3 Ekim 1845 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 2

3 Ekim 1845 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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H3TOP pnnivnums Awarded by Ifiu ('lilttrnitril timidly Asrlcul ltir.il Sicletv. t the vtninal l-'.ilr. tin! len at f Bit filmed, i, ni Hie -J till ani KStli of SrptcuOcr, ISIS. On l'irm. ThotVnmittceon firms, would rospectfnlly report thai no application cnnnnir lei'iii ihe rule. In been made loiliein fur the inspection of firni, and but one nnpiicaniii iriMotii uie title, line ol your committee visited and iii'pccicl llio farm of Harry Hrndlcy, in RurliniiMiT, in Ilia month nf August list, nncJ was highly pleased wild Iho condition nnd improvements eihi'iitcd. Tin ingenious nntl spneious arrange, mauls fir llio fcedi nt of cattlo am worthy the trouble of n visit to llijvf; interested in this branch ol hus bandry, nnd nn inspection of twenty five ncrc of itcntitiiiil spring wheat, limn in llie process ni Harvest ing, 'not only furnished the evidence of good firming, bilnlso of the nliiliiy of Vermont farmer" In rem'er ui independent of other stales for ilio "staffof life." Kepcrlfiillv sj'.imittcd liv JOHN N. POMRItOV, 'or. Committee. Durlington, Sept, 23, 18l". I'ar.n Implement". The Committee to award Premiums on Farm Im plements, having attended lo I lie duties of their ap pointment Utpuri: Oiving to aouie unaccountable neglect on the mrl oftho Mechanics nnd Partners of lhe,Countv, there were nn Infirm Implements present which in llienpin t m of your tlntntnilteo, weic enti'le I to the Society's Proiii'u n. Vci ihcy would notice widi npnrnbitian the cft'orn ofthtiso, who, of rwh at Ihcy katl,tM their best l.i advance the ini-rcst of the Fair, and of (lie Farmer. Vo ir Co limine would favorably mtice n Cnlti rifor, by J isiah Jones, of Ohailoltej 0 VoSc anil Dtiici, by 1'. (?. .St.inton. of ls-cxt a very ne.iti well proportions I Yoke, bv Leonard i'tatie, nf .Iciicho j a Straw-Cutler, l v -lo's'ii'i llurhni'c, nf llnr lintr ton : n Of Out hy Jf. Newell, nf She-Ilium i nlo n Bras, by N. Newell; all of wlneh implements were gmd, but yet poeni4 in extra qualities, and there being no competition, your ('nniiiiitiee cannot award lo nny of Ihe n ymir snei t's Premium ill of which is Ile tpccifully Mibmiitcdi For Coiitniitirc, GEO. WIHTXEV, Chairman. II irllculttinil r iiHictlans. To I'll I'rt'tileiit of the Chittenden Co. Agriculture I Socuty I Your conin'tleo nn Ilnrtien'tiiral Productions, re part that they hive examine.! the Fruit, Vegetables an I Flo ver prcsrntc-d for Iheir insp'olfin, an I fin I pever.il hits worthy nf tha highest coiniiiendaii m. Vonr coni'iiitieo re.' et, h lwcvcr, that lh" 71'iify and ctrey in their ilepirmienl, is so limited, b-ini less linn nt our list niimwmrv 1 wlii-teas, from the sil an I i norov.Mi -ni nitur.tfly rc-ilun' from our organization, wo might hive txpi-eied even n richer cihibiiiiin in lhi ilcparlnient O ir siiuiiuer drouth hi doi,ulles had an iinfivornhle infl iciieeon the proJ icis of ihe taiden. An I ii nlo appears lint nnny niemVM of the s iriety hav,i fine specimens in this tine, bill hive failed tn present lliuin. These, iwith oilier crises, have nn le Ih.j supply of horticul tural prolucls leas linn it wjuIJ oiherwiso havo been. Tlie spncmiens of fruit, epeeiilly ofapples, pear, pluinvnud grip's, ate nt the first order, cinsiden d in respect in nmlitt she. and beiiuly. And w-uli such pro ifs b frj mn .he cipiciu of our so I and cliuiaie.il h believed ih it o ir fanners and villager will l;i 1 liico I, f i-thwi'h to stj k the rich an I un nv spo's nb nit th.'lr premises, with elioiee fruit Irtes. ami cmrd them wit ' hrully from tho dcprcdaliims of lirds,'hims and hov. All Iho -pen .en pu sunted of garden vegetables are wnrlliv nf hijh coillim-n lltijn". evineint? nn the p irt of cultivator, both pnod jndcnirnl in the selec Int ol feeds an J smls, and in the process of c.iiiitnnnu. 111 mis utpiruncnt Vie lliinli mat lasie economy nnd the Ijopo nf pain will soon work impor tant rhanges. It is scarcely credible wl at amount in vh'.or how hift. ,1 p.imonof tho substantial ar ticles, which e to ihe sup" irt nf a faindVi may he raised npon ncarden of half on acre under skilful cultivation. If iho cardener. in the vicinity of a nrcal city, can realize from S500 In iHOI from one acre of land, llie same quantity ana q'nlily of products, may be obtained here; and with the speed and cheapness of rail-road transportation, may soon command iho aant) annum of money- Our distance from luirkel, with other considerations, has hiihcrto withheld us from atlainiblo results in this department of labor. On the whole your committee rejaid all llie speci mens exhibited, as creditable 10 llie cultivators nnd to tho Society. As an i lipnrtant means nf promolini; the object of our association, we would suggest, as n general rule, that ihoae who receive premiums should coinm inioite In the sicieiy, throiiuh the newspapers or otherwise? their respective methods of cultivation ; dMcnbinf; particularly the prnzes nature of soils, kinds of Beerl. and of manure, Ac, thai all may know how to produce thebeit possible Garden rrops. Vour co'nniiiiee awnrd the Ut Premium for nrnlcs M .Mr S r Pr.ns of Slmlburn, 81,00 For the -il b.Mi do. lo U. GjoJnch, Esq. Bur- hns;on, j,5i For iho best ihrca torn of pe:n lo J. N. Pomroy, Esq. 81 00 Do 2 1 hesi l For best 4 q iarls of plums S. F. Persons, S,50 For best potatoes lo Mr OrviMe- Shaw of Jer icho, 9,50 For best and large n cabbage, John Sar- a2in. ,25 Do besnonions lo J. G. Chittenden, Esq. of Willijton, ,25 Do best carrots to N. AtTucker, Esq. of II irhnslon, ,23 Do brsi beets to Mr Alexander Callin, of IliirliilL'lon, ,23 For larsest and best variety of squash to Ml Alexander Cnthn, ,23 llest puinp'uns to Mr F.. Prownwell, ,23 Largest Ho 10 O. Goodrich, ,23 liest 12 !.'ars of seed corn, to John Sar- agan, ,23 For most splendid flower to Mm Susan Slroni, ,50 Do 2J do to Mrs J. II. Peck, ,25 Do nio9t t-plendid bouquet 10 Mrs J. II. Peck, ,50 All which is respectfully submitted in behalf nf the uouumtiee. J. K. COX VKKSK, Chairman. Cattle. Tho committee on cattle award the lollowinjrpre miums ; Heat 3 years old Bull, E. G. Slanlon, Essex, 86,00 1 U') no Uivid lleed, Colchesier, 4,00 llesi 2 years old bull, N. Stearns, Williston, B.00 7.1 .1.. t,.n u llli 1. ..II 1 nnn Hcsl yearlms bu'l, 1. U. II. Cook, Charlotte, 4,00 21 do do J. Hoynion, tlinesbur", 3,00 llest bull Calf, J. G. Cnillciiden, Williston, 2,00 -so no j. 1, outicr, iiiiriinuion, 1,UU licit 2 years old heifer, .1. (J, t'liiiienden, Wil I ston. t 3 or) Ed , do D. & C. II. Cook. Charln'ie. 2,03 Ileal lieirei call, r. II. Canfield, Williston, 2,01 2d (In do T. II. Canfield. do 1 00 Hest milch cow, II. .Mavo, lliirlinjlon, 3 00 2d do David Fish. Uurlmghin, 2 00 llet yearling. heifer, G C'atlin, Uurlinglon, 200 2i do j). Itec I, Colchesier, 1,03 Oest pair yearling eleers, Harry Bradley, Ilur- linjlon, 2.00 2d ,'do I'lijah G. Stanlon. Essex, 1,00 nest ui cojv, win. 1. cieym nr, liurliiiston, 3UU 21 d pvid Hied, Cukhesier, 2110 llest lattud'ox. O. M. Clark, Milion. 