13 Haziran 1845 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3

13 Haziran 1845 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

HARDWARE. STRONGS Si Co., have received, ami otter., extensive assortment ol Hani Ware, among-t Mich may be found jolliers ew.. .... . ;,!. Plane Jacks, Fore, Smooth and Jointer. Mini uncle and double Iron.. . Astrntrnl. Head. Center beads, Ilailoes. Match planes, Rabbet do, Sah do. Plough", Martin? nnd .limns Quage., Chi.il ami Auger handle., chalk-line Spools, Iron and Bra plated brace-, Braces nnd But. in sett-, Devils, Trv sniare., Common nnd concave Aitacr., n..f Am.. Center do. Metal and wood head Spur Hitt", Center do, Metal and Box wool rules, Glue pots, Cnmpno-, JHca-urins Tape., brad nwl., Scratch do, Sp'keOitnbicts, and Paper, , . Double and single plain Iron, drawing knives Hand, panel, ripping, back, nnd Ley hole saws-, Files an I Ra-ps stcci and iron Hq iatcs, Screw drivers Tinner nnd null uMght Uil-cls, Socket Chi-cla, Uouce-, llainmcrs, Hatcheis, Hand and broad Axes, Adl, Spirit Level.. (tc. &c. Saddler'. Sad lie Trees O'g do, Maine.. Bitt, Turrelt', Pad honk, and crew's Swivil., Cockeyes', Ring, Ruckle in ureal variety, Ornament., Ro-ette-, rein and breast Siraps, Box wood and Ivory Rings, Hi frame- and fa-tenuitr. Stirrup.. Trunk board nnrl nail-, Trunk loci;, and rivets, Round Knives Punches "wis, ptleut Leather, Curie I hair, India rubber CNilhs w.,r.i,. I ,h. entlnn do. R cached nnd bf. bid. Yellow nnd green Thread, Sewing silk, &c. &c. Coach Hard Ware. Steel springs, Wrol iron axle, Silver anl bra plated hub Hands Ccnch Lamps, broad and narrow Lac,o, Tufts Waggon mats malhal lo In n castings, Wrenchos lira" mcddinp, Hollow Augers Spoke Shave, te. ruticiy. T.t,tj trniPK. .ml l-'nrL-s. n birire n.'orlnient new lili naitern. of 2 nnd 3 nronaed Forks, and deserts to match, in setts of 12 to CarvlnVkntvei and forU, Table and Butcher. S'eels , , , Butcher. Knives Nut Picks, shoe knives Pen and nnckel knives Scissor-, Shears Razor.-, &c. nrni. Good. C'iriin rings, Screw eve-, Thread .crew, Flu h han lie-, Fl t-h boil, De-k hinge-, Butt-, Lamp liools, Candle -tick's, Stsh las'nors, Mortice cran ', Side anJen 1 crank-, Screw book., Hat pins Fnucei, -lop Cocks, -nu ler-, Curinin p ns, Pa-te iij-ger, Screw lici.ik- and King, Pad, Trim'; and box Lock, Dinner nnd Tea Bells skimmers, Cupboard catche-, -taw Rod-, ijcc. Miscellaneous. Sheep hear-, sit kle-, Iron Candlestick-, Jap'd. Lamp., lei do, Lantern, Hoo s an 1 lunge-. Bed cord. Hope, -ash Cord, linn wire cl -Mi, Wire -ices rat and tun i-e traps, Iron anl I'rUtaina -poon-, M'l.i--es gitc, Oiipboml catches. Hliiiit borers Tou-nng Iron-. Enaml'd preserving ICettlis Plate locks i'ullies OrmJ stone Roller-, Hat pins Doorairin, '"upper wire, Mincing Limes, Ho'in 1 and flat no-e plyer-, Tobacco boxes, Garden fork-, Bel -crew, Gun wortner.-, Bullet ino dd-, -crew Driver-, Trunk, ehe-t,c ijibnarl, b ix. and till Lccks Fire Irons an 1 S nn Is, Bell -pnns. nml -taplc sni'e nuj nan lummer. trim1; nnndle--, Tower bolt-, ox bills, hand Vi-'cs, Tweezer?, Sou I'crs Mul'er tra'-ean I po-t Clriins Sjiaraidcs, tuger-, Pry pin-, .late., Cnl'ipcr-, Wirecna.'es hor-e Nail-, woo I -aw- and frames, Trowel-, pic; Axe, pewter Faucets, Grid iron-, sau-e Pan-, Brad-, Sh U'er lift- an I a -ie v-, -line Pincers Shoe lack-, Thiuib'e-, nl Unit., Bed lev, B nton. on p'ale-, win 'ow spriiiss -ad Iron-, Tailor. Iron-, Trace Chain-, s eel Ynr.ls, Curry coins., bor-e I'ard., IVes and lla-ps Cofl'ce mills, He' I p ill-, door Knocker-, Di-t Bri-hu-, I'ancvd , Tooth do, White wi-b do. H.iirdo. Lather do, Paint and Varnish do, Hor-e d.i, Cloih do, Tea and .Ms-lin Kettle, pnr len Trowel", Tea trav-, Mill an.lcro-s cut -aws Scale beam-, Co m'er fcalo-, iron Weight., Riznr rrops Axe., Mahntrany knob., Powder flis!;-, bnttann Tei nn 1 Co'lee Pot., Ca-tor-, lla-ting -poous Full hooks and Line-, ula.'k-initlis Hammers if-e. if-p. ALSO , uw uross n.sor e i screws. 100 zen Ilia e. Lau be., " " Kse'h. Lati ties, Ilo-i wood Knob-, " Mineral Knub.widi Lvches and lock- Wi-idow blind Fn-teiiings, " Wi'nluw -pr'n., " Cast an I wrot Iron, df or. table, bael.'- 31 51 50 60 550 flip an J window Blind B itt-, &c. c. logp'her will many good-, not tnenlioncM, at Tea-onar.o prit.-e., June 10, '15. 2 Taylor's MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE, WITH NOTES nn 1 addition-, 1 y Dr. Gri.feth New edition, for sale I v June IU, i JAS. I. CUTLER. A TREATISE on Denial Sureory, lyF. Manry Denti-t from the Frcn"h with noi'e nnd nu merous plates anl i!l i-traiioo--, for sale l-v 2 J AS. I. CUTLER, Strongt Buildinge, D u.m.ii.iu. iJieiioinrx' ol Medical Science new cdlllon. fi-r sale l-v May 10. 2 ' J AS I. CUTLER. THE Anatomy and Surgical Treatment of AI!om. inaj Hernia wnii uunierou. Plile ' y Sir Astley Cooper, for tale by JA?. I. CUTLER. June ju 2 A FEW sets of Chilly B1j 'k-tone. for -alo cheap XJk uy 2 JAS. I. CUTL.1.U. WA-'HI'URNS Piae-t of Vt. Reports, for sale 1: June 10. 2 JAS. 1. CUTLER. ANVTOMIOAL ATLAS, Illustrative of the Stricture ol the huuan hod.', (just pu'li-bed,) t,y Drs. Suiitli and Horner, Profe-mr- of Anatomy 111 tho Phdi Hphia .Me ncni college, lor sale uy Burlington, Julie 10. 1015. 2 JAS. I CUTLER. Stronys WuiMinsts, College Si Wheel I leads OF the vrtrv lest n-ialiiv an 1 (iin-h, for -ate bv 2 I1SI1D &. Bit 'TI1ERS. Gool Spinning Whee f irnibel to order rBMSSIlF. Pancr. Carls perforate I card paper, I. Visiting and Bus! ee Card ana uaiucs, reus, Pencil-, brushes. pimtsAr sold by 2 BRINSM Ml) it BROTHERS. B A1TLEDOIIES nnd BIRDS, for sile I y llt(l..-!U AH' IIUUl lll'.UT. nTOCK"-. COLLMIS. BOi'OMS, CRAVATS, O Sl.lniT.. Hu.oen ler.. and new slide EST SPRINtiS. a nico irncle to wear on the l ack of p-i.. vprv n tea. nut amlea-v for the nearer, linen cottars for isi cts.. nli coo Is much, cheaper than usual. 