10 Mayıs 1844 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 4

10 Mayıs 1844 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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Quia isimiB Ha touched his harp,and nations heard, entranced, THE FOUR AUKS OP THOUGHT. What is thought J In childhood nn imprrfcrt gleam, A summer hawcr, n moonlight dream, ulnupses nf some far-sliming stream, A rosy wreath, the blessed In am That dwills in niolhcrs' eyes. In youth an urn hrinmiM wiih delight, Sweet thronging fantasies of light, Meel c) c with love's own radiance bright, Soft in jmc on a summer night, Hope biijditig into joy. In ninnhun I n benighted shore With wreck of bliss all scillcrcd o'er, Dark svvelhngdiuihts, f-nrs seorn'd before, A spirit vvjilur'd nl theenre-- A sea of storm and strife. In age a ralm undaxzled eye, Living in worlds oT itii'imit y Lnvv-hiialhcd thank for fine on high, A patatit hinging for the sigh Thai walls it nto rtst. A DOSE. liv t. IKIUD. ' Ellen, von Imvn bpnn nut.' ' Well, 1 kiKiw I lnivi-.' ' 'I'o fhi! Kind's Ilcud V 'No, Jnhii, no. But no matter. You'll lio troubled no muru with my di inking.' ' What do you moan ?' I mean what I say, John,' replied the wife, looking very serious, and speaking ve. ry soleni.dy anil deliberately, with a strong emphasis on every word. Yon, will, be, troubled, no, more, willi, my, drinking I HAVE TOOK IT AT LAST.' ' I knew it !' i-xi hiinied the wretched hus band, desperately tossing his arms nlofl, as when all is lost. 1 knew it !' and leav ing one coat (lip in tho hands of his wife, who vainly allenipted to detain him, be rushed from the room sprang down the stairs, both flights, by two and three stairs nl a time ran along the passages, and without bis hat, or gloves, or stick, dashed out at the street door, sweeping from the step two rugged lit tle girls, a quarter loaf, a basin of treacle, j and a baby. Dul ho never slops to ask il' me cniinrcii were Hurt, or even lo see wheth er the infant dripped with gore or molasses. Away ho ran like a rabid dog, straight for ward down Hie borougli, heedless alike of a , porter's load, baker's basket, and butcher's i tray. I say,' muttered the errand bpy, as be J staggered from the collision. I ' Do that again,' growled the play card man, as ho recovered the polo and boaid t which had been knocked from his shoulder, i 1 Mind where you're a coin.' bawled a hrtwkor, as be picked up bis scattered wares; whilst a dandy suddenly thrust into a kennel, launched after the runner one of those ver bal missiles which are said to return, like the boomerang, lo those who launch them. But on, on, on, scampered the tec-totaller, heedless of all impediments on he scoured, like a ho Camilla, lo tho shop, number 240, with the red, blue and green bottles in the windows the chemist's and druggist's into which be darled, and up lo the little bald man at the desk, with barely brcalh enough left lo gasp out, ' My wife !' poison !' and 'Pump!' 'Vegetable or mineral 1' inquired the sur geon apothecary, with professional coolness. IJotb, all sorts, laudanum, arsenic, oxalic acid, corrosive sublimity,' and the lee-lotal-ler was about to add pineapple mm, amongst tho poisons, when the Doctor stopped him. ' Is she sick V ' No.' But remembering the symptoms over night, the teetotaller ventured lo say, on the strength of his dream, that she was turning all manner of colors, like ihu rain bow, and swelling as big as a house. 'Then there is not moment lo lose,' said the Esculapius, and accordingly clapped on his hat, and armed himself with the necessa ry apparatus a sort of elephantine syrange wilh a very lung liunk he set off at a trol, guided by a teetotaller to nnpoison llin rash and ill-f.ited htichannlian, Mrs. Burrage. ' And did he save her ?' My dear madam, bo content lo let thai issue remain a little, and accumulate intei est like a sum in the savings bank.' Now when ihe teetotaller, with the medi cal man at his heels,' arrived al his own house, Mis. Burrage was still in her bed room, which was a great convenience; for before she could account for the intrusion of a stranger, nay, ever, without knowing how it was done, she found herself sealed mor zealously, tenderly or ceremoniously in an easy chair and when she attempted to expos tulate she fell herself choking wilh a lube or something, which was certainly neither mac caroni, nor stick liquorice, nor yet pipe pep permint. To account for this precipitancy, the ex aggerated repiescnlations of her husband must be borne in mind J and if bis wife did not exhibit all thedjing dolphin-like colors thai he bail described if she whs not quite so blue, green, yellow or black, as ho bad pointed her, the apothecary made sure she would soon be, and consequently went lo work without delay, whero delays were so dangerous. Mrs. Burrage, however, was not a woman lo submit quietly to a disagreeable opera tion, against her own consent ; so with a vig orous kick, and a push al the same time, she contrived lo rid herself at once of I be doctor and his instrument, and indignantly deman ded to know the meaning of the assault upon her. It's to save your life your prerinus life, Ellen,' said thu teetotaller, very solemnly, ' It s lo empty tho stomach, madam.' said the doctor. ' Empty a fiddle,' relorlrd Mrs. B. who would have added ' slick,' but the doctor, watching bis opportunity, had dexterously popped the tubo into her open mouth not without a fresh scuflle from his patient. For tho Lord's sake, Ellen,' continued tho leetnlaller, confining her hand, 'do, do, pray do sit quiei.' ' I'ou wob wobble,' said El en. ' Huh bub bub bubble,' nllempling to speak with another pipe in her throat besides her windpipe. ' Have the goodness ma'um, to bo compo sed,' implored tho doctor. ' I won't,' shouted Mrs. Burrage, having again released herself from the instrument by a desperai struggle. What am I t0 be pumped out for' ' Ob, Ellen, Ellen,' said tho teetotaller 'you know