4 Kasım 1842 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1

4 Kasım 1842 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

t0U fxtt fStefc NOT T H Q L O B T OF 0JD8AS BUI I H I WBLFAB OF BOMB. VOL. XVI. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1842. No. 22. GEORGE II. PECK, Attorney ami Counsellor at Law, TWO DOORS EAST OF THE POST OFFICE, t.T STAIRS. Refer lo Messrs. J. A J. II. PECK & Co. Nov. 19. A. ROBERTSON, narrlstcr ami Attorney at Law, Late in the office of the lhn. Solicitor Gen' I Day) LITTLE ST. JAMES'S STREET. Montreal, 1 Nov. 1311. Reference in Darlington, to . nilAHl.KS ADAMS, Esquire. 24 PECK & SPEAR, wholesale dealers In English, French, India and American DRUGS. Also, DRUGGIST'S GLASS WARE. liurlliii;(Dii, VI. Jl ,i C N i: T ll lit) M T I i: A . Till-. IT. hi II ! THE 'I EI.TII ! '. The Incomparable Tooth. Preparation. THE fjcl i proved, ami the mn-t incredulous nn 1 doubling are lully convinced of its ureal uti'ity, ns we have the evidence from the -ale of about 23 - 000 I nxesnf the (Vomica, within the paf year. It is ascertained from experience, that when li-cd, llie teeth will never decay, but remain till thelnto-t age 01 man, with their natural wear ; ami more in llion sands of ca-es, ui-rvo-i- tooth-nlic, (llul elimax of pain) basal once lecu c lectunlly cured by this most popular dentrihee in America. Ami in conclusion, where, or who ithe young lady or gentleman, aye, the individual that valuer a I i-aiilifnt set ofieeih, so. ind gums, anil a sweet hreath more than litlv cents, that will be lonierde-tituleofa Lox of Dr M.'IIitch. ock's Magnetic OJontica. IIAIrTTiAIRH BAIiUNESS. Important Discovery the Great Mystery found out at last. DR. STEIlltV'S HAIR REGENERATOR. Dr. Stcrry, after mucli attention to the imporiant subject of preserving the hair, lias after many experi ments chemical and physical, lieen able to discover nn article which is trow ottered with the greatest confi dence for the toilette, as flic best thingcicr discover ed, lor its softening and penetrating quality, to pro dure a good hcaduf hair to prevent it from frilling olf-iheii I a lit iK'i-s Is apprehended to restore it hen baldness lias taken place, and to prevent it from turn ing gray. It is more nourishing than pomatum, an tique oil, or Cologne water. It is a hcaulitul article for ladies' curls it makes the hair soft and lively, mid produces uncommon brilliancy. Thousands hate tcsleil its superior virtues and excellence, and in eve ry iiftanrett stands unrivalled. Jt is an infallible cure in all afleelinns of the skin on lliehrad ns dan druff, A:c ."sc. Every family should he supplied Willi a bollle. of tliis nil, that by its application to the head and hair of children, the beautiful and ornninctit.il an pend me of a line head of In r, with which nature hat supplied ue, may be prcscrvid. , ( If r THIS nvi- ynt a 'oni I tjf) ,)l,:oK CONSUMPTION even IVj'wV vtarin the Uuiieil States, an I mif lions ulier from troublesome coiil'Iis and colds, thai ran be ruied by Dr. M. IIin-hciK-k's i-iret.ibb-Cream Couuh Dlop , n safe medical prescription, ront.iiu inil no po!iMMiK driiL's, nnd used iu an cteniv( pra lire Fir scv-i int years vvib iwki pi-tively alloul uli f, and savi vou fio-n th-il awful disease, pulinuii ary i-onsiimpli.iM, which sweeps into llier.ivc hull- urens ol llie y vs. llie ohl, tliefurry and the my. Have you a i-uimh J Be pcrsun 'ed t piircha-o n liDilleofihe Coiuili Drops to-d.iv? To-morrow niav lie ia .no. 1'rice 50 ceius pir bo, lie. D VlltlMS! V)llMt R. M. IIITi'llCOIIlC'S iintiviilli.it md tinniiunl led Worm Tea, a soverriun leinedy fur Worm. This invaluable medicine has been toleil by the ex pel ictice of innre than ten years n-e, a id a.liir.iii"tcriil to mure ill hi 18.000 person of various nars, nnd not nne solitary complain! ; fur in no one of the thou-B-indsof instances, w bete it bus been used areeabh lollie nriiilcd dircclion-i. hniil eivr failed. N. B. A-k foi Dr. M. Hitchcock's Worm Tea, a--ih -ruare many iio-triiins abroiil for the destiuctiou ol vvoi ins. S IJI-T nn'y Twenty-five Cents. TMI M IIITt'HnOCK'S newly inveut.l SNUI'I-' J ' the bt a licit' ever die vercd bv scientific men. in F.utf pe or America, Fir the eureand idisoluti rch-fof ( ntanh, Dizinr ss of llie Head, Weak Eve. JVetvous lleailichc, r-i len Mckm. l-its. unit III fanta truubled vvidi Snullles, pattial shocks of Pal- ley, tic. LOTION, l.liTIOX. Ir. Evans' Hcautlfyli-R I.otlnn. HIGHLY esteemed fi r curinjr a l Eruption-, Coarseness. Redness, and Piuioles on the Face, Neck or linnd,and ellu. iu.illy elcaiiiiiirtliceoinplex- ion aiiu remuvin nu diseases oi me skiii. Nothing contributes so much to our general sue cess in lifp. as anenuasin!' first annuarauce. TheLo tion is admired as a most fraijrniil, imld, safe wa h, ami iircatly esteemeu lor its virtues in cleansiiiL', suit' cninrr, and niirifviir.-lhe tkin of nil dilutions, so iniu tious to Icmnle beauty, and reaioriii" it lo a high de cree of nuritv. A beautiful and hcallhful complexion is the pride of nu w ho possess n, anu me envy oi uiosc who ate ue- priveo oi ii. A good appearance is ihe best reenmmenchtion : and as the Beautifyin;' Lotion purilies the skin, and removes all Plilllilcs. Blotches. T.in. Sunburn, and Redness, and pro luces a beautiful hue. it is the only cosmetic a lady should useat her toilette. Gentlemen w ill also find this a delightful remedy to remove all Roughness, Piiiiples,Ringu orms, Spots, Redness, Soreness of the face and nose, and every kind of eruption on thesurfice of the human body. It is particu'nrly recommended in gentlemen to be used after shavina, as it will prevent the otherwise certain effect of nil common soap, in turning the benrd prematurely crey. For salu wholesale and retail, by Foster it Dick infoi, solo Proprietors nnd Sucer to A. Hitch cock et Co, 117 Genesen Strrrt, Uiici, N. Y. ; in Oeorein, bv L. Janes; Jldlon Falls, by II irri-lt & Sawyer: Johnson, by G. L. Warner & Co. -, Burling, ton, anil by PECK &. SPEAR, Manufacturing Druggists, anil Venders of Genuine Patent Medicines, TO LET. A Commndious--TONI-: HOUSEnt present ocru pied by Dit. Hixcntnc. Fur Icrius apply at the premises. Burlington, Sept. 1.'), 1812. 15 If Prim I'll Liiwns CfK PIECES at S.B. SCOTTS.-Scveral stvlcs siJ as low as one sln'ling per yard. June 3. ('ccso Feathers. kV LBS. Live Geee Feathers, Jit-l received v)VV and for aleor cash lowi-rlhanever 1 efore old in town. C. L. NELSON. May 13. 