2 BRINS.MAID it BROTHMiS. HORSE NETS. ItTESSRS. Brio. aid &. Brother- have received" 1TJI b-t if Icantifol linen and coilen NETS fiir HOI15ES. ear. or nei'T; anil ear nieces sol I s--ne rate or wiih the lii-dy neis a may ie wantedjiie have bine, brown, red and white net-, the inoi-t exien-ive ms.ornnvnt that we haveeier hau trie plea.ure 01 otTermg to our customers. Also, Hor-e Bru.hes, 2 BltlNSMAID it BROTHERS Horse Nets. BRINSMAID &. BROTHERS have received a lot of fine, blue, red, brown and while linen and cotton horo N LI b, ALSO. Neck and Ear nets for horse, the fieest assortment ever opened by us. 2 u. ,V 11 N O T ICE wa k.uf rfvtn 1I1 at I have thi rlav eiven mv mn 1 CMAItLHin'CHI.NSON KIMHAl.L.hi lime on rim? (ho remainder 01 ni "'ih-'n y "u imn inert-- fore claim none 01 niB rnriinir, . r7 mCU. hi.con,rac,tnSs.er in - . a,e InS. 1915. 23 Smoked Beef. AS DEWEVha. ihi. day received . few hun- dred lb.. Smoked Beer of excellent quality, A L S O, Engli.li Curmnt., Seedless Riisen., Fig., Prunes, Ciiron, Soft Shelled Almonds, f-c. uC. June lOih, I8i5. 2 Tin Plates, &c, Boxe. Tin plate 1 3 !i and extra nre-, 20 B'dl.. Eng. Am. and Ku-eia .beet Iron, 100 S00 thr. -hcet uopner, CO b'dl.. asortl Iron Wire, Sheet Zinc, beet U.d, Wire Vellum, Tinned, Ulack "; SPV"J lv" f-.and fc.rMW.QXv-. dj iibwi - im 19. '-is. BROWN'S Sarsapariila nnd lomato Bitters, For impurities of the Blood. IHIIONIC and Con.iltulionnl disease, such n I i 12,. .nlnU nr iriiitT. Evil, riecrnlinn. and Corro A .ions ol the Throat, Nose, Check-, Lip-, Ear-, nnd other part, of the body) Pimples on tlie face, Scaly Pali-he. and ether eruption, of the sUn I Biles Scur vy nnd oilier Scorbutic adeciiuii.) Uhenmaliu atlec turns) While Swelling.! Pain, in the Hone, nnd Joinls Fever Sores olMinale old sore, of all Kind Scald Head, Salt Hbcum, Ringworm antl other ill case, ori-ing from an impure filntoot the bio d I also, of habitual Costivcne-s lilies, Chronic allection. ol the Liver, Lungs nnd Clict, Pain in (he Stomach and Side, Night Sweats, &t vVe Likewt-e, lor Di-pei-U or lndige-tion, Co.nve nra.. .Tiliimlir. to., of Anoeiiie. WenUiie.-. There ha. never bien a medicine which ha. giien such ceneral sniwaction to Physicians anu oilier, mat linvn ii.nl lliom. So d Who e-ale nnd Ilclad bv the Gcucrnl Agents lor the Slate ol ermont. 2 B. J. HF.IINLIiliHH '-o- lluavv Hardware. A NVILS, Vi-e., Shovels Spade., Hoes Forks, J. Cro Bus Los Chains, 1211 K-miili isciiow-, Bras. Keltic-. Waggon and Cart Boxes Sheet i.inc, Sheet Lea l, Caldron Ketile.s Stove llol ow Wnre, Ac. ,f.c. S'IRONGS & Co. June 10, '45. 2 Paiiils and Oil. STRONGS &. Co., ofier purcha-er. White Lead, Drvnnd gronnl in Od, "Pure," "Extra," mid ".Vo 1,' I ngllsh ten. Iled, French lellow, Verdigris, Chrome linen, Red Lead, Whiting, Gum Copal, Putly, vc. -ALSO,-1000 gs, pure Lint Seed Od, E00 " " s.iirils Turpentine, June 10, '45. 2 Julias Lymun HA just received n few pieces Black Moreens, Drab do lor Ladle's wear. June 12, 1315. 2 CK C'KKAM !''l!i:i:ZI RS lor -ale bv BUINS.MAID & BIIOTHKRS. Silver Spectacles. T TK are prepared to supply coaler at wholesale, ? concave, convex, rticri-eopic, nnu .Mirri- u Speclucle. Ve bavu a I eticr a.-orlment nnd more nt them than we have oficn lo ind in anyone good whole-ale liou-o in iev 1 oik or nosion. war price- shall be low. Ai retail ( ur cu-toniers enn be lilted tu n few min ute and nt low unifoim prices. Spnlaclcn alway exchansel if tbev (Ij nit suit! evciv ncr-on shall hne them at n-low a iirucn- any person will o ler them. Glns-es refi'leil. bow, leoaiicd. and all work in llio line promp-lv n tende 1 to. Oold Specinclcs also for -a'c. . BKINS.M.VII) &. BliOTlIKliS. June 12,IS15. 2 Clocks and Looliiii"; Glasses. WE hnc, by the ci-e or n'liole, n line lot of Ma hoconv ca-cd Cloik- nnd Lool.ing GI.i-'c, which Willie -ol 1 10 Poller- nnd othr-r- at b.w whole--ole price. Any number of doc'.-v.'anied can 11-11- nlly I e found ready on hand, nnd are selling at whole sale lower than ever. BRINS3IA1D & BIIOTJIER. June I2ib. '45. 5 Wholesale and S3TAIL. rPHE Pubs-ribcrs wi.iung to close tbr:r ennirtncr- ship business, utljr lliuir stock of uOODt con- SISIU12 01 PAM Y AND STAPLE DRY GOODS. Carpclm-'. P.ip, r 1 1-iucini:.. L viking Gl isses, Crock atv nnd Gla s W-ir1 nt rp liiocd tuicc. Persons wishing to purchise. nnv ioous which we nc on mntl ire nss inl tint ilif v f,au oti am ti-tter nrnnns nt this cslab i.luncnt, ilnn nt nnv other in nrlinaion. LOVELY oi tEVMOUlt. June 12, 1915. 2 S. EARL HOWARD, TIIC PEOPLES' AOEXT, w it o s r. AT BUnLINGTON, VT Comprist's onn nf tlm most splcntlij nnd gcncrul Stocks in tlie State. All Goods bought and sold strictly f;r Ctsb, nnd of course Oheip. 2 SILVER SPOONS. T'T'E nre preoare I to Miptily I'etler. anl other-, Stiver. Ti a. Ta lc. Dc-eri. Mii-mrd. Cieani. Salt nnd other Sdier Spoon-, at vholaolc nt n loiv price- a- nnv oihcr e-ta1 Itshmeir.aiid we would iniorm eu-iomcr- inr an i near, in it lliey can oi.iain ino i e-i uiiiu ot .liver spoon-ol us nl equally tow price-, as ibty v uld hau to pay tortlio "tra-hy on e -m i wmi wnicn r ecoiiinry t- uoi ueu, uc in vile nnd elialleiise comparison of irtiaht nndcuan ,11 'J .IIIU U lllfrt i lilil.3.11AID cc URSTIIl.KS. Clocks in any, XXTR would resnectfullv inform cu-toniers fir nnd near that we thill tint allow onr,,-Ivr to be undersold! they cana(f timet find a benitiful ia- rielv to select from, nt the very lonest prices. All clocks wi I be set luuning cle.in nn I uell oileil, nnd wnrrantrd for one year. Plcasccall and examine inenew patterns. lINSMXIOrf. HOT IF.R-f. Good Wood Clocks S3, Brass as low in proporiion mil-inn, toner ru uiioicsiic. Gold (iooiIs. TjLAlN nnd enamelled Gold Pencil.. Gold Snecia. J. clcs nnd some beaiiliful pink nnd yellow Topaz, iiioy lino oiuer sioiie uoiirs nnu rins pist receireu. Juno 12. i U111AS.UA1D ip IIROrUI.RS. r avinjj Stone. t t7E invito tho (lltennoh of those in wnnt nf tbn , t above article lo a h indsuino lot just reccved mist tor sale encap uy C. U. I-XLLETT. i nier si., June is, IBI5. 2 Miperfine I'Monr, b the most approved brands in barn Is and halves - ' ior sate oy i cc o. I.. KULI.I.IT. Water st , June 12. 1315. 1 1 u ms nnd Lard, i.. J-tnel2, 2313. for salo by .f- c. c. roLLm'T. IAIKIIANKS Cast filed Hoes, J- . do do I'orl.- Cast strel Shi rls, do do Spades, Iron Shoie'9, I.ontr handled do. Hnv UnkiF, llrooms, if-c. &c. Also, Wooden Ware of all kinds, for fate by r. fc C. U. rOLLHTT. Water street, June 12, 1513. 