5 00 2i do O. M. Clark, do 3,00 Best pi;r working oxen, Nathan Lockwood, SI, Geotce, 5 00 2 1 do , .do llurrel I.anc, Burlington, 3 00 Dust pair 3 years old sleers, II, . Morse, She). burn, 4,00 21 do do Orson Goadrieh, , Williston. 3 00 Uul pair 2 year.-, du John II. Ilopkin-, Jr, Ilur- liiit'oh, 3,00 2.1 do do E'ljih G Stanton, Essex, 2,01 Bes' faltel 2 yearsold heifvr, Anson llyitiijion, Williston, 2 CO lien lalli"! .o years old steer, II. a. Morse, Slie-lburn, 3,00 J vsper Bawnum 3 Jso. II ivntov, Committee. Juiim Thom vs. J Burlinjlop,.Sepl.23, 1813. llurscs. The Committee appointed for Iho pnrpose of ex amining Horses, report the following premiums. Win. ! Yale exhibited the best Slallinu I years old airel by l'dri 11 -Morgin, uwned by V, Adam', ga,00 Victor Adi"ie, 2.1 Jo Pilgrim Morcan, 5 00 Udncy II. Penniinan, best three )cars old Slal- li n, . 3 00 R. K Flannnjan, 2.1 do 200 I.evi Whitco:nb best Iwo do 2 00 Il Imunii Whiiney 21 do 100 Smiih Pierson, best brood mare, 3 00 Alamo Newell 21 best do 2 00 J.ia S lllinn, best three venrt old Gelding, 3 00 O. F. Ilollibirl, 21 do 2 Oil George Sixton, best two years old Gelding, 2 00 O. M. Clark-, 21 do 1 (m Ilatrv M.ivi, U" yearling coll mare, 200 Thomas Mill, 2d do hotte, 1,00 Siinill Pierson, best uri.inf coll, got by Black Hawk, 2 00 F.!ijah Stanton 2J do 1 00 Horace l.ooniis, best pair of matched RclJings, 3,00 I,. II. Plait, best pair of mulched marcs, 2,00 The Cumnijilee in judging nf the merits of the re-spc-live nnimals prcsenled for their inspection had special regard to symmetry, strength, agility, and pnvcr of endiiranco. In several instances tho Com millea were somewhat in douht us o which of llie nevcral rival a.iinnls was cntiiled to Iho piize. llui ihcy aimed lo deal. fairly, and in eat h instance weie hi'rrnniiinu inf pinion. The pommiiiee could nn: but notice that the Hurset, yvuny and old.'jcnerally rxhibiied a lark of purity of blood. French horses. intaad of sbowinff a genuine Noiman desoenUshow deitrading initlurrt.- Moriram 9MIMT mo nine cviiienee 01 genuiuencs. aiiu ja nn high English blond, it was Willi the exception of a lew cases, suusiant ally out or llie question. Wit.ttAMWjvntiEn, ) David tint, Committee Imi. II l.nun. Two of Iho Ci.inmiitce. Mr. Warner and Mr. t.inz, would lako the liberty af refcring lo the lllaek Itueli, a an illuslrntion of what they mean by a horse's showing evidence of puru blood. The Black Hawk n a Jl lrjan, and the petfection of his fimirc, iho form and cleanness ofhis limbs, thasixe nhd posi tion of his cords, his foil muscular develoncment nnd his consequent power and agihly, show that the pure .uorgnn uiooo preaomiaaics in n i.irgo negiee. Willi a st WAaxen, James D. I.ono. Hhccp. The commllleo appointej by the Ckitlcnden Co Agnctiltural Socii'ty In examine sheep nnd wool offer' ed for premiums nt the lair 'itth Sept, 181), hive at tended lo the duties of Ihcir appointment, and are united in awardingthn fol'owing premiums, to wit I For the best .Merino Ham to D. d- C. B. Cook, of Charlotte. S3 00 For Ihe2.l best, O. Saxton, of Shelbitrn, 3,00 l-or Iho bests Merino ewes, lo I). & C. B. Cook, 3 00 Kor the 2d Mat do D, if- C. B. Cook, 2,00 For the best B fl.-cces of wool. Uirdsevs Newell. Charlotte, 2,00 For the2 l best do Hcman II. Newell, Charlotte, 1,00 Tile coillinltlee noticed one fll weather In llie hen. I ill ns (hero was no competition on that description of siock, nnn 1110 aniinii was removed luToro the com milioi! had completed llieir examination, no premium wns nwnlilcd. In estinntiiu iho relative c'nims of llie a'natsub milled lor insn-itiin. Ib-i ciimtiiitted hid refcreneo lo the quality of wool n.-.d pinny of blond, as we-llns to the weiLthl c,f fleece and wo endeavnted lo kiep invniym view wnai wee inceivc 10 no me grand on-je-cl of the society llie pecuniary interest of llie Ag riculturist of tl)o couniy. II. T. HnsiNsov, 3 F.dwiv llAMivn, yCommitite. FAKLtN UOOINSON. ) Burlington, Sepl.21, ISlo. Svvlnc. Tho coinmilteo on swi 10 report that they have dis charged lha duly nsi,ned to them, and they award the following premiums: For the best s iw2 years old las! spring) and 8 niga3 weeks old, lo Uriinage Taylor, of Wil lision, $3,00 2,1 best sow (IS tinnths old) with litter of pigs, fi weeks iil.l, 10 Lewis Higher, 2 00 .Mr Ihgbi'e also exhihiii-l a boir pig. seven months old, worthy of nonce ns he-tig fine in his prop iriions, in I of U'nid S!Z-, hut ns no premium were fixed on such am nils un ler 9 months old, your committee cinnot award n pteitilum on I Ins nni'iial. .Mr. Snniel N. .Virrin irooll'lnrlnite, rxhibiied a sow three veirs oil. vcrv laree in six", an I well nro- portioned, but ns she has not proved a bree ler during the last vear, yo ir coiiioiiiti c were restricted by the mica of the boird of minagcrs from awarding a pre mium lo Mr. Narramore, as premiums were .offer- e-u nn uunninii iireeners All which is rcstn-etfiillv suhmit'ed. Ilc-fnv Mots-, 3 J. G CmrTEsnnx, Committee. I.CML-eL II. Platt. ) Burlingtop, Sept. 23, 1343. Household M.uitir.iclurcs. Premiums awarded hy tho Comnrltee on Household Maniificmr nn ler Iho inlesndople I by IhoHociety. To J. S. Pierce of II irlingion, fir 12 yards of Mipener Silk of his own manufacture, 83,01 llesi one lourth poon I Swing Silk, . I. S. Pierce, 1,00 2llesl do Jli-sM. Barber, iifCharlnl'o, 50 Best pair knit SilkStockiius. .Mrs. W. II. Corns nf B.irlmglon, 73 2 I do Mrs. C. P. Peck, Iiurling'on, 60 llest pur Silk Gloves, Miss M. Barber, pf Clnrlolte, 73 Best Silk Pocket Handkerchief, .Mrs.!. S. Pierce, 1,01 2d best do do BO ISol peck ofl'noons do BO Best pound I!ni led Silk, do 1,00 But pice- of Fl nine!, 10 yard, II. W. Callin, 2,00 2d best do do Mrs. Hutchinson of Jericho. 