4 Nisan 1845 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1

4 Nisan 1845 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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i,l---la-i---r- .i . . ( fBm ilrl!1t1dSii,v' WOT THE GLORY OF C 1 S A n DUT T II C W B 1 P A II C OP R O Al BY H. II. STACY. 15 1! U I, I N G T ON. V 1! II M 0 N T. P It T D A Y, A P It 1 1 J, 1S-J5. VOL. XVIII....X0.41 Tllll (SPItlii: A PAltOUY. 'Twas on n enol, n glorious night, A winter's eve the ntuon phono bright! A Senior an id, "I'll linvc n spree. VVIiate er the consequence may tiu Kicel.-ior. He sauntered out old Dorp was still Noonown- sliritixi in the hill i Tie looked Mlcanr,' said lie, 'I'll tjo it, For sure I am oU l'rcx won't Know it.' latcd-lor. Alhamlirn's halls, though Inte, were light Ucfore it iloora on post upright, A thing wns seen, with letters red, That told of something 'not so dead" 'Stowed Oysters.' The Senior enters calls for p. inch Jji-kt-ep hisbtilnno mli" lum-in He swies nwnv he eels q-iite slewed t Uut yet h swears hu'll laUc the brewed At OuJe's. So soon he takes his partinn swill, And starts, quili! rorkid, tn reaclt the hill s His eyes stuck nut like onions pctlcJ I'm ny' I he cried, as out ho tccled Kxcelsior I !Ie clears the steps but what's to pay 1 ' I guess he cannot walk,' you say He swears he will, so turns around, Uut och! forthwith salutes tho ground Posterior. He gains his lees and starts again From Petri street turns to Maiden I.anc j He feels quite 'duty' can't tell why Hut every echo makes reply Hxcclsiorl He s taitcts on throunh Cotleio street, And entering Oudc's, rouses Pete; Hallo ! what's wanting V Teter cried i A voi.-e Italf choked with beer replied I'xcclsior. Jit fore his door now stood .Tudge Dunk ; He thought ho heard somebody drunk ; Beware,' he cried, 'bew are, old Pus I' A voire replied as from a jug l'xccUior. But mark with me this 'covey' now, No doubt y.vi think he's somewhat '.W ; Yet np tho hill lie find a his way And section steps he cries 'Hurra' I'xcelsior. Ftill one more height he mounts to bed, An ' slowly covers up hi head j Hut ere be sleep" or giies a snore, That jug-like sound comes out once more J'xce'sior. """Vns late, next morn long nfier prayers, " When pious Pat with broom npprnrs The bed clothes hcivcd, nut stuck a nose A voice as from the tomb amse Dctcrior. Some time it was not far from that, lly tunic one 'twas I won't say Pat, 'The story, as the fact appeals, Directly came to Prex's ears. Atrociter. The Senior's sent for lint's a 'bjro' He feels Kxctl-ior no more; v ' HnsPrcx been told tint I was hiahl What then 7 I'll 'quell' hint with a Ito.' l-'clicior. ' Sly son,' says Prcx, '1 hear you drink, Hut then you're n good boy I think,' ; The Senior lunda an 'awful pause,' But finally confessed Jie was , n.tcelsiur ! Ci:i Pet. Union College, March I, 1515. From tho United States Magizi te. 4 RECORD OF INDIAN WAR FARE. DV FCRUY 1!. ST. JOHN'. s Sumo feyy yours previous to my visit In llii) now republic nf Texas, a small trihi' nf W.itrn 1 di ?.i ns li.iil descended limii their usual haunts to seek a now hunting ground, mill avoid tlin attacks nf tlii'ir enemies, tliu Connnchos. with u'linm thev had luni? had a fti..n1lt f'.Mul tA'illt ni'f.il tnuli, iiml iitilirmiuit ' 1 the Waccos hid n-lecied thn j-inciion of a small stream with Dickenson's I! tyoit, Gal- Veslou county, Texas, for the silo of their cnrampiiif nl, il lining the doiihlo adv.iulagii I of being tiirtui'fsrpicly siliiated, and also ea- ! sily Uett-n-leil, as wi II as tliat it insured tliem , a cnnstaiit supply of good waler, and lay closu to tho high road fiom Galveston lo Houston, by way of Virginia Point. Thn distiict being very thinly peopled, vast herds, of deer and bulTilo abounded in thu woods and prairies, especially near tho rivers, I where they cn.dd conveniently water. Tho Waccos buing, as they said, informed by I was not einbairassed by anything in the dreams that in these parts the giealest plenty ' the sbapn of a door. Tho eouiicil-chnnber of gamu was to hu fnund, and wishing also horn evident in irks of advanci'miiut in tho to bo near thn settlements oflhe white men, art of building sincu llm iolrodoclion of Ku whh whniii they desired to trade for hi inke.ls, ' ropinn tools ; for il win formed of square liquor, itc, built a sin ill village towaids thu posts, fastened Imply in the ground, and wTlh head ol Dick's Creek, and resided thero for1 others placed transversely, ou which the some time. Thu selious idTect, however, 1 mailing, and thou llio bark, hid beoo so usually attendant uu tho establishment of an euiuil wiih a legul nily, lasle and care which Indian camp on a hunting ground, soon be- I could mil MifiVif oily aduiiie. Tho sides l-Vlill'lit. Iter.. :i iti .illit.r , iljr.it: iiml gaoii) liejwtiMn grow scarce. Tho activity moulded into a wall, and the rein lining por and pane veranco ol tho aborigines in thu lions, nf the s nne u ilnrn as the smaller louts, pursuit of gamu is not easily d imped. They s length was about lli'iiy feel, its hreadlh rn equally sagacious in finding their prey fifteen, an I, ns ou a subsequent occasion, I anil in thu means they use lo destroy it had roasou lo know, afforded an excellcn' Thev can discern the footsteps of tho beasts substitute for a hotel, when I encamped tlioy aru in chase of, alihuurh imperceptible tbreo days in it with a party nf hunters. In to every other eye, and can follow tliem with tho cenlro woro evident signs that hero a liro certainly through llio pathless forest. They had often been made, round which doubtless generally go tu hunt fasting a word which mauv u pipe had been smoked, nnd many a they do not understand in tho Furnjieao big talk held. Tho roof, in which wa3 a