17 Mayıs 1844 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3

17 Mayıs 1844 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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lMIILMJhLLMHA 1M0T. Wo duvotu c-iiisiiliTiililu spncu lo-ilny to tlm partieoliiis uflhis sad iill'.iir. Tills la n nun- chapter in our history ; hut th" -'d s not yut. Elomi'iits in u in motion which 0:111 hanlly fail to rem! our cities ami l.trj!" towns liku tliu Uilii!aviiiirs of a volcano. In this particular caso it inayTHlliciilt to say who wore the aggrcssois : nor is it very matcriat, lis holh parties were tlouhlless socking a pin vicatiun, ready to e.ploc!o with lilts slightest touch, ami tho origin ofllio fray v is ut once swallowed up in tho impaiflniiahlo excrsH-s on uithersicle. One tiling is veiy clear, how ever: lint tlicro was culpaiileup'.Mg""1 ; the pari of the city aiitlim &; It ' graco lo our institutions ttinl 1 iuuhIltoiis predatory waif.iro of that kind should hp per mitted to exist for the spaco of llneo days, without a sulioiis adeipiato eflbit to put it down. lMIt. CLW UNI).:!? I50ND.S. Thu Truu Democrat, a few days since, occupied soiuo two or thrco columns, duly illustrated hy staring capitals, setting forth all the technicalities of an ohligalion by which Mr. Clay was, in 1811, put under bonds lo kcrp the peace! and then makes the following pathetic appeal to tho "men of New England." There it K men of New Ivm-l-mel. The wli's can didate for the Presidency, under bonds of mi: -iiiou-nsn rioiLvns to kixp tii: rr.-ei'll "lie it ix-.ii-.m-nr.Brn that on the tciilli ilay of Marrh, in the yiarul our Lard, one Ihouiand ttvlit Intmlrcd and furl ij one ' ")i.Monav tip eared" llcvnv Cuv, be-fine two Justices of ilie l'oice nf Washim-lnn, :iint spivo bonds tolhe tun.iiiiil nf rtvE tiii)Cm nut. ...!, tint 111'; Ian- i-I,nilld tint hi. violated. -! vm: "'I III. COSMTION. "Henry Cliy shall keep the peieeol the United "-Wrs to'Vims nil persons nnn pnri rinnnv mimim Knit A l'li-idi-nt of the dull il S'.-itus Itnttff tt.tnrte tn 'if HP, iff i Xil. IIO! lUTd', KLvr.a will Henri I hv be Pies-dent uf these United Slates. Cod forbid II ! Now nolo the facts. Sir. Clay had made some remark in debate, ut which Mr. King took ollenco, and chuUcnsetl him. Fearing that Mr. Clay might be foolMi enough to ac cept thu challenge and thus expose bis valua ble life, a magistrate was applied to, who in pursuance of his official duty called tho pat ties before him, and put them UO'l'Il under bonds not to ho guilty of any such folly. Mr. Clay, being n man of his wotd, obeyed thu iniunclion ; and to this circumstance under Providence, aie we indebted, peihaps, for Ins preset vation from the muiderous in tentions of his Loco-l'eco challenger, that be may vet fulfill the liitlt destinv that awaits him. It amounts then to this. A loco-foco declares his intention to take Mr. Clay's life, and the civil aiithot ities intei prise and unjoin Mr. C. mil tn rrpnttc liini.n If to siui a bully, which would, in fact, be a technica breach of (be peace. Mr. Clay smiles ; gracious assent to the toipiiiemcnts of the law, and uous Ins way. Hut maik. Tiiis same Win. It. King, who soiiiibt Mr. City's life, was but recently :i pointed to an iinpoitajil foieigu mission, ivvery Loco-Fori) Scinlor voted for his con firmation, and (be verv number of (he Tine Denuu'tat containing this vile attack upon Mr. CI iv, announces Mr. King's appoint ment in mini-of decided approbation, am a'most cm'cj p-v s in the country opposed to Mr. C. b ciilnis:il it as " crcclltul" ! Ac- cmding to winch logic il is declared to In commendable to meditate mutder, and out rage the peace; but infiiuoiis to ioM obe dietico to the law, and whin nnn cheek is smitten turn the other as Mr. Clay did in this instance ! The Democrat is welcome to all il can make out of such knavish mis representations. C oss urn i 1 r S r..v .vro it , lion. J Aiit'.. MtW'TiNiiTON', tho present itblo mid upright representative of that State in tho U. S. Senate, was te-elecled for tho let in of six years, on Thursday of last week. This is one of the lich fruits ofour Into liiumpb. Tor tin; I'rco Press. Mil r.niToit, There are n very unusual number of shade and crnninnilnl trees tianpl.iiitcd mtooiirvil Hsp this year. Scmo persons! fear itlioiit duo con sidariition, liavo chocn thoe, which will disappoint lliem. The lto-Uor Hnjjar .Maple i, when usid nsnn oruauicntal tree, nH'ccted by nn insect, called tho Ho rcr. ltisiiot, howevrr, iho Mtuclhat ntlnilis the lo cust and the apple. There is scarcely 11 full groicn ornainentnl llocle Maple within my Know ledge, which is 1101 more or lesalllcted by this insect. In n young and beautiful one hmuslit me within n few dav s. the piuieipal branch had been nearly destroyed by the in so?.t. II una should pasi bv the garden of Mr. Clcv cs 011 Pcnil ttrecl. and examine the maple in the side walk, particularly iho large eastern l'inb and somo of the. renter limbs, the lavages of the insect would tie in.iuifi si lo the most carelc9 observer. In some of the vi hijeson Connecticut liner the tree hap, in ma ny instances, 1 ten ulleily ilcstioed, in more it ba become mutilated and iiusighlly, but in scarcely any if its symmetrical foim preserved. There is not as much cousidcialion about the kind f trc", which are appropriate In particular places as there should be. Tho Kim, when full crown, will cover with its hranehosan nica of Jflj feet in diame ter. Il is therefore unsuitable lo be placed in a nar row street, or near to a fence unless shade is wanted in the enclosure. If lakcn care of it is a tree of rapid niAjVth, and will soon spread its arms very wide. ...7 .1 1 f 1 1 : I ' . 1 ...1.1 1 ineoncin incyaruoi ji. i.oomi?, i.eip miuuiu uu ex amined by all, w ho wish to see what an Klin may become, in a few yean, and how near lo buildings and to each other tho trees may be placed. rherc are varielns of tho Maple, which arc not at- tactictl.by llic liorer. There are manv varieties of the oi'i, some of Htieli are very beautiful. Tho Luidcn tV .. ; 1 : ; 1 l. t I - or liass woou firouif; a lone is sain 10 iu iiiiiuipiiiuc. We have not yet a good fpecitnen of tho Mountain Ash, nor indeed a large specimen of iho white and brown A li in our Mil igo. More care 111 the selection, inorecaie in transplanting, more caro in forming a good head by trimming and more catein nurturing af- cr thev arc transplanted would soon auu much, very much, to the rural Inauly ofour Milage. .. V. liurlniglon, May 7th, 1311. WHIG KALLYIN MILTON. Tho Whigs of Milton who arc in favor of using lor I lurry Utav nnu i- reiingiinyseii, ,vill please meet at the town house on Satur hiy tho ISth instant, at 5 o'clock P. M. for the purpose of organizing a Clay Club, and to receive the t epoit of the Delegates to the llaltimoro Convention. A geneial iitten- ineo will be expected. UY THAT OLD COON. Milton loth Mav. ISM. LAKE OH AiM PLAIN. I'aro through the l.abc iciliicril to ;,(, (Meals extra.) Tin: srr.AMi'.it iiuiu.iNtiTo.v, t'API. 11. W. BIICIISMN. Will leave Wbitdiall every .Vl. Johns every 'I'uc-dav, .Monday, 'I hiiisilay, Wcdne day, Saturday. l'nday. till: SIT.AMI-.lt SAltA.N AO 1 vrT. ti. l.ATUie r. Willlcavc Whitehall every .SI. Johiiscvery Ainu lav, Tru-day, Wednc'-day, Tlmr day, 1'iidiiy. Sal.1rd.1y. Until Iho 1st of Juno tliu Units wi'l leave Whitehall and Si. Ji Iiiis at oncu'cloel., 1'. .11. I'rom Iho nVtihv of Jum1 In llic lii-tilay off) 'to iler the Hoals will leave Whitehall nl ID o'clock, A. M. iindM. Ji bus ut nnu n't lock, 1'. M. I'roiu iho 1st dav of O 'tuber In llic close of the 04-oti the l!oat will leave eub cud of the like ut one o'clock, I1. .M. 