1,00 Best piece of Carpeting, 10 yards, Win, Hurlbuit of lliirlingmn, 3,00 Besi piece nf Tow Cloth, 10 yards, Mra. Hutchin son Jericho, 1,00 Btsl Uugg. Mr. O. Shaw, Jericho, 1,00 2 1 best Mrs. Nmoni", Charlotte, 60 Best Table Spread. I,. If. Flagg, Williston, 7.3 Best Woo'en Covirlel, Mrs. Wnls in.Hinesburgh, 1,00 2d do Maria Bradley, llurlinu'nn, 50 Bed linen or cotlon Covcrle', Mra. DovU French, Williston, 1 00 2J hest do Mrs. E. Boot, Shelhurn, '60 Best pair Woolen Stockings, .Mrs. Thomas Mills, Burlington, 60 2d hest do Eunice Day, Essex, 23 llest pur Woolen Siil.s, .Mrs. Ueo. Peterson, Biirlipjrioi, 50 Hci nair Worsted Slocking', Mrs. W. Chapin, 2d best do Mrs. T. Phelps, Millon. ""-"'"I ou Natimv II. Haswell, ) Piiil'i Doolittle, Committee. Sam'l Fletcher, ) Orchtr.U, .Nuisai lcs, and Trees. Your committee on Orchards, Nurseries, and For est irec respectfully report Thai they have visilnl every town in the county with the exception of Huntington, nnd Invo s?cn a luge proportion of ilic fruit trees nnd regret In be compelled 10 say thai with few excepiionscin siy little 111 favor of their conduinn. Willi n good s id and ns nno a climate as can be found for pro lueing the must perfect apples and pears, their cultivation seems to be almost wholly neglected. While our fathers planted eccd as soon as thev could clear a spot ol ground, nnd set npan a field for an orchard nmong iheir first acts, wo havo suffered and arc still uirering them 10 decay and finally use them for fire-wood, when wilh proper cultivation our creat grand children might have n'mndance of fruii from them. Vour committee fully believe that wilh six years proper cultivation, the value of our old nr chardsalonein this county w. uU be ten limes whatil now is. Vour committee beg not 10 be understood as applying these remarks to all hut say expressly there are many exceptions to it, and that noplace can boast of betlcr fruii than the county of Chittenden. The first,preiniiim is awnrded for successful culii yation of old and decayed trees iriving them llirifly and healthy appearance, nnd the introduction of a large number of new varieties of apples, pears and plums from various q-imers. The 21 for selecting a warm piece nf s'eep side h.ll land, sheltered from the coldest winds, useless for nny oilier purpose hut pas turing, ami raising an orchard of vigorous, healthy, and fruitful Iree-, nnd showing some of the lesi fruit in the cviiuiy vviihui three miles from the base of the highest mountain in llie Stale. Tncy award Iho first premium onoichards to C. Gjo lrieh.'of Rnrlingion, $1,00 Tho 2 1 do. lo Samuel Wells, of Underhill, S.'.OO The first premiums nn n general Nursery, Eliln Bnrst.iw, e.f Burlington, 83,00 The first premium fur a seedhnj nursery to Rhenezer While, of Williston, S3 00 The 2J do. 10 David Reed, of Colchester, 200 On Iran-planted forest trees their Heport mini be more unfavorable thsn on fiuil tieea, they have found none worthy a premium excepting those n'anted by Iho Siu lents of the University. They deserve the nrsi prcuii 1111 on loresi trees, and did our rules per mit it, your committee would gladly award it U I hem. Your committee nre sorrv In say lint of for'si trees (dinted nnrif aren'ready dead, and many more nrein a sickly stale, n I all ran be atiri'iuted only 10 bad seleclinir, nnd bid plan ing. While our sireeis are every vear disfiirurisl bv wb.il miMil be mi en fur . signal pnlen, a id set in iho irround with as I111I0 care j a- ne wind i lamp posts, the evil cannol be rcina hei I Your roiinnitfeo woul I resnecifullv recninmom! Ihal llie premiums (iffercd for Rock maple trees annum twrenier no vari-d so ns 10 npplv to loresi trees generally nod Mill thosa who wish 10 nvnil Iheiuselves nf 11 shoild slu ly more their physiol igy ami llie nature of Iho soil on which Ihcy plant them. nutlet-ami Cheese. The coniniince on buller and rhevsr. be? leave to report, ihal, Ihera were four lots of butler nireml, two ..1 ...l.:i 11 1 , . 1 : l 1 ' i wineii vinim invo neen riiiiiieu 10 n premium nau il lies n inadepreviiiiis lo llie first of July. Two lots, by Mr Alexander Callin. wero iho only ones off-red that were made previous m iho 1st of July, an I ihere ,,riii( ni 1-1111, pei, nun, me coiiiimuee uo nui le-ei au I o-ized to award a premium. Tlieie was two lois or rheese offered for premium We awaid the fnsl niemium in Divid Fih of Bur. hnglon, five dollars 10 llenjimiu Bi-ersnf Chailollc uie secouu premium on cueese, llilee dollars. IlEO IVlTEhSON, ' I Committee. S. M. Pore. Wu;ar and Honey. Your eonintillee on the best meihod (f producing iiuuey nnu uiipio sugar, a in ioiwnru iremiums inert, on, repoit lint they nward the firt premium on ma p'o sn tar 10 I,vi t'omstock SJ.00. The second to Or son Geo Jiich, 91,00. Thcievvas a further specimen of sugar from sofi maple, offered by U. H.IVnniman. of fine nualilv. nnd of a 11 ivor hardly distinguishable from Muscovado, a new article, worthy of attention. Your rominiilee have Ihought proper lo defer, for wniu 01 proper iniormanon, me owaromg 01 premi ums unou Ihe culture of honey, until the meelintv in January next, when Iho applicants nre requested 10 cviiiniunicaiuiuriiicr iiiiornisiion in me prenusea. Ciias. D. Kassok. 3 I- WniTit, O. Shaw. ... r . vrmaxu(. PlouKhlng Malclics. The Committee- on Ploughing Matches have, atten ded In the il 11 1 us of Iheir appointment, and teporl 1 That Ihcy awatd one premium of five dollars lo Joel Bishop, foi having wilh a horse team, plotigho I one eighth of an acre in the shortest time and in llie best manner. They a waid Ike other premium offlvn dollars, lo Willinnf. Seymour, for having ploughed one cighlh of an acre in tho best manner with nn Ox team. A.O. WlllTTEHOnE, ) II. T. ltiiBiNsn.v, Committee. Geo. Wiiitmbv, Burlington, Sept. 23, 1813. To the Chittenden County AgrictHitral Socletv, Your Committee on the "Mechanics Arts" would respectfully report that tin following articles have keen exhibited for iheir inspection and for premiums, reejunniensleil an I awnrded as slated below, to win pair of Scales for minute and accurate weigh ing, belng'n bcauiilnl specimen of iiisrcmmy and'guoJ workmanship, by D. M. Varney, of Burlington. 2. Specimens uf Urigg's Patent Fenco wcro exhibf led, with sotno Improvements, which Tender it quite suitable and in good taste lor front yard fences. , 1. Concord Wagons, a lum'cr Wogon and a atnglcaleijh, all of good workmanship and in good laste, .vere exhibited hy Gray, Mead AY. Co. of Burlington, and In them the Committee awarded the first premium for the best pleasure single Wagon, 83,00 4. Toll. II. Brown, of WiMislon, Iho Commiilco awarded the second premium for single pleasure Wag on of 82. The wagon of .Mr. Brown's had Swiral Springs around iho llioMiiithbracea, nod a new mode of cxclu ling gravel Ironi the axeltree, and new lincli pin, which 111 lira opinion nf the commitlco were a de cided improvement, and for which itis understood Mr, Brown has n palent. 