sense, of eating unusual dainties on a pirtic- small apcilure, gavo ciinfirui ilnry evidenre. ular day, but actually as signifying not tn ' Not u remnant mm lined of fiiroiloro or cat at all and tne.il will readily be believed, household utensils of any kind, nor any sign, only ihu morn eager aflur their prey, neither , s ivn tho buildings, that the foot of min ever thickets, ditches, torrents, pools, nor rivers, trod tho spot; for grass and weeds nveiran slopping them. It is not, theiefore, lo ho ii on all sides, nnd doubtless tliu deer mid wondered al, if bulTilo and deer gradually do other gaum often look shelter io thu houses disappear from around; in addition to which, i of their most destructive enemy. In fact, at the whilo men Millling ihmnselves nn llm Uiy entrance within llio interior of the slork border nf llm river, certain disagreeables Viide, my ears were allrarted by llie rushing arose, which induced tho Waccos tho mini) (sound of numerous i.ibbits making their es rapidly In change their residfiire, and lake i cape. up their domicile in some more favored spot, p Tho sceoo from llio threshold of llio comr whern lilt) animals, which aflord litem alike i cil-chainher was Midicie ullv nicluresnne. On food, rliithing and iiiniisunient, weru to ho fouinl in greater plenty. Th" Indians, nn breaking up their c p, for reasons hereaf ter to bo explained, did nut destroy their houses. A vou approach llio sources of Dickon- rtj..,,.. i. .i.ll ...mil. I..rfl..rrfl nn each ui, v.,.ra.. .-. ..j , .... ....... , , , . . .!-!.. I... .I eulfr Clt llwili.ni..fr.ililM ini.MrWMM.I . .i.l.'.l.. i.n nil' Infl tutT if jr n nniiiin kiiiiiiii I'm si. I'lin mix Iriauftiltr prairie. To this spot, where llie 'Icscrlftl Indian village stnnil, I look, lit v way when hunting in tliat p.trl of llm ciinitlry, in older tn rnjii.v tint 1:asn i) of being fur n lirii'T snr" ivitliln tin- wigwams uf ihu ied nii'ii. Crossing Toil's Cicek (.i limpiil ptire stri'iim, which supplied the log hut i" vliicli I resided with watci) by a n.itiii'il bih'go, ' siitnlerod nlonir llio natrtiw path tluoiigh h pine grove, and soon ri'.n-lii'd lit" "I"'" P''" rin. Tin- uiiiriiiriir -.ilitil-Iy li--lv ; ilr.'udy (it was March) lit.' pr.tit in son! forllt drlieii.'iis minis from l.iiinrrous vuriiMli'S ol of wild llowrrs, lit" ail was filh'd with swenl prrftinii', tit" dmv-drops sptrMrtl yi't fnini thi' Iri'i's. whili" lliotiiaiids of lii'iTaficoi'S, or ... i .i. ..i . ...i i.:.i ii rirt3 units, mm tin; un-sjam u u , u'-v iiroiind tin', niinalins their ntitiis willi ollirrs isviMi itiori' hiinniiiiioii.. A iirnciiis iv.iik tu two mill's lironglit inn snddLiil upon tun) of llinsi Invclv spots which forcibly remind one of tn i ti or Swiss and llilimi scenery. IJy skirtinc tlineilic of the tiniher, I lt.nl reach ed the limits nf Dickenson's Cieel;, tit a spot whom ono nf its tributaries full in and swell oil ils waters. Tho I h ue hern ran in a nar row channel, sumo twenty feet below llm surf.ici! of tint prairie ; not so ttm tiiliutniy linvnti, winch, taktuj its rue some few miles distant in tho plain, and Indus; mncli enlarg ed liv recent rains, caino nimhlinj from n height of fifteen feet into the. water below. Across the cascade hull!; tho houghs of seve ral liitshy trees, and ininiedi ttely at the edtre nf lilt! water, thrown actoss in the form of a bridge, was a iniai! pints In", placetl there, no iloiibt, liv the Inilians wlio formerly inhabit ed thost) districts. Knowing that the desert ed village lay on the other side, mid imiia tiont to gaze even upon llie. romnanls of any- thing hull. in, I prepared to cross the stream. Sltnginu my gun behind nu so as to leave holh h inds fiee, and aidint; mself hy tliu branches whirl) hung oveihead, I conioien ctd my ascent; fr, bo it known, tin) hank of the stream on which I stood w.issome feet Inner than that which 1 wished to c tin- The length of tilt) pinn was about thirl) feet, and though the gulf beneath mo had not the sublimity "f Ni igar i, or even nf the St. An thony Falls, yet then) was a sufiirient vacu um between myself and solid ground to ten der the idea of a fill altogether unpleasant. Creeping, theit.Tore,tnost cautiously along it, I had almost gained tho terminus, when my eager ees caught sight ol the lnoiaii en campment, and I paused, even in this posi tion, to gaze upon the scene. Surrounded on all sides s ive llio entrance, by a rudu species of stockade, and sealed upon a gentle slope, appeared some lwenn or five mid twenty W.u'cn lints, ninyitied round a square, llie entrances all opening to- waid tlm ceiitre. In shape they forcibly re. minded meol a beehive : but m their Mlein i and desolation they nowise resembled the lnsbj'iunj sf thoKi b.isy creatures. F-: -its, thn budge, al tin- contrary exliumity of llie village stood chat I loak to be tliu chief's vtigwnni, or, perhaps, the general council chamber. II iving stood some minutes in silent contempl itimi, I cauliiitislv quilled the hi'.', and advancing ti few yards, stood amid the dwelli'itr nl ices of tint piimilivo people, whom holh history and ficiion hive invested with a ball) nfrotnance, and proceeded to ex antini; l!in mode in which llio hilts were built, and entered for tint purpose the most per-fecl-lookiot; 1 could sen in tho enc impiuenl. Six oi eight pules of soine pliable wood willow, 1 believe It id been cot in the neigh baling forest, which were fixed firmly in tho ground, and bent until tln-v met in an arch oveihend, when they were firmly lashed to gether, leaving a room about right or ton fee; sipiate, and propoi lion i illy high; some, however, were larger, according, 1 suppose, to tho exigencies of the family for whom thev wen) constructed. Oilier thinnei a'.d mure pli ible sw itches being