2 Aralık 1842 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 2

2 Aralık 1842 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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LAWS OP VE1IM0NT. there ol ueliYercd lu tlio counly eltiki oftlia respcc live counties, to bo canvassed find the said clerks shall proceed in all things as provided infection four of tliii net, .Sec. 0. Section tvciity-nino and thirty of chan ter one of tho lleviscd Stntutts, niu 'jun net in nddi tiou to nn net lulatiiic to tlia election of thcnibcra of congress,'1 approved Nov. II, 16ll, nrc re cilcd. Sec. 7. This net shrill lakocfll'Ct froiil its passage. Approvcn iuv. i.', ibii. nicnts, In which the stale Is itueics'.eel. and winch arc subject to his control as attorney of the slate. Sec. !. The bonds of I lie several stnto's nllor- Ineys, and county cleiks, required hy tho forty-eighth and sixtieth sceticns of i-luplcr cloven, of tho Revised .iimitics, man no annually taken in the month ol No. I.- AN ACT. in addition lit. nnd tn altera, it shnll tin tn transmit the nt-linnl l,nn,la fnrilitvitl,. tiontf an Act rthtlng to the grand list, amirored to tho treasurer of tho state, for safe keeping. The A or. 11, 1811. It is hereby enacted by tho General treasurer shall, on or before the fifteenth day of Jan- jih"ciuuiy oi ii o ataio oi Vermont, nsto iowsi i unrv. tn ran i voir. tmnni in i m nui mr nr nr. ar.cnos l. All polls Imhia to tie taxed ny tne counts conies of a such bonds ns ho mav have net to which this is in ndclition, shall bo set in the then received, nml shall also until him nf the do. list at two dollars, in lieu of one dollar, nsprovided fault of nil clerks in the tiansmisMon of said bonds by 'Old net. , .... ns herein provided. , bnc 2. All .practicing attorney nnd nil prncti- Sec. 5. The duties required of the nuditor in the Honors or physic or surgery shall bo nssesod nnd treasury shnll bo annually performed between the id in tho list nt not less than one dollar and not ex- first and tho fifteenth days of September, nnd tho cecdnig thirty dollars, aecoidmg to ihcir respective report required by the forty-fniulli section of chap- gi hi, nl the ihcrcUun of tho listers. cr four of theHeviscd Statutes shall bo mule, mi otic. J. i no listers, on me upprntsnl of rent es- medintclv thereafter, to the auditor of nccounts, nnd tato, shall set all buildings not having more than leu not to the governor, ns provided in said section, itcrcs of laud attached thereto, mill nnd factories, Sec. C. In tho settlement of nil nccounts In building on p.iblie lots, stores, forges, furnaces, which tho stato is party, if a balance bo found in fa- liimesand quarries where stone is quarried, in a col- vorof tho state, that balance shall bo refunded to the limn separate from other real estate; nnd tho con- treasury before tho account shalj bo passed i but if vcnii.iiini HMers lor averaging tho valuation or I ho the balance be found ngninst the state, it shall bo fcvci.iI tow .- m the county, and tho committee np- settled by nn older drawn on the treasurer by llio punted hj (lie (1 'iicral Assembly for equalizing the auditor of accounts. counties, shall equalize the valuation in said col- Sec. 7. All clnims against the state, excepting minis fcpai-l I v. This section shall not bo so con- claims for services, for whose compensation provis- rlrued ih to icqnire tho listers to nppraiso tlio buil- ion is made in chapter one hundred .mil fcvcii, in tho thugs jii nny rami of nioro than ten acres, occupied twenty-first, twenty-second, nnd twenty-third sec- nn i n uc oi iii;i larm, separate irom uic larm on nons ol chanter one hundred niul hvc. ol l ioitrvi- 'utli thi'V stand, l ilt the same shall bo nmirnlscd cd Statutes, and the laws ternlalinr nnd irnvrrniii!? villi and as part of said farm. . I tho mditiaof tho state, shall he presented lo Iho nud- Snc. '1. Tlio hlers ooiunosinir the convention for itnr nf accounts, u-hn slinll menu! ilm sump, nml if nverafiii'! the towns in the several counties, nnd the ho shall decido to disallow nny such claim, in whole cii'iunittie appointed by the (3cner.il Assembly fur or in part, and tho claimant shall feci aggrieved liv equalizing the seveial eounlies in the stale, shall, be- such decision, the auditor of accounts shall, at tho fun they proceed to mnltenieh equalization, take the request of tlio claimant, refer it to the General As- following oith. "Vn.'i solemnly swear Ihat yon seiulilvt hut if tho claimant shall neglect to apply win equalize mo valuation tn ino real estate oi the to the tieneral Assembly nl their then next session, setct.il towns in this county (orof the -evernl conn- the claim shall be taken to bo adjudicated, nml no tics in I liia slate, ns the ens-.! may be,) according to officer of the government shall, thereafter, entertain your best judgement nnd discretion, without fear or or eons dcr it. fnvor. So help you (3od." Sec. B. Whenever nnv claim thus referred shall bo Mff,V V All nilim.ln thllll.n mn.Mn.ht li.. .11 J 1 .... 1. ... I , I 1 1. 1.. I V (! . t r"T- ,1.., f...l.t.J iig bun wintered one winter on the last day of the act providingforits payment shall he so framed County Courts in tht County nf Chittenden. Ills 51 arch, that who in cmIi nee at tho commencement ns in direct thn auditor of nl, in rlmw nn order hereby enacled l,v lhc(,eeral Assembly of tho Slate f the then preceding winter. nn the treasurer lor the nniount so allowed, nnd the of Vermont, as follows : Snc. li. Tlio listers m each town shall designate same shall not bo published nmong the laws of tho Sec. 1. Tho county courls for tho county of Chit in the grand list the number of the school district in session: but whether the judgment of the oudilor of louden shall hereafter t e holden at liurlington, in said which all real elate is situated. accounts shall ho affirmed or "reversed, the action of county, on the second Tuesday of Muy, nnd on the Snc. I, V 10 hslers hall nnnraiSfi nnd set ill the tlip fir-nernl Asrmhlv rIiiiII l. en far rnnrlnsivn itifil first Tuesday nrtt nflrr itin fi.iirlt, Tiifpilov fif Sen. nn ni p -rs i'iai properly, nil swine, mat nave oeen tho subject shall not he ngnin considered hy either by law preai ribtd lu ordinary cases of appeal, nnd Ilia same prn-ccdinga shall bo linil In In- county court ns if said suit had been otigiually brought befofo said county ccutt. Sr.c. Ii, Whoiinn appeal U taken by tho trustee, anil no appeal' Is "taken hvMheprincipat'dcbtnr, the counly couit slitill nfltriiMne judginenl of tho justice against the principal debtor, nnd add the interest to' tlio ntnbimt of Iho damages without additional costs, ami msi'o' execution inercon accoruui.i to law. Snc. G.' If such nppeliailt shall ho ndjiijge.1 trustee upon ouch appeal, tlio plainliirin the suit shnll recov er of him nil cost' accruing subsequent to such ap nea). PiovitUd. that it such aline hint shall he ml- piged trustee fur n lcs sum than that found by such justice, Iho eoutt shall apportion costs between the plaintiff tint! tnt'tcc, nstnay lie reasonable. Sec ". If said appellant shall not enter his said anneal in the county court, the said cnurt unon thn complaint oHha plaintdl',may nirirm the judgment of iiii'jiiaiiee, wnn ciiib nguinsi sain trustee. Ki.c. 9. ThciiuI'Miicut nualust tho nrincioal deht- or.ic'ndercd by iho county court In n coso nppoilcd jiy toe trusico, snail nolo any ucn ny niiacninent or mi na iiiutigu iitu case wns oppeaieu iiy &aiu priuci lal debtor. Sic. 9. Whenever any ncrsnn shall besummoned as Irustco, nnd tlio plamiifl shall seek to mako bun chatgcublo under llio iliiitv-fourlli section of the twculy-mnlh chapter, to v. Ineh this net is in nddition tho court