November 14, 1845 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3

November 14, 1845 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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A. EDWARDS' CHEAP CAS It BOOK STOKE. No. 1 Peck's Ihtildiiigs. A general assortment ol School, Classical and Miscellaneous Books and Stationery at CtTV PIUCKS. NARTIVRof a Mission to BoMiavn in ttis years 1813-181), to ascertain Ihe file of Colonel Hind dart and Csplain Conollyi by Itev. Joseph WuIH', with engravings, price 2,J0 Nnranvo of the Kxplorcing Expedition to (lie Rocky Mountainsin llio year 1812, and InO-egim nnd Monh Caltfornii, in tlio year 1 1 4 J, by Brevet Captain J, C. Kreoiiioulof tlio Topographi cal Kntrincrrs, , 02c l.ibrurv of Choice ltonlintft lhu F.nalish Comic Writers, by William llnzlitt, , 50c Proverbial Philosophy, by Martin 1'. Topper, 2 parts 73c. The Twins nil 1 Heart, by M. V. Tunper, GOc Selections from Tajlor, llar'ow, South, rullcr, &c. by Basil Montniruc. B'1 Ainaurav, by Dumas, 2c Tlio Authors Daughter, a tale by Mary How-ill, 121c iiio nnicKeriio.-kcr ckcicii, part l cuitcu uy ace vis Oiylord Clark. GO, Autobiography of Alfuric, (rambled by II. I'.d wards I. ester. 50 Mary Maori, and other Talcs, by H. M. Moore, 25a Tho ' Only ll.iu.ilit r", a do.notu' story, 23c Observations in the bv Dr. D.trhiu-2 vols. with numerous lino engraving, price, 2,00 Wandering Jew, Illustrated Kd. No. 3. 23c Harper's Illuminated Bible, 12, price 23c The nresent isiiuecomnrUej no loss linn nino large and elaborately engraved 1,'lustruliiiiH, in addition to numerous snnilcr engravings do-igned by Chapman, and exec Hod on wood bv Adams ; the text is brought Up to the 23ih chapter of Matthew. Medical Books. Til K Cyclopaedia ol Practical Mcdieine,compri-lng Treatic- on the nature and Iroainicnt nf Dis case, jli'ria Ahdica and Therapeutics. AUdical Jurisprudence, if'c ifc, cVedby John 1'orlc-, M. 1). n. s. and John Conolly, M. II. Thoroughly revis ed, with addition- bv II. Duiigli-on, II. I). Profi or in the Je.1i.TSon Mo li-al Collcgo Philadelphia, in four large Hoyal O tavo vuluinc-. Duuglison. Practice of Medicine, 2 vol. do Human Physiology, 2 " do Tlicrapnltc- and .Valeria Medici 3 " do Medical Student, 1 " do Medical Dictionary, 1 " l'ereira's b.Ieiiieiitr of Materia McJknnnd Tliera pnticr, edited by Cur-en, wiih SSOcnts, 2 vol-. SOU. Millers Principals ot Surgery, 1 vol. The Aniloniy and Di.-casc- of the lirtasl wiih numerous plate-', by Sir Astley which arc added his vi.riuu- surgical papers Now lirst pub lished in a cullcctcl foim. W.nsou's Practice ol Phytic, by Con lie, a now edition. (To bt Continued.) HARHIXGTON & BROTHER, Wltolcsnlc null llctnll CIII3MISTS, DltlJCCISlS AND APOTHECARIES. TIIK. short lime wo have 1 ecu in b'i-inos, during which ih above linn have recci.ed from the public so largJ a hare of patronage for thy various article, in liieir Hue, i inii ie-tionauie evidence mat nicir ale nave ieu niginy sansiaeiory to cio-iom. cr, lio:h from the town and country, nn'l i r-r il 1 fur thcr guarantee of their ileicrminalion n t to be fur nased. in nlav Kivoing on hand the Kirge I nort. nicnt of Pare and Genuine artt.-lc. No cxpeu-e has (ecu Kparcu in uiu iiircii ic ui iiicii uru. le. null everything is the hest. Their ChcmicaN nre war ranted pure, and being maiui'acliired by our mi.l celcbra'ed Cheilitis, will not fail lo give .-atislacliou Among; them may be foun I the following : Iodine, Iodide of lion, (Viininc, Iodide of O. tinine, Sulphate Jlorphinc, Aceluie .Hopbine, Iodide of Mer cury, Deuto lohde do , Prolo Iodide do., lilac; Oxid do., Veratrine, S ryrhntne, Cyan, Merciry, l.aciale and Pho.phre IVrn, Curate ul' Iron, Chri-t. Nl. Silver, Kliitcriuin, S I'p'iurct of Pitia, Broiniiie, Tripoli, llypo-n!pliate ol So.!a, .Sic. ore. We aio now recoiling the largest and lu-t sclecled aortnienl ol Perfumery t be foiled hort f.. Vorlc lieiug bought diicctly from the importers, they are warranted llu'lie-l. iu-iow will l-c meilll'iiieil a lew. lxlracU Ko c. lo'ctte. I'llit.. Orance r lowers. Jasuiiii, Ifes:d.i, Pjlc'iouly, Virbei.a, Millo 1'leurs, Mi, uiveue jiiii. aim lonqin. Cosmetics fur IScautifiing the Skin. Goutauds Uvion. t.oinau 'e Powder. Suhti'e. Jone Chemical Wash and Soap-, P.ile D'A'in Ic, Pearl r.i.vdcr, CirM Man Lymph, Super French lio ige, Prepare I Chill.-, cc. Par the Teeth. Ambrosial Orrit Tooth Wah, Orri Tooth Pasle, Chlorine toolh Wah, Vio'et an I Uo-e looth Powder, Hark for trengihening the Guin, an J a great variety of Toulh P-iwitcr-1. J fair Oils ami Pomatums. Bears Oil, lluffilo Od, Oil, Ox Marrow Ponn 'e, Aulri :uo Oil, Cipriiu lla;r Tonic, Ri-se Hair Oil, Halm of Columbia tin I other Preparations for re-toring an I bea nifying tno Hair. Fancy Soaps, Combs and Toilet Articles in great variety, consisting of OnerlainV. I'mni.". Hies, and Murray' Cream for Shaving, also Jiihuon' Mi'lttary do., Oleopliane, Creme II le .imere, ftponaeoas uumpounds f.c. iVe., Superi r l-'rench an 1 tui-uian Co'ogu and Toilet Water-, High Senile I Toilc Snp. I'lnating Soap, Tran-pirent Soap., Snip Bill, Dela-cllcV IIoe Soap, Perian dc, aUo Sultma do. lo. Hair, Nail, Tooth and Shaving ISrushcs, of nngli.h an J rreir'h in niufo-tiires al-n no evo! lent variety ol c il Oh Toi'it lloit'cs, Bubeuiian Ola.s do., t'ut Cass P.ingen's, PrecJ do. from 10 els. lo 81,50 per bo'ile. Sundry Articles. Oucrl.iin'-, TieiniiH, l'i k- Deu'riml IiWrimrnts al.o wo are agcit- lor CIii',' icr- In Irumiuts. Trusses of all varieties, Ab loninal S ijipor'er-, M neral Teeth, B,i'igie, Peori"-, Turn cy , Indrhhle Inl, Blac'i, Blue, and Red I nl,8, Carmine and lllue inccrs,SealiuT W'axe-, Court Pla-ier, Spun Soa,i, Plate Powder; ('auiphen, Ola--e-, W'ic'.s, ccc, Pow !er putl-, O-v tinn, Sled pcnstaniji-, Letter and Hi' I Paper, lilac'. ing. Chcm. leal VainUh lor Stoves, British l.'i-tre, &e. Occ. Fur Family Use. " Cocoa, Cocm Shell. Si'alOd, Bird Pepper sauce, French and 1'ngli.h Mu.lard, Cilsip-, Mu-hrooin, Tomato, aln it, Pickle I O ue., Lob-lcrim., l(nlMii, Fig, Tea. ol all Kind-, Uriel Current-, Cilron, Macca. roni, I-ingla-, Bi e Flour, In-h Oitunal, Pearl liar ley, In-Hi .Mos-, Tapioca, Sago, Cloves. Cinnamon, Mace. Nutmegs. Jam.ui a Otnger. Common (.round do., t'as-ia bids, Caraway Seed-, Vanilli Beaiu, Btewarti uoniectionary, t.amp Oilf, ce. ooo. Patent Medicines' Sand. Saranarllla. Com-tocfc da., Txt. Lting- won. Balsam of Liierwort. IJaUam of Wild Cherrv. Barline Lotion, Pain r.Hractor, Phermati's an iFnlis Jlcdic.ited Lozenges, Mother.- ltcliif, Pulmonary llal sani, Hn.1 oilier, loo ii imerous to inenlion, iheuboio nre all warranled Ucnuiuc ac are all patent mcJtciius Iroin their store. Oils and DtiesiuiTi. AI-o, the best Liquors fir Me li al purposes k pt constantly on hau l, direct Ironi lie importers Burlington, Nov. II, 1813. 