'the above n the ar.anu'cmcut lor running for the season, unlo-s nonce is gneu 10 the contrary. Tho Conu.anv intend to n'ace the Sicaim r 11 hilc- hall noon Iho l.inc instead ul lliuti nan.ic. carle in Ju ly next. Shew ill I c commanded by Copt. li. lithrop. iiiirliiiglou, III Alay, 1st 1. oo 'OA' SAIili. fllir. suheribcr oilers for sale his Jt. pruscnt place of residence. OHO. (i. INGIJltSOI.I.. l'carl St. May Till. 19w3 NEW STORE AND NEW GOODS, ''Plir.M1l1-cnlcrha1l.1kcn the Now Ptoro one ilooi JL north 1 f JIc-T-. lliiii'iuakls' w hero bo liajnl received mill mill' i lit. tor ulo( n general av-orl tnent of fancy and Staple Dry tiood-, Mry Oroi'iTic l'.ilicr Ilaniriug-, ceo., which for nuahtv and cliealt ne-caiiuot I c -urna-cl. l'arcitacrs are invited to call and examine lor theiujclvc". C. 1'. STANiroill. liirlington, Mny 10, 1311. 50 I ni&soi.VTioiW HII.ci -parlaer-hip here I nn cxctiuu lciwi I'tsilcuTiiAUii, t li ni r. i. ica it i i " 0. Damictt, under ill" liiJJi nl Til H Ml, &Co, I- Ibis i'iiv di-'irc H'V niul ia eon cnl -IJi.'ietl )' S'uart u-MiinL-all llic lial ililie" of the 1ln,,audle.iunepos.e.-e!,ba.iel.:'.-.u ( II Mil. I S It. s'l'l MtT, Hi I.N t(. 1) VHtitriT. Ilurlington, May 1, Iall. CHAIRS I CIIAIhS!! CHAIRS!!! j KSl'r.tlTI'Tl.t.Y inforiu the public tint they ' will here-ill. r c nry on Iho Oil Mil nriUing bu s iti'Ss, al the old "liuiiol Tnwr.ii, S i e mit iV t;., on Church St , tio iluui "ouili ol llu- On.inly House, and b el warrnnti d m s-iynig ih ji Ihcy cm futin-li as liandsoiueandiliilaldc tin arirleiu llm line, as was cur olii-red in Ituiliiulon, and on as low terms l'lea'c call and i vimuic. Alll.inl- "I Olia i--, Scticc, .Sciicc-crad!i', and Stools made lo i.iJit. Od Oh.ius tcpnnisl mid pauitcil.it h"il uiiiicc. f,'o iiiliy 1'rodace ofall kind tiikln in exch.unic for ehnir-. JOHN (!. I)A(iiilMT, t'llAIti.iy II. SIUAKT. liiirliimlon, May 1, 1811. j!3 1MCH GOODS. Al'ltr.SII supply of SutiiT, r.xrrnfiiic 3 I'!y Car pctingsj Diuul1 to, (irtiu liup, O.l Ololh". Hush Viatliiigss ltieli 0-1 and H-1 laii'i'd I'rnilcd and Damask Table Oovers) Oalpi t Hunting and Thread. Lovv.i.v is sr.YMoun Have alsonnparled a rich assortment of I'AI'IIII HAMilNOS ntOM 1'AltlS, which they ofli-r low together Willi a goodassoilmcnl of Amciucan do. Olnireh St., May 10, 1911. -10 iVow Sloro, Now Goods, Now I'iirtnci's, Now Prices. Now I'lvorythitijr almost, IlIUNSMAiJ) & HIIOTHBUS, (Stttr- os to I'arrhnrn HiitumnUl,) A HI . nniMimiF :i mmr rxten ii.,.ritr,tin,ht nl I r i i TV til il 'iuii K ithiii t vit. nml Hm'v will ti' ""til ni W.f W I Wool !!?' Wool! - ilntn a -m i o I'o-t t look CD. LEATTIKIl ! Ti, C. TiOOilIIS HAS pi' receivcil froin New Vcr'. u l.irgj stool, nf if I.I-:iTIII'.ll.ofeorvde crip'i n, which with a good lusoruncni i f ln own in.iiiiifaetnrc, miiKe-. his -lode on 'laud M-coud In m tic in tbi- part id the country, and will I c sol Ijtor cash or good paper) ho " ill n i it my a- cheap) " lrQaT, than it can I e pin cliascl tln-'n lc of jVcw 'orl;T 100 Side- of N. Vorl; Solo Leather Ironi Is. to 20 cent- a po-uid. Oali Si.irlina-, tlnd'c an 1 Ilog SKins. l-'ieuch Calf S'.iu-j Kip- and Seal SI.iin (Oak tuuniil.) M"incco, Kid, Tannic-, Trimming, limit Morocco, and I-'i'ctt li h'ld Skin-. All kiud-ol'Sliio Makers Tool-, and rindings of cveiy ilisi i iptioii. I'-i'liioua1 lc I.-i-ts and Hoot Ticc. Ilatne-". I'niid, T, p, lind'e, Skirling, I'ppcr Leath er, llor-e Hi lc-, Oall'S'.nt-, .c. Thick Hoot- Irniu 2,01) lo S2,."i0, ca-h. I'lc.i c give linn a call ami ex inline the stock and pri ('.. Pearl Street, .May If., 1811. 50 SPRING1 GOODS. , o v i: 1. V iV S' YM O V II , UA K icccivel a largo a-or'incnl ulirood- ad.ip' cl to llic c ion, viz : Itoin'iii.-nc-, lllack and llliie lllack and I au-y .SVU, I!, I, 1! i'z me-, Syl pined and c.diyr Do l.auic, 1' ni" mil Pnrnic.I do l.aiucs, l'nuicd an 1 (iiu.rl,,ioi 1 i.lin- an I l.-uv; ltieli l.iiiindiv- and 1'. plnis,!-'!. dar I Sir.-,S 'on h a liijcric.in (iniL'-h nil-; mvi, t'.iiiihri -, It 'I., Jacuiicl .N.iu-oiil, an I .ll'ib M i-liu- ; a -ilcn b.l a-s 'rtnicat tl O M.ICOKSj lii -h i:..nnct hill,- an I I. ivcii-, Ifil.l mi-, Ilu-'crv, (inc-, e.-c. O.C.. togctlu'i w.th every article in the fin"j and Stiifitr f)nf foodsi line. Oh nob stuct, .Ma 10, ISil. -10 tf N 10 W '(.' 0 0 I) S . 1'. &, J I. IJ. DOOIilTTLI-: AHP. jui reniiing their Spring supply of Goods, consoling in p irt of the tollowtng ar:i -h-s : liroad t Mollis; I' ain, Taney, and Tweed t'assi meres; Calicoes, l-'urnilure do.; l'linted hnvm nnJ Ihl.orines; I'rocaile, Organdies, l.iiin'ttas, .Up-iccas, Mous' tie l.unc, S's Micbi). I'lam njid I'lttrfed, .lltilldo : While an-i Oolore I Oainluies, Tlilgings, lie .-erltngs, and footings ; Sh-nib, .N'iglii ('ap, Omip", t-ilk I'ringe, lll.iek Olianulli VciN, l-'iucy I'oinl", lllack Italian, and Onlnud Silk Onvit"'; Dniiiiy Collars and full's ; I.adn ' lll.ie'. -pun .Villi Huc, Oollon do. all piicis; Men's Itruwn and Colored J llo'e; l.adii s' Kid, Silk and Cotton (llovis; Mi nV Kid, I'ucki-kiii. I.iuen mid Cotton do ; Hibbon, I'aus Whalebones, I'ougco and Spitallcld llaiiukci'i In. Is ; I.iuen Cambrics do. Cotton and l.ini'ii i'rills; Mi per Ithck Drip if I'.ti, Mom il-, Tabby VcIm is, Silk do.; Ilhck t.rilli' Cloth, Diab do.; C-imbroons Uinbrcllas, l'.irasolj-ind Sun Sluuh s; While and Colored Saiui Jians. Piiis. Needles, While an I 'olor ed Cotton Thread, .iicndo. ; Knitting t.'olton. I'ur intiire and Carpet llin''iuy; Hud's I'.yc, Scoteli and ltnsn D.ipus; Ciah, Talilo I.incn In-h I nun, Itrowti Holla ml. I-!I istic Su-pcn ters, -ci ing Si1 k and Twil Twim, Ivoiy and Dress ng Combs, l'ulloiis, .pcf-c. . Theaboe, with a great variety of ntlur ar'iolc. are o li-rcd tuilicr F.i ea-h or ere 'il upon as ;ood lerm as ni any oiln-r stou in town, and p'-r- -ins h-nc onlv to call to satifv llu-msclv, s th u e,i,,d-, an be bougbl of lis at llic low est l - Us n nd of the best q rilil V. liurhiigloii, 9 .May, Wll. 