12 Ağustos 1842 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1

12 Ağustos 1842 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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s a n dot t ii n vCLTAnu or noimn. SSTZLETO2SBBSJT32ia: VOL. ATI. Vub:r street, nl the krtuhfth Ut amhttt Wharf Hiultii?(nn, Vermont. BY MOSES L. HART. TOIIIS establishment, so lavoiably located fur the -- accommodation of the. biisuc.snnd traveling community, is now open to the public. Po-i Coachc' upon the various routes call at llio Lxchan o Hotel lor passengers, ami those iimiing or ih-iiarlinr; .Steam Hunt, in which case llicir uass.Acei. removed without charge, will linJ thi, liou.esjeuliailv to their con ven k-rcc. ' 1 The keeper tenders his services', wnh the assurance, that in all re-pects the lm, shall dt.-crvu the favor- c coniueranon tn an who may iiatroin-e it. ilurlinton, April I, ISI2. .i3,r GEORGE II. PECK, Attorney nnil Counsellorat l,nv, TWO HOOK'S EAST Or THE rOsT OITICK.VP TAIP.S. Rclfcrto Messrs. J. -v J. ll.VECK C. Nov. 10. A. ROIiEIlT.SON, Ilarrlhter n ml Attorney nt I .aw, (Laic tit the qficeoflhc Hen. Solicitor Hat'I Day) I.ITTM? ST. J.niKS'S STRUCT. Montral, I Nov. lSlt. Reference in Hurlington, to 'Uitl.I.KS ADAMS, l.s.nu're. 24 PECK & SP EAR, w h o 1 o s a I o iloalcta in English, French, India and American D R u a s . Aiso.-Dl.l'OGlSrS GLASS WARR. JSiirllnntoii, Vt. nnxTisriir J J. It. NIMIOI.N naic tiss0 . T -"-ssi iu imcivcs in nu-iiiess tor tuc accniuiiio- uuuijii ui muse who unii not tne opportunity of falling at their tcsidence. Mr. N. will spend most of 111? tllltein V i-titin.r tin. l-iltrr.. in tine n.i.l 1 1,,, i ,1 1. ! . I iir counties, and will pcrfmm all operations on the teeth ni-crssary fir their proxrvaluiii. .Air. . will also iprep irc the innut.i for tin-reception of artificial Ji-elli , ijiko model., ami Iran-urn litem to Mr. Lewis, ttia i celeliratcd mcvhnmcal demist, who will always ,,u'. 'J wlio'o unnvallcl -nceen, nml im- "rr"?'.U.':l-"Vtr.'"' I'roemedclseMhiue. Ourniml,. 1AMHS H. VliATT, Onrnrr of Clinreli and (Jheriy Slrcy's, l!niliiitoii. M-iy 12, 1612. SPRING ARRIVALS At Head O-tiartcrs. Xn. I (), W ntcr-lreet. AO 31 J STAKE!! BAV1S is now truly at home, ait 1 would return his srratcftil acknowledgment ti lie puhlic uen- 'rally foethc vcryl dieral pairona-i tie has rcsMve.l, and hoiv's l,y as rict altenlttm tt It uessand a tlo terniinniiuii lo plea-c, that ll may merit a coiititi'i- llusi. m , VfH,in Mine , t-1 ,i-, c i'. lV . At ..ct.arc nud kip lloi.tf, Ik th f ,r men pn I ys; and clidJien's Shoes of ad kinds. l'lci-c Kirelttin a ca'l, t a dtjr West of the l'e.irl Sir el House, at I ml sign jf the "JJig JSoot." llnrliuslon.Mav, P1J. 50 f. Teclh, TcclhXtivti your Tcclh! Great Iiimovcinciit in Doiilislr'! kit. SAXTON havins cnascd r. I'KAKSOX, ' SurL'Con and Mechanical Di nlist from thoiltv of New York, a a pii titer, would most reptctfuliy announce to the citizens of llurlinyton and the nevli liuring towns that they hae opened an otl'ice at .Mr Criawold's, on the West Bi le of Clmrtli street, one door North of the Iturliumon Hank, where tlicv are prepared to ctteiid to nil casta included in cither branch of the profession. from one to a full set of Incorruptible) Mineral Teeth (of llr Pearson's own manufacture) inserted upon lus highly improved suetiott plate, wliieli is retained firmly in tho mouth upon strictly tcieutille principles, llius dispensing with the use of clasps, spring or ligature, to obiectioinlile. Teeth inserted upon the above plan aro beyond detection, and ren dered, if not so useful as the natural ones, more ser viceable than those inserted upon the ordinary prin ciples. Decayed Teeth filled with nitre fold, or a prepara tion which is introduced in the form of a paste, but noon hardens and resists the action of all acids or other corrosive matter, whdoil gives tho tooth its natural appearance and prtsories il from farther do cay. Acliinc teeth cured in a few minutes, and filled wiih the above preparation and restund to list fulness. Accumulation of tartar removed front tho teeth without injuring the enamel, which is frequently tho result of an unskilful operation. All operations warranted to uivo satisfaction. Teeth extracted with ono thud tho usual pai'i. Individuals desirous of bavin;; dental operations performed aro inv'utd to call and sco fpeciiui ns, and uatisfy themselves of the above improvements. Children's teeth regulated, when malformation is takint' place in consctjucneo of nclecl during second denljjioit. AdvicoRtven on diseases of the Gums, Sockets, and jiiuriiui, ircuoi einiic, interePin- iiul.licalionsH.ual i (. .v.io U'ort, lj sunnlictl with the same, free i.r ............ i.. ean 1 riviu giviiiR Iheir names to the subseribcr. Works" kitch us .anoni, iinu jaiqiicric, nua Iitiisuot titnilar char ncler, can be purchaseil at tho very low priicoi" o'.,... 101 o.iir. ,.tJ Ti,. .,, ,.l ll'.,l. L...7. ' ...4 ...... .... .... ...... ....... .......vjr ..intiem i,y James, is now ready for .alc. June 17,1812. I). A. IIUA.MAN. PARASOLS and U.MI!RKI,I.AS,-aii imincuse J. lot now openjat Hurlliut's for e.wjiimatiojt, to Albany lH the nvni t.i..t.. . IH AlliailV Or 'IVnV. 111. (tin iet,n.. r.- 9U llanrX.inlln.;, nr..:,l.li I ..,'l..." l". ''..'. ..''! m ho niotnitiif, to taku ,10 f.i.,3,,, ,oat at Albany at I'. M.l ii liuIevialtail-ltoaiJ!ll) J April 22, IB12. Superinteiulcnt. 1842. IVoi'tlicrn Tr:msoi tnlion I.ino. IS A A P. r n ak-i.t "VaT"'1-' continue the l'01!U'Al!l)l.(i Ut'SlM:. 'll -a lie C'liamplalii, urt!uni t'nal, ami Umlsoii Itivrr. I 'l'llim" If ilvtiiAi-li i.f :.. .(. . ii I r ('1 lilt' Line, nn.l -1,1.1 ...... t ii i endeavors lo nliryall, and plol-es hun-ell to in. , I ... in. unite e imeie- s o OS einplojer. l.y domtr all l.iisiness eniio,!..,! t ., , - "'i i'is;iiv-ss care with ilisp.ikhaud safely. '"r Wight apply to i . uciiucs .-sup, ..... . 1 1 us, a, Lciine. .Nip, M-w York. - ... ......r.., iui, i ici , .lii auy. .'. II. IIoomu.. (t.,. ...l.Cmi.iiix, ) J: V. llAHi:ii, ron.t.kM,nudin-aiKl Whiah.tll I III.I.I.TT f. Ml-.AIMl.J, fhllllll-IOIl. A. I). I. inn, rinit-l,i,rh. ai.i.i v i ( m ioik, 1'i.ri Kcm. J. I'll, lit K & Sli.V, Si. .Inline. iL ' Tim- ..If, .. 