10 Eylül 1847 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3

10 Eylül 1847 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, SE PTBMBBIt 10, J 847. METEOROLOGICAL REGISTER, FOR JULY, 1407. UuitLi.xalti.v, I ml to East of Lnlce Clmitijilain niitl i!5l foet uIjoo it. WCATllEn. Att.l'rr,VVATE!l 1317.1 Tnr.nM. vvt.stis. llAr.oXtr.TlH. 1) t) ' I '. M W It i ji pji 1 , y tf. II. 1 i-m'J r.vt cm r.M inch, .inch. 'inch Sim ItiSl! lenr 2 'J 7 g'l 7 I ') T'.l 2.i.Si)'2J 832.1.85'clcnr i j, w 2J 82 23 81 23.7sck-ar ! V! 1 r m w 2J 80 2.1.8.! J.8.!.l.-iir E JJSJ2J.8.,2J8-.!elcnr clear v i- '2J.it 1 23.SJ2J Hi dcnr clear s 2.1.812.1.8 iVlcar Iclt-ar s i).C, 2J.75 J'.l fHcli-ar clear , ,. -JJ n- 2J(H2J'i-iVlcar .1 itr w l)7iiifi7i(llMt jckar w -J i .1.1. 55 i.Ui .-loudy ruin N iJ (II JJ.HV.M (It lenr clear v )i'.5 2Jiiji.lu.il-lcar clear v" JJ ii." J.r, j a:.7:i t.nr dear N 2.1 73 .'.) T 1 23 7 I clear clcnr .ivv IJ 81 -J'J.tjj-JJ.Sicloudy clear clcnr Iclcnr ch-nr clear cur rear clear l.iir loudy fair lair 'clear j Ml 7 J 7i .v l fi j UJflJ s 7 5 lifij.w , a i s 7.i n 2 cv. 7 1 n u 3 U7i, w 1 ir. J,) Js n 5 Hi .ti7. t 0 0'. .MSI s I ; is; jj ) s , 7; t'.7. - ! 2 0 i -H7I s 3 7'- '' s , 1 ,)T JJ'H N j .Vl 7J (it s , 0 (il s3?5 s . 7 7.1 .11 it) s c I'm Hlil N ',' 7 1 .'.' 8 I s ' a 75 JJ 77, s j 1 71 OH1 s 1 ;, 7.17471 s" (1 fill 7.1 li) NW, 7 sr. s:i 70 e c 72' 7 1 72' s 1 2 (i.l 57.1 1' 9 j ;) IS (ill 33 N I 10 7,) )' c t 5 Hi 7(',i3i u C flJ 7: 1 iJ s i 7 fid 7ti 11' s CUaUiO"71" I iaj.73 29.71S0.7l' mean 'J'J.T3G i iit'l'iiickcJ ItliMAllKS. I 75 I. ft rl .jl ft ICJ (iCi 777'J .I'.s'dsll 7375 71 Smnhy. Thcr. 83 at 3 r.M. i AGULRRIAN MATERIALS. Mam;. do. i fat-lined lij- JOHN ItOACIl.OpIieian.SJNnss-ii ilo. Thcr. b'Jj l3 r. M. street, New York, where cvctyailicle of 111.- In ft i0.d 2J.82J8.t2J.7i-.ctcur iJ'fi JJ.7I 2.i.7u'clcar 2J.ti.)2.)uri 23.53 lair -j.s'j-.'jri'jr.diiir 2J772y.8ii23'JiUuir 2J.U3 23.8.) -.TJ.8-1 clear cli'.ir ;r..ir llnir jrain 'clear :1c nr 7ti 78 liSSJ.SI1 17183 7385 82 7 1 83 8 1 7881 7tl 7181 8J 7071 73 05(i.i7i) cloud) Cii 71 72, Jfloudy fi I S I s, . I.i I r 17175 78' clcnr 7fi85s.i Icar 'clear lilerir 'dear lair 'lair llle.'ir .clear 2.1 71 '2J 5523 IScloiuly rain ! i; 2J.ll''J5J2.iri'H.iir .S'J.TiU'j.SiaJ.Stii-lcnr 'a'J.SI "3.8)2.1.8:1 -Icar s -J 73-23 8223.75 -liar h c 2J.7I '2'.l.iii!2J 7 1 rain s 23.li2-23.dl 2'.Mi5,iair ram ck-ar clcnr clcnr clcnr clcnr (Icar ;iur ,clenr 'clcnr Iclcnr ,rnm 'clear Iclcar iclcnr idenr nill fair 8087 83 17881 7(V 17 1 73 78 7175 70, ;i'.5 7l7t' 173 170 7172 01 53 0 1 05 15005 03' ;5fitV,71 0 1 03 03 li.i 73 7li rrr; OCG 0.02 0.37 0.71 0.85 1.51 CLASSES joii Ladhs w CRAYON DRAW in;; will cnmmcncL' nl Mr. l)vtiar.n'.irooin In Ilor liiiBtona Building on Tm-vtny, Sept. mill. nnJ cniilnnio Tor 3 moiitlii. Term? fur 22 k"Won, 5. Al.so n Class fiir (!rMit1iiiir.ii wit) I... r.Mni.,l in rnnt- inciiccdiirina the vveck, Icrini SIO. A Bl oppor tlinitv isotlercil for ittinrnti.ii. . .lna.rn1.l.. n plislllllCllt. avail iin.il In. i ily tll-iy lie had at the Imivst mien. Itotii-li't ititi- In. Ciinipmmd nf llrniuinc.n niiperiarchemienl.priitlueiiis do, Thcr. 92 nl -) r. sr. '1'iiik pictuus nl fine vvldic lone, mm- uwdhy lliclici do. Thcr. 'J I l'ioin-2ln I r:t iiperntons n lew ul vvliuc names nic nttacled. Wc do. Thcr. 35 nt 3j r. M. havcied Uineh's prcpar.illun.anil recommend it, he llo. Thcr. yi nt J I hiiltder will I httl d.i. d In Snitnlk' Ullilll Sniiky. Auroiu Uoicdlis. no. do. do. n little mm in niclit. do. Thcr. y-int 3 r. !.. Thunder in vaiiom dncctions do do. Itnlnlovv a. M. Squally with Calm und serene, thunder 3j r. M. havcied Uineh's prcpar.illnn.autl recommend it.he 3t r. M. licvinir it to he Fiiitcriiir tonuytliinnlilic kind in un-i lain. I S Ii Walker, Albany. S. .1, Humphrey, 'iliiiiitt;liu, do. ISoith Cninliivi ; I' C. Uaitniiu. Trny i A. .1 Heidi, inliowAM. Ncvv York ; T C Do.iiie, Moniicnl ; CSlark" f llro'li- cr,.-vrncine l orsiiu ity tliemaiiulniiuivr. 82 iNnpini Hn-rl. S'l-U- Vmll! C ll.MKr AH,.,,,,.. Will, i, . IImj. tol, L'lica i Clarke & Brother, .Svricme;T. I'. IJ. c, .Montreal William It. Trait, lticliinond, Virinia j Cnolcy Aj Co., Spriii(!lield, Connci ticut j nnd Krill". maid .V bnilllels, Diirlinnlon, Vermuut. It A BI.KSSKD, ULHSSIU) AND III.AVUNI.Y ITIIIMLL Of TiaSVIiE:S!! Vntlieithtif August, in I'm iMr BIS, n lingular scene occurred in the. Vuyal Scientific liiitituti'jn of l'i itnec. The ac;eii,ihite lienilcd l'i esident, hit head bttic, his armi out8heichedt hi face rridittnt Willi smites, (fnr science ton Iriitmphnnt,) and hit tnice icithgi atulatory tone, dc'icci cd the foUtaing rcjoi if " We are ntounded nt this r-iugiihr prcpirntlon, Where indeed will science ston! Here we haven prcpiirntion made in the lorni nl n hc.iTiiirul Jiicce of every even Hilar How t. anil I Garden Seeds c. J.C. ... i .,., povvcinof clcniina vcllow or dipcolorcl r-Uin. nnd ma- J Ivinsitvvlii.eandlicaiitilal.andofclimsiiw-llH-.oolor "'"T""" ' oi iinii;,or mat K or nrown thin." lucre several per riii'onoJii: a. vkcu, APOTHECARY AND Wholesale JDruggisl, liUKMNCiTOX, VT., H CONSTASTIA- Itr.cr.tVISO AHEr.ICAN, EX0L1S1I, lltnxi ll. AM) INDIA DUI'CiSi New ChcmicnW; Leeches; Sur3lrnl In.tniment. I i t1ilti I 1 Viil 11 tl IK I I fi'tlini II rllCIl f tTTMIJll'- H .'IHiVl'i w. .. ;j. , . ;V ;.. ;-,n,iiclcm IJeniiiiicl'atentnnd wrap, wiiicii wi-hnowii) -ncii n jmicnce, 10 cure M.i ' , r7.t I !......'... ,.i ll..,,.i ol f. I" irHt. 1 "'"""u- i, ,v, v,i un, iminvi,,i I uoimoin.ni vieuicm. .-, . .j. , , w0 orc, M Where wi Ms mnRic nnd f, nu t4".1 VV.'""'" ii n -r " I-S 1",.'V " T..!1 T ifs 2 ir ' pocrc-a-wl The Xcrio, tlr Creice, ihe Yc iiKK, i.iiicuiul",!. " r ii 'tiu.. Itace id llic Caft.and the Ited .Man of the l-'nr Wi vvaic: ijic-h In II. uani niicm, iJiiu, . n..., . , ,.i. ,i, !ii., ..;, Wind nhifted 81 A. M. Vio lent Rale. Shower in r. M. Itained met of the niglit. 1.05 The m-an temperature, nf July tin' year was about 2s higher than the nvcrapc of the ht nine year', and nn lie I'.Ulv ih thermoini'ter Indicated a temperatuic '2 higher ihnu has heen ohserved in the aiuie place in the l.it ll) years. Oil the 7lh, and thice I'lllowmir days, the thermometer was above fJ0a, the only cane ol rnii'iuu above 0)J in the ha Ic, lour days in siiccesion, m the last 10 jears. Tin- barometer has been pretty nnlmnnl hmh. its ramie in the mouth being confined to hall an inch. The mean quantity of rain for July 13 I 3 ) Inches, by which it appears that the quantity this year was n trifle leu than thi mean. i On our lir.'t pi;;o will ha found nn inler ci 1 11' ainl ublo iiiiah '-is of tlio noble address ru ccn'l.v itonoitticcd hy tiKo. 1'. ilAns.tr, before t.iL' l'iii llt't.i Iv.ippi Sjciety of llarvntil College. iHiUTicb, J'A'iMr.us. A triple value attaches tn that c' 1 -d im-ti which feeili all tilhcM. With pri Hi al F.itini-r.s man's foei.il faculties were lir.-t tin , Jed. With them toclety benau : and a iii, whatever people ili -halt has become pol 1 neii and iu capilul enriched, it .