30 Ağustos 1844 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3

30 Ağustos 1844 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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your toiling tiritlliron in othuriiml mnimloiilii i'ul Stairs, liy n gooil roiiml majority for St.Aiin, nnd n tlrriilt.'il W lil Lrgislnltiii'. It Is fur you to scml unotliitr stiong Whig (lulu pation to llio next Congress, that tlio Imtu) ficcnt systtim of W'liitj policy may bo inaiti tuineil mill carried out inoie fully. You Invo uvcry reason to rally at lliis time. Do you wish llio tarifl' iniiintained, which has raised the prico of j oiir wool at least 30 per runt., nnd reduced that of very many manufactured nrticles? Thou work and vole for its determined suppuitrrs, the Whigs. Do you wish to show your nlilior nnce of that vilo scheme for the citension and denial perpetuation of SLAVEUY, tho certainly ol an unjust and disracrfu WAll, nnd the' assumption of a TWENTY MIL LION DKUT, ly tho annexation of Texas? Then woik mid votu for lis determined ene mies, the Whigs. Do you wish to receive your share of the proceeds of the public do main, to tho acquirement of which llio blood anil treasures of your sires greatly contribu ted I Then work and vote for (hose who aim to sncnie all these blessing, tho Whigs. WIHGS of VI2UMONT 1 Prepare to ihunder from tho polls on the 31 of Septem ber, your indignant condemnation of the lo cofoco paity and all its vile projects. Tell that faction thai von are not to be culled in to n support ofthe A NT I LMcOXECTlVE POLICY of Polk and his fullowois, nor led indirectly or otherwise to extend the curse of SLAV 12 POWI211 in our country. These two questions most vitally iinpoitant and interesting to Vermont aro tho principal points nl issue. Can you hesitate about lio stowingyour confidence upon the p it ly which takes the position Green Mountain Hoys have ever been proud of holding in regard to them? Ansivtu at tug rm.i.s, by pouring another broadside into the piratical craft of Locofo cuisitt. I'htrnii. MOW 1)0 WH S PAN I), AND WIIHRi: SHAM. WJ2 SPAN I).' Our Union now consists of 2f St.ites 1!) Tree anil U! Slave State-!. I'n'li Slate is cull, tied by the Cmixtitutinn of tins Uniled St.ites to two Senators each anil ofrourse they are now cipially represented m the hunulu. Free Slatei. Slum Stales. Maine, Maryland, Vermont, JM-ivvare, Now Iliiniplilrp, Kentucky, M-issiehitseits, Missouri, Rhode Hand, Mississippi, Connecticut. Atk-uisa, Now York, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, I.onUiiui, Ohio, iruinii, Michigan, Alabama, II initio, S mill Cainlun, linliun, Ninh C.un'iu-i, .Sow Jersey IS. Georgia. 13. Tho proposition of the Poll; party now i.', to ndd Tex i, a sl.ivu Territory, inbaliitcd prmci. it ill v bv t-lavi'lmlitiM to our present Union. The part now mil ibiteil, is ciiltivateil by slave, euibr.ii'ing a lorritnry 1 1 rrr enough, nrcorduig to Senator Itcntmt, fur seipral Slates. The other portion of llio lornioiv is now in a wild S'.ite, ahoiiniliii:: in inoii'it.iui- and a!ino-t u n in- i b ibit.ili'e, and is nrenpiod pirlly by Indians, and ( cannot bo settled fur half a rentury, and nu si i tnrt.s of it, i.evi.T. Annexation would, then, , tiring iiilo the Union tin! fertile ami low rnuti try. nnw rultiv.iteil by slaves, ready to hu divi. into Sla'es, .mil in i mo itlis her Sonalors and It. pse.scit.itivc.s would lie at Washington, wh le the other parts wnii'il leiinin but thinly sc'tled and nut leadv, by reason of not lining tho ri.'ipiisile pnpiilation, to come intotho Union fur a jjioal mimbcrof year?, probably lifty. This thou is the result l.ivuliiililmt .Senators are added to tin! Sen ile, and no Sen iters f rum free Kutes; a,nl Ihe SI, A VP, l'dWHIt IS '1111 UMIMIAN'P IN OUIl GOVUIINMKN'P! Tins Siar of the l'Jib goes in fur Annexation, and says the iueslum must be settled by Out gross. hni,); in In the ma'ter, nml see ir'in arc In ;rn In f.'iwgrcss- In settle Ihil question rithcr in the House or In the Senate! The matter is thus refund! directly to the people, llov will tbey art upon it. The ballot.ooxcs will an answer. CnUihin inn. SKNTLMKNI'S THAT NKKD NO COM JIKN'T. Pathi itism. " Whetber in public or private ftation, inv friends in iv rest assured lliiU I sli ill 1 slan I erect, with a spirit tiucoiu'.iuied while life endures, ready lo seennd their exerlions m the cause of fibrrt;, I'm v, and ihe Natioxai. l'f.osrr.r.rrv." Mr. (Hoy's .Siiwi. Sr.AVr-e.v. "It 1 could only bo iilruniPiilal 1 in eradicating this d-ep slain upon the charac ter of our country, I would not excliaiiiio the proud satisfaction I should enjoy, for the honor of all the triumph-: ever dorreed to Ihe most successful conqueror." Mr. Clui's .S'wc'i. " I am no friend of slavery. 1 bo searcher of all bear's knows that initio boats 1 11 -jli and st ronir in 1I12 cause of liberty." Mr. Clois Speech. Mr. Ci.ay. "It is wilh a keen sensation of plca-iire almost of il.aliL'lil that we sue thi. nmtloin in ilefendinj t'm rijht of his country men to iic'iliDH CotP'ress for thu abolition of ! .1 .. ..t fS.I ,.. .,.! sniverv 111 inu jisinei. 01 ioiu 1011,1, n in h,-pi. o- 1 pwiui 111 1111, I'i'ioii in;; tho Constitutional power of that body to accede to their request. Tho Clod of the oppiosscd now presents for 1 Mr. Rlav's iiccentauce. honors that wo bone to : SCO laKC rool 111 lime, ami uum uioir iionoiiH fruit through ctcrnitij. -James (. liirneu I ' Mkniiv Clav. In all the various, capacities in which I hue known him to act, wb:thorf,is my assistant or ascoruto, or as acting u.ilepen (luntlv of 1110 and iu his individu.il ch tractor nud capacity, 1 Invo ever found him not only one of the ablest men with whom I oyer co-operated, but osr. or tiii: most AJtiAnt.r. ami woutiiv." 'Vom John Adams' address at (Jiiicimnti, last fall. THE TAHUT CAIiTENTEUS AND JOlNEItS TAILORS. The most important aspect in which the policy of a discriminating and protective ta riff can ho regarded, in our judgment, is its favorable effect on tho inteicsls of labor, by giving greater variety to the occupations of tho country, inducing larger investments of capital, and thus creating a wider und more steady supply of oninluvmont for all who de pend on wages for their subsistence and the support of their families. By its practical winking, in this respect, a tariff liko tho ono now established, produces that union be iwron tho'intercsts ofthe capitalist and thu laborer, which is essential to tlio harmony nnd tho highest welf.uo of tho whole commu nity. It is ns necessary for tho permanent benefit of llio laborer, that tho employer should bo enabled lo imiku a fair profit on his investment, as it is, that tho laborer's own wages should bo such as lo cnabln him to maintain himself and his family in comfort; for it is from thoso piofils that tho means must come for paying wages. A proteclivu larifT. therefore, is peculiarly favorable to mutual good-will nnd harmony between tlio dinoroiit classes ol society, in knscquonco of its direct effect in enlarging demand for labor. mechanical occupations aro as ccr- U)d Uiruclly Iionulllluu uy inu proiei.