49lf. LOOKING GLASI9ES. A LARGE nn I well selected assortment, consist ing of Gilt, Mahogany and Gill, MohoSany, and Fancy framed looking Glasses, for sVe at greatly reduced prices at the Hardware Store, Corner of Church and College Sis., by HAG.Ul & ARTHUR. S. B. SCOTT IS now openinenew Goods in abundance. Those vvhohnvo Cash will now have a rare opportunity of purchasing cheep. To undersell all former prices, l the order uf the day. Notice lo Merchants. 1 'flfl VAIU)S Super Burlincton Mill Com XOUl'pany BIIOAICLOTHS, forsalcatre duced prices. Those wishing to purehew;il do will lo call soon, for if tP t sold here the Cloths will lie sent to market. ,?.II)NEV HARLOW, Aecill. Office nf the B. M Co. ' " Sept. 1C, 1812. i li if (loth Caps. JUSTrcc'd direct from the manufacturers a ftill as sortment of nil kinds Cloth Cans and Fur Sale at great bargains by, June 9, 42' II. W. CATLIN. ROMAN CI-.MKNT. 1 (f BARRELS of this celebrated Cement, its J-vJx ' quality having hecn tested and found su perior to any in use, tor saient rrauren prices, uy Sept. iih. 1812. FOLI.KTTcV BRADLEY. 1842. Northern Transportation Line. ISAAC V. BAKER yyilX continue the F0RWAKD1N0 BUSINESS Lake Cliamplaln, Northern Canal, and Hudson It H er. Deeming it important to retain the Old Customers of the Line, and add new one-, lie will n-e hi- lic-t endeavor lo -nti-fy all, ami pledges hini-e I in in-erea-c hi exert i' lis to promote the hrere-ts ol his employer-" by doing nil bii-:ncts entrusted to his earew-uh di-p-iieh and afeiy. for Frciaht apply to C, H. .lAr.-l,?7 Coentie Slip, 1'oi-r. Catlin, 33 Cncntic Slip. New York. C. II. IIaunet, 101, Pier, Albany. I. CnM TI'CK, 1 J. II. Hooker, Troy. L. A. Cahle- on, I. V. Hakf.ii, Cums-nck's Landing and Whin-hall. 1'oi.lktt & I'RACf.r.T, Burlington. A. ii. bADn, riaiiinirsii. Al.I.r.H (.om-tock, l'nrl Kent. .1. U. I'iercb & Son, S'. Johns. J Cy I'rov nil) e IS.) Kuer-street, up stairs. Whiicluill, April 1812. NEW BOOK STORE. " Live nnd let Live." THE su'-scril er lias received from Now York a new supply of School Books, Uibles, Prayer Book-, Te-tament, &e. Ac. togelhT with a good a sortinent of Sialionery, and Book-binding Stuck, to which beinviti-i the attention of the public. Peeliiit; veiy crateful for the 111 oral pal ronaee lierelofore re ceived, lie will renew bis exertions to please all that may favor him with their patronage.. S. HUNTINGTON. Strongs' Buildinpr, corner Church and College sis., oppo-ite Hayar & Arthur's, Sign Rod Ledger. June 1Gb Cf HHDS. Gardner Brewer's N. England Rum' W 30 Pipes and Half Pipes American Brandy , 40 do do Baltimore Gin, 10 do do Tellevoiiii' Brandy, G do do ' Swan' Gin, 10 Hhds. St. Croix Rum, 30 Bids. Sherry and Madeira Wines, 35 do Malaga do 5 do Pott do 31 Dec. 1811 by J. & J. II. PECK & Co. HEADACHE. CERTAIN CURE FOR SI('K HEADACHE, which has been used in families, every member of which has had sick headache from infancy, ns a eonsi tulion.il family complaint, and Ins cured cllcc 'inlly in every instance yet known, amounting to iim iy hundreds. It is nol unpleasant to the taste, nnd Iocs not prevent tin-daily avocations of one using it it must be persev ered in, nnd the cure is gradual, but cit.iin and permanent. Instances are constantly iniilttiilviiiL'vvhcrethi distrcssiua complaint is com- b-tely relieved and cured, although, of years tanilini- nytlieiiseoi ur. sponn s reiciirateti reincny. line lecidcd pieferenceis its pleasantness, having none ol hi-nauseatiiiL' elTcct of loininon drugs. His so nerfcctlvsatisfaitnrv. that thu nronrietur has -ivcn directions far hisa-jentsio refund the price to my one wlio is not pleaded Willi, anil even eureil by i. lie hopes nUo tlial Ibis may secure its gnat lien' fits lo the distressed snfiercrs vv ho nicl.ihoriiiL'uiiib I lea-lachc. E. SPOIIN, M. D., inventor and Pio- uictor. SoldbvCO.lWrOCA'.f- CO.. 71 Maiden Lam Vew- Vi.rk. PKOK A S I' K A It, Wbolesalr ti-eilts, a few doors eabt or tuu I'ost Ultlce, llutlinfi on, Vi. )9 Trusses! Trusses! SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. 'Til IE I'ndcr-isneil are constantly suppliel with the I. al ove url ides ol" the inveniiou and manuf.ic t ire of Hull, Marsh, and Tvviihell, all of which are in hmlie-t repulej al-o, Hull'.-ami IvtarMi s QJ" FEMALE SUrroiiTEKS. -0 PEf'K & SPPA1I. Manufacturing Druaaists and Venders of all gen ...-. ii:):.;... i o.nr...;n UWIC J Uirn, JILUIllflc ll. It. iy,u,i, ... Surgical Instruments. lt)CT. MAllSIIAIilS Aroiiune, C.ilarrh iim1 J He.i.laclieSM'H-. Thi Siuil I-superior to nnv limn; ci i.!... n, lor removing that troul le-omc di-ea-e, Ihe Catarrh, and nl-o a cobl in the U-ad, and tin hi ., I... I,... It leiens and nurse- out all oh-titiclion-, lieiiglhens Ihe gland-.aiul give-a healthy nctioii to the ..nr. a ;tf..t...l. Ii i- nt rfecilv tree from nnv thimrdele- teriou- in its compo-iiion lia- a plea-ant flavor, and its immeiliatee feci, after being uted, is abgreeaLfe. Price 3 T cent per home. Itoci. Mar-hall's Veiretab'clndian Black PLASTER Ibi- Pla-ler i- unrivalletl for curiiil M-rol ilou- wi-l )inir, Scurvy Sore-, Lame Back, and rre-h oum n.iin. in ihe .Mr-. Hiii-nnd Limht-; andM-ldom f.ul- irive reber in local fthe iiuiitl-ni-. it appneii loiiit sidc.it will cure many of iheeouiinon Liver Complainl-i ami i- t-ipial, if not -operior, to any thinsr in u e foi cum- on ihe feel , the virtue- of ibi- Pla-ler have I eei. witne-reil I V ihou-and- of individual-in ihe I'ni e S-aie-, who have le titl iiM"hcacy. hold I vine pro urielor; Clia-. Bo veil, Middle! iiry, V., nu'd PtlK& -rr.AB, II to. irlm V 't. BEWARE OF DECEPTION. Itbasfreq cully come to the know le 'ge of Ihe sub scriber, tha empty SnuffJnrs, with Ins Label on them, have been buughl up fur the purpose of silling in lliem an inferior q nbty Sunfl'j nnd also, that his Snufi'-labelshave, iu some inslmrcs, bull counier Icited, or the general des:gn rf the 'line so inii aled i to easily deceive the unwary. He deems it, thcre r.ire hi diilii lo mritrni nur h-tscrs of the inannei in wiiich iheyiireoficii iuipt snl upon i and he woul I hirchy request ihfin totiar ofTor defnee the L bils on the outside of the Jars, afler having d posed of the contents, o ns lo picvent further list of the time. A s liiable revvar ! will bo paid for such ev denco ns will le id to the detection and conviction of the im postors. The subserider continurt to Minufuclure, and of fers for sale the follawlnn urlicltsi r llie jiroivu rumii. t Genuine Maccoboy, ro e American Rappee, Imitation do. flavored, Holland do. Sicily, do. ' uucrose. jo. St. Onier. do. Slrasburg. Coarse Drown Sniifl'. Maltese, Curacoa, Demi"ros. Natchitoches. Pure Virginia. French Rappee. llourtion. miiciiiau uittiicitijii St. Dom nrro. Pure Mpar.istt. Copenhagen, superior flavor. L. Mixture. Yellow Smill, Scotch and) Irish Blacl-iruard or r HiuhToast) Irish High Toast, ) Sucet Scented I'ne Cut Cltcwlng