6. The Desjatcli Cooking Stove, by L. S. Stone, of Burlington, wis an example of ingenuity in the ininngemenl of fire for culiniry purpose, which, if noi 100 coinpiieaie.1, must uc ingniy usetul and eco nomical. G. Threshing Machine, by B. Taylor of Williston, is one of iho best Machines which iho committee aro acq laiuted with. 7. Harrow, hy Nelson Newell, of Shelhurn, not as giod as either of the committee had in use. 8. A good Ox Cart was eshihitul by Mr. Newell, wilh the improvement of I'asi Iron Axeltree. fJ.'AStraw Cut'cr, by Joseph llurbank of Burling ton. .10 The exhibition nf Silver Ware. Gild Watches, An. by Diinsinaid & Brothers, discovered grral taste in thoexecoiioii and arrangement, and offi-tcd a temp ting bait for nny one having t-nsh and wanting the articles". II. A beautiful Piano, by Jehial Mnnsm, of Burlington, the coiumitlee consi leied highly crediiablolo our nr list, both for lone and work iniushin. Tnacomniiileo do not hesitate to recommend Mr. Munsnii's instruments to any nnu 111 waul of them, notwithstanding tho fa cilities which areoll. n il fur getting ihoso in- siruments Irom the Cities, and recunimend 1 premium of 83,00 li i'..iwarn i;. iiomis.iu iitiriinalon. exiu 1- iied three nibs of leal In r, wdiich the com mil tee ihoiiiht worthy a preiiiiiirii nliHei1 wilhniil rnin- peiiiion. alley rei ouiiiienniii a premium 01 13. The conimit'i c under like circumstances, recommended In T. W. tlibb. of HinesburLdi. 81,60 fir 1 ca 11 11 111 double Hirnessa iiretiiiiim of 81,30 14. I . w. (iibli and Samuel II. Praslce, of Bur (iniilon.cxhiliiiid vi-rv croihlnlilo specimens of work in iwo smgie i-iaieo uarne-se. 15 Charles A. Seymour, of Burlington, ra il ibitcd very hanilsome fur and silk Hata.asdid aUo Mr. John Stetenn, of llurhnglon. The conimiitcc awarded to Mr. Seymour, the first premium nf 81,00 To Mr. Stetson, llie 2d do of BO 1G 1- Tench calf and Patent leather dress Boot, were exhibiie I by Reuben Batehelder, of Burlington, wh'cb wore henililiillv itiaile. P. R-.bcs ma c of domestic cattle, a' ins han Jsooictv enloreil, lannid an I lined, were ex hibited by I.. Johounntt, of Biiilitiginn,, whii h llie committee thoueht for his inuenuitv de served a premium of 82,00 13. II. 1). Cornwall, of Burlington, exhibited a Side Saddle, having an improvement new to llui cO'tiiniMei- a iruard 011 ilmhack side also n well made mans Saddle, fir which the com milled recommended a premium of 81,00 IU , &nniii i- vv itiiius, produce.! several specimen of ihcir Cylinder Ola, which were an evidencenf creat improvement in Iho manufacture nf that article, Ihey were almiist equal to 1 tin best crown gs in beauty and brilliancy of surface. 20. Lvman Cimimings, Esq. of Burlington, oflered a Door Boll of his invention, which possesses manifest advantages over those now in common use, in its adaptation to the ancle of ihe door. ' 2l. A beaiinfol birds eye Manlo Bureau, was con sidered worlhv n premium nf S3, which was awarded lo Ihe maker, U. rWny, of Jericho. The commllleo havo lime only 10 add that Ihey consi ler the exhibition of articles coming within iheir province, as genera'dy creditable to ihe t'ounlv, nnd hope ihal at our next Fair, a grea'er number of com petitors may enter the list, and that llie Society may be enabled 10 nfler n better opportunity f.ir Ilia rx'ti biiinii of ihe articles, if not a greater inducement ny wjy nf pr I'iiimj. Alt which is respectfully submitted 1y JOII-S N. PiMEROV, I i,. Geo. P. Mabsh, I -ommMe. Burlington, Sept. 25, 1813. (muixtiinsv) C-. Cr- FRIDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 3, 1815. THE COLLECTORSIIIP. TI10 Ion; ajnny is over. Col. Hvdc has resigned his oflicu of Colloclor. Bntl Russell G. IIorKiNso.v, of Durby, has hecn appoint oil by iho President ns his successor. Mr. 11. entered upon tho denies ufllio office on the 1st instant. T'lis result was unexpected lo a l irco portion of llm parly ,-and will hardly satisfy the rank and file, who, as they express il, wanlod a " clean man and a now hustle." As il is tvo sins II see. Of Mr. Hopkinson wo know nothing personally, but shall Hike pleasure In fueling constrained hereafter to accoid to liitn all ilia credit that is now due to his predecessor. Of Cul. Hyde it is but justice here lo say, that ho has been a kind, gentlemanly and obliging public olTtccr. While ho has lived up to llie enlarged spirit of the law in thn discharge of his official duties, he has been ahovu little things, and has souplu lo rid its duo execution of those harsh and pelly vexa tions winch lint too often result from the ex erciso of power by unskilled hands. In say ing thus much, wo bill express I lie one gen eral sentiment of the business men nf this community, and, wo may add, of this district generally. Tim null for subordinate appointments is immense j but as jet no insurances have been given, and things remain as they were. Eirly last week ihu deputies, boatmen, and 1 milliliters, began lo arrive, and llm new expecMnu kepi pouring in (ill Tuesday, when llm town was thronged with such a inixud medloy of black spirits and white, blue spirits and grey," as wo have not wit nessed since the titTlce-holilers undertook to celobraio n victory in 1840! Mr. Ilonkin. son was expected on Tuesday, and hours ueiuro mo singe was due, n largo platoon took position in from of thn American. An occasional glanco up streol, then toward llit, Like, ti ml then ut oneanollior, belokinr-d plain enough the absorbing subject of iheir meditations. Presently u boat is annnunc ed, and, presto, 11 dozen spring In iheir feet, as though ofliciiilly summoned In ovciliaul llm baggage and search for smuggled goods ! And now lliu slagn comes rolling up. 