24 Eylül 1847 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1

24 Eylül 1847 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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Vol. XXI. Whole No. 1050 KUKLINGTOiV, VIC ID AY ;!IOSiIVi;V, SSHPTI3MIJE3BS SM, 1847. New Scries, Vol. a No. 13. Burlington Free Press, Published at Darlington, Vl., II Y 1. W. C. CtiAItKU, Edilor and rropticlor. Vfr-tn at , .. . crras lo Village subscribers who receive the paper by the carrier &2fi0 . . . , Ifpaid inadvance, 2,00 Mail subscribers and those who take it at the n , . .. I wince, invariably .,0Uj 11 pud in nuvance, . ipi) ADvr.RTiSEMC.VTS inserted on the customary terms, The Child mid the Mourners. riY C'ltAr.LES MACKAY, Ll. B. A little child beneath a tree, Sat and chanted cheerily A little song, a pleasant song, Which was she sang it all day long ' When the wind blow s the blossoms fall : Hut a good God reigns oiar ail." There passed a lady by the way, Moaning ill the face oi day: There were tears upon her cheek, Grief in her heart too great to speak Her husband died but yesler-morn, And left her in the world forlorn. She stopped and listened to the chilJ That looked to heaven, and sinking, smiled ; And saw not for her own despair, Another lady young and fair. Who also passing, stopped to hear The infant's anthem ringing clear, For she a few sad days before Had lost the little babe the bole; And grief was heavy at her soul As that sweet memory o'er her stole. And showed how bright hail been the Past, The Present drear and overcast. And as they stood beneath the tree Listening, soothed and placidly, A youth came by, whose sunken eyes Spoke of a load of miseiies ; And he, arreted like the twain, Stopped to listen to the strain. Dentil had bowed the youthful head Of his bride beloved, his bride unwed ; Her marriage robes were lilted on, Her fair young lace with blushes shone, AVIicn Ihe destroyer smote her low, And changed the lover's bliss to wo. And these three listened to the song, Silver-ton?d, and sweet, and strong, Winch that child the live long day Chanted to itself in play ; " When the wind blows the blossoms fall, Hut a good God teijiis over all " The widow's lips impuhive moved, The mother's grief, though iinn-provcd. Softened as her trembling tongue llcpcated what the infant sung ; And the sad lover, with a stait, Coined it over to his heart. And though the childif child it were, And not a sernpli silling there Was seen no more, the sorrowing three Wont on tluir way resignedly, The song still ringing in their ears Was it music of the spheres 1 Who shall tell I They did not know, lint in the midst of dtepest wo The strain recurred when sorrow grew, To warn them, and console them too: " When the wind blows the blo.-oms fall, But a good God reigns over all.' COV. WRIGHT'S AUURIISS ai ti.nl l-.l.ll.iiliin nf Hie Nnvv Vork Stale " . lal-., 1 y,i icuiiui.ii i-tii.iii rt..,r -....!...... r An:. . cultural Surirlu .-Had il been my purpose to enter- lain ynu vtitli nn cuIuhiuui up.m ihe great interests . runlijedtovoiircarc-ih-Ai-iicuhurc of the State- I should Cud i,, eli Ii. slallc3 by the exhibition which 1 surrounds us. and vtliieii ln.s pronounced that eult.Ky 1 to the eve, much more furcilily,impresively,eliMpient. i ly. than" I could command language lo pronounce tu ! Ihc carol ibis nss-inhly. Had 1 ini-tiikeiiiv proposed to address lo vou a dis. I - . ! , ... i . .i.. . i. .i:.:.. ' would Inve dmcn me fr.muiiy piirpne,liy tlie convic- lion thai 1 am a backwird and scarcely initiated stbo- lar, Handing in liie presence o uiasu-is, Willi tlie l-.-n't vanceint-nt of h.in wlio nuw ml Irc-ses tun. The pervading character of ibis great and vital in-teit-st, however, ils intimate connection villi tlie warns, comfoit and interests ol every man in evely .-HilHuv: incut unu t.illlli IU iiih, nun H4 cuiliroillll Intions lo tb? commerce, m-inulti tun s, substantii inpluymeiit nnd calling iu 111", nnd ns cuulrollin in.tni. ti-.l 1111 I i-xtiprii-nci-il ol w hom, it u'uu a UC 111V duly lo.-iclnii 't- olaccs I ', 1 "R I " 1,1 tunc, or can in- n-n-cim to lie on-111 uvu-i o nn.i a Tnc ngriculture of 01'ir Fine, far as il yet is from I"'.1 '"r R"1" rations jt-t lo coin-.as lo rcn b;r it po-M- ini! 10 p;i-li torvvurd ,1 i. ..1 ....i.. i..,..... ,.,, n l'l" lo consume wiihin lim countrv I h- mm hi ol I he ct-li-rali-d luovi iin-ul Fcit-ncc.a'protcssiou, in "winch In- vt'lio would in-tm-l '"' ol m" "S'l-'iltnrp 'I'll- tlieoiy t.f 1111 ex- cd loMieiitilir .it 1. . 1... I.;... :ir :.. 