Tobacco. Spanish, Kitcfort, Canaster. Common ond Stems. rVA liberal discount niado towholesalc dealers. PETER LORILLARD, Jr., 42 Clmtnam-St., New York. INI orison's Pills STAND iinrivalhsl as a ilean-er anil purifier of the bowel-, I loud, and the w ho'e sysiein. Ill Diar rhoea or looseness of ihe bowels and oilier Miiumtr ciiinplainis, the-e can I e relied upon wilh perlcet con lidein ej a a eoiumon liuilicine to I e kept tea ly for use on all oeca-inns where n cathartic i ueele.1, this niedieiue i. unequalled. Sol I only al the Variety Store by PANGBORN if B1IINSMAID, Agents fur Mnrion of Lontlon. CIIBAPER THAN T I IE CI I E APE S f. 17 ARRAR, WAIT & ROOT, liave a very cxlcn L sive assortment of llfink'F.llY. GLASS & CHINA WARE. that they wil sell Cheaper ihancan be bought in any storo in the State. They deem it unnecessary tn enu norma nniclcs. ii lieinv sufficient to sa v that almost cveiy article in the line can befound in their stock. Persons wishing to buy will find it to their advantage to examine the slock al the Crockery Store, comer Church and College St. Dullineton. Sept. 30, 1642? EXCHANGE HOTEL, Water slrcct, at the licad of the Steamboat Wharf Burlington, Vermont. BY MOSES L. HART. THIS ctalIMimcnt, o favorably located fur the accommodation of the lnisnes and travelling community, n now open totlie public. PiM Coaches "I-;- ' . ..-II .1... L--..1.- II. upon me various iuuics can tn inu r.Aciiuii'-u iiinu for passengers, nnd those arriving or departing by S'eam Boat, In which cac their baggage is rcmoviil without charge, will liad this hnuc peculiarly to their convenience. Thu ki-eper tenders hi service, wiih the assurance, that in all respect-, the hous shall de-erye the favor able conM loraiion of nil who may patroni-e it. Iluriinton, April 1, 1812. 43'f. NEW SHO: ESTABLISHMENT. K.WOODS WOULD rc.iec!fill-inrorin the l.adie- nnd Gen tlemen of B iriinirion and vicinity that he ha recently opened an e-tal lishineiit where he will In.iti-uf.u-inre, (whole-ale and relail) nil kind- of work in the Shoe line. He ha-ju-t re-eivel from New-York thepreent -lyleol La-t-, to?e'her with a choice -.e- tectum ol ?5ioc:;. new-ill kern eouiantiv on nami and inan-if.iet'ire in order all kind- of work " cot up" in lhieo intry; atuonir which may be found Gcnl'- i.all, tioat, N-al and i.aitcr tioot i.auie-' tiaitcri liii-kiu-. w aluiiiir bhoe., 5liii', e-e. e. Al-o,eoare ami kip Boot-, both fur ineii and boys ; and children's shoes ol nil kimu. iPlea-e irive urn a rail, two doors West of the rearl street lioiie, at tne signoi llie "jjif sac." Hiirlinston, stay, ItiU. 5UH. BURLINGTON CHAIR FACTORY CL. NKLSO., continues the business of manufacturing Chairs at the old stand, of the fol lowing descriptions: Curl Maple Grecian, Cane Scat, Common (Jane and Klair Scat, Large nnd Small Raised Scat Rockinc do do Com mon do, Common Dining, &c. &c. All of which nre warranted a first rate article and will be sold at prices lo correspond with the times. FEATHERS, AND KKATHER BEDS, READY fllAUK. Constantly on band, a sunnlv of warranted Live Grecse Feathers, which will be sold low- for cash. WANTED, by the subscriber, Curl and Birds Eye Maple, delivered at his shop in Church street, opposite the old Bank. C. L. NP.L-ON ensij tovc. BOYNTON if 1SURRITT, (Sucressi rs o A.S. & G.D. Wilier.) WJ .' respeclfully inform the inhabitants of 1 1 nines' ii ru li aim l ie nilioimnr' towns mat tnev have comnicncid business in the Store formerly oc- upicil liy A. S. iv u. D. tv i Her, and are now recciv-ii-! a ireneral assortment t fFancv Drv Goods. Hard ware and Groceries, which thevofi'er to the public a- lovvascan be purchased in the county for cash. -V respcciiiiuy soueu a suaro oi puoiic oairuuai;c, fident that their tiriccs will be fo ind to suit all who may favor them with a rail. jMIIII.I-. I., inn A IU.V, WILLIAM BUR1UTT. Hmesburcli, May 4, ISI2. COPAR TXnRSIIIP. HF.X K Y II. 1IOHTWIC K F. & IV. L. .-tronir having eonucited their Tin Shops, will do 1U5U1CSS in that lino under the name ol It. II. fiost- '.vic. Oi Co. al tin- shop occupied livsiul llostwiek, .vhcre mav be found a full and complete ns-ortmcnl if TIN WARE, iinrnufactuied expressly for the retail trade, together with Copper and Sheet Iron work, Move ripe, s ove I riiiimines, o.c. All kill sot Joli wuil; fiirni-hcil at short notice. Kavc troth antl coo dll tor pire furiiishiti nml nut nn. Conner minims nod lend pipe fttrnibheil and set if required. Those who liiiiiuur'c una uutiicii (l tiufiincss pnnii, m litis suop, e quiCKiy anu well serveu, lor u rcasoini in eompeii satiou. II II. BOSTWICK & C. Burlington, Apr. 10, 1912. . F. GRiswours BQARDINGr HOUSE, Till"5 House is now OPEN for the reception of boarders. All w ho wish to board, nre invited to an and examine his House and the pc uliar advan ages vvhi It iu construction and location offer, for eouiioi i ami convenience. Tehms, very moderate. May 10, 1812. COFFFE MILLS. TNCRFASK WILSON'S Coiiee Mills, a very mi- l penor nrlu-ie, lor salt by WM. J. HUNT. Dye Wood, &c. THE Stili-cril t-rs have receiviM and now offer for siile a large and well -elecied as-orlinent of Dye Woods of every tle-eiiption, togtlher with Cream Tartar, l.ne lli'e, 1'oppera-. Maikler, Indigo. Alum. Borax, &e. Sii; Havers ure re-peeifully nii'iesiel to . .n 1 1 .1... CJ..... l...u. I I . i-.t... O. ..-... I .. . . .. U- . in ui llie ittviic oiurr, ucmi in till o tr.iun it.ii 11:11 1, examine the articles, which aie warranlc I lo hcresh from the New- i'ork Murket, and purcha-ed at the pre-ent i-xtieuiely low- pritrs, learn the lenn., w hich are but a small advance from co-t, and leave their orders. KOLLETT tV BRADLEY. Slime Siore, Sept. 22, 1812. New Boarding IJonsc. W AIM! F.N SIBLEY h.i. opened a BOARDING DOUSE in Ihe building known as 'the Ward worth Hou-e,' corner of Pearl and White streetf, Burbuglon, where ten or fifteen respectable boarder mav I c accommodated. Sip-. 15, IB 12. 5tf. NOTICE. 'V II ''"subscriber his lilted up his factory in the best I manlier, nnd is prt par. d In execute all orders in his line in the s'iiisln imnof i-usp,mt-rs. Fulled C oths mixt d. an I col nml, Ait, alst, Flannels, iinnufacliiietl and drttscd on shared or bv the yard, on the htsl teiins, and in thu list manner. HORATIO BARNEY. Jericho Centre, July 31, 1SJ2 .".()) liowanl. T OSTfrmu off the Fastern Stage on its passage A J Iro n lliirhiigton to .uotitpi-hir, on the morning or the lam sept lust, n LI-ATEll HAT BOX, containing an old Hal, a .