14 Kasım 1845 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1

14 Kasım 1845 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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wuvlim NOT TUB GLORY OF C 41 S A R DUT TUB WELFARE OF ROME BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER H 1845. VOL. XIX No. 24. BY II. B. STACY. AUTUMN. Autumn is singing a solemn hymn, To tlio year lliat is dyinp now j Liko (.nc of tlio ministering scraphims, With a golden crown on his brow. And his hymn is sweeter, far sweeter to me. Than the merriest chotu of spring, Or the richest and rarest melody, That tho sun -taught summer can sin?. Autumn is strewing tho forest leaves, Crimson and yellow and brown And tho south-west lifts up his voice and gricvet To sea how the leaves come down Dut to mo the forest is dearer far Than with summer's sras o'cr-pread, ' Like a carpet of flowers the crisp leaves arc Yielding music at every tread. Autumn is shedding a glory now Even here through tho city sl;y With rsptuie our wondering spirits bow As we gaio on each sunset dyo. Dut the sunset dyes are more golden and red, The glory more glorious still, Where the rainbow wings of tho west are spread Over forest and river and hill. Autumn is breathing a holy calm, Now that tho storms of summer are spent, And each well-reaped valley and harvested farm Arc resting in sweet content. And an eloquent hush from tho lips cf life Is heard with his measured breath, For the queenly year, without murmur of strife, Has yielded her throne to Death! Cahom.ua. ROMANCE IN REAL LIFE. Ono of my father's brother?, residing in Bos. ton at that iitne, became a lctim to the peslN lencc. When the first symp'.oms appeared, his wife sent the children into the country and lit; r eolf remained to attend upon him. Her friends warned her against such rashness They told her it would be death to her, and no benefit to him ; for he would soon be too ill to know who attended him. These arguments made no im press on her affectionate heart. She felt that it would be a long.life satisfaction to her to know i who attended linn, if he did not. She accord ingly stayed and watched him witli unremitting care. This, however, did not avail tosavo him. lie grew wore! and worse, and finally died. Those who wont round with the death. carts had , visited the chamber and seen that the end was near. They now came to take the body. His ' wife refused to let it go. She told mo she nev er knew how to account fur it, but though he 1 was perfectly cold and rigid, and to every ap- pcarancc quite dead, there wa a powortul im pression nn her mind that life was not extinct. The men were ovi rhornc by the strength of her conviction ; though their own reaion was opposed to it. Tho half.hour again came round, and again was hoard tho solemn word, "firing out your dead I" The wi.'o again resisted their impuni ties but this lime the i.ien wuiis more lesulule. They said the duty assigned to them was a piinful one ; but the health of the city required punctual obedience to tho orders they" received ; if they eer expected the pestilence to abate, it must be by a prompt removal of the dead, and immediate fuhnigatiun of the infected apart ments. She pleaded and pleaded, and even knelt to them in an agony of tears, continually saying, 'I am sure ho is not dead." The men repro sented tho utter absurdity nf Mich an idea ; but finally, overcome by her tears, again de- fiartcd. With trembling haste she renewed ler efforts to restore him. She raided his head, rolled his limbs in hot llinnel, and placed hot onions on Ins foot. Tho dreadful half-hour again came round, and found him as cold and rigid as ever. She renewed her entreaties so desperately, tint the messengers began to think a little gentle force would be necessary. They accordingly attempted to remove the body againt her will ; but she threw herself upon it, and clung to it with such frantic strength, that they could not easily loosen her grasp I Impressed by the remarkable energy of her j win, ir.ey relaxed tlieir ellorts. To all ol their j remonstrances she answered, 'If yon bury linn you shall bury mo with him.' At last by dint of reasoning on the necessity of tho casei they obtained from her a promise, that, if he showed I no signs of life before they again came round she would make no farther opposition to tlio re. moval. Having gained this respite, she hung the watch upon the bed-post, and renewed her ef forts with redoubled zeal. She placed kegs of hot water about him, forced brandy between his teeth, breathed into his nostrils and hold harts horn to his nose ; but still the body lay motion less and cold, she looked anxiously at tlio watch; in five minutes the half hour would expire, and those dreadful voices would bo heard, passing through the street.: Hopelessness came over her; she dropped the head she had been sus taining; her hand trembled violently ; and tho hartshorn sho had been holding was spilled on the pallid face. Accidentia, the position of the head had become slightly tipped backward, and the powerful liquid flowed into his nostrils. In stantly there was a 6hort, quick gasp a strug gle his eyes opened ; and when the death men camo again, they found him sitting up in bed. lie is still alive and has enjoyed unusually good lioalth.