19 Haziran 1846 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3

19 Haziran 1846 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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1.1.-. , . ejt or. rnorosaneH of Steele we shall be Much mituken if iho new Governor of New Hampahlre doet not win "golden opinioni" fro til ctaaiftl of hit conilittienti, (including any of hit late political opponents,) for liis ble end acceptable discharge of the duties f bis office." DRAEDFUL CIMMITY FIRE AND LOSS OF LIFE I from ih Quebec Gatatte, Extra, of June 13, 1846. Our unforienate, we had almost aalil doomed, eitf, hag keen riaited by another conflagration, which, aa re'jarde Ion of life, exceadi by far the twe' awful trtaitationa of laat year. Yesterday evening, about ten o'clock, a fire SmVa out In the huildimr known aa the "The etre Royal. St. Lout)," in the neighborhood of the aid Chateau. The .Wossrs. Harrison, irnm Canada Weal, had been exhibiting; durtnif the weak, in tha above n ace. their illuminated Hio. rama. At the clnaeof laat evening's evhihition, hin tha audience were coininir uut. a cam- china lamp auapended from the ceiling i aaid to have fallen and ignited the curtain in trout of the atage. Inatantly the place waa in a blax ; end the ' theatre being crowded In the ruah which anaued to escane from the flamea, ('he only mode of egress being thrnuzh a narrow passage.) nnt leaa than from FOR rV-KIVE to -FIFTY human beinga penahed. F-.rtythree of the bodies hare been got nut of the ruin. gome nf tam awruuy mutilated otnera 01117 partially disfigured, having apparently died from r m n J ..'-II.. : J LI. eUBjIcaiKin. rrwviueniiany icnnimcrkuis iiuiii- beraflhe audience had get out before the alarm waeglve'n. otherwiae the Inns f life would have been much greater. The weather at the time waa caWhere beinr scarcely a brealh of wind, through which and the exertion of the milita ryi'the r ewnpaniea ind the police, the fire waa confined to the buildmgein which it origin, ated. 7he following ia a liat of the names of the auf. ferera, aa faraa we have been enabled to ascer tain: Horatio Carwell, Merchant ; Horatio, hiaaon; Ann, hia daughter. Jnaeph Tatdif; Olivette Fisette, hia wife. Sarah Oarah (Mr. Colvin). Jaa. O'Leary, aged 21, Plaiaterer; Mary O' Learv, hia aiater, aged 18. J. J. Him. Apothecary ; Rebecca, hia daugh ter, aged 23 ; Kennith, hia aon, aged 13. Mry O'Brien (Mr. Lilly), aged 20. J. B'e. V.'fni, Simp keeper, aged 30. Henrietta Glarkemeyer (Mrs. Mol) J- F. Holt, and Adolphe Mult, her sons, aged 19 and 12 Emeline north,edO,(daugliterof E.Worth Montreal, aiater of Mra. Lenfeetev.) F.C. Sauvageau, sou of the Muaician, aged Eliaalth L'noVay, wife nf Thoe. Atkins ; Ri ehard Aikiti. her son, aged U7. S. S:oit,Oierk Court ot Appeals, Thus. Hamilton, Lieut. 11 h Rgt. lira. John Gibb aiid Jane, her dmgliter. Arthur Lane, aged 2t, aon ot E. Line, 6rm of Gibb, L-tne Si Co. Mary Aon Brown, school-mi. tress at Wood fx Grev's school. Cove. Marie Louise LivaMee. wife of R. McDonald, editor of the Onadien; Eugenie MoDdnald.her daughter, wife of R. Anger. E. R. Hoogs, Riiik.keeper Montreal Dank ; James Hooga and E Jward Hoos, his sun-, aged 8 and 6. Thus. C. Hariifon, aged 21. John Berrv, Irani Aberdeen, Scotland. Colin Rn. Joseph Marcouv. Iaae Derelin, Watch-maker. Mis Rae, John Wheat!?. Stationer. One woman and three other bodiea unknown. A general gloom has been thrown over the eity by this (earful calamity which has occur red as near as may be, mid a ay between the two periol nf the fires nf last year all the melan- eholy recollection of which are added to the yet'ingra diaaitrnue circumstance of the present cataairuphe. In t),e preceding list, our readers will observe the natneitnf many of our moat res pected citizen, wlin.e. lost will be long fell, not oniy oy me respective l4inilics tu whom they belonged, but by the community of which they firmed a part. Trier it always danger at places of puMir ciniDiuon nen there are only lew doors for let ling nut the visitors. Many deplorable accidents siav occurred (rum this cuae. The most re- -rnarkable in Amrc wa at Richmond Virgin ia, D.tc. 28, llll, when 600 persona were pree nt, of wiioiii 72 perished, among them ihe Gov rnor of the State od the Mnrof the city. Ezpkksks op War. It has been esli tnairu iimi ine tvvnliii notary war cost more than 5140.000,00 . The, hit war with r ..I - i . c-n?iix'i, ii is Sumatra, cost not leaa Hun '1200 0(H) 000. The present Mevicnn wa oita 5500,000 ncr dau vea. pf.h day which is at the rain ol S182 5 0,000 per jreur ! ! ! So modi for wr. All the money of lite Government now on hand is fstst run nine out. "B"fnre tli rising of lite present Congress, an immense. ioe of Treasury liotes will be cilloil IV, xnd then lutes fol low as necessary rnnsoquenci'. Yt in the suidst of ad this, Mr. Polk and liis nunv Ihrnngli lir organ, are crving nut "Doipn self Ac Tariff. Baltimore Patriot. Anqthc Slavrr Caftvbed. A eor rriionnrm oi me itlrrriiants bxrhange wntea under date of St. Helena, April 25 tnai a ng was I vine atichor at St. Hele Da, with "James Wilson, New York," on her aaern. She was taken imssession of hv H. B. M. ship Acteon, as a prize, having eeen louna lying at anchor el place eallec Kabenda, Mtbe West coast of Africalian 4ened, and without rrew, fl ig, or paprra n Board, fttic was tilted out for slaves. Tli vessel would be condemned in ths Ad eniraliy Court. The James Wilson was sold at Rio Jiiiuiro, short time since, lo Brazilian. rARlf ER'H CCUS, This evening at 7 o'clock, aubjocl,A Crap ' Vint. fGHTON M niCKT, June S, ISIS. At marlei, 162 Besf Cai'le. II yokes w rkint 0,en 42 Cowa an I Calve., JjO Mhnep, anil about I0SO wum. (00 kead f cauls cams over ihe Wsstetn suuroaa. Pslcaa-flCalF.xlta 6,5a fir-l 9'ialiy 6, mui- "I ' ' ears 'hint o. aim ii7Szs. n..,,,, (IQ ,-rj, ,W ,,0i! wr.iaenelC.e-Aia). 3. i4, 131. IH and Skop anjItomsa-At It 13. t2 13. and 3 25. iia.