2 Biitt,!i- Knives. SII.VKK fierman Silver, cf, Phleil n u.er Knives, forsa'ebv IIKI.N'.SMAIU & HIIOTHI HS. It is said that "Variety i the fpiieol ) tic. Which givi. it all its flavor." A Oreater q utility cf lid- SPICE can now be found ut the VAltl I'.TV STORE, than has heretofore been o'end, and addition, con stantly arming of rich, rare, nnd fancy nnd Btnple (iood-, 111 ihe tiold and Sdier and other lines, which will bo told at low price-. BRINSMAID it BROTHERS. June 12 hr-4345, 3 MOTIIFRS' Iir.LIEI'.-TO MARRIED LA DIES. '1 he Mothers Relief, a uirdicino which soothe, the disagrfeal le .ensation of ftmales about to become mothers, and insure, a safe delivery in all cases Hhcre malformation or some unnatural ciri uin .tanceadois not prevent. The reputation of this or tide, though &ileni, ha. become -o extended a. lo pro duie- an iminenfcc demnnd. A pamphlet intended on ly for Ihe eyo of those directly intcre.'ed and iheir phyncint. is prepared for gratuitou. di.tribulion where the Rein fit fur .lie, A we nre thu. ubligcd to come bifoie the public, wo take the occasion 10 iy, that if the increase of the call for the Mother'. Relief, whereier known, b.nny puide 10 a direi-t opinion to b formed of the r.limn linn in which It i. held, we hnve I In ..liafaetnin of neiievinj in. I It linn licen 111. meoiu or allcviiiine an Infinite amount nf mflVrinir. nnd nf.ivinz mint vnl. u.ble live.. Wherever it hn. been used durinn ihe auove perinn, neip rnolcrl pn-jiiilices li'ive given way (0 Candid antl thltlkflll e.nressi.in. nf nrnlilnrt nn.l . wish to extend nn their parts, a. far a. possible, it. bent fit.- Medici men of high .undine hate had the candor to acknowledge fjr once, that their prejudice, niu-t be abandoned, and have been advocate, for il. use. All tho-e who wish, ore invited to call on .ome of our agents and procure a pamphlet without ch-rno. O. A. UAIITIIOLIC & Co. Rochester, N. V. For sale by PECK & SPEAR, the .uthorized A.enta for till, nl.ee and viciniiv. who can alio -im. I ply I'rugiri.ts at the Proprietor', wholesale price.. A. EDWARDS' CHEAP CASH BOOK STOItE. No. 1 Peek's Buildings. general assortment of School, Classical nnd Miscellaneous Book, and Stationery nt CITV PRICHS. WOOD'S Class nook ofrjotany, by A. EDWARDS. Plafo .lir.-llnf 1lir ArtUI's. nr. the tenth Book tho Dinlouue on Laws, with critical Note, and i'1-rcrtaiions, ay Taylir Lewis, ei.uu llazlctl'. Table Talk, part 1, 2, each 371 Headlong Hall, and Night-Mnre .rlbhy 371 The Vrcnch In Algiers, ty Lady Duff liordon. 37t Ancient Moral Talcs, from the data liomanorum. 31 Sjbll; or tho two Nations, by B. Disraeli. 25 r.vellnc Xcvlllc, or " A Spirit, yet a Woman too." 25 jVnti Darrtlc; or tho Gip9ey Mother, by Miss l'icl crirte. 25 The Village licllss bv the Author of "The Flirt." 25 T lie I'rlmc .Mlnlslcr. or the Fortunes of a Peasant and n Peer. 1") Hamc fur a Wife, by T. L. Nicliol. 12J 2 By A. FDWARDS. In Advance. rIMin Columbian Magazine for July 1343 a splcn-Ji- did number. rnibplllslinulits. Mv Youtli'a Best Friend, n fine pnernvinut Pavilion and Gardens of a Mandarin, near Pekin, China Plate of Fashions colored, Music, ,rc. 25c per No. ny A. T.DWARDS. YXriLr.Y it PUTNAM'S Librnry of Choice Read- V ini!. Vols. 1 1 and 12. The Crtsccnl and the Cross, by Eliot Warburton, Esq , 2 vols. 50a each. a lly A. liUWAUUa. Eiijronn Sue's last. TV. HUMAN, or llio Court Conspirator: on U Historical Romance, by M. Eugene Sue. 25c. Itrcii IIUPUUT. the American Bucanicr. bv Lieutenant .Murray. ii c. liy A. r.JiWAKiJS. The iMnsician's Lexicon, CtX Trea.ttrv of .Mus'cal Knowledge, bv John W. .' iMoore, part 1. I'ricc 2ac Teachers can bavcromes sent them for examina tion by making the reque-t, ty 1 A. LUWAltns, Harper's Illiiininaied Bible, No. 29. LLUM1NATKU Shakespeare, Nos, 51 nnd r4, 1 By A. EDWARDS. Hoots mid Shoes. " TEN'S Fine Sell and coarsc-finc Boots, nnd Kin L i Broirans: Ladies Kid Slins and Wnlkin? stnes. good ami chenp, liy A. o. uhtYKi, June 1 in, lUl.j. -i To sportsmen. A S. DEWEY has Powder, Shot, and Percus- lx, sion caps ot oust quality. June Ulh, 1815. 2 Snpar and Molasses, Hb U. St. Croix an 1 P. R. Sugnr-, 10 10 Bbl. double reiiued powM. and erusbd. do, ti do oo do lout uo 5 do White IHvanna do 10 Ilhds. P. R. .Molas-cs STRONGS it Co. June 10,'lj. 2 Flour, i nn Bid superfine Flour, 1UU 50 hf. uo oo Oil STRONGS & Co. 2 Juno 10, '43 Jelly Aloultls. PRETTY pittcrn. of Jellv Mnnld-, for -ale bv BRINSMAID U DUOl'HER'j. CLIFFORD Sf FERXALD'S INDIAN VUGHTAIII.H BITTERS. rnilLSh Hirers tire exlractel entire'v from Vr.n. 1 nTABLE-. They are decide lly the V.Ksr srntNO I medicine now in u-e: incv nun v no - oiii. am m- viioraio me wnoie iramc. cnnATisn an api'etitc. siul curine- ihe .IAUllini:, DISHEPSIA, ite. Sou Whole.-ale and Itemil tw ihe Mil'-eril ers, 11. J. HEINEI1ERO ,f- Co., Apolhecrriea and Druggists, Church St., II irlington Vt. ' 2 lOHuti.iii . , ii -itln's Estate, TATE Ol' VEI1MOXr, 'pil E Hon. the l)i-lrtet of Lninotlle. t I- Pn bato Court for the distnci nfi.amoilte. To the be-r. nnd nil con rned in the es-nle of Ellnnin W. Au-tin. Inte of boche-ler, in the t'ounty of Mor.roe, nnd Stale of lew 1 orii, uccea-eit, unEETiso. li"rilERmS, it apt ears by the report ofihe com t mis-ioncr. an 1 reetTiN nnii ti es ol i his eoort. tun tic per-onal e-talu of ihe ,-aid deceased in I lira tltate, is not rtidiceni in p-iv ihe just do' t. and llio 1 xpen-cs of the M tilemcnt of the e-tnic, by the sum ' I fcUI,30 i and wherea-, Elia. P. steam-, admini 'raUT on llio aia e-tnte in tnt-Mnte, lias niaile ap ilication to this Ooirl for license to -e'l o inu.-b of Hie real e-tate ol sanl ilecea-eJ, in tin, &;a:e, ns will rai-c said sum : Therefore, vou nre herohv cited lo nnocar 1 e'ore ail Co . rt, at a res-ion thereof to be liolden at the Pro' nie Oibec, in Johnson, in ri1 district, on tho luili ilav ol -lull'. A. U. 343, nt 10 o'clock. A. M.. nnd gnu bonds, as tlie law rc-iuircs, for the niyinent ofthejiit debts of thedeccased, mid the expen.es of ihe settlement of the e. late, oroiherui-e show eati-e whv licen-b should not 1 c gran'ed; and if bond, are not jriven agreca'-lv to law. nnd if no rood cau-e le shown to tho contrary, licen-e will be granted lo ihe a, noun iraior humiu estate, io en o mocn oi me rea is-nto t,f -nil decea-cd n. will rni-e the turn afurc.ai I, with the co-l- nttendtug the same. By order of the Coon 2w3 WILLIAM W. WHITE. Ilesri-tcr. Nu-scll Cramer' Instate. S'J'ArE Ol' VEl.MOS'J ' I A T n fc.