-Mrs. ChilJs. F'RiaiiTrui. Mortality at Sea. On Men. day the Eclair steam sloop, Commander Est court, arrived at Portsmouth, from the coast of Africa, having the yellow flag with a black ball in its centre, Hying from the iiidiuiiiast head emblematic of death on board. The most aw ful mortality has prevailed on this vessel, it is stated from a fever something between the yellow and black. No less than sixty-two per sons, including the commander, the surgeon, assistant surgeon, and four other officers, had died up to Monday morning, and at that time twenty-three persons were suffering from the disease. Three more deaths, and two new cases, wore reported yesterday (Tuesday) morning. Tho vessel is kept in a stato'of trict quarantine, and the must careful surveil lance is exorcised to proven! any communica tion with tho shore, Fresh provisions have been supplied to the unfortunate crew, and it is stated that medical aid has been sent from Ilaslar hospital, but no ono has been allowed to go on board or leave the venel, and the .quarantine officers refused to receive any 'thing from her oxcept llie Admiralty despatches. Mam. A man is an odd genius made up of all kinds of materials. He is grave lo dav and gf to-morrow in the suds of despondency this moment, and the next sailing on the car of hope. Now passion rules him anon, a child leads him. Last month ho mado his fortune, and will lose it in tho next. Is not a man a queer compound T--An odd old genus thus do. fines the creature ; "At ten a child, at twenty wHd, At thirty lame, iC ever, At forty wise, at filly rich, At eiJtly good, or never." GUANO. Tho now manure which lias so much in terested agriculturists, is likely to interest humanity under a now and not less precious aspect, that of a great medicine. A resi dence on tho guano deposits cures leprosy ! Hero nro tho facts, as wo find them stated in tho Memorial Bocdclais, as quoted in tho Havre Journal of Sept. 3, from which we translate, omitting tlio prefatory icmurks : Theso aro tho circumstances under which tho curative virtues of guano hecomo first known in Peru. A servant eaten up with leprosy, was discharged from his employ, from apprehension of the contagiousness of his loatlisoino mnludy. This unfortunate man, after wandering about some time with out shelter, look refugoinono of the Guano islands of tho Pacific. Tlio demand for this substance, attracted vessels thither, and tilts outcast helped them to load, and, re ceived in return, provisions and tho mcuns of living. At the closo of his day's work, ho bathed in the sea, and (lien sought his sleep ing placo in a sort of cavo he had hollowed out in a hank of Guano. Very soon, and without suspecting the cause, ho began to feel unusually well. The spots and ulcers of the llesh, insensibly dis appeared his strength soon revived, and at the end of two months ho returned to his service entirely cured sound and strong. Tins marvellous cnio attracted tho notice of other lepers, who immediately sought the samo abode and with complete success. They made public their cure, of which tlio authenticity and the means hv which it was effected, wero verified by a committee of scientific physicians. A number of lepers aficr a short residence on tho Guano island of Chuiclias, nuar Pis ca, returned entirt'ly restored, fresh and agile. The facts in their cases aro estab lished on tho authority of an official medi cal examination, instituted by order of the government of Peru, and of which the Re port is preserved among tlieir archives. Moreover, a general commission from the uospiiuis ui v,ihii n.ia sum nu.m-.uua to one of tho islands of its tcirilory which abound in Guano ; nnd the report is that j iiiuu iiimiui . u.., nn ii u iii, i vi.iM.-... restoration is anticipated by tlio physi cians. Theso facts scum imposing, and will doubtless attract the attention of chemists and physicians. A LARGE PEARL. An orphan hoy about 12 or -14 yeais of age, living in tho neighborhood nf Southland, ut tho mouth of tho Cumberland river, obtains a scanty means necessary for his support by fishing. Ho does not content himself with following Ins vocation alone in the vicinity of his'humblo abode, but ofien extends his ex cursions to the Tcnnesseo river. Returning recently from ono of these ex cursions, with his basket filled with the re wards of his industry, tho youthful nngler of fered them for sale to one of his customers. Tho latter selected such as he wanted, and requested "cliango" for tho coin which hu presented, i iio utile tellow lumblud lor n i , , . i .i .i .... i w o in i s pocket, aim mull urow oui n ., i r. c.i ii -i i r i ,, .-i i r and r ag, of ho o d maid, who, after reading handfu of various aricles sue Ii as pieces of ( ,,, , ".'. c . n . cm . r i i ii '' account of tho gallant rescue ofMiss -". "of H.upl,ea,eu..,o . u . ,,u ,u.u-... "B tlllll Ul U'llU (IMKlllUU IIIU .IlllillllUII UI UIU buyer. lie look it and examined it, nnd was convinced that it was a largo and valuable pearl. He asked the boy how ho came hy il. Tho latter replied that ho had found it, with others of n smaller size, in muscle shells which hu had picked up, whilst fishing on the bank of tho Tennessee liver, not far above its mouth lliat ho had thrown tho rest away, but had kept this because it was "big, while and pretty." Tho gentleman asked him what lie would take for the stone. Hosiidn hit or two just as ho pleased. " No, my littlu fellow," said tho gentleman, "you must not sell this pretty thing for a hit or two it is worth a great deal more. It is a pearl, I think, of some value. 