26 Nisan 1844 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3

26 Nisan 1844 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

Can form ami fashion whalso'cr lio will K'er planned Ihu Capitol he formed each part Anil Im adorned it by Ins cunning nrt. 11c firslly, having fixed upon a place As well fur view ns lo sustain the base, From crude mnlrrinln liv his liaiul prepared. This mighty fabric hy his skill was reared With cardinal precision showing forth Its wines extending to the south and north, And its Facadei, for strictly there are two, Present a grand nnd most imposing view While i)' ir the renter, prone toward the shy, The proud aspirin" Dome salutes the eye. In detail, I will not attempt to trace This mighty fabric upward from its hate) For well I know hut few could well endure Detailed dccriplion of Hnlaldalure, Of Plinth or Column, Capital or Nave, Cornice or K; icze, Tryclipli or Architrave Pilasters, which adorn the outer walls, Or Breccia columns which adorn the Halls t The forms in which tlio Portico are made, Whether in I'ecasnlc, or Calonnde i Of Daecl, which a lorn the chairs of stale Where Senates and Assemblies hold debate! And such like things which in their proper place, Give to the whnleits symmetry and gtacci All which the arrhitcct well understood, Which being finished, he pronounced it good. Upon the Pediment, in Bas-relief, A group, of which Ainerici is chief, Seems well designed to show that Hope prevails, So Ions as Justice holds her equal scales. Two champion foes the Halls of state attend One to support the other to dtfend : And while engaged on matters that nlato To public weal, (if subject In debate.) These great antagonist and powi rful foes Called Ave and No, from words oft como to blows : And while with like intent an I equal zeal Each spcin- resolved to guard the public weal, The union ipnkes and trembles at each blow That doughty No gives Aye, or Aye gives No. In the Rotunda, or great central room, Which firms the base of the aspirins.' Dome, Are works of Art most exquisitely plinn'd, Though executed hy the mortal hand Of him, who nn.le it his peculiar earo To show what kind of men our fathers wercs tain Who knew their rights who dare their rights main' Or in their halls, or on the mniiuinc plain. Upon another canvass may be seen Meek I'lichontna-Ohe voting Indian Queen,) In humble form, her Saviour to espouse, And take upon herself baptismal lows. In rude attire and attitude appear, With vacant thought nnd look, or wond'ring stare. Such of her tribe, nnd kindred as intend To witness what they cannot comprehend. There stands tho minister, wSth s drum air, Imploring God, m agony of pray'r. Tun all the heathen may, with one accord, Liko this fair penitent, adore the Lord. Now what time. Vulcan, hy his skill divino, Presents to view what fancy may designs What time iinagiuaiinn loves to stray Without rcsttnint, us fancy leads the way: High on the Dome without, (and which appear Kir heller in tho di-lance than more near,) WhV tlh'ro salutes the eve. or charms the view. Wilier Vulcan wrought from scenes which fancy drew, And hvSiis inatehl 'ss skill an I curious art. Carved, painted. or engraved, on cv'ry part Or wrought in metals, such as best present Thosa scene according to their true intent; Are si contrived and cunningly expressed lie best can ting them who can see Ihein best. Upm the north, he made by his device A w it'ry lake, and finite it o'er whit icej And then upon ihe in iririn all around He made a snow, that whitened all the ground. A skating parly then did Villein inako Upon Ihe b n un of this wiind'rous I ike An I swift of foo in rapid curves thev fly Ply all the'r p iw'rs and cv'ry cfTirt try Hen 1 o'er their toils, anil swerve from si lc to side, As each alternate skate is made to gli 'e: And as thev tme, the fithers looking on, Could scarce distinguish "vhieh sluuil I be their son. All this was in ide of iron, which expressed Tin woni'rous art and s'.ill by h m possessed. Upon the west compartment, Vulcan drew A western l'rairio boundless to the view Sivcon theeist. where lolly forests grow, An I w'lcr the hinpiJ otreams nf water lljw : 11 ii all the 1'iaiiii! was duvni 1 of trees. Where till rink grass waved to the fl lating breeze : Theie l ifl'does in countless numhrs were, There were wild Horses, nnd swift Deer were there: An I liftv linking Indians lay entire ilcd Al I'm th-i b irder of this splendid fi dd. T!i! sun wis up and as the herds r.qnir Til si ike their tlurst, and sluinlc r in their lair : A t s line known stguil and with fatal aim, I'.ach Indian fells ai once his eho en game. Tm herds more near ihe fun1 spot uf ground, Wheel as if by impulse, ! tho sudden s mil J Of fifty guas-an I as they tlee from harm, Til ne" herds n"it in sue sion take alarm, An I pin the anxious flight: a rumbling sound II ills front ihe earili as thousand hoofs tebouud, I. ike distant thunder; clouds nf dust arise, And h i nn o a western winds, obscure the skies. The .TilTin2 I) 'rr, in iro niiublc in its course. Outstrip ihe whole, and next Ihe snarling Hor-e Throws wide Ins head, and drives along the plain, Nor spur to urge, nor tiri lie to restrain. The lumber ng Huff does wi h equal fear Pursue the course, hut linger ill the rear, Nor si iv their wonted speed, nor stop iheir flight, 'Till diitanci! has conveyed them nut of sight: Yet for a tune, thi rumbling sounds remsin, Borne by the western breeze acrosl the plain. From far interior, where vast forests grow, To where the lides of ocean ebb and 11 ivy. He made a river. long, and deep, and wide, Adorned wi h villages on either file; On whichjainongst the niitn'roos Harks that float Upon the stream, one proud majrs'ic boat Drives onward, with a speed that maiks the wind, And swifilv leaves tho I diving sail behind. Two working beams, with grand alternate stroke; '1 wo tow ring lines, emitting lire ami s.noke : Anil Iwu vast w lice's, in rapid course, denote The magic po v'r that moves this massive boat ; On whose well ordered decks, a inotly throng Beguile the passing hours, and float along. Upon the forward deck, vvhfre thnso repair Who drink and smoke nnd sometimes curse nnd Two disputants, a wordy war had waged swear, on party pontics, eacu more engaged To plead, demur, to traverse or deny, Than sland rebutted, or to wait reply : A group, attracted by 'ho fierce debate, Made up of accents strong, and voice elate; .Support their fiv'rite s nes by shouts that show At once the canine, and the grinders too. Upon the promenade, with pensive look, Some sit and iiiu-c some ponder o'er n book ; jnine others, tele a tele, devoid of enre, Vajoy the conversation nf the Pair ; While others still, amid this pensive throng, Observe the Ianj3cape as it flies along. Ilnnn the east camnartinent. Vulcan made. (YVnich shows his skill at blending light and shade,) 'I he St-ler St'iles, a rural dancing scene, Performed in open nir upon the green ; Save that