-iou of tli-lrn l of t hiilenilen. ss J IX. the Prolate (jouri held nt l!urlinrti n. within nnd for a'n III inct ol Chiiiendeii. on the fifih day of June, 1845 i onics Orrin Slitdc-, ndu inirtrator of the e.-ta-e of liu Pell Cramer. Inte of niinrl lie. in sfiirlili .tr ii-t. .nt.l tiled in r-aid eoutl in. nettiion in ivriiint?. nravinz .aid cjun lo exieud ihe. nine nppuinted by ald court lor ei-u is Niiui-rui; nnu pavuiy me i-e'iis uue ttierc. Irom or.c year from iliu c-isbih dav of .Mav. !Rd5i "beie pun, the Co ir' nl'i rc.iid doth Uipoint tbo second Wuliie-dav in Jnlv, 13-15, for bearuiff nndde. cidinrr cm said pemioti, at the otruu ul'ibc Hesi-ier ol .aui eo'irt, in -aid IJurlingion, nt ten o'clot I: i., the orenoon, nnl tloih on'cr that nil ncwiii- iutre-lrd lenoiitted thereif by the nnl Itcation tflhf. order Mirce eel.s -iicce-sively in ihe Ibirlington Krce . t uiwr mniT iriuieu ill aiu nur ins on. I ie la-t ofivlueh publiciiu n. to le previous io Ihe -aid -econd Wednesday in July, 1815. Guen uiirter my hand at m d Burlington, lhi 5th "JJ w, r one, IO 13. 2vy3 WM. WT.STOX, Ilegitter. Iilliaiian Y. An. tin's P.statc, STATE OE VERMONT, TN Prolate Conjt, I Hl.lrlct of l.atnoilte. -s. J den nt the Prnl O.Tice, in Jolin-on, widuii and fur ihe di-lrict afore- -aw, on the 5Ui ilav nt June, A. IK 1 3 15, Pretent, Hun. Salmon Wires. .!!! I li. !' Stsaiik-, Adunnistralor on the estate cf i.ni-iimii . iiu-iin, laieoi llocticter, in ine uounty -urn,.-, uiiu .-Ham 01 iiew 1 urn, oeeea-eu, pre sent. 111. ndllllni.lration nr-eminl Inr i.etlletnenl W hereupon, it 1. ordered llt.it the -aiue I e referred to a -essioii 1,1 ,aid conn to be hidden at the Pro! ate Oilice, in John-on, wuhin ond for (he district afire- .aid Oil the MXlll llliv of Aurrnal. A. II. ISIS. f,r . nininatmn nnd ullownnce and Unit nil concerned I e notified hereof I.V the ,,nl.li,.niinn ,.f ih.. nnl.,. i.. ,t,a Burlington Free Prc-i-, prinu-d at B ulington, three eeK MK-i-es-iieiy, as -oun n may be, lhal ihey , , .nu uniu an j pni-e, ana oujeei mere- 10, 11 iney nu came. lly i.riler ol ii-url. ii!i,iai vv, winir;, itegitier. WHOLESALE GROCIOUY & & RETAIL PROVISION STORE At Ihe Foundry Building, foot nf Main st. ..Ulll.lli IU,-, Y 1. rjlHE undertisned have a'Kx-iatr-l 1 hem -elves I logo her for the purpote. of Iran. acting a Rene' Mercantile IIiisIiick, at I lie More in ihe buildm-! "i mu 'out oi main .trrct, known a. the r ounur) "llu-r nnu di L. &. C. E. FOLLETT. Thev o'er tn ihe pul be a i bm e nnd well velecled ..-ortment ol Crocerlc. ami Provision., on the most favorable team, lor Cah, or appioyed ihorl ,-rprln. or fur ino.t kind, ol Crmnirv Pnsluce, Particular care and attention will le taken fn the election of article, lor family use, and beina; deter mined not to be iinder.old, 11,17 hope to receive a .bare or public patronage, 11 LOUH FOI.LETT, CIIAS. E. FOLLETT. .V, II. A full end general a, .ortment of Sttple Dry Gaod', Crockery, Ready Made Clothinfc tfc will be re.uy n-r 111-peciioii in . 10 w uvi. . . L. ft G F, lOLLPTp. Burltnfton, June I, ISO- l' AT THE NEW Provision Store aTAYbe found tho best t.l DRVlOCeR.li:S, J.TX Table Butter, Porlt, rjonr, sr'' Tnl.le Itiillnr. Porlt. Flour, h of various Lln , rlirtfrtatfV lirpn.irt'J CBnoa Oround Spices nnd Pearl Slarch t Pure Sperm and rominon Lamp Od, Sperm and Tallow Candles, Old Ctwtlle and eommon liar oap, etc, etc. June 2-1, IB 15. I A. S. UKWKY. Annexation. SPAULDING & RUSSELL HAVING taken the stand formcily occupied by tleo. A. Allen, are prepared to accommodate the nnbtic n u-ptt n. .nv nthpr Fstntibslimen'. In this vicinity. We want all the old customers and lot. of new ones. R. SPAULDINU, S. II. UUSSKLL. Burlnijtcii, June 2 1. 1845. m6 Full Blooded French Horse MOSCOW- fTMIE sub-enber would cive notice to the tiubbc A that he ha. just returned from Montreal with the celebrated Horse Mo-cow, which ho propose, to keep in this vicinity a term of year., for the purpese ofimorovintr nur tock of bu-incs Horse.. 4MUS(JU If has 1 ecn Kepi nt Montreal nna lis vicinity for the last four veara. and for .'renclh. spceil nnd lusiness, bis -link i not to lie equal led by nny In the country. 110 i 1.111 oioou rrencn jei I, biik 1S1 hands hul l, n tree and eav trac ler. weitthinz when in flesh 1200 pounds. Kis sire was the well known hor-u Lion Heart, ol'Q'eI ec. The sill senber would re-pectl ill infe all wno ili to imnrove their breed of horses to call and judge for themselves. For further ptrnenlars see Mill-. At l illUUIVAl. Willi-ion, May 30, 1315 Iw3 Klias Lyman TTAS received a carefully selected and extensive xjl assortment or DRY uuuus suitca 10 tue sea son, which he oilers at reduced prices. Aill'inir ivhii-h wil ho tiiunrl Balzorincs. Lawns. Prin'cd Muslins, M de Laincs, blston Uingliam, Fancy Camuncs, etc. ckc. Americcn Prints superior style. Hosiery Gloves and Mitts, Ladies Silk Cravilsand Fancv Hdkfs. Ponrrf.iv ll.indrinn. Flntr nnd White silk Hdkfs. India RuUi-r, Webb, Knit, and Elastic suspenders mown Holland, Jaci.ct l.incn, nrown anu nnite Linen Drill, Rus-ia sheeltng, iiutmps, lliii kabuck, Russia and Sc tch Diaper, Linen Damask for Table spreads, Finn O.iinrisk snrends. Linen Shretins and Shirting, Hamilton Striped and Figured Tor chit ftren Wear. A large assortment of Broad Cloths and Cnssi mere. Fancy Cassimcrcs nnd Voting.. Parnsils and Sun shades, icrv chem Cotton Sheeting and Shirting Iroin :)-4 to 10-4 wide, Tickinj, Wadding, Wicktng, Batting, Cotton yarn and Carpet inrp Family Groceries. Tea including some extra quality Black Tea, Sujar, Sp ccs, Citron. Pepper sauce, Mustard, Snnerior oreserved Ginner. Maccnroni, Boston llnrd Cracker, ground Rice, Chocolate, Sheds, Coflee, Box nnd Keg Raisin Currants, ite. &.c. Tlie highest Market price paid for Butter and Cheese vticKuarc ituiluing, corner Church anu college si May 23, 13J3. 