'Phe door is opened, dip steps let down, and the now Collector welcomed ( thu field of his future glory with a cordiality at nnro indica live of Ihal high patriotism whid, prompts men lo servo their country. Rut observe : one man has him by ,0 arm near llie Post OiTice now another is leading him by (he button in an opposildircclion a third has somclhing important to communiculo up towards iho Park; and finally lo escape martyrdom, be firces a retreat to' his room. Thero the Colleewr was waited upon during tho afternoon nnd .evening by nn nsscmbllgo winch has ccrtainy given us now conceptions oftho numerical strength oftho democratic rrty in this statu! Thu several applicants passed in, ono arntlme, stated iheir cases, prefured their cUlnu, and were then bowed out to mako rootuyor others. Hero wero tho Old Hunkers, .iho Young Democracy, Iho Ins, iho Ours, llm odds nnd ends, rlMfing nnd fretting litbsy igrj otich wilh an eye on tho grin, md'an eye on oncanotlicr. Neither faction seemed lo understand exactly how the land layxTrci each evidently regard ed the older as rtfiitably foreclosed against any participation in this division. Cut as we noted tho frequent alternations of hope and fear which ever i anon manifested them selves in tho countenances of llieso hungry expectants, wo cwild not resist iho convic tion that, if called tpon for iheir hearts, ihcy would very generally search in the abdomi nil region for thciti; nnd sure we are that there was more ttatt ono man in that group who curses tho il.iy ho hung his hopes for bread upon the pntse.ssion of an office. JSk n.lt. ItOADS. ronTUND and Mojtbcal. Tho organiialion of thisCoiiipiny was rorkpleled st Portland on Friday last. Kleveu of tho ihttcen Directors were eleciesl at the first ballot, and iliet n recess nf half an hour Ihe polls wero ogam opened and the other Iwo were cho sen. The follow io-Jsaroinplele list of the Direc tors ! Win. P. PiHfj,,i Portland, .lames Deering, of tVeslbriHile, Jm llussicy, John II. Ilrnwii, Jno. An lerson, F.liphalet OV-ety, St. John Smith, Josiah S. Little, James I,. Fn) ner, Thninna Hnmmon I, nnd Georce 'I iirner of Poland, John A. Poor of llangor, and Kxra h. Heal i. Norwny. The meeting nf Stock holder, nficr Iheso proceedings, adjourned without iay. Uoslon Daily AJe. Wo learn from iho Concord papers, also, lint so much of tin Slock to tho Northern, or Pdsiimpsie roaiT from Concord to Con necticut River hm been subscribed, ns In warrant an organii.ilion, and iho company met Inst week f i.i,t purpose. Both llieso projects iiim at ripening n communication wilh Montreal ; and I101I1 rely upon forming 11 connection, ut or near the Providence line, with 1 ho contemplated road from Montreal lo Slierlirook. Bui each of these compa nies require more limn double the amount of their picsent nominal subscriptions to reach tho line, and ihey b.ivn now no assurance of being mot, could tlu.-y g,-i ihere. Tho fol lowing f,oiLualilWrk- Gr.ctte of Iho 2jiIi tilt, confirms previous accounts touch ing this enterprise, and leaves if moro than proliiililu th.it it must foil, for the present. Tur. Urn, Kosd. A repoit has eaineil currency lh.il 1 ihe St. I.awieiiee tnd Atlantic Kailroad has f lib ed. for ihe want of rmttack being la'.en up in Fug land. Although this i,v.,n is incorrect, we feel 11 due lo our readers 10 state lint llie news recently received on ihu subject is nuts, enrnurngnig nj'we could wih. Die stuck was taken as OrFt report. d, and n large surplus mibscrihcd for, Inn under llie Provin -ial l.h.irter, the sul senilis in F.nglnnd could mil bo compelled to pay the instalments, ant! hence it be 1 '1mo ",''ctts'lry '" ascenam how many 1 f those wh-j had subscribed, were willing in ejve security lo t arry forward Ihe linden iking, when 11 was found that n larae proporlioil of ihe suh-crtmra ur.-in,.r..lu -i.,..L ppeeulalors, and ihal Ik-re were not mime-ienl bona ue miiiicuoioers 10 wariaiu going r.irw.ird with the woik, A letter was received h Town lns night from tho Agent, in London, the substance of winch is, thai ho w-as enznaedin en Irar-nring to secure the reuniiidcr cirthe -liKk, and Ibat he s'uiiild remain several weeks lonifi r, an I had strong h ipes nf success. If he should fail iostVw ,lm wbole Hmount ihe irieius 01 me 1111 leiiann must apply in the Legisla ture lo s ipnly ihe dcficienty. This will cause a de lay, but we trust will nut -auso any one 10 despair. Shcrbrool; Gazette, iitk n't. This brings tis bar ihcji to tho only fea siblo way of opening In immedialo rail-road coiiiniuniciiiiiin between Montreal and Bos Ion, viz : filling up iho gap of less than 40 miles between Burlington and Missisquoi Bay. The LaprairieJ company are ready lo meet us nny day, at ihe latter point. Be tween hero nnd Cos on, lliu only question now is, whuther wo are lo have one road, or tico roads. The iwck of one is already filled tip, the workitjg surveys nearly com pleted, and the whole line will bounder con tract in lime to comnl'nco operations in tho spring. Let Boston! and Monlroal then speak the word, and lithe immediato coun try cooperate, amT tfiT ihing is done. Now's the lime. An accomplished Engi neer, from Pliiadelphi) b now engaged in making a thorough suf py of iho route from this to the lino", and Wl hopo in a few days lo confirm ihe opinion eietoforo expressed, of its entire feasibility Will our friends along Iho lino north 00 erale t Boston must and will mvo a road to Bur lington ; her interests Snpcriotisty demand the immediate construction of tho Ogdens burgh road ; and add liero a spur of 38 miles, say; lo the line, bud she socures a peifect cnmniuiiicaliotj jvitli both the tipucr and lower provinces. Lot her look this matter seriously in iho lice, and act accor dingly. NEW HAMPSHIRE. Tho Lite, trial in this srito to elect a mem ber of Congress, ho iwrtJJteiT ill another de feat of Mr. Woodbury, (he loco candidate. Thus has iho Granite Suto a second lime, recorded her second sober -thought against tho extension of slavery. Tho returns ure all in, except from eleven' towns, ami allow ing to llieso lliu j.iinu vein as last spring, Woodbury will lack over three hundred of an election ; but his luis ix lliu towns already heard frum, ns cninpred nilh tho governor vote Isst spring is 1374, and there is no rea son lo doubt that the same proportional loss will run through iho rciiuining towns. The vole now sunds : Woodbury, loco, 160C9 ; Goodwin, whig, 9283; Halo, abolition, 7717 j scattering, 372. Tho next trial will come on in Noember. OPENING THE BUDGET. Win. Lyon M'Ken.ie, formerly a dislin guMied political lu,,tler rhCaniiil.i, has re cently published a book in New' York which is producing no liulo sensation. It i the private correspondence of Van Buren, Hut lur, Mnrcy, Allen, and other political lead ers, with Jessy Hu, ,,o Collector of Nw York. Wn must confess, lliat wo have no fellowship wilh tho perfidy llut belrus llm sacreduess of roiifi,(.ii il nrivalo correspon dence; but Iho deed is duno.HiiJ h I'uhlic aro in possession of the documents, nd our renders are entitled lo ihe benefit of them. Wo shall therefore seivo them up In a future number. Theto tellers prove more than all tho corruptions tho whigs have charged upon tho parly leaders in New York, nnd betray a slate of morals by no means honorabWto our country or thu practical working of lit institutions. Bui the