10 Nisan 1846 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1

10 Nisan 1846 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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NOT TUB GLORY OF C JD S A R BUT THE WELFARE OF BOMB BY II. B. STACY. II II II L I N G TON, V 13 II M 0 N T, FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 1846. VOL. XIX No. 45. THE 5;FARM.j For tho Kite Vita. n. ii. FinMEns or Ciiittk.ndcn County : In a previous communication I intimated that I would, at a future time, aim to point out some of tho leading causes of llio present loiv char actcr of our horses, and also to suggest, inci dentally, some of tho more important inc.ins to bo employed in order to correct existing evils, in tliii matter, and to prcd-ucc a stylo of horses of the right stamp horses that shall combine beauty m'ft all go and all v:ork. This I shall now attempt to do. 1. We farmers, it must be confessed, as a body, have not been disposed to hold out suffi cient encouragement to secure tho introduction and ensure the support of superior sires. Hut how duel this appear! In this way, look ! In the present paucity of first rale entire horses, ono of the best quality will command a large price not less than S1,0()0. The interest of this aum is 360, annually. Such a horse cannot be kept as he should be for lets than 2(10 a year. Then, such a horse is, certainly, as liable todie or be ruined as factories are to he burned ut). ' The risk is all of fifteen per cent. We have, , then, the following jcarly outgoes for a proper urr, properly kept. Intersil on But en el, 'per annum, Keeptnr, per annum, link, l fiite-n per cent. S CO, 200, 100, Mikinr, I all cer- yit. the sum of 3110. ho aixuuut is undo here of the fact that the liore will, at longest, die in a i-hort tune. From these cellmates, il U xcry plain that thn services of a super-evrrllent sire, should com mind as much as (cit dollars for tho season." This sum is cheerfully pjid xxlierogwid sires are had,andoorf horses are bred. But what is the prevailing feeling and practice among us .' Why a majority of us, a Urge majority, regard 83 00 as a huge price, and not lo be incurred or tolerated, except in special cases. Three dollars is Iho common nrice for xx hat xvo esteem our best horses ; while 'miserable scrubs, which ! It would 6eem, are xx holly useless for anv valu. tie purpose, are accustomed logo from farm to farm, like graceless bcggars.ieasing for employ ment " at a dollar. " Niuv these are the crea. tures, by misoomei called horses, from w hich a large share of the nags noiv in use, among ns, are bred ! Hence their dogoncrai y,as a whole. We profess to know bomcihing, and to bo guid ed Ly (l.c light of our knoxxleJge ; but one of two lbing must be true of us; wo know neM to nothing as to our interests in this nnlter; or, we despise know ledge, in this thing, as a practical guide. Wo seem to act as though tho laxvs of business and nl breeding xx-ould, some limv, be suspended for the sike of ax'orling from us the legitimate, hut mournful results of a hortsightcd parsimony. In engaging the ser ice of a stock horse, we generally act upon the ground of employing the one that xxill cot the least, to tipgm with ; e.ercising no prudent forecast respecting tho results to bo realized Nw, fellow tanners, I am becoming xcry impi tientof this practice, and of the spirit w h ch prompts i1. II it I will not Tech re rga in il as " unenduriihly shameful," bceauPe this in'gl.t involve quesluu,!, tespccluig nor moral stand- ing ; oui l no s ly, iiui, i will noi.dor Iho subject as it deserves, we shail be painfully i convinced,! bat it is .: vx retched economy, being I throujrlioiii, s " penny wise and pound fooli.h " I policy. What. Ilieo. s ion d be dnm! I Tim answer is easy. We must cist aside our apa- thy on this subject, open oor eyes to our true interests, engage in good earnest in breeding good homes, as far as xvo breed any, and last, but not least, be willing lo piy fairly for Iho ervicesof a sire of superior excellence. When ever xve will come into this attitiidc,! will guar nly that sounbody will furnish us with the use of sire No. 1, according to the highest and long, est approved standards. Thus, an important and indispensable step will bo takon, in laying the foundation of a breed of hoca among us, which shall be efficient at whatever service we hall please to put them, and shall yield us a libera! price at sale. Nuxv xxill we take this one itep ! Or shall xvo abide in our lelh- argic state and present habits on lb s subject, and continue to employ mere " scrubs" as sires and be content xvith scrub colts, xx hich can an - wer for us hut lilllu purpose at work, and can bring to us but a stinted sum at sale ! But let us look at another asiicct of this matter. 2. Auother reason xvhy the general rbaractcr of our horses has sunk so loxv.and why this de pressed slate continues so long, in the almost universal absence, among us, nf model horses I venture to say. that a inajiinly of us nexer saiv a horse of bom fidt finish and pe,feclhm. We Al nn I... I I.- I.I 1.1 . 1 . .. . ..v . i. W....I.I lotm , uur uu -xo nnow mucn respecting the p.aiils, which gno hiln h's surriuritx Musi of us ate in the dirk and do nxi i.i.m .ir.gui wlut loaini at in breed inj. A few model horses would servo to throw daylight in upon us, and start us up in the right direction. I might, with propriety, leave this point just t. n . .1 i . . here. But. tnasmuc I, as the tendency of mod. . 