19 Nisan 1844 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 2

19 Nisan 1844 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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WJll V LZ O M Y A s a I N 'B' O 3 . MostiAv tiiiltt, April R. ' Nd htisiiifss v.-a9trinsni.Mi'J inc thcr I lutisu nT Con-' press M-ihv, except In nisi this rcfin'tninns im Iho annunciation of t lie death of Mr. Moore, of Ohio, ens tiinnry on such occasions., Mr. tlerricn was m have nddrcssc.l Ihe Senate upon tlio subj 'cl of llio TnrilK nd in iltffcii u of Ihe Whig dnctiinesnf protection, Lut lii remark were pnslponel nil M-inorrov,-. Tin' rcsolitlion submiltcd liy Mr. Uvatis, on I'rid.ay last, cullinjupon llio nclim.' fusiilenl for iiif.irmilion si tu any tied .ration, undo to our (internment liy tint of "(treat Hrit.aiu, tlial the Inter Ins no disposi lion or purpose to nen, me Texas is tint well rchshu I liv 1 1 it fiitmls of aniii'Mii'iiii Tnev know lint our Government has officially received "uir'i disclaimer, ond tint Hu promulgation will take from tliem an nr Ciiiiienl upon which they li ivc rrlii'il mori' Himi upon any oilier In enlist lite mililic sciiliuifnt in favor of the measure, liy exeiliiic llicinlioli.ll foelin: no-unst the allcd-rcl jfjiiii ami ambitious design of Ureut Itriiam. Tho other argument used by the advocates ofati. nxjtion arc neither ciiiisi.bsianeia nor coherent. .Settin.' ai le t lie ;ofcr uf the mci-ttrc which is, nl lein. tlcb-itc.il. Ic, and ihe want of moral right and i-mmit iiional po iron the part of tin government lo pcrfn.1 i, ol w .i:h lliereean he no doutit, Ihey as on in the lirxi iiice, ihtit Texas is iuilependeni and an mike what disposition ofilself it pleases; and m the 3"ni!id place, 'hat she t unable to preserve and defend ihat iud 'pendencc, and must rely upon some loreu-n power for support, or fill hack into her oiigi ual position of a Mexican Ti rritory. Now It in evi dent, tint Ihcsejwo nropo runs can not c.xtt to jT'lher. II the Inter he tm then, beyond all ques tion, we hive no ml-Ih t' irr.lt with her upon Ihe subject al all J and if 'he lormer. then the question of constitutional power an!" ; and if ih it sh.tll he eon mi 'd, then tiie further qu -.-timi of ihe in n il right ol tliM nerunu'iil lo disr.-gird its treaty stipul .tinn with Mexi'-n, and s.i.e upon a portion of its territory without il" c n. sent. TJuiil Mexico herself shall have acUn nvlc Iged th ' ind. pendenct; of Texas, the law of nations, and of j-i-'tco, and of honor pronounce o.Tiitist tho cxiste-ie,' of any such right, :inr we our thioti;Ji our f n "finnent, hue given our sol witm a i'lfren-e lo lint l i i -i in. 'I'heie is still auoih t nfio-iu-nt, whieh however, is n M much r.- ie I up in, Hut Texas is ne -es-irv In our f -cunty in a m.lit irv point oftieiv. rCntwillisland. In,' ih- oniiinn whvh ha been pul in iho mouth of lin-eral Jackson to Ih' contrary, I thin'; every mil itary timij will see thai our Souihwcsicm bound iry would he weakened by being exteded, and be far less ucc'.'vmMl for di'fenee, in tiuu of war. Willi ih it boundary ns n iviw established the firce of the en tire v d,ey of the M,s'ii"n;'pi could be eo-icentr tcd Willi incwi.-iMV.ihle raniih'y upon any pi hit which mi ,dil ho all ! I, an I there is in rifii! n irlion of o-ir enl'r,1 botin-Hry wdiieh cm be so ea-dv deft nded jimt a in ld,"i assault. Il 13 evident lint tlm would he ex.icily the rivcrewerc that boundary to brfmideco exlenive wilh tlm of I'ex-iy. Hut I hive onlv vcnliircd upm these remarks be ciue I lnveuoihiii2 in particular lo write about. As 1 have and from the fir-.!, there is not the least prohsbililv thai auv nealy wdueh w ill be "uhmlte I lo this Congrepa for tliannexaiiori uf'l'exis wdl be rati fied, and il m ihercfore of luile eonsqtience to speeti. l.itr upon the a Ivantases or disvanla-tcs of tl.c uica- iure. NVe hive jist heard of the trioiious result of the np-'cia! el-idio'i in l.i , lor a repre-emlatiic in pi ice of the lale Mr. Prick Thes" otnens are no! such as were prop'i"(vl 1 1 Kendall's Idasp'ienioas traet. 'nalor Nilesis h, rein the ! cp nj of Mr. Wei es of C-'iineetH-!)!. lb Ins not vet und !n appearance l'l ihe Sen lie. and lb Mate of hi heal h. about wdueh rnoip, is not known to ihe public. b!o him to make nil explanation in reply lo Mr lirown. The Mile-were sii'iende,l. Ayc9 IM Nays 31, Mr. While said he would nut alutie Ihe pitvileirc the llo'ie had e.xli tided lo him. and would confine liinielf in ihe subjeel inuler consideration, lie llicii repealed, most eiiiphalic.ally, what he hid Slid on n former occi'ioii, t tin t the txiraci cunliiiiital in llio fen llennn's resilitiou was l.i'se, mid a fumerv. lln conleiidod that there 1J icry malerial difletence between the lanmlai.'ii if the speech in the lulellteen ccr an I llio re-o'iinon. Thn resoluiinii h id iheso wairds " lliero is no ii"ecsily for pioh clion." 'I'he speo-di rea I1 then i no necessiiy of protection for proleiiion." Here there were important iiiahlin!r wairds left out, and a piep isitian iraii"pr,."d, all of which enluelv ch.itmeil the seme, Mr, W. then pro ceeded to couiiii ml al lcii':ih upon the .ubjecl, and lo c ininire Ihe resolutiin with the speech. Ilocoiuht del hv reallirniuu tint ihe tesnlniio'i iuin.piesciiled .Mr. Clay's views, and was it foraery. .Mr. Sleenrol ofl'-red a resolution renuirini' the Clerk to call '1110 roll cub iiiiiriiiiur. al the hour of ineelinc, and lo inn k the iihseiileea and thos.1 who are proent. The reso'tiliun I" intr out of older, be iiinvul lo siispcn I the rules. The lilies were not sus pended. A resolution to print I "00 extra copies of certain Maps necouipiuvin!; I'')' report, was adopted. Aye e. Nays ?0. . '.Mr. MelCiv moved that lite rules be suspended, and that the Mouse resolve itself into a Coiiimitleo of the vv hole. The million was rciecled bv vcis-nnd navs Si to 37. (Tnis m ittoi was made fur the purpose of taking up llio T.irill'bill ) .Mr. Jos. U, I unci soil nfTcrud a resolution, poslpon ina the Ta-iirHill tittlil the last Tuesday 111 December next, (lap clion beins made, and the lco!uinn not bci 112 in order, lie moved to s'tnend Ihe rubs. Mr. Droumoole moved a call of 1I10 Mouse, which was oidertd. 1-0 nrunheis anw-ereil lo ther nanus, wdien all further proceedings under the call were dis pensed v itli. The yeas an I pat s were ordered on the inn'inn tn suspend the rules, nnd beinij inkeii. the decision was in (be affirmative -nvc.s 1 17, nays 2G-two-iliirdsvo-Una in favor of ihe motion. .Mr. Drrnj io!e in iveil lo nmrnd Mr. Inacroll's reoobilion, by stiikina tin wor's, "HnUitl 'I'w-iln; in Ihttmhrr ic.f,"and ins' rlina " tu-niorrow." The previous q icstiori was called, and Ihe amendment was rejecled tves 'JO, nay- t'2. 