4 Nisan 1845 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3

4 Nisan 1845 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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The Lion's Sham: or Tiir. Spoils. i This usud to full lo tliu lot of Virginia, lint under tlio now dynasty, Tunnrsscu lakes llio lead. In addition to tlio President sind Postmaster General, Tunnusscu carries ufl' the consnlslii at Liverpool, llio reairder ahlp in tlio General Land Office, a (miser's berth in tlio Navy, and the appointment of Charge to Naples. Ono would suppose that Mr. Polk might have found n suitable per iod Tor (ho consulship nt Liverpool in somu ono of our groat sna-porls, and without go ing ao far into tliu inleiior us Tennessee. Dut perhaps the extensive commercial inter mits of Tennessee, wero deemed better worth guarding than thoso of Now York or Massachusetts. FnnM Sr. Douinro. Hy the arrival of tlio Bchoonqr Orr.illo, Cipt. I.tifkin, nt Philadelphia, dates to the .'iJ Inst, from Cape Hnyticn, have been received. There wore rumors of suppres sed outbreaks in various parts of tlio Island J but every thinjj was quiet ni Cape Ihtion. The United States sloop of-war Vandalia, Commander Chaunccy, is at l'nrl au Prince, for the purpose, it is said, of demanding! tlio restitu tion of certain mimics. All foreign letters are now required to pass through the post office, which lias licen estab lished postago 25 cents currency on letters weighing one ounce or lets, and 'Si cents on ev ery additional half ounce. The number of foreign vessels in port when the O. sailed, was greater than at any previous time for several years. Kvpnriu woiu enns. qucntly in mnre demand. Coffee has risen from 12 1-2 to 14c ; LotwooiI, from 7 to 1(1 1-2. Sevt era! vessels wore going elsewhere to load, Government now receives liayticn money in stead of Spanish, in payment of duties, on ac count of the pressing demand for currency to pay troops. Stationery ron Tttn CoNoi:F-Mr.N. The Clerk of the House of Representatives has ad vertised for proposals for supplying t'lo annual quantum of stationery for the members at the next session of Congress. TI.qio aro wanted GOO reams of letter paper, lilt) of note paper, 500 4-hladed and 150 S.bladcd Jinglitk pen knives, and ever so many steel pens, ivory fi Mir.-, lead pencils, letter stamps, tiiornren portfolio, mem orandum books, pen-lioldnis, &c. ,tc, all to he of the very, very best the piper evtra super fine, satin finish, gilt edged, &c, and the kiiui's of best pearl handles and h'ghct.1 finish. Ilmv eucli luvurios would coitn an editor, who nihs his pen with a Fiugle-bUdcd American knife, and writes lucubrations upon the back of old letters or upon outside quires of six aitJ.niiio penny pot paper. Host. Traveller. Most Distrfssivo Accnir.NT On the 17th inst. a man by the ninieof .Mavon, off-ens. I'a., souio 12 miles above O'ean, was killed and had his leesburued ofTup to the knees, while at woik nlon-1 in tus sumr bush, a short distance from his dwelhns linuce. IIu had been boihne -np nt llio foot of a rise of Rtound, when his fire eellini; low, he cul nfl'a lariro oak lo;: a short distance1 nbove the fire, nnd feniins that it might roll naainsi his kettles, thruct a hand-p.ko un der one end of the I02 to iluicl its couro nway from the fire. The end of iho Ina roll.-d on iho handspike, with such force ns to cusli .Mavon under it, nndt crowdim: his it'2s into the fire, ibev were burned oil to the knees I Not returning lo his home nl I'veninz, liis fanulv surmised lhat he could no! leave his ketths wilh safety nnd nbout twelve o'clock at niszht ih'-y tiecaini! so inticli nl.irnud on aecount nf his B.tft ty, thev w-ent into 1 he suuar buh in puruil and there found the poor man us described Ins body under the handspike nnd lees in ibe fire and from appeainnee bnd been dcail n lenirth of nine. lie has lelt a wi'o and siv small tluidn n in indigent eucninstaiiccs, lo mourn his less. Cu,irniii'iis W'liii;. EDtvtnn A. Stansiiuuv, Jistj., was ap pointed Clerk of thn Courts of this County, at thu Into (eiin of tint County Court in this town. ni t'lJi irnTC fTi T "i TjTi7i7u,ii.wi i . Notice is given to the member of the Asso ciation, that for iniitii.il convenience it is found necessary to estahlUh regular Library hours. Hereafter bonks can ho drawn only on Wed. nosday and Saturday, between Ihe hours of five and eh; 1'. AI, At those hours the Librarian will endeavor lo ho on hand. By order of the Directors, I). K. I'ANCjUORX, Librarian. April -lth, 1515. CO MM KZIQSAZj' lUtlf'.HroN MWlKV.r, ATmJatj, .Vmk 2t. At Market -tlO llcrf Cnlilo, CO yokes Oxen, 1000 Sheep, and 19C0 Sw ine. About ICO Ilicf Calilo and BO Workinj "rn remain unsold. Prices lleef Ciitle Last week's prices not gen erally sustained by about 23c per hundred. Some very extraordinary fine C'aMle wirent maiket, and a yoke or two hmu'.-lil as hudi ns nny lasi week". We quote cxlra S SO a j "j i fust quality H'i n 3,2a; sec ond qilldily, 6,2fi J.rO. Workimr 0en Wo noiiced sales nl $03, G3, 73,35, 105, nnd il 23. Sheep .iles were noiiced from St to -1 uO. Swine Lois nt -lju lor snv , ind to "Jo fir barrows ; largo I arrows 3 fi 51c. At retail fijt GJ. A Hcriford Cow nnd lliifir, fed by Mr. .Souihani, nnd llio Southdown nnd li.ikewcll Shp, fed by Mr. SIclniire, of Albany, aitrncted arcat ntleniion, and Yfjte n' knowledied ns fjt as any cer hiforo olTerid for sale in llrighton. New YonK. I'lour, nj chanre; Oencssce, 41,75, with moderate sales. Ol r)o 3000 hu. were sold nt 70 cts dihvcred, and scleral cargoes of Southern corn In the distillers at 13 els. wi. Oils SO a 31 els. 130 bids, pot ashes nt Ids. lb. Whiskey, 23 a 21 cts. .four. Com. M'trth 31, Bostox, March 29. Plniir (lenesseo dull, nnd prices ha vo declined. Sales nfiood hr nnd sat S 9l'i5. fSrain Considerable sales nfSiuihern yellow meal, ins Corn nl r3!oi white 49c: Southern nils 2(5 n 32c i msrl.it for Com closes heavy, 53 mid DOj being sue ruiinjr prices. SecTiiponT, V. T., March 13. Wheat commands C5 a 63c hush, liule coming in. O its nro worth 23 els; corn brings 40 els : politors 25 cts imrkei is M'ell supplied; Iienns will biin from SI 25 to 150, demand cood j butter 125 cts there is a good supply. Lard L worlh 8 cts. Flour brings $la bbl. best quality. .Imeriran. Ciiteiio, March 13 The roads nre becoming pa table, nf lio, and a few teams hao nppeand wilh Wheat to diy, nnd considerable is expected during the week. Good winter is sellinj nt 73 a 75c. "Wchsve heard nf siles from More, during the pikt week, of 5,000 hush, ordinary " Chicago" nl 75 els. and a like quantity of good at 7G cts. free on board. AOtozatt. Lockpost. N. V. March M, Wheat, bu. F3e oals 22a2i barley IOj com 12n4ti poik cwl. 8Ji3,5Q. llcirAio, March 29. Seen hundicd nnd eiably bbls. Mich, flour sold nt SI, and llicro nro further ales of clover Hied nl 83 5G n G2 bn. Linseed nil is firm ol 75 c. sides. A small lot of Chicago wheat sold at Efle. At Mi'ton, on tho 31st M-rch, hy ltcv. Mr, Doush crty, J, W. Miles M. I)., of Htneshnrch, to Sahah A.t oldest dnnghter of llrigliam C, Wriht, Ksq. of M. At Saxton'e Hiver village, on tho, 27lh intt., Mrs.1 MmAn Ass Kelioco, w ife of llio Hon. Daniel Kel logg. OIUTUAUV. It is with most iinfr-ianeil