1 will take it with me to Nash ville, u hence it shall be sent to the North and sold, nnd tho proceeds shall bo applied to your education." Tho boy readily con sented, and tho gentleman, on arriving in Nashville, submitted tho pearl to tho examin ation of Mr. Campbell, who at once pro nounced it lo bo ono of the handsomest and most valuable pearls hu had over seen. Ho will not venture to say what Us exact value . may be, but judging, ho says, from tho sizo of thai which is placed in the snuff-box sent to Mr. Van Buren when President, by the Imaum of Muscat, wu believe, and which was valued at blUUU, ho is convinced lliat fcoUU, would not bo too high an estimate to put up- 1 on tho fisher boy's pearl. Mr C. intends to 1 send il immediately lo a celebrated lapidary ....1 in rinlddelphia. This peail is about of an inch in diame ter weighs 18 grains and is without a (law or defect. Nash. Banner, FATTENING ANIMALS. Vhere arc some rules which may bo auvan- . I.. -.1 ...... I :.. r l:.... . lugeousiy rt'lupiuu in lueuuig animals, which, I ,i p , , , , , , J how ever obvious they unv be, aro tonoflen pass. I ;"trelorei " "0 asked by tho publisher who ed over or neglected. Some of these will bej,s ,0 I"1' 1,10 money for tho labor, is, what specified: and I ground has this parly or individual lo rcquiie 1st. The trepanation or Food. This I mo to pay for tho promotion of its or ins oh- suoum uoso prepareu uiai us iimriiivo proper- lies may uo an maijo avanatiio to mo uso oi llio animal, and not only so, but appropriated with the least possible expenditure of muscular en. crgy. The ox that has to wander over an acre to gel the food he should find on two or three squaro rods; the horse that is two or three hours eating tho coarso food ho would swallow in fifteen minutes if the grain was ground, or uio ii.j lui d ii euuuiu uu, inu Biieeiiiiavepeuus hours making its way into a turnip, when if it was sliced, it could bo eaten in as inanv minutes. I uiepiguiai cats raw potatoes or whole corn, wnen either cooked, codld bo eaten in ono quar Icr of tho time, may iudoed fatten, but much less rapidly than if their food was givon them in a proper manner. All food should be givon to a fattening animal in such a state, that as lit. tlo timo and labor as possible, on the part of tho animal shall ba required in catlnc. 3.1. Tun Pnnn L..n,,. .. ... from tho tune tho fattening procets coininen. ccs, until the animal is slaughtered, he should never be without food. Health and appetite are best promoted by cliango of fond rather than by limiting tho quantity. The animal that is sliiflbd and starved alternately, may have streak ed meat, but it will be mado too slowly for the profit of the owner. 3d. The roon siiour.D nn given m.aui.An ly. This is ono of tho most essential points in feeding animals. If given irregularly, tho ani mal indeed consumes his food, but he soon ac quires a restless disposition, is disturbed at eve ry appearance of his feeder, and is never in tint quiet state so necessary to the taking on of fat. It is surprising how readily any animal acquires habits of regularity in feeding, and how soon the intluenco of this is full in tho improvement of his constitution. When at tho regular hour the pig has had his pudding, or the sheep its tur nips, they compose thcinselrcs to rest, with the consciousness that their digestion is not to be unseasonably disturbed, "or tlieir quiet broken by unwonted invitation to cat. All creatures fatten much faster in tho dark than in tho liglit a fact only to bo accounted for by their greater quiet. Some of those crea tures that aro tho most irritable and impatient of restraint while leeding, such as turkeys and geese, are found to lake on fat ranidlv when con- fined in dark rooms and fed at stated hours by hand. ing well, Ihan to see him eat his meal quickly . I.U I. IIU DUIUI IIUW, lllb it J( 111, anu men retire loins lieu, to sleep or cogitate until tho hour of feeding returns. Alb. Cult. THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE. Tho eccentric, but brilliant, John Ran dolph, onco roso suddenly up in his seat in tho House of Representatives, and screamed out at tho top of his shrill voice, " Mr. Sneaker I Mr. Snnnhnrl T Imvn ilir-ninrnfl tho philosopher'., stuno. It h pay as you col" John Randolph, dropped many gems from his mouth, but never a richer ono than that. "Pay as you go," and you need not dodge sheiilTi and constables. "Pay as you go," and you can walk tho streets with nn erect back and a manly fiont, and you have no fears of those you meet. You can look at any man in tho cyo without flinching. You won't have to cross tho hiiThwnv tn nvnhl o rlini. nr Innh mtnnllt. min (hn sl)0p wimjons to avoid seeing a crcd- jtor- ..pay as yotJ g0 a)J yo can snp your linger at tlio woild, nncJ when vou I ll'lgll, It will bo a hearty, honest ono. It seems lo us sometimes that we can almost tell tho laugh of a poor debtor. He looks around as inougn no was in doubt whether the laugh was not the propcily of his ci editors, and nui intiuueu in urucies cxumpicu iroin ui lachmcnl." When ho does succeed in gel ting out an abortion of a laugh for it is nothing but an aborlion ho appears flight onod, and looks as though ho expected it would bo pounced upon by a constable. "Pay as you go," and you will meet smi ling faces at home, h