n'erhead a canopy was placed, And seats around nn which to sit nn I rest; Where, all arranged within, in bright army The dancers wait, to have the music play. par in the view, he made a shady grove. Where hide birds chant harmhss tales of love: There sal reclined beneath a shady tree, A plighted lover, singing Gramnchre, And sighed, a o'er his Ilea I upon a bough, He saw two doves, and heard them bill and coo. The dancers wait at length the fiv'rite sir Of Vankecdoodle, breaks upon the ear ; With nimble feet the dancers skip and hop, Thev first domesticate. or balance up: Anon, they thwart, convolve, they haze, they prance, in evoiuuons inrougn ine tnazy oance; Nor ecase'heir vigils nil the moon shall rise, An I glil'ring stars bedeck the azure skies, When. seen, h' c dancing meteois of the night. (While newfilPn snows give out the northern light,) Where, tiy lite am ill inncy we may irace Bewildered shades that find no resting place. Vulcan upon another place disclosed A lull, on which proud science stood exposed 1 lieck'ning the world to view her rich nttire t (For adoration seemed her chief desire) Nor can I well depict her shape nnd iie, lint only this her head was in the skies, Her votaries around, with artful wiles, Woi nil her charms, nnd court .ill her smiles I One calcnlatesa tran it or eclipse ; Another, that the orbits arc ellipse; Ilpnce to sustain a planet in p course, The motion gets the belter of the forre ! Anon what tune the motion's vigor fails, The force then gets the better, nnd prevails. On high observatories some were stem, Tracing the hcavcnlv paths with optics keen, And nslhey strained their vision to explore, Their eves prnice lid forty feet or more : All such had giant forms, whose heads on high Converse aloft with science in the sky. Oihets had charge of Colleges nnd Schools, To guide the youth in pure scolastic rules And beat their heads with books of .various size, 'Til oraans phrenological arise; Save caution, which cm uns to never trust The head that's wiser than the heart is just; Arid charily, that we should ne'er despise The heart tint's better than the head is wise. Around the verge, where sleeper slopes descend. Implicit guards sinnu n i m-iewi The hill, hy gathering rubbish from the place, .i i.. ..i.., Jnurn ntioiil the rugged base t A hideous place! where thorns and thistles grow t- Where broken rocus ore ecum-icu iu mm ..- And shuttered skulls, whoso croniums denote Skulls of tho poet and we know not what, This was not nil iif iron, Vulcan made some parts uf iron brass and some of lead. Last Vulcan made, (much as the view appears Upon the Dome,) long trains of rnpid car Drawn upon iron roans, ny wunt wonin seem, Some new created in jnster for n team t Such ns famed Vulcnn Intel v tnav have found t Or Jlagathcreiim.'raised from underground, And thus reanimated ny ins skill, Hoes at his bidding, nnd obeys bis will. massy tiulk anil ponderous weight ngreo With habits, such ns his nrc known to be; For coal nnd water, nnd well seasoned wood. Are what he usc9 for his daily food. Ills iccl seem round, like wheels nnu wnen negoes, He flings, he snorts, bo foams, he pnfTs and blows t Hot steams from out his nostrils hiss nnd glare, And snarks of livid lire nervndo the nir t Onwnrd he goes, nor wishes to delay, uutsecins in running to devour the way. The ficrv steeds, once powerful in the since. Now turned to grass, but not from feeble age, "ith strnnge cmniions view the passing cars t Prance o'er the fields, ami point their wandering ears; All winch, though not express it liv tinman voice, Declares how much ihcy wonder and rejoice. And whdo we stand nglinst, nr fit our gnzo Upon the wonders of these latter days, Whole trains nf pnsrngirs nrcnnwnrd home, As to that bourne front whence none e'er return; With little tune to meditate or think, Save when the monster stops for fund or drink t Anon they're borne nlong, ns if inclined To Icavo the winds, the waves, the world behind. U. V. M. The Temperance Sncioly of lite University ofVcrmnnt, will hold a meeting on Tuesday eveninjr, OOtli inst.r.t half past 7 o'clock, in the Collcgn Chapel. An address may bo expected from tho Rev. Mr. Shetld, of Rrandon. The public generally arc invited to attend. By or dcr of the President. L. W. CHANEY. N. G. Clark, Sec'ij. April 25, 1844. ISRIGHTO.N MA II K UT. Monday Aptil 15. At Market, 430 Dcef Cattle. 40 pairs Working Ox en, 500 Sheep, nnd 910 Swine. 140 Beef Cattle unsold. Prices. Uttf Cattle Prices have ngnin declined and wo reduce our quotations. ExtraatSo; Pirst quality, SI 50 QSt 75; second quality 84 45 S430 third quality S3 50 SI. H'urklng Oxen Sales at S70, 73, S3, 83, 95. S'iffJ-Prom S3 30 to S3 73; a few cosset Weth ers S3 50 $ C. Stcinc Lots to peddle 5c for Sows, and Cc for bar rows. Old nogs 4, 4, and sc. At retail from 5 to 7c X. Y. SIAUKETs April 15, 3 P. M. One nle of flour this morning was to load a small vessel 700 bbls, one third Ohio ro ind nt S3, nne third Ohio flat at S3 06, and one third Gcnesscc at S3 12. Vt there are some sellers of common ttencssee at S3 05, who nre not taken up, and buyers try hard to pet it nl S3. Southern sor's steady. 1." 00 bit. North ern Com sold nt 5ic. 50 lbs , and 1000 bit. Ityc nt 70c both in the slip. Canal Oats 32e bu. The sales of cotton arc 1000 bales; prices steady. The news has noi nflicled the price nf any article. A parcel spirits turpentine on the wharf was sold at 321c. Sales English hnre d nil nl SOc , 4 mos. No sales ofpork of beef. 50 les. pickled shoulders sold at 3. Stocks arc siitl a good deal higher. Exihangcs quite firm: Sterling 83 prem ; Prance 5,271 ; Gilders, 30? a 393 i Hamburgh, 33 a 331 ; Bremen, 731 a 78;. P. S. Evening. The sales of cotton for the (W reach 2300 bales; 2000 bags Domingo Coffee hnve been sold at 51 a 5J. 30 hhds. Cuba Muscovado su gar at 7Jc Jour of Com. ! SI U IT fi (3- In this village, on Sabbalh evening last, by the Uev. J. K. Converse, .Mr. Clm-mcs II, Mills, to Mrs MAnr Bsoivmso, both of this town. B 8 oil , In this town, on the 20 h inst., Heniiv, infant son of Henry and Elizabeth A. Chancy, nged 11 months. In Danville, April 10, Henbv Mattocks, Esq. Cashier of the llankof Cahdonia, aged 39. In this town, Ihe 30th tilt., of consumption, Miss at auv Jane, daughter of the lalo David Patlce, of La prarie, L. C., aged 1 8 years nnd 2 days. IW this painful dispensation of Providence, a wid owed mother is bereaved of a much beloved nnd bi"h ly interesting daughter, in the morning of life ; nnd aoseni uroiuer ami sister, ot one who was endeared to litem by the strongest tics of nature; nnd while nil mourn dieply their grent loss, tho mother feels most Keenly, as none but n kind mother, can feel. It is hard for the lone widow the fond nioiher thus to be deprived of her dearest daughter still, it is a source or much satisfaction, that her departed child was nre pared and ready to obey the Heavenly summons, and only regretted that she must leave her mother alone: nut 1. 