leyrcl llml we hive In re cord thoih'nth of n hiehlv csleeineil fiicnd nml nsn. ciote.OMVr.It I'OltSVni, whedeimlrsllhishreon Mondsjr noon, ihe I?ih int. IIu iliwiiKJ was Con iiiniilion, a scmnge whnao tavnres lnvn brcn most severely Ml in llns vicintiy ilurini tlio past winn-r, The deceased waa yonnsf, nged 10 year, but lie was r...aaQ.Dn.l r tnlrnla ulnrll. llinUL'll not VCl fullv lie- vcloprd.iravB great promise of attaining loan exnlied station in lbo ranks "f worlh and us fulness, bad he been spared lo reach maliirily of vcatsj and. hal tnnkis his loss fell yet more deeply, he vvns posee-scd of a kind, tcnerous anJ amiable diiposiiion of heart which endeared him lo all w ho came wilhiii llio spluro of liis aciiuainlanoc. Ho had been but a short lime in pioseculion.of n course of collcflatp study nl tlio University of Vermont when ho was ntlackcd with a discaso of tlio limus, which ho strove iiiitifiilly, perhaps to" iicrsovirinaly, lo conquer i but which obliged him to relinquish tin studies nt college and return home, nml has thus speedily tcrminHcd in ilc.ith. A ti I llio news of his decease will not I o received with ftclinss of less pint ful regret by the numerous circle of friends and asso ciates In whom ho hid cn lrarrd hiui-rlf in a most extraordinary manner during his S'ljourn nt roHenc, Hut his ilis-olulion was attended wilh tliu consola tions of Clirislimilyt lio received tliu summons of death wilh icsiainliou nnd pcifcct composure) and by liiscalm nml l.aly conversation evinced ihit death has no terrors lo n soul clad in Hie armor of its Go, I. "Death loves a shining luaili," 'tis said, And therefore with his poisoned dart, Ho liys nnionff iho lowly dead, ino nearest objects oi tliu Heart. These pirlinrr scenrs will pmn bo pit, Theso weeping hours will nil ho o'er When parted friends wll ntivl nt last, Where partings will be Know no more. JIsscx Co. Ilepublkan. At a m"etinj of tlio .Ti-ton ri.-,sshrld on occasion of the death of.Mr. PonsvTii, Iho following icsolulions wero reported nnd unanimously adopted: lltsoltcil, That this Class Ins teamed, Willi the deepest sorrow, of iho tlccctso of tlnir lato associate Oi.tvr.ii Kcvns I'ocsvtii. Itcsotrctt, 'Hint, wlnlo in strikini; so soon from our number a second, s , younn, so pure, soluble nnd so deir In us nil, l'rovidcnco Ins lendereil the blow doubly nllhclivc, wc receive il nlso is no impressive lesson on tlio vnnily of earthly hopes nnd youthful aspirations, nnd are bid to remenitcr tint neither the aroatesi promise of the ono nor llio highest purity nf i no uiiirr can save us noni tuctiiiti mai may niriauy be ninteil nt number nf our nuniber. Ilcsalccd, 'I hat we join in sympathy wilh the be reaved Iricnds nf the deemsed, but find consolation, wilh Iheni, in linowine Hint thai spirit nt equanimity nnd conscious rectitude, which so distinguished his chirncler, did not forsa'.o him in llio hour of his dis solution. Ilesofral, That these resolutions be published nnd a copy of them transmitted to the fncnds of the dc oi'uvod U. V M., April 2, IRIj. TO LET. Nl-W and convenient House, n garden, and Aukm out huildliK's, on New Street, in llurlinzlon nbout sccn minutes walk froni Iho Courihouse; possession given on iho 1st of May next. ISAAC WAIlNITt. April 3d, 1913. 4UI J. & .1. II. IMICIC & CO., HA VH Ihi- d.iv ns.i ciitc-l wilh iIkmii, I'llWAltK W. l'PCIC." TliosUleofllietlrtn will lie run tinned ns lieirlnlon'. .1. if. J. II. 1'IJCK k f'o. lliiihnsinii, April 1, IS 15. ( lover and Herds grass sood, fly .1. & J. II. l'lICK iV Co. llurlinilon, April 1, I S 15. -It Uocs and Hay Koiks. A NPW nnd superior a-tiele, in intifaetured by il. l'a rl aid.-, for Mib-1 v .i. ,t j. ii. nrK iv uo. Ilurlinztnn, April I, 1S15. -11 Machine (-aids. OP Pprinnlh'l.l Vinnonl, mid Springfield Mn-sa-ch.t-ells m.lllulU"lnrr, by .1. .fc'J. IL l'lXTC & Co. ' U'lrhngton, April 1, 1815. -11 Ploughs. ALUlftK usoriincut ol ibe nio-t npnrovel pat-Urn-, by .1. As J. 11. PIX'IC &. Oo. l!iirliii','lon, April I, lot.'.. 41 Shinnies. 1 (( l'rrno Spruce Shinnies, for inle bv I 1"' .1. st J. II. PUCK ,t Co. llurlinzlon, Apiil 1, 1U'I3. ! 1 For valco. ,4 11 K ST r.i'p plat'c for liiNinc in llio -'ntro of sta Cii.irltnif, on ilie lny:e roa.l, Uti"vn n tin Harm.1 pl.irei- n leri'd fiir -ntt fontaimnir ul.unt tvi liMti'lrod at it- ofiaiu! on Ii iIr-iu w ti lioue sml nlilt1 (.ir n T.ntTii, n S:ori', hloroliou tt ilinv lliru -lictU nnl Dtlicr I'liiMnrjj'. Tlio 1 i'v nn-Ji nn riTOinm 'net iiiiiu It) tin) t I;nn,-inu: llio lo-i:itm. Fcr temt-i on inirc t( the s ib'n1 rp nn ilit' pn'iiu-fs. SAMl'LL II. D.llNi:s. April 1, -8!j. ijabfug nut? Jiatljfnrj WI11T1.IIAI.I,. II I!!!I-0. uoil-l i,9i,i'cifll ;,,r,,rm 1,1. J. Iriendsnnd nitron- that nonvih landui'' n lone -I'li-on ol ,-. hi, snow, had, rn n nnd eere hard tunc, bis ,asse,l since heba- bnd ileplevuro ofirreeiuii, shinny, bi'i-hmz, fhcarii'.-, nnd pcif lining his nu inerniis nonhern friend- nnd c.-u-nint-i. that he n. still in Whi'i'h.ill, nml has f ,r ihe com emu ,eu nnd com fort ofbisrusu nu rs nnd ibe lr.iulbng pip lic,rcimiv ed hi- Sh.ivni-.- Saloon lo I'.irl.'. s,.l,-M,l,d itm-k 11 iddlill two door- xmih of ll.u Clinlou House, which ho Ins fined op in n s'lle n-con I to nonein the mi in lly, an I has ronuci'lc I wilh In. Saloon n lai'irennd ooninidl.i us Ihitlung Psial i,hm,'nt, iv.ih cold, wnrm nnd shower limbs j and gi'iiilcnicn ncul sop bid Iroai ono room in i,e ,,i.r wlt. ,u.y w,u ,n ...s.i. s. r,,u, Mimp-i, wamei irulieii, per liinictl, and I'oinplt-telv rcuovaiid. . , ' , would rt'qiii'-l his frl.-ii 1. nnl to bp uccurai or urcoyta i y me t!ri,.eJ jtolct an I ihs.dav th.il nny le made ai his old stand, a he noMiiielv i-nmiherei I ut at hi sidendul a,m i, ,. ,l,.,,r' so ith ol iho Clinti n, where he polilcly invite- uil In.- V.'hi'.elMll, March 20, 1945. ( Timothy isllss's Instate. sTATnor vnt.io.NT, ( rpni:iion,ihcrro- ,'13111'i.r "K UI1IT1ESDEN, ss. I ,i,t0 (;U'iri frill Ifulni i of Clu lcudeii, To ,i'l persons mn'-t-rnod u uif csinin oi iiuioiiiy in,.., aic ol Jericho in said ui-ir"-, ui-ci'u.i-o. i.mnTivi; Ulir.KEAS, .tl.mi It is. Aibninis,rnf.lP r.l .1.,. i-ialitol said d.s iM-i-d, propo cs m rr ii ler an nc-i-o mt nt b s ndininisir.Uion, an I nrc-i-nt h's aecoum n.Min-i sii', i-.tate for cx-imin nil n ami allmvince ut "-:" "i nn- -""ri Ol l-rnoa!,., to ,0 lioWcll at the Krister . o.lic- in liurlinjion, in slid di-irict, on the lonrih Wislius'ny of April next. 1 nciiiore, yon n'o licreby noiifits) lo appear I efore aid co in at iho tune and pl.ico ufoic aid, and shew can e, if nuy yo,i hive, why the account nforo-aid tll'lillll IIOI I I' Ulll.U ,M, i.iien iiniier ,,iy hand nt lliuliiiifloii, tlii- 31-t dav ""3 ' ' WM. WPSTO.V, lltchUr. Aiutiew flialficli'.-s IM.Hc. STATU OP MlItMO.NT,) rpm; ,,. .,, ,,, ',;,'l''.' I1'""-'"' m" i ,f b:1" Court for ibe " , , person- concerned the is ate of Andrew Chailicl I, lam ol 1 1 - ri i in -1 1 . in miiu i-isinci, ,.ccca;o (Iheiti.vo. ' iir.ncAS, lltni.in Odlcll, ndinini.tralor of ihts es tate of said dcccisol, propo c, to render an mvnunt ol hi-aduiini-iration, uu I prc-cnl ln.ii. counl n -ain.l saidctiueli ri'xamin.itiou nnd allow nii'vnt iifc.sioii V.1 1!iu.t,'.'