-till rests on t ic c iltivntcM of llio mil. So, of their prnfes--jnii, Agiicultmc is the fjreit Parent of the Arts, wiiilo "H prepared products will f.uever be thi tu it csscnli il of all in iniif.tclurcs. Then in 1 111 tlirir ihvellins tint arcliit'-ctiiro it-s- 'il hid its birth; it was ill vviin lir-t ahm I .1 tlio 'IVnt with l'a-tor.il l.le, u ml be.iu ti t'-vie and construct, iWed utul' perm nielli UjjiIus. V'.c Anuriciid Arc'iilect. In this village, on the 23,1 ult., by the Itev. Mr. rrvnonv, U.ONAltD MAltSII, .M. U. to ANNB I.UCIA, daughter of the Hon. lvan Fooie, nil of liurlmgton. iUavIccts. IJriJiton Cnttle .tlmlict Jlonilny, Aug. 30. nuMniLD 1 on the TiivvLu.tr.. Vnntkit,23M Heel Ctutle, inelu ling about 1200 S- - 3 1 )nli-s W'orl.i vj Ov-ii, 05 Cow.au 1 Calves, 4jt - c ep and J.-uu'i-. and iitioul I I5J S-i inc. 1 i i i r r i.i. J- -t q i diiy sjli 5J ; s.-coud quality CO ', -I i'i tliiy. t5 to 5 jJ. ui ( ati i i U'e noticed tales ol two year olds, lit 5, -..li an I 8H, - . j Uvi.vS'des tange from 055 to Sill). ( i - anu Calua Sales dud, and noticed ut 10, 13 2'), -27 an I i'it 53. S l- u l.iMiw Sal-sof lots of Old Sheep nt 1 32, - 3.1 a.i I -2 75 ; I.u.ilu at 31 07 to 2 13 and i 75. Svi.sc -At Wulej-ile 5i I r miws ami 04 lor bar row j. AlKUiliioui Gj to7J anJ8ttspcr lb, and nil 1 ;. N. IJ. Cittle very poor i-i qaaliiy, nnd a large imni kt uiijjid jt Hi'.- closj S icep very dull. In Hu ilingion on the 8ih Inst JUMA ANN, only child of Win. M. Johns, nged 10 inotiihs, and 23 days. A icnuer nua uiou earnest tortn, Tor us to lend und watch a while, To share llie love of friends nnd earth1 Then wilt nnd moulder in the foil. WHITEHALL AND ST. ALBANS. The new ntul f. &t aihn Steamer i ' I ,1 l,.U sjfl' 1 I ii l. T. !. t-IIAIMIA.V, Will commence her icgulnr trips, on Saturday, Sep. 11, leaving Whitelnll every St. Allnns every MONDAY. TI.KHDAY. Wi:i)M:sDAY,atiJ TIIL'liSDA Y, nnJ l'ltlUAY. SATURDAY, AT 'IX O'CLOCK, A. M , Touching nt all ilie intermediate Landings. September 'J, 1317. lis WOOL. Dntu.Mpcrrt. 'litem li j i b -e:i an active demand for I'lcee Woo; at oih quoted raus. Tic; supply of pulled Wool conti- II III lllll. t"d. IVnne. Saxony l'keces, washed American hill hlojddo, - - - to 3-1 do. - - - - do 1-2 do. - - - - di I-IA rum ilu. - - - - S a. rtn, iinwa-h d, - - - - - l'u,nu", yri", unpicked, - - - - 1 vns Norih'n pulled lamb, - Sup. Norlli-npulledianib - - - - Xvo, 1 do do do - - - - 2 do do do - 3 do do do - - - - 15 ? 50 41) l -15 35 in 31 ttt 33 27 W 3D 8 'it 13 0 Si 11 3i a .in 33 iff 35 2S (a 30 13 el 20 11 i 15 Notice. Slllil..)l Y. l'l-t'h, lfj.. IHVINfi D1S- I ! solved lus cnnurciion with the flcKuxoTox Lvw Sliioiii., JA.MliS .llcll. Ml M TIIIt, r. will henceforth be aSMiciated with the subscriber in giving liumiLiiun in in ii ucjiutiiii'-ui. n milo l. bi:nni:tt Burlinston.yfpt.y, IS 17. U.srErsJ or IvpiJLST!'x All that invalid! enn ill -Tejii ilu- Jistn-'pninud nlnxM inJescnbabl' com p nt w pri'-'-nU'd in l)r W'noilfl fJars.'ip'irilln nnd v . 1 1 ,i"rry iiiU'Ts, a skilfully ptvpiivd und dcliijlii fu. rnii mid Ap'Mii-iit.evoiy diy bcotninniori' and ni rv p ipulnr. Cntilu'iiic- ol tli t-thcicy ot ilu' nit'd i M-iy Ic li.nl cd lh' nii-nt". for salt by Tiieo I A ii iif Apollu'cary and Vholealc UrujUt. lOul Vr'iIarN IJalsttii of Wild Chnry. j -ija c!iini',iil t'Ntract of Wild Chciry and Tnr bo ij k1 tint U lid Cbi'ny p ?'"j-st im-; p i t iHetiiCi ml j r.p-iti''H ; and 'far Water luf u v br-cn tidiiiiniflieu'd in tJo:i-i;npiin:i, nnd Ltritt a. . .M ri-iii'i.i.'y, by ouroldi.t ui.d ait'tpt pliy-i-l urium H-i'i.c j it is tni", haw buen tU"rcd i ,ii I into notice- J.jf t'lt in e ol tlt.-fiis oj lit 1 . , a 1 1 ! tie Im tj be n totind .10 don'it m v m.ui t - in i iiL.nu y 't bei'ii dij ivti'iI it is ti tin i lie t b. p ij -.run-, m 1 all vj hivp witin'sw-d 1H cjrcti t ' u ''i' In pnneil ;n mcc t-s.ul thl-. I'oi A- nn, Sliortm-sciot Mreath, mil f-imilar allcciioni. i -i v be p'onau iced a jiu-utiu' cure. It Ins cured i ia i-i nnuy cum ot ten nnd twenty jears ' i i.ahtrpiiy-.ci tnlud dcdaied the easy bejond t . .i el m-diciiK1. t 'i ii damn 18 mode from materials Inch N'ntttrr 1) i-J in till iiouhern lat tii Jci-.as an antidute lur J - 5 1 Tuv-d by cold climates. ' Xat ire h but the mine fr an ellect VlloJecu1Jl utioil." , ih not n 'leut her phincst dictite. I" rir.-Julatitl get the L'enuin UK. WISTAH'H rls-I OK WUA) CJIliUUr. X.JIie rnume i. - 'ii"d by I UUTTri, Address all ..rdeisio 1.1 i-OWLK.lloaton, Mum. lor i-alu whole t nil ret id by Titr-u. A. Vu k, lturlin;ion, and b lJtali.r in .Medicines generally in Vermont. SJ1CHES OF GRACE. OR THE 1ILHSS- 8 1 ings ol I'erk-ct 1-ove, by Kcv I). S. A A C. for .-Vpi. 7,1817. NEW GOODS. f HAVE RETL'RMR) l-'RO.M A'rlW YORK I with my nock of l'ashionable Goods for the 1'all irauc, consisting ol Uiimilchitli, I'lain At fancy Cnsiinorcs, Vct iiir. Cloiikiic, l)ri'u'oinN,.liiir, I'a liurlliiiigiugv, I.iulit-s Dicss 'I rim. initio-. All ciiluri til' .llcriiiti, Kulin plaid Casliinerf, Oic yon anil Coluinbu riaiil, T.ndirs Ciillur, ntul I'liiler irnnilkcrcliicl's, with a supply of Umneslic Goods and Giornirs. which will be sold na cheap os inn be bought in the TJ It APS HOOKS n new Instrument for Ciiiiing up v- ioru iorsaic ai me vgnt T)n,:-:.o 'i.u Riviis.i:tvsm.i:s. (!')i.n uii rob i hiin.. w lh -rid without Sealsan l Kevs. new lot gold .-n ii I i 'u ,s. -ome u itural color ol flie iol I. and so u c , i . goi,l braceli t clrini". Hold id-, (lol I p i!Ot- I 11 igs lor Pencils, tlol I used us, new sivcs ii it -etu C'oiubs. (Iol, I huuiiuc: ocktts of ail tin s ni I ot'ier new (tools. Violin Hows, &e. .Sc. IlltlNSMAll) IIItUTilEltS. (Jaliiitul Ware. MIE Srnsciiiiii:it ns o.v imxd at his . Cabinet S!ion on Catlin Lane a lew rn.ts I'.ast nf Ilie liiinmgton i;anK,a large nssoittnenl ol Cabinet lunulure. coiisisimg nf Mahogany, (irerinu. Centre, ard and lea laUes. Secietaiies tetth I'muh "".. 7fd icilhnut. Dicsilns and Common llmeant! id.su all kinds of Cabinet wink vvhiih he will sell iiuii-iril- IV- low lor cash, country produce, nr approved credit. People nre earnestly solicited to call and cAiiiuiuc qual ity and pi ires belore purchasing eisevvlieic. as I am de termined not to be uudeisold.nnd all work warranted, llomistllKc. SjAMUCi. .MUI1ULS. liurlington, September Cth, 18 17. 1 1 Livr.it Complaint is Eenernllc aecommnlpil with pa n in Ihe uht Fide.cjtitrndmg up lo the top id the p,t ulJer -, variable appetite, occasionally u disordered stoioncli. veilow tinne nl the ekin and evrs.und often n .'llio . over the region nl ilie liver, lo 'ttlier wnh in -.in- oilier symptoms ol a loaded and corrupt slate of the I lood. llrri,F',' Indian Vesetalle nils will be found one nf t'ie very best medicines ill the world for the cure of !l iltseanes oj Ilie l.irer , oc;nr- ufj r.im nun tin body those morbid humors which, when deposited upon this inipoitant organ, nre ihe cause of every va-r,'-,.- l I.,.-...- t'niiit.l.'iitit. 1 mm three to six nl the nbove named Indian Vcgr table Tills, taken every night on going lolR-il, will, in n snort nine, pin- ui n iu..in r. . rni...r .!,,, ii,. firirniiieiit nr netsnasion will be tie. ....I n riprseeinnee in their tl-C. Until tllC hvrr is restored to nhenlihy action, nnd pain or distress ol every kuiil n ilrivcn troin me iiouy, !!'