1 her remember Ihe wordsof the great teacher messed nrc they that mourn, for they shall be com forte I" ; nnd that " Dlcssed are ihcy that die in the Lord." "Her sufferings ended with the day, Vet liverl she nt its close, And breathed the long, long night away, In ct.itutc-hkc repose. But, when the sun, in all "its state, Illuniin'il the eastern skies, She passed through Glory's morning gate. And walked in paradise." Comm. PUBLIC? NOTICE. SUM .11 LIU AKItANGCIflENT VIRGIL tfc Co., PACKAGE EXPRESS WILL leave Burlington every Monday afternoon going South, nnd cverv Th'rsilav afternoon LTO'mr oortn. lMr knee, inti.l I I ii, I , ATm..p. I a j. ii. i-i.u & Uo. 47 V IlJIL & Co. CLOVER SUED. AVEIt V superior article of EASTERN CLOVER SEED. Also 50 hbln frish nrnnnit nnp.i BUfi-.ttflNlv 1' LOUli, just received and fur sate by Burlington, Aptil 21, 1S44. 47 WOOD ct- LUMBER. Ofsfs c""u Kni1 "ry "ard Wood, 1000 feet Square Tuuler, aunu reel oiion Sca-onel Llaplioards, 150 M !irt nuililv Pine and Snmce Shit les, lor sate I y GEO. PI.TEHSON. 47 April 25, IBM. FIRST IN MARKET. NEWGOODSI NEW GOODS!! THE .ubscrilcr has pi.j returred from Rntnnand New York and will o''er thi week a very large and full assortment of FANCY AND STAPLE DRY tilJtJDa suitable for Ihe t-pring Ira le, which will I e sold at the lowest market price for rah, tinnd ice, or cridil. II. W. CA'ILIN. A nl 2 lib, 1311. 47 DISSOLU I ION. rTMlF. Copartnership of M. OSTIIKIM & I this day, by mutual con-eul, dissolved. : Co. is The goods and e lecis of the firm, are anigueJ and con veyelio Mosf.s Samsok, one of the Co., who i. an-lhori-ed to se tie and receive all the debt, and de mands ol inouo. M. OSTIIKIM, B.J. IIEINEIIERG, M. SAMSON. Burlington, April 23, 1841. M. OSTIIKIM, one of the late firm of M. O-theim & Co., is hereby niilhoroeJ to collect the demands one ine inie wiunpaiiv. m. aA.viau,. Iiiirliugton, April 23, mil. 47 NOTICE. rpilIS Certifies that I have given my .on, WlL 1 liam Dr.CHEa, his tune to act and trade for him i' t, nn I I shall claim mine of Ins wage, nor pay any debts of lilcoutraclin2 nlier this dale. ASA DEC Kbit. Attest, II. RlctlARDsnv. Weitlicld, April 1, 1811. NOT i till. rpiUS certifies that I have given my son, Hottts J. A. Dunn, his tune to transact bii.ine-. for him .elfduring Ins minority, and shall claim none of his earnings alter this date. SAMUEL DORR. Burlington, April 92, 8H. 47w3 Just Received, TTARPER'S ILLUMINATED lllllLE, J..1 No. 3. CHAVSWORTII Tho Romance of 121 Week, No. 2 THE OMNIBUS OP MODERN ROMANCE (Sis InsiiliO Containing Tho Game of Life, jiiarrymp; lor iiiuney, Tho Omnn, The Ixiadcd Dire, .Murder Will Out, Remand De La Crnix, All for 23 cents'. April 20. Hy A. EDWARDS. Wool Irf1 Wool! THE Ill'RI.INiiTON MILL CO.MPANV nrc ready to receive Wool to manufacture, into Uroad Cloth, on the saint! terms ns herett.fori', by AIt'sr. Hoelnfjun nnd Itathbun, who nre expected to remain. Farmers, Merchants or nther, who nro wishing to have Wool manufactured fi,r their own ue or for market, can have it done in the I e-t manner. SID.MiY HARLOW, April 22, IS 14. -17 Azcnl for Ii. M. Co. DYU-srui''s, Acms, nv:-woods, ,r-c. WII.MAM PAIITKIDKE: Si MON, 34 Cliff Street, Corner of Pulton, New-York, A CONSTANT SUPPLY OF THE FOLI.OWINO ARTICLES WHOLESALE AM) ItKTAlL. Lao Dye Cochineal Indigo llraul Wood lteil Sanders Hyper Nic Wood Peach Wood Hucbe Wood Cam Wood liar Wood Green I'.l onv Nicaragua Wood Log Wood Fustic Acer Rul rum Q lerciirou Bark Whil nig Wield Titincrta Sumac. Mmiject Madder Garramcicn C'udl ear Orcbtle Safllnwer Nut Gnlls Persian Berries Annetlo Woad tlliie British Oum Priiiate Potash Bicluomate do Sal Amouiac Luharage Cojiper Dust Antimony Sugar Lead Illiie Vitriol Copperas April 21, 1S1I. Alum Argol Cream Tartar Tartaric Aeul Aqure Kortts Nitric Acid Muriatic Acid Od Vitriol Nitrate Tin Muriatic Tin Murie. Sulph. Tin Crystals Tin Cbeinto Aq Amonia Poller's Earili Brim. lone Nitrate Iron (Kahc Acid Bleaching Salts P.il Smla Pot Ahc Pea. I Allies Verdigris Pore Tin B.il ary Hoot Tca-aK Gun Senegal Indigo Pa-io Ext. Log Wood Pipe Clay I'lnssM Tin Twine Thermometers Hydrometers Vut nets Wringing Cloth Cutch Terra Japonica Potalo Starch Maug.uice-e &c. Ike. cVe. 3m 17 MARSHALL'S NOTICE- UNITED STATES OP AMEIIICA, TDURSUANT I ermonl Untrtcl, to wtl : v, X t n V a r rant is-uci out i f ihe Hon. Di-trict Court ofllie I'ni ttil States lor -aid Di-trict tonic direct, i. I do here by give this p iblic notice, that iufurHiations for vto lations oi tne t.aws oi ine initei ru.r-s nivi con It'e I in -utd Coin I. bv Charles Davt-, E n. Dts tric-i Attorncv of the Pulled Slates lor -ai I District gain-t the lollovving derertbej goods an I Merch.au h-c: i yds. chccl.'d ("assimere. 8 vds. B ack Broad Cloth, 2 V.I-. Blue Broad Cloth, 5 vd. Black Broad Cloth, 5 vds. Doe s.m (.a-stincR', 21 vd-. IlluePib Cloib, 3 Grey Box Coat', .seized at R ixbury, Sept IS-U. 10 yd. Calico, 21 yds. Woo'en Cloth, se ze I nn tli waters ol l.at,- Ulianiul nn, near I'.a-t Aluurgli in tl; IJi-lnctol Vermont, u. t 2a, isi.j. 4 vd BroalLloth, 1 Shawl, scizel on the wa'crs ol Lai e Chamiilam, near II irlmgtou, iu the DiMrict of Virmoni, Oct. 12, IS43. 1 s .rrcl llor-u mmzciI at I'airlici.l, Oct. 24, IU 13. 1 Red Roan Hor-c, 1 Culler and Harness, seized at Derby, Feb. 15, 1811. t i !.... ........ I c; n , if.,, 1 .'itj suns, -,-i,-,,u o,v,1ll'UII, it-r. Ii, loua 7 d-.' Beaver Clnili. 4i vds, Urua Glolh. -tzeJ nt Hi.'hgatc, .Van h 10, ISII. -2Triinks. coiitiiiuiiig 13 pieces and part nieces of Calico, 1 part piece Broad Cloth, 1 Shawl, I part piece Linen Drilling, 1 Box Gi.n Caps, teized at Montpclier, Fe! ruary 23, Isl I. 1 Roan French Hor-e. I Black- Hor-e. I Grey Pn- n V, 1 part piei e Kerseymere, seized at Norlhlield, Oe tolcr2, 1813. 1 ticy rrencn llor-c, 1 lllacl; French lloc, seiz ed nl Berlin. Oct. 2, 1813. 1 French llor-e.-eized nt Mnnlpcl er, 0,'t. 10, 1813. 2 French Hor.e., -eized at Norihtield, Oct. 1 1, 1813. 1 French Hor-e seized at Montpeber, Nov. 18. IS Ii. 2 part pieces L'lien, 3 part iitctes Broad Cloth, 2 pair .Moca--iiis, st.izc I at Guildhall, March 21, 1311. 2 Horse-, 1 Sled, 1 double Harnes-, 3 Shawl-, seize I ai Fairfix, Jan. I", 181 1. I Black Mare, eized at Lyndon, Feb. 5, 1841. 1 Grey French llor.-e -eize I at Birton, Feb. 8, 1SI 1. 2 French Horse-, .seize I at Glover, M ircb 8, 1811. 1 llav rrench llor-e, 1 Brown rreuch .More, elz ednt Burke, Feb. 5, 1811. 1 French llor-e z at II irl.e. hel. 21. 18 W. 1 Che-nut rolored Hor-c, seize! nt Waldeti, March 8, 1811 1 Black French Stud Hor-e, 1 Red Roan Horse, 1 Black Gelding, 1 Sorrel Marc, 10 vd-. Broad Clolh. 1 Fox skin. 1 Lynx -Km, Sable skin, seized at Woodbury, March 20. 1811. I vv lute iior-c, seized nl ennot, aiarcn u, 1311. 1 Brown .Marc, seized al Wheclock, April 2, 1614. And nial will I e ha I on Mild informations, nt Ihe next stated term of tai I District Court to I o holdcii at Windsor, within and tor sail Di.