what you have taken.' Cormsivo tall land nntrnlict.' nut in the i . ' ocior. ' Arsenic and corrosive sublimity,' said the fnelotnller. ' Oxalic acid and tincturo of opium,' ad- ueu mo doctor. ' Fly water and laurel water,' said Mr Burrni'n. ' Vilrol, prussic acid, and aquafortis,' con tinued I ho druggist. ' ' I've look no such thing,' said tho refrac tory patient. ' Oh, fallen, you know what you said.' ' Well, what V 1 Why. that vour drinkino should never trouble me any more.' And no moro il shall I' screamed the wil- llll Woman, frlllinir. n slin itnkn. in(n rnn. vnlsive paroxisms of tho wildest laughter. ' No moro it shall, for 1'vn took ' What, ma am, pray what V ' In I he name of Heaven, whnt V ' Why, then I've took the PLEDGE !' ANECDOTE OF KDW. COLSTON. At the "age of forty years ho became a ve ry eminent East Indian merchant, prior to ihe incorporation of ihe East India Compa ny, and had forly sail of ships of his own, with immense riches flowing in upon liim. Ilu still remained uniform in his charitable ilispnsiliiin,distribuling many tlimisundpounds to various charities in and about London, be sides privato gifts in many parts of the king- jom. in tlie year 1Ua he instituted a vo- ry magnificent school in St. Augustine's- back, hi Bristol, which cost him A'll.OOOin iho building, and endowed the same with be tween .1,700 and .1,800 per year forever. Hn likewise gave .10 for apprenticing eve ry boy, and for twelve years after his death .10 to put them into business. Il has been frequently rsportcd that his private charities fir exceeded those in public. I have heard that ono of his shins trading to the East In dies, had been missing for upwards of three years, and was supposed to be destroyed at sea, but at length she arrived, richly laden. When his principal clerk brought him the re port of her arrival, and of the riches on board, he said, as she was totally given up lor lost, be would by no means claim anv right lo her ; therefore he ordered the ship and merchandise to bo sold, and the produce thereof lo be applied towards the relief of tlio needy, which directions were immediate- carried into execution. Another singular instance of his lender consciousness for cha rily was at the age of forly, when he enter tained some thoughts of changing bis condi tion, lie paid his addresses lo a l.idy ; but being very timorous lest ho should bo hinder ed in his pious and charitable designs, ho was determined lo make n christian trial of her temper and disposition, and therefore one morning filled his pockets full of gold and sil ver, in order that if any object presented it self" in thu course of their lour over London Bridge, he might satisfy bis intentions. While they were walking near St. Magnus Church, a woman in extreme misery, with twins in her lap, sat begging ; and, ns'heand his intended lady were urni-in-nrm, ho be held ihe wretched object, put his hand in his pocket, and took ont'a handful of gold and silver, casting it into the poor woman's lap. The lady being greatly alarmed al such pro fuso generosity, colored prodigiously ; so that when they were gone a little further to wards tho bridge-toot, she turned lo him and said, " Sir, do you know what you did a few minutes ago?" "Madam," replied Mr. Colston, " I never let my right hand know what my left hand doeth." He then look his leave of her, and for ibis reason never niar lied to the day of his death, although he liv eil to the age o"f eighty-five. Bristol (Eng.) Journal. DATF. OP SOMi: IMPlinTANT EVENTS. SlC- reotpe invented, 1725. Newslvle of calender introduced into Eng land, 1752. b Air balloons and .Erostation invenled in France, 17C2. The mail firsl carried in England by stage coach, 17C5. Life boats invented in England, 1802. First steamboat launched on tho Hudson. 1807. 1814 SlrCCtS ' LRnd,,n firsl ligl'R'd by gas, The first railroad constructed in EiHnnd. 1827. 0 Daguerreotype painting invenled in France, 1838. iV. Y. Tribune; ISAAC DOW, Manufacturer if TIN, SHEF.T.IRON, AND COPPER WARE, and denh r in COPPER PUMPS, LEA D PIPE, dc. Church Mrcet, llurlington. March 6, 1811. lyi0 S. N. I'Alt.MAIiK ATTORNEY AT LAW. .Vo. 7 Counsellors Hall, (Peck's Building.) jj AMl':Ri(:Air n rTi.i. AND GENERAL STAGE HOUSE, HY S. W. TAYLOR, Court House Sqcabe, IIcbukotos, Vt. 26t PECK &, SPEAR, wholesale dealers in English, French, India and American DRUGS. Alo,-DRUGGIST'S glass ware. llurlington, Vt. C. liKNNS jr. & Co. DRAPERS 61 TAItORS, 2d Door South oflhe Hank, Church street.) EVERY VARIETY OF CL- TI! & TRIMMINGS CONSTANTLY ON HAND. Cutting done In the most approved style and Warranted. November, 1812. 2Clf A 'e assortment of 8-t Coiien Carpeiins for ' X COLE & ROBINSON. HALT. 90C0 Bushels Solar Salt, 2000 do OpeMay do; 1000 do Turks Island do, 1500 Htils. Western do, VR2 "?8 I".1 b- Salt 29 lbs. each, 100 do Uvcjpool Dairv. for ,-de low hy n,. n . s, 0,;i'li1''. URADLKY & Co. Old Dork, Nov. 23, 1813. 23 I.IUUUH ttLOSHIWHOU COM.. 250 Tons No. 1, linked I.e- hish 111 lumps from the llasleton Mines, dei2ncd ex. pressly for furnace purposes, 60 Tnn Ena size for (rraies, 2 do Illossl urgb for -milh's use. the above is alt housed and dry. For sale hv Old Dock, Nov. 23, isn, ' ryi.i.r.i I, uiiaui.kv at Co. 25 5 1'AINTS OILS. TONS pure dry While Lend, warranted equal to snv manufactured in the United Slates. 6 do Extra dry While Lead. 3 do No. I. do do do, 200 Ifcps nre While Lead in Oil, 10 Barrels Venetian Red, 10 do Frein h Ye'low, 25 do Ameiican Linseed Oil, 10 do Iloil. il do do. for sale as usual J"n ' bLy FOI.I.KTT, BRADLEY 4 Co Old Dock, D.c. 14, 1843. 28 HATS. SPRING Wmt FASHIONS. f o r 18 44. CIIAHI.I.S A. SKYMOUII. OFFERS In his customers, nn 1 1 lie put-lie centrally, n large assortment nf HATS, .of the lnie.l New l orK siiie,enniiinir ni BF.AVF.R HATS, OTTER do. Nt'TKA dr.. Bltt'SIt do. cassimehe do. PEARL do. EXTRA MOt.F. SKIN. COMMON NAP'O do. WOOL l.i. nil of which are uttered for sale on fa.rors.ula tcrm, nir. it i iuw pru cs, Inl mndcln order on short notice. Merchant" who wish to nun-has hat. nf pond quality by the dozen, nte invited In call and examine i ii iocu him price ni nil-I'Mnhluliincnt. IVnrl Sinn, March 22, 1844. 