.!rr ,,r"''-"e, l e hidden al ihe P.a-lc Hull pi W dli-ton, , e.j J,.lri,., ull tin- llnrd Jlon day tf April next. '1 heieloie, Vou mo hereby unified lo appear 1 cfoio haid co irl at Iho lime nnJ place ufoic-nid, and hcw eini-r, if any yisi have, why the aceouni nfoicui I hhouia noi I allowed. (iivcu under my bind nl llurlington, tin, 3M day of .March, A. D. IB13. ' WJLWLSTO.V, ll,ei,ttr. lVtltlnii lii sell Lam) STATi: OK Vr.HJIO.VT, Hisiricl of Chittenden. s l.ltMO.VP, ) T n session of , . S J. V I'rolniu Conn held nt llurlinston vvitlnn nnd fur naid dislncl ofChinm , " lnt' -V" MY "' ""'ell, 1813, c,ca .Samuel I-Ictclier, guardian olOran IthainufMn.lbuiii.iii fai.f disincl, nnd files in niul court Ins jieiiiion in vvriiinc aellinsfiirlhlhillii.mil ward is seized in hmovvii iijtiii in i"cui iiiiounuiviueii nun pun ornio fullovviiiD descril.i l iract or parcel of Innl lying u 1 silt. burn, ai nil llio lands and buildings devised by Joshua Minn, lato or n-iid .Slieibiirn, dei eased, to Manila Uham, lato of said Shelburn, deceased, vv hilo iho reninined Ins widow, leing nil tho land lyin Boulliofiho eat nnd west road passmi tho lato d welling house of llio eml Jonlnn, deeoased, and east of the road leading southerly from llio aehool hoiiae In rjaihan Lake , bounded somberly by Jal ez Kin ney t lanu nn I taslerly by iho river I.n I'lalt and mill pond at lushvvaler niatU- ilni il would bo eonducivo in tho best mlerenl of s.i,d ward to have .11 bis inter. e incaid land solj an I bavo tlio proceeds of such sale, pm nt inttresior invested in other real estate, nnd praying said courl lo license, llio said (ruird tu' .ell Iho vvboloorsatd ward's inlereslin ,,ncj, .JH?1fC.0V' i c,l',n "f"'"1! doih appoint Iho second Wedues.lsv nf Mne loi-. r.-i , , v. "ft i " . , mi iiriirniL! mm on cidingon said pennon nl ihe otrico of the llegtsicr of , "aid court in sn l llurlinston al len o'clocli in llio f.renoon. nd d,l ;n,.ii I" .herein b ttoiined rtfffcSSH, conlainitiB Iho substance of wid pcittjo,,, ihreo week, successiv. v in Iho llurling.oi. I'ree l',e n ,Vvv,nl per pruned in said Ihirliiiglon, ihe last of whirl, ,. .i.. MSflSl- P,,!V'0Ua 10 MiJ ectu"J Wtslnclay of Uin under my hind (his 20th day of Jl nd,, i8l3. H3 mi. V:.ST()N, Jtcgllur. I'c illon to sell Mud. STATU 01'' VI'ltMON'T, ) A I' n I'rola'e Courl IHsiriit of Chlilcn'ou, . i -TV helil nt llirlimiton within nnd for snid I)islriel,nn tlio let day of April, 1815, prr-ml l In- linn. (JliRrlt- ltn,-11, .luilai, of r.ii t I'onri, coine, l.ivid A. Murray, iruar !i hi ol l'lodcrick t, re and Namy Ann Leo, Inili of Williston in nud ili-inct, minor children i f I.i-oiinnl I.ro, Into of -nnl Wiltiunijt'ci-nsi' 1. nn I files fn snU cimrl hi- pi-nlnn in writing, Fi-tnnir f. rlli ilni bis nul wards arc -usi-ed in their own riclu in fee of i no undivided lull of tie fnllovvinir ilts-ri'i'd parrels of Inud, situ Hod in said Wdli-ton, viz! ubqit m'xiv aen' of innd lyum on the eat side of the luirhiviy ItMilrnvr from Ihu Viuoo.Ui'ltirn'i'i', in sail YVillMon, lo Iliiie-biirah. pa-Bini the dwelling hon-os of Lewis Marshall and Alexander t.i'c, Inin'Vd nnnh by Oils Whitii")'. Inndj m.iiiIi l.y landol'lt'iliisWnl-tiin j cast by t'rmti f.voa llinl an I west l.y Mill hiu'li vnvi nml ntintmr pareel of 1 ino Iving on ibe vr t --i le olRi I hiyhv.'av, enniniuins n'"ml tlnrtv five ncir-oflnml, I nun k-u norih by Olis hiinc's Innl) n ih by the Widow Ni hols' farm ens! bv sail hijbv.'iv imd we t ly .Simeon l,w Innd, whiib lnnd nre nlj'"l lo tbe richt of dower nf Pbidelia I.ee. w idow of I." tinld T.re, di'i-cnsi I ; itmi n -n'e of s ud war 'i-' iiiien' 1 in nil i land wi ul.i i-oniln, o lo llieir I e-t ni'cresl I y liav fns: the proeifiU of Miflr'si'p put nl in','H'-l, nnd praviniz -ai I oo'irt to iieeu'C -ni I ir-mr i ill lo cu ine wiin e I -m i ward-' m'ere-l Pi ini inn", n r me pur- po-e iilon-iiiii, ni'retnl.ly to Iho itiito in m.cii case inn i.' nun pio iiici, U ur.nni ro.v, i ho court nfore-nid I'nlb npiinuit the llnrd Mnn 'nv of April, Hl.'i, fiir hi'iirmz nn I ifci-n'riu on said netuion. ai the I'na'e II ill in Willitnn nlorf- fnid nt I en nVbi"l; in the fonnoon, nml doth order thai nil per nn. intercs'ed bo notified thereof I y P'u;- lienlion ol mis order, containing: the Miuinnceoiniiu pi'iuiou, threo weeks nivvive y m me iinriinsion rrce 1'ie, n nt'w'.o.uier untiled nt liurliiiieiuu llHl di-tni't, Ibe Inst of uhn-li inMieninns to I c previous to sind llnrd Jioml ij. in April, 181. i. s I veil iiuiKT niv iiaml nl s;nu li'iriingiun una ur-i lay of April, IB 15. )Im3 W.M. WIST ON, I!egieUr. Amos l'anejljini's I slate. svat: oi' vninios V7',)'plin Hr ?s. J 1 probate Hon. the Dislrlcl of Chittenden, ss. Court lor Hie IJistri 't of ijliittcn'ien i I o n persons con enrned iit the rstate of A ntos I'auaborn, Into nf llur- llllL'inu, 111 sain I'lSlilC!, (lecalll, littFF.llSO. Wiicnr.As (teoree II. Shaw. ndininilrntor of l ie cslajo of si.id decensid, propers In render nil account of his ndimnistrniion, nnd fin fill his account ngiuist sun rsnii lor r iminaiion nP'i nllownneent i wwttn of llio Conn of Probate, to be hidden nl the llegi-tcr's ntlico in Uiirluigtoii, on the sitond Wtducslay of Alav next. 'n.trcfitre, Vou nreheribi notified to nnncnr I eforo slid court nl tlio nine nil I phce nforesnid, nnd shew cause, if nnv vou haie. wliv lliu account aforesaid should not be nt'uwed. Oiven under tuv band at llurhneton. this 2nd dav of April, A. I), 1S13. 4iw3 v,Ai. wi;sru., licgisier. lJhciiczer lSiti-dlcls'a Hslatc. STATP. OK VP.IUIOXT, ? A T a Probate Court District of Cli.iienden, ss. s J lit Id nt lluilinL'ton. within nnd for siul district of Cbitirndi n. on ibe f!r-t day uf April. 1PI5, prisi nl the Hon. Cbarle Itussell, .ludtfc of said Court, comes lienj.imin !' Mel'nrlnud, ndminisliator of ihe estate nl I HP.P.,P.ll HL'lt- DICU, ate nf Ucstfoid. in said dlslnct. deceased. and files in said court his tieiiiion. in wntinir. setiui.T forth 1 tint the said I lam ztr dud seized nf one iindiii- led fifth inrt ofahoul sixlv and one ha f acres of h,i .Vo. 50, in the third division of lands in -aid Wistford, biin tho sauio linds tho seizure nnd pnsstssion ol which tlio slid administrator has rccovi red in anions of tie tnnnt. hn nnhl 111 Chilli nrlrn Cuiilv Cnurl. one onanist Safi'ord Srone j one onanist James Swan; one njiaiust John Swan, nnd oneneninst Charles I.ar-uardi-thai no p-rsoird csinlo of Iho said deceased ever nine lo iho knowledge or possession i f slid ad minilrator, and lint a sale nf nil iho intcicft nf said estate m slid linds is necessary for tho payment nf tlio expensns nf recovering tho possession of said lands, and of ndminisicrinir said esnie, and prayint: sue! curt fir license to s 11 Ihe whole nf tho interest of ,aid csti'p in si d lands, for Ibe purpose nforcs.ud, inrecildy to tho statute in such cases undo and pro vided t- ' hereupon, Iho court nfiresnd dm i npnoint Iho fonrlh Wednesday of April, IP 13, for I cuina nnd de ciding lai said petition nMho Ollice of tho Heuister of said court in snd Iliiilioeion, nl ten o'clock in iho foienoon, nnd dotli ouhr lhat all persons interested bo notified then of by pui li'n'ion of this ordir, con tainui2 Ihe s.ibjtinec nf snd pet, linn, ihrco weeks succissiielv in the Ibirlinelcn Preo Pnss n nouspi- per primed in sai I Imrlmutun, tho Inst nf w Inch puN healions to be previous to sail fourth Wedncslav nf itmi, Inli; nnu llio said ndimiiistralor also tiroi.o- -cs lo render nil account of his administration tosmi co'irl, nnd present his ncenunl airnmsi sa-d e tite fur examination nnd nllow-inec ni a session of ii ' co'irt lo bo holdeo al the Itristcr's ofiico in said Ilnrlinj lon, on iho day and year last aforesaid ) TiiEREFonn tiie court nforrsaiil doth onb r that n nice thereof lie eiven lo nit peisons interestid by fiublteniion nf ibi nddiuonil order ihne wetks succcssucly, itismd llur hnaion Preo Press, previous lo said fourth Wedncs- Jny ,,, VfrP, 10l, lln ,l..' n, ll,0n n. there np, peir nnd show cause why said occount should not be allowed. Given under my hind nt said Purlington this first day of Apu1, 1815. 