-Loisat wkoleiate Sc (oi old hnga-shoat ? ""VX"'1 6 ,OT 'ow, tni 7 f' barrows-at retail to IOC . C. RUTHBRFORII, pOaTllUlT fA'NIB". baa lakan tha room ovei F Ike hop of Mr. Orr, on hnrch street, where he will a happy W serss the alliens of BoilmgiM, in -ths line M his profs-tioti. Ponrsns of several ot the Mtseieaaf skia pises, may at any lima U uapected at hit reom. 2 F. 6. IFOPKINSs D3WTX0T. Mev .... Ui. Raehaldsr'a Shoe Stare, and i) lately eeeapiad by 0. H. .tosi. shaeeh -tr,. urhBgtan, vs. SilvfT Spoons. rir AM ax NOVBS. have near a larg aaassrtinaat : JLuw ikaa raW SDfln advantsisoos VsenM. Ths ' ' ' "iriiagtj-y, J.use 1M5. ' Mirirlo dl, In Palmyra, N. Y.,on the 10th Intt, Maj. CHiaita 0. Eastmah, editor of the Vermont Patriot, Mootpel iar, VI, and Scsa S. Havana, of P. In Jaricho, May 2J, JctASU Pitiless, daughter of Myron and Ruthy Chapin, aged 12 yearaand9daya. Priutsra in Bo-ton, Concord and N. Haven, are re. queaisd to notice. Death lovea a ahining mark. It il seldom that the 1. uih of thii sarins, is ao fully realised, aa in ths death of the one to whose memory the following lines are inscribed. She was all that could be desired in a daughter, sister, or frisnd. Kind and affectionate to all, ht endeared 'hersell not only to her rslativea, but to a larie circle of acquaintances, who eincarcly mourn her early death. Her aickness, which waa protracted, she bore with the moat exemplary patience, and nev er u'teied one complaining word. Thouh young and prom sing, bound to earth by strong and peculiar ties, such waa ths firmness of her faith, the strength of her hope and the aubmiaiion of her heart, that aha wel comed the spptosch of death, for her it had no ter ror, not even power to throw a momentary sadness over her spirit. She looked upon It aa a friend that would frit het from her wearineaa and pain, and ad mit btr to the joys of Hssven, where saints, with Uod forever dwell. In yon gteve-yard liea her form, Which was once desr unto me, But now is returning to dual, And we all soon i-hall be. Sweet aiater srt ihou eone, And mult we give thee up so aoon, Il aeems almost impossible, But, Father, let thy will be done. Death lovea a shining msrk, 'tis said, And therefore with his poisoned dart, He ley among ths lowly dead, The desrest objects of the heart. Thee parting scenea will soon be psst, These weeping hours will all be o'er, Where parted friends wie meet at last, Whsre partim will be known no mora. PL ATT' S PREMIUM PORTABLE GRIST MILL, For Grinding Wheat, Ryt, Oatt, Platltr and all kinds of frovi nder, THE subscriber having purchased of Mr. JOSI AH PLAT T, of Wtaton, t'onnerticut, the right for Vermont. Alassachusftt and Sew liampehire, ia now manutaciuring, at nia Alacnme snip, at iiurnngton Fall-. Milla of the most thorough and nerfect construe lion, and is prepared to aeil Mil s and Rishts for any town not already duno el of. Theereat advantage nt this over the common Oriat Mill, i- obvious to any one n ins irttiun, as this Mil! can be used hv horf, steam water power, with h of the power required to drive common Grit Mil . The mill took the firai premi- m at thf Fiir in New York city, and nlsn at the iffricultural Fiir in Rorhea'er, in Sept. 1913 None ut the very b-t FRKNCH UURR SIONES are put'intolbrae Mill-.. We ihe nndrrsi -ned, certify that at St. Albans Hay on the 2 1 dav of November. 1 84 J. in the Si'ani Siw vitlatthat place, mere wna erounJ in atrn nn i ti r l nnlcli . , I r t cj . : . . i -. . i I kji I ."i iu r. umoi i i i.l., in leu op in uibi poi,7. ten hu helsnfnea and oats, and done in the beat ninner. within 30 minii'e. j ami we further reitifv, hat we believe the said Mill capab'e of perf irinin? all he enndinir iipuiIIv done in a Un"' .Mill coual lo anv Mill in tli Slate, by one run of stones. Anil we rurther Hate, that the said null ground eight u-.hele and a ha'f of Corn, (fine meal.) in an hour, without bring in Ihe least hi-aied. i '. .-! . lill.l r .llUltT. RALPH HSKI.I.,1 JAMF.-5 LAM-ON. ! R. A. HCRLRUT. ''"" KOHLK SUUIRR, j I the underaigned, certify ihat one of Plait's Potta. e Gnat Mill- has been htled up in Messrs. While if- o s. Urnt Mill m verfennn and I wi frank v sav to the public that I have fully tried the null boih on n 'wenneand proven 'er, and have come in the full conclusion, that the ahove mill will compeie with a.iy ill in the country both in n'werine and provender. ASA HARRINGTON, Millir. Vercennca, April 23, 1S44. The MPI above nameil waa in nneration in the Ver- gennes Iron Oompiny.Grut Mill, a number of dav; ann -o iar aa we witneea lis peri trmanee in f rinoine Grain, we were well satisfied with it, and believe II to be a e'loil art'ete. SAMUEL llKKF.K, Win. H. WHITE. Prtt. of Vfgtnnf Bank. This ia la certifv that one nf Plan's Penahle Oria! Milla ha- been out in ooeration in ihe Giit Mill at Ml ldlehiirv, bv the Mde of acven mn nf K-irr Monea, nd I, have given it a thornueh trial, both on nower nd nrovemler and I am (rank in anv to ihe puh'ic, bat I am MiisftfHhe mill will do buaines? equal to ny run ut stones in inr c-nnn'v HI. I UM.MMiHAiU, miittr, Middlehnry, Jaly20. IB4S. Thi. is to certify that I have hmicht, end have 'W in uae. one of I'lati's P'lent Mills in mv Gnai Mill, by the aide of 3 Run of 4 ft, 10 no h llurr Stone. an I can frinkly say to the public that it can do work a asi And a- well as any other atnnenr the m?e kind with t of the power, and en'v believe thev arecaDa. l ie oi uoing' any ana an kinda ot worn done in a liiiai u.u r mm, LF.WIS MF.liniTT. JAHES GRAHAM, ,Wf4r, Hartland, April 29, IB46. T'tU may renife that I have houoht. and hare now muat, me of Pi "ittmt lira Mills, and it works w., . o all kinda of Grain, ia r in hv the aide of 4 Run 4 ft. Burr .Stones, and ran confidently aay thai it wi'ldoaa much work with one half thepower and as well aa ihe I a re- alone. DANIEL CU3IHNG. SpiingfielJ, May 1, 1346. PREOV C'ROFUT, Proprirtar of the above Patrnt. Burlington, June 20, 1816 2in3 Tin Ware. VIL4R it NOVE8 continue the manufacturing of Tin Ware, and a eenarsl a.anrlinenl kenl con. ;anily on hand. Merchanta and Pedlais can ai all tunea he supplied at rate that will give aatialaciion. iiuriin&ion, June o, ibio. z Hrnshes antl Combs ! AN endless variety ofToolh, Nail, Shaving, Hair, Hat. I I ,th. Flesh. Slnva and Slioe llrn.hr. ... soil men is nf Dreaaini, Fins and Poiket t'nmhs of voiy, iiutraln and Horn, at PECK Ai SPEARS. Fancy Articles! SOAPS, Perfume-. Pomades, Bandolines. Hair Od Lip Salve. Cachous, C it glas. P.Tfuuie Bottles, Piineentt, Fancy Mirrors, Indhhlelnka. Puff Boxes. T'Mith Powders. Pa.ia. ami w..h.. n.i, i... Eradicatnrs, Court Plaster, Junes Soaps, Flavors for raauy, eci. eei. ect. at rw;K SfKAK. Cigars ! LARGE assortments nf various hranda of Import ed and Domestic Cigara, bv wholesale and retail, at PECK dt SPEARS. WANTED, AN experienced young man as Book-keeper, ons thai haa some acquaintance wjih the Drue hue iness would ha preferred, by PECK dt bPEAR. June 19, '46. 