42 if THE I'ATKNT LACE, Nir.NTKD nr F.. P. IIANNlNti, M. t). op riTTsnuiii.tl. itvKtvrumi. WILL be l.ept eou-iauilyon hand by Dr. John V. I''MF.11T. of Hs.ex. hp linvin? niir..i.i.fil .if I lie original I'.ucnvc I lie exclusive right to make and rena metallic, wiiiun anil lor Ilic Counties ol Chit- ii-u'ii-ii, r nuiitim.i i.iiiiioire, aim uran.i i.e. Thu PATENT l,ACi'.l,;i.iimLl.r.,..,l, , lie for a iimnl er id"inonlh, jein lrcd have I een ap plied in different narlof ihe coiinlrc. mi l u iili n sin ce., never lefore cpialled hy nnv remedial n-rnt-.Numi-roii-. well aiitli-iiiKnipl rriin-:iii-. .,rii. I ,,,.i;. ci.il iiilhu-ucein Ihe removal ofdi.e.i.es of ions stand- o 'uni i emriiisncu irnin iiiiiiniitiiiate vicinitv in iiiiiiiliou to I he statement nl -:- nml i .-niil.- n.-. orcure.f.irni.hcdhy Dr. PnuninB and others. Mill mi. i-ion urciiicci neie.-Mirvn-. in the pivenlliinp, re lc ern e can le mini In individuals wearing thu ..ace, in nearly eu-rv town in the Connly. Pin -ician. have lonn f.-li ill- mi nfn IcrdillcrciillycoiiMrncieilniid more perlt-ct in it.ad.ip. Hon to ihe human form, Ihau any 1 1ml had hecn .rc cnled lo the mil he. '1 he invert ion nf Ran mug' nieel.with llicir general npprotnlion. a il i dci-rned to rehe .-vninioms, and remedy n cln ol physical malndte- which cnnnoi I e reached hy mediciiienlone. The de.ceiu orih.plni-cmeitt oflhe vi-terra I nun re-l:.nlionofiln- abdominal muscles, or oilier c.io-es, leniN In aliernml ileranL'i-ihefMnciiou nl every orirnn in the human sc-lem. nnd. hi mane cn.i . tlii. .'.-i m. In n Ironi ihe natural heihhy po-il'ion of pari-, i ihe .o'ecnu-enlVencra ilehiluv in MnV uml f-Vmnlp.. ol Dyspepsia, A ei-ion. nf ihe Slamach and Liter, I'alpilalian ol'ihe Heart. Spinal Irritation, lltsteria, lliipnrondiia, Piles, I'rolapsu Cteria, Suppression at Urine, the Urouchitis nl Pnl ln-Siu-nl..-r. nn I.W.-. pienl Consumption ull nfwh Hi will I e much rehev. c', ii noM-nureiv lenioveil, I y Ihe u-c nfllic Patent hace, w hen their ex'Vence in-iiu-eil ,y phyicnl de r.iiiirenieni and n mechanical di-plaeenieul of part-, wlii.-h can Icrcai'ilv n.rcriniiu-d 1 ,.- . .1 , ,i, form nnd symptom's ol the person nileeieil. " 'I hi-iii.irum.-nt ha- Icon examined hy Drs. Moll, Rn?i-r-,Kraiii-i nn I Gri-comh of N'eu- York the faculty of Pm-I)iirh, llnrlfordand New Haven, and ha ol lainiitiheir favornl leie-lini' ny. Apph iili.in-forlhi-Lniviiiavleuiadeio the uh criler, nt ILses, or Ha-rar A. Arihur, Durlinirion. P.itu-ui nt a di. lance will he visiie.l al I heir rei t.-nce, 11 fd"ircl. JOHN W. EMKUV. l-s-cs, March 27, 1814. 43tf Cool-ire Peterson, HA5 nnw nn hand nnd for Rile, 1000 Bushels of I oure Westein and -St. I'hes Salt, 20(1 Barrels Kjnn do do, I'd' Sicli- Fine Diiry do do, 20 Hnrnls Superfine Flour, 200 Sacks fresh Ground Plaster, 20 Mirrcls Hickory Nuts, nt $2, 5 Tierces Noith Shore Salmon, fi ll.iM-s I-'rcsh Lemons, 20 Whole, 12 J ami 12 J Ilo.ics fresh Riisins, Also. I- icsh Ki t's do do, Soft Slinll All ....... I. HI. .11.... ii . " """"i'i i-fin.-ii.iuio, i-ca .uis. Cl rim r-nrnn. II. . .1 ;.i. ' e ., , w ..-".-iiii. n.L'i'iiii-r miiii one ni me lnri!el nnrlnieinsnf niiV GOODS, CHOi KKUV and GltOOKHIKS he ever had Ihe plenMirenf otr. r ms to the pulilie. In short nil you have to do lo find any article, is In call nt Peterson's, u here it may he found of as Ltooi quality and nl ns low a price as nl anv other F.itnhlishineiit in liurlinutun. Nov. 23. 1B43. Ti LOVELY 4- SEYMOUR, HA VI? removed to ihe New Hrick llnilniii", 2 doors north of their former stand, whirr ihcv ofli r for sale a laruc avfortment of DRY GOODS, nnd DRV GROCRRIKS Ac. ' Jan. 25, 1841, Cliurch Street. 5 TONS 1 j, li and 2inch spring steel, 200 pairs eleLdi and cutler shoes, 100 cro bars, assorted sizes, 1000 lb. zinc, 10 pairs waneon sprinis, manufacturer! to order, 50 sell wrought nnd cast arms, fur file hy , , , , l-'Ol.l HTT HRADLKV &. Co. Old dock, .ov. 23, 1513. 23 OIL. fj HHDS. bet Winter S crm Oil. " 1 do ilo do HYn'-hcd Sp.-rin Oil. 5 Tierce i,r(E'epliani) Winier lllcachcd Oil. Jul received from llo-ton, preyed during the month of January, for a!e I v , ' KOI.LKTT BRAOLP-V & Co. .uarcii, sin iti4l. HAMS AND LARD. finn 'l!s- "f Smoked Ham. JrUJ JOOO do .lo Shoiler. R0UO .1.1 I.nr.l in 111 I. nl L'p-... f. . -nleby KOLLK'IT Mlt.MlLKY .f'c'o. FARMS TO l.RASK V)U A TI-HM OF VR ItS. AI.ARHI: FARM s'ocl.iiNvilha.'airv nnd rbci-p, an I prcparc-l fi r.x'. n ive trm-m? mid planltn-.'. 'Ihe pi-i-.ou "I'l'lyiiij? niu-t hate Fiulii-ient im-.m-m carrv it on ami furni ti ilip 1 .-t n-i-nm incndation ( r inWrity and induslry. aisoiuo oilur l.irm- to let. for an amount asreed upon. , 1 lie-e lirrn. nre senatcl on the Lake hore oppo ne llurliust. n. Applv 10 C. M. &. W. C. WAT?ON. Port Kent, Kuh. 20, 1811. 39 tf 100 Hoxes Pipes, 1011 Keys Oineer, 50 Hoxes Extra Soap, 60 Superior do, B0 O. I lira do, 10 do Cushion Shauinc de, 300 Mans Cassia, 20 limes Starch, 200 lbs. Clove, 50 do Nutmegs, 2. Bass P. ppcr, 25 do Spire, 10 Tierces Rice, for sale hv , FOLLEIT, I1HADLEY d;- Co. Old Dock. Nov. 23 1843. 25 nnrrn n t? 'nniy . ,r .1 W r W. . 4 f .... 50 Barrels just received nnd forsalo by Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1843. 25 I R O N. -IO OOO pounds Ens. Tire Iron.frnm 1 l-Bto5widc 2.000 do do 3 incli round, 10,000 nssnrled Swredcs. flat nnd square, 20,000 P. S. I. OM Sable, for site low hv FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co Old DncU, Dec. 11, 1813. 28 POI.R I F.ATIIKlt. OCf Sidesnf middle wcishts, New York in eCr r sprclion, 100 do nf linbi do do. New York Tnned and Tnspecied. for sile hv . FOLLEIT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Dec. 14, IS43. 