26 Mart 1847 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 2

26 Mart 1847 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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-iff If ' BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, IlilDAY MORNING, MARCH 26L 1847. Jftcc Jrc$5, nt'RMNCJTOK, vt. Fill DA V MORNING, MAtUjll 26, 1SI7. " ttl trjE PAKK AMI TROUBLED MOIIT THAT IS tflKvs v, Tiicnn is no Stah above tub horizon T R1VK Vs A GI.'KAM Or I.IUIIT, KXCKl'TlNfl HIL lltBtUurMi PATRIOTIC WlltG TARTY Of THE Usurio &Tkth!,."),viM Webster. The lfnlvcrslly of Vcimont. XVo copy the following article frw. tlio Sci" VorA- Courier and Enquirer, noK particuhrly on account of the approving mittnur in which it speaks of tlic very creditable, 'Contributions of our citizens to tlio fund thai lias been rahed to place the University nix n. bn"-!' of permanent prospoiity, hut In crier to reeoid our entire, con currence with the remarks of that paper respect iufftlie" mnltiplicatioiu.fCollepes." The evils 'jjjfesnlt from the practice of endeavoring to nstrfiri "tnbrt of tho Inchest institutions of learn- iiigtlmu the educational wants of the Country r Deal Gently Wo have received for publication a resolution adopted by tho Rcchabito Society In Burlington, expelling one of their members for n. violation of h pledge. 'Micro aro two principal reasons why wo must decline; to publish this and all similar resolutions. In tl.e first place, while It Is of course no part of our business to dictate to the society the discipline proper to bo pursued with an erring brother, wo are firmly convinced that the opprobrious publication of his name to tho world is precisely tho u-orst way to reclaim him or any body else. Gentleness and forbear ance win while harshness and intolerance repel us all. In the second place.vvo do not think that a resolution adopted by a secret society justifies us in dragging before tho public tho name of ono ol our citizens, an old man of unobtrusive deportment & certainly so far as ice know any thing of him,, far, very far, nioro deserving tho kindness and sympathy than tho denunciation of his neighbors. For these reasons wo cannot consent to pub lish tho resolution handed to us, in tho Free Press. Wo think thu proccedim?. to Eav the reirfej, arc ,y no means confined tit tho insti- j least, haish, unkind and inexpedient to tho last tulions themselves. The catiso of Education , dc.errp. Vnd our friends the Kcchabites, who through tho imwhol.-omo ha,vi.. t'0no and aro doini' niuch cood in socictv. win pardon us for remnitlingthcm, in this con nection, that wo aro enjoined by that unerring Wisdom from whose Oracles they havo drawn their name, to "forgive" tho short-comings of our brother man, not " seven timcs,''but "seven ty i ia sev ex." If wo were to counsel those who aro doubtless much better qualified to give good advice to us, we would venture to say : suffers which the practice alluded to necessarily uTuiut es; a competition wholly out of place, and that has less- reference to the character and useful , ncss uf tl,o College, as an agent of thorough in Titntion, than lo the ways and means of its pecuniary support. To be eminently ix'fnl.and sirhservu the best interests of sociity. such an Institution should be liberally endowed cer tainly o much as it fills slmit ol an adequate tmlowmeiit it must fail in its capacity to do pent. " It appears to us (and we take occasion to say that these observations are made at no sugges tion but our own) that the true friends of our Vermont Colleges, and those who earnestly aim to secure tho capital ndvatagps of a systematic and thorough and sound education will act most wisely if they bring abouta union ot effort and Interest between them. Haw such a union ) might bo effected is not ol course for us to say. I 'Hut that there can be any iiiupcablo olstaclo in its way we do not believe. With one Collegiate Institution in our state, commanding tho sym pathies, the suppoit, and the confidence ol the "Strive with the wanderer from tin- belter palh, Hcniingthy message meekly, not in wrath : Weep lor the frail who err, llie vveiik who fall, Have Ihincown lahh, but hope mid pray lur oil!" Tho subjoined communication comes from on of the oldest and best citizens of our State one whose strong sense revolts from tho mis erable pettifogging by which the existing war witli Mexico has been upheld in high pl.ices,and who prefers to look at things as they really arc, rather than through tho false glaro of " glorifi cation spectacles." lie was a democrat in old times when tlio word meant something, though he is now set down, by theiiniledged democracy of polkdom, asa Mexican federalist. We will only add that ho was one of the Presidential The Notional Era. 1 We liavo noticed tho courso of thin Anti-Slavery paper sitico Its establishment at Washing ton, with Interest and anxiety. Wo hoped It would place Itself on what we believe to bo tho truo Northern Anti-Slavery ground, and fjiua become an efficient and valuable agent In over throwing tho crowning curso of our country and tlio age. Hut we confess our fears vvero quite as strong as our hopes. Wo feared it would identify itself with that particular class of anti-slavery, s who, planting themselves upon the simplo and abstract postulate that " all men aro created free and equal," and heeding none of the counsels of wisdom and moderation, stand ready to mako war upon Slavery In other states and under other nnd independent jurisdic tions, without regard to circumstances or conse quences, and caring nothing " Though Home in Tiber melt, and the wide areli Of the rnnged empire fall." Wo are happy to state, however, that with this class of Reformers tlio lira nppears to have no affinity nor fellowship. It aims higher, and with a steadier purpose to accomplish good. It is conducted with marked ability and in the tern- temper and spirit that aro as far removed from tamcness and Insipidity as from denunciation and abuse. Wo wish it all manner of patron- go and success. It is where it ought to bo whero slavery exists. It tells the truth where tho lio is propagated, and tells it like a gentle man and a christian. We copy the following article from tho lira, and commend its words of truth and soberness to a good many who have unconsciously sat for tho picture : The Sclf-Itlgliteous Itcforincr. KmiiTEEN hundred venrsneo. charitvwas not re tarded as out of place in the character of a reformer, lie who was the greatest ol all reformers became llcsh that he might be touched with a feeling of our informi tics.nndvveplovcr the foreseen calamities of the very city that was to nail him to the cross. IJut wc have a more illustrious class of rcfonners m thisnintccmli century, who mav be stvlcd hnmacu- lale, infallible, intolerant and implacable. When the Pharisees of old brought an evil woman to Jesus, that he might condemn bcr, he said unto them. Lot him that is without bin among you cist the first stone, Self- rignteous as they were, there was enough conscience and shame left to cause them to steal away, leaving U1C WOlllilll UlllOUl IKU. 111V pilliriSillllll iciumier Ol i . i. i . .. . i .i i i i . i . r.-. 