17 Mayıs 1844 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 4

17 Mayıs 1844 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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He touched his hnrpj nnd tin linns Iicnri1.cn trnm til From llic Huston Morning Post. KNOW VI-: NOT THAT YK AUK MKN? Kn aw yo tint llint yn an turn, Ye laboring lliro'ngsuf iiirtli? Mud yp Ik; told ntul tolil aga n That Truth nml Toil arc wurth 1 Why do ye look upon llic ground, No fire within the eve, When nnhlp hnrti arpall nrnund jln J Wealth nnJ tlntili gu by 1 Tor, havp ypivx a hearl within, Anil tense and soul in they? Anil more Vive H' nut In led lu will The Incrnl ye tal In-day I Do yi de-pirc your Bui.lnirnl hmds So hard and brown with lull ! Thai hair in-ide fur llic hnnit lands, And turned the fort 61 toil I Whit I do ye fmr iIiq haughty gaza Of nit'ii in rich array 1 'Tis s I'd. Pride hath not many days, And Riches fly away. Up. heart ami hand, and persevere nd nvprroiut' til"' Ki'iirn The Inutility h Hp and licirlless sneer Of this world's gentle-born I I-Vir nut, shrink nut to ynn i given The gu inh in-hip of Earth ; And nit this record I, ink of Ilcivcn Is writ yoiirhoncst wottltl Honor vmire1vrI lip honest, Imp, m 1 willing, linn and sirring ! Do well whate'ir our hands nny do, Though praic may linger hut"! A hiixli and holy work U vnttrs, And nur -lioulil he a f im-i 'lint llii s for a-- and ensures Hoyond the hum's nann. I ti.i with your hands upon the pluiigti, And the plough lieucath the -ml ; Pitv ihe hen I that scorns, and bow To itnihiug hut jour God ! Suuth Attleboro', Mas. A. 31. Ine, Jn. mimiiicp, lo In- ti pnnd tlenl struck l)V hint. Siicli mo llii! chief lon.nl iTi-cts of tiinr i ftom wliie.li it is evident, tlml tliu law rejr.inls llin fair sex with peculiar f.ivor ; Init Smilli niiiitilnins llint such politeness tin llic i,iit tif llii! law is like Hiniiihility from n liyunii. Comic tllackstonc. An OrnitATioN on a Fowl.. A fnw days since :i very valuable lien, of thu Dnrkiiiji stiurio. hi'liiiiL'ini' Id L. F. AIIimi, Kt.. tif lilnclv Itnt k. hcL'iui It) lrn)t. sunt cave svmp ... . . . i. fin tlllllS 111 fold 111! Sll IDUSt V llltlls IllSI'tl. i ins htiini; olnurvei! hy tin ohl lady residing tit-ar liv. slut examined her, nml sunn liucamo run vinci'd that tliu hfii liad taken sonic substance into her crop, which was much distended, which defied the tiowers of tho orcans nftll L'estiiin. As the only way of aflnrdini: relief. an incision was nnidu in the lireust, the crop aki'ti out, and on eiiinlyini: it of its contest niece of Indian riihher was found at the i .... . nwer tii.rt. wine i had caused a I the nits chief. This was removed the crop placed hack nji.iin, nc the incision sewed up, and when I lie lien was imam let down into the ird. she itninedi.itelv nilched hatllo with and iloL'L'ed two oilier fouls, and we are informed hy a uenlleman, who saw her a day or two nfterwaiils, that she was doing well. JSiiJ- Jalo Gazette. A Sirs. An exchange tinner says that tile hest .si"ii a dry cnod nierchant can raise in the West to Ciake ready sale of his goods is 'jW Married. The siiugostion is pretty pood, hut it doe not L'o far .tuongh. I he follmvinir, written on it sinti in a New kngliuid vm-me, was uei lor: 'Dry eoods hy John lliglovv, who trishcs to cl married.'' This sien drew all hinds of custom. The siimlu Indies went of eniiise: ami tliu mariied men nlwaxs told their wives to no, under the impression, that they could scrv easily cheat so emit a fool, i 8 44. IlL'SUAM) AM) WIFE, ti . i i w o now come id iieni oi iiiiso.iiiu niu wife, and shall inquire, f'tisl, how mat i inpi may be made, which will hi; interesting to lovers; secondly, how niariiaoes may be dissolved, which will he intereslinj.' to iiuhap py couples, and lastly, what ate the lejinl .f. tects ot niarn ipe, w Inch will he inleiestin lo those who hive extra var.ml wives, lur whose drills the husbands ate liable To make a inarri.ti;e, thiee things are re quired: first, that the parlies will marrv secondly, that thev can, ntul thirdly, that they do ; ihotiL'h tn lis it seems if they do, it matters little whether they will, and il the will, il is ol little consequence whether ih can ; for il they do, they do ; and if thev will, thev must ; because, where there is will, mere is a way, and lliereiore tiu-y can if thev choose; and if thev dnn'l, it is he cause thev won't, w hich hi ini;s us to lite coi (:luion,tfTaf. if. tjiey do, it is absuid to spec ulate upon wlit'ilicr ihey will or ran marry. It has been laid down very cleaily in nil tin' honks, lh.it in general, all persons are able lo marry unless they are uinlile, and the fine old constitutional maxim, ih.it a iivio nny not marry hi lir.itidinnther," ought to no written in intiers ol "old over nveiv ,.ki: CEI.YMIM. 1N, m:V-YOKK AM) HOsTON. plIU PKOIMUnoitS ufllu- .w luneprovid L a clav dfiiit in'e hunt, to nlv tin' prc'ent e .nil Ictwccn l.a'.e t'lniniil.iin mil New-Vnrl , fort tiiiiipurt.tliiiu ol Meich.ituhM' und .-iieh oilier pro; erty a-, may in enrnie.i lo iheir care, iiici no c ipivive, a tncy nilemi to merit, a i.ur Mi.ue jiaiiiunnc. 'I Iicm1 I o.its L'n thro iirli to Nc' r'. n nil nie 1 c nmiil I y -iciiiii mi I lud-iMi II mt, and on I .a I t haiiipl.nn when ; ceenry. In lln- inuilc pn-periy i nut iil.ji" 'le I I" mi irv hv Ir.in-hipuieuls, and lot ar-' kent tirjelher. TLi I.me nl'lmals eonncet at New Y ilc with tl Oe-naieli Line nl l!i tnn I ael.e's; (Ji.ulr.icl- I'iciL'ht leluccn lloMili or .New 'nr!. nml l.alvi C'liaiiiplain, can he in cle well o ir .e:cnl". Proper p.iimr I etwecn llo-ioii ami l.-iUe i li.iiiipl.nu. It wanlcl in either ihicc'iou via Wes em Railto; when dcMic.t. r it o r n i r. T n n s , rni.T,i:i'T Ar lllii.KV, Ihirlinrlnn, VI. Niciioi.s iu'rton .j-1 urn i:.i.h.n, Si. All tin-, Vt, A r. r. NTs. A. .Innsns, !) ('(cn'ic Slip, N. York, I.. W.sun, If! I.OIIK Wli.nl, II i-iim. -I.Vr IS AAG D 0 W j" Mitmifiictimr rf TIN, SIir.r.T-lltON, AND COITKR WAUK. anil di ah r in coviT.n j'fMi's, u:.d run:, ,-c. Ch irch trcci, lliuhutrteu. March C, IS 1 1. ly-IO K A T IS SPRING f o r FASHIONS, 18 44. 