1M0 W3I. WESTON, ncSUlcr. Calvin Kay's Ilstate. -ti: ii Ihe nibscnl i-r-, hivina leen annoin-cl bv ll.c llt.nor.ible the Pro' alt; Court (!r llu ,lis. tru-t ol'Chiiicn len, Coii.iui-siouers to re-'-i ivc, cx.iui- inu .ioj uuiu-i ino ciniuis no. i in niati'l- ol all pcr-otp nRaiii-t ihe i-tatu of Calvin Pay, Into ol Iliins iiiirgn, in i-oiiKii-iru t, ilcceii.-cd, repre-cnled tn-o'venl, nnd also nil claims nml dvinnnds cxhi'md in oll'-ct Ibcretn: nnd -ix months from tl. ,,. ,,r,l,.. .1 hejcof, 1 cinff allowed ly snid conn for that purport-, wedo tlierclorc beret. v uivc ni,,,. .- ilni s. ,...11 n?- leiid to iho liistnc-s of our appointment al the lam uvveiiins-noase oi ino s,tu ilcceastsl, in lluirsbursh, m said District, on ihe first Wcdnesdavg of Jnlv nml September.iK.xt, nt IU o'tlotk, A. JL, on each of said ll.ll s, I).r.nl this 10 h day nf March, A. I). 1313, JO-F.IMI MHsl. ) DAMKI, PVTUICK, Coinmi,sioiH-r. JOll.N S. PATltlCrC, ) 41w3 l'etltlan to STATH OP VniMO.NT, District ol Chiilt iidi n, -s. sill Land. IT I Prtbito Court, i i neiu nl Dm lineMn wiilun and for the dicn t of ' liiiieu i n. on the ih'id div nf April, A. D. IS Ij. present lln- lion Ch-irl'S istisseii, .iiui.-e n .-.ml conn, comes nipis I.ytini., "i. , , iuii in i.tu- m- i.. nai i llition, n minor mmi of(ieore V. Ilatrinitlnn, la'c-of snd Ilurluiaton, de ceased, and shows lo said Co irt ihai bis -aid warl is seized in Ins own riijht m lee of Ihe fnlluwiutt dcseri. bed panel nl land, situ iio in said llurhu-'ion, m.. aboul liireeactesoflanil lyinnnn iho wef I side of the road Icidim' from tin Conn llou-n Sijuiro in Hur luiaion, to Shi limine, being pirls of five acre lots Ko. 00 and 01, boun led u iriherly hv a I.i no Icadiut! fiuni snd road toward l.nko Ch iiniilniu s easterly hy s-ud road, and Foutlurly nnd easierly l,y Siinucl lliekok's landi Ilni n mIu of snd p irctl of I mil would con duce In lbo brsl interest i f smd ward, by havinp Iho proceeds uf such sile put al inn reel; and priyinx said court tu licen-e llio said Guardian to sell said land ; Whereupon, the court nforesnid doth appoint Ihe 30ihdiy of April, 1815, for hearing and (loeidina on said poiiiimi, nl iho ollice of Iho Ilegislcr ofsnd courl, in said lluihiieion ni len o'clock in Iho foienoon, nml duih order Hint all persons iniere lid bo notified thereof by publication of this ordrr, conlamitii! iho substance uf snd nelilion. three weeks Micccssivclv in lbo Ibirliimion IVeu Press, n newspaper piiutcd in said lliirlmgion, tho last of whu h pill hcalions to bo previous lo snd 30ih day of April, 1615. fiivin under my Inn l thu 3 I div nf April, 1EI5. " ia W.M. Wl.STON, lUeisttr. XII. V AltH.NC.i:Mi:T. BURLINGTON & BUFFALO LINE. TIIK SI't.K.l)II) I'ACKI T-IIOAT 5 S3 ,f?a'X,liPST?3 wui to m Cipi. J iCKLKY, Jr., I 1 .ia leen nil, u up m Hie .-.t po... manner. I I. spariiniieiilnr iiauisor expen-c, fr ihe pt.rix.ee of raii-poiting Irtiirhl and l'd-siniji rs to nnd from .... ii .uni iiiKruioiiJiepiaciis. i-ersoii-i'iiiiirraiin "esuvi-himr fiiri'tiniloii nnd ci.nvcuioiMo.vvill liml il on ueiinl .f Hit- It. I". II,..irl. The Captain llali.-rs iiini-iii, Willi ine I'rcvv he h.i procnrcl, who are r.vu'.v, iie iiuvu nun oi ncinj, ui.it lie can irivu.ini. lai'tton In nil who mny favor bun with their patron ..in. i ins 1-ni'H.ei t large ami eiiiniuishnu. siulicn-ut to uci-i'inmi dale 'vi'iiiv-iv'o or enthty persons. On .. 1 . ' ' "avii-iiiioii me win leave us I .llowsi llurlingluii, April 23 1, lliirlingion, Auvr. Cih " May 1 lib, " i aj,t Jimellh, Se,,t.l7,h i , KJ'h Os-t.7ih, " JulylCtli, " "2U;h. ,(1UXTS. .Messrs. I't.llcll & llraillev, llurlinelon. IV. 'i'1'"'"! U nion h UiiituiOeii, V. . K. ihi., J!juc'$ I'oint. 1buri 1., aiyers, ... ,, , , Com. I.. OliamWrlin, '''a'&ri(A. Mer. Oolvin iV Trt-mhlc, l'orl Kent. " Viiuiilimi et Itich. ) , .. . John Kirllnnd, ( "7'''aH. Jles.m. Joy ,f. Wi hsli r, lluf.ilti. Iliirlmstoti, Vi. .March 15, 1813. '13tf Cnitus. x A Nl'.tV nnd 1 eaulifnl tisrliiienl c f Silvtr and i V Ivorv htvatLnl tintw. also. IVoi'k. and oilier fanes, ihe I tl al'rlintil nml nt lower price, ihan ever. HIUnSMAH' i- I'ltullll KH, March, ISI5. 'n 41 PAID FOR RYE! CASH pud for nny qu nill volllyud, llveii'lnl my slnre. HI'O. PI TPItSfl.V, Itinbii-.-ion, M.ti -h 21, 113. 13' I 13. R- HAttD, AM) cocysnu JPIUCIIO, V. , ,Ot-. nASj si o,,e Poilolieo S' I ono lllid. ol s.inerro!- nnalilv Syrnnsud 'o leihc'c tcvi'rbroui'hi tn'o tin ulr-. A.'-o on I, i.i I a l v hundred lb-, i I l itpte S i-ai (. ir h i le low. A's'i t.-'wu Kirthcii Md'.-I'ins. I'lo" r P, '-, f , - Pan- . . Wickwaiell pdiu ' , Co. nor I uLcm' and Ch ich .11 SOW SJ JiaHSSKr si'Uisa Aniuvr. at 'i in: NEW YORK & BOSTON SHOE STORE. ni is ur 3ot WOI'1.1) ml' mi the I'ltizni. ol llnihrgton nnd vicinity, thai be ba iii-t nviivrl hi SPIIIM! STOCK OP liCOTS AND SHOKH of every ih's-rip ion, win h he Ins I ought cheap nnd he is di'iirin nod to --tl cheaper in I a letter artii lu than nuv oilier person this ndn of New Vork. Ili law Slock consists m pail oflbe fulluwing, which he w ill s,. low for cn-h : Prcnch Cnfl Poots ; Hem'-. Inxed Ct'it-, w! h bee's; neul'-. tloil (imlct.-, do do. La I e.-' llo-1, in- ' lioo'tts 11 Slijipcrs ; did Iron's Shoes, uf nil descriptions ; flcni'a. Puiiiiis. j , Mr. II. would iinorm-o tin pre-s-nl oiinorluntlv to return hi- n"l;nim-cJgi'Uici,ts lo hi-friends who hale iiitmrto c-towcil iinnn nun n i icral naln ui hihI jsohi'it n colltuluflllCl, of tho "aiiie, which he will e.i- daivor in lo.'rit, ov siru-i application io nosine-, nnd in havim.' nit e 'siMiu '-or' dime al in- shop mi te fn he I c-t in inner, nnd nfihc Ic-t -p ck, nl ihcliiuc-t i a -h iirn es. Pli .ise i ad and examine my sloe!, I cfurc pur 'I1.1-1112 el , wli' r". Ch irch Strcc", II trl.miton, March 21, 181". -12 SPUING For FASHIONS 1 8.15. . cn.viti.r a. snYsiouii, nS rcc'ivol lr..ni New York tie- sprtni pitlern lor us, nnd i- in w re idy lo f.irni-b ceullcuicii wilh bat- ol -iiiMTii r ipi il ty, ind ol a t 1c i-i rnl in anv inauiil.ii'liin'il in ilie cuio.. Jlcrilnnts in this vit-inti v who ptireba-e lutu iho c.i-c, nie c-picially re.iue-leil lo enll nnd examine his slncl., and il mti tie I tint they cm p'iri ln-e as well near homo as iibroid. ho bi.'ie- lln'V will, upon the priueinlc of protection, pielcr die l.-u'ic nnrl cl, -uve Ihe cxpen-c t trnn-nor'alion. nnn taiolliecn it w'liere il ru-hl fully bt Ion.'-. And he a. sup s I hi put Ii,. thai no loin in llio t 111 ed Sla o. -h.liTTs?