1 J wnoio commun.iy,nnu inereoy enuuicu in penevi , rAccti,n f()r ,lis yta(o j,, 1840aml thatho is a iu means ami method" ol instruction, u imii thorough-going anti-slavery Whig, he manliest tnat tducalion in Vermont v.ouiii Ikj incalculably benefitted, and the higbcft v.el t,re of the people promoted. Wo allow our selves to hope that so desirable a state of things may, by tiie judicious, olforts of tho wise end the good among us, be brought about. Tor the Burlington Free Tress. Mr. Editor: -My motto i : Thousands foi a na lion's honor, not a ttnl for a dishonorable War. C'.ihu said (Job, Chap. XXII) "days should speak anil the multitude of years should tench wisdom." He said also to Job's three friends "because ye ore oTd er than me, 1 hare waited, for votir words, I gave Tho following is tho Courier and Enquirer's ear to your reasons ; 1 said I also will show my opin articlo: ion." The old man of thin essay reverses the ancient lVrmo,,,We,mder,.nndit,atlhcvcrv handsome 'deference lo age nnd savs, I have waited until the s un of SS'J.nOO has been mi-.-il during the" past year, hvprivatesubsciiptions, in aid of the Unirtrsity cf Vermont at uarungton. Ul mis amount mere ms He vv ill now nlso speak his siihacrihfd In Ri-ftnn, Hartford and Northampton $3,80S In New York city ",W In Vermont adjacent N. Y. nnd Canada ll,OS'J 850,000 Ofthe amount raised in Vermont, the Finn ol Sip, young men have spoken opinion "(treat men are not always wise, neither do the aged understand iiidgment." The truth of the latter clause of the last sentence may perhaps fully appear in this feeble attempt. Like Clihu he has waited until the clash of nrms, nnd the war of words has waxen hot. The nation is contending how goi wc into such 000 was laiscd ill Dinlincion, a town with but little , an unjust and unrighteous war. The old man in more thin 5,000 inhabitants ! Tlieje facts indicate at i,s ong jfc l,a3 learned to profit by experience. He It ast. the high (stimation in which the '"' " ias learnt that when we have cot Into a bad scrape ' Vf","V TrV:. h'.;' S ,nhn ,,in I the best ayis to get out of it ns soon ns possible. dintelv effected bv the' influences which it sends foith The mm overboard will not wait to argue the qucs- from year to year. We have good renson to believe flon how ho came there j he will exert evury nerve lhatthi, estimate Is in no respect unwarranted the . , ,, f , thrown for bis relief. Thatwe llniver tv lias an nb e Douv or p:oicsaor, one oi uie i . . . . .,, univer.iiy iijjui. . I n bad scrane with Mexico almost all will now course of study more methodical nnd wmerni its ndmit, even at the risk of" giringatd and comfort to scope than lltatot any emit ar p' the memy.' The qu-stion is not now ofsomuchim W?wJ!:u""."" nortance, who mede this unrighteous war, or fo nip' U o 1 1 Sy O rt b 5 . I vcascla In trnvcrsme between tlioso places sail uunr- Icrlngthe prevailing N. and S. swell of the I.ukc, which in steam navigation is always deemed sale. But tho most material fact tho Colonel forgot to mention, which Is, that the average timo ol open turn- ,. , .i . .i , i Burlington, would doubtless coit four times tl It is na Port Kent, hut avers that this increased o( n mkmd mn rjntt,burRh ln Porl K. distance involves no additional cr;icnse, " be- adding one third lo the distance, with the vc We don't know that we can do better than to turn overourcorrcsnondent, , toouroth- cr correspondent, "Sharp Shins." The lattcr's Ration for vessels is nearly two months more from Bur article is equally applicable to the protest of our J'nB'on n Kent, than from Ilurling.on to I'latts- starry friend, and to tlio gallant Colonel at Plaits- .... , . . . . cslcrn Cam3 burgh. nrc closed by ice againt the great trade of the West. Hut wo must havu a word or two With tho Again, the expense of erecting a hatbor and dock at Swanton man, after all. Ho admits that the lawyer's Hay, (which in truth will not noui over two routo lia llouse's Point is 25 miles longer than uo" all1 "loop) and a Ilailroad from there to IUIIIIIUIMII, VU(I1U (IUUU1II.W1 CUT I llUl ,11. Ik a .111 Kent, besides nig one third lo the distance, wun tne very serious cause the liurlingtoii and Montreal rvad may he objection to us, of destroyingour place, and removing used .15 wiics af its distance. Can our friend the business to a now unknown and secluded spot. bo in earnest, in making such a statement with Wc have no intention.mostklnd nnd ancient friend, apparent gravity? Wo shall next expect to of conceiving, bearing, and rearing a child lo scratch 11 . . . . 1 nut nnp own eves nr nf exoenihllrt nur inonev to bUI d icar him assert that this 45 miles of tho " Hur- ,,, ,. ,,, , ,rn,i i ti, lington and Montreal road" will cost nothing. ho la " poking fun" at us, very well ; but if ho Colonel, to request Burlington to commit an act so is serious, ho will nlease to observe that it makes suicidal. no dificrence what Company builds this -13 miles Under all these considerations we seriously advise ill OUr 1 llWU"tti' IH.-IJJIIUWIS 11 JCh till- Hi'fiwav too expense ui u miisi, oi courso, ciucr imo i frnnl ,,.,.. ln ,,., k-n, wti,nll, nnnosit on : tne cost oi ins mucn vaunico coniiiiuous line j tfthelr place possesses all the advantages they as from Iloston to Ogdcnsburgh, we take it ! suinc,tltcy, of course, will enjoy the principal business Sentence must not bo ' pronounced against in prelcrencc to the three other harbors that will beac males taken from him, and he left upon the ,Wns to nteolShhelesseeson eft Snnla Fc n few days before Messrs. Miller m . bore I '"'"fV" .ii.'. i.. i..t.. nH wrmn In mmmKsmm Dcstrnctho I'lro in Mlddlcbury. We learn from tho Galaxy that a destructive lire occurcd on Tuesday morning last, at paper Mill village, near Middlcbtiry, which consumed the paper-mill owned by Messrs. Parker and O'- Flanogan, nnd the roof and garret floor of the Oil Mill. Wo learn that both buildings were insured in Hartford Conn. us, iny friend, on such grounds as these. Swanton, March 12,1817. Denr Sir All the plans of connection between die railroads ubout building on cither side of the take, save by ferry from Ilurlingti-'HNl'ort Kent, seem to present to your mind Homing less man a v.iiuncra. nut tne last, and (in our opinion) the most feasible nnd advnm lagcous plan, is turned off by the Vermont Chronicle, and endorsed by yourself, w ithout the least considera. tion, with iheraMfrsA sneering and contemptuous re. mark that "(Ai icouM be rather chcuitous." I nl commodated by the Champlaiu and Ogdcnsburgh Rnil-road. Therefore in closing our friendly talk, excuse u for reminding them of the old fable which tenches that in grasping for too much, wc often loe the whole. .JSUAlfr SHUNS. 113 We ask tho attention of Fanners, and tho lovers of fine horses generally, to the ad- crti.sement nf Lucius Sanderson & Co., which ill be found in another column. Tho Sir Henry is nil bo's "Cracked up to bo" ; and brooders will stand in their own light if they do not meet tho liberality oflho enterprising owners, itii such a return as to securo tho services of this noblo horse for years to come. Com. Well done. Plattsburch has contributed nearly four hun- Ired dollars for the relief of the starving poor in Ireland. L""t"Say thou not sadly "never nnd "no more,' lint (rum i hv ins banish those lalest words: While Me remains, that which was thine before. . nn ii IiiRU bp thine ill 1 lllie S StOlC.hOUSC llC D.iys,houisnnd moments that have unknown hoards Of inr or v.