2 STRAY PIC. afAME into I he inch's ire i f the su'-scri'tr. about V Iho 4 hir.st., a WHITE PIG. the owner will nav charee and tal-a it awav, ha vii' nuuan, B trlintton, June 17. 1846. 2-vJ Peter Colbert's K state. WE Ihe sub-cril sr., having Iren appointed by ihe llonoral la the Pro' aa I'oirt firlh-Di.. i net of Chitlen'arn, Commi.-ioner. to re-eivr, exam' ine snd a iU I ine ciaima and aemana. nt an mr-on-acaina' the ctaiarifPe'crC Ihcrt.la'e of Burlington, n -aid Poirict,da'eiel, repra emeil iii-otven, and also all claim, an I demands exhibi'esl in offal ihen. to ami sii month rrom ths itav ol tba da a hereof, ' ejnz allowed by tail Court for Ihat nurpo-e, we do nrreiors nere'y rivs notice, mat wa will a-lend io he ti.ine-s nfnor aneointmenl. al tba offii-a ol Shaf er A Peck, in B"rliu'on, in said Di-tricl, on the trSlh day of July, ihe Wthilavot A"cu-i, and m thy lV "(ev 'rfociobsreexc, al 10 o'tlotk, A. M, on each avi ajru Qaivsi, Dated, lM. h dav of Jue, A. D. 1846. iuii ia ta. l-lJ.Tir.RUT, 2w3 GEO. B. WHAW. Commissioners. ELI AS LYMAN He'i r L,et'i;d sxisnsiva assortmsnl of T i7i?.''. aney Casimaras. k.7rkM wi.'V0WaM2 Bd ' Semeite. Faney Bias Strkw. Cambria "rai7P.TC Prima. sJaalin Gingham,, Cel'd UmbJiell . tao o uraai asorimani af Heshtrv. Wiekwara Block, Uth Joas SWETT'S SCHOOL BOOKS. Swell's Biigllsh Grammar. THIS (rammar l on the haria nf Murray, and ia de-lined for u-e in common i-chooL, academic, and higher wminana- of learning. The following are seleceJ from many testimonial- of the work. fVon Truman B. ffanrom, Af. A-, Prutdtnt of NorvicK Unlttnlty. Norwich I'ntver-lty, Ang. IS, 1843. Dear Sin I have perused your Orammar wnh much fatia taction, and have leen particularly plea ed with ita clearne.- and excellence if arrangement The chapters on Syntax are admiral I adapted to the construction n sentences, letng very fill and per fect. The chapter on ml, alo, l excellent (r sre iheiilos-ary, and general adaptailon of the work to our standard dtctionarv, anions the lea-t of lis merit.. I am confident it will -non lecomr, whaf it Well de-crveito he, itself a standard work. very tr ny youre T. u. miM-uai. From tht author of" tread's Beany " Awset'a RnslLh Grammar on the La-is of Murrav. ha-been inlrotocel bv ni. an I I- now o.nl a. Ihe teat book tn that deoartinent in Kim'. all l.'nion Aeailemv a fact which may be retarded a proof, Ihat we mm ii, wm ,iiv wiiuiv, ujrniir iu nnv now in use. ALrilU.SO WOOD, Meriden, JuneJi, 1844. In-trne-or in K. V. A, from Fredtrtek R. Vnrd. ton vf ft. Lord, D. D. Pruidtnt of l) i tnouih Collttt. Hihi.Ic Kali.. N. V.. Sent. II. 1814. S.lde. R o. Myi'etr Sir, I have examined Swells Grimmarwith m ich aa l-iaciion, and thooeh not in Ihe haoitorrecommen ting oook., rsnnnt retrain rrom expre-aing my decided preference for thl. Grammar over anv other with which I am aco nvmed. In rv lemaoc arrangement, m cicarneii oi cennuioti, in us role- of con-iruction, in the fill chapter uoon punc tita'i'in. pronunciation, vets fi.'Siinn In tt appendix, eompi ing remark, upon the 0'ind of the letter., the Mies ot rpriiinz, and theuerivat.on ot word... it sup ulie. the dc'ecia bt m.-.l other tliatnniar... I have intr duccd the look into my school, and shall recommend it to other-, a. opportunity occor Your resnecif illv, FRKfJERtCK. R. LORD. Swell's Primary Hchool Grammar. Thisconci-eand very lucid Kleme.nta.rv Treatise for neginnera. iui punii.Dvi,na-neen receivej wiin zreai lavor iv Srhool (Jommnteea and Teacher'. At noutn tl ha. leen out of the lira hut a few months', it ha I een introduce I into a larce numterot -cbools. and I id- fsir to become the'mosi popular and u-efol lutle wora.ru the mn t extant, ine following nonce win -peak- ror l hem el ve-. From tkt Hit. D, M Itttd of Oxford, N H. (Itf.rl. N. H.. Jn i. 16. 1946 Dear Sir: Having examined vonr 'Primary rtchnol Grammar somebat cloaely, I am per-oadeil of it. high merit-. Ii i aimple, ilar, and well arrange 1 1 and therefore seem, to t well adapted to ihe young mind, no other low, won wnicn i am acquainted, aetiingforih lh piinciples of Kngli-h Grammar, e pe. ciallv in their elemrniarv annlication. is teller calco jstrd lo ecure the end at wtuch it aims, than i. the onei.-uod by yonr-elf. From it simplicity nnliti adaptation to the capacitie-r youth and i hildren, I am aitre, it cannot tan ui a wi ic circulation. Ronectlullv vonr . KANIF.L M. RRRD. Mtmbtr oflhi Sumrlnltndinr &hn 2 Committee of Oxford. N. . For sale by S. WOODS Furting'on, June 18. 1846 2 l'VnihiTs ! CTKNS and GKF.SF. Fcaihera for sale at all titnea L by VILAS 4t OVKS. Uurlington, June 6, 194S. Divld Day's (late Jun.) Ha tale. PETITION TO CONVEV LAND. STATE OF VERMONT, ) T a eeaaion ol th. District ofChiltendm sa. I t Pro ate Court held at Bui ineion. within and tor Ihe District of I h'tlen den, on the 30ih dav of May. IS46. comes Irene s.lli-. or K-aex, in and ill tnct, and hlea in and cnun herpeiitiun in wriluig, setting forth thai David Day tiaiejun,. late oi aaid haaex, neceased, was, at th time ol nit ueaih, under contraei. runding in liw anil equity, to convey to aaid Irene Kills, the following tieacriDcd parcel oi lanu, anuaieo in sain r.isix, viz: beginning tn the eat line oi'the hiehway leading from Hubiicll a rails, so called, bv Andrew Mlis, to liil- cheater. in the nnrth line of lot No. 7; thence a 64 drg, e. 6 chains 40 linl-a m a atake: thence 4 deg., w. 8ch.,ines thence n. 64 de.. w. 6 chains 40 link-n said hiahway; thence n. 4 dee., e to the place of be ginning, conlaintne fiiur acrea ol land, and is part nf lot no, 7 ; that the aaid Irene paid the said David fur said land y conveying to hmi and Win. Johnson, her neht of dower in certain lands belonging to the estate nf her late husband, Rnnsoin Ellis, deceased, and that the aai I David di.