7, ssig,Mmiui improvement in all the multifarious pursuits and business conuecled witli our mode of hfe. I xvill , i ' , ven ure a few remarks more, even at the 14Z. aid of prolixity. A knowledge of farming is experimental, whether it pertains tobrecTding, fecding.dairiep, the management of soils, 6eeds, or anything else. Hence, xvo can advance in tho knowledge of this great art, only hy outward experience and observation, citlier on our mvu pan, or on the part of others. We cmnct refer wiAm to a model and directory, as wo can, and must. on tho subject of morality. We must learn uu uiu "WJ from notices from .rinW. U e need, therefore, omcthing, which we can see, and oxainine.aiid ( fa J t ' ct from. Thus our scattered and nascent I().i..,.u ,ar surpassing ...em in lhu weight ol t ions are reduced to order, and mado lo iniltire, and our half conscious impressions are made cleat and sharp, and we reach, at once, xvhat it Ins taken mmy sucrcssixc generations to ar- tyulk which it freed fiom tliu won! in xvash rive at, and what xvo, in all probability, could jn!? and js itself necessary fur the perfocliun ml attain to, in any other way, to the il ty til" our nlld gnnvlh of lit; fiber, death. Hence, the great importance, to u, nf( 18j0( (), rj, Collins, Esq., ofHarlfurd model specimens, in all tho lc.uling branches Cl., on leave of llio king, selected with great belonging to our linof life. Let n.c tadd hcre.l j,,,,,,,, ,,,, MPf 20 ,,,, buck one or two illustrations of tho beneficial influ- , - . . . . , ... . , , . ., , , , from tho Ituyal nock ut uanibuuillet, nnd ence of model specimens, which have occurred , , . , , , . - , under tny own personal observation. I have a sl"l'H ' country-some of tin, friend in this State, who is a wool grower, and,!v,'s ar0 sl111 living nnd in fino condition a real critic in the mattcr.-ircnrding to Vermont bidding f.iir to livo fir many years lo come, rules. Mr. Cook, of the Burlington Mill Com. This cntiru lluck was purchased of Mr. Col pany, sent lilm some specimens of tho wool Hus last fill, nnd is now owned by Mr. Ding which ho obtained in Ohio. When ho opened lllm f Willis'.on. Il is thoughl by most who , . u rema nd amine mi to wnn astonishment. ... .,., uiu iii,t. i never unagincu : What finencss-of pile what purity what a proper length of staple uh.it elasticity and col. or! I now know what to aim a: in my flock." But let us refer to a case more In point if possi ble. I unco asked a friend to take a look at a horse bred hy James Bathgate, Ksip, of J.ong Island, breeder of Modoc, Midas, Gypey, and other distinguished horses. This horse was sired by Henry, tho competitor of American Eclipc. His dam was the mure that produced l'rospecl, Post Boy, Sir Lovcll ami Light Infant- Vernionl, and if I di I not intend to treat of! of the Clerk was lo make the debenture, . Onecvetiing, as Peter s father xvns return rv. Mv frond's expectations xxere. of cntitse. ii fi- it,,. ,., i ,1,,, 1 r.... 1 1,.. 1 r ,i, t,,,,, r,,. ,,,,,1 .,. I mg Irom a neigliboring village, bo heard rrroitlv rai-ed. But. when he come to see 1 i -s "clean, broul, sinew tr lioib, his rret of nride. and ejo ol tl nn , hi-" anatoiincal dexel ipinonis ' oiincieg lori'iuulixc ower, peed, Mreniith and . endurance," he xi-as eiioh inted at the .pectacle. Iho entire (luck ol ibe.e sheep lieloncing lo vice. Nor is this all. Since llio act ol 18 llis lir-t words were " ,lv beau idei' of a per- 'r- Collins, id' Conn., In !!ev. L. O. Bing- 42, tho Clerks are paid for this service in feet hor-e. 1 no.x sr. dmilily rea iZ'il." Heron tluuei!,"l tie' i" id t j far ms nf dui- state could hm see il, s a', n, '. ;iial t !,.-y m ,'l't ma I; the dilfereiuo b,'txxe'H vxhat t;i,-y a-e .ic-us'iimed to regard as No. 1 horr-cs, and a hoi-lint i b n.i li.le -", xxh.it a rexolutruii it must create in tb s snocies of Mock anion ' o.s," ,t all exeats this .it .hi ...Linn mm , eh,b,t,on had such an eliocl on mv friend as to 1 cause him lo hoy a female get of this remarka- b!e hor-e. for breeding. He has her yet, and . she is, douUU-, the finest mare in tins state Such, th.n, is the practical effect of medel spe-, emeus, m lerfecling our viexvs, and leading us on in the path of improvement. They are no! Iess lllilll,li0 power of example, appealing to us under exciting circumstances. And hero let mo remark, is lo be found one of the main ben- efits of our Agricultural Pairs. The sights of our eyes stimulate our minds and raise our pur-, poses. Hence, mnJel specimens will alxxays produce lastly more practical effect upon the coinmnn mind, than many run discriminating j chapters of more theory. But it mM bo admitted lh.il there is a dim. cultv in this matter, when amdied lo horses rs. pccially. Uur information is so scanty, our ,ear,.,g so superoc.,.. .. wiu premises, max wo are lublc to commit gross mistakes in judging ofmudol specirnons. Wo are liable not to know them xvhen wo sec them. Tor iostanie, wo know next to nothing respecting the anatomy ..f,l. I II "I M1U IKMSf. 11UULL-, 1I1USI IJI US II1SIM OO UIO necessiivof lare bones n, il,n .,,: f slrengih ; xx horc.i--, the strength of the animal ' recommend them lo the .mention of iho sl lard. This provision xvas for (he pro does not depend on Iho sizeoMho bones, hut on I '"""oders in that quarter. They are a most molgalion of ru'cs applicable lo every vari the size and d.rortnm of the muscles. We are ! v-""" impot lation, and Mr. Collins tie- ant practice. In Febrii.tiy 184 1 the auditor generally pleasrd xvtih a thick fle-hy neck ; xvneieas, grcne in this member is a gieat defect. It is nut only a in irii nl low blood, but it is an einlnrr.i!