1 CIIAKMCS A. SliVMOrit, OI'l'KliS In hisciili)iiicr, nii'llhc puhhe uenerally, n I.UL'e nsnrliiieiil nf WATS, .of lliu latut New i nrk Sly !, ciwi'liiiir nl I.K 11.1 I orri:u do. Nt'TliA do. liiirsn do. CASSIMF.Iti: do. l'KAHI. do. KXTIIA MOt.K SKIN. COMMON NAP'I) do. WOOL do. II nf which are o.lereil fur ntle on favorable terms and nt low price. tal iiiadelo order on short notice. Mcichnnl" who wedi to purelm-e liat of Rnod I'tillllV I V I lie in izell, a i e iiivuen to can nun examine the "toi'l. (i ml price, nl lln-c-laMilimcnt. 1'c.irl Street, .March 22, IBM. 4211 THE IWTISNT LACE, isir.NTi'.n nv K. I'. I1ANN1N0, M. I', or rtTTrncRi.il, it.snsyuanii. "T7II.1. he kent eiiii-tanllvon hand bv Dr. John Vt W. I'Mi'.nr, nl llex, he liavin; purchased nf Ihenriiiiril P.ilen'ep the excluure ntrlit lo make ana rend llip-ame, willnii anil fur Ihe Conniie" ol Chil lenilen, Kranl.lm.l l.anioil'e, and OrJiid lte. I'lie l'A 1I..M I.AOl'. hiKliow 1 ecu liiTure Ihe pun. he for a iriml er ol nionih-, hnn lieil have I een np phedin dill'eient parlof I In" country, nil I with n sue nevi r I elmr cauall'M nv any reinetii.ll n?ent" Nuinein'i" well niillifiilicuted nertifie.ile(if ilsl cneh- u iull ir net-in I he removal (irdi-i-.i-es of Inns ?taml 'UK, nunht I efunislied Irom thiimuuiliate vieinil) in a liillioll in tin- si eeuicni ni cii"eji nno ceriiuciiic" nfinif. fiirin-hed I V Dr. namiiiiL' and olliers. Hut till-. i not deemed npce.-.nrva" nl ihe pre'f nl tune, rc Ir t-nee can I e m-n to individ i-tls weariiij; ihe .ace, in tic.trlv eerv Inwu in the GoMiily. Pin .it i.in i.i ve oil" It II In iicce.lv nf a Sitiinor- lerdiHereully rnu!rticielninl mure perlccl in il-ml.ip- lion lo tin- hiini.in form, than any thai hail heen prc- cnted in the pnl he. I he invflion of llanuui!:'- nicci i with llieir eeneral appiui anon, a- it i Of -iirticn I i reh-f .vnip:oiiis, and icuicdy a i-ln-- nl physical mahiiV- w Inch caunol I e re.ichcil hy infihciuonloiif. I he descent iirihplaepiiicnt of ihf vt-ecrra Iniin re lasatiou of the abdominal viusclefi, or oilier caiecs, tenili loalleranil iicraniflhc Innclion nl every orjnu in ihchnin in sy-tem, ami, in many ca-es, lln i'evi.1 lii n Irom the naliirnl licahhv no-il'ion nl parl, i the FARM FOR SALE. 70lt HAt.U, n larnt In Itiideihill, eon. JL laiiiinir nno hiindreil and loriy."ix .1. .. 1 1. ...1 r u'l.i.. 1 ..U nie, II Oil UIIU IIUIUII - . ,.....- . ........ I Hi 111 under cultivation, the remainder is eovered hy a good crowlh nf hard wood. On llic prciui-e.nien convenient dwelling hniec, ham, hid?, iMe. and an orchard of thrifty I carina npp'e trees, Mtllieient for inakinc some fifty or -ixly harrels or eider. Al-o, a farm enntniuini; one hiindreil ncre, Iviuir al nut one mile from the nhovp.aliont sixty acre (if w hich i under improvement, and lias on il n capa einui hnrn, the remainder i well wooded, principally with beach and maple. I he above arc Mlu.ileil near tin-eentre ol llin inwn and nl the main road, arc well watered ami well fenreil, a eonaideralile portion of lite fence hein? Mih-laulial Mone wall, and Inwlh it compose one nf I lie he-l dairy farm in tin) town. t he above prenu-C" will 1 0 so o 10 eio-e 11 iroin ciu for lunch levs than llieir real value, and poeinn irivcn on Ihe l-t of April next, fur luriner pirucu larenn nrenf lliiilingtnn, Keh.a-2. 1811 koovh 33lf TO IMiltSONS AIM1UT IJUIIilHNR. Till? Riibseribers keep on handr their laimber Yard on Pearl Street, Hoarilf tiranllinp, Plank, Kloor Hoards nnd Inch Hoard' -;ady planed Lath, I.ininu and other materials fo' itildiiiR. Persons in the adiieeiit towns pan ho supplied at the Mills in Underbill at a suitable deduction from the llnrlinrtlon nrii.a. N. il They offer tn contract for the. erection of lliuliliiiirs on reasonable terms, ippiv in 11. 1 HicLok. 1IICK0K & STEVr.NH. Hurhnslon,3 Jan., IBil. 31 If IMIiHS! IMIiESI J- KT the ndlicled rememlier that, ihey have a ttetn J edv in tho licnuine Ilny' l.iuiment. I)uzcii nnd doir.eti" have been "iild in lhl vicinity within the pat two year.- It' Milyunr loll" eltleiency, at 30 I'liCK it SPKAIIS. o!f c.iu-f ol ventral I'lbility in .ua'p nml fi-niaif. of Ditprjwn, A V'- iiitii of the Stomach nml lArer, liiljlraltoiittt'u ffcavt, Spinal Irritation, Hysteria, lliipnroiidiia. I'ih, Prolapsus Htcria, Suppression ot I'rine. llic llionrhilis nl PnMli-Slieal.er". alidinei- mViif t'unsnmrtion all ofw h ch will I e nmch rehev el, if not entiiclv leuioxfd, by the ue ol the Patent haee. w In-u Ibe.r e-cnpe iicnii-iii ny puy-icni m raic'cmcnt and a inci li.iiitcal ili-nlaeeuu-nl of tiart whi -hcaii lerenldy aMcn.iiiifd hv oln-rvin' the rm-iii and siimiitoms ol lln' nersnil adtcliil. 'I ln in-lruincrii ha I ecu examined by Drs. Jlolt, 11.0-rer. I'V.inci" nti'l (ricouib of New I orl. : l-'.ieuliy of I'llt'hnrirh, lliirifnidaiid New Haven, and ha ii1 '1.1 incil 1 ln-ir I'.nuraMe li'-lfni nv. Appli'-ali n fur thi" I.ai e may I r nin If to tin- uh- crder, al K-scx, nr II. iir.ir & Arthur, Hurhiiiiou. P.ilicnu nt a di-tance will be visile I al llieir re-i If nee, il re piirel. JOHN W. KMKIIV. I s-px. March 27, 1SII. -13 1 1 Geoffio Peterson, now nn 1 1.1 tut anil lor sale, IUUU nusiieia 01 Window Sasli. Till? fliih-erilers o1t-r furnlea larpre nunntity of WINDOW SASH, all "ize-, Irom 1 X to'l 1 A la, as cheap as Vie cheapest. .1. II. P. HKKRIOK. Riirlinlon.Maren I, IS 1 1. 39 if mmi.Ai's. I ( Pieces IRinches wulefor wool sacking, JL V 15 do '27 do do for Hairnini', 10 do 27 do do Dundee Twilled. 300 ready made cotnmnn nml twilhd Hans, for sale nv ioi.i,i-.it, miAULiin 1 to. Old Dock, Dec. 11, 1813. 