-hill, and sundry other ar tides. ALSO. ON the 1G h, a bundle done up in a Cnnvas9 Sack, containing one pair New Blankets, one pair Shirls, one old Red Cloak, a Ladies Drci-s, &c. &c. The above reward will ,0 paid for information which may lead to tiic discovery of the articles, by applying to JUll?. UlIUKUtl, Agent. Burlington, Sept. 22,18I2. B URLING TON It RE 1 VER Y , TS now in fill operation und can I J. furnish nil order lor BEER not I surpassed in quality by any other -tirewcry. G 1.0. PETERSON. Biirbngton, Aug. 25, 1642, N. L'.. Rum. .ID Hhds. N. K. Rum 50 per rent above proof, for sale at Boston price and freight, by FOLLETT it BRADLEY. ' Old Dock, June 3. OT l''r Sale. rpiIE HOUSRAND LOT, now Jl occtipietl by Ihe Widow Severance, stinted on the road to Ihe Fall-, a short distance East of the Col ege. Apply to J. SJ.II.I'M R l-o. CASH! CASH!! TJAID for nUCKWIIEAT-dclivered at Slielhnrn X .Mills. 11UUAUI. VVltKI'.l.l.tl Sept. 25, IB 12. 17-lf Lymnn &. Colo, TT AVINO made arrangements wilh Messrs Roe. Li lofson it Rathburn, to nianufjcture their woul into Cloihs, they will keen constantly on hand a larce nssoitiucnt of Broad Cloths nnd Heaver Cloihs. nnd also an assortment of the Burlington Mill Co. Cloth-, and an extensive assortment ol other Dry Goods, which they will exchange for wool. Mer chants nnd o' hers will ha vo i favorable opportunity for exchanging their wool. 6tpt. 23, l&U MOFFAT'S VEGETABLE LIFE MHDICINLS The-c medieinci are indebted for their name to their manife-l and sen-ible action in purifying the spriigsainl i-lianiiels of life, and enduing them wilh renewed tone nnd vigor. In many hundred certified cn-cvvhich have been made piiUie, nnd in alino-l every species ofdiea-c to which the human frame t liable, the bnppyelects of Moffat's Lire Pills and PitiF.Ntt Bittf.rh have I ecu grcatfiillyand publkiy acnovvledged by llie per-ous beneliiie.1, and who were iireviou-ly unacquainted with I he beautifully phi losophical prineip'i's upon whichlliey liroeompbiind-t-d.niid upon which Ihcvcon-ivpiently act. The I.IH-. .Mf.DH lii-.s reconuncinl llieinsetves lu li-ca-es of every form nnd de-cription. Their first opeiation i to 'oo-en from Ihe coals of llie stomach aivi oovvei-, ine venous niipiTitiv-nun cru'iiuc- cou--i.iiitle si-it I in ' around themi nnd to remove the har- denel fail's which collect ill the convolutions of the -malle-t inte.-litu-s. O.her me Hemes only partially clean-ethe-p, and leave -uch eillecteil mas-es lelnml a- to produce habitual costivenc.-s, with all il trnin ol evils, or.-'ioiien oiarrntca, wuu n- iiiiiiitiiir.ii u.ier.-.n 'I bi-fact is well know n to all rcsiilar analoini-t-, who examine tbeb inian 1 ovv els nficr death i and hence the prepidicuof lliosu well informed men a'.-aiii-l iiuack ineilieiiii'- or mn.liciiies prepareil ami heralded to the public by lgnornnl per-on-. 'Ihe -mind ellect ol the Life Me,'bciues i to cleaii'i' the kidneys and the Mail ler, and by t hi- mean-, ihe liver and the lung-, the be.ililifiilai'iion of which cnlirelydepend-iipon the re gularity of the urinary organ. The blood, which lake- its red color from the ast-ncy of the liver and the Inn::-U'lore it passes into the heart, I eimr thu- purihed by them, and noun-hed by food coining from a clean stomach, eoures freely through the vein-, renews every part of the system, and triumphantly mounts the banner ol health in the blooming cheek. Modat's Vegetable Life Medicine- have been thor oughly le-trd, and pronounced a sovereign remedy for Dy-pcp-ia, Flatulency, Palpitation of the Heart, Lo in Appetite, Heart-burn and Head-ache, Ile-lle-cne-, Ill-temper, Anxiety, Languor an I Melancholy, Cos. tiv-eness, Diarrlnca, Cholera, Fevers of nil kind-, l!heumali-ni. Coin, Drop-ies. ol all kind-, Gravel, Worm-, Asthma and Consumption, Seiirvv' Fleers' Invelerate Sores, Scorbutic Eruptions a nd Bad Com plexions, Eruptive complaint-, i-allow, Cloudy, and oiherdi-ngreeable Complexions, Salt llheuui, Lrv-ip- ehl-, Common Colds and Influenza, ami various other complaints which allbct Ihe human frame. In rr.vi.n and AnCE, particularly, the Life Medicines have I ecu most eminently suece fid J so much so that in llie t ever and Agiii'distncts, Physicians nlmoai universally nre-eril c lliem. All mat Mr. MoTat reijuireof bis patients is to be parlieulnrin taking the Lite .Medicines striclfy accor thug to the ihreclious. It is nol a new-paper nonce, or by nnvtbmi Ihet he him-elfinay-ay intiieir favor, that hebopesto gain cretlit. Itisuloneby the reMilts ot a fair trial. MOFFAT'S MEDICAL MANUAL 1 de-itrned ns n dome-in guide to heai'li. This little pamphlet, ed'led bv W.B. Mo 1.11.275 Broadway, New York, has I cm nol li-he I for Ihe trirtio-e ofexplaining inorefillv Mr, .Mo bit's theory ol di-cises, and will le totiml highly interesting lopersons M-ekiug heallh. It treats upon prevalent di-ea-es, and llieeaii-es thereof. Price, 2j cent- for -ale I y VI r Moll'al'- Agent-gt nernlly. These nit, ible Mi-line- are (or sale I y OI.OI'EF. L. WAKNKK iV: Co. John-on, Vl., (ieneral Agents, 1 V whom all order- from any part rf the Slate or Canada, will 1 e protnptl) an.-vvered. 23 I f Dee. 17, 1841. II AGAR tf ARTHUR, General Agents fur MolatV tele! rated medicine-, to whom all application: for ugvlicica muscle nd- 'l!iiriiugton,.!an.29, 1812. ATUUU'S GRAND III i valuable Vegetal le Medic GRAND RESTORATIVE. Tin- cine -lands unrivalled inr ihe Filbiw'ini coiuiilauil-. vi; , viz t I'v-pop-ia, or tnui- e-tioti,di-ea.ed Liver, btliou-di-order-, I Irop-y, A-t li ma, vjoslivene--, vvtum- ami in oi .vppeiue. anu ny Ican-ing the tomach and I owels, cure- pain- in the ide, stomach and 1 reast, cold, and cough-, of long .tdnding, llojr-eite-s, hhurinc-s id 1 le.uh, Nervou- otiiplniilt-, etc., w n k ii uiciieqie-iiuy in-- u.h-i-i , in ea-e. Kor reveranu -vue, ii t-a iitu-i aiu.it.iu iri veulmive as well us a Mtu-rcign remeily. ll. virltie- siirpa any tiling lierelolure Lliown in removing Si. Vitus iMuee, two iiottie- nave I ecu known lo cure thisallbctingdi-ease, afier having ballkil every exer lion lor four ear-. it ha- a ino-t powerful inlluetiee in removing nervoui-complain!-, it i- plea-ant lulake and soea-y in it- operation, I bat it may I eadmiuMcri-d lo Ihe infant w ith -nfety. 'I he above Medicine U very highly lecomiiiended by many scicniilic genileuieii, ami n large niinil er ol'hidii-, w ho have proved the virtue, of llie Medicine by personal uses ml that of iheir families. A bill ofecrtifiosiosuecoinpar.ie-each bollle, with direction-. It may I e bad whoh'-ide or retail ol it. ii. .....i i M k'.ri,.,., r. wait iirii.itit, imiii, .mi . ....I-"., ., iiiiiiiii?- inwn. Vt. sole iironrielor-. Prepared from Ihe origin al recipe ; for sale by E. II. PmitiV, Monipelier, ami Pen; .f-Srt-An, Burlington, and in the principal towns m ihe .mii.n tirt-'-iiou -tgnei in I tie imihi wriunii oi i nc proprietor E. L. FARRAR