ippy, cherry-checked, smiling children a contented wife a cheer ful hcarlh-slouc. John Randolph was right. Il is the phi losopher's stone. PnnTTV Good. A correspondent of tho Independent Monitor, Tuscaloosa, who late ly visited Washington city, objects to the nudity of llie Indian girl in Persico's group representing the landing of Columbus. This reminds us, s.iys the Slato Journal Onslow from tho wreck of the Pulaski, by a Mr. Kirf ,o.10m sl0 a3 afterwards married, and brought a fortune of $200,000, remarked that Miss Onslow might bo very pretly and a great heiress, but for her own part, sho had rather hu drowned any time than bo saved by silling alono on a pieco of tho wreck, wuh a young man, ii her night gown! Very much like the Monitor's ciilic was the b.ishlul young man who lately look some ladies to seo Power's beautiful statue of our first mother. Seeing her standing be fore ihem us largo as life, nnd tioicc as natu ral, he blushed immediately, nnd turning to tho ladies, said hastily, " We've called loo early. She's not dressed yet. Let's live ncualc. Simi'le Cunn roit Stammering. At an in quest on the 4'h inst., Iho summoning officer told .Mr. U'akley that it would he useless lo call ono witness, a lad, because lie stuttered so excessively that he could barely articuUte thu shortest sentenco in halfan hour. Mr Wakloy, however, had him called, and observing thai, as shot could not bo discharged from a gun without powder or air, so words could not come from the mouth unless the lungs had their powder, viz : . air, he told the lad to inhaln ntr. nr lira w in hi. "ream, strongly, and tho lad bavin" done air w auicy asked, " Can you talk now 1" The boy, to the surprise of Iho jury, answered im mediately and glibly, Ve, 1 can. Sir, very it' n 1 Cororcr added, that inhalation, or self-mflation of iho lungs with air, was a sure remedy for stammering, and thou-li it had boon discovered long ago, tho faculty "had not until lately, and even then only a few of them caus. n.i I, In ,a .. I e . . od it in be practised as a remedy for defective utkiuiaiiuii. "Giiatuitous PniNTi.No." There is no such tiling us doing any thing "gratuitously" in a printing office. Homebody fcusl pay for u.c.j umig uiai is uono. iot a line can bo u. ., uoes noi cost money lor the selling, l. uiLr mo printer must pay tho wholo or the advertiser his share. The onlv nonsi!.,,, I r.i,', , i ijecis Salem liazctle hound and sensible logic this. Wo do not think wo could have propounded tho question in plainer terms if wo had tried. Transcript, Valimiilf. Tkutiis. Il will be a happy day fur tho church, says an eminent divine, when tho clorev and lailv shall nl.mt thm,,. selves upon theso lour principles 1. That wealth can bo lawfully and in-. nocenuy goiien, only ny labor. -. lliat, in Iho choice of rules, virtue 1 of net incorporating Connecticut and Cham and wistJoni aro to Ijo preferred to party. I plain Rail Road Company : to llio samo 3. That education is not Iho mere acqui-' commiltec. Altering thu name of Percival sition of knowledge, but includes moral und-l Moore, Charles Crown, Napuleon Bonaparte religious training. j Bowdish, Edwin Welch, Susan Orinda Hull, , TllaJ ' fol'g'on of Christ is not the William Walson, Anna Wutson, George fruit of cxcitoment, but of scriptural inslruc- Watson. Marv Ann Walson. Simoon W.n. "n. 1 A Death Indeed. To-day, soys iho N. V. Patriot, the mortal remains nf Mrs. Hannah Gotigh (who died on Sunday, aged 109 years, 11 months and fifteen days,) aro to bo interred. Mrs. (io'igh was m Iho possession of her facul ties until ho last moment. Shu had sect) and conversed with every President nf the United State, When Georgo Washington Parks Custls was here, 6lio was sent for to go and see him," but was too feeble to accept the in vitation. A Luckv Man. One of tho cutters at "Oak Hall," and a poor man, with a largo family, re. coived the intelligence by the last steamer Hi hernia, of a largo amount of inonoy,house.. land, plate, horses, carriages, &c. &c, amounting to from 150,000 to 200,000 dollars, being the ef fects of a rich pawn broker, deceased, of whom .this rnllor is solo hei '. r AMEtttcAN Railroad Ino.v. A corres pondent o( the Now Haven Courier, writing from Willi.imspoit, Pennsylvania, states that tho first Iron T Rail Manufactory in that Slate, commenced operations nt Dan ville, on tlio "ill inst. Tlio Rails are said to ho supoiior to any English impoiled. They nro making Rails for tho Harrishurgh , and Lancaster Road at $70 per ion Icr. ron Cm.v.v. Tho ship Arcatus, which sills in a day or two for Hong-Kong, carries out a cargo of ice, the first regular cargo, wo believe, which lias ever gone from this coun try to-China. Ico houses have boon set tip at Hong-Kong, and arrangements made for tho reception and sale of American ice in tlio Celestial Empire. I ho Arcatus takes out about COO Ions nl of it "Wcnhnni Lake" ice. Boston Traveller. VERMONT LEGISLATURE. Monday Evijnino, Nov. 3, 1815. HOUSE. Resolutions. From the Senate, appoint ing a committee to eximinc tho account nnd scltlolhc claims of Gen. James Morso; also in relation lo the bounties on silk both pass ed. Reports, By General Committee, against