52 Slraiial or Stolen. ABOI'T the lOih inst. a UAHK. KFD COW, u few hdo. bored in her home-, nnd nl out -even jears old. She i expected tu come in about the lir-t of June. Wboeier will giieinfonnalion respecting -aid cow will suita llv rewarded. J. H. WALION. Iliirlinslnn. Mav 23, 13. Just Heceired A T B. ,T. URINKP.KRf!. & Ch'a Wholesale and Retail Druggists, C)( I iRUMS Km-, 150 lb-. Eiuh.l, Cirrauts, 100 " Superior Ciiron, Walnut Cms -p, M'lshrooin do Tomato do Bird Pepper Sauce, cxprc ly for family uc, Fielded Lob.iers, " Oliye--, Sardine, . ni"c ol all kind- nnl of . merior quality, nuo a superior article if French Mustard, iiai .'s-iperior j-.ngu-n uronnii aiusiaru, ties, nrli,-l. r-r-r-pxl sn,t l.-.nm U,l alBO. an excellent article of Salad Oil, made expres-ly ,or 'he luoiv. S TE WAR T'S CONFECTIONAR Y Wholesale and Remit, bv B. J. IIEINEBI'.RG .p Co. Chunk St. PEASE'S Clarified E-ence ol Hoaihounl CANDY, coinpoiinJed fioin 25 ol the most safe nnd salutary inrzredienls Mhich is recommended by our be-l Pby-i-'cians. 52 Piireons. CX foz. 1,1 VE PIGEONS wanted, for which MtO cash mil be paid, Apply at this oaicc. Jlay 27, 1S45. Cash! Cash!! TAI1) for zood Ilao .bv 1 J. I. CUTI.EPh Strong. Building. Kurlinglon, may, 1315. bi liOVCKT & SEYMOUR le "vKI'EH for -alea very large stoik of Knncy and J Staple Dry Uoo.ls,Carpetinrr, Paper llanginjf, Looltin Glasses, (Voclxorynnd !las Ware. Thc-e Guod- will be sold veri- low. May 30, 1815- NEW BOOKS. THE Subscriber ha. purchased the entire Slock of BOOKS & STATIONERY belonainr- lo V. HARRINGTON, and is now receiiinj in cunneciion thereto a koou assortment of Law, Medical, Miscellaneous and Theological BOGIES, toscthcr with n eood assortment of Stationer', which is offered 10 Ihe public at prices to suit Ihe tunes. ll.Uo received 111 excitative. JAMB I. CUTLER, Strongs' luilding. College t. May 27, 1645. 52 Travelling Map Acents WANTED- rMIK Subscriber wishes to eii2ajjo in tlio JL .ale nf his Map;, a number of younj men of .'riclly moral and leisiness habit.. A capttnl ol Irom siuu 10 SsHtu win ue neees.ary, and a certain district of country will he nssizned to each Agent. Unexceptionable testimonials of charac ter wi'l ue required. r. .iuu?iu.-s an 1 111 1,1,1,. .V. E. corner of Mirkct and Seventh St., Philadelphia. May 22, 1315. 51 Wood's Botany. TEACHERS of llmh School, and .-wmtn.rie. are invited to examine a new Class look of Boi.ny, by Aifhon.o Wood, il. A., A'Uictate Principal ol Kimlial Union Academy, ju.t published by Crocker & Brewster, Boston and Ihe Cl.reinont Manul.c- luring Uotnpany, Ularenmnt fi, II. It i. r.comtnrndcd bv eminent Teacher, and Pro- fe.aor. of ihe Science who have examined the .heel. n. they came from the press, and is alrend v introduced into n number ot Ihe first School, and College, in New England, the botany i. divided into two part.. The nr. I part contains th. Element, of Boi.nie.l Seienra. The .i-cond, The Natural Order., ilhnui.ied by a Fio- a or inenortni-rn unueu states, piriicurany o( New England and New Yoik. Those teacher, who wish a treatise ad. pled to the present advanced state of the science, and all who are about forming classes for the .c.son, are invited to call nt JAMES I, CUTLER'S (formerly V. Harring. ton'.) Bookstore, where thoy will find th. work and tever.l of the notice, which have alre.dv been r-ei... ed from distinguished men. Thou who ennot come are invited to icnif for copies for n.minaiioii. To penon. pur.uing the .ludy of Uoi.ny a. a ourc.of prnfii.ble .muKmenl, thi. work oflkri pe culiar faciluie. for an.ly.i. by mean, of table, for Ih.l purpose on in tnnreiy oriinai plan, in Ihe prep.ra lion of which Mr. Wood wa. auociated with fl. cm. ward E. Phalpa, Prof.uor of .Mdical Botany and Mat.ria Medic, in Oirtmoutb ColUgt. KW Botany it tht Ttlt Book in (At M..uni . rrme-if, aid IU Burliigtot f'taali Senility. HAS removol Iroin tier former rc.idence lo the Building in Coll. if St. four doors east of Col. Thomas' Auction Store, J5M . when- .he is opening an $&ku. .s.orimcnt of consisting of Laces, Rib bons Flowers, Plaid and other Bonnet Silks, Silk Blond-.Pcrfuincry, Soaps, Combs, Brushes, cic. ALSO, constantly on hand, ready made Lace, Silk nnd Rib bon Hats, of the most la-nionai.ie siyic. ALSO, lain band, of hair. All orders in Drci making nnd Mincry promptly nticndcd to. Burling on, Mny 23, '43. 52w3 CROCKERY 6t OLASS WlltK A Beautiful n-sortmcnt l'n-1 "cived I and for ; low by LOVELY .f- SEYMOUR, ale May 30, 1315. 52 Teas, A Fre-h.ipply f lU1crKr...TS'L''is:f,Ti'rivctl nnd for iale by LOVELY 4: SYMOUR. May 30, 1815. Carpeting. 52 A Now In' jul receive! ami for sate low IX by LOVELY & SEYMOUR. May 30, 1315. EOWAIII) HOOMK'S Fine Cut chewing To bacco, decidiVly the favorite of the ilav, fbrsale May 23, 1815. 52.v3 Wanted, X exchange for Groceries or Staple Dry Goo ls, lir.t ii-ii Table B liter, nnd Lanl. Al-n. a lew hundied II s. good chce e. A. S. Dh.VV E . May 30, 1845. LOVE'Y & SKYMOUIl ARK now o'lerinff nr le the larceM a-.ortmHii of eaonal If goo.l in the State of Vennoi.i, nt price" S' m icniiy low hi injure tiieir mie, uu iucj m fill nnrl ..iminf nun I III' nnd KIMIU uiu uuiiv . - tir.cP'. a Jiav ivi, Notice. S7UA j the subscriber on the 4ih of May, one Dark Chestnut Horse Colt, sunnosid to be three venis old, while star in llio forehead nnd uhi'o bind feet, the owner is requested to ptove propertv p iv clnrces and take bun awiy. D. L. JACKSON. Wcsiford, May 27lh, 1945. 