- us lire llio manufacturing and Interests ; ami Ihey would uo ns deeply injured by tho hill now ponding in lliol U. S. House of Representatives, if that bill should become n law, mid the existing tariff law bp icpealed. Wo copied yesterday from tho Geneva Couiieru practical inatter-of-l'icl explana tion of the wool-giowm's inteicst in (his sub ject. To-day wo take from the samo writer a similar explanation of tho interests of two classes of Mechanics in the same subject, us follows : to tiii: CAnt'r.NTr.R and joinf.ii. What, my friend, do you reck ) You answer, plen ty f employnunt and good pay. In w lint docs your employment consist ? In ni-ikinir, puiiiii!! up nnd kcipnig In repair, Iio-ifcp, warehouse, fii-terius, fcc., Willi tluir nppropriilo buddings and I'lxtmis, nnd llio various kinds of maeluiirrv einpliiyi d in ll taring in I r, vvoohu nnd cotton f n-torics, md other cstnb hshmtii's fni ililHrcnt mamifacliiies. Mnkc, I It n , tho 'I'm ill from tlio statute tieok. pas. M-Kny's lull, throw open imr polls to Pngltsli in iniilncluris, nml when; arc ynu 1 Who will build fncloiies fur wool ens, or iriui, or cnttnn, or fur llio vatinus other nrlielrs nfiloin ".lie iHe, when ilwe nrtieks aro all prncured from abroad? How would It injure you. let in nk, should a do"ii f ietories, with their npre."iry Hvlun nut-liousea ninl appeivhL'es, hce-tnhlislied, iliirini: tho riifumc suni'uer, nt (iencva 1 And how can those nr any other establishments bo put up, if MtlCaj's I ill panlid theiibynll imliieeuieut to tho capitalist in embark in I tits Imneh of business, ho nil oil'? And mo you now lo bo railed upon, bceane Mr. Van Hil ton seeks the Presidency, and would roneibalc .Si'Mth eru voles, lo lieairnr yourselves nml your families 1 uianim; .nr. van liiiren lo no nil dial Ins inenns ehim Ins ho ot tiny olhir linn llio ri'ilit to inisi upin your eratnpiii!! yoincUes for wars, (f"r if he bo successful llio fne trade polio v will le perp"tml,) fni Ins benefit 7 Awayuiih such mpluor I Van linren is ni better thin von or I. 'I'riie, he hns held olTieo nnd lee ivrd bis linnilredsnf ihonsands, (wlueh we have nnl.) but llio reei ipl of ibeso inonn s does not nntio us bis slaves. Let ns look nt llio ineasine it si If, sec how it opcralcs upon us, an I procicd accord ingly. TO Tim TAII.Oll. Yon, my fiiond, are eiumted ill llio maniif irtnro of clollnm, either for iinlmilnnl citslonicr.s or in the wholesale uav. Jii Kttifl itid nnd V ranee, they enn in iniifai Hue nlly cheaper thnu ou cin; for in KnLiml nnd I'raiiee, (particularly die former,) men must work even for GJ. per day or starve. The pres ent Wilis T.'inu"impoc8 a duty uf lifty per cent, upon ready-made clotliiriir ; a ditty no mori'llnn sttlTiricnt for your nrotection. Tlio I.ocofoeo bill introduced bv .Air. MelCay, reduces llio duly to 30 percent ihevnl no of the clolhino to be settled liy the iinporler, who ts dirictly interested in swearing down its value in older tojredife tin' duty. In fact, tho duly will, bv tlio usual f.il-e mv carol!.', amount to no more than 20 pa eint. This is no protection nt nil. I let I von plainly, von cannot live timb r sueh a system. Prior to the WI112 ael, I, ine fun mil cstahlMiini nts vveiein full op' ration 111 New Ymk. iindei s, ine tliu A im-ri-cau mati'.faetiirer. The t(lri will nut be confined to hree cities ( for lln esiabli-luneii's will from time to tune diorire tbeir s irplus eloilntur over the eounlry, nt ttiino.islv low lates and to the ilestrtirtiou of vc uf business. The thinsr has been ih.no already. I'niltr Mr. MelCav's bill, if pass,.,!, it coine part of the so'lled business of the eounlry. I tell you you cannot live under it. A fop, (11 it nn nnfierpient animal,) whether ill rily or counti v, alvvavs prefers soineihina fore inn, beea'us" ho lliinks it smacks ofthe nrisioerncys and fops, ns well as oilier men, have llieir infliii nrc. .Vow, I nl., what will von ilo? It is ul So to lallt of parly, when llio qnrsiinu is about n man's bread, (.'hv may In- well, Van Union iirivbo we'l. but inybieadts to me of tnurc moinciu than lilhi'J of them. "How happy cojUI ho with ei hor." Old Foil". Polk's position in rid ilion lo the W'ni'j; lanfl' is- an apt illustialion of tho mouse be tween the eat. Mr. Polk i-in fivor of 'llio TUmocrnlic parlv tin' ora;i7it( inciilitital pro-ltiave iiomunleil a ciiidi toetiou 10 Anieiieaa lndns. la'e for llio i'ri'siih ney try. I lo ts the fsinoi who is tlie tiri tluulhj advoeato of tin' coal nm! 'iieint of llio jopsi'iit T;i iron inteicst. lie is nmrn , r if I A. Y. I'lthrian. r lo llio I'lstinb llieeoj tin In leenril to the Tariff. VI r. P 1 k's views are Southern to the bit k' one Oil7en Mercury. Tint its provi ions arc viewed with aUlmrrtnri by (iov. Polk nnd nil Ins toi'sent larill. 1 irr!- burgh iiemwralie l'nioiu fiien 's. wneeil not repeal. XushrilU Union. The Louisville Journal of Fiiilay savs, A pa'oner finni rriukfurt informs us that ("ol. Itielnrd .V,. .loliiici'i voteil fir Ibo Wlnj lanJiiaie lot (i iv 'inor nud Iiii in. (oivcrnor. Can it bo Hue ? inquires the editor ofthe J out mil. T ie next Stale elections will take place a follows: Vermont, September the JJ 1 ; Maine, September, the !)lh. Seven States Vl"l! ' October, naimdy her 21; Oeiuoia nnd : Mankind, Oclo Aikansas, October 7th; New Jul soy, Pennsylvania and Ohio, October Silt, nnd South Caiolina, October 1-lth. A SLIGHT MISTAKE. Tho Essex County Itepublican litis fallen into en nr. Mr. Ilurkley whn has boti'ihl the Ilowaid Tavern in this town, has nut taken the house lo " ofllcialo as l.iudloid," but it is now kept by Mr. Arlemas Piouty Jr. a yountr man vv bo was for five y ears chief mann",er dining " Uncle John's" leion, and who is every way qualified to ho tho successor of that venerable und estimable 1 inillonl. . , , , r, e , , . e Accinr.sT. A lad ofl2 yeirs of .-li.'!', rlde.t son of ,,r I ttimin Mon, was killed, by hem-, tlir. wu out of a cart lo which a vke ot oxen weio attached, and which ln'tmr slartcd heeouiui!.' unuinii- 112 able were riumintr at the top of thur sp.ed. llio wheel nasin2 over Ins head ns is supposed ciusin '"s ilciuli iu n cry lew imuuies. The skull back of bis tiijlil car was hrukcu 111. lie w is a brisbt pretty boy leaving ntlliclcd parents nnd fitinds lo mourn his untimely end. i j A Wliis fass tieeling will bo held nt 1 lUNTINO TON, on tho 31st m-t. Hon. (li orif.K P. .M vii-11, and olhcis will a.hlre-s tho pmplc. The Wbi;s of llio county nre invited to nttiiid. r?pcakins to com mctico at one o'clock. Tlio Wh't2s of tho town ofJpri"hn nro requested to meet at llm 'I'owu Idiom, 011 S.itiirdiiy, tho iilsl day of Autttisl, at 3 o'cloe'., 1'. M to nominate n candi date to rcpro-ent tins lovvn 111 ibo nct Leji-I itnro llyordirof TOWN LOM.MPPTI.I.'. Aug. 21, Hit. CJayJDiitb. Tim noxt roirular Mcctin; of tho li UR LING TON CLAY CLUB will hoholdon at (ho Court llotiso on MONDAY EVE NJNG noxt, Sen'cinber 2. I ho members aro requested to assemble punctually at MS VIS IN o'clock. E. A. STANSBUKY, Scrrctari. In this place, very suddenly, on Friday P. 31. An; S3J,S.nn, vvifuofjoiis William-, nged 51 years. Tho deceased for a few days previous to her dcalh had cnioved belli r than her usual boallli. but while dicBsmt; on Ihe moriiiiifJ of theSId, bho csperienccd nVVo v York vvill ,, an nltack of apoplexy, nnd idlhoiicli medical md waslofiNow otlti"1l'1 1 1 ii m id ii t et y rendered, Hie lircathcil her last mntiout hx hours, vviihotit rpcnvcriiir her consciousness. Her nllliclcd husband deplores tho loss of a kind, tit fectionato ami devoted wife, who iu ihe soveinl rein lions of daughter, siaier, wife and fri.nd has left few equals, nnd uono superior. WANTED, A('I,i:itlC, who can come well enilnr-cj as n g'od a ile-man an I competent boo' -keeper one who lias hid fomo year experience, in tho busi ncs., and i-willtii!! lo devote his whole tuno and nt. tcniioo lo the intercs's of bis employer. To nieh an one n nlary would bo paid corrctponditifn ihofcr - vi e teualil s an I none other need apply, Jinureut theKrcel'reMcniie. 