'i'he tpnslio'i w is then taken on the a lopliou of the rrs ibilnn. vvlirli it was njecled aycsB.! nays 103. Mr. Mi ICay tlcsin d a 111 ine nt 10 make a sicjip s. lion in relation to the T.Uifl'bi'l. Ilesnd thai ho had aiveti notice that, front vesterday, he would renew the motion every d.av lo 20 into Comiii'ltee of the Whole on the bill.' In 'order In obviile the dillV'ullra mid expendiluie n lime. Ihat would attend the t.ikini! of the yeas an 1 nays on these dadv inoii ins, he weul I prop'osa lo lei thenntiei rest utril Moiulav next, pro vided it shnu'd be aureeil to like il up at ihat lime, and aiveit p-i c-le've f all other business 1 n 1 i I di tioscl of. lie oil' red a res ilutiu.l lo ibis 1 Heel. Ob-i-otion was made, and lie luovul 10 ns)end the rides. They wire nol s men 'e 1 -avrs 101. tnys 7(1 loss ilnn two thirds Irunu vol, 'd .in the iifnroii'ive. The Speaker ihen oroc. e Ir I to call on the Slimline Comuiiilces for reports. The call h yoia' on as I close. .Sena ri:. Messages were received from ihe Vresi. denl, civina h copy of caialoitiies of books in ihe Treasury Mepirtnient and rs Huria-n; also a report from the Po-t Master CJeucial in atiswir lo a lesolu lion of ihe Senate. An imusiially I irae niruher of iiT"ni'iria's, rcmon ptralina aaatn I any ehaniro in the exislina Tarilf, were prei-eitled bv M-ss's. llvm", I'alcs, ieher, Mi'b-r, I'eirce, CiineiebMi nnd Ituchanan. Mr. Ar- 1 eher's were from a I ir"e p irlion of llio citizens of I II chmonil: and .is 11 was rare, he -u I, to have such , -e ltnnetlts come from son'li of the I.ilouiae. he ask d I the niemori d nu.dil bi. reail. The memo-i dists say i it would he ful'v lo shut I heir ces I 1 lb cvi!"!iers of iie I em Ills tint have 11 uved from the Tariff of 12. I'iiivatr Mails. It appears hy ilia following stnluiiionl frniii llio Uostnit Murcnnlilo AJver tlsur, that JiiiIjjo Spragtio of llio U. S. District Omit of M i.-s.iclittsollF, lias made. 11 decision in fnvnr of tlm privntn mail estalilislied between New Yurli and Dnston. Mr. Kimball, vvlm was Qur.En. Tlm greatest curioilties of tlio iliiv, inn certiiin iiililical tisnH'iiitiotn nnw licing forniPil, cillcil ' Vint Huron Hickory Clubs.' Thuy liavo got ono in full blast at Muslim. W11 L'l) lor 1111 extension mill clianci; of the lille. Tliey slmnld lie culled ' Andrew ixew niri anil iiosinn. 111r.1v11110.au, vvnn was T , " ,: ' , , - , , , - . , 1 ., . . t 1 Jacksun Van II 11 re 11 C ubs, uiiil ' LocDhico prriseftitcil, is tlicngcnt or partner of Mr. James , tt 1 Vir , t hi , i- x" 1 . I' 01 Im 11 Hopes. ' Wo iinderstand llio Locos i u tv ."1 . . t .. of Klmli-rliook wo nbo.it eiiHinif up n'SH- In the U. S. Do ric Court yns.erday the sr. E , , c T , , rrutitPtits of rnunsul in Ibe case of Unlleil B'atcs ;, J . , . , ... i.x. UM). Ki.mImII, for violation ..f 1 ho I'ost ijo w M1111.111 in .Irpnglli. and tint by 1 1111 Oflico laws, bv rausinz a letter lo be carried to slll'l""'y Wni Willi Hickory, or ratlier New York by private conveyance, were con. Van Huron willi Jackson, limy will bo nlilu eluded. TliiH tuartiintf Juilur Kpraic gave the to hani; loonlher lone, ctioiiuli lo get glori- catisn lo the Jury. After L'lvlng n brief gonoial nusly troubled by tlio Ci.av Ci.uns in the stalenmttt of the principal facts in Ihe case, ho ,.sl,in(, fH, N J0ubt of il ! Hudson rottnrketl that since the enactment nl the IMH ;,- ni,r:r1. Office laws, inelhods of rarrying leller had htpti introiUiced, which were not then antictpa ted and ho r.ileil several anthorilios for assort inj; that the provisions of an act shotihl ho con. sidnroil by the s'ric.t languarro of llio same, lie cnncliuled his opinion of about twenty minutes, by static"; Ihat the owners of a railroad or steamboat were not liable to the penalty, prnvi tied a passenger convoyed a tetter by means of the same without Mieir liiiowicitiio : mat uie OuTitAan and Death. Three men are in nil at Schenectady on a charge of causing the death of a woman named Jane Oillespie, of Oswego, on the 2H(I tilt. The Uefleclnr says, they took the woman from a wagon and compelled her to fullnw I hum In tins city, on foot, Ihrouuli the mud, cupie I. ATrived here, they took her to an uuoc led hotie in Governor's Iinc, near the riv. nt l,n.ii II,,,,. .i..,n:..,l nil ti,.rt,l. ifbil n 1 1 nrf nmt . 1 t", ,.. , ,i,n,n: uivT ii.iii.iiiii;u nil ihm"1! procurer nl tlio person vwin sonus inrj ieuer is ,erwiso abusin.r her. On tlio morning oftho not liable, if the owners are not ; anil that es- 2nJ alflb,)llt r, 0Vockl screams of distress were tablHimit a railroad car, or a steamboat, is not 1(!ar( , issuc fr()m 0 10tlys antl those who osianiisiuno a ),m ;mxr accor.iinj; 10 o siaiuio. arnvC( ,lero witMeK,r( al) alvfu spoclaclo the 1 11. , .1 ty ri-.o.Muu .. ui iiu 11 . v.u, ... vvom, vi1,, n , ,lf)0r hcr ct,i,lrr otltirOlV ant. illiain li Kimball, is nol guiinj 01 uie ,)rnt frmn he , . Rra.. roasled aivc 1 charge pretcrieil. g(J was ionnediatolv taken to the alms. house, where she was nronerlv cared for, and hn 1 in I'lont the llostoit Courier. sored till tlio ne.xt miiruiiiL' in trreat anuny, when A Itallylns-rry lor cxv I'.naiiaiiii, againsx ishe expired Albany Ailicrlner. Hie Annexation 01 ltxas. . . For.TUNATr. Cnr.niTons. A man in Baltimore who had turned all his properly into "old, and ltoiie up. New Knglind 1 lluckle on your mail of borrowed money to the extent or Ins credit, ap. proof sublime, patently with the intention of running away, Vour stem old hale of lytanny, your deep contempt was f,)UIj drunk in the street's on Sunday eve- o 1 rime i I ti itig, locked ttii in the watch house, and Ins lor p o, , hatchms now, more full of woe and ; ,' , Sd,a .,,,, c,ai,ns (f ,is Than ever' from the iron heart-of bloodiest despot creditors to the amount of 8050, were settled on .vlonilay morning, antl ho was then allowed to depart. llmlnn Aile. UV A YANKEE. nine ! Six slave Slates added at a breath 1 One fliuri.li of FRIDAY MORNING, A I' It 1 1. 19. 131 1. tarifT. Next year the. lands sell flow and then on goes more tirdl', and so 011 and of, In thu end of Ihe chapter. That would bo a casii.il, happen so tariff wiin a vciiL'cance! anu no man in lus stnts wotilil ever build a force, rolling mill, factory or buy a flock of sheep, while, such a rtttnue, incidtnlal, casual, joriuttout, nappenso latin cxislrd, Wliv, n woulil tuin limn nil 1 and the main farmer in llio bntcain, lo wnoni ina inaniuactuier Ins to look for nippbcs. Wo nro at n treat loss lo hnow who concocled such a beautiful iiltcinatinB siheine. Wu think it smells of r.n!l.iml, ntul we shrowdlv fjitess it had its oriipu there. Awav then wilh sueb a (ireal llrilain hchiitm system and let us have distribution, with a stable, permanent and slea ly tariff. 