-trict, on tht"21'h day of May next, of w hich all per-on- nitere-ted will lake nonce nnu govern ineiiiseives accordingly. Given under my hand at lirautord, in sold District. this 22J day of April, 1311. 47 WILLIAM DARKUN, Marshal!. .lames .Marsh's InstatePetition to sell .and. STATE OF VERMONT, I ATi Scs-ion of the Dniricl ol Cbiiti'iidcn, .rX Prol a'e Court held nl Burlington, within and Tor -m l District of Chitten den nu the lifih ay of April, ISII, comes David Read ndmiuislrator of the estate of James .Harsh, tale ol Burlington, in said district, decease I, intestate, nnd files in said courl hispeliiion in wr'lina, setting forth that the said James died ,cizcd and possessed of n in II, iinccrinm. undivided iu'ere-t in al o it seven acre of land lying on Ihe south -ide of the W.ner Quechet' ltvcr, in llarlford, in the County of" iud .or, and of a like un livided iniere-t in ahoui tvvenly acres of .Mountain 'and in .aid Hartford lying norl li ly from said river, and I numk'd on the ca-l by land uwnntur Airi narron, which uuuiviueii interest n .aid lands re-tel nnnn a contingency under the con ditioiis in a deed given by Danu'l .MnMi, late of said Harifnrd, decea-cd, lo the .aid Jatne-, und other heirs ofllie .aid Daniel, dated July 10, 1329; that the debt allnvvtsl by ihe coinmi-siont'rs again-t the estate of Ihe .an1 James ninonnl to $ 1,010 81, of which $570,92 is (or lat hi kne-s charge. ; that the nivcniorv ot Ihe personal e-late of the ai I James amounts in 81 1 87,81; that the amount ofhist i-u kne.- charges and funeral expen cs have l irn paid, Icaviuj 8588,73 for the ilelravmg ol the expeii.e ol administraung .aid I'slnti' n I the uavmelit ofi'ebls due fioiu hi- e-lale. and I liii l it will bo necessary to .ell the interest ofllie sail I'-tntc in .ai I lauds lur tho payment of ,aid debts and expen-es ofnihmiii.trating said estate, and pray ing snid court to liivn-e tho -ai I adniini-lrator to .ell ihe inlercsl of , aid eslnleiii sai I londs, for the purpo-e aforesaid, agrceality to ine .tatute in Midi caue made and providei I. WitF.nEuroN, the court nnirc-aid doth appoint the third Wednesday ol May. 1811. for hearing and deci ding on said peiiiion al' ihu oilii e of the Regi-ter of .aid court in .aid lluriington, and iloin order lliai all persons interested in .aid estate be notified thereof by publication of this order, containing the substance of said petition, three wee iKveivcly' iu Ihe Burling ton Ficoi'rrss, n newspaper printed in .aid Burling ton, Ihe last of which publications to be previous lo .aid I bird Wclne-day of May 181 1. Given under my hand nl id Burlington this fifth davnl April 1814. 47w3 WM. WESTON, flcghler. TO RQNT, .pjjjl TROM THE 1st OF MAY, the Store TZTZ'Eb JL known a. the German Stobe, next IlIlD to feck if. .S'pear, Druggisis. Inquired .Muffle npru zj, rixh cx cri.au I TO RENT, - TjMtOM ihe lir-t of May, a convenient HOUSE, lor - I J. a large family, or for two small families, wilh Barn. Woolhou.e an IGarilcn. Also, .everal Rooms in n new Brick- Houte with woisl hoi.e, sVc, all .itualed bclween the Couri House Square and ine L-ike. Applv to Burlingl April 8, 'II. (15 if H. MAYO. 2d, FOR SALE OR TO RllN'l. rTMlE Large mil I'oininoilious Dnrlbng Home X .limned cu 1'earl . I reel, now- iH cupitil by Mr. Itrin-iiHiid and oppo-lto Rev. Geo. G. liigor.ollV I'os-es.ion given lt May. For further parlieulats enquire ot NATHAN ! IIAtsWKI.L,, April II, ISII IS If TO R.21TT. TUP. Uriels Iliulding on the cast sido of Court House Square, at present oc cupied by Mr. Ilarncs, ns a cabinet shop. P.nqiiironl this office. Htirlingion, April 15, '44. 4G no van ro lei. THE subscriber will let his large nnd commodious MUCK HOUSP., situated cmninlie the Hank nf Itiirlington, nnd on the corner (if Church nnd Hank Street-, fur nnu or n longer term nf years. Tin house ha I ecu occupied for n numi er nl' years past ns n boarding home, and Nwell calculated tnaccont- rnnlale rrtun twenlvto tr.iny inmruers. icruis maou known by application to the nli'i ril er, and posses sion given on the first day of Mrjy rtcxl. 11 .Ut l UHIOHUIJU. Ilorlinglnn, April I, 18H; 41 If Al. . HATIIHUV Co., DRAPJiJIS AND TAILOIUIS. Peck's HclLntsn, three doors cast of Howard's Hotel. 40 T lfc nml Public Services olllliN HY CLAY, JLi brought down tonic year isii. rzj cis. Memolrn nnd Poems of Mr. DAVIDSON. 73 ,. do. L. M. DAVIDSON. 10. do. do. MARrJAULT DAVIDSON. 50, Miss Sti'lcklntik'si Lives of the (Ittccns of Cnsliind. G vols. 3,00. Arthur O'l.eary, new edition with plates 31. Nystcrlcs of Paris, bound New World edition cooiplele. 87i cts. do. do. in I'rcnch, complete in 1 vol. 2,50, Perforated Paper, Jloitn Seals, assorted, Note Paper, nssortoJ, April 18, '41. liy EDWAHDS. 46 Jliirlinion, VI., April 18, 1844. OMl of our most noble winters within recollec tion has pi-t pa-scd o I'and we are now in the midsi ol lovely invigorating spring, the like of which to us is spoken of hy many as being Ihu finest ever known, t here is only Here and lucre n naur- miner who will not receive and accept its cxhilia ling inlluencc as a I le-sing for fear of having to pay back ngain, for such there i-; but the remedy, viz. gratitude, charily and morality. Now n to Trade o ir business through the Win'er ha. I cen good. The Spring siles are opening fair nnd the small stock of re-cive Goods tor the pre-enl tcasou are telling o.l at cheap Miti-faeiorv liners, at 40 HOWARD'S. . ADVANCE. GRAHAM'S MAOAZINEfor May.the mot p!en ibd Matrazitii ever is-ucd. Tin- Mav number is tmbctlinhid with a splendid Steel Engraving orthc Battle Field ot Br.indvwine, from a painting by Doughty, engrave I by .Mint's Siinl.e. The Lest engraving ever iucd in a Maga zinc. Tho Favored Captives, a magnificent stool engra ving, iiy Rawdon, Wright ,x Hatch. S immer Fashions, elegant slvle, from frcth de tisns Irom Pans, coiiininiog all the varieties. I wonly-lonr Original Papers fnun some of the l est writers in the countrj'. Single Niimlcrs 23 cents. No. I, Peck's Building. If. By A. UPWARDS. FLOW Kit SEEDS. A FEW kinds of Flower Sec l for sale by 'April 19, 10 BaivsMAin ft llnoTlll.ns. rsCUUltUlNG ltltlj!lir, TO clean bou-c with, much time and hard work is nvcd I y ti-ing llicm. Sold by April, 1811. 15 lluiN-MAin & BnoTitr.ns. rHIILDIIEN'-S Leather Belts mlill.v IG BntsisMiin A BnoTitEns. CANES, WITH Cron'.i'd mid Ivorv Head old 1 v April,' 1 1. AC Bnts'sMAtn &. BnnTitr.ns. .allllt.uy Itllttons, I?OR the Vermont Companies, icceiveil nnd for Mile by UniNSMAtD & BnOTIIEns. April, 1311. IC LIBERATION. TMIIS mav centlV that I have given my son, L SIIEI.DF.N POTTKU, his lime, nn I nlicr this da'e slnll claim none of his earnings, nor pay any debts of hi. contracting. ABNI.R POPPER. April 15, IS1L 40 w3 SI I I:GL10S, NAILS, &c. 2500 I'INE SHINGLES, 23 kegs nails. ALIO), PLOUGHS, warranted a pood article, for sale low ny s. m. I'ut'i;. Itiirhnglnn April ID. 1311. 