2It( ELECTRICITY!! TWO RAILROADS TO BOSTON. STICAM BOAT VXKR CHEAP. ryilK great increased demand for Goods nt the -- iiicap wasu iaiore, uepi uy int. . cwjn a iiiu: II O W A n D , induced him Bgun to go In Now Vork, being the sbtlh time since April, from w hich ho has brouuht an hilh crlo unsurpassed, splendid, Slock of Slcrchandue, Bailed to Ihe use and desireof ihe People and alpiiccs which with but one article, say Broun Cotton Cloth, nre all lower linn before known. However, upon refleciion it i all nerfn-ilv consistent and rational, for an era i just enmmrncin; in which a microscopic view uini-eni perms inuicnnn imprnicmcnis sou; cient to engn"e several hitherto dormant Phrenologi cal bumps, that when n it mm nsa wi'l five muliitudi nous udditioml employinent, and jn the unfolding ehow a way losuti.n uiyruds of beings where now but few arc thaughi capahlo of cxiiin op this beau. fiflll carlll. Of MOinQ Of lllQ now ivnndcrnil nnn. mil hut vet predict tho conscnucnccs. for bv tlm Irctncnl Telegrsph a thought at thu western shoro of ihe Atlantic Ocean may bo as soon expressed at the eas tern shore of the I'acific as it could he written down bv an ainanusnsis bylhesidoof And, ulso, by clfctnciiy and a seed deposilid one day nfT.ird. for Ihe table a vonetableon ihe next, nnd fur. tlitr by It a stimutent is produced thai quadruples the nroduclion ol tno neius, inus suppivinjr. lauor, lood, .n,i ni.-ifinpnl for oil the Pcnple. The whole sum ...I .,,l,.mnrn of which is that HOWAltD has l'nt nnAa n,l alla lliem ehean to the iioonln and then puts the money in the Bank to be again used for their benelit, Nov. Hih, 1815. 21 .tr. a lr.r.PV. hn Ift town, to be absent IT tlirauoli the winter, and has lift his bush-ess wild S. M. Pope, who is aulhqrised to I'oony Hung n relation llicreto, consuiem wiii i . Nov. 10, 1BI5. OI.O. A. Al.l.r.N Strav Steers. ..r. ...i.-...!.,., nfil S.ihseriberin Sent U Tasi! a tied Iwo )earold Sleer-and also on the . u..i .....Hn,, Slur. Theoivner is request- li to prove property, pay charge. j;'JJ f Clurlolic, Nov. 13, '15. ' " 213 BURLINGTON FEMALE SEMINARY. I rpilDWinfr Quitter in this Seminary will com- X ........... 1.1 n.,.1 .inliniin crlCll WCPl.S, II'UIILU J bl I .", ' ............. y------ - There arc now bix Teachers connected till tlio In stitution. In connection with the solid branches, young Ladies will enjoy peculiir advantages for ac qiiiringacoricclknowlidgo of Music, Drawing, Point ing and tno iTcncn Language, uisuucii ... ... latter will bo given by a ecnilcina-i, well educated both in tho Knglish and French, and who spoaks tins latter with the samo caso and correctness as Ins tcr- nacular tongue. , ,. .,, , , A few acancies In the Boarding 1 louse will bo nndo at the end of thlsdnarteri those from abroad wishing to reside in tho Seminary should apply soon. Young Ladies Ironi tlio village wi-uing id i itnm Hi. ir knu'viiditt of llio Kiench language, can bo ad mitlid In the d iss. No pupils adtniiled for n less time than ono Quar ter, ami no deductions made lor abstnee except in protracted sicklies.. TIJUJIf. llltr PA1AOI.E IS AMAXCE. Tuition in Ilnglisli Branches and Latin, per quarter, 1 .00 " " Pnno Jliific, 8 00 Instrument practice, 2,00 " " Drawing or Panning "'0 " " rrench, 1,0 Board, including fuel, lights, mid all tho convenience- for study in large and well futnuhcd room", 82 per wrtki or -325 per Quirlcr of eleicn weeks, including washing J AH. V. 11ICK.01C, Scc'y. Nov. 11th, 1313. 213 l'roiniiun Harnesses. t. w. C.IIHJ, CO. HAVI; Uic pleasure to inform the miblic tint they took tho premium on liarnrs-cs at tho Agrictillnial Kair,; Sept. 2,3, nnd aro now prcpircd lo sell work of the tame quality, cheaper than at any other tihop in the County call and see. N. II. A discount mado to i'-iiiao.oAlM0 those who come from a distance. Hincsburali, Nov. IriJj. 21 AUC HON SALIC. TUT. Subscriber having undo rrrangements to kavc the American Hold, will sell, on the pre mise", on T.IKr..SDAY, the 19th insl. his remain ing'aS'Cts. conaisling of IIIJIlUliM, C UlliM 1 UlU'. Cl!OCKI;llV. STOVHS, and many other articles, too numerous t" mention. Burlinglon.Nov. 1813. S. W. TAVI.Ofl. Dll. l'lTKIN, WOULD rcpcctfnlly inform the inhabitants of this village nnd licinity, that ho has located luiiiiclf here as a phys'cian and surgeon. It will lo llio undeviating purpose to malic careful examina lions to ascertain the cause and by direct application of rciucdio" lo combat di-cises, and remove tluir cause, and by care, nllcnlion and l.nlhfiilness to all who may call upon him, hopes to proie himself wor thy of patronage. lie would nlso siy that he is in possession of most ol Ihe new remedies ibat halo recently been broughi forward for the relief of Scrofula, Spinal auctions, Phthisical complaints ond otlur chest diseases. Dr. P. has recommci.lalionsof qu ihficitions from some of the most eminent physicians in this state and from some in New York Lily nod Boston, which may bo icen by calling in him al his residence, a lit' tie west of the Burlington Bin'.'. Burlington, Nov. 10, 1813. ISAAC WA6dNB3 5i r AS for silca full assortment of Groceries, among il which ore i iriaus kin Is of pure Wines, Si. Croix, Jamaica nnd New Hum, Holland Gin, Cog'c. Brandy of first quality nnd unidubcralid. Also, Ainciican Hum, Gm and Brandy, tho best nrliclcsof Ihe kind. He will sell better ariiclt s of Hum, Brandy nnd Gin than are hawked about the country by New York and Tmy pollers, for una third less price than Ihey aro selling lliem for. 1 1 is not true tint n man who is a G.Tuiin can sell bad gm or other spirits. Why are they ailackuigia lite sireel-cvcry linn who isa retailer ol spirits or taicin keeper, and Irniclliug over ihe counlrv urging and importuning the people In bnv their stuir if (hero is not grnit sneciil.ilton great cheat in them. I only ask lhoe lhal buy of tlicin to uriii;! some oi inein aim compaiu lliem Willi mine. Burlington, Nov. 12, 1815. 21tf. AHF. now reviving at nur new etoro, rottif r of t Main and Water Stretti, our wintiT supply nf uuus wNitii wc ore prrji mil iu inter 10 mt" 'mi'' ni such prirrs as will ensure for them a rearly b.ilc. To the tadies wo hnvo toofH-r n rtdi nnd henutifij! as sortment ut' i'rints Folectcri with much care, tnd of the hirst and tno.-t f.i?lnonjl)!p ttjlcs. A!si, Cnslt ni'rc, M Jit9"!ino do haiiics, b'uo, hlnc!; ami pi n id nlpaccas, chtisiti", cinj:liatiii, liomtmTines, blocli(d, lawns, linrns?, corded skirts', dam isk tnp kin, tiltltt covLTf, velvet, diaper linen tow.!?, whtto red and anion tlanncls, apron chctUp, alpacci at d nilki inr.iii. cimljrk's. brown l. p lea.a. hc- siery, mitt" aim i;iove9, worfleJ ana tnex can uoaf, ijreci in iraris, sniwis varioyn style, mutturs, nl bons, lates, needles, hooks and eyes, pine, inilk Ihrea ' tape, twibt. combs, cotton yarn, wadding, billin" &.c, &c. To Gentlemen, beaver cloths, broad clothf, cissimercs, vcbtinjs, tiir(5t drawers, bosoms and collars, sil't nnu rotten linndkcrchk-ls. cravats, PuspenUTSjgiovca nnu inilten 01 various kinds, ho sitr', ihn tels, brown anil blearlied cottons, pant, coat, vest and shin bnttun?. mitlllers. ccc. &c. The selection of Groceries Ins hrr n undo with cs nccnl rcferenci' to tho wants of familic. and we rcs pecfidly solicit a call frnm thoo rt quiriny Fiipplits, confileiit tint wo cm furnUh them nt sili-fictory :itv". viih every thini: rcn usitc nnd of the choicest Kllhl. We Invcrcn'onH'i.'d our stock of CuOCKIUlY and GLASS WAlilL ond our asioriment 13 now cmnnlttc In this lino wo "succumb" to no dealer n re:nrd nnco nnu n nut v. Wu "would nlo he lo miirnm: that wo kefp WdOUUX MV1A7, too, nt redhr'siniees, and can lurninii ninio-t every nrncle in thu line lor n very snull qiantilyol money, unJ. all 'o sum un all. we have tho nrromnce to believe lint we haictn torcn slock nf goudsns well selccled as any slock in tnwn, bouuhl as low and vi I be so'.d as low, am) u appeal to ihe pnlilic to rie nsan oppor tunity to nroio the irulh of the nsscni.m. In con- elusion wo would jog the memory of tin) FAIIMEUS in rehtion to a former advertisement of ours wherein wepronii'Cd tupay lliem lite lushest matket price fur uicir prouiir. ;'ii sootis, ai prices as low as can lie ol- lercd in tins region, no shall fulfil our promises. i.. ic a. r.. l'OLi.Krr. Builinston Nov. 13, 1313. 