gives notice thai he continues to cirryoiithebiisi ue-s as usual of manufacturing atone ware ol a sjujrior quality iu all its varieties and will st all turns be in read inn4 til sitimlv merchantson the most rensonat le terms, all ordcr. piomptly attindid to at his Factory . Pearl Street, iiuriuigiiiu. Jau.Jl. itti'i JACOItVS l'AC'KACi: li.M'ltl SS, lhttteen Albany and Montreal, Uixut, tiirtiicr nolice, leaving Albany on Wednesday, anJ Montreal on S iturday of tach week, in conncmon wilh llnrnden ,Co. at Alliany to New- York, Plulidilphia, IIomoii, Liveipool, Lon don, Ireland, Seotl in I in I Hivre.fir the trans- porisl'on of Sptcte, Bank Notes, Valuable P.ipeis, I'lclngcs of Hoods, Bjo!s, anJ all other Parcels thai may old r. Mon'revl Exchange Coffee IIou, Al any No. 12, Exchange Buildings. Vew Yolk No. .1, Wall -triet. Biision No. R, Court Strict. Burlington J. & J H.Pee'.ct Co. RI FE1IENC I-:-., Ems Raker, ) , L. Y.if-J. B. Reed, Albany, N. 1 . P. Weu.s, K. & D. B. Pu-.M, t T - Keluc d Co., ( U05iN A. Watroi-s, J A II. W. Hvpes itCo.CnslIeton, Yt. J, & J. H. Pehc it Co., II irhngion, Vt. J. C. PeirceiI Son, St. Johns, L. C. April 23. 4Stf. 1MMVATR SKI. RUT KpAIl)..(. SCSffOOT. rill 1 1-. new and spacious Building-now electing in 1 Fast Charlotte will I e opened (if the Lord will) under the superintendence ol Mr. J. Ten Buoekk.B" i-led in ihe L,adii'.'i!epiirimenl in I rim-hand Musii oy .u i -s .u. a. i en nnor.EE, lC h .May, 1812, Fall term open. 2!);h Aiigu-l, Winter do 2Sth Noveinler. Twelve young Ladies and Gentlemen imivle ac commodated in ihe lamily of Sir. T. Term'82j per quarter, in advance. Mu-icSlO. French and Alge bra, So. Wo-liing extra. Day Scholar-, from 82,50 lo4,50. .MisT. educntcil mi ler iheea re of eminent Teacher-, and having tnugbt in London, Eng., ami in lhi Stale nice ner arrival, is amply rpialiticd to-upcrintend the French mid Music department. Government strictly parental. To tlioe nnncrpiaintcd with the services, experience uiiu utility ki iiir. i. reieii-nce may isuiad lo E.T.I.'iigle.ly. Biirlinglon. r.. aioit, nl. Johns, J. C. Parke, Whitehall. J. B. Hullenlieck, " J. Sherman, Vergi'inies A. t. Perry, 1 roy. Cluirlolte, 8lh Anril, 16121 LETTER PAPER. Trom 10 cents to 75 cents a quiro enibraring eve j. ty vuniiy iroin low prices lo i.ngusn lloiuei'a per eleven years old. Also, English and American note paper, Englisl and American folio Post or double Leiior, Bin Post etc. Ac. Forsaluby C. GOODRICH Sept. 7. ShawN. FALL and winter Shawls, a crcal variety cheaper than ever by II. W. CATLIN. Sent 7, 1912. flMIK Speeches of the Hon. Thomas F. Mar.iuu.. J. on ALCOHOL and I.NTF.MPF.IIANCE. an. FASIIIONAIILI-: WINK-DltlN KING, delivered at the llroadwav Tabernacle, New York, on the eve uf fliay 5in anu in. we inviie ine aueniion 01 iueA-ui receive prompt ntieniiou, anu any quantity friends ol Temperance to the above work, from ils 1 Medicine iiniikdiaiely furnished, intrinsic worth, as well as from the high reputation Caution. A there is much of the spurious aril of the di-lincni.licd orator. cle for sale, jcybe particular toenquire lor that pre June 24, 1841 P. A. BRA MAN. pared by Henry Seymour, Uadley, Massacbiwetis. DR. TAYLOR'S BAIiS A JI OP I.I VE IIWO KT, Oli-erve when you buy that vtw gel the genuine, prepared at 37.) Bowery, New York. See that 373 Bowery New York is on the wrapper of each Bottle. All other-are Frauds nnd sold only by speculators, without regard to ju-ticf, totbc public, ur the proprie tors of the genuiiienrlicle. IJ'OR Consumption, and Liver cnmplnints, Dvpep . sia, dizziness of the head, loss of nppelile, Dyren tarv, nnd general regubi'erof the vvholesy-tem. None genuini! but tint iiretared nt 37a Bowery, New York, w here the nrlicle was lir-l made, ibechar ne erofthe nicbcme formed and e-tal lisbeil by the pre-ent sole proprietors, and whoare llie only per-nns knowing ihe composition of the genuine. Iihaleeii ii-ed .-uccessfidly for eight years in the cure of these diseaes. tCT'Hcmeinl er ihe original and Genuine Is made only at No. 37j Bowery, New York. All others are counterfeit. Consumption and Liver Complaint ! As a general remedy for Ihe-e disease, I am filly ati-lied. froni Intm experience, there is no ine.hoiiie equal lo Dr. Taylor's Balsam, of Liverwort. Being iiiiev vi-geiaiite, ii can lid ii-ed vv-illi the ulino-t salety by all oe.sims m every condition. It elean-es ihe lungs by expectoration, relieves diilicnlt bre.nbing, amlMvuistii heal ihei-he-t. There ran benoque tion but this inedicine is a certain euro for chronic eo ighs and colds. I havp iicJ'il lour years iu my practice, ami always with success. A. F. ROGERS, M. D. '.-;.:.. ti.- 'i't. j. tvmin lit inc x III uui. I know Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort to be a certain remiily'for tliis complaint, as I have u-ed it my.-clf anil found its ei'ects an iinineihale. 1 was much troubled until I niadi.' tisyoflhis ineilicine. M. L. I1ENSHAW. 211 Maitgin st. Hoar-enes Ciued For ihe cure of hoai -ene-s 1 can strongly reivoiumend Dr. Taylor's Bal-am of Liv erwort. I have not onlylound great lenelit myself, but many of my congregation by my re-eonnnenda- nun iiitvu rccicvin prcji i eiieui iroui us viriue. ii is a I once lni!d , cilicjciuu. und barm!e-s, HEV.AZ. LEWIS. Severe Coughs and Cold I have bail a mo-t se vere cold and cough, (or a long tune which I could not get rid of. Alicr using many u-e'e-s thing- 1 Iri eilTaylor's Balsam of Liverworl, and it cured me iu a lew day, JAS. B. KEItlilNOCK. Raising of Blood About two weeks ago 1 had a fall, which c.iu-ed me lo s-pil large qualities of blood which nothing could cure until I tried Dr. Taylor's Bal-am of Liverwort. This uiedicine gave me iintne diate relief and in n very short tune e lected an entire cuie. Let all pcr-ous trv it. HUGH MCGARVEY.