-inont tilhe horse's, speed and endurance, w hen urged itnpcratesasa weight attached to thu shoulders of man. We sneak of a sleep rump as a sign of strength and speed ; xvhuie.i-, tlieso proper!. ei- mainly depend U on compactness, proper height, thj nhlique shoul.l Her, the loii'Mli i.f the rib--, the ri dii lem.ili ,,f b ick, and breadib of bun and liips, llio acute- nessof the angle formed bv the haunch and thigh bones, and not least, the sizo and dircc I linonfilu. ,i.l.u..l !...,. i..- .:r, ,i, .,,,, I ,,.,, , , aifcu unu a L-L-riiio ruuuuness, i aim luiiueas oi carcass (.prouuceiJ liall tiy e.ces. sive fatness) most of us pronounce luui a line horse, though his shuulJer blades arc as upright as those of an ox though his legs .ire thick and gummy, and his action as sluggish and ine lastic as that of a coiv. This lark of knowledge as to the po.nts, xvhich go lo make up a model horse, is a great obstacle to the general breed. ingot gooil horses isobxious. But "know ledge is poxxer."aud will prevail. If, iben, such as nave the Knowledge, and know tho truth, xxill exert theu.selxcs, somewhat, lo obtain a good . model sire, and a fexv model breeders, the xvork 1 is ""-' But mure, bv.and-by Shelbum, April 2, 13 10. itA.tiKouii.Liyr itiuki.-vo simr:i In 1785, Louis XVI, King of Fiance, I!. I . ., !- .. tippneu io uiu iving oi ojnun r uiivu , purchase u (lock of pum Spanish Merino Sheep, which was granted. In 17SG a' Rovul Commission, frnni the French Kin... r $ an() .-spam and si lecied llio choicrst individuals v could find in seven ,lilf,,enl i " ,,,, ,, , rlnrl-s nr i nv.itu.. iM7- llu. I ...t ... v.... , , ,s'X sotli and l:,cuii,i Civ, mis; also f,,,,,, lhu 1 di,ct it i.uT.i ( y alloxv mice. When- the sui C.iviimsnf lhu .M uquis do Iraiida, tho Mar-1 xiin is defined and tho fees established by quis du Peiases, iManuel do B ilhuena, and I ixv.olhiw auxes aie uoiforin, but hoyond these tin, f.'tiinii do S.in II 'PI... , bounds of legal presi iipiimis lies a terrilorx l.l r i (Moners selec.ed on. of these as ... their jndg- .ilium, mo ues, hulks hi npiin, and on llieirlen.il, can he consilium tied xxilh inipiinitv. reiurn to Franco published llieir proceeding's 'm i i ' i I hose sheei) were undoubted y we chosen r ,i .i , . for they xvere the prido and boast of llio Spanish shepherds. On being driven into France, llioy were placed upon the Royal Estate at Uiimbouillel. Ilenco the name. In iho revolution which followed, lluso sheep wcrelaken under Iho palronago of the Government, mid so have remained lo the , (lr(,scnt ,lllt 'i'lia is probably no,v lc. ,,,, .,. !n -...i.i. ... ., j , . . , 6 "' nr Iiiriniiiiii In rnmn;ir ti lilt ii 1.. Is'.srn.m ' ,..,.,',.....,., ' I Hd'co and strenglli of fnnstiliilion. They 'aro great shearers oUeoal, being entirely free from gums, and all kinds of impurity except oxallino ,lon,( ,lal ,.y will shear 5 pounds , ,, ,,. f ..,ll ,,..l,,l l r ono ynnr's growth. Mr. Collinshad never sold nn cwu until lie sold the flock Into the County. From the Vermont Chronicle. RAMBOUILLET SHELU'. Mcssns. EDirons : I should not probably attempt on urticlo for tiic agricultural de partment of your paper if I had not a sub- jecl of particular interest to llio farmers of' il,.,,M,,. I',lr .,r ,t. A.,....: 1 turist : I " IlnmboulUtt Sicrp. Wo spoko in a little note 10 our last iiiiinnrr, of having sold ii,iiii,(il xx iiimiiii, 1,, and mat we iiiti'iiili il another way, or tins serxu-o is inciuueu a to notice tbi'in when they p.isied thio' ibis lining others, for xxhich anolln'r compeosa cilx , .i wo thought ihi-y might deserve. lion is allowed, and itill their charge-, coolin Txvn xeats ago Ihv June, we iupecli'd these ' ue lo ho made, and in some Counties, includ U inili.Miilli I-. in.I I fuiiTil ibi'in superior lo ed Court debenture amount to about S5o,t0, .....t ll.i .. I. .il l.j.l'. i. 1.. .1... IT. i.lt...... ,,..rl !... .wl ,l,(. nrnvicifine i,f lllf .V. . . . ... I : n .1 1 .,(,,11 M i.inv' nor 1 11 (locks, eniui .iciki soinr. -I a I II CO I IN XX e 1 ix o litnkcil n l'i r a ,,C r,,,..;, ..,!... I I 1. i ,1..: Z ' I ,rv ; nnd xxiil, these f.esh in oor m.mls we , ave'r upon ll.is second examin.ilion of Mr. r 11: t : .,:.i. , ,, Collins importation, that wo know no oilier slieep equal to them fur fineness, softness, . 8 'iuaiu.es, evenness, iioseness, unu WC'H "( fleece, coupled with great sizo of , carcass, style, and nn indefinable air of high breeding. They arc also thrifty, liaidy, and of excellent constitution. Wo should judge fir,!, lareer in siL. than ihn ax-nrn nf r,oo'd tlinin, generally, lo tie Irom one-lentli In one .M,.ri,m ....p. sj(lmu 0f tt.,-ir fleeces are almost as fine as the finest Saxnn, and nono are of an inferior quality ; Ihey nro also re- 1 m il kahly frccjrom gum; and yet the fibres ' of the fleece an; so fine and close together as ' ' 10 l,'l"l('r " i,linusl 'nipervinos lo tin-severest ' ,,"rms-. 's'-'al' very obj clionable "Hill, llieir xvool is well supplied with ynlk; equally diffused, and imp.ii ting lo the lleece , .... .,,,, ;, .. rl(., i,.:.,,,. ,.Apn .,.,, ' Tlis lt. u,lsl(.