23 kAUHIO.K'S lli.tnry 11 J vol. complete including nil the note". Pric 50 cent". l'ur 'ale hy 20.li March, M I. of;ihi 1 V Keformation. I lIAKIIIMiTON. 12 CONSUMl'TIOV AND I.IVI3H COM PLAINT 1 1 Dlt. TAVI.Oll'H. BALSAM OF LIVERWOT. J'rom 373 ISoictry, Ntxc York. IOlllln.'eureol Cough, Cold. Alhina, whoop . lint Cmi'di. Calnrrh. pamin the mle and I rc,it, Hroucliiii liver eoinnlaint". and all lliii'enlleelmii" nf Ihe throat and linn?", wlneli are a Miurce nf -o much .iificriiij nnd mi olien icriniuaU! in CoN-ttMi-1 los, lln remedy is iilly nml luuhly di-liimui-hed. It i purely vegetable, liiihl and venlleiu its eilecl lipuit (he "jili 111, ntul can I e taken in the iiin-l deli cate ca-e with -nfely as well a well a utility. So vxteniely ha it been ifed and "O often proved ue- elul even in cMreuieaii'l apparenliy aimO"i nope es cne, not only n a palialive but a a remedy J ?f n 1 m PATENT PLATFORM WARRANTEE). rpHIS arliclcls too well known tn need common 1. dalion and the experience, of seven years has demonstrated to tho commercial community, that . niii'i'ii ra'V" IH.- I.U1.T I.. ," 1 tor accuracy, convenience anil durability, they are il and rcccoinmcnilii.jr it lo all who 11 rluualely mirivnllcd-Coal yard scales to wcudi from 3 to G may hajeocea-inu to roorl to "oine moan of reeov- , ),)(lnanl Warehouse do, to weiKh from 1-2 Hi. cry. Pliyieinn, familiar will, il eHcc and awaie ,,, B000 Portalilo do. to wcinl. from 1 2 07. to of he bealm-' nroncrlic of tin vesetablo inc para- 1 onnli.. n...ii.ir' 1.. . i :..i. . 1 1.1 .'iiiiL-wiiiM in 1111" 1 inv 1 icii: lu il i; 1; 1 CAST ST II EL AXES. p. r dozen I.aihrop's Silver Sleel Axes, warranted, 30 1I0 Siminoii's Cast do do do, 25 do lliuoks and lirown's do do, for sale very low by KOl.I.r.TT, HltMH.KV & Co. Aqenls. Old Dock, Dec. 11, IS 13. 23 linn, not uufreitiiciillv nrescribcd it in their nraelic and with Ihe Medical I'.ienily aencrally, it has met with more than ordinary approbation. CONSUMPTION. Tho fullowinff remark were taken from a late 1111111I er of the Medical Magazine: "The surpri'ini; cllcct prodtKed hy the trcuuine Dr. Taylor' HaKain nf Liverwort, made nl 375 llowery, in Cniwunption ene, e.innnt fad fxeilins a decp'and tlinllin? lutcre! tliroushoul the world. We. have mi lima believed thoihscan (Cnnsunipiion) incurable, that it I ihHicult to credit our eneM hen wo see pernn eviilcnllv eoniiuiit e, reMoreil to heallh. Vol II i a f.icl nl'd.nly oecurrcnif I Cerlilinale from the us hel nml inot ropeclnb e source of person whohae cither I ecu ureatly re- Ileeu bv Hi nr eutlleiy lecovercil Irom allcclion o the liinu: and liver, could I e furnished lit abundance hut vf ni'i-rl only the lollowni" I t'r.imi icati:. '"Ileinir cnU'liluliouallv nredi-pn. ed to Conumplion, n meiiibi r of my family havinir. suilereil even-iy Irnin inlntinn nl ihe l.uus, nc- eonipaiiieil wtlheoiii;Ii and mimii;? nntlerniul 1 loon. tn-rellier Willi scveie iaiu in my "iiieiinii nrcai, ur I wa ujipocl tohebcynnd recovery,! wa indui-cd bv advice ef Dr. Pcik.ni, a lnt reort lo try "Taylor'" Halam of l.iverwnrl," 1 have la.cn five hutlle in all. I began lo improve with the lirl b' t lle,anil while takim the third, wao fir recovered as In lie nble lo si-t iihoiit. Mneo wlneli lime, ny cnntiniicd ue of it I mil quile nMore I and able lo attend to my uual I ui.ic. To pcrons u leriiis fruni cotich" and alleelions of the I,iuifr, 1 do earu ellv rcccoiiimeiHlil. (Sinn.,1) J.Vs. C. SCOTT. i:ii:abctli City, X. C. Dec. 10, 1RI-2. For a common cold and eom:h, thi i one of the vcrv 1 et ri-niedic ever ilicnvereil. A'. II. There i npuriou nml counterfeit article aflnal, and lately introduced into tin place. There fure becarefu! to yd the genuine, which i fruni 375 Bowery N. 1 . and m e Ihal Ihe newen-.'raved wrap ocr i nn ihe boilh-lo nrevent countf rlcit. 1-or -alf nv ri.i;iv k Bl'l. lt, anil i.uvi.i.i ci SKV.MOI'li. Ilur'nittlon: S. II. Ilarne-. Charlotte .M. It.ill, IIinebur;'hl Wm. Rhode, Jr. Itichinund.! June 30, vl from 1-2 0. to 10 lbs. .1. it .J. II. Peck &. Co. Agents. Hurlinutnii, Juno 30, 1813. -ltf SAnn.t:, irAif.j:ss ash tuvxk maxc I'ACVt'iti:!, coi.i.iun: snini-rr. AI.SO, keeper of LIVRVSTl, E Kist of tho Court House t Me chanic's How.) Application made nl the Shop nr llaru will receive prompt at tcntinn. . Hurlinalnn, VI., ) 26 - - .'untia oiV-J" 23 Nov., 1313. J Wanted a Ji-urneyiunnSadillcr and Cnrnape Trim iner. A troud incehunic will find etnplovmont. S. S. SKiNNHIt. rc,T0CK'S Axrmxr. --.7- N.T3i'i lit. r.tOLL- W , "-IVICU 1 I w OR SAM-: HV Till: OROSS, alo ATRHTAlf. 1 1 ny i'i:t k ,t spcau. t DRUGS &JEDCINES& The uberil er are eonlinu- f3 ,, nl'V f-uftilit-il with I.M.KV iM'Jk AIM H 1,1. 11, tl,.- bove brancli, boll, of ,eOiheiii. and Patent kiiid-j .Mi-.hc,,-, water from Snratnpn do. Irom (.ab-ilonia, Cnimdj, .M.a Wlnr. ;j l.niunr, (pure) l.cn h.-s ) Smtnl Inslrumeni-i'Mm-nol'c!-:' ' l tviv""-I'" up at Uorttal iC?".SVioi open nt all hours. Iliirlinzlnn, l eb. I, ISM. ' TO PllYSICIANS. New Chemicals and Sundry Arllclr': SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAU MOLASSKS. Tierces Now Iberia S)rti), a superior article, 30 Ulids. Porto ltipo do, 20 do Trinidad, 20 do New Orleans, 30 do Cuba, fur sale bv I'Ol.l.r.lT. IIIJADIJ'.V & Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1813. 25 C. 'oursi: Wcsti in and St. I lies Salt, VUii liarrcl I- inc do no, I'll' Sack l-'uie Dairy do do, 2'0 Parrels Superfine l-'lour, 2P0 Sacks freh firound Plaster, 20 Ihrrcl Hickory Nnt, al S2, f, Tierces Nntih Shore Salmon, fi lloxc.s Tic1! Lemons. 20 Whole. 12 J and 12 I Hnxos fresh Raiins, Also, Cic.-h Ki't' do do, Sofi Shell Almond, Plnlbtri, Pcaeniiurs, Pea Nut, Cilriin, Ciirancc Ilocuni. Iol'i llu r with otic of die larai-t anrtiiii-niBofl)l!V (SOOI)-i. CltO KI'.IIV and Oi:OCI".l!Il.S he ever had die pleaure of nlfcr ntz to lln- public. In short all you have 10 do to find any article, is to call at Peters ill's, where it may he found of a L'ond ipnlity and at as low a price as at anv other K.'nbhtdinienl in ISurhnstuii. iNov. 21. 