-2I Cannon st. Dr. Taylor's Babam of Liverworl This -uperior remeiiy loriu-ea-es ol llie lung- and livir ha- obtain ed a rcputa'ioii never Ufuiet'iualltHl. Remarkable Cure oj Consumption. . . . was -o near her death with this "di-ea-e, lint my friends sent fur a or.t'sl loconft-ss inc m. I did. Hi iu hi- niir-y, told me not to give up until I tried Dr. Taylor's I'al-ani of Liverworl. I sent immediately fortius medicine, and although the conte-t for u fevv- nays t eiwcen mis me ticinc,aud my tli-ea-e wa- e veru.the niedieineeonipieiod, nnd iu a fortnight I wa- re-tored to health. I had a cough, r.u-ing of mat ter, lo ot my voice, pain-, weukne-., Ac. I can re- ler lo Doctor " U-' n, iu the t urlton Iltupe, tor thu trulli ol my statement, jl.wci DiLL, C h -tieet cor. iicwarc ol irauu-. ,i 3 j nvi-uue. Summer Complaint. The Bal-am ol Liverworl. m several ea-e- of thi- b-e.i-e, w here all other rcmtvlie- atiobed I v it'iy-i- mii have proved iuelliTtual, has prudueed a piilect cure Surprizing Cure of Consumption. Mr. Ii. Gladdiu ol Delhi, N. Y of a n.itural'y cou stiniplive coii-titiitiou, has leen ssvel Iroui nn im- liinely end oyilie n-eol llr. I tiylor'- Balsam of l.iv- ervvt ri. , -evcre cold i rougtit on an atl.ict; til l'leu- re-y, nndtbus ended in general ilcbdily ami consuiim. lion. A ei.nsiani eu, heetie ilu-lt, re-t!e-s night. t in-', pitl-e, and euut.nue I lo of ilish, augcttil i s-cc'iy ileaili ; l.ui as -con a- I comment td ihe u-eo( tin- lnilaiii 1 grew- letter, and is now fully rc.iur.il iu ui-aiiii. Shortness of Hreath. I-or tin- di-ea-e. 1 have alii.n.. t,,,,,l ii.. To, .!.,. ti.t.n,,, ,.t i .. ..... ; . . ,y v- :)."" "-' vi i.itiimiii uu cAicucui renieiiv. ll i unco mi miiu.iuu su c eeiive. I lint I nivvavs u-e n m my ptjcticf, and riveoiiiiiiend it to my fnemU. 1 nave u-eu u in some Hundreds 1 1 cu-e. vvilliin the pa four year-, and I have never bad il fail. In mini ea-es oia-uuita, I tiilly leluvcitto h.ivu leen the ljus oi saving pri-eiou- ne-. km all u-e n. GEORGE RALPH, M. D V,..... .' l ... .i . 1 - New York a- will t- v tl.c I al t-U and vcnni- uuc I'liiiiuc in i l Mill hi- i:ipl I :ii .ii . .nw'tM- it-r- of each botlle. Be sure vou loo!; w hen von l.m- The gen line can alway- I eobtauied of the Old Agent-, Me -r-. N. Lovely oc Co., now Lovely it Seymour Dr. Moody and Pei k it Sm-.ir. I'licini.r. and Druggi-ls, B it lingiunS. II. 11 true .Charlotte William liholt-s, Jr. Richinoni1 Geo. Aycr- iV Co Milton A. W. Brown. Crntt.l IJi W II. k. South Hero Horace Wadsworlb, North Hero Davis, All urgh 1'. iX. L.Olen.i. We.i Alb, .r-jh II . l- , i,'.. " . iari'i-iuer, n .tieri-urv . WINDOW SASH. i The -uliseri! er-have nur cha ed the Mai loniry for i uu-iiMiiuiactiireol WiikIuw p .--a-h formerly owned and f, u-eij by Sidney Suii'h, iuoo-1,1 uiiy 4nd are now i iiMiiiifieturiiig every di I criptii.ii, and keepcon-iaul- ly on luml u n,or ttiiciii of 7 by !1 Sasb.at the lolbiw-mg prices. r uiuiim b.i-i'iiicnis jj els. per Light. 8 do 3J do 9 do 31 do (j ilo 31 do i do 5 For sale st Iheir Shop at the Falls, and by George V er-on. ,ll order-in the above line addre-.ed lo Catlin iv t'ha-e. will le ihanUully received and promptly attended to. .MIHKS CATLIN, -11. ,. EDWIN W. CHASE. Burlington, April 9, IS 12. f ADY'S ANNUAL REGISTER and HOUSE-J-J WIFE'S ALMANAC Mr 1SH for sale bv Sept. 23, 1312 SAMUKL HUNTINGTON. (j rociirics. CONTANTLY on hand an asfoitincni n Fainil J Groeuics. Wi. lit 1 I.I1UT. Sept. 23. Now German Slore. THE Subsciibeis respectfully inform theinhabi lanlsof Huilin"lou and vicnii'v. that thev ban- on hind a d are constantly rcceiiinj; a st.-ek uf SU PKRIOR GI!OCi:itIi:S, which they will sell nt cheaper prices than ecer op 'tred before in this mar kit, consisting of Simars,' Teas, Codec, Chocolate, Cocoa, Rai'ins, Currants, Almonds, Prunes, Nuls, Spices, Rice, Pearl Iliiley, March. Olive Oil, Su- Ear-ltouse .iioias-es, nprini ami 1 allow Land'es, Spenn and ictined Whale Oil, Soap, Havana and Principo Cisars, Tobacco, ic. if-c. ALSO The Pure Holl.ind (Schird.nn) Gin, antl Pure French Cojiiac for .Medicine, "-'panish, Freniliand German Wines, Vinlasesot 1822 and 1831 for Medicine. Tliey also beg Irave tn mention that they have a rich assortment of FRLNCII DRY tiOODS, which lliey respeclfully invito the public to inspect. Store 011 Colleco Street, formerly occupied by Jlr. llraman, Ilouksillcr. OSTHF.IM ifMICHOLLS. BURLINGTON COMB FACTORY. rpllF. Subscribers having taken the well I nown 1 Hstabhshmcnl, foruurly occupied by 'il, Loomis, & t 'o., are now manufacturing, and w il keep constantly on hand, a general assortment of COM US, of superior qualities, which will bo afforded at the lowest prices. Merchants, nd others, wishing for a superior nr tide fur retnil, will find 11 to llicir adian tagc lo call and examine our stock, CROFUT f TIMANUS. Ilurlingtnn, Sept. 8 1812. 14 If Life! Life!! Lil'o!! ! Dfl. Jonathan Moore's F.-vSKNODOF Lll-'K. The most biehlv esteemed Medicine that has ever leen discovered for curing Coui'hs, Colds, Asthmas, ami CONSI'MP'MO.NS. ll will al.o remove the Whiioping-Cough in one week. Prepared by llr..' nr Sejmouii, from the original receipt, by the dinv lion of YHidMoore. For sale vholo-ale, byl'KCK k SPKAR, lliirlin inn, and at.retad, by the principal Druggists in United States. Orders directed to Henry Seymour, Hadley, Mas . 1 'I I fATENT PLATFORM SCALES. VJAnn ANTED. THIS arlicleis too well known to need cominen lla'illll noil the pvnrri. npn i,r snvnn upni. Ima demonstrated to the commercial comniuniiy. tlial for aecurncy, convenience and duinhility, they are unrivalled Coal yard scales to weigh Ironi 3 to G tons. Dormant Wniehotiso do, lo weigh from 1-2 lb. tofiOOOIbs., Portable do. lo wiigli from 12 07.. to 200 lbs. PortableCouiitcrdo a new article to weigh UUIIl l-i oi. to-iu 103. J. & J. II. Peck & Co. Agents. Bmltngton, April 8 1311. D' lltP inn! nomil.ir rnni'iK err kiiunn tn Aniprir tgelable Pulmonary tfatsam i iIip u.usi inliMblr renifijj nfjv ci ne foi roMnhlctlil-l iiliiii or ( I.iIhhc, Coii?iiinptiiin( wlioopiiiR runli anil (hiIiiiNi.m rtfTirtioii ofeer) ktml. lis itrfic is Hie.nlit) itirif,Miiig, him) iht (rotncior8 hip fnii-iiiniU n-ceivinu ilie iim-n frivoiHljIc rKCtiiiMl of iiscfferi. llie following new cerlilicrilft Hie niicrtd tur pnitl-c Px-iniiiMlion. nn iNrERESriKn utgK.-t.mrac o ,1 letter irmn Mr ii 5i Cla, KiuKinii, U'oipr ro,( N. V. lo ite irpriPor(, " t nm ol Nip 9ih mal. v,j tlnl ttf.W A lem.tik.tlile cuie u,i plir-cinl lv the VeeiitMe rnl mon.irj iiaUatn in llie ttimei nnd ftr iitie of 1S35. 'Hip .eion, Mr. .Moout, lt.nl Iippo .nek u long tnitp wiili iIip ronsoinnlion. IIm nli ciriftiH lud nueii tiini mi He whs itdurpd no low .1 10 tie mi.tlile to hplp tiiinelf, ind w,is r.iiiitii h l.u bp iMMiiiiiv of IiImik! when lie rouininrfd uving llie It ilcutt, wh'irli Iu fflVcie! ri compleip fin e hihI Iip m ii-hv ah li.ile and Ikj,iii hc pvpi hp uyi, ilr. Mnodv hi8 tPinoicil fumi tliif mn n, hill hp Imi iiremPfl mo a more delaih it iirronni of hi? Catp w lurti I u ill fni uard whi. C. 5 CL V. K11121H011. A. V. June 25. 