-d without having- executed a convey anceofaaid land, nnd pra!u2 snd court tu grant license to Grortre Whitney administrator nf (he estate ol ihe ssid Datid, lo convey tu her the said parcel if land; WHtaacroM, the court aioresaid aotn appoint ine second Wednesday of July, 1916, for hcarine and de eidinznnsaid pcii ion at ihe office of the Reeislerof aaid court in sam Mnruneinn, and aotn order mat an person- interested be notified thereof by publication ot this order, containing inesuosianceoi sain pcimun, three weeka successively in the llurluieton FtcePre-s. a newspaper printed in said iltirlinuton, the laat of which publication lo oe previuua to ine lime appoint ed for hearinc. Given under mv hand at said Burlington, tbi- 30lh dayof May, 1S1G. Champluin & Connecticut River RAIL ROAD. (Rutland Route.) AN Assesamvnt ot Five Dollars on a share, has hern ordered by the directors of the l hatnplaiti and Connecticut Kiver Railroad l.ompany, payable on the I'Mi day of August next. Payments may be ttia'eai the Hank of tliirhnvtun. at the Hank if Vet gennes. at the Hank of Mtddlebuty, nt the Bank of Kuiiand, at the Kan ol Hallows r alia, at ine unesn tra Bank, Keens N. II., or at iho Office ofaSaipul lenanaw at aun, Mercnanre r.icnanee, itoainn. T. eubi.liri', 'niidm. Burlington, June 2, 1646. 1 (ash paid for Wool. THE auhscriber will pay cah for clean fleece Wool, dclimed at his store HARRV BRADLEY. B irlington, June 11, 1S46. Abncr Wilcox's Katate. WE the aubscribera, liavinn been appointed by the llonotable th.- Probate Couit fur the Diairict of Chit en len Commi ioners to receive, examine and adjust the clsitns and riemanda of all persons anainst the estate of Abncr Wilcm, late of Weaiford, in aaid District, deceaaed, repreaented insolvent, and 'Iso all claims and demand, exhibited in offset there to; and six months fiom the day of the date hereol, beini? allowed by ahid court for Ihat purpose, we do therefore hereby civs noli -e, that we will attend to the husinesa of nor appoiniinent, at the dwelling nf widow Nancy Wilcox, in Weatfotd, in said District, on the first Thuraday ol September, and on the fiith Thursday of October next, at 10 o'clock, A.M., on each ot aaid daya Dated lhi :d davnfMnv, A. D. 1816 JOHN ALLEN. ( rm:,.r. Iw3 II EZ KIAH HOWE, I Cmmiesioners. JtJLX.TTA.il. NW. CAGE, has just returned from market with a new assortment of FANCY GOOfW ennsi.iing of Mourning Lawns and de laities, and mourning uingnams ana if nam L.awns. A los A well selected sssortmant of LADIES SLIPS, I HALF CJAITERS. BUSKINS. CHiiraiHS SHOES. WALKING SHOPS. Ac. tc. Ac. Burlington, June 9, 1646- Itf TO BE FOUND At Barlow fe Wood's Store, Winooiki Falls, w'lUnr.t IMIIUUW'M NIITEK inJ AfX-OITNTS r II belie? 24 Vearaainealhaiuhscrihereninmentvil with some ol his uresent customers, is animus to nave ail seine airmoniemry. (if ihey cannot pay.) as inis is ine iuii nciics in ins newspaper) your nil inouiaiD suiniion ia rcspcci'uuv reqtiesiea. aiunir.r BARLOW. Itf urlington, Jane 12, 1846. TIN PLATS). &0. rye H0XWTINPiATI,ICand , It) It I l-qt 5 14 x 20 IS B II. IRON WIRE. a-sor edN-w. Rissis and Enah h Sheet Iron. Sheet Lea J. and Co -ixr, Wire Vellum, Boll Cnpiwr, A". ror Sale leuny vjuas at raure.o. Burlington, May IS, 1846. 6t TZOXIMOS. UC. Vrr Tick. 3Ca.es Yr Ticka I Bale FaK. Con Bale " Fall- Company" do " Striped Shining For Sale by May It, 1846. VILAS NOVM. M Cotton Threnri, I Ann lh'- f Galea Thmd,-rVbita a 100 dagTBpoole Thread 100 Ibit Linen do for rats'' May 12, IMS VILA? sY N A. EDWARDS' CHEAP CASH llooft Atorr, No. 1 Pttk't Buildinet. A pcncral assortWrit ol School, Classical and Miacellentoiis Books ana aiauonery at C1TV PRICES. MEMOIRot the life of Henry Ware r By his broth er. John Ware, M. D., new edition, 2 vols. 1,60. r aai.eaed in Relativea and Friends, chiefly In reply to arguments in Support or s corrrine ot Ms irfnlryi oymary a. o, avunu, ' Pnre.. " Ue. Becchrr'el.ectures to Tougg Mea. VH Addresses' and Miscel'ianeoiis-Writings By Charles II. Haddock. U. U.. Krorertnroi intilcctuai rniioa. nphy and Political Economy in Dartmouth College, S vo. "' i,?6 Napoleon an! bla Marshals. By J, T. Headleyj Vol.2. , . Cnntenta Riosraohical Sletchea ol Marshal Mu ral, I.efebvie, Msssena, Victor, Brune Marmont.Oud in t, Bessieres, Jnutdan, Bcrnadotte, Suchet, Ponia towakl, uroutny ana iey, witntneaescripionsoiine great battles in which they were engaged. " With a s ibject ever the same in its general fea tures, the author haa accomolished the difficult taak of giving Individuality to the different batilc cenes. and each cnieltain is matted by characteristics wmcn dialininish him from his fellows. No.one can read these lerriffic descriptions without beine greatly mov ed, and feeling mate deeply than ever Ihe horrotaar.d miseries ot war. The entire work complete in two beaiildul l2mo vols., il'u traicd with 12 steel engravings, and com prising a perfect portrait gallery of Napoleon's -Mar- snois. rrice ,ov The Chronicles of Clorernook j With some sccouht of the Hermit of Bellv-Fullci By Dounlas Gerald. Price I2c A charmine arouo of leeends. characteriied by the quaint irre-iatibla humor and irony of Dickens, inter- speraeo won louenca ui exquiaua larauiyouu iaiuu.. Emilia Windham. Rl- lha author nf"Tw',ni?l Men'a Talea." 