the bill repealing the act lelaling lo exlnhi lions of natuial curiosities, nnd it was reiec - led. By coinmitlro of Ways and Meal s, ngainst ftonale bill in amendment of chapter 10 It. ., which was supported bv .Mr Ricp. who had learned facls, since the report was written, showing tho necessity of tho hill lo fix the fees nf sheriffs: rficr icmarks by MessisRico, Russell, Birlow and Button, t1G hill , passed, 110 to 1G. By commit C0 0 Education, against tho hill for the re lie l ol (lie university ol Vermont, and on molion ofMrBill it was dismissed. By Gen- oral committee, against petition of Joseph Siu'ar and others, anil t!iiv h id Inavu lit with- draw. By commilleo on Education, against l.:il!n.,.l.l!.!.... ... ..I....I 1QI) . .. .1 !. hill in 'illinium to chapter lo 11 t, nnd it was rejected. By cumuiilieo on Manufac turers, bills to incorporate tho Windlnm Slate and Mineral Co., and llie Jefferson Mining Co., and they wero hulh amended, on molion of Mr Thomas, by making pri vate properlv hidden for debts, and ordered to a 3J reading. By committee of Claims, 1,111 tn iviv t.ntvie TiipL'nr &lf nnniilltr ",- losing his sight while nt work for tho State, and it was ordered to a 3d reading unani !,T.5,-V-, C0,'"imt':B Manufactures, , lias. iW Messrs Bellows, emis, Bil- j )ls d , ,,, tera,;on of h hil in addition to act clnile.ing tho Middle lings, Bradley, Button, Campbell, Clulten-1 a ,01U oT redress ; ordered toSJrcad I' alls Manufacturing Co., and it vvas ordered den, Hodges, Howe, lord, Ladd, Marshall, j ij . Mr Wmlli frolll t(l0 j,,;,,, C011111li,. ton Jd reading. By comniiltee on Roads, Morgan, Onion, Richardson, Sias, Winn, t(,0 ,ipon ,.o subject, a resolutiouappoi.it Senate bill in addition (o chapter 21 R S, v oodbridge. . ., ing a commilleo to define the boundary line (superintendent of highways to be elected,! Iho Senate vvot.l into i committee ol the between Bennington and Windham conn &c. in each town,)-lniil on the table. whole, on iho bill prohibiting usury. Mr J ,. ,0 , at 10 nex, sessi passcj, Mr Jones ofC. called Up tho hill in add.-, Barrett proposed a substitute to tho I'dl, ! By Mr T. T. Barrett, from the commitiee on lion to chapter 28 R b, of process, and it "Inch was adopted as an amendment. 1 hej Military affairs, against the hill iulcrdictin-r was ordered to u 31 reading. amendment of Mr Vilas, previously offered, the Sec.etarv of Civil and Militarv affairs Mr Uoodlmo callnsvjp Ije nil graining a premium on silk, and it was dismissed. Engrossed Bills. Relating to Sucretary ol tvivil and military Allans ; In niter mimes fcc, of .Mary Arabella P.ukcr and Calvin Clark ; lo alter the names of sundry persons ; in relation lo engrossing clerks ; lo incorporate the bank of Black River severally passed. Common Schools. Tho Ilotiso insisted upon its fourth amend ment to tlio Senalo hill on this subject, 71 to 32, and receded from iho amendments rel alive lo iho pnvmcnt of superintoiidcnls and the duty of teachers to inculcate moral scnli- mcms. ivir marsion caueu up uio on. rciaung 10 Iho competency of witnesses: Mr riiomas moved -an amendment so us to allow a wit-1 nesscs belief to ho iuquiied into so far as lo test his credibility, which vvas agreed lo. A motion lo dismiss was sustained by Messrs Briggs, Button, Fairbanks and Rider, oppos ed by Messrs Thoma37Stovcns, Rico and Ballou and lost, 90 to GG. Tt'csDAV, Nov. 4. SENATE. Prayer by iho Chaplain. Jtepnrt. By Mr Howe, fiom a majority of lliu commilleo on Agriculture, in favor of (he House bill repealing all bounties on the destruction of bears, wolves nnd p inthnrs ; after remarks by Mr Button, against tho bill, il vvas laid on llie table. Engrossed. Bills, Relativo to the accounts for county court expenses; passed. Rela tive lo highways near tho line of adjoining lowns ; passed. Repealing so i.i.kIi of the act of M2 in amendment nf chanler 19 of It i ... ,i. n.. ti,: . ".- -j,- - sioner of the insane poor ; passed. Inror porating tho Green Mountain Hospital at Woodstock; on molion of Mr J Barren, in definitely postponed. House bills referred. Incorposaling tho Black River Bank ma. .iho commilleo on Banks. Companies making applications for charters lo pay Engrossing Clerks : to Com. on Finance. Forbidding Secretary of Civil and Military affairs to take perquisites for hn dischargii of any official duties : to the Com. on military nfljirs. In addition to act i inrornnr.itinn f!nnnprlif-nt nml I iccm.,...!.. Rivets Rail Road Company; lo tho commit- tco on Roads and Canals. In amendment sou, Hannah .Watson, William Watson, Jr. Mary Arabella Parker, Calvin Clark ; sev erally referred in (he Judiciary Committee. To abolish the Stalo school fund ; to incor porate the Brattnhoro' Infirmary both to tho committee on Education. To pay Lew is Tucker $30 annually ; lo tho committee on Finance. To pay Louis N. Flint: lo iho commilleo on Claims. To incorporate tho Amciican Exploring, Mining, nnd Man ufacturing Company : to incorporate iho Windham Slato and Mineral Company ; In the commillcr-on Manufactures. To incor porate tho Western Vermont Rail Road Company : to the committee on Roads and Ca nals. Bill Introduced. By Mr Vilas, admitting every debtor's oath, who is, or may hereaf ter be, confined in jail, n hen such debtur may by law ho entitled to the liberties of such jail, and shall tender to his creditor his pro perty in tho Slate both real and personal, lo bo appraised by indifferent men, in payment of his debt; refeircd lo the Judiciary com mittee, lly jir Smith, iucrcaso the capital stock of tho Hank of Monlpelier ; referred to the committee on Banks. By Mr Smith, relating lo the