1 Iltulinstmii Ao. 85, 1SII n Till! WHIG .SYSTI1M. Home lalior, worl; at linmt buy at borne spenil at liomr employ uurinvn riiiinliyiueti In lirel'ciciico --lu-lp Amerlraiis tirsl protect American lab n assist American Industry let Hip Smith fent tlio Nortli, and llio North supply the Sinilli wli il wedmi'l w.int we will ship awajwliat we cnii'l make of pro lure we will buy I'imih Ibrelenel-s. Tilts Is Hie Whin System tills Is IIWtllY CliVY'r inllry. IVc lin ! our nun dear country, Hint our own countrymen, liel'ore any lorelsu natliinatid mean Mist tu taKe rave of Ani 'i-lcan men and American boys, anil American women anil American tstrls. We lire not an Idle pcoplu wo liiiisluinl wc will live by our labor. II I'ceds us and It elullic us, nml wo mean to lake care cf that labor In iirrlcreiice to any veto, or any power, lbreli;n or dnmostlc. Hence wu want a domestic nml protective tarifl'. Annapclia He jntblimtl. ""1? h ks nimu AiiADiYT (eol'o I, t, E.yniiiii, A. itl., 11 incipat. rpiir. I'AI I, Tl KM of lln- Io.iituliou will eoni J inonec on Wc Incs lay, IS'i',11. I. 1 7. W. UIP.I1, f-'oe'y. J.'llopeincnt. WIIPdtUAStny wile. M my Iv. liradlcy, Ins left my lull and I (1.111I willii.nl my kimwlcilp.' or coieeut.'niid wiilioit any ft-t provo Mtnoi, llus is 10 tin hni nil per oils harl'Mina or irutiinr heron my account, ns 1 will pay uoilel'ls of Iht eoutraeiimr. 1 ftlKAl.ll liKAIJI.IO . Iliiiliimlon, Anc 31, Ml. I.iw.1 Green's i'nleiit Fainting . TPOU s lie cheaper lb.111 ever, to I'lieo if concern, by ' p.". I.. Nl'.ION. C. JIAYNES fTAS i'it reeo vela fow choieo patterns of Prcneli L Ju tin 1 Americall ofthe la'e-t .-Ivli s, for sale at bis P.iiul Shoo on Col- le'i- -im t. II irliu.-ioo, .1 me l!t, I'll. 3 MOXH.S Oman 1111 '(Vimlm Pu-.fl irrnnis. wv.' Pi'iiue- ni 1 ( Old; vV l!OI!l.s!ON'.S l'oricdiciils for Scplcmbop. Hr.ibatii's Mn"uzine, Lady's Hook, ' I.nlj' Naiiouil Miirntne, Ar le.r' l..ulv' .Mnuazinc, fI' .ttiui ' nil .Magazine. I.iitcll's I iv iu 'o. ,n. 1 1 an 1 1.7. No. 21 erdiiic'.'. I lu-ira'o.l tjlukspcare. II nk uiimhrs fiu'iii-hi"!. Itp.-pivcl bv V. IIA1IUIXCTON. JiorlinutMii, A ia.S, 1SII. I.i Comoiit lor ( 'isliti'iis. 9 I 0 t'ICS or ibo lp.t Soiihcrn Cement, O I v II 1. -1 Imnlcii- 111 11 lew hour , nu I reir 'er? ci-tcne. 11 1 li: on I tree li in leak lire, fir -aln hv , ISI!1.SV!AII iV: IlitO Plir.'t.S. An.-, no, '11. n DOZPN TWIST COMI1.:, ."OD do Silo ,1,1 ilo Cuar-e and l-'ino Ivory do 'i,o rPtvki-t do YII.AS I.CO.MIS ilo 2UU 7.1 (mo Per .ni.' hy Aotr. 22. 1511. it, Co. 13 300 I.ll-i. COTTON THKP.M). o0 ill! I, UK I ilo rson i'oz. Spo'.i ii.i 'J.",ll do (Jottoii Tape (-In'!.) I"l) do do ,o (ro'l) Por-.i'n l,y Vll.A.S I.OUMIS An". 22, IS 1 1. it r0. 13 Ki do s HOOKS an I I'.YPS, JJ '.'."i dnthnvue.' Soap, 7i do lfo md lieels, ;",(! ilo Pyolcl-, Por-n!ol,v " YII.AS I.OOJIIS i. r,i. Am;. 2.', 1811. 13 PAJJHIM!, Canvas-," Alpaeea, Pm',1 ilo Puimoe lldkf-. VII.A-S I.OOJIIS it Co. 13 On.. i:.ssi:noi:.s, i:,0 P.e-ks Pin-, 7"i Ih.. iUivl do IPO M. Nee lies, Por -ale bv VILA'S LOOMLS An.'. -', IS 11. it. (. 13 - r - - 60 I!ocs 1-3 I X Tin Pl.il.', Ill ilo Sipiaie do f II llindle. Wire ns.'d No's. P. r Mile Iv VILAS LOOMIS Ana. 22, l?ll." , Co. 13 ( 'liililiTii's W lioolliitrrows A NI) W:e.'" n- ainii-c and in nl Vai lo i. -r, I'll'-I ' Il I III"!. HI'INSM ll) very li-eful Pi it ltltOTIir.ll-5 Clollics Baskets. T AlHiH an I I c,i ml, il'i.w ( 'belies l!as;iM' 1 J nl-n a h'w lo 'll I lei-oil Prill or .Marl.it l!a I-, nl-u Mtnw It '.' is-, an I ( ai iel ll.ej-. for l.uiie.. P! HP.IN-sVI ) '.V; IIROTIIP.I.'S. ftietal l'ilcliers and I'.owU. WH would call die n"en'i n of eei no'on'al ho l-e-l.i'e ,ers lo soon' 0,'W "de'.ll t'liaini 'b' I Wa Ii liovvl-, PiK'lurs and f'haiob, r-. wh "h will not I icnt. (Kl P.IIIN-.MAID it IIIIO 1'IIP.IiS. I'reezcps. rpilP, tbir.l lot of l rc"Z''r-, by wbi li any pcr-i.n I can in.il.e Ice Cream. .Pi t ri'cct"' . 11 HltlNSMAII) iv ISliOTIH'Il.S. i'Msliing ilods PliW inoie, .onio iu tane., and onio ot lane-, and .nine 7io m fx. lano- u'so lion',., bin'-, .in',,r., iwc. IHtlN-s-MAil) ii I1UOII1P.IIS. PI Am.'. 3D. 'It. Powder F ,V I ISlCS, c I A PS, Pen-ii-Moii Piil- II r r-riuunE, Cap bno. Ptol-, Pi..tol I'la.1'-, Powder lloni-, Ini' Ins- iVo nillNKMAIf) IIItOTlll'.U--. Aur. 30, Ml. 31 MlaO'S PATU.XT FENCE jVCKTNI TjTOll iiiruing 1 ence Pnkcts and other nrliclcs ,'if . viiiiii of a cy indric il fiiriii. The utiilcr-iuiitd coiitmue to niier.ato the above Maehmiry at " Winool(i City," whero Ihey would he happy to furnish purth iscrs wilh Fomeof their vnrieues of I'ntni, eaiileu or orn unuita I'eiicc I'hey will also work on I.tiinbcr ittiou shares or hv the toil forlhose who wi?li. On-ui" to Ihe ndvantai'ts which they derive in llio n-o of tho above improvement, they nto enabled lo ntl'iriln neat und beaiitibd (etieo for yunU nnd rar di'iis. ut much less evpense than ibo same can be sol up tor in nny oilier way, vv-lnte lot ilural Pity it is not excelled by any ip romiiion use. This vnbnhle i iuiirovi'inetil wa. first brought nut iu Wcsletu New Vork, w here it has irono into extenivo use mid has reei ived the npprobati in of llio Mayor ofthociiyof lliillalo, with many hundreds of the first ayricubur islsaud oihers in thai pan of the Slate, also of Oov Hubbard, Poet. Jams, .linljro Churchill n& tunny others in New Hampshire. In fact wherever it has been introduced it has I cell highly approved. As n l-'nrin l-'eucc it eombines more advantages than any oilier fence ever used. It can I e used without posts, r.ud is therefore not affected by llio freeinj; and heavimjof llio (round. It takes liss lumber thnu nnywihcr kind offence, isn certain protection n:ninst .ill kinds of cattle, is not liable to pet out of repiir, cniinof be bloirn rfoini, is easily set up, taken down nn I rcmovid, without inpiry. rr-o I'.vnMEii should be rcilhout nt least a suffi cient ri'i-iuliiy to ihrow around his fields of gram and stack yards. The iindersined refer vviih pleasure to Col. Harry Thomas, ., ll, llasvvcll, i;q, and Jlessrs, llrins iiiatdand llrnihers, Ibirlmgjon : Hon. David Held, Colchester -, Halpti l.audon, Wilhston, and Win, Kceler, Kin., Grand Isle. JNO N. ni'AVP.V. II. P. UKWUV. Any person vvisbinijto engage in llio above busi lies iu Ihe conniiea of franklin, Orleans, Lamoille, Washington Htttland, lloiininiuon nnd Windliatn. iu this Sinte, or any of die Pastern roiinlirs iu the Slate ease uppfy ns nliove. JNO. N DPAVHV. A(jcnt for I'ntcntie. litirlingtoii, Vl., August, 1811. 13 Brush (..-, Urnslics-, Combs. A I-'PI.I. assnrimeut of beautiful llo-owooMiackod IV ll.ur Ilruslies, Infant..' Itrn.bes. Tooth, rvail and Coui'i brn-hes, Clothes and Shoe llro.lies.M'loor nnd I Hearth lirtl-ne, serulil'in nml lle.li llriimcs, .Vlivo I Unto llru lii'', line eonib cleaners, el M'veral km l. I ( ps. i,i:j) LU ir, ilo k'.'i i'o LI do SO do Por -ale bv Aus. 22, 1SII. !0 broom Urn lie.,i!u.t an J i-ruuili btilivs, in horl, nlitu -t every kind ofbrti b in u-e, lor in.in and beast, Wu Invo Iheui for hra-himr bor.e, clothes, linir, llOos, flic., fr rruldiiii! mil elcaning liouic, for I Il l's, for inUo, and for mo.t i.es. , Ati-i',lbe verybe-tanJ linest ivory C rnibs, thetl, Ii irn, w .(nl, bra s, and Herman nlver Coinla, ni-t receive). UlllNSMAIfJ & UKOI'lIKKS. Ami.SOdi, '11. 