29 w mii.i. ani rmnii.An svs. Ill nOZ '"'Inndj'a Phil.nllrliifi Mill Saws frnm ' ' 11 10 ieet, mane exnrs.y to order, and war anted superior tnanv in market. HOE Co.'s east steel circular saws, from 10 to 2(5 inches, sliiiin" and crn rut, Also, Crosscut saws, r.ngiisn piai. lor sue nv . . . . FOLLETT BRADLEY f- Co. Old dock, Nnv, 23, 1S43. 25 French nvnn mu,i, ktonbs anp mrim ni.ocKs. 1 f PAIR Burr Mill Stones, 1 x ivu uurr inncu.. for mlenl Trnv prices and eii'iii.iiv riu.i.M r UKADI.KY A Co. Old dock, Nov. 23, 1843. ' 2 Apents. nnr.'rrxn nro'eim SL iH inr'1 pfr! Anrnor Itrand' from 00 to - nu. 10 ronsmniiv nn nann.on eons snmenl , , foi i.i-rrT. nit k dlky, & Co i Zt"" Old Dock, Nov. 23. IB43. ' ' & mcciKv- 8.000 I'nVj?;"!?. R'",n. ff"m I I" S Inches. ' 'i000 ,b" Hamhrnhne. BOO l-U Marline snn I Si,un v.m inn 11.. 0.0 m .' . "' ' "". "l o , , ,1 '. ' ; ' " winr, logeui er wiih Sail Needles, c. &r. Also, 5 Tonilesl hand puked Oakum, 50 Ibis Tar. SO do Pilch. 2J do Ho.n, for ale hv KOI.LETT, IIRADLKY k Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23 1843. 25 mi IBV FARM FOR SALE. JJtMl. rroii SAM?, n l.i nn In Undeihill. eon ffiTiA JL tainiui? one hundred nnd Inriy-'lx ncre. linn one hundieil nerea nl' which i UML is under cultivation, the remainder is covered I.y n ROod prowih of hnrd wood. On I lie im.oii.nnrcnconvenienlilllui(t home, 1 nrn, sheds, "f', nnd nn Orchard nf ihriTlt' I purine nun n Im-p mitieieni for ninl-inir some filly or lxly harrels of eider. Abo, n farm ecnlalniiiR one humlriil ncre, ijiiia m nm one nine ironi me ni ovc.alioiil sixiy acre. ... -., H i-n,iujr iiuprnvenieni, nun nason n n enpa eioii l.nrn, the remainder i well wnmleil, principally Willi lieach nnd maple. The nhovc nre sttiiattil ncn'r the centre nl the town nnd ni the main road, are well watered nnd wejl fenced, n consiilerahle portion of the fence heinj nili-inntial slone wall, nnd loirct It er compose one oflhe he-l dairy farms in Ihe town. I he shove premi.c will I e so'd to coe n concern lor much le than their real value, nud po.cion piven on the lt or.Aprd ne.t, Per further particu-lar-enqiiruof A. FOOT P.. Iluihncion, Fch. 22, 1811 38if TO PHHSONS AIIOUT HTJIl.tUNG. Till? siihscrihern keep on hande their Lumber Vflfilnn 1n.,l III. . ltH..l. ' ...l: r.ti ,., . ..... , "iii-ii, u ir .-.i-iiiiiiiiii', i-ianK, f loor Hoards nnd Inch Hoards -ady planedi Lath. I.ininii nml nil.np i.i.h'.i. .... ..:i.l: ' 1 ..,,, ,i, i ,g .(j- lllllllllli. ,l ii ii . .. . . "J. "-cm lowus cn.i ue suppuen ni the Mills in Underbill at a suitable deduction from tho ' moo prices. N. II- They ofter to contract for the erection nf lluilihnis on reasonable lerms. Applv In ti. P. Hicl-ok. HICKOK it S1EVKNS. nurlinEion,3 Jan., 1844. 31 If imm:si pir.Esi JF.T the nfllicleil remember that, they hac n Rem J cdv III the (ipnuiiip HneJ I.t.iSiiii-fit. Il..u.. and doietii have been a& in'lhi. vicinily within the iu ji-nrs leMiiyuiz 10 ll eincicncy, at 30 I'KCK Al SPKAIIS. "Window Snsh. THFI s-di-crilcrs oiler for.-nlen larsc nnnntilv of WINDOW SASH, all .ize-.,froiu 1 U o 1 1 X 13, at cheap as the cheapest. ,. J- W. 1'. IIEKI1ICK. Rurlinifton.Marcn 1, ISI1. 39 if Utiltt.AI'S. ( Pieces ISinchcs widofor wool sackinir. 1 V J do 27 do do for Ilagcinf, 10 do 27 do do Dundee." Twilled, 300 rnadv mndn rnminrin nn ....lll.l f. sale hv FOLI.K1X URADI.nv .f. ('.,. Old Dock, Dec. 14, 1843. 28 D'AUIllGNI.'S lli-torv of the Retormalion. 1 vol. compleie including nil the note-. Price oO cents. For i-nle hy V. HARKINUTON. Ii .uan-li, 'II. 2 CAST STEEL A.YKS. rX() dozen Laihroi's Silver Steel Axes, warrnntcd, tV 30 do Simmon's Cast do l,i .hi 2., .In ltr.,,.1,- n,l lt. .1,. r... - .... ... uw,,tf ..,,u ... UM II D UU UUl IUI sale very low by i-UM.KTT, HIIADLF.V &. Co. Agents. Old Dock, Dec. 14,1813. 23 ,ii nr.. i wv.'v 5J Tierres New Iberia Syrup, a superior 30 Hhds. Porto Rieo do, 20 do Trinidad, 20 do New Orleans, 30 do Cuba, for sale bv nun , v 'OI.I.F.'IT, HltADLEY & Co. Old lloel;, Nov. 23, 181.1. 05 5000 lbs. Sanderson and Krns. Axe Steel, 1 . . , . MCU ,nl si'xi'e ironi i 111 to 2 inches Also. W. .1,-Sfiitn X: Snn'a ..Vfrn a n.l 1 - BIIU VUIIIIIIUI1 oleel, sauare nnd lit. for si p H , , r'O'-I'ETT, IfllADLKV .f- Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1913. 23 CIIITTENDEV COU.VTYIIOUSG. Church Street, III il llurlington, Vt. -7 WELLINGTON, ,l,e, leave to inform his rricniUaii. the 1.11 , ,n il.... k 1 ..1 . . Tin- 1 .11 7. 1 viiiiiL'.-i.t iiurnn-iion. ii-i-id.. . . a, . V" " ""r- ,, ' ' " ,-""-iercnn 1 e nceoiimin- ?l,Hr i" " '' ' "!'"' "." rt,3-"i'-lde term., as at any ether hou-e 111 ihe viriniiy. Tli..,,l.....; . 1 .. ... .. ...i ... r V" V,""i-' y iriciaiieniionio the want. patrnna"e' receive a share of public a Miiiif,,! Ostli-r will always lc m attendance. A lew Ion nler-wanted. ,. , K. WELMNOTON. Biirlinglnii, Jan. 20 n, 1814. 3 j, J- i.iauoits. 5 n'PtriC''lf,n.,,.,lr.,i.m,f 5 Plir S'vanOin, " "I" I'arber's Wirch-m-e Point Oin, ' 5D do American llrandv, 5 llhds Si. Croix Hum,' 25 Bids. Ma leira Wine, ' 25 do Malaga do 10 do Tcni'nile. do 10 do Pert do for sale 1-v 0.dDck,NJ:( -... FAIBDAVKS SCALES. X nianufaclurer. prices hv o,dDock':.,.li:DLEV&Co' ,J-Y,SI,':, "' "V COVSIfJXMIJNT. 1 C BARRELS Raw Oil, 5 Barrclsboiled do tnan " uractured nml piepired in Boston, for sale bv nut, ,. n 1y.''hiilT "RADLKY & Co. Old Dock, Dec. 14, 1843. gg SEASONED CLEAIl WHITE PIE LVMIIEII. 3000 a inch In d',' ,5'? "''"Wenirpannels, 1000 do 1 J dn 3000 do 1 i do, 6000 do 2 do, 0000 do 2 J do very wide, 2000 do 3 do, Ti'0.'?00. i''.0-1!3'9 ln R00(' common stuff, .............. --"-j - oiuuiuii. tor immeuiaie usrjinvins hi-en stuck up under cover.fur two years. ilUV. ,3, 1C-IJ. 25 For sale by JOHN BRADLEY. CORN CRACKERS, A FIRST RATE ARTICLE, manufactured nnd for sale by E. R. CROSSMAN. PI.OUC.HS, Wiignn Boxes nnd Axels, constantly on hand and for sale cheap, at the Winooski Iron Foun dry I y E. It. CROSSMAN. Winnoski t-ity, Jan. 3, 1814. 