sale of goods, wares and mer chandise at auction : referred to tho com mittee on Finance. Resolutions. By Mr J. Barred, directing ttits Secretary of Stale to furniuh immediate ly the Supcrintcndant and every Director of the stale Prison with a copy ol tho law pass ed this session, relative to the labor nnd ac counts ol Hie Slate prison ; passed. My Mr I Smith, requesting Henry Slovens to cause lo no uouiiil anil deposited in the Secretary ol Slate's Office tlio documents in his posses sion connected with the Surveyor Guncral's Department : also requesting him to deposile in Iho Stalo Library, one copy of iho Acls and Journals of each session of tho General Assembly, of which the Statu Library is de ficient : also that tho Statu Librarian deposit with Henry Slovens ono copy of the Ameri can Archives, one copy of tho American Statu Papers, and one copy of the Vermont lleporls : referred to the Judiciary commit- Inn. Krnm llin Ilnnsn. tiislrnnlmr tlm Kn. 1 porinlendant and Trustees of the Vermont , Asylum fjr the Insdnc ; concurred in. From Iho House, lo ndjuurn sine die on nursuay morning nt ( o clock ; concurred in. 1 hu senate concurred in tho House amendments to tho bill amending iho act of 41 relating to the alato Prison. The Senate look up the Militia bill. Mr Woodhridgo moved lo amend so that all ex penses incurred by the operation of Iho hill sua nnoi exceed : carried by n vote of lo to 14. 1 he question being upon the fiualpassagooflhubill.il was briefly sup - ported by mossis 1 1 Barrett, J B irrelt, Vi- las and Noyes, upon the ground of Iho ne- fl..llll nl.. nllllln.l. ...ln... ...nnl ! .Inn cessny oi a military system lo repc invasion, and to preserve public order, and that no ef- licicnt una could uc devised upon a more economical plan than llie bill presented, and was opposed by Messrs Woodhridgo, Billings, Button, Bradley and Hodges, as involving great expense, and as being totally nnneces- I ry and uncalled for by tho people. Tho hill was I, let v :i I'uli. .,f 1 1 tn 1Q - tf.,. imiir. 1' 1' I!.--..,, II. ....... ..II rl I?. ......lai s . & i.uiii;,,, uiutt null, VJt1il, XI- field, Noyes, Rich, Sahiu, Simonds, Smith. ! extending tlio provisions of llie bill to Hanks, was strenuously susporled bv Mr Vilas, vvas opposed bv Mr J Barren, and was lost. thojtvTho committee rose, and llie Semite Adj. nidi HOUSE. - Prayer by Rev Mr Manser. Resolutions. Bv Mr Converse, postpon ing -nil. .. : I-.' j ,iti- uiii:iiuii ui u iiiiiu tltuil III, nullify umiowed lor llie use of tiio University ol Vermont; laid on llie table. By Mr Bill re questing the coinniiiloo on Military Affairs lo inquire into the expediency of altering the law as to the term of service ufler enlUt- mcnt ; laid nn the table, Bills introduced. By Mr Crowley, incor- . poraluig tlio Washington Iron tJo. ; re erred io the committee on iWanulaclures. UV sir j Pope, repealing, all arls rel iling lo licenses for the salo of spirituous liquors : Mr Bill moved to dismiss it ayes 13G, noes 2G. By air Lawrence, lo incorporate tlm Oiler Creek Iron Company at Vorironnes : icfer red to committee on Manufactures Mr Slovens moved to reconsider tho vote dismissing tho hill for the relief of lliu Uni vcisity of Vermont. Messrs Slovens and Russell supported tho motion, Messrs Thom as, Ballou and Langdon opposed il, and il was rejecled. Reports. By Judiciary commiltec, bill in addition tn chapter 72 R S relating to usury, (compelling answer on oath in chan cery,) Mr Waterman moved to dismiss il: ayes 67, noes 102, when thu hill was order ed lo a3J reading ; against bill in addition to chapter 21) It S, relating lo trustee process, which vvas supported by Messrs Stevens, Hovvo of Slioreham and Button; opposed by Mr Russell, nnd ordered to a 3d reading. Engrossed Bills. To incnrporalo llie Western Vermont Railroad Company : to pay Lewis Tucker S33 annually j to pay Louis N Flint $37; to iucorporatu Ameri can Exploring, Mining, and Manufacturing Co.; and lliu Windham Slate and Mineral Co. severally passed. Tho bill relating to the competency of witnesses was ordered to a third reading. State School Fund. Tlio committee of Ways and Means re ported tho bill relating to tlio Stalo School fund, providing for a division of tho fund among llio (owns for schools, without any expression of opinion. Mr Rice moved to amend so as to collect and diidoono fourth part of tho fund annually until all is cnllcc-j By Mr J. Barrett, from thu samo commilteo, tod and divided. Mr Rico argued that it is! ihat they icere willing iho Houso Bill in re unjust to put llio fund into thu treasury, in- lalion to subsequent aiuching creditors usmuch as it is llio common properly of Iho should pass; passod, after remarks by Messrs people every person's portion being equal.1 J. Barrel!, Novel, llodgus, Woodbridge, and lie would impose a lax of 8 cents on the' Smith. By mi Chillendep, from the coin grand list annually to pay the debts of Ihe'milieo on Roads and Canals, in favor of the bUtu to the fund, and then divide thu fund it-1 bill incorporating the Vermont Western self among the towns to ho expended or in vested fur I ho benefit of schools. Mr Stevens offered tin amendment so as lo provide that n lax of 15 els on tho grand list shall bn imposed annually for this pur pose, instead of 8. Mr S. said if iho paper debt nf the stalo is to bo paid, it may as well be done within a reasonable time : il would require