13 lAJTlll'.lt I.OUMIS' I'.STA'I i:. Wh I'llH SUII.S(;ittlll.ltH,liavitii; I ecu appoint ell ihe Hon. the PioImic C0111I for the district of C'liiteuleu, riiiiiinisioiiers In ipecive, exniunieniid iidei-l tho elaon ie d deiinti I- nl 11M pcr-ons, ncnui.t thoe tatcol l.fl'HP.Il I.OOMIK, la'e of ll.iHinntou in nn I Di-iti l,ili-eP.i-id, i-eoesenlel in olvcii', "til iit-o nil ebiiins 1111 ti'finniid. 1 slii' lied in ohel tin rc to j nud s x inonlli- Iro'O lln' d iv ol'tlie iHIu ben'of, pMiir nllowed bv 'iii.l 11. irt for lint piifpo v, we do theref're hcicliy cbe honee, that we will rutend to Ihe 'u-nie-s of o iriiop or m, at tho IV.itl S.tret llo'i.eiu lliirlliurioii in md l)i-ltiet. 011 t li" 21-1 days ol .t in mrv 1111 1 IV1111.11V next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., 011 e.i'di of mi I d.ivs. Pa cl this -Ms. 1l.1v of v isit I A. I). 1R1I. A I. VAN Pi IOTP, I Cotnmis Hw:t SII'SKV I1AIII.OW, t sinner.. A LLRBTVSI'iS MOlCINKSr rpillO nlovo Medieints h ive I eeoino o popular, 1. wbcri! they have lecoino known, thai, Ionics. I the demand, the proprietor has iidiptcl I he plan of In duply ins the Acrencie-, f 11 ni-buii each Agent with 11 neat chc-t, con'uiuuu TIIU HI.Ariv (ir Albliasl's.) SAI-VH, AMililtASPS IIHAI.TII 1MI.1.S Al.l.HltASI'S TOOTM-At'lli; l)lt)l'., AMI AI.I.KltASI'S 1'OOH .HAN';? I'IjASTP.VI. A nntider of Auenele are now e-tal li-hed ill the village, Imto-lii d ns nhnve, tos-elher widi paniphlets for BHiiernl ili lrileition, -e'lintf fir'h ihe vrloi" of til'- .Vleiliriiivs, nnd cnirniiumr ecriilieate- frum hijlily 1e-peel.1l le ptr-011-, of mine of the unity 1 uic they have 1 H'eeted. Families .md tmtivi'litiil- nreuivi'cd lo tend nud pet 11 jiniti) ti'', nnd rend, und if they have o va-e 11, try the Mcln iiie , which aio vvarraui i d to do nil that 19 eloun 'd l"r them. The Audits for lliiilmrtou roe Win. II. Curtis, Ilenrv Hyde it, (lo , (ho. Pelcisou, . W. 1! ice. Ilariy llmlley, linear it Arlhur, 1111 I PKl'Ko. SI'PAll, Api theeariosme Drug'.'is's, L'enei.il A'.'cnt', who will also supply Cointy dealer, nt who'e-nle, on ihe unie teruis villi the propi ietor in Ne.v Voik. II tilingum, Aur. t!l5 h. Rll. I.YMAN W. filt.P.P.ItT, Pronrietor, J (t 'JII Polioii Street. New Yi r1., O F S O V- 3 J 10 A 3 ii' E 2 Willi .11 Wr.TT'-! MPI P'INI S', tuTvm imp t nv T hi- ie nicies', ( hunril 101 Si., n few iod north ol Me.-r-. Pn.lett ,V. Ilrallev, II irluurmn, Yl. In ten lemur his nins' pri'e'ol in knowle iiroienls to In. Irieu U nn I orient., fir Ihe eneo iro'eineol an I s ipport Ihey have iriven hi n the pa -I v e.tr, the l)oo- loi wool. I H'4 leave lo .inre inn, ins .ii'oe.-, on. Ibus fir, b'-eii cipnl to hi- ni-t .11112 i.ne etpeetn Hon.; for il lias scl loin I ceo the c.i-e, tint llio merits ol a new -v s'eui of ineheal pr.ieti'.e, h 1. 1 eon luoto f illy 'e tc f nn 1 fairly v-t i' li-he I, in -n -liott a tune. In-'eid, I'r. Snu h i'oi. not lie-i'n'e lo ay m l Hie tnoll 'lll ucutlolllon III Iht- pl.vo wi I 11 it deny il lli it he ha.e 'eeled -ome ual al. I iiupor mil c res, 1 vi II where Ihe p l'leo's II 1 I ' eon irl veil over bv o'her ph"s an-; an I ibetctoto he h es conti'eut, thai, einld lie ' e c.ut'M in -e.i-on, wni'ii ine pi leuiisursi taken, tnoie fr'-uneii'ly th.111 he is, a rur wo i'il be in ieb -ooner e 'i"e 1, and web far le-e,;Hu-i' an I H'tiii'!. t""r llo -ti:1., thin when they lost employ otlcr luians Hi1 tin' peieiit 1. in'inv oca an I then nil hiio. l or in a'l e.i-es, miii c In-In. aloptcllao 11.1M f .li we"'. iiiediVine, vi leao In w.i-ilius cal !l, Hie rtinvtrn ol 1I10 -ie1-, ' I'Oit .11 ro;ii(t, a- .rmo-t to uid'icethetn nud llieir tio-n L to lliui1. h it little icos fir mailer, llio mh to all appearance il.ey were u- .i''; as tho e vv-lio cnipl ivi'l n'lier ir:i -In---, ands on dial; or were irecks, and pi'rh.ip-, months, in ire'tin- it l asaiii, tirsl h tv.n s to a! an.loii Ibtsr ll.ie.ot - tin-,! i-tni', I'lilirely, lefore thi'ycoll fram nt all. The l.u-l i, whenever .le.vo'l'. ri'tni-bi'- 1 .1 -e I i-eii furly trielmi 1 1 el-lino filly Known, tier Icnln'ial elect, jn fin in ir di-i-a-i- f every tvie' nu I f no, have I ecu icliiiowie lireil I y Hie tuns' sMIMl iitiv-K-i.ins anJ the ino-t eri-ieal oh crver . riio fo'lowinir li' liiivaiv, was n 1 're sed to ( ol. Jeweltlytwo hmbly di-tiu j li-le I nliv i - in-, who by tliP'r as-idiritv, fitthrilni'.. and -kill m prl'tn-e, einlalnii-l lln in i-lve-in ihe iiioiiioi y and a 'i-eiioo. id' in, iov iu 'hisp'a i-, wlio-i-eil loi'ui.ility them ; and who.tho igh ilcad, vt -pi'.il,, Hi'iriheiu. Pt iii i.s-OTos-, Vt., Jan. S, IS'fi " Cot,. Jr.w r.n Duir Sli 1 h.ivo leeved mil lea 1 votir p.imdile'. vv-oh tn n-h in'eie-t, an I am Iol'Ii-Iv-plc-i-el with yoio-p'.in of ovei-'-o'ie'tm ihse.i-e. !,u an' truly I'lirrynl o it 'ho pr u.-i lo- of Dr.J.lek .011 niidoili,-r, w hi'-h ihi'v h ivc so a'-'y u Iv-oi-a'i' ' I am I'oiiiiiti-ul that a ivli't-in iu the pracliio of lue 'i- eini'isin uspen-ai'iy ne-,- -aiy. .1011 ? l'OVII.KUV, .11. I)." Ileal ivf.TO-:, Oct. 21, 137. " Cel.. .Ir.wr.TT Dun Sir 1 have dopo t'l-d mihc I ank bi-ri', lit' y ilo'lar. more to vo-ir i n-lit, on ac-i-o ml of me heme sol I. Solar as-I hive n-e.l ihem to my practice, ihey h ive proved fir inoii- e.'li -icieus than'l lei I aiilieipati-1. 'I'iu-y ac-rceldy on the.y leoi, nn I overcome di-ei-i- ei a in inner I never I e fine witiii'.-cl, nnd 1 do not lu'-itate to l'ivo my full n pin-o' ntion to yo ir sy-te'ii. I h no -o'd nud jt-ed no illy lour hundred ih'll ir- worth -inco I lirs! ie-'civ-ed an a..ortini lit iVom yo i. " I am tni'-l tr.dy your i'ld fr:i"ifl. TltPMAN POWPI.I,, M. I), Dr.Siniili luppv lo -tale that be ra'ldl on lr. Potueroy, a tew inoti'h- I efoie b . di'ith, and f, nnd him -ti'f firm in lite -ami' o i'lma, lie .aid, ' .lovv i'tt'. iloinir tl.e allu' now, that ( 'nllcn d,d in hi- day. An I," -aid he, " I told Dr. Vwi'er iswi.iiot the "ii'ire-t tn.iu in ihi'worhl. an I -nn no', Ii il il I y.m-, I .hoold .of' onib to Jnrrlt, for n'-f sv t'tn i- cirrnt, ami bin mtillcine Ihe Inst in Ihe irjiW; anil ic ipn'-ti'd linn to an lo I'r. S ni Ii an I tot mo a bnt'le ol hcul-aehe ftniment, win h be di ', audi fin I i ei-es tnv Iiim Rciy in nli." Wln'it phy-ifian. of lln-fir-i rank, whe-e eluea't n tin I i.ilcat. i'o hole r lo lln -r proles-ion, and i'vervt iivbvi liral who ha. mven It i a I in tri.u, coioc nu in i.ivor 1 1 .lewiai . me o- i'mi',m luiuiijc oueuy"'Ml mil iloeidi'l a- ihe ii'nve, who wi'l'luubi lb" tru Ii id wli it they .ay 1 'I'h 'S'1 vv'i i lb, nl. il for i lit - r interest lo ppo-'' a new prurlice, mil wlm-c mill- hue i , on blinded and lijnd!red ly tho e w!ioe tteljWineis und pride. pre 1, tun i cover ''teir-cu c of justice undtruth and alt tlie.r lentrulint J'c'litiL', and tho-coiih I I'm in o.'.'or f'.'ind ice invalids ol every o i. to