passed round the nit, a species ol mailing ol planed rushes, found i l abundance along thu water i dec was laid over this, in addition tu tho li nk of birch and other trees, which was carefully laid on llm roof ami fasteueil by pegs. Over all this, when the camp was inhabited, they placed deer and hull do skins ; lull Hies , ill , course, bad been removed by them, ' ton valuable to bo left behind skins, fins, and venison bams being theiratlicles iil'com- rco with llie whiles. The wigwams were ( ullerly devoid of chimneys or w indows, all i cooking being pel formed in tlto oiien air, and liidit being admitted at thu entrance, which i.'i.r.. I.. ;. ...irlniii li....,lil l.irin.iil ill niiif! each side of a eenllo shine, inn seiiti-circu lar row veru llm Indian huts, re-niiiding one, roiubined with tho silence which reigned around, of thu loiubs of tho dead, to which ihey cerlatulv horo much resemblance ; be yond was llm pictiiresqon waterfall, llio lilllo stream skirled by llm ihirk trees and almost "f""l j .... ...j ,,,i,l , uu .i.,.t.r il,e .tan.. ly treen of which were gently shaken hy the light liretzi". Tho solitary chirm of the sreuo was broken only by the murmuring nf the waler-fill, or the chirping of tho feather ed songsters which flew iiboul in thousands in thn warm sun. Several beaten tracks mtikeii the way hy which limning parties weio In the habit of slarliug on their expedi tions jo scour wood and wilds, plain and fin est, hill and dale, for tho game which consti tuted their almost only nourishment. In the rear nf tho camp were certain small fields, which yet retained the stalk of the maize, and vety likely sweet potatoes hud been also planted by uoinen, who in almost all primi tive stales of erislrnrn appear to bo Ihu sole cnllivators of the j.ol. Tb it which, howev er, would have made the scene coniplelo the presence oflhii nwivra was ivaoliiiL' ; and, after some hours spent in in lining thru' tho desolate village, and speculating on whal had been there enacted, I otico mnru ciossed the pine log, and pondering on llie desiiuius ol'llii: red man, returned with slow steps to Todville. lly diligent inftiiry, nnd careful rrnss-e.xaminalioii of v.ttions parties, 1 at length I in rut the I iglils of the story connected with llie desetlion of the Waccn village ; and, as it is a little singular instance nf the event ful nattiru of bonier life, wu here Ihu lulu un fold. tug siii.N'ni.r. i'amii.y. One of llio eailiest settlors in Galveston rnnntv under (ien. Austin, was Jeremiah j olungle. ins wile, iliugliler, anil grownup sou. Now the male Shingles weru a desper ale set ; could hit a cent at a hundred and fifty pices, whdd an American axe nf the mot huge calibre, and lav a tree, a nigger or an Indian low ia " almost half l"ss than .,,.; " 'Pi,,,.. .,.,.;,;.,.,,, ,.r ,t,,. r..,.. i '." .;. j ....... . .. i unu etui litcneu repuuiic, which uoasis useil the smal lest nation in all cie.ilion, and, like most Yankees transplanted from their nilivo localities to llie rank soil nf Texas., were la zv, reckless and rude beyond the conceplioti of anything Iviropo in. They disdained the cull in c of the fertile earth, thousands of acres of which they owned, and after erecting a! misuiahle shinty, in which more wood w is expended th in would h ive sufiiced In build a hotel of the first tn iguilude, llio father audi son shuiildeied t'telr lilies, with which wan-1 dering in the woods, they I lid low ns much! game as sufficed to keep the family in food, I clothing and powder, and, above all, lite i oal f M inong ibid i whiskey. Old Jei ry Sliingh) was a thorough toper, nnd yet he carried iti well with d, at fivo-and-fifiy being I rty and ' h du as ininv a m in of forty. Ills son V.y. -ki.d, or, as ho w is commonly called, Zii k,' iinfortnn itelv addeil to all these characieris lies that nf being an arr.i'ut bully. Secure in bis lille, howie. knife, and huge stature, le( f scorned the most dl.l ml .illeoipt al conriesv of in inner. 1 1 w ill re idih . Iherel'iire, bo h". lieved. that in a new .M.nnry, v. u w..-,,.,V were sCM'i'.il was mil veiv easy lorick lo find a partner. Now jooog Shingle s high - est ambition w.n a log hut ol Ins o-ui ; but as he could not raise the inoni'v In hy a nig - ger help, w'ui would wish bike and brew, I wile wis an inotspensillli. n-i i "e. gin housekeeping. Ye irs, however, pissed, and Z'n'k found not his mate, lis sister, tun, was unmarried, fiooi no f stilt nf her own, however, hut from the dislike all the neigh bors enter! lined of hiving Kick for a brolh-or-in-l aw. Al Icoiglh tho Indians located themselves I in Ihu spot nliove uescrilieii. I no conso- qiienci. w is a grial increase in me iiiiticuity ol procuring game. 1 he rtliingles, Uiere- lore, It lien me u arcos, wuo.ii no urn pun- ciph. ever aclualiiig their class, ihey looked P 'lespile thfir niiliir.il right, as mlerlo- pers. limb old rjlnngle and Aid; Had lience 11 1 1 tli to go further nnd fa,o woiso Th it is, to promt e gmie thev bad to .scour new re gions, and, being Uf., lt'ir family was forced to tie content with a less ample sup ply of piovi.'ioos. A deadly linied was, therefine. uooiislied in seciet against the w I I !,... I, I,,,,!,., I i atios, wiiinii, .in... .. .. ...... ... their dislike liy an oiitwaul sliuvv ol liienil ship, wailed until a favorable opportunity B.0l r)',.r , (self for wreaking their en ireauco upon their innocent foes. Suddenly, wwuWtt ., , ,ingo canio over the spiiil 'of j,,. nion.' the m liilons who dwell with- j( j rlv l,, - enemies was unu w() ,.,,,. . t lmt easily forgotten. ; ,,, ,, .i.., ,,c ., ,,"..., ,T,;f ,,,i destined lo ho the hiidu of out) equal ill n nown. I his gnl Ack, having iinco t-et eyes tipiio, determined should In-coino his squaw, and lost no