may in their discretion order that the said supposed trusteo make his personal appearance be fore the court, and submit to nn examination orally. m:c. 1U. , When an execution shill issue ngninst any trustee, and tlio samo shall be tlulv lolurned hit uisliiil, an alias execution may bo issued against the tiuuy oi such trustee. Approved Nov. 12, 16-12. wintered one winter, nl! hives or swarms of bees, nlo.isuru wagons, cirniire-t and slfi"h. irold nnd n'vei watches and nil kinds of golds, wores and mrelnndize, or chatitls of whatever kind or name, whether nt home or abroad, unless the property abroad is laved in another state', nnd except such property ns is exempted hy this act or by section rive oi ine nei to wnicit iiii.i is in niidiiion. Sr., 3. Tin term "farmers' too's" used in see Hon live of the act to which this it in addition, shall b) consiiucd to inclu le all carls, wagons and other t hid-s necjjtary tocairyon tho farm where they i re usi i mid every oer-on. whether a farmer or not, limbic to bo taxed, shall have one wai'on and one si'iijh aml liariiessut for using the same exempt fro n taxaiinn j provided that no pleasuio wigon or iher vehicle", talued at more than sixty-five dol lars, s'ndl bocxenipt from taxation. All fowls shall bo tiempt from taxation. Sec. !) No de luciiin shall bo made from theval uation of the p.'is.mal eslntc of nny person for debts ovving by him, unless sirh oerson s'.iall make oath, if required hv suit listers, that the same is n bona f. tciU lit which he considtrs hiinstdf legally bound to pay s it ir Mr any ut ut lor which ho shall us now n tij surely, and not ns pimcip.il, unless such principal lnn-ti:i l) raik-d and become irresponsible; or ns partner m any mtrcantile or oilier business, except from tlio partnership property i nor for nny debt which shall annear to have-been a eifi from such per son ; nirf.tr nnv note' nr oilier seciuity piyablc nt house of the General Assembly except willi the con sent ol two tunas oi lis members. Sec. 0. The oudilor of nccounts shall notify the stain s attorney ot nny county, in which the stato slia have any claim by reason of nnv default, for feiture, fino imposed, judgment rccoiered, or other thing, when by n right of action may have ncrned to tho slate', lo have or recover of any person for nny goods or cffeclsdetnine I, or not nccounted for, or for money in nrrcnr, or for nny delinquency whereby the public interest has suffered! (excepting, always, state taxes nnd extents issued to enforce their collection,) and shall lurnish the evidence to sustain such claim and said attorney shall proceed forthwith, to secure and collect tho same. Sec. 10. Incase of default of nnv state s attor ney, the auditor of nccounts chall cause suit to be brought against him in the namo of tho Stale of Vermont, liefore any court proper to try the same, nud shall lake such measures ns to secure thcinter- csts ol the state whenever it can he done. Sec. II. 1 he auditor of accounts shall nnntially prepire and publish for tho use of the (icneral As sembly, an edition not exceeding seven hundred cop ies of a report, exhibiting under nppiopriate heads, all iho source- of revenue of the stale, Willi a specific and detailed statement of i s disbursements for tho previous current fiscal years to which report he shall append the report of the bank commissioner and bank committee) and no report to tho governor, or to tne ucncr.it .ssnmuiy, aesigneo merely lo cxniuii temb'.r. of each year, Sr.c. 2. This net shall lake effect fiom and after tho first day of I'ehuirv next. Approved Nov. 12, 1912 sumo lut'irr uncertain day without interest! and b an account of moneys 'received or disbursed on ac- ' "iv u-,ui- nr iiiuiK-u p-iriie-uiiiis uio tiaieta uu) m- count oj the state, shall tie, bereattcr, required, tsrrogato such person under oath. See. !. The trensmer shnll. nimimlly. on the See 10. There flnll I e deducted, for all purposes CfWntl, ,lnv nf Srnleml.r. r-nmmnnirntp In Ihn nml. (except ln.diw.iy taxes payable m labor) from the or of accounts, n statement of all sums of mon listof every person, .subject .by law to military duty, cy furnished lo county cleks lo defray the con who s.i.ill be returned equipped agreeably to the law ,.-. exnenses of the courts, tho number regulating nnd governing tho militia of this state, and f blank licenses for peddlers sent to said from the list of e very p-rson, who by law is required dciks. also nil sums mid drafts of the nunrter mis. t'l COllin any minor or minors residing in tills S'nte, lor irrrnl. llincniiimi5innrn nf thn ilrnf. dumb nnd tho Mini of two dollars for every person so returned blind, nnd theuncrinlendant of the stato ption,'and equipped. ... . , all payments and advances made to, or for the use of. fjEc.lt. Jt shall bo motility oi the listers in the nny nerson. lo be disbursed on behalf of thestate. No. 7. AN ACT, t'n amemtmrnt of t'.cHon tiro of chapter Jurly-mrte oj Iht iln'tsril blalntes. It is hereby enacted by tlio General Assembly of tho Stato of Vermont, as follows : Sue. 1. The county court for thsc untiesof Wind ham nnd Windsor shall be held as follows: At Newfane, in the county of Windham, on the last Tuesday of May and thellurd Tuesday of Novem ber, in each' vcar. At Woodstock in the county of Windsor, on the first Tuesdays of May and November, in each year. Sr.c. 2. Such of llie provisions of (ho net of which this is nn amendment, ns nro inconsistent with the provisions of this net. nro repealed. Approved Nov. 12, IS 12. No. ?. AN ACT, in'a'Uitioii lo Ciavter Uttnt'i- nine of the Ueviscd Statutes. It is hereby enacted by the General Assembly ol the Slate of Vermont, as ioiiuws: Sec, 1 Whenever nny trustee process shnll be commenced aprovided ih said chapter, and the prin cipal debtor is not n resident nf ibis stale, tho writ may bo served upon the principal debtor by lcavingn true and ottcsled copy thereof in tho hands nf the trustee fur said principal debtor, and such service shall bo ns effectual as if made by attaching iho goods and chat tels of such principnl debtor, found within this state. Sec 2. This net shall takocllcct from its pastago. Approved Nov. 12. 1912. soeiiou oi ino net to wincli tins Is an addition, nn at Mfjht. niii st'Ciirtwl liini dm iu.n'Hinn ,,f l,l v,., ., , i . , . ' sales or contracts concerning the lafnc, slull ho un- "J-'"'""u stcnrtil turn tlio posit ssion ol Ins , Vio.v l br.litfilai.wtiscted frdiliini two Tjr thrco piaco up in jo-tt. uijuit iiit'sc circtimslnn- ( KGnsraiu.im nearer to, ho .laysnUhatho.i Logli. ccs, wo sny.it is not sitppon ilito tliatMr. Mill, i idh" i'U3 squill felreinis hero turned aside or his fiiemls, or nny other honorable ntun, 1 '"m, ,!,!!ir wcuttomed channel rindT mndo la kiiotvinrr tho circtnminlict'5, Mould urge llio I , .La,in "f fin iL'-vning. Thus reasons slnlod, or inierfote in tlio n.ntlcr t 1 ! V 01 m TudV and onie P80 several to.vns to comnieto and icturn the list ns fin islicd, to llio office of tho town clerk, on or before the first Monday in December in each year. Sec. 12. The l.slers of the several towns, in tho discharge of their official duties, arc authorized to ad minister nsths in nil ensns rcnnlred bv this net. Sec 13. W'hen any person shall think that ho is assessed by tho listers for money on hand, debts due, Sec. 13. Tho quarter master general shall be No. 9. AN ACT, relating to rignrois. It is hereby enacted bv tho General Assembly of the Slate of Vermont, ns follow-: Sr.c. I. Tlio selectmen in nny town in this stato arc nutliorized to alter or discontinue nnv road with, in their respective towns, which wns laid by a coin mitteo appointed by ihe legislature, in the same man ner as they nro now by law million -d to discontinue roads laid hy selectmen, YVonrfer, Ihat lit til cises when any legislative committee mav have laid such or for bank and insuraneo stock, or for faculty or ,i,e state, nnd allowed bv him. for nnlitnrv expenses. gams, in a greater sum than is just and reasonable, p,ai be specified, with tho sum allowed on each; such person nny apply to llieselectmen, or a major- j ) payments made by him shall be receipted at ityof them of tho town where he resides, and if ho the foot of the account by the person receiving the uyiino'vn losliinony on oath tr otherwise, can sai- moncy, or draft, for tho sanies all such payments isly said selectmen that his assessment is too high, shall pnss to the credit of the quarter master general, tmd selectmen shall lodge in the town clciks ollicc anJ no money shall hereafter be drawn from the ol such town, by the fifteenth day of August, a certi- ircaury, for aiiy service or expense, appertaining to fieatouniL-r tin ir hands, of tho sum to winch they the military department, except by the quarter mas have reduced the assessment of such person, which ter general. nrnvide-d bv the nuditor of accounts with a book of roads through two or more towns, the same proceed accounts nt the expense of llio state, in which he ing shnll he had as is provided by the 'JOih chapter of ,.: If r - - ,, I I ii...:..l I " ,. .. .,; snail ntoKC miuse-ii utuiur tur an uiuiiea umwu from the treasury, or rcccucd from nny other source for the support of the militia ; he shall open accounts with the quarter masters of llie several regiments, in which accounts nil the items of i barge, made against the Hevised Statutes, for laying, altering or discon tinuing roads through twoor nioro town-. Pec. 2. This act shall take ellect from and after its passage. Approved Nov. 10, 1812. sum so (em licit s in he la .en hv l ie lstrrs as the s .1 ill at which such person shall be assessed. Si:c. 1 1. The person .innpalin" to the selectmen as afoiesn.l. shall nivo notice to one or moioof said lis ters of the tmioand place of hearing the application of my pt-rsun a i ai;i-'Tiuig. Sec. 15. Whenever any not be renresenlpit in Ihn (, p.-and list of such town shall not exceed six hundred dollars, such town shall be exempt from the payment of tho stale lax. Snc. 16, Section ono of tho act relating to the co jcctioii of stale taxes, passed October 29, 1829, is breh v rep".ile.l. Approved Nov. 11, 1312 Sec. 14. The auditor of accounts shall annually rcportnny modilicntion which cxpirrncc hnll prove- to no necessary or expedient, in orucr to procure a faithful accounting for nil publrfiinds. ftr.c. 15. '1 ho amount oi lueiionosni me severm No. 10. AN ACT, relating lo the collection of Tax r. -It is hereby enacted) by the Gencial Assembly of iho Stale ofVerinonlrrjs follows: hcc. 1. vv henever any town, Mate or county tax bill, which has been put into Iho hand of any collector, shall, from the neglect, refusal or inability of such collector, leniain uncollected until nou-lier collector it chosen by t-aid town ; such lax bill mav then !.o put into the hinidsot Ibc collector but etiascu, to gether widi it warrant for the c-jlueti'jn of said laxes j nnd whenever said collector fhall receive such tax lull and warrnnt, he shall be mid is hcieby authorized and empowered lo proceed and collect such laxes so put into his hinds, in thesaniR way and manner as if No. 1C AN ACT. in addition lo chanter nineteen of the lletised Statutes, relating to the instruction of l'ie aeaf and dumb and the blind. U is hereby enac ted by tho General Asscmhyof the State of Vermont, ns follows : Sec. 1. Tho governor of this stato shall be, ex of ficio, commissioner of iho deaf nnd dumb nnd tho blind, nnd the insane poors and perform nnd dis charge nil the dulie3 cnioincd unon llio bonrd of com :.T r .l-.-i- 1 ., iiiii-siuiie-rs lor ino instruction in uic ueai nun uiimu nnd Iho blind, hy the net lo which this is an addition I , . , , ., iinu uv tne nets in nuu ion mere o, Sec 2. Tho governor of this stato is authorized annua 11 v to draw from l ie treasury, a sum notcx cecduig two thousand dollars, for tho benefit of Iho insane poor ot tuts siaic, nnti pcriornt nn uic uuiies reimtrcd of thn hoard of commissioners for the in struction of the deaf and dumb nnd tho blind, by the provisions of tlio net entitled "nn net for tho relief of ,, , ..,.,., ,r., ino iiisano poor, tipprovtti tvovemuer tiiitu, ion. Sr.c. 3. The gocrnnr shill annually report to tho legislature the proceedings, with nn account of the expenditures incurred in the discharge of these duties. Sec -1. The governor of this state shall be entitled lo receive from i he stale treasury nnnnnlly one hun dred dollar, ns n compensation for his services in the disc.hnipe of tho duties required by this net. Sr.c. 5. The reports required to bo made to tho commissioners of tho deaf, dumb and blind, shall hcrcifler be mado to the Governor. Sec. 6. The first nnd seventh sections of the net to which this is in addition, nrc hereby repealed. Sec 7. This act shall take effect from and after its passage. Approved Nov. 12, 1312. No. 17 AN ACT. in alteration nf chapter tiren- tu-one of tht ltcvised Statutes. il is hereby enacted by tho General Assembly of the State of Vermont, ns follows ! Sec. 1. For t henurnose of l;eenin!r the highways nnd bridges in repair, tho se'eetmen of each town s in 1. annua v. nrcviuu lo tho lust day oi nru, ns. scss ii tax of eighteen cents on each dollnr of the lists of such town, to bo p nd in labor, nnd laid out in re pairing highwaj s nnd bridges. Sec. 2. Survevors of Imdiwnvs shall continue in office for ono year, to commence on the first day of April succeeding their appointment. Src. 3. Tho selectmen shall annually, on or be forotlio firstday of April, mako out n tax bill for each surveyor, containing the amount of tax to ho laid out by him in his district, with the amount of each pcrsn's list nnnexed to his nunc, ncconipinicd with n warrnnt signed by sonic justice of the simo county, authorizing such surveyor lo collect eucIi tlx, and tne selectmen snail, by the lirslday ot rtprii, neuvcr the several tn.x lulls to tho respective surveyors and take their receipt for the came. Sec. 1. JIarli surveyor shall keep fair and regular accounts of nil labor performed, nnd nil monies re ceived nnd expended in his district, and of the labor which may havo been performed by nny pcrsonsovcr and above their taxes, and make return of his accounts to tho selectmen annually, in tho month of March. And it shall bo tho duty of such surveyor to pay over to the selectmen any monies which may remain in his hands imexp. nded ; nnd any money which nny bo so received from the curve) or, shall bo paid over by the selectmen to the succeeding sin veyor, to be. ex pended in tho same district ; and when any persons in tho districts shall have overpaid their taxes in labor or otherwise the balance shall bo credited to such nersjns on their taxes for the succeed. .ier vcar. Sr.c. 5. Sections two, five, six and twonty-thrse, ot said chapter lwnn,(v-nnn nn- liercby repealed Approved Nov. 11, 1B12. tlcrstood nnd cmstruml accordingly. nppruveu iiuv. l, till. No. 2). AN ACT. in nrldlltnn In rhnnlf f;,n of the Iltristd Statutes. -' It is hereby enacted by, tho General Assembly of tho Stato nf Vermont, Thaliho trusted of thc-sotplus utonoy of the United Slatesj in the several towhs in this state, be nuthotiicd to loail the same tolluir sev eral towns, ngfeenbly to tKo provlsidns of sitd chap ter. 1'roridtd, that tho town shall, nt n meeting legally warned ami holden for that purpose, nuthorizo llitf-sclcctincii to borrow the samo for llio benefit of said town. Approved Nov. 3, 1812. No. 2fi. AN ACT. to remit the tiitntv-tteemd sec tion of chaplcrfifty-cight of the liaised Statutes. it is nerciiv cnacicu liv I no uenero Assemb v ol I he State of Vermont, Thai section twenty-second, of m,iiicr iiuy-ciKiM,'" 1110 xeoviscu amines, cniiucu, "an net, ol limitation ofrcil nnd personal actions and lights oi entry," be, nnd tho samo is hereby repealed. 