18.8. EMr.irt uf a teller fiom Dr. Jaroti Mer(i Tttp ' Vpgeialile INihnmi.MV IjaUtui) li.if hfpn -did in line C'liniu for luii p.ir, Hhd the inedictnp h it gained an thirutninoti relehiiit, for it rcaiLel iu nne ini;tnrt I ulpd ul h.nnu (hp ue'ifPd r-urct I 'am h) no uipaup 111 fivnr itflln many nnjiiroin. innji ol wlm h aie i in poitionn upon .1 rrpduluuii iiihii'f Imii ih-il uhirlt I know hv iitp in tt rflVcMial, I rammt help hill itr nn ,1 1 pinh limn Hiere'o. A ronniei h'ii pipiiHrHlion hi hpen nflpre.t heie Itj a travt lling Ai;pnl, of Cnmgimk, . t. andlnerPM anuiher amue euueu heie thai i Irongt) i"Upecied lo liefpuriuii! Jacob My. rs. M. I). Mifilineion, Juniata co I'enii. Mjk 3, 1SH7 K10111 Dr. Srtiiiiiel M01 ipII. in llie 1'iopi ieim of llie Vee talilp I'nlinimm ltaii.nn. 1 am iMlipfied that llie Vr rieulilp I'ohitiMiaof Ital.Mti) ii a valnahlp iiiedprine ll liad Iippii nd mi lln- place with Cnmptete ucceifl 111 an oliMin tie rninplaint u 1 lie Inn;. aiienled with cp(e CMii-tii, I Hi', nl (Mi'P, und ihe raiini ol much hluod, Mhirlihad preiiiotlv reiiied inanj appioed pietx riptione. Alier ntng the Ii a It-a in one week, the palien'i voice iennipd and he waiiahtp in ppeak iindi ti.y. I'll ii cu'e occurred fimiip limp 'mre( -and ihe man is now cngaopo nol only 10 acme mil lauoriou tuoinpdi. Itpcpecifnllv &c. S. Momri.i.l. Ii it now mure than fix par? idncp I way hioiuhi verj Inw h an afieclion of iIip tungji, nnd m rumptaini wa dei l.tip l to tie ini-ui aide h a council of threp pin dciaiiH. I was then retuied in aunu I lipahh h I had pn;oedf'ir inan eari, h uia iIip eyplaljle I'tit. moii ir HaUaui Since im rertnerv I have lecnm mended lite ltil?aiii in a grpal mailt, raes of 'nnv cninpt.ttni!, and io far at I can 'iiin, 111 life h ie in variahl) been futlowpd hv much henefit( and in mam Inula iters il has effecietl cuies t ho Ii upip w tndiv unex peripd. Samuel Evekktt, It .011. March 2. 1S37. l-'ur nalp, wholfale and retail. In PECK ii SPmU.llniliiiatmi, Vl. r Furniliirc. COXSISTING of Cane seat Chairs, common Fancy Clnirs. t nrpets, Dining Tables, lied steads. Kitchen Furniture, with a pood Cooking oune anu inniiiiins, nuu an eievann ovm. l lie ibovo furniture is nearly new, InviiiL been used on. ly a few weeks j and any or all llie above articles ill lie Sold lo suit purchasers erv low for cash for fur difr p-irt culars enquire of t. HUNTINGTON. Sept. 13. 1512. 17-tf Valuable Estalo For Sale. A'- rpllK Sub-eril ero'i-r.s fur-alelbe del- JL bii boii-i' and lot, roti-i .1111 ot about i ne and a uuarier acre of laud. .-.s Mtita'tM on i lice Mrie'. Le oniruiL' It die eM'e ol'ibe late Dr. Ifol ert Moody. The bou i 's of I rick, tborointbly b ull, an I very eomenientU .irraiitrcl. The ir.ir.'in is el supplied wilh frui', and iu a huh stiile of enliualion. A t-ieihl will Ii iei-n, fur a potiion of the pureha-e nuiiiey, of twi yearsfroui DtOelcler, 1812. Gl-O. IJ. SHAW, Adnir. M irlinglon, Sept. 21, 18 H. 17-1 4. t-r .t-ss'M irn ' Al.IIANY AM) ltOMl KAII. ICOAU. Fare tliituisll to Huston .Morniii" train llim ili 11 Itu-ii 11, Icaics ihe Depc at frccnl'iish at before G o'clock prcci-ely eci in" nt r it cr. (i nil.v txicp'tsl.) arriie ill Cbnlli.iiii 7 at Pittslield 8 J, at Springfield 12J JI. at Worcester -U r. .ii. anu at nosioti oj. Pas-cngers br akl'ast at Chuliain. PassLitgcis must hue Albany, by the south ferry mil liter ih in G u'rloik. Tin aficrnoiiu train, also (hrnui:li to I'oston Uaes tha Depot at Grecnbush al 3 35, arrive at Chatham at j, al Piitslieiil In, at S rii)i tit-Iil nt !IJ P. .11., IcaM Spriiigfitld at -'J A. .U. aiidarriiein Uuslon nl8 A.M Passengers Icaiu Albiuy as aboic at 3 20 and nol later lo iiisiue a passagi'. Thoiarsof the Hudson and llcikshire road will run hctuciu (.liathiinaiid Hudson 111 connexion with bo h liaiiis. Pass ' iigeis for Lebanon Springs leave the cars at Ivlwards, thence bv-singe to the Springs, about G 1111I1 s, or (rmu Pittsfield, asthev choose. FOR HARTFORD AXI) XF IF IIA VFX Pa scimcrs leaving AM any in iht-iiiorutuz I y the 1 I ciiirti o uci'hk iraiu iiout virts-uiMt u, itriivc 111 Spriusfiild at 12J .1.111. may leave , Springfield al 1 for llarlloiil tin iiro tiycars arruo 111 .cw-llaieii oy 7i n. in. Or leie Grrx-nbush in the 3 35 p.m. train, nrrivo iu Springlic'd nt UJ p. in ilicuce at 8 a. 111. by Steam Ho.it to Il.irlloid, arming llierent 11 llience bv hlcain l.oat at 2 u. in. nrri-cin New York nc.xl niorningby 5 o'clock, or they may le.ne llnrlfortl forNcw Haven by Rail Rood at3 p. 111. and arm c mere ai ij p. in. StcJiuboats leave New Haven for N. Yoik daily TO UREFXFIF.Ll). IIAXO VER AXD IIA VERIIILL. Stages w.ll leave. -spiingfitld, daily, at 0 P.M. for Ilaverhi.l, via Noitliampton, Greenfield, llratlleboro' nnd Hanover. Stages also tun daily from West llrookfiild to vvato aim r.nueiu iroui raimtr 10 mire uncrs, Hclchertowii, Amlicrst and .vioason r 10111 viiuia ham lo South Hadley and Norlhauiptoii. Fare lo Snrinefit Id ti. Passcnaers ate particularly requested to procure their tickets liclure tnKiug seals 111 ine can. Ticlets can be obtained 111 Albany at IS, R. Payne' 1 office, ?J I'roadway, oral ticket o.lice in Depot, at Grrent! th. FRI'IGHT DKPART.MFNT A Freight Tram will leave Greenbiish daily, (Sundays nxccpted' for I Hoston, at 6J A.M. t: larci s for I lour tn an easi 01 Minngrielil. J els, per barrel, and whin in lots of 100 bids, or more for Hoston, by special contract at reduced prices. First cla a friight, such as imparted DryGnnds, Tens, Honncls, Hoolsand Mioes, i c, -j per guuu Itts. 2,1 class, such as Hides. Leather. Heniit. Grass seed. Fresli inc its mid Fish, nl 6 50 per 2000 lbs. 3d class, such as Cotton, I'vo woods, .vioiasscs, sugar, ,vc. at 85pcr2000 lbs. 4th class, such as Coil, Grain, Pig Iron, Lumber, Wool, Ac, at l per 2000lbs. Hvery information will be givin at the office in tlte IJepol nt lirecnuusu. NOTICI'. A JlcrchandizcCar will bo attache I to il,,iri,.mnnii iiassenner train, for the accommodaliou of those who may desire to forward some particular articles of freight with extra despatch, and which are of n penshat lo nature t ucn as ouner, .c. Rates of Freight will be double IstClasi per regu lar freight train. ,.m 1 . , S. WITT, Freight Agent. WM. H.TOWJiSKND, Master Trantporlation, fireenbtisli Depot, July II, 1842. WHITS Life of Patrick Henry, cheap edition, June 15. For wle by Q. GOODRICH. PERU IR0N COMPANY HAVE, snd will constnntly keen in diposite wit'i their Agents at liuilinijion, t., Peru ninnufac tnred Nnils and Itun, of the following descriptions, lo wit : XAIt.K 3d. id, Sd, 6 1, 9d, lOd, l'id,'.'0d,21d, 30J, 40d. B0d,60d. SPIKES.-4 inch, d 1-2, 5, 5 1-2. nml G. FINISHING .V.l.6'.-6d, Ed, lOd, 12d, manufac- I :n.. r.-,.' ' ! :t. 1 tiiii-u sieet-iiiv ntr niiisnin? nice woik. FLOOR SAlLS.-m.-20A. and 21d. IRON. IIOSXD 0,V,-3-9,T-H3, 1-2, 0-1G, 5-9, ll-lfi. 3-4, 7-9, 1 ineh. 1 1-9, 1 1-4, 1 3-9, 1 1-2, 1 5-3, 1 3-1, 2 inch, 2 1-1,2 1-2, 3, nnd 3 1-2. SriUAHF 1OS.3S, 7-16. 