31 ,f NOW Oenllemen is the lime lo huv vour WATRH-IMIOOF BLACKING. AlfO. PASTE AND V AR MS" RUCKING?) BLACK, BLIIK, RED AND INDEI.I BLE INKS, WAFERS WAX ,KS. &c Ac. PI CK & SPEAR. A a PAPER MILL FOR SALE. SITI'ATKI) ON THE LAMOILLE RIVER, IN SI II. TON, wiih Meuin Drying Cylinders, two Engines, Calender nnd all looUnnd machinery nece.. nry fur manuhicturing paper. The I uildiiigs are cenre from fre.iet, and have a lull supply of river and i-pring water. Abo, adjoining' ihe mill area wood boose, ham, Iwo dwelling house-, and al out 100 acres of land wilh a good nrchird. Ilislhemo.t northern mill in Vermont, and the lest locution for n country business of any null 111 New England, having a home market for ull the pa per manufactured. The whole will I e sold on a Id eral credit, and all Ihe payments may I e made in paper the mill, ,11 that two industrious practical paper-makers wilh a capital of a few hundred dollars each can easily pay for the whole properly in a few) ears by thtirown labor. CIIAUNCEY GOODRICH. Ititrlinglon. 1 5th l-fhrnary, 1814. 37if HERDS GRASS SEED. tXf BUSHELS HERDS GRASS SEED, nf prime quality for sale by S. M. POPE. Burlington March 15, 1844. 41 SHEETINGS AJ'D SUlllTISGS 30 nal.lva I remont nulls, 20 dn F.nelerlamilv sheelinos. vrs. I, ....... 10 do Shininzs. fur sale hv . . , FOLLETT BRADLEY & Co. Old dock, Nov. 23, 1B43. 25 LUMBER. 100,000 Feel of HEMLOCK BOARDS, 2D.OOO feel of Hemlock 2 inch Plank, IO.OOO Pieces of 2 X 4 Hriulocl Wall Strips 20,000 ' of3X4 " Joicc. rt.OOO 11 of 4 X 6 " " 10.000 feel I 3-R Ash Hoards, 1. OOO feel 3 inch seasoned While Oak Plonk, IO.OOO feet 2 inch Baswood Plank, 2,000 feel 4 inch Cherry, eaoned,,uitabl.i for Tables, 30,000 feel of While p;,,,, clear and common, from 3-4 10 1 7 R inches thick, for .ale low by nun 1 ni1''L'KT' BRADLEY Co. OM Dock, Nev 23, 1843. jj JMsUKn. CONSUMI'TION AM MVISR COM I'l.AINTI 1 DR. TAYLOR'S, BAtSAWI OF LIVERWOT. Prom 375 lloitcry, Sew York. IORihecureol Couah., Cold., AMhinn, whoop inz C0117I1, Cntnrrh, paintulhe side uml I reat, Brouebiiis liver eninplaiiit-, nnd all lho.oitlleetinn of tho throat nnd Iiiiir-, which aro n source ol so omen sniierinKnii'i .n olien Icrminn'e in Conumf J ion, this remedy is justly nnd hiirhly di-thiguMicd. It is purely vesetal.le, mild nnd ircntleln ii c,lect upon the system, and can le inl.cn in tin- m.1.1 d.-ti. rate ca.es wilh -afcty as well as well a utility. So ""'"''i11! iiiiii neen iieii nun n oiien proven suc ceful even in cxlremvnnd apparently nlnioM hope less cnc, nut only n n imitative hut as n remedy that the proprietor feels no heiienev 111 Intriiducifi!? nn.. M-ii uiiiiiit'iuuiip 11 10 nil win) imioriunalely mav haveoceasion in re.nrt in .nm.. moiiv i.r r....i... Phy-icuin, f.imili.ir with it cln-f. nnd nwnre or Ihe healing properties nf this vegetable prepara tion, not iiiifrcitienily pres. ril til it in their practice, and with the Medical Faculty generally, it has inel ..ni. niuiv 111,11, uriiimirv npproiiaiion CONSUMPTION. The following rc.ll.lr:.- u-.ti- Inl;pn rrnm.lnl. muni er of the Medicnl Magazine! "The surprising o!lecl produced hy the peuuine Dr. Tnylor's llahnm of Liverwort, made nt 375 Bowerv, in Consumption cn.t-s. r-nnnni foil ....'iii, a deep nnd thrilling inlere-l Ihrouzhoiit the world. Wehaveso long belieiel thedise.i.e (Consumplion) incurable, that it Is diih'.-nlt 0 eieiht our senses when we see persons evidently consiiinpl-ve, restored lo health. et il i a fact ol daily occurrence I Cerlilicalcs from the highest and tnn.t rpsno..nl.l sources of persons whohnve cither I een greatly re lieied by 11, or entnelv recovcrcil I'roui alleciions o the lungs nnd liver, could I e furnished in abundance diii we iiieri only ine lollowing I CpnTtricATE. "B ed to Consumption, n member of my family having smlercd severely from iritalion nf the Lung-, ac companied wilheoiiah and rai-ing matter nnd I lood, logciner wiiii severe pain inmy i-ideund breast, til I was supposed to bo lie) nnd recovery, 1 was induced bv ndvicij i'f l)r. Perkins. i. n tiisi rp.o.i in in- "Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort," I have Inken fivt boilles in all. 1 began 10 unprnie wilh ihe fir-t b t lle,nnd while taking the third, wnsso far recovered as to be able lo gel about. Since which lime, by continued u-c of it I nnt quiic resiorcl and able In attend to my ii-inil hu.t.icss. To persons ii'!ering from cohkIii and nlleclionsof lliu Lun-r,. I .In mm. etlv rpccommeiidil. (Sieniil) JAS. C. SCOTT. Elizabeth City, .V. C. Dec. 1G, 1812. For n commiin eoli and cough, ilns i nn.-nfilip very lel rcmeibes ever di. covered. A. II. There, is aspurio-is nnd rntintepfi-li nrif.-l.. atloal, and lalcly introdncoil into tins place. There fore hecarefiil to gel the genuine, which i from 373 iiowcry i. 1 nil I see nmt the new engraved wr.ii per is on Ihe Imnlcto prevent counterfeit. For .nie by PECK & SPEAR, and LOVELY & SKA .MOrll, llurlington; S, , !nrm-, Charlolle M. Hall, Ilinesbiirgh; Win. Rhodes, Jr. Itiehinond.! June 30, v win giit's INDIAN VEOl.TA ISLE PILLS; OR INDIAN PUnci TIVU. 'fHOUOH main- medicines have I een lelorethe p-il.lie lor n mni li longer periCHl 1I1.111 Wiuoht's IxntAN Vr.nr.TAiitF. Pill-, yet none stands now 111 lllniinu nEpirTr., nr has mure rapidly aitamed n linn hold upon piipiilarestiiiiinon. The tiiou-avih ihal have used iliem ihroiighout the length ami I remit h nf Ihe Republic, nil I ear cheerful tc-timnny to their thorough efficacy and mild operation when employed iiithemo-idi.resingdi5ori.ler"tthich lle.