25c. Liikc me prevwuv proovciiona oi inis nuiowr, ine oresent romance evince near aramaticsaiii ana dow er t lha scenes narrated occur f the period of the Pe mnauiar war. and Ihe ATaralortheatolv anaitemDi to prove how muck good may be redeemed from an unequal ana inieiicitoos marriage. Confessions of a Pretty Woman, By MissPsrdoe, Author oi "City of the Sultan," dVc. Price 25c. Curio-lty will naturally bsexcited by the very title of this work: such a theme ihe lights and ahadeaof womsn's life depicted by juch a pen, cannot fail of proving equal to the high eipeclatians which the au thor's name ia sure to awaken from the celebrity of her lurmer productions. Harper'a Illuminated Shakeptare. Nus 81 82 Palct 25 ctxra. NOTICE. rpHK Firm of H. N. Smith J-Co.. ia this davdis I solved by mutual con-ent. The bueiiic-a of the firm will I' settled by H. f . Smith and L. Conkey, vy wuuin ii win ncrcancr ovcononueu. H. N. SMITH, L. CONKF.V, IRA OilDWAY. Richmond, Jiine 4, 1S4G. lw3 ltiirliii).Mon.'Junc 9, 1846. 2 TONS HAMS, for sale at 7 els per lb. by t LEO. PCTERSON. TEAS. 5 .(sliests of Hyson aain les, st z eta. per pound, lor isie by GEO. PtTERSON. June 11, 1846. Lost, BETWEFN tha Square and Winooski city on or about the 15ih nil , a" Brovn Ottr Coat, with a 'arse cape, buttona covered with the same cloth. In the pocketa there was a pair of Buckskin Mniena. a rocket nanoKertnier. and a hame atrap for a harness. Al-o lott. a very dark colored Bi ffalo skin, marked with a letter 0 or II. The finder will be liberally re warded by leaving Ihe atme st the County House in iiiiiunvion vv.n. U U T. June I, 1846. 1.-3 Family Bibles FHOM 1.25 to 22 5D. The greateat variety of ftisrlo Bibles ever offered fur sale In Vermont, .. ...... , r .1 ,i i - r. . 1 i. . ' van iium vw iuwiiu mi -viicnp vyBsn ninre III . . AN-ihL EDWARDS, Ao- 1. irc' Building, Burlington. UNSEED OIL. VILAS & NOVKS are now manufacturing at Wj nooski icily a purs arli-:le of Lintetd Oil. Mer chants desirous of obtaining a good quality of oil il un-. n mi tucir inieiea' io can upon ua at our store. Uorlingtun, June 8, 1846. 1 Fresh Camnhene ! DECEIVING weekly, for sale bv barrel and on -- uisugni. uy rr.UK. Ct artAR. I'.SSI'tlCCS &C. I f GROSS Peppermint Essences. " 6 " Cinnamon do S Wintergrecn do S 6 2 2 4 2 5 3

Lemon Cloves Spearmint II cm luck Tansey Hirfamot HritishOil do do do do do do do do For aale by VILAS dt NOVKS. Opudetdock June 6, 1846, Brjiiinp, jSlc. llALh-ofRittinir, Col'd. Wadding, Wicking and June C, 1346. --'i.hh inf mr sae Dy VILAS dt NOVE. Brown sheeliiiL's. ;i i71,N00iKI nd 'other atylea and qualities of llr-iwn Sheeting, for sale by June 6, 1846. vil.A! Ot NOTES, Combs. I CW I DOZ. Side Combs, 1 JJJ 200 " Tw isl ' i'o 100 Wing do 100 " Ivory do 100 C. 4 F. rio 100 gross Wood Poclet combs. For ssls by VILAS A NOVES. juneb, 1840. SOAP. 500 doz. shaving soap For aale bv VILAS A NOVES June 6, 1816. 1 Valuable Farm for Sale. THE-nWnler leing ,'e-irous of re tlrinr from t-U-ine.a. nfTera fiis -.1, hia lartvand valuable FAR , enn i.tmg of SOOasrcs of ex client I AND, situ a'd in the village of Chile. CI mum County, N. V- I'pon ine premise, are iwo dwjlling nou-e-, inree iarn-,oui nouses ate. etc The firm i- we wooden ami watered, and ia atti.rrik.. n- ihemnei valuable and plsssaat locations in the conn iv. lerm ra.v For particulars, apply to the sob-erilcr on the premi.e-. ALbAAniJKK SCOI T, wnaxy, April zu, isse. 47 SARSAPARILLA MEAD. TMIE V4Ll'E of th' nrenaranon ia twnM 1 known, and evsrv dav the field ol in n.er,,t I- cxtenuing. 11 "''';- ana ntgnty recommend el by PHY&K.1AN&, And i admired 10 le Hie mist agrees! la preparation Irom tha roiit that ever aver I een empud ! MKI ICAL PRAt TICK. It i not local in it- operation I ut general, eMtrminc iiiiuiiKu me wa'., r'ioi. si ncoiraiisaa Ihepoi BLOOD. And, re-tore, a heal'hj lone 10 tkt orrsns, which Rtu-TB-r mn n ,ni. tn tuiuiohs mn at external, Ii. orders the result ithr rapid deciva-a of ihe ama m RHEUMATISM. n,,mm ... . .., r. ...... inusciitaj ncre a peedy removal ofihepam and in all cases a removal ; iiruxin. nvapinii wiin IAC relieat Ol ill ease from tha .v-tem. The propriely.anlajine-i daily receiving tcstiman at. in the -aeBnerga order, taarifv.ng tn it. rre.i value a. a n aad alsQa tba) g,a.f piutant and cgratf drink known. "M The above artioUi. for sals Wholesale Kaiail .1 Hsrrinaiqn Brothers, Church M. Burl,iion sT. W. B. Haieh A Cd. and Mun.on ol fX? ' b -J TFuisaja-l rn. Stravftri. 1 Ti5t Ste .e,WIW,. a 1. ".-VST S,W L"!S c.f ." .lii wl.a . , vrb '"eewaatls yobartea end tela kau-away. - i , 1, r ll.LEY ITNNEV. Clchster, Jon.4, !&( ti3 sBfrShI TEAS. reqaSnsoTufaf Mechanic's Tools, CJTRONOS Co, offer a heavy atoek' and very O extensive variety of MECHANICS TOOLS, which have len selected with treat ears both in regard to superiority of linl-h and Improvement in pattern, to which the attention of purchaser l solicited. Among which are, Spear at Jackson's hand panel, ripping, and lack Sawa, 10 Files and Chisel., bench Plane, and Moulding tools, Plumb and Levels, steel sod iron Mqusrea, Box wcod rule., Compa-ses and Dividers, Berfls and Try squares, Wrenches, ca-t steel, Con cave and common Auger-, Auger but, Broad Axe-, hand do, llaicheis, hollow Angara, draw shaves, sand pair, Brace, and Lilt-, saw .Sen., Qimblets, Screw Drivers, Chisel snd Anger handle, nail Hammers hand Viics, Cheat handles, Glue pot., Plane Irons Ac, dtc. . June , '46. House Finishings. MINERAL Knobe. pearl white face plate, half plate and I routed, Ro.e wood do., Brat- and ui ao.. oen puns. neii ami hanging-, make, latche, Murtice lotk.. B ut! and acrews, Ouplmatd Caiche. and loi ku, Window apring., window blind Tnmminu", lliok" and hingt., Hooka and Staj le, manorany anu veneereu inoii rial and loai iiuolf, dtc. f-c., together with a full avortm nt of House Furnishinos, amonr-t which bo ire keener, may find a great vari ety ol new, u.clul, economical, and ornamental arti cle. ai STRONGS & Co. June 4, '46. Brooms, i'uils, &c. (E DOZ. Broom.. OU 40 " Wood Pail, 20" Aliesnto Matt'. SO " A-sortcd vstnish Bruvbe', SO " do hair do 20 " Common and fancy Du.tert, . Wintlow and Floor do Talhr bitfhe-, Flc-h do, Tooth aud Nail do, 3cm do. Shoe an I Horse do., dec . Junel, ' 4t. 3IRWU3 at vo. Hard Ware. ORI pnZ- Blaka Latches, UV 8500 ros "Premium' Screws. 03 dot. wrot and ci. r iron Door Butts, 100 " " Table .do 20 cwt. Hooka and Hiniea. Together with an extensive a-.ortment of Shelf and heavy Hardware, which Is ottered at wholesale orre tail, on favnralJe terms to the purchaser. June 1, '46. . sikuus if- L'o. Dry Groceries. " nfi CHESTS Hyaon, Youog H., H. S. and Pow JJ chong Teat, 10 Hhd. St. C'x. Por'o Rico and N. O. sttgais. 