-TTr. ol tipi.il qtLl'ily, foria-b, ni a le-- p.i'-e. -I2'.v0 llurhneton, Pnnl Sire I, March 221, 1SI5. 1'MiU! (iold liunds. IjMll.l. i finer ipmli'y ol 0"!d than anyea-tcrn ma le Uta Is can I e o' tuned nt UltlXSUAID it llllOTHKItS. A fine lot pis' finished, Man-h 1R15. -II )oots Sliocs nnd l.ttblx'i's 0 V all sorts and descriptions, for sa'e vrrv low by OP.OK.Oi: PP.TP.USP.V. Purlinsion, P,b. lBih IPI",. 3) I (IH M. good Pine an I Sprm-i- Shmi'les, lor snle 1 WW by (IPO. PLI'l ItsiO.V. Ma. ch I, 1615. -10 SMmund I), rrlenfam's Instate. To nit wrortn ronrcrncd in the VMiitc o IOMlTNI I). MKItlllAM.7f of South Ihrot in the district nf Uraiul Jlc, titcCtisvt, WI nnr- nt nPr .hate Court, holden attlie Pro- V Iuii o'lire tn Orand T-le in f-nid do(ri''tf on iheUtli Uv of March, A. I.( 11"), IIvtor Adams i!ininitr.uor ot the o-tale tj IMmiin I l. MtriMin, 'ate of S -nth IF ro. in aid district. dtvaFt'l. file ! his IVmion in writiMfr, n-tmjr forih thai the real iMai of iheiai.l t'ei'OiTd w.m apprai til nt ilioMiinol feCW) .... -I. I : ' l 1 I ... S.lllJ .Martin, wl.irb uip ssW'Cfl on lln "ft.l Aty "I June, A. !., H I i, In tho -uni of: 93'(7.3 1, fial tlie prr un?d e-tait- .f -iiA dw tjed vn nppraiMtl nl iliffir ' In.! fiiin rl 310,21). ffwhieli there Ima I ten a-iLMifil I V ai 1 -"irt tn the widow of -nil decra-I'd ihe nm utdlSO. "hat ihe.eha- I irn .ulowcl imfe' t against -aid c-ta'e, I y the Couvm-sK ner- atipoui'r I Ur I hit pnrpi-o, the nn of 8611, 71, t il'i-ive ol mii I inort mzt an 1 the ni of SI'1,90 in f ivnr nf -atd eta!t-, lhat tho sfimuif SJS.'iO "f aul 6CU.7I, o allow ed hy paid Ci)inini5-iinicrs nain-t mu I estate, were for ne ivary f'tneral cxptn-e nnl expen-e- fir ihe lal i Kncvs. of nid divea-cd and ihnt the eo-t. an 1 ex pi'ii m of administering upon aH ola'e tn to hu Vre-ent time ainonnls tu ihe I trther prim i f S31,CtJ- Saul Admim-irator therefore pray- -aid Court to prant him h-'one to i t the whole of .he rt nl estate f pan! decied mlji'ct to the riht ot tlif widow lower themn for tlie p-irpotu of paying nnd murt raeniul 'he dthtf asamst ail einte. It N therefore ordered ly ni 1 (' urt tint all pel son, foneerneil in .ai I u-nru le imtiiie-J to nppetr at a eion of said C urt. to le hoMen at the Pruhate 'fliee hi aid (irand Ulo, on iho lirt t'ay (f May, A. I)., ISIj, in how cati.e (il any tluy have) lifeline o.mhl not to ho (rrnnie.' for wii.eh p'irio-e il lurtl.er "n'eml thai tlio ? il )ian e f -aid pnihoii to'elher with tin- or'er of i-oid Co ir, 1 e put ihed three tv!. Miee-"MeK-its nmi a ouy he, in the 1 l''ite Press'' a paper put I -lie I m llurlmgioiij in the Co m.y of Chitieni'en, Ihe lasi ot vh eh nil 1 e 1 1 fnr' the hsmou t f aid (?t rt l.M nientionetl nnd winch fc'i.i le dfciucd muh -unt n u'ee to all per-otu ron.-cniftl. to show eau-e wJivfid lneu-e -ho.ild not f e yr.m'ed. " i 'nv -i mi V-r inj hand, nt t-at 1 Gran.) IIe, tin llili day id March. A. U., 1S-I5. JAira LADD, Judge, DKSKIITIOX. Wlir.lll'.AS my wile, Kliza, hasdi-crli'-l my hoi mid board, without icst i'.i;.st'. this is in can- lit n Ihe nnl. lie iilmuisI harlsirmi or lrisini: her on my arcnine, as I inn iiciermineu to pay no del is ol tier I'l'iiliai'Iing ullir uiiiiaie. ocounp. ci. cii.i,. Willi-ton, .March 13, 1S13. d2a3 I'.llslin Sml llev's Instate. WIITIIK Sl ILSCItllsUtS havinu I ecu appoint ell vlhe lion, the I'robale Court for thediMnel of Cmlenden, rntumiiimer- to rceie, exanitnunnd dj it tho elatuio ivt iVnnnd- ol alt persons, aatnt tliu tMatoot I.M.S'i Hill Dl.KV. late of Hini'iliiii;h in haul I)Mri't. ttit e.i-ed, repiesLuutl iu.oIi'nt, an I al-u all cuiims and ik-iuaiiii-exliriitea in o Ni-t iliere'o; an 1 six inontlii from llio day of (he date hereof. Ir itis' allowttl hy --aid Cidrtfor that purpose, uetlo then f-re hitehy n'wc holiee. thai we will nilend to tlie ii'inc- -t our atipi-inimtMii, aijiuo me uwcjiui: ot Uenrje W, Sun ttvv in 1 luirfhnrh, in Mid Iricl, on the last I'ridiyH uf J me itn I J.dy next, at 10 o'cm.u-k. a. M on eat-uoi -ai-i'tays. UateJ this 1 2th il.iv ut Fel fMiy, A. D. ISIj. JOS1 Pll M1MI. ntV.NrW 4frt-M).V, Uomnii-ion;r?. Itnssrl Ciainmei's Instate. I'llTITION TO SUM. I. AN P. STATI. OK V Kit MONT. I A T n t'rohaie Coon Disirii'I of t'liillenileii, m. j j. htM at liui linvrtiiii wi hiii mi l for sai l 'h-lncl i I't'hiiteii.U n, en ihe 10 h dav of .March, 1S13, eoint-s OritiSho'e', adininislralor oil he esiaie ol Iln-n' CrainmiT. ale of Charlolie. ..ml iln-lrict, ilcceaBivl, in't-laie, nnd lilt's in .aid conn his pt'tiioii, in vvriini?, pel I'm - lortli that lliepetsonal estate of Ihe -nil tle-easeil, a nppraiscil uiel invento ried, nnionnls lit 6S09, IS that the dints allovvtilly ih. ei'imni-Moner lu'innst .aid estate amount to 470 1 ,83 ; lhat llio personal t-laleof tl.t mid deceased is iiisiiihi'ieill lor ihe pa)iiitnl nf Ihe eV!,t ullnucd ayanikl said e.tale 'and Ihe expenses tifailniniislrnlion, a ml that il will he oece iry to ell real fiaie of the sni.TdistM-cl lor that purpose; that ihoniidilcs'acd dud seizt-l ol llie following described parcel ciland (anioiu other) -i imlcd in sai l Clurlolte, viz 1 Ivventv ono acres ol hind, or duical o. i, l.o n.'tvleasi, north and no uli hy Ian U owned hv IVier Van Vlitl, and we-t I v Ihe h'al.vvay lead.nK Ironi ihe Vc hodist Church in I err'-hnris'li (casi roa I) lo ijiniu l Harm's store, in t'l.nrlol'ei ihntnllliiuiuli it may nol le nc. iv.sury lo sell the whole of .aid panvl of land lor iho o iviiicnt ol lht'dt-1'ls duo front ,nd tvtale. and the cx- lensosf i ndimnisiraiion, ti, n part oi .am pa.ct'i oi land cannot he sold wit ho il injur V lot hose interoled in the ri'inainiVr, and that it would le U'licticial lo have Ilit. v holu rf tcul oar.'.l 1 1 land Mild, nnd tirav Imr .aid courl to grant hii.i Ih'in u to tell Ihe u hole of .aul hum. S hereiipoii, the Court aforesaid oVth appoint the .econd Wednealav lo Ann'. 1815. for hearini.' and dt-L'idimr on .aid Iietilion, at llieolliet. of tho lteoi-tt-r of .aid courl, in .aid lliirjnislon, ul 10 u'tliH'k in the forenoon, anil noni onux unit all persons intcresletl therein I notillml llieris l hy pul lu anon o Una onlcr fonlaiiiinii the-.iih.'ance ot said (K'tiiion Ihrcevvitk sntss'.Mvciy mine i iiiviii reo itc... n new. pa ocr limited in .aid llurlinjlon. the last olvvlinh Itiil'licalions o he pluvious lo.aidbeeond .VeitneMlay of Annl. 1S13. Ciiien under my luiid ihi. 1'Jlh dav of March, A. HI' l.A W: u. loio. iv ai. vw.siu.N, I'uiuir. 1 livv3 184S. MERCHANTS' LINE. IiAKB3 HJOATS l'orthc Tr.uisiinrtntlnii of I'rnpcrty bcttvccii LAKE Oil AM P LAIN. TIIOY, ALIiAXY MtW'YORK AND 1IOSTOX. rpiin prrpriotort? of tin line liavfn? infrei't their L I.it1titit?, I y I he. nrlditinn of t-ornl lif! rait lmal. nre prepared !o cive 'It pnlcli lo rill propcrlv iulf ti(lf ! m pn- Ipt'.vttTi tlio phce- a' uvc tuinuti, with w Ii !i ifd'y ti:iy to rnirnslol, nnd hop l.y pn mpt HMciim ii to tin; tncrislt r-f llieir i''np!o.'rto reTje n rnntiniMiif'u uf p il lie pntromi'c. TIhmp hnit nre tn I o towctl y t-tvnu on (lit ll'id-on Ilivcp .mil nn fn'.i' rinnipliiii when nt'cOiS-nrv, and nun pr'i a perf't l.ino li Xew Vnr(.( (is nUo, t Troy ami Al1 nny. Ijuis of pood- uo kept louth'T and not mh.