'l'J wli iNOTICI-:. Tho llev. JOHN IIASLOM, of Vor- genne?, will jiretith in the MelbuJisl Chapel in this pi. ice, ibis (I'liJiiy evening, til half p.ist suveti. JJL an !r s? u ca effl, IlythcUjv. Jcroiniah O'Oallaglnn, Mr. Thomas Djugherly to 111'-Anne Met ! lfuey, both of .Milton ; Mr. William l'.mdy to Miss M iry .N'oomn, both of this pi ice; Mr. William MeSoley lo Miss Mary Cal l-in, both of St. Albans; Mr. l'eter Minor toMi? Jane Gabrian, both of Si. Albans; Mr. J lines Ale- Anarj toMissSirah Wiley, both of I'mi field; .Mr. .N'arccssus Plianuirio Miss Angeline (I recti wo. d, both of this place. Also by the same, Mr. Patrick Itedley of Vergenties lo Miss Anne Oiillin of Ilinesburgh. NO TICK. rp HIS certifies that I lone given my sons, Drj I mkiiit anil SvLVAXes M. Pausons, their time to ict and trade for theni-elves. and I shall claim none J of their wagLS after this dale. .'.Uli.3 .1. r.ucoAS, Colcbesler, April 27, 111. 30 w-3 A'OTC:. A T.I. aide bo lied while m lie citizens, benvccn the ii'jc-ol IH .in-l H. who arc not by law exempt from Military duty, ic-idi-nt within the limits of the o I It million Company, ol' iho II li Iteirtinent of Ver mont .llditi.i, aie bcicl.y notilic I to tiopcar on the Coin llou-o Sipiaic in the lo.vn ol Iturliuirtnn, on Toc-dav, the lib day of June next, at !) o'clock, A. M. fullv armed and' cijiupped aecoi-dinir lo I uc, for in-pecto n and dri'I, and tl,' re await furihcrcidcr-. Ih order ol the f anlaiit. X. U. I'OI.WiXI., Clerl;. liurling'on, 17 May, 1311. 50 DAIIiY S.Vll'. Sail lor -alebv .-0 S.' JI. I'OPi:. 3 I lie lion, i o'iniv u.mrt n now in sessinn at this place Juilgu llennetl presiding. FIIOM WASHINGTON. It is currently leported there that Mr. Cu tin u it is abiitit to rctiie finm the ciibinet loill with. 1 ln I? not itnpiolialile. 1 lie. cones punileul of the New Yuik lveniiH' I'o-t s,is thai bo h Mr. C ilhoun and Mr. WicMifTi the Post iMasler (leneiul, uiu about lo io sijin. Tho Tai if' IJill was taken tip in the House of Ilepresentiilives on l'liilny, tiuil after two speeches, us will be seen from the loiter of our correspondent, was laid on the table by a vote ol ().) to !)!). A motion lo tecoiisid cr this vote, was lost by 'M to 103, so that the bill has received its quietus. The .Senate on Friday went early into executive session, the results of which liavo not I cached us. Tliu letter of the F.veniti'; I'ost (noted above, contains also the followin-j. The pp sident's friends, namely, lhn.se persons wtio ppecl ollice Ironi limi, fciate "uy uuinonty. mat nev In Vergcnnes. on the lth int., very sudJcnly, at the house of her lather, Ceo. I'tcld V.iq., Mis. .IIauv A., wife uf Daniel Kimball Jr. of Uuilington, aged 27 years, Seldom does dcilh strike a more sudden or alllic live Id iv. Her husband, haling occasion to be ab s"nl some tune on 1 u-iuess, Jlrs. Kunlnll, with lluir little boy, three years old, had gone to isit her paicuts at Vergcnnes. On I'riday nijht fhe rceeiied a letter from hei husband inquiring nboul her health, Ac -On Saturday morning she arose, wrll as usual, took her breakfast with ihe fami'y and sent a paper lo her liu-biiiid as a token that hho was well. Hat before tho messenger who went to carry her token to the Post Offleo relumed, she was struck with death. Sitt ng by the table, she reinarl ul to her mother thai her "head felt very strangely " and finished ibc seiitdice by ohs' ning that " ihe could not fee," and immediately fell to tho Ibor. Medical aid was ob tained in a few minutes, lull it was all in vain. Sin lingered a little more than an hour in a state of un consciousness but nf apparent deep physical sulUrins and livpin d, leaving her bu-lnnd anl ehi'd, her pa rents ami mr-onlv sister in deep allbelion. 1'ut her fiicnds have great consolation in the well rounded hope that she was prepared for deaih ; nb bo ni the iccollcction of w hat sho was lo lliem in life and of what she now is to iho kingdom of her Lord nd Saviour in liiaiin. They may also he cnuifortul in iho thought that ibey have the warm and lamest synipathi s of many elinslrin fnends, both in this place and in Vergcnnes. Mrs. Kimball ha 1 been from lur youth a devout hut cheerful and consis'enl member of tho Congregational church ; and that Hope in t'luist which sho bad professed and ndotned ill life, was uioic than realized in death. Comm In ru-cnlooEi, Ala., on the 25lh tilt., very suddenly. Mrs. Stklli II. Scott, d iugliier of William Hough- ion, i irmoriy ol i.yiulon, vt. iv Ni'i:i). rin'in -i v lit i- m"i'i'i:i! .i,.in c, t:,.. Lr by s. m. popi:. IWrimcrlon, .May 1 I, Id II. 511 yi:v toons. M. POIT, bus tii-t icceivcd hi- Snnna Stock l-J, ol l)i-v Coo I- an I Oroccric-, which he will sell for cash or tea !y piy a- chc.iii a- the cbeape-t. Hur ingli n, May Ij, 1st I. 50 i!oni;ts. 7I.OKRNC11 lliaid Hoiuie'-, J.'iiland d do Jli-sc-' an I Chi! 'n n'- S'l-uv do Wli lean I Cob ml P.1I111 I.eif do (or -ale by May 13, ltill. M S. M. POPI.'. rr were two mdivi luals such fast and firm fi lends and ulhes as Tyb r and Calhoun. Ncverthi-h ss, ihcre is good evidi nee of die fiet dial llier- has bten 0 little "parnng bttwei n 'ho-i: two p-r Fonages, and iliat if 11 viae practicable the fonner wot Id as--enl to a seviranee of the connection to marrow. The d'sturbid f cling in our party at Washington, oa the Ti' s ion of nn r.ib-uii il candidates, and the Tex as srhe uc. seems nearly subsided- Mciubersof Con- press bein to discover that Ibey have li gi,l.iiivcduiit s 1 1 at' nil to, which ot uglit o iglit to pi eel n at their iulerlcreuee in mailers of nam matnirt'nieni. fi -n. Ca-s's letter on the annexation of Teras will nppcir n xt vveik. It is oddiesscd to Mr Piilil.of tuts In linn delegation, and is generally in favor of the jiroji-ei. It is not, however, I believe, nn out and out nmii fcsio, pronouncing nn unqualified opinion favorable to im'ne bate anil' alion. Hut it 19 d. enirdsiiiispidnre. 1 run told, lo tae grralcr part of tlm friends of that inra-u-e 11 it 1101 long. It becomes daily more and moro nppaient that allhouoh a "teat portion of tho Delegates to tho Democratic llaltimoro Convention nro instructed to voto for Mr. Van Iltiten, ho w ill yet fail of getting the nomination, and thai thu party will rally upon 11 candidalo pledged to support tho projuct of the immediate an noxation of I exns. I ho boiler opinion at present appears to bo that tho choice will f. upon Gen. Cnss. Tribune. ni:v licjmtT " Whereas I was dumb, 1 now speak Tho last T1110 Dentocial is out upon Vi Ness. It pronounces him a "bankiupt poli " Ileal Iraflicer, ruined in forluno. rolten " reputation, pihy councillur to John Tylur, " and ilisponser-genural of .'ovurnment ofll "ccs for Iho btalo of Veimoni." Light Ijreakins in upon our opponents, and if the jopinocraltc parly in Ibis Sialu should live lo .1 ...11.. 