1813. 2.1 S. N. l.lt.MAI,Ki: ATTORNEY AT LAW. Xt. 7 Counsellors Hall. (Pl'cU'9 UlllIiJlIl.) 7M KR I CA N IT; )7VK7. 13 LOVELY &' SEYMOUR, Tf.Wr. reinoved to die New Uriel; Ituilnin pr. 2 i 1. door ninth of llieir former stand, whtrelhev nlli r fur sale a larep n-orlnnnt uf DRV GOODS, Old DltV C.IiOCr.Rir.S c. Jan. 25, IBM, Chureli Slrcit. dnniesiic he.irib in lliu 1'iiiisli dominions. AiJ) GENERAL STAG E HOUSE, Them are some eid tliMibililies In n n,nr- ri-nj;e, Midi us tho si i lit impediment of licing 111 lined .'ilre.idy ; ntul one or two other ob stacles, which nrt; too well Known lo require dwelling on. Il'n filher's benrl slinuld happen to be pur ticiilnily llitily, n child iniiler ae bus no lem edy, bill ;i Mony pii.iidi.in may bo 111. icud. 1111-i.t-d by the eouit of e.b incery ; tint i to say, a marri'iiiR to wliicli bo objecis, may bo or dered to lake place in spile of hint. Anoth er incapacity is want of icison in either of lliii p uties ; hut if want of le.ison really pre vented a oiarii iue fiom t;t Ui njx place, theio would be an end lo half the matches that are entered into. A considerable deal of the sentiment nt-tai-l.inix lo a love affair Ins been smashed hv the (ith and "lb of William, r. 85, explained ty the 1st ol iclinia, e. rjrj ,,r one act is always nniotelliuihh' until nnotber act is p-is- fdd to say what it mean. I lie Mamie eua hies a pair of ardent Inveis Id i osli to the of fice of the Mipeiinte iidenl refiisler, insleai to Gielna Green ; and llit-ie i no doubt that if Itomeo could have availed himself nf the wholesome seclion 111 Ihe acl alluded to, Juliet need mil nave pud a pri-oi iluru vbil to Ihe " tomb ol all Iho Cipulels." Marriuccs could foitueily onlv be dissolv , . 1 . 1 1 - . . en ny neato or divorce; lint 1110 new poor law puis an enn 10 ine 11111011 neiween man nnd wife ditecily afier ihey color into a pa rochial union. Divorce, except in thu in stance pist alluded lo, is a luxury confined only to those who can afford to pay for it ; and a husband is compelled to allow money nv Coi-nT Hoesi: S V. T.tYI.OII, "0.1'Al.ri, lil-RLISCTON, , T. 2'. I PECK &, SPIOAR, wlmlcsnlc Hrnlcrs in Ihiglish, J'mtrlt) India and American DRUGS. Also, DRUridlST'S GLASS WAKE, iiurlliiitnii, Vt. C. IJI'.NNS jr. 8c Co. , ('id Door Smith nf the II in:, Ctitteh street.) KVKRV VAR1KTV OK CI 'Til A TRIMMINGS CONSTANT!. V C). HAND. CutUni; iloue in Ihe in-isl npn roved style anil va -ran leu. Novfiiilii-r, 1S12. 2fi!f. 4 Larp assoriinent of9-t Cotlen C, irpetins for - sale by 24 COI.i: it KOI!I.NSO. s,ir. lliHlitils Solar gait, 2000 do Cipo.May do, 1IIII0 da Turks Island do, 1500 Hid. Western do, 1201 llau-s la! I.- Si 25 lb, each, 100 do l.ivejpoul Dairy, for -ale tow hy KOI.LiriT, HR.)l.i:V &, Co. 0!d'D.,-k, Nov. 23, 1S13. 2 iAUitan lihossiiuiiai! com.. 250 Tons No. I. Ilakod Lo limit ui lump from tho llaslcion Mines, desii'tiel ex prelv lor Inrnace pur"oi , (10 Ton r,!!!i s'7.e fir itrite, 25 do ll'o-' iirah for i-'-inlli's n-e. Theaboveis nil housed nnd drv. Tor snip by i-'oi.i.r.rr, nUADi.r.v a Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1S13. 25 cast sti:i:i.. lbs. Sanderson and Bros. Axo Steel, 1000 do aorlcd II it and square from in In 2 inches ho, W, .leup iY Son s elra and common Last .Vied, square and 11 it, for sVe ,v 1-1)1. Iil'.l 1, I1KADI.I-.1 i' IO. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1313. 25 ClIIi'TUXDKX COUNT VIIOUSU. f Church Stn-cl, ''M!i!a nurllittjtoii, VI. AM, kind of TRI'SSKS fnr Rupture incident lo the Male, for sale, and accurately applied, by 35 PKCK & SPKAII. too The Acid, clienncd. Aimiioiuacal Prenaration llroinine, Cyanurct ofPolas-iuin, Clilor.itu of Po-,aa, r.lalcriuiu, Ivryoi Flesh, Pulv. Mtliereal Preparations, l.xli'aet ol Opium, Kxiract ol Rhalany, Haii.Miltensor Klei'trifier 22 lly-f.riodale.I Liquor t Aren,f and Men urv. I.ceche, Hcahhy Spunish and Sw eeihh, liup'ihn, MiiL'iie-ian Fluid, Naphtha Wood, Nitrate of Silr,chmic Oil of Tot nci-o, Piedrii,, iSce. ie. &c. WIII.I.INCTUN, lake leave lo inform his Filed anil ihe liilbht-. that he I, a taken dip abovf Siainl formerly Known a die Villain' Hold iniated on Church .Slice-, in the v illatre of lluiliuiton. Tin- l.ou.f ha been n-paire I, and filti-d up, thor oughly,:, ml Iravd'cis and team. icr can I e aecomuio ditcd n-ui'II, and on a rea-on-ihlv term, ns at anv ether luai-e in the vicinity. Tlu-Mibcril i-r hope I y -tri-l ntlention to dip waul and coinfuil oflu K':e-i,to receive a bhareof public pairon.iL-c. A f.i.lhful 0llcr will nlvvay I e in alien lance. A lew boarder wanted. 1.'. WELLINGTON. Hurliniton, Jan. 20-n, 1311. 3lif 5 TONS 1J, 1 J and 2inch f-prmij steel, 200 pairs t-MnU and cutler shuts, 1011 cro bars, asoried sizes, 1000 lbs. zinc, 10 pairs wasisnn springs, manufaclurcd tn order, DO sett wrouyht nnd eat arm, for sab' hy roi.l.F.TT I1RAI1L1-.V & Co. Old dork, Nov. 23, 1313. 25 5 OIL. HMDS, bet Winier Sperm Oil. 1 .lo do do ll'i-ai In-1 Sperm Oil. 5 Tu-rcf-i of (K cihaui) urn-r lllfadieil Oil. .bit rr-civcd from lloton, pieed during ihemouth of Juuuniy, fur Mile bv l ui, l. l.l l lil.Alu.i.l K un. Maich, 5'h 1911. 5000 HAMS AND LARD. A I. IIS. ef Smoked Ham. 401)0 do' do ShouliVr. COOll do Lard in III I. and ICesirs, fi r rOLI.IVIT IIIIADI.LV .f- Co. to i.kasi: von tic km of VI! US. I.MKii; FARM s'ockfilwilhai'airy and -I ii, and prepared for ex'r n- ivii -own,:.' and plantin-.'. The pcron applying iuut have iitlicu-nt mean to carry it on ami utrui-u ine i e si ri-coui ineii latino (, r interitv and industrv. Also two oilier f.irni lo let for an amount nsret.il UP' n. The f firm art- si'naleil on the Lake -here nppo i'e llurhnirt ii. Applv to O. M. & W. C. WAT.-ON. Purl Kenl.l'Vb.CC, 1811. 