1 1:-. ll . . jMiiteh.ill, Apnl 1812. iBooi.'K's t:-.i.'i'i.- iic i ic... 1 7, : U ...s.. ... UI.1,-,1 V.lll.llhlsl .ili icini'. w .!., . .i -:..t,. .. ....tj.. i ...... :. "s"'ij .i.nicii, wiiiic nit iit.iusnl s.H.tf iri i, in,,,, an iiimnnly i,-rnie. llhtslsvu sold ami u-cd for llnriy m..us wuliie.tt success ,, limnd ten- iMln'.i. ij... n.ti li-c t .us, viz. 'i, iisii. ill, i'i, , I, ', ,, ,,;,, I',,,,,,,. " mull Oou lis. Cii'd.. ,l,i!;,.,,l, It. ,.,,i7,,... r..,,.' Juin-y, A .thni.i, I'htliisK-, Spilims of lllt.od, Ritu lcimy, Indiacst,,,,,, Looseness f tho Itowil-, rs,, every kind, ( .anip., Rickets, (:i,., C.ilanh, lly.,.. lary, I-.1 1 1 1 1 1 -r llvnuelinu Iriuc Ailii.ni,,,.. Ii.....i,-..i.., ,'"l"'":lt Sumia.-h, Mc.i.lc, apieventiie idCuii-'l l.tiou-diM-.tse. (.notiin.l liheuiu.itism. Ur'lhi-nl.iiveNlc.ht-inc is prepared l,y Henry Scy inuiir,.,rHadlcy,.Miiss.ri theOriKim'i KVcii'.c, U tliciliiectiiiii i. .aid Mooie. and sold I.v !,. . ...i .1.:. ni'Jicip.il Druu'iMslM'u llie rnitcd.States. hi .lit wholc-ah! and retail by Peck .V .s'pear. pr.iiTMN niniK kor sick HKAruriin W wliieli has been used in families, ciery incmbcr of uliicli has had mc!'. headache fioni infancy, in. n constitutional family complaint, and Ins cured ellcc Imlly inevcry iii.,tanceyet kiioun, aniountmir to ma ny liundroj?, ' It is not unpleasant to the lartc, nod Iocs jus irc.vcnt thoilaily avocations nfonr using it- u!hisl be pcrscveied in, anillhe euie is grailual, hut tIrtain and pcrinancnt. instances are constantly niultiilyiii"licie tin-iusiresui!' eompiaiu is eoin ih'ii lv relieied and ctirtd. nllliouL'h of yeas taiitlni'' by llio us of Dr. Spohu's echliratcd iciiidy. One leciileilpicleienccisiispiia-aniness, iiainn none ol lie nauseaiuiL; t neei oi luuiiiion nru'i-. ltis soperfectlvsalisf.ictory, that the pro rictnr has iv'en direetioii3 for hisnjicnttio refund tl' price tj ny one who isiiot picaseii Mini, ami even i tired liy t. He hopes id o that thiinav -.ciurc its-rtat Lo fits to llio d sttt rd sulUiei s i ho aic Iahem;. uiitlcr Icadacbe. K. Sl'OU.V, M. ll., mvento aim I'lo iiictor. SoldhyCO.lf.s'V'Ori .f. CO., 71 Malcn I.ane. ew York. l'I'.CK it S 1' 1'. A H, iVholcsale igi nts, a few dour east of the Post Ollict, Hurling- on, t. nil lrOC'l'. .1I,I1S1!AI,IS A mm, Catnuli nm 11 Ileadaehc S..M 1' K, Tin Sntrl is ..nir, ,,r to nn 'on c hii.iwn, f'.r retiiovine ilia ,. - 1 ic ,i -i r, Mil Ca anh, tin I al -i a c n .n I'n ' e.nl, nu I tin e.i .i ic. It t.,.ctis and , -r 'c i h , i.'sj,,,, mus, tictilhcns Uic i lid-, a ltd . ic it lie .ii ii act 'on t tin aic tel. II I-p. ilcctiv i.ce irom tiny tluic itele i in ft cni c 'ilion Iui-n ilt"i-aiii ll.tvtir, and limit haicc it ', alter I ciiij u.-e I, is ai..'iccal.te. 'i ice :5 7 ccm pt b iiile. Doci..M,.r hn "sVe".e'ali!el.idiani;iack l'I.Al'l'lt. Hi I' i 'cr nr.ialleil for coriii',' sciof.ilt.ii. swcl In ,S..tii ys , , lime Hack, and 1'ie-li Wounds; pains in nie -i . Hipsand I.unl; nudseliloiu fads to iriveic 'flu local lihouiiiati-in-. If applied to the sde,lt mil cure many of the common Liver Coiiiplatnls and is cipial, if not superior. In .my llnne- m u. fii coriison i he feet; the virtnisol this I'l.iter hayi'lccn wiiucs-ed by ihoii-aiid. of individuals in tlie t'nitcd ni.ues, wno naveie.ieii us ciiicai y. .'solil l.yilie pin incior i Cha.. lioueii, .Mnklleliury, Vt., and I'i;ci; iV: ' I I, HI, 11.111,011011 I I. BEWARi: OF nUJlU'TlOJV. It has frequently come to the knowledge of the. tuh senber, that eniity Sniiir Jars, with f lis Label on thi-in. bnvi. Insin t.mi.ttil im C.p il.n . ...ii- . ', s ...... ....a... ,.,. o.s ,,ltllise U SLIIIII" in thcinaii inferior tpiahty .SiiiiII j and also, that lus Sntifi.Iabtlj liave, in iioine instances, been couiiter- iLinu, m oil .Liieiiii uesigu oi ine sanio so liniialnl as to easily th ciivc the unwary. He deems it, then- fiire. 111. r11if In inr.iriii min-li-ic...-; ..Til. . :.. ..11.1 J '".v..n I'. ..".iiil Ill.lllllCr III vvincli they are often imposed upon; and he would herein- rnnn si ilm... in iv ... .1.1-.. .. .1 ... .,..,.. . ..,..,., ,.,, on ui ociiice Ilia I, Hints on tho outside of the Jars, nftcr having tlisposcd of the Cillilnit.s. so ns In in,,-iii Im. ... . ..f .1 ..... .. , . ... . ,,i iili ue. ii, mu fc.iuiC, A suiiable reward will bo paid for such evidence as will livid in il.i .Im.,..!!.... n..a .. s .v ..1VU1.1.VIIVII unu LU1I.1LIIIJI1 Ol UIO ll, I. poclors. Thesubscridcr continues to Mnnifucture, nnd if fcrs for sale the fullo icing artiilcs: I'Mnc IJrown Siiun; Genuine Maccoboy, ) ro-o American Rappee. Imitation do. J llavored, Holland do. ?'c''yi 'lo. Tuherosc. Alaltese, do. St.Oiner. Curacoa, do. Strasburir. . Coarsen rown Snufi; llemicros. Nattliitoclir.s. 1 uie ir"inia. I'rcueh Riippee. ourlioii. Aiucricnii (Jcnllciiian Si. Ilriiiiiorro. II..... si. .-:,i. , . ins. unuiilSII. Copenhagen, biipcuor flavor. I.. .Muiiire. 1 rnoiv -3111111, Scotch and lush Hlaekcuard or ) UiidiToaslJ lm0' lush llwli Toast, f-ra'Sc. Sweet Sceiiteil I'nc Cut Clii u iiiToliari'o. Siani.sh, Kiteforl, Cauasli r, Couiuion and .Stems. f A liberal discount inado to vvholcsalo dealers IMC IT.R I.0R1I.I.ARD, Jr., Ii Chatiiam-St. New 1 ork. LOrELY &liHYJIOUIt A lt II now openiii'ra heavy stock of wasonablc ' iim-Mly purch.isil m New 'ork winch sue o.Ieied In !iU puplie nt price, winch e.iniiot fall to I'lisuro their sale. Aiiiouk Hi are, lllaek li no lll.iek He, Invisible dreeu and s eel mixed llrnad Cl.nl.s Vl.ry superior ipialtty ol Cassimeres, feilk elvet, Ves,,,,;.,, i'.i,KU i'),,!!,, tiainbrooii., .indavnricly t.rootsls (or summer wear nt .low prices j ISoiiibnqincs, a Koul assorlmeni of silks lor dresses nud bnunelr, salin, Challys, lllaek undi'tilored Miislm do I.ninis, n lari-'e lot i.f .Mcnuo Shawls and Hdkf.. ilrejs lldl.f., and scarfs, nlk and linen cambric lldl,s, a preal variety oi tifoves and Hosej a large nssortinent of Knli-h, ricntli, and Americnii i-alicoes, nud mourning calicoes at nnpre ecdeutedly low prices j Irf-jhoiu, sliawand I'.ilnileal boniiclj a sreat variety ol Ribbon., Laces, lliul icl las, Parasols, Mm shade., .Mii-lm., U.iui.rii.lilii'-ln'it and unbleached Cottons SOIJOi oil, paper ham-ini's, I'lrJerins. lookinsr glasses, riijd, tiutts, eariiftui ., all ot which nicl'of salt low. Juno 1, 1813. 