niiku liiil d tho latro'c,ioc reioi'dtc-. Dr. Smith m ule a pioposiiioo to ta'.o certain i-hr, ni" ca siijion his own ri-t' "no euro, no pay' .irovi'cl any wi.ho 1 lo clo-e .'ii'li a l.arj-.nu, liy plni'i ,z thcin-clve. it ii ler hi-eire in the iill.i,'ie, nnd fodowonr hi. di rection.!!, bum a. be sin) dd I e w ill in:; to pre-onbe, ornntil they ijot will i nud provide I al-o, ihal thej tual.o lln' luyniciil of In. bills nm re, .Mould hu o V.-i a eiili'. l-otno atiepl!.! Ihe propo uiou, I'ouiplicI with ihe eon hlion-. nud n cure is the ii'-i li : while o'her-, who inadi' no such bargain, and did tit-t eom pty icith one of its conditions, nn1 i'is o ed locl.itiu the I enctii ol "noe ire, no pay." Hot to nil Mich, tb ' principle - lion! 1 1 c reverted "no pay, nu core." Dr. Smith will now in il.c auoiher propo-ition, iu order to in loco the p'ib'i' to to t tho mint. f In praclice iu season. AM per. oil-, of every n-jc, -ex auil tidiuon whatever, who shall be Ml en wrh any acute discise fever-, ery-ip'a-, I'lio'i'r.a iiiiolu-, rln' imaiistn-, incntul diTitu'i'inen', .pcting I loo, I, pdi's, letli'r-, proiati. ii. uteri, .tel. hi'.id-aehe, piiu ill Ihe I U'.i-t, co'ish. an I cons inij.'ioii, nu I .h ill itiime ihntely siaid tor Dr. Smith, nnd eomply with the nbove conibiion., shall bo fai hfi.llyallcndi'l iu ujion thes iiii" sifr principle " no curc,u pail." tLPLadie- ni nm twitlun, toooiM y nil I faithfullv alteiidod to. to tbeir eu'iii s ifi.oii'oi.aii.l in a mun- 71 r by llicaid uterine liniment iricaily lo iiiitir'ali' ihi'ir i.'ernurs an I l.iciloate llieir re m very ; upon ihe anii' eon'1!' ion--' ao erne, no pay. Dr. iJinitli lii. Jii-t received a lu-li ntpplv ol Jewell's me hcinc, upon nun. tint will eualde him lo ! II, w bole-ale i r retail, or ei h, i per cent e. thno il wa. sold for last yi ai ; mid ho invite. ri,'i islc- mis and til' invalids, lo the inal of it. llandrtds ot I istiinoniatsnif iu Hie po..e-s ei, of Dr. auiiihof'ii Siindar cliaractcr to llio-e w Inch nre hern published. Hit ono iirli Iris 1 ecu shown In prove ihe f.iei, that all curable ili-in-cs, nnd inuiv wliii'h aro coii.idere 1 1 even I ihe re n'h of medicine, are overcome l y the "se n( Ihe e preparations, Willi .1 certainly never before known. or Fpinat Ayictions, i onsumpiions, t l.lver Affection's CouiU I.liiiuieni ; l'uln Iroealioiij CoiirIi, or Vesclal le Synp; rant i Alterative Drops ; i'llbiilie l'tll.j I 'or Spinal A fictions, ( unsuinptions, llronclnls. nmooie i.iii Kxpivtiv irops : .iiiuuie rm.; ram j.x tractori IVervo S.innt'ie; J..'ince ol l.ile. far Sick and Chronic llead-Aehc lleml-Ache Liiiiineni ; l'aui-1 Aiiaetor i Po.-lor.il Drop. 'or Uterine Affections, (.ucdi a. I'luor Allnis, pro-lap-iis Pion, ob'-trueicil or Jnegujar or loo eopiou. Meii.triiatioii) StiumlaiueJ. nr I'lerino l.iniiiient ; Veseta' hi Syrup t Pom ib' Drops l.'.s-encu tf Life; .Nerve Sanative! Arlbiitto Pills. 'or Difpepsia Sliinul.itias Liniment r Alterative Drops; Hs-cnicofl.ifc; Vi'tictable Syrup. 'or Spinal AffictionsV-im Hxtraelor; Stimula Iiiil' Linuuciii ; '1 .nil roe.itien. I'or '1'ie Douloureux, and .errc-w Affections pen erally Nerve l.iuimcut ; Nervo-.'a alive; Pant P. trailer; Peiioral Drop-. I'or Diseases of Iht Hypochondriac llegion Slim nl.itin? anil Nerve Liniment ; I'eni.ile Drop. ; Pci'io ral Tux-lure ; Nerve Saaalivo! K-x-nce ol Life; PulmouiD poilirocalii n : Pain l.xtractot t Arllint'e Pills. 11 tf iUr TAILORING KSTAHLISll Mil NT. j A ?i v. s o h it , WOTI.D rcspectfally inform Ibiii-ilizens of ljur liniiton and public iiencrully, lhat he hasiaken ibe es'ablislitnciit recently iK-ciipiisl by CHAlU'r I1K.N., vvberii ho will execute all order, iu the TAII.Oltl.Mi llP-SIN'rWi on the khorie.-l nonce, mid in a alt 1j not in be mrnas- ed. From n'veral t-ar experience in tliebuiiie.-she iceis comment oi in.urinir scnerni aiisiaeiion. ftl'TTI.NTi done for oilier to make up, at a'l tunes, and warranted unit, ii properly ma in up, tburcli-.t.Aii!:., 1811, 12 If. McH, (iilt, and Silvered BrcW)S,of vaiious Mze., nl-o the mveral kind. Puito Mi ts, Humi-, and T.i.nl leautiful style., nisi rcc il, and v.iriou. oihcr neve iioo is. nitl.NSMAlU ti illtOTHP.HS. liorltngten, Aug, 30, 1811. 13 GOULD'S HOTEL, coi.i.iicu stiihht ON Till". PltP.MISH-t roliMI'III.Y KNOWN AS il) 'b'hi: matvsio.x noi'si:. iaw) An.ii Mtinmt i, r. I Wei r.T I1a7I r.toN, ? I mils 'I l.rn, nnd I .Insvrins Norr.s. 1 (.'lIlrTKVIICN ( O. Col'tlT or t'tiiNCi nr., May Term, 1811. Will ttl-'A-J, ut this Term of said Court, Arad .Mer rill, nl ('o'eln-ler, In -aid County, hied bis bi'l eltiiur Ion ti i lii I Wi slcy llnz'i'tnn, of'IL'ix, in fa il County, on the l"lh of December, IP 12, I emir in- ih'bti'l nilheor.iler in lln- Mini of 1 02 dollars 5!)eiut--, lii eilieil hi a in to I carut-' ',nte on that day. lor the said .tiln nnd ititep's', payable to the orator or order, in one voir Irnm il.i'e, in or ler to n'ouio llio pai inent thereof! p-ieeired and ilelivered lo .aid or iter n deed ( f he followinir pri'inl-i's in aid M-n'.r, to wh: " Ml the land on Lois No. 03 and 107, which Samuel lln. zb't it, la'eol P,-ex,dcei'a-!'d, conveyc I to c.iid Wes ley 'laz'etoti I y hi. will, contain ins nl n it one bun dre land Ivveiey acre-, and to :ud vvdl ns ifcor'ed iu I ha nlliee of 'ihe Probate Cnuit in tlio county i,f r'billeudeti ri'fi'rence ts bad" which said Vol was aekiiovvleijsriil nnd re'oidcl in duo firm nl livv-wi'h a eoiidilion lo said deed niniexril, I lint if miM Wc-lcy Ilaz'e'on, his heirs or n--.imi-, choiiM pay nr cut e lo l e p ai I to ..all oral' r, In- I e r. or u.. i;us, ibo .mn .pet ijicd in .ni I note, ae I'orbui: lo the. tenor thereof, tbi'ii anl no e to I e void, aiidothi'rwi e in force. Aul fntber efiiiz for h n tin rt'i.ice of -aid I'le'ttiFos from ntd H.i7li"on to I.n nn Tv'er, fir ,100 dollar., iln'ed .1 mini v lib, IS 13 ; an I further -ellum lorth a iptil claim deed dated .l.in my 2 1' If. 1811, from iid Ililcton lo .loiiatlnu Noves, of I,'Mnir Counlv, Ola", tf lln premise, aforesaid j and f irlher letiimr f irlh lb it the -aid no'e 'o llio oral' r b id not 1 eon pin I, nor any pari tin rc of, lot wasihen doe and unpai I, with n great nrrcar f ueeie-t ; An 1 private Pint the sail We-N'y IlaxV'ton, I.orm Tv'i'r,nn-J .loii-ilh.iu iNoye, iiiil'IiI I e decn'od I y the I'oiitt lo pay Ihe snt'd .'ini ol money .pcoilicd in ai I no'e il'te lo ihe orator, tiorether with the inkte?t due an I lo i:r w ilue iherci n by a certain ilav to 1 1 .et I v .ill 1 Co ir ,atnl n detaitll tll'ereol lh.lt. a id nialntyhniild h"ldihe fl.ml premi-e. ficcd and di-i battred from nil eipii yi'f re'e'ip'ion. riaht an' litlo olthe niMl.t b'li It, Tvli'r and Novo , their heir- and ami a-.ii.oi-. Aitl it I t-iiiir tin 'o lo upiiear lb.it -ail Noye. re ido. wetio'ii lies ,S ale, and bis not had per-onul no li"!' ol'tho peiidcivv i f -ii d loll, it i ordcrcl ili.tt llii 'a isi'i i' coin i n no I to tho ncM term of this Court, and lb il lln' -ub-tail' e of lies bill I e puhti.ticd III ihe I'lee Pn'-s, a iiewsu.iper publi-hul nl IhirbiiL'ton, in mii I Counlv o' (liiticui'i'ti, three weeks suivr..iv( ly, the I. i t i f .n I iul licatiiiii. to I e twenty days before tin' next term oC.ii'J ('( art. I.'. A. S'l'ANSI!t:itV Dep. Clerk. Iliiiliiifilon, An.'. 20, IS 1 1. Uvv3 .loit.rr. Maiisii ClItTTENDt'.N Co. CliftlT. May Term, 1311. .lost vi .Sti.i i r. an 1 f Willi vm A. I'll ls. I WHPIILAS, nl thi. term of-aid Court, Jo-epli Mar b, ol lliue.b'irh, I rioiirlil Ins action era u-i Jo-iali .-'leele an I William A. IblN, of the .nine Ilinesl uigli, t'lc'arni? in as tiiup.it with the '"nini"U co nit-, and where i. i' .apjn'.ir- lo the Co irl ihu the -fid Wi bam A. Polls his not had personal ie ni'-eof the pell letiey i f tin. suit : Then foie, il i- oi 'nod ihal th'.cau-e 1 e er.n tinned to the in M term i f this Co til, and that ihe suh-tnnoc of n ii I declaration I e P ll li-lnil in ihe Prce Pie-., a new paper puhli-hed at I! trbtijlen, iu -all County, three week, .le-i-t-.-ivi ly, tin' bi-t of-uid publication. loli' twenty 'lav - holoic lite niM term ot this l oarl. P. A. STAN-JIII II V. Dep. Clerk. Ihal mrt i n, Aesr. 0. 