1 1 1 .1... ...1. clusivcly -limn- ic linrkcl for lb s i-rrn 1 mnc-l c In. hi-d mlllli'' uf a , iii'iiiHl.it tun-s, substantial in. id h-a!th nud prosperity of our niation iiiiun occasions like tliis. wiilumt niteinniiinr in I explore the depths, or to deline lh" principles of a i-i ence so profound, and to the iininilhli'd, so difficult as' ji thai ol ngriculture. Agricultural promotion is tlie sub stratum ol the wnoie fcupcisiiuciiiie ; nil- grt-.it fieiiit-iu vwucil "preuus nort of nil. Tlie liruductlous of its suifuce nud the treasures of its mines nre the material upon which tlie I.I.... nl'll.a n nrinnlliiritl Inn mar.-li'int fiml lllmiflin. turer. are alike bestowed, and are ike nn.c, lor vthicli! l all nhke toil, Tlie active stimulus which urges all forward, evcites Industry, awakens iii''enuity,niu bring out invention, is the prospect or the hope ofn maikel fur the produc tions ol'tlit-ir labor. The farmer produces to s-11 ; the merchant purchases lo s.-ll j und the m.niii'ac!uier fibrieaies lo sell. .Self-coiisumptioii of tlieir respective Kuods, although an indip--ns-ible necessity of life, ist n mere incident in the mind ininelied to acquisition. To Itain that which is not nroduced or acouirctl. bv the tale ol that which is pos.-.esKj i, jie great struggle of laiiormg man. Agricultural production is the first ill nrd r, the rtronuFsi iu necessity, nud liie highest in uselulness.m tins wholt sysn-iu ul acquisition, Th' other branches stand upon it,iiresusui by it, und without it could not exist. SHU iti..i .Ji... i i.. .... .i.- , , , ' uvcu uiiiiusi iiiiii'iiiiiiy , na ins- whole history ul our State nn.l countrv ill show, the most neglected. Apprentice .bin. ...luciitinn. a snecilic ?inT -i "i"1 "wniction hn been, time out of tnin.l. nmiB..Ira.l . ... . ' . . ' " , r" " " " iuuis lensauie pre-requisite lo fnlr . ' engaxeiueiil iii commercial or mechanical uusim , , i ,,. .. , ,- nxe, to liold tlie oluw. ami ...:,, ,i, ..,!:' i.' , ' . i -' in SWl 1I Uie Seville, l-l.s knowledge lo'ii i'llr IMn'"" 'he nossessnr of thai ieienl in ,,,, I.. .i.? . ' ... agricultural einploymc u B"c" W"B '' A simple principle of production and ol ir.,!. nl I ways practically npphe,, to .JaXttri' aiid rmn!' merce, inoi ine ncsi nn.l rhmn... ,.i-i.. .. . , Iiuind the maiket, nnd nrove ihn'mn., ,r.,.ti 1 '."" i nriKluceran-l the seller, beeauw ...n.. i ' T. 0 1 le Imver nnd consuinsr. is bui lichn.i, U '!" 1 application to ngriculture. The inercliain who irn Ji I nnr- s foiioiun Beiii-.lni-i.... 1 application to agriculture. The mercliani wl o nV.I'" - : ' """"" 'i'aofn,l,al'.''1 ...... .. :.i. i - ........ n in.r........i .... .i.n .In.,,., nf f!., "'.I.', -I-I-TV l.ue Slid n ilen se nf ;:; , ton, on iheKTlh ol August. Tills i ndT(s"tva ,V"I ineteu the evening licfore lis death nnd was m I . i the Exhibition, to-day, by the Hon j" v I) i 1 i ..uu. ii. ... I'lx d.peiidence.andKeneriilli-altb nml prosnerily or ourl '.'u"- Any e-taiutiiulioii of iliiqu. -lion would lead lo a the innrkcilor ihengneuitural pro,lueiiunol ihe conn- cni should be bid, and the sjperstruclure cum- u" : lols spot lor a palaco tint lie is go- trV" , mv III proce.-Mif publicilion. II.- Is -- sprca-i lor uu If't 01 iniri.iis retelling oe whole people, present abundant tuliiecis for contem- l"u,'"" l'.rol"'ll' e.uisi.iercd political, if nut pan sin, trylur a loti-r Sines oi )carsiucume I incnced. '"3 ,a build, and which is intended lu bo some-1 ,, ,,( 1 1 1 ? liue-t, mo-t acco'iipli-hed -cholir in I "Vcou itsa-il the U3are..t shelter. Hut wo wi-ru ine sail ami impels ine car o coiiiuierce, anu moves -" u- t ine w is,im ol the one.or the souiulnisoi the unilerstaiul me ns it .-rrin In the clnin'es nnd nroniis. accoinpi sa in.s gn-ai onj--ci. the hands ana turns tlie machinery ot inanutjcture tuii--r. is tnc consumption ol tins country equal to us csol c haiiR-- in the policy of the princin il commercial !lrP r"-'1'- n,' ""' cnlUgcs, acntlt-miet t.ii.I The earth is l'ie common mother of all, in whatever afrricuhuia! produclion, or can il become so within nations of ihe world, touching their trade, in the pro- J schools of ins State shale liberndy iu tin- d.s ruiploj iiit-nt r-ngage,!, nnd tin- fruits gathered liom its any calculable penod of yennil How is Ihe fietl .May ductioin of n-ir.cu'iurc. llya finale step, wliich was lronl tbeni, while a Moimal School' fur th" i linu-.ni nrn nliliM t inil isnctisnlin-Itlilriini-nl nnil Rilli. I IlOl lunilire VVltllOllt nit mi. nllonn nr I r.i n.nnn.l i n i.l.ii... I..c ,1... I 1. . :.. I ill l-n.-linr in.l . Ii.ti.. I nl lh.. a.-.tl nt tint-,. I I more nllcnliveolwenattonol'thcnvukcts.beHcrndap-1 the period lioti our surplus ngiicuitnrnl trrilitction 'toil menu, mill a more unrcful nilicntiin il suund will increase Willi increasing ycnis mul population!