1 I e u . I if, t iici 'w II elc as cheap as can be t incut. VSTItrtlflllut i i. i i Il l - (iiiivii.tiii .. en: iiil; tu XVL oueof the most ancient and lualihy families of . .. .......,., .. . ,, I. tn.uo ii .Liiua liaini" since Ihevtar 1 R I -"5. im m r. cmlc. I.,vn limit (tin li I v . nil n ki I in I. ,.,..... I,. .... I ....... 1 1. nearly double, and for seuial viars cinifiiuti to lus ictl, has been rcslorcd lo ko.hI "htallli-lias lcffliiucd lll liatllt .ll nr,nl t ... Ii... I 1 ...!.. I i.:. i u.iiiuii aiui uan ijiiiiirii ins eai- liaKe, and now walks with ease ! 1 We believe thia is llietrciiilcnian'soivn ilesciiptmn as near as possible, and thcicis no c.aniicratioii ui it. We will srivc innui- 1 1 I s Iil4 mill im.a I .1 ...t.. I i I . -n . .iii.i u..ii.,l inn iiiiiii llie Ii 1 11I1"S IV1II exeuso the liberty j so that any one limiting, may tnoic these facts hoiih he iTit i is hi name may not appiar in pi int. Anion... olh. i m-'i, s,JIr..)as. O. Reynolds. 1 1 1 flii'i .im. ... . i, i i anil mil nive pel .onalas.aiiaiiet of tin fit- s of in case. I.oth iierc ilieumal- in, and eon'i ,c id conls and sinews, lloivhas th s i it n d,iiu J Antivir. lliihe Imlian Vu ui Ic .Vir r in- I'rwiHii, nml J 'Inrrs' irie ami Hutu, hniihtil , , wii.i.i.M imitiiirr. IIiiic'liiir"h, Jlay 1, 1 i N O 'i' I C K . yilF. Subscriber would inform the p'lllic tiat ho - n.i, on 11.11111 ii li ucrni assoritncni 01 Harnesses, Sciddlis, Trunks, Valht-s, Carpet Rags, Whips and htshes, and numerous oilier articles in l.i In,,. ,,r ;... wliii h will be sold ns clunp asean be buuuhi.ii tlua vieiiiny. i iannii, i nn i ioin, Lumber, Woo , ami most kinds of tanners' produce received in pijiiicut. S. ..... uwia 1.118I ui me 1'osiwiuee. Is also kept by the sullcrihir n few rods i:'asi of tlnCiiurt House, mIu re Ihcpublicwill at all lime's find a unu ill iiihness lo attend calls, and alcood iiorsrsantl Uaina 'csacan be ! foiintl 111 tho place, aniat as 't fair priced. :- s r. L'C vtril I!urliiigtoii, May5, PI.'. NEW IiIVERy STABLE. , , 15 U It T II ci CO. R ,'",ri,,.ll'l,"''IA ,nlorll their fur nils mil tliu I iiuhhe, that they have now inn ne.il n Liverl Siable ant hue 011 hand ready for u . Funic exeelh u'lIorscH and arriae;i.s,Slci;;h.' ,1 lam, s tes,o, e. w Inch ney will let on reasonable terms. Stable nt lleuiaiuiii lihliop's tlotel, s-oiiili West Corner Com Iloui-u iquarc, Hurlington. BOARDIMJ HOUSE. rP1ls House 11 now OP-:, for i,0 rcclplion of .....iiii.-is. nu woo wis , in nnl ate uivucu Hi uu ,i .i e- a ii h- l i u. 1'' ri.nsi.N-. 2$ r V E U M 0 N.T, V U J I) A Y, A 'frost's) i..Ji.-j J3igcjaj!i!JtLjjLgrjEi--ji jj.Tai,iLf., j.m.ji w."jiiuwwi!ig ui i'.vry Koiri'Aiu.K i.ikk .mi:i)H'im-.s I heo inetlnMncH ore onle'itcil for their ,,',m.. n. their m.iliile-t ami n.nihle iftioit in purifyns ll" printr ami t hanuek of I ne, ami ciiihimp; theiunwu'i renewetl tone ami visor, l l nianv humlreil ceilihe l ea eswhlih lin'-o l,eeu inaite iinllie, nivl in nluioM eveiy cpe.'it. nl ilt-eao to whHi the human frame i I file, he hap.ye icl of MorrAi'n l.trr. I'n.i.x an'ii I it'KMtN. HiiTi.ns have l.een sricitl'iillv ami pohlidy aeknowlcd ed hy the persons tieitelitiLiI, and h weie previoi.y iiiiai'qMaiiiled Willi llielieautil'ullv pin losouliii a! prmeip'es upon which tliey nrecompouud. e I, ami niton win h iheyeon-cipicutlv net. llie 1.1 J I'. Jll.DK liSKa teecnimeuil them-chevin th c.i'Csof ecry fonrt nud decnption. Their (irt operation is o 'ooen fiomtlie coats of tf,e tti)i:icii nn.l lioweU, the various impurities and ciUihtics con Mantly seitlinsr aroiinil llienijand to remove tho hnr dcntil fate which collect in the convolutions of the mallest intestine.. Odier medicines only partially ck.iii.ethe-e, on I leave i-ucli colleclul lnase I ehinil if u pit uii'v uaniiiini co-tivcucss, i;h nil it- train ol IV ' f" l"','e" ''ntrrhtra, mi'.Ii its iiiimineut tlai'er-.n I hi f id is wt I 1 nowii to all recular aualoini.t whocxamme the human !iowl1s;iPci-death j and hence the or j idicioftlii.M.we'liufortneilmen asaiuMiuacl. inedii me. or medicine, prepared nml heiahl.tl to i" ivii hi. l.y i. ni ranl per on-. Che econd ellect t. he Life .Me hemes i, ,lci,ii-e the kidneys and the j.. ci , nil-! ..y,m means, the liver and tholiuiL-s.the niaiiiiioiaenon 0 uhicheiiliii'ly depends upon thek.. pi i.iruy in ine iirniary or-au-. The blooil, which. ...... , n-ucoior ironiiiio aseiicv nl the liverand llie uius Kltne il passes into the hcait, bciii? thus purified by tlieni, mid itounshetl by food coiuhil' frimi a clean t anach, coui-es fieely ihrom;!! the Vein-, lenews ,.,, . ,,. sysii-m, ami iriuuipii.iiiiiy mount. -Mil al's, I'licl.. ;clal.le l.ile Medicines hive lien thtir- 1 Olichll le.lcd. :,.irl limn I .. , Dyspcp-i.i, Klatulciicy, I'alpitai sovcrcisii lcmclyfor nation of il... Il.... I ... . . . ..,,i,l..,l, ueiiri-oiirn ami iiea.i-aciie', i;cst;e.s1L.ss, l.l-leniper, AiiMcty, l.auauor und .Melaiuhi.lv. Cos. ivcnes., Diarrhtea, Cholera, Fevers of nil kinds. ilic.nn.uism, i;,,i, Drop.ics ol all kind., (!,au'l Unrni-, Aslhma and Consumption, ScuuV I hers' Invelciate Sole., Scorbutic l.nij'lii.ns and Had Com. plcxious, l.ruptivo coinplaini., .saUWl Cloudy, and oiliei'dis,T.'ieL'al.e CoinpleMnii-, Salt lilieuin, Iwyso,. elas, ( oiium.u Ctl.U and lnllnciiza.itnd various iuhir complaints which nllhci thelium.iu fin me. In l-'rirn nud Ann:, particularly, the Life .Medicines have I con iiiosleiiiniciiilysucce-.riil; mi much s() ,at m tho leiciaiid AL'iioilistni't., l'liyieMiis almost uuiierallv pii'scril e thcni. ' All tnal.Mr. Mo lHt rcuiiire.s of his patients is to le particular m takmi: the l.ile Medicines sncly nncor-'"- " the duectioiis-, his not a new.