...;.. ,..),... VrnriaMe I'ills also aid nnd ml prove digestion, nnd puiiiythe blood ; and therelore uoi only i rmore ( rf I w restige of the l.irer Complaint 1. it, in the name th.ie, Rive new life nnd vigor to tin vv'iuie inline. Hevvarc or Cni'NTcniLiT. The only oiugixai. (tllUMISt IXUIAX lUlTAIll-t I ILLS HAVETULS NATVI1C i.e Wn tiim V.Vitl,;ilT wnlrTLN Willi A 1 ON Till. Tol- I.AI11 1. OF CAl II 11-01. A'o'" " He" i.i;i',ui tocounteijett (UiJiior.oEnv. '1 he g.-itun,,. r ,,y w II I I'ltTI's. ntei Hi' ci.nuj TIIItOIJDlih A. l'lii'K.t' 'liege Street. iV r ",r "'"Imgioii. lteulieu I Vigiison,l..-si J I'yke, lluiitington ; W. lthodes, Jr. lilchmol !' il,,i,',rec!V ""bnioiiJ ; J II. it T. V. Tow I ndi-ilnll ; llurlbut & llo lg.-s, Wdhflou : It. S; cigiison, 1.-sca iic hmoiiit Towel liersoo. IX 111 Ii. Avi.ru V'...t ll'n ai iiti J I' h i: W. II vi.h,.'' ii,,,. j.,i. . v '.i a-'ii I' Wood, Wcsilord ; SmplcB & Lvon, 'cimrktlc ; John hiuioiitls. hhi'iburne : 11 I ! tr 1,,..,., ,. I it.,, 1,1, I , nti.l ni Nw Kiial md llrauch Ollicc and (Jcneial Depot, 138 J iciiiont Slieet, Huston. late. Iiuilington, Sept." 1317 IJAN1KL KlvltN. llwC Burlington, Sept. 10, 1817. gricultuial Ware llou-e J. S l'KIItCK llw-3 FALL GOODS. Si:i'T. 10, 1817. TriLASAc NOYItShave iust received from New f Yoik a lame stotk of L)rv (toods. makiuu nur present assortment the most extensive ever otfered by us. rariicutar atteniion hasneen pan! to lie sx-iectiou ol goods lor I-'all und Winter Dresses, nnd nur stock of this nrticlc. has never been so large mid desirable. Of I'lintswe can nrewnl a well selected and heavyslnck, purchased ut the very loicetil rate. Tothose wishing lo nun-hasc nt wholes-ile. we would invite their tiar- ticulnr attention, ns-uriug them thnt our goods nie all obtained upon the most favorable terlns, which will enable us lo sell at rates coriesponJingly advantage ousluthe piiichascr. Niiniiicl I,. Niiriunore's Itstnlr. WI! ihe Subscribers, baviiig been appoinied by the llonoiable ihe l'robatc Court for the District of Cliittcmlcn, uonnnissioncrs lo receive, examine and aitiu-t, Ilie claims uinl uciuaiiils ol nil persons n"nillH Ihe estate nl SAML'1!L L. NAItAMOIil!, laic ol Charlotte in said District, di ceased, leprcsi-nted insol- vein, alio uiso an ci-nius aou tlelinililS t'XIUOIIeil m nit- s-t thereto; ami sit mouth Irom the day of the dale heieof.lieingullowedby siid Coutl lor that puipo.se wc do therefore hereby give notice, that" we will at tend lo ilie buMiiess of our appointment, nt the dwell, iugnl widow T. C. Maraiuore, in Cliailntte in said D.striit, on ihe 23.1 day ol Deccnibir next, m 10 u'clixk A. .M.i on said day. Dated, this 23,1 day ol .line, A. I). 1817. LYMAN II ALL, ) ' llw-3 1!. 11. WllLilJLt.lt, Commissioners. Solomon Miller's IMiwe. S T A T R O I-" 'l! II Jl O N T. T n I'lobate District oi- CmrrLMU-.v. s,s. V dnnthitl.li.n nt llurhngtou, within ami lor the District nloioaid on the 2d Wcdntsdnynf September, A. D. HI7,nu In strument puitiorting tube the last Will and Testament of Solomon Miller.late nf llurlington in said District deceased, was presented to the Court here for Probate, ny Harry Aimer, Hie ljxccutor, llieieni naineil. 'Tiieki ronnil isordcied by said Court, that public no lice be given to all peions Interested therein loappear before said Court, ut a session therenl to be holdcii nt the ullicc nt the Itegister nl fanl Court m llurhngtou nn the 5th Wednesday nf September A. D. 1817, im,l contest thenrnb-ite nl slid Will, nnd il isliutlier urder- c I that tins order be published thiee weeks succissive- ly ni ilie j-rcc rrcs, a paper prinieu at uurlmgtoti, in this state, tnc last ol which publications slinll lie pre-, vious to the day assigned, as alincsaid litr henring. ' Given under inv hnnd nt the Itcmster's ollicc. this ! 8th day of September A. I). 1817. 1-11ARLLS uussLLL, Judge. PRODUCE cnnmtDsicin iUcrdjattt io. 81 Watrr strecl, NLW YORK. Jas. S. PtRavsos. ('.Al-.DIXLr. StlERMAX. r.r.rr.r. to Messrs. J. S J. Peck. .S Co llurlington, Vt. " Draper, Aldricli S l'rin!;, ) " Townsend, Sayic ij Clark, New- Y'ork. " J. it J. 1'. Seymour, ) " Pliilb'iis ii Cuylcr, Albany, llm3 I'ctiliim In Sell Lnndi S T A T n O F V I! 11 .M O N T , I T n Probate Dis rmcr or Gn.v.Mi IsLt, ss. J Coiut held nt Gmnd Isie vvitiuii mi l lor said Dl-trict of Grand Isle nn ihe :7t!i d i) nl Augu-t A. D 18i7, picsenl the lion. .1 ilie. L Hid Judge nlsnd Court comes .Num.) Ad-i.i.s nt .--oulli Hem insai 1 1). -tin i who i- the legal (iuanliuii ol Jane I. Ad mi, Widi-uu .1. Adams nnd Sophroin-i I'.. Adim-nll inuior end hc.i nl YVilhnu It. Adams lateol sail Smith II -in deceased an I hies her petition m willing in s. ml Coiut sc-tnig fmh tliat her sil l Wauls aie each ol iheni s.-izeil in ins or her own right in I'-e of th f-illowmg described leal esi.it lung nnd being m s.ud i-iouili llelo subject lo the said Nni.cv Adam- light nl doivi r theicin lis widow nl the s lid Willi nn It. A Joins deccased.lo witjivc eipial ll'l divided siMecntli p iris i, I live p c cs oi pinelsui land Uoc conl.umug about line aeie with a Jiwllmg liou-e and a corn liou-e iherenn -tanJioa,t'ou ule, .it!i and Wet by Cnh in I lilibus laud. Smiih hi mud now lecupied by Dr Sylvanus llunip-ir, y aiitl 'Cast by the Highway leading Noilhcil) linm ihe Cicik Ilndge lo the town ol Grand l-lc One com lining aboul h ih of an acic with a Stone Sto.e and a bo.-se shetl theie on standing, buii'ided jN'oith and List by Calvin rieichcrsluu I, Wet bvsaid Highway and South bv a road kn ling.easieilv lioui iid highwav lo the lake o-ie cuntaiiiiiignboiii three ncresboundej Noith by mid road, Last by laud now occupied by John Lucia, Souili by land now nwiu-d und nccupii-dby said Humphrey uinl West by slid Highway One inutaiiiiug nbnui twu acres wilh a Stone 'lannery tlieicou st Hiding, bounded North by said llumpiueys laud, Last by saul Humphreys land, nnd land now nicupicd by John T Keeler. South by land now occupied by said Keeler and We.-t by said Highway, and the other containing about two aires with u sui'ill dwelling hou-e lliercuu standing buundeiLNurih and Souili by lands now oc cupied by said Keeler, Kiisl by the lake und West by siid Highway, nil nl said live pitn-s or parcels ol land jointly s.uml in fee ot about wven equal undivided one lijudredth parts ot the reversion nl ihe Dower set nut to Het-cy ll-irnum nl .Milton in the county nf .liitteuilcu aswiitow ol i.u li.imiiiu latent said .Mil .ton ili-ceaseit, saul uowir consi-ting nl in,. " Soper rnrni" l-ocnlk-d, Iving and being in said Mdtnn, con- tauiiug about one hunon-il anil forty acres ot laud mid is now occupied by lliesnd liets.-y IJjrniim and Iliat a sale ol nil nf sai'd thtce Wards interests in slid tux pieces nrparcelsnf laud, wnulil lie coiulucivo to tie iie-t interesi- nf said Wauls and the j roceeds nf such bile nut nl interest or invested in nth'-r real c-l-ite. ami playing said Cnml to giiuit to the said Gundiuu liciuce to sell all nf her said Wards niti-iests in s-iu six pit ces or parcels nl land lor the purposes atonstid aglet .tlilv to the Statute in such ca-e made an I pro-vitti-J. Wnen upon ihe Coiut aluresnid doth appo in Wednesday the loiuth d ij- nl IK-lober next lor a Ikiii- ing an 1 il-ci,tng nn su.l rctition ut ilu- li.i'-iii'ig liou-i' nf Jabei: L.idd in said Gland Isle and d,,u, nriler ihat all p-isous iuteicst,-d theiun be noi.ii theiiut hy pubhcaiiuu nt this nrder loiii'iinmg tliesu it'inee of s.nd PetlUoll. thin- Vieeks sllccibslV-ly the liumuiitou 1'rco Press, aliens tinner Minted nt lliiihui'loii m Ihe (tun, IV nl Chitl'-iideii, Ihe Inst ol w inch pu dicat'i'iis so UI he one week pieviuus lo said nn iiny ni i ictnin r nexi. Givt n uudi-i ml hand ut Grand Isle aforesaid thi: 27tu.liy ol Aui'.i.