21 Counter Scale-:. rpili: subscribers hau-been appointed ajcnls for X the sale of A. Sloan's counter siahs. Thcv have now on Inndn large supply which they will sell at less than half llio cost of those generally in use, ami equally as good. I., ot u. i;.i OI.I.r.TT. Burlington, Nov. 13, 1S15. 21 "7TBSTKIt'd nicmeniary spelling book, bv doz or I'ross. Porter's rhetorical reader, by doz. or single. Korsita bv S. WOOD: Builmgton, Nov. 13. &7reng' 2Juildinrs. New Arrival. f flUK subscriber haling just returned from market - Willi a new supply ol goous, lor I.auicMlresse. clonks, colored satins for bonnet", Willi a ariety oi cloak, dress, nnd uonnei liimings. eve I'ori.cnilo men s wear, cloiiis, cassuneres, iHietsnn-i icsiinss lsoacooJ nssorlinrnt of famil-' G."occries. of a sui o , liar nu iluv. all of which will bo sold as chean as the cheapest. To which ho would respectfully euhcit the attention oi irienus ana purciiascrs. nu'ti'i rpi) r I' IVIill.l, ( hurth st. Burlington, Vi. Nov. 12, 1813. 2lm2 Notice. TNTOTICl7. Is hereby given, that I have relinquished 1 lomvsun. Nathnnitl T. Ilai'ey, jr.. tlm balance nf his ininoriiv. with full power lo net nnd contract for iiun-rlf, nnd that I shall hereafler claim none uf his earnings, nor hold myself responsible for Ins acls. IN.VUI.l.Mf.l. I. l.IL,l.t . Milton, Nov. 1, 1815. Now is the Time ! 17 OR the nice Wa'cr-pro' f Blacking! Pasta nnd ' Varnish do Brushes Soaps Inks Walcrs W axe-, &e. At Wliolcalc nnd He ail by 2(11 1'iiUiV IV BI'MII, Itlary .lncksoii'i. Kslatc. STATU OF VKIIMONT, 1 A T a Probate Court District of Chittenden, s. I X holdcn nt llurhng ton, wiihui anl for the District nfuresud on llio eighth day of November, A. D, 1815, on Inurnment purporiing lo letbo la-t Willnn ITe-iament of Mary Ja- kson, lain i'f .Milton, msai 1 District deceased, was prcs -ntel in the uourl here lor I'rotiaie, ly uanni II. Oninn, ibu Fxccutor ilicreiu iiauuvl. Tiicrir.ror.c, il is ordered by said Court, that public noticulu given In all pir.ons concerned iheiciu lo appear beloro paid t'luirt, nt u si'-kuui iheriMl to be bolJen si tlm Ilegi.ier's olice in sail Biirliutr'on, nu ibo .econd Wednesday m Decern! cr, A. D. 1815, aud contest llio prohule i.f snid Will, ai.l it Ufirlher oidercl that this order be pnl-ll-hcd three weeks sue-ces-ivcly in Ibo Burlington l-'rce Pre-s, a new. paper printcl nt Butlinglon, in ibis Stale, ibo last of which publications sliali le previous lo llio day assigneJ, as aforc-niil, for hearing. 8,h".l.v ofN ' '"3 linen imacr ny iinuuni uie ucgisier uuicc, iiiis jVovcmKr, a. i. isis. ii in. ii r.o ma, HtgiHtr. hi-5 jar- lernav will be lecclvcd in navnicnt. Nov. 11, 1813. 21w4 S. M. POP1V Ilcijimln Irish's Ustntc. STATU Of VKie MOST, 1 AT n Prolate Di-micr of Chittenden, ... j JrvUoiirt hidden nt llurluigion, wiihin and for tho district aforesaid on the II th day of November, A. D. 1813, an Instru ment purporting to bo the last will and te-toincnt of DUNJAMINIIIISH, laloof Shelburne, In said .lis trict, deceased, was prcrenttd to tho Court hero for Probate, by William Harmon, the Hxecutor. therein named. TH ('.lit? FOlir., II Is ordered by tho said Court, that public notice I o biviii to all persons concerned there in to appear I cforo said Court, at a scsion thereof to lie tioldtn at tho llegtslcr's Offico ill lliiilingiou on the second Wednesday of December, A. D. 1813, and contest the probata ol said Mill, anil II is tanner or dered that this order bo iiublishid ihrco wicks mic- council' in tno uuiiingion I'nc i res, a news pinr punted at Burlington, in this Slate, tho list of which pubhcalious shall be previous lo the diy assigned, as ol'oresiid for dialing. (iiw n under my band at ibo llcjistcr s Uuicc, tl is I llll day ol Iocinbcr. A. w. ihki. WM. WlTON, flcnicttr. MrLji' TTA.S J.i.I iciived fio.ii . J&XvJlkJ JJL V'uik n new and fi-bi.mnblc iTMiV' -t'Pi'ly f I'AN'CV C.OOI S nnd lJ!(4MII.LJNr.llV. Huh Bonnet Sat- rii V Y?? riowcruii i i iiuiic,?, .....v I ir-. 1..111U .-vZ&j-xil- lliscrlion. .VI5U, ucauy iii.iu-v o j.- uml llonnel-eon-tunliy lor rale. Buihiigion, Nov. 0, 1813. 213 NEW FASHIONS. 7,T I'll ASIilt has just JiJL. reluriud fiom New Vnik with the lalett fash ions for HATS, CAP', f-Shty-i CLOAKS, J'A v H'WvX and a splendid assortinei M )y YJSS' of UoNvrrs, Cats, Sam assortinent 1.1 KT9, lllcnoNS, lovr.ns and Feathers. Also. a good ns-ortment of the newest styles of Alpacca ttstrc for Cloaks and Dresses, and tiimmings for lOsaine. .Mcrrs and Nick Iies, all Ol which sue ill sell for ihe lowest cash ntices. Gtain and Butter received in exchange for goods. Butlingt. n, Nov. C, 1913. Wwii 31 IIS. SAXTON, KSPFCTI'VI.'.V nnnounci's to tho Ladies in V general that sic is no,v attending to the Md'i- ncry llu-ines-, nt her o'd Mand, ihougb a new bud I- ing on t liurch s'icci, iiue-uy oppo-ite .nr. iern s Sloie. SUo will keep Bonnets and Caps of Ihe new- t l.i-hion. which willlon.ld very low: mio has nl-o the newe-t fashions for Dre--e-, Clonks nnd lices. nnd having learned lo cut alter I entler'- Ma hem nical Patent Bight, i-ho warrants a geniivl Oralcfil for na-t favors ibc solicits a share ol public patronage. it iniugion, .Nov.o, ibij. - iMn,sicul Instruments. MF.LODIANS with Bound and Flat lieys, Mass iols, Violins, Fliile-, Flageolets, Fifes, Claro- nets, Hugh's, Aci orceins with and without semi-tones, Siring, Hosin, Hows, hair lor Bows, Pegs, Bridges, Tail puces, liceds, Instruction Books, nnd inosl kinds of Instruments nnd musical Merchandise at as low prices a can be had anywhere. Aov. u, -la. iiiuss.MAiD u uROTiinns. SELECT SCHOOL FOR Girls rintl Boys. "ITU. AIHWA A- PAUICrit will cnmincnce hi Ul Winter 'IVrm on Monday, Nov. 17 b. Inslr.ic- liunnivcn in idl the 1 ranches us lulty tannin in Academic. I'ar'ie dar nltyiillon will le pai I to wrttinz, an I logons given in Booa-I.cCiii3 with pra Inc. TUITIU.-V. 1'ur i:njhsh Bi inches, 53,00 " l.ani.-iiaccs, -1,110 " Aleclun, (extra) 1,00 Nope will I it tor le--- than one half a quarlcr. Idrfchool U'Kinw over A. S. lcwcy9 Store, wotHWo rt llon-e Npiare. 23w3 IS'otice. 1 f DAVS from dale a'l persons are requested that 1 vf uie indebted to Ihe undcrsi jiicd. lo come for ward and pay in iluir respective dues, ir colltction leul oc mauo wnuoui reserve. n. u.KULLuaa. Burliagton, Nov. 3,1915. MOUNT IDA SNUFF MII.l,, TOIIACCO AND CKiAIl MAN UFA C 1'OBIY! WarchoiiieNo. 