inquiry at onco arises how came llieso letters in tho hands of M'Keliziet Hoyl, it seems, was in tho habit of keeping his public nnd nrivale nanera nil imretlinr and probably left these in the Custom House when he was removed. Has Mr. Van Ness availed himself of this oportunily of paying his compliments to these quondom friends t There has been no love lost between them for a long time ; and the lute removal of the ox-Minister from the Custom House seems to havo opened all tho bile-ducts of a gall o'crcharged with bitterness. Whatever may bu thought of the morality of lira thing, the retribution is a terrible ono. AGRICULTURAL FAIR. The annunl Fair of the Chittenden Coun ty Agricultural Society held at this place last week, has, wo believe, fully equalled the ex pectations of its friends. The assemblage was large and respectable, and testified a deep interest in tho occasion and its objects. The clouds, which for n day or two previous had given marked indications of their cold water origin and of a " power behind the throne," bridled up on Wednesday morning, as il a iv 11 re of the proprieties of tho occa sion ; old Boreas lulled himself to sleep ; and on Thursday a bright sun and a clear blue sky proclaimed tho smiling approbation of Him who sends the early nnd thu latter rain, and whose promise is sure ihal secd-lium nnd harvest shall never foil. Tho spot selected fur Hie exhibition was tho Battery. Here, where grim-vissnged were but yesterday marshalled hnr hosts, and nodding plumes and bristling pikes proclaimed her " nomn and circumstance," came now tho sons of poaco lo cclebrnlo iheir " Harvest Home." I he serried column is now succeeded by lines of bulls, of bullocks, and ofkine the neighing war-liorse.hv looine herds and bleat ing (locks llm groans of men in battle slain, by tables groaning beneath their ponderous tunas ol rlpenetJ Iron ; nnd ns 0110 surveyed tho peaceful implements of husbandry that lay scattered hero nnd there, well might llio cyo of christian fault find hero fiilfilnieel of that prophecy which declares that swords urn tn ho beaten into ploughshares and spears used fur pruning-hnoks. The day .the place, nnd the occasion wero all in unison ; and dull, and cold, nnd poor indeed must that man bo who could mil draw an instructive lesson from surh teachings. Thn display of cattle was larce. and shew , a derided improvement on last year. There , were some fine specimens of high blood, and I Ihe exhibition of working oxen was a!logeth ! er ahead of what wh saw 11 1 ilia Slain Fair I m .uii.iny, two years since. There wero KS imo gnod furies on lltr. ground, nnd we were pleased lo observe evidences i;f increas ed attention lo this branch of forming econ omy. Bui il is nol lo be disguised that wo aro behind hand in this particular, and il be hooves ns lo apply iho remedy at once. Good Horses aro thu best properly a former has now-a-ilays. Mr. Pilkh exhibited a noble pen of foiled hogs portly and well proportioned and wo noticed several fino breeding animals, of tho larger class. There were many fino sheep on the ground. The flocks of Messrs. Cooks, Bingham, Newell, Saxton, and others, will bear comparison with any in this region, and speak well for their owners and the couniy. Of fruits and vegetables llieio was a profusion, and of va rieties nnd qualities, such as to inspire in us a great deal of charily for mother Eve. A basket of pears from tho tardea of Cam. Tucker Olie of which wcirdied a nlnmn pound and almost needed fanning to keep il from melting called tho commandnmnt against covelousness in frequent requisiiion. 1 no exhibition of household manufactures was nut to full as last tear, ihourb hiohlv crcdilablo lo the skill and industry of the couniy. Jilrs. Pierce's display of silk, in all ilS Various forms, from llin rnrnnn in fabric, was an exhibition of skill and industry which could not foil 10 challenge admiration ; and her dress pattern of wove silk, only needed the interference of llie mantaumaker to have entitled her lo Iho premium "for li e best woman in a silk dress of her own nun ufocture." The ploughing match, on lha second day, excited a good degree ol interest ; though wo are bound lo say, that ihe plouehine was not a pattern card. Strange as it may seem, no-farmer of the county had confidence enough in himself, his learn, or his plough, to enter the lists ; and 011 Thursday morning a rally was made) 0f four teams in llie village, witii such implements as could ho come at on llio spur of llie moment. Tho 1-8 of an acre was performed in 18 minutes by llm horses, ami 22 by ihe oxen. Tho genera' interest manifested on the occasion, howev er, demonstrates that this may be made a profilablu and amusing feature of our annu al exhibitions. Farmers, wo doubt not will take iho mailer in hand another year. And here wo will lako occasion lo suggest to manufacturers of ploughs, that llieso aro fit ling occasions lo exhibit their implements, and pul them lo tho test, Thero was a cul pable neglect of llio matter this year. At two o'clock, Rev. Mr Dinoiiam ad dressed a ciowded audience of ludics and gentlemen at the Court House, who listened with marked attention lo Ills eloquent and instructive teachings. As wu shall in n few days spread the address beforo our readers, wo shall not attempt an aiinljisis of it now, lint will then direct llio ullenlijn of our read ers to some points in it which struck ut as peculiarly uurlhy of consideration. After the, uddrcss Iho premiums wero awarded, and then a sale took place of a variety of premium and other ailiclcs, which went off much to tho satisfaction of all con cerned. As a wholet the fair went off well. All enjoyed it most persons went away satis fied, and we havo every reason lo believe that it will exert a wholesome Influence. For further particulars, we refer tho read er lo the reporlt of llio several committees In another column. RUTLAND RAIL ROAD. In pursuance of a call signed by more than two hundred of llie active cilkent of Boston, a very large meeting of the busi ness men and capitalists assembled in that city on Monday evening of last week lo con sider the important claims of this route. Ciiarlbs W. CAnTwnioitT, Esq. presided, and E. C. HurciiiNs and E. W. Dana acted as secretaries. The meeting was addressed by Hon. Richard Fletcher, A diel Chand ler, and Nathan Rice, of Boston, and Hon. Timothy Follett, of this place. Tho dis cussion resulted in the adoption of a scries of resolutions setting fonh the peculiar ad vantages of this road, and declaring its imme diate construction expedient ; and the ap pointment