-h is heir lo." Tlie theory of di-case on which Wright's Isoian VEOCTAni.E Pii.is are Iniinded, is iiii-, viz: that there isonlyone primary cause of all the disorders that ajflictthe human family, and that is corrupt humor ; nr, in oilier word Impuritiof Wood. Thi- princi pie i now so generally admill'ed, that it miiy 111 f.iei I e -aid In I e -1 1 -ta 1 u- 1 by .111 univer-.ilily nf opinion, ihe lewdis-enlcrs consijiuting but a ery fee' le lui noriiy. Il is u-ele-s theretiire lo di-cies Ihe -otind-ne-sot this theoiy in this pl.t. h and eonnexion. The osn Disease Pmnciplf. le-ng ndmilteil, the mode of ullael; pro'es-cd by all pr.11-1 dinners I ceonies the saiiie nanielviirgijion. But many nf the so called specifics now lefore Ihe public, prod ice only onn lorm of Purgalioii ; ihey are ruber Sudorific, Cathartic, Diuretic or Experioruni, Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills nmhine nil ihe-e properties, and 11, e then-lore . nlcillated 10 allaik the elemenls of decl-e al all points, nnd bv a b.irmonio is nml f-ouiliined i.p... ration lo expel il radically Ironi the system. Their e :cct s ahno-t mag cal, mid is no le astonishing h r is inildne.s tlnn its efficacy Hoth seres. ami alt ages mav employ them, according In the diiectinn., without loir, for while they arc certain lo cure all dis eases arc rcniiHli.il, they nerer intluinu injury upon the system. 'I be pcrficl sarcty of the mcd,,-m,. is nnoihei ot7 imporlant quality, and one which has contributed mine llian any thin,' cl-c lo its extension andpopu lariy. In a word, this medicine rnmviends ilnelf strongly to the patronage of the public, and ilu use bids fair to became before long, almost universal, t'AUTION. The citizens of New Englan I are respectfully in formed that in cfiti-cipicucc ot the great popularity which Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills have e.irne I by their nionishtng goii lnes-, a Oang ol Ctnintcrlc iter's arc now iudustriiiu.ly engageil hi p.i'miug on the mi suspecting, a valueless and perhaps dangerous medi cine, under the name of Indian Vegetable Pills. This is lo inlnrin ihepul lie, thai the genuine meJi cine has on the boxes, " Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills, (INDIAN ITlUiATIVK) or the North A.mf.iucan coLLrriE or Heai.tii." And also aiouud the I order of the lal tl will I e found 111 Miinll type, " En'ercd iiernrdmz to the Act of Congre-s, in the year IS40, by William Wrigiit, in the Clerk. Oilier ol Ihe Di-irict Cuurl of the Eatcru DMrici of Pcnnsyl- a ma." The pnl lie will nlorememl er Ihal nil who sell the genuine Indian Vegetal le 1M are iruided with a cerlincaie nl agim y signed I y William Wright, Vice President or run north AMi nieAN (oi.Lcnt: of health," anil that pcdlcr "re never in any i-a-e alloue.i 10 -ell the genuine medicine All Ir.uelliug Agents will le piovii'ed wilh ncertitieaieoi Ageneyas above descri be ; and iho-c who cannot show one will he known a- b i-e impestors. The following highly re-pectnble personshavebi-cn appointed ncenis fr ihe sale of ihenhoie named Wrighl'st Iiidlnu Vegetable Pills. OF THE NORTH AMERICAN COLLI OE or HP 1 1 Ti. AGENTS Peck it Spear, S. E. Howard, I). Davi Mcn-oii .V Dean, Lincoln : A. P. RuM-ne. N.-u-.lln i en; R. Snndeison, W. Mihon ; C. L. Drake, Milton; Geo. Ayres, Milton Fall-; .Mnrun Win- Griswold .t Simlie. Cambridge; W. S. & C. P. Wood, Wc-l-ft,rd;S. W. Brush it Co., Fairfax ; 11. Cook, Shel burn: Win. II. Vielie, llincshurgh ; S. II. Barnes, Charlotte; Tupper if- llearkindge, Surksborougb ; Shales & Webb, Ferrishiirgh. The only O lice in Boston 'where the Indian Vcge Inl e Pillscan I i-obtained i al 198 T II EM O NT STREET. 1 Qg Pr ncipal Oiliiennd General Depoi, C9 Rnioireei, Philidelpbia. 32y( PK1JVT WA It I0IIOUSK l. .M-.IV 1 OltK. F. LEE, (tormcrlyol the linn ol Lord & Lees' B. . Lee .f- Rabcock. itc.l nndU. II. BREWS TKR. miner ine tirni 01 i.i-.t-. it nttr.vtsi j-.lf, have estah lisbeil at 113 Pearl street. Hanover Square, New York, a Wanhouse on on ex tensive scale, Exc.Lusivr.LY ror. PR! TED CALICOES, To supply the city and interior trade by the piece or package. By confining 1 heir atlcniion entirely nnd exclusive. Ivio tin-one article, L. if. B, are en.il led not onlv lo exhibit a mote ex'ciisive and I eauiilul assortment llian ' In be found el-ewhcrc, (there being no n'milr eslnbh-hinenl fur prml- in Ihe United Slate.) but to sell always at prh-cs us low, and generally loucr than those ol houses wbo-e ntieution and tncaiisare divided among a large variety of articles. The Stuck, end racing Some Thousands of Differ ent Patterns and Colorings, including a spl'endiit us. sortmeiii of Ertnch Piints, comprises all Ihe latest and choicest styles, 10 which will I e consianlly added all the new nnd de-i ral le patterns as they appear in the market, les'de. many which will l.e printed cxilu-sivi-ly for their own sales. Pnriha.ers of Iiii. article will find it to t heir interest to examine thi- Slock I efore I uying their Prints. If they cannot puicha-e, Ihey will al least have the ad vantage ofsreiuga'l theliewnyles, and learning ihe lowct market prices. fj-Calalosues of prices corrected wiihevery vari ation oflhe market, are put into ihe hands ol buyers. ORDIRS. ' AsUiV R, will keep thi- great astonnient at all seasons of the year, they v ill ofcoune I e nl le tnex ecme orders even in the depth el winter, (when other establishments have no stock of goods,) in the best Planner, nnd (hey solicit the alien ion nf dealers in this very unusual advantage, which their establish ment i ITcrs. Tenuis All goods nre charged nt net cash prices, ns per Catalogue which will I cent wilh all good, or dered and tl lime is given, inlereil is added. 5yl FE.UAl.i: TRUSSES. jj. nHIS article of various inventions 1U nl J- nun s, aiarsn, ami so on, ol XjJik2? .-v.-rv .ii- nn.l imii ...l C... n1l .1... Al ' 1 - , u.,., hi, mi- liurpo.es for vv Inch they were deigned, forsalo ut V PECK' X: SPI,'4I1'S lliirlinylon, Vrrmcmi. 