193 Hiier-sirccl, Troy, opposito the sicam noai u nan. rTMII' ondersiuncd has, during tho past year, ro JL movrd Ins Snull'Mdl and Mnnuficlorylo the city of Troy for the pursosoof using a water power of greater magniii.ucami permanent supply, neisnow prepared loexeciuo villi de-patch orders for Suufi) touaicaanij Clears to any cilitit. nit: svi'i'' isnf perfect cure warrantid 10 stand the lest nf any climalo without becomm? heated nrsouror loosing its pci fume warrnn led iqtnl in 1 very respect, to tho must approicii uiauuiaciurc ruicrco, or no sue. jiii the vanclics of coarse rind fim iilatn or scented in bulk, by the baricll, or i tjars and bjttles, as wanted. TUP. TOItAt'CO. both for chewing nnd sui 1' m, is iinnuficturcd f. cliisudv from old It nf of choice llivor and quality. The smoking cut is as fine a. chewing AI. I. I.OXlI t UT well dri-t'd I'r.Ei: wmji Knors and dcst anil in ilna p-irticiilar alone, is ddH-rciH hunt cury oihir unnufactnre. t'UJ Vlt. from 51 10 SCO per M. ore manufactured from 11a Mim, Cuba. I'lii ids. nnd other Tobacco of the vari ous slyle of Keg ilia, I.a Norma. Paualclla, iic. if-.-., at prices hi low any oilier manufactory. a usi ut ico luccii I'nccs iindolo i-outurm to 1110 low rates at w hich Pedlars urn lending the product ot llio various manuficiorics through the country nre pre. pared for distribution, and will bo furnished 011 appli cation. Goods delivered to vessels or stores in lhocpvof .New 1 urii or on board orcatnl luats urat llio K11I road depot in Troy free of expense i'f carlauo nrriicr freiaht. i:i)WAHD UOOMU Troy, N. V. Nov. 4, 1313. 23wl TUST Ilcceivcd from llio Publishers and for i-nloby tho subscriber, a lar"0 nuanlitv cf Swells flram- mar, nn l'.uglis'i Ciammnr comprebcuding tho prin ciples and rules, of the language- illustrated by np- pmpiiuie exercises on uie oasis oi .Murray. Thompson's Seasons. Pictorial. do F.-say on Man, North American Arithme Pictorial Priinmtr, nmiiirs lirainmar. tic, 1st, 21, and 31 class Head, irs, Progressive Primer, I.cmpr'e's claksical Die tionary, Worccsier's Diclionary, Bullion's practical lessons in Knghsli Grammar, Bullion s l-.nghsh Oram mar, Bhitoricat Header, Aoam s Arilliiiictic, ii,,;.,'. ,i ' Davie's, do Smith s. do Wibstcr's Flcnicntary do .Crtcnrcaf's, do Worcester's History, Daiio's Algebra, Willird's History of U. S.lllas, do Allison's Ilinory of K i- Bridge's, do rope, Davie's Bardon, r.lemcntory spelling Book, do l.cgcndrc. North Amen -an do do Surveying, National, do do Reomelrv, Alsion hand a lirgi sioclt of Blank Books made Iroin Hit hest 1. men Piper and warranled. Blank Books mido lo order on short noiico. and ru'cd lo anv paiiern. hTI'.VIINS WOODS Biirhnglon, Nov. 5, 1 B 13. .Icrali Wlllniiffliby's Mhtntr. STATH OF VI'.HMONT, 1 "J N Probato Court hoi i.niNuiur uiMiii-i, h. ) .i. i;cn at llio Proline u.iiecin ji'iinon, wi.iitn ami lor Hie I)itricl nl I.a moille, on llio -llh day ol Novcmlcr. A. 1) IRli. Henry Siowul!, cuvuloi on the e-late of JKIIAII n i.i.ui iniiii, laie m uami rnige, in said ib.rncl decea-ed, pro;io-c- lo ren Itr an nceotiul of bisailmui i.lration fur a partial iciilemcnt, and present his nc count lo tin-ilatofor lettlcnieul. Wiii:nEi-roN. it I- ordered thai ibe same le referral to ine2'J,n day oi iNou'inber, A. D. 1815, nt 10 o'clock A. M..U1 the Probate otliCO III Jnlin.nn n .,.,.1 li... Iri "t, for the exnmin ition and a'iowiiiii' nnd ih n nil eoncernclle nolihel hereof, by the p ibheuiion of Ihi-ordir in llio B ir'mgtoii Free Prcs-, pnn'e.1 nt Burlington, Ihrco weeks successively, lefore said lime of hearing, lhal they may appear nt s ml lime mi l pini e, il lin y s.-t- i,i-r, uilU Ol JCCl IllCrVlO. By or 'erof C-iuri, 23 WII.I.IAM W. WHITi:, HexhUr, 0. F. DAVKY, ATTOll.VEY X CIMINSr.I.I.OU at I..WV. That f-rnicrly rceupied v Charles AlaniF, Tq witt ni'O win ic CKTaMoiiHiiv luet-cni ut nip ii-.-int- notion of whatever legal bnsiiuss he may a ill be For Snlc. ALARnR Canada Ilex Slavs ami Pipe, suiiohlc for n Church Siove. or School House. nurungion, uci. iu, ibij. j.LI.VS LVMAN, Z: Jl! Nr.w iu:nii:s' or tiii: CONCItlNlONAIi rW.unu a.mj,ai'pi:ni)Ix. TO OC STKBOTVPr.D, THU iindirsignelnriginnlcdlhc inateofiournsllx ins Ihciirticccdiuif. ofCc ngre-, which presen ted Ihcin enure. Ilicir pntiii nnon iva-ino nrsi anu limy one inni gaie caul mjaw?i , i "t inca-mn in noin uraqciics 1 uoiiru-- j 11 unci m mi Iheilcb.ilcsl every iiuporlanl vote) and an Appen dix, including nt lull length nil the rcvi-ed spiecho delivered during the t.c-ion. Tiig worl.him con diicud ly them l a mo-l pcrftvt plrVk'.;'. Iti-tory. 1 no ocultior- ironi 1110 oinie m uiuiicn.--iii'it from every nviion nf lliolluior bring with tl u.11 in'ii t'ongie-s a Innwlcdfre nl thu feeling. cntimcnl, nu I Inicrcsl-oflhcir scleral con-liiucni'r '. Pill lie rpini n an I public informatir n, a- tl cxi-ts nmou'j llliollicv icprc-cnl, niotini uuitu uy incin , iri in the crucible 01 Oiinnrc-- the wi-dom of our tunc, i I might tu Is lc-t,nnd ia Ihcio concciilratiil, in ill reeling li r political movement" of tho whole romitry. I he luipul-o. Iliufl c vli inro igti uoucrc-s iruu, -ve ry quarter read upon the na'ion ns a wno'O, nnu an ils I' pirl-. uro in.ulo to in co-iu'ciu-lio.t. The pre-i cnniu'i I e more u-cf illy employiil tlian in fiiiideii-ing nnd ngnin .prcading nbroad ihe iu'clligciii e idnnr lire couirry, icmiiutr 10 men nap py us ill- through our almost miraculous, adju-tcd Sln'uau I i.itioii.u in-tiuuion. Having ldcntilie.l ourjilvc. with Ihe plan 01 nu- ..,., n. 1 .,,a,.ri, iicr. ni i nn-' c 11111 - on ir 11 nnd impartial report-, nnd baling n large nia-s ' f tho mil 1. 1111 ..iiiH-iiuiA, 1 11c 1 1 ii uiu la-t ten years, which would I e inipairc' in value to us nnd utility to thu puUio if tho work were di-con-iiiiuc.l. u-. Ii.ivi. .1 dout lo motile to or mot u- lo ex- tend it through n new utics. Wo nro re-olved if po.ihle to give it permanence, nnd to hind it down 10 Mieees-ori. a- a -lauiiaro wi rw, worinyoi lurnt in.nulnmcJ and imoiuvc I. We shall enter upon our new tin 'crtuking without being 'i iractod or bur Icned by any n-suciatolabor- ol the prc-st and, ihus nncn 0 mil eruil, shall hope lo make the new ict ic-a step 111 niivancc ol the lorincr in nil poiuti 01 execution, With a view to iiccompll-h 1I11-, wc shall bu (0110 or thoiilbcijalways In allcndancc in Congic-s wdl eoiiiparu the nuiiu-eript of 1 or own reporters Willi theduh re. nrt.'ifthoc'lv paper ixr.ocl nllbvour own oli-crvtitiou mil knouledgeot ,the priM-in-ding and 111 imi nrlaut tuatlir-, wbcie that will not a-siire 11-ol'thu fidilily oftho icporl-, wo will procure the aid 01 llio ineiui'Cr- lliem-ciics, 10 oniain tlio oici vcopc of Ihcir rcin.iik-, Thu work, ilia- authentica ted, will In-slcicoypol, which 1- u guaranty tbatwc will inaku it n-perlo -1 a-po-sihlefor ii to lunkc il, ns wo would not Incur the exuen-eof -tercolyomgit. it wedid notfccl con idcnl ol it sttperiorily over all works 1 f llm kind which have loco or nru likely lo be piibli'hcd. Picreolyping the work will enable n to siqiply lost or mutilated mini! cr, which we. will do, wilhout making any charge for them. ThoConiircESioiial G!o' u i made up of tho daily proeudinz-of the two Houses of Concrcss. The spcccbc. ol ihciucnitjcr- aiccondcn-eii, to bring them into 11 icaJa' lulcig'h. Al! the rcsol iiion- ll'cicl, or meltons made, aie given in the mover's own word- i un I tl"' yeas and nay- on nil the iiuporlanl quc-non. Il is priillcd with small type1 rovitr an I nonpaicil on n ilouo.'e royal sbcat, in quario form, each nam berconlnining -'.Mccn rojal qtiarln paces. The Appendix is made up uf tlm President's annual message, ihe report ol the principal officer-: of the (overnment that accompany It, an I nil the long spcei-lic.ofmeinber- ofCoiigre-s, wntlen out or re used bv the n-ilvcs. Imprinted in the tame lorni as Ihe L'onaie-siona! tilol.c, and us lally makes about Ihi.-nln,. n, nil rr uriin'rc. Wu print the number- a- lat as ihe procccling- of Uongre Ii.rni-li euocgli mailer r a nunii cr. mi ring Ibe hrt monih or -ix week- a -on, there is rnrclc more hnsine , dune i ri I maku one II tl 111 bcrof the Congre-smnal Ulolonnd oiiotiiunlcr of the Appendix n wee!. : bill during the remainder ol .1 tcs-iun Iberu 1- 11-ually .-utlieienl matter lor Iwour llirec 11 nil! ers of eocbeicre week. I be next