-t A. D. IS17. IUU.I JAlil.. l,.Uil, JUUgC. A D W A Y 'S W A It It A N TI ! 1 ! TO THiJ 11 'II- J he, ad,hesed uillo all nallous, people and Ion cues, lor tiir iiuninse ui lenucring umo etiner sex pleasing countc-.niii.-cs aiu nejiiuiiu complexions, ny KAmVAY'S CIHNKSi: ML'DICATED SOAP, which is waimntecl to nmnvc 1'ioui oll'lhe lace, neck nr hands, l'liiiiiles, llloiches, Sun l!urii,Tun. Its niv'termus, cll.-its uiiou the cuticle, ill cleansing the ports of the skin nnd secreling vi-n-els Irum all ilu pinnies, cKutmg a licnlthy action ol the tkiu.aiid pre. veiillUB . ,,, . . , Salt Uiici-m, ltui' Worm, Lnsipelas, ItAstt, Teller, Prnkly llcut, ,i Mini, hew ainl ll.irbel s It;-. has been' n source of mii'-li wonder lliroughout the woilil. In.Ieeil, it is nsionisinng to experience tue it i,t.r this delicious Soan. A few niiiiliv-aiiiiiis cx terminate coiiuiletclv, any vestige ol Tan, Sui.burtw, Tetter, itc. Its medicinal pmpeitics being selected ft mil the most sale, tare and cllu-acioj balms and ex tract, ol oriental nruvwi, icnuers us cure lor tkm ui si. uses cci tali! ; while jV)UTO!LCTl,LHU,O.Si:sf if in Ihe mostixtiaordinnttl Hoaii in thr teat Id. Jt h-Tiiir I'litiitlv itce irom Alkali, essential Oils, CorosiM Hublniuite, &c.,it wilt not iintate or inflame the fkm ; but on the contrary, will render it (meet, pure, lair, clear nnd heutthy, nnd tirver lails in jin jiartina beauty to the coinple.uon vi ull who iim ii. Trice at 3 cents fur laie cakes, and WJ cents for email. bold m Ilirlingtnn by A, C, SrCAtt, holef-nle Aifent. for 2i cenU ncrcake: in W-rirfinies. 1 Hun. tinjiton; Willisti-n, lluilburl & IIoJul"; .Middlibury, lMU3eU; .Munipelier, (J. W. Scull. J. iV, ti. u. a i , aCouitlandtyt.,X. V. Individuals wishing Trusses, L'-eches, c, will lib wnvs lind a person in nltetidancc tnnpply tlicni. .Medicines dispensed nl nil hours of night. C'tT The ntlentioii nl IJiiiinji'!", I liyncinli, Jler. chains, nnd Mntiiilncturcis is sohcilcd, with the ni fiiinnce, that they can be supplied Irom tins establish met n, ndvantageo,.,ly J."!.'', ST Henry Pield's IMitlc, sons were, bruiight jorward by thePicvidiut, who had uscu it. ui nroni oi m.s ncn on i Theie arc probably few persons ofintelligence, who, niter tending the ntiovc, will uouut Ihe (pt.ilitus ol JUMlb- ITALIANS' Clll'.MlCAL SOAP .V CfRI.NtJ rimplei, Iilotrhes, Sail lihcum, Sniiry, Vrysipctai, iinre Heads, Old Siies,l!caid nnd Mailer' Itch, Cliai'i ed and Tender I'lesli, Derhlcs, Tan, li'uitlurii uiidclidngini: daik bunluin or Yellow Skin t'i a jatrc clear irhite, as smooth and cojt as an In titnt's. nnd in fact every kind ol ciuptiuti nnd disfigurement, Jicau incsc ccriuicnics; l-'rom the New Orleans Sentinel, October, 1811 1 One nf our subscriber", Mr. II Lronnrd. informs us that he has been cutcd ol old, scaly Salt lllii-iim,(l' nln informs us that he has died Its tlilcts on his le innle slave ltnsc,iuuch maikcd with ninspcts, and be loutiu ui iwo wcejisner sum niucu cieaicr anu wmier, ' ATI! Ol-' Vliit.MONT,. 'PIIC Hon. DisrnicT nr CiurTr..NDr.M.ss, t JL the Pro bate Court for the District ol Clul'enocn: I "all per-, sons concerned in ilie l!-tate of Henry l icldlate ol Jericho in s-nd Di-trirtidec-iis-d, (ireeting. Vt,tT.,-. I.itm ri.,1,1. ttilm'x of lie estate nf saul deceased, proposes to render nil account of her nil miiiistratinu, nnd prison! her n"C0imt ngainst said estate for examination nnd nllovvauie at a ses-iou nl the Court nf Prnbate, to b; holdell nt the ltegisler's nUijc in ll'irlingloii in siitl dutrict on the fouith Wcdncsd-iy ol Scptuubrr next. Tur.nrtonr., You arc hereby notified tonppearbe fore s'i id court nt the time and place nlnrcsnd, nnd shew cnuse, if any ynn have, why thi account uloic said should nut be allowed. Given un.ler inv hand at llurlington this Sltliday of August A. D. 1817. ,, . yw.l vv .',1. vv i,siu.ij ne ijisicr. SALE OF REAL ESTATE. KlLLTIII! su1 s-riVr contemplating lo leave town nfleis for sile the lollowing valinble propel ty, Situated on the comer nl Church ami Lli'-ny s rcet, near Hie center of the village, con-istingol his dwelling housj an, 1 ilo,,,. i-iiv lnis .-tilioinintr containing 1 ot nu acre : h ; there is nlso on the premises a goon store nml S I liLL 1', .Sign of the Amci ir mle room lor 5 or 0 others on one nf til- best streets lii,. .-,n i;. lor hiHines.s in town. lyonveiuemoin o ni.n is-,u uii rate well of water and nrcharilol tue uesi iiu.t. me whole will be sold together nr scpnintely. I nr terms nppiy to ihe su'iseriber on the prcnusis. iMsolor sale pew No. 13 in St. Pauls Chunk. , , ,, flurliiigton, Augiit, 2Jth 1317. bw3 HELLOWS FALTiS ST. Hy Itllssoll 11 -rVTitr-CSIVI! nhenitlons on.! ili recently been mode ill tins i with the Ituilronl tendencies nf tr in ndiuiinble nrdcr to uccommui. fortiblc its nuincrous patrons und liellowsrnll3,iuj., law. ANNALS OF VER31 Ilhtorlcul, I'ollllcnl nml U f..uM AtTIlCSIIU DOt-L-MESl rBMIE UXDr.ltSKlNLI) PUOPOSDS 1 . i. the ensuing fall, (or ns soon ns tl ti licatiou shall be vi,iriiinted,i the correct tween the Govctnors nl( iNcw llnnips,nref,)tep IVcw Scries, Vol. 2 x0i n. of the Cfirth. Since ho had been In r.n-Unl, to had f-eon American plants tn vvldch nngllsh skill and culture had been applied, and they had ittaincil a decree, of beauty nnd perfection which they never possessed in their native soil. (Cheers.) It had nflurdcil him the liiglir-'t gratification to witness the ho.iuty of Ihe'horses and slock York in relation to the New Hninpshire t . ,i 175Uto I77l,tog.-therwitlitlu:donigsorthi "m ive Councils th'-rcou ; aho the doings nf II ',"n n' ty's Council, Colonial Si en tary, ami Iloatd i letter, on the same nnhjett , to which will be nppi'Jnited following cntit't J pamphlets, viz: Yiitld " A state of the hg.il nl the colony nf New i with aspect to its l!a-,tu-i lioiindury on Conne. "" II iver. no I f iinlilstn.-til.. bv the l-'reneh oonilt nl I 't-.tS Point," published by the Gcnetnl Assembly of Ncwwlnbitcd that il ty, Agriculture !n liii country i ork,ij, witn an npp-n.ii.x nl the acts VI.. red very much from that in KnMur.d. In A .viirrnlivc ol til" 1 'roecedmirsol the Government nb.l I . -i i fc nf New Yoik relative to the Sew Ihmiishnc Grants," . ("otiui'i i i V "eniiuro iKn a course oi being a lull leply to the loi-egoing pamplilet nnd up- ieiiiu.v, iuuiooeu iii,ny i.iu.v. i.i.i... Ira Allen's Itcmarkson iheeuim: subject, published 1777, iu twn pnmithli ts. I .ill in iMIcn's Aniundvcisary AJJrifs on ihe New Y'oik Contioversy, 1778. lia li-n's Viudicatioli of Vermont, 1773. I.thni Allen's Viiulicatioii of Veimont, 1773 op pioved ol by the Governor and Council. verinoiu rt Appeal, oy r;iepueu u. iiiaoicy, iny Iorcu.s Vlitiiuj-s i:.:uUa I At n Trobate Court ) liolilen nl lluihug HOUSE FOR SAL1 y'vlvTlIK ril.scriber being nbout to leave town ofleiB !, ',!! lo sell her place oil Cheiry Hreet. It consists oloue touiiu nl nu ocie ol laud willi n enliven. IllllClllarrl I' AfvNA m STATE OF VI!Il.MONT, DtsanicT of Ciiittixmv. xs. ion, within and lor the D.strut uforcsaid, on the sixth d.iyol Septeiulier, A. IJ. idii.uu Instrument purport ing tu be ihe last Will nnd TeM.uuenml Dorcub Mur ray, lute oi vv iiu.ioii, in saiu uisiiict, uecenseu, was piesenleil to ilie Loin! Here lor 1'robale by Hiram .Mnrinv. the llxecutor therein named. TiiLKLionc it is nrdeiid bv sa tl Cnuri. thai mil, lie 1 l o ice be givt ll to ull pelsous concern -tl llieieni to up- I,.,.. n.l .mi binldiULis. lor milieulars lil.l.lv tn I -'li neiore iil v.ouri, in u scsflol t neicol lo He l,nl I L'I.. 11. Lenvcuwoilh. Iluilinaton,.Vpt. 3,1817, ,-teliin ii , nrs htniiillti,,. no liU L.eir.t f-i,i,r.r t,l i ntitirovcd of bv the Governor nml Louuci . haTids.by ti cuke nf an nrticlc milt h nth ci Used lately Jteuit 1 straice of Gov. Chiltentlen nn I his Council wc sp-au ol .limes llnlnll Llltmicnl ISo.ip. lie noo, lugmier vviui seveiui uiuer iiiicresting uoiu mt-itts on the same subiecls. 