opportunity' of pushing himself into In-r good graces. Henceforth ho was over within thu Wacco inclnsure, joined in their homing parlies, smoked tlm pipe in the council h ill, ventured a compliment to llio gills; and, in fait, becanio a regular spy up. in) llie movements ol llm Indian gill. A i whilo w ife and a black help being equally l , i i . i .i 11 II .1 1 1 .1 1 ll.lli I a luu si.iu squaw was uuciueu upon. K ii ly onn morning Kick tracked his mis. tress to a grnvo on tr thu village, round which thu I in lit it lingered until Peotia hid It id limn to perform her nialutinal ablutions, when hearing her light step about lo leave tho shelter ami seel; tho camp, hn advanced into the thicket and stood motionless hefiire her. Leaning in his long lid", mid taking also thu prec. union of supporting Ids hick against a tree, Kick looked llio maiden full in llio face. I lot 1 1 wero silent torn fo iv min utes; the girl was tlto first to speak in her own tongue. ' Wbil does Long-Uiflo waul wilh a red skin girl V ' Loiig.Uiflo thinks tho Fnrest-Itosn more beaolifnl than ' Kick was at a loss for a sioiilie, but ho looked iinulti-ralilo things. Tho gnl laughed, ami said, ' Mv while brother is very tall, but bis words am few.' Well, I lt aru'l tho chip for a long lorkriioi,' replied lb" hunter, n-l ipsing into his own rich lingo, ' it goes cousiilerablo ag'n tho grain ; but fnrsbooiiu' or Ircuiii' a 'coon, or sich like in liters, I'm a Yankee, th it's all, and thin 'to uinerilly allowed to stump thu nniveisn in thiol tilings,' ' Loog.lill ran shoot his eje is very noick.' replied llm girl itoipluiirally, tho 111 tiler being 000 ever held .11110114 her eo ,., II O of III" lHll'M imiMirl -llll'l. i . . I ii , Well. I urii'l availaiiio ol any in liifsn parts can chaw me op ; or il lie lie does, must he ti know in' old shaver, nnd rito con si Icrahlo aiily of a ni'iniiii ; hut that aru'l tho chop nst now. Long-Itirli! can wipe it up considerable hard, Min m iv depend ; but Forest-Uose, do you see I must lilail II uut my wigwam is uioply, I want a sipiaw, n wile, and I can't nllogellier sty that I've seen any one lb it comes tip to my cipher afoie '. Ilerrtck slopped. ' Long-tliflu was speaking,' replied the girl tptiellv. ' Well, 'I tell you what, Peoria, or Hid Hose, don't get my dander up; I feel mint paiiiciilai ly ugly, I do. Don't you cipher me. Skin is skin, whether it bo while or black, red or pink. and. do von sen. if von I will just take h ilf my wigwam tiud it shall be si,., w ii'inesi in iiii'a! p.i;Ts,'tht's a fact, I'm about a light iii no' iliiwo hooter, a leal first chop ol a feller ' nnd can .shoot more 1 ueer, trap more turkeys, ami sent! a Hall further than a'niost or many about thesu dig gens.' ' iMy brother's skin is white, but his heart is red ; tho skin ol I'eoria is red, and iter heart is very led. A brave waits for the For-st-Hose ; lie hears her voice, and it ii very sweet I' 1 Well, I loll joo tt Iril, girl, yon nuke me feel ugl hut we'll sutllo this in tu tus. Jumping Jim ' ' Tho Li'Mping Panther,' interposed the girl p'oiulh . 1 Well, I do feel rIed anil kinder sore, that's a fart. What's in his n uut) ? I know he's a'mos; an almighlv illiau, mid ho'd bet ter clear out e.exl hitch.' ' The Leaping Panther is i great wartior.' ' Well, I reckon he's pretty considerable sin art. but that's iinthin' I sav. Peon i. mv , wigwam inplv, I want a srjuiw, I take a, fancy to ou, mid lb In-iWiTTToineN with me. With these words, llm young m in caught1 tho lndiiii girl in his arms, threw her ou his brawny shoulder, and cainiug his silent vir ion as if she hid h i a child, turned for lii nil.', which, while speaking, ho h el leaned anainst n tiee. In ils nl.icn stood llie I-ean-! log Panther, his eyes 11 ishing lire, his deer skin wrapper llirmvu back, his lomihiwk loose, and his hands holding the lillo of the nm1' helpless homer. 1 .My while brother i? very good,' siid ihu ludi in, scornfully, 'hoi thn Forest-Uose !i as long feel ; slut can walk.' ' A preltv prime supeifiue scoundrel,' muttered the discomfited Zick, and then he added nloitd. ' von hive die viuti''e. Indian. too in iv denr.o.l. and ii looks uicki-dlv o.dv lo- mi. U'l, ,i el,,,,, vb.,11 im n,:,ki. f Yoo . . ' .... kl.l.M I II. I ,!.. II lltl III,. II HUH Mill I II . -It s an nil-1 keep lie gat.' Leiping P uillier hisniiny medi- ' The J., i . i . ,r,nnr,!y,v; "-rVr-hn.,.-,, i,,. (, ,,,ll(,.r v ,, ; , , ,..,, ,.,', , ,.,,,. ni)llMV. ,ui.,n, gtw me the gnu j !.,., ,lm I rc.(m Ul) , qlnrel 1 rlir , MlI , . I . T)1, "j,,,,, in. ,,in,S). cine 4ii lui! he his no smoiw. The For , .:.,, nr,.,.. . l I,.. i.., s11.k,., in llio wigwam o mv lalliers. (m 1 1 neie aro two piths, ono of peace, ono of war. Tliu war-pith buds to the big wigwam when llio great light goes lo lest, ihu wam pum belt will he with llio pale faces.' Kick took his rille, which tho Indian had lir.st discharged, and the odds being still ,. j . i . s,.rr,,n, both Leaping Panther ini p eori t lo dis appear. ' A rigilar ugly customer that, voo may de- ,, rl,,v KJ() (lf fl( UV1) ,,, , Clwx Cl,,.,i;.. v,., must lie active; ,;, n;!j,lns . ,,. ...i,,;,,,, ,.w.rv s(, of its afiirn long. Oacu thev begin, thev liold no mint espect il last, oil m iv ib-pend.' Kic1, was ri -lit. Ouco the Waccos h id ipi irrcl Willi one white m in, thero was e- ry lillle ilnulit ilnt il Wi.'dds).ii id to all around. A warn ih it his neh.bbois wen. nil burning fur an excuse to attack thu Indians, .. . .' jcl; ImrrlfC home , told old Shinglo Co gel stni t line w iv, while ho his horsu mil mi cinnlil a ernv old si.mn. and ,iili,.,l ,m in Ailsiiui i, where hn knew a do.