1.2,9-16,5-9, 11-16, 3-1, 7-8, 1, 1 l-S, 1 1-1, 1 3-8, 2, 2 12 inches. IIAXI) IllOS,-l 1-4, 1 1-2, 1 3-4, 2, 2 1-4, 2 1-2, 2 3-1,3 I 1-2, 4, 4 1-2,5inrh. TIIIK IllOS,- 1-4, 1 1-2, 1 3-4, 2 wide, nnd from 3-3 to 5 8 Ihirk. IIOIISF. SIIOF. ItlOS. vnrious sizes. IfAMF A XI) SCROLL IROX. do. do. MAR RLE SAW FLATUS, cm to order at shi'rl nnlii e. The Peru Iron Cn. inanitfiuiure their pool-at Clin ton, die, N. Y. from Iron of tbeir own make. They Intend tn I, top in lliehaii'isof their a'enls a more full and oompletr ns-oriinent t linn can I e found in Iho Stair. It is I elieved ih it the eooils from this t-iab-li-hiiii-nt nre better nianuf.iitiired, than tho?e from any other in ils uVinily. l'lin ha-ersare re-pi'elfully solieilcdto insjieet the (uu ids ofibis Co. Pnees as low and terms as favor. iible, as ran 1 1 nbtaintsl in the State. T F. & W. L. STRONG, Agents. Amu. 83tli, 1812. CONWAY iUKniCliNKS. rpili: Sitbsertber W. L. KIDHKR, gives notn. X that he has mic, wl il,e late T. Kidder in tha pieiuirjuoii of the well known Conivat .Medicines, and will beieall.r cue particular attention to tha preparation of llie follow iuir article-, the long e tal.bshed eelibiily of which, pretlude the nei-e-Mty ofa re-itiiblicatiou ol the iiiiinerou.s itilifuaio iu ihe bands of the proprietor. Doct. Jebb's Itlieuiuatlc I.lnlmetit. lOr liheilUiall-lll. Urii.e.. Sunn.,. , Chilblains, Slitliics- in ihe joints, At-., will allord ihe most nne.pei-eil and iminetliate reliefiu the must oLstinale case- of llheumati-m, in a few hours j this article i- openly rei-oir.iuended by l'hy-iciaiis. 1 be uinnncuiis uoueup inenlarged bottles. rnc 37J eui. Dtimfrles' Kelt Ointment. The extensive sale and estalili.1,,.,1 mnni;nn m IU-MiniEs' Itch Ointment, encouraces ihe nm. pnelor lo recouiineiid it in ihe pul lio with renewed i-onlideuce, a the mo-t innocent and powerful rem edy fortius annoying di-ea-e; it contains no mei- i-ury, i i any tuner oanperoiis inirredienl, and can I e applied at all tunes with perfect .-aleiy. Prico 25 tents n llox. Hcmcily for (lie Plies. The coiuiirrini; te-tiuiony of relieved patient", Iroin all ipiarti-rs, te-tifyin-r to the cures ellected by ihe nieihciiit- afier all others had failed, tor.lier with 'be int-reasin demand fortheartit le from all parts ol ihecoiiniry, prove it lo I e one of the mo.i vnluabl -peeilu-s known fortius Iroui le-omc eoinpla'in. ICPA Clergyman writes llo-lon, February 13. 1841. I have made trial of Duiufne-' I'jB Fi.vtuary and loiintl it proiluced a -aluiary inlbience almost imme lialely, olid conlideully lelieve 11 an e eelual remedy fur that uncomfortable and debilitating eomplaim. 1 1 11 inuii it j has iiiduco 1 me 10 recommend n 0 persons Ibiisnliheusl, diidsol -ball continue to do. Yours lespeetfully, J. S. 1 he remeily eon-i-ts of an Ointment and Electuary. I rice for loth 73 rents, or 37J cents when but one 1. warned, ntvoiiipnnied wilh p'am and ample direc tions with a de-enptinn of the coiuplaint, DiimtVIcs' Kye Votcr. for sore or tnjtamtd eyes, noihiiic; known rives sii.-h immediate and comjortable utief, and in some exceedingly bad cases the mist unexpected and de tral.le relict ha. l,(l.i found 111 llie u-e ol tin. Kye water, after other remedies had failed. Person- w ho haie u-ed it, jironouiice it without he-itaiion ihe le-t pieparalion h,r sore, vcak, or inflamed eyes, thev hae eer met with. I'm e 25 cent, a bottle. CURE FOR CORNS. Albion Corn Plaster. I lie 1110,1 ..jf,. .u,d j.pi-cdv cure for Corns yet ths overefj the relief i. iinincdiaie. it di-solves and .-cinove. ihecorn fiom the n,t with east and ezpedi ion andunoWi the least pain. Price 25 cents 1 Full and ample direction-accompany each of the it ove articles. N. II. None of the above articles will I e rniiini-, nle.s h,.,,,,! , kiildcroulbeoui-iiV w,anper. ror -aleat liM'uuntiinr Room, SO Si.re Sine! ui slair-. corn, r of Men bans R,m- H.oa. .'-o Lv AlES-ns. Pl-CK & SPK.Ali, Iturbn-.-ton, Vt . literal ill 1 ill a'lim-etl un'ealers. New E-lal)lishiiieiil. ""pun siibsciilers having opened a Paint S'i hn L Ihe bMildmg . lie door S. utli of II13I101 Hoi1. would respectfully inform their Intnds and th.-.s,b. lie that they are prepared to ciecuie nil kind! of House, Carriage and Sign Painting, Gilding, Glazing, and Paper Hanging, in the neatest pns-ib'e manner, and hope by strict pcisonal aiteniionio busme-s to receives share of the public patronage. R. G. SPAL'LDING, :.ulingK,, April 2n,15,12.S- juf. rlil.WKLLS Shoe., Half Gaiter-, Kid Slip., L I InWrcn's Shoe-, &C. ju-t reirired 1 y 'g- WM. Hl'HLBlT. DilUGS &. MEDlCIiMisT- rStH II subscribers arc continually simpl:cd wilh a trery article ill the alive branch, both of the "llicunl and Paient ktints. Medicinal Miners from iirnogaj do. from Caledonia, Canada; Midical Ainesniitl Siuritsi Letch, sj Surgical luslrmnenls ! uricral Itrth, &e. Ac. Prescriptions put up at tha sii, 'i 11 ! no-ice. .V'iu; otf n at all hours. PIX'K A SPEAR, Apoth.-carir. liurliugton, Vt. Cedar 1' OSlS.-' I "nnCKDAR POST: a fir-i rate article, for I V .1 tVJ ,ale low Iv FOLLLTT .f. UlIAfLF.Y O! I Dock, 21 June, 1SIJ. O.X'.Vfi.-Hottland's.Mill Sawsi R. HocandCo'a O 1 ircular do. i Knglish cros cut do.j Hand, panel and back do. 1 Compass, Wood and Felloe do. Jul riccivcd and for sale by H.'.GAR A ARTHUR, Cor. Ch, and College strevta. June 17ih, 1S42. NEW CASH STORE rPHR subs -nber has taken the newly fitted Stora. X West side Chun h-slreet, betuccn the ' lliiaar' and Manny St. re,' where he is now opening and olKTing for silo an extensive and &.e"eral asorlrnl of Goods adapted to the want-of l community amoiigsi which nre a great variety of French Si.ks, Piinted M slinsand I.an, Long Shnwls and Starfs, Hdkfs, Shawls, Cravats, Fig'd and bar'd and plain wiss Mu.-lins, iVans.uik, bonk and other Muslins, Ladies and gentlemen's Linen Id kf, lnsirtions, Kdgiugs, Beading and Tbresd I.aret, Work Collars, Reti. ule-t, I!cd Hags and Puisea, Tarllon and p ain Muslins and Ijic. Illbbi' , biauliful n 'ot linen' and new stvle, Ladies' Florence, Braid, Modem, Straw and Missel limine s, Artificial Flowers, Gimp Hdgingand trimmings for Tuscan bonnets. l'aiasulv, a beautiful assortment of ntw styles. Hosiery of every vane'y, Broadcloths, Csssiiueis, Vesiings, Ae, G, ill's summer Goods, Storks, Collars, Ae. Gi lit. and boys Leghorn nnd other Han. Iry CJroccrlea, a good assortment. N. ll.Tlus entile .lock of goods has been pur chase I wiiliiu a few daja, with great care and at a time when Ihe price were more depressed than al any previous pcnod but will be sold for ready cash at a smill advance from cost. Burlington, June 10, 1S42. Simmons' Tools, rT ALL DESCRIPTIONS, jual received trtd tat v sale by Burlington, May 19. 1842. 'Strongs Building Stoves lor Wood, 1 CANADA Parlor, and 2 superior Gsok Slmnas for sale or exchange for wood (t HOWABO'I 8rrt. 23, 1842.