-paper notice, or by nuythinu thcl hclnin-elfinavsay mtlicir favor, that he Impc-iio '.'am ciedit. Itis'aloueliy the ioult 'ifafnrir.il. .MOKKVT'S MKDU'AI. MAM'Al.j iIcsiiikhI as a dome-lie i'liidiMolicalih Tlnsli'llo pamphlet, edited by W.I!, Mc.iial,27j llroaduay, New Ymk, has ttrii ptil.ltshe.ln.rlhe purpose ofexnlainuiLt inr.iefiilly Jlr. Mo I.ti'sthe .iy ol di.e.iscs, and will le tumid ho-'hly 'ntcic.sini" to, icisoiis 'eel in-r health. Il iic.iis imnh .a i : ii i..-.' i ii . . .'." "."i '" prevalent di-case-, and llii'c.iusc.s thcieof. I'riee, '2j l'iil for sale l.y. Mr MollalV Ae-eutspencrallv. Thcfc valuable .Medicine, are (or s.ieby(!f'.OI!Kr. I.. WA1!1:RlV Co. Johnson, Vt., Ccucral Aeents, by whom nil orders from any part of the State oi Canada, will I e proniiilli aiis'iiere.1. 23-t i Dee. 17, 1811. n agar Aim run, (Jencial Aircnls (or Jtoiial'.s celeliratcd medicines, lowhoiuall iipplicalions for uchcies 7)itit( I e nil dressivl. Iliulumioii, Jan. 2', 1812. AJATUItlS (iltAM) RlSTOR.Vmi.. Tin- LV va'ual nble Vcu"cliil Ic Medicine stands unrivalled for the fnilo wmq complaint-, viz: Dy-pcpsia, or ludi SCs!ion,ihsea l1 l.iu'r, biliou. dist-i-dc"r., iiropsy, Asth ma, Cosiiveni'ss, Worms nnd lo.ss of Appetiie. ami by cleansing the stomach and l.oiiels, cures pauis m the side, toinat h and breast, colds and couilis of lon itaudiu, lloar-ciic-, lurtn.' of bicalh, Nervous .niiipla nts, etc., wlni h iirclieiueuily the elect ol th cum'. Kt r fVlcriind Al-'iic, it isti iuo.i v.ilit.il.li in.. vi'iiiiiiivc us well as n soicicisn uin.'d). Its triues siir, i s any tlmnr herelofore known m removing St. 'ltos Dance, twti Lollies have I e'en known toemi' ns nilli. 'tins disease, alicr having bullied every over lain inrli.iir year-. It has a mo-t powerful influence ui iLinoviii" nervous complain!-. It is pleasant to take and st easy in its operation, that it may I o administer,..,! lo the infant wilh safely. The above '.Mi.tlicine i very in lily recommended 'liy many scicuiiiic j,'eiitlcincii, and u lar'ennmlcr tifladie-, who have proietl tl.c virtue- of the Medicine l.y persona! use anil that of i heir families. A 1 ill ofi crlilicatcsaeconipar.ii'si'ach bottle, wuhdireeiinii.. It may le had wholesale or retail ol liriiain, I arre, nud J. C rarnam, lait Willianis. I iwn, l.st.Ie ii'0ir.clnr-. Prepared from theni-ium al re ipej (orsa.e by K. II. Preuti, Montpelicr, and I'ixk if.Sn-.in, Mnrliiulon, and in the principal towns in the Mate pill direct i uis signed in the hand writin'j ofthepiou'ietor H. I.. I'ARRAR (, sives notice that lio COllllllllCS to carry on the busi neis ns uital of iimuifacturing Stone ware of a s,r rior quality ill all its varieties nn 1 will ui all limes uj m read .ncss to sunnlv iiKicli.iiitaon the most reus ni'i le terms, all orders I" i I y ntiLiiiiLd lo at hit, factory , Pearl Siieel, .... inn mu. .1.111.11. 131: JACOHS'S I'ACK.ICK r.XIMt hSS, , Httxccn Albany and Muntre.il, U..1II. iiiiiucr nonce, leaving Alliany on iednc--Jay,aiili .Montreal on Saturday of eacli i.L.i., in uiiiiL.M.111 wno iianiocii iLto, at Alttaiiv to New York, 1'hil.iililphia, llo,lon, I.ivcinool. .on" don, Ireland, Scotland and I la vie, for the trans portation of Specie, Rank Notes, Yaluable Pupcis, Packases of Hoods, Hooks, and all other Parcels inai may out r. .Muutrcal ICvchaneo Cofi'io ITuna,. h AH anv No. 12, Uieliaii'.'e Huildiugs. iew oru .Mj, i, Wall sireet, Hosiou No, P, Court Street, liurliiib'ton J. it J. II, Peck, it Co. Rri'Ki:r.Ncr.s. I'.eilS li.VKEIt, I.. Y. ! J. H. Rucn, P. Wklls, H. .V I). II. Pu-;i, Kmt.i a if- Co., A. W.vtiiov. j Albany, N. Y. Troy, N. Y. A. II. W. llyrnx A I'n.Rnallrinn. Vt. J. .V J. II. Pi.ck v.. Co,, lliniiiinion, '. J. C. Pr.incK .) Son, St. Johns, I,. C. April 2J. of. 1'UIVATU Sr.liUUT BOA HD I AG SCHOOL. rplli: new and spacious lliiildinjis now eieellm.' in 1 l ast Cluulotte will I e oi.ene I (if tho Lord will) under tho superiuteiideiu e ol .Mr. J.'I'i.S' IIiiolki:,.!.-si-livl in the Liidii's'tlepariiiicntin flench and .Mu-it by .Mi-s 31. A. Thf HuonKL', lf.ih.May, 1SJ3, i all tn in open-2:iih Aiiu-t, Winter du 2-Slh Nnvi'iuber. Tvve'lve young Ladies and Cciilleinen may le ae ciimiuodated in the family t f ,11 r. T. Teim. J-J.j pci ipiintcr, m advance. JIusicSlO. Iicni'linnd Alue li'.w' 1'-'llr'1' "ay Scholars, fium 32,51) Mi-,'1'. edii atisl un lcrihecareofe'iuiiieiitTencher-, and havine laic hi in Loudon, lai.-., and in ibi- Siate ince her in rival, i- nuiply ipinlilie.l losoperintcnd the 1 leuchand .Music ilepaiimcut. lioveiniueiii sliiclly paicnlal. To tbo-c iniacqin uited w'nh the se'rvi.v-, experience and a' dity of .Mr. T. icfercnce liny I chad lo K.T.I.ii' Ic by, Hurl in.qou. I I.-. .Molt. St. John-. I. H. II lIli'llU '.. K .I.C. I' ll I.,. Wl.n, I, o n ui in, icrjiiiiici reuy, Hoy. i. vs. re 1 V, nai loin , i-ii ii .vpr.i, itvui MFW Ru-niC STSiF. - - - iV- " Live and lot Live. IIMU. sill sen' cr ha, iiveive.l fioni New Yml. a -- new supply of S'liool Hooks, 11,1,1,.,, Piavci looks, Tesiniiicnts', A.'.'. lVc, losi'thcr w lib a eood .is. I-Ortmcut of Siaiiuiiciv. and Hoo'cbiiidin Siocl.. n, Ivliich lio invite'-, the attention of the public, i'eeliii i-iy Kr.ueiui lor llie III rial paironauc iicirloloie ro I clvrd, he will ri'iicw liis ovcrtions In i.t.-.i.,, .ill il. .i lu.iy favor hiui withiheir palronaac. n. in.Ml.iilu.. Sir ui ' Hiuldin?, nu ncr Chinch and Culleae i pi.r lie lla inV. ArdiiuV, Sifii lied Leiljjer. June to. lYTO MISl'IKI'' Smokeil llcef: :iUo, Polk by the ' ml, in ' R lived lor sale Im klUll,, 11, 1 1.' V DAVIS U G U S T 12, 1812. It A 1, S A .11 () V I, I V n IV ) l! T. Oh. ervo when vnu bi.e ihnt crm -..t it... ....... ...... i.ri..iie.i ui ijowcry, new lork. See that ,17.1 liowcry iew York is on the wiapper of each l)i itlc. All others are fraud, and sold only by speculator-, without ri'.-ai-dlo tu-tiiT, to the public, or the proiirie lors ol Iheaeniimeaitiele. I70R Consumption, and I.iVcr crmplaint., Dy-pcp-1. sia, dizziness ofthe head, loss ofnppetile, ftysen tarv, and ireneral iculalerol the whole .y.em. Olieirclllnni. t.lil fli.il i.n.nn ...1 ii i-- ll .New ork, where the miii lo was lir-t made, tliechar acieri.fthe iiicdicnio formed nnd established I v the present sole proprietors, and whoare theonly pe'r-ons knowiti" the ct inposition of the cenuiue. It h is l.rn i scd Miccessfiilly (or (.ja,t yyai. in the cure of these disease. fUJ-Rnniiii! i r the fir:iriiril nnd (icniti.ic is made only at .No. .17."i Hi.wcrv. ,',.,v V...I.