40 ffT'Vti! following Sale stands adjourn ed to the 10A nj Mai. AUCTION SALE. On Wkmxusdav, May 1st, at Ten O' clock, Forenoon. "IT'ILLIc sold at Public Auction, to the highest V bidder, ihe large Brick Building on Water s. nt the loot ol Main sircet, situated on Waler Lots No-. 23, 29 ami 30, subject to an annual rent ol 372. Sail building is suh-tautially built, and is now will litte 1 to I eii-ula-an Iron Foundry and Machine Shop. Ai.o, A goo I Blacksmjih Slum and Tools; Several Hand and Engine L ubes, Vict", Drills, and other tooU suitable fur a Machine Shop and Foundrv ; Several Joiner's Benches, Hand Screws, Bolts, Shafis, Circular Saw nnd Machinery ; 1 Planing .Machine with Appara 1 Grind Stone, &v. Al'O A lot ofPai'crns coiisi-tiug of several thousand va rieties, conipri-ing tbelatc-l and mo-t valuable inven tions in .Machinery lor .Mi'l-, aieam I'.ugmc-, if-c., uch as Segments, (Jcar-, Pinion-, Shatt-, Gudgeon l oxe-, &:, Ac. Al-o, all Ihe Apparatus ofllie Iron Foundry lately in operation on the i-remi-es afore sai 1, among which i- n large lol of Wooden and Iron Fla-k; one Crane and tackle, 1 Cupola Furnace. Core boxe.-, Ladle-, &c. A:. Al-o One 8 hor-e high pressure Slc.un Engine, with t'oil- er, vvc. iu good vvorKiug order; one lour uoc nigu pressure Pendahnu Engine. ii-sn-.V large qunntity ol Won, I, Moulding Sand, O'd Iron vvrougbl and cast, Wagon boxes, Mill Gearing, Sleigh hoe-, Cauldron Kettle, rolled Board, un-fiui-hed Straw Cutters, &., together with one PIin--iiro Waggon, one Double Wuggon, and one Single Harness. Sale (o take place nt the Foundry afoic.-aid. Term, made known on the day of -a'e. WM. C. WHITE.MA.N, Aisisrnec. lluriington, April 17, 1811. 40 w2 Clover and Herd's Grass Seed For salu by J. & J. H, Builington, April 17, 1311. PECK ct Co. 40 M. MARSHALL, It( IIITUCT I'UOW MASSACHUSETTS, OFFERS his services to the public to Draw Plans of all kinds nf Public Buildings and Dwelling Houses, and likewise to contract to build the same if required. Burlington, April 15, 1S41. 46tf 150 BBLS. Me-s Pork. inn do Extra lies. do. of our own nacl;- mg, nnd warranted equal to any Pork ever offered in Ibis Market, for tale by FOLLKTT BRADLEY St C MAPLE SUGAR. WANTED 10 or 1500 pounds Maple Sugor in exchange for poods, by S. M. POPE. April 19, 1811. 4G 18 44. LAKE C1IA.MIM.A1N, NEW-YORK AM) HUSTON. XyiBKCHAMTTS' LINE. THE PROI'RIinORS ofthis Line have provided a class of first rale boat, lo plv the pre-ent .ea .on between Lake L'hamplain an I New-Vorl , for I he transportation ol Merchandi-e and .uch oilier prop ertv as mav le entrusted lo their care, nnd hone lo receive, a they intend to merit, a fair .hare of patronage. The-e I oats go through to New ork. nnd nrc to I e lowed by .icnm on Hnd-on R aer, and on Lake Cliamplatn when r ere. ary. In this mule property is not Ml-jeciel to injury by transhipments, and lots are kept togeiher. Tl.t. Line of bonis conned ot New Ymfc with the De-pnich Line of Bi .ton Backet. Contracts for freight Ictuccn Boston or New York and Lake Cliamplatn, can be made with our agents. Properly passing I etvvit'n liostnn and lal.e I hainplain, lor wnrded in cither direction via Wes:ern Railroad when dt'.ired. rnopnir. tors, FOLLEIT it I1UADLEY, Burltnglnh, Vt. NICHOLS, BURTON f- L'HIT'I ENHEN, St. Albans, Vt. A O F. N T S , L. A. Joiissom, Coeniies Slip, N. York, C. L. Wake, 16 Long Wharf, Bo.ton. 45tf RUSSIA NAIL HOPS, fi Tons warranted Russia Nail Rods, for sale by U KOLLETT BRADLEY & Co. Cliauncey Slater's h'statc. STATE OP VERMONT, j ITi Probate Court District of Chittenden, ss. j holdennl Burling Inn, within and for the District aforesaid on Ihe 1 St It day orApril, A. D, 1814, an instrument purporting in bo the Inst Will and Testament nf CHAUNCIA SLATEII, Into of Essex, in said district deceased, w as presented to tho Court hero for Probate, by Lydta Slnlcr, the executrix therein named. TiicnEFonr., it is ordered by said Court, that public notice be given to nil persons concerned therein to nn pc.ar before said Court, nt n session thereof to du hold en nt tho Register's office in said Burlington, nn the second Wednesday or May, A. D. 1811, nnd conlfft . !.....'' '.j f:n : !- r....l. n..lrn,l inu ,iiim.uiu iii nuiu .fin j nun IV is luiuin 'iu.'. that this order bo published Ihreo weeks successively in the Burhnf-lnn b'reo Press, n newsnnner printed nt Burlington, ill this State, the last of which shall bo previous to the day assigned, ns aforesaid for hearing. Given under my hand nl the Register'c Office, this 18th day of April. 1811. 48 w3 WM. WESTON, Ihf-hltr. .Toslitia Wlillcomh's Isstntc. STATE OP VERMONT,) q"MIE Hon. the Pro District or C'litlcni'eii, ss. j L late Court fir the District of Chittenden : To nil per-ons concerned in Ihec-taieofJO-jHUA WII1TCO.MB, lateofRichmond in aid Dilrict, deccaisl, Gnr.PTlNo. WiiF.nr.AS, Levi Whitcomb, one of the adiiiini-ira-tors ol the elate of said ecen.cd, propo-es to render nn account of bis ndmiiiisiration, and pre-ent his ac count against snid emic lor exnminnlinn nnd allow ance ol n session of the Court of Probate, to I e bol 'en nt the ltegitei's office, ill Burlington, on thesccond Wednesday of May next. TiiF.ncFonn. Vim nreherchv notilicd to appear 1 e- foru snid court nt the time arid place nfore-nid, nnd shewcau.e, it any you have, why I lie account ntore sa id should not I endowed, Given under mv hand at Burlington, this 18. h day of April, A. D., 1841. 40 w3 WM. WESTON, Regi-ter. T.ticlic7.cr AllcnS Hstntc, STATE OF VERMONT, rpllE Hon. the Probate tti.irirt of tliiltcndcn. ss. JL Court for tile Ds( rlct or Chittenden : To nil persons concerned iu the estate orEBENE'ER ALLEN, late-ofColche-ter, in -aid Dislrii'l, deceased. vnEETiNO. Wnr.ncAs. Charles Collins, administrator ol the O'tatc of said docea-cd, propo-esto rendcrnn account ol his ndiiiini-trntmu, nnd prc-ent ins account ngnin-t soi l e-iatc fur examination and allowance nl a ses sion of the Court ni'l'rol ate, to I o hidden at ihe Regis ter's oihce in Burlington, on the second Wednesday of May next. Therefore, You aro hereby notified to appear 1 e foro Mild court at tho time and place nfore-tud, and .shew cause, if any yon have, why the account afore said should pot he iillovved. Given under mv handnl Burlington, thii lSlh day of April, A. D. ISU. 40w3 Win. WESTON, Hteitttr. Scu rll Spa Hiding's Ustatc. STATE OP VERMONT, ) TITHE Honoralle the Di-lricl of Chitieuden, t - i'n hate Court with in and for the Di-trict of Chittenden : To the credi tors and others concerned in the esjatc of SEWELL SPAULDING, late ol Underbill in said dMricl de-cea-ed, Wiiebf.as, Rapba Wi nlvvorth, administra'or ol the e-laieol .aid deceased, has made application to thi Court, to extend the time limilel tor making pajment oflbede'ts and settling the estate of siidde ea-el, twelve month, from ihe 12th day of April, 1811. and the second Wedne-day ot' May next, I eing assigneil forbearing1 inlhepienii.es, al ibeollici- of the Regis ter of this Court, and it having b,vn ordi red that no tice Iherecf I e given, by publishing this dr, rce three weeks succe ively in' the Burlington Free Pies-, a new-pa "er p-inte lat Burlington, Lelore the time fix ed lor licnrti. g. Thireforr, yen are hereby notified, to ap icar le fore -aid Court, al Ihe liniean I dace afori-aid, then flndihcie, to make ob,cclton if any ou have, to the sai I time of p lyinent 1 eiug further extended as alure sai I. . . Given under mvhandal Burlington, thi lstli dav ol April, A. D. 1811. WM. WESTON, lltguUr. STATE OF VERMONT. 