-vtud to injury liy tranliipincMil. Properly to or from IJosl- n furwTnkil, via. Wcstmi Had Itoad .r vc-cl n dclreil. Ooniinct fat freight tan lo made wilh l lie I'lOpr fetor op their ntrMils. I'roprlelors. 1'i.lli'lt if. Ilradlev, Itttrliti!ton 17. Ni.ioK Unrloti & Cliitle.idtn, St, Albans Vt, A. M CUitU, Sainton Vt. I. A. Jolinon, 9 CicTt'f- Plip, A'cie York. C. I. Wnie, 1G Lon: Whirl, llofont O. T. Il'onnl, IDMlivrr Stree, Woy. II. J. (iilnun, 101 Pier, Albany. -13 " BELAYS AREDAMGEROUS I" A. 3. IBiTElzjLj. . POIITHA1T I'AINTI II, """il l r. ;ii" ll ill inrnnn Iht ri'izcns ol llnrl'ii-'1 'i nn'l vi ini y, that lie has t'lki-n Itouuis in Ihe b ltiUhn llnu.i-,v'lii'r'' he will remain 1ml u few days "aly ; nn I ih" e wi-lniur to ( h'ain n coul Ii t-nn-s, tv-Titld ,!o well lu nvail ihi 'ilsi'Ivcs i f ihe ,iri' em up.u"M ni'v. tsji 'I'lim lis t-l h Iniininj:s .in I e in-;n"ied nl his Ihi'iius ni ili- l'i 11,1 I j rt I j'.i-e, win -h liave hei n cxe o'ltc'l v. lute in lo vtt. Iliirlinirrt.il. Mar.di 0 Ii, PI3. II Sjlt'CtilciPM. PrillSCOPIC, Uom-ave, nnd Cnnves Spectacles, u Iari;c a- oriinenl pi. 1 otiened, bi'au'ilitl linislied ones. IlltlNSMAH) & I1H01II11K March, 1313. -11 Ii IlASi lY5IAV tnrotin hi" frend and eit i tomrr-,tli it he It i- remove 1 to the .Stole at ihe corner of CoPc-xo and Chnreu S'reet formerly oc iMipnil ,y J. Wait a n Curds ery 'lore. The lt!(KIi kn iwn im the Wnliwnre lud'im:. H'tin? tho ro iatdy repaired the Store nnd hltel iheh.t U rtom lor t'ri'rtTrie-, olctj tirsale au exien-ie asormifnl of l-'amily firon'ri'- of superior t -alitv, Mected particularly for letailimr. Coui-tina of Old llyon, Vianu' IIyon, Hvnn M.m nnd Phek Tea-'. Jiiva, La'p ir i, Itio, nn-1 Si D' nuiiiro Co U, IVpper, .pi'-r O iijcr, CiniiP!n(in,('tte, Nuimesr, V(inUr s Doul le rulii.tvl Loal Snt'ar, llat llotjn SiL'ar. Ilrown Snnr. White llavanna "r"shed do. HaU'r- II st Sol Clu co'nie and Shells. Saleratu, Ui-e, ll.irr Sonp oiiilt t u'iue. I rtney Ki'se and Almond Cal cVap, Candles Ae. AH of v Inch are os'i-red at the imM ritl ie-l pri-e- foreasli or ere lit. Karuier- ore inf-'rmed that ns he now ha room fortorins it.etr proditee, ' Iimt any iinn-lc of Orain, lUans, Pease, lluiler, Chec.-e, Jlapl'e .Suirar S:e will I c received fur (7Hid. nitv coons. Many article t.fhtji c'cnive "to dc nt Dry ('OolU he o ter at Fo-t for Cah. Thi will a lord a tine op portunity for lho-e wi-hin to purchae to Mtpply themsclCcs at reduced pi i e. TO HUNT. fFHn alp'inin Store in tho Wi'dtware Hlock i ealU'd the 'Gernian S:ore." l'usseion gien iintuedn'uly, Hurhnzton, 22 1 IV.-'y, 1SI". 39 50 Tons of Ffiiv Or the best q-nliiy, for si'c nt s',00 per Ton, dC' livcrcd nny where in llio villaco al ll.c above above nricc pi:ti:i;h)n llurlinston, Kill. ISih 1915. 33 IiSTliAY. nAMH into iheini'loMire ofili.-- .nl, i-ri1 .r on ihu tOilidnv of .Ian., iu-t. i white or liht dray Marc, vvip sin d, nn.l suppo ed to le i"Ji! i r ii hp cirs iM. ihe (ra in r is r. J a's'e.I It - .,r ,Vc :n'' 1 1 . i iv i hill ri'- and la' chrr nv iv. I'i:.Tl.i: 1'I.ACI.. S',. I urn, J in 1" Ii. 1st'. 3" eovtred t-v n jtoikI thr.fty jrrnwilii f'pine. hem!.' L and hard won I, On the picmie area eon- veil lent dwell me In. us' cue an! u lu'f Morv hiirh twentv-'sr. I y tlury feet, a imod ham thirty 1 ftrtv feet, cam ije lio ie and wood hed with n good well ofp ire water .ll-o, a voununrehatd ofal out nxty trees (us' hcj-inums to I ear. The i.hovo firm K sit ua'cd mih' north part of Char'otte and n! out two and a halt nuie- sn i'u I rum .slieP'urn nitvitn;: U'ue, i- uu 'er a jriuil -t Ut f culfyatmn aul i well fence t. ANo alx nt ivenly-fie ion- ot jroc d hay nil ol wlneli wi I I e ol I fr a f nr pri -e and i s cmou iriven im mediatelv. I'er 1 iriher narii'" d-r- ini irt of MUcSO.N NI.WFI.L. Shelhurn.Marhla, 1S13. U For S:iln Choap. rpiIK -u' -er b r wi luii-i to Vive town, L i Urn- f.r - ile tlie iwi llo ie an I 3 Trim lot i uli an e-cllenl well ofwaler, pica atulv i!iMUtlon Cherry .t. next lot cast ion li. Fur itmi" eu'iinre of the mti- of Win. W K'rt'eron the prenm-g. JAMIIS MAUnN. X. II. IIo,.cto U-t. -lltf CARMINA SACRA, Oil, the Hoslon Ci'llei'lion of Clmren Mn-:e. Onvlil's Harp; or llostnn Saltnih School Sony lloiil. ( Toseiher with n sorl nssoriinrnt of lion' s and S'aiionery, Ii ank Hooks, ft-., lor m'e hv IheMilistri. I,t r- , , , Hlstnls lloi.lt. of anv var'ely el pilicrn, and lithe U--I I'aner, mado in ordr. Old llonU ri lionn.l, I'aiiers, J.nipli't-t, nnd lVri odicala hound in n neat rtvle, on sin rl nniiee. SflT.VKNS WOOOS. S-ron;' Bnildin;.'. llurlinston, Vt., IV: 10. 1SI3. -13 SMALLEY & PHELPS, S-ttoi-iitfiS Couiicllovs a i iLavu A NO I). A. Minilley, lIcHvaiil .1. I'ltelps. Ilailmijlon, March 1st, Pla. 40vl Linnacn Dotanic Garden and Nursery Flushing, near New York. PECK &SPEAR H A.VI NO become Afir.N'TK for lliis nslahlish. menl, will ei.llecinnl f.i'vvard orders for I'rnil and Ornamental Trees and I'lanls s Catalogues and Prices of which may ho seen at their counter, Spring Seeds : TTII'.I.n, Klower and Garden Seeds in all llieir va JV II- ?tii cnnstanlly for sale. March, '15. llenLts'QTON Vt. TIKI'1'11 IV. Al.l.l'.V ha. n-mov.sl to tlio nl I rs. lorni.'rlv iHs-nnicil l-v iho linn of AI.I.I'.X vt Til l-im n...l ..mi, nl.lti,l. lt. Balm. ,1 ill. tlr lllflll I ll.l I I , HI'U ll.'i. " uj... a ..... r ............ .Mr. Allen will ntlend lo the actllcmenl of Ihi- lb' k' of tho laic firm, and will hen- trite noiice thai in Ihe jetilcnieiit ol Iho I. stale in iteinan Allen, itio nooks of ihe partnership t.!ioniil 1 o ltniiK-aiaieiy eloseil. I cli.-ttn, IBIS. Frcsli Oranges and Lemons "JUST received and for sale l y 1'KTr.ltSOX. 33 llurlington, l ib. IHIIi 1813. 'I'lio Mother's Mcilicino. Vltlll.ir.l'' and Oiire lor Itclnined, Irre;rular cr I'.iinlnl MciKlrnalion, ronipUints olieniK-curr-mi: anions the younger portion of female, in cold and u-ei climate.. I low fr-'piinlly do wi-hear of the palo countenance t.-i r.t iionetite. loss of vivneitv. and nol unfrttutn IIu ol'ili" i-ouiih yel Iho Ir'te mean, tiftiirmniiiiiinir these nesrleeieJ ! rir.t eramcile tlie came, nan in cure will nircly follovv-. Tli.v medicine 1 in hollies al St tech. For .ale l.y l'KCK A. SPKAIt. Merchant and I'hjskian. upf lied at the whole talc lei nil. 3J Far hi ihr alc. rpT-Ys pjOll -.i!i a ftrni InClnr'nite rntatn fi'jfc '"2 ah i ii nni! Ii nidred anttuentv acre-, a- out one h ui lred .o res of which " h under cultivation the renmnder i- New York Adv'ts" Entire JWcw tock. BOOTS - SHOES UY TIIK PACKAOK Oil IJOZKN. n. w. & ii now, i:i WATru fTitr.irr, m:w vouic, Tl A VI! on hand n nil limes a npel mr slncli of J"X IIOO'IS anJ ntlOI-.S -iirnhle for Wcstoin mi I .So.ilheni markelr, whi-Ii will le .old at ihe h.wi-l prices forca-h or npp roved notes. M'-rchals wli nie p irchasiiunrenqiii-ii'il Itiealliuid examine lln .tin It 1 1 fine I nv mir il o.vhcrc. 'Hull iir.NMMiM w. noiv, tvi.vw r, now. DOLE & CO., vnnu:f-At.i: annenns ami com mission MEll CHANTS, 49 FRONT STRKKT, NMW YORK. DOI.II tV CO. invite Iho nilen'i. n nf Mer !nnl vi-'line MAV V'lItK, lo thtir I n.'i- nn I we!! .c!ci"e I slot Ic, coinpri-niL' a fn'l a inri'ii' in ' I'lhs- v, Vof.sn Ilr-is, Iltsi'SSMNan I Hi.ack Tr.s, in every vnriety nf qi-nluy and .a-' n-'rs. ,'i:v UnLCVS-s, I'op.to lllco, St. i 'noi.x, .