-.- 1 ns sorrow. nasinff bv hide to lhe"di3covcrv" as vou call it. of a route nns- S,n.i,.B ,.tmie with tears, t hereloie with hopeful eve. sine through. St. Albans, Swahtoti, Hog Island nnd Al- . hook thou on denr things, though they turn away; burgh to Houses romt. Now,sir. let u, nssume that "n ,e n.n'ilnd .he e VlK-s, the plan of bridging the Lake by tlus"pas,' is prncti- rnrii,le,,nrinrn. then make thou no moun: enhle. in llie eoninioli sense of the term, ns we think lint vmli stunt benrt bid what thou lov'st farewell. can be abundantly shown, and far less expensive and Ilial which llie past has given llie luiurc gives nsweu obieciionable than anv route throitah or ncros Grnnd Isle, nsw ill npoenrnt a glance, wc cometoa consul- aTBpeakmg ol the excellent speccn ol -vir. eration of its advantages. And, not to speak now of Foot, on the Mexican War,'our neighbor of the the advantages ol a continuous road, it will nt once yt 'aicnman says : appenrtobe mainly n question of cost .not ol building We inr jmcnJcd lo give the whole of this speeclv a road mat distance nrouiiu, out uie uiuerencc ociwccu nut ur ,ni jt rnther too long lor a single paper, ivn the eost of transhipment between I'ort Kent and Bur- tbertlim divide it, we give extracts embracing the Un, .li.mnee nflel, mile, and ll.e eost nf trans. niOtClial points dlSCUSsed. thi.nnnl.n. nr, .,,el, .erm.le.' lie i- never tr, ell ' .,,! ver n ennlinnr,.,. IrneL- ll,e dLlnn.-e nf "j V 0 miller llllllh, II VV U ITU UIU tuuui mil pleased ns when stoning to death an offender. ! milesthat being n very near approximation of the Watchman, wo should have added: " for the rciCr m exleJJo him Brfflffi nered distance of load from Barluiglon to Ogdens- compilation and arrangement of which extracts hospitalities. Lord, said some of his disciples, shall burgh, via Rouse's Point. v by, do you ask, will wo are endebted to the Burlington I rcc I'rcss. we command lire Irom heaven lo tall upon tins city I lhrtc ,)ot be an ini .vleckly he lebuked this liery intolerance : " t c know 1 ,. not whal miinner iifsniril ve nre nf. The Pnii of M;.n I corresponding Wl came not to destroy, but to save." Had our pharisai- i very plain reason because" the Burlington and Mon cal reformer been in his Irani, he would have turned t (real road (that is soon to be) may be ued 45 miles of IJiltr. Ill U-y;usi. UITllUlllll.111 KUVll lUIUUUUime IIS Utier- . i- . frn. l'..i-l;nlv,nn tn T'nii.ec I'nln, nrn,.l ly repugnant to stern justice-mere " milk and water, i ' , . .. ,. . , . ' Itl H : .I.-. .1 r r...... :.. .1.: ' it-,! tl.eitve rnn,luer.nneelni(T Ittirliimten w lb flrf.lenq ill; iiiixiii ii's ill. ii niv ri'liii ui ii'iui in in mis ii'ii- u.nu..iu j. 0 - pj neriotl of course occasional indications ot worldly prudence, and cost which I have stated is a question lor engineers a ppini oi coiupnnnu ,nnu ins jircct'pm, nc uiiniis, Jirc m settle ; oui l uo noiapprcnena liniu wouia dc mucn notnlwasin hannonv with a sound iihilosonhv. Tor :r, : . -i n. i example ; it was a furrowlul spectacle, when the great . n i. i r rt i 1' leaciifT, tmz required lo pay inoute, wrougma tm , "lt"- "uj ...... ... racie tnat ne inigm lumi tiiu requircniem. it was ac-, rcgaru 10 sajenj, tne ou auagc migm nppiy, inc ly home." to say why sen timony ngniiut wronj, wnen he was asked whether it tence should not be pronounced against your project was jawiui to pay uiouie 10 uicsar i vny uiunc otthe "lerry 'I "IJistinjiaislied and experienced hur rcouc me ciupsuuii i nny uiu ik mmu i.u.n uu-, ycyors" are aKaintt it, the "Islanders" are it, mentl But this is not all. Christ insisted that it was ani m lho ""overeigu people' of Irankhii County nerensed expense for building the road iththe increased distance ? "For the racle that he might tulhl llie requirement. It was ac- , regard to sajely, the old adage nugh quiescence in an unjust demand, involving him in the farlllcrest way round is the surest way 1 guilt of supporting a most wicked government. Again: i , . . ' . . . . what an opportumty was presented for benring his les-1 1,1 conclusion, sir, what have you to friorlo nnv other ofthesmie size in the United , what purpose was it made 1 But Why and for what I,. ril rsiaie nnd other rronenv amounts to - -SrbtmrSiltW.f'i'O i 'and the liberal aid which has just Wencitcnded toil, will enab'e us diicctom to carry it forward with a bolder step nnd still more energy, in the path it has so steadily and successfully pursued. We cannot avoid here recurring lo tne remarks object is it continued 1 Is it to lob our neighbor of territoiy, which will prove a curse lo us, whether it eventually (.hall be the home of the fiec or be trod by the foot of the oppressed 1 I.ct Congress ns the representatives of a jwst and generous nation, say lo .Mexico, we want none of your tcnitory, and will have none of it for freedom or for slavery. Let them say to the Executive wc will grant neither men nor money to prosecute so wicked a war, except for the purpose nfpayingandwithdravV- , ibeilisuo-itiontosuvpori and build up one ing our troops. We will not ' conquer peare by war, IT Many of our readers will recognize the foot-prints of tho author, in the following run ning commentary on the " Old Cataract," or wc are mistaken. If they don't they are a little tury is far more exalted than it was during the first burgh and Montrcal.b: lo.-ated with that concert which stupid, that s all. Wo certainly, shall giv e them i , reVne..! . i, "hi ,ieiee, i, I i ' 'he interests of both would demand. I he question of n0 clue to Ins name. We know better, bo Whoever comes to u for fects, Will only get a " sturdy Sii Oa" No ! If a man chooses to say a good thing in our columns suiioiiumouslu. as Darby says, lie 11 find we can bo relied upon. For the Free Press. A leaf from the Album nt Niagnrn. Uoar on Niagara I thou mighty wonder, 1 ill thy siciilonan voice is craenca Yea, rend thy very lungs nssunder, in pouring out thy mateniess uiunuer, Uiu cataract : Much farther has thy name been nub Li'hed thro' the world than "Ilium sacked" No f.mie ol any huiimn rub- liisuenu compare wiui tins thy sud- jjime uatsraci 'Nil ad" had surely been suppressed, ITml not that itnirnn Ilnrnce Incktd The privilege with which we're blessed To gaze upon thy grnnd majest ic latarac:: Forever shall thv waters flow, And mill, nnd fall, with vast impact Then boil, and howl, and hiss below. Then siced ugain most omnipo- ieni cataract : Yet, awful as thou dost nppear (loldsutilh records this wondernus fact: " Some luiliaub onec in safety steer Ed down, in their tnnoes, this fear- l'ul Cataract !'' arc against it. Yours truly, expedient to consult the peculiar habits and circum stances of men, in proclaiming to them the truth j that it wits unwise to put new wine into old bottles, or menu a rent in nn old gaiment by sewing in ncwclolh ; and ou another occasion he counselled his disciples to be wise ns serpents and harmless nsdovts. Our reformer eschewssucha policy j he holds il in abhorrence, as a departure from a true philosophy. Be it far from him to sanction any such woildly wisdom. The coutse of the Apostles is still less pleasing to him. He disbelieves utterly the declaration, that" at conclusion, that there was but one culminating point L.."