1 fliHE Hon. the Pro- Distrh iof Chittenden, t JL late Conn lor the Di-trict ol Chitieuden : To all per-ons concerned n ihee-lateofSCWEU, SPAl'LlllNG, laic of I'ndcr hill, in said district. deoeasfd. linF.KTIsc. WitF.nEAS. Raph.1 Woodworlh, nd.miui-tiuiorol the estateol -tud decca-ed, propo-e- lo render an account olfln admii i-tralion, and pre-ent his account ng.im .ai tcsiate, lor exaininatujii and allowance at n .-essiou ofllie Coirt of Probate. to lc hidden a' the Regi-ter'' Office in Burlington, on the cond Wedae.-day of May next. Tiir.nr.FonF.. You nre hereby nriified tnanpear lc- fore -aid eaurl nt the lime niid place aforesaid, and .hew cause, it any yo ; have, why the account alore satd should not I c .itlnwcil. Given mi 'er my hand a Darlington, this 18lh day of April, A. D. 1811. 40 vv3 W.M. WESTON, llegitter. Slnses talliii's Estate. STATU OF VF.IIMOST, 'Pill'. Probate District of CliitteniKii. ss. -L Court for the District of Chittenden : Tn the creditors, nnd others coiRemed in thei slate of MOSES CATLIN, lateof liurlinglou iu said district, deceased, testate. Wm:ni:AS, Guy C 1 1 lit. Executor of the last will and testament of the sai I deceased, hath made application to said court to extend the tune limited for the pay ment of the dibls and legacies of the said dccca-id nnd scllling said estate, one year from the lOih day of Oetuber, 1343; and nlso proposrs to render nn nc couot of his administration: Whereupon the court aforesaid doth appoint the second Wednesday of May ' for hearing and deciding on said apnbcation and ex- I ainining said account, al the office of the Register of ' said court in said llur uigtnn. nnd dm h order that alt per-ons iniesrsted in said estate be notified thereof by publication of this order three ueiks successively ill ihe Hurlineion Free Press, a newsnapr r printed in said Builington, the last of which publications lo be previous to said second Wednesday in .May. ibii, that they may thou nnd there show cause whv said time should not be po eMendid nnd why said ac rnmtt should not be allow ed. Given under my hand at said Burlington, this 12th dav April, id it. 45 Wm. WESTON, Htgistcr. In the matter of fitly Tracy, Guardian of Al phctis I'MrU'lter. Iclilion to sell Land. STATE OF VERMONT, ATi .e-sion ct the Di-trict of Chilleiulcn, s-. XX. I'robaie Curl bel I at Burlinston. wiihin and lor-aid Dislricl ot't'hitien- il.-n. nn the 2"itb day of March. A. I). 1311. come Guv Tracy, of Shelbiirne. in s ml district, guardian of Alpheiis Fletcher, of .aid Shi-lburn, and fi'e- in faid court Irs petition, in writing, .elling lorin mat m sniil wnr,l is -ci7cd. in bi-own right in fee ot thefol lowing dc-cril-ed parcel ofland, siiuate lit .aid Shcl- 1'iirii, viz. one liun 'rc-l and nineacrc-oi mini, ooiinu si nn tin ah hy the highway leading. from Shel' burn Fall-to lline.hurgh, on the .uuth by Samuel Klnii-I.i'r'n an, . on i c.i -i I v l ie north an I -outli road leading Irum Charlotte lo Burlington, called the county road, and on the wist I y Oran ltli.nn s and Jad-ou's land, being the firm where the said Alpheo now- lives; thai s.uJ laud is Minjeci to a mortgage given by .-aid Alpheiis toThomas Fletcher, lo secure the pav incut of the Mini of 740,88, and in. lere-l.'date I luly a, 1823; thatlhereis due Irom .aid ward to .ni l guardian, the sum of S-lGj,l)9, on .elite- incut of said guardian's account', tliat the value o' the ner-oiinl properly on band, I ( longing to .aid ward, Is ezzb ou, nnu mat u win i e nece-ary to ten the whole of .aid ward's interest in said land for the ayiiiciu or the debts due Irom .aid ward, nnd pray ing . aid court lo license him, Ihe . aid guardian, m .ell ihe whole of .aid ward's interest in .ail land, agreeably to the statute in such eae made and pro- video. Wnr.nr.froN', the court nfiire-aul doth appoint Ihe fourth Wed.ie-dayol April. 1811. for hearing and de ciding on .aid petition at the otlice of ihe Register of said court in .aid iiiiriiuglon, nt ten a clock, in ine forenoon, nnd doth orctcr that all persons interested le notified thereof by publication of ibi- order, con taining the substani-e ol .aid petition, three wctk. ucccssive y m the liur inglon rrce rre, a news paper printed in .aid Builington, the last of w Inch publications to I e previous tu the said lourth W ednev day of April, 1811. Given under my hand nt .aid isurlington, ini.xa day of March, 1841. 11 Wo niolu.i in.-Hiivr, Sallcy Slliicr's Estate. T7"E the Mib-cnl er, having bivn appointed by T ihe llonorai le ine fronaie oourt lor tneui. trici of Chiiienden. coinniis.ioncrs lo receive, exam ine and ndiii-t the claims and demand, of nil persons . .i rcil , L'v- llivi'u k... nn aunui-i uic csinii. in L,'. , .'i,,s i.is. imiv- u ..I- .evville. in l lit County ol Jer,ev. nnd Stale if I II i noi. tlct-ast'd. rcpre-euteil insolvent, and nl.o all claims und ilcinands exh luted in oll'seit there'o; and six months from the day ofthe dale hcreol, leinj allow isl by .aid Court for thai n irio-e, we do there fore herel y give notice, that we will attend to ihe bu-iiie- of our appointment, nt the Siote i,f BEN JAMIN 1 AlltCIIII.il. Ill Mi ion. in said ill trict.on the liifleenlli day. of .May and August next, at 10 oMoek, A. .Mon each rf ssid days. Dated, this 5thday of Feb ruary, A. D., 1811. F.I.EA'.AR AUS TIN, Coinmi' 43w3 BENJAMIN FAIRUHII.D, .loner.. ENdLISH GRAMMAR. flEACHERS are inviied to call al Harrington': JL an I en inline SWEEPS Grammar of tho Eu oli.b Lanuiiaee. Iu is .uilicienl lo.av that it 1 eoniirncied on tin ba.is ol Miirrii'.nnd has already I cciiTintrodnced mtu such .chool. ns " Kimball Union Academy" and ihe "Norwich Pniler-iiy," ccnilicnles Inun the Prmef nil'anf which mnv bourn by ihn-c.whii are intere-t el. The tir.t e htion having been exhausted within one year Irom the iimeol it. Iir.l puulicnlion, Ihe All thor ha spent mi c h time in revi.ing nnd enlarging it and Ihe ruiiii.nei' otters ino x i e tition, wtin the ion fideneo that witencver it t examintu, it will lean proved. It contain more matter than any other lirammar in use. -nRU'lHWilTK'SHclro.lMVI of Prnrncnl Mti 13 cine and Sincere, Part VIII. with an Index, ju.l pin it neu, an i lor saie ny SO h Vli ro'aj 1811, Ii Y. HARRINGTON. FOR SALE. rilHAT large and commodious two story BRICK A DWELLING HOUSE AND LOT, situated on the west sn'e of College Green, nl Ihe head ofl'ollege Sirecl, in tins village. Tho Home