523 jDaguerreotypo P I T u n E & . II. WILCOX 13 nSPRCTrULLY informs the.inhrihilonianfniir LV lumton and vicmiiy that he Ins tnken ihe rooms over Ierk if l?p'.'Ti Orua store, (htely occupie I by Mr. Fielding, Portrait Painter,) where he i prepared to take Likenesses bv tlie Daeuerreolvre nruecei. co'- lored or not, tn a style nnsurpaed, ciihcr as rcird tlie disUiiclheii, durnbiliiy or nnisti ol the rrtutc Having been pxcluutlv cneasred in tlm businresbc tween twontH three yearfl.dtirini; whtrh time be has operated in New York nnd otlu-r citm, nnd !nmi' the best of nppiratus hr feels confident ol bcin nb'e to tilease nil who mav f.ivorbim with their nitronaae. Objcctnins nre sometimes mode lhal these pictures will fade, but no dairuerreotvne that has been colored was ever known to fade, the chemical proccs I eforc a Dicture can be collored nreparsii to resist the action ill uic nir, impiria in u uriiil-im; j ( una iLiuurs u nu possitiie lor u to lade ol change. Ladies nnd gentlemen nre invited to call and ex amine the specimens whether they contemplate eittins ior a I'iciuie or not. a ners win uc w aiinnieu ins tinct picture nnd correct liLeness or no charge will be maue. nnures can nc unen as wen in ciouuy as in clear weather. Pnrtraii and other paintings copied with nrcai nccuracv. CoinDiete instruction riven in the art on moderate terms, and apparatus furnished if WIS!. I'll, Price of Miniatures. Sinnle Pidure, in cau or frame, medium si7e, 82,50. nnplicales, 1,50 Two person on one plate in ca?', 3,50. Smill t'.z? Pictures, in cas-s, 1,75. Pi 'tiir fitted into Loekers If wished. A f.1ir deduction will te nndt whire several pictures are inKen in me pinie Umiiy, II iflil'UiUU, s Simtlcl Heed'. F.statc. STATE OK I'KJION'l'. A T a -e-.-ion of the District of Chittenden S J. Pro! ale C'oirt licld at Uiiflinfrton, within nnd lor the di-trtet of Chiiten cnon I lie ti S I ilav ol .May, A.U. 131a an instrument ivirportinj to lie t tie last will nn 1 te-tument of 6311111 tl Keel, ale of-atd Bur llmion. denascd. is nre .ente-1 to the Court here for probate by Patty Reed, the execntr x I la-rein named. n here mnn. Ihe co irt afore-atd doib anuomt lite fourih Weilne-day in June, A. I). IS 15, lor hearing the prools of the execution 1 f said instrunient, at the oifice i'f ihe Regi-ter of said court in -aid Ibirlington, at ten o'clocl, in the forenoon, and d th order that all ler-on. concernc-l therein tie notitieu tlierecf, by pub icaiion of liu- order three weeks niece ivelv in the Itiirluifzton Free Pre, n newsnaner ortnted tn haid Burlington, the last of which pul licaiious to be pre vious to r-atd fourth Wednesday in June, 1845, thai ihev may then anJ there conie-t the prolate ol said win 11 incy ee cau-e. (iiven under mv hand ai said Burlington, lhis 22d day ot May, 1815. SWsi WJl. wksion, Iltqiittr. New Goods. SfyRllE siib-eril er ha. a very splendid a-. rtment 01 -2k Staple Good., nnd al-o a ir o-l a-ortment of Family Orocene-, which will 1 mj! J ch-ap lor Ca-h in reauypay. rica-ecau anu took 1 elore pnrcna-inj el,ehere. N. W. (iA(5E. May 27lh, 1845. 52 Wanted. on nnnI'!,orFondTMeP. U,UWU lie will pay halfCa Mr,,' -)7,h 1S1? 'fJt B itter, for which a-n. N. W. OAOE N OTIC IS. nuneil, haviur di.os THE undersigned, haviu; disposed of his Mock ol I f B01 k- and Stationary, to Jaine. I. Coder, ie- ip est' all llio-e iniiel nil to tittn to make iintneiliate navuicnt, a- be u desirous ol'iloiiiii bis concerns at on'e. V. -IARIIINGTON. lbuliniton May2!, 1SI3. 52 M, G. RATHBUN & CO, c i c ij a n t C a ( I o r n , ITAVE returned from New York with a carefully LX ,electe.l as-omnent 01 nitUAii ui.uius, CASOIKRES. VEMTINGS. nnd TRIMMINGS and are prepared tnfurni-h liarment at price, which cannot but convince buyer. 11 1. a -alius; of expen-e a. welt as time nnu iroul le, 10 nave Itie mate iai- lurii'-l.el, and puinentt made uy tno-e wno unuer-r-lan 1 the hume.-. Atso, Shirt., Bosom-, Collars, Cravaf, rtc. ic. 51. G. Ratiibu-j, C. F. Wakd. May, 23, 15, Flower Pots; TfARIOUS Sizel common Flower Pot. b the V d. dozen or .ingle, at PECK it SPEAR'S. Superior patent Pumps for Wells and Cisterns. WHOLESALE nnd retail by II. CALDWELL, Buihunion. Vi. The-e iiuiirns have bveii ihoroiiL'hlv le.ieilb r IG veals in Ihe we-lem nail of New York, nnd proved to lea fir-l rate article. They nre pronounced by all people acq'tain'e-l with Ihein, ihe lesi nud inot durable pump. in the United Sate., lh.t ha. ever I ecu oflered fotale. 'They arc iniple m iheir con-lrm-tion .no worked wtlh e.-e, they are warranted lo work latisfaetory in nil ca-e- nmf not In fre- in ihn winter. The WOrkiniT llarts areol'all metal with inetillio fit- i the pipe-are made of a durable limler, ond.aturniid wtlh a compo-mon which renders it impervious lo w-.ter, nd pretent. decays, 'The nbove pump will draw w.ier the depth of one hundi.d feel as well a- shorter di-t.nces. AH per.Jn- wi-hmrr 10 pun-h.-e ivimps tor wen. or cis tern, will do well lo call ond examine the-e pumps before ihey pnrche elirwhere. They will l lept const. ntly on hand at the FBANictr-i HoTit, atll nl the slore ot bT.osas ec lyo., in ii'iriini,i'ii nr ... CALDWELL. Ail order, sent lo him by mail will be thankfully received and promptly attended to. .May 16, IBIS i"'-' Removal. Saddlo, Harnesf, and Trunkma king. I have t.k.n the Shop a f.w rod. East of Ih. Cuurl HoiiFie. .nd n.ai" Skinner1. Liverv Stable, where ih. public can And any thing in mylineofbu.ini.. nf a. good quality and a. cheap a. can be procur.d In Burlington. , . , ftW HALE, one DoUbl. n three weond hand 9: 1 . iu curt i r;t-v-jrn P-irlmj-on, M.t .0, leli. K'l 4K i 11 NEW GROCERY nnd Provision Store, THE subscriber having commenced tho Grocery nnd Provision business, at tho stand known a. tho Hickok Store, one door sonlh of Messrs, P. & H. II. I).),ililile invites the attention of purchase!, to hi fresh and carefully sclecicd nssortmmt of O II O C F. R I E S consisting in pott of superior Hyson Skin, Towchong nnd Oolong Tens, LiLniirn, J.ivn, nnd tcryf.ne Old Guvcinmcnt Java Cofl'ee, Double refund Sugnra, in Loaves -nd Powder. Stewart. ColVec, Crushed Sugar, Porto Idcn nnd N. Orleans do., St. Croix syrup, supcrl ir to any other Molasses I sp I o n s. Ground and unground from thp Hope Mills and war ranted pute Ilyllfin'o best Honey Dew nnd Sweet Lenf Tobacco, E. Rooms flno Cut and Smokiim do., and Macoboy Snuff. Of Fruit he has M Rand Sul tana liasuis, Citron, Prunes, r igs, Lemons, cvc. a I s o , Hudson Bav Salmon, nnd Connecticut River Shad very fine. Polk, Flour, Cndllsh nnd Mackerel, bv the pound of Barrel, Sperm Oil, Soap, Sperm nnd Mould Candles, Birrel and fine sack Salt, Ac. de. In addition lo ihe nbove mav be found STAPLE. DRV GOODS. Such ns common Prints. Heavv Shectines. Tickinrs, Tailor's Trimming., Coitnn Yarn, H.itts, W'tcking, tiacK i ollon, in read, Ie"rtles. I'ins, c, wnicn mil be sold nn ihrt most favnr.ibtr. terrnq. So mucn of the patronage of friend, nnd the public ns may bo mutually advantageous, is respectfully solicited. A. 3. Uliwt.y Burlington, May 23d. 18f. Bill' Mess Pork. "TT.W YORK Slate pockcil, nnd New Yi ik City IN Inspection, by STRONGS' &. CO. i'lay 31 '15. 