35 OL iJO.. Ilur ng on ! l-ran-is l.ni' .ir.. r,.l.l,...i.... Mor-on Clark, Will isir 11 ; Lorin Tyler, Es-ex ; J, II. Tower 1S1 Son, 1'nderhill j A. Barney, J, Ly man, Jericho: Win, Rhode., E. B. Green, Richmond; J. U. Dike. Ilimtinglon : Mou.nn ct Dean. Ilri.i..irr i PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. tTlH-Snrlicleistoovvcll known to need commen .t mn-iitid the experitneo of seven years ha iiemonstrntcd to the commercial community, that i,,rrvCnM'r?C5,,sC0.',vrnl:'nce.nn'1 'htrabilily, they nre .1 irivnl cd-Conl van scale. to weigh from 3 to C to 5000 II . "p WT'?.""' I0:" fr?' ''2 2001b. Pn,'.;t.l"r." . CI" '"." ' 07..U, froml.2oi.to.6lbs. u-a "cihI. J. A. J. II. Peck & Co. Agent. Burlington, Juno 30, 1843. "ttf S. S. SRIIVIVEK, SADDLE, IIAtlSESS ASI) TllUSK .VAXU I'ACTUIlEIt, COLLEdE STIiEET. ALSO, keeper of LIVEIIY STABLE Eist nf the Court House l.iie chanic's Row.) Applicniion madent the Shop or Barn will receive prompt at tention. lis sin . . 1 iiurtinBton, vt., ) 26 --"-.c-s' 23 Jfov., 1813. S Wonted a JnurneymnnSjddlcr and Carriage Trim mer. A good mechanic will find employment. H S. S. SKINNER. SiNQLE. DOUBLE. UMBIUCAU A LI, kinds of TRt'.SSES for Rupture incident lo J-J- ine .tiaie, lor sale, and nceuralclv apidied, by 35 PECK '& SPEAR. TOIIACCO AVI) SMIl-'I'. 1 OO Uc and half Boxes Bonn's celeLralcd i"U hrand, B0 do Page's, f0 do Irvines', 25 do Crosby', 23 do Mitchell' wiih various other train! -elected wilh crentcare, 20 Kci John Eiid-ri' Plug, 10 do Sheep Ti Incco, 50 llhl po-ind and half pound SmnLing, 10 do Chewing, ol ihe mo-t nrefere I brand. Also, 100 Jar eira Rose Secured Maccobnv S1111I; 5 111 Is Seo'ch Sim I' in small bladders, for "-ale bv, FOLLETT, BRADLEY &. Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1813. . 25 SUtiAItS. 1 C Hd St, Croix, 20 do Porto Rico 20 do New i. " Orleans, 50 llbls ClaiificJ, 30 do Loal 10 do Crashed, 10 do Powdered, 10 Boxes W & W do-il le refined Loaf, for-nle 1 y FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, IS13. 25 ON CONSIGNMENT. Or IIOXI.S Canada Plates, ClJ 5 do Cr-iwshay do 25 do R. (. do do 5 do R. O. polished Craw)iny Plates. 5 do Thorneycrnfl plates 24 hy 21 in. Ii cut, For sate at reduced price, hy FOLLETT BRADLEY d- Co. Old dock, Nov. 23, 1S1J. 25 Agents, STOVES! STOVES !! NEW PA1TI RNS, & CIIFAPUt THAN L ER. All kinds of Produce taken inpayment ; liberal credit giten or Chtupfor Cash, HENRY .MAYO, having la' en the Siore formerly occupied by HICKOIv & CV I I. IN, i.- now re ceiving n large consignment of STOVI..-, consisting id any desirable p litem of Conk, Box, or I'.irln-.r Siove, Smvo Pipe, 'I'm nud Copper Tiinuiiiug., Hnbow W.ne, &,r., Inch will I e exchanged Im any kind of Produce nr e.i.h, Tho.e who wi-h 10 pur chase -Stove., will do themselves, a- well a him 11 favor by examining In -lock. B.irlinglo.i.Oct. 1, 1813. 18 LOOKING GLASSES. JUSTrccM n hr-t rate a-soriineni. which will lc sold very low. 1 1 AG Kit & ARTHUR. Burlington, Nov. 2, IS 13. A's-I I L S. 1 Pin KF'G'S N-UL'ifrom tho Eagle Factory, 1 OVJyJ from 3d 10 40d. A ci mplete assorlmenl of Finishing Nails, from A 10 20d. Fluor Brads of nil size.. ALSO, 2000 Kegs Nails manufactured by Ihe An Sable Iron Company. Common finishing nnd brad heads of all sizes, from 3d 10 fi in. spike. Tlie superiority of the nails manufactured by the above companies fur beauty nf form nnd finish, and lor toughness 01 iron -Hove all lliers, is universally acknowledged. Tbev are for sale uoon terms ns fa'- vorahle and it prices a low n cm he found in the Stale. Iiy KOI. LETT. BRADLEY & Co. Affenr. Old Dock, Dec. 1I.MS43. 23 JUST RECEIVED, Z)f HALES SHEKTININ, of ihe Exeter and rmJ oilier f.ivori'e hrnnd-, for sale hv I'OI.LiriT, BRADLEY, & Co. Old Dock, Feb. 22, 1811. 38 NOVA SCOTIA VI.ASTKR, 3C0 Tons in Siono, 100 do in Barrels, 50 do in Ilaus. Selected for agricultural purpose, and warranted pure, ueiiveren nt our mill 111 VMnooskl Ulty, or nl our ware house Old Dock. 25 Nov. 23, 1813. FOl.LET, BRADLEY &. lo. V I S II . It (fiffV Qlls Cod Ft-li. VV. 20 half I hi-. No 1 Mackerel, 20 Tierces nonli shore llinl-on. Hay Co. Salmon, 25 half barrels dn do do for sale hy KOLLhrfT, BRADLEY A: Co. Old Dock, Nov, 23, 1843. 25 RAISINS. 200 Boxes Bunch Knisins, frosli fruii, and in line oriler, for sale by KOI.LhTT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, June 6, IS 13. VTTEllN UT L U.VHEIt. 4000 fuct of 2 incl' butternut I' l.i 11k 2000 do do J dn Crotch do Boards snwed expressly fur pannel sluff. The above lumber was suvved for door stufT and ha been two years under cover. Also, a few pieces of 4 inch Butternut suitable for stair rails. Tor sale hy JOHN BRADLEY. Nov, 23, IS 13. 25 OILS. lOOO Callous hesl Winter Sperm, 500 do do fall do, 1000 do winier blenched whale, 200 do Olive Oil, fur snle low bv FOI.I.IT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Nov. 2J, 1SI3. 25 NOVA SCOTIA (MIND STONES. 20 Water Stones, weighing from 800 lo 2S00 each, 200 small finished Stones, 100 do Ohio do, for s-ile bv FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1843. 25. AMERICAN patent wrought and cast iron vices, a new nnd superior article. Foster's Anvils, Ame's lone handled Shovels, limner's cast steel do, Thomas' Spades, Davie's Billet Webs, Tiace Chains, Halter do, Saw Frames, Hammers Ac. cf-e. for sale by FOLLEIT, BRADLY St Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1843, 25 1M.OUII. BARRELS Superfine Flour, UVV 200 do extra Superfinedo. equal to any made in the United Siaie., 150 Half do do for sale hy FOLLI TT, BRADLEY A Co. Old Pock, Dec. 14, 1843. 23 ON CONMGN'M N T.N KW HUM. ryr Hhds John Fellon's, 25 halt pipe J Fcltons, I O 100 lll lds do. 50 hhds C. & E, Trull's 70 llbls C &. E Trull'., for Bale Iv KOI.I.bTT. BRADLEY A Co. South Wharf, Nov. 23 1813. 25 OR SALE BY '1 III: GROSS, Atso AT RETAIL " Vt-XK &. SPEAR. DRUGS & MEDICINESfHtS .1 . .. IM -I 1 no siiii.eriier.. arc ennlinii. I nl Iv (v.ii.iilm.1 .....l i-i'i fi AKTlLTK '.1.. ' ?'". CSe andPaient bind., J ,. " "' V' " "' O""''" ". Irom Cuh-lom-.i, Cnnn hi Ml , M w''r",,,t". (ZfShop open at all hours, lhirl,,,g,nn,Fe'''L!84;3S''KAn' AML TO PHYSICIANS. 