'Tis llio only thini; In hn relied on lo benefit our own laborers nnd prod ico prosperity vvo say arum ! Ilia rncmJsorUistributioii are thootily friends of the tariff." ViitiiiNiA. Tlio annual election formom tiers nf the Legislature is to be held in Vir ginia on tlio L'oth instant. Both paities arc very active, and though tlio partisans of Mr. Van Burcn claim Virginia by from 5 to 10,- j 000 majority, llio Whigs oftho old Domin ion nro confident of making large gains upon thu vote of previous years. In thu last Le gislator, parties were divided as follows: Samite 12 whigs, 20 locos ; House 59 vvhigs, 75 locos making in joint ballot 71 lo 05. Fa no to Tiin 2nd 1)ai.timor.i: Convkn tion Tho Itail Road Company from Phil adelphia to Baltimore have reduced llio faru for tlio delogales to S5 for tho excursion going and coming. Thu excursion tickets may be used at Philadelphia ftoni29lh April to 1st May, and at Baltimore until thu -llli May. They can also he used for the Steam boat line, via Now Castlo and Frcnclitown Railroad, FROM WASHINGTON. Washington, April 11. The President sent to thu Senate to-day the name of Dr. Murlin, principal assistant Editor of the " Globe," (and who lias edited il entirely during the recenl severe sickness of Mr. who nro desirous of maintaining for our gov ernment, a character for moderation, and for scrupulously respecting tho rights of neighs boring nations, thu present movement will bo far from satisfactory. It has been strong ly rumored, since Mr. Calhoun came into the administration, that an attempt was about lo bo made to obtain the consent of Mexico lo tho annexation. The extreme improbabili ty that any such consent would bo granted, served rather to discredit the report, and il now seems that it mtistliavo been unfounded, Wo must bo pardoned a little patriotic prtda in speaking of Vermont. Wo feel towards that State, though it has tint been our homo for many .1 year, all the nfTiiclion of a son for his mother. Amid her Green Hills we drew our earliest breath, and there mo all those association1 which become all Ihe dearear as we recede tho farther from them. Til Vermont, wo owe our hardy constitution, our fcarlvts love of freedom, and our indomitable spirit of independence j and if, in tho restless excitement of youth, or tho deeper ambition of manhood, wo have ever been touched by that infirmity, ' Lnve cf Fame," it BALTIMORE CONVENTION. We publish in another column, a call up on ihu Whi;! Young Men from Vermont, who propose to attend thu ratification Convention all time. or if thu project was entertained, it has been uce" uw.1 wo ,M0 a mmuTr 10 abandoned. Bv adopting Texas as a part of! 0'v" ,la,lvc "I'o would not be un. ,1 it i.t" . .1 . r ni I willing to preserve. But she needs not lb s. the Union without llio consent of Mexico, .,, f . , . and against her protest, wo of course become firsl to()bta,n vjcU)r), . on Jicf f)., wftj pai lies to thu war with that country. To find ,,0 ball0 tlial decided the war of tho Itcvolu- ourselves at war with such a country, for a tion ; mid should Liberty be driven from all llio just nnd necessary cause, would net bo ihe rest of the Union, she will still make her eyrio worst calumny which might befall us, but to j m 'ho clitlsol her Circen Mountains, and whore go vnlunlarily into a war for no oilier motive I ll0r caglo-brood shall continue her hue through than the acquisition of a largo tract of terri tory, to which wo have no just claim, would be a movement which promises to be neither very creditable nor very profitable to thu country. The light in which the transaction is likely to bo viewed in Muxico, nnd tho threatened hostility of ihat country may bo regarded as matters of liltlo moment ; but thu necessity of justifying the proceedings in tho view of oilier Millions, and tho reasons for apprehending tho interposition of govern ments in alliance with Muxico, are mailers deserving of some consideration. On these grounds if on no other that is, on the ground thai by the common law and usage of nations wo can acquire no good titilo lo the territory of Texas, without llio consent of Mexico, by a meru Ireaty wilh our own citizens who have domiciliated themselves in (hat country, nnd declared themselves independent wo arc ol W EBUBk W il Bl.iir,) as Secretary of Legation under Mr. opinion thai tho treaty will be rejected by King to France. He is the man who wrote , tho Senate of thu United States. Wo do not those bitter articles in tho Globo about Mr. Rives of thu U. S. Senate, in 1840. The name of the Hon. Charles G. Ferris was also sent in as Collector of the Customs oftho port of New York,vicu Edward Cur tis, removed. mean by this lo intimale that there are 110 oth er objections of grave importance lo tlio rat ification of the trealy. The most plausible ground on which this proceeding lias been vindicated is the pretext that if we do not take Texas undo! our control, Great Britain will. I nt' ' v 11 i r. 1 in., 9 "I il uw 1 111 1 1; t 1, 1 , . . , . ., . e II !- ibi.ler ofv ,r eilv r.fter a ncrson.al ,terv.vv ' P"'1 n" ln"" '" . ' 11 ,!"1V 1,1 r' n.Ollienl of wilh Mr TyVr. lift here to-day fur Nashville, where he !o"s to visit (;,.,!. .tarkson. Tho opinion nains f round h0,e tint Mr. Van tlnren may not be ihe njmiace of ihe Democratic Convention. AN OUSntVKR. Tec n vv, April D. In the Senate, numerous petitions as tis.nl, a:ainl anv alteration in the present Tarilf; and some for, snd some cninsi the annexation of Texas. The Tariff discussion was resinned hv Mr. Herrien of Georgia. He main! unci thai ihe lull before the Stnale w.as one not within il eon-lituiional functions to orisinale ; and thai even if it wvre, ihi? vvas nol the lime for rc-ajitiliuj the vexed qieslian of n 1 .arm. its proncrnM working. Mr. Onileuilen tod; noasivi to s-iv, when pre snatiti n memorial upon 'he subject, Ihat it was bis coiniriion that no e'rnve. in nity jorm, would be made in the Tarill' nf ' i at lius s 'sji .11 tint ihe .Senile would eonspnt lo nm-aiid the cuunliy ounhl to be set nl rel on Ibis noint. .Mr. f'nlrpiiti adlrissod lite Senate, al length, upon the TarifH and si foul wilh ariaiiniivf his colleauue, who was abi-cnt, fir incoiisi-tency. In the course of bis remarks he wis aricled by the Chair, for rill -el-ill? upon bis colleague's motiv"-. He took ihe old (rroitn (nt i!to Tariff was fur the benefii of ih rich, at the expense nf the poor. (Mr. Nile, of Connecticut. thou:'h in Ihe lobby rf Ihe Senate Olnni'cr, yesterday and tu-day, has'not ct taken bis seal.) " When." -aid Mr. M. " I lank 10 the ntn nf this nation, to ih cotidiuou of its joverntnent to the in-I Titunnvv, April 11. efficiency uf the aduiinislrilive piwer. lo the d seor- j Im the Krnt a n 11 ivinieation w'is received d-.nl counsel? which omb irrass its legMition. lo our j from ,10 .Secretai v ol" the N ivv. informiiiL' ibe Sen foreign rel.attins. and eipecially 10 the cinditnn of au, ,n, I,L. rvperiavnls of C i'i's Submarine Mattery n ir people, of our whole people, urusalms to csenpa , ,,rdered by Co'i"rcs. will take place on Saturday, at nun, mr liica-iir uniiur n oico iiu-v h ub uei o i.inor- n'f n nt I n f ml, in Hie lirancli ol tlm roir.une. a nen. And felctssha'l bo liveled on millions more of men! Onedron of ink to sun a name, an I slavery shall find l or all her surplus flesh and blooil a market to Her iniuii : .1 market where good Democrats their fcllow-mcn in iv sell 1 O, what a L'lio of lien lish qlee runs round and round lroiiu 1 it 1 How all Ihe damned leap up for joy and half forget llteir lie. fAi think men take such pains 10 claim the notice of I L,od s ire ! H'l not enough that we have I orn Ihe sneer of all the world. And bent to tin so whoso hnusbly lips in scorn of us 0I1 t,e 2d, lo assemble al tho Astnr House, Is'l not cuoiiL-h tint we nut hunt their livinz chatties in New York, on tho 29th, for tho purpose hack. ,.r. 1:. .