4ipjuvveu tvuv. tu, ltl. No. 27. AN ACT. tn amrntUnml nfrhnnter one hundred and ttco of the llerised Statutes. It it here by enacted by the Uencrat Assembly ofthoStato of crmum, as imiows : Sec. I. Wlrncvcr anv nerson U confiped in llio county iail or other place, in nursiiaiice ofnn order of court, a is provided in section fifteen and sixteen of said chapter, and shall not havo estate of his own, sufficient for Ins support, such person shall bo main tained at mo cxpenso ol the stile, instead ot tho manner now provided by siid sections. Sr.c. 2. This act shall take effect from and oftcr its passage. Approved Nov. 7,-1812. FRIDAY MOUNING, DiicnMUEU 2, 1842. THE SEASON. Winter lias fairly closotl in upon us. For tlio nasi ten days vvo liuvn had .continu ed tircnionitions of its nnnroncli, nnd on Tuesday last, after repealed attempts lo blockade iho steamers on Lake Champluin, Commodore Jack Fhost took possession of tho narrows, and Admiral Shuuman has re tired with his fleet to winter quarters. For several days past vc havo had ac counts of heavy falls of snow in every direc tion, cast, west, north and south whilo wo on the Lake shoro havo had plenty to do in holding our hair on, and dodging tho sand nil. Hchru'no shall wait for hcticr evidences ' of this f.tclhefoio wc givcil full credence. It i hut just to add in this connexion, thattho nioro intelligent portion of Winslow's friends treat tho matter wilh that contempt which it merits. They regard it as politically dishonorablo and grovelling an attempt to' effect nn adulterous connection with an ad ministration which they never did, and nev er mean to support. Said ono of ihcni lo him tho other day, "wo havo no reason to "complain, and should appear very con "tontptiblo to ttrgo tho reasons you pro "posc. Wo havo had tho office for years, "under similar circumstances, and havo heard "no complaint from tlio Whigs. The placo "was fairly won hy tho presort occupant, and until wo revcrso titc tallies, ho is ciili "tlcd to it, upon tho very principle you urge, "lit tho mean time, tho Ies3 you besmear "your own peculiar callmsr, tho better for "you in tho end. I shan't sign." county clcrksasrcquiredbytliesivlielhscctionof ihc they had onnma'ly been put into Inshands. .ny town in this stato shall eevenili chnnler of tho revised statutes, shall, hcrcaf- Six. 2 It is hereby made the duty of jny person i General Assembly, and the tcr ,o six thousand dollars. or person who nro legally nu'.hiin.ed in issuo wnr- Conimunlcitlon. Mn. Editoh, I saw an article in tho last Sentinel, commenting upon the course of our representative in regard to certain Bills re- liitinc tu tlio University ol Vermont, upon which, with yottrpormission, I wish to offer a few remarks. Tho articlo to which I re fer, like most other matter which appears in the Sentinel, contained about as many false hoods as it made assertions. The true sc ctet of the Sentinel's hostility to Jin. Van Sicklex, 1 suspect, will he found in the fact that he was elected, last September, hy tho freemen of Burlington to represent that town in our State Legislature, and thai, whilo act ing in that capacity, ho succeeded in defeat- clouds. But on Wednesday evening, tho '"3 a 1Jllli 'he object of which was to (lis Great Winter Kin? having marshalled his 'franchise a portion of tho freemen of Ver- forccs in tho northeast, poured in upon us, under cover of the night, and has literally taken this region of country hy storm. lie has undisputed possession of every lane, street, and avenue, and at this moment, (9 a. m, Thursday,) is slill strengthening him self at every point. lis reception, howev- mont. ! or these iwo oflenccs Air. Van Sick len has been subjected lo a good dual of abuse, and ho probably will never bo forgiv en by tho Loco Focos of Burlington. The Bill to which I refer was entitled, I believe, "An act to define the rights of free men. " Its title should have been " An act pte wcr? wisc'er.pugh to mdulge .in bright drcanistiMlio uup6rinr ndvaiitas which thi. gltnious provision j?comcd to promise to their tlos-oiidants of the fourth and fifth generation. Hut it so turned out after a few years that tha .State wanted a new Capitol, and although overs' body admitted that want, tho impression wu general that a tax largo enough to'build such t ono as tho Green Mountain Stato onght.to have, would fall heavily upon the people, and ihey might bo discontented with the arrangement. Well, the Stato Houso was built and a crand and costly one it is. A good deal of election eering has been based upon those granite Willi, on both sides but it is of littlo consequence, which Bide is to blaino for tlio expenditure, it far as my subject is concerned. The house wat built and must bo paid fur. No ono thought Bonously of levy ing a tax upon the people for .i.;u,uuu to build a Capitol. It must therefore bo borrowed where Here va3 a fund crea. led out of revenues legitimately belonging to the Mate, for which the people had paid taxes, and which was producing no present benefit to any body. It was tho State's property. A simple act of the Legislature of tho Stato had given it a different character. No living being had ac quired any vested rights under that act, and the money was therefore just as much at the dispo. sal of tho Stato as if no such act had been pas sod. Tlio plan was accordingly adopted of lorroicing from this school fund, the money which belonged to tlio Stato before hand, and was only nicknamed School Fund, lo suit tho purposes and whims of those whoso eyes saw far into the future, and beheld boys and girls load ttg around school houses with those mystic, words printed on their hats. This sum so borrowed .by tho state of tho stato fur the state, has ever since been serious ly christened a stato debt ! Not by every body, to bo sure, but pretty generally and ever since 1S31 the state' havo paid the Treasurer a hun dred dollars a year extra, for fumbling over the notes on which the fund is loaned, and conning over by . Daboll's rules, how much more the state owes itself for interest on this lorroved money 1 and of Murcst compound interest, tho debt rolls up witli "accelerated velocity Every year the Treasurer as'Commissio'nerof the fcliool fund, charges over the accumulatiea of interest to the State.on the books of the fund, and reports the same with due solemnity to the "assembled wisdom," who as in duty bound el evate their eyebrows to behold the fearful cr, wo ato happy to add, is decidedly cool, to disfranchise freemen " for such a title and, judging from the indications around us, i would havo been in exact conformity to its strides by which the right hand breeches pocket Sec. lfi. The nml If. tenth. cVvcnth and thirty third seciionsof chapter cichlh of the Hcvised Stat utes, also the fifty fourth, fifty-fifth, fiftg-sixlh, fifty seventh, sixty-first and sixty-second, nlso the third, fourth, fiub, sixth nnd seventh division of section sixty-three, nnd section sixty-five, of chapter cloven, nlso so much of section six of chapter ono hundred nnd seven, ns nnlhori7cs the iudncs of the supreme No 2. AN ACT. relatinsto nublic accounts. It court lo receive fees of tho county clerk, nnd nccount ts hereliy enacted by Iho General Asscmuiy oi with the trensuicr for tlio same; also so miicn oi t.ia btato of c, mint, as follows : ihe twenty-first, twenty-second ond twcnty-liltp