--1 jiiJfriiicitt, untiring enemy, and piuileiit industry, can l Compare the tcns.it nf 1S30 mul 1311) Willi tin- map "I liny the bcl nnd cll the cheapest, In nltvnv been the l State" and vvitness the incrense ol population in I seen In he the earliest ami surest t accomplish the , the new Elate", winch are alimist exclusively !iijriciiltij ' (treat object of his class, an independence lor hiiuclf. , ml, and who can doubt the strong and resistless nidi So ihe lueehanic, who, from n moie tliorongh instrito- nalion of our people lo thi pursuit J lion in ilin tiriiniti!f.nn. handicraft oi his trade, or n , Connect with these considerations of extent ol More intense application of mind and judgment with labor, can improve the articles he fibricalcs, or the machinery and modes of their manufactuie, and can thu produce the best, ami s.-ll the cheapest, has ol- ways been ct-n lo lencli the same advantage over his compeiitor", Willi equal icadmi-rs and certainly i and that lhee rcull should lollow llic-f means nud clforl", ha been considered natural and unavoidable. Slill Ihe ngni ulturi! lias hecn content to follow in the ucatt-n track, tn pursue the coime lus riui'rs nave eer pursued, and to depend upon ihecnttli, tue sea- sons, gooil tortune and providence, lor n crop, niuuig- neaiiiiininess t j mum nun iiouy,tmu to its prouueme iug tin; hope that high prices may compensate lor ill- ticss. Listen to the calls lor information, for cihica minihed quantity or inferior quality, ll has scarcely cation, upon ngricullur.il subject", nnd to the demands oceutred to linn tint the study ol liie principh s of Ins that tins cditcitiun shall constitute a department in profession had any tliiug to do with his success as n the great Olid nil perwidmg ststem of our common Inrninr. nr (tint tt-iinl In hml ili-in.ltlili-il il olll Ills Soils schnnl iiliu-:tlr.n. n Allliif-i't lit this moment lcceivillg . I. , .1.1 I... . ., ,;.l..,...l ;., . i it. ,-l ... i I... iu tn J.. I... .1 ...I.-. I.. ..I, il,n... I.. ..nr. form. He lias almost overlooked ihe viul tact, that Ins lands, like Ins patient team, it-quire io be leu to enable titeni to peiiorm well; nml especially lie mis neeli-eti-il tit e.ifin .tween lequllllt) ami qua lily of the food I hey are to receive, nnd the scriico tc be requued lioni tliein. Itcady, almost always, to the extent of their ability, to iniike advances for tlie purchase of moie lauds, liow few of our farmers, in the comparison nre willing to oiisiiler lint there is a like connection be- inai.e ine necessary omiays i menl ol the land thev have ! tlays lor the profitable impiove-1 I liese. nnil Ltmlieil snliieels fire hernnmtm In ne c- eeiW 111., miii.tj .,1 .Mir fnr.i.ij nn.l tl... .T..I.I ll.n,' ..ito to tliis scieiy for i's cfforls lo awaken Iheir attention , to these important facts, and to supply useful and piac- tical inloi niation in regard to tliem, is giadually re- ceiving a just appreciation, as the assemblage which surrounds ns, nnd liie t-xlubitions upon this giound, most i'ruliling!v wove. Muuy ot our agriculturists are now vigorou-ly com- menciug the stu Jy of their soils, the adaptation of iheir livinuits to the sod and the crop, the inluies ol the puiius nicy cuiuvnie, Ihe looa ineyieqniie, aim ine best methods of administering that lood to produce heahh, and vigor, and fiuit ; and lliey aie becoming convinced unit to imc and lean, is not the v. mderstaud how to plow, nnd sow, v.liole education of n larnier ; but iiportant to know what land is pre- , nnd what ecd it will liring to a that it is quite lis important tiareil for tlt i.lr.,,- nn.l til.i nancsi wortliv ol tlie laliorsot the sickle, lixpeiiencc theextent ol tlieliarvesu to be gathered iiomiiiia a.t turnl nnd iieaiiiinu ei-.coiirageiiii-ni oio-usi, is sleadiiy proving th.it, by a due attention to these field of wie!) directed human industry I and an undue attempt to adv. m -e nny one, at tho cx- conslderatioiis, a belter article, doubled iu quantity, The piesoui surplus ol bread-lulhi tt ibis country, penseof the united system, merely pioducing an mi may be produceil fioin tin-tame acre ol ground, wiih could not have been presented in a more distinct and natural and aitilicial relation and action, which cannot a small proportionate increase of labor and expense, interesting aspect than during liie present )car. A fail to woik dieaso and injury. and tlnl tlie fanner who puisaes tliis improved s)stem fiminc in lluiepe, as wide-spie.nl ns it Ins been de-I Tlie labors of this society, nn 1 of kuurcd assoeia of agriculture, can, like the merchant nnd inctliauic vnsiating nnd terrible, lias made its delimit Is upon lions, lnvc done- inurli to inlorui the minds ofour l.ir leferred to, enter the maikel with a better pioduttion,i American supplies, not simply lo the evtent ol ihe mcrsin tliese collateral linincbes ol kuuv.