- 1 1....1.. tinnpr nf I.11111I Piilnnic. vlrn R.ilu.il nVli..- , ..I 1, !, I ....... I.U .t.ti,...n.la il.t lir-...t .... 1,1 lMI HOIIllill V Ul OIllAilllOIl , (UIU WU llOIIUl "'CS - . j . , on iiuir ttaeii 1 1101 tins arrangement will 110 Generally com- '"'o111 . . . .. . t. 1 ., . r ,. li'i not enoii'di ihat we must bow to all that they plied with. All appropriate Banner will hu " 's sum mat as soon as congress aiijouriis dieree ;., 1:...... r... ,t..l .: .i.. 1 I?nlinrt is tn lin made Pnvt Muster nl Plilhi. n., i.t t r 11 lunu L ill iimuciiri'.iiiuiiiiiiiiiiLiiiiiiii..-- ' - ' . - 1 uese 10 1, on ana touicco inns, uiese pimps 01 slavery 1 e - 1 1 Tint we nuisi jield our conscience up to slut opprcs- h ts 0f while silk, with a sinjln rich Jfrrr in 1 "ulplna And breek our faith with God to keep the letter of '"- center, surmounted by a scroll, on which ! ' "u Lnco-l-ocos are drcadlully clown 111 Alan s law t s user bed. " l ie S;ar that never sets." ' tno mouth at tile nows ol Ilia lew lorK I!ut wn must sit in silence bv. and see the chain and Wn urn iv.dl asi,r,.,l tlmt mil,. 11 l,n n ' election : and a caucus is to bo held lo con whin I 1 .!. ... r.l ' xr.... 11 ' sennis ihernforn lint iniornluliln tlmt one nnv. Made lirmer for all time to come in Slavery's bloody generous one. Tlio intelligence of Whig , uer on u.c pro,., .e,y u. ..nipping a.iuUre..( . .. .... b... .. irmmnhs which comes nonrin-r i nnn ns and taking 41 p an untried Western man. - '""""r ...-..... ..m ,.,.-u...,um 1.1 1 . 1 ' ' the numbers who meet on ihat joyous occa lflnndandfootwemusfbcboundbydecdtourfalli- si(ln. Tho Convention of 1810 will be re ere sijjneu, 1 ... , I " 1 I 1 1 And mnsf be eheaied, Kulled and scorn'd, because vived in more than its original splendor, and ,s t0 "c ortippou ... n . . the occasion will be ono long lo bo remem bered by all who participate in or witness it. "Ho! all to llio border, Vcrmnnters comedown!" in;;, anu but inounntanlv cheercil by tits events of tht year, tint has none bv, I feel, 1 cannot but feel, that the mi'tienl which Ins been ehos"ii for ihe re newal of this ai;it'Uin' iln;ussion has been mast un happily chosen." Mr. H. then procceled in ssow, bv a very iniren 11113 and ab'e artrnmcnt, lb it ibis bill, ax one for rais. in: revenm, could not nnei'iate in tho Semip. He nficrwar is arju.'d n f tvor of ihe n.'ht an I nf ihe ex pediencv of rliseri ntniiiiTr ivuh a view lo orotec'iou : and in reference 10 bis poniion as a fiomhern Sein- 1 Mr n.tehanan presented memorials ti2amst any modification of tin-TaulT; alio, a memorial in favor of the redtteti-m ofrheduty on Sounr. In Tttr. Ilocsn, afnr llio reading of the Journal, MrC. .1 IiiL'ero'l called fir aetion limn his ies,,u I'nn, nfl'Tcd yesterdiv. fnon the L'ominifi" on l'or eii!ii Afl'urs, 10 rinl 10 01)1 e.xlra copies of the tr purl from lint Committee accomnam ins the bill makini; inlc'iiiiity to the owneis of lbs Spanish schooner Armistad. .Mr T.bbatts nf Kv. nn ved a suspension nf Ihe rules lor. close! Willi these wise and pun me seniuucnis : fnr ,, ,. rf inlrodne'n.r n resolution rlosm-j ilc- I desire to heir ibis testimony of die mnvillini-ness nt(i j o imniilt.-e r ihe Whole, on tho hill makins nf ono portion of Ihe Smth. at lilts moment, and mi- npnrnpriat.nne for ihe improvement of certain harbors dor the cirenmnnccs 111 which we are phecd. to dis- I ani rivrrs, al two o'elock th;s div. The rules were turli nil lb) pursuits f m In, try for llio purpose of lsr,.nre, an I the resolution adopted by vein 113, insiilntui a vain expeti'innl, which cannot en biro ,m )3 bcvoml I ihe paren hcidl epoc'i of our histurv. Wc) ' Ti.0'rcnlnlion from Ihe Committee on Torc,, have all much to learn and lo unlearn upvi ibis sub- 1 ip,jre rcpornd bv Jlr. C .1. Inero, and alluded jret i ,ind when we oli ill have nasaed away, many , tn n,m,,t Came up for llin aclnn of ll.o llnuv, which problems connected wilh it will yet remain to be rr wimc of ICy. nunc I lo au.end bv nddiiiL' 10 ihe solved by those who came after us. Theoretical rei- rf,,nj,n, "1n,, nl,n 10 00C extra copies of ihe report " .'" "r m. iiat i. 10 van. anempns to accoiii. i t ,o Tarill fro 11 thn CoaviulleH on iVlinulactiire. nnd nropo-ed aiuendincnt was op- ....i.l 1,1, l r enin 111M11 b- cipiallv fallicioits. H is the nut nf wisdom to Mr u,l.-oni w, vesterdav u'i milled ihe reporl pause lieio, anil to proiil hv tlm lesson winch nnnili- fr,n ,, (:,nn,iit,.0 on Matiuf iciures, smtrd ibal 11 n m. .-M. n.ri, HI , .Mir,,,,,.", ,,, ,Ka - tltO I V T I H IM 1 nhsh II, anil iniperfecl dedi.cuons from stalntical pi- , .piri n,dutii,u l.Ies, however aceurilelv ihev may be collated, will prpi u. Mr fay er years expen-nce wi ail in! us. Tho r.o lineal rlirkness wlrch overshadows us will then hive been dispersed, and "hnidiler hours will come;" for.who ever may be"I,onl of the ascend nil." wn shall hive, for a time at leist. system an I snbiliiv. The interests of eighteen millions uf people are coufi led In. our care. We sho tld not put these to the hazard nf vain an I transient ex;i"rim tils. That veal's experi ence will show us the d feels of Ihe exisiinj sys'em of revenue, if it I13 ih feetive, and will "inde us in the nppli'Mliou of Ihe reined y. I.ei us not refuse lis aid, not be too coniideiil in linrown wisdom. In tho llouso nf llepres-intaiii cs. ihe motion to priKitre a Orumniond li'dit for ihe Hall was rccon i lered, and re.nji'cied 79 In B3 lr. MeIC iv reported the llevolutionary Pension Hill and Ilia rorlifienion lli'l. with tho Senate's nmi'iidmeuts, an 1 a nrnr"'i5'ti from ihe Comuiillce lh.it thev be not eoneurred 111. 'Vkt T.irijT, Ties heini; the day i'esirtntcd by Mr .Mci'av for yoinc into t'nmmittee of the Whole nn the Tirin. ilnt inileinan moved a susn'.ni.ion of ihe rules for ihat impose; and although lU'n pitrpmc onlv a oiaj inly vole is mpuri'd, 11 filled '0 in SI. The P. isicrn II irhor Iliil wis taken on. after a dis- rnssio.i wis disposed of coneeruiiiir iha rules ol ihe House, in which Mr. tdinis look a pari. Thn fi'sl appropriation was nfSIOOOd for improve iti!i Ihe ICeniii bee. The estimite wis for S'td.liOO the Co iimiitee bad reduc-al it In 310.000 Carried. Mr- Sun ins moved an nnienilmniii. wilh the coneur rmeeof ihe Couinnttee, of S1VOC0 for completing improvements at the mouth nl llrrl.'epori hiib'r. Mr. Holmes objected lo the wbo'e lull ns calculi led to drain the treasury, liaise the Tariff, reserve land monys and a Id direct tax ition, and all wool I hei.iaitfrieip.il lo incut sn:h a dram as lulls liko this won't! cs'abhsh, Mr, I'.ivnn Ihen w-nt 0 I' into an tinhnlhed pirli nn speech, in ivhu b be icviewed the eainpiiitu uf lal'J, eti'teavoieil 10 riilicule the vvlns, nnd leuearsed John Tyler, Jr. has been confirmed as Tlloro is. Iwwcver, not tho slightest proof that Great Hritam has any intention or dis posilion lo Intel fere wilh thu affairs of Texas. On tlio contrary, wo have reason to bulievu that tho lirilish iMinister at Washington has given explicit assurances ihat his government has no intention of either appropriating thu