1.1 -t 1.1 , . en inn uiu iijji, i! onouiu unruiy tiestnpijs lint w sec it liegin to II1111I: ami act fur itself. jeet, too must h.ivo a wood cut for ibis sub which wo will shortly recur. imawsttwiomfn (CTFUN FOR THE MILLION, c0 1 it;; c: it hat daxdv .mi, assisted bv riir. cr.Li.iutATi d ivniiopr.AN snitnxA- i)i;tts, WILL a 1 ve their 1 1-1 (irand, Clu-tc, mil Mi-i'el luieii ( onecri al Si no-(.'- IT., t . ,l,i-iv, ning, (I'ndiy,) May 17, on which ncci-ion Ibey will L' us-t-toa i.y liiei-cuowne'.l VIRGIP.'IA RATTLER, irnnoiin -o I tn lc the sicalc-t ocilormer on iliu ISiiiin inc worm ever pro nice' i. Tin: oitK.vi' ST.111 of the south. n, ih.. vio'tn MIL HOAHK, Iho mirnallud Hone C.i-tauct nluv- , .....1 M l'l'l'l) l.fl 1- .1 1 . r ' . ' 1, hum '.ii.i.it. i.v iv, ,ul' oisuiug pciienuc 111 1 l,o I'm- Tonus, and iiunv.ille'J I'anecr. The I'm 'ia .1 id Seaiira me ciinrclv new. nml of ibc ri'-be-t order, mid with the Dandy'.- Bibliico ami I'lOliTOll i.r.t Tintr. ox piiurNOLonv, forms one nl Hie greatest Hill- nl attraction ever 0 .cr- 'd 1 1 nn atlinnuig mil lie. X. li. Our -onus for the t'rea'cr nart have neve been nun hi-ic, bc.ug ciuiii'ly new, an 1 wo w-oul 1 11 -1 i. iiunv .nun, ,te, dm ,,,K, iii.ii, 1 cuignwau1 ol ibc pri'jiid.nj cxi-luig m mine minds nsain-t the l.iluo.ii'an iiciforincr-, nn milium nf having I ecu ' ccivcony inc pic'cn-iou-i f miniciant liunibug-. llic uiciliteiiiiincl lui'onvnieciho iinblic that this com pany 1. not e.l licit ,-bami'ter ; mid liny 11 e nil that 1. .. 111 . 1 . . 1 civ i" "a win 1 o pcrioriueii in tne 1110. t i-tm-te man uer. 1 iioeoinpaiiyi.cninpo.ciM cUilHti'l iim-U'i.tn-.111 Mr. .in llic iiiiincii-CHii-rc swbt h ha-ever allcm oil lliem, llicy inc co, .li. I, -nl ni pin ing their utidilor- 10c 1110-1 iric 1-11 iv luiiicro i- n well a sciciilihocn iir uinmeni nicy e'ver li-lcneel 10. Tlic'r -emzs will ln koiic 111 bailoonc. tv Pio-jiaiiinui ol l'ci loriii.iiicf, wiiieh will I edit- Irni'iici ii'rocglii.ut ihe town anJ viciuny. JPf I II Iv 1. 1 Lints. Pciforuian-TS to com llicuco ul b in 'ocl , P.o. vc lake this oniiortun he if niformin" ih i'itizi'11-i.f St, John-, Lapranc. Mnntic.il, l(uel cc, 11ml 111 nn-nun -ipii 1 owns una Viiia-.ro- in the 1 ana 'a n'co, the citicn-ol H itland, fn.tlcion, Wluto Hall anil 01 r liicicl- on the iou c to It.iMon thai we Will wnii 1111 in in n -11 ,,t nn,,., Due iioiico will lo given wiioii wo will prc-cntui lliem one of theiichci pi loini.iiic Hnycvi'r I chi'ld. So look mil lor u- lis o -my with yo-i cannot cx -col iwoinglu. in each pini on ai'. o ini ol uir sniulicrn cngagtinciitK. X. II. W i-.ioiiou yon nguui tiuv iiuiiil ug lti.it in.iy ns-uiiic our iiaini', Si c uami'si I company. A. V Wmneiuorc W. Uo.ulc, f, Wdliaui-, .I.Ti. lienor, CltmU. nn; r.u half 15, m. 1'i.otnt. h'upcrime l-'loiir, " Hcrrington,1 d Is. tin do iki 30 slltOXt.S i Ce. SK'KS li.ury y)t May II, 1 price's Hi il c-uri I lie.e, wc ni n ii-l and invite nil to cull mi l -cc 11 you do not li-ade Mill icea f line-, Salcty Lamp-, Comiuoii ilnH.li' Pu'i- nil 10 1 1 1 c.i 1 :i m 1 11 tiolil Snaps, do 'lea'-, front 1 look-, no us or--. I',ij-oii'-Indcllilile Ink, (ifi-m.iu SihcrSpci'tailc i;nu rin-, , .rsieoi .-jnuiicr-, In do H itler Kuivi's, Silver pl.il'dTiib'c'Vooii-, Silver plate I Tea Spoon-, ilu ,r()lU)(KBUr, LASS AND CHINA WAHK. .sictuieiit, .Nl W SllAPLS iplicnn 1 .ami I Hrnss I. nn I.-irt 0 f'i Clnnilii'-s, ICslia II terns, Ac. o.c, just Wlinlrboiie . I )ii - lug Coml t, Sine, Swill-, Hritaunia 'I'ca Spron, Pocket Dunk L'"'k, Hnlcy'- lii.h'lllMu Ink, Silver Pencil-, r.ct-niin ilo eln Ivnrv P.nket Collll.s, S-ii-l Pen-. Mct.il Pen Holder., I'oiic do elo Tm Pla-c, W..11 1 Chcs Men, ('hiucc do do Looking (lla-i's, Lamp til.1-,1-, Herman Colo.me', tiobl Pi iger Kiior, tiotd tin ird Keys, darnel llre.i-l Pin-, Cold On ird Chain", Patent Vertical Watches, Cold .iiid Silver Lever d Cold and Silver Lciuuc do, -N-jI Top Thim' lo , l.nlniuim 1 itnaie-lici,-, Hill Shun!. Pin-, tldl S'oiie Until.' Pin-, Slolic llci I I Jimpl keys, Plain Cold Hitigs, Chnscl tin Piiigcr do O 'inuou Head Kcy, l.uilic- lll'on -ho-iiii'l oilier ornainents do do I'lniuch'd, do do Plain llmdi r-, do i'o Small Caiiu", do do Toiui, ticnileiuen's tiarnct Pin-, do Se.irl Pins (ioM 1 1.-..I-. do do do Stono do Sloni' l!iea-l I'm-, Steel Wuli-h Kings, -1 e'cl do Key, do Sh c Huck'lc., Ciiitar Sirinirs. 1'l.itcdSiccl Hiiiti-r Kime, ilo Mule Uc Is, HIocl. Cat lliiuic V 1111.1 PTI'i::tNS. At-. C-iuiplii-n" Lamp v t 011 H C 11. iv. -it bv l.o I.LV el sr.VMOIMt. fblllch St., Purl, igt. ill, Ally I, 1-11. i '' LO()K.li(i GLASSK. A I.areru Anrlmeni ot vnnous "',,. ot I) fx. Ha: bv LUV Church strert, Ilurlington, I May I, 1311. J ndia Plate, and La l aetni styles just rec d LI.V eV. Mil .VIllUJl. 43tf et Sl.VMOUK. t.ol I an I Silver Anchor do .Vivy Ve-t lliillons, rirsp nr.cKivr.D, i.v J May 1, 1311. LOVKI.V vntif ti i rn 11 ci m iir lei 1 1 ir 1.1 vm lM'ilV llll I'i.M .1 IHilmlitl 1iN I . ltK now e pciiin.' in the I ml I-in.- 'Iire'eliv oiiii"llc the I kin'. T.---'? ot Hoilim'tou a uiiol ii--or'iiicut t. rs' rASIIIO.VAIlLi: HATS. (Sr-Sjlwlucli Ibc 1 Her lor fnle, and in- irt!('sir -vW. vne lie mil lie mean anil cx inline wjj.-KW-.y . , .,,,. ,, isy j 1 1 .' 1 rillli; IILItLIN'.TON 1 lyp. Mil. I, C'ldlMNV .lie Wiu.j u ci iiinf uic 111 1 0 Itro td t'tolh. 011 llic mimic tciiti a lii-ic, ul'i, rc, ly .11c r-. Hod I-. n -in I l'.i lib in, o ho .in-i'X Itnieiii.iin. I'nriiH r-, Mi-r.-h nn-itr oln-i-, who me wi-luuir n. I11 v c Wool lii-iu. il, 1. 1. in-1 II, r their own ti-u dr lor nuirkei, i-nn have it di tic in ilu-1 e-i in. inner. sinr.v ii.mii.ov. Apiil 22, IS 1 f . 17 A:'rnt for It. M. Co. ClioVER HICIOil A VLItV superior nrtieln of I'.AS ITHN' CI.0Vr.ll V. Sl'Il'.l). Also .',11 tihls fresh rrunnd lialitissij SUI'r.ltl-'lM', ri.Utlt, just reoivcd and for sa'i by a. PirninsoN. Iluilin-.'tnn, April 11, 1 11. HI I) Vi'.-Sl'l I V-'.V, A I 'HIS, I) VI:'- HOODS, ivrLi.iAn I'Aii't itniou a x, 31 OlilT ritrcci, Corner if I it inn, Mew-York. A Io.mt.vst sun i.v or nn: tin t.mt imo aiitici.i.s WHOLKdALi: AM) ItKTML. 'Hi 'Miaril I.cs, Jet Itracelct ( l.i-ps, Cold S,,c ..ii'!e-, Jewelers Cold Kings, Urns- Snu'.er-, tio'd Pen-, (vr. -ile-r Tal b' Spin 11 do elo Ten Speou- An lt ve-ry iiiinv new and : -ilk Sa-I i'I 1 les -ope-, Necklace-, Ceil ITIiunl le- l.nc' C'-, Ileal l'.ii, Jcl Oin.lilicuts Xci'mcs, new pa'ti'.