is 32 I y 45, Willi a ba.ement story, with kitchen nnd provision cellars, nnd a wing 32 by 05. ex'cnning north on College Green, with wood "nnd --tore bo ne I clow, and ham hers nnd sleeping rooms nLove. A large nnd com. modioiis 1mm, carnage hou-c, ire house, and otlu t out-lioiises,nnd n spacious ynrd west of the dwelling ho'i'C, nnd n good dural le well of water of Ihe bet quality in the village, and n brick cistern. One nnd a quarter acres of "land, of the firl nunlitv, a Inrge garden and choice fruit trees wet of the house and en nl. The buildings nre rons'fncted in modern style, of the I est material nnd workmanship, were erected by the subscriber for Ids own me, nnd the location attnrds a very extensive nnd plea-ant pro-pect of ihe village nnd lake on Ihe West, nnd i not surpassed by any oilier in tin's part of the country. Al-n. lor snien goon pairoi vvori. uurfes. Piircha-ers nrc invited to call and examine for lliem-elves. Terms made known l y the ub.rril er on the premises. bAMur.L HLI'.IJ. lluriington, April is, isii. iu u coi'pnii. QA Bags Old aovcrnmcnt Java CorTec, CJ 20 bags Green do do 25 bags Laguiru, 25 do Rio, 20 do Angostura, n splcndnl nrticle, for sale by FOLLKTT, BRADLEY cV Co. Old Dock, Nor. 23, 1813. 25 IIKN'RY IIAI.B, ATTOUNP.V A COUNf!l2I,I,on AT LAW. ORWKLh, VKHMU.y 1. T i i .i ,vi rn it TH Pf) SA L E A good sicond handed IMAHO KOR IK is ottered CX. for sale al a very low price ny T. K. .f W. L. STRONG. 40 March 8, '41 TJISIIOP HOPKINS' Lectures on the Causes JL Princip Principles, ondlicsulsol the llritish Refurmalton, ived bv V. HARRINGTON. reenved by 23 Feb., 1941. TM1E LENTEN PAST-the History, Object anil J. Proper Observance of the holy season ot Lent tiy the Kev. v in, 1. Kipp, lor sale ny 23 Pib. 30 V. II RRINGTON PLA S TEH ! PLA S TEH ! Or( BAGS fresh ground Novn Scotia Plaster JJJ for sale by P. 41 H. II. DOOLITTLE. Jan. 25, 1811. 3tlf TTEUDS GRASS and CLOVER SEED, ofsupe LX nor quality for sale by II. W. CATLIN. Af.SO, a few bushels See I WbeaL A. DAWSOV, TAILOR. Shop in the touth end of Mr. Stetson1! neie brick BUR L I N GTO N , V K R M ONT. CultliiK done in the most approved style, and warranicu. March 1, 1814. Cn3D INSURANCE. THE sul scriler ba acted as Agent forthc.-E'nn Insiiinnre Company of Harlfotd Connecticut for more than twenty cars pa-t. and continues lo insure . , . . i ii i . i . i-i .. a i . i against iossss oy pre, ami an kiuus oi iiuiinuis ,,!, Iiersonal prnpeny, and will reeve apjilicaiton nl In- oil'u e in liurlinglou, nnd immediately I nc Polices I'or that purpose at as low rates if premium, ns any pnrniu compaiivcan a lord. The undoubicd re-poa- lii nvol tin-Uomoniiv. insures ,ntety to ine in-u- red, and their prompt, honorable, mil 111 cral cour-e in the aihiisiment and payment of loe-, will I e at- tested hy all with whom Ihey have had occasion lo .lo lui.ines'. W .M. A. GUIS w OLD, Agent. Burlington, March 1, 1311. 40 tT V.O.000 POUNDS first quality SALERATUS in Casks, Barrels and Hall II arrets, lor sale low tiy POI.I.ETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Dec. 14, 1B43. 23 NEW BOOKS ATA. EDWARDS' CASH STOKE. TTARPER'S ILLUMINATED BIBLE, No. 2. 1.1 HOI'KIN'SLiriTEItS.-Tiir.NovELTiKswiitrii DtSTcnc our Peacf. la-'tters nd lre el IntheBiSh op-, Clergy, and Lady of Ihe Protestant l-.pi-copal Church. By JOHN HENRY HOPKINS, D. D., lb-ion of the Dioce.-e ol Vermont. Paper a'', bound ugj cents. I'art 1 and 2. Price twenty-live cent, ot Hf.Ll GION IN AM ERK'.l, I y Dr. Roiii.bt BaIiid. Reli gion in America, or an Account of the Origin, Pro gre-s. Relation to theS'nle. and present condition o the Evangelical Churches in the L'ui'cd Stale-, with nonce- ol the rnevangelical Denominations, by Dr. RoScrt Baud, author of L'l nion de I'hg'i-e a rev 1- Etat dans la Nnuvelle Angleterre. in two parts, price twenlyhve cents per par1, gilt 3, J cent-. SGIt.MU.NN, Hearing on Sol jccls ol I tie uav, ny John Henry Newman, 1). I', one elegant vol. VZ mo. SI. la. THE SACRED ORDER, and OI I I CES of EP I S - COPACV, Asertcil an I Maintained, by the Rt. Rev. Jeremy Taylor, D. D. one vol. Ifi mo. SI. M.U.'S I1IS tutti Uf j til'. I'UItl l A.XS. .o 1. Prie25ei-. AIDS TO PREACHING AND HEARING, By Thorni- H. Skinner. SI 00. NEW BOOKS FOR THE LADIES. Will be pub lished on Saturday, Woman's Worm! Or Hints io R li-e the Fcma'e L'har.nicr. By nn English Laly, Willi a recomnicnilatory Preface by Emily Marha!l one neat vol. 18 mo. price, paper eoer, 25 ct.., .loth 37 cents. KENDALL'S LIFE OF GENERAL JACKSON. No. 4. T his popular wi'rk will be completed in til- tcen nuiir er, at twenty-five cents each. It t bcati lifully printed online paper, and each numl er will contain two -piri'cd ilhistr.it ion. Ilcwctt's Illuminated ,V Illustrated Shakes' ptnre. Ehcd by Gillian C. Vanderplanck, to le end elli-bcd wilh about 1,400 Engravings, at an ex. pcnseol a! tint S30,000, de-tgned, telcciel and ar langed by Roli. W. Weir. 12! 1 per No. No. 1 and 2 rcci'ivcd. The Second number of the Mysteries of I.nn. don Thewoik pot'ss,is a now crl'ul in crest, liitle hurt of its j-rfat counlerpa'rt, "The Mvtnes ol I'an-," nml i- supm.cdto I e by the -ame di-tmgiii-h-elauibor. Translate 1 1 y II. C. Deming,and pub-li-h-d in Paris nl 12 j cent. each. .Martin Cliuzlcwll. By Boz. No. 5. Arthur, a .Novel, by Eugene Sue. The Unloved Out-, bv Mr-. Holland, new .upply. The Ladles' Science of Etiquette. By an En- "li.li l.nilv of It. in I.'. Count IVOruaya r.tluucttct or. tmide to the U-nges i-f Srsuctv. New supply. Illarkavooil'si .Magazine lor March. April I. 1 DISSOLUTION. rnilEoO'tiarlner-hiii heretofore cxi-ting Ictween L the siib-crilers is this day by mutual consent H1..11I1.I All the demand, nn.l ho-ine-s are n-sgn- l 10 D. A. Smalley, who is to settle and pay all the liabilities ol the late linn. D. A. SMAl.l.l.i, Ii. J. TENNEV. Burhng'on, Arril fi, IS14, !5.A D SSOLUTION. THE CorinTNEnsulr heretofore existing 1 el ween Dun).! Davis Win. H. Curtis, un ler the firm of Dan il Davi. & Co., i this day dis-olvcd by mu tual consent ; Wm, II Curti. assumes nu ine iiaou ine. nl I lie l.rm nnd ecolllcs no e en Ol nil n rilects. The nameuf the firm will le u-cd in I.iqii- iis'iel hil'lj lanon. jj.i.ir.i. . : Burlingion,Marcli27,'4l. WM. 11. UUKlta, W. II. CITKTIS Tenders ns thanks lo the puli- fnr ltii Ii!,r.il nllnin ige he ha- rcceiveil. I'Olll .flL-n alone and m mirtner-hin. and informs ihein that be has rented the sand in .uer sin-er, yiociipiru fura .eric, ol years by Daniel Davi-, and for theta.t year by Daniel Davi-'iV Co.) where he intend, lo con I nine the .nine h i-iue-s piir-uevl bv hi preiK'e-.or-, winch embraces almo-i evcryarlicle kept in country tore-, and be hopes by n'leniion to busine-s nnd up. rightne.. in all hi. deihng-, to merit and retain all the former patrons ot this esiabli.hineni, anJ obtain many new ones. N. R 4 II nivmint. due 1). Davis. D. Davis A; Co., or Wm. H. Curtis, musibepaid immediately, or ihcy will neieit with an attorney nr a ijiisinicni. ij...ii i -', DANIEL inVIS.iCn., W.M. II. CURTIS NEW GOODS. TMIE Subseritcr. h.iveiist rweiveil a general a" 1 .orltuent of Spring ond Sniniuer Good., winch were purcha-e-l for Cash to the I e-t advantage, anil will be .old at a small advance. Co imry .Merchants wishing to repleni n their isiocki. teioro pium. m Market and all other, wishing to purchase at wholi - alarcreq"e.