-n men could hf I aised in an hour for anv wild haroni.se i. mm iiurnusn wh never. The recent retreat of Santa Anna, and thu dispersion of the Texan volunteers, had spread over tho land a host of wild and untamable spirits to whom fighling.'espucially with Indians, was 11 per iod tit.-at. HI, -run I'inilT. rint sunn afieinoon old .Sbim.bi's hii.lnit presented a more animated and bustling up. j pearanco than il had shown in inv a dav. I While uvery chink and lissurn bad been stop- ! ped up to pieveul llio light from giving llm. Iniliins a 111 nl; fiom withnul, 11 roi5ing lire had been set on fool, round which sat in con- clave sixteen men, armed lo thu teeth, mid piesentiug tho appear inco nf ritdo bosh fighting heroes of the firsfTiTXtl'." Thu last had just entered, and thu number was com plete. Lach 111 in had his ritlo, powder-hotn, and bowie-knife, and not one but seemed able lo use thesu articles. Kick recapilul i ted llm causes fer waifare, of coorso unking out a most especial good case for himself Sllll many had their doubts is In llm wisdom of att irking thu Waccos, and making etui lilies of a nuuiel'ous tiibe, unless it t-uuld he cleailv undo evident ill it ihey iuten-led Ibeuisi'lves to break tho peace. i he majo rity sided lo ibis view, and accordingly some hour and a hdf previously, a young, bill ac tive and shrewd leather-stocking h id been desp itched to spy out tho intentions of the suppnsed enemy. His return was wailed for with imp itience, as 11 was cousidereil ilesi rahln to attack the Waccos, should il ho so decided, before sundown. ' I coucluilu Stevens (the spy was so call ed) h is got into souiu idinigbiy fix,' observed Kic.';. ' llo must he it pligy sight qmi-ker nor I thin'; hiiu.if wo sol ejei.nn him agio.' lly Jarqueis, man alive," ssid it Ken lucki 111 hero, who was intent upnn moulding small rill" halls, about the si.n of peas, 1 Ste vens 'ml h mg ymi in In tils in ouluilico them lugiin varmint, lie's pretty prinm super fine whin he's abnul it ind hem he is !' A huiried sound of footsteps w is heard, a banging at thn door, and in ll-'d Josiah Ste vens, his rifle in his h intl, his h lir streaming behind, ami bis face flushed nili running, A pretty closu sluvu 1'vu had, said Jo- si ah, us snun as he had recoveied his hroulh. ' I w ir nigh losing my scalp.and that's a fart.' Whit" is It then," SteveV inquired old Shingle, 1 I (onrlild.! wai.' War! ayo to the kuil'i) and n pretty Considerable long knife, too. I've shot one of the varmint, and here's us close a shavn as ever yon seed,' continued be, raising his arm, mid exhibiting ihu track of n hall along bis side, which hid, however, loin his hunting shirt, without wounding him in tlu slightest degiec. Tliu door of tho lug-hut vas now poshed violently open, and a huiiillo thrown into the middle of ihu room. Hefore, however, llie messenger could bo seun. he had plunged in (J"!i thicket, which came up close In the house, i Next mintJto a dense volutin) ol smoke and I H mo from tliu lillle ham continuing tho 1 Iv supply ol Indian corn, told how ipiick mid terrible was tho hand of Indian veil gi.-ance. Not a soul slirred to put it out, old Shinglu having inadu a sign fur no unu to move. ' The women arc safu off.' cried he. 'and Ihu old housi! may go. Wood's almighty! plenty, and whm llie job's over, we can have a proper raft of Mm folk lo set us a -going. I T ,, I . , : ,, , , , - I.els leol; nt tliu OiiuUle, and then a tur tho Ingnns.' The bundle proved. to boa dozen of ar- rows lied up with wainptim, a signal nfdead-1 ly war, not fiir an instant to he mistaken hv! tho expeiienced borderers and woodsmen ' i ' ... . i i i i who composed the present dating hand. In- stanllv the p ii lv was divi led into I .in com-! p inies, that of eight led by old Shingle him-' self, anil that of seven by Cick. The first, I i' was decided should truss Dick's Cieek,' '"t". lollowmg llie it lit hank, attarl; llio , Indians, whom Stevens reported as inn eiiih-1 I in their i'l age, in the iear, whilo 7AU iind his p ii ly s'lould in ikn an ell'ort to cioss llie bridge over the little stream lie lure men- , tinned. liv this lime tho house itself was oil fire, old Shingle giiinly smilii g, though none hut Ztck knew llie real reason of his cool- ness ami self-eninpl icenoy. tlm log but of llio Shingles The truth was, w is w underfill I out of tep itr, mi I a now building, ererieil by lb" joint elfirl of llio assembled pirly, was a very desir tblu prospect. hde, there fore, tho others iiilniii i'il the coolness and self-piissession of llie old hunter, and hnei gerness for tho fray,. Kick inullereil to him self, 'i can see as far into a millstone as him ns made a hole in it, and the governor's about llie oldest 'coon ever I tasted.' Jeiooiiih Shingle, or, as upon the present occasion ho was more ap'propri ilely rail I, .1 eruiii t ill. being desirous tint the Inill ltl . I II I) - .1 1 I -llll'll SIIOlllll Oil! IllsllUl't llll IWflll llll mn taking, led his b ind along tie. oolhoosi's, 1 1,,. disengaged his tnniahaw.'. Arl: Anew amongst which hu leaped from ihu hack j , unerring aim of ujany nf his friends, Sle wiildow uf the lurriiiog log, lightly judging vims in p irlicularj'is wt litis their expeiieure, ihu i!i. '(,.'i'.. tv.i.i,l ihinL iheni( eiiiph.y - nn, ;ii a repidp' of ihougbl whicli is only .I i.i ie iVoriog lo gel the iTimes under. ' gained hy lu ting in such scenes be saw that, 1 iving i le lied ihe pi eoiises, the old man willi the looiahaw;in bis enemv's hand, and nH'H'il u uuit-ii.ilii, le ilne. direct In llie creek, which wis lo hu mounted a short dis tance hy tu" ins nf a huge llil, and only ah unbilled w lieu the wa'er becomes loo shal low for navigation. Leaving this pirlv, we must follow the fniliines of Ciplain Kick, dexlei otisly eiisconi'iug himself in his old env who, beading his men, miiched across I'ai ,.r . iheelToil disengaged his hand, but he open pr Trie, keeping away fiom every grove ,., ,j,m. inprufn by the advanlage, as his and liinbi r, les! an ludi in might he linking advers iiV siood over liim w ilh his huge and ah nit to pick oil' the iinwaiy. A beaten heavy weapon Tile cruris of llie western track now tin I from Virginia lo I Ions. I ,(,, . ,jjnVd that hu bad mil miscalcu- ton served as a guide, and after hall ail ,,,., ,, , Ids fiiends, mid the Indian fell hour's slurp w ilking, the pirty were assem. 