1F1I. 123 Step'ien Sharp, 1 is. Illrnm Dean, ,1 i'tn IP. II eorcr, I ll'o. . .Munson. j S I'A'I I-: 01-' I'd! MONT, Chittenden County ss. May Term, 1911. 7" 1 1 1 It LAS, in ibis Term of Mid Court, Stephen Slrtrp, of Co'che-tcr, to .aid Co.tuty, cuicied Ins -nit ,fj on. t Hiram llean, ol ,orili I.U'crtv, ut to. Sin ei f MichiiMii, an I John W. 'cvci-and Wnbaii 11. .Mensoti, In- 'I'ro-'ei's, in an acth n i n a note da -iil iiiii-I oh, ISI'I. aul it rot appearing to the i o irt mat said iie.in na. na I personal noire ol the pi it 'toi'v of tins .no : 'I heri'l, re it i oi-'eiel bv the Court ihal ihe ai I M sc he ci'tiltn i'il in the net term thereof, and ih.il the -idi-tance ol -aid declaration be pit' li-be I iu the I-ree Pros-, a ue.v.-papcr priu'el in lliirlui jinn, in ml I o uitv, lliui. week, .ucei'-tively, ihe la-i of -ni I publication, lo be tvvuily day. I eforo the net I enn ol tins Co irt. P. A. ST.INStU'KV, Dep. Clerk !lurlm',"on, Aus. Huh, HI I. -Jiv.1 Kluiiv A. Wootmurr, Cllltlentltn Co. Cdui-1, Jl ay Tern-, 13 It. Jons- MonTiw, J.vMn- J- I.. .vi utov, and .ie- rvit T. A iN-.wonTII. J ATMI-.ltKS, at llus term i f sail Conn. I'li-hi A Woodru I', of Milton, m .ail County, broui-ht hisai'iion ainn.i .lolni .Morton, J.iini's L. .Morton, ooin ol ..ii I .nnton, aii'i Juit.iii r. .vin.wortl,, i f .vie it ni i, in Hie Mate ol Ulno, i'i'c arni'j oil a promi-sorv iu I lie 1 13' li Novemler, 111:1, for -i h uulred Dol lar, ami in cii'.t, pavat le to I'laui'ill or nnter in one year Ir' m dale; and il not appeanii'.' Ihat ihosii Jn kill T. Aiti.vv mill ha. ha I per-onal notice ofthe pondeii''v of thi. sun : Thorelbio, it i. nr'eiel that Ihi.ca'i-e be ronlimieil to tin-nr 'I ,-rm of tin- Co in, and tint .aul Am wor h I e notilieil ihi rci I, hyp il li"liiriLr the .id s'an oi 9IIU iieciarnni n in tie i rco fie-s, n new-spuprr, pu ii-iieo :n iioriot-.'ion, in .;u.i iO-uoy, inii-e wicK -o rvc y, lue l.a-i i I -in I indi I "Uiou-to I e twenty .1 . . I ..r. i ,i' .'.,! , 3 o.iv ut.iiiic im- nt-ni I t roi oi , oi. ' "on, P. A. SI'ANSIIL'KV, Dep. Clerk. 11 irlington, A'!-.-. 20, 1st I. I'2w3 Dwio A. S.Li.i-.r, 1 Chittenden Co r. I ('uiirl, DANiriAi. ll.vr.Low and ( .May Term, IS It. .Novii llvi'.Lo'.y. I 7 1 1 i;Ui:. ,,t l0 Jlny Term of iht. Court, A i I'. 1511, I'.ivit A. filial ey, i f lluiliueton, in aid l,o m y euleri'l In. a.'lion in tins I n ir' a.'iin D.iaii'l (,'. Il.irlovv and .Nodi liirlow, both of .Nat elii z, iii tlie Male ot .in t--i!i;o, I'i'el irinjf oil a pro- mi-. my ii di'cd al Tvati In z, January 1..', IS II) lor 51, -.'Liu .ii, pivaoo to joei liirlow or or.ter one day after il.i'e lor vab o re'-i tveil, vv hit-li no'e was in d.M','1 to ihe phinli I'i and die faid Dan i-l It. and Xo.ih not havimr nppoanl I'lther I y ihcuee've. t r tli'-tr attorney, an I it not l.'ui!; mad'' to appeir lhat I In- mi nt I'.io i-l i. anil .Mull Invo ha I personal i.o tiee of lln' pi-ndeni-y o'lhi. .nil : 'I'ln-rcfore, it isorleii-d ly llio Co irt tint the soil cio-e be eontiinu d to ihe ncM icrm i f'hi. Court, mi I ih-t the IV fcii.tiu's 1 1 ii"ti'ied thereof I, v pulilisbm lln- .u' . I. nice of. ai I ilcebirattoti in ihe Proo Pre-., a new-piper pruned at 11 irbusion, nt .aid t'oni'j' ihri-i vyi-e'-s .iieee-.ivi-ly, the la. t of.nij p-illicaiioii. to bo twenty day. 1 oforo the net 'I'enu of this Court. V.. A STAX-niUKV, Dep. Clerk. liurlunton, An?. SU. ISt I. I2.v3 I.V.MVS Ilciir.Kss 1 CiiIttkmu-.n Co. I'oi-nT. r. May 'Perm, 1S1 1. JKsr. P. CAnrnnnn. J AIlldHIAS, al i Ins lermof aid Court, I.viiini N V It ru'e.., ol Mt'ton, in .nil Comity, brotti-hl lit. aciioti a,'.iui.t Jeo P. Carpeiu'er, of Peii'i.v Iva- on, ileeliirin; in as.mnp-ii lor money on I, laid on iu I eoen V.I, ail I ilcm lndina in d en ii, ou,. Ii'io. Irel dollar-. An I it no! aoiiearai" ili.tt lliOMirl Car. ponder h.i bad personal nonce of the iioiidcnov ot 1 In-, run : I'lieivfuie. it isnrdercl by the Court tint lln.e.iti-e leeonlunied to the net Icrm ilicrenl, and lhat rail Ih-fiti I.i lit I e untitled cf tin. Milt by pul li-hini; the .nl -lance i t nid d, e'arulion in the I rcu Pre.-, a vy.pa'ier pul li.hed nl Hiii-lnston, in raid ('oiiiilv. three weeks s icce.-.ivcly, llio la. I of sni pub'iea tioiis to bo tweniv illys lefore I lit- next Iitiii ol this Court. H. A. STAK-iUl'llY, Dep. Clerk. II irlimton, Aug. 20, 1811. I'w3 Wnipnc Srooxrn, r. CuiTTr.xDr.N Co. CocnT. May Term, 1811. Cum r.s 11. Swift. WIIkRKAS, W lupiile S-pooner, of Unrlinjlon, in sud Co i til y, at thi. Icrm ofthe Court, I rooshl Ins ael ii. n asauist v ii.uies ll. .-ivv-ill, Illicit Iluiuini ton, in .ail Cointy, ileclariu- on n note dated 23.1 -ovcinl it. lb.)J. Ii r one iiuiuirel anil ten do ars. with iulcre-t, payable to the I'lamml'iir unler one year Iroiu date for value, riveiveil: and il not nprearinz lhat the aid . Swift ha. had peisonal nonce of the peiideiiey id tin. still i Tbcreloie, it is ordered that the said i-aue e eon- linucl lo the next term of tin. ( o irl, nnd lhat llio De fcnd.inl Vn notified Iheti-of, by pul li.liunr the sub .tatice i.i nu ttiH-laritioa in llio 1 rco i'ie.-, a nevvs- papei publi.hcl in lliiiluifiton, in .ail County, lline vvcel;. Micec.ifvely, the la.t (f said pitblteaiions to I e twcniy day., ui-ioio i no nc.vi ii-rni oi tin. i ourl. H. A. S'I'A.NSIIL'KV, Dep. Clerk. rtiirlinnton, Aug. 20, 1811. liw.l llonACK I.. .N'liuots, I l;ii UuiTTi.NDr.s, and Kaii ii I.andom, r. PANir.t. S. Om.r.MAN, nnd bi.Tni.Ieo CuiTTF.Nlir.N Co. Court. May Tew. 1811. I .A AC C. I. HAM. WIPltPAS, nt lln term of said Court, Horace I.. Niehol.. I.'li Chittenden, and K.dnh Laiuloii. all cf Wdliston, in .ml County, broiiplit their ni-noii nsniiut Daun t Loieiiiau, in lie same W ihtou, and Id. Trustee, Is iae (t. I.liam, iks l.irini on n note dated January Ut, 1RII. for 8107 88 au l inicrol. pijalloto tbo Plauuils or order on I'eiu in I, und mined I y raid Coleman j an I it not npprariiu; lhat Ihe mill lioieinan nas iiiij peonai notice ol the pea deiiev of tin. nut i Therefore, it is ordered by the Court that the ne cau.e I e eontiniieil to ihe next lenn tbetnif, nud that sud Coleman le notified (liereol by pul lohni'' ihe wih.tatKO rl saiJ ilejiaratio i in the I reo I'm.,, i neiv..papor published nt lluibmiten, in mid Cotinly thriH. weeks suc'-es iuly, Ihe but iifmulniil hcatii n In lo ivvtnly days I tfoie ibe next term of tin. Court t: A a i rt..-iiiiii , iiep.Llerk. Iliirlniiton. Aug. 20. 13 It. uw3 N. York Adv'ts. L. it V. ICIIJI1Y, wnoi.nsAi.i: nr.ALHiis in Foreign it IJoineslie Dry (Jootls 47 Cedar Street, XtwYorh City. J.) r.SPKOTI'tJLt.V niinoiinee to their Customer- nnd Dealeis penern'ly. tbnt they have now on hand a fall flock of Push Dry I loo Is adapted to the I'all trade, eitibraciiu; a full assortment of nil dccrip lion of Staple Oii! which have been eelci'tiil with iiinch eaie. nml which tbcv nre rnibbd to offer nt very low prices and on Ihu most liberal terms. 'I'licy aro nisi, Aei'titM lor Hit low oV. f'o.'n Aiuerican Mnmi r.ieluied Ncedlca, whl di ihey will warrant n fiuliatc nrttcle. llm'J UkAl'EH. ALDRlUlI, t! FHINK, wiini.us.M.n iii:i.i:its in DOMUSI'IC & I'OliKIC.N I)I!V f!l)()I)S, .'. 07 I.lti( i l) MIk i I. ni iir Itratnlviii)-, A'.' IP YOWt. T7" HPP cnn.tnnllv on band as evlen.ivu nu asor. IX ment of .Staple nml P.tuey Coods a. eanlo loonil in Hie i;nv , a iiriru piopor ion ol wiiien Jn 'specialty ataoteii to itn VI-. It. MONT Tit A Oil. Mcn-bant. visaing New Vorl. are rci tedlo call, md uncos will I c I' itiul nii-l letorv to ihe ci.osr.