1 New Chemicals and Sundry Articles t The Acids, rhemieal. Ammomncal Preparations Bromine, CyauUrct of Pntnssinm, Chlorate of Potassa, Elaterium, Ergot Fresh, Pulv. Ethereal Preparations, Extract ol 0;iinin, Kxirai-I nl Rhatniiv. Hyr.nudateJ Lirpior o Ar-enienndMermry. Lceche., HeahhySpani.il aiidftKeiih-h, l.iipnhn, Magne-ian Fluid, Niiih hn Wni; ''"'r.ofSilver.chemio Olloflol BCIO, Picilriti, ice. etc. &C. Hati.Mitieiisor Klei-trifieri 22 At PECK h SPEAR'S. HAG A it & ARTHUR, ARE now receiving nw supplies of SADLER Y. COACH AND SHELF HARDWARE 1 in all its vjintics. ALSO, ,nvfcMEDCnNKS, PAINTS, OILS, VAR- NISHE-s', Ac. &'c. llurlington, vt sN'uv. 10, 1B13, AI.IIANV AND IIOTO, It AIL II OA I). r nre iieiiureii 10 S 1. fare to lioston reduced lo S I to those who go through by same train. On nnd nfler Monday, .Mnv 8'h, pa.-cnger trains run daily, (--iind.iy ixcepie.1) as lollow. Lcavclircenl u-li 1 at J Lefore 7 a. M.-arrivein Bos ton Ci r. M. .nine day. Leave Oreenl.iish 'at j lefore 3 p. jr. lodge in Son ns held arrive 111 lln-trui nl 11 a. m. next day Fon Wnnci:sTi:n as I) Nonincn-Pn..engers hike the i bifure 7 tram Irom (irceiiinsh, tuter-ci-t Ihe steamboat tram from Boston at Wone.-ler thciiea to Nor li b. FoHllARTrnnn ANnNnv Haven Pa.en"ersleaT ing Cre. nl u-h i be li.rc 7 A. 51., n,l.e the s'enml oat at Sprtuglie'd nt 12S M.-re.i, h Harllord al 3 r. M.. nl.d pris icd hy car- lit New Havrn. P.i-.enger. imiynl-o leave Oreeiibeshai J I clnre .1 r. M., reach Springltclil f J, iheu-e I y s-age imnie- balcy to ilartl,.id-l,,l..,. enve Hnrflurdni 01 next morning 111 car tor New Ilau n II !'.,!'"-.'''" !'""' lVMlV,,,;,',',c'"- f'in"'. sS'-anvvix ll.i I, .Maiden l.ane, fur the Bad-road feirv limn ntCl V "." '" ,' " '"" "''Il Ie'...m-i,,l in -inning. I M-K.-r- n.r ih.-.-nr- inu-t I c nl ta,iill c'ort g 'lug nn I o.inl ibelerry I oat. CHAIR FACTORY. I the nil st.,,,,1 of NELSON vt GATES therci. ihel e-l a sortm. m id CHAIRS and will It ii Id 1 1 en er than can 1 e pur. ba-rd nt ai v n l rr 1 Inie m Burbngii n. JIAHOIiANV, CI Iil.l D MAPI E. PAINTED CANE M'.AT. I.AItfiE and SMAI I. liOCh'INC, DIMNO, ('IIII DRLNanl LARUE ARMED CHAIRS, at , , C. L. NELSON'S, Church -In el, opposite the O'd ll.mk.nrni his Fnc o by Ihiee dour- nirh oflhe Cub- li-Chiirih. U I-'ltKSIl TUAS. ry X Che-ts prime Hy-on Skin Tea, I 'J 10 do Extra do do do 100 Half Chests Vnung Hyson, 50 C.iddv- Old II) sou, 50 do Young Hyson, ; 10 Ches's extra .junltry Old Ityson, Ihe-e 'IV.is were -elected with great care and from Ihe hues! imponniinn. and will I e -old at New York Joblers price-, audlreishi, roi.LI.1T, IIRAI'LI.Y if Co. Old Dock, Nov. 2.1, IS43. 05 ir. '. e7uot, ARCHITECT & I'ATKNT.AGENT. OFFICE opposite the Patent Odice, corner ofSih and F street, City of Washington, will attend to preparing Specifications, Diaumcs, i.e.. and all hmi iiess inirii.ttd 10 him connected wilh llic Patent Ofiice, or his profession, with promptness -ind despatch. Patent On ice, Feb. 15th, 1842. Mr. Win. P ELLIOT, who has been formerly em ployed m the Patent Olhce, ns a Draughtsman, cic., hiving est iblished a Patent Agency in the Cily of Washington,! lake great pleasure in recommending iirn ns a gentleman worthy of confidence, and as he ng particularly qualified lo lake charge of any bnsi. less icquiriiig a knowledge of mechanical science, the nnr.'ressof ine nrls, and patent improvements. Mr. Elliot is also well n' nuainied with the practice of ih o:lice. HI'.NRY L. ELLSWORTH, 21 Gin Commissioner of Patents. ISAAC W A lit IV fi: IS HAS just received, from Ni vv York, a LARGE ASSORTMENT OF GOODSin hisline.among which nre n variety of pure Wines, Cognac Brand? S. Croix Rum, llnlland Oin, Jamaica Rum. 5enirh hiskcv, Cherry Brandy, Baltimore Gin and a phtn. ly of other cheap liquors of various qualities and pri ces. r Molases, loaf, lump and I rown sugar. Tens, CofTee (llllf..,l:lt. P..r.....p U.nira r:..nn. V.... rtl " :' 1 v. ' "'"-y'i 's"oir-.-s, Liovn, Cinnnmnn, balerntus, Bar and Fancy Soap, and ........ 1- i' 111 iiiv- s.iiirrry Hue. His Liquors and wines were selected with care, and dealers 111 ihe line 111 New i ork, and arc warranted v, u,i- ,iuirsi nun nesi ij.iiuuies. He has Sheetings, Shirtings, Calicos Cambrics, Trimmings for clothes, nnd mniy other articles but 110 Fancy Ooods. All of which he will sell for tht Tavern Keepers and others ore invited , ..,11 a examine. '" "u Burlington, fChiueh St.) Nov. 23 '43. FOIt s,tri? 'IIIAT large and iiumnndinu. two s'orr BRICIC 1 DWELLINO HOUSE AND LOT, ZZ on the vve.l sii'eof t nl.'ego l.nvn, at the head ofCol!e-e Sircet, in this village. The Hou-e is 32 by 45 wilh n l.,...i,m. ..nr.. ...,ll 1. .,..1 1 '.. - i X ' provision rrliars, nn.l 11 ll'llir. . I tl . .1 .... f " r ' i . 1 ui'iiiiu iniriu on 1 nneco Oiecn, with wood and ,iore home I elow, andi ham hers and shvping rooms aluve. A large and com. 1110 hnu ham, carriage hon.e, ice house, and other oui-hcuse-, and a spacious )anl we-t of Iheilwelltng )ii,.i.m. nn, I n .S.....1 .1 .-..I iA ....11 nc . .-.l . , -1 f 1 - 1 . s. s 1, sf. H.irr n. lue ue.l quality in the village, and n bni k cistern. One and e; ...-.- , ... ,,iv nisi it-iMiui, a inrge canlen and choist Iruil tree west of the house and )iini. The building, are eons'ruclcil in mulern HjJe, ef the I est material ami workmanship, were erected by the subscriber (or his own u-e, nnd the location n limU n very extensive and pleasant pro-peel oflhe village and lake on ihe We.i, and is not surpassed by any other 111 this pan oft he country. Also, for sale a goixl pair of work horse. 1 l. : 1 ...II 1 : 1 111 1 11.11-1 9 nrv tiiviini ii. i'-iii nii-i saiiiiiis- ju, iheuiselves. Term made known ly ihe sidscrilier on Ihe premises. SAMl'IL REED. llurlington, April if. lull. 46 if TIN PLATE, WIRE A-c. 1K Boxes Tin Plate 1 3X f O 15 do do IX Sqr. 25 Packs Ru.sia, Eng. & Am. Sheet Iron, 60 B xe. Caiudii Pin In. supeiior Brands, 60 Bundles Wire n'id. No.. Also 11 general as nrimeni of Tinners anicl for aleal pri -cs that will make it for theinierc-t'ofihose wishing nnv articles in ilus line loiall and exnmtna thcirSnk. VILAS. LOO.MIS & Co. March 27, 1811. 4) ksSif w

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