r.cc- Sr.e. 1. Tno hseal year of iho stalo or v crniont, nons of chapter one hundred and five, ns nulhori7.es i'.inll tcrininiio on the last day of August. the judges of the county courts tn draw ordi tson llio snc. 1. Lie t slilf. s attorney, nml counlv ClerK, siitn ti-Mnri' and sn much ol the thirlv-sevcnl l in iho stale, the Serjeant-at-arms, ench ol the hoard section of chapter eight, as requires Ihe nudilor or nnd blind, tho quirier mister general, ihcsiipreiuten- him tothe Governor, are hereby repealed. dent of ihe stale nrison. and anv oilier nerson, having Src. 17. Tho auditor of nccounts and conntv Inu in lus pou-ion, moneys, goods, cllecis, or creel- clerks, shall, severally receive, lor discharging mo Us belonging le the stale, (excepting military oinccrs clutiC3 imposed by tho provisions ot tins net upon and others in iios.5i iii of mihiarv property, eollec- those officers respectively, a compensation nropor- tnth of sl.itn i.ix ', nnd officers s -rving extents to en-1 tionctl to, nnd not exceeding, ihe rale of allowance lorcc lb. cull in of the state tax and the treasui cr of tin stall,) shall render and sellb his nccount then f jr. with tho nuditor of nccounis. within twenty th"s after tne close of the fiscal vcar in which lie may lnv I. cjme posi -ssi-d thereof, and nn thos.'tilement of s tell iccoiiiit. Ilia said auditor ohnll aivehiin occr tif an or tho i jnib-ring and settling nf such account, winch LVri.T.-.tle bh ,11 ho a nuitlus of all claims ill b. '.a ah f ilu snto fir ihoaccount thus seltlcd : and ir nnv sn. it uu. son. thus Inum? hid in his possession. mo, leys, goods, effuct or credits or the Male, as-jforc- n i.l, s!i ill ueljcl to render nu J stllli for services os now established bv law. mec. id. inn net snail laKc cucci irom tne nrst day or Mnrch next. Approved Ixov. le, Ibis. thare'or, ns rroviduj ir. thn se.:iion. Mich person r.iniiiiiiin" such neidtei. s ha I be liable lo a suit tltr, nunc, nfilie. Si-jle n! Vermont loenr,irce the ren rUrin" niul settliit'' of said account, nnd shall bo sub. jerieTio iho payment id cosls. though a balance should inn be found ill favor of the stale t and if Xo. 3. AX ACT. to divide the State into Conqrcs sional Districts. il is her-bv enacted by thu Gencr nl Assembly of the Stale or Vermont, ns lollowst Sec. 1. 'Iho slnte or Vermont is Hereby uiviucu into Tour coneTcssional districts. Snc. 2. The first district shall he composed or ins nccotini counties or v indham, llcnniiiglon nnd Kutlantt. ranis fir I lie collection or taxes orn like nature, when called upon by ihe selectmen ofnny town, to issue new warrnnt for tho collection or such taxes as men tioned in the first section of this net. Sec. 3. This net shall tnUu effect from and nftci its pas.-igc. Approved ov. 1-', leu. Xo. 11. AX ACT, relating to Freehold QnotiTro tion. Il is hereby enacted by Iho General Assembly or Ihe Slate or Vermont, That it shall not be a rc- qiusi'e Tor any person lo hold nny ollicc, or execute nny duty, trust, or confidence under iho laws of this stale, thai no snouiu no n irecnoiucr. Approved iov. li, Ibli. Xo. 12. AX ACT, llelating to the Truster of the United States Denositcvioncv. It is liercby enacted by tho General Assembly tfihottate of Vermont, as follows: Six. 1. The several towns '.shall nt each annual meetiii''. c kct ono or more tiuslees. not exceeding three, in the same manner other town officers nni elected, whose duty it shall bo to receive, taUo care of and manage tha money tli-sposited wan inu rospec tictown: and I icy t, ha . nl c.ic i annual meciiii! if I lie ir tc-pccltvo town, make a full rcp-jri of ihu condiiioii and situation or the deposit money received by them. Sr.c. 2. II anv person, elecien trusieo according iu tho tirnvwinns nf ihU net. shall refuse to civo bonds as pcoided by seeiion forty eight nf chapter tighiicn of ihe llctifctl Statutes, his oflico (drill be considered vacant, anil such a vacancy may noiiiieu ns inovi- lq AN" ACT, m alteration of Chapter ticen ln.triA i,rt'te l?trlscd Statutes. Il i3' hereby enacted by tho General Assembly of Iho State ol Vermont, i ini tno nrst jhuici.ii i in ill is stale shall consist of the counties of YVimllinm, liinnington and Rutland s the second circuit, of the coiinlicsol YviuasoruiHi urungo. Approved Aov. 1.', ibl-'. No. 10 AX ACT. to reveal an act in Amendment of fiction silty-lhrec of Chapter tu-enty-cight of the IlirisJl Stalules. 11 is ncriuy cnacieu ny uic , ,en ernl Assembly ofthe Slnlo of Vermont, ns follows : Sc. 1. An net in nnicnuiiicnl ot section sixty thieoof chapter twculy-eiglit, approved November 9, IS11, is hereby repealed. Sec. 2. This act thail take ellccl from its pas sage. Approicd.-Nov. 12. IS 12. Sec. 3. Tho eeoiid district shall be composed of di d by section twenty of chapter thirteen of the lie . I... ,.rit-:.l I It I vtcn.t e!,n,l,e(. the counties of Windsot nnd Ornnne. Sec. 4. The third district shall bo composed of tlio eounlies of Addison, Chittenden, tranklin and Grand Isle. Sec. 5. The fourth district shall bo composed of leans and Lnmoillc. Sec. G. This act shall take ellect from its passago Approved Aov. ,, lBia. No.' 4 AX ACT. relalincr lotht r.lcctionaf Hertre tentative' to Congress li is hereby enacted by the tieneral Assembly ot incsiaieoi Vermont, as 101 lowsi Sec. I. I.ach Congressional district in this slnte shall be entitled to select one rcnroeulnihc to repre sent this Hiatcin the Congress of I lie Umied States, w ho s'.iall bo an inhabitant ol the same district. Sec. 2. eclion llurtv-one of chanter one of the Revised Statutes is so amended as to read as folluwsc Uic first constable, nnd in case of his neglect. 1 he town clerk, and in the case of the neglect ot both, llio balance should lia found I in favor or tho state, there il,o counties or Washington, Caledonia, Ksicx, Or UHll oe iiuuuu uieiiiu imce-ii pee ue-iu., uuu cmi.,i tion shall issio accordingly. Provided, that nollum; in this section contained rhall bo con-trued to nllVi any bond given lo secure the p,"fi.riniiuce nf opicial duly. Set 3 The lieasurcr of tho state shall provide bn Is to be-utliic disposal nf thesoveral counly clerks si each session of the supremo court, iho Coupty t'oirt, on.1 the court of chancery, sufficient to defray the exp U'cs thereof; nnd neither the siJcl'rk, nor iho judges, dull, hertuftr, draw nny order on ihe treasury of the t-utc, for the payment of sii 1 expenses, h.it the clerk shnll pny thn money then fur under Iho direction of tho judges of nd com H rispeiuvely. 1'tcli clerk shall, by the wn.-ln,,,- ,,f .-ti-cotiuiK. be nrovided willi a book of nc. counts, at the expehseor Ihe stale, iu wliii h ho shall make himself debior for oil funds thus provided hy the treasuref, sl, moneys belonging to tho stale received by linn fiom any other source : he shall en . . , - i:. :.. i 1..1. .irn.-,ini. mu,,, ter to in- crtuu, in hjiu uuiv . ,., , p, 'j r- M.ni , i,-,.Im .ii nnv neciiunt which he shall have set tlcj a nforcsjM, nud mc'i payment shall be proved t. r,t ,,f il,,- ,'l'iimmit or his licenl. ot the loot or the nccount, or by other satisfactory evidence , be shall cnlcr all accounts thus seltlcd under appropriate heads so as to exhibit. . I. Ani.iunt nai.l for lakine inuiiest of tho dead i 2. Aiuouiii piid Sherilfj' accounts for sununoning -rr,l rtr-tii in rnm. ritecife in" in nil eases, the num ber ' f miles travelled iu sew ing the venire, and llio manner of such s.'rvice. nlso all olher seivues lien r.iriniTl liv shcrilla and olher officers, during, nnd Pie v.ous to tho session of tho courtfor which payiinnl is In he nnd t . , 3 Aniuiml piid witnesses instatecivil causes, and criminal prosecutions i ... , 4 Amount paid bills of cost for criminal proceed incs lietorc niag'slrales j t. A.,,.