'ri... ..I i. ..To i.i r. ..!.!- J III" IIUUl I- .1 HI IV III I '11 I IO 11 1 U' lll l.- Ilk C illlll SI hunilrcil folio iingis. on fair Ivne and uaner. nnd will James Lllliam, n painter, hi jciwy Cily, w us cured be nllbrdeil tn subscribers nt f.2,ni) s-r tnpy in cloth ofciirbonclcsiind pimples, which he wns ntllictetl with binding, or is-2,25 in shet p, pnjuble nil di-hveiy. AUGUST 20. ' INI! nnd neat pntfrtis of wliiti nn I black Inns, rlninand figured, andu line rioilui. ut ol Gold nnJ Silver Cis-d Gull Pent lis, ol A O luglcy s und L'-vi ltiowns nnkf ; nlso llenetlieuv. iiaruej sun-gui-s Penni'J Lngn.ssiug Pens nl the three most rcs pectntil" MnkfiBi uuioiucis w-no nre tired nl u'ing " cheap" G 'Id Pets, nre invited to tiy better om s, which cost but htlle moie than " cheap" nuts, .let m.i Sin. I lttttt,,ti. in I a ln.'W set lloiso ict.s. just re ceived, tog. thcr w nil a goo I ttoi-1. ol Gold Lockets, for .Miui.ituiis, ami a lew more 'j"Ii1.,";'i,i1'.., . iiinv-i-il Mil .- RDIHCIS GREAT BARGAINS. IN CARI'ETIXGS AND OIL CLOTHS, ItODltltR U I. VM HSI.VCi:, An. 17 Canal Slirct, Aic Ymk, rri!KS lor sale, nn terms highly nilvanWcenm V J gram f'uri.riiiy tnrs,by jurt of u cake of Jones' Italian L-neuncai r-oap. Persons iu purchasing tins must nlwnvsj nk for JONLS' ITALIAN Clll-IMICAL SOAP ; nnd per haps, ns many who have been cheated wild couuicr li its, will be too much ihcoiuagcd tu tiy the genuine, wesay to such, try this once you will" ri.it legic-t it : but always tec that the name ut T. JONLS is on the wrapper. .viW only nl Acio lur at HI CHATHAM iniii liable. it Cuke. t-r7"l'"ll tlirections for use accompany each cake ol Jonts'Soap. 1'or sale by Gto. L. IIakui.MjIon, only Agent lor Vermont. 8m3 i'he above work H to be suicceded bv another vo luitie,ol fi om five to six hundred folio pages, ci ntiim ing proceethugs of Conventions ot the Gieeu Moun tain llojs pieviousto .March, 1777 ; the doings ollhe Couni'i,sol Salety to M rch. 77i the Journals nl Assei'itiiynnii L,ouuciiiiuiu .viuicli zu, ii!, to aim including Oi toln-r session , 1781. together with tlcsi- elet corrcspoudt nee with Gen. lLildiuinut! nnd his L,oiiiuiissiouers, lien, vv n-lunglnn, tiie i.ovrn us ot ic .New Lncland State. New York nnd l ie Loi.ti- netital Coiigtt-ss,nnd sui h oilier conespondence ns re nt: 10 me pan i:,e people ot in- -.cvv-.iiainpsiiuc I ants took in the Iti-voiutionarv nr i which volume w ill be nliiirdi tl to sulisertls rs nl the same mice as Vo lume I , in v able on iWiveiy. llatnet.July C, 1817. HIINItY ST1!VI!NS. to the purchasers, DiusscK Tluec-ijy, uud In- CAR PF. TINGS, of snpeiior fabric, supeih pattern', nnd fu't colors. Al.vl.CVCiy varu ly oi viiiiii v.iiijmiuu, i'iiiuui i?, Health Itugs. OldOiklotlisnievcty widih. Stair Itod-, Door MatsTltitli Window Shadfs, A.e. vfce. Lcono- mists will derive great ndvantag" Jioui calling ut 17 Cninl 'trect, before purchasing. New oik, August 13,1317. ow i SOXG HOOKS. SO;.N ill- i iiii iH.vjui., iicnis nt cong Harp of llrin, l-'orget-Mc-Not Songsn-r, &i-.'A-i-. August X, 1311. ow I OUOUlilCIl, 3S Have C'liaiicu. A l'AUM of 700 ncrcsnnand, to I- li.H nt n low n jjure lal.iii" into coiisalernlion ihe quality ot the land anil its location. It is divided as follow-,- 130 acre. ol the best mendow in the slate, 350 acres lVlurc, 200 ncrcs of Wood land, with good buildings, good fruit. .e, . nml with iving vv.m-r riiunmg tiirougu every lield. Twu thirds of the purchase money may remain mteinKst tor anr lenirlh of rune. luuuire ol 1 lit- stiivtu Wullllii, New Unvcii, Vl., or to the sub- K-nb.-r. HOItACU vVIILLLI .K. llurlington, ugirt 10, 151,, w J Daviil Dny ( Inln .Jr.) IMulr. STVTi: Ol' Villi MONT, rMH! Hon. Drsrnicr or ( inrri.-.-i't;:.-,s3. I the l ro- li-il'- t'"iiri lor Ihe District nl Chittenden: In all i-iMiiis eonccined m ihe estate ot Iiivid niy, latejr late nf ;sse., iu said l).stru-t,ileceai-il, I. reeling. Whli-.hs George Whitney, adniuii'traior, nl im nie nt siid deeea-ed.nronoses to render an account ollusnihiiinistiatioii, nml p'eseiit bis account ngainsi s-ii I estate lor cx immnion nml niiowauce ni a h-m-uui nl the Court nl'Piob.iie.to be l.olilen in the Itegi-ter's illiee, m llu-lmgtoii i i said distiict on the second Wellies,! iv nf September ii-xt Tiu.r.Lio :r.. Yo.i nre hereby notifrd to npp-ir be lore said cniirt at the time and place ntorcs il l, nnd shew- can sc, 1 1' any you have, why the account uloic- ...!. I lIh.iiI.I lint 1. Tlllill nil. " Given under my h md at llurlington this 17th dny of August A. D, 1317. . tj,.v3 W.M. WLST0N, Kcguter. I.ndlcs arc Cautioned Against 1'sinrr COMMOiN PREPARED CHALK : Thaj ate vat atraichoic ftighlfnlly injurinvs it is to the stn ! Uuw cottier, hue iou.'i, huts balluic, yclioic, and nnUatth'j the vKi.i upcnis ajtcr Ming jiicpurrd c'mlk ! lit tides it in iiijiti was, runtalnitr it luiffc quan titij ut Lend .' We have prepared u' beautiful vegetable article, winch we call JOMW NPAXISif LILY WJIITll. It liuoifivtly innocent, hein t-urili'-d of till delete- riou-i (.ittilitit-M ; nnd it iiiipnrH to the fkm natural, nenimy, niana-u-r, cii.nr, living winte ; tit the f-'ime lini" JtetinL' ns a cosmetic on t!i" skin, mtdvin it n-H and smooth. Dr. Jaiin Atideron, rrncticnl Clund! of Mr-wn chiiHi,tte,'-n-' : " Attf-r nnn zin Jon s' Sn:inh lalv mie, i lino it po.-f'-ci tin most oenuhtHi nml n:i- tmiil.antlat the Mini time imitiCfiit white 1 ier riw. 1 ceitamly can ionwnntuniiiv ifcmimciid it use to ll wiiu!at;ilin reipjuea tefiutujint;. Piicci.'i -L'tiils a !!ox. Dir.U'TiON-. The 1k--1 way to m rdv the Idlv mu. wna &ou icauKr cr woo; tnc lurmir is nre feiablc. A Vine Set orTucth Tor C'oiils WHITE TEETH, FOUL BREATH, HEALTHY GUMS. Yellow and uubeahliv teeth, alter bciniT once or twice cleaned with JONES' AMRER TOOTH PASTE. have the appearance of the most beautiful ivory, and at the same time it is so perfectly innocent and e. nuisitely line, that its t-on-iant daily u-e is highly nd. vantngeous, ,.t n to thote teeth that nie m a goo I con. liltiun; giving Iheni a hi-tiunrul inlisii, and pn-venlinf a iircuiaiuie utcity. loose uircnoy tiecaycil it lire vents from iK-couuug worse it nlso fs-tens such ns nre becouiinir Itstse. nml bv nerscierann- tl will r..n. ler the loiuesi it-cin tieiicutely white, and make the tin otli neticiousiy sweet. 