1 ,j,.ai, nun pieicing his haco, llio second his bled within lille, or even musket shut nf ihu IL.,ltt :uu ildid his uplifted arm. rude pine-log I lidge, which, no llm morning j Sever il vnllej s from the iear uf the Intlian above described, I bad crossed with si. much 1 Vill ige proved lliat the coolest was hotly car diliiculty. A halt was now determined on, i ied iio in lb it directioii.thongh the sharp ears and a council held, at which various opiii. j fiho boideiers satisfied them that no ndvaii tons were ha. irded. After .1 hi ief consulla-1 . i,. t, mi-ion had been ns Mt iMiiffd. was in-cioeii in un maoiies, in ,n pi scaling Ibis in lace of an enemy, though nll,il,.,t ilMl llie Indiins bad moio chance id " ' " coinu once no in isiereu, a position wiiuin ne oniameo, irooi wnicii inn village ! could be Completely coniin inded At lenglh alter a lew moments thought, .ii'l; spoke. ' Well, I wish I may ho shot, hot it's agin uatur for mo lo I. id; out. It is, vou may 1 depend, a rnnsidurnhlo of a touch-and-go 'i,rl business, but yon all kee sn irp look-nul, and FII s irciimviinl lite varmint 1 Mind your shout every inch uf ied skin you j catch sighl of, and you II give them loo much work, you may depond, fur thuni to mind ! i"1'. Accordingly, having seen his owers ensconced 111 ihu must l.tvorahlo piismon possinie, on tun extreme veigo 111 uu- I wood. Ciplain Kekiel Shingle cocki d bis rille, keeping his eye on llm opposite side of 'ho slieam, advanced from out of tho cover. Kick h id calcul iled his distance to a nicety ; ho know perfectly well tint wbero ho stood I "t onn ol llm interior guns 01 tun , accos coiilil reach linn. 110 sioon, niereiure, situ sc. inning the liuriler ol llio creek wnti 11 can less eve. Tho ,n,.MVre sucreeded after a short p lose, during which Kick advanced mil mi inch. Inn feigned rather tu retreat, some twenty dusky forms leaped 011 high, mid 11 rapid but useless discharge of fiiu-arms look place. Sevuii ci neks of the western rille wero beard ere llie last Indian had fiied, and that ono told fatally was plain, for with a wihl yell a Wacco warrior fell forward, and phmged hekillong imn Ihu waters oflhe fall. Doling this limit Kick hid rushed forward, and was lying down behind 11 thick hush, within leu yanls of thn I ridge. 'He's a mighty iiielllesomi) chap, I con clude,' said Stevens, 'ihniigh so ho he's con siderable of a billy, mid 1 shouldn't just ci pher 1 1 11 -111 Ingi.ins making a hole in him. Ih Jicqueis, there's Leaping Panther I saw his phi, for bill' 11 second; nnd he's seed Kick, you may depend. Our boss had heller keep a sin 11 1 rover.' Dun 111 v mild father,' said another, 'hut thorn's a sboolin.iroii a peepm' through thim bushes. I hey II shoot Kick, you may de li I, nnd we'll bo pretty considerable streaked. Your rille, Sieve, 's about llie best goio' ; try your luck.' Stevens, w bile the other tvasspeaking, had been pulling a new cap on his rille, cleaning the nipphi, piicking thn unit li-hole, and using whom and him was 11 11 almost impenetrable! oilier precautions In ensure a stead) and thicket nfihy hushes, reeds and brush, grow-1 (t5" W ilhiu eight j ears, Englishmen liatfff sure s'liil ; ibis done, bo levelled his gun, ing mil of llio iilmost pcipeiidiciilai hank. lent A'oO.OOO.OfJO lo foreign slates, on 20,' ifp-r shmHing lo Kick to keep 'almighty Depositing his rlflo securely. Kick lookout 000,000 of which it is not expected dial rl close.' The log behind which th 'boss,' as bis tobacco pouch, look Iherefinni a flint nnd liter ptiiicipal or interest will he paid, ntl4 a ckiel in anything is often called hy llrothur steel, and s it himself down. Within leach on ,20,000,000 litoro llm paviui pt is pit Johnailun, was lying, barely sufficient to 'were ample materials for lighting a fire cufioi,s. -' keep hl, coveted. In no ivnj in which hoKyood nsdryas linder, nnd Spanish moss it! cut, Id I,,, was it possible for him to teilt.ee nbundau. e. The noise of Ihii waterfall, ni Ins huge bulk into any thing like the proper ! u,. iv,.,,. r,n.. ,..,...! i.. .1 ......I compass; in one place his knee, and in mi other his chin, weru slightly isiblu In tho li-dians.-.ick having tinned noaily on bis Inuk lo be able to catch a glimpse of li s com panions, when Slovens ciied lo him, he at tempted In stpieeze himself still inoto Hal, and then hy awaiting patiently the result. Meantime, a gun had several limes been pointed at him hy one of the Indians, but it was evident that, Million! advancing out of cover, no fair shot could bo had ; the gun was therefore withdiawn, though Stevens ronld not bill ho sure that other efiiirts would be made. Directing his comp inions to send a volley ainoeg the. hushes which concealed Indians, ho leserved his fire. Quii k as lightning a warrior rushed forwaid lo the pine-log bridge, stood upon its extreme verge, and louk steady uini at the uncon scious Ztck. At twenty paces, tho Indian musket was certain death. Stevens watched mm w illi intense Interest; lie allowed linn to lako aim d soro or his copper bullet, commonly used mining tho Mexicans, filed jut as the Indian was about lo draw i.l trigger; the aim was perfect, the pan was shivered, tho musket flew fiom lis owner's hands, and he. lonsine his ballance, slided ho pine-hv on which ho contrived to keep.llo 'k up a pin-iiinn not tiiuro than forty vaii.s without f illing into chasm below. In an in-1 'he grove of hvo oik. whirl i concealed the s,n,,t . was beside 7-ick, who, will, a huge. ! ''"'''V"' "''"'e'lhnt: hit isclf behind a group of , . , . i I . t- . . impal". A rapid tiro now opened on all sides, bow,,, km le in hi- hand, sprang lo Ins h ot, v.'