territory of Texas, or intermeddling in any way in thu administration of its nff.iiis. It liul, lulp to make our lyWs throne of llesh and from every part of the country, will swell , ' o eslom Ijoco-i'oco Congressmen lull; , "' ""'g "'I '" " uisi.ri.ii.. n.ii. ,iu, 1111- about Uen. IJodge, the celebrated I ndian ul;r "u uiiiouiiueu picie.xi 111.11 auoiuer gov fighter. If Virginia goes Whig, Van Huron ! eminent was about to do the s.imo thing, bill I u to l, .Ir,.,,,,,,,! that the Senate will interiiosu wilh its vein. Senator Kins, of Alabama, has been ap-, p'uvent the consummation of thu act we pointed Minister to France, and confirmed,""'0 1,0 doubt. Visfrm Uaily Atle ihev too were blind Whv, lei lliem hiivo lluir pound of fl;sh for that is 111 1 he bond l!ut wo to lliem if ihey but take a half hair's breadth usyonil I Is water runnin;; in our vrins? Do we remember s'ill Uld Plymouth rock, and Lexington, nnd glorious 1;, inker Hill 1 Tim debt weuwe our fathers' graves? and to the yet unborn. Whose heriiaie ours Ives must make n thing of prik or scorn 1 NAVIGATION. Lake Champl.iin is clear of ice, nnd the Ferry boat has been some days on her trips. Tho Burlington came out yesterday, and Crav Plvntoiiih rock hath vet a tunrue. and Concord has cone dow 11 to St. Johns. Her associate by tho Senato. THE TRE TY SIGNED. Saturday, April 12. The treaty for tho Tho following statements, as coming di rectly from the Calhoun Councils nl Wash ington, deserve nolice, al least. We give innexation of Texas was signed yesterday, them for what they arc worth. I Correspondence of the True Sun. Washington', April 10, 1811. Tho Hon. U. I". Builer, has passed down ihe river to Kichuioud. as Mr. Van It tren's missionary aicni by thu proper authorities, mid will probably reach llio Senate on Monday. In that body, thank Heaven, it will speedily be sent to ils is nol I'lltnb, c.t... I! I... V..... ...... I..,,.,l,,.,l C,n, ' nrnnnr snl.cin ll.n tnnih nf And voice-from our fathers' graves, and from the '"'.' "..., ( ........ , iiiiure come : tnu stocKS yesieruay, aim win uc re.iuv iur 1 '" "j 1 111. 1. ill 00 ill 10 sititiu uiu luunu, 1111. i.iiaiu or Still III lie servicu in a in 1 i.t ten days, in tuc moan Not only fire from chains ourselves, 1 ut foremost to ,i,p ,,0 Winooski will be run through tho make free 7 LiiiKo, sliouiu niisiness require 11. The hom-spiiii mad by molhers wove, that erest so Iretly nut Tho llrilifb sliel, clothes hearts as warm with Pilgrim virlues vet: Come, Hrelbren, up! Come, Mothers, cheer your sons once iiiore to eo I'oith ui a uob'er balllcfield than with our olden foe ' Come, crasp your ancient buckler, gird on your an I'ltnt sworn, F II E I G II T . We tako the liberty of calling ihe atten lion of businrss men to the advertisement of such a vote as ought to shamu its authors and tho poor speculators, thai have boughl scrip and lands I It may bo hardly worth whilo to send you the rumors that aro afloat respecting the contents of thu Treaty, but still its impor tancu may be deemed an excusu for so do ing the Chamlain, IVeio Yurie and Boston , lsti j, ;s aecd then that Texas is to bo Lino of llo.its advertised in our culumns to- otJ mittocl as a Territory. 2. Shu is lo have two representatives that for clinking Ritchie oil' the Texas question. lie w ill bo too lite. Itilchie bavmix once declar.d decile.lly for Annexation will maintain bis jinsition from pride ; besides, his funny is, ( hoiiih ho is nol) sreillv in terested in Texian lands, so thai till conspire 10 nil, and he has declared tlial he will sustain bis po-ittoti aijiinst all oiposiiion. IVotn Itichuiond Mr. Builer E'les to the Hcrmi ago ; he nny have moig success there. I know positively that a fortnight ajo two letters were, addressed to .Mr. .Van Hiiren from hie.li political friends of his in this city, .askina his bcntimcnis with resird to Texas. To these bo returned no answer, bin wrote to Sir. Wriaht desiring him to tell ihese Ai.iiany Ctry Ei.lction. The Albany Charier Election on the Dili, resulted in llio complete success of tin; Whig ticket. TIib Whig candidate for Mayor, Jlr. Friend Humphrey, was re-elected by a majority of G27, a greater majority than vvas ever given befuro by tho Whigs of that city. 1 ho majority in thu cily Council is Whig. CoN.NT.cricuT Li:c:it.ATUitK. Our read ers aro already aware that, at thu State elec tion 111 Connecticut, which took pl.ee on the first instant, fifteen Whig members and six Loco Fucos weru elected to thu Senate. The election of memheis of the House of Representatives is now completed and the result is as follows : Whi-'s. Locoi. Chosen 1st instant, 97 73 Chosen on .Monday last, 7 ' 5 tO 63 Making a majority of 21 in the House, and a majority of thirty on joint ballot. Niles, was in thu lolihij of the Senate at the last accounts, but had nut taken his seat. ffTAn election for Mayor anil Council men of Augusta, Git., took pl.icoon Monday week. The Majority for Dye, the Whig, over Hook, the Loco candidate, was 137, nnd Whigs worn elected in three out ol" ihe four wards of the cily. S r. Louis. Tho Whtss, at their annual charier election, elected their Mayor, 4 of ihu G Alderman, iitid 9 of thu 12 Delegates. NEW YORK CHARTER ELECTION. Tho lorofocos weru defeated at the Char ter election on tho Dili ii.st. Mr. James Harpup., thu candidate of the Native Ameii cm party, (and a sound whig,) "as electrd Mayor, by a m.iiority of some lour lhnus.11 d votes over Coildiogton the loco fnrn candi date. The whole number of votes vvas about 4.1,000, of which Mr. Harper received near ly 28,000; Mr. Coddinjrtnn, the Democrat ic candidate, about 1S.000, and Mr. Frank - wn calli'd f irlh bv n.eur.rials -ind legislative resolu tions referred lo Ihat fjiiinuutiei.. Ihe jjenllennn from Tennes-ce, (Mi C Jnl.n-.nn) vnti-llbeuiher day for '20,0,10 rxlra eo;ui s of die ret.orl on ihe nine sub ject fr mil the ( '0a1u.1t.ee of Ways nod Meins, and now be np poses on prinrtplf, the printimjof half that 1 numberofa report on Ihe oilier i-ide nf llio question. A ino'ion to liy 'ho resolution 011 ihe table, prevail edyeas R3, nays R. The House ihen went into Committee nf the Whole nn lb" Snte of the Union, (Mr Davis n1 Indiana, in the Chair,) and resumed the consideration nf ihe bill making apptop iations for the improvement of certa .1 barl.ors nno rivers. The motion pendinj, made by Mr. Doners of sfevv York, as to tini"iid bv nnprnpri'ilina SiOOO for iho improvement o1" Wbii.'hall II trbor, Lake Chauip'ain. vi'ilie e.xt.iratinn nf the time to wdtieb .Irbaio had been limit.' I, n vote vvas taken uion the adomion nf the ameivlinent, nil the ilisniion ifion lit- lull liav. inn taken place on th s nnnosoion. The amendment ..