( j wall,r) llhik() I gums, is easily cleansed out (being nothing hut ,i pure anini il sn ip,) leaving the xvool soft, i and of a most beautiful i lear xx bite. in.,, . I Ill I, ...... .. . in ?n, i , hii,iiih; ,111 rAiilltlll tins, on tho Mel i locks of Veinio.ll. and we ' set ves u,e tu iiiKs ol tlio count rv lor ins spirit appneu to ine jniiji'S in ine cupiuuiu imiri I nod liberalilv in m.ikini' it. Thev am nuriillu establish rules ol iiiactico. to be obseived ' m i,. ., ... .... ,, i ,i ...,i ,(-, ti, its, i,,,-,, ,1, , ut, luiii it, . I iiiiji, il- illel, i f the In si, probably , in Europe. Tho originals of those suneih animals, bv pei mission ol the King, xxere chose fiom the , In st llocks in Spain, about GO x eai s ago, and Il ive since bciui hied by the Fiuncli govern- muni xxilh the giealest care." Passing lliioiigh Williilon, recently, Iex- "niim (1 llio ll.icii spoken ul aliovu tiv oik I ' a"ll,iri'.V upon the subject and 1 s iy uiai i iioxi-r saw sucu sueep iienire. J -V ilH!, ","ult'(1. i,M OVOr" '''' '''"g''iid fil,''' "'iiol lli.iu I ever befoi e si xv. I hey I must "inako an excellent cioss on llio Merino s of Vernionl." N. L. N. TO Till! tax-imyixu co.n.nu XI I'Y i. vi:k.uo.t. No. IV. The necessity of strict legal limitation and i leslriciiun is iiinio iiigeuily required in guard- "'!! I'10 avenues lo thu t leasury, llian lo n must anv other narl of legislation: noth iug should be left lo discretion, which can be! settled hy laxv. The xvord discretion is tool elastic lo occupy u place in legal phrase, xvliero any Hung like certainty becomes ma tcrial,cspeci.dly when used lo modify a p oxv cr In disburse the public funds. And yet xvo have laws in great numbeis, conferring pow ers, on many agents of tho government, in allow claims against the Slate in their dis cretion, eveinu cases where the service might he defined and tho euniponsalioii sullied. Il is not easy to imagine any sufficient reason for petinilliog tholixv to remain us it is; c'oiy set vice should ho delnied, xvlurli xx ill iiiIiimI , i f 1 1 ititit I In I'm,, ,iiIW illitl, fiYi.il :.,til i thus lhu call fur using a discrelinn, which I 'X have not, xx notii ti. ax'nuleii, I lie pin- """"J "', ' '" 101-; T,"""- '- lion ul rob s in serine iniiloriinlv ol charges, i . .k , In rnrnirl llu. li.t.nii it il i.... .,1' I Ol ill'l nil' iiiistiit tutu ,i (list ii-iii, ii, isiiiii in (. 0 ,, ,,. ,.,. , .,. i .i... .ii...: i'.i:.... ..: i . . The charges fur making Court ilockels xx ill illustrate ibis. The following table, will show lhu various rales of charging fur duckets. The average price for making duckets, paid out of the Tieasury, for each union on Iho dorketi, as returned lo the auditor's office from March 1st lo August 31sl, 184!J xvas fur lhu County ol Benniiigtnii, 80,23, Windbim, 0,08. Washington, 50,204 i',l. Ciledania, Franklin, I. imoille, Oilcans, Grand Isle, Kssrx, Holland, Windsor, 'Addison, Oiangu, Chittenden, 0.10C 0,10 8 8.1B8 o.ir.. 0,10 ii nirri'1 o," 0 l.ri Grand Isle 0 17 VMI1U, ir.iiiu ifcll . J Cliillenden, 0,19 a Kssrx, 0,157' ..jH (1WTSt rau f charge exhibited in the . ,,, pll, , Slat.H. price fur. j copying, moro tbon 2C0 and ihn highest moro1 than 600 per cent. This table xve believe "ill furnish a fair commentary upon the un' cert.iinty o legal discntion, when summit led lo a largo number of different boards, from whoso nllovxunco then! is no appeal or revision. This is however not n solitary or perhaps tliu strongest case, of discrepant practices tesulling, necessarily, from tho un- liirliui!iln rniiilillon of nor LlWS Oil this Stlb- - jecl. Sinco tho revision in 1S39, Clerks have j mines. As soon us ho could walk, 1 10 ran lo I , v'" " "-" sinister warn chirged and have been nllowed from 50 els. j tho mines ho descended into them and by I ,n" n"'1 """ "-' down bis axe 10 S2 00 and over fur rendering judgments, his cheerfulness nnd play, solaced the cares " 1111 greater vigor, nnd would woik on in si- in addition lo "Scents nllnvxedby the Sinlutu ; for enteting a judgment in llio S. Court, and ' childish tpialities gave placo to youth, I'eter 10 cents, on trial in the County Court. Be- became a good vroi kinon and, after his Ja ime the revision, the Statute, M-llling the fees ther, he was llio most capublu in directing f,,r .,ii..riiiit iiidiMiwnis. Ind these words of I tho xvork. explanation, viz., " including rendering tho llu knoxv boxv to select llio placoVhere '"noccnU. .same," but In the Statute of 1839 these words llio miner could stnke xxilh llio best as-ur- 1 ''ter xxas every where. Prayers were of aru omilled, and iho practice has become , unco of success ; bo used to pass through the ! Jl'.r,,(J ' "". "I"' eru burned in honor of general lo cb.irce for the record. , longsuhterr.ioe.ni g.illories.without wandering ! 1 "' H'mfieil im.igin.iiion of the poor b 1? ' . r , . , . . , - r . I i.,,:inu ,. itii.tt, t,, I .... L- ...I,.!. L,... .iB ..I. PI,-,..,.,. rr,.. 1 nfl in Cft .,0 are made for making dobenluio of the Grand Jury and d'Tkness, bo plax fully , and yet by lea the same for Petit Jorors, and of S1.00 lo , "'s enliroly naiur.il, explained tho mysle 82,23 for selling will, u panel of Jurors. J nes which were the cause ol so much terror The services, for which these fees are cbarg- , 10 'J8 companions. cd, originated under a law of 1807, and the I fees prescribed by lint art, as compensation ' fur llir, c.tvii'.,. ,vi, Sl flfl lllllv Till! dlltV for tho seivice, was 81,00 only. Tho duty it,. ..,!,!. ,1... 1. ,., Tl.t. '. i..n,;rwMiv ibo Sinnn. at d dm li'ir.il fen was S1.00 : 1 now by iiinuv.uion or construction, or usage, in some s.ises over Sj,0u, is paid lor llnsser- if.