3'J tf ah-by I'AHJIS ',,lffeil 1 Ca 1 do 1 llah 1 do 2 do 5 do 10 1 t-1 llh-aehfd, do 3-1 do Shirting, Hurlap- 10 nidi, Canv-a Paddm,', Ihown Drilling, Ti -l.inir, PaiMei!.', Jut receive-l and fur sale by 1 11.., I.UU.I1IH Mar b, 20 '11. Co. 13 railed ali-inoney In the wife he seeks to SHEETINGS, A-c, be divorced from, Man i.i"e, it is said, are T Bales 4-4 and 9-8 Brown Sheetings, niaoe in neaven ; tun unless inc. otneo ol Hie refisler lie a litlle puadie, wu don't sen liovv a niarriagi! made before that function Hiy can come under the c.ilegnry nlliided to. A husband nml wife me one in law tlinucli theie is ofien any thing but unity in other mutters. A man cannot enter into a legal agieement will) bis wife, hut thev often oilier into dis iKmenienls which are tboroii"h- )y mutual. If the wifo bo in debt befoie marriaize, tho husband in inakini! love to lln lady lias been actually courtine; tho ronnovits si io may have entered mlo ; ami if the wih is under tin obligation for whirli shn niiilit lie li'L'ally nllaclied, tho husband finds him self the victim of an uufortunalo attachment A wife cannot be sued uitlinnt lliu husband unless Ito is dead in law : and law is te-dlv (noiioli to bit I lii dealb of any one. A bus llano or a wile cannot no a witness lor nr against one another, though a wife sometimes gives nvidenrn of the bad laslu of tho hus band in selecting her, A wife rannot execute, a deed ; which is, perhaps, tho reason why Sh.ikspeurc, who was a first rain lawyer, made Macbeth do 75 I'AIXTS A oil,. C TONS pure dry While Lead, warranter equal to - nny inauiif.iciureil in Ihe fiuieil .Mates. 5 do I'.vlra dry W ate Lead, 3 do No. I. do do do, 200 Ketr pure While Lmd ill Oil, 10 llarrels Vcndi-iii Red, 10 do French Vellovv, 2i du American I.inscf it Oil. 10 dn Hodeii do dn. for i!p ns usual very low, by I'OLLI'.TT, 1IRADLI:V .f- Co OU DucK, Dec. H, IblJ. iS FEATHERS. 003 lls. l-ivo (iooso l oatliers i.l a Minerior nuality ofco-nilrv cnllection IjUU II s Hem Feather, for -a'e hv VILAS, LOOMIS tV Co. Man h 27, Ml. 43. ESSENCE, .ye. Cro-s K.-eni t- 2 oz. vial., 10 do Ouiulfllm-. 10 do llrilinh Od, fur ialt-1 y V1LAS.L OOMI.f. Ce. March 27, '11. . 43 the deed, which lady Macbeth would hay (lont, so much heller, had not a deed done bv i woman beuu void lo all inluiils and pur poses. My tho old law, a husband might give his wife moderate correction; but il is declared in black and while thai he may not heal her black and blue, though lln; civil law allowed anv man, on whom a woman had bestowed i u I ... I.... t.:.. r... i ... i.:.. ,,-, .,.., ,.. .- im P'- "i (.,.,. folM. I -ninbric own disrrelinil, lliu roinmon people, who I -iri ii,,-,.. Sileeia-. ,., l, !.if,..li..l ... l... I.... cilll on .I.. Vi, ion.-) Twill ,( I . Ill l I I, III HI 1 111,111'IJII 1-1,1, 111,1, . , , I ! r i i ...i Illrh'd I'rilhn-.'. S.i'in Jean aii l I tmalalion, " " """" "V r rr V.'JuBtreceivlaiidfur,.,!.. I V and n woman in Iho lower ranks nf life, ifi II.AS, I.OOMI-" she fills in love wiih n man. is liable, alkr M'r '' 20 100 l?xes Pipes, Hill Kcl's flinsrcr, 50 Moves r.tia Soap, f,0 Superi'ir do, 50 Oil ms do, 10 do Cushion Shilling do, 300 Mans Caia, 20 limit's .S'lareh, 200 lbs. Clou-, B0 do NiilniPCS, 25 Hacs Pipper, 21 do Spirp, 10'llcrce llice. for sale hv I'OI.LKTT, I1UADLF.Y Old Dopl.-. Nov. 23 1813. l.KUJOItS. Di ipe ooniiiae iiranilv, 5 pipe Swan (,in, 0 II .1-. II irber' W irehoo.n I'.nnt On, . 50 do American Hrandy,' 5 Mb !s Si. Croix Rum; 25 llhl. Madeira Wine, 25 do Ma'aira do 10 do Ttnerillt! do 10 du Purl do fur alc bv 1-OI.L1-TT, lSRADLF.V tf- Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1813. 25 F .Aii.nA.Mvs sc.i,i:s. AIRIIANICS !"CAL.: or all sises, for sale at manufacturers prices hv l-OI.I.LIT, IIRADl.F.V tt Co. Agents. Old Dock, Dee. II, 1813. 23 mxsi i:i on, on covsir; vjiuxt. 1 fT IIAUIH'.LS Raw Oil, 5 Parrel boiled do man. 1 tifaetured and tuepared in Hoton. for sale by KOLI.r.lT, HRADLLV & Co. Old Dock, Dec. 11, 1313. 23 si:aso.xi:d ci.k.mi wiiiti: pixi: LUMI1IU!. fOfm feet i inch suitai Icfor panncls, do do, do, do very wide, do, do food common stuff. Tho above lumber I dry anil suitable for iniiuctliate use. bavin;! been stuck up under cmer.for two years. Nov. 23, 1R43. 23 For sale hy JOHN HRADLLV. KOOtl do .VI 1000 do 11 3000 do 1 J fiOOO tlo 2 0000 do 2 1 2000 do 3 10,000 do I 3-3 COIIX Cl.ACKF.RS, AITRST RATH ARTICLIC. manufactured nnd lor sale by L. R. CROSSMAN. POTASH KI3TTI.ES, WRIGHT'S INDIAN VF.Ol.T lll.i: PI LI. Si OR INDIAN I'Ulltl TIVH. T'UOlJtill maiif incdiciucs have I cen 1 elorulhe Jl pul he lor a mudi lomrer period lb. in Witiour' Iniiian 'i.nt-.T.vni.r. Pili.-, vet noiu' tand now in inniir.n ncrem, or ha- mure lamdl y ailaiiied a linn hold iiiion o'ui il.i i-o-I niaiiun. The tiiou-asii thai nave ut'il lhein ihroiisboiit the Icnslh nnJ brcadih of the llquibln-, all I far cheerful tiMimony lo Iheir tit oroimti rf iraro ami u .1 i pern'mii v"eu i-nil'lovc i m lliu niLi"t ih-iiV-i-iti X tlitr!'-r. "win -h lle-l, i heir lo." Thnlheorv of dec l-f on which Wkk.iit'- Iniiian Vi.nr.TAiii.n I ii.Ls are loiimleil, i- lln, viz : thru there iionhjone primary muse of all the disorders that ajlliiltlie I ll man Jamil ,. an l ileal i enrr u" u uuur- ; iV, ill other word hnpuriltjof lliood. Tin prnici po l now -o f!cnci.illv icllllill'c I, thai ll may III l.n-t I e .aid lo It- .ii-taiut-i'l by .in imiverality nf opiiiiun, the I'owihs-entcr-coiiiilutius but a M-rv fee' If nn-ni-riiy. Il I- ii-eb'- Ihcrel'uie lo ili-cu-s llic o-iud-iie ot lhitbcoiv in tin- place and fi niu-Mou. TllF. ONF. Disf.ask PmstlrLr. I f '111' a.liuillfl, Ihe iiiodi! ol altacl. pto'es-ed bv nil praciitioner I e -nines the -aiiic namely, purgation. H -t many til the m-i-alled pecifie uuw lefoic thu public, produce only mm lorni of Pnr-'alioi, : thev aie eiiher Su lurifi -, t'alliailic.Di irclii or Lspi loruil. 