-itnl Havana .Scoah- ) I.o.vr, Lwip, nnd Citosiinn d ). Mitt"M in Ilnni., Tien cc, ami 1'Anr.r.LB. TonArco, of all i tahlio- Cor rr.r, I'r.ernn. Srtr r iVe. eVc. "Ml which ihev oler nt a small ndtancc, on LinnaAI. ti.ii.-h. .lm3 PER CENT. STORE, NEW YORK. Tlin Suhscrihfri tnl;e thi tncthoil of calling the nltention of tah Mcrrlnnts tujlutr atlvnnta !?rou system ff dnm? liii-incsi. nml in soliciting thf fuuire p'ltronnnr of their oM ruuuncH. To I'ASII l)n flwi a .ikr hnnn visitinc Tstw Vork, our nlan 'ttl. r ihp t rn(cit itidiiccmciiit. The com of ea.'li ar ticle la nni'iiin fi'Mirrfi upon it, nnd a rim mi "ton ofonly r.e Vt r Ci ni nddcil at the foot of in hill. Wc are dnily rcci ivinp DRV (iOOD.S of -dl dwerip lions, from AUCTION j and to th Pir.er ecnr nnieea naiurj of from Ten to HfUtn, Per Ctnt. from the old credit system. MARSUAMS I.I?;i:X TIIUHAI), iMeonTrn nv ot'tipni.vn, J nhvivon hand, at i really redn ca iricc5. SJi' A rail rrpcrtfnllv ili it y hy IIUTCUINUS. CASWI U. SMITH, 1G nEt. Stbect, IMG 8 Djora from Pearl .St., New Voik. NEW H RDVAHET DENNISTOUN & HlSnilOW Sn. GS lltarl Strett, near Itrond. Xnr York. 4 Iinprtpare'lto-ll their M'AV IIAItDWAIiH at 1 ery low prices. Murh of th.-r POOICI TCI' 1' r.KKV tn I mi imported O.N CAUIH. 'I heir C.ird.-d Cutlery h isatw iv proved nshctory to thoc wtm have lomrht t, Thev have a't a nre it ar,elnl I'Ol'Kr.T CriT.MiV fr m the man i' o-iory ot 11 T. Triixr.it o Co.;' Mii-rKiKtd), r:c. of cxtm (U,iii. Tlii'v h a full M . of UIIXKKAI and MKAVV IlARDWAlins, as Col and Wr ttt-'tit .ad, Slinn-ls .;ndes nnl I lor, Anvil-, Vici s Ch.nns an t Conlase, fJerman and Ci-t tefl Mi I, nnd t'ro-(Intsiw. Seethe, ofMIloo), uIIain-"and " IlearVMey" .timps &.o, .j 11 LAMPS TO IJUItN CAMIM1ENE." HOltN'S PATIiNT sofjD IIOTTOI UhASS KOUMWIN I.XMP.Sfor Camphtnc or Cl.cm ie.il Oil, have 1 ecoine nniver-ally celebrated and om:ht, after, a, the tilo-l peifo-t "wmii" eer mvftilol. T!e meet the npprr' ad'in and praie ol all who ne them. Try alt oilier, Imt do not fad to try the I est, the Lheapet, and, nbove all, thu hmtps that will K'Ve the ureaiei Indit with the k-.mt ex prne. They nre the mt simple and ea-y to man nze nnd trim, cannot eortle or heeome heated while litimimr, endy eleaned ini Icand out, nn.l not a lin ed liva draft oreirrent cfair. Luti that hatf n tent per hour wi'l cae- o l a -plendid light ' ' ! " 7Vy one." Mannfa-'t ireil wh'deale and re'.nl 1 y .1. O. l ay, IVo. I'iG Fulun Street, (Sun H iifdin?,) New Vork, vii Stand Lamp for Tarlor-t uiih or with Oiii lMrc; Supen hue I.amp fr .'ore. Hotels and Ch.ut he ; at-o, ChancJelieri?,Sido Ilraiudies, A.e. fe., in anv tv!e desire 1, or made to order. N. II. Ladies if V u wish to pre.crvc vonr eye sinht to a iroixl old anetor want a ironir and lea tit i fnl liirhtto cw ir read Lv, in not fail lo pm-nreone of lhee Limp. One in the ivn'rc of a huvo par'tr will eni' fo ou to real the iine-t print m the mot remote eorner. 12'it.T VM. T. JCNNINCiS & Co., UIlAPIiKS AM) TAILORS. iM.'enTrns rr CLOTlIf, C ssJIMKlJIN. Vn.STIVfiS. FAMCV DRESS ARTICLES, &C. Jill 1!UUDU'.V, A.MKUlCAiN IK) IHU KKW VOItK. 'Pn ilw-,. . !,, it... I ',,,. . r ..... ..-t. (..iriiii'iit-. n renewed soln'i'iilum is'o 'crcd li.r iheni to call and oxain-n-imr Sici !, if v'ovv and ra-luoni'le tiuod. of Spring and S'linntfr wear, coiniiri-iii2 an nsninii'nt t nsiirims.cd in richness and v.iriciy, nnd which w ill ho in o'n up lo order in n stylo -ci'oti I n no lion-e 1 1 Iho 1 r.idc, al prices vvhu h ni i-l olR-r s'i"h in l.t-'cniL-nis m ihu Ca-h ii'irchascr cannot Hnl lo I c a'ri-cm'cd. fimj IS'O TICK. l.l, pcrfons iit'lel lul to the laic Firm nf H r.-li, O 'ell vt Co., mini call an I -eiile I v ihe 13 h .1 April next, or iheir demands will he lift wnh nn Atn-rney fur collection. iiuriin.' on, -vi.ir ii lam, IM15. -Il.v3 ron SALll. Of IH '!-TfIllI'-t- "I" Ihm.ish lied Chari Ilild 01J bl'lll.NU WIIKAT. n 'nil,. ir nrliclc. for w.i. in- (ii:o. r,i)(ict'Mr.r.. I!nr n?ioii Tills, Jhrch 1 1, ' 1 j. 41 div Stoves. 7VI'ltV sti,,r or CO: IK STOVia of various Sizes. A .SO, a llrsl ran- (luttcr lor sale in exi'hanze for Wood or ?rain. tii oikik I'lrrntstix. llurlinelon Dc. M h 1S11. 100 hushesl Wheal limn, IOU ealo low hv l'i. I i;HSl.. : llnthnaton, Pth, 13th 1S13. 33 ONCK moui: AT IIO.M i:. w vvii: h.i'iim.v nonvileseont 1 licsloolttr m '..rviepsv to iho comiiiunitv al larce, my hcallh still being prernnoin will nol allow ino lo enirr into ine arduous n res oi a iiiumi; ........., . .....s ...s.s- fire oiiiiiid twitli a d.-ii'miniatinii ol e.ialiluliiiig upon a sound basis) a IllllTi STOlil. under iho nppeilaiion of 11. J. lir.l.NT.Hl.KO As Co , tiiwhii h 1 nave atiarniii n i..iniiniiin v. .ins-, ,.s.. .... .. ,l.,,. I nv.nl llii lllSi'lV, 3 i f 111 V PI'"fl'S llllinl ailVlCf in-ir consult iii.'beiwren iln lioursor 9 nnd 12 A. l. and and 0 i'. M. Mv n ' dic-il career is loo well Ivnnvv ii in r.urlini-lnn. vc, lo rcij'.ir. coniiiieni. 'r ,n c. ..plums ill inn uu utiroii. i-ii'i-'s. vin.ini. ,1., Instrument., &c, have hen made hy invaelf from ihe first and mosl rniinent hou.-es in iow. oik ; my nurchascs buns cnlirely Tor ea-li we sliall lie eiiaum ' ... . I I - ' . , 1 il,. n.nnol I ii aiiriiiao...! tooiKT ii) ine pin in- i.uo .......... in quality, and nt tueli prtct09 innnot fad to phase. Ilivin'' cnae4l the nsislanco of n pentlemiii n Liccnt'nti' ol ihe Honoiablo t'uinpnny of Apothcca riis, r.ondon, Hnfiland, IMiys eiam prcnpiions and I-'amily Recipes to dispensed v.tm neatness and accuracy. M .. , . . . U, J. lleinebcrg iv uu, mn"i pompiy nivnc ine valuable and ehoue sel. clions of I'eifumcry obiained from Ihe first Parisian houses. .... ... Ilni. r-.....l. no. I A..iil llrttslinB I heir nisoriinrui in .,..., ...u...v. nre of superior inantifai'liiri'. Medical Wines and Spirits ol mperior r.ualuy nnd choice variety. ... . 'riM-K.-sr'.y:. Mnle nn.l l emalo on llie most ininrov- ed principles remarkably low pncrj. A varictyui iiiotnosi vnuiaoie i-aicni iiieiiu-iues. Chemical preparations of all hinds warranted gen- uinc. ... A srleclion or Domestic warns, sucn as .iincraoni, Vermicelli, Salad Oil, Sardines, Olives, Prunes. French and American Chocolate, Cocoa, ItiTnu'd Isinglass, Ketchup of various kinds, Pickled Lob sters, Irish Moss, I'Veiich Mustard, Kvery attention will bo paniculailj- paid lo ensure the good graces of ihe public. II. J. Ileineberi! &Co. invito tho public to make, an early cali nnd view iheir establishment. It is filled up without rcsard to splendour. Il contains the most mperior quality of goods to bo obtained in Ihu market, Tho store is accessible- at all hours of night and dm,. . Duel. H. J. Heineberf takes this opportunity lo return his stncein thanks tn Ihe inhabitants of llur- jinglon and vicinity for tho numerous, favors conferred upon him, and trusts ho is not now to be lortroiien nv msoi'i menus. IM It 'I'lm stnrii is, siiiiattvl next lo Messrs Ilrtns ' tnni.l .0 lli-i,ll,..rs Viiri.'tv Storo. Cllllicll Si., wllcro I llie Doctor ran boeonsulieiiuaii)'. Ilurtiiulon, Dec lth, 1811. 