Man v;dl be a long one, and il i-suppo-cd will I 0 tin-11-ually 111 ero-tunf j tbeieloie, we inhiila:e that the Congre-sion il Oh, bean I Appen lix wilt each make near one lliou-and large q-iarlo page-, printed in small lypi' I.ieviei and uoup.ircil. 11 e luriii-iicLin oleic iiidcxe-lo fothai the end of a .e--ion. We ha con hull the tilobe nnd Appendix .or the la-t twehee"--ion- ol'Congre-s, of which live were long and seven were shun scion-, 'I be Congrc-Moiial l.U.I e and Aoneiidix loreach ses sion arc bound logeihcr 111 excellent binding, with U is-1.1 backs nnd corners. O.irnrtcc- fur them, tin bo'.iu I toscthcr, nre S3 a vohimc for n short, nnd .$3 a volume lorn lonzsc.sioii.iii.ikuiir.91li lor a fillsci, Those who want Ihe lack vo'ume-should apply fur them immediately, n ihey are m iteu.and. The last Cunirrcs- Mi'i-cii' ed fir Iwo bun Ired aud twenty six sct-j aid 11 is piolial lo ilialtbu ncxi will stib-crilc lor ut lea-t a-many m ire, a - tlieproi ceiling-ui itu- re I ir the la-t 11 'ht ve:ir can tint l.e mocured IrOtll any oilier source, Dale- & Seitun having slopped nrinli.-g Ilicir Kegi-lir ol Dohatcs in ls:i7. A Jew' hundred copies of the lirl volume is nil we have or. hand. 'I itencM sc--ion of Congress will lea long ru-.e, and, therefore, ibe Congressional (J'.oluanl Appen dix should be :--2 fjr the se ion, w huh 1- the price wc charge lirthc unbound numli-rs of llio past long ses-ion- but we b ive i-oncludel in reduce the pric, a- fulloiy-, until ihe litst ttt.y of next January, utter which lime the Cunie.--iuiuil Globe an I Appendix will each I e-S2 lur the s '--'on, and nndeduclu 11 will I c made-en nccountcf tin' n iuil cr of copies taken. TJdlMS. For one copy of Ihe Glole SI, 50 Per one copy ol Ihe Appcndix 1.50 F. r copi"- of citlicr, or part of both 5,00 Fur twenlj- V I 1 f cither, or part ol both 25,00 Them nicy may be rennileJ by mail at 0 ir ri-k. It sbo il l I 0 hereby lhc7lh o( December, at farlbcsl, In proc ire all Ibe number- promptly. Propricior- ol newspaper- who copy this Prospec-In-, and to u-cme copy of ilieir paper coalaiuing il, sEiatl have their hames entcrel cu our books for one copy ol 1I10 Congies-ionil Ululu and Apjiecdtx during 1 lie ses-ion. O ir pri. e- for the-e pajiers are so low that we can not a hud to ciedtt them out J ihcrclorc, no per-on need con -11111a Ins lime m writing lor them and not ben ling the money. ill.AUt it ItlVES. Washington- L itv, Uuobcr l, 1313. 21 Daniel Lake's Instate. STATH Of VCHMOXT,) A T a Probate District of Cluliciidcii, ss. V Courl hidden ol Biirlingt.-u, within nnd for iV Dicvict cforcs ud on the 1th dav of Novciuber. A. D. Ibla. nu iustru- ininl purporting lo ho the la-t will and Testament of U.l.MI.I, I. M., lite ufCharlolte. in said Dilncl liccascd. w is prcscuicd m the coutthcie for Prubate. by r.l.IJ.MI I.AI.'i:, llio Fxcculor, thcriin named. I UKIlKI'Uith. it is ordered bv said court, that public notice be given to all persons concerned there in to nppoar before slid court, nto scs.ion llieuof to lie Holdcn at tliootlice of the Ilegisicr in i-nU llurhug- inn on mo lourin IVcJncsJav ol November, A. 11. 1315. and contest the nrobate of said Will, and it is further ordered thai this order bo published ihrco vCel.8 su -ccfisivciv in t ho Iturlincion rrce t'ress. news paper piiulcd nl Burlington, fn this Slnte, the Inst of which nuVications shall be urciious lo the day nsstgne I, as ofnre-aid for hearing. uiven under inv band at tho Kcmslci's U.bce. t in nn nay oi ,oieuihir, .1 i. ihu. oi.-.o n'l'Tiv r..'-. TO TRAVELLERS.! milU Subscriber Iiavinclaldv mirchitcd and filled -L on the well known hotlee, coininonlv called the l:iJriiL-c Stand.' about ihrco miles cast of 1 ti r 1 in to n Sa-iarc. would inform his friends and the nublio that he is prepared lo administer to the wants of both linn and beast in a manner which riail;ie enliro sails- faction. TIUMSTUHS and others iravellin' on the luriiiuke. arc rc iaviled lo eive him a call. His barns are laree an cnmmoiiiou-, usllcrs steady nnd lauiiiui, aim no pains will he spired lo make lilts Hou-c emphatically Ins "TnAVELLEI'.'S home. ' ZENO D. BISHOP Burlington, Oct. 22, IS 13. 2 New Cootls. in III. Subscriber has just rrceii id a laruo assart Jt inentof STAPLi: OOODS, which will be sold Cheap for Cash or produce. Also, a lari!0 a-sort- inent of Family Groceries, which will be sold cheap. riease call aiu sec uiioro puicliasin? ciscwiipre. I. IV. U.1UK. Burlinglon, Oct. 29, lSli. 22 St-avcd or Stolen. li'ltu.n t tie su'scriocr on the 1' lflih insl. n Dark BAY IIORti: COI.'I', black mane and tad, had shoes on his furo feci when he lef I, and upon each fore leg the hair iswornoll'iu small nl.icns. nccnsiiincd l,v lipinfr cast and has a long Mil. Whoever will return said coll or tl"" inruriuaiion respecting him wfl bo suitably icnarucu. IJ.WljJ n.Mllll. Lfket, Oct, 23, 1315. 7' 2Jw3 IV o t i c o . Till: Tirm r.f , J. and Anolhcr.irieo Hcincberi! it Co.. DrugiriMs hsviug l,y mutual consent I ill nlicl. the mideri.riiif. bave entered into roiinrt- nersbip In the above business under l he linn of . MAIlltlNC.Toy & IIKOTHICH, and will ciilinue the business nt the old nan l ol B. J, Ileincbcrgh it Co., en Chiinh Si., on the most favorable terms. Dr. Hciucbcrg is temporarily nb-eat in eone mience ol ill bcahh, but when in town he will give his attendance nt the establishment as Medical Coun sellor as heretofore. Old cu-lomers nre invited Incoulinuolheir patron, age, nnd all those wanting relief nre solicited In call nnd try what urluo (here is iu Ibo (icirune Medicines of the day, Oko. II, IlinniNaTo.v, W. U, llAnKiNCTov, Butlinglon, Oct. 1813. 22t( Ladies and (icntlniticn J H.t. find an endless varicly of Brushes, Combs, v I'erlumes, soaps nnu 1 micy Articles, nt 22 PUCK & SPKAIt'.. Vinegar I milK nicest Table iinegar rjt 32 PKCK & SPKAKS'. IYIZ5S M ARISK CiTNl, MILLINER, HAH just reiiirncif from New Vork wiih new f.ihlnns fur DItllSSIlH I'HI.Iia'KS, AND Vt.OAK", Con-lnntlv on band 11 good .i sorimcnt of Itnnncli Caps, &r, I In Vint; n gooddre-s maker with her, -be I- now prepared to do all I-of work, lor which country picdiicnwil! bo received 111 pay ment. Shop in Mr Dunne's I uikl- intr, nn Cathn' l.ane. 2lw3 MRS. M ERR ITT HAS just returned from Ncv Vorkwiih tlm latest styles of i-ilk-, Velvets, a.'lins, H'dibons, Flow ers and Plume". Bunnels of all kindi. Caps nnd Iliad Dresses constantly 011 hand. A'so, Pallerus for Dresses and Cloaks, and olhir goods usually kept in her shop. Burlington, Oct. 30, 1913. 