-,,,.,, t.ni.t stntii'H sttnrnevB accounts! r, M'ls. pUniieniia nccounts t and the clerk shall an- prnd hit olficul ccrtificote that said settlements were mudo limit r llio supervision of the court I 7. Iliinu.n nccount. as allowed by ihe court, for services ii n clerk,nnd llio presiding judge shill certify lint iho clork's account, ns seltled, was allowed by the court! nil items of chirgcs which msyiicntlow I bv i'ia rnntt in iheir discretion nnd for which I He finite allowance is not provided by law, .hill be so visd Slnlntc, Sec. 3. All nets inconsistent wilh the provisions of this net, nro hereby repealed. Approved Nov. 12, ISls!. No 13 AN ACT. nlatintrtalhe tatclne of test i monrtH is hereby enacled bv the General Assenv ond nfler l,lv nf ihe Slnte of Vermont. That no deposition shall be u'ed in tho trial ot any civil cause, or before nny committee of elections, ns evidence, unless llio justice beforo whom it is taken shall havo appeared nt the place, nnd within two hours ot the time mentioned in tho notice given tu the adverse party. Approved Nov. 1, 1842. very few indeed arc inclined to "open their j character. 1 ho object of tho Hill was to house.-," to him. Dut should ho tatry with j deprive the students in our Colleges and us till April, lie will doubtless make some Academies of llio tight of voting for town warm friends, and in a measure retrieve his ' representative and county officer, in the reputation which, it must bo admitted, has 'towns wheru they have resided for the rc of the stato is getting into debt to the left ! Is'ow I ask, is there a man from Alburgh to Vernon, or from Canaan to I'ownal that doce not sec where this thing must end ! Suppose we let things run on as they do now, according tn Sfttialn. Tl !1 1 ! n rrt,o ,n' f-r,ini,l.,inn i, m.111 not been very good, in this region fur some j quisile length of time, unless their parents laUc fmty thm JW"pf foro ,he fund amoumj ,o years past. reside with them. Such an act, in my opin - lwo muuons 0f dollars ; one half the sum neces. Albasv, X.V. Nov. 29. Tho Southern JIail due ion, would have boon clearly unconstitutional , sarv to carry out tho wild scheme of tho founders yesterday morning did not reach tho city until 3 P. ...j M. y.... Sicklen is richlv entitled to ' of "the fund. Bv that time. I onine. most of ns M, It was brought by land from Costleton, beyond , , , , ,, . . , . , .. , , , . ., which point the Steamboat North America wnsnnnble j llc tllal,ks of a11 ,ruo N '"Ss for 1,13 vlrous , W.1'0 now ,nit our brief hour upon the stage." toget. 1 1 is impossible to say when we shall receive anil sttcccsstul opposition to it. liad it not uc JU,IU ulu 'U3 nu perplexities oi thencxtSo.iiheni.mil. j bcu for l,i5 exertions, tho Sentinel assures ' EcI-'o1 uni"a wel1 as ourchildron,.aiidaeoo4 Thoiiverisrau'.dlvfilling'withice. TlicEtcamboits 1 it ,,,, .. , , ,. many of our cliildren's ciiildrcu after us. Then ,, , ion i e . mi ir .1 IH, t 10 15i WOtllll KIV0 beCOIHO a lllW. 1 llO , , J . , It.ifhpBi r-r nnd S vi-ri 1 ,1 it-1 ef r a 1 G I. Al. vitr nl.-i v. Hi i ' l.n. .-,; -nl,A .......... nnn.i:nM. - - . ;, ... I 1 iuv , i , , i 1 ,uibk,,ui.w.coi.iiiit;,i.vwiuiiii4.t " cater s nei t, u c i, i u tiuioiii ig i . i , .., .- .-i i- t f , . , , . , . r 'r' Ddhngham a arithmetic, until half of still V", ,"f"""l I'"','-'1;0 "'"J! "f,cr another generation bate molted away, before tins lull passed through tho llotiso ot Ilcpic- ,ho Etu,,otl(iolls rP,i, uf thm mighty school setilatives, the Locoj in Montpelior frit tinito ' funj can hc realized by, a human being. And crank, and boasted that tlicy had caught the then, how will this debt from the state to the member from Burlington asleep. Dut if ho school fund be paid ! Is there a'manoutiido was caught napping that night, he eoitainly of tlio walls of the insane Aylum at Braltlcbo. wole up too early fur ihcni next morning, 1 ro' or hi it either, who believes that the Vcr. as the large niajuiily by which the bill was ' montcrs of that generation, will submit to have rejected satisfactorily p.ovcs. I intended to "s tcl1 ,lium ll0W lil0' bhM tax tbcniwlves to ,v i " .1 .- hoop up bchools 1 Does any man believe tliey oiler sonic remarks, in tins communication, .,, , . , , ; " i "j , , . . , ., i will submit to be taxed to tho amount of four tos how ho intustico and unluirness, if not .... , , ... , , , , . , , . J . ,. . ' millions of dollars to be collected in bulk, and tho iniconstittitionalilv , of such an act oftltc ! tie1 .owcd alout on ol for th(J oje of r ..:.!.... i.... i ...:n . .i.:. . n . . . '. r . . i-.e-ym.un.e-, um i ui iiuMpuuu una ji.ui ui , making them a park of lazy fellows, by giving advance of their usual hour of departure. The com- munication with NewYorkbynvcrmay be consider- o.l nt nn prifl f'r litis yCjr. Vo learn tint on Saturday nnd Sunday tlicro wns n heavy fill of snow in the western part of the Stale. The slcyhing from Btiifiloto Syracuse is excellent. No. 1 1. AN ACT. in adtlitlon to an Act, entitled II An AI fr ih, r,llrfnfll,r inennr noor." It i lid C- by enacted by the General Assembly or tho Slate of Vermont. Tlmt ii slinll lm thn duty of tho selectmen, in any town, on application and satisfactory evidence, to iiiiikn return, itirectiv. to some one en tne cuniiiiis- selcctmcn or either of them, in each lown in this slate sinners for the ri licf nt" tho insane root, of any ciisu in ii-iibi iiYuivoiiiiyB iit-iuic iiiu nisi i ue-sjityb iii ocp- 01 msaniiy wiucn lucy inuy iicl-ih iiujii;,. nuvnibi lenibcr in llie year lbi ond m tha )eir 144, and such case may occur: nnd Ihat tne said uoaru ot twelve days before the first Tuesday of Srntember. commissioners shall havo nowrr at nnv tune to afford biennially, thereafter, Bhall set un noiiticalions, at the I relief in such cases, nucording to tho provisions of U.UJI UltfcLavl ,, Ul 111,1 ,11.111(11 B lltt llllO, 1IUIIIV - , nam Ulil ing the freemen to meet on said first Tuesday of nep'eiuucr, ni tne time ana place aesignaicu uy law iu, iiuiuii, II unit ,1 o mtt riiiiKa 1,1 Ddiu lunii, miti, lively, lor the purpose ol electing such rcprcscuta tne. Sec. 3. Section fortv-one of said chanter one is so amended as to read as follows t A certilicalo of the number oT votes for each candidate Inlet ti at every meeting hereafter to beholden as prescribed by sec tion forty of said chapter one, signed, recorded, scaled ud and superscribed as now nrovided bv law, shall, bv llie presiuuiy uiutti ui, -.ueu intt-inig, ub (itlive'rcu 10 tlio clerks of the respective counties in such district, wiUun ono wceie ncii uner sucit meeting. Sec. 4. Section forty-two ol said chspler one is so amended as to read as follows; The seveial clrtks lo whom the votes ; shall be delivered aforesiid, shall meet on the second Tuesday succeeding the time of holding said meeting, at the following places in the respective districts, lo wit, in district number one at the court-house in Manchester : in district number two. nt the congregational meeting house in Kovallon i indistrict number thiae, at tha court-houe in n.i;,ininnt nnH in district number four, at tlio court-houso in Danville and proceed publicly to canvas said votes, and declare the persons having a majority ornll the votes duty elected us sucn rcpre sentniiye os afiirsaid, ond givo notico thereof lo the Governor of this state within ons week from the time set for canvassing such votes. Sec 6. In cute the convention, called by the council of censors lo meet on the first Wednesday of January next, shall so niter the constitution of litis ktate os to require the legislature to hold its session in pursuance of the first orlicleof amendment