?.' Slnin.. wnt. in.n.k.linee m theWestem shoie oVSnke Chnmplain.and through says, is charging the Almighty with conntvance at , , , . r A , . , evil. Nor can he refrain from exnressinff his conteniDt 1 that alone, the transit from Boston to Ogdcnsburgh For the Free Press. Ogtlcnslmrgli mid Clinmplmn Itnilrontl. From the Editorial articles in the late numbers of j the Pittsburgh Republican, we infer that our fiiend, the Colonel, had reached, (to his own satisfaction) the which we made o few days since, concerning the nj-cd-less.nd injurious muUmlieat.nn nf Collcg. wh e h i is becoming habitual, and which, we connot help tl lik ing; retards greatly the p,ogres of sound nnd thor his country The htue oi v er- inont, for instance, ns this subscription show s, haslh ability nn. for St. Paul, when he talks of having fed his converts I must be efftctcd. vv i tlx all deference , we must be in- with milk instead of strong ment. I hat was a tame a , d m ,he rcmark, that Nature in her w ie arrange- l.nnev. verv rhllerenl Irnm nur Kit le of ilenlinirnlit.nl. " . . ... ritual food ! .Meat for bnbes as well as men. is our motto I I fined natural Canal and Rail-road routes, which Our modern reformer is nlso highly scandalized at 1 man. (by any perveislo'i ol facts, false estimates, ht. Paul s conduct on nnoiher occasion. , 1 he reader I fpccious arBumems) can never niter. And that those will remember that he visited a certain city, where to "H"-i" 'b ' :, i . ,i, prencha new god was deemed horrible bUsphemy. routes will as inevitably be eventually nuopted.aslhat Paul, however, was exceedingly anxious to plant the , (after Noahs flood) the MUsissLpi became the legiti truth there, without being forestalled by henbane. Ac- ma(e charmcl to conduct olf the waters flowing from coroiugiy, wucii nrraigneu neiore me ouiiiuriues 01 , , , . , . . -T .;& . ,t the niaee.he made a very truthful but an" exceedingly the Rocky and Appalachian Mountains ; and that the judicious" statement. He had observed, he said, in Valley of the St. Lawrence received mtolicr bosom the his wants, nn nunr erected to "the uimnown uou. Wnlcro of the "real inland sas. tiiin.inereiorc, si u ne, " w nom yc lgnuranuy wor-, , , . , . kI,:,,. .leel.-ire I m tnrnn " lie thus nvnioed the nenaliv However much wc may be disposed to co-o lerntc oi der. File. - Sec olJcdilion of Murraj's Kugbsh Ilea B. M. I. Mr. 1'i.etciiek's Lecture, the concluding portion of which will be found in our columns to lav, is an interesting and instructive; one. Ourrcaders will find it well worthy of perusal. Mr. Fletcmei!, who is himself one of tho hon- rable fraternity whom he addressed, deserves much credit for the industry and skill with which ho hasclucida ted his topic. Judge Com.asif.k. We regret to learn is dangerously sick at Philadelphia. IVrwiont J'at. The foregoing paragraph is going tho custo mary rounds, and might as well bo stopped. Wo are glad to be ablo to state, on th e authority ftho Hon. Mr. I'rcK, of Montpclicr,that Judge Collamer has returned to Woodstock, in im proved health of courso. 1 on home nnd other matters nf amusement, if not 01 ill ttcrcst. Meanwhile believe me, gentlemen, 1 Respectfully yourob t sen t, Slcm Cvtqvz. mr. countess of c vtucart's E.Vt.L, tTC. Montreal, February 10,1917, In my dull ietler of yesterday's date I intimated that perhaps I should send you n brief description of other soundsand sights which I heard and saw in this me tropolis, subsequently to the levee of the (Jovemor Gen eral holden on Wednesday last. This communication will, therefore, be a continuation of the letter winch has been already inflicted upon the renders of the Ex press, B'v init in a very imperfect manner some account of the mode in which the Civil fJov'ernots of British North America recciv c visits of ceremony from II. M. subjects. About five o'clock the doors of the Government House were closed and His Excellency with his splen did cortege made their exodus from the city toioni lands, situated, ns I have already said, outside the "Harricre" or cily limits. In the evening a grand IJall was given by the Countess of Cathcart in the large and commodious dining room of Daley s Hotel. Sev en hundred cards of invitation were issued it is said, and the ball was had on the anniversary of Queen Vic toria's coronation nnd the recent battle of Sobrnon Enrl Cathcart was, until the arrival of the Earl of El- f;in,llic Civil Governor nnd Military Commander of )ntih North America. Since the installation of the new Governor General he has been barely the com mander ofthe forces a hiirhlv bon .rnble. responsible nnd profitable post the salary attached to the cilice being almost asgreatns tnato' King janies tne r irsi, the present sovereign ofthe United fctates. 1 Ie rcsidts with his family at the hotel where I nm writing lh. and this ball was given in honor of the noble Lord who is his successor as Governor General. The company began to arrive soon nfter nine o' clock, nnd were received by the Countess in a draw ing-room vvhere she stood, surrounded by the stalf of the Eari of Cathcart, and her own fam.lv. After each guest had been presented to her ladyship, and made his salutations, he proceeded through a double line of well-dressed soldiers, to the room set apart for quad rilles, waltzes nnd polkas. Theuual military saluto was given to nil whose rank gave them tide to the honor. After His Exellency arrived with his stafT, the Count ess took Lord Elgin's armband lollowcd by the Earl of Cathcart, and the respective suites of the two Earls, proceeded to the brilliantly lighted ball-rooin, the large assembled company rising to receive them, nnd the band playing the good old national nir ol "God save the Queen.'' They proceeded to the upper end of the long and spacious ball-room, where a dais had been prepared, and there enjoyed the most dazzling coup d' oeil that had been seen lor a long lime in Mon- 'i t i ,n..: .. .1.-7 . ..I l:.l I t..- ireai. l.uru ijigiu wus uiiiruu in inc ppicnum muo nnd silver uniform of British Civil Governors, and his personal staff were dressed remntknbly well. Th beautiful uiulonns ofthe military gentleinen,the cost ly dtcsses of the ladies, the brilliant, yet suitened lights ofthe chandeliers, and the lively muic of the Rifle Hrig idc Band, nnd the Quadrille baud of Mr. Marlre, and the excellent arrangements that had been com pleted, under the eye ot .Major Talbot, State Military Secretary, combined to render the Countess' Ball, t Daley's Hotel, one of the most recherche afiairsolthu kind, that havecver taken place in the Canadian me tropolis. llfM Dalev's sunner-rooms. the banquet, the blaze and glitter ol gold and silver plate, the champagne the . ..'l.T.lhl.-.ni.rnl' nil, rfAHItCCS nt .....:nl I.. ...i.l. C.r.1.!., e. ........ We ..-Ml ne, flirt.. the Suite could lie coiicentinted upon one in.