11 it-f S.i or:J7 I -B Cenls n Hnv. e.jr -ii i'ii ""wi c "ir t'H'i omij ai ci v. i i .v I I l.x.ll S-fHIll: T .Sin of lie liii.iie.n, 1. .1 t.l-A.XD II V TUB AlT. IXTEl' A'iLNTMVili'sC Na.HLS AI Tl AH IN 1 111. iX LXT I ' 'Ll M.V..J.1 1'or silo l, Geo. H. HaKUIX-oTOX- Old. ."fllt fnr Vermont 8m3 gT MA? tfi. New II THE LAST CALL. S I! I, I, I G AT COST. HIE srisMT.tiinit iiuixr solii his stow: nl Willis ton, oilers for sale the Ikil-ince nl bis S T O C IC a GOODS AT C OST, nil of which will be snld ut piivute sal", or auction, prt-vio is tn tli- first ol IJjloher next. lie wniiui nlso UKe this nppnrtuuitv' lo say In those who nre indebted lo him. i-ltlier bv Nine nr flunk Ac. count, that Ihe name mu.-l be s-tih-il befuii-siid lime. THUS. 11. CANl'ILLIJ. VVilhloii, Aug. 23, 1317 3wf. CJajVJH'rrt'otvjJc. I. .M. lAKIvLiv ciintiiiiies ins looms, r.s usual, iu College St., lliiilingtua, Vl , where he is produ cing siperior Digtierreotype .Muiiaiines nt the low price ol IUput up iu elejj.mt cases and finished to nicy will never lime. Ladies and g.-uilemen nre invited to cnll and cs 11IUIIII5 lus v finely ol specimens. J300K AGENTS. MANSFIELD. Rook Puhmsiikii, u I t. 3 Volh M.i will etnplov severnl lespiin-n :e men ni gtsu iiui.ii.1' i. m. -.i,v.i subscriptions iu the seveial counties u Ihe Male ol VVrmniii. I ,r"'-:ivliir-s Vmnire Itniind llic World, ol the Cnited States Suuadron," a very popular work, r.vi i,,.,., L.r,,.. i-i ,.. utth cmrravinL's. ihe leims w'lii'-h nn-libeial will lie giv-u on npplicaliun byiinil.Po'-t paid This w.uK, wiiicu h coiiy-iign seenr.-d, will he Foil exclusively to subitnbeis, mid noi iu any hook i-inics- - M. OSTHEIM, nr. i.uikhi v stji:i:t, m:w yhiik, Wlm'i'-iilt! (J nicer nml Denier in InipnUci! I.iiiioi, Minis nml Si-gars, i .iri-igu i'lt-serii-s nml Criinuii Klssiii tier .tliiicial Water. 50tl rEMIE UNDERSIGNED would respect 9 IcMvinfiirni lb-nublic. that be has fitted no the store twudoois south of the Uank of llurhngtou on Churcli street, nml recommenceii me DRUG HUN I AKSN, where he will be supplied at all times witha rarcfull) sen etui sifctv ci much .wn .vnnirixi:s. compiiHng eveiy article rcquiicd in the Phjsician's prucuce, anu tiemnuusoi nie imui-. vi-n, Mirgiciii nun iieuuii iiisu iiiiiuuis Mineial Teeth, toils, LeecSes, Jlim'iei, Soaps, J'cijnmeiics, l.ongiess n aicr, i.ati,pitcite, lulu. Iltaeii.mt. Hue SlnlTs. .Sc. Pnrticulnrntleiitiuu vV''lbe n-litl ill the nrenaralion n r nvsician s prcsciiiiiiuiis anu lamiiy recipes. ' 1 Aims' I-. il'l' VI) Ilurlinjlon, July 23, IB 17. Cw3 I'ur Sule or t Itsiit, rEMIE DWELLING II0USF. ami Lot sit- 1 iiatetl nu the corner nf Hank and Chanmlaiu Pis known an the llli place, and lately occupied by V Harrington, i iureisu gooa wen oi water, cistern barn, slit-tl .1C . cnud garden with lillit Iices. lti ti lis iij in Gii1 libit, H.ill mi e, or Uriiisiiiail.v Hit nn is, iiMiinijiioii. mi A STORK to U.-iit near tlio fituiio l.itiii.iii in mis ouicc. July. Ml LIFE INSURANCE, I 'lint Ilie ltegisler's office in said llurluutoii on ihe llw3 s.-coni vv eiuiesiiuy ni iictooer, A. II 1817, and con. , i -n nie nitiuati- ni biiu iii. iinu ii is luriuer nroereti P" If Mlfip'l! Ilieiinini'iv f ... Pl... I that this older be iiublished three vvecks successively GJ 11. iW.UK. lMfip.ltltM.N UWJ.I.M, j ,,L. limlinginn iV-e Press, u newspaper pruned ui ED . ll ,i. I... , ..r-j sl ,. slii, ti.f'l, tin Ii si 1. lllll ; i,..-i: :?. .1.:.. w i... ..r .. I.: V ...b t; : ,IUlll IMIUIIIB,,-, ,, . ...... , w.-.-.. ., .. Iington Vciiuont. MinialuicsiJIiil only. i LIurlillL'toll. ill this Slale. the lat nf which liublieatiuns jsluill be picvious lo tlio day assigned, us ulortsiid lor fif"Jj RUSIIELS OAI.S I'Oll SU: vr Given under my hnndnl ihe ltegisler's OfTice, this JJJ the Agricultural Warehouse, Cih day of September, A. D. 1817. s-pi 'j, i-is. J. s rnjncn. lu-s wji. weston, fiesinn. rVoIIec;. I If' ,l 0-Pa,l"(-i'b'l' existing under the firm of Ifili'tiv Oi. II nn IS IS lins ,y (IKSOIVCd I'V-IIIU, linl cuineut, mil G 'urue P. U i..ls I,-,- ...i.l ,.. toiiislered all lus inl.-rest to Sidney ll.iiluw, nnd said i to i.iy iiieueuis uue irniiuue late luni. SIDNHY IIAltl.OW, , , . GLO. P. WOODS, Colchester Aug. 23J 1817. sw3 LOST I be niitl A SIKVr.It TOIIACCO 1IO.V, on the rond f V iwceii the residence of Curios llimer. H-n the lindge ut the lulls, by ihe way ol the Van N.r-s , w..vb. h,.i, .iiciiiiuri win o. tuuaniy . f ,a,i m ii a. mis oum. '5MIE Sru'i: .Mt'Tiiti. Lint Assrn.ci: ihiiv. ol Wmcester, Massachusetts, i-oniin, ue 'o issue iiolicit-s on lives, on nie most favorable ic-ruis. HON. JOHN DAVIS, resident. in. i3i 'Ii- 1 1 f " ' fJHI rUll .Muliuro 1-oiks, uinl r,)in(ie 55 Hoes, tiny be seen ut llic- Agriculturil Wnte house, than have ever been ollerid lor sale in lliis county. Also, Corn Midlers irom to 51U,li0. V-nsi iron lellcrsniiil ii-iuuk-b ioi luniKiug. JIurllnBjon, July 30ih. 5 J. S, PLTItCK. .V.I III, HI! l .iVr, PROPOSALS FOR TIM HER TTILL bo rrocivi-il ut tlteofiiee of J. v: J. ff 11 11, l. Iv A: Lo. nnnrtoScDt. I. for Hi- ue if the . C It. It. Th- toilowmg bill nr bills of 1 nnb'-r lo he delivered on the shore ot Lake Chain- plain near the .North Whaif. I v i. 2530 hock stichs not less than Nx-8 niches, let long nl Hemlock l 13303 feet ( lineal ) thick suck not le.-i than In x In inches and from 3lito 10 fi. long ol Hemlock ; l5Uk) It. i lineal ) o snuaie limber of white ptne not less than one loot squaiu whin well and truly hewn; l2.'ii0tl ft. board measure nl 3 inch vviute i Ml. pianiv vnrjuig iu length as shall licreulier be designated. At.o- Another lot 3D3) dock tin ks not less than 8x8 in ches, It; ft. long of Hemlock ; 12000 feet (lineal, dock nicks not les- man 10 x 111 ui'hcsnud from 30 to 40 ft. longol Ufiiili el. ; sunt) ft. (Iiucnl) Fipiaic umber nf Ib-inlock one loot souare. A!.-o. for lock lillue' oer cubic ard. The Vt. C. It. It. Co. reserve the right of accept ing propo-als for one or both nf the above bills. Tunc ol delivery make known Sept. 1, 1817. W.M. DLCUW1TH, Burlington, August 10, 1817. l'ngineer. Thane wlui linve lii-cn di-cehcil with MOCK PRETENDED HAIR PREPARA 'i DNS. Should read the folloieing statements of irrpeclalle u.viis; -Mr. Abml.nni Vmnleib. L. PS lotnt, 11 V. 1 tun, ceilMn-s that Ills it ml was entile v bad on in top, and by ll.e use ol Iwo 3s. bunks of 10XES' CORAL ILUll JIKSTOISA TIVR, ie has a rr-intl cron of hair, ainl will win ti ii 1., thick uniriuxurinut. ' .Mr. WlI.I.1 VM J.VCKsn.v. nf S3 Liberie stri-el Pill.. burgh, certifies; On the 3J nf lVbtuniy, 1317. that .Mr. 1 humns Jack --on s Ic-ad, on ihe top, wus entirely bald lor liilc-en vcaf, nu l tlia-. bv using two 3s. hoti e. t lones Loial Hair Kertotaiive, ihe hair is growing iu?i, uui.i nun iieaiiov. lie C'XpcclS l!V ll-Ullg this n lime longer 10 nave a. iu.ueri.cad oi uair man lie ever nan. I X?"T0 THOSE VVIIOSC HAM'. IS UISAV. ,i3 OIt;i'.VI,LI.N; (! AND WI.'AK AT Till mill iv. i 1 herebv certlfv tll-jt lev bnir wns timiMirr nifii- nn,! falling oil; and that since 1 have u-.