propo sedby them, then iho certificate of votes for reprcscn trtltve lo cnni'ressrcnuirfd bv section lllirlV-sevtt of il.ti's sit rni " el I 0 sime county in liii bunk of tan) chapter one, lo be dclivcied to the e'anvssuir at-viiiint-i, wilh nl1 Mm, lorli-iiurcs, oris and jiult,'- committt-o of lli CJiicml ifi.ililjr ttisll iuica Approved Nov. 1, 1312. far specified, ihat the account nuiv exhibit the sum allowed to ench Item of charge. Uach counly clerk 'i-ill nnn mllv nreceut his hook of nccounis. or an attested copy of llio wliolo entries ror the year, to ll,e on Jilor nf accounts, who shnll examine the items nf rharie, and the sum allowed, and, wilh the con-cjrrt-nco and ndvice of tho treasurer of tho state, udiiptan.l promulgate, from time tu lime, m ilu sev eral county clerks, such rules nf slluwancaas will .nni' a i:isi nnd uniform unciico ihrnui-hiitit llio tsralc uinfs. Inch leiK sunn, niso, cnnrge-ino No. 15. AN ACT, tfn addition to chtpter twenty nine nftht llerised Statutes- It is hereby enacted by the tieneral Assembly of tha Slate of Vermont, as ioiiows: Krf, 1 Vlir.nevr nn v nernan shall bo summon cd to appear before the county cohtt as trustee, he mm- nnnnar before nnv iilfiticA conitictcnt 10 try cau ses between thelparties, and with the consent of the nan es. ( nc L-eri nen nv sa il nisi ce. inaKB n n itiii- len disclosure, uponoulh, which being filed willi the clerk of llio court, the said trustecshili not be requir ed lo appear before said court, except it shall bo for llie purposo oi explaining or correcting hucn uibc-iup-nrc. hut lha flnnla ahull bo taltan mid nrncecded tmon in the same manner us if it had been token in the county couit. Src. 2. If any person, having been summoned as trustee, shall be udjuuge-1 by Ihu court trustee on ac count ol'anv sum of money due from him to thepriu cipul debtor, and payable presently and in nioncy at the limn iudemenl shall bo rendered atrainst the nun cipal debtor, the court shall determine the amount which Iho trustee shnll nay on said iudcincnl. and execution may issue directly ncaitist the iroods and chattels or estate of the trustee for tho same, the amount ol w incn judgment ngmnit Uic Irustco shall ha certified on the execution ogainst the principal i i . : r .' ,.,it . . i ' ' ucmoi, ii unv . A.-i uuuii cuaii lBue Hauisi npil. Sec 3. The diclnsuro upon nath nf nrtv trusteo in any suit in which li is summoned as trustee, shall not 'je ti9ed as evidence toprovs sny(iact therein sla ted in any proscrntion against such trustee for sny primp nr t.cnsllv. Sue, i. Whenever nny persnn shill be sdjudged i. tmnv suit hrouiDl berore ninrtire.sneh per- sun may spprsl from lh judgment of the juittcs, in lc nounty court, under llwainiarigiilitms, is ire No. 20'. AN ACT. in amne!nii( of Chapter eighteen of the HetUcd Statutes. Ills ucicuy cnacicu ny ino t.e-ucrai .tsat.nui the Suite of Vermont, as follows; Snc. 1. Thoseleclmcn of each lown shall, annually previous to the first thy of Januai y, nsscs n tax of nine cents on the dollar of llio list of such town, to be collected nnd piid to ihe treasurer or the town pre vious lu the fust day of Jlirch succeeding, in ihe sMno manner that oilier town taves nro collected, ex cept a piovidcd in llio two following sections. , Sr.c. 2. If. in any town, iho income appropriated in such town for thu use tr schools, after deducting one Inlf of tho income arising from tho United Slates deposit moncy, shall nmoiiiitlo ns largo a sum n wnuld be rni'cd by such n lax. tho selectmen shall not ho required id assess the sime,:iril such income shall PC less, llio su I'ciiutu snail, nss si n m wu stiffir-lr-m. wilh such income, tn timotint to the sum which would bo taistd by a tax of nine cents on the dollar. , Sec. 3. The several towns, may, at tho anninl March meeting, or nt any other meeting warned for that purpose, raise nich sum tor Ihe uao of schools l,,.i- n,-,f tliinl.- nrrxii-r. l.v ntiiYilll the I ist of such towns : and if tlicums so raised, together with the inenmo nnnronriatcd lo that use. after the deductions mentioned in I lie preceding section, shall in anions year amount to as largo a sum as would uo raised ny iho tax required by this act to ho assessed by iho se lectmen, such tax imy be omitted. . Sr.c. 1. Sc'cliuiis twenty-nine, thirty and thirty-one or chapter eighteen, nrc repealled. Approval, 4ov. ig. lou. No. 21. AX ACT. in addition to Chapter Porta- four ofl'ie llerised Statutes. It is hcrobv enacted by llie uviicrai assomoiy unuJoiuiu ui i e-iintiiu, u follows : ... Sec. 1. Anv surety ror anv executor, adminisira- tor, trustceor agent, conceiving hiiiise'it in uangcr ot sjfit'rtug thereby ; or nny.heir, legatee or creditor lo any estate, or any person nucleated in nny trustee. tile, conceiving the uonu itiven lo tne nrouaio court hv anv nxecutur. .idimni-trnlor. trustee nrncent. to bo iiiMUlicieut to securo the just rights nf nil concerned, may respectively at any time petition tno proonlu courlju wliich such bonds nre on file, for relief; and mich court shall iuc a citation to llie petitionee, to appear and show cause against such petition, and if no suincieni cause uc siiown, suait iiiiutoButuuiucr anu decree tiiereeut, to secure the petitioner, as said court Hlinll mil uist nnd eotutaulc. Sec. 2. This act shall go into effect immediately alter the passage thcrcoi. Appioved rvov.'J. low. THANKSGIVING. This festival occurs on Thursday next, and our Devil requests us to remind the i.d vcrtishtg patrons oJ thu Free Press that they must send in their notices early in the week. Wo havo got a magnificient Turkey, of our own raising tliani; tho t.ord aim, unless Oitiieim & Michols, (who, by tlio way, have a choice selection of articles adapted to the oc casion,) should send us a bdttlo of tint "spark ling Ch.iinpi.ign," a few nuts to crack, &e. wo shall dine and fuii at our own expense this year. So our friend of the "Cheap Cash Store," will please to transfer any charitable intention he mav entertain for us on this occa- , lo our neighbor of tlio Sentinel, who would doubtless be "ratified that "roast beef." Congress convenes on Monday next. Our representative, Air. ioung, passed through town, we loam, on TuosJiv last. No. 22. AN ACT. in alteration of chapter tight three of the llerised Statutes. It is hereby enacted by Iho licncral Asscmuiyoi uicatsic oi vcimonl, as follows : Sec. 1. The several county cojrts within their respeclivu counties, and the city court of tha city of v ergsnncs, wunin inciimusoi sum city, nl nny si.lleu or adioiirncd term, may in their discretion, rrrant li cences to such persons as shall inaku application tnereior, to uc reiaucrsoi toreign anu aomcsuc dis tilled spirits, or either, on payment ol the assessment nrovided in said chonier. Seo-2. Section eleven, of chapter eighty-three of IHO jvuvire-u .iniuira inn-iiruivu. Approved Nov. D, 1812. No. 23. AN ACT, in addition lo chapter seventy tntnnf the llerised Statutes, delating to the collection oj laxes. it 19 lierctiy enacted uy llio General As sjmblv of iho Slate of Vermont, as follows t bee. 1, The first constable lor collector in each town in this slate shall be accountable to tho town for the excess of state lax, not allowed as abatement to such constable or collector, which may remain in his bonds after satisfying the warrant of the treasurer ot the state. Ki-c.2. This net shall lake cflect from its passage, jippruvcu nuv, ii, tat.. No. 1. AN ACT, in addition to chayter sixty' nine of Ihe llerised Statutes. Itis hereby enacted bv tho General Assembly of lilt, SlBlKfirVVrinnnl 't'l. n . ,1, d ..r. -f . V....1..I ornotstLcsornnples shall I,h lhi.ntiii. n, tlinl nfrliar- jccil, litneor 11 proiidAl is Ike lwnty-flrl