10 " " " " Molasr-, 2 Ton-loaf, cru.h'd. and pow'.l. .mera. CanJlo, Bar Soap, Startth, Oinecr, Caa-ia,' Pepper, Spice, Ssleralu-, Cocoa. Vermic 111, Tobacco. Cloves, Nultneo, Lamp Oil, Sperm Candle-, Codli-h, Sal mon, oec. ore. June 3, '4b. is I KU.MiS o Uo. Heavy Hardware. OO and trace chain-, wagon and csrt boxes, an villa, vises, spadea, shovels, forks, hoes, sevthes nd snathe-, blacksmiths' bellows, .ledge hammers, arrow and broad axes, aiieere.erobars. caldron let- ties, wagon axles, steel springs, brass kettles, mill snd circular aaw, wrought and cut nails, iron and brass wire, sheet copper and braas, huop iron, sheet lead, noei zinc, grindaione cranks, oven mouths plow caa'.ines. etc. etc. S PRONGS d CO. J ine 4. 1846. Paints and Oils.. 5 TONS Wh-e l-esd, drv ami in Oi', "Pore," "Ex tra" an I "No. I." Chrome Yellow. Vrn. Red, Red lead, Verdigris Pari, (ireen, French Yellow, l.uharcc. Oum Copal, t'liromeOreen, Whinne. P ittv. S uril- Turpentine. 1000 ss. Ltn-eed Oil. Varni.h. Window ela-s, Paint and Varnish Hru-hes Boiled Oil. Ac. Ac. STRONUS A Co. J me 4, 46. Tin I'lates, Wire, &.c. 7 - ROXKS Tin Plate., 1 3 X and extra siae, I 'J SO B II-. lion wre a-s.ted. Sheet Copper, Cop .er Boll, Ri.-ia and Eng. Sheet Iron, aheet Lead, lead pipe, abed xm-. rivets, Ae Ac. Junes, '40. siHUius At liu, Saddlery. STRONOS A Co. have received and oTcr an ex tensive stock of Saddlerv. cumtiri-ins- almo.t every ar.tcle wanted intbeir line, on reasonable term.. j ine 1. 10. Cullfry. epARLE and dessert knives and forks, carvers. I sieels. butchers' knives, sheara. scissors, ocn and pocket knives, lamp scissors, r.inrs. nut nil ks, etc. June 4, Id IS. S I KO.QS A CO. (.rind Stones. 5 TONS Nova Scotia Grind Stones atone Cranks and rollers. Also, grind June 4, '46. STRONGS A Co. Carriage .Makers WILL find an exten-lve assortment of goods in their line, i.n iikisi rcasonib'e terms, at June 4, 46. STRONGS fc Co. Fire Grates. A NEW pattern and of superior wor'-manahip, by J me 4, '16. STRONGS A Co. Shoemakers Tools IN rreat variety. STRONGS A Co. J.me 4, '46. BOOTS AND SI IOHS. THE Subsrrisrhas just received from Ihe Manufactu era a splendid sssnrtmrnt of DDI ITS At SIM I 8 of slmost everv deseriii tton, which will he sold as cheap as th" cheap est. Those wishing io D irehaae would do vtall tn call ad siatnine before purchaaing elsewhere. N. B Custom work of all kinds msdeto order snd in the best style. a tl . An assortment nf 4 IIOICB GROCERIES, con sisting 111 part uf Ihe following arlic es TKaS. SUiR, COFFEE, Ground Aungroun SPICES, MOLASSES, F.OI'R. SALMON, TOBACCO, dT-c. E. J. PAY. Ai KIIA1U5, UIL., SALT. I OD FISH, MACKEREL, NAILS, Ac. Corner of Chutch and Bank ats. Burlington, June 1, 1846. S3tf NOTICE. I Hereby furlud all pcr-ona harlorin or tru-ting mv on. Georitu D. Pickerinz. on mv account as I ahall pay node of hi- cuntraclin?. JUti.i u, i'iJir.rti u. Burlington, June 2, 1816. 633 Wool!! Wool!!! rsatip Subscriberi would here'iy ras ftjaeH I ,.ii,y ten-ler their axpreaaion. MuaJW of cratitude 10 a lit ersl put Ii - lor iheir ajPT sympathy and a-si-tance in our laie sMaSBSaTaaafami fonune, und al 0 tor former pairon age. They again ii'fer jhrir service- to Ihe pul lie in the Manufacturing Busine-s and aolicit a ,ontin'i anceor former favor. They propose to manufac ture Satinet!, Plam Colli, Kerseys and Flannels upon shares or by Ihe yard. MURRAY St t'ATRIt K. Hinosbtirch, June S, 1846. 53 6 New Books, Just Ueceivcd. LIFE OF FAITH, ly Upham. An'ri r Life, by Cpham, The I'm on of the Holy Spin! and the Church, by Jenkyn-, The Exient of th Atonement, I v Jenkyn, Ihe Mitonaiy Eu'erprisc. l'icourse. on Mission-, by American Author-, Tbe Great C mmi-sion, by Harris, I he Great Teacher, " lb c her'. taN'turea 'o Young Men, -Prc-ident Maxey's Rsinatn-, ''crmnn. and Remains of B. D. Win-low, Jsrvi-' Sermon., Alunoir of Mr-. Ann H. Jud-onand History of Bur man Mi-.ion, Memoir of Gm, Dana Boardman, Vital Chri-I aniiv, bv A. Vtnat, D. D. Troth Ma le Simple,'! y JohnTodJ, Dowling'- Hi-iorynf Romani-m, Works ol Andrew Fuller, 3 vols. Aids to lUflnaion, I Coleridn. ' Alio, Roset. Animal and Vvceia' la Physiology, Riiget's Outline- of Phvsiolojy tofj Phreaology, Arnott'e Rlemtnta off hyate, Hataoamann'a Oraganoa, For axle by 6TVKN8 WOODl. Juae3, 1816. Arihu Antiounrian. A WORK I'niejiaT. Carious end Interesting, highs lyraetCsmnsewW. I tsanrrsolCuriMiiUsil va naog 'itf. "T vaw p nasal oiidb won. eraebby STBVSNS WOODB. Burlmgtoo, Jens I, HM6. 4r a, . . MR. FfiEMAU, rrom New York, has the plea lira to Inform the'cilitens of Burlln'amA and vi. ctnitv thalha haa opened a shop two doors north'iif Mr. Warner's store, lately occupied by J. H. Plait, t.'hurch street, and is prepaied lo do, with neatness, and in the best manner, all work entrusted 10 bis care including 3DWCX.Hr a WATOHEi of all descriptions. Al-o, aetting the half houra to striking clocks, repairing music-boxes, tuning accor deons, etc. Mr. Fremou, having worked in a large eitablish ment in New fork, fur Iwo yesre, and having previ ous y received gona instruction-irom an excellent workmen, ia qualified to execute the most difficu'l work 1 and exhorts the Dublie 10 nlace in him their annflderree. and beatriw nn him a share nf natrnnaee. ror intormaiion respecting his workmanship, nr. t . wuui'i reter to .tie, .nr.. relists, van Arsiiiii-at uooDer. No. II, Maiden Lane. N. V. uurlington, Jdne, 1310. Itf GROUND ROCK SALT, WARR ANTED pure, for sale hy June 3, '46. A. S. DEWEY. S t r a y e tl FROM the subscriber nn the 21st of Msv, a LIGHT BAY M.RE. black lees, a black stripe on her back, ring-boned on bath forward feet, her ase is between -El 10 and 12 yeare.tvat rather thin in flcib when she left. Whoever will return said mare, or give informs Hon where she may be found, shall be euiiahlv re waided. JOHN STU4.RT. Burlington, June 4, 1816. S3wS I toys Ships, tTTARRtXTED tn swim, and other tore. V S3 BHIN-aMAID di BROTHER. BRITANNIA nnd Karthen'Bed Puns, Spit Cups, Soap Dishes, Font and Hip baths, snd same oth er necessary and useful spicle., for sile bv 63 BRINSMAID St nROTIIEItS. Violins. AN assortment of fine Violins for sale by $3 BRINSMAID A BROrHERS, - Bi'tter.lute, than never ! THE subscriber haa been receiving a new assort ment of Goods, frum New York, which he will sell ss cheap, i' nut cheaper, than can be purchased in ine couniiT or cnv, eiinei ai leisu wi imiic-pic June 3. 