22 SJGW SSPJGZWG BOOSS. riMHSday pnbli-bcil, The PSAI.Tl'.ltV a eollec J. 1 1,11 r f L linr. b Mii-ie. l oil-l-llllg ol Psalm nnd Hymn Tune., Chants nnd Antheni- bein one of tho tno-t complete inii'iJl oook- for church choirs, con' grcgalion-, aud soe.etics. ever p'lbli-bed. By Lowell Mason and lien. J. Webb. PnUi-hed under Ihe sanc tion and appro! alion of tho llastoii llandcl niul llay.lcn Society, ami Jtoston Academy of Music. The music I- prnc ip.illy new, cither intirely oriel nal or nrran"e ll'min wrilinK-nfeclchralelei mpo-er-i tho whole cihil inng n gicil diversity ol -Ijle and ex ore ion. The vnriciv ot metre- 1- very large, cs ire ly siiue.1 loine now iiymns in 1110 'ern nouns 01 annouy. The harmony will I e found In be natural and ea-y, vet dignified an I devolioual. The A iitlienit (whith aro alino-t entirely new) nte mo-tly suitable for the variou- occa-lons of public wor. hip, ns ordination-, d'dic.uion--, Ihank-givmg, Ac. The worl. ha- le.-ide-, scleral new lealtne-, wliu 11 will i-oniine id it e-pecially to the singing ina-ler, the leader of the elm, r and the congregational -nicer' The approiol oftlie work bv the Bo-inn Academy of Mil; sie and the Handel and llaideu Soc.eiy. I- eon-id ere 1 an tniporlaut cii-cini-iauce, and cannot fail to crentca.Mitunal conlnlcii'-c in the menls ol Hie won,', and rive it a general introduction intn schuolsand lciri he-. I be nrcr aralieii ol Ihe work ha- rentmed much tuneand labor; uidcedlhe ehtorshaio Iccu .idigcutly engaged upon U during Hie la-t two ycar- or mole I and Ilieir nei.liow lillid alnllty has Icon d sphyiil 111 a vork which it is behoved will not dis appo nl the iriLli: expectation. 01 r.i r.ii mruoa Tho very pcpnlarworks, the l!o-lon Aea lemy's Colleciion an I Carnima tfacra, are pjLli-hed and fur ale n- above. 21 JIUCK WHEAT FLO Ull! IAMIUlkS'can lo sippl.ed with I're-h Rroind I: fu-k Whcai;riojrat A. S. IJFAVKV'S. Oct. S3, 1313. 21 Something Now. nilllsub-cii'jcr ba.jusl receive) a large a--ortincnt L of Oicr Shoe-, ninong which is a new article ol Overshoe- made ofCalf skin, tanned wiih the hair on, which ha-never Uforo Urn oliircdin llii. market, and I- 1 ronounccd by good judge, to lo the be-t tiling of ihe kind ever mantif.icl.ired. Alsu the l.e-t of In ha It-ibl cr-, together wiih a general a-snrimcni or;oe-oniis;is. I!. BATCIIKl.DF.K. Church St Bitrlinglon,0.-t.2.','-n. 21w3 1) A G UE R R E O T YP E . II. F. iToANK. I-T.O.M Nr.U'-VOHIC, Has ( pored h,s Gallery cf Cclorcd Dag-ucrrcotypcs over C. F. StaMhi;diV.Cos loic, 4 N ooiiortnnilv i- now o'lirvd to the eiiizcns of V Biirlmn'ou ami vicinity, looblam faiibl'ul nn I nivi.ralc, which w II bo in n -lyle greallv supi nor lo nnylefoio oi'ered in tin vicinity. How nfleii ha- the resiet been cxprcs-cl lie l.imiln'tl. thai ihel-llollOl HO--e-- the llkcne.-oflt tieparted friend or relation, which might call up -mil as'ociaii'Uis ol that friend as woulJ ili-tinctly I ring him to iniu '. 'j he pro-cut is a favorable moment to ohlain thc-e laluable likcne.-ta. wh.ih nro mi less th in ibe very iuiprco ion. cl ll.e Human wee oivine, n'ai'uupon plates of silve- by Ibe pencil of nature, anil not the mere luncy i'f the arli-t. The eiiizcns aro re-i.eclfiilly invited tn call mil ex nmine hpecinicns oflliis art Irougl.t to rs bighe.t siaic oi pcrieciiuu. Tlio-ewi-hing to engage iu the !u-inc will findit nn csccllcnt onnor'unitv. Sux-k nml Auaratu- con- staully on ban I, and will be lurui-licd us low as can c pii cha-iit in any nt v. Btirhnalon, O. lotcr 21, 18 13. 2ll( MELODIAIVS. Till', subscriber ha-on hand a few choice Melo dians. a lir-l rate article lor Teacher', and Choir-, al-o for Parlor Music. He In- also the Flal Key wnn me ria no a realize ment, veri nice, which will I o sol I cheap for ia-h. ' ' -i'l'l. l'1-v-.' ivnnn llurlinglcn, Oct. 13, 1315. " 2" rpHF WANDl'ltING Jl'.W, just rnceive I nu 1 for X sale uy v n. ivuuirs. ASPU'.NDID siock of School Buok-, Sabba'h Sclieol Hooks, llyma Hook-, Bi!les and Te-ta- mcn'-. 1 uik IJulc-, very nice, I y li,i. t r Sing'e. l or sale bv S. WOODS. IINi: I Inn l.ctier Paper, 1 shoots and an eiivillope -L I', ibe hulf 1.2. Perforated Paper, .Nnu thick Litter Paper, Cap writing paper, cheap aaJ irnod, Cull-, N.ccl Pens Ink. Ink .Stand., Sinl Boxe-. niigli.b mil Pcnn-vhani.i Slates nil s'.e., Slale Pencils, etc. &c, for sale by S. WOODS. SabYatli School I sale by .lbl.ll ics, ro v. 1-. for I?5,r0 for sn:vi;.Ns Wijous. The Vocalist, consi-iing nl .-bort nud ea-y g!ce, i.y l.. .Mason and li. J, i ibh, fur sro i y sn:vi:.s woods. The Definition Spelling ltoalr, byll.McK.Orm.- iy. OInev's Ocogr:iihy nn 1 Alias. , Milchcl'- "ik .lo Mor-e's new Geography, Ooolricb do do forsa'eby Biirlinilon, Del. 15, '13. 21 S. WOODS. DOCT. MARSHALL'S SITvTPP. THIS SnnT is n certain and perfect euro for the Catarrh, Common Co'ds in the lltad, and ihe lltadaihc, and I-an excel cut nrliclo for Sore and Wtakeyti. It open- uud purges out nil ob-truc-lion-, strengthen- Ibe glans aud gne.- a healthy ac tion to tha parts atlecied. Thou-auds of cirlilicalcs are seal lo us yearly, showing Us cMraonlmary eH'-vis iu Ihe cure ol ibe above di-cascs. Below we insert ' lie from ihe Itev. C. II. Gridieyi Tin- may ivrlify lhal I have 1 eon troulde.1 wiih the Caiarrh, nnd an u'ccumiilaiion ol diseisesnpperlain. ing to il for nearly ten jear to s li b an extent that I had to relinquish my iiiini-ieriil lal ors, and had giien up nil hopes of recovery. In llii- condition 1 wa- induced to try Dr. Marshall's Catarrh nnd Head ache Snuff, and befoie I had used up the second I ox, I had entirely recovered of the Catarrh and ihodis-ea-es appertaining In it. It is my lirm belie! tint n i- n certain cure fur thei!i-ca-es furivhii bill- rccom imnded. C. W. CIKIDLCV. N. B, The name rf II. C. firidlev, Proprie'or, will be lonnd on fiery Buttle of tho tletiume .Mar shall's Caiarrh and llc.iduihe Snuff. Soh.livhole.nle nnd rclail by ibe Proprietor, II U, Ondley, Middle bury, Vl. HAUUINOiON ct BUOIHIli, Burlington, Vt. geu(j' Dll. .VAilSllM.i:S I n (1 inn Vo! et a 1 I o lllsACK PLASTEIl. T 1113 Piaster is unrivaled lor luring s'rofulous sieellinns. sciirvc. sores, lame hick. burn-. pains in the si le, h n or limbs, nn I seldom fail- to give relief in eae i floral rheumatism. If app' el lo the side, it will cure many ol thu common u,r complaint-, nnd it is fuund to be eciunl ifuot superior to llliy COrll llia-ier, lor corns on low ini, il inline' ilialely npplnO lo a fresh wound it will prevent sore lies, nll'l C.lll.o ll ipili l-iy I" neao, Sold Wholesale and llelad by II ad llelad by II. C. Gridley, Pro- prion r. Middlolsiry, Vl. HAllUI.N'GTON BliOTIIKIt. Agents, Burlington, Vt. No lliiniliupr, an im.i: rs tootii-achi: niiops, WIS Ihe undersigned, having usu.1 Dr. Gridloy's Toolh-nche Drops, know by expcm'iico lhal they nre a eertniu cuiv, and cheerfully recommend them to tho-cntllicted with (lie Tooth-ache. IIOMKU, HllELDES. I. 'I', I'lCKlRl), (ll.O. O. AUAMS. Vl.. July. 1SI5. Middtebary il y HAKH1NUTON i: HHOTIirH, Agent; Uurhnglon, vt. 111! LOS T. ON l-'riday the illh lnU on the turnpike road be tween Willislon mid Burlington, 0110 Ladies Sablolloa. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving the same nt Harry Bradley's Store, opposite the Pearl Street House. Burlington, Oct. 29, 1313. 