM'rHiii in tii-tl td.iih r.i- ni 'iiiik niiuil.iiiiii'c. nnil n f.it 4 I r.in l4in ft mvp Im iu irfrirftili lit'!! folium p.I li iitMflt ( ii in in, and in inAiit inotrinrf il li-- efTfi'lPd mitf mIinIi w m nhnl, tinptt- opnptl, &AMUfrt UVKlifTT, tin on, li.irrh 2, iM,J7 I'm ch!p, vh(ilfif rtiol rruil, li 1TCK & SPi; U,ltnrliii2ion, Vi. C():N WA V MIODICIN lis. nMll". S.it.crilei' W. L. KIDDIR, Rive, notiei L lint he ha-.iiceeccl the- late T. KtUeler lu llm lirciuraticti of the well known CoXH'ay .MediciNEii un I will hctcaficr cue- parliculr alleiition to lh tiici.aratioit of the It Mounter arlicte.. the loner es- ta' lie-l.evl eclehuly of which, prec luJes the necetsiiy ofa ic-iiulilic.iliou o( llie.- iiuiiicrou. eerlihealu. lit the luticf.. of the proprietor. Doct. .Ichb'M lllieinuatlc T,Inlmcn(. (or lthe ut alt in, llr u-c, .Si.raiu-, .Niuuhness. Chill lain-, Stt.liies. in the jours, &r,, will atlorJ I lit; luosi iincxpcc c.l mi. I iiiiineiliaic rtlielin the ino.t ol slmale case, el" It lie iinati-nt, in a few hours : tin. article is openly rtvoinmeii'tal I.y Physician., 1 hii LuiiHiciilio eloue up ittciilargeJ Bottles. Price 37 ent:. 1)1101108' Itch Ointment. The exietisive -ale ami established reimtation ot DtTMrp.ir.s' Itch Oixtment, cncoiiraces the pro- pr.eior to recoiiiiiietul it lo ti,c puniio witn rcncvve,j eotuiiiencc, a- mo ino-i uinocciii aivi potten u rem elylbrlhis annoying elisc.i.ej ilcontaiii.no liter- curt , or any outer ciancro is uiiricuie-iu, -ui-i cu I e-iippl.cd at all lui.es with perlcct safety. I'ntss j tint? i t)ox Itetnc.ly for (lie l'ilcs. The eonciiirnnr testiniotiv of relieved patient.. Irom al! quarter-," ir-tifyiiis lo lhe cure, chicled I t llie tuc Heine un. r all others mm taiimi, torenier vvita. tl.o inc-rcaMns: demand forthoar'i' le lietn all pari-of :h-.oiiiilry, prote it lo 1 e one ol lhe ino-l valuatlB .pevtinrs i'nown for tin- treul.lc.onie foniplutnl. 'C;'A CleiRviimn vvnlos Hoston, IVIiuarv 13, 1311. . I have ma trial of Dunifrie.' Pile Lleciuary and found it produecJ a .salutary infl lencc alinoat imtnt-I'imi-lv, mid c-onli. 'enlly I elieve it an c'eclual rcincdj fur that iiiieoiiiforial.i't' an I dcluhutitifr coiiiplatnt. ll'iuiatiity lia. uitl.ii ej tnelo ic coiinnen.l it lo per-ons thus aillte'c 1, aiul.ol .hall conthiue to do. Your, re- pectinlly, J. S. The rente ly ecn-i-t. of an Oiitnne'iit and Llectuary: Price for I oih 75 cents, or 371 cent, when hut one is wanted, accompanied with p'Jtn an. I ample dtre: nous with a de-'-riptti.n ofihe coiiipl.iuii, Dumfries' T.ye Vlei' Per sore or i'njla med eyes, noihiiu. Lnovvn p've .'icli immediate and coniortable lelief, and in oino exceedingly bud rasets lho nn hi tuie.x', rcted and cl-j-.iral le relicl ha. Ik'cii found in the u-u nt tint Kva tt aier, after other remedies had failed. Pr.ons who hat c n-i'-d n, proiio'iu. c n without limitation the I e.t picparulion f r tore, iceak, or inflamed eyes, lliojr have ever met with. I'm e 23 cents a liottle. CURE FOR CORNS. Albion Corn Plaster. The mo-t ,nfe an I ice-.ly cure for Corns yet dis -ovcrol; the re'ief is lintiie'tli.itt-. it di-solve. nn,l remove, the corn I'-om the foot with fuse and expedi tion and trittoui the least pain. Price 23 cents a H... I'ull and ample direction' accompany each of ths al ovc- ar'icle.. N. I). Ni ne rf the above articles will Ic -renuine, nile-s M'cne.l XV. L. Kid ler on the o "sn'e wrapper. For .a'c a' h Co in'intr Ilnom, SC n'e Street, up Siair., ce-rnt r of .Mcr -han's Hiny, Ito-ion. Also by Mrs-iis. PI f'K .t SPLAK, ILulinslon, Vt. . A III ernl di co tut a'towtnl lo dealers. TO YOL'XG HOUSE-KEEPERS. F.UtllATt, iVAIT o HOOT, KEEP constantly on hand a full assortment of elef-nnt Tea Sots, of G.il t I and China. (.old hind Ten Thtes, Hold spric'cl do. Onld edi;s n,H line do. Etirn wide fold band do f.nki edere.l'iie et spruj'd do Gold edce nnd hns da. Gold bnud PfesMva tnd White and tprie'd do. Cup phtcs. While Chins Hreakfnst nnd Tes Plates. Pitcher., Howls, Butter Stands and Nurse Lamps with sinilt Tea Pols attached, Chins Inkstands, vcrv prrtly article for presents for snl cheap ai lhe Crockery Store, corner of Church end Collect- rlicrts. nutlmelnn, Jnn. 31, 1512. FOR SALC, nH T Inr;:? and commodion. two sto. J. ry Uriels Divclnc lloue .si Lot si'unte'd on the west stele of Colh-ci! creen f.. nt the held of Colleee. street, in llus vil. n.-i. I he II, cjk if "- by 43, vvitlt abatement story, vtith ICi'chcn nn l Protismn cellar", and a wing 32 Kt .03. ex.cti.lintrtioith en Cc lle.-c-fi reen, wiih wood aii'd store ho t-c: helotv, and cliaml cr. and -lecpuif room, n'ote. A lark-caiidcoiriniotlio'i. Ham, carnage hoiiff i 'c hou.c,and ..tiler o tt-hou-L's, and n sjincion- yard net of theilucllint h-m-e, and u irood tliiral.le wc'l t ( t-n er of the I est q ialny in the villace, and a I rtt-k , icm. One nn I n q.iarteraere-s ol land, ofihe lir.t l aim ; a lat ii L-ar.lcn anjcho.c: fr.nl tree-west cf lie h u-e and vanl. '1 1." H iilihnifs nieconsinu-'ed in mis'ern stvle, ev he le I ma'eria's and wor'-nianshtp, tvereerci-'tel lv It si!,.,-rtl cr for his e,tvn u-e, and the lt a'lcn nf. f -r I- a very cveni-ive ant p!ca-ant pro.vei-t of ths ' -I'.e an I la e on the West und i-not surpassed I'y y e- her in tin, part f the cocn'ry. A so fn,' -ale a lot cc niniiitnznn acre of Inn 1 direc-t-'y on,!'.- I'c the a' ove lot with a .mallconveinenlwi od i. t-iiuis- hoiie ihei-eon. I' r -h i er- me 'nvurl to cs!l nn J nuint for then t, ,ts- Tttms i.i.idc ii.,v.-n ly the nil s -n1 er on ilia . . ,. .S'A-Ml'LLUKr.D. H r mmcn J me, Ifi, 1?10. r.2 ;:?.Iia IJi'iiniK" of I'itmily I'lour. I He. s ii.scrii cr i. in vv rece'.yin; cn .VEir BOOKS. n . a . rTiT .! v n HAS tfceive-l lhe pie ent week, il.c f '.lotvint worts, in ndVi"ii to hi- ex-un.ive nse-iTtiieui, win h lie oTersfl r -sleveryl.w for crash. Kol.in-r.n- Pale-tire, Mrs. A'lain.'l.e' er'. Honn'.V. .lH f".- e, Wh.l .ley'- ("emit nd, Life e f lin liaril ( ci'iir 'V Lu n, Longfellow's H ill.id', Harnn' v ft .d -e. lien John-oii, Lo.alon e.t. Cain'- liii'ions, PiincharclVVietfi'f Conzreejiional mi, Liel ik-' Asrieull'iral flu m-'ry, Mrs. Sinhh's -Memoir-, Pie I'eils' Me-s-Rf., K1 erle'. 1 raei ce, Polcri 'ire's Work-, Charles O'Maley, Trittnl nil's Iteiuini. ence-, Pl ilurch'. Live'., Hnird's 'I ravels, H iral Life of Enelan ', Life of Will erlnree, Cn -s' Trance, Camp' ell' Poein-al Wor'.t, HryantV Poem., Ilncheo -l. . fieo'evy, 1 il'ee'f Netvmn, l.-feof Htshcp Chair, Sc. ithey. Pi et.