'right's Indian Vcsrctablc I'ilh nullum- all iht-e propcrlic-, ami n,e Ihercluie calculated lo attnik the elcuient of di-i-a-t-al all point-, and by a liurinoniou and coinbined ope ration lo expd it raibcilly Irom tin- y-tfin. The r c It-ct i alino-l mar; cal, mid i no e astuni-huiL' fi r i-s niildnc- ill in H- efficacy Uolh sexes, and all a'jes may cinplov ihciii, iiecordini; lo tin-diifetiun-, wilbo it le ir, for while l hcv are certain to cure all dis eases that are remedial, lliey ncrcr inlheian injury upon iho vtein. 'I he perfect s.i'iy of the nifdicini' is anoihei all important quality -.mil one which ha eouiribu'cd niu ic than any thin-; cl-o to it extension and popu- tnrilii. I,, a irnrd. Ibis mrdicine rommends ilnelT slrnnghi lo the pilronmre of the public, and its use bids fair lo Ctcjiiie orjore ions, aniwi unicersui, i AUTIllN. The cinVens rf New Ln-'lan 1 are re-pectfitlly in- fnniii-i that iii pi n.puiicnco o I l ie -jreal nnnn'arilv wluch Wri-rhl'- Indian Vc-fctable Pill- have t-irnf Iby their a-lnnishui-r uoo hies-, a Cain' ol Cuuiileileitcr arcuowindiilriou-ly cn-.'.i.'ed iu pa'nuni: on lln i m llllCllmL,. a vatuehss and iH-rhap dangerous ineili- dne, under the naiueof inban Veetab'c Pill. This is tu inlorni the pul lie, tli.i' the genuine medi eine ha on the boxe-, " Vrlqhfs Indian A'csctahle Tills, (INDIAN l'l'ROATIVi;) oi- -run NuiTil American cm I r.nr, or HfAITII. An-l.i'o aitumd Ihe I older of the lal d will 1 1- luiiu in small lvop. " i.ntcrcu accrruinir io ine .ci oi t unsrc-, in n" vrar l.lll . bv vvn nun vrium, m inei it-p. i',iici-oi ihe Di-triet Court of the La-lciu Di-triel ul"l'ennyl vniun " The mil lie will nl-orrmem1 t-r dial all who i-!l I lie- nuine In ban Ve Rt'ial If Pill- arc provided with a cerimca'f ol a-rtm-y iL'ncil I y William M'rI-llit, A'icc IM-csldcnt OF Till: NOKTll AMI tilCAN lOI.LERi: OF 1IF.VLTII," and Ileal pedlcr- are never in any e.i-e allow t-.l ot- l it- "t-nuiiif mtnifiiif. ai iraveiiin-j .lu-eui win i provided wilh acerlificuieof Apeueya- abme ilescn be1: and llio-e who camiit i-how one will be known a baf imnt'Stnr. The fullou-m? highly re-peclah'e personsbavehcen appoiuicd n"cul for die mleol die allow iianied Wiisht's Iniiian Vea;ctalile Tills. 01-TllF. NU1ITI1 AMI.IUCAN COLLI OK Ol' II E tLTll AOL.NTS IV.-1, tV. Sjiear, S. K. Howard, I). Davi it Co., llurluiRlon ; l-'ram-is Laclarc. Culehe-icr Mnr'nn s; Clark, Willislini l.orm Tyler, l.-e J. II. Tower tv Son, I micrlull ; A. iiarney, J. i.y Jenclio: tvm. unoue-, i.. ii.tini-u, tticiiiuono; 50 CO TOI5ACCO AND SXUI'l'. Iloxes and half llo.c3 liolin's celebralcd brand. :ln Pane's, lo Irvuies', 25 do Cro-by'", 25 do Miiplull' wi-h various other 1 rand eh clcd wilh ureal care, 20 Kt-it" Jolin Lnd'-rs' Plus, 10 do Shetp Ti baeeo, 511 libls po in I and half pound SnioMn?, 10 do ChevvniL'. nl die mo-l tirefcred brand. ,, 100 Jars ciira llo-o Scenlcd M-iccnhov Snti'i; 5 lllls Sciiieh Sim I in -tnall bl.nlilcrs, lur -alehv, I'OLLI'.TT, IIRADLF.V & Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1313. 25 SUC. A SIS.' -1 rv II U Si, Cn.is, 20 do Porlo Rico 20 do New J ) Orleans, 511 llhl- Ciaiifiel, 30 do Lo.il 10 do Crashed, 111 do Powdered, 10 lb.e W it W iln il le refined Lmf, fnr -ale by rOI.Lr.TT, IIRADLKV tt Co. Old Duck, Nov. 23, 1813. 25 Al I'LCK & SPEAR'S. Al HAG AR & ON (Jt)M-l(ISMKXT. ry POXI.S Canada Plates, rC'J 5 do Craw shay du 25 do K. ii. ilo no 5 do It (!. pnUhrd Craw shay Platrs, 5 do Thnrncv croft pints 2 1 by 21 in. or sale at rtib.ei u pi ices nv roi.Ll'.lT IIIlADI.r.V Co. Old duck, Nov. 23, 1813. 25 Agents, 11 cut, ST O V 05 S ! STOV KS ! ! NLW PATTI R.NS. tt CIILAPl R THAN l'A KR. ,1 kinds of Produce taken inpayment; liberal credit given or Cheapfor Cash. Hr.NRV MA VO, bavin - ta' en tin- Si ore formerly o.-cin.iiil by IIICh'OK' tt OA I'l.l.N, i now re- t-tvniL' a larje cnii,irniucnl ol STO, 1, con-i-iinJ I any dc-ir die pattern of Conk, IJo, or Parlour ;!ovc. S'uw Pine. Tut and Conner Trimming llolu.w Waif, c.1'., which will I e cxi-hani-ed lur auv l.iinliil rro'iii'i- or ca-b. Ilm-e wlio wi-li to tmr- phase Stove-, will do them elve a well as lulu a favor bv c.a in i iiutir hi -lock. Iluilm-.'lo.i.Oei. 1, 1813. IS i.ooKisa ai.A n.S7J.s. rei-M a lir.t rale a ornnent, wlneli will I aid very low. II.UH.Utt ARTIll I!. Ilurlinztou, Nov. 2, IS 13. TIJST r J old NA I L S. 1 fCnri KI'.GS NML-sfroni llic I'.aglc I'actory 1 0J I frum 3! 10 -10J. A c mplcto assorlincnt tf I'lnishins Nails, from tl in 2Uil. I'luor llrai's of all si7es. AI.SO. 'iltOO Reus Nails inaiiuf iclurrd by thu An Sable Inm Company. Common Illusion n..l brnil bcluls nf nil s7.i". flo!u3d 111 f. 111. -tllliC. Tin. siinrrioritv of die nails manufactured bv lb fib.ito nun names fur beaut v nf firm and finish, anil for touiihness of iron -huve all i thers, is universally nr..-iiotvli,brcil. Thev ine fur sale unon lernis as fa vorable and at pncisas low as can be found in the .-talc, by rOLI.l.TT. llllADLl'.Vtt Co. .gcnh. 01,1 Duck, Dec. II, 1813. 23 JUST RECEIVED, Cif IIALUS SIII'.ITITNOS. of die L.ve'.cr J tuber favorite brand, fnr and Old Dock, 1'tb. ale bv I'OI.LDTT, HIIADLLV, tt Co. 12,1011. 33 ARTHUR, ARI'.now receiving new supplies of SA 1)1. E It Y, COACH AND SHKLP HAItDWARE in all its varttics. ALSO, Dlirr,.", & MLDCHNIS, PUNTS, OILS, VAR NISH V. ttc. Ac. IlurliiiL'lon, Vt. ) Nov. 10, 1313. 5 AI.I5.VNV AND ISOmTOM HAIL JtOAII. Fare Itediirrd In S I. Pare to Iloston redact d tn SI to those tcho go through uij suaic i ram. On and afler Moiulav, May S'h, pncn:er trains run daily, (Sunday t xcepie-f) a follow : Leave (ircculuili al 1 I elore a. m. -arrive in Ilo.- ton 01 r. M. -llint- day. I.t-ave iiri-t-nimsii al j 1 1-lori- 3 p.m. louce in nrinclifl l arnvt-in llo-ton al 11 J a. m. next day. I on untr-Ti.n An .onivitu I a-eu-rers lake Ihe before 7 Irani Irom (ireciibush, inlt-r-t-t-t the leainboat traiiitiolu Lttnn at oieter tht-nce to Nor i idi. Pun llAKTFor.n and Nkw Havk.v Pa enpcrslear ' tlict-nl u-h In-lore 7 a. m., lal.i- the u-.