-ledge u-eful at a cheaper price, than his less cntirprising tompeti- ability of the suH'ering to purchase food, but in super- to them, and much remains to !' done. 1 he science tor. I ndded appeals to American sympathy iu favor ol tlie of production claim" til- first pl.uc, and is a wide fi..dd, This change in the agriculture ofour state nnd coun-1 delitiiteund stalling, livery call upon our maikets as yet sj imperfectly cultivated, as to allbrd little tun irv. ooetis In die tnin.l rl1,i...,c nfil.rt tiinl elu-eriiur l.na lieen Inllv inel. nod ihe he.'irl of fbiroiie lias hecn (nr i nll.'i lerri I hil.ies. To scenic a stllde lllltl healtilllll diameter. If cauied out to its legitimate results, u promises n competition among our farmers, not to ob- iuiii uieiuguesl prices lor interior productions, oui 10 pioduce life most, tlie best, and lie-chdipes: ol the ne- ccssarics of human life. Il promises a"ricultuial pros- peiity, with cheap and good incad, liiniMied iu iiliun- daliee to all who will cat within tlie ride on-scribed to iallen man, hi the sacred volume of liie Divine Law. Steady icsoiution and iieiseveiiug ciierey nit- le quired to tairy foiward lliese iniirovemenis to lint degice of peifeciion dictnu-d alike by iuleiist nnd by m ) ; nun nit- siiniuliis o! a ste.ulv nnd reniniieiaiing luaikrt will louse thai rt solution and nerve tint cner- py Wiihoiit this i-iieouiagemeni in pro"i-tt, lew VV ill lier.seveie in ma Lint iiiiinntelneots wliieli le.ioire close and constant mciitjl nppiitaiinu, as well as "e- , vert-physical labor. Agriculture will ni-vcr be healtli- lully or profitably prosecuted by him wlio-e controlling t'lii'-ct is lus own consumption. The hope of gain is the motive power to human industry, and is n- neccs- anul.-icturcr. I lie- iiiospt-ct 1 for tlu-ir toil, itynorphys-1 i. Tnii it ss, calculate AH who labor i arc equally stimulated hy the imr-pcct 1 . .. ...uir.,-1 ,Mncu isio reniuiii-nio-inein inr and without this hope neither menial activity l !" " in cunracieriu tneir cxeitioiis. is l.int the farmers of our countrv. ns a class. less closely ihe pic.fit" of ' iheir labor rod capital, titan ' ineii engaged in iuo"i oilier pursuits, anJ nre content Wltll OWtT rates Of enill. The mr.Hl nl ,!,,..., .. .. their firms, their stocks and lainiing implements un encumbered by debt. Their hu-ine-. cites but an an nual nlurn. 'lliey live frugally, labor patiently and taillitully, niulat the close ol the vear, it- expenses nre paid fioni ils proceeds, the balance lem.iniun beinr! accounted the profits ol the )car. Although a modi rate tuni, it proJuces contentment, iiliotua coinputa- the wages, it will pay to the proprietor nml tlie inciu- ine conuiii-rcial worU in Uie nl ol the irum ot outlay. Unicccs.ul atMit U to faWaw tli" directions CtJ) ,,m (?l5f" wnni.in k trade propcrnl lu bersol n family. The result is nn niKanri in ihe their labor. The nimm of coiuuhtcc mu-'t be their mww l'r mrikiiit? ihe rvn.Tini.'nu. l.n.iiTlit wh'it vonil Ikt oxm'ClfttH)))1). OOon. Indcod. thn hintr ..t -.r.y. , ,,u,lt ,,,U.M , uiiu, 11 noi rapui, 11 i- paie mid certain. It h u t-urphn beyond the oxp-iisV's? of in each reoivin;r year. , inu-i directly mul dfpply int"ref-t them, mid "Siould k! It, hower, tins tui-jtlus is left upnn the hands of the caret lly culm-il'-d a'ul cncourageil, while all tlie otli f inner, in hi? own produels, for which there i no mar- ! tr fl-'ments nctiiit; with it, and cniHtitulu.3 toctlicr krt, hn energies nre pinilyzed, Iih spirit fink, mid be - (leinand t the imrket, t-liouldbf studied with fcarfelv fccli that tlie vear hn nJ.lp.l in m',,, I r 1 emitil care, nnd so fir mav be in their lamer, anil KPl'M lit rlf Unir.iii-i,riiM..itl i.. I . otid hia ants, productions which will not sell: and ine ci.tinces are, tint Ins (arm is nejjlected, hid bus- bandry b -cornea bad, and Ids minsin I o cuiimmc a pruijifi-ive aic oniiiprijvciuciu in I Uiet ceae. I'Rriciimirc, in-n, nnj lo "ivccii'-rL'V and iMosocrilv lo 1.1... i '..I . . .-TJ I : . i ! uu- Kit-in iinn vim hiiincii ot human industry, a 1 nt - .iiiniui anu n-ih e maiket iccnini imlisn -ns-il.l. !1.,lJ " "''J1'' should more t nrelully occupy the atlcn- ""'! larmers ol the t'Diictl t-ine. . 1-','l',l' impressed v.ith the conviclion of t,us truth,' '-" " ' ."'"'I", have chen-licd the idea that a do-, "n"? '. lo be miiuenced only by our own nn- ' "01i:l iwlicy, vtou!. lie si l.ir nrclerulile, in stability certainly, in Hie upon maikel or the cniiimcrcl.il world, ns tu have pei-ua. e-l I u-nis -Ives lint a snHt- 't lorour ngriciiluua.1 iirodiKtsislhu-ntliiin- lib C. IlLSOOt ili-SKrni., I.t .1,..... ,l,rt Cr......l....Du ,.l il.iu ""ry - .wiiere it can be reduced In practice; but only toinij'iire w,ieilier lie- utile of th. country, the con- " " " ',",,,," "nu in",ieuuency ami inciiinnoii : ' ' - - hi-ii iiiuu-uiiii u 111111-, nit- t.iri, i i-riiuiiuy a very i,eait'.iiui one, ns n ineory, and call n-nm-iy l.ul nstiike the mind favoralily upon ni'i iniprt-'.