-rr f'Asdi iilvpiis. ndvrr.i-ers aro wan hfii In l.ite every advan Inst! in Hie II ictoalions of ihe l.irso t niarM t-, an t, enioyiii'.' tholcnolit ofi'tcil liit-uie. f.icilitu;., 'vol loti' c.por ni i'. are ptepaieit lo o a r I.XTItA IX IIIH'KMKNT's to ptircha-cr. ho aio ihlsrd lo ciaitend Willi the troiiire-t competition. 'Jm-'i Fnei nnd Shi pie. SILK GOODS. rVILUAMS, RANKIpl&PENNlMAN, iVo. fi;i wiLLiAiM s'nii:i:'r, t oit.i:i: oi.'Cii-s vt: hTtti:i:r, nv.w VUllll, OI'I.D call ihe niletiiion of -Merchants visaing New Vork fir llieir Pa siipnlics, to their ex tensive nisortmcut of entirely NPAV STVI.PS !' U.I. GOODS. To tluir orduiarv stock, which comprise, n full nnd scncr.il variety of Stap'e nnd Pancy Silk floods, ihey have lieeit ma'.iiig iihl'C nuitiliou.s ol ,. 1 llll.l.l NI'AV S'l'VLH-, expresy nd.iptcd p, the season. ! nun Ihe laetlities which Ihcv possess in llio pur chase of (loo Is nt the vet y lowest prices their unri valled nnd very extensive assorlineut they fee I nsu red lb it it will bo iu their power to oiler extraordina ry inducements lo purchasers vv ho de-iie and di serve to bay on lln very best linn, and they are ilolorinui td lo spare no pains to make it for the interest of such lo make their selections from llieir -tock. In DllLSS COODS they can show n meat ranioof styles, in Uicti Printed Casliiin roD'P.ci sse, of laicst P m-pitti rns ; Tiisans, Ciapo Do I.aines, .Muslin Ds Laities of Pans stvlcs, never In lore oltereit. Alpaecas. Il.iinbazinc"', P.Iack and P.luo Sill.s, low and I112I1 pricul. SII.IS U.iin'leon llrocado hells; 1,. nucleoli llroclu Stritied Silk. ; Plain at.d Sal in Striped llel letiieiincsj lllaek and lllne lilaek Satin Stuped and P.iocadc limireil Silks; Satin Slripnl Oros (.raines ; lllaek and li ne H ad. Onis tin wi; llnlian l.u- IrniL'si Oros de lthiim; (.ros it .Mriqur s ; i.i.icu and lllne I'kick Sutins; Plain and I'lguicd Satins. Also MH.l.l.M.li V CiOnnS in great varieiy, compri- smr! Ilonnet Silks nod Satins of rntirily new styles, Pound and ( no IMibon, rich l .dl lutp rns: new designs ll'innei Velvet., plain colors, b nek and blue black, li;:iirul, shaded, plaid ; cut nnd uncut. i..i;i.s. Cip Laces in great vniieiv. of new and elegant paterns ; Trttntnuti: I.accs and I.iei' l-.tgings, tifnek mil white; Silk, Lisle, wnpure, .uechlin, lirussels, .Vc.. ic. I'hnad Laces and Ldntnes, I-'nncb, Ocrman and P.nuhsh. SHAWLS. ltich Caslnnete and llroche Long and Square Shawls ; Thibet, Mii'lin de Lame, K'abyle, Plaid, Woolh n, Ni'it. A-c. Ac. SILK SIIAWI.S-Dark Camcleon, Satin Stuped, figured, d-c. it ovi-;sj A.i .mi 1 1 , In every variety, for (lentlemen, Ladies, nnd Misses, Iviilfof Ihe mo.t npnroveil inannt ictiirc, linen. Me. ruin, Woollen, Silk, Lace, I'dci, n'pyliin, India Hub her, Arc. Their stock will be found 10 comprise a full assort nuut of nil the various small items iifedod, and llo'V iuvile the atlenti in ol lluvers, with the fut'est coufi lienco lhat they can supply every want in tluir line. 11 ni.i BOW EN &M (VAL:EE 10 WILLIAM STI5i:KT, Ccnruer of Heaver Slreit, Nevv-Vorl.-, li I'.SPP.CTPL'I.I.V annouiicelb it they have made .! I extensive arrntier nients for the I'all Trade, vv Inch vv ill enable them to pic-ent aieater induceiiiciil- than ever to nicrclnuts tliroii2hout ihe Pulled Slates to visit this inaikel tho pru-eitt season, for the pur clute of SILK AND FANCY GOODS. They havo already received by lale arrivals, a srra v inelyol new and lien u is, mm win also riceive by the ne.xl Packets nnd Simmer, an as-ortment of tiii! latest mid ino-t beaultfiil sljles of Premh. Oer-in-iii, II, drill, and i:ii!''i-h rncy floods i ver olli rid in llus nnikei; .-imples of vvlneli aio now exhibited ; and it H tin ir tlet-rnunarinn, as heietnfore, not only lo be contantly siijiphed with a i-o'iipb le apsorlmcui adopted lo all si elions of the eounlry, but to pn sent llio unrest an I mo.t desirable stv le., sutlcil to the cuy or ni'isL f.i.ln.itnble liade 'I'heir s'otk will be omposeu in ptrl ol i lie follow inu annus, viz : . IMHWS GOODS. SII.K l in every vati 'Iv, consistui: of It.iliin I .ns. ttitt"s, ht it I; and Idue-lihcl; l,io. tie ns.e, (,ro.siie Itluiie, (il mi and striped Isp-ilnns. Orns ih llovats, trtpi d iiud (inured urns de .Naples Iv l,ui Silks. (,ro. Ic Messine, rich llrocado Clniiu Ion, lltoclte fii'itreil and striped Poult deSoie-, rich Cl-iee Slri,'e, Grosile I ranee, iiiactv. tiiiie-titacK. ana i li inceniie stripe nnd liaured Oros d'Afrni'ics, plain nud figured Satins, iVe. -!V c. i c. C SMIP.UP, .l'r.COSSJ;, of la'cst Paris PO.M- P I)()PR slides. PMHS MOPSP.I.l.NT. de I.A1M.S. entire nc desiyns ami v-Tious riuiliites. CltM'P. d Oltll AT, lor Cv-cnins drcssea-the most splendid nrticle ever ollered. CllL'SANS. Tir.SNS, ALPACHAS. BOM- u.t.ixns, Kiir.Ncn i'p.in ps, &.c. Also, various new styles of P'es. tin' sis, w Inch wil' bo siricllv ronfim-d lo llieir own trade. The whole preseiiiim: an assortment, it is bo'teven, which can not be surpassed ill lilts or any other uiarUt. SUA WLS. (7onsisiti2 of rich Cln melon, Ollnmon, Pou't ilo Soic, nail S-ilin, liroenle, ipe. Mm. splenunl llioilie, Cashmere. Kuibio'dered Melville, IC-ihvIe, plain, prin. teii and emhroidcri d Mousehnn de I.'une and Tlnhei Shawls. Merino, Plud Hclvidcrc, and vario 's new styles Woollen Shawls, also, very rich Cashmere l.ons Miawis. LACKS. Hncli-h, l'rench, nnd Oernnn Thread I.accs and IMmims. Also, I. isle, (impure, Ashbiiitnn and other styles low priced l-'diMiius and I.accs. Mosbn Trim niinirs, Swiss .Mulls, Iti.hop l.avv ns. Hook, Cainbiic and Jaconet Muslins, nnd cverv variety of plain nnd figured Nets for Caps, Capes, Veils, ,f c. fi LOVES. Consislinir of Kid, Silk, Ca'hnirrc, Merino, Pcrbn and Iturk, in ere .t varieties, logctliet witii a tall stock ol l-aticy .vtuts AllLLINEUY GOODS. Velvets for Hats, plain, uncut, figured, Ae. if-c, en lire new stv loss Ilonnet Silks, plain, chancenble, rhino nnd figured, a complete assortment i lln nnd Can Hihbons, entire ncw-dci'-ns, and tho most su'en. did nssoritnent ever nlleied. Also, certain style, of Neck Ilibbons, l'latn Talkti nnd Snlin no. hlack nnd colorcil, Arlifii'tal I'lowcrs, I'calhers. Triiuminii La ces, Ilibhon Wire, Cords, Gimps, I'oundalions, Crown .tilings, He. ALSO, Porket Ildkfs. ef P.inace. SpililfTeld, Corah, I-'ki". Ilatidnntn nnd I.inen Cambric, in every vnrietv. Italian Sewings, l-Vnizio's, ltubinn ci's, Pcrsico's llcau.x's, ke. Ae. Pancv Ildkfs. Cnvals and Points. Printed Mouse. de I.nne, Tin' et, lVilmarino, I-'lorida, and other styles or Dress Miawis, lialian, tiros de Khine nnd I.uslrinn Cravats, of every sizej Scarfs for pentlemcn, of satin, plain, tij. ured and embroidered, CTros firnin, Ae. Ae. Velvets, lilk.. h'ne blk. nnd colored, various rju-ili-lies. Vc'timts ef Satin, Armiirr, ("oslinnre, Ac. Ac, Silk iSVrse", Hinchcws. Sar.neis, Levantines, Inilin Salins 1,1'lnslie .Suspenders, Mohair nnd Silk Coat nnd Vrst limiting! nnd Couls, fjucy tumps, Prinzes, Ac Ae. Together wiili every nriirle usually to bo found in n fancy stock, which they cngice to sill on ns favor able terms ns nt any other rstal bshnirnt. 11 Dried Hoof. tLff r. ilried Beef, superior qni'iiy OVfSJ STItONCiS A CO. Aug. 6, IHU. N. York Adv'ts. ISi:V FA Lb UOODS. DliV (iOODS IIOLSL.KKP.I'INH AUTICLKS. v. &, , HOLMES, No. Ill JOHN STHKFI', NKW VORK, ltlt.THI.KS mi'AtlVVAT ASH NASstU-JT.) AUL reii'Hiiig new mid di-iral loO ml, for the Kail . Tin 'e, vvliii'h Ihey o ler for nl at the lovvc.t pi I' c ut vv holcsab; ami le'ml. 'I lx.