-ind oat it SpriiiL'liclu at 12J ji. ri-.u h Ilartlord at 3 r. .n. d proi ifd by ear lo .New- II.ivcii. P.i-ener may nlo leave (Iretul nh at J I elore 3 I-. M., rem h Sprinslicld f J, Iheme I y slart- llnnie-b.itt-.v lo llarllurd bL-f 'i-nve llan'furd a fil next morning in ear fur vv llavin. P.i--ciiL'cr nmi leave t .i- Ticl.pt OiHci'. in S .nitric Half, Maiden I n iiC for 1 hp II n il - rent I h'virv Hon i 11 1 C J i., or jj r .m. im icrrv t on! wm i pnn-Trm in tJirtintr. I v-uvi lor thorar- inu( Lu ot lanu-tn t'ore iiil' on lio.in! tlir ferry f oat. CHAIR ns. I FACTORY. the ol I -land of NTLSON tt (i.VT'L there l- lliel rt as- sorniiulol CHAIRS ami will 1 st Id i lain t r than can be pundia-t-d ai auv o'l t r I hn e in liuriinsii'ii. llSS-X. MAIKXIANV, CHILI I) MAPI K. !fsiS? PAINTI'.I' cani: m:at. j.aih.f. 1J I ami SMA! I. IIOCMNU, DIMNO, f rillt DII1..N and LAIUIKARMKD i Cil.URS.at C. L. NICLSON'S, Church -trt el, opposue the O'd Hank, oral hi Faco hy three door nurili of die Cailu Ii-- Churth. IB i-'iti:i ti:as. ry X Che-1 irime Hy-on Skin Tea, I 'J io tin i;ira no no uo 100 Half Chests Vouns Hyson, 50 C.tddv- Old Ihson, 50 du Vouns llyon, 10 Chests extra quality Old Hytrn, The-e Tea were -elected with treat care nnd from the kites! imporiation-and will If old at Nw Vork Joblers price, and I'reHii. rol.Ll.TT, IIRADLLV Co. Old Dock, Nov, 23, 1513. 23 II'. AUCIIITECT '. lU.I.HiT. tfc PATIJNT Nov. 23, IS 13. Co. 25 pavnnr.TTK. SO Barrels just rereiveil and for sain by l-OLT.l'.TT, IIRADLKV & Cn. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1S13. 25 J II O N. IO OOO pounds Knz. Tire Iron.frnm 1 l-8lo5widc o, IHIU nn no s men rnunu, 10,000 assorted Puerile?, flat nnd square, 20 000 P. S. I. Old .Sat, I p. for snip low hv l-'OLLLTT, IIRADLI-.V &Tn. Old Dock, Dec. 11, 1813. 28 200 SOI, I? l.r.ATIIKII. Sides of middle weights, New York in popplinn. 100 dn nf helil (lo do, N'pw nrk Taned and Inepppipd, for salpbv I'OLLI'.I'T, IIRADLF.V & Co. Old Dock, Dcc.H, 1813. 23 "saw mill am) riirriinit svs, 1 ( RnwIaturrtPliiladelphia Mill Saw from I ' " fi lo 7 leel, nnd" expres-ly to order, and war nnlpd superior tnnnyin inarkrt. HOI? if- 0",'s past stepl circular saws, from 10 tn 20 inches, slininir and rrnss rut. Alfo, Crosscut saws, Unglish plnle. for salp hv I'OI.LKTT IIHADLF.V f- Cn. 01,1 dnrk, Nnv. 23, IB 13. 25 man. .iLnc io : . unuin--, i.uuvn. mr iihd n , ni, , ' n,i... I nut in mo ! Miiii.oii A IW llr,-,,.l I "r warp Iu usi'O!. Dock .ill n-on cc Dean, Lincoln ; . P. llo-rur, Nt-w-lla- vt-n : II. Sanileisou, W. .Milton j c. I,. Drake. .Mil : tlco. Ayif-, Milion rall-j Mar'ui ires, ilnswold it Smilie, CauibnilKc; W. S .t C. P. Wo.nl, v e-t- fnrdjS. W. Ilru-htt Co., l-.iirl'.i. i II. Cook, Shel- buin: Win. II. ulie, iiine-iiiumi; a. u. liarm-s, Chailoilf j Tuppf r i- llcar'.indge, St irk-horoush ; Shale it Webb, Kfrri-biuph. The only O. lire in lloton where the Indian uge tal b Till-con I i-i blame-1 i at J9S TREMOiNT STHEIVr. ios Principal Oiliee mid (Jeneral Depot, IU9 I!aceirefi, Philadelphia. 32yl NOVA SCOTIA l'l,ATi:it. 3S0 Tons ill Stono, 100 do ill Parrels, 50 do in Maes, Selected for agricultural purposes, and warranted pure. Delivercil at our null in inoosKi cuy, or ai FE.MALU TRUSSES. HTMIIS artie r ol varum invention J Hull, Mar-b'-, and so on, of every i7t- nun lorni, aim lor an ine i 3 ... i - i. .i i . : 1 purpne lorw nicii nicy weit- iil-!!!"', for sale at PKCK & SPEAR'S. llurlinKlon, Wrnionl. 35 WOOL! Till-: subscriber would respectfully inform ihe peo plo that ho is prepared lo make wool into clod r.r nil dial wish lo favor hull wilh llieir custom, vu. Plain Cloths, Cassiinerc,and ITanncl.for the following FI. HSC1I IIIMt It mm it .1111,1, STtlNKS AM) III.OCKS. 1 f PAIR I'nrr Mill Sinnes, 1 ' 200 llnrr lllorks. for snlpnl Trnv prices and NOTICE. t-iiiir iwifipsilini I h-ivppiven mvson. NATHAN I MINKK, his luiiu lo act and trade fur himself, nnd 1 shall claim iiono of his wasps nor pay any debts of his cuntraciiui; afler (Ins ne. . AVDIU.W MINF.lt, jr. Uralllchoro', Vt., March 20. 1811. 4lvv3 i..hi.hv I'OLLI'.TT IIUADt.r.V Old dock, Nov. 23, 1M3. 25 noi.risc a.o'rm. & Ca. Accnls. OA nd 40 iurli New Anchor llrnnd, frnm 00 lo J'-i' Nn. 10. rnnslantlv on hnnil, nn cnnsirninpnt, KOI l.iriT. III! MILKY, & Co., Agents. Oi l Dock, Nov. 23, 1813. 25 iticuiiNn. fi Aftft 'h" Tarrnl Ussns, from 1 In 8 indies, Wwww poo Ih llnmbrn'in.', 500 hi Marline, mm ' - puiiin 1 nrn, inn u s nail rvvine. logctli er wnh Sail Needles, Ar. Ar. Alio, 5 'Pi n Irsl hand pnked Oakum, 50 his Tar, 50 dn Pitch. 25 do lln.in, for nalelv I OLLin T, IHiADLI.V & Co. OM Doc' , Nov 23 1813. 25 nrn'CS 1 uinni Cloib. lieht mix colors. 23 cents -. Cassinicre, 30cenls', Plain Chub, dark mix or full color-, 30 ccnlsj Cassinicre 37 runs, and I'hnnel delivered while, 10 cents per yard for cash, or half of the cloth when luu-bei . Alo. Carthni; wool to mils and dresui2 elo'h. Tlll'.ODOltK D. LYMAN. Norih Fcrrisburflh. .March I5ih, 1811. 11 infi IlurlnivTlon, I5di hsbruary, ISM. 371 1 HERDS GRASS SEED. rn IJUSIII I.S IIKRIIS ORASS SKI I), ofprimo OU oimliiy fi sain by S. JL POPK. Ibitbnion .March 15, 1841. -11 siinirri.xas aa'd siiuirixus. f( IIAI.KS Treinnni mills, O v 20 dn J'.xetcr family sheennss, very heavy 10 tlo Slurtincs, for s-de hy FOLLKTT IIRADLKV it Cn. Old dock, Nov. 23, 1613. 25 LUMRER. . IOOiOOO K.elofHKMLOCIC HOARDS, HO.OOO It et of Ilendoek 2 inch I'lntik, . IO.OOO Pieces nf 2 -1 lleinlocl. Wall Strips, iO.OOO of 3. VI ", J"'c' .1.000 nf 1 X G " " HI.OOO f.et I 3-B Ash Ho'l ., , , , A .OOO feel 2 inch seasoned lute Oak Plank, . ........ i i i. iina......t.l Plnnk. tv.iiiiir icei i uitii i'iib .. , , e , 1 lino r....i I inch I'herrv. ,e.i(Oiicd-uiliible for Tables. , . r.n iwin .. r ivi.tm Iii,p p ear an 1 common 'lioni 3 1 10 1 7 8 inches ilneU, for hIb low by I-'OLLIVIT, IIIIABI.K1 t Old Due', N- v 23, 1813, i- otici:i NCTlCi: !! TO all per-nn- in !el"e. tn Ihe .1,1-crit rr, lliat llieir nine-nnd accnunls m-i-l If pail, a hi pr 'pcrly , no.ieJ for Milo and noihiua bin payint-ut will -ave SIDNl. HARLOW. Iliirini;lon r.dl. ainren I, leu. jj u unices & ui)i:itvooi). ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Hurllngton, Vt. 0m ON C O NS IGNM ENT. rSK CASK OF IIIIOM1CI.OI IIS, i-on-i-luii of J lllack, ll'ue.anl Mif-I, for -nlo by thepimv.by 11)1,1.1.1 I , IIIlADl.l.l tV 111, .Ig.lIU Old DtK-k, 1'eb. 22,1811. PliCK & SI'JOAIJ, REMOVED! Nct door tn the German Store. In roiiriectinn with Drus", Mohcini", tte, tte., will If lound n tniiiplfle nsMiitnienl ol tipi quality J)YH STFFFS. U irbuifinn.Sjlh March, 1811. -13 roi.Ll.T, IIRADLKV tt II . Lo. r 1 ! Oil Cod Fi-h, 90 ba!ft Id. No 1 Mackerel. 20 Tierces norih hoie Hud-on Hay Co. Salmon, half I arrels ilo no on for -ah- by KOLLI.T 1, lIKADLl-.i a; i B. Old Dock, Nov, 23, 1H13. --i 11 A IS1.XS. 200 Boxes Uiiiicli Kaisins, fresh fruii. and in line orik-r, Inr sale bv I.-. i i i-i-i- in, t n ev f. rn rv..i.1,1 i, ,ii..ii.....i w. Old Dock, Junes, 1813 lil'TTIUlSl T I. UM13K!. ,4 fft feet of 2 inch IJutternut Hank 'UOO do do 3 do Crotch do Hoards sawed expressly for pannel slulV. The above luinlitr vvas sawed for door stull and i.n I....M itto i-pars under cover. Also, a few nieces of 1 inch Hutternut suitable for stair rails, for sale by JOHN HltADLKV. Nov. 23, ISl tl O I L S. 1 OOO Gallons best Winter Sperm, 500 do dn fall do, 1000 do winier bleached whale, 200 do Ohvr Oil, for sale Inw bv rOLI.iriT, HKADLLV tt Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, ISI3. 23 G ENT. OI-'ITCK opposite die Pa'rnt Office, corner ofSih and F strict, City of Washington, will attend to preparing Specification-, Diawintis, tte.. and all busi ness intrusted lo loin eonneeitd with the Patent Office. or his profefion, wilh pronipincss and dcspaith. Patent OrncE, l'th. 15lh, 1S42. Mr. Win. P I'.LLIOT, who has been formerly em- loved in die Patent Ollice. as a Draughtsman. &c. inv'inir rsiibli-lipd a Patent Aoencv in the Citv of Washington, I lake etc it pleasure in recommending nut as a sentlrnian wnrtnv "1 connuence. antl as ne- particulaily qnahfied lotake charge of any bnsi- less leiiuirmt' a i.now leuyeoi mecnanicai science, the nro-.'ress ol tne aris, an i patent improvements, ilr. I'.lhoi is also wtll ai quainled wilh die practice of ihe odice. HI'.NRV L. ELLSWORTH, 21 Cm Counni-sioncr of Patents. ISAAC" WA RN Kli HAS just received, from Nfw Vork, a LARGE ASSORTMENT OF GOODSin hishne. nmona which are a variety of pure Wines, Cognac Ilrandjr, Si. Croix Rum, Holland Oin, Jamaica Rum, .Scotch Whiskey, Cherry Hrnndy, Ilaltimorc Gin and a plen ty of oilier cheap liquors of various qualities and prices. Molascs, loaf, lump and brown suear, Teas, Coffee, Cinnamon, Saleratu.-, liar and Fancy Soap, ind many oilier arucies in ine urocery line. His Linuors and wines were selected with carp, and afler lonu experience and from the largest and lest dealers in the line in New Vork, and arc warranted of Ihe purest and best qualities. He has Shcelings, Shirtings, Calicos Cambriei, Trimmings for clothes, and many oilier articles but no l-ancy iioods. .n ol winch lie will sell for I lit lowest prices. lavtrn Keepers anil others arc invited to call nnd examine. Darlington, (Chiurli Si.) Nov. 23 M3. vor.i scotia aiixn sto.i:s. Ot Water stones, voi2liinn irom ouu to 2SUU eaeli, 200 small finished Stones, 100 tlo Ohm do, for sale hy l-OLI.KTT, IIRADLKV & Cn. Old Dotk, Nov. 23, 1813. 23. 4 MKKICAN patent wrought and cast iton vices, Jt a new anil superior article. I'ti-ler's Anvils, Ame's long h nulled Shovels, Homer's raft sleel do, Thomas' Spades, Davie's Hillel Webs, Ttace Chains, Old Dock, Nov. 23, IS 13, !5 Kl.OUIt . s'i v ii tntil't.S Siuiprfnie I'lour. )JJ 200 do i-vtraSnperlinedo. equal io any mado in the l ulled r-tate-, 150 Half do do for sale by l'DLLITP, IIRADLKV tt Co. Old Dock, Dec. II, 18. 2 nv i'(vmon.h7nt.--ni:' hum. rye llhd" John IVHon's, 25 ba'l p.jie- J IVbons, O 100 HI hi- dn. 50 hlids C.tt L. Irult. 70 libit O it ETriill'i-, f r sale i v rOLLKlT, lll!M)LI V tt Co. So'iih Whaif, Ntv.231813, 25 FOR SALE. rj'MlAT birire nn I fuinmuhuu two story I1IIICK 1. IIWKI.LI.NC. HOUSE AND LOT, "iiuatpil on lilt- wt'-l mleof Cnllf'f Green, at the htad ofColltve Sireet, in this villain". The Hoiee I" 32 by -15, with a I'li-einenl torv, w oh kilclieu and prnviViun cellars, ami a wins 32 I V lo, ex eiiuing norm on t uiicge fSieen, with wood nnd store house I rlow, nndi lum ber and sltvpins rooms a' nf. A '.nc and com mo liuu barn, cnrr-atif liou-r, iff house, ami uti.cr oiit-in uti-, and a -jiai iuus yard wet of Ihedwrlhnfr hoii-c, ami a trooii uurai le win oi water in me net quahiy in llif vill.ilic, and abrnk rislrrn. One and a quarter acre of laud, of the firt ip.alilv, a larpe garden and clioitf fruii trees west cf the house nd )nnl. The biul.liiifr are ronslriiPletl in mtdern l)lc, ef ibelfst material and workman-hip, were erected by Ihe nibs Tiber for Ills own me, and ihe location ail'nrd a very exltn-ive and pleasant prospect oflhe village and lakeon Ihe Wt-i, and is not surpassed by any oilier in lln part of the country. i Al-o, for salt-a j!oml pairof work horsr. Purtlia'eis are invited to call and examine fm tlieni-elvu-. Tt-rnij made known lv I lie siibseribri on ihe premise.. SAM I'LL UKKD. . H.irliiifliui, April IS, 1811. 46 if tJ'C. 77.Y PLATE, WIRE 7T Hove, Tin Plait-1 3 X I w 15 ilo ilo I Sir. 25 1VU Ru-sia, I'ns. tt Am. Sheet Iron, 60 11 xe, Cam la Plale s ipeilor Urand., (o( CO ll iuiile-Win-a-s'ld. No-. .'iho" AIoageucrula3.ornient of Tinner- irliclj , . ..i ., i it lur the interest r .. I su e ii, in i t- io. ii in .... ,. . , t. t f , L-'sliin? any ailu-les in Itu- line lcah and . J3 ri!,crSi.Kk. UKH, LOOMIS March 27 111

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