- a n unices aie eoiiiiteiiut, Consumption and Liver Complaint ! Asa frcneral icnicdy fur the-e ibsmse-, I am filly sail.-neii, ironi loiiH expcriem e, there is no iiiedieine equal u nr. i ayior s HaNani ol l.ivenvorl. l!ciii? puic'v vejctable, it c in be used with the uimo.t sntctv by all ic.oiis ui every eoiiiliiu.n. It cleanses the liimrs l.y e.pectoration, idicvos diihcnlt bicailun.', and -evnis to heal Iheehost. There can be iioqiie.tion uu nils iiiinH-me i. acerlam eitie for i hrouie oiif-hs nild colds. hate lis...!1., four vimn in on. in. hjjul uhiay.s wilh success. A.'K. I!Ot!i:i!S, J, I). ' J icdtitg in it: Throat. 1 know I 'r. Taylor's Ralsam nf Liverwort to bo a certain Iciiiody foi- ihiseomplauil, us 1 have ti-ed it myself nnd linnid its ei'ccts an uuinetlialc. I was iniich troubled until I made iiMM.fibis medicine. .M. I,. HM.N.-IIAW. 21 1 .Maueiii -1. lloar-encs Ciueil I"r (Ik-i-mii- of hoar-enes I can sIioiikIv icceoinnicnil Dr. Taylor's llal-ain oi l.iv erwoit. I have not oiilyloiind e",t.al I enclit luy-cll, but many ol my couirrc-Mtinu by my le.-comiucmda-Iioii have ni'ievislprenl I encht iroiii us virtue. It is alonco mild ,eilicacioiis and harmless, ,, , lif.V. A. I.KWIS. Sevcref.ourhs and Cold I have had a most ., veiecoM nnd eoii.jh, (or a Urns time which I could nol aei n.lof. Alter iisinsr many u-e'ess ttu'uss I m iilT.iyloi'n llal,am of Liverwort, and it cured mo in ii few days. .JAS. I!. KHItlll.NOCK. R.tl-nifr of Illoml Aliout iwo weeks nut, I had a fall, winch iMU-eil mu p, spit ,,rje ritalilics of blood win. Ii nothui5 could cuie iiiinl I ll itl Dr. Tuylm's Ijalsaniof'I.ivcrvvoil. This lucdi.-inc enve me iiume diale relief and m a vciy short lime e lecled an entile cuie. Let all persons try it. , , . , , II'V" MO iRVi;Y,2l Cannon st. Ur. laylois nil-am of Livei-worl Tins superior icnieily loi'th-ea-cs of the lum;.s and liver ha, obiaiu ed ii I'cpul.i'ion never 1 1 loiceinalled. Remarkable Cure oj Consunqition. . . . w.isso near her death with this di-ci-e, that my lncnds sent for a iir.tM toconfess in0 eie I tlied. He m hi-nur'V, told ine ntit ttisiveup until I Inil Hi. layloi'.s lla -am id Liverwort. I -em immediatclv fortius medicine, and ulthotigh the contc-t for a few laysletween thisiuehciiii',aud my di-ea-c was n veie, tho iiicbi'iuecoiiqucieil, and in a foiliiuhl 1 wu iestiue.1 lo health. I had u I'omjh, raising of mat ter, lo-s ot my voice, pain-, weakness, ,:c. I can ic tcrto Doctor Wii.,.i, , the Carlo n llou-e, for the truth ofiiiystnicmenl. .MARY HILL (! li stueleor. Ilewareol fraud-. uto I avouce. Summer Complaint. The Hal-am ol Liverwort, in several ca-cs of tin. di. ea.,-, when' all oiIi.t rcmcilics npplud by phy-i-eiaus have proved mcilectii.il, has t.ioduted "a oeiiivt cure ' Surprizing Cure of Consumption. .Mr. Ii. (it.ul.lm ol Delhi, N. Y., of a naturally eon. sntiiiiiiveeoiistiiniion, has I ecu ..-ived ,oin uu mi- timely end by the ii flr. Tuylois il.,,m of Liv- ervvoil. A severe cold broii.'ht on an allac'. of Plui-re-y, and thti. ended in iri'iieraldclnluyand eoo-ump-Hon. A constant cough, hectic (tii-li,'iest!e..s ui.'his, quick pills,, and com. uu. l lo.s ..I' il.sli, ,o,,.'i,i.,,l i, SI.I'CIV itoaill ,, lis Sllllll IIS I .111,1 si ll I thi- balsam 1 grew leiier, and is now luily lesloied Shortness of I'rcalh. ii. i , nZi, "J'- I'1- '.""y''"'' nii'1;;" !::":' rWu1 ...yu... ,t n. v i .,,. i.i.-oiiiiiienij uto my friends. I u.uc u-e,, ii in so ne liunilreds t fca-e. wuibin the pas our years. :,n t i n- i..i .. ... i , "'-I" ' .. ', ,',: '"-" ii nu. ill ma ea-es ntusihma, I Jully I chow it to have Icon t mean, i.l savi.ig piecieuis live-. U'l all u-c ii Oi:oi!(!i: IJ.M.I'H. jr I). . one c-eiiinne but thai p,epaiel.tt J7j. 7ovveiy. ",. ,", " " 1,11 " mo i.i' ri- ami wr.iii- pcrs ot each hoiilr. He sure vmi look w hen you 1 uy 1 he ireninnc can always I eobiamcd t fiho O I A','i'iit.-, -Me-sr-. X. Loye'y .V C,.., now Loulv & .Seymour Dr.. Mo,ly und Peik.v. Micir. Chcm, i'. n-'loii-'s. II. 1!. ne-, Cha, I, ,tic- ......... ... L i-, ji. in. iimontllieo. Avcis. .V Co. Millou-A. eV U . Ii,. i ni, Oran.l l-ic-W; II. Kirlrr. Ninth Hero ll..r Wid.woith, orth licit, ..V I Davis, Allairuh-K. A. L.O!ein, We-t Alhiirdh-I). A W. Carpenter, Walcrbmy. SPRING FASHION FOR Zd.&ih CIL 1 HLF.S A. SR. VMO UR ,1'ist teceivtil fioni New 1 ork the .sprinir paiierns for II vrs and invites the public lo call and txnuinc his assortment, winch coinpiises hats of various qualities an pi ices, some very low. Ileispceinl y invites such gui HeiiiMi ashaveherclofute given a tin f. icnrn tn l.nlu -,C I iiniiufactiire to look alius stock of !iue hats-wlucli inpoiiilofcjloranlliiiisliareeqii'il, anl i pont of t chy o'f Xcvv ' 'n'S ma,uaiM ' Pearl st. April 15th. LYMAN vt COLE r.TAVi: icceivel their usual cMen.ive ns.nni.., .11. and variety of s,,r,u a, Summer (5 O O I) S which they ii'cral eically icluocd pr.,.,. ,..,,.: in pint ol Pruned Lawn, Cumbiie,, .1Ii,s auj inoiirnifi.i- I au-iis ' Rich ,-atiu stripeil HllzLrine, &e. fur ladies' siiiniiic-r die.sM's. Ncw pattern Miu-liu do Laine.-, satin -irip'd Lolians, Plum, black an 1 blue black Honil uziiie, I luuiul blue black and cotoiod do. Hen y black Canton, tiro de Sivuss ilnd col'd Silk Shuuls. ' Liipiii'sbestM-arh't, black andeoloreil .Merino, sii-aif, sunt Fancy llaiulktii'lilefs. Miisliu de Lame, Tlulct wot I, and fancy satin llerniaii ; Lachcno Cravats, law ,,k iPdk'fs. .Mu-liii ile Lame -h.iwl., raw silk do., printed wursteddo. 