.... ., ei - -. I.. - ' "llu "lllu ul ln,! -1,un1115 11 " , ., . 1 :.. , Ul"en "'"Hry to enter .00 re.orns ... . .- , C " m' Z axlZLi V'Z , l"" , E I his useless expense 1ms talien utile suorioi S30Q a yKar in sulnu Counlies. No pooi- I he rc..lson Ci)ll bo ivt11 for such a practice, ' 0,,1(;P ,iin nc.ins 0f ntl.linc lo tho fees of, ccnMn ofnc(,rS( anj ,,is r,,llS(m ls been rt- I ' frankly assigned as the origin of thn practice. Wife," said lie, opening lhu door of his Other practices have prevailed, of a char- c ibin, "guess xvhat a present I bring you. actcr similar to those above described, nil Providence has chosen us, of all the inhabi involving a loss to tho Treasury of probably 1 tants of the village, to afford aid lo an unfor over 83,103 0 per year, all of xvhiuli would lunate child. 1 am certain of it, for 1 knoxv have been saved, by limiting alhnvances lo your bean." lhu "propoilion to fees establish! by law."( Petri's mother stretched out her hands to Capias, to appiehend criminals or persons her husband in i eply. Consideiiughyxxli.it charged with olfcnces against the laxvs, have I chance iho little gill c.nno lo them, she look been goneially charged nl jl 00, though ; ed upon her as her ow n child. Il xvas in this sometiinei at 52,00; hut if allowed at a I manner lh.it Mirg irel's life xxassiveil and rate pi opoitioni'd to fei'S established by I. ixv, I she Inund family, after having been .ili.iu the ch.ii'L'o rh.ireu would nroh.ililv he C rents. , dnned. and left a nrev lo llio r,n nivoroiis hut cerlainlv not over 3 1 cents : Veiliries i lor Jorois and blate in I son xx.nrauls aie charged at similar rates, and aieoobjecl to ' similar remarks. The act of 1842 provided wiiat was hop- ... ..,,., ,.,...,,, .... ,,r I ..,. -.,sl..v ..,. ii-iiukj .. .... ....... of the public funds, bv reducing all lo a legal ;,. ,.ii r ,.r I .... i ,1,., I, ..,'. v.uttau, ,. . i, , ..,,.,, should securo the unifni miiy. Time and , other circumstances not fivorlog llie anplira- lion, it xvas deferred till July I'ullou iug, "lien a statement ol tho priclices calling fur tho iutei position of Cum I, xxilh a draft of such lulesas tho case seeuietl lo leipiiie, and rea sons fur their adoption xvas presented to the Ceuit ; but nnlhiiig xvas accomplished. iMenibers of lhu Court urged, lint il xvas pi- in uiy inu uiiiy ui int-..-.s, , pnso in , hegisla iluru passed a laxv making it the dutv of lhu auditor, lo settle the Cleik's accounts, and "so fir as he finds il practic.ndo and just alloxv In each Clerk tho same sums for like sei vices." The laxv thus imposed a duty upon lh.it officer, xvhich by Ids o nil of office, hu xvas compelled nut lo tlisreg trd. Besides all this ii sense ofjustico lequiied him to mole out lhu same measure ol coiupens itiou lo till for the like services. This acl made the in dispensable duty of the Auditor lo publish tu lhu Clerks, llio roles hy which lie sliuutd lie governed in settling their accnunis ; and, ad (led to this, the B I Section nf the an of 1812 had m.ido it his duty "xxilh iho concur! ence of llio Tieasurer of llio Stale tn adopt and promulgate lo lhu several Cuiinly Cleiks" rules lo securo a uniform practice throughout I lie several Counties in iho Siu In nhedi eiicu lo the requiremenls nf (Jiese Statutes, a system of rules xvas promulgited having fur its object lo correct supposed abuses, lo save ., , , . ( , , , ... ..... I'll III! Slllll 11 111 A l 111 I II U , Wl, lltlllllll (IWIH'tll hu nn i he funds, In lesloru v.u ant practices , , ,J I , , , r . T. 1 . ... .. , . '. ,, led lo a lord hem any hope nf minding heir lo uiiifnrmi y, and at he sinio lino lo a oivivu r i . 1 .... .... I .-nm'iuitiniv llie r friend. for all services, not specifically provided fur in the fee bill, a rate "pioporlioned lo tho fees established by laxx-," The necessity of a supei vision of public accounts, and nf pos itive laxv, or legally authorized rules of prac tice, which shall thing everv chaigo and al i go .uiu .ii - ., . i i i-i ... i ,iuoisUlliieiutJitiiiiiitiii-iiiiiiii.uii,.,iiiil lowancu lo llio standard of laxv, it is hoped i , , . ' .,, , ,, , xvill bu inoiu fully show ti in our ....,...., lies, ouill - bur. U.xvip Pir.uuK, QiHunevTloNsor as Kuitou. Ilo iniisl pns.ess tlm coiisliiiuioii of a horse, thu nb. ' ., ,I0S ,' wer i her intended mairiage, slinacy of a mule, iho inilependenri! "f al,,,j gone lo llieir l ist rest, A nexv genera-wood-saxvyer, endurance) of u slarving ana-j,;,,,, ,,i spuing up, and lhu remembrance of cond i, impudence ir a beggar, spunk nf a1 Peter's adventure, ul bis sudden dissippear chicken cock, peiliuacily of a dun, and en-'.inc,. ,, nger existed, except as those ir.i- lire rcs.gnatiuil to lliu worst ul all oaillily treadmills So says nn "exchange paper." Il might have been added to the list of needfuls, im perturbable good temper, a faculty of doing niim lliiiiL's al once, skill lo re id tho mini il. . Ilegiblu manujcripls, leisure at all limes, and I!.. . I....-I C ...:.l i i U'oa, isiiiick oi i:"i,,i; s.iunnu ins iiioner n',. xvhilu xvaillog upon lhu irregularities of lhu n';,,niail. Ar. 1'. Com. Adv. I frA I)irhman s.i.kein'- of the avarl. cious propensities ns one of his fellow work - men. said : "Uu isl, so mean d ii. in do xved. der xvol isli su cohl as il never xvns, l,o never xvears drawers nor ouuder-shirt. and L'oes barefooted in hith bool$." THE MINER'S BRIDE. A TIIR.II.M.fl rnr.Ncii SKETCH. Trom lbs French of tlio Moni cur Parisian. In ono of the villages of the north ol France in the midst of n pnpiil.ilion composed uii- tirrlv of Illinois, lived Peler and Margaret " " "L " ' Peter xvns llio son of tin overseer of llio ol ins Miner. Alierwanls, when Ins good ifooi ins tuur5u , aou, incapaoie oi learing 1,0 P'-'I' tP', I " "nlv man who CPU '"tiers, was mentiulieu. 