- nl Works, Lr"' han's. Snani-h Hulls Is. April 7. J. H. Ileillenl.tt-I;, " J. C. Pnrte, Whitehall. J. Shernian, Wrirennes I A. S. Perry, Troy. Charlotte, 18ih April, l8Ul of May A I I0-'- Wm N nf-TON'- Rfsier XEW AXD CHEAP GOODS. THE subscriber 1ms just reccved front Nstv ork A a larpe and extensive assortment of fancy ana .....I- J... ...l.lpli ntftv he found clotlis, Blflic ui y ;uu?i uiiiu,, - ...... enssimerrs, satlinels, rentlcmcn s eunnner goods ol every cleseription, a great vanc'y of linens, ' rencn I. i...,n. ..n,l F.nif ikh nrints. millinery aoods of all kinds, shawls. Iwnkcrrhiefs, muslins, liloves. hosiery umbrellas, pstssnls. caipelinits, rugs. ,p,iper liaiipins-, a prcat vaiiely of lionneis. i.eBnoi hals, tic. etc., which are oflered at lower prices than i .... . kAn K-.I1 i in 1 niH in hi k pi. 1 "' .-v .. i'r . IV C,TU' Hdkfn bla'k Dotinn Utiey U K tt'iM-. anci SliawU and Ildkl's. T1IIOCHA, Marino, heavy fillet, rich silk lnnr; and Shnttla: China, fillet and rich fin'd sstin Scarfs; di. d). 'linen, ponjee. fliita and Spiitafield CARPETJXGS, . SUPERFINE, fine nnd common' W,oa'l Carpets, Fin'd and nlnm Vcm tian stair do. Hemp Carpetiiif, 4-4 and C-l Canton Mntiine as cheap as iho cheapest, by II. XV. GXIA. (!- rh Cc n-isnmcnt, and vv.ll l well sup. .'-FvsstS pliel ihioieh lhe e.i.. n vruh .onis fj,i&afl it the e-houet Brands c.f Western JsLi 't ,!.' j.fc Fin.tr, ever o lerc-i in tin-marl el. Hat-iilC I'lour mnn i'n-jr rc,l ly rnero than itven'y eh en nl M l,s of the h i-'he- t repU s'i.-,n, he pledces ihat Flour suit) I y him shall pne lhe mo-t perfect n'lslaciir.n, nnel wii --e vv.nrrRi.'eu pi nn ca.ef. N. H. F.itcv Hrnnil. ccnsiuuily e-n hand. Dealer, in F.o ir, erchnni- an ' Earn. ie. are re. rpe-c '.hilly invite-dto nr 'er and try lhe iirncle. I' ti ir -luppe l tt' order in pood pa l,ae. wi houl '.la-, on receipt tf Drafts, efrii.icv'c- c I .'",.ositc or Cu-h. .1. .V HLNSl'lLL. 117 Hiver-st. Troy. April 23, If 42. 47m4 NEW ESTABLISHMENT. rl"WlE sulisi nhets lint un; opened :i Paint Sin p in X the li. ildinK one door South oi' Hishop's Hotel, woiild icspecilully inlorni their frends anil lhe puh. lie that lltey nre prepared to esfcuie nil Itinds of JJousc, Carriage anil Sign Pawling, Gilding, Glazing, and Paper Hanging, in the. nenle.i p's-ib e manner, and hope bv- s-rict pcisnnnl nllenlion 'o bits ne s lo receive a share ol tho public patrons;;. 11 U. 0. SP U'l.niNG, S. 11. Ill SSLl.L. rtiithncten, April 23, l:J2- 47tf. I). K. J'AXGBORX HAS removed bis Cabinet shop to the old slant ol Nelson and Gaits, on Chinch Street, opposite the Hank of Purlin, ion, where he vvi'l a-lcncl lo the calls ol his custotiieis. Giatrfut (or past favors lis solicits a continuance of the tnme, nfs iitnir the puh. he that his prices are such ns are mi ed to the tunes. Having lccn nppotnled Sexton for tho nnryinj Ground in tins vtllape, tho public are apprised that applications for lots there should be ninde only to him. Coffin, furnished willi despatch and funerals To Htilllers nnel olliers. attended to .at tliesnotiesi luiiee. BOARDS, Clapboatds and Plank plained at shott He is s s- a-snt lor in- '" ' ; r; . -V,w,n not ce-i also k Circular Saw fo. ' slittinjr. nt .he Chairs. T,,'ColdT'37,i;fM1rf,m1Hsr t'St, lluilinaton Iron Foundry. Turning done, or lath M he irerfra ly are informed that a full assortment of . for tur"in? Betd Pos.Vor column, Cs.b Ac ret- .hair, wit Urpt he old rInce and sold on good cctved in pay! J.W1 P sVY "" ' ' Lh Pur'.ms'nn, nil I?, 151? Pu-' -i;mn A.m , 1 1? J-'urlmRton, May 6, IWi. tf Water Httct Msy'iO.