-ilution, f purchase Mexican Icmlory We want none :, eonl. I be made an honor tn the fjtate and ol trans. ,. . ' , , . r . rVndli?W?cVi !'' uf poc'K l ', f"' E speedily out of the there nre two or three Colleges in the Hate, and that scrape, and will withold the means fur continuing in t. ,nr,re than the state can properly sustain When- contention. Lctthein say to their constituents we iuslu Judicious oceiibo lame I " i.u.i.l ,i,e ..iliers lii nw l ie exam pie :-tlie rivalry beget, more or les. hostility :-atid thus the generosity ot the nub he .is cmbarniwed, nnd ii innalr vthwaiteu. incii omuin- ju .i.m. r. itvenlnno-from vear In vear, in u ofdoina better at some future day nh mib- lope tin 1 so none ol will not justify even the highest officer in the govern ment in usuiping thecotisiitutionnl power of our de partment ill plunging the nation into this cnu'c'.css war. We demand thut peace (not territory) be especially soJght and restored to our suffering country, bv the Stand linn on this ground and peace. Ei.uil'. I I here w ere ihllerent Fpecies ol reformers among ; tt 0UJ jog n few miles South, w here she would be nc- ,,...,... American, is conlirmed bv ij liistsioiiovvcrs, some oiincm preny nur ty pesoi ine , i,,i , r nnnnMie neiLdibors) w t h nn am- '. , cla.s under consideration. On n certain occasion n commodated (ns our c, pns lc neif,liiiors) wi uiu ... , i CIul .,,. published in the disciple said unto Jesus, " We saw one catting out pic harbor ofnJfcic depth oi water, and DC piateu . devils, and foibade hun, because he follmveth not us." 0n the direct route to O Jensburgh. hvml "cal1 01 1110 ,l" UKl- li vein to us indespensible in uruer m nuuu up inv ; iugnei auinorines. colleges nnd higher institutions ol the cnuiur), n. i vou w,n s00 have honorabl h" l.-doMnrc.,l, 1,17. te evidensed .-two or more should none th.'.rresour. c ant labor S m-r ' " ; ' " ,wu... , ,i,ur in- ' " Itepnrlt from nil quarters rhow thai the M-xieans rrSeaaoTwilVbcltk'Ils toilleirowii.-v-riHSoa&ntmef br if His not. they must coutiim? lobe -m icspccia- u jfiiwciBi. tie nJ lens influential than they on jht tube. 1 om particularly, we conclude, tho recents reports from Santa l'e and New Mexico ! New Hampshire. , Thr Elceticn for Governor. L-gisInture, r.iuncil. ; nnd four memlicrs of Congress to, k place mi 1 m-sdny , hsl'.llhin'i. There is hsrdlv nnv doubt as lo there-1 mil N- II. hn discarded the patent " IK-inwrney , and henceforth may be nuuibeie 1 ns one of the free Slates of New-England .Wi'iigioii, l" ' ll.ive'yon henrd nnytliiug from that " ftee Stale" j rny lately! Vt Patriot. j Wo believe every locofoco paper in the State ha about turn Itself into rags of joy over the above brief paragraph from the Free Press. C.entleinen do try to contain yourselves. We .sill not n.ko youJaugh again in a hurry by milling New Hampshire- a free State. TerrlUlB Accident. War 1'oliticv We copy the following paragraph from the Hanker Hill Aurora: tyi.uos 1). Hopping of X. Y.,oneofthe newly- made ling Generals, went lo vv nsluugton lorn cap ininrvund would have Lccn satisfied with n conunis sion us lieiitetinut mid for that oli'.ce he is snid not to be qualified, nbsolulely not knowing the words olcom maud : iNuvv to our certain knowlndg-e no more com p"tent and ticcotuplUhed oflicer could have re ceived tho ubovo appointment that tlio otlie "democratic" iipplicnnt, (ien. (.'laike of Wash ingtou Co. Hut some ' Uariiburiier" prejudices or " Old Hunker" jealousies interposed like cloud before the interests of the country in tlii manueiiver. We trust (ien. C. will live loi nn inlauious law. nnd al the same tune preached wiiuour lucnusai I 'lausourg.i.jei iu un.uni ii-ii.ii. .. nrisi io tne vuieiuans. yu : winu ineiiery ex- wuhes. w'e cannot consent to move our uiome n- aims our moiie reformer, lo think that he should , ,. i.i. 1. .!., , -, nnsinmiiiieiib " . I 11 ...If ll..l.,UtJI, "B1- "Illllia nuuir i ..... IU, e Si 11 v in' inim in i n . ..can ....a . .....! t.l but think yoa one ol us would have u m)i ' The Insitrrcctinn in New Mexico. Letters Irom Montreal. KELItroi SCOTLAND AND lr.EI.VNU LORD ELGIN S FIRST LEVEE. Correspondence of the Express. Montreal, February 15, 1917. If 1 were not nwnv from home a Yankee in a for. ie-nland I should not. on this occasion, do so much iolenceto vour and my feelincs ns to inflict this dull enistle unon the readers of the Exnress. Other mis- berrv nnd ltlnne Aines. I shall not rssav a descrip sive, differing iu matter and style, upon St. Vnlen-! tion. The tables literally groaned with plenty nnJ the tine s uay, wouiu ciaun my earnest nuemion. as a unwonted sparkle that you now and men ueiecieo in a ,'oung bachelor, conscientiously minuiui oi nil proper ' preltymaidenseyeshowedconclusiveiytnntiiicciiam ormsnnd ceremonies, I should esteem it tube my intist pagne she had sipped was not manufactured at a Jci imnerative duty topav my dcvoiis to theduties of thai ev eiJer-mill. Dancint? was nrolomied until a late day, which, of all others in the Calendar of Days, is hour, and one cf the city papers insists that "no city prc-einiiiciiiiysugeesnvcoi icnucr nun ornamental let- on this continent could present a greater array oj ters addressed to the lairer sex. But ns ill or good leautv and fashion than icas to be met tciA onthit Fate has decreed that I should be in the Canadian me-1 occunon." This sell-laudatory asseilion 1 positively tropolis nt this season, and inasmuch ns the Valentines deny. The editor could never have sient any time in I might cudgel my brains to write mijht not be re- Baltimore, New York, New Haven, Boston or Phils ceived on the day set apart to read dull declarations, I delphia to hazard such a remark. I availed myself ot will employ a few leisure hours in jotting down a cur- a traveler's privilege nnd enquired the names ol the. rent caiimosiiy oi gossip ior your express entertain-1 most eminent gentlemen present. Among some oi ment. I the principle personnces, were His Excellency the Alter I had alighted from a sleich in which I had i rinv fimernl. Earl ot E uin and Kincardine. Lord the pleasure of being diiven at the speed of eleven William Russell, Lord .Mark Kerr, Lord .Maiden, miles nn hour, I found a large assemblage of gentlemen I Lord Greenock,. Major General Sir Janies Hope, Ma at Daley's Hotel, who had met to adopt measures for ! ior Gen. Gore, Sir George Simpson, .Major Douglass, ivoi. r rencti, v.01. i rnser, uoi. i uuug, me nun. nw. Mofiht.nnd His Honor the Mayor, John E. Mills, l-'sn nn Amirirnn rrt-ntlemen a native. I am told.ol min Holmes, Esq., late Cashier ofthe Bank of .Mon-' the landoi steady habits, good old Connecticut. treal.the Hon. Lewis 1 . Uruinmond, M. 1 P., audi By the way, in former venrs, the tact that n gentle others, whose names 1 did not hear. Munificent dona- 1 man wns born on the ankec side of the Divisional lions were made by the Earl of Elgin (Elgin being line ol 45a was almost nn insurmountable bur to po pronounced.by the bye, with g hard, nnd not aswc j luicnl eminence. The elevation of the late Hon. Ho pronounce the- article used sometimes ns a beverage,) ratio Gates, a Massachusetts gentleman, lo the post of nnd by the Enrl ol Cathcart. Gentlemen of English, member of the Council, was the orani-courirr ofthe r icncli, ami coicu.as wen asinsn extraction, mnni-' promotion ol other American gentlemen to the Henclv fes'.ed, in a becoming manner, their sympathy for the I and Council, nnd very recently of the election to the poverty-stricken people of Iielnr.d , Jlnjoralty.of John E. Mills, Esq .formerly ol Connec- A proposition was made nt this meeting, thnt