1646. N. LOVKLY. t'arpets, Carpels. , THE subscriber has inr received a large alart ment of Carpets,of diflerent q aleiei and patterns, which hs will sell by the piece, or retail, at ihe lowest piieea. N. LOVELY. JuneS 1846. Paper llanings. LARGE as-ortment, direct from the manufac turers, si the luwesi cash prices. June 3. N. LOVfLV. Crockery and Glass Wan; A LARGE assortment of Crockery d Class Ware, xv t;ii tuna . etc. N. LOVELY. June 3 1346. aU t.tiVKI.V isextreioely aniioua to close his la . mercantile biKinesa in Hurlinvton. and will sell hi. large stock of Goods at ihe very lowest prices for ca-h or ready pav. 1 asms whit is wanted. uurungion, June i, tasti. N. B. I am dcterminrd lo close up my busine-sby Octo'erneit. N. IOVI I.Y. SIDNKY It A It LOW. fj VING connected wiih hnn-elf, Geo. P. Woods, js ja, April -t 1B46, lor ihe p irpo-eot tran-acttnir ou mesa mine Mercantile lute, in ine name 01 tsanov. A Woo,)-, would risoeu ullv int'orm bi-fnenJi and customers thai Ibcy will keep a general as-onmeni otthe lat Qualities of sood-at all tiine. on hand. and -ell as cheap forca-horinherpayascan lefuund eisewnere. 1 nev nave at pre-eut a laree toi 01 spring gouts on hand, and all ihat will favor ibetn with a 1 all they think will be repaid f rthe Iron' le. Boner, Chee-e.Urain, Pork.L unl er, Mhin.'le-, Wood and nn ai kind, ot Farmer- produce taken in exchange Iar good-at theinarlei price-. Winuo..iFal..Jine5h. I8W. S3 Wanted Immediately. A Boy aloul 12 or 14 ear- ol I tu learn the Drug Luainesa. A.iply to HARRI.NGION St BROTHER, Aputhejar y. Cbeuii.i A Dtnvei-t, Church st. Burlinxton Vt. Vermont Central Kailroad Co. NOTICE is hereby given that the Annual Meeting , of the Stockholders of the Vcrmnnl Cjniral 1 Railroad Company, for ihe election of 7 Directors lor 1 lie year en-utng ana tne tranaaction 01 another business which mav be presented, will leholdenat theCaurt House in Windsor, on Wednesday the ISih uf July next, at 10 o'cloc k, A. U . By order of the Directors, E. P. WALT ON, Jr. Cltrt. May 27, 1846. 522 Victory ! Victory ! Victory ! The greatest yet. XT ia now a in the days nf Ethan Allen when Fort Ticnndf roea was raptured, UP AND DOING DOES IT. Just as the New Yorkers were all in rcslacies re. jjoitinefor War and Victory, F743. composed in part or Mexicans. paniati uiin 1-rem n brown ana nn. tie h Soereigns, under a tireen Mountain Roy Com. mander, reinforced by U. S. American Eielee en- l.r.,1 ,I.m t7.mt.ra I l,u .n Mill Tnim ih.ir filnr.. 8743 D.iltara worth ot their most Splendid and Vatu B IC oiiuui. nies, nuu .uciliiiiiu c", ami uiiiuyiii in Vermom fur distnbuiwn to iheP.nple, who may have the articles I y appl) ing to their Agent HOWARD. Thursday morninz, May 23 IS46. Si Xfzn GOODS. NV. CtfiK hasjusi retimed from N. Yotk nnd Boston market, with a well aelectcd as aortment ol GOODS, cons'Sima- of FANCY PRINTS, olery descrcipu'on i Ginshauis, I'nnied Lawns, and Delaines, for lsd.es' dresses ; Siik Harare and Delaine "hawls. of ths latest style; Fancy Cassimete lor geniletnen's panta : Summer G sods for children's 1 loihes, all kinds j Cotton and linen Thread Spoul Thtead I Col'd Thread Silk and Twist of ihe leal qua ityi Cotton Cluthe, Drilling, Bed Ticking, etc. Groceries. TEAS ofall kinds and qualiiie-. Brown Sugars, crush'd do , Powdered and Hivana ( offee, Allspice, Ginier. Cassia, Saleratu-, Cod Fish Salmon, Mack crell. Pork, Flour, Salt, bv the I ae and bbl. UrStnre one doer south of E, J. Fay's ahtc tore opposite the uld Bank, Burlington, May 28 h, 1816. 62 BNTItALi RAIL ROAD. AN asse-ametit of five dollara -n a share haa been ordered I y the Directors of Ihe Vermont Central Rail Road Company, payable on the first day of July next. Payments may be made at tha Karmera A .Mechanics Hank at Biirlingion. al the Hank ef Mam pelier, al Ihe Bank of Woodstock, or, al IheTreaau ler's Office Vo. !7i.Tremonl Knw. Bo inn. SAMUKI. II. WALLET, iValurr. Bsision, May 25 1846. S2wl Snlibnlh School Books. 1UST received a fine stock of Sabbaih School .1 Books Irom the Depositor's- in Boston snd New l or k, ror taie at depository puce-, hy May 2S. S. WOODS. Srthballi School Libraries. tr fk Volumes for ... W JJ lOftvilumes. ... 11000 Just received by STEVENS WOODS. Mav 76 Bibles and Tc.tuim'sitg. LARGE supply fur sale by Msy 23. S. WOODS. Smoked Hums A ND SHOl'LDERS-Lardoflha fir-l quality rv Meaa ana Clear fork Hour Corn Meat, ana most other kinds ol provisions, at , May tt- A- S. DEWEY'S MltvLBK" j ATIIBR PRBHBRVATSVB m Water Proof Hlacktng. m 1111 Rlaelcinai La rui deausnad In nroduca a fvoliah, L... . .km. I.aikar Rnfl. Pliable W.h I Proof, and mheh mora VwaUt. The inyenmr has had msny yaara ataerienca in the Tanning and Shoe Making buainasa, and baanreoarad Ihw aitirle.ka. tag seeaw n4i in psrtseiing it, snth a wsw aola- i s till esaas.kaaiur. ,- n 0.1 ice. V RNONT ' JTaricfr by F MILLER, Warsaw, f. Y. A Fashionable Hsir'-Drcsser TVTAY larfbend OTer H.Tbom., .tore, wbowooll iVl reaiavtlu v invite ine aiieoiton ut inep tit"'. May W, IS46.' JAMES IaSLOR. Lost, A BUNCH OF KEYS. The Bnder mill I e re warded byleavtagrhemat tba aters eli.at J Il Peck A Co. Sl-tMay. SI MISS L. B. STA'JY wiltcotnmei -el rSummer Term, on Monday, the 15th June Scholars are txpectedlo enter attl I omoiMoe. at of the Term, Rntlish, . - o4,0 rrench, t , ' t 10 Drawing, 300 School Rouinone d jor wc.t M11. Ln, wurtby a up aistri. Burlington, Msy 16, 1946- SO J0S3PH 7T. etsLLSIT, 'AT I OHM BY. M I L TON F A :L L S , lKiillUM li0KE. 8IR.IIENR Y, THAT has received three fiemiumsat the StsieAvnculturslKairs in New Yotk held in 1835, 1342 and 1344. Also, fir-t Cugnly pre mium, and has re. ceived more premiums than any horse in ihe State. SirHenrv will bclocatedfsrtheprra nlaesson.in Bur Itnrmn, Vt , nt the old Durkee stand, on Church St., near the County House for ihe acc itnmodaiion ot tbo-e who wish lo itriprove the breed of Ihat noble animal the Horse. His eelifinir cdls have been fold for friuh'JiOO 10 SSOO... One pair of matchcJ, fur S10J0- Fr further -iariiculara sie Bills. Premium Horse ECLIPSE, wi I slso stand in ike city of Vergennes. Vermont.at C. Everetn. ' 'r.lia,,i,i, 1 rtvn r,i"Ari.i' iwiiw, DWIO LONG. Burlington, Msy 6'ii 1546. 