1 La Taney nil; .Mitts and doves, colored Pillet ihi . I lack .si'wiiu silk tlo. .1li,.es colored hk (.loves, Men i. I-i-le Tinea I, iolure,l silk, white silk, and lud do. MeiiV black Indian Orav.u., black Mil. Inn i0,e, und India rubl Sii.pcu dcrr, Ladies' white and black nil. llo,o and l.i,l."u". l.w!",m J,'u ""-i'i black and eUirod Mil: and Kul lilovc. Foi'Ci'iitlciiirn'sSiitnnit'i' U'car. Slripe.t an I plain white luicii Drill, colouxl d. tiambiooii-, Hamilton Jl.ximo, and IVnim JliMil &'atuieiie', L'rmiuetle, Jacket Linen eie ' Domestli' Ctiods. Indian Head, Siark Mills, Middlesex and oilier Cotton Sheeting.. A glial quauiiiy bleached s irrlini! and shilling, very low purul. l iiun blenched cotit.n, 7-H and yaid wide. Ilarileil do. 5-land C I do. inakiug : mure extensive asuiitiuenl Ih.iu we havrevi rkepl. Jlciiiinac eoiton shcetiutt, .upeiiine unbleached ciiii.iii.liiilina,.Niilolkaiide-ord dull ln-aw lick, i ii l and vvaillinu'. Thice Ci.es 1 1 I'lnbiclln. and I'ara.ols, Cap, I oiinei and neck liibbons, Tull'cla do. lialloou. Taste-, iVc, ' Flints. I'all River, Mcrruuac, Dover, lln-iol and many oiher biyl.s 1 1 Aiii.'iiciu prinu, vc,y uw .K.,sJ. J.iijluli audi icnch prini, tiuifilum.. Itioad Cliilis,.b A ireneial as,o,imrut of Huilmginii .Mill Co. Ihoad l loth-constantly ,,,, mlll, aI.oimt ftvlcs ol I.IO.I. iloih, and ta-iiiieie., I.'nalijli, r,en.h aii.lliciiiian do. IVIIed Carpcliiiis. Silk, Twist, llunons, Mirje, C.iiiv.ifs-, Paddaif, N'ltvu, iVe. iVc. r ' c' l!uilingion,20 May, (j, ' 3i. a. ux'vuu lUAFi:it AM) VAii.ii t. lk Willi till HAS just r, nu 1 fi,,i v HPlllXCi rislllON.-i, ,i: ' borlineiil of TRIM 111 (ifj. V V S'l'i i sup. nor a ' Ar e the Hum. .q V U 1-1.. ii,, Jut'' lll"'"l'f.'. L B I PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. rpiIISarticleistoowLll known to tired common - i anon and the rpcri nie of -even vcars has tlciiionstialcil to the connmriial coiniiiiinny. that lor ncctiracy, couveni. nee and tlurabihlv, they are unrivalled Coal vanl scales to wcudi ironi'Jto C ""-nnnV,""";"" XV!rt,l""re 10 wtil!1' flon! 1-'-11'' ..nni. ' ""anio no. ioWei!!li lroni 1 o. to sou ins, roriaiiiei.iiuinertlo-aiicvvaiticlo lowei'di from 1-2 oz. to 10 lbs. ,. ,. , .J' '.II' I'-ck & Co.-.l. RiiihiiKton, Ajiril 8 1811. nilSSKI.l.'S STOMACH HriTl.ltS. may b J t n.itl in U incor water Thesecclebiatedbfltcrs aieeoiupost. purely of vvue.iiblcs of the most ,. centvet spceihc virtue-. They aie roooininoiided par ticulaily for rctorintr weal, coitstttulious, clcaii-ina and sireiiL'thcninir the sioma.-h, and uirrr.iMiiu' the apietile also u picvenlalivcai.aiust thecliolera mor-bii-, level' nud aititc, lemovniif nausea, voiuiiiul-, beau biirnuii.', weakness m ihe breast, piuu m the stomach und other syiiipitiiiisofilatolcncciiud in.lu.os tlcn. Ono box will tiuciurcoiicgullon. Pnie2jct. it box. Rtissi:t.i,'s Itch Ointmiat. Tin-chtiicc und-iifc nniliiiciit I-said tn I c superior to nuv now nt , I'm that ,li-asrecable and Ion. I i..l.'.,i... il. I'l i'li Tills (liiiltlieut Is mi cc.niain j it its n .iti.n. tl..,i person tloiil.led with the above ih'soider mis. In lo le wuhotii it. It is a remedy for cutaneous eruptions, si'oii.uti,. ailectious oftlic hend. oranv oil..-. I.i. ml. ill.. out which arises fioni sham Immurs in ibu hloml. Pi ice 23 el., a box. IttHsf.t.i.'s Vi:rii:TABU'. Hil.l mus Pit.i.s, or family nhysic, for ccneral u-e. in cn-es nl'.lniinil im,rl ,'.i -en sI,i1 it y t ftlie stomach and bowels, n iippi-nn-In" id bi c.ilh, eostiyene-s, IM,.., mid all di.enses oris. inir IVi.i ii biliary tleriiiicii.eul-, also I'm rectiuir the ttaif t,f the bloo I, and chausinir llie systrin of foul und viscid humours. The-e pills aie a 'mild ca thartic, piodiicina neither pu n , m.r cripinir, and arc llieiefoicn vnlual Ic and loehiy npprovisl iiicIicuic, and are piotiounccl nssuch I ylliemost listni::iii-lieil iiiysuian-. I.ach I,ox eoiilittuing 3S Pills. Pine 17i ct-.a I o Ru-srllV 1 1 lei ralcd S vi.t RnutiM OixTMr.N'T. Thi- iiinpie-iional Iv the I ei and snfe.t icmislv cvcm v.-i oiliTcl lo the n iblic for thai obslullUe dlst,i-i!,-r S-Al.'i Illll'.C.M. W'l.eie oiher means luio laile.1. n h.i.s edisl, and llie fa.-t that it has 1 1 en svicn.ivcli. I l.y cmincni Piacntit ners speaks volumes in it- jirnise. Ills cpinlly cihcucious in nil di-ea-es of thcs,ui, si'.tld head, rue.' worms, and the most inicicrate In h. iVc. ic. ,omcious cciiilicales mi-.rhi 1.. i.l.tn,.....! but the propi itorchoiisrs that a fair trial should I ethe' onlv evidcin e ofil- si.,t-ritiri"liea.-v. Pi ice oO cents a box. l-or sale by Peek if- Spear et 1 lio! eit .M..ilv, IluiliiiLiton: Dr. C. K. Mile- I II..M f,,i. ll,,,..' biuahj S. II. H.irne-, Clnrlo'ict L. Jane-, (ic. i m i : L. 1 5 .or, Lssex j Fuller oc Iliiin.imton, j;,, hniou.l A.' O, I V the dlUlTLlsts and lllerch.inls . nni...,.!!. hioii'hoiit the stale. i.VJn' DISHASI2S OK Till: l,ir.(;s...),cledlv l! i'i'i iiiipiil.ii icinidj cvti Ion .un in Aiuriici I electable Vulmoiiitru Valium its the iiki.o i,, In. ,1,1, ICIllilll IIOll I'I llruful Cull 'll'.CollU. n.-ilin,.i or 1 tut, i.i. cuiis,, ,!,, i,,. hooping I'uiigli .mil piibiiuuin v fl. cliuiir iicvtiv hum. Its f.ile is slc.nlil) iiici easing, and III. piopucioi.. aie coiisi.inih iteeniug die umsi f.ivoiabb itroiiiii ol iisillccif. 1 lie bdlovvinj uciv ceilificncs no oflVrcd Im publ'e ex.iiiibi.ilinn. An In tniuMMi 0sr.. IWnaci ufa li-uci fit.in -.. j ...I..-, imii;...iiii, eiifiir io., l. v. lo t lit lUsipiiPloi.. " Vtni,.. ol the !)ih iii..i. n,,t dull iri-'d t icni.ikahlc line .i.s, (r,e.ic, bj ihc Vcg t,le Pul niuii.ii) H.ilain in ihe uiiuci und - i iiu; ol JSSj. 'I hi I fi sou, lli, .lloodi, had been snk a long lime uidi dicfons-iiiiipiiini. Hi. .lij.ifi..ii- had 1,'ivcu him up lie was ledurciUu low io lie unable m help hiunlt. Hid was 1,11.014 alaige ipi.iutiiv of bloi.t! uIipii lir coiiiini.iicid using ihc IS.1l-.1m, uhu li ii.,. rflVnod ,. complcic en,.,., , ie is 11. ni ,is In!,. ,n,d ..,, . cvci he him. JI,. Ilutid) has icn.ovi ,1 fioni l, u', , Din lie Ins pinnl-cd me .1 uiui c tlel.iih d .irconin f Uit ease, ulueh I willful ward inn. ,'. S UI. 1 Y Kiiiqsion, X. Y. June 25. S::S. r.Miati 1,1,1 l.-l Hi lii, n, I),. Jacol Mjeis. Thi c;;.'i.ib!e Puhnaiiai H.il-.iui h.is beru sold in iho cniliilv foi ivvii wars, and the inclici.ic li.is g.iini ,1 ,0. iincoiniiijii ecliLiil,, , ,1 c 111,1.11,1 1 liilcili.lli.nuti- ihe divoeii ilh ct. I am bj mi mci,,. iiiIiviii i.fthe inanj iiusliuins, inufiTl uliiil, ,i,t. ,,11 piisiliom upon a cicihiluns public, bin ili,n uhuli I know b) me lobe elf, 1 11.1l, help l,i ttiu. ,, .iipiobiitin ihcicio. A cotiiilfifril picj.ai.ilion I1.0 been ollri cd hue b a tiavclliiig Agent, nf C'lunsmfk .N. V. audihcicis .in.iihi 1 aniele vended lieie 1h.11 i lionglj ni..ppcicd 10 be;piuiiiu.i JacuR 111 1 ns, 11. 