-w n.lor.tiiil bv aves7fi. noes 7. Soodrv hrono-itions to amend bavin'' been passed unnn nnianj wl ieh was on-, l.y ihe illu-iri'ius Cave Iiil.nsnll to strike mil P"0 000 aonroprtaled for Ihe lionrnveinent of Ihe Hudson river nnd rejected, the bill was reported lo ihe IIo isi ns amended, nnd the consideration or llio same iostponeii 1111 tomi.rrow, i.y ayes. 03, noes oj. rainvv. April 12. Ivtiib BP.s'ATr.. MrTappm caflnl up Ins resolution for the pnblic.a'ion of the prnceedinns nf the Court Marlinl ill thn Summer case, and advocated ihe mo tion. The reso'un o'l was opposed bv .Messrs. w rty Archer an 1 Cri'tendi 11, anil wa rrjected. T,r. XTr.i,,nt,! n ivnl ili'tinl bill MIS tiaSSCll. Mr Choal.' sp ke al irreal leii'jlh, nnd ivilh mneh ability and eloijuence di fei.'liil the prnlecltvu syslem nnd rep'ied panii-ularly loMr llenlrm's nrenment. In lue llnrsn rrporis irntn ine .-sianoiui: viioiiiin Let Priedom be your bastion, your armory God's (,iy ; and we do il under thu conviction that Shout "dud for our) Sen England!" and smite ihem this channel of communication presents great ' ftro t0 i)0 eeci0J ncxt October, nip anu iiit"ii, . I advantages, lo all Northern Vermont, over The cured race uf Anialeck, whoso armor isa ho! . , , . . , , , ,, any oiner w.iu vvintii wu uiu .iviinuiniiu. 1'licy fiaht against lh law of Gd, the sacred human . . . ... i.,,rt The exnensc of overland transportation Irom OnciharRO from Massachusetts, and their counccls , . ,.jcr ,0 jl)s,0 )s aau. S20 per toll t I ill oii'.rt I I 1 liock ibe old Cradle yet once more! let Kaneuil Hall whilo the samo (on of freight will betaken Ti,..!;,.,!!lf,,rr,.,,.i.e..e,i men .l. beb.nim. of the at the wharf in Burlington and delivered in North ! siuie sonirs from the volume of Chv music for IS 1 1, ,a won, c.,j,,j frr during ihe tii"rniui! hour, previous '.fl., it.lj a,,.i.1.t, ...t.li.t. .11. n... ........ C. tn .1... I . . ' t .t. , . ..... .... !..,.. 'Afler Ibis speech, which dilnnionee rrfor 10 llio llirbor Hill, ih? nmrmbmnt prevailed, and the Com mittee rose nnd nporlcd. Wnnsr.sn.vv, April 10. IloesE. Mr. Drown, of Indiana, rosann I asked the indulii-nco oftho I louse to make nn explanation nf a pers.nal nature. (It was understood ihat ibe expla nation vvas to hive rcf.-reneo If. an extract frnoi a speech of Mr. Clay's, which Mr. II, bid embraced in n resolution he had sometime since 11 'ered In ibe Ho isn, in which extract were contained sentiments jn opposition 10 the protective policy.) Mr. White, nf Kentucky, remarked, ihat he had no obj. etion lo the explanation beitv. made, ifil was tin- rlerslooil lint uie simat.pporuinilv slioul.l l.eallowisl bun. tn reply 10 nny new Chiracs lint imjlit be made. The Chair inquired iihelher Mr. vv. objected. Mr. While, " I do not, wilh this itnderstandint;." Mr, Clnrles .1 Infers .1! said be objected lo nny such uiitlerslindini' 1. 1 iiiir entered into. Mr.Hardin then ol.jecln! 10 Mr. Brown's proeredimi Mr. lirown ihen moved In suspend llin rules, for the piitpnso of etnblina him In address iho House, xvhire molion vvas ndnuril. III. ihen look a review of llio circunislanees atleiulinj ihe inirodttclion of his resolution on a former day, containing an exlriel niiinnrilnn .,, l,n (nkpn frmn a wneeeb fif .Mr. CI'.V. in which I hi ianniiiiio is founds " Carry out the prin- I c.ples nf llio Compromise. Look lo revenue alone lor Ihe support of fioyernment. On not raise the ques tion of protection. I had hoped lhal qm stion had been pul tn rest There is no tieees-ily for protec tion." Ho siid nfier much res.arch ho had conto across, in a file of ihe Iulelliitencer, a speech of Mr. Clav's, in w hich lliie lanainco isjised. The speech ...... .tl,i...rr.il in ihe .-enalnnf ibe United Slates, in January, IM?. in reply tn .Mr. Woodbury, nn llio lo wiiieh n motion to suP"i.d .lie rules and to tnlo (.,.., r ilir. Wliriip. r.dled bv veas C7.nnvPI. The only business nf iuii.nrtaticn (hpneil of has been ll.n iiassaeonfa bill in i:niumitiio 01 in iv unii nod subsequently in thn House, ncproprhlina S11G. 000. h-ina mn n monies in iho public treasury un atu.oinleil, for Ihe naval service. a mniliui in mi mo. Committee of ihevMiolc again failed bv yeas 7S nays PI Tt,., rT.,.,B,. ia now romced nnon Ihe order ofbus ness nnon tb Sneaker' inbh -tho bill undtr con sidcralion is a nhins hoi.nlvcnie. Tm; Titr. tv SiriNiMi. After our papt was undo up I ist evening, iho Madisonian of yesterday nfiernotin eiiii" t" h ind, con tainini! the subjoined t.ffirial annoiinremenl lliatlho Picsidenl of the Uniled Slates has sicluully sioned a lieatv for ihe annexalinn of Ti'.vas; that is, a tieatv entered into, nn his own inero motion, with a fureinu jMivorn nient, for ihe itii'in poralion inlu ihis Union of a foreioii territory ns laryn as llin rutin kinoilnm of France. Prepared a ihe public basin some dec en been fur litis lusih handed 11. measure, inanv ir.nest citizens coniii nui c now Boston for SG 50, and with but ono ti anship- Awake, Ncw-Knslnnil I While you sleep the foes ment, which is no iininipnrtanl considera AlreaV'aoir'0"r'rslr""K','old 1,l esaulisll,,":llt Washington ner siiin.--. . County ni.itlo a clean saving, tlio last year, Awake! and hurl theni back again in terror and des- ' ... nair. of ovur nine hundred dollars, in favor ol this T1,!o'ar "g'1"'81 ''"'d conviynco; and as far . i i. norlh as Derby Lino, merchants are gener- , , , , , . ally dismissing their waggons, under tho enn- I atai. Acciiii:.nt. A most distressing occur- ' m . , retire took place at Jiiirtonsvillc, .Montgomery vicuon tuai tun cieanusi pruiu uiey un i.i.iku coiuitv, on l'V.d iv last. Tho Schoharie crook is is to s.ivo about ono half tho lisk and ox cros,'d at Ihat place by a rope ferry. Several , . , . I1.(,rc,...njise t0 anj porsotH weru crossing in the scow, when a i D , unall b.nt was seen coming down the stream, irom maiKei, uy Mumiiig n.. . which was s v oHen and rapid. Tho r.ttempt to Oftho Proprietors, wu need not assure secure the small. boat caused the scow to tip m .. ., ., .i, i, .... much Ihat it was instantly filled by tho current " commiinily ; but lo others it may bo ap- and eapsiztMl. Three ol the persons on board, nropriale to remark, that ihey aro all respon- Messrs. m. Ketrium ami joru w. nigo 01 , thorough, business men, who will per Duaiiosbiiroh, ami .Mr.JjmcH Lantlur of Florida, , . , , . , , . ., i . i ...rn.lmw.7o.. .Mr. K-ilchan. was one of the f'n m good filth what they undertake, oldest and most respectable inhabitants nf the mid promptly and honorably meet any li.i- tmvn. lie leaves eigiueen ciinureii iu mourn iiiliea that may attach to lliem. Tho agents ..... n.s.