-ns, oie'ii 111 ar icio-. Wc vo il.l ju-i -ay Ih it wc luvctio ul- -unn'.lc for evt rv I niv. il a Phi. or Kuiy. or ' nam, or Ivcv, i r Watch, 01'Cloe' , or other ur-ic'e- me wanted lor u lew cents or -h.li'.n.'s wc li ivc thciii, it more expen- -ic eine'-uic wanted wc have lliem too, il one only 1- w .inicd lor a per eu's o 11 t sc. wccau-uu'h the o.vi.. ll'dtiZens or llioic are w.in'cl to -c 1 nifaui tlit- 1- the linn and place 10 gel tl 1 : and if ynn wi-h to ee i'ur lu-e 1111 of llonl- an I lin t o it 11 ir prici are lea 'v "ud willing lo attend 10 von. LVI II V IT.It-OX, v oniig 1 r nld, rich or poor, no matter w In urc tie'e lo conic an t lit u any one lln-y e'lioosc, e-i tier to 11111 i-e ihe'ii-e'lvc-il'ilicv e'an ill lued.inir iliroui'h our Sti rc. ir lol.uv if Ihev choo.c 11 . WVliaveu -lock ed (Jooils 1 1 ire varied and ovton-nc for u- nud we irot iliciu not to SKI-.c, but to .-el , and we niteii 1 to di triliii'c tin in. ooick and chcan. Thev hivclc- ltuii locoouite vvc.I iilic.ulv and llic 11 nckcr vol 'al' ihe letter. .No char.-o r'cini lo look if v. .11 don' buvt mi call au 1 ev lor vo irsihe-. Mav, 1811. ' -13 Oh irch Sircot, May 1-1, Ifll KOIi. is tf --.v'.-J SAIiK. A DWr.LI.IMIIIOUSr.and J"Y LOP, situatid on Maul j 'iyj r-iieei niiwecn ine .-ip ire arm y L ike, and know 11 as llic Kilburn 1- i-r tdaee. Tnete is an uuf-iiling '&.lf.v?' well of water in ihee'cllirof Ih h utsc. and a el.-iitn upon one hall the well ill conneclinii Willi ihe Trunklm llo-ek The above nroiierlv H oil led for il" verv 1 bean, for further pariieul.irs aildy to the s li-.-i il. r on the piuniscs. A..' KILHl'ltN. 1 . 11 1 1 1 ' I Jloll, .11 iv 1, 1-.1. H.i1 i;issia .vi, units. f' Tons warranli'd ltu-ia il llniK fir sale liy O roi.LIHT I'dlADLI.V ek. ' o. H V .11 .11 i: St A il li A Ti (4 1! .11 i: Ti T viitcn. & Co., pACK.uii: r.xpiti.ss J. leave I! r'ing'ou cveiy M 'li.'.iv nl einoon iroing riiintli, anievcrv 1 11 r-cav in criioon uiu .Nor'h. P.n l nae- in i-l I e le'll with Mo r-. .1. .V J. II. PI CK v'v Co. 17 VI1KI1L .V Co. T N5TSD20. rIIH Hib-cril e-r- wi-h to notily their I'li-teiincr- w lio have had wool man .lucinrod, that the 1 loih- arcallicady for i'cIivi rv, '.ill I a- Ihev wi-h to clo-c up the e'eniicrn, would be gl 1 1 lo have lliem e'.ill be fore llic lir-t ol J me. Tho b i-inc- w ill then I cenr riclonbyiho H. Mi 1 Co. All p. r-on-indebted, by note' or t ool., arc icUe-ic 1 10 -eileiho -nine bv that tune-. liOr.I.Ol-'SO.N', It.UTIIll'N .f- 'Co. P. Mills, JI ay 15 b, IB 1 1. 50 vvH STItO.MiS it Co. have ju-t icceived and now of ler at low pri -cs, IU I ons iif-orlcJ l.iiuli'li lirctron, ;i do do S. vode-, 2 do Itu-s a Old Sal lc, H ilo do Xailrol-, Sinde'ison'- Ca-t She!, Svvelcsdo, Lngli-h Hli-I. do. tierniuu, lor Ca-k-, do Anvil-, Kotier, Keg an I P.i'cul, Vices, Shovels, Spades, Hoc--, Cm liars, Hay "iind Mniiuie 1'euk-. S. vtl.i'.-. f n Sbovcl.. wilh a gciier il and full's -oriiucnt of Ironmongery. M.... 1". Ul nn' .'l.l 1 , I j, ... ,tu SPSmTG- G-OOD.S. W.U. IIUR.IUJIIT, HAS Kc-civcl and is 11 c.v le-cec. ing a general a -or'iticni 1 f i'.vxcy a spasm, r. nttv cooik. among wh 1 li m iv I ' fo m I ;i Ici'iiitd a orimcnl of Lawn-, I'u' Lilies Drc -e-, lb. in' nz ne-, plain, black, col'd tin I tigoie-l Mot ci. iu dc Liino-, rich fi.'ucl Pre- Silk-, il 1111 bin;'. 1111 1 hue Id 1-!, (iio dc Svi an I e'ob'H'l fin ''c Nap do., Hniiucl S !k, S i;icrlino Hizoriue-. Li le. and Luicn Kdin-j--, Swi-s nn I Cam1 ri ' I'duui'.'- and Inscrtin-g-. 1'iiie Diiniiy, Chantclla Veil , Pan -v II ikf- n I fi-ivil-, I'oiinci nn I 1. her I'iM'on , vi lc La -c, p'.t 11 and iig'd Svv Mosl 11-, .111 1 f uuilir cs. P.ain S em -Ir i" I 1111 1 Da'in-k Dc I aino Sh nvl IV Lame 11,1 fs. Ki I Cluvc. I.i-t Tlirea-lnn I Si k do. Silk Mitt-an 1 lilovc , black and colore I (limp--, .Net Cap-, itc. Ac. IMtOAHCI OTIIS, Plain end Pancy Ca.-imerc, .Siuincll-, Sunnier fa iincre. plain and e'.brel Cain! roon, Diapil'r.'c, lane-n-, Kenui"'.y irid Ilnm- 1I1011 Jem-; 1 rencti, 1 nglt-h mil 111ca can li-iu'-. .Mo inline Ha !z in 111', l.iwu , Tic!,-, I'liuii"!-, f 1 1 b i P. L. I! i'-, I,. It .lilie s. Lejlim-n-, I'lnbicl-la-, Para-ol- i Tivinc, Wic'i, Halting, 1111 1 other thing too iiunicrou- to incntiou. Als", A General A ' rmicnt of l'.vsili.Y "i.oe r 1:11:-. P. S Mr. .lame- V, 11 .rll uri may lc bam I at llic a' ovc -tore vvle-re he will I c h i;iy to wait 1111011 hi- fi.i'ii I- and eitheis vvho mav favor bun with u call. Stoic directly 11,1,10 lie 3Ic-s. I.ovily vt Scy-iui.iii'-, f hur -It -licet. Huiliiiiilon, Mny 10. 1611. -Ifl f "V'17'OULl') le-peetrullv inroriu his fiicnds and jh- I laildic thai he has iust n tinned fioin Xev Vork with the latml J'aJtiuiu. and that be imiiIiiiiu-s to carry on busincis ai bis old stand. Having vi-c ted some of the best shops 111 'ho Ity of New Vork he liu-ls lint, with an cvpeiu neu of Ivventv-two yi-ns, he can compele uuh iho best Tailoi a in tln pai I of the country. X. P. Culling doncat short notice, cheap for east,. .11 iv S, ISlfx -l'J 11 aiioci:iui:a. p A- II. II. IiODLt'l'ri.Koll'cr lorsale, L Porm Ilien 'ind Xi w Oilcans Sugats, I. oaf and Powilced do Hyson, II vnm Skin, 1'oung Hysnnnnd Pow- cluing l i as, ol the verv nc-i ipiiuty, .1 11a, I, igiu ri, K n. anil Cab.i Cotl'ce, lie si Porlo Uico .IIuI-i-ms, . Itici', Pepper, "pice, t Sinner, an I Cinnamon, ' Ci vi ti 'i-.Ii and l-'ineCut Tobacco, Smnkhi" do. Together wilh a ccneral aesirtmcnt of Dry Crocc- ries. which they oil r for sale at the lowest puces. Mav3. lflll. ID wfi ACK COAT. I 11 it-, a. -or lu 1 1 i'b r-an I -izc-, ju-; .111 or Mil. vcr,- 1 lic.1.1 liv II. V. CATI.IN. WOOD ij. l.fMlUUl. gnn Cord- irood Div II.i r 1 Woeil, -fl 1 noil feci S marc Tun' cr. OOllll Peel Cood Sea-one I Chip! o inL, 1.10 M lir-t ijuiliti Pine aii'l Sprue Sh n-.-lc- for -nlcl v Cl.O. P1.TI-.K-U.S. April -Jj, 1511. 17 Arrival :tt 1 loino. JIOIVAU!) of llic CM HAP (!AMI STOItl'.. F.I t'lt.NI'.l) h i i" 1 111117, I v lb" Stcnucr Sara C ii tc, v I'll an a-s. rliii'-nt ul liOt)DS tl cdlotln pre cat -as ai, nil t In 11 I li ivn s nine lo oi-im-c o licui at s'ow uii'l ile ir -nice-, vvi i as heat ilore m-11 an el. nn I fin .1,1 1, r ' a-li. Mav II. It n I!'U-U I'.tlM'.lt. Oftrt llnu-c Pa .cr, a orcd ep ubtv, nil I UV 'V in w t'atie'rns, ve-rv e heap, 11 1 11 crive 1. 1 v .nay in, IS! I. SO II. n.v..VH,i. TO I1P..NT. rllll"! Morse Hottfu is I c u--' put in or 'cr nud will B. I e icnle I to one or two slii.ill -till I'lill' les. I ha- a well an I ei-li 111, and will"! u enebi-el with a V aid, 11 ete-irc i- 1 D y. St', 1 li'i'C vc I .1 .11 l ,11 vosuttnss, w.vrr.n. 1 t'ST ic ctvcl, a lie h -np.iiv 1 f ' ONillMISS W.- I I. 11. m In c- 1 1 e r,c anil two o. zen e-n n. nm for -nb- I v Ol O. Pl.TLHSOX. HuLii'.' on, Mav 7. ISIL -15 if .11 ov 15 6n Hrin-maio vt I'noTiir.a-. TtX Pl.ATI S. Ac. 110XI '1 in Plu'ol-jX nnli'x'ia -ie 0D Itol's In 11 Wne. No. 1 10 i. Sheet Copper, Tinned uudlbiic. ttvtls, I 'npp'-r 1 1 el- and I 111 -, Ho tU'-'P .er, with a gcneia' .11 r incnt 1 Turners Ti o's, a KU.MIS vt Co ai.iy Id, '11. U 5 Cltl.NM STOMAS. TONS Nova S.