a ticut. committee for the rcliefof the destitute Highlanders of At the opening of ibis letter, I spoke of giving vou a Scotland, be appointed to act in concert with the com-1 brief description ofthe Counteis' Ball, and now 1 rind mittee lor the relief ot the Irisii peasantry. It appears , that I have incidentally given, at some length, utter from the late English papers, that one hundred thou- j nnce to irrelevant expressions ol national ieehng. sand Scotch subjects ot the Queen, nre now on the This ought not so lo be, and mmy nccount ot the ball verge of utter starvation. An .appeal to Scotchmen, ' nt Donegana's on the evening lotion in;, 1 will aim in Canada, for the relief of their suffering counliyincii totella "plain and unvarnished talc," in very few iu the Highlands, drew together, on the following day, 1 words. another large meeting of gentlemen, at Daley's Hotel, This ball was given for charitable purposes under who, judging from the speeches delivered on that oc- the patronage of Mrs Col Wetherall, Mrs. Dr. Rob casion, rejoiced nt the opportunity afforded them of ertsoii nnd Madame D.'Bleury. Tne spacious ball testifying that although inn distant colony, their beans room n .Mr. Donagina being eighty-rue feet long. iicichiiiiijiiii mi iiiu.miiii-uiiutii Miucm, i and tmriy-iive leet wide vas Driiiiautiy lighted with "The land of mountain andof floood." ! casand the enure armngjinentsol his rooins were un- , exceptionable. 1 he two bands or music m attendance Vi ednesday being the. day set apart for the first levee played their pans in admirable slv le Dancing, clan- ofthe Governor General, I had an excellent opportn- cmg, walking, talking, waitzing.and polkaing, chat- contributing toward the rcliefof the lainishing popula tion of Ireland. This meeting was very eloquently addressed by the Rev William A. Adainson, Benja- or any other locality South ofthe 15 The intelligence received of an insurrection of the inhabitants in .New Mexico, the murder Brt should be glnd if Pittsburgh f Governor Uent, nnd tho mas-acro of about letters from Sit. LouU nity of remarking how such matters were managed , ting nnd proinennding.love-niaking nnd smirking, co- PuWic notice was given through the "Olhciai Ga-' queilingand Ihrtmgjiglingand beau-breaking, negus zeite," that Larl Elgin, the Governor General, would sipping, coffee-drinking, sandwich-eating and all the receive callsat the Government House, in Noire Dame . customary concomitants ct metropolitan balls weie street, on the nlternoon ol U ednesday, the 10th int., found here in great profusion. The company was, nt" nt two of the i loeK. At that hour. 1 placed in) sell un- course, more mixed than nt the Counter' Ball tickets der tire w ing ot a learned limb ol the law, and started ol admission being within the reach cf nil young cen Irom Little St. Jnnies Strict ou my tour of reconnois- ilemcn who are fond of music nnd dancing. Not sauce. ... . ' withstanding all this. I saw. nt this ball nt Donei!aim' About half past one. the Governor Genernl came Lords and Ladies, gentlemen with moustaches nnd lioin".'iuAZflmt Ihe private residence ol Canadi- gentlemen without, officers with spurs nnd officers without spins, gentlemen with pure blood in their veins. He was n true man." exclaims our tin-noiled one. 1 HisMasler, to be sure, inculcated toleration, but the disciple thought his first allegiance due lo Truth. Others might do many good works, but, inasmuch as hey had not joined llie nine company oi uie oiseipies, hey were ni"ie obstacles in the way of reform. The better they weie, the more luischiel they did. Thus reasons our model reformer. Believe me, or be damned. WorshinGod at the altar I have set mi in ' this mountain, or yon shall be unto me no better than 1 , a heathen. 1 he old Jews, that would have no dealings with the S iinariians, were not moie exclusively sell-1 rig ueousand mio eram. t I lis whole Hie is maikeuoyme moi monstrous in- ,., consistencies. 1 h claim ol inlaiunimy lor tne rope i . r.. . . ., - ,,,r.i, ,,,,, .., .,,,,,;, Ml ,U siock bad been taken. Through visits oiccren on. i lounu mjsi-ii eiuowing my way up number ol parties, concerts, soirees .Vc Ac which .mi,-,- his innsi dreadful ire ; but exact eonlnrinitv to . great mass of float mg ice is through tint gorge. inoui tmns. All Ins slmk mu neci i kiii. i r b ' . ffl 0, , (Joveriunent House, lavimr nassed nre ero...l'i Js.i, .. . I V. 1 ' '.V 'c, "... r . . 7- , . , ,. r f. , ,h s,,.iiiinri . unon w om iciiaiiscu suit s- iiiu.., i . , . . . , ., , ... . ,-,. -. - . . - .. ...i... ,,c .iiutr vi ine nasi weris, ma j , his ideas ol right, lie demands, under pain o, tne mo-i . vv c must However ue pemiuu-u iu u.-sei, u . k V"r ,0 ,t for hu f... e learn that I wun sta my renu, niiougi iue oi soldiers m attend. ,.riiaps, be accounted lor when the fact I have slated withering niinihemn-. Scctari'in h nl.onunates ;hut s. j,, ,,e folio .v ing pailieulars- 1st. As to the distance J 1 , "it? ' ,,, , ( wt.n, ,,, 'Pajs, a fcwdnvs' ,V'e -.ov ermtirnt House, is n one story and a tsrememb.-rcd. To-day is the last day of the rural- Hilariously .enouncing every linn who will not step I . . ,ri,u. nk,.,i u. .,!,,!. ,m mad bv ...:. . il.A i, . form, iwir town, wns killed . I half budding, with twelv e chimney s as a mntheniati- raZ,socalled.becau.-eatmidnighlrieonle formerlv took within the channel circ e ot rclorm lo which he be- " . ""' , ,. ,- ,7, .. , i . . n . S,,,i,e,V 1 ee iben netiiiL- Sherill (who 1 cal gentleman told me, very shabby, 1 mu-t say, both leave of lleshand propitiated the invisible nowers bv longs ,e exhibit, its most revolting features. The I Port Kent. The actual distance from Pl,tta.rg I, o as well rjf Ph ji S!'ln ' "f e)W."?l "'ul T"t "Vt' K"b7 ab""nenc ,ru' nd penanee tK -.S iiv.mioivo , i.i J hv ,i i iniintiiiuiiiiitiiiit ui.s ins ,eeiinmstsl Gen I: ot l'e. Henry liat, nnd all the ,"; .A , r .V (. imru ior uie rcnei oi the laimsiung ihi ( ii 1 1 mi ien lure ,ti, n, 1'i.r.nrr nnini i ennons lie nc- . , , , , ...:i .1.- .. -- - . . - , .i .: i precatea ; out the maiigiuiy w nu n iu ouier cases ior- tnres the l.nik is ni.ii red mil u lib rorroillll'. milCOr Oil ttie 1 the spirit of an opponent. Tne sword he lays aside, but, with "a tongue set on fire by hell," scathes and devuuts whatever aims his path. it.- i.l. ...... it .-.rill., frienil. that thenavip-n" iNPErENMNCE, Mnrch 1, 131 ,i:u!i.s- ,.1111 "ul - c" , I , ... . . , .,i, t ..'u..l n.l Mr In iimnii ml 1 totiiiiuip, Fiiu.iiv uuuui Him- luiii- noill III- CUV r.ri..iUe f'hnmn an never can. nn neverwii.oe -ir. .Miner, oi .t.iiiih-- suhi. , "m .. - .'i..,-,, :,, in- r u- i """" .-- . . others, nrc ju't in, linviug lelt .'" -... is" (.., . . . supine , , anu gemieinen wiiiiout, r.uglisii, r-cotch, lnsh. r rench obstructed by a bridge over Its waters nt Rouse s Point, '' ,v' ,i"r Ull of January. The tvv emy arn-s- lAceleuey w as the most splendid ev er ) et imported nnd American ircntlciiien nnd ladies, nil determined to the Gut or elsewhere-that the pioject of crossing at .Vsuiiic on. weie ieleuci,,and nil apprehensions j mm the I rovincc. llie I iqueur, who preceded the en,oy to the fu, lest extent the good cheer of mine host rin iherhi.lllead is an absurdity, as neither ihe vv inds cn to K nlormant loll After state carnage, and other attendants weie arrayed in In llie small hours the company dispersed, well con- CumberUiii I liad, sanaba r lit) .asn.iuier e vi mm o be and gold-Hat Lemg the tented with the manner m which the charnable ball or waves will permit it; lint being the mouth ofthe ',,,;. ery to wine, His l.vcicncy is ei,titled,.as a lineal had teen conducted. As for mjsell I wns glad to gel r. l ii,r..l, vt,iei i he .stout h nnd X. E. winds rush V,LK m.1'1". . ' . descendant ol Robert Bruce.tlie noblest of scotch kings. 