-d Jones' 'Coral uair licstorattve it lias eiitirtiy ceased lallitn' is "tow ing last, und h.isn line, t aik look. I Joiic'h Coinl ll.iir Itcitoinlive I coniLed out hanjluls ot tiatr uauy. VV .VI. 1 U.Vll-lvl.NH, Vi IVIIIR Ft., r.. Y. HAVE YOV XVrill'Oll DAMHim-' Mr. Power, n crocer. of ruhnn slreel. bad bin bnir L'ouutletelv'chokt-JunWilh tl-lll llii'I'.nnd JoneV Cnrnl Uair licslorative eniuely and permanently cured it. Do imi until In Dress, IJiHiilily nml iniil.e jour ii.xiii sou iinu line ; . . . K nil I. Ilenrv I'!. Cullcn.Iale bnlber nn boaid the sleain bo-it South Ain-nca, do certiiv Ihat Jones' Coral Hair It. stnrative is the best niticic I ever u d lor tlrtssii soltenmg, clea using nnd kecep-.ng the hair n long tunc s-utt, clean, silky, tlaik and m citlc-r ; nil my customer: nit-icr en ii to iiiu-1 iiiin ci-e. Sdd only iu Sua Yoik at 82 CHATHAM ft 1 ULL 1 , o.git oj t!tc. tncucan Lale. Viieetions for using Jmes' Coral Hair lleitoiatire 1 on 1 or.iix'o the (iiiowru or ll.vin.it is ncccssarv to cause ii sn lillnclioii on the renin, so that the lies- lorntive inaj enter the pores. 'Plus may be done by npplyiug it vi iih a inutlerulely hnrd luu-h, but u is nut uectsicity to use ihes.' haisli means except tu actual case oi uaiuuiss. i iilke hie ll.tm 1 ma Orr. Tunxs Gnvv.tvc. nppiy the llesloinlive with the hand, or soli htush l'.r. .1... l...t. :.. .Inc. t. I... ii. . I.U, lllv lllll 111 illill l.,l. JIlSl.B, BO IIIU I.l BlUllllll c iii-iy loueii tne soa'p. 'I'he same ducction nnybe used for l)r.Ess-u, cVc, ecu. 1.. 11.X1C ll.Nl, i u.-v. 8.n3 .li.lAct-ar Y.'ull Nevv- G't0'1 'l0en t-nntinued Irom century to 10 nu nnu nnivto perfect whit their Tore- , T", .rrrT';'1-:1' JWn tn them; the Ameri SPA 1 UAltl Hi.1 had tocrnpplo with thu llriiiiji.n, i ne. subdue and ren- Till! nlravc named ouirii'-n, tw,, - (heir cx lushnig a sup'-iinr q lahty ofinaibli.', . mir3 nnd titkmg a high pohsli are now being ivorj.u,,, t tlucirig a nudity ol maible, said to b-.' uncijunlle'd ill Am Mica. All tudersfor inontuiients, fomb nnd grave stones, rumble slabs, blocks, pejistals or slntiiary fioiu tliet,i3 q j-irric, may be ndihi sscd to Know'es I'uvior,Pro- prietor, ai i iconueiog-i, or city ti.Nevv lnjk.orw Slcph-ii Jj Geo Jell, Sui.er ntci de-1 ol tl e qmni'-s nt I raiUtm I. KNOWLLS TAYLOlt. September 1. 1 3 17. 10. tf. AUGUST -2 7. DIXON fi SONS nnd nther Ten Sts, Ten Pots, Sugar Howls nml Creamers, Colli-,! Pots nnd Collee I ilt'-rers nf the finest nmhly nu I finish, just it-ceived. Also, line Pocket Pistols nml l-'lasks, Sict-I Gniiils, D,igueitentpe (ittoils, Collais nnd ilosoms, Thimbles, '1 ny Wlieelhartows, Waggons nutl Whips, Trench and German Accordions, Glace Hoops, Puna, vVc , jiM opeuc-d. 10 IlltlNSMAll) .i IlltOTlIKRS. MHA IlIt. I'OllKS. 'PAfll.n, Des-ert nnd Children's Silver Forks; alio 1 Pukle Porks, Silver I Vi.it nnd llutl-r Knivj, Soup Lull", 1'ish Ivmves, Silver Cups lor Children, nnd nil tirtict'-s cf stiver uiaally called for, of varioLA sues nnd putlerua. 10 UltlNSMAID & BRO'ninr.s. ltnkeificlil ACADEMICA L INSTITUTION. J. S. SPAILDING. A. .M. P, ;;,,. C C. IIIMILI:, A. M. r,ncpah. .Mrs. J. S. SrAi LDtxa, 1'ieceptrcss and Teacher of I It ate nix. Mr. S. M IIvssltt, ) Tcacheii of Music, Weal Mis. S M. IIvsssit.S ii,i hutrrmcntal. Mrs. O. 1. HoioiiTox, Teaclur of I'aiiiting. Mr. L. Dvvis, Teacher of J'cnmaut.hip. .Mr. U. U. Ci:ocjii.n, Teacher of i'rcnclt. The I'nll 'I'criu coimnences on Wednesday, the 1-t I iv of Sentcmber. Iu addition to the ordmaiv recit i- iion. one hnur per thy during ilie term will be tlevo. letl to those designing to teach . in this tune in-truc- lious will lie l'i veil IllOrlltoeiiv. Orlhof.rnnh-. Annk.ls und Composition nl Word-, ih iim-nl D. lute , Maps Glolie, Drawing .M.lS&e. A.iatigeuii in nod p,.v ernmeni ol Schools, the bctt method ol 'Peaching. e, will be subjects lor written and extemnoi.tiicous Jis- cussions. Hooks furnished by the Principals. L'-cttlli's. Willi i-xiitlililellt.s. win he riven no N'at. urnl Phil-isiiphy, Chemi-lry, A.C ijonrti i,.'j per vvteK. SLTU OAKLS, Sccretaiy. Hakcrslleld, Aug. 3, 1817. 7w J I.ois lltirlluil'i r.stnie. XT7T, ihe siile-erihers, having been nppninted by th-3 Ilouora'ik' the Probate Court for the D.stnct of Clnlti-nden, cuminissiont-r-' to receive, examine and ail,u-l the claims ami ih niaruls of nil persons, n'niiist the t-tnie of LOIS II I itLIIUT. htc ol Lssex. in mut Di-trict, d'-'ccasi d, represented insolvent, and nlso aii claim ntul demands exhibited m clf-et th'-reto ; ami six months troui the tlav ot the date bereol, being nilo-.ved by i-ud Coiut lor that purpose, we do theie lorc hereby give notice, ihat we will attentl to the bu--tn -s ot our nppoiutiiieni. at the dwelling of Lucy H. Hyde, in l!-se, iu snul D.ttuct, on the iir-t Tuesday, cl l'eiiruai le-xt, r.t 10 o'clock, A. M ,ou said dny. Dated tins 1 1 tit day tr A'igu't. A. ). 1817. MAKSIIAL I TLi:, )n 10w3 LDMI.'ND WILLIAMS,! G"'"mss:onerl. 1BIJMPS and Li:t Pipi: op v.xmoirs smv, i by STltONG, DOOLITTLL! & CO. June, 1S17. 51 WI! have received Samples of the celebrated Priam Air tight Cooking s.t0t. from the manufactory nf A. 'P. Dunham fj Co. Truy, N. Y. and ale now prepared to Punish thein tjniiv-.lio want n Cooking ritove, which will do bu.sinesj ruht mid iu sho.-t metre w ith a very little fu-l. We abhor lHarncy an 1 shall conse'inentlv skip allbigword. in endeavouring in nrot'itk- the la're merit nl these Stoves before this publie.bnt we will birely intimate tint in hut vveath-r such as we may exisetm or about Dog l)astlies) Siovt-s w UI uhuoft cook without the uc. of uuy fail MUNSON A, I'OLI.r.TT. Winooiki City, June '. 'th Is 17. 50 npHI. Stiisri'.inik'is iiwk nniovni) iiuiiit A wholt-sn'e CASH DIIYGOOIJS bumtss to No.J Cednrst.N i , where ihey invite hie ntieniiuii 1 1 I Wnniilll .Melcf.anls. All win, vvis'i to realize the gteal ililleitn- e lelween C.t (hi nnu l.,sli pilce6wihl do well to luok at our g' ' '1- l'r Cash ;i., i;.. ir. d.iJ i Lit-iiij .-.i.i New Yoik, Mnn h :'r IS .7 42tu8 (Succis-ors to Carney !j Sleeper,) DL'lLnilS I.V r.VKUV DP.SCISIPTIUN OF O LiDvISS iu nil us VAKIOI'S STYI.KS AND QITALITH'3 nilaj ted to the N. ENGLAND cc; S0LTIIERN MARKETS, at Tni:iit viioi,i:s.i,i: hooms, GRANITE BUILDING, 7Sn. -SO usitl A N N S T 11 E E T , Directly Opjrsilc Mircham's Ituic, Boston. WHITING .t KlIHOl! have now on hand and olfer lorsalenl tivirexten-ivcwim r.o'is.th" i-irg,-ta-i 1 most t-nii'iltte n-ortmeiit nf llHVDY MAUI! L I.OTIILNG, ever nlferctl inthiscnimtiy. Our basi ncss. being coiiliued exclusively to the WHDi.nsAi.i: TitADi:, the greatest care isiaken in the selection ol such Good., nnd the tumiifacturing of such Slylesns will best suit the Country Trnde,iind ns we import our own Goods, we have no lic-itaiion in saying we cannot be l.'N l)l!IISl)LD. '1 lit- utmost caie is taken in the ma uufactuie, nn I pureln-eis may lit ns.tired tKit our stih-k will compare tuvoiably wiihthe be-i custom made I'tt'tluug. D-'deis in llif Cuv and linm lite Country who urebujmg will do well Iu look at our slock uc-ioie iuaKiiir,iui-ir piucnaH-e. .1. J. Wnmx.i, ,M. lvLlli'l, Jn. , C. W, Galloltc. 7)1 B.iJ'o 2:ss.iu-;iti'i'. mill) SUi:.-;CRI!!KR is Aokxt ran tiii: Nr.w Cnui.axd .Ylt-riAL Lue l.ssir.vxiE Com r.ixv, an-l wi.i cliecl m--i uni.e on lives on t- nus thai c-nnnoi l.ul lo prove saii.sla,-tory, S. W Illr.t llurlinglun, ,uj. 1, 1817, I'liiii A. S3. iiiU c-i: Co.'s. PIANO-FORTES. 