-oti.i lirmd Moms, lini licl and iinliiii-liid, ,i ns-ortid. .STUOX(!S vt Co. .May 10, '4 I. 50 tSiinnnict'-i itatc. i-cribi'is, hiving 1 ecu nppnin'i'd (!coi I-: Ibc s il, lb Ilouora' c Ih" Pn ba c Conn lor the Di Iriet 1 i elrinl Is c, eoiiinn loners lo icceive, exam ine an I .1 ipi-t ihe e a 111- aiel ilcinan I- 1.1 all pcr-i lis aaui.t Ihee latc.d i.lOR'.i: I! HUM. MI I!, 1 10 , I lb ir.'li. 111 -ai I Di tra-t, elc -ca pi, rcare nie I in nl- ven'. un I n'-o a 1 c! tun- and th 111 mil- cxlii1 I'c I i.T 01 thcicio: nn 1 - i m. n:hs limn 1 In- tv nl'ihe d.r In rcoi, I cine a'l.ivvc I I y -aid fo in I. r th it pmpi wc do tlicictoic hcie'v aive nonce, lli.li vie will al- icnil tm he bii-'iiu of. 1 r a;i;M.iti'nient, .11 llic.lwcl ing ho i-e of the bee f'C"i-.c Hi uniiiirr, in Aibui.h, 11, -.11 1 Di-tr ot ibc -c 011.I II11ud.1v- ol Jolv uu I m-i, tcuibci- next, 111 II o'clock, A JL, 011 cm b 1 f siiildavs. Date I. till-(ill day.. I April. A. D. ltill. WiLI.IAM SDWI.r.S, 13 w-3 I I.ISIIA 1U-.1 NOLDS rp WS. IV. I.. --TllO.M! Ii.truigas n va'cd with I ihcm AVDIil'.W THOMPSON, ihe 3Icr.Mii- end C ntincr 1 il luiMiic will le couil ccd nndir he linn ol'STUOXl.S vt Co. April I, HI I. .-.0 I ae the I Alnnl Oii-lnncul Arirol In Inro ffimin Tutlnr Ih 1 I Word Tartaric Acid ltd Snn'crs .i'id I'ortfs I I v per Xic Wo mI Nune Aeiil I'c e h Wood M ii imie A 'id Ha he Wood Oil Vitriol Cum Wood , XiiMte 'I'm H. tr 11'ni d ' illurialie Tin (iiccn Ll onv j Mufif filph. Tin Nicarairua WikaI I Crystals 'I'm I o.' WoirI j Chctiiie I'u-lii! I , 1 1 Auioni. 1 Acer Itul rim . Puller'- Kanh O 'Crcimni Hark Hn'in-lonc Wle'luig Nitrate Iron IV.eid Ovulic Acid Tntuci'm Hlciieblui; Salts Suni.t'1 Sal Smla Mutips-t l'ot.Vhes Mul'ir Pea, I A-hcs Carrauic.cii Verdnrris Cn.Pcar PiifeTiil Oieb lo , lln'arr JCol Saillowcr ! 'I'im-uIs Nm Cull- 1 Olio SeiH-gal Per-ian Hcriici , I ml'tru Pa to Aiinciln I'x'. Log Wueiel Won I ' P.peClav (line l'lo-M 'I'm l!i'iti-b O un ' Twin! l'r 1 laic Po'as'i ' 'J'lictulotueltcri Hi 'hi-otiinto do Ilvdiouieiers S il 11111111 iu Vat nels I. iihaiagc Writii-'iuir Cloth Copoer Du-t Cu eh An 1 1 in ii v Terra Jaoouica S.iL-arl.ca! Pi.'uio S'arch nine Vitriol i Man .ines'-c C'op.iera- ( it . i-e. .'.'c, April il, lilt. 'J n "17 1MAIISIIALIS XOTHJK. TAU.O L(i. " CAl.I N hi3 n t !t ne 1 lo 'lit I'.tlU nml ojifn- t t tl :t s'ti)i I i -!ic J. V. VW.ivi r'i store. Tho p iti'iii.tij" t.l f.irtiKT fru'tuis ami the public it r . . 1 1 . . .1 1 ( 1,111111 in s 1 u' or in 1111 11 v ii mi 11 h: 11 1 tiiiii'u miii, IU11I ntun I-'jI!-, Mauh U, 1311. 11 ll TTavi: .1. I. il -..! u-t ncive1 f rum New Ynrk a ?eiu'r:l (tM'iHMit ni I ancv an I h a tlu Div Ihkm-, foiii.in-iiiir tin' mum Mylf ot I'nr.t tiinalittiii, lloni1 uiiie-, Iiouuft ami l)reji l.tuvn, S1 - an 1 Sill. SIi iw'-,, M, ilu I.Ttie-, llrnrlia Sh wt ri'remv an I Sir iw It -imot-, .Si.k Ii.u-oN, It i-ierv, tiluve-, MlllAe. it-. Al.-n, lr (Ji'ii'leinLMi'-. sii'iiiner weir, Drnji Vi'U Doe S'.ni, C.i-f-.niL'iv, Twof.! CJlu'li, f!.ii' iMciie, Uuml azme, Vel vcrrit, I'.incy Silk etni!j. I'lai t an 1 fnif Vi lvt t Mir uiP- unii alntia ot I'an y an I p'nm .S'ueU an ITie-, ( Vi .r:il-, Il.ir-, A Vc. Whit h will 1 1 ul I a fiuaji us can he lo.iylit U'V wi nr ajijirovpt! ! lii. Ch ip h fluet, M iv 8, 1911. -10 f DAIRY SALT. $Atk 1 'airy Salt, -u n t- rl bv OvJU II. W. CATLIV. May VII. U - Com, wi: 'bv -.i i Ilouora ti'tilii'ti Nllci I'.stato. il-i r her-, bavin,' I ecu a I'loin't-! bv 'be iioral lc the Prohu'n C"Uit for the l'i.-tuci ot iiraul l-lc, v om.iii -uiniT- lo rccivc, i.initac aula lost llic olnuu. an I ih-n hi'- ill u'I i.crs in airrnii'llice.uilcof-sTHlTII-'MtP'l ,lileof.l,r.'h, in -anl Il'-lrict, ilc. in il, re-pn- cu ci :u i liciu, nn alo all cl lim- or ccman is ctu' i e I tn o ,-ol (In ret au 1 i un nth- from the el.iv ol ihcda-c bercolj I em : ,i' imi' I ' v - aid Com! f.r Ih it pur;io-e, we do ihcielmv hcrebv iw hum c, thai vc will n"cn I to the I itsiiii's- ot our uppi-niliiien, n' lite il'vcltuu ho i-c 1 1 Silly Ni'e-, in Al1 nrjh. in -aid Pi-trict, i-u ihe 1-1 .llnndtiv- ol July and Scptciubt r ne.v, ai U o'clocl-, A. .M., on ejcli ol i o onv-, LjicJ. lhi 31 dav l'.t.ir'l, A. P. I tl. 'I'ltlllH Itl'-'v 1IVZUN, ).. ,o ...a ifnv I. i.-- i ir 1 1 v; .von. t D .f- Co. i,i:,D imim:. fT TONS Lead Pipe to IJ iial I ilo Sheet I.eael, 1 1 a-l; She-i'i .inc, 211 Has- -hot, a-forlid .No-, bv Mav l'l.'-l I . 0 SlltC.Vf. S MI'S. SAXTON T.TAS reliuiied to Hiirllii'.'lon and opencil a Milh'ita JLX ry Shop nt her e Id stand one door north of Lovely an I .--cymo ir s a-ene on C liurcli St., vv here Ile will bo happy In ce all her o'd ctihtoiucr- and us ma ny new ones a-in. ly favor her vvi'h a call. Laws' bonnet- and (IcntlcmenV bat- whileiivjd and icpaircil in iho I c-t manner. IU w3 J01 ASM KLTTLIS, Ul) ami lid Kal on-. Cuul ilion no jU. ij, oU an I till) lm lou-. ve-v e'lie'an. .viay, ion. dii ijiiiu.M.s k ui, ' PAH, le) II1 I 1 .11 ay 13. .Noith Cnroin:i, l,v 5D s'litnxas vt Co. STKONa-s vt Co. 50 AOKLltbL, Cod I-'u-h, Salmon, Suioi ed Heel by 11. .Hay I.",, Ml 50 .STKO.XCS it Co l.&J-l 23 Ton- Per i mauufactuicd, Inn. p. -n I .hi l iuaie", a-BortvJ, Id Ton- S. ro'l Iron do 10 ilu Hand do do 10 do Ilor-cSheio elo Manulael'irol by llic Peru Iron Co. nml formic on ciin-n.'nmeni, i.y si uu,us it Co. .viav 1!, 11. 5H IVilllam Itav's tNtali'. Wl'. llic d-i rd cr., h.ivini; luvn appoiii'cl ly ll . Hon. .ruble the Pi ol nte Court lor the Di-. Iriciift l.it'cndcn, coiiiuu loner- lo icccivc, i'.. inl ine .in I a h .s- the c!nuu-uti I demand- 1 1 all pcr-on-, ujaiusi Ihe c-ta'c ol WILLI A 11 IIAV, lam el IIiiic- nirv.li, in sai.t 1'i-trici, oc'ca-c i, ii-iirc cuii I m-ol- vent, nud iil-o nil claim- sin I dciniul- i'hibiled m ol cu ihcre'lo; uu I m months t,nni it,, ,,iy ,, il.,. I.Pe he'n' I, be in; at ovvct by mi it Court f. r thai pnr- poM', vie il.. ilicrcinre licictiy irive notice, tliu iiewill i ten 1 1 'uc ti i uic ul our appi intuicut, nl tne late live iwi ol inc dc -el-el, in lliiie-b irh, in -ail I).-- iritfi, i i t ic I ir li s iiur.l.iy. ol .vlay and (.) t m next, at 111 o lo -k, A. al., on e'l 'll ol s.ll I Oays, lUile ', li s Until elav 1 1 Ap 'il. . I'., If 1 1. JU. S. l'VTICi,(c 13 vv3 DAMLI. PA'I'll.CIC, U0I" FAXCY GOODS. -VT.W lvlc. I aIn mil I'nrU Sil.-, Ua'z irmcs, lN Printed Law u-, AL u-c do Luce-, rrcn.-b Cuil'- liniu- anl I nil'.