-ion. .-till, cMiiiiinati.ui In prinluceil ililicit-iict- ul opinion ln-twecn slate 001 t-ipi 11 iin-i. TT..w "llJ an sucli ilicu..ious it is my seiilnl iiur.io.' to avu" " nnppropnate to the place and the occasion, 1 simply propo-e to inquire as lo a fact, which must control the application oftlieoiic ami principle of po- lineal economy touching ibis point, loourcuiiiilry and iw I'iit-uiiiiiui population, v.'itiioui raising any lUes- uun ,, n, ,n .v...-..-. iiniisi i.aveprescrilieiliorinysell mtlieih-cus,oii I O.IU a i.i ir exaiiiiiiation, bcrup-ilou-ly conhned lo Ibis - eing I in,,,,, ,. ., rn.iiit-a unrmj, or iiisiuin a iniiiucai r?. 11 isccrtiinly not my il-sigu tu wound ihe ... k, j in 1 ui iiii-sncii-ij , nr m niiv -n i.i-u ol Hie enuntry; mul 1 have convinced myv-lf that I m ly make this mquiry.and cxpresi tlie cimchisinns of V'y."!'"..1"""" M tolheresilt, without dmug i-iilu-r. 11 1 shall luove to be in error, il will be nueiiornslo the lacl inquired alter, and nut as to tlie soundness of the priucipie in political t-et ij- dependent iinon liu- .p. I. ..rl. in. mini, utciiu-e n ui uie souiiiiut's-i ui t "!" "i-t nf uwi.Msfli-'n uu.. uiii-i iin '"Z ein'n ' -. , " 3!, . !! 3 i ooiicv cfl liie tlleorv ilsJl'l.h.ra:... ,.1'lhe snuodnes.,. ur unsi.undll.-ss of the ll.-ort-. vt hen it . no 1... nracticallv nniuicn, i Miniiuu-iy p'i in i iro n any ri i i' n, ns iiamironrintehifK. With th.- mdnhrenfti of tho Sjctd. f ..i- i . r ' y . ly, I will inquire as to tlie lact, Our counlry iu-ry wide nnd very new. Il embn- 1 ces every variety of climate and soil ino-t f notable to 1 agricultural Dursuits. It moduces aircadv nluiost cv crv ngricti lural stai-le. nml the iiio-tiiiiii'jrtaut are I he . .1. . lie-1 ordinary produ-tions of this coumry, mid are sent to . couu'ries, and liicir respettive -criiinrni, that re market in great abundance. ciprocal cuiiunertial icgulntiuns, if ihi-y ulli-r no oih--r Vt-t ouragiicullure is iu ils infancy nlmosi every- '""I higher attraction, present to their people n erife. tth..rt. nn. :l ild ii.nlnri t' ni.tt i.rn II 14 lw-1 1 t .! In i e entirely sale lo assume lint tlu-re is imi one single I ','" lura count "S'ultiiral Kt-n-e ?' H'.S1 IturalcoinityinllK- whole Union, filled up iiiim in ni ..ini... Provl niennirt- d Hie ' " 1,w .. ' V.rolHJ." "'i "T. ' "V have nulinerelvcoi.i.lics.b'u. t-n.ired.stticts. vet whol in tu uu.it tiiiin lilt. iiiiiiis. nun ill inn si.ut-N. tt uic I v iiiini-m,l.-i) nn. I n.l u.i I...... ii.n .i.l..r,,nL ' I Wl'el' " ' """'I "f Ihe agricultural field of . , lm"'"'' uuf immense territories, organiz-1 "'i"1"1 '!ven'--d, who can compute ,,e ngr.cu ral cnpjciliisof the'JJiiiud Kiules, or lu a limn lo not one county which bus not vet latlons nn; tu it- extended and slienalhencd, rather ' llios.-ngriciiiiur.il siuu ts, Muncn uu iippiieaiiou I110.ier's ..round, and her poor fruit-stall must IU into cultivation, and much more , thaiicircuinscubed nnd weakened, by our agricultural with the constant evidence n t n.r ull,y , vm.Uc ,t h ( j . .llac . i-.. i..i. i. ... I.. ...,,ri..ii,. I m i-anees. Tlie ronsunmt on of the rnuniri; i. i,, would rineninton system, in li engr.ilti-d iinon i he como tln.MI ui uiaito rou ui iui in i i.iun.i ...i... 1 1. .-v ... ...... - , i.. .....U..J ,,,,,,...1 ... .i... .- IV., .ii see. ' an ; iitxt. wu live ill pd.belore it can lw consulereil n having reached son t oi in proiiuciinii, anu i-aiiuui oecouie equal io ll I tuui--.-in irit'ii n r..,.... n. -jr, " ,, , , .i ! , 1,1, l,i..i ki nn of iiscnpicity lur produciinii, If ibis he i wiuuii any c.iicuiauie ii-rmn. wu uie military, liie nrntieiiii- noo n-inui.-u n. un-i iii.iut-u oriiiicn iree, inpny i.ugiaiiu, nm-i. I..-.I niiliitnu-.l niiiiciiliiiml cniiiiit-ii, ilm excess ol production is to increase witli the hicrense "I liie studies of lim nnle classes m the Ioimal School, i,,,it-ci-in oonri-ss tho lowof-t. lct his li'nUlnii country, diversity ol soil", varieties of climate, and partial and iiup-rfcct cullivntion, the present ngricul- mini prospects ul this country. Witness the advances ol the lnt dozen ye-irsiu the clnraclerot uiirtuitim- lion, inequality and quantity of ourprodiiction" from a given hii-adlh ol land, nnd the improvements in nil the Implements by w Inch the labor ol the firmer is as- slstt-d and applied, olaik Hie vast change in the cur- icnt of educated mind ol the country, in respect to tins pursuit ; ine awakened aticuiio-i to mgii icspeci tihihtyasn profession, to itss'ilcty Ironi ha. irds.tu its il... i.,1 .,,,,,,;,,.. I, .;,,,,,,!., I f,,ru-.