of n committee of twenty-five lo procure subscriptions lo the slock. Subse quent accounts assuro us that the subscrip tion was rapidly filling up, and well-informed persons speak confidently of ihe whole amount being secured wilhin a very short period. U. S. JUDGES. Hon. Levi WooDpunv has been appoint ed by the President lo the bench of ihe Su preme Court, in place of Judge Story, de ceased. Mr Buchanan, it is understood, is tn supply the vacancy created by iho death of Judge Baldwin, ANOTHER MORMON WAR. Another civil war has broken out in Han cock County Illinois, between the Mormons nnd ihe ndjaccnt population. It does not ap pear distinctly which parly was tho aggres sor in uie nrst instance, but the accounts now represent both parties in the field, to the number of some two thousand each, armed and equipped for both offensive and defensive warfare. Thus for, it would seem that the Mormons are llie r.ss-iiled and suf- lering puny, uni! 01 llieir iiumlier lias been killed, sixty of iheir dwellings burned down, and a large amount of their properly plun dered. J. B. B.ickenstos, tho Sheriff of Hancock county, issued 11 proclamation com manding, in ihe nnmo uf tho Stale, and hy tint iiulhoriiy invested in him, rioters and oili er peace breakers to desist forthwith, dis peise, and go In their homes, under the pen alty yf tho laws ; calling upon Ihu law abi ding cilizens, as a posse comitatus, ol Han cock couniy, to give llieir uiiiied aid in sup pressing ihu rioters, and maintaining (lie su premacy of tin- law. The Sheriff, in a postscript lo his proc lamation, says: I "It, i- a pan of my policy that thecilisensof Nauvoo remain quier, and 1101 n man from lliat city leave, as n posse, unlit it be made manifest ihat ihe law nnd order ciiiz-ns, without the city, will not have force sufficient 10 suppress the rioters of Ihis diicrscelnl l uirncc. but thai 2000 efledive men hold themselves in readiness 10 march ai a moment a warning, to any puuii in Kiauuuen. tsuuiii). More TrtooBLE with the Mormons. Our correspondent at Warsaw sent us by tho La Clcele, which arrived tins morning, the following account of serious outbreaks botwenn the Mor mon and their opponents in Hancock County. St. Louis Rep., Idlk. Warsaw, 11th Sept. 1845 10 o'clock, A. M. Un Tuesday morning Isst (Ihe IJth inst,) an attack was made on a school house in Rncliv Run Precinct, by some persons unknown, but supposed lo be Mormons, in which there was at the lima of the attack a convention of Ami Mormons, nr old nettle of the County. The door and iviinluwii uf the house were complete ly riddled by the shots tired hy the assailants. The attacking parly approached under cover of Ihe woods and bushes, fired one round and fled. No person was injured, but many were, I pre sume, much frightened at Ihis sudden and unex pected attack. The o d settlers in that section nf the country armed ihemsches for defence, and if Ihey are backed by their friends in other parts of the country, blond will flow. By a mes senger just in, who csme tn purchase lead, powder, tliut?, etc., I learn that lour buildings were burned down last ni"lit, and one man shot and very badly wounded, but not mortally. yesterday, thirteen wagons, loaded t, it la furni ture, were seen wendintr their way to Ihe City of Refuge (ftauvoo.) 2 o'clock, t. h. Another messenger has just arrived from the country, and reports that large bodies ol Mormons are patrolling llie southern part of the county, and that a number of families from the interior are en their .way lo Warraw, seeking protection. I can form nn opinion what the result will be. The storm may pass over without any vcry serious consequence, anil there may be much destruction of property and the loss of many lives, before peace and quiet shall be fully and permanently established in this un hippy county. ANTI-RENTERS. Delhi, Tuesday evening, Sept. 23. Considerable excitement has been caused in Ihis village this evening,. on account of the pirquet guard stationed about a mile and a half, having been Jired at. His name i Clajilinrn. He found a bullet Mote through Ihoskirt of his coal. Mj. Marvin, llio commandant of our for ces here, has despatched filleen horsemen, and as many foot soldiers will soon fellow. He thinks ihaliossioy the scoundrel may be found to-night. Corr. N. Y. Express. A GIANT AT LAST. In exhuming of late the remains of so many wonderfully large animals unknown to the pres ent age, il has been supposed that tho ancien1 race of men must have beencnrrespontlitmly as largo. At leniitli we liao something to sustain the doctrine. Tho Madison II inner stales in Iho most reliable authority, Ihat a person in Franklin County, Teunesee, while diggins; a well, a few weeks since found a human skele ton, at tho de-pth of fifly feet, which measured eighteen feel in length. The iininenso frame was entire with an unimportant exception in one ot Ihe extremities. It has been waited by sev eral of Ihe principal members of tho medical faculty in Nashviilo and pronounced unequivo cally, by all, the skeleton nf a liugo man. The bono nf Ihe thigh measured live feel; anil it ft an computed that the height of lli; luing man, making the prn cr allowance for uiiiscle',-uiiut have been at least twenty feet. The finder had been offered. $3,0(J(I Tor it, but had deter mined not lo sell 11 nt uiy prico until first ex hibiting il lor twelve uiouths. He is now hav ing thu different parts wired together for Ihis purpose. These unwritten records of the men and animals of other ages, that are from tin eto lime dug out of tha bowels of the csrth nut conjecture to confusion, and almost aurna imagination i sell. History informs us that the Emperor Maximus wasS feel 0 inches in lioiaht. In llie reign ofClsuilius a man was brought from Arabia 0 feet 0 Indies hiirh. John M1.1 dletmvn, of Lancashire, England, was 8 feel A ini,. .n.l fS...i I.I.I. v.. Q . v iiivhv, o., vinci, ,11.111 giant, a icei inches. But our American skeleton, if we hsve really found such a one, will throw all other Giants in Ihe shade. St. Albans Rep. 1 he ubeat hnake i ho Sea Serpent is no longer a doubtful character. The monster bones found by Dr. Koch eomo months ago in Alabama, have been put in order for exhibition at the Apollo, in Broadway. They are arrange ed just as they were found, embedded anil pet. rifiod in the chalk and lime stone. They are all in a remarkable stale of preservation, and snmo of them almost as perfect ss if but just taken from the animal. Tho spinal bones as nmv r. ranged, measure ono hundred and fourteen feet in length, and Ihe animal must hv j at least one hundred and twenty lien foot Thirty-two of ihe ribn. apparently about half of the whole number, have been good state, and prove that this enormous snake must nave measured twenty-rive feet in circum. ference. Although found so far inland, the monster, do doubt, belonged to the deep, and was thrown out of his element tn die where he was found, hy some convulsion of the earth. A sci entific gentleman who came in and examined the teeth and bones, said tho animal was evi dently a calf, and far from belmr malum in ii growth. In his day, however, ho would have C.i II ...... I. !..!. II. l. at . . uiij oucmiiii-u an mai 0.13 ueen saw 01 the sea serpent nit our Atlantic coast. Journal of tjommene. Malkable Glass Tho Sevusian Mercnr stales that a meet marvellous discovery has been inada at St. Etienne, rendering glass as inalea ble when cold as when first drawn from the not. I.; e ..... . .. . ... . 