-, a I ui asoitu,cm, i i-t rccicci '.y II. W, CA 1 1 l.N. Al.sn Pine Piorenee llrnid an I Xe-i-"..i ai IbmnC's, m'ii- 'lo and on i1 1" r.m Cob ic I a.i I Wh 'c Lcjh un II it-. Xcw j U- tli.iiiu-, ci-i. nml i no lie I n-. . rt in -e al I'lovvci'-. La i -, h L'li'ai v ai etc. (ilov.s an I Mils, .let .co'.lacc- an I ll.urCa u-. P in o'l-, Cru vat.s, Shawl , 1 1 -i l. -c-ii cfs, iVc. Ac. nOMHf.TIl) CJt)IJS. Hrown Sin c iii-B nil'1. Sh rinia-, Omni Vam nu 1 Cirnct Warp.Ti kiuc.W' i Idiuirand II miiiir, lllci b e I Cotton au I Ami'i'icnn Print-, nil lio 's, in-' o icucl ly II. W. C.VII.IN. Vl,so A f dlas.i rtmen' PaicvvcllV an I Nc-.v Vmk S'i of nil I, in li mid -iv'o-. Al o, a fill a-sjrtnii'nt nl (tioccrte- (l.ii ior-c vp'ob) The ah .vc c o I- an I i irrc.H iniitv more no- enu uieialcl. havclicu -c'c'icd vvrli care anl a tcuti m in ii.ioir.l lo -iv'e. ounti'i' and oricc. un I ale ri'iw i I- I'eied i'..rcab eic tn ir orod.a c, a-b.w a-any ehvr e-laiiii hiiicnl in Ibc -"ta'c. .N. It A- inv inolto i-. " a- chcan a- Hie clie'.tp c-l," th-i c who vi aut I lie- luo-l lor tliu if l -l moui'y, will do well tne.ill Iclorc pureli.i-liij!. n vv . o I.'MTLl) STATIC Of AHLIIR'A, ) 73rl!--t ANT Vermont Dittrnt, to irit: S 1 t" 1 a r- r.mts I uc I o.it ' I the lion. Di-irict V onrl ol Uic I lu ted S'a'c- lor -aid Di-Irci to mc due ti d, 1 do bcie- t, v LMVe t'n- p iblic n il , th it inf ri it oih lor vo- a ions ot tic I.IW-Ol the- Itlllcl !-l.t'i 8 hivo I ivn li'i'lin -mil Conrl, IvClnilu- Davi-, P. ip D.s- trict Ami rucv et 'l.o ini'cl J-iii'i'.-b.r -in 1 I'l-'ri'-l, a'aiu t the tullii.viiiir dc cr.Iic.l "i il- uu 1 Alerchau die: 55 vl-. cbe'l.'d Cn iincre, 3 vd-. Illacl. Hu.i I Cli.ih,''J yd-. Ill ic Itro id Cloth, ,"'vd-. li'a-l. Hmad ('.oih, 5 vd-. Doc .km Ca siincie.'JI v.l- Hl icl'.lot (', olh, j ilrev llox Coat", mied nl R xl urv, Sept, 7, I'll. lii yd-. Calico, 21 v.'s. Woolm Cb.lb, -czelmi tin! w i cr- ol'l ul.e Cliitni d un, iiimi- V. i-t Alburrh in llui Di in -I of Vcr en ui I, 0 t.-J.i, ISIt. t y I- Itru.i'l C,i li, i Sh iwi, sciz"l on tho w'.l'er-ol La c Clinmplmii, m " " irl n'ioii, m llic I)i-lr.ct of Vi niioni, O -I. Pi, 1-H. I S rro' I lor c -c znl at P nrlicld, CM. it, IS 13. 1 Pn-1 Roan 1 lor c, 1 Cuter and Ilnrnc , -ouod at I'crl.v, IV'.. 13, -t If. t. HV ( o r-, eie I nl Swaii'on, IV". 17,131.!. 7vd .' I'l'avcrCIo h, Ij vd-. Urol 1 Ulotb, -ciz-i) nt Ui'liL'irc. March lit, ISM.' JTrunl-s, contain uc IS piece'- -mil pan pui'cs nl Calic ., I pan p-ece liroud Club, I Shawl, 1 pint pio-o Linen Dllllnr.', I Ho lii ll Cup-, .-cled at .li ntpi-hi'i, I'c' ruury '.'3, 1S1 1. 1 ltoiiii rrench lii'-i', I Ilia !. llor o. I tin'y Po ny, 1 part p c c KciM'ynicic, -c zed at Nurthticl I, O to! i r 12, 111. 1 (lice Picncli Ilor-c, 1 H'a.'l. I'rcuch Ilor-c, -i iz cl al P.erl.ii. () t. 2, ISli. 1 l-'ri'ii.-h llor-c-c I ul Moippcl cr, O'l. 10, 115. J I'rcuch llor e-,-eizi'da' N. r hlic'd, t 1. 1 1, 1-If. I I 'rou h llor-cscici at Mon'pclicr. Nov. 13. 1-11. i pari p c -c- I. uco, :S pan p.ii c- lima I Cloib, 'I pair Unci in-, -c 7. 'I at ti o! Ibill, Match 21. 1-1 1. 2Ior.-e-, 1 S'e.1, 1 double Harries-, 3 Shawl-, M'.Z" I ai Pa i lax, Jan. 17, 131 1. I HI ict. Mnc, -cizcdat I.v u Inn. IV . 3. I'M. 1 (liev I'r.'u- h Ib.r c -c z ' n' I! iron, I-'eh. R, 1 -1 1. J l- ri'iidi Ho .-e-, e' zc I nt C.ver, .11 nvh 5, I-11. 1 II. iv Pii'iich Ilor-c, 1 Hii.wn l-'icni h Man, .-c ed.ii Hur!.e, IV.. 3, Pit. 1 I rcn di ll. r e c zed nt II r c, 1 c' . 21, l I. I Cbiii it culoicd Hur ', tniji IVa'deii, .March l-'Il I II a Picii h Soul II T-o, 1 llci ll an llor-e, 1 ii icl, del Inc.', I Si.ricl .line, 10 -l-. 1'ro.id Clolll. l- s s'.ui. 1 Lvnx -l.in, I S.r le .-bin, ,ci;;c I al Wood v. IIiii h-0. 1-11. 1 White II r c, s .clal Ca'.ot, Mar h 2(1, It 11 1 Hrown Mine. -c ;'.id nt IVhcc'i. I , April 2, ISM. Anl niil will le huil on -nil inlnrni Hi' n-, al the nex' s'a e I ti'r.u ul ut i 1 s nci i.itinioic not. ten it Win l-i.r, vvillim an I tor -ai I Hi 'not, on the ' 1 li lav of May in X', of vv hi 'h nil j rr on- mtcio tod will ' c nonce nn 1 govern llic usclvc- uc-oiiiiii-jiv. ti von uu 'c in v ban I ut liradiorl, in --aid I)i-tri'-t, tin- 2i 1 dav of A.-il. Pit. 17 WILLI A1 IIAIIKD.N, Mirthall. STATI PIlDLAllS AXD OTIIUIIS, fttli v 1 a-, Ch.'1.. nut Walcbc , lilil, (i It or VV I 'a "it .It vvclrv, t'cr nnu Saver .V Piutc.l -spi-oii-, C illlb-, 11 it er Knives, P,ii-, -Nee I c , l'vc'cl-, ilonl, in I I', c , Li e'-, 11 in, Shcl , ml 1ool Comb-, liU un) 'llli i liu-r a -licles, at ilie to .vest pilcci at vv In ,c aie. -H llni.s--i vm it Hnoriir.r.s, NOTICK. YITIIUll'.U.K, STOl.'ACi: and Pt)UWAIU)I.NU, by tic- -ub cn' cr at the .Vcvv Wb irf. i:.NO-i 151.1 NN. Ilatlm-i n Mi-1, 1511. -H it; Alli'ii I". ISeai-Ii's I.-latc. r vp.iniuxr, i 'pin: n u. tiu- Pm l.-trici 1. 1 Ch iVi,.. " lav (.out lor llu li-inct ol'l'iiilteii.lcii. To all t'cr-uiis eon o lie I u iho I '.-ta'c ol All, n T. livaeli laleol II in'ri j'i iv in -aid Hinici. ilcic.i-i'l. l.ur.r.risr. W icici-.W. P. Iri'.-n-. 1A'" nor ot it.c i.i-i win an I ic-i.iiiicnt i t -nil de iM-e-l, pio.io-i-- o rvn ler in a ...in r i.t hi- a Iiuini-ii-alion, aiel pro cut In- ao- c.ruit uu'iui-t -nil e-ia'e for I'xauiinaiion and .illov .in 'cu' a -e ion i I'llic Co irt nt Pro' ate, to I c holdi ai llic ll.'.'i-'.ci'-1 Hi -e ni aid li.irl.iiJ'ou on the ilur 1 Wm'iio dav of .11.iv, It'll. Tiii.I'.ei- r.n. 1 1 n ,uc here'. v iin'ilicd lo nppe'ar I c tore -aid ceiiri at tl.c nuic .m I p'n -c aforc-nit, anl -hew mil c. il anv vo i h ivc, why Hie a.'couut aluri- -ai l -lu u. I no! l-e'U lowen, (i ven un 'cr my baa I at llurliuzlon tin- tivon I day of tav A. I. LStl. I3w3 1VM. IViyfU.N, Cegmer, SA I.T. 1 ("C iims. I'""' a.ilt, .LUvJ 2)0 Sack.- (23 lb-.) DiirySalt, 20 Sacks Liverpool Mow n do May 15. 50 STHONCiS it Co. EA'TllAOllDlNAllY I'Oll A Twcnly-ciylit Yours ICxjierionco. ritllli SiNcribor h irTivn TWP.NTV.r.llillT .1. VI'I!S i n-'a-'C I in ihe in inlacinre' of ll'J.VI'S nud S 1 101 --i the whole ol whHi June, with iho ex ecution i f 7 vear-, bo ha- Iccu in ll-ir'mjion. lie I now cu.iue. lo Kivc mo ic-i pur en iiett llu li c-tin"s, Siimin rSliilli. ti id Trimmine,, .Imp In any man, woman NEW (GOODS. ACOOI) SS011TMP.T nf Uroul Cloths, Oros d'l'la, Dr ib il Ta, ( 'assuueres, Tw-eciU, Sill- I1CII Iir ll V c-till"s, s Sec itc., vvlui-li will bi a I a' pr hih. I.OvliLV Cliu ill iirei'l, May 10, 1 II. .llavy Clark's 1's.tate. STATIC OP VP.ItMONT, j A T n Prol am Court Di-tiici id Chitienilcu, J v holdcn at II irlms Ion, wiibin nud lor tho Disnict nforc-ail on the iniiili dav of llav A. I'. IH 1 1, nu lii-lrinneul purpoi Hint lo bcihchi-i Wi I nud Tc.ianicnt ol .1L1HV CLAHK", hilc ol I'ndeihdl, in Mud Ib-lrici div-c.i-o.1, vvas pro cutel tn the Coirl hero lor Prolate, by .Nathan Woo Ir'lH iho I'Mvtitor, Ibcreui iiainel. Tili'iu I'onr. II I- ordcri-d I y t-aul Conrl, tb.il put In tiotiic Ic uiven lo all pi'r-ons concerned iheu'in to npiii-ar Ictoro .aid Court, al a c-inn ihcri'ofio lc holdeiiai ihelli-ai.tcrsn liccin -.anl Iluiliuiflon, em the nvonl Wedne day of J me, A. I). IS 1 1, mi l e'onlo! ibc iirobaic of mid Will, an I it ii fir her ordered that Ihisnrler I" piMi-bcl iliri-o week nicc'-ivcly in Iho lliir'ni'-'inn 1'ice Pics-, a new-papi-r prnileil at Hurlui'.'ioni in tin- Suite, the hist of v In. Ii tli.ill bo orcviou. Inlbcdav il i'lii'. as llfir.'