-ir.l hv .1... 1 ,.f iImo on!..,.. Itnlir.l.l tlm numbers of prolcssois.hnnoicil with the highest testt- luoinals ol learning comciicu in ourcouiiiry,.ieiouog tneir lives lo geological turn cuciiiicai rcscaiui'-s i-.u- culateil to evoUc tlie laws oi nature connecieu wnn ngrie-tlturnl proiuction. Go inlo our colleges and in stitiitioiHol Icin'mg, and count tlie )oimgmeii tod iug tndustiiucsly tor their diplomas, to qualify tlieui schi s to become pi acticnl nnd successful f-iimers,nl ready convinted that equally with ihe clerical, ihe le gal, nnd the inedicnl professions, tint of agriculture rMenireu n tlinrrin irli mill sv1einntic education, nnd Us successful prnelice the c.citisc ol an active mind de- , .iln.l O. .1.1 . , ...( tl n.l v Apply thes bright and brightening prospects to ihe nlnuM bouii.llesj ngiii-ultuial f.eld of our country, ' with its varied and salubrious climate, its licsh and unbroken soils, itsciieap lauds nnd lee simple title, mid who can hope, it lie would, to turn the inclinations of our people from tbisfiir lield of labor nnd of pleasure! Here the toil which s.-curcs a certain indepcndci'cc is sweetened by the coiislaully var) ingcxlnbitionsof ua- ture in her must lovely forms, and cheered by the most benignaiii innnii-'siauousoi ine wonueriui powcrnnu gooihitssof Kiline'd God. Cultivated by the resolute hands and enlightened minds ol firemen, owners of the sod, propeiiy educated, ns farmers, under a wise and just iiduiinistialion ol a sjeteni of libeia public instiuction, should and will be, nnd aided by the rt- searches ol gi oloiry mid chemistry, wlio can calculate i;jed witli warm and grateful responses to ihe henev- olenee of our country, and of our countrymen, and yei ine liven-ies oi coumierce aie utieo wnn ine jiro- dnctions of American ngriculture. Suiely the ton- sumption of this country is not now equal to its ngri- cultural producliou. ii sucu isour surplus m ine present iimiieu esieiu id iniiK-rfii-t condition of our nuric.ilture. can we and hope thai an exclusive domesuc market is possible. lo liiruish a d'liritid for its nniuie iibuud-iuce ! Iu ibis view of Ibis great and glowing inteit-t, can wesci-a limit to the 1'i-llod. when ihe United Slates will ore- sent, in the commercial maikets ,,f ihe world, large urplust of all tlie varieties of bread-lull's, of beef, 1-ollt. bulter.cliec.se. colloil. lohacco. Ulld rice, bet olid the coiiniiijtioii oi our own counlry I And who, with liie t-ieiicnce of the last lew years lielorc Inm, can doubt thai the time inow nt baud, w lien the two pent staples of wool mid hemp will be added to the ht of our cxporlaiiona I i lies.: considerations, and tuners ot a Kinurctl character, vliicli time wiilnol pcimil me to detail, fcin lo m, with imleiined deference, to prove that lb'-agriculture ol the United .Stales, lor nn indefinite penod vet tocome, inu-t continue to yield nniiual sop- I bes of our puncipal spiples, far be)ond any poible character, vliich time wiilnol pcimil me to detail, demand ot ihe dome-tic maikel, and must'ihert-fore lctirim, in it now is and lias ever been, an exporting iiiU'iett. As sucli.it iiiii-t h:it n dirt'ct concern in the lutvijin trail.' unil coinun-rccof the cutniuy, ami in nil rt'Kulniinns oi' our own and ul lujvijjirKtAern in utd wl.tcli alll'ct i itlicr, equal to iu inU'rcttm a&ta M niiil ailt .juoti' inaiki't. 11 ttii conclusion be f-ouiiil, tlicn our fanners mut f,iirtfmliT ilit iilcn nt u il(iiii.tir- m.-irUpt In tiirni?li i)k nfitnii I, ami inea-ure th nluc ct their proiluctioii-", '"-i mm mv lu-iimiiu Him i-ii'ji-r vi 111,11 i ri n ttios marl-i iiimt s-'Vcrn their prices, i m; deinmd i - aiwitniit i. it I .il.r .nt. I . ... i- . 1,1 nn t . t iIiiIikj whr.it 1.1 be clipritlied with equal care. 1 i,' nny oue b.'lieve, that tor nenerations yet to ouie, ine u;ncuiiur u op-iauniwoi uv uimeu ait - to hi c'ucuniscr.lx-d within inrruHt-r tuinpnrauvc limn-t inn 1:1" prccui ; or tint the agricultural ;no- i .... . . .. unciions oi ine touniiy nn- to Lvar n ic.-s rnno io our iioiiui.itioti nml ciinsiiiiintioii than t'.ii'V now tlo I I cannot mppoe that any t-iii -cn, who has -tivcn his ntit-ntir.n to the coiwdi-iatiuus vtbic b bale bci n sug- se-ied.hnds buns,. alile tr, a. opt.-itb-rol thes.-opiu- lulls On the cuntiarv, 1 think a bur ..xau.inaliu.i mu-l satisfy every . mud that our n3ricuiluial surplus, fur an indefinite I autre- period, mu-l increase much more rapidly Ihau mirptMiul iium and tlie dennud lor ilonie-tie consii,pti. '( his I hch-ve would he tiuu witlmut llieclluns ot ns-ociiiiinns, s.,0h as lln-. U nn- I il lit C II -ri icil ttifi- ' in ...,n. ii...n nf , ... (-..iiiitrv :m. the liiciniaiiuu and pn l.