22 Notice. THIS Ceriifies thai 1 have given my son, WHAM IIOVKV, his lime to Iransact business for him so'f, and shall claim none of his earnings or pay any debts of his contracting after Ibis dale. JAMKS IIOVKV. Trov, VI., Oct. 13, 1815. '22w3 Win." C)7li UKER" Wll.l. pay Ca-b for good inarkitiblo IIOUSIW. Clnrfollc, O-l. 15, 1813. 29 M. G. RATHBUN & CO. ME II G7M AT TA II. O II .V. HAVI! returned from Now Vork with nn titiusu nlly large Slock of CLOTHS, CASSIMF.Ur.S, Vr.r,TiNGS, AND 'I' r 1 tn m 1 11 g s . Their (UsstMEans embrace a great varicly of the latest styh s and patterns. .1so, Shirt". Bosoms, Collars. Cravat?, ic. :c.. Burlington, Oct. 17, 1813. M. C. Ilnlllblllt, C. V. Vi'.ari!. CLQVKS, CAPS, &.c. rPIin suli-crilcr Invin" mile arriingeincn' with I. Mr. H. M. I'Ol'K of Burlington, lur sqqilyiug him wiih geni-' IWCK GLOVES, lined anl milmed, and geni' and lads' CAl'S, would re-pei-tfully inform ihe citizens of Burlington and viciiiuy lhal ibe above nnicle- may I 0 obtained of Mr. Pope al wholesale or retail, and having I ecu made by experience I workmen, Into ol Moulpclier, niecoufidciilly rccomtucr.iled u of .1 icry superior quah'y. Country's supplied on favorab'o term., and ull orders promptly attended to by Mr. Pipe. L. TliAtT, Jr. Winl-or, O-t. 1, 1813. 20.1 I OllER'S Tt Oil, is an cVci'ial icinpily tinJcr GoJ, l iiKitiV df-urlcrs incident to tliuliuman Ituly. Il is a euro for nt.niy ilieumatto diortier-. Il fiiri y bnthnii partt'ndetTod and takinir it inwardly in itn.tM Ironi Cwa to twt-niv droit. Il w also .iiJ velV elPica'-io'i in curnifr trvh wo-in U and liui-e if dimlied .nocdilv il i- alo unnd to unre inanv oh siiiMtu va v iA niter in ihe 11111?, (diorlnc- (f 1 rc.illi, I'lulu 'k ccugli, oikI ulnioal all disorJerft ol llic Ucizt unci inut Tin ! toeertify th it ww.lnvc olicn uttlc-eUnlu-larytlTecN ofJi scph OUtV SqMnw-VWfd Oil. We comu'lt it from practical dli-crvalion to ! e a verv valuul.Ie Hiodietne, and cue (1112I1I to ronie into a moie sen era 1 use than it h c ct tlone. lis propert'iM nrcea-ilya-'-eriamcd hy any ontuli. l at ail 1 J tin 1 1 ar wnu inetlietnc ; the ounr is a a ret altle nnd nroimlic, tho Iaie worm and jmnui'nl, oniL'whnt add and cdiatrlv hitter. Wo would Ireclv rei-oiium 11 1 it fur nil Ji eatu-, lor uh:ih it ha- Lech lieruIOUm. rueommenuej. A. PCLT.AIiD.M.D. i;. A. SCO IT. Chary, FtWry 2, 1930. I certtty lint I have made use of O'er1- fvjnaw Wtcd 0,1, l oth a- an evcrnal application and nu in ternal remedy, and luxe fuitnd it to Le a altialk nrtii'If- iti v.nri.i i diua 1 . r. BIDWIXL, Ji. I). Plaltsl urgh, July 1G, 1331). ii. .1. nr.iNr.iiF.rt5 & Co., O -1. 23, '-lo. Whole-ale Agent-, Burlington, Vt. FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS I ! paid nm Tin; ocimxal uecitc ok the CELEBRATED LINIMENT OF St. John Long. TMir. mo.l wonderful remelvcf thelalcSt. JOHN X LONG, of laigland, fur ibe external appl.c.iiion to m.inv di-casc, I- now lor the first tunc lulroduied intn the Ulll el S,nte. The great fjuic of ili( most impnital medicine has prece Icl it, a- will I e seen I v tin' following extract liken from ihe Medical Intelliseni-er. vol. 2. page l'J2. It i- here latrod ice I to feliuw the on!. I c. the e-timition in which St. I.0U2'- Liniment tta bell imtiinlv by ihe people of laigl.Hid nl large, bul nlso bv tlio Me heal l .lcuUv there. " Dr. Macrcigiil called the attention ol the Med-cal Societv lo the conipo-iiion if the Liniment em il.iy- ed by tho ce'ebrated St. h K l Louir, which nt one time, excited no ..mall controversy with rc-pcci to it-imputed virtue-. Il wn- known to mo-i of the mauibcr-. lhal at tho death of that ncrson. the seen" of the conipo-iiion wa- sold for ibe enc.rnou- mm of llMJU,l! (S-W.UUU.) llelia l cmplojcd Uie linuncnl prcily cxlcii-ively iluring the In-i ear and fiund the reuil- eu.i-e. mil ull u .','j.ti. a' lun, fciic'iiy toitndingl The phenomena which I dlrnv- ibo u-e of il, ares iui as will a-tmi-n uieijeiiniiicr, anu are oi en deemed mir.vtilo i-bv those who employ the remedy. anditaraloxi-albynianyoftbeprcfaion. They were l. The appearan'-e ol n grcalcr ilea rce ofrediics- on one pail ct me sun man nuoiner wuen uniiormiy r.ibhel this necutiar red tint being always directlv in the neiibl rrhoul, nnJ over the pari ivbi-ic the di-ca-e I- locate i. 2. On ibo conlimnli'Ui ol llio robbing fir r time, tho uo.ius ofa II lid from the surface, vary in e.dtir. ihe cuticle remainim? unbroken. 3. Thehcniiug f thedi ease under the continued aciit.n f ibe Liniment." Such i- Ibe unanswerable le-tunonv in favor ol this ino-t imiionant external remedy I It- n!l-hcaling virtue- nre di-played in it.aitv oi uie ino-i leiiio.i- an i onsiinnte uccciion- ic which Ibe human frimei-nibie.'t and mosltrmmpli antic so. in a'l tho eititcrnal.ob-curedi-ea.e., wlucli defy alike the skill of the phy-iciau and power rf mc heme, ll - uy inc cvitemeni ui a new action in the exhihnt ve-se's of the part atlected, induced li the niiplieatioii of this Liuimeiit, that the cere I-nl feetc I nu l thedi ea-ercm cod. Theei ntuv c.i anpli cition will, if per-evered in, us-iiredly iroiluie D pe culiar redness directly crer the purl affected, 'Iris pointing out with unerring eerininly ilie primary seal ii uo-oisc, unu oy conim-uu? uie ruoi in-j, u.e ... a I... I .1 ..ft il I ... .i ,.. . 1 1 11 1 1 J ..tin iiiurmu ii nil- w ill i.-fecil o u.'K-. I iii.'i.Ki llio skin, nn I pa-soH'inse i-i! le from the surlaee by lheeh.i cut lis el-, and thcrel venlirelveriu'i'aiing the cause of Ilia ihscaie, and re-toring the part a'lccted iu Us u?uii ncn in. The following eomplainl-nre iho o in which the Linuncnl oi ol. Joiiu Long aci most lonipicuous Hlictimntli.111. Tin- iricist ili.tre-sing th-ease, which is so itniier- sally prevalent, is e.iiy in n short lime ly r.iuoing in a icw uoiucs oi mis iinuueni. I'aUy. Of Ihe leg-, nrms, hand-, or fae w ill I e specdil rc-torcl to action !y llnro ighly rublaug wiih the Itnimciil me Hour at a lime, three luncsa uay. Tic Ilolorcux. This most painful m.i'.idy mav be totally era licatcd cy oppiying oi, aouu i.oug s j.mrucni. I.ivrr Complaliil, So IcJ.o'i- and protraetel in its nature, weiring out the patient by a long grad lal scene rlsti'lcring an 1 sorrow. I- toon ahcviaieil bv Ihe u-c ot the ho inent, a.vl when perscierel in i:s cunlinucd npplica lion is iiiumaieiy cure ', IVhlto Sivclllntrs. Tl.e c painful .nocuous nre cuiitl by llii- reniedy witlioul auv of those di-a-tri i- and un-tvmly ih.tor lions which nlwav- attend the-e a lection-, so long a reproaih lo the science of medicine. Still' Joints Are ren lercd supple and Inn' cr by thoroughly rub ling in Ibe Imimcnl fu ir oi live limes a day. Ab-cesses Of all kinds, nre speedily brnuahl lo a bead, and il lakeu iu sea, on nro entirely preienlcd. Diopsy In tlio ( hot or Heart S.i e.lcctiia ly cured I y duly and eou-tanl applica lion to the i hest of ibis inclinable remedy. In nil drop-ieil ili-eais iisc'lccl- are mo-i Tains In the Mile, Hack or llrcast. The-e iroiible-oini- a 'cctions, so tedious to I e lirne aro loial y di-sia;cJ by Ibe use ofa single I cllle. Atlima. Thu J.ilherio most inveterate comnh'i l. I- greallv relieved bv daily rubbing; wiih ll'e I nent, nnd