-y have bi cly re ectvi d ItoFc and h'lney lilnn'.e'sj dv extra hirc, Ileal Welsh and 11 her I'biimi-I., Silk warp do. I'milt b Cntiton Klnniie1, M .iMi les'2 iih-an l Coon ttpatu-, Irt-h Lou a- of the bet b'eaclt, !I H Pillow Cn e Linens, VI llt-li Sliectilf.', Jnsb nml llirii-lcy Sheet fnglr an 8-1 lo wid Dam.i k 'fill le.t P lb- 1111 1 Napkin-, Tovvi I mil's 1 f u'l km I-! Cin-h, ('"ltoii Sh rung-and Sh etiu', In-.t q'tn'ities, llel Tic; l.mf i-h mi l Ameii mi Long Clolhs, Long Law 11-, Linen Cambric mil Cum1 rio Handkerchief-. Preiich Merinos; A'pieea, 1'nrk Piin's, lltoli fej'.l Ci-lmiere, .Moii-cliu do Liiuie, Shawls, P I'ucb Ituiiit, tz'tio , (r.i'ii-f r ei'., vte. II .1 k Si I.-, S Ik and raw Silk Hoe, l'ngbsli Co ton llo.iftv, Diitjiery Mu I ns, Pumt'ire Dimity, an I t'litn'Z, 'I'nl h- and Piano Cover-, Tofot Cover-, ece. Wool'dn' 1 Colli-and C.i-.iuieie , Pancy Ci.-ini' re- iiu-l e liii-r-, U lib ,1 v ir e y of other art ii-Ie. in their 1 no, fi r a'" at 22 ' II I 9 ., n' t e lowe I prno . N. II. On ban I nen 1 tl Lao ie Colonic e.x'i-a wide lltt. ia Diapers. 13 ii Cliinn, (!lass and lnrtlirrnvarn. S'l D nt Wu H nlf. m Ccuri'rv Mrrrlmnt, flu-ip U)t va It nr nrcfpt in -it nr 101 1'roi I t., I cwten iVa.lmi.l Wirt-.v. 12 'IllOMASP. 1'ir.M). I3ATKS MASTIOIITON, S2G MIJi:ilTV STHEET, (iii;tm;i;.v wm.i.m.m and .hsAU Hrnnr.Ts,) s i;v.yohk, WOt'iiD tnll tin' al'cn'Min nf MorrlmiiN ntiont vii- 1(14 ISrA'-Voik, tfi tiinr CNlLMl-IVH Mo-:' ' f I'tirpiiMi ;iil hi.ttiiMH DUV HOODS, v!in-!i tUyy u.K'p l'ir "nlc nn lit it il trrm-, nitin j in jarl ol' SJ zorcotU) n nuw ii'in !e fr ilrt-'-'-va. Arlotlas Ott ilo t'hamclcon Aifrr.t dn flir Alpavcd Isuitren, I lock nn-l rctloit'tl. Afoudine tie Laina, ('rape fe Inint C'lihmtrts d J'roisct Chusnns. 'Iiisant ll'isitry and (Hare?, an xvrmvt' a(irtincirtr jXcifro Ktrsnjf, f,inscys, Kcntuiktj Jranst flannels, rim Imv-pri' v I in .iiifrtinrf Print! of (In1 ni-wr-i nii'l rtV-liti-1 -.lylt", Uroirn nnd Wcarhrd S'ltrting and Sheetings. Spnof Cotton and r!ireidt nil Kintl, Cloths, C'tssimerc! Satin tt, nml Vesting, fiiirns, Lmcns, Di'tptr, Cmshf Al-o, .t Inrjf a -urtimMi tS Whiit- (ool, cdn-Nt-inir of Ja'-onf, Cainf n Swi- nnd Sot, Midi-, 'r.ipsanl l.nco, Strved :md Olie 1; Mnblm-, BMtoin Lan, fluol; M ii-lm. Oimitv, c. iVr. I2m3 FJUXGKS D. A. BOOTH, No. 100 WILLIAM SI'., Nr.W. YORK, Importer and iMainilhc.turcr OP Princes, Cimps, Cords and Ta?cls, Zephyr Wor. ltd, Canvass nnd Patterns, Coat Cords l'e- tcrsh'iin, and other Itiudtnss, and nil kinds of Tast-els and l-'.incv 'rriiiiiiut's. Al.s.i, a lar'O assortment of White Cotton l-i'iii'c, by Ihe Paeli-i!.'!! nr olhei vti-c- I J is as-orlmeiii will be kipt full uiillii'' the ball, as lit will be recetvuiL' the newest and most f.islnnnablo styles. Terina and price, slmtl be such as to give sat in tc. ion. llm. I, VTIi ARRIVALS OF ni:w FALL & WINTER GOODS (sCiitlctnciVsi I-'ii:'iiis!iiii"rf ISInb- lisliincnt vvliok.ale anil letall. joiin iu. i)av7ks&. JONES. 10G WILLIAM STREET, (COItNP.ll OK JOHN SI'ltHKT,) NPAV-YORK, IT P..SPi:CTPUI.IA"niinouncetliat ihey have made A -itch extensive nrrnnemenis lor their Tall Trade, lhat Ihey arc rnntdtd to present greater in iluceiiients iliau evir to merchants vi-ilinu this mar kil the piesenl season for the purchase of Good., lot their slink is mainly of llieir own Importation or Ahnuf.u.ture. CRAVATS AND SCAUPS. Plain nnd figured lllaek Satin Arniurrs, Corded, llara Ilea, Pancy and coloied .Satins of entire new pnttirusj Silk and Molnir, figured nnd plain; Plain III id. Italian and Cord, d Lravats. nil sizts anil quali ties no'inur. Silk, Merino, Angola, Woolen and Cotton lloso and Half Hose. GLOVn Merino, Cashmere, Woolen, Iterlia and Chatnoi! lined (- n.siiin.re, thick I leave r and Kid. fU-PP.MtP.KS. Silk nnd Cotton Gum P.httc, with Duck, Silk and Linen I-'nd-, Cotton Knit, lliuk and Morocco vviih ICIiisiic P.nds. AUoa few- entire New Styles of our oiv n Maiiuhcimo. , UNDKItSIIIIlTS AM) DKAWKlt'. Merino. I.-iiub's Wod, Ango'n, Saxony, Cotton, .Shaker. Knit nnd Plaiinei, Ac. (Mmutacture all ual mis of "illi .flints and Drawns). ,S'ilk of all qti.ilt lusofoiir own Iniportatsui. 'I'o those of oir own inanul'actiire viewouhl e.-pecirlly call attention, a bcni J sotuelhing very superior. Ladies' i'ilk and Merino Under Vests. POCKP.T ILvNDKKUCIIIKPS. Twilled mil Plain 'oitalfield, British and Indii Lorahs, poiii.'ecs, Printed. Corded, nnd Damask, Lmeu Cambric, Plain nn I Printed, Ac. CAPS. Men's, Youth's and Children's Cloth, Velvet, Glaz ed, Ml", and .vlushn. STOCKS. Satin, I'i'.-iirrd and l'l-un, nnd Corded Silk, Mn- linr, tli'iub.i.m, Plain Bowed, Planed Cravat, and Optra Ties, Ac. Ae. l.l.N I. l W1.1..VI..-.. s-qmre. Hound and llvron, Mitchrd, Plain nnd Cor led, all Linen and vvnh I'ottoti Pan Is. LINKS" HOSOMS. Stili-hc-d, Plain, und H tll-'J.all o'l-dili s ,ih iv and narrow plaits. fill Hi to, All Linen, with and wiilnmt (Tdlars, l.ne.i .n Miis'iu, vvnh Linen Cot.tr. nnd t'i.ib.iiid, wuh a without Collirs. of a grni vaneiy i f qualities. Co'orcd Piench nml oilier .Miihu. OII.P.D SILKS. White. Plaid, and Pancy Colors, of various wi'dta and warranted not to adheio in any climate. SiV.- I'arses, Vmhrcll.is, Owning (intent, Cer oiiij Stor Trlmmim. Suspender IlucUes, Gui Elastic M M. all qualities. Toi'illicr wnh e1 cry article lint i wanted in i' Gentlcincirs Piirniluiig Line, whiih ihey ritgnge sell on ns favorable terms ac .my oilier i st.ihltbnie Tj"Caps, Slocks, Linen and Mil. Ho, nnd S Shuts, made to order. Wholesale nnd Uci.ul. JOIIN M DAVIP.S & JO.NP.s 103 Williams St., cornet of John. U-3ir .SATIIAMII. IILACKMAN'S 1 STATK. WH THK SLUlSCltlllPHS, having Iron nppoin Usl bv the Honorable ihe Piol ate Court for ll i District i f Chittenden, eotnwi..ioncrs to re.-eive, ev amine and tulju-i the claim, nud demand, of nil per- .asnin-l the e-iaie of .S A'l ll AM I.I, HLACK" - .MAN, late uf Jericho, in said Di-trii t, deceu nl, rip-recen'i-d in.oivent, and al-o all i-latiu and deina,.d.-. exhibi ed in o'nt thcu'toj an I mx inooili. from ihe day iflhei'a'c Ihciuil", being allowed 1 v said court for thai pnrpo e, we do ihrrttoic bneby give notice, lhat we will alien Ilo the Lu.iie..ol oir nppomiinent at ihe dwelling of llio dc ea-ed ni Jcri- bo, in ,aid Distri'-I, na the lo-utli day. ot O.-loler and l-'el rnary uet, alio o'c'is'k, A. M.. on each of .aid day.. IJ.uej int. i.ui ii. iv oi .liii-H.i . i. ii. imj. JAM..N llA-MILION,! .IIH.N I P.I-, 1 " '-'.I.. 6..0ST. A largeltltOACIl ; dark colored stone, set round with c,old, ll was lost either in Pearl tlreel, or rroisingovcr by the nevr buck church to chtirrh-sr. The tinder will hu sin al ly rewardid on leaving it nl the Pice PrcssOllice. Aug. 23. NOTIClS 'PIUS cerlitles thai 1 have siven my son, William 1 M. Killam, hi- time, to i r.in -inn bdsioe-s for htin--elf, nnd will pay no debt, of H. co-iuiuim.:, not chum .lily of In, wages, alier this dale. WILLIAM KILLAM. nmlinglon, Aug. 20. 18 4. l.'vv-3 !l) l ICK I. hrret v uiveu thai all deman I. i lie 11 the Inte linn ol'OSTHPlM & MICIIOLS a M. OST1I1-UM A. CO. havo livn ilm-ed in the Uan -it Geo. Iv. Plait, of ll alini'on, fur collection. De ors lo these linn, are req icsted lo call U'u him 0, make iinim-diute payment. It. J. HI ISKIU'IiGlf, Areftt- nurllmrlnn. 00iliAu-'.. IS 1 1 ' - - - jtitisjjj's. ACnieral n.xrlienl if ilib, hair, hit, tool linger, ilesb, Hint, w lute-.vash, dust, lernili a'i c, hearth, stove, unl vvmdov I rmhcs, test r , and lor le al low PI Cos, STllO.NGS 4- CO. Aug. 0, 41.