1 under ihe mri-licnm, ol ,!, lof,,,.. ..,,,1 r. ni,b ,il,.,,e"e ,l,e lar.er.ioition of llie vear t nnd Uike "V."0"" J.'", " ,1 ntle' reliance on the i?port 1 -Vs the Governor General, with luscor.ege, approach- in my hie 1 thought when I henrd the rumbling of .he navientnrsnllwillch. n iloutile. mill llie nenviesi sea nil i iiuiiipliiii ia ui inn-.: - . ; , , n,,rUe.l n I lie iisuni iiiiin.il csiiuiLi.,.n,u ins -cum uuu oi arms. i o-morrnw lienur ihe ITil, r!n,. r.r ,1.. mn,I. ...Ill Ke lead": and also, that in the early part of winter the ; " ", ' ,,. 'd 'escm.,l bv lleeihg lo the .Soon after the tune appointed lor the reception of I Ah Wednesday, ot the first day ol Lent. The great less substantial than ... . .... .i ii, ,,,iiil fctano on the eastern JL't rZ L - ib i-m"' """" tl ,ear" 'h!,t, !li!ical ':. by i t- .nm,. 'jo ff-t't Jiitrli. at IllKlHt clock on tl.e mornlni; f Tt.e.-d ty last, and that three persons were Instantly WlW s'0iral ' - . . . I .1 1... I 'Pill I IK. others nioro or less injureu uien-o ! (,'. j Miinethliij! considerably kissing. Irish Ittliel I'llinl. t I . - trcMiig accident occurred, wo are toiu, in., noyalton in Windsor Co. and was occasioned ly tl.e sliding of the stage-wagon on tl.e ICC that covered the road. Tiio unfortunate persons who vvero killed were a Jiss Hunt who was on her way to join her ,0ther at Middu-bury i an English gentleman, i ,.r,; cr Ijiwrie. who camo out recently ... niiM.rfn. and tho driver nt tho stage, .Mr. .. . .... . ,,i,dnritaiid nUo that a -Mr. Mac- n lane of Montreal was sr. badly injured that .light hope aro entertaiiU'd of Jiw M.rviv.ng. ' .i.. i el nf tlio decisions' wad" ' l1' , otintv, .he VMlntim of which vvo on nm . id d..v. wc and our reader- ore "" h t'.'.P.'T. U'AKIIHI'KV. '.-(). V I" ,1,1c and accurate- Hepurter "! jlm .Supreme, (.'uurt. the ci:isiuii i The committee nckiiovv ledge the receipt of contributions for tho IrUh us follow: From Inhabitants of Jericho, by thu hands of OiKtsit Peck, tlOlillbs. corn. I'rotn ,-a friend " by f!. K. IIak- ltisoTus Ks'. ensh, $10,00 (.'otintv (.'uurt. The Siiring Term of Chittenden County Cotnt coiiiineiiced on Tuesday of this week. j Judge IIkmnett jiresides, nssi-ted by Judgo WiilTtof Shelburni', and Judge Pksmmax of Colchester. Tlio " Steam Iloat case," which has for so long a lime employed tho legal acu. men of the profession, was, liko Judj;e DaviK's roast pig that had been regularly nil tho dinner fable during the session ofthe court untouched, iliac barged on its ovviirccogiiizjtico till the first day id ue.t term. Wc find the following touching appeal iu be half of the famishing thousands of Ireland, in the Brandon Voice nf Freedom. A CALL FOR IUELAXD. Wake sons of Erin, bear ye not A vvnil ihat oer the ocean rolls j Aery otniiguish quivering deep. Wrung, drop by drop, Irom bleeding suul I That cry comes from your fatherland, The L'reenesl Isle that eeins the sea, Where lainine bows the strong mail down Powerless ns feible infancy. Come to the rescue, brothers come, On kindred hearts we loudly cull ; They die, they fniiish, even now Pleading lor bread they In!), they lull. And ye who own a kindred lie Willi nil llie sons nt want and woe, III vain to vou they shall n ot cry, Nor teais like rain drops vainly llow, Conic, ye that love the sons of wing, See where the harp cf Erin lits, Hwcpt by the blast its chords have burst, Iu thrilling moans its music dits. Speed to the rescue, ere ton late All. nil, who loveUld Ireland still, In blessings, ye shnll blessed be ; Then suve the hapless Emerald Isle. Anix. nr nt llnnln. eeeiieii in ni ri inn ul iiiu noun, u. ilia rcui'iiiiui. loom, ti " ii.s "nn. ..i i. r .1.- r.i r .,. . L II. does not excecu 1 1; units, ine iiiriiinvv iivinoe Amer enns in llie nllice. slnppiua i lem u in men i.un- , : ;, " , .i r i, , c .i . i,".iis puncc ior me proiiioiin:i oi mc r mu : Lake i,.fro, wharf to wharf, tl miles Eld rods, by MKK?.,1 and kdtmgnlso .11 ihe -v the Govcnjor Ge al, u lh rJ 'ss c ie Woyii. ,ea.ure,e,; making ,1, distance Irom I'latubiirgl, i 00 cn ' ' SffriT;. V?- "h iV Z der the "d, . to Burlington via l'orl Kent, less than il miles. '1 he "p""! il, On Wednesday it was tlieijl c'lved my card at the door, and handed it through guished ivitronage of His Excellency the Governor distance lion, l'lal.sburgli P. Barliu.ou (msking nn dlr natiou'ti attackMr. Miller's parly and wagonr ' 'cT.r'v who'S lir"C,ta1'" "re ""' last matters ofthe kmJ a cle ruuning east or west of Vnlcour Island,; will but in tl. this thcy loiled them, by tray ling li ly miles "oi"! pr-melf tiie? to "lis is-trHl "iiicv---. i Uf" 11" 3Crsons,.,,ia" untl1' lfc' "Tc. angle rumiuii. , u.. Oa that day thevnitai ked Tnrc' distillery, "n '' 4 Dc , ' '"f1. T ! 1 1 . ".. V,T . rNuw here permit me lo chc this commun cat on not vary far from SO miles. m" f ,,' 'nf 09 Tutley witli eight men. dc- ""'"S J cr 1 i'"' "7 ,,b,0''' bow ',0 La,rl U' ' designed to'say something about the interest mam- d. The real distance from l'latlsburgh to Burling- i(.llded himself for two dav. leaving a kind of breast BS:1'" tested 11, Monlrealnboutmilwnjsloconnectwuli Bo.- tonvia?awyer'sBay,toSandBar.limile,lheiieeby work thrown up around his establishment. S.TrEnkf efen,'w..a on and OgduisiKirgh . but 1 musideter those subjret. ton via. iiw)eruj,iu.3un . ., . , , commencement of ihe insurrection, the al- politencM sno 11 ly tne cinters m waiimg, was a , until o more convenient saoii. Valett tt plauditt! !. vi.v 01 t use 1 ut.tts : ma. 11" 111 11 11 .u.iva. ,.i. .i f -.... source 01 eruiiue.iiioii mui .u 111 more esnecia v 10 ine u ru'M v. Ltucr Another Screw Loose. Mr. Polk's Major (ienernls don't stick. We tee it announced in tho Xatiumil Intelligencer that Mr, Cummivu nf (ieorgia decliuea tho ap pointment. Whether lie, like Col. Benton, did not feel it compatiblu with his dignity to go to Mexico in 11 'Mibordinate" capacity docs not ap pear. Wo shall probably leurn when the "cur ro'poiidencu" is published. fir if the road is ditectfrotn tho Sand Bar to Bulling toii.aoi'miles: to obtain a distance, which would be iieeomnl i.hcd bv cointrbv Poll Kent of 21 miles; and building S3 miles of Kail-rund, instead of 11! mile1' constructing un cxiieusiie harbor crossing n sand bar 1 of n mile, us costly as the same length ol bridge' Jsn two lame rivers and many small sttcun.s, will! heuvv diggings. Verily n person must be demented tu entertain a project so ridiculous. 3 1. The idea of Itailroad freight being transported on the ice, uver the lake (us intimated by him) could never be seriously contemplated ns iirnciicnble nt any tsunt. 