-teJlucallaiide.X.iinine 1,00.1s aim pn. CCS. 1AIU.UIO sv ..... March, 20 Ml. " THREAD, A'e. 400 Lb.. Wht. and Cold. Cotton 1 hreasl, 300 doien do Spool do do fll U s. I .men, 50 Gro-. Round l.aeen, Just rect'iveil ond lor .ale I y VILAS, LOOMIS ct Co. March, 20 Ml. BUTTONS 300 Rro "r,,Overl''0a,'l't",, nJ Ve,t "'" " 1(10 G'.' Prunella do do button, 'J30 do Pant and Straps do Coal and Over coat Cord and Binding, C,....nn. Ss.lL- H 'I'u'lsl. I'ni.Tanr fur Woolen Manufacturers , for ,ale by VILA", LtKMIS - Co, RED CEDAR l'OSTS. A First rale nrlHe, on band, j. . ami tur -ate ny JEII1EI MUNSON. Burlington, ) April II, ISII.) FOR SALE, tileastire WAGC A GOOD single pleastiro WAGGON, nearly novf, and any kind of piouuce or wood received for 20 Tons good H A V, w hich will be delivered jnf wh r nt the villase. GEO. PL'I EUSO.N. Burlington, April 8, Ml. 43 wS LU Mil Kit AND WHEAT. -I ( PELT of one inch common WInl 1U.UUU Pine BOARDS -uitnl le for uhuo.t nuv ii. e, having lien sen-one I for two vcar.. Also, IOO bushel- of P.ngli-h lied Chad' Bald WHEAT superior nrtieic for seel. For snlebv Winoo-kl Kail-, til.UKI.il, r.itUv.u.vini.. Burlington, April 3, 1811. 4 BISHOP HOl'KINSON BI1ITIS1I KKI'OKMA TION, in Sixteen Letuie-, iii-t pui li.hi'd fur ,y V. HAKHINUTUf. March 23, 1844. PAPER. 500 Reams letter nnd cap Paper for sale in exchange Mr White and lirown Hn by VILAS, LOO.MIS cV Co. March 27, '44. MIE Dt.MocnTic Hr.iir.v for March for sab: I y 20 h March. 42 V. IIAKKINUTUa. TO LISTERS. )LANKS for taking lists, in quires nr hound, for L) sale bv C. GOODRICH. March 23, '44. -II CASH PAID T?OIt Sheen Pelts, and Shiuonig Fur. by l1 VILAS, LOO.MIS & Co. March 27, '41. 41. FEA THERS. 2000 " 'vc (leesn Fcnthnrs i. fa superior qnal'ly of country collection 1500 Us Hen, Feaihers, for .a'e by VILAS, I.OOMIS &Cn. March 27, Ml. ' TIN PLA TE, WIRE 7 Boxes Tin Plate I 3X I U 15 ,l.i ,li, IX Sep. 25 P icks liu.sia, Eng. it Am. Sheet Iron, 50 It xi.'s Canada Plato ipeiior Brand-, 50 B indies Wnc ass'tdi Nos. Also a general as-ortmeitl of Tinners artie'es for sale at prices that will ma!,tr It fi r ihe interest oftho- wishing any articles ill this line tocnll an I examiun tbeirSiock. VILAS, LOO.MIS oi. Co. March 27. 1811. 43 ESSENCE, e. Gross Es.enee 2 oz. viaN, 10 do Onoleldor. 75 10 do British Ud, fir ale bv VILAS, LOOMIS d. Co. March 27, '41. 43 NOTICE. THIS eer'ifiethai I hive given my son, NATHAN MINER, Im titno to act and trade for himself, nnd I shall claim none of his wages nor Day any debts of Ins contracting after this dale. A.MJiu.w .mi.m-;i(, jr. Brnlileboro', Vt., .March 20. 1811. 4lw3 PIOUK tfc M'EAK, REMOVED! Nett door lo the German Store. In connection wilh llrug, Medicines, 4-e. &c., will Le Kund a complete assortment nf best quality DYE STUFFS. B.irlinglon,23lh March, 1811. 4J 1('a-e Col'd. Cambric-, 30 Piece-Silccio-, 20 do Victoria Twill, Blch'd Drilling, Satin Jeans nn.l Foundation, Ji.st received and for .ale by VILAS, LOOMIS h Co. March, 20 '44. 4J SHEETINGS, .ye. 2; Bales 4-4 tintl 9-8 lirotvu Sheetings. "1 Ca.e 4-1 B'eachrtl, do 1 do 3-4 do Shirting, 1 Bile Burlaps 10 inch, 1 do Canvass Padding, 2 do Brown Dri.lmg, 5 do Tl 'kings, 10 P-. Padding, Just receive! and for side by VILAS, LOO.MIS A: t o. March, 20 '41. 43 QIXTEKN Lecture, on the Cause., Principle, ami O Rc.iilts of the British Itcformation. By John Henry Hid.in-, Hi-hop f the I'rotcstant Epi-copal Church iu Vermont. 42 By A. EDWARDS. THIS NOVELTIES WHICH DISTURH tlirit IIJ.il'. LETTrna mldre-sedto the Bi-hop, Clergy snd Laily of ihe Pro'c-tant Epi-copal Church ot thu I'uie.l Siate-, bv JOHN HENRY HOPKINS, D. D. Bishop of the Dio.e-c of Vtrm nt. Se nnd edi'ion. Price 50 cent-. 41 V. HARRINGTON. WOOL! WOOL!! rfM!E subscriber would respectfully inform the pen I pie that ha Is pn pared to make wool into cloth for all that wish to f.ivor him with their custom, vit. : Plain Cloths, Cassimere,and I lanncl.for the following prices: Plain Cloth, light mix colors, 2i rent; Cassimers, 30 cents: Plain Cloth, dark mix nr full color-, 30 cents; Cnssimere 37 cents, and Flannel delivered while, 10 cents per yard for cash, or half of the cloth when finished. Also, Catding wool to mils and dressing rlo'h. THEODORE D. LYMAN. Nnrlh Ferrisburgh, .March 13ih, 1311. 41 m6 NOTICn! Ni'Tlt'E 1 S TO nil per-ons indebted to the snbscril er, that ihelr note, and account! must I e paid, as hi. pr ipeny is posted for .ale and nothing but payment will "svs it. SIDNEY BARLOW. II irlington FalS, March 1, 1814. 30 tf unices & uxnniMvoon, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, ift. lluriington, l'l. Gm33 ON CONSIGNMENT. ONE CASE OF BltOMlCLOl HS, erniting of Black, Blue, an I Mixed, for .ale I v thepinT.by FOI.I.LTT. BRADLEY &'Co. Agn Old Dock, Feb. 2, IS It. NOTICE. ALL per-ous imVuel 10 the firm of JOSEPH HATCH, , Co., are hereby notified to ell and settle the .ame immediately and nve co.t. JOSM'H HATCH. Burlington March. S, ISII. 41w3. TAll.O ING. CAI.LAN ha; returned to the Falls nnd open . . ed a shop opposite J. W. Weaver's store. The patronage of tin. former friends and the publia generally, i respectfully sihciied. Garments cut nr made by him nre warranted to flt, Burlington Falls, March 12, 1311. 41 If A FEW copies nf O LON.M I.'S History ot Ire- fV land, fur sale by HARRINGTON. March 12, IS II. 41 w AINWRIGHTS Ediiion of tho Book of Com- beatiful specimens of pinning and binding ever produ ced in ibis country, for sale by 41 V. HARRINGTON. NEW BOOK! AN Inquiry into the Ministerial Commiion, hy the Rev. Lloyd Windsor, rector ol Gracx, Church, laic' peri, N. Y. Containing Chapter on ArosToilc Succf.ssion, nnd nnoiher on Diocesan Ei'icopAcr. tho mn-l apnrovcl work on ihete .ul . jecls yet pill Ifbii', 'id Edition, Enlarged and revised, J.l.t revived nu lor taie ai 41 IMRKINGTONIS. J. nOWKl.lt Jr. V Co. l.Wl'OHTKHS AND PHALLUS .V FOREIGN & DOMESTIC DRY GOODS, jWillt Water, corner of Congress Street, KRKP Con-tsiit'y on hand all descriptions nt Wooixs, Cittos, Silk and Lines Goods, ol Foreign and Domestic Manufacture, STt'rr Goons. TAIton.' TbImhInos. if-c. ,Ve., which they will .ell on the 11111-t ren.onnhle term, and to which they invito the attention of purchn.crs. Bo.ton, Man-h, 1SH 41 w 8 mEi.ect sciiooi, I'D it t;iiu.s & novn. THE first term of this School will commsncson ihe 3d Monday of the present month. Tuition-S.I.OO. School-Rooms over H. Mnyo's store. avrfl)ef the squire. J. M. RUELIs Tesrhsr, Buthnclos, Mttch 11th, 1P(L 44 if

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