-, o9 ,B , N!W York and Boston nro well known to !. Irostivorlbv. si lid indn- dueui it less le. that the ticopln of l)e Soto ttounty, .Missis.- ., (lttv than a pleasure lo promote the inter "K. " ; of .hose who may patronize the line, or doctor. An individual very improperly quizzed ask llieir agoncy. the latter by tolling him Ihat the only way to nl.laiii vircine matter was to tako the Small I'ox NUTSI1F.LL urns a.ii. i.ii.x u vvnn nui ii.uii. oit.n.n l . g. ,, . ., , . i c did so. and will. Ihe most lamentable results.- We copy the following sensiblo articlefrom Several persons have died of the disease. A the Cli.ilon Cuuntv Whig. It contains iiuiro traveling preacher obiaine.l some of the ,ame ..j.i. ...... SOIIle wloi seeclics thai have been materia1, aim uwciuaiea iwentv or intriy per- ' . . . ' son.. Tho result has been dreadful In the ev. madu in Congress tins session troine. The whole country is in Iho most pain. Tultlo belongs to tho rank and file is of fill alarm ami cosier ai ion. an., a., .o grainy . ,,...,,.. ...l10 Jucs ,IS mvn tliinUini' his own writing, pulls at llio "devil's tail ; il.. i i...... r .VtnNi'.ric Tr.t.i:anu'ii. Considerable r""5'""""'' ",,u 1 " ' """' "'- nrooress film National Intelligoncrr infi.r.iis fice ami, of course, spins Hut lew theories I . , .. V ..! .1 i;AVAnsor Small VoK.-Fa,al l)eccV,ion.- ' . Iruslwor. 0 Wo Irar.. from the .Memphis (Tettncsee) Ki. f.iligablu crmonters, who will biitue contemptihle fullow's desire to quiz! A has been mailu in thu cnnstriiclion of lln inacnelic telegraph, thn invention of Profes- stir S. r . Ainrse, upon which a lesi ex- iieasnre, many .10. , . , U i.ulng madu under ll.o authority red,! Iha it would ho persisted 1 Jf nn act of Congress. The line of conduct, inw thai thn net is mnsiiir mated, wo cannot m . ... , . , w. n nn nf mil ImrllV so In III. Iinil nun III VnlVI IB ' '.'i." I ' ' " " consequences so itiomntous. 'B . .. .' ., 1 rn .1 0.1 Uejoice, all r,,i"1 oppositn to tin: rrsiuum n 01 vj. .. ni- yo host of speculators in snips and lands, vert. r,.q.. tux miles,, am. .. o worh s f.n.l all v ...I entttrers. whether of spec... ni.ikmC progress a ,,o rate of about a mile desk, anil desired hit., to read a portion uf I lespeecb. , . . , , f . f y ... ,, tu,ks d,,.v' A ' V',J ' "BiU.iy, The patt read was si newl.it similar lo the extract ( "lion, ni innor or . ... 1 as tho cars passed Mr. Calvert's, hv com- M . lirown used. .Mr II. ihen cmn.nealed on iho lo llin svslen. nf checks ami balanc. s inslilil- 1 pasian.'i lo the speech, nnd the cxtiact, to show lliijl ,they did not ' P( ,v ,l0 w ,;, fc.mt.rs of our gnverninenl, mi nicting n o nci 01 iiieir passaco 10 1111 nflie 1 oy 1 11 - pomi at which llio lino begins 111 Wiuhing. C,,Mr'CWhi,e rose .0 renly m Mr Ilrovvnr.vvlien Mr yo-.r day' of r.;1 ilcittj. we. .. I. w 0 br , 1 acknowledging the f'hirl.sJ In?ero.ot.j'cie,i,an.i was nnueisinn.. .o nun un. menus in i-o" '. - . f .. jni,.!(,nco ,Waj received hack s,v thu he hid nn i ni.orli.ii repiil to make from 1....,.,:.,-., nr the rminlrv I'" able II! their n Ceipl Ol no lint iiignncc, was rcceiviu 1WCK Ihe rnnnnille'on l-oreiun All.trs. - I . ' , I. I.I V,, li..li;.rrrr , 111 IWO or llireo sci.oiiui. ilr White then moved In m-peiid ihe rules In onn. ! turn lo ho glad. Mt. Inlrlhgcnm. but ho looks directly at a practical subject, in a familiar common sense way which seldom fails to mako him understood and fell. " All who opposo distribution are enemies tn the tariff! We Drove it thus. If thepiocccds of iliepul - Im lamia nm niinlied to supnorl the eovc.nmei.l. we shall require just so lunch less In be railed I.y a lanfT , '.' 1 If!. .......I.t l.n..nn lliat ..-a st,n1.l r... 10 IIO It, HUH U II SlllMIIU W t.'i..l -......, ccive 5'25,000 000 per yesr from land sales as in 191(5, iI,p wn khnulil have no InrilTnl nil, ns that would bi nmply ii.incient wilhoul n land'. I'hcn ihe country would be flooded with forncn irnods, our vyooi grow ers, Rratn crowers and inanulaciurcs tinned, nnu trpnprnl nnrntesis mosliate ihe couiitrv. The I.uc. iy they ore In favor of nn incidental larill" for rrrc nue. Or, Webster ay incideiil.il means, "eauial, fortultoni. happening octnsionnni, I nen .. ny au in favor ofncisuil. fortuitous nnd occasional lirtll, nnl their plan for iinkine it n happening, caiutil tar' if is hani ily lapled to the object, Tliey llirow in. .ith Iriajury ihe land itionys, then wy joes the cenlletnen tint lie would not answer nriyate leiiers ( in, iho regular Whig iMiididalP, al out 4,000. lint were a Idresscd ti bim in the hopiof briimin.; him . . , . . ,, ... , ;,l,,l, vim Hlii li-anii u i n',.,.. ...jitjiiiiiij ...it. i.iw 3. Shu is to reserve for tho present her public lands, in order to pay her debts, which aro alleged to bo about S15,000,000. Tho question of thu Boundary Lino is to bo reserved as a subject for future negotia tion between the Republic of Mexico and the United States. rhesu aro said to bo thu outlines. Mr. Packenham and Mr. Calhoun nre hard at work corresponding about Oregon. Poor Mr. Nilcs is brought on to the floor of tho Senato every day. IIu is hopelessly insane, and will not take his scat. All those men nominated by llio President to fill the Custom House, U. S. Attorney- hip, U. S. Marshal's office, fcc., will bo out, but that when Ihe proper occasion should arrive, lis would iranKiy anil unreservedly mane a puuuc de claration of his sentiments. At a merlins of Mr. Ciav's friends, two ninhts back, it vvas unanimously agreed to oppose Annexation. Jlr. Clay in private conversation Ins expressed llio simo inlcnlions, which he will shortly make public. These are facts. THOMPSON'S VERMONT. Tho following article from tho last mini ber of Brownson's Quarterly Review, pays but a just compliment to a very meritorious work. History- of Vermont, Natural, Civil, and Sla. lislical. In 'Ihree Paris. With a Aeio Man Council the loco locos having elected but 11 of thu 34 members. Trom the N. V. I'xprcss, of U'c'nesdsy. Tlir. CIIARTHU F.LnCTIO.V T.VMMA.NV DEFK.VTPD ! Harper Kleclc.l by 1,000 Majority! We have the satiCiciinn of announcing ihe over, w hi lining defeat of to Tammany Ticket .11 tlieeltc lion yesterday, by tho united voles of the Xante Anieiic.insand Wles". I'or the Whins in most of. he Ward s, a ware that adherence to their ow n ticktt would ensure the success of tho Tammany candidate, drop- peo .uen. a..i. vuicu ior uie ,ante .vmeric.ans. uiu of tho setcnleen Wards, the Tammany party havo carried but five ! Last year thev had thirteen. Their majority of nearly si thousand Ins fallen into n mi norily of r.ioiiT or tr.n tiiocsvnd! Immense fffona were niailo liy llio lam. ..any leaders lo sive lluir of- rejected by thu Senatu.or will never bo con- Ver"10'"' ia exceedingly rich, and, so far as we ol' Ihe Stale, and Two Hundred Engravings. ; j flccs. Great numbers of loreisners were naturalized, aV nAl'lA, I HV.'llii..,, j.ii. i...ii ......