1). lliltlinstim, Jiiui.iia co IV1111. .Mav I!, 1S!7 I'i I)l. S.iunicl Moirell, lu the Piopi irn'i,.s of llie rc table Piilinunaiv H.ilsiin. I ,1111 ,-,iii.-linl thai the Vc. senible Piihaiiii.i.rv tialjini i. .1 1 .iliinli e uie.li cine It has been u-cd in llli. pl.ne with i.oiiq.leti. tut-vin hi .111 obtiiti nu couipl.niii of the lungs, aiicmlcd wnh ,1 .urn- rtiiign, iojsiii voice, an, I ihe 1 using of iniich blood, nliiitili.nl pif-vinii-.lt icislcd 111.111) ,ip luveit pirscripiiii liter 11.111.. ilm Halsain one week, ihe p.ilicin s voice le li-.l an. I lie waj.ililelo speik .1 11, 1 i by. I'Iih lit nrcuiiiil pome lime since, inuj ihi ......... ...... . ,,, unit in acute 011 1 latiniioii. em-mess, liesiiceilu It. f:c. S. Vtniiinit HIS lllllt IIIIJIC l ,1 FV If.lM slur,. I ,1.1.1 ...In teiv bm bv an .ifl'cciion ufihc lun,.s. ami ,m ,.,i.,';,,, vt is dci laied lo he hiciuable bj a coiini il of 1 hue pht. sici.nw. I vvasilifo rcioiid to .isi;i.t) I hcilih a. , ,, cuojcdfir miii) jc.us, hv u-ni 1 In; Yfii'ialilr Pul. iiion.iiv niranl, hiiiie mt iciuvcij Mine 11 ........... in. 11, 1. ..oil ill , '.'I c.l I 111,111) C.OI'S 01 'llllg otnp s, .111,1 .11 1. 11 in I cm . ,11 11, its n?e has in. t.ui.ililt been fall, nt id In liuirh bcurfll, and in tii.n.t in.i.iiii'i j ,1 1, ,j ..rr..,.. 1.:. 1. . .1 1,. 3 ."...ii. n"i. ii nil 11 11 1 1 c it lull i une I1"""'11' SAMUKt, I'.t LUETr, li.ij'on, Mai rh 2, 1SH7. I ui- sale, ttholcf ile and ict.iil, b) PIX'IC fi esl'l: lu.li.irliiigion, VI. To liiilldri-s, and oil. 1 is. OOA1!I)S, Claphnarils and Plank plained at short tJliotiei'i also a Circular Saw I'm sliinng, al Ihe niiriiiigt.iii iron romulry. Ttirnuig done, or i.iihe to lei for turning Hcd Posts or column-.. Ca-h e re ceived 111 pay. JAR IS UAY. Hurlington, April 22, IS 12. CEMENT CISTERNS. Till: iil senior- having then-lit to u-e, in and for the county of Chittenden, Parker's llv.li.iitlic Ce ment, for Oi-trnis, Rc-ervi iis, . 'que fuel-, Cellar Kitchen and Sial le Pluor-, lor the imrposeof ina'.iii.' thrill dryand proofaLraui-l ral i nl-o llcanbs, Sink Vc. would inlorin the 1 11 toil -11:111 1. ol siml ,,,,iiu- 1I..11 they will I n nil ly the ronmig season to attend to all calls 111 the abovebue of business mid will w.111.1111 iheir wi rl. to 1 e dural le. JO.SI.PH I.ANDON. ORLAXDO 0 I.N. lt'ir!in--ton, March B. 1312. X.ll. All orde-r- ud Irc-stsl In the iibseribers tn Him -Im hor lluiliiiilou will ii'iLive HiiiUL'iliale al ii III teuiinu. GHSAP S002 1OTOH.S. f 1 11 1 K f iciliiics of ihc snbsci iber in proem ing hooks, J nudcvirv niuclcni liii'liu aie i-ucli as lo lender prices, cu tis;. oinliiii. in tin mil s 111. lu. e the public loeoiniiiu iliL'ii ji.ili. n.'ii'c to his A ne S'urc. Anv titibhc.iiiiiiis not 011 ban I, will hi I'lovidsil as soon ns ord, rs can be fu w 111 did to ilu L'uus. Woik-ri enviil llie prcsini weel., as foil. .vs. Pietoiial I! ble, K-snys by Ilaiiuah .lloore, Hours f r lliiivi-u, 'limperaue, 1 1 1 1 1 b, Wcdih and W011I1, Il.1111.1l1v Rudge, Tburs' lll'T) ol I'i inch Pn volulion, Hlooiiifu Id's Ciiek Tcslauiciit, 11:111114' Notts on Isanh, It Vols, aWiiiis Anatomy, WliLlpli'sCuiupciid, flic I'aincand tiioiyof lhigl.nul, ..iiinui, The Last Tubes, by liiatil, A Wresilh for llie tomb, I. dc of Patrick llctirv, SUetch llook,2 Vols. ll is well, uv .MJiks, D. A. I1RAJ1AN. ROARDIXU IIOUSR. The Siih-i'iil rr .nil cminiiiii'i. hi. loard iii' hou-e at thr foot ol Colli'gesliivi, in ir (In ..qii.iii' and will 11 e hi- list IS. ill. II- I1' -'' "lll-l-l IIOll lo ill.- s v 1, 1 ..I ,y ' I 11 I. m ihi ir pain n 1 t vis .I'll' 1 mt ut and yi'iitce Jo-SHl V "O..NL. No. ic- COW WAY MI'.mCJNL r m i f k fi.ii.inbi I that be has -i W. 1 1. KII'ID li, gives noli'" red the late T. Kiodi r m tin Pic11.11.1i11 11 1,1 the well know,, Ci.nway .Mi.nieiNK HIM Will heienlier five pnriiculjr nllcntion to ill piriiaiatii.il nl the lollowiue- niiule., tho long Cs labliched ceiihntyol which, pie- lude. Ihe neces.ilv of 1 te-nubl,, .,,1,011 t,( tho iinineious loillhentcs lu Ihe hand, nl ihe pinprii'ior. Doct. JthhN Ithciiiiialle. l.lnlmtiit. lor RhcMiuali-m, ll,i-e-, Spiam., X m. Chill lain-, Sn.iuiss , the jiniits, ttc, will ullord the most imexpis..isl ami immediate reliefiu the 1110 1 obstinate cases 1 f lihcninatisiu, m a few hours : llli tirticlo is openly lecomiucudeil by Phy-ieians. ' ,c Liniment is done op in enlarged liotlles. Pries) 35 1 cenls. IJiinifVlc-s Kill Oliitinciit. The oMtn-ive .nl., and etui li-hetl icpiitation nl Di'MinlKs' Itch Oi.s-imi.ni', em ouruKei the pin pne i.r lo reooiniuoiid 11 , tl. ,,,(. Wl,, rt.,..,, tunli'ii-nee, u. tl.c mo.l inuoccut and powerful iciu civ lor lli.s ann. ymg di-easei 11 coninuis no mci cury, or any other duneorous iui-rulieni, and can be iipidnsl nl nil tiniei Willi peilect safety, I'rieu 2j tents a Hex. Itetiicdy foi- the Flics. Ihe eoiioiimng Icsinnoiiy ' reliev.il patients, lroni nil quarters, le-tifviiiLr to ibceiucs elici ted by t he medicine nficr all oilier, had faihd, togeiher iv 11I1 the in.'icasiii.Ml.-inau.l foi the arli.-le liom nil part. 1,1 Iheconntry, prove it to I e one ol ,e luo.l valuablu pecilic- known for this tiouble-oino eoinplaint. t'Lj-'A Cleieyinan wines 1 , , . , . ''''-ton, cVlauarv 13, lg. I have made trial ol lliimlrie.s' P,u Llwtiiiirv a in! ioiind it pi'oduced a -nlutary nilluei,,,,- alu.i.sl liniiie oi.itely, and onlidenily I clu'Ve it uu cieclual rcine.li for that iiifninforiiil.le and dehiliiulim; coiuplami. IIuiu.iiiii) h. ,iiu,,,.,i ieto iccoMiiucnd it tupcrsoin llius alllicicd, und so I -hall coiituiue lotlo. Yours le-pectlully, ,, (4, I he remedy ci.ii.l.ts of anointment nnd Llci-mmy. I nee lor I olh 7J cent", or .175 cents when but one 1. wanlc.1, a.