48 Maga2ines for June. Columbian Mtgaxine. price 2S eta. itraham. oo Ladies Na'tinnal do' OoJeys Ladie's Book! Received hy x ii ,9 " 25 . EDWaRPS. Toilet Looking (glasses, BESII Ea ireat variety of others, we have Tni'et Lookina Glasses with and without drawers under them, also, kitchen and chamber loo' ing glasses, pocket and trunk do., Flower Vnaes an I many oth.r articles. S3 BRINSMAID A BROTHERS NEW GOODS. M tRRS. RKINSMAID it IIItOTHRRS D SIRE to call Ihe aticnnonofpjrchaseia to their Summer assortment of Gold a Silver Watches, 1 ideaov Jewelry, tnfi rnung them Ihat the aa iti. ;nt is mure extensive snd al unusually lowpri To 0 tr assortment of Lookine Glasses otCiocks which singly or by the Csec will be si Id tow. To our varied stock of A merican English. Germsn A French FANCY ARTICLES winch fur beauty ana cnenpnira e inina win nana unmanea. FANS ofall pricea slv'csnnd qualities. riteel if-Jet Goods, Combs. Ur shes, Cuil plsln Hsir. Stoci aCollnrs 4, Uo-om, TI.e self aciuatmi spiing stocks an I other kin slow. I'atlor, nnii cc aiote L.rmi s, lor tnirning eitner, lard, poor oil and camphene, of new and es tab V pat tern", also g ass lamps, lamp shades, giobts, chim nies, v. itks Ac, patlot and other lamps al lower pri ces than usual, purchaser- are invited 10 look at them before purchas'iiir elsewhere. Willow Ware and Hubby Horses, Wagons. Chair', Cradles, Baskets Ac. llouse kiepmg articles. In great' variety. r'haiiiher.p dls, root-baihs 1 lotbea Bisket,C otle P.ns, Chamber". M ita Ac dr. In short we hove 101 (Ter thl- season one of the beat assoittnen s we have had tbe pleasure of offering ta our customers. We -lea re 'O say to them and to the puhhc that wa aim to sell sovd goods at fair p'ricisand have taken ereai pains to 6uy low and ahall sell .uat any rate, aa low as the lowest in any department uf uur bu.-l-nets. Da guerreotj pe Goods. In litis depertimn', we have fine French Plates, d eood Cases, Apparottia Ac, a- low as to be had in the place, orders with cash will he promptly anataer ed at the lowest rates, eilt, plated and gold LockelS fur miniatures, Horse Nets. The ery best ns.ornrcnt of Linen and Cottnn Horse Nets with Head and N- ek pieces, also stufl for lines or reina being Agents for one of ibe most ex. tensive manu acturcis in the Net line we hope to suit customers. Cold Pens. Ofthf various makers at lew prices. These Pens are rnuilly superceding retry iher kind and aia tha best Pen ever made, for durability and use. Fishing Tackle. Fly and spring tlooks. Limerick and cthrr Hooks, a variety of lines Ac. 4 e. Cu rds Vc. Fine and common playing cards, i-iiing cards, fine Paints, drawing Pencil, perforated and Bristol tra d, Waj, Wafer-. Haxkjaininon liards, Chess, Duminore, came of varioi s kinds, Toy in great a riety, Snulfand Tobacco boat a, cigar-Case , cigar lighters, spy irlass. Microscopes, Te'esci pes, Mirrors, Knives, Razors, Scissors, Platet) anJ llritannta Ware plated, llrtlnnnia and Glass Candlettcks, Silver Cup', llii"e Kn ve,Crisiie's Galvanic Rings A Fluid to cure Rhuen aiisin d-c. The Caudle Hisiorie's a laushable Game, Pla'ed on gcraian Silver ware. Tea.Tnt.le A Dessrt Spoons plated with pure Silver on uond German S.lver, also Uut ter Knives made in the same way. Cane. So7e new and pretty canes received and for sale. Musical liietriimcl.ti. Flutes and other wind instruments, vlelodisns Ac t "'j' cordions. Drums, Tambortnes, and an assortment of hue and c luinon violin, also rome comcj viuun sir ins which have been very diffii-ult to obtain, g.iod Boms, Pens Tnd I'H'ces, bridges. Rusm, Hair d o.her in sif al merchandise. Need es A Pius by the paper warranted gcrd or can he n-iurmd. We can mention but a very sma'l number of nrticlea received, but cloae thi loo leipthy advertise me r hv sav im that we have a good asjurtm nt and intend 10 sell the Goods low, so that ens oiueia w ill n it nrtcf tu look farllicr for suih CodJs as we hate fur sale. Wc invite ihe lueat a;rut ny and a nmalon as In qjalitv and pticea. Silver Thimble- heaviir ih.n those old ilse hue ai il.clowe-t ptice snd marital frer. Cuffin andTrun' Plates made or niarkid to or der, Silver pouna ami roras 01 any paoem mane i9 order, a g nd tock nf Silver Spoons and F.k,But- ter Knivrs, I- nut r-mves, Caps J.c. aiway. on nana, nudo nf dollar silver and warranted. Particular al. tenlion paid tu Watch and Clock lepainne. ' mot .'ii ,ii . nn nll pa a nui.aa-u.MLS d UO.U I II r.-. list ray. TAKEN up.in 'he road in the town ofColch stcr.a I town French horse. The owner ia requested to call on I . Kleii her, al the alone house at W nnotki Falla, prove properly pay char- IjaV away Mav 27, 1940 SlwS THE JUDSON OFFERING, INTEI ED aa a tuken ufaympathy with ihe living, and a memento of 1 hri-uan a lection for the diad. By Rev. John Dowlinj, A. M. For sale 1 v May 26. S. WOODS. FLY PAPER, a aimple way 10 kill (lie boys' bslis-carptl bag., ect. tecetved I v BRINSMAID d BROTHERS. A few dnien. nicehulka of iheTieridia ennchiptora or Mexican Tuer Klowsr, aW. t Gladieloua psiuaconii-. f"r aale ar PE K d SPf AR. Sjnahle time for acting them out, is hum .'0 Msy to Isl June. Sinrm Ml. f ihst n.ce Lamp 3il, for sa'ehy 'A. ,'MiytS. a. . Mfcvsnr. PURE CIDER VINEGAR, for s.'ehv r May!3. A. S. DEWEY. IHKSOX &FOLI KTT BWSSWsitffi? WIKOOSKI FAU S. .l i. an t ihe as eiiment complete m tha Wn.,!ir2e. V.aVg and Staple Drv Govda, pL FUh. Burr.finsrour in h,rr.l- an I bs Wee, Ae- a" of which wdl h. orTeret. st ih. ;. -'ow. rl markst prices for Cash, approved credit or for i-ounity produce. . Wino.5ki Falla May9l-lal6. W "reh arig Walcr ! 3EM