52 Pniritiii". Citrriime Mahiiiff, &.C. SPAHMJINtJ nUi-SHLIj nONTINUE the Painlinz busintss in nil its vnri- Vy ous brnnches. anl solicit a coulinuaiice cf the public patronage, wn tiave also rotnmencia CARRIAGE MAKING. and arc nrennred lo make lo order nnv kind of Car riages or blfighs that may be wanted, in a Iirsl rale manner, nnd cheap for cash. Repairing done on hurt notice. All kinds of prod. ice taken in exchange for hoik Cnll and see for yourselves SIiod on Shelburn St., onoosi'.c the American Hotel. Iltirlinstnn. May, 181 j. SOii-.G R. O. STACLDINO, s. It, UUSSCtL, HAIL .r. PAD HOTiqS. rfIIH COMMISSION'S appointel by the net BL id the Lem-lattire ini'nrimratinir lie Ciumi-lais nn I (!oNST.CTictJT Illvrn UxtLKnAn C(jMPAv. htre- by give neiice thit UooV' lur ! script ion lothr napital -.toe'; nf -aid eompatiVt v. ill be opened on the lOihday n-iitne next at ine luiiou-in? pin'ci Kolfeit, Hrnfl fV &. Co'. t ore in Bnrlimrtf-n 1 t (.eorc T. Hodfic Store in Rillan'h at Calvin Town-Icy tfc. Sinfn nraitUboro. an I ai snine place in everv iown on an irfivic ous loineuneti me iona. it , a i iinouiy o'icr', Jitliu A. Connnt, George T. Hod5C-, l.nlh'T Daniels, Calvm Tnwii-ley, Samuel Ilirker, Wil'iam nh, Am! roe 1. I'rown, llunry N. r.dlertun, William Henry. V Cummissiontrt. JAMBS HOG AN, AT70ULD respectfully inform the citizens of Bur- VV lington and vicitiity, that he has commenced BOOK BINDING in nil i-a various brnnches, in the T, ildins formerly occupied by S. S. Skinner as a Sa Idler's shop, throe doors East of the Free Pioss office, College St., Bur lington, Vt., where he intends keeping constantly on nana Ledger?. Day Rooks. C.sh rboks. Sales Bnu',;3, Receipt Rooks, Lawyer's Briefing Paper, Journals, Invoice Hooks, Record Bio!;., Memorandum floo'is. Cost Paper, nnd nocuets. N. B. Banks. Publico lice. In. iranre Companies. Merchants and others, furnished with Account Uook. made of Ihe best pipT, ruled and bound tn nny pat tern desired, and executed in asuood sivlens the latest improveinents in binding and experienced workmen can produce. Particular attention will be raid to the bindiug cf Lihruries, Periodicals, .Music. Port-folios, Scrap Uool,. A-c, -c. Manufacturer of Blue, Black, end Red Inks. Co,.oli oiii,. e-eein.l so, ills- most fvarahla Itrrna, nnd at short notice. Edge, of Books mirbled to nny pattern to match, Comb or Spam-h in the beat sly'e. Most kinds of School and Blank Books on hand and fur sale cheap for Cash. Pjper Piigs taken in ex chance for Blank and School Books, Poper, ipe, Burlington, Mny 13, IS 13. 0-1 y New Goods. II. It. DOOI.ITTI.E have just rec-etvej from New Vi rk, a lareaud ceiier.it as-orimi-nl cf P. oods Milted 10 ihe Soriim tiadc, iihi'li ihev otri-r very low, e nMstinir of Black, Blue, 1 11 vis .1 .le Green, Brown and Ca let mixed vlo'li--, Black and Fancy Oas-iinere-, Twerds, Krunlin, Coiionale-, Frank'tn Stripe-, 'n-hinzton Ca-sitnerc, white nnd brown Linen Drills, Drapd'Eiu' nine, uiai ii, an 1 rancy i-rini-, i nrnitiire lance, no titestic, lvar'stoti ami Cele-itne (.i,n-.bam-, browrr Holland., .Nankeen-, Ponirec and nualhed flJIcf..,' Linen Cimttrie do, Ca-bmere and Barraeu Shawli', l.adies while, Unbleached, I lack nn I colored Cotton Hose, black- Snun Mlk do. Gent., brown and c lored Col ton I Ho-e, Bird. Eye, Scotch ami Russia Diaper-, IV-ipKin-, ijra-ii, Irish Linen-, white nnd colore I Cambric-, Slriped and Barrel Muslin, Swi-cnnd Book do. Bi-bon Lawn. I.adie-Fancy Points. Dimilv Collar- anil I tifls, l.anpels, (ents. black l-nliau Cm vat., black an-1 tani-i Frenr ti 'Ties, Od Silk, Cap Lace, r.isrinsj. anu uoDntn I rimmin?, nonneii and Lap Riblons, L ti-tring do, Baliorine and Primed Lawn., Bunnell do, P irasol. nnd Umbrella-, nlain nnd li-.-ur el Satin Vislm?, taucy colored do, Ccat Triinnnngj ui nu uneis ote, u-e. May 7,1843. dfl0 Daguerreotype Chemicals. Bromine. Mcrcttrv. distd'ed, " Prepared. Gobi, Chloride of. Iodine. " Chloride of. Potassiiun, Cyanuret of " lmbdeof. Sorla, llvtinsitihaie of Silver, NnrV, fry.iaN At PECK it S PE R'S, Apothcca's an I Whole-ale I'rutr-.'iMS DIGEST OF VERMONT REPORTS. rTWIK subscriber lis. in ph piralinn a Drrfst of t' e I. Repon.if Decisions of ihe Supreme Court of Ihe Male 01 leriuoni, Irutn the eailxsi pir iisihg c-se. . the present ttme, includtm, many manuscript ease, not nuhlished. The work has been in part prep-red and will be compleled b) examining every case and ihe opinions of the court wiih full references lo nil cases in which Ihe snue principle, of law have been d.ci'led refer ences lo overruled ease an I sinuie.on which decis. ions have been made with full icferencea lo Ameri can and English IleporH. Alsom appendix conintn ing n judicial history of ihe state, wiih bt,-i;raphieal nonce-of die princicnl judge, nnd Inwjer. with name, nnd rrsi lencc. of the prinenl uttornicauud cuunsellors in the .late. The work will be completed as eirlv a. practicable after the complettun of ihe Digest of Enuhslt t'nnimon Law Reports now In press an I Judge H.iuner's Edi tion uf Ihcon's Alrridgemeul lit which he Ins mado full references lo nil ihe Amctican Report, both of which it I. expectid will be completed and published within a year. Thes-ime plan will be ndnnled'for publishing o .nisficlnry in publishing the Rriisrd Staiuicsnf this Shte, bv using various qtisbtiis of piper anil I inding, thin nuking ihe book nt so low n price n. to come within the means of all wishing it snd fine copies will br- sold at n lower price limn ant- Digest f Amer ican ffeport- has been published. A large .-lleiseon-fidenlly looked for, which will b' necessnrv lo defiay th. expense. CIIAU.NCEY GOODRIt'll. Burlington. April, 1813. 