1th. That palpable errors arc mnde in his statement of deep diggings, is evident to any person inking ncur Mirv view ol the tonography of the country Irom I nrt Kent to Plntlsburgli. From l'latlsburgh the road w ill pjs over level ground near the borders of ihe Ijikeou n direct course, continuing over the sjine even surface nestiif Blulf Point, passing within a few rods of the vvh'-rvfs nt Port Jackson, nml Peru Landing, wivl ol the Wediliant .Marsh lo Bragg's ferry llivie crossm; I the great Au Sable, nnd winding urouud the suiu banks on the margin of the Lake to Port Kent ; re iniirinii iu the whole of the distance no excav atious oilier than to lev el the grade 011 the side banks'. And ns to embankments, no nlber will be reUired,excei il,,,. n short distance on the South, nfler crossing Hi Au Sable, of about teiikct elevation. Stli. Only one hall ofthe distance of ferriage will be required, and consequently one half of the number boats will answer. Boats with rails for two trains cni, may here be used with s.ifny, nsihe eoinse fron eI,l . I nossent wuri of their movements, and wisucu nun to join mem il,. unnlil not but sent an rxnrcss immediately to Santa l'e, ndvi'mg them to be 011 their guard, as the mob, who weie composed 01 tne iowcm niwic, mm whose desire was plunder, (about six hundred in num ber,) were burr ing on In Ihe Puebla Indian v illages and settlements, to arouse them, and march directly to Same l e and take possession 01 mat pince, 111111 1111 thut wns in it. What can be done there no one knows. Messrs, Miller and Holiinann say that there are only four hundred i ll'-clive men ill Saute IV the rest nil oil llie sick list, or nave gone uowu 10 muiipiinu ; unu and of course they cannot send any help out to the neighboring points; mil in nil probability will not be able to lU len.l themselves there. The Ion is not com pleted, ns the blocK-lioues nre not musnca, which 1 .. I ..,1.1- I... tl.e tr.mtt or eilienv nt Slf,,.,., rciiucre 11 tinpu"iui .... ..... ....-,. . Feto letrent to it, with their sick m case ol nil ex tieimiy. The enntuin nre nil in the square in town, and are ilia bad situation lobe of great service. AHer the mob bad attacked Taos and Turley, it wns their intention to tune some goienuneni wugous going intu Santa l'e with supplies. When news was received at nenisiori, liy soma nu n mii 11.n1 nr ,l...r.. ul, Mr MillerV roimvinv. thev immediately Kent out a few men to pick up the remaining slock mid ..tl.er tirnnerte w birb tbev could find. lien, lltliupiinn mill repivw-nioiioiis niuue in mill that Chihuahua would lie ntieasyeonijuest, nnd niter a lew easily obinmeil victories, lie wns to innrcu down ndlicu nily far into the interior to be surrounded and all lus nun rut ou. rvu worn nau )it ncen re , .-ive.l liV Gt-tl. Wool. Mngoilin was to have made his escape with Kitker, who waited 11 long lime at un upHiiiueu pnn-i' 101 nun I,,, 1 fnini the lact of Ins not coining on. it is supposcc his escnic was made known, uud that be lias been dealt with accordingly. Mr. Miller met our iaymaster (Cnpt. Murphy, we suppose.) nlKiutone nundied nnd liny iniieiiiioinisan M l'e, nd SnhVttec about seventy inile s this side nl lient." I ort l.lellt Ali'ii, 01 uie Brmy, ci'iiiin iVewsi from Kuslaml ! ! AIUUVAL OF THE KOYAL MAIL STEAMER iiiiii:k.m. "S Pays Inter fiom Europe. The Hoya MailfcieamerHinrjtsu, Captain Alex. Aiucricnus who chanced to be at the viee-rer?al leee Earl EIlmi the sou ol the somewhat noted lxird. who purchated the "Elgin marbles," so-called, which are to . .....!.. .... .1. , ;..- 1 ... t ... oesocn 111 ine iiuosii .11US4.-UUI, in iiuuon is a plain lookiui Scolchmaii witlui shrewd nhvsiofrnoinv and n neaii wun. rciuniKnuie pnrenoiogicai developments. His individuality and caution would be put down up- . 011 the man as large. I 0111 told that Ins knowledge of 1 men, his almost j ankec lact nnd lus liberal political opinions have already vvon Ijrliini the confidence and nnder Harrison, arrived at Boston on Saturday after esteem of all classes 111 Cunada. Lord Elgin and hill- noun, the 20th inst nt six o'clock. haviin?aecomli.l,.H cardiac, is not extreme in any ol his mhtieiil opinions. t,e passive m sixteen davs, including tier detention al He issaid.however.to bei;uilcdemcrancm Ihemat- Halilax bimminiiimm ter ol'ltesiwnsible Governiuenl-believing that coloni- The dates are from lndon to the t vening ofthe 3d at niuu-ters ought to Is.-controlled by Bntish colonial . int.,and from I.iverpiwl to ihe morning of sth subjec s rnther ban the Ilonie ministry ,-believ ngnl-1 We obtain our sumn ary of news frwn llie Ula, X so l hatllie peonle oucht to mveu lOicem these eciinn .....- ' iw .io of their lulers.nnd that the (Jovemor General ought Parliament has lieen nlmci :.j :.. lather to consult the w ellare ol the I'rov nice of Latia- discussi!,.. alul ,rawinB tle new measures foTthe relit da than ihe interest of any iluieal party either 111 the t,',he dwtess.d wwt ol Ireland rrov mce orgreai iin.niii. a srs ecn 011 1 here matters At ,lc coiernn.ei.i m. Ir ..n.r.r 1.1. cms may here re useii wun sihij.iwiiii'i- rrniu im,. 1 en ,,i.-iu .i-ii, ,-i e.i.ij , ..- , lliirlingioiitolVitKei.iislraiisvcrrcofllieleik.ill.usIwiih ie s..vciinucni wsgnns, .Vc , h.id all b: iieiir rt'ii uv nun. wnue itni liruco. in lite Mitnu. nt j.. Commonsshows-that he isa pracucal debate ,ns well (to.nrfM,,yi 5 K.. TTV' u. a.asondclenr.hende,l ,K.lilician. Tins s,vech hns recced 1 been republished in Montreal, and has l-ren scattered ution, ilYnrl fi aprsallmg dcsti- Imherand yon over llie vnt dominion of Canada Eas rv In, !aPS,. fev.r ?S. Ut.Khat "nl""un,,t coun; nnd Canada West. I am indebted to a lawyer Iron ' wLle iYmibeJ rf n " t"'' dfalh cplUlnuc lu P 0,r Toronto. C W., for the information that tl.e Go! W' ? .Cn " "tl M!lVVVUMy-,-n norisaFrre Tiade miia.advoeaung the removal of 'ilv.fxi .. '" V JT' f re bV all dulies.w tiether 1 nipe rial or Colonial ltid is a staunch , ,1 Vh- V.ri,-1.. . ",,u" """"n, 1.0m, uni iwrlerof a measure having for Its object the lire ? other large towns, but returns sent up 10 the ligotionot the Hirer St. Ulcrenc, J" , S"?i'.?i.lfi"n.?,,,nenu' 'c'mii .lh'9 Ja'lyJi'.e 11.. ,., - 1. , . 1 ss...., iivini v.'uiiiiiiiiu, rcpreeeuviiienvi'Mbv ,mv,- ,..,. .v.u... u ", "iiivn 1 ivr vrryuuper ' tainy amongst the poor 1 fectly described. A list of the names ol the gentlemen the beginning nl the mon rrnrcuT ns (tif-htfullv inrrnfcu nnce . I- Atn .l " .1... Inrn Inu-n.. n 0 i,".Wrt-wn"1! lo111" hxcellency ap-nrs in the , nre litter olfthc sullenngs of tlic ihtp'c hi the inte llernld, 1 lines, and other journals, nnd a pvrus.il will nor nre more intenp llvanever Hundreds are d)inE determine thefacl thatiiersonsof all countries, nn.l e.f .i...r.i.... f.i. -nterv and lever. Ilicient !" si tricts in"0" "um S"1 mr- ntf even 11 swreoi rK.. .. .l:I t-i. 1..',- com in the naggsrusot tl: I am a h'tp'ibUcaii. it may be tliousbt nrois r for n.e' . f......... .ii!. j.-arncaripg -not, ns oine think cxpiiss sovereign contempt for inlns tcmonit h ns I it i, irnsferrv.'t t 'fv' sn-"i"l oirx-rd but enhrr u-H .... ..... yuioneu 1 tne consequences ol insu I ory up (or dow n, s the case may be) to the most ul- the accounts from the di traliadical, contributed iqrender this the largest eu- ket. concur in nnticma beruatorial levee ever holden in CanadH I1

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