2' It. J. lUlNBDtBO, W. C. UAMIKCTOX. Mew York Adv'ls. niTAfiut, Ai.nnicii tyJ-'thXK. ,Vliiiti.4,ilfi dialers In . STAPLE & FANCY DRY, GOODS. Ay- G7 Mbi'ty Stnft, r..,nc,K''ct,n '' "dwijv -ttil the Pint 0 Mii'. rPI.Nl)l;itlNa than'.fid n. know Ir-lviment-s to our X iim-itt enti,nnr for the literal pntrona .t heretoli re cxteinled to nu w ott"it an earl and par'i-u'ir cYimmntmii of o ir tV-ir.ihlv and alum entiru lie a tuek f KtMilNO f.OODM, emtirncin? n ennyleie fiMirtment of h'H pie and Taney artiele, hotli i f I f iiiil-f i- and (Wcm. iiMimf'at'tnie, includinif ihe nei I len ol 'olored and mo iriim.r Pn l.A ivF.tr. LiwN.i, Hi.i.Mntr.'. nAnttEnE,.SfMMr.rt f-'oATiNO ,1'astai.oon STtrrs lUowstiml Hlacii cn t'oTTorj Cloths ( twr.nnnt Vestisos nml tl.r I e-t H'yle of AMrairAN 1'kTnTS. 'i'he-u iro Ita a'l ! een "pf'vte I with -pe -inl reference to the v an t nf the Vrii wont Ti.am:, nnd w iLhe o'd nt -. ii i i- ij a- Onlf mini ni i the rrp'itvi'in we hive ri' 'j iri r ot n li-rinif tho irri-i e I intl tcrmmts to thf ttn'ut buyers. Dlt.U'i-.lE, ALDIiU.H A PjtlMi. fi7 Li' try .Sirrf t, near Uroadwav. Jamh W, llriiLnrT. iri;. to inf rm his Vermont frirnd tint lie U 111 tin inplo tnent ot .Mc--rs. I). A. V P., and re-peelfidly olidls n eall when they mm! ihecity. '11IU3 V. II PALMIUVS AMHMCAS A77uf.V VAV1UI A I) VlUi 7 ISJiXU AGIUXCY. a (nun I? V the recent dc-trnetion of the Tribune linitd J tnxr, IfiO tXnts'ua Strett, Cew Vork, ihe Coal OiY.co ol V, J. Palmer, Azent for Conntrv New-papers, was d.'-troyed, toarether wtth all his (ile of newpaper-, hi t oo!.., rf amount, furniture, tVe. Thu pri'iiniary to tntlin, nnd the tnedntcni Cnee to whieh it lm anhjc'iid him mnyt in n irr'.T measure, he ipeediy re.i&ired hy rjrom'pt ncnon of the pn! Iighcr" of nuwapa'per fur w Mr h he i ncent, t ri forwarding a eopy (t i-a-di of iheir paper to h m in New York, containing a noiice of hit agency ttrr,,a of ndttrtisina, ife. Tho-e to wlioni he has sent ndeertUment. fr' ni hit Wv Vnrk Verify, dnnn" th- pat yi-ar vq enrne-tly ryur.i to forward to him pnperweont.i -vwueh adrertitemcnUf that he mny oner more plai c ihein on file. Thoe with whom he hnn had ncconnts whether ptth'd or nii-eulcd, are rRpe-lfallv reqiieMed to tor ward ti him a transcript ot tl em, that he ray 1 e en-iit-le 1 to filter every thiiisr in a new t of hr n t! th ih prei'rven r'i-or 1 ofall aeeount? pertainuiir to hi .igvucy in Aew Vork. Ili:peetttilly, V. B. IMLMKK, Affent for ('omitry New'ppfr in t! ",t.i s of New York, I'lnhdelptrn. Baltimore a d Hum. n. No 30 Ann m., ndloinins tho present Tri'. -trie ndn-c. Npw York, IV'irnary 7, 1315. ( 40 I'.ildihcr ot Ne,v-p,ipors fur whn h he is the arent will ol.liae him, and pronu.if tho ol jce of (he A--u-cy, hy ineriing' thi Card eonpienoiisly in thoir rt peelivu papiT. MI'.inUIT, KKYCO iMroitTm' avp unoLf;!L!: rKAtr.ns ts ST&PZ 'D7xY GOODS. iMimAtr.so the laih.k-t vabittv ur PIllXTS. DllHSS GOODS, UO- sinnr ad domestics. Jios. .O and .l'i iVITjl.1 A "I STlMlIlT, (UeUvii'n Wall and Pirn.) m nt rtw voPsic. Oeortre Merrill, Charles Plj-, Willitm JI. Illiss, iI:V YORK AM) LAKE CIIAMPLAIN sti;m xsoat i.ixrc, LOW it DOW, I'ropnit' r, 2D Old Sims N. Y. At;l-;.T.S, JIe-r-. Mathcwon ifc Sinclair, Montreal. " ll4comA Oaylord, Whcehall. " .laon U. 1'ieree if Son, ; St. Johns. " Win. Ouo-e, Kcj, C. H. LOW it DOW havi'iir completed iheir arrarffe menl1 for I31, for the tivnportation of freight to an I from New Yorl., Like Champlain, and Can ada, during the ea.on of navigation, nre noic prej'ar ed to enntiact freight in nny amo-int that may I e re fprreil on their rone. They line twtlve lirst tda hmtj. in their line inehidimr thn'e SUMiner i Inch will ply con ta ally let ween New Yi rk and St, John, (. K.t and will transport theif-argoe without rehip meat Tln ir experience in the l imine- enable theni rnntidently to ta!e 'lnt they o lerfaeihtie to shipper poc-"edliyjio other line. Transient .-h'p,.er- will find it to their interest to call on them. Inderal aJvance. made on prod'."C and merehan dit fihijpcd by thi line ami eoniirned to Low & Dow. AUo, good. purdiaeJ On commis-it n l-y L. i:j. -io NEWSPUIXG GOOl).i-iyi5. l'KCK. NICOLSON & WRIGHT, 139 lEULnnd 00 HKAVP.R ST11KETS, NEW YORK, IXVIl n the attention of Men-hnnis in Iltirhnnlon ain! viemny, who intend vt-itnm the New S'ork Mar ef, to their new ami cho ce as ' riment ol SILK and I'ANCY UOOI, e. n-i --nr: ni part ut i it: ss oons. Utrh rrintel lt.ue'e an I Ii i z ir:nei. I'ni.-eil Jattmets nnl (1 ii'-diam Mnltn. l'r-nttd Mo-lm.'e I nine of att tj!e-. Uu-h liM I Ik. and 1 i-.e Ma k S Ii an I lloml a- A lartftf a-rtrtmrnt nC Irp'-he. Cmhmtre, Alpacea, anu uicun uc i,aine zii. u HIIIBONS anl MU LINDI.Y AliTlri.r.. Hat Silk and Lawn, Paris Cords and VVmmingi Gtores. Mtts, ip. AQi.a All of which wi'l I e Mj'd at the tcicesl marhtt prices "print s "arwTiu len s r No. tiii WILLI VM Tlii:nT,ncar CtdarSt. hFAV YOHK. BnOOKI S,t MMIKILL wo Id invite the attcn Hfi of dea'er id DHY HOODS to iheir toik of riUNI'S AND lVmLLKH, (to whii h ihev in 'a I to devo'e p iri'-ul ir n'tentn n) t",viVr unh a e i! a-or itu nt of Drv Oooils, COIl'-lo'Hiu 'ii iiT' in int it'll 'n-:- Ml'! IN VV I A I " F , 1 IllNTl.O Ml MS, cingiimv lixi:n, laci: o on , UOs-iCllV, ALfAt CAP. mmmeh ftci V, rt KK. MLl.iN, ILK W'D COTTOS HDKrs t'OATB t OTT' V, rw fo, ETC. Ml of m In. h vv ill 1 1- sn'd nl tlie luvvet market price for CAiSlI or upiiri'vcl ere lit. PIlM.ldlS l.V l'lil.N'I SnndWOOI.I.KN COOPS will lind 11 to llieir advantage to examine our .Usk previous in iuakiu! tluir pnrctiases. dO'itf I lords (irnss tintl Clover Seed. Or Sup. rmrO alny, l y STItO.NGS & CO. r,h.2tl,'fi. 3.-1 100 Wholo and Hall Bbls. CUl'I'.KKINr. I'lour, for salt hv O li. lliirlinrion, I'el.. IS h 1313. pirnnsoN. 33 TrAiNTED! I.lis. Iiroi nr Stm'rrtl live, 500 " Uee.1 Wax, for Cnsli or in ei hangts PrCIC it sSPK.M!. H7iorae Druggists. 500 31 Glass, OnnCs Iloes I! irlinslon F.!ra, llurhngtcn, '-uuu Vernvnl. Pix ami Uke. J. sJ. II. l'KCK fi Co.-,lf-r..'. Dec. -Jilt, Ml 23 URN'liY II.M.K. ATTOIt.VI' Y .t C(l!INi:i,I,Olt AT LAW, nnwEU., vi::.voxv. Cnsh paid for Wool A Tall times at llurlinilnn Mill Cn'a Toctorr. 38 HIDVr.V llMtl.OW, Asrntl 8 .10 Tons Aovascotia I'laslor lOIl sale liy L Hur'iimton, reh o IFiIi is IV IT.TF.USO.V. 3S (Trass Seed. 1 nrv Ilt'SIIKI.S IlenlsUrnss Seed, mi-cd upon! LVIV new land in llie north pirl of this Stale, nud enl rt-lv tree from lonl .ced. Al-o lew b'i.1 els o Ited Toll Grass Seed, for sale by the subscriber. M.sn. qc nunrt.s sn'r.iiioit sriiiN'o wiinAT, J weitdii (il lbs. to tho l!u-hil, raised upon Miel burn point, for sato by 1'. VV II. 11. lHiUlll l I.K. April 1. IS 15. 413 lWllLLXOTOiX THIS r.siaHishmcnl is now filtn up in good ordtr lor nukinvr CATINOS. meh ns Mill licvrinc, Sleiuh Shoes, Wapson Asm nud lloics. Caldron and I'oln-h Keltic, kepi constantly on hand. All ihepa'crns formerly Used nnd owneil hy Mo.n. flay vV Isi wards are here read v lor use. I have laken l'ol'd oflhi conivrn, for ihe purpo-e ol'doinir tlielsi of work, and I alii eonlident 1 v an do it, by usiiii; llio test of Unci. Ci.lintrs made on low terms, for ready pav. All orders nddres.,i io K. It, Cbossman, llurling ton, V., .ball Is promptly attended 10. llurlinalon, Vl. Keh'y. I-. ' 13. 37u C T AUL 11 llUTTKll. AI'I'.W hundred pounds. Jan. 2J, MS. bTUON'CS vt Co.

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