'groaning. He stopped, searched in the tin derxvood, xvbicli horded l.olh sides of llio road xvhich be xvas travelling, and xvhal xvns hi astonishment lo find there a child, covered xvith rags, xvlio xvas struggling Ihc grass, and who liftl-d its little hand's, as" if to implore aid. lis liitlo cheeks xxero wet willi tears and the hoarseness of its voice indicated ihal for no shot I liinu had it been left either ihrooitli accident or malice to the nil v of tho passers b'. The old m'iner, nl this unexpected sight, felt his heart moved. He thoo-ht of his son. ... . . . O . . ' . 1 ... . . . . . 1 0 lis dear I'eler , and then stooped down bv .. . 1 .... 1 . ,0 sjdu 0, lhu p0r -i,,,,,, ,,nd s,,0,; ,u . T'U, f"!'1 1c.0"5,ol'"io: u prnniised ,t his aid-folded its at ered rag, tuound II, to shield it Irom the cud uess of tho ilirwr ,)ej it in lis ,,ern aproo. and c,,rli(,d ; ll)ml. .,, ,iVCT !,d anon L-M, nn ,1,,, ....... nd slrivim .0 annease . . 0 ' its enevous comii aiots animals which often prow l through tho woods and glaius. These two children giexv up, and, as they were alxvaxs together, as their only object to please each other, thhuy soon became tenderlv attached. To the titles of biother . , , . an" !,ls"'r '"'-etcr ones siicre! .led I'heir hearts undeistood each other they thought of .1 future, a happiness xhich they had nut yel experienced, and Peter asked Ms father to give him Maigaret for a companion. It was the xx isli of the good parents. How tho heart of tho young peoplo beat, when Peler's fuller replied "Fix for yourselves the day of your happiness." This soon iiriived, and they xvere so much hived, and so well deserved tube loved, that llie day fur their in irriagu xx as a general holi day. All left their I ihor, the mines were do soiled, lhu tables weie loaded, tho young gills put bouquels in their bosoms, and lhu boxs slock them in their button holes. V.v- erv xxheiu shouts uf iov xxere In be lieunUP011 U, slid diuvn, gas escaped linni llio aper- ind the sound uf iiislrumenls of iniisie, lo which the rustics d.ineed oil the grass. But in the midst of tlui nqoicing. Peter went to his hiidu and umbra red her. Alter lint hu said mvstei iously In Ins companions, Don I Ii t her come this is the moment lo surpiisb her. iow is die tune tu give Iter my presents." ons tying, he lull them smiling, placing his finger on his iiiuulh, as if to enjoin silence. I ovei seers and Illinois all lly xxilh the uimusi the sui lice, and quick I v dis ippeued w lib iho lie walked slnw ly around tho house, appear- precipil.it ion liinu this unexpected app.iii- j treacheious pii..-. The fisherman took ad ed lo lake a by -road xvhich led lo llio ancient lion. Fear, in tho short dislancu lliey h ive . v inlago uf this ninnient lo fasten the end nf mines, and then lit) xvas hist sight of. i o pass through In meet llieir comrades, sup. I the rope to his canoe, and also pi uracil his lie did not return lb il evening nur did lie ! plied their im iginalion xx ith enough for a two la res by long ropes to the hint. Tho como back Ihn next d iy. They searched , de. voracious animal soon ilex nuied bis buoly, fur Mm. Threo d ixs, fo'dr da s, eight days, I 1 1 is no longer a man, it is an iufein.il spir- , and diew the ho it which ol course follow i d a month, a year rolled away, and Peter did J il, I"' has come to show himself to them, in his everv movement, fust lo one sidu nf tlio not retain. ' lhu midst of lightning and thunder. It is.iixer, and then in lhu other, alxx.ixs seeking O.i lhu day of thu mariiage, as soon as his ih.it dixinily who has his homo in lliu mines, j fur ihn ih epesl water. The rope being con long ab'sencu xvas known, all meiriiiieiu was and who nfiou appeals tu interiupt the mill-, linn illy drawn tighter and tigher, the tiligaloi suspended. Thu brido wept and lout borers in llieir labor. His fuiui is colossal larled xx ith great x lolenre aboxii the surface hair. Tho miners, led by Peter's father xveul through all the pissiges of the mines, i .c. .... : i i i.:.... - .Margaret all but (lied, .Tlio rclurneil lo life bul lo consecrate her days lo tho father and mother of Peter, They so much deserv ed pity ! And so did she, but gratitude in spired her with supernatural courage, Shu i . ..,. ,ii. ,.i..,.i I.IUU laving llieiu iiniiv niini'Mi, i i ,.t .' .i". i..u wait fnr his return Sixty years after ibis adventure so terrible, and ul the same lime so singular, many things lint n.iss.'d iii lhu village. Margaret had . ri5,i ,, ..,., ri,er honofacinrs. Almost , .i:, .... whicli. iiissui" frnni age In age. are increased by lliu relli't'lion, lliu thoughtful ness with xvhich superstition is capublu uf in spiring persons of lilllu education.. They spoke of Peler in his counlry, as a - . . . n.t ... supernatural oeing. i ney accused nun, i.t 'ill events, of having a league with evil spir- I 1, I ., il,. mill season, xvill ii lint ii, it ,lr.i.'.. . - the hoar-frost over llio earlh, and inado the dry branches nf lhu elms and beeches creak, . ' . i' 1 ...mm..-,,... Urmni riPinliliil tunc iind iniiiiriiful nniinc. 1 im, nood dames t.retended Dial ii was Peler 1 who h id come In ask (heir pravers and a last asvlum. Thev used lusty (hit they recug- nised bis voice in llu howling uf lhu stoi m ; ivlicn lhu suoxv uu longer hid tho smiling us. Ipcct of tliu fields; and when llio sun dollied tho wheal nnd tho vine leaves on tliu hill-side willi a golden hue. Tin; cry of lliu tiight-rnvon, the murmur of the wind iiuiong tho leaves, the noise of I lit udder, cnnceiiled in the thick grass, llu: dis tant huwlinj of tho wolves, nil cirriod fear to llio breaslsol the inhuhilauis, when tliey weie ..I.IS...I ... I .!...!. - I """7 " " "u "",,r cumns. 