51 ROBERTS ON CONVEYANCES. THE .ub.criber ban in press and will shortly pub lish A Treatise on iht Construction qfthe Stat utes 13 Etit. e 6. and 27 Eliz c. 4. relating la Voluntary and Fraudulent Conveyances, and on Ihe nature and force of different considerations to tup. port deeds and other leeal instruments, in te courts of Law and Equity, hy William Robe.i., ol Lin- coin, ino, nuillol I'l n uenise irn uie bibiuib u iinijos .lid a ire.iisenn the law of will. nd codicil.. Third American from the lost English edition, wiih addition .1 note, i nd reference, tn American .nd later En gli.h decision.. CHAUNCEV GOODRICH. . i: ti l.s.l lot! El llur.ll.2lon, t it iyi iou. 01 BOOK-BINDER WANTED. WANTED by Ihe subscriber a goad journeyman book-binder. A younR man of good ch.r.cier wi.hing employment for .onic yer. preferred. Such .nrneuhoi. master of hi. trade may rind steady employment trms ' C. GOODRICH. Burlington. Anril. IB.5 SI Ilvmn Hooks. MethodiM Hymn., Tho A1TATTS and Fclect. IV p, .lns' fer it bv ft) t-rEvr.Nb woods Pig Iron and Tin Pialo. Sfifi TN'S No. I Oathsherrie Pig Iron, and OUJ 1000 Boxo, Tin Plate, 1.2 'A fur s.l by O. W. SHF.ILDS & Co.. 70 Bread St., Ntv York. May 26ih, 19(5. Iw3 Notice. UniEHREAS I have given my son LAFAVOR V'V f UL-IIiriM-: fit. ninr. In tstinSBnt hu.ine.. fur . hini-elf iluring his minoritv, nnd shall claim none of hts earnings nor pay any Jt1?i,CI?nK!tV terini.uaie. ..u.-.u...- . - -- Willt-ton, June 2, 1816. IWJ , JMncltiimw Trout, lEIa.t caught, for sale by g June 6th, '-15. 1 Fresh Soila Crackers', T EMON and Pic.iio do J a new Mionlv by A. o, unvir.i June 6lh, 'AS. SODA FOUNTAI N, AND MINI'.KAT, WATDIt AtfliUllATOS. THE UndcrslrjneJ, being Mtpplil with the obnvi nritete.. are cnabld 10 fiirni-h ihein for either Mineral or Soda Water, at Manufacturer', prices. The facility with which these fonitiittn. are supp'iedrf loeincr won n ir low price, ivo, ici-unni-nm m.,. loihetrale. We can al-o furnish the following va nety ofbyntps,liy measure or bottles Oinrer, Pinenpp'e, Strawberry, Lemon, lta-plerry, I Vanilla. Oigeat, SarSapnn la, P ECK cc R P E A II , 15 Apolhccancs and Whole-ale Drugui-t Bonnets. A i fale cheap by P. & H. II. DO0L1TTI.E. 495 May 7, 1915. Dried Peaches FOR -ale I v May 7, IS45. P. & H. II DOOLITTI E, 496 If 'JSW SPRING GOODS, rpili; FIRST ot the bind in Matket, jn.-t receiver! laies style, ol Spr.fig Uood.-, cjinpris'fir, for Ijdie ure-e-, , MUSI.IV, LWN, UM.ZORIXE, I ORfiANDII'S, FRENCH PRINTED MUSLINS, &c.&c. Plcae cnll and e"nmine far yourselves as I h.vW a good a. ortment to -elect from. DANIEL KERN. Two doors South ol Howard's, Church street. April 21, IS15 47 IMPOR TA XT IMPR O VE.VENT. '"PHE untler-igned ha obtained letter-patent for X new and important proies.. fur converting Peall A-h into Salcratu.. li i well known lhat the manufacturing ofSalera tn. has always I ecn and -tdl i. confined nlmosi ex-clu-ively to the Rum Di-nitcries of New York and Boston. By the subscriber's, process any Pcir! Ash maker'or other person can nt i-nce (and 'at n -mall cxpenre,) convert hi- Pearl A-h into Salernltt. of a superior qtialtly, and thus net only be enal in 1 to -upply the country round him at 11 e'reat -avinc of transporta tion, cic, but nlsn, succebsfully to ccmpete with the iniiiiuiaiturei in .-.kw i urn uiu uosiuu ai ineiroivn door. Futtbjr informition and rit-hts to manufacture in Vermont ot any olhsr Stale can Le obtained by ad dreeing (post paid) EDWARD CHAMRERLIN, 5Q.vO Boston, Matt. To Let. ONE Hou'C, situated on Church Street, nearly opposite Lane's Store, toceil-er with a pood Barn, Shid, nJ Wood-S'ed. Ailached 10 thehou-e l a good well cf water with a pump and a good cittern. also, A good New Hou-e, ju-t lini-hed, siiuale.lnn the New Road. RhUUEN HATCHEI.DEU. Ib-rlinglon, .May g, 1315. 50 READ ME THUOUGU!! CHEAP CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, AND GENERAL CLOTHING STORE.- TtHF.s irrrin.i.l Diaper and TaHoV',- J has returned from New York, with a good at.ott-" ment ot Lood$ in tils line, sucn n. French Coal Blek Cloibs and Cawtniefrs; American nnd English Blue Black do do American and Ensli.h Tweed.; Fnncy Cnssinieres, variety of patterns r BUck Satin and other Voting, s Trimmings of all kinds, best quality. The nbove Goods will be sold, or made up to order in theirs manner, nt such prices as cannot foil to pre-ent inducement, to parchaser9, J. M. has beon Inbonnp for some few years to ex cel In the line of hi. profession, nnd now feel, lh.t confidence lhat hecan confidently nay that ills bare ly possible for a customer In leave his Shop dissatisfied. Al-o, on hnftd a ceneral assortment of READY MADE CLOTHING, , Well made. Any known defeel in a mrnient wHl be made ttnrmh nl the time of sale, as I am desirou. of continntnir the taib. H' -.-usable and Hioil winded manner in untcn 1 nale ntteinpieu 10 conuuci mj bujine-s. The public miy rest assured lhat there i. 'rKE !Si credit olven H'ir'ington, May 9, Ir4. J- SI. The New Store, JEST recc"ved a larce sn-l'y of Stewarts' Van l a C-rt-am Candy, -A I.SO, " l.r;en-e-, Sink Candy-, " B rnt Almon l, " Peiipetmtnt Drops, " French Bonl on, " Snap Dragons, Also, Just receivid Sardines, Verinu-illi, Isingla-s, Irish Mo-s,n excellent article". Fix., Prune., Ciiron. Ar-r, n-large and exxetlent variety of Garilen ini FSiwer Si-e-l., 1500 hundred lbs. Sbd.t Craclers, Picl.ele-1 Lobsters, " Olive-, French Mu-i.rd, Ac. Ac. Vl.o, seleil a-sorimeni cf PerfumerV, H.irOilsy Tooth Urn hi., Nail and Hair Uru-ne., Fancy Soap-, t'at-hon., Olio de Rose, Also, a .plendid ar ticle of Cuars, ntnonj which ate ihe following, choice "Brands." Rfgaba, Pnncipe, 1 ara', Manuel Amore-, Alsti, Anderson, l'ont-v Psw Ffne Cut Chewing Tol acco, olso, Smi-king Tobacco, Miller'. do illso, ju-t received a fresh supply of Camphene and Chemical Oil, d3 JL J, IIEF.BKRQ A Co. Minora. Waters. I7RESH Conares. Wulerbv Gross, Dozen or.ingl ' liottlc, at PECK iV SPEAR'S, 47 IriWeM. Druf lilts. CROCKERY $. CF, STANIFORII & Co. have received prliU arrival a good a-.ortmenl of CROCKERY, IOOKINO GLASSES, PAPER" HANGING, and GROCERIES, to which ih. at tention of the purchasing community i. solicited. BuilinKion, M.y 12th '43. W Caps and Shoes. JUST receited Silk nd Linen Oil Cloth Cape, ALSO, . new article Bronzed and patent Leathtr, Kip', Sal ter Uoott-, French Kfi Wip.. Pn.kma and walki-? fShoce bv H. w CATt-IX-

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