-aid forlicariii.-. niven under my h.inlat Iho Hcgt.ii'i-. Olfn e, tin, lllt.M l)S. ip llic late I palcrin. win h Ihev Olhdayof May. A. P. Il. ' file cheap. ' II .iK ia In- r fluid that vi!fciiilV lo s td ut iHircha-. nu lai-t. Mint iiuntiL' un' m m n mu iimip, nt- na- is I' MOLIE ever, even tine, failed u have ll.eir wvrk ilonewlien VJ ii rum i e t. .MISS U UA..HY WOULD lespviibilly inform the I.ad'us of tlur linslnn thai she has just leiiuni'd from New Yoik with n L'ooJ iissoi imenl of llouneu, Itibbuin and Silks of diH'crcnt iij c, Laces, lljrdcrs and Ar tilleials, Ovc Sl.chasNivv Patterns for lVcsscs, which will be linde to order. Ladies arc respectfully invited lo call and txainitic llll' ll.lllll., N. II. Straw nud I'lorcnco Hats bleacbiij and sowed in the newest Hvle. lluiluiKion, May 0, 1811. -19 no vjvjv.s'. it II. II. DOOI.l'l'l I.I'.tiavi' msiieeeivid nil assoiluient of STItAW AM) I'LOIU M'K uller iol I P Itoo's .iiidShoi-s ron-tauily Ki'pl on haul, and u'I u-v, , j, ill's of woil. ni bisluicnciily, proinptly andclii-ip- .3w':i " ' l.in ly dolli l'lCiH) e'.ill and exaininc woik and nricc- .IA.11L-! II. PLAT I . Ch-ui'h nnvt., M ly I, If 1 1. H I lml-1 lmille' I'-tatc. ST ATI: OP VLItMO.NT. 1 raiUIT lion, the Pre Di trict ol ( bci'iidcii, h. V .8 laic Co irt fir llu I'l-li -cl I tli pen 'en To nil per- ms con.'criieil in ihe c-Mie of I.Ol'IS l)l'.U 11,1,1'., I i'c f H irlmatoii 111 Ulld l-llicl. divcl-c I. lir.UETiNn. v iii-.nr vs. in. A. (in-wo'i . ml niii'stralor i t llic c la'col s il ! dc 'c.i-c I, tiropo-o- lo render nu accoiiul ol lu- a lui'iii.lr.ition, an I pro-cut IU- lo'cnnui auam-i ai I c tatc I t cxaniuia ion anl allowance al a m's l ol ibc Co irl 1 1 Pn ln'c, lobe h dilcn a! llic lie Met nillci in -aid II ii1iii,'Uii, i n the llurd WvJne l.i V "I Hay IS 1 1. Tiif.tii-.i oni', You un hero' y iionliivl in anpear Ul rc i-n nl cn irl nl iho time un I place alorc-a' i, ana -hew ca ec, it any vo i have, w I y tin account aim it' -ni I tiould not be allowed. (Sii-eii uu 'cr my haul nt 11 irlingtoii tin-ii'e-ond ikiy Win. WKS TON, !iitter. SHLHUT SCHOOL, FOIl GIRLS AND BOYS. rli; SP.COM) Ti:ilM ol tlii- S. liool will com- i iiiem o on Tliur.liy the a'h day ol'Juiii'. There will lo a vanillin id llum vv-e-cl.s i-oiiiiiieni'iiii; n wick- from the I cjinnuu of ihe term, unci which Ibcti rui will bec, in ilciil in live week.. Ti'ill.'N tSlt.OO. S.-liool lto mi- over II. Miiyei. Stoic, we-l l 'c of the piai-u. .1. M. lit PI I,, V'.ti-'ifr. It rbnto i, Ap I 2U, Hll. O.clS .Tolin I)rarri'itS INlatr VTI". the -i b crdn r- liiivinir I ecu nji'ioinln.1 I y my nA 'PHI: Prick Iti.ililii.i on tlioeast side of rllitih-;-) ('oun llm -c Sipiaic, at iie.-cnl oc ii'Irgl. cupi, d liv Mi H c n. s, na a cabinet shop. bzuZ&lgS, 'lli:rhni!10ti. Am it l.'.'ll.' -10 JI. MARSHALL, Alt! IIITIHT t'P.O.Il .11 V--ACMUSHTTS, OI'I'P.HS bis icrvces In the pnhli' to Draw Plans of all kinds of Public Ibu dins and Diieillmi; Ilousis, and liicwisei to cou'rae.1 to biald llic tniiiu ruj'iucd. I.iiilin;liin, - 1 1 r 1 1 la I'll. JGtf nn Hi-'- o cii.-i-i.i:. I C.i veriimeut Java Co'tec, 0 ba tin i tl el do 2) hie:- 1.12'iir.i, 25 do Urn, CO do Alt,"0-tura, a sp'rni'nl nr'icle'. for-ale" Pi H.I.I 'IT, UKAI'I.I'.Y iV L. Oil Did., Nov 23, IS 13. tsas. TO REST, llfOM Till: t-t dp M W.the s I l-ii vva a- llu Unnvn-j Sxor.i.. to Pec', ,f. .s'lcar, llrujiri.'-. I ii rj April 2, PKIK .t Sl'l-A - TO RENT, IIiOM ihe Iir I of May, a couicn cnt WOl'SL I a lai'ue I uu ly, orb'r two nuall fauu'ics, Ham, Wootbo-i-i' aifl'larlen. Als M-vera! lit oin. in u new lliick Ilo-cc vv wo .d bo i-e', v. -., all .il i.iv.1 biHu-en the Co. House S j litre' and inc Lake. Apple to li a.uiKion, A.n-,1 ?, Ml. 13 if 11. M.YO.21. DJSSOLV I OX. 'PHI-: C .parnicrs'.ip if. II OSTIIr HI .V Co. 6 llu. elny, by in tl ml c. u mil, di-.olvtsl. Tic irond- uu I c 'cc'- of ibc lirui. arc a-'uac I ii.id i-ni1 cyeil in Meisr.s Svsiso.s, one of i lie- Co , who i- a ihon-tvj to mrilonnd receive all tin ilp' I- and elc maud., if llic Co. M. OST1II IM, It. J. Ill 'INI'lli:i'li, .11. SAM-iO.W II irlingtoii, April 23, 1811, M. OSHII'IM, O'lcnl'lbclite firm of 11. O-llivin .V Co., hcr.'l V autlioriii'.l to colic t iho demand, d ii llu lav Company. .11. SAMSON. ltu7Tiiivne.il, AprdlJ, 1511. -17 xorici:. rilllis (Vrtiln- tliai I have siivcii my -on, Wil I t-tvM Dr.cKBe., hi. lime lii a.'t and irai'clor bun. M'f, uu I I shall ciiion noic of In. wa.'e. nor pay any debte- i'I' Ins, i-tni' r.ic uu ahcrihi. date. ASA DIX'KLK. AHoi, II. l'fcnvr.renv. We.llicl.l, April 1, IS 11. f V ihe- Hon irahlo ibc Prol .i'c Co .ri lor llic Ui trici of Cliuten Ii li. iont iii-mioiicis In ren'Civc, cx.iiuiuc and ndjil-t Ilo claims and ,'cui.iu I. of all pcr-on. iis(huii ilu eciam ol JOHN MI UKP. X, li e "f Itichuion I, in nul di-n ict, de i.i c I, icpie cu'iil in .olvint, ii nd nlo all claiiii. and dcmiiii U cxlul fill in ol-cl Iheicio; mil .i. moil Ii. fieni llic day if It"' d ite liewof I riiij nll.iwul I y -ai I n irt I'm that p ir-oo-e. wo do ihciclorc lieu' v aivi imtnv that Mi u ip a'li 1 1 in llu lu.iui'm in our nppniiiiiiicui, ui j vin Miriiic-., vv.n. .. iii,i-vv ui, I), .U'oiu. it c d '-. ui -h i e nf Vim. II Cooper, m Hu b d, Hull. ii,'ton, March I, ISIL .0 if il a I t -ir ci, i 'i l ie I-u ny in .liino auu .-I'pieiii ISHVi ll A A CIO. '"P II n -ul s -riler h i- nc'esl a-.t-vni for the Jl'.'nn J Iii-iii n mc Company nl Ifurtfonl Cnuneviu-.il for moiclban twcipy vear-pn-t. uu I e..niiuue- lo m.iiro aiTiiiii-l losses- by lire, and all km I. i I I ml hnj;. nm) pcrM.a.il pr .pci y, and w ill ii-eve apiliiniuii. at In. n lii c ui lb irl in o ion, nud imiiicluiteIy i-m r 1'olicet f.r ih.u p upoae in a- low rale, e f pivmiun, ns any ir va c coin, laui' can a .or I nc un imihicil lo-po.i- r iiiii hi no. vi'iiipaiii, niint-s iiiiciy in ii.i .. nisints , ii ui i in i ... iti.o. icl, nml lluir preun.u, lionoral.li', aid lit cr,i cnur-r in the a Ipi-i inciil an I payment - f lo-t.i., will 1 1- n. to led by all Willi, whom llicy bine ha I oe a.iou io 19 vfi IU. Dt'Vloe KV ! 20 h Mar li. It inv f r Mar h f.rs-ilc I c ( 2 . HAItltlMiToS ln-i in x , u III ' M. n each nl mi I iuy Date lllil- .'ii h dav rf Alar Ii, U. l.sil Mill Ml S I'I ) i,( , . IS JOHN WILLI 'M-, t ' "" c" 4 20.000 POI'M S fitsl qualiiy SAI.I'.lt VI l.'S m Catks, H.llli U and Half ll inels, for sale l.nv bv rOI.I.P'lT, III! tDI.lv V eV C.i. ( Id Duel,, Dec 11 1I3. S3 ,m.v.j ""'i "'ji" jure (it j ny s i ii

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