-r-nci- ol our population lor ngriciihuial p-iisuit, would render this re-ult uinvoid-1 , -"'o ",w.icn ine inipeiu --ivc i iuhb- .. , ui-.- nu i ii i.t. nit-ma ... .... ..-v , sue aieii cii'ii is constant v man- Ilie-e linpiuvcineiits witli 1111 tic .th-iin-si. educated 111 in 1 tirii- searches in nid ol iniiieuliural labor; i-iiui-iiiniii , uu 1 u-e iinnu-ns. innni m cneap, ana fresh, and lerlde l inds, vvlneli inv 11-Ihe application ol nn improved ii"ricullinc,ure ihl.lcil to tin- account, v,-n t in 1 1 1 ... 1 1 1 1- ui.-t tiL-iii ur 010.10 mi ui oiiriujru-uuuiai r:: ,;7i:;x: Sucli is liie coiichi-iun to which my inin.l is forced I " " universiuy conceaeii imt a;riciiuire nassinreu vvu.11. prinu-.-r luan your inui-siaii, io iook h,.coiinlrv,aiul "ive In his il ;pirtin.-lil .1 tl-'reo ,m '""" "u tost tnir.iguo. tor nines, Irom nn cvammation tf this suleeci, in us domestic ! hut lightly in ihe o.-riiig care and givenunent pn- sharp nboiit moving your iiroperlv. for liie shod ,f nttpiitiiin i-nro nirlv ndiniiito to its inilior-1 'bough lliey hid lived iu the. city, knew tho vir-n-pect simply ; but there i, -mother now presenied of , " V '- "ch have been libera) y cuended to c,.:. - down.' ' ' 1 f nco tlmn is usual in our collU-s- I tue ll.ero is in a thorough (rLw ; and they had MffitSffl uF ds'lepl! : 5SSS ! , r 177""":- I -& Z "0 m,d .0 ! bi -" 11 "' -fy t -tor,. i-.r .l . .1 . 1 . .i . .11 . I ' sl.n.A ... .1.. tl .1... 1. .. .. .-.I ..1 t. till nn ns rnnn ttr.il ncni-l nn. th it tli l-ili I . . - . ... . .. in. Ill 1 I rum lot- m 1 ten 1 1, tt h ic i eh.i oe. nr ml c. lie, ine inu-i cartiui i-unsiutiaiinn. i u Will nl once ,,, n .....n .-...in. ii ...i ii , unniuii, t.icii iiiiiiui practically made tlie change as to her trade ; and sub- scq-ientt-vcn-shave tlmhed vvuh tlie appearance ol a 11101 super-hum m sagacity, the wwlniu vv lie h I bus prepared dial countiy to meet the visitation of famine, vt-mcii irisso soon iniiovveti, wiiiinui the additional t-v- il ui tr.niiihii.' down the sv-tenisnl' law lomiirs'er lo th- iill-eoiitiollmg neces'-itu-s uf hun'cr. Cliaii"t-s similar in character, mid measiitnlily equal in e.Mtuil, tliou.li i-i many cases temporary iu duiation, have .cn adopted by several other lluropean governinem, uu ler circuiu-ianccs which render it very doubtful how stun, ii ever, a return will t mn.de to ili lurmer poli cy iii ii close iraue in ine necessaries ol Human lit . Ncvv maikets of vas, ex., 'l". '- h'V i'c""i f"r """" "nil tleailineM loinciisnrrwi lccrtanm it io in nnr mtwr in Km- I,,..,.,....- .i., , , i Ji . 1 ' m.V. u r 1 nU Knl bo-i 'oi nrur.h'aUuiM counter temporarily inform ol wisdom, lor th- i nisiunrr tin- innrkei the hest urtiel.-i.. at in, l.iin-.t ,.ri.-,Ki m Li.,. i...c. ITIl - iril II 1111 M IttilllUII. rhu-li Islhcconiieclioii.now.belHeenouragriciiIiure l 'he expori trade and foreign market, and these re- : : : Z XL 'In .,.- .-.. ..n..wH. . .uk. ..u... ... in- -ar to me to lie facts, nrisuig from tl ie condition nf ou r count x v . a nil I he tates o nd i ne h i la I ions n our nen. l.le. fixed beyond the power of change, and to which ihcones and pri inciples ol poiuieal economy must iC i he made practically applicable tn in. co uruiru, . . 1 be Anu-ric Wgfl heshoul incricaiil.irincr, llicn. while carrluliy siu.ly- slioiildnotlail to do. Ilienrccssilics.llic wnuts mirn'.rini, ini-fit Giirn!.,u ,i.u nuu 1- spin eit coiiunerciai men. nml ntiiertv ise c ect ' - . , i. r ... t ii. -.1 ---- ol which il I imniihle jel 1 '"in ciuouuy in men iiau..i--ii-.ii., i uts inu inioriin- , . , . . .. , ,, n . ' ,10ii,l to H r T ..... .. ............ . .,. . ... , . ... - wuero iii turn io too ; lor ii. i su o u-c, h-j mi- .,i;iin .!.... u I viiiuug rtiriciue commercial regulations, is now re-1 i"-i ami niTiiiuer m j.ij-. iiunu uu- puui-ip-u pio. ,, i1L, 0.,n ,i mirrying sweei laicv wr.iy. it uiuveu.iii soiiii- inlauee nerui-iiii-ut t-. no, l o nt inr 1 inicnuiis 10 tot- tuiiun iii-nn.-i in uu- inu-i uccc inu e ...in i. . t i n. ...... i. ,n .nn .-nn sti i-rini. trout ; nnd ilwoiild sceinlnbe the inrt I '"nn ; the state nud proep-eis cf Irad home and '" '; v " ' ,"" " . " igricult ire of 1 1 1 1 i -n 1 1 1 1 1 . i-. 1 1 v 1 1 1 r . abroad and ihe chaiu'.-s pitseni and p.sectiu- in the poverty, withoi t liungl t g her to share t. T.. .1.. I- .1.- I-. ''. n,.,n.n,.r,.lnl i.ilmv i,l niirillll! Illl.l nil.,-. ,v. 