1" ' ,,, " ..,111- ,1 ,u,, L MiiMiMii mm, 1 ue mother collected her children 11I1011I her, as if she leared that llio ro d h ind of I'hIit xvas 'going In descend from nhuvo and hiriii her ..(.... s , xvays busy in plotting li.it i ti for ilium. In lids milliner did they fear Mm. who. dunny his short caieer, bad no other desiro but to do good to thovu about him, At'ldsl it bappeni'd that, after much labor, all llio veins of the mines xvere exhausted, and il xvas necessary In commence upon new ones. Fur this purpose the master came, and his arrival xvas a signal for holidays and I" ease re. He xvas only a man, and vet xvas adored hy the miners as a sort of divinity. He ns-1 tumbled them lo communicate the nroiecls ! '"'lIB engineers who had como xxilh him. i Tley niilJu P,a"5' (lre"' lines. pointed out the "?w ronli;s anJ soon 'I10 dull sound of tho i P'c' uas '"'rd against the granite blocks, I am' '',0 ''lows of tho niattocl; mid the nun-' i "ling of bairoxxs tuld that the work had com- i menced. The xvork had gone on for four ! t,'l.vs a,ul 1,10 parly who had accompanied i nl',sl0' "'ns much diminished. Tho young i 1.1 , , . . ' y''15 -v,""",i " " to attenu , .1 ; ,...t:.i .1 .. i l .1 1 , . . ,.. .. i,o....y, ax win open.ng 0. me uoik, had returned to the my ; and all xvere alone. So many mysteries xveio then ex gone home except a few intimate fi iemls, and plained. Poor Peler ! . . . llu had the engineeis. These were incessantly cil- wished to surprise his bride, and without ciil.uing, for they wished at the same lime to doubt had hidden tho piesents, which he in increase their mister's foiluue and piovide tended for her, not far lioiii the spot where for the s ifely of the uiineis. he usually labored. Mow hoilihle must his Suddenly and unusual noise xvas heard. long agonv have been ! . . How tcrriblu It xvas a dull murmur, like tb.i distiot w irn- :1 ponishmeut ! iug of a storm. It increases. ... Cries are lie xx ent link in his ihouchts to the midst heard, painful ciies. ... The earth Hem- of the merriineul xxhich xvas in honor of In it hies. . . . Tho m ister is soon at the mouth of -elf, hn thought of Ids dismayed I tide, ol his the mine. The bell is rung with nil haste, falhi r, nf his, mother. . . . But ho was all the ropes ate put in minion. Hi; wishes destined to see them no more; his last groan lo leap into line of the baskets lo go lo tho xv is uiiheard bx theui ; ho was slifled, smotli aid nf iho unfortunate miners, whose death, ' ered, and a whole mountain In oxer him ho believes, is inevitable. All come op. The I .M.irgaiel h id s iid lioly ; "1 will wait for uiineis h ive escaped. Thev are p lie, Irem- your return." She xvas unable lo survivo hiing, and the sweat mils down their I'.ces. ' tho violent emotions which the discovery of " What is the matter?" cried the master, Putrr cost her ! She breathed her lost with is p ile ami as tremulous as the living spec- , ,rL's I'cfuie htm man! . . . death ! . . . a miracle !... an apparition! ..." Such worn the xvords, Iho exclamations, which escaped fiom their mouths, xvhich xvere cold through fear, and horribly distorted. Soon, however, the master xvas able In collect a fexv xvords, to form an intelligible sentence, of the exclamation dictated bv fear. lule engaged in opening a coniiiiunicj lion bclxveou the" nexv mine and the ancienl ones, Iho xvorknien had discoveted a stratum less hard than any they had bofuio met with, Stones and eailh were not its only ingrcdi- unts, but lhu foreign substances, xvhich they found in grual abundance, seemed lo indicate th it in limes gone by, an immense sinking bad suddenly liippened in that place. Thu wmk xvas not difficult. A miner loosened large masses of earth and stones by a single blow of ids pick. All of a sodden, I a very huge mass, xxhich h id mulling to sup- luru w Inch il left, it look fno, and while il I w as burning, xx hat was the astonishment uf 'I1" '"ioers 0 itfu descending by its lights, a , young man In appeal unces asleep ! . . . His brnxv is smooth, his cheeks liesh, even retaining llio color ol lite ; lint Ins exes, Ins mo i I Ii , aru motionless. Instead nf going in him, of endeavoring tn rerogn.se his I'e.itoies, of aiding hi ill, fur pei haps he has need of aid, I liey saw nun move, riso up, siretcn oul ins wuoreupoo ine uegru vigorousiv tniusttlio piuvurful aim. It must bo that ho is now 1 1 nice at his bead, and the monster again div xv alking through the gluuniy , haniheis uf the I ed. Ceitain of approaching victory, he stood mine, ihrealeniug lo bum iho props of the calmly with uplifted lance, watching for an nexv vaults, to destroy every thing, to bury loppoilunily uf throwing il again, whenever all. his adx ers.iry might rise abox a the surf ire. The master listened carelullv lo the exag- We were much astonished at the man's pa- crated recitals ol the terrified win kuien, hut remained calm, llu cast a glance around him. The miners have all come up from the mine, tho ryes of all am fived upon Jiim, all, xviih louks nf teiror, seem in xvail lur him lo decide, lo give a ronunaud fur union. " To tho mine !" ho cried, after speaking a fexv xx arils in an under tune tn his fiiends and llio engineers about him, and then de scended xxilh tho rest. Thu truth was snon known, and broad day light