four or five years lo do il with a 1G cent lax. Adopted, and llie bill was then dismissed, Tho engrossed bill to abolish ti c school fund was passed ayes 95, noes 77. Tho bill lo incorporate the Bratllcboro' Infirmary was passed, G9 to 44. Tho committee on Roads reported ngainst lliu bill lo incnrporalo the Northern Exten sion Railroad Company, on the ground that it is unnecessary lo pass the same as the companies iutciestcd may mutually arrange the matter between them, and I lie bill was laid on tho table. Mr Stevens called up iho hill in adililion lo chap. G7 R. S. and it was dismissed, 67 lo 42, after remarks by Mr Stevens for nnd Mr Barlow against the bill. The committee on Military Affairs was discharged from tho report of the commit tee lo examine the accounts of tho lGlh regiment. Tho Judiciary committee reported against bill lo repeal so much of the charter of die Vermont Central Railroad Company as re lates to taxation, nnd it was dismissed. Senate bills. To niter the name of Jo nas Fish passed. For iho relief of cred itors, amended by limiting the bill to cases where thu properly is not less than S500 in stead of $50. Mr Fairbanks called up iho bill in relation lotho grand list, (railroad stock to bn assess ed ;) the amendment of Mr Russell, for an appraisal, the same as with other slocks, was adopted, and tlio hill ordered lo a 3d reading. The commilleo of tho whole was dis charged from the House bill on education, and tlio bill dismissed. Tho bill relating to elections (requiring votes on while paper,; was ordered to a 3d I reading. a o clock, r. m. SENATE. Reports. By sir Bradley, from tho com mittee on Banks, that the memorial of the Bank of Monlpelier called for no legislative action, as il would be iho province of tho com Is to decide upon the individual cases as thoy mav nriso ; laid on llie table. Bv Mr I Smith, from tho commnteo on Education, I ..,.;,,., ,!, nno!niinrr a hoard nf com. ' jssjol.rs , vjsit annually and examine the Vnr...il. ir,,;or.!if . R.,.;,i. -..,, l. I .lnl s;ini4r act was passed in 1828 with . . ... ' . ... i rorcrelK.0 t0 ,10 University of Vermont, and )ad proV(,j .,, expt.nso t0 ,ie sliite ol aiioul slJll. it lias resulted in no prac- lical benefit, nnd the officers of that iuslilu lion wero perfectly willing that the act should be repealed. Under such n stalo of facts, (ho committee felt constrained to report against the present bill ; refused a 3 j read ing. By Mi' Marshall, from the committee on Roads and Canals, in favor of the hill in addition lo chaplcr 20 of R. S. providing frum rcct.iviL, ern.iMtcs for tho discharge of any of his ollicial duties : laid on the la-1 hie. By Mr T. T. Barrett, from the same rnnmiiltnn. niiimict the rnctilnlhui ilirnrlim. I the collection of the properly of iho Miliu- ry Department not in tho hands of uniform ' u lalc Pi"", lo the Superintendent and companies: Iho committee reported oilier I Drec'ors, was toucuiied in. lesoiuliuns in lieu of il, thai lliu Governor Mr Keyes of Putney obtained leave of be requested lo apply lo tho Secretory of absence. War, for such an extension of privilege Tho llouso asked a conference with the granted to III.) Slntu for storing munitions of. Senate in reference lo the fourth amend war in the U.S. Arsenal at Vergennes, as'menllo the Senate bill, irlaliiig to Common will bn sufficient to meet the existing wants Schools. of this Slato, and thai if such application bo Reports. By Commiiiee on M inufac- successful, iho Q laiter .Master General be uin-iicu 10 I..IUSU uii iiir uuiiiary propeny oi the slate, not dis'.iilmled among llio niilili lo be collected and placed in said Arsenal ; laid on the table. By Mr Hodges, from llie committee on Claims, in favor of llio bill lo paj Gny C. Sampson SGO. Somn nine was spent in making enquiries of the Chairman of llio commillep ; and llie bill was support ed by Messrs Noyes and Smith, and vvas op posed hy Mr Woodhridgo. Tlm hill was passed hy a vote of 20 to t). Messrs J. Bar rel!, Campbell, Chittenden, Morgan, Rich, Sabin, Simonds, Winn, and Woodhridgo vo ting in iho negative, (Wo are icminded lliat it may be proper lo add lo our brief no lice in yi'stenla) ' journal, uf iho message ol Hid tiovernor to the senate, explanatory of his course in regard to tho rejecled Index of Mr Sampson, that vviih the message he communicated llie Index ilsell, and request ed lliat it might bo preserved in the archives ol Iho Senalo as uppropnato evidence touching thu question (if his ft lelily to the trust committed to him.) By Mr Wood- hlidge, from iho Judiciary commilleo, in fa vor of the bill relating to persons imprison ed in jail (introduced hy Mr Vilas this mor ning ;) passed. By Mr Woodhridgo, fiom llio same commilleo, against llio hill in addi tion to section 37 chapter 25 of R. S. in re lation to cxccpiions to decisions of county courts, us unnecessary ; refused a 3J read ing. By Mr J. Barren, from tho same com mittee, in. favor of tho bill in addition lo chap. 49 of ii. s. providing for an extension of Iho lime allowed to creditors of estates, in which to present their claims ; ordered lo a 31 reading. By Mr .Vilas, from the same committee, in favor of iho hills altering the names of certain persons ; severally passed Railroad Company j passed. By Mr Chif louden, from tho samo committee, in favor of iho bill incorporating tho Connecticut and Pi.ssunipsic Rivers" Rail Road Company, with