- nun i.u?,3 li mi i:.ii . u it, ,n i,u u 1 in , 1 1, 1,1 , uc iiciii- cey (inodrich, fcr tho Authur. 15 W. ovo. pp. 013. Mr.. Thompson Ins hero given us an inter esting history of his native State. The first part, which treats of tho Natural History of firmed not ono of thum. Tribune. TREATY FOR TIIE ANNEXATION OF TEXAS. It is announced in tho Madisonian of Fri ay last, that "tho Treaty of Annexation between Iho United Slates and Texas was this day signed, ami that it will bo sudmitled to the Senate for ratification as soon as llio accompanying Documents can bo prepared." Wu havo a full confidence (hat this trealy will not be ratified by ihu Senate, or even re ceive the approval of a majorily of the mem bers. 1 here is no reason lo believe thai more than Iwo or three, if any of tho Whig members of Iho bcnaic nro in favor of the Treaty. It is however .incumbent on thai portion of llio public who condemn this pro- ceeding, to express an nneipiivocal opinion upon it. It is one of llioso great questions in which it is not possiblu for a single branch or even both branches of Congress to stem the current of opinion excited by inleiestcd par ties, where lliero are such numbers deeply in tcrested, if ihey aro suffured to exert their influonco without opposition. Tlio measure appears at present lo bo distinctly ihu crea turo of thu Tyler administration, but it is a project of that nature which must of course meet w ilh many supporters, and bo urged on by a vast number of interested parlies whoso interest is unknown, nnd whoso motives of personal interest aro consequently unsuspec ted. There are thoso to whom any project which looks liko national aggrandizement, bv llin addition to llio Union of population or luriilory, is received with favor, whatever bo aro able to judge, uncommonly well executed. In it, Mr. Thompson has done, at his own ex. ponsc, for Vermont, what other States, in their respective cases, have paid thousands of dollars for having done, and not so well done. The second part treats of the Civil and Political His tory of Vermont drawn from the mnst authentic sources, and may bo relied on with full confi dence in all that relates to matters of fact. It will bo found full of interest to all lovers of his. lory, as well as to tho Vormontors themselves. Tho early histcry of Vermont is full of stirring adventure, and romantic incident j perhaps more su than that of any other State in tho Union. The third pari contains a Gazetteer of the Slate, and full statistics. The statistics indicate great industry, activity, and general well-being on the part of the population, and prove, what all Vcr montcrs boast, thai " Vermont, for its size, is tho host State in Iho Union." Wo shall return to this work, at our earliest opportunity. Vermont makes no great shoiv on tho map of Iho Union ; her tons have filled nouo of the higher offices under Iho Federal Government j very fuvv of them havo held a commanding posi. tion in political life ; but no Stato in tho Union has a more hardy, industries, and moral popu lation, and none, a population, lakon generally, so 'voll educated, and so remarkable for intel lectual power and general intelligence. At tho present moment, tho sons of Vermont, in tho literary and profession! world, aro exerting their full share of inllueuco on tho thought and destiny of the country. Our own native county of Windsor, may claim the glory of having given birlh to several distinguished men, whoso names posterity will not suiter to perish, among whom wo may mention our countryman PownitF, the sculpor, now in Ilaly. Tho greatest ireta boring towns, Th vole in Ihe first Ward alone shows ihat creai fraud was committed. The number of votes is hrger by several bun, beds thin it has been for years lib. re, and ihe increase is all on ihe Tam many sine. So in other Wards. Hit I all their eff. ns wcreiueles. They hateencoiinirrcda more disaster-ou-defeat linn they bateeven known before. In the lesult of ibis election, ibe WhijisnfXew York have ureit cause for consrniulrion. The Tammany ride, which has dijraci-il our city so Ions, i- at nil end. Heller men, wilh heller m -asurc. will take the place of ih.iso the people Into o signally rebuked for their profligacy and misrule, and driven our of office by majorities ercater ihait were ever known in ouritlr belore. Theertat object uf icforni in oor riijr coiern ment, which the Whigs hive so ar 'citllv desired, will now be obtained : and ibis one fruit if the victory it worth all the efforts nd sicrifices mido lo obtain it. The treat personal popularity nf Mr Harper, and the fact that he is a Ihorniish-ipiuij. Whts.tnademir friends drop their otn candidate, who, under the rrrcntn stances, thev tw- there vvas no chance of eh ctinp, with less reluctance, and vole for a man as inn- h np. posed .is nny of them to Tammany Ilnll, nnd pltilcd iu lite cause oi c.iy utriurm. VAN BURENISM TICKING OUT. The victories which full lo lite lot of llio Locofocos novv-a-daj s, aro of such brief duration and doubtful character, ns tn furnish them with little occasion for triumph, and less for hope. A few weeks since, their organs madu iho welkin ring, with the result nf a special election in New Oileans, where by means of tho grossest frauds ever prac ticed in llio country, the Lncofoco candidate for Senalor was chosen by 422 majority. On Iho 1st instant a charier election was held in iho sumo city, and. though Locoforo ism bad tho benefit of hundreds of illegal votes and fr, indolent certificates, its previoij majority of -122 was cut down lo jAJjj Another trial, and iho Whigs of No. Orleans will free llieir crescent cily froiirthe,ajni 0f Locofocoism. In Chicago, loo, whero only a nionlh since, the Loco Focos were rejoir,,,,, orcr a barren victory, an overw helming rcvcria has already oveilaken them. Il 'i bo re collected that (ho Locofoco rantjj;, for nbvstc.ian this rntintrv b.is nrndoced. unless we except Jonathan Kdvvards, was a Vermontor, ll'or -'"ceded by the mc.igio nyy 0f t . -t lammtlnil I'ritDi.lant M-.r.!. mnM I VOlUS lLll1CilPQ MUS CIVL'll SCltTsl li ii .id roil 1 . I . . 11 I t , I tllU I'MV lUIIIWIIItM 1 IbdtU.III illlll CI I If 14 IIIUOV I " " Jl MUllll" l ,,o condition, on which ll.o ncquis.i.o.i is M((1M, wi, , f(m)) am mimli 1 over his Whig con.potimr. , The Whig, nude. I o thoso however who relied, und( ,ial honor ,0 Mmi.n 1)alllro, ( asCiibcl llio rcsull to r.aiidnj ,lcy ,-de