-coinpnnied wilh i'um and aiiiple iluua. lions wnh a .lu cripin ,, 1 ',hc couiplaiul. DuinfiieN' F.je tlatrr. I or dorc or injhnmd eyes, noihtmr known givej -iich tmmtrfUitc nn.l nntjortablc lelicf, nntl in some exceed 1 a -h, had cases I he ni st t xpc tetl ami de sirable 11 lid has I con found 111 the 0-0 01 this Pe water, after ulltir remudiit hadailed. Pcr.-oiiswlin have u-cd 11, prouocm c n wiihoul hcsiiatien the lest picpnrntinii lor tnre, ircid; tr infinmcd eyes, they hnvr ever in. t wnh. Pn.e 25 cents a bottle. ci, '1:1. rou cohns. Alhloi, Coi-ii I'liister. Iheino-i safe and sp, ,,y cure for Coins yet di-. "ovcrcl; ihe relict is iiiiiuediale. it diolves and lemoves the, -oru liom the tool with c.jsc and crncci ..') aiid,iniu the UaU pain. Pnee 25 cents a Itox. f ill and ample liirctiuiisaei-onipauy laeh of thu a I n ve iiriielcs. N. II. .None of the nbovc ailu-lc's will be irenuiiie, unless s,S, w, L. h'ul.Jcr on the outside wrapper. I'm saleai lit. Coiuiiitnr lloom, fcfi Siale Slii-ct, up Mmrs. cor,,, r of .Men hauls Jt,,.y j0..ton. Al-o l.y !'!.CK 'i-'AK, lluiliutrlon, Vt. . A Id cat discount allowed tin loulci's. ron SALE. ,.v?S3v rP" ''lrc'' a'"' commodious two sto ItaSWM O' Itricl. Ovvellinglloiise & I,ot iSlfl'i J situated on the we.-t side ofColltgo green 4'r',V '"-n(l of College-street, in this vil aee. I he If. e.r ,s e' I.i. 1-. ,. ;.i. i.; . .1 .- , .. u. u, .. III! ,1 l.,L IIILH t 1-11 V, with iMiclien and Provision cellars, and a win"32 by (D.cxten limrnoith on Colle-,;Oieen,wilh wood and . .. ...... . oliiiw, .11111 cnamieis aint -Iccpin.' rooms ai.ove. A Inna'atid commodious li.un,carniii:! hou-e ice Imu-e ,1111,1 oiheroiit.hou.es, and a spacious yard west of il,c,lwell,m.'h..it-c, and a good durable well f w a'er of ihe best qnaluy , i. viII.il-c, and a brick ",-lei'U. Oncaiil aquaiicracit-Ml laud, of tho l,r-t q oalitv ; alur.-eaar.le'ii aiideho.ee fruit ticcs west ot the hou-e and yaid. 'I he Huildin.-s aiei-onstriicted in mt.lein style', ct ' J" ' ' L',-' nia ui.ils and woil,uiiship, werecrev'ted by Uu subscnlor tor his own o-e, and the location at' t..r.ls a vci v extensive and pica-nut prospect of the vill.tL-e an I lake on the Ye,i and is not Miipasseil by .my oiher in tin. pan oftlic country. A -o lor sale a lot eoniaiuinu an acre ol land direct ly i..posi. ,,l. 1 ve lot wuha -inalleonveiiientwood ilvvrlliiu' hou-c Ihcieoll. Purchasers .110 mvued tocall and cximaefor lliem sclve linns made known by the -ul -.-riler on the '"V,"":1-' , ls-aju'Llrlkd. lliiiluiL'toii June, 10, 1 S 10. 1,2 i:.ls:t Annuls r raiuily I'loiir. ?prp-, '"'' "il -1 nl ir is now le.eivini on jlptTH '""cm, and will l-j well s,,,,. MiiSS'1 I"11-'1,1'1" ,'lv" will some .,s?.-WttvW ',',' H" J.. est llrands ofWi-teiH 11 "T" " t.-ir, ever oilciei m this mart et. 1 1.1 v, ii I'lour iiiaiiula. unci l.y inoie than twenty di In. i.t .Mill, oi the h,fhi-t icpuiaiinn, he iiled-cs ih.it I- lour si, h I y I,,,,, s,, ,le lmM (Cr-t.ul aii-l.i. iii.ii, and 'I 'c wairanied in all ca.e'.-. X. H. I'm .'v H1.111.1- cniisiuiult on hand. Dial. I- 111 I lour, .Merchant- and Kamilm. are le r c. itui.y inv 1I1 J lo order and try the art it le. I' our -lii.,ed 10 01, 'cr in o'l puoLa---s wnh. ut ' lav, on leceii'l id Dial,-, iviti icale. ol it.',,.,i.. , . Ci li. J. X. IIIXS .11.1. 117 Kivir-si. To y. Apill 25, Is-12. ,7iul NEW HSTABLISHMENT. I , , w,l,!"1'111" " having opinetl a Paint Shop in the I), il.lui.r ..in door South of Hishop's Hotel would rispeciluliy inform their friends and the pub' he th it they aic piipaied to execute all kinds of House, Carriage and Sign Painting, C'dding, (Razing, and 1'ajitr Hanging, 1 'he nc-.icst possible manner, ami liopcbv strict snii.il aneniionto btisme-s lo receive a share ot ' .l puhl.c palronoge. R. fi.SPAUI.DING, ,. ... , S. II. RUSSELL. I'.uilingli n, April 21', 13d2. .J7if, selling orr ClIMAP. Pill: .-iiliscnber, dtsirous of closing his busincfi, I now ollcis in ih. public, al cwf, llio wiioloof his ' ii 111 trade, mnsn-img of a large ami gcneial as- uu nt of pla 11 tin and japanned ware, brass kelllcs, ' '', IP's, -lovis and Iriniinings, and every oilier ' ..tu-,11 illy eallul for in lus line of buiniss. Also, l 'icof vari.iush'zcs, R11 sin, Lngli.-h, and Canada 1 1 11011, islicet copier, 7.uie, lead pipe-, wire, ie., All pirsons wishing 10 puirhasu any of the .ne nitidis, arc inute.1 10 call ami n-nm,,.. i-, tin nisi Ives, and they will be convinced of llie nbovu statement. All accounts duo lo llio late firm of Sl.nir a- Pin,.. must be eleocd immediately, citlitr by pavniPiu or nnlc- J. J. STAUH. Hurhngion, May fi, 1P12. .js if Xt:iV AX 11 CHHAF . 1 7t' nVA R R, CUT 1. F.R Y, $e. 'I1IIK sul seribcr having just rcturnetl from New 1 ork. w here lie has selected .1 licit- nn.l tdcie assortinnit of HARIIWAIi).:. SMitii.i-in- llARDWARi:, lUTLRRY.tve. now olliro the same at I he lowest cash puces, I'rom ine f.icihiiis which he has of obtaining his goods, ho Hcuablcd 10 olllr ll.irdvvaro at consulir ably Ills puces than il has hitherto hem sold 111 Ver mont, Thus.' in want 1 f nrtiehs in ihe above lino will find It Oil ir mterist to oive him a call. w.11. j. hunt, Strongs Huihlin?, ColUge St., near the b'uuaic. lluihngtt ii, Hay l!5f.'. DRUGS & MEDICINES. TIIU subscribers are continually supplied with 1 crery arluK ill I lit alive liraneh, both of the OHiemal and P.iient kinds. Med1eiu.1l wattrsfrom Saratoga 1 do. from Caledonia, Canada 1 .Medical Wines and Spiniki Leceln si Surgical Instruments ! Mineral Tooth, .v. . te. Prcseriptious put up at the slumcst notice. mhvn oihh ut all hours, PI.CK tV SPKAR, Apoihcearics. Iluthiiglon, Vl. .?? 7. Mr.SSI!S.PAMil!ORN.. IIKl.NSMAlI) have tie t iivriviil some M iri oHoiv- for llie oxaiuiiiaiion of ill-rets, llowtrs, tVc,; nlo, .llicro-coprs or linrii and wool piovers; a lew 111010 I tMiiliful loin. I Pari-, Acinrdiiiu.. with i'iiiilunei worlh fii.m 12 to tf25 Muuc 'ioxrs, I liili -, l-'lugr. Ids and oilier in-tru nn 111 , a lew h hi 1 ol'd lii ill's l. ails, I raiuifiil pat-u- n. , . iiiiu.i t Mi" k-, I l- ' 1 1-, Hi il.llltl a S,,,. u , , .ii,,iwii I'm. i, 'it h Lr.isnes, c stir nisei, 4. " 'Ul Valn'y iv

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