an amendment providing that Iho bill shall lako effect from its passage ; amend ment adopted. Mr Bradly moved lo amend so lliat llio company may he organized when ils stock shall he taken to the amount of half a million ; carried, and the hill was laid on lliu table. By Mr Onion, from tho commit tee on Finance, against the bill requiting ap plicants for charters lo pay fees lo Engross ing Clerks ; hill refused a 3d reading. By Mr Winn, from the rommiltcc on Mauufuc lures, a substituted bill incorporating tho Vernon Glass Manufacturing Company ; or dered lo a 3d reading. By Mr Richardson, from the same committee, incorporating the Vermont Rail Road Iron Co., with amend ments ; amendments adopted, and bill order ed lo 31 reading, lly Mr Smith from tho committee on Banks, in favor of the bill in creasing tho capital stock of the Bank of Monlpelier ; ordered to a third reading. Mr S.ibin, from tlio committee on Educa tion, to whom had been recommitted the resolution to cancel Iho nolo against G. W. Benedict and others, given for the benefit of the University of Vermont, presented an other resolution postponing the collection of the said note two years ; laid on the table. The commilleo on Claims, through Mr Hodges, asked lo he discharged from th fur ther consideration of the claim of Lewis Tucker, as having been presented at a for mer session ; refused, and (bo committee was instructed to entertain the claim. Engrossed Bill. Giving redress toper sons injured hy the alteration of highways ; passed. Bills introduced. By sir Sahin, repeal ing so much of Iho act of '28 relating to the University of Vermont, as provides for a board of examiners to visit the institution annually; referred lo the committee on Ed ucation. By Mr Smith, repealing part of the acl of '42, relating lo public accounts ; re ferred to the committee on Finance. Tho resolution providing for an evening session was taken from the tablo and passed, Mr J. Barrett culled up the resolution re lating to the removal of the sessions of the Circuit and District Courts from Rutland and Windsor lo Burlington and Monlpelier. The question was taken without debate, and the resolution vvas lost by a voto nf 13 lo 10. Yeas, Messrs Bellows, Bcmis, Bradley, Fifield, Ladd, Marshall, Noyes, Onion, Richardson, Sahin, Sias, Smith, Vilas. Nays, Messrs J. Barren, T. T. Barred, Billings, Brownell, Button, Campbell, Chit tenden, Cl.ipp, Hudges, Howe, Hurd, Mor gan, Rich, Simonds, Winn, Wood bridge. The Scnato resolved to insist upon its nmendment lo the school bill, relative lo the employment of unexamined teachers ; and Messrs Sjbin, Smith and Onion were ap pointed a committee of conference, on the part of the Senate. HOUSE. Senate bills. Relating to highways and bridges passed ; in addition lo chapter 21 n. s. (pioviding for a superintendent of high ways,) rejected. Relaling lo public ac counts ; referred to the commilteo of Ways and Means. In amendment of act of 1842, relating lo instruction of llie deaf, dumb and blind ; referred tn the committee on Educa tion. Relating lo highways near iho line of adjoining luwns ; referred lo the committee on roads. For iho relief of creditors re jected. In relation lo the use of firo arms in villages ; in addition lo acl relating to li censes lu retailers and innkeepers passed. A resolution from tho Senale, to furnish c."l''i.'s of 'J'? act uf ,,li4 s,,"'" relativo lo i.m, :.......,., ..:..,. ,...-r-... i. r . rj0i nmj ,, Washington Iron Co., which vvele amended on molion ol Mr I nomas in relation to private propeily of the stock holder, and ordered lo a 3d reading, Tlio bill in addition lo chap. 107 u. s. was ordered lo a 31 rending. air Rice moved lo reconsider lliu vote re juciing llm bill to recharler the hank of Bel lows Falls. Mr Hammond said llie officers of tho bank arc men of unblemished reputa tion, and lliu hills of the bank have been always nt par points which ho deemed it his duty lo state, owing lo lliu inferences drawn from lliu Bank Commissioner's Re port. .Mr Aikensupported llio molion, ar guing ih it the neglect of the cashier to post his books should nol prejudice the claims of llio bank lo a recharler : he thought llie case was a strong ono a recharler vvas re quired, not by tho stockholders, but hy iho people. Mr Stodd.ird also supported llie molion, and it vvas agreed to, when the ques tion of pissing llie bill was pul ayes 101, noes 49: so tho hill was passed. Engrossed bills. Relating to elections (providing that no ballot shall be received unless written or primed nn uhilo paper without any mark or figure nn llie back thereof,) passed 91 to G5. In addition lo chap. 28 n. s. of process passed. In rela tion to the competency of witnesses: a call of llio llouso was ordered, and 23 wore found lo bo absent, w bun il was moved to dispense with the call. Messrs Marslon and Button opposed llio motion it was llio duly of members to bo io their seals, and tho rules should bo enforced. Tho motion was lost, the doors wero closed and the Sargeanl-ul-arms despatched in pursuit uf lint stray members. After sundry members had ap peared and been called upon for excuses, the call was suspended. The bill under con sideration was passed, 88 to 78, Relating lo llie grand list passed, Messrs Fairbanks, Danforth and Faichild were appointed on the commilteo of confer ence on the Education bill.

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