'Ill II till Tl ' Slllll IIS lllllt llT. ' W IUI Mill ICil nnd the lasles of all classes of consumers of his pi o dnctions iu his ihmi coitnliy, must not limit his re searches for n market within tlie narrow bounds. lie must iwtciid Ids obsenaliom along ihe nu'iiiii s ol conuneree, as f.ir as tlie comnierce of Ins country ex tends, or can be extended, and instruct hiinwll as to the necessities, nnd wantsau lt tast'-s of the consumers of agrienltnial productions in otliT countries. Ho tnu-t observe, utttiititcly the course ol trade, nnd lin en uses calculated to exert a liiorable or adverse inllii ence upon It; watch closely tlie,cmiin-irint policy of other countri"?, nml ginid vigiluliliy Hint ol his own ; accommodate his productions, in I ir as may be, to the probiblc denn mis upon the nuiiket, nnd understand how toprepaicllieinloi llie paiticiilnrinaiketler whicli they nre designed. KeM lo tin- production of the best nrtielentlliedieapest lriri-. its prcs.-nbiiioii ill market in the best order and most inviting condition, is impor tant to secure lo the larmer a ready and remunerating So long ns our agricultural shall continue lobe an r.puting fnieirt, these consid-rations, ti second only l) the science of p,odueiioii itelf, ill deiirind Ihe'caielul nttennou and study of ourf.irmers ; nnd iu any wi II digisted system ol iigneiiliur.il cdue-itinn, us tonneelioii with inaniimcoirei ano ine meciiaiiic ntt. With r-niniiu-i r Wit 11 till' COllllIlrcial linlli'V of our own and other coiintiies.nii'i vwihttn' .loini-ticund iiucigu in-iiiiti, suuum h--.-. -. i- " ih.ij.-v. i r iuuiutiini mm cuiiiuiui.-u. " "Mhuiui, nut miiiy i.ecessiry iinncie - ui uoow ieuge io nic farmer, Kill prove el .-iive.'it5f' ! lu tW- .Sineriean cilien, bet mid tlu-ir npplK'Mion to tlie production nnd sale of tliefiiuts ot Ins labor. Tliey will qualify linn the more siti-iy nna inteiiigenuy loiiiscnirgi-tiu- duties ot freeinj-i ; and, ilcailed by hi nml, if called by hu Icllow ciiiih to do so, the more b neheially to -ive lus state and ; conulrv in li-nslalive anil other public trusts. I hope 1 niny oiler mother opinion m Ibis conn"c- li.m V.llll.llll iriV 11KT olfellCl'. or ItCSpaSSilW I'llOtl tllO

pioprietUs of tlie pliice nml occasion. It is tint this i-ducatim in the juUand true conm ctton between the ngriculiuial, the commercial mi J tin- ii.anufactuniig int-ri-is of our country, equally nnd impartially dis- semir.'ited among the classes ol citiT-ensj attached ti t-achol tips-.- great branch' s ol labor, would cflectua ly putan end to tlie jealousies too Ireii'ieutly cxciled ; de. minstrnting to every mill J, so i duenled, that so Hr horn cither being iu any dcgice tue natural nmagomst oi uic oiucr, iii'-y ine uu p.o,s h- ;'i rally liaimonious system of human industry, of which a lair encouragement to nny pari is a benefit to ail ; and lliatnll uu idiom nnd partial rncouragement to anypatl.at fhe c.viiensi of other pans, will proyetohe an injury to all. The education piopo-ed will uo all that can be don" to mark the. tine line between na- market, and lo leain how to n turn and improve it, nsU opens an extensive lb-Id for the mental labors and energies ol uic lariil'T. iH-iwe'-ii ui'-c- -'i-,--- f ue- il-i lati-Hi is iiitiinalc mid the ilepeaderce mutual. 1 he j production makes the matkei, nml the innikets sus- t-iius the produclion. 1 h" prospect ol a marl.ei sliinii-, inies to ncuiiiy m ine ii -iu oi prwmcuoii, mm in-; i fruitsof that nctivitv urire the luuid lo make tlie mom- t peel real. Hueec' in both contributes to lh-Inalth and vigor nnd prosperity of ngriculture, and ot that prosperity couuneicc and iiunul.cturcs cannot fail lireeli-In unit ike. 1 All nre willing to promote the cause of agriculture In our Slate and ruuutiy. Jln-l are leady to lend an neliie e.i.r.iier.ition.rinil nil lire eli.-.-tlllt In s -e necolll- plished any valuable improvement iu tliis gicat branch f productive industry. The difficulty Inthcrlo has ,..rn iand.iptingniiy g.-neral plan to ili.-ct tbisdesira- ble object. Hence, mo-t usually, when the publicinind has bet-,, awakened lo the sub.ect, uibilraiy, mid iu linny cas-s visionary experiments h it ebt-t-n introdu- ccd, bad iqn-n uo philos,iphical investigation of cause nnd cfi'ett, but iiponsjine accidental tual.hv a single individual, ol some novel mod.- ol cullur-, xvhich, mi- tier the cirenmstances unending ihe expeiimenl, lias mtt with success. Tins single experiment, wiihuul cas-s visionary experiments hit e been introdu- idmvn no I'hilosmiliical nivt-li''atioii of cause nn inuuirv into, or a kuowlei!"e I tli" i'.iiij which, iu i. ,,,-11 cn-,'lias -.vurcd liie s-ieccs-lul leniln, is'at once rccoiuun-iiiled ns uu in! liable iidc of hu-b.uiihy. The luiblicntlon and dl-CIIIIintloll ol tl.-tacllCll l-Allf- nrncnn nl tins characli-r.iorn 'Miff m-nni. con.siitiitt-ii the most luat.-iial r.dditioi-s In lhestock of lit-ial v iio formation connected