.lrCns, each man behind a tree, pouted and closed with bis antagonist. The Indian was well known to llie borderer ns holh strong and brave; bis toinah'iw k, his only weapon, was not thrown, but fii tidy grasped. When near enough In render aim 1 1 o in el ther p irty ,1 ingeroiis to both, and iherefoie useless, ihev paused to look ono upon tin i ulber : it was for ait itistanl, w hen thev rush- d liirwatd, ihu Indian aiming a blow with huge looiahiwk, Kick with bis long knife; bnlh failed, each succeeding in calcl.ing the iilhei'.s wrisl. A fieice snuggle for maste ry now look plaro, Kick striving, while he still kept possession of his antagonist's right aim, lo loosen his own, and pill an end to the conlest In means id his dagger. The exer tions ol both well) leirific, both being almost equally m ilcheil as lo mere physical strength; XieU was the taller oflhe two, lint Ibis avail ed him little, his inkers irv, having n rare suppleness and ignr, besides llie expel if lire of many w.ir paths. Zu k's fire was lo his fii N, behind I im wnsihelog, close to which the contest was l.i.ing place. The Indian l .1.. I. !.!... 1. ...... Iippeileii eariiesiiy in peso nun um.nus mis, In ihe bone nl tripping linn, anil w l.i e .seeui- I.l. .. I...I loir. ill.. ..n.ii,o ," 01I11IM II IS t u..l- ill. I - MM i i ..una lil ow n linwie .'inle useless, In it de illl was facing him; tlm itistanl, therefore, tint the lndiiii Ii id his lomiliaw.' free, and raised it with the warn lump of viclnry to brain his vit'lini. he liuntr hiinsi IfharA' on the ground. . Wi,, ,,(, r;lpl i I firing nf muskets made il ev- ishooinig with ellecl in 111 it quarter, l'reseni. ly, Stevens detected the absence ol a iille among tliem, eight lusteau in nine lomnveii in rapid succession. An ominous and mean ing glance, and a firm and s ivage gr isptng ot iheir knives, revealed.tbu feeling which llie supposed decrease in their numbers excited in (he whites. Sid! no opportunity appeared for giving vent to their feelings: in thai di rection nut an imn in snowed nnusell. mean- 1,,), yMk vv,,s llt jt. Drawing himself .,1,,,, ,(. Criiti)(l, and dragging his ritlo afn r him, ho advanced still ne tier to the fool nf id,, bridge, and at last gained the cover of a 1 1... .1. ...1 1 1 1 - : liosil, w III llt-i im 1 iiuivj 91 1.1111 is iiiue mm til any who .showed themselves on the opposite side. Stevens and bis friends immediately rushed forward, as if for a chaige, and nrtu ally ailviiiced to within Indiin musket shut. Twenty warriors roso and Innk nini, the first of whom Xck laid low. Astonished at llie neaier nroxiniilv of their hug" enemy, thu Wai-rns concealed themselves williout lirini': Xir- Iitiv .iit evidonile ihaneil ilu, .' nf, ts ,.(,ce.,l,nent without h. ln.. discovi-i.-d.- , ,. . .. . . .., ,. ... .. -r ' cnnirndi'S filed a vnllev, nisbed forwaid and ensconced l iinself hfsido vi ting Shingle. ' Well, that was considerable smart,' ex claimed Kii k, ' and I reckon we'll make them feel ugly in III tils.' lie then prorei ded to unfold in his companion a nuiioii, whii h Sir vens approving of, it was delei milled inline wasileleimiiieil inline - Ii it. lv lo execute. Tigiih nilighl. hell, K11 k iiniied bis liiend, who imini ili ilely emu meiiced his puiliou of task, w hicb i iinslsti d in keeping up what ho called 1111 everlasting suiiike, mill blazing away al every ennceiva bin point wheie an Indian could I o imagined In lie. Meantime Kick ciepl through llie 1... I-....1 , , . ., , ... 1 ( . , hush to the edge ol .hoop,.rm.lo.i.r tall, over llm very verge ol whuhwas ihu lill. Ige. Here he was pel d i ll v mil nf iliu sighl of any liul those who should venture lo rise allow, the buln s, a mum. of prm i-eding very unlikel) whilo Stevens kept disposition. The water nf the slream was not over hi. knees, nnd hi. crossed triumph intl , In llm gieat niliniraiiiiii of Ins fi lends in the wood, whom ho bad caused fiiiiiplflidy In forget his faults by thn gallanli V nf his cnndiict In lite fight. Having gained 'bo desired spot, he was twelve tei t below the Inilians, lielwi en well as Slovens' rilh. enmn etelv drowned any slight noise he made, and in three min tiles after his crossing over, tlm whole was iti a hjaiie. A dense column of smoke, rosej stilling tho Indians, and driving them lo their stockade. The success of Zick's effort ivni thus far complete. A loud shout from his conii panion. proclaimed their Sense of Shingled dexterity and cunning; the whulo parly, un der cover of ihu smoku, then joined him. It was now d-cided lo sr ilo tho bank, wherrt it una npen and rlesr, wlulo t.n should agiiti take up Simons' pi ire, to keep llie Indians at bay. No sooner decided (ban done. Shingle bramhuhme h:i nf o anil tho riuhan.tivnnliaw l led the way. In lire minutes tl.oy wero at thd top of tho innk. Tho first wolnnnn wbiebonnt lb"ir cars was ihu Imul cry of llii'ir'coinriiilp'l in ilor old Shingle. Tho Indian village was a cinptv nf Iniliins as at tho period of my v.sit. O.d ainoglo had hast nilo mm, as had been pus peeled, while n) my were wounded. After ten minutes pause, the trail of llio W.ircos was fnl lowed, and found to lead to a ihiel.ot, about hall a mile distant. Pursuit was decided on, fur, al though tho sun was down, tho tiinnu was yet in the heavens for m hour or so, ami an ot.'ior- Ill'lieii Ilia IHU11U null, j lit; p 11 uuc, iivj. ,;..., wore divided as before, thiMiith no cliort at coil- icihnont was made. Cap'. 