'fpHE L'.i)i:risi(5.vnD, having i. vtixy swot si s-veial days m examuiiug person-til) the Ptaiin l'oltcs ot all the nrillcui.il lactones in New- Yolk, has concluded, alier a candid und thorough investigation, to uitiodjce into this market those made by tiie-e in genious Veimntiters, ns being, nc-cording to hisjudg-uu-nt, niart-r to perfection linn any oilier whatever be, has met with, i'he experience nc-ipiired by the luan ul.icturc ot nearly 2000 ln-iruineuu; the employ tnetit of li') of the inos: skiilul workmen ; the udoptiouot'ail the teal unpiovementsot ih? day, nnd the ue ol steaui power, have gamed lor iheni ilironghout the Cniie,l Stattsn reputation sohigli that ten instruments a wc k 'lii-ir prt suit product) e-jiinut supply their demand. 1 in -e runos oemg sucii ns ue can conrcieuiiousiy recoiiiuuiitl, the undersigned will constantly ktep n.i baud one or more for -ale, nnd from the siiperioritv of ilu n touch, lone, finish and tiehle rtotts, ns weilns tic ir ttauut.ig in time and duratihtj iu ull oilier rt -sp. cts, he will warrant them to mve s.itislactinn, or the iniimy fill U retiunid. Walker's Hartm'tiic Attachment, a cheap nnd tlehghttul nddiiiein, xv ill bj .supplied, tl reii'iutd. (This is entile!) dill'.-reiit tiota th- Loliau Aiiach.ncni.) '1 he splcudi 1 instrumcut now used by the U.iudclund Hnytfn Society, whuh u ucknowledged by all who have seen it to be fartho best in town, is lor sale, and may be seen ut the Con girgrtlHMUil Ve-try by iij icatiou tn yr CoLEl'nv, th-l sexton, at .Mernu'i shop, corner ol College and W'hita streeis. Another Pinf- Instni-nent tiny be s?cn at ths Deck Stole ol .Mr C. II, Ldw.i'tls. Per terms, A-c. nppiy through the Post OlTice to 5ltf 0. T. HOPKINS. RISE amTfALL OFl'IIC IRIsll INTnON. his day tt:;t'i:ivt:i, "itt-EAXDi-'ALi cy Tilt Ir.isn N.v.i"S, wnh 23 puritans on steel, mval I2mu , shet p, I7-' prges. l nee, ; I.'.j. Ily 'Aug 2, 1817. i-'i'l C tICODitlCH. "cJoKinu'i'fiKl U's'ilins' 5 SUPPLY OP THIS JISTLV fllMiTt.tTKIl ii Wilting t-'iuid u'c-ciu-d and lor sale, wlmlrsaij nnd ierr.il.by C. GOODlilCH. July2J, 1817 Ivv I I'lItST IlVTi! AUT2CI.ll. mnnufaclursl nnd lor sale by C. GOODlilCII. July 20, 1817, -In I A n:.. j.covilv.s anodyne cordial, .1 safe and iJJ'eetual Cmc for the llysiiitcry.uiinmei Coitplaiut Choleia Moilus.Cholriu lutantum. 'Pill! featful innrtnhty nmunge'hildrtn.whith lake.' y place dm ing the wniin R-i.rtius iu this and olhei ei.lcs, byihethcBaiiiuiere-tunpiaint.tir choletii mtaut imi, has induced iniuy lo si-aich torn specitu- that wnitld stay the woik of death, uud save nur little ntics Irom an uuliiuely grave. Many remedies nre tidier-lc-cd, nml iituity valuable lives are saved by thein, bin still the woik u! ilesiritttiuii goes nu, filling ihe bents ol floating pun-ins Willi lauit-utalioii mid nu, timing , nml will continue t.i prngrerf until u medicine can be found tint t will at once nnert ihe liif-usr, and roll but k the tide oltleaih. We think vie have found the very thing the public needs iu Dr. James t'nvel'r AuuJ)iie Ci'tdi.il, lor the cuicof il)si'ntery, buiumei t oin( I. mil. chuleiu iu i.i n t in 1 1 , and cholera morbus 'Plus iiicdit-ine bus K-eit in use nnly i.bout one )cnr, nnd was diacuvcrcd iu a singularly providential nnn- M'liieni tlie urlicics weie Moleii and eaten by i: clulil who had the summer fomiilimt very s.-verelv nnd to Ihe ilrtnt joy ol lis doming tiioihi-r, was cllcc. tually cutcd in u day or two. This fact coming In tin knowledge of Dr. 0., induced bun to cnmbiue tho-s. n i licks with others w huh he had known, during s tensive variety ol Sadleiy nnd hauics trimmings, ! ' ,T t V7il ,wt'''" '"""" lili)-years, to l-va n wi,.,sadl.,..oiandwhicl,aice'irctcdourcUSonableV Jun. IP 1 17 1 fie A; Kf till by GL'O. U. IIAKKINGTON. JunlP(l.l7. lfcinJ Jlfctkunrv Halt, QTItONG, DOOL1TTI.I! N CO., have received a ! J large sioc-K coinprisms a iuh nssortiue it and ex- NATIONAL LOAN 1TM LIFE ASSl'nAXCK SOCIETY, Of London, 8 S.ivinp) DANK Iji-llio benefit of tin 1 4 Willow and Oinhan. ( r.mi"ncercd la Act nl Par liament. Capital X"illl),0t)t) sterhng,nr t'2,.-il)ll,Of0, besidts a ltcseive 1 unJ I Irom siimlus nreiiiiums) ol about yl8.i,O00, pint ttf theA-apiinl u uncled m th Ciind State. T. LAMIH Ml ltK.W , Ls.). Geuig. -tre-c I, Hanover Siiunre, Cbaiiiuan ot the Couit ol Directors in London. I'niled States Hnrd tf Local Directors Chief Of ,iee for Aiiiein-a. 71 Wall st N. Y Jllcnb Univi v, Cliauiiiaii, John J. Palmer, I'.y- Jniuitliau Gunluie, Lni , Jas. llueirman, 111 , Geo. P.irclav, f!i , Sand. S. Iluwland, Lsq., Gorham A. Wniih, l!-i,Saml .M l'nx-. l!i , Win. Van Hook. Ld. , .nd C. LJwaid Hitbicbt, L-tp LDW. T. ItlCU AltDSON, Ls'i, Gciieial Acvuuntaiit. Pamphlets, Ulank Ionns, Tables of ltatrs, J.it if Agents, c Ac, nbtamed at the Chief Office, 71 iVull street, nr fiotii cither of the Agents llinuiijhout he 1,'iuted Sinks, and Hnl'sli North Aineiifan Co ouics J. LLANDKIt SPAItlt, iteni-ial Aseni fnrihel' Siati-suiiJ II N.A Coiouiei. GU. 1-'. IIOl'GlirON, Anent nt St. Aibaus. JA.MLS W. IIICKOi;, Agt. ul lluruugton. 7in3 ri.sui.xa m:tsa.d .v;:.y;.v. tilll- Aini-rluan NrteJ- Twine. Manufac turing Co, keep roii'iautly on baud every J iiplion ol Itiver nnd Lake 1'islung Nets nnd eeiiies, oinpleted nnd n-atly lor use. These ,el. and t-eincs ue knit by hand among the lishcrn.ms "'"'" Maine, wbcic tuth woik run be dono Pi i mecs. Peisoits w, rluiiij uuy .l. flciiptii'u nl . u r iue,cnu have Iheni s.-ul w ih''0'"" ' , laling the n.et.1 ll.e mesh, the y will I .ut.re'!ei!.l. Hem .he two 'V'sTOWb" "aS ? ht ,S" imi No- " Cenun-iol St. F03lfc.N- MUNSON &. FOLLETT , 4 RE AGENTS AT WlNOiWvl (.'ITY row .'I the Nile e! il'.ejusily cciebinted and lustily ree ommeiiJed Ull A EI 'EMI EE a I'lLI, S, ASIJ (Jrccn .1!niin!nlii "ti'gotali'o Ointment, the use nl e ith, -rot which ensiiris to the paitaker.s. Ion,; prorpert us u: t! b ip y lite, nnd a complete ex. ellipll.ilt trolll nil Ihe ills Hi nil is heir to. Itecollllnell-d-iii.tiHiK'illii-ifiii in iiuniher lo t-ove n ten acre lit, pin. ing the tuit'i ot tiie ai ove atrc-riieuis can ee- pnuwn at the Agent, Olb -e m N. Y. 'I'he Dis-tor will Is- a.v.nvi on hand and good od- vice will be given gratis. June- V, IM7. 50 Samuel 11. H.-irnes llstate. WI! the SutnA-riU-rs. hnv ing l-en appointed by tl. Honorable ihe I'ro'.iale Cnm' for the D.tnt t "J Chittenden, Coimnii-ioiieiK lo receive, eiamine at-.l nibu-t the cluiiiu- nu.l demanJs ol nil reiw'm H"i"' ihe t siate ol Samuel II. Harm, hue olUuirloticm en; Disiriet. di-.-en-e,l, rcpn seined uivo -ni. nml nl- -clnn.is nod tleinauds exhihiied in ollsei 1 lieietc . i nnd six innii.hs Irnm the day. t ihe Jnteheieo , be.ngnl lowed bv said Court lor lhal purpose, we do I heiclora Tt-hv give notice, that ' f ,hf Su v in irnenl.at the dwelling of the widow Mr ,ee 11 uTs m Cllarlo.ie in said D.sirict.ou I he lenr.h l,,n ii. nl Sepicitilier and January HfAt, at 10 .'.-clock. A. M , on eachol saul days. 1 ated th w:i v nt Ju'v A. I) 1817. J' Lirniuii sto.ni:, ai,im!,si( .Iv.u.l.x, ) Sw3 JOHNSULI fVji.'inii'sjiojiri. IVH'V rooeivt-il nt tlio Aarioull urnl Ware, e) house, a large lot cl the celcbrnletl lvendul-s Cy under Churn-i. Also, Sione Chums, and a geneial it.oriment nl Stone-waie. J. S. PUUtCl!. Ilurhniiton, July 3ith. b EGGS! EGGS!.' of KltKH Co5J lel7. A ? TEWSY. N AltHNDAXr SIHTLY l this tiny lecrivta at

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