1 uie aiiosiauce, which is called silicon, cninbines with various substance prndur.ing the most bril. liant hues, and can almi be oblained oD.iniio or transparent as required. Its specific gravity is 2,8.1. water being 1,00. h is quite-ductile snd inaieaiiie, and neilhcr air nur acids act upan it. I he idea nl discovering maleablc glass is only ranked ecrond to thai ol the philosopher's stone among slcliymisls, and the latter, will, doubtless, be the next discovery made, for the one-is as probable as the other. Improvement in Music The Imdon Globe announces the complete sucrcss ofa Mr. Jatne son, ,n teaching music of the pinim fnrte by ml nrs, through the medium ef a book entitled col. nr music. He says lie can learn Ihe pupil ihe science of music, giving all necessary instruc ttuns to make him proficient in playin.r on the piano forte, in five minutes. This w m not ap. pear so incredible when the plan of teaching, h ch is as fo'lowr, is known : The keys of Hie piano forte are colored, lo various lenghis, to correspond with similar colors in the bonk: color being note, height being octavo, and length being time. It would seem by the paper we have alluded to, ihat this method of teaching ia aHneting much attention aium c Iho musical, and eliciting much speculation, by reamm of the short spare ol time staled as uecessiry In acquire the facili. 1 ol playing from sight. Pust. The Cincinnii papers state that iho fever anil none is mure prevalent thero lies eason thin il ever ha been before. In Ihe immedi ate ucmity of the city, on (he nieraiul alung Iho Inlowater Canal, pen-mis are Minering; from it who have rcMtled mi their farms nearly forty years, without having a case ol 11 in their f.iiulliiM until nmv. The New Orleans Courier ment ons the ac cession nf one nt Ihe rnmnnsitors upmi llnl pa. per to a fortune of 810,000 announce,) 1.. him by letter while at work at his rase. Ik- nsilly eo-nplelcd his work and left fur Mi,.,,. i,.i the properly lies. The health nf nur rilv ia all that ti. r.;.nJ. at Imuvj and nhrmd could wish It has ceased 111 be llio Hlllu'ecl of conversaliiin. ,! .. .1.11 only regret when wo have to announce sny change. A. O. ic. Sen. 17. COMMERCIAL. itnimti ru ma . . h . n ; T Sepvo,ber 17, 184',. Pnlccs-neef Caiile -K,,,.,, 83 00; firsi ,ua f S'ore-s.-Two years old, 89 15, ihreeyearaold IS , " f,TOW UIKKT-Sept. 22, 19IS. aX '-'"'V " "fonvie-cccs, washed lb. 3T 3I-Do i do 31 it i and common do 23? ?-"7,f? ,5-Jo 'r..s &8W 6SS-Si" Hairirno dl. In this village, on the 29ih inst.. hv n w;u;. Ford, Mr. Cassics A. Castii, to Miss Mast L. Smith, all of Hurlingion. D n a !!, In this town, on ihe 25th uli. Mr. llonn T.s.. aged 41 years. Obituary. O Death! death 1 1 ihou art Ihe brnthier nr.ll fonde-t earthly hopes. Jane Gjut Johnio.i, of Ful ton, N. V., a most amiable promisine youth of It years ofage. took her final leave ofearthlr friendi. snd joined ihe disembodied spirits of the redeimnl. July 12, 1&I5. ' Sister Janewas seriousand ihntmkir,,! r..M . .l:ij Iii the winter of 1813, during a revival of religion ia iht place, under Ihe labors ofmv predee easor, Ry. I'. It. Sawyer, she sought for md nhiU ,1.. .... doning mercy of God, and renewing inftoence of divine grace. On February 4ih, 1814, sne was received on probation 1 baptised April 6 h.and admitted In mem bership in Ihe W. M. Church May 2Gih, 1341. Her Chn-nan course has ever since been consistent! her bleep even tenor and in all her deportment evinced a decision of character, firmness of principle, and in ardent desire for usefulness. She io-e.sl nol onl a zood heart, but a noble mind. In her literary st tsinmenls, she gave evidence of more than ordinary lalenl she was excelled by few of her age, and tousl ed hy none uf her -pporliimties When a Hacked by her Issi fatal sickness, she was engaged m teaching a district i.ehnnlt unit denceof leligious integrity, though but a child her. sell; she daily commenced her school hy reading ihe ncnpiures, and invoking divine ai l, and the I Irssings of heaven upon Ihe children commuted 10 her rharn. In conversing with her while engased in her school, she assured me that she fell as deep an inlrreslin lha moMl Iraminz of thechildien. as Ihe mental. She had no enemies f nil whn k n.u I... - I..J 1 and those who knew her best lovrd her best. She was ihe pride of fond and doting parent-, a faiihfol schnlirand leacher in iheSabbaih Sihool. an orna ment in Iho church a star in ehn. Il.r r......i seriiceswerenumeroiislyallende.l-friends assembled not for fashion's sake, hut to drop the tear of ifliio for one they loved, and sympathise with ihesffll.ii parents. Theeiercises were closed bv sinein. ,K.t ery appropriate hymn, (found in our collection.) "easier, Ihou wast mild and lovely, Genlle as the summer bievie, Pleasant as ihe air of evening, When it fljatj among the trees. Peaceful he thy silent slumber Peaceful in Ihe grave so low 1 Th.111 110 more will join our Humbert Thou no more our song shall keow, Dearest s;ster, ihou hast lfi us , Here thy loss we deeply feel I But 'lis God that hath berefi us 1 He can all our aorows heal. Yet again we hope 10 meet ihee. When the day nfhfo is fled, Then in heaven wilh joy lo greet thee. Where no farewell tear is she-d." July Nib. 1845. P. si, Wat. FIRE. PAY YOUIt ASSESSMENTS. fJIIIF. Treasurer of ihe Vermont Mutual Fire In- urance Company, has sent a schedule of as-ess-ments against the membt-rs of said Company in Bur lington tn me, and can be found nt ihe Store of 8. If. Pope where money can be left for the purpose afore. GEO. A. ALLEN. half hbl.. this dav received h Ocl.2,l8t. 'a. S. DEWET, r ( 1

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