disclosed iho cause uf their terror. lliey hiought out nf the mine and laid upon llie ground llie cold and damp body of a ycung man. His dress indicated other limes, oilier fash ions. It xvas neal, and ilxxasiasy lo bu llevo lh.it bo was arrayed for a holxday. A eolfer was buried neir him ; il was opened,1 and was found lo contain sonio jeixels, a golden cms., a chain, and a medal-lion upon which a cipher xvas engraved ; bill limu h id badly injured these pledges of luxe, intended, purhaps, for somu adored mistress. Tho whole village assembled, and while lhu engineers xxriu making llieir riaiuin i linns, while Iho iiuthurities xxere lost in con jecture, each inhabitant sought, but in vain, Ul Ins memory, lor somu meant nf ascertain ing xvbu thu young man xvas ; but all-was in vain. ".Margaret! cried a young woman, and wiih a lonu which spoke astonishment, at io sight of n good old dame xxbo xvas coming up xvith a painful effort, toxvaid llio immense croxvd which xvas anxiously xvjiling for an explanation of this mislery. "Maku ruoni for Margaret !" cried many of llio young people at the s nun lime. The good old woman made all basto to reach l!ie gioop where lhu authorities anil the master xxere collected. Shu paid nn nlteiition whatever to thn croxvd around her, and sc.ucely thanked thuso who stood aside lor her In p,is. Her coun tenance, ordinarily p ile, assumed an unwont ed color; her exes sp.iikted, and il xx.is very pl.iio that something unaccustomed was agi tating her. Suddenly she piuhed aside, with a violent and cnnvnls'ne motion, the master who xvas hefoio her. Shothiows hi'isi-H'ilow u, and fills upon her knees before tho dead body : .she diil not shudder. "Peter!" she ciied, nnd xxilh her hands, xveak and eniaci lied by age, she fondled llio face of the corpse before her. She poshed aside his moist locks, nnd fond ly kissed that foiehead which sixty years ago xvas lurii'd in the bowels of iho cold earlh, and xvhich, had it not been for its untimely burial, would now luxe been wrinkled and defaced bv a e. " 'Tis Peter," she cried again, "it is the fiiend of mv childhood, it is mv betrothed ;" and tears, which seemed to be excited by joy !'i"l ciief, in turn, bathed her xxilhered cheek. I waned lor you," she cried. "Ah! I knexv 1 should not die without seeing you again, xvithout embracing you fur the last time." '''ho bystanders endeavored ro tear lier axvay, In sep iratu her Irom su li a hornblu spectacle, hut one on which she was feasting "i''1 pleasure which soon exhausted her strength j but it was in vain. She clings to 'I'1-" uul'v of Peter, she clasps him in her weak . I !.,....!. ,! .. , . t. aims, sou xxisiieu ,o uie upon ine ueari xx iiilo no longer beats, but xvhich once beat fur her thu name of Peler on her lips ; hot xx hen she iade her voxv, lilllu did she ihinl; lli.it her nuptial bed would be the cold culiin boards, and that her lover's baud xvuuld mil bo clasp ed in hers lilt she h id closed her exes forever. FISHING FOI1 ALIGATOR; Most of tbe.African tribes excel in fidJrcss and intrepidity. A remaikublo i iist.ui co is given bv our auihor. While on (he binki of thu Bengo, siid to abound in Aligators, crocodiles and enormous snakes, which oflon lurk in the impenetrable jungle of reeds, ho xx ished lo know- w helher the river really con- tamed any of the former; and for a small reward, a negro fisherman offered to catch one: , "This inlrepid fisherman immediately kill- ed a socking pig, and ran a moderately thick slick through the entire length nf iis body, which he cot open. To the middle of ibis slick he attached an iron chain, eight or ten feet long, bv means nl a clamp, and then fur- ther elongated the i lain by fastening a cord toil. Armed with txvn strong bat bed iron lanci s, hu went uu bnaid his light canon and ' put out a slim t distance Irom the shore, xihilo wo leuiained in the hut watching Ids proceed- lugs will, gical uileirst and cniiosiiy. A I a xenliire, he llieix llie pig join llie liver, ai d ' .ciirely a niinuie h id elapsed, ere a p.iir of enoi mous, w idi1v-etewh d j.nx rose a box o tienl assiduilv, lor lliero was once a pause of ! half an hour, during wbicli thn animal did not ' appear, but as be giadually became xx raker, j he rose more fiequeutly, and at I isl alxxay s xvith his jaws wide open. Tho numerous j ivnuuds inflicted by the I nice, and romrqut nt hiss of blood, so completely exhausted Iho poor aligalor, that be had great difficulty in drawing llie boat after him; hot suddenly collerling all his remaining strength, he pull ed tho boat on one side with such violenrp, thai the fisherman fill into the water. In nil instant be dexterously flung himself into lhu boat, and continued In strike his antagonist will, his harpoon. The combat lasted neat ly an hour and a half, w hen the aligator j ield r'd, without res!stance in thn snpeiinr fnico uf the negro, who gradually liiuught I is boat alongside of us, and then suddenly leaping on slmre f isleued tho rope lo a corn palm in fimit of his hut. llu then le.ulessly appruarl. ed the uniiiml, which was nea.lv tnxeiei x, ill, xxaler, and deuixed him of all possibility nf escape, by inflicting several deep wounds, Life xv.is nut extinct when the aligator was abandoned to his fate, bul i xvas devoted lo iuevit iblo death and when xxe gave lhu man his promised gueidon, ho observed roollv, lint bo would gladly exhibit a similar proof of bis skill everv day. This animal xxa ilwentv feet lone.")-. VViiuc' 1',.; ,. (A. I'nrlugue$e Possessions ih South W'tsttm Africa.