7.c'i advanrcd to tliu Ictt. UU Shingle to the right ; tho former , .... i t !'t. ...... ...... I fo-ih volley after volley, whilo both thn patliea ofwhi'e man were equally nrtire. Half an hour passed in this wy, when Zul; cnminutiicitcd with his fu'Iior, and tho chr;i) wm agreed no llm signal was tho cry nf the caiotx, or prairm v.'olve-. A p.nir, unbroken by llie report nf a rill", ctnnicd. l'lei-untly, at Ihu lir.st cry of ihu wo i, every wh.iu lonn' lose, exposing Ins per son lur a sc.'-ouil In tin- Indian-; i ihsclnrgu troni every in jskc', gave lokoo of Z ck' sue rem; and mi quick weiu llie motion?, tint not a imn was wounded. Without the slightest piusr, every man rushed forward, 113111111' his nil-, nnd with Ins knife b-n-ed in tho idicatli. Ou the verge of Ihu wind Ihu Indians met tliem. Ijeuping Panther and J'.ck woro in an instant hand to b.iud ; 'm k dropped bis rid -, wlucT ho had ili-cliargi-il williout ellect, and rushed 011 hi.4 rival wilh Ins tool ili.uvk. A tlemer of bliiw'4 were rainod by one and tho other for some time' without k-.idio." to any consequence; at length Kick wounded the young chief 111 the left slniiil dor, but the lem th.iwl; gut 0 ulaiig'eil in the loin. Inir uf ihu Ind an thu Wuccos do not shale mi. ess when coing o i a regular war path and ere ho riuild lies it, Leaping Panther had brain cd Ins adversary, an I hi two iimiulcs more, tho rralp of V.i'Ai cl Shinglo was hinging' l tho belt of his iiue'erato foe. Le-iping Panther turned to vie x the sialic. Tinny while mod were imilendiug with an oqTil number nf In di.inf, twelve of whom lavsdc.nl nn tho liehl; while Zick was Ihu only" i.fiVot. Tho voiing chief saw that to cuulinuo thu ttruglo was to eii3ure ibf- de:ru-.i.oii of Ins trhiK " X !.. i slant thu angrv growl of a puitbor was heard; .inn uiu ihu ..lines ciiuio clear. v 111 llio mil wlieuco it cimo, ei cry red skin had" disappeared .11 thu wnojs. ' An almighty h-.cky arrival that of your?, Capl. Ogihy,' na d t lovetif, 'if it h.id'nt a been lor jnii wo weru lonkuig mighty ug'y, lint's a Inct. "'hem lug.ans aru co-isalarable siinrt with llie loin ih iw I.', and do wipe you up consult' r.ibh InrJ. Poor Kirk ! he's looking pre:ty strfiikcd.' Aye! aj-u !' repl cd L'apl. Ugdvv, who. w tth liltccu inoi., had come up 111 timu lujuo the la?. I -irugg'u ; 'you were all sn eternally in a hur ry ; hut you'd a In ked th ru Wai her.- a plagy night quicker, a:nl Kick "titl a saved his hirnn, if vou hi.l'nl a been m pretty prune tuipor(jue lint.' I'.d Shitiilu 1 ugbl'nl a dnii-j il. and I take it aunler hard he could gnu .1 feiler a ngbl up and I nvn i-l.atu-u of a sl.i itmn.igu ; but it's no use' inking a long leckriun; Jnung Shingle's dead, mil the olJ one ami just ipibu abve; so I won't ait his d iralur up.' llo'vcvur rud." and wild miy he nun's pnsi 1011,11 is rare, indeed, that tliu belter leehugs ie q-ule eNliuqiiislifi1. Old Shingle appeared "t-art broken, at tee death nl his only tain, and in iigh slid aluu when 1 visited Texas, he had i-'ier been l.tiown lo Miule fionilh.it day. Wlieniur an opportunity nrrurrcd of engaging villi Ihu cnppei-i-o orcd denizens oflhe wilds, Id Shinglo was the fir-tin inlunleer, and as long a- ho livis the peace latched up w.tli th; W:.icos will le hniinw. They know this mil, until his iloull., will diiubllcfs "never revnit heir i. Id tettlrmciit, but afliird In in my future' ravullers an eppoiltmily of bclioMuig tins t)E fr.TED Viu oc. Stealino Woman's Sunns. Tho papers line 1 icked up a r gbt good stury about an 111. gemiiiis Parish rogue, who outwitted a unman. It runs thus : An tiiihvidiin', well drf'sed, presented him. fell al the thoji of a fuiii.de who mltl ready mado mien lit m e nl the rut, red parts of Pan's, and nb-cned lo her that hhe appeared In keep a largu a-snrluient of gentlemen's, shirts. 'Oh yes, sho bad ttii-iii nr all liifrriptiona in the tbiip, very chea.' 'Prav, madam,' said he, 'have yoo any gam cms ei a si u lar no si-rip'ine, ana super nr ipi'ihly, lor lad C3 ! I-im iilrntio be married '""I wsh lo tmku my ii tended wife a present i "'rc,, ?L'' 'L'eiiainly, certainly, sir, I have si ino wli rh will en t you, .n u iui.i.w ith .hico parcel., erb (iiiiiaoni L' a duzm, wero exhibi ted nn tl o rnunli r. Oils w. 3 opener, al d thu stranger ex. milled it with much iifen ion. At last In. s.nd, 'I am afraid lln-fo are Ico short ;' then fcenied lo't for n moment in (la light, nn the d Hii'iilly wluih presented is If to 1 is rfnnd ot hm er'ainuig thu precise nzn wanted, ui idea ei-itii-il In h like Ii in. '.Madam.' he . id, 1 , ,, ., , . ,.., ' .,,,. ..,.. . ", ,. a ., . : ,.,. 1, 1 . - 1 : . o '. ' v y -il to ibaw m e 1 f tbeso over jmif ihffs 1 Ni t al all ; I'll i'o 11 wnh 11 goi d deal i f plea. Miie.' In a minute il e gi oil uonun appeared in il.e body o ibe thi p. Cuinplctcly eeu-loped 111 ne. 'I tie f'ranger Im kr.l a' I rr, wa led rout d her 1 1 .1 .1 .1 1 .. jnii ..ir cu. i l l iiirt.. ii.... 11 iie eiir ' cllt b. r to its full lei.jth. ndomgwhich , n Ii,. t V 1 s i-in-d I cr clot lies to il witH .11 11. Mie, mppi Miig li.s (xaunuaiiou mushed ai'cu pteil trl take it i iragaui, when, In bcr.us iniiisl men 1 "ht loiiiid her 1 1. tin's rn?e up with i'. Al lb s ineini'i.t die fellow- gra. cd the par 1 e'f, and tn.nle oil' wnh i em. The poor wo 111.111 lies. I. Pi il tn ti'!ow--uiaJi ahull. er alleuiDt lodiicst herself nf llie stii-erflaouo garment,' but lading to diiMijian alter him. So inucH t.uie, I owevef, was h ft, and so many beys toN I 'Cetl about her at the novel aipe.lrance (he pre.enteil, that fho w. e cnmpclltd to return to the snop anil put up with tlie loPf.

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