if of li ng standing, is uliuuaiely cured wnu constant rnli bin:.', and wearing next to llio ctie-l a it.inncl cloth win in the liiiimeni, I'.rulscs niul Sprains However severe ore immediately relieved, and nil soreness and bliiliiess renioie 1. Nervous Complaints Am iniin-ihatcly scolhcd andipueie.1 by the virtues of ibis remi'lv. and ilieir tendencv to reiiirnorreatly lessened--ami nil luiernal Swelling-, ofciery naliiro are li.iiu.licil nic ii ciiariu, Willi tno operation oi inn Liniment. PltlCK 23 cents. Oct. 23, '-13. PI'.CK it S Pi: All, Agent', THE KING'S OIL, For all iVountls on Ilorsos, Cattle, tyc. Sl'CH ns Culs-, llruise-, Cork., Oalls, (either by the Saddle or Ilarne-s,) Soro Hacks, Sore Ilrea-i, Sprain, 1'i.luljt, e-c.eVe.A-e., reuiovingall mrcnejs nnd slitl'ne-s, nnd bialmg up the worst possible wound, in front one In live day. lime. This l.'M.KHHATr.D IlKuKDV wa preparH by order i f the lain King Win. IV, of Ureal llnlnin, iin.l..s tl.a .l,r.....i,.n .U Ms. I. I be I'elebrAtl.d Kll - nlnh Farrier, nnd by him in ihe Hoyal Slud of iinrstsoniy. ... . Sold by I'r.Clv A: .KPKI1, llnrliiiulon I J O. Kinglan'l it. Co., Kre.eville s I.. P. Cbenev, P',r: iii-iuvi ..riKiii.- "i-.s-'i j Icy, Middleburyi U. Muriuy. i crgi'iine.. Hii'S Ilenrvi Wright Siirague, Wliilensnt 11. "no- New-York Adv's. ij It . V O W ID Liy, M D . OCIULIST And Ophthalmic Surgeon.. 2G1 Uiioadwav, Corner of Warren Street, NEW YOHK. CONI'I.Nr.5 Iiii pracltw lo DieE.i'r.s op the trn Operations iiiun that tlrgnn and Us appen lagts, and to nil luiierfociiou ol Vi-ion. Tesliincnml lioui tho inii-l eniiticiil medical men oflainiic ami Atnoric.i. liel'eru i e lo pnlienl- tint have I ten ier (.ctlv cured nl linriuroii's Catarutf. Upllhamla, .Yii'ua', or S,icc'. on I he l.yc, Slrabltmut, ir Sijuinling, &: AfTiriciAL I'.vr.s inerted wiihic t any fain or niiero'ion, that cannot 1 ilislinjui-hi "I Iroin the naluiul. Splctacies A'lvice ns to II u kind of Ola-e- -tillable to particular defects. PEn-sos- r.ciiDiNO at A DtsTA'rccriin rereiie medicines 1 y ilocriblng their catuiinJer tho lulluil- ng lica if. . S i. T I ? Sj! g; ? s5 c i j . i " Ki Sll as 71-- : I iiE! i '-:'ui- .- t . k . i s 1 ts - a. CiiG J.vyj t o j- -'. 111. AUCTION AND rill; Sul scri1 cr Ins lemoied lo the Auction Plnm ot I!. H.iswell, i: r. on the we-t -We of tl o Court lloice .Sijuare, where he will ntlcnd to thu Sale of all kinds of Properly nt Auction uud on t,'ottiini ion. He will keep con -tatttly on h ind lloii-ebold I urnilure ol moslkim s which he will t!l low for cash. li.UU SIIERW-'OD. B irluigloti, Septeubir 0, 1S!j. I6l -I ASM PAID for rouif, Bl'TTKU, itvn. PI'AM, FLAX S1F.I), bv II. W. CATLIN, J ClII-.KSi: wiim: 'iir.Ns, U.VI.-, sum p pr.ivrs, 9, 1S13. O.I. "jYjrAV SAI.JIO.V, (North shore) by the lb. and IN h.ilfbbl., this day rccened by Oct.2, 1SI3. A. S. DEWnY. Watclm.3. WK de-ire to inform Ttacbers and o'ber, that wc have a moreexfcn-ivcantl a cheaoer lot of got d Watches, linn we have ever ha.l tho plcailiru of offering lor cath, boih (h M and Silver. 21 iilil.lIAILI X UKUIIll.KS. For Sale. A pood yn tn j Ilor-e, I grod working mare, 1 new iron axle 1 oncord Wvigon, 1 con 1 band Cou- cord ui, 1 Ci.tter, 1 Sleigh, ur ready pay in a.-hor good baric- 21 IIItlNSUAlD .r- BnoTHF.ns. t32D2ffS BARLOW HMNO fai'ed of learning the MAstTAcrcnlso UffiisT. s, Ins fill (.-J hi- riture with a larsc as- sjriiiuut uf tiuud, t oiiM-tin? in pari tf Bion 1 Cloth, Cn-nnicre. Suhneit. Vestinrs. Klan nets', Plaid-, Cu.t l.hnuM and Trnnrnin. AIapai-a, UIVs., irne, rnKiatvt liM, W iecns uioili, l Inmelenn, A'iuh'n fentui'', muu1- i'e l.aint", I tomt nzine-, M- rinoe, runt-, 'Jinali.ini?, riaiu, (Ji.mcii, oatin aim 1 ate, S.rii-'t I'laid, Wlwc Camhric-. K.iney Crava's, llo-ivr' IJu k .Mitten and Glove, Ili.ek, Kid, C-'u-tnn. U'ur-tid and SdU 01ae-, tI.mi and fancy Mitt, nul'oonn, !'in 'ui!,'i Ta c,i oi bin-, Hoor,Bai I Hyc-, l ir un u ire. ik, i hrca iiiw maid-, utcct, oru, . ip -, uiifUniK't an 1 teulei. Alo( Sheetings, rtin-t IV 1 Titking, DriH- iiiu-, ('un riannel. Lotton inrn, llitt, Viel- m. Wn.'dmc, l.'arpi't orn, Iturbsp. hir-e nianl-ei, ItrtrJ,'a S'i Vi7, Cro:kerijt II irdieare, Mli-rinL'-", and ilti- I e-t q ,.tli y of Teas, Suar and 3Iu w( c. At. The ii'ue morula were icVcicJ wi!r pieat carp, -ind Le re-ie-tlttl!y invite. inpf.':iou, foe ihey wilu nr. sold. SVuid, Clrair, Voik, Puller, and most lan.K of pro dree rcrivcd in ayircnt. 20 VinooLi'Uurlinston Kail., Vt. Oei. 1815. OPEItATlO.SS performed upon ibe tceili w iihcsro nniiidcliiy by the above mentioned genilcinen ; cn-iire.l good by an cven-ive and approved prac lice, llooin-, exlieine end ofibeeast wingof Pei-k' Ibu'ding-. Un'rance by Ibe door ol "Coun-ellor's Hall." " I 'or l.adie- prefixing, by that of Peek ti Spear's Drti-'irisl e-tal li-huieiil. il irling'on.Oct.O. 1513. HAG All iirniuu, AUn now receiving new supplies of" SADDLERY, IO.ICI1 AND SlIEir II :i r il w a r c , in all its varieties. Also, Drugi ii Jlcdlrlnes, v.usrs, ou.s, vail S1SUDS, .f-c Ilurlington, Vt. Oct. 1,1513. STOVE. ,j THIS Stove i- -o arrangid a- to require but linle rooui. .e lhan anv oilier havingtliesaineq tan tity i.f iron. None wi 1 s ir.itt-- it a- lo worUtnanship ofeisi n, and it w II periorin i ne third more worL with Ic-- fuel ih in the i.rd.uaiy siove. Kor sale bv the un ler-i.-ncd. ISAAC DOW. li.iriiugton, Oct. 1, 1315. 19 JEWELL, HARISOxX & CO., COMMISSION .MliltCIIAVrS, (.V. at) H"drr slrecl, S. V.) TIIANKI'L I. lo fho Jlcrchanls ond others in Ver mont for the liberal pitronnge nlrindy received, respectfully solicit a continuance of iluir faiors, suJ a-sure llicui lhal all goods culiu.-lcd In out care sbsll bedt-noscdof to llio best advantage and with all po sib'c dispalih. Particular pains will be taken to hrrp our friend fullv advised of the slate of our market. . We would particularly lalUittenlion to I he facili ties wo offer fur the sale oi llmr.B, Cucese, anil all nruelcs of Pnoprcn. I.tbjral advances made on nultir, Cheese, Wool, Heps, Pol and Pearl Ashes, &.C. c. P.cfcr to Messrs Kol'itl iV Ilrndlry, Messrs. J. & J. 11. Peek,. Co. 17 I , lluriington, DR. M. NEWTON, I)ETM. SLUG EOS, Rr.SPKCTITM.Y informs llio ciiuens of Bur lington and iicuuty, that he has located hiirse'f in this Village, where he will be happy, at sll times, lo alien J In any calls in his profession. Teelh extrac ted uith Chciaher's forces with far less pain Ihsn is gcneraly experienced, nnd wiihnm injury to ihe gums nnd Aveolir process. Teeth tilleil wiih gold eselu siicly, and upon a ihirrrcul piinciplefrom ihat gener ally praeiicid i it u a discoverv of one of ihe most ccli bra led of ihe profession. Teeth filled in ibis mail nerare mado so linn as to resist any external injury onH become pood anJ useful orenns for life. All operations to give satisfaction or no chaiou will be made. Perseus wishing for operations srs irspcclfully invited to call, till examinations snd sd iic gratis. Doct. ?f. niay be found, at prpsenl, at Mr. Dosne's m tlnllct'ii Sired, a few doorsfrom Church St. Rpt. 25, 1515. ,7,f I'riiiliiiK Ink. . VTKW.S IwinU and colored priming ink i l (jualliy,fjr sale at manufacture pric ., ,. IIAQAR6A Burlington, Oct. 1, 1SI5. 1 1 t.T- srZvJ

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