to ECO a bit of AN INQUIRY. Mr. IIditou Can vou inform tne whether it be a f.ict, ns currently reported, that tlio publisher of the Sentinel is circulating n petition req csliug ihcremnv ul of the liurlington l'ost Miialer, nn ihe ground Ihat ho is n printer, ami asl.ing to bo himself appointed in , his stead ? Is it I rue that the late lost Master at tliisolace heads this petition? Dec. I, IS 12. TVI.KIl. Wo know nothing of the matter, except through tho agency of madam rumour. If sho is to bo credited tho first assertion is prob ably correct. Hut reallv it is taxing credu lity a littlo loo severely to believe that any man, alter Having liimscll sliareil lor n con siderable) period in thu profits tho samo of fice, should now voluntaiily bestnut his own profession, urgo it as cause for thu removal of an honorable opponent, and in the next breath insult (he appointing power by ask ing his own appointment to a station, which, according to his own showing, ho is disquali fied for. It can not bo so. Can it 1 Or is Mr. Winslow green enough to suppose, that, under such circumstances, he could undergo tho ordeal of the Senate 1 Let him lay no such unction to his soul.. s to the second inquiry, wc have no hes itation in saying that tho rumor needs con firmation.' The gentleman alluded to, held tho oliico ot post master in this town, ttiuhs turbed, for inoro'than twenty years during most of which tiino ho was tho proprietor and publisher of a political paper cmbrncinj; too tho stormy period of Adams's adminis tration, which tho Sentinel opposed wilh a zual and bitterness unequalled in New-England. Tho Freo Press was then in exist ence, supporting tho administration ; yot no complaint was made about Mr.'MilU be ing u. printer no attempt mado 'to ,rcmovo, or prejudice him by tho fact. On tho oilier hand, when a fow years since, tho depart ment, from some misunderstanding or other, was about to mako a lemov'al, 'and called upon our lato whig represouiativo, in Con gress to name a successor, Ihat gotttlemon inngiianimoiuly stepped into the breach, ro concilwl iho difficulty fnr his political oppo- the subject till next week. Hut tho Sentinel asserls ihat Air. Van Sicklen declared in the House that tho Fac ulty of the college here, were opposed to the passago oflhc Bill. Now litis, like most oth er asscrtiuns of thu Sentinel, is an unquali fied faUehond. TUo facts of thu case are as follows, ns 1 have obtained tliuin from a gen tleman who was present when thoy occur red. Mr. Van Sicklen was asked' hy a prominent Locofoco member whether he did not know that the faculty of tho college, hero were in favor of tho passage of the liill. lie replied that ho did ;iof know it, and ad ded that ho did not believe it. Uo also said, and in tuy opinion, very justly, that whether the Faculty wqro, or were not, in favor of llio measure, it would not changes his opinion in tho least, or swervu him a hair from his course. He represented the free men of the town, and not the Faculty of the College. I shall take an early opporiunity, Mr. Ed itor, to submit somo further observations on this subject, if you will allow mo to do so, and I rather think tho Sentinel will find that in abusing Mr. Van Sicklen for his course on this occasion, ho "is kicking against the pricks." A Fit 12 EM AN. ' TUB SCHOOL FUND. I am well awaro that in approaching the sub- jeet which heads this article, I am, as it were walking over a mine of excited public feeling, which gives token of an approaching oxplosion. Hut I propose, discarding tho unworthy consid.' crations which havo drawn it into party disputa tions, to speak of it as it really is, a subject in which wearo all alike interested whatever may be our political predilections. First then as to its origin. It appears that some fifteen or twen ty years) ago, iho Legislature r.amo to tho con clusion that it would be a very uico thing to mako somo provision by which some time oroth or, nobody could guets when, a common school could bo kept up two months in the year, iu ev ery district iu the State freo of c.vpenso to the districts. Accordingly, being full of this new and ingenious idea,, they proceeded to tho cere mony of laying tho corner stone of this moneta ry edifice, and set in motion tho clcinonls which wcro to work out its ultimate completion. In the first place, in order to avoid delay in paying off tlio debts of tho old Stato Hank, a direct tax bad been levied upon the people for such sums 33 could not bo raised from tho assets of tho lhnk within tho requisite period. A largo amount of thoso assets still remained uticollec ted though collectable and this was sclertod as tlio substratum the foundation of tho newly umntrJ school fund. In order to arcelorsN tho accumu'ation of the ' nl, and pciJtajn with a them education without effort or sacrifice? No man believes tins. Every man must tee that they will turn round and address our ghofts somewhat in this wise, "Gentlemen "ancestors ;' we don't wish to bo disrespectful "to your memories, but really, we cant help "taymg that you must have been o.vcessirely 'green to think we were going to have you, "old fashioned codgers as you were, tell tu in "this "age of progress" how to tax ourselves to "educate ourselves. Wo are much obliged to "you, have no doubt you mc-anf well, hut must " beg to bo excused, as we prefer to tax our selves in our separate towns and districts, "and expend as much or as little as wo " please, and expend it too, vvhero it is raised, " without piling the whole school tax together "and then making a new division. Besides we " believe vvo estimate our privileges by what " thoy cost, and should not therefore care much " for a school kept up without our aid. And ft " naliy wo think if you had laid out more money " and pain's on your own and your children! " education, it would havo done us more good, "and saved us the necessity of telling you what " we think of your school fund humbug." Would no', this bo in substance what our de scendants would think of usl Undoubtedly. And tlio consequences would be, that they would just get together at Montpelier, and by a simple wave of their magic wand pat this mighty debt order the Treasurer to cancel the state' debt, and declare the school fund abolished. If this is so, why not abolish this foolish cheat now 1 Will it be paid next year, the year after, or ever 1 No ono believes it. Then why en tail a humbug upon future generations, and lead credulous people to think that " somehow or oth. er, " it is going to bo a great and glorious thing lavo a school fund, to educate our children, n no one who is likely to live on the earth so ten years yet, tan seo tho fruits of the t ol fund until he is too old to bo obliged to ti 1 lilitary duty. Not a cent is now received 1 . schools from this fund, all the Interest going t pagination to swell the capital stock on tA I .s ! Not interest collected and loaned gai, b . interest charged to the stato on the money tai.on lo build the state house, which consamtf nearly the whole fund. I trust I shall not be deemed "public eie my" for thus recommending the abolitio of the worse thau useless form kept up t the Treas. ury, but that every one who lakes the trouble (b read what 1 halo written, will think of the subject in tho light in which I hare presented it;' and if any body can show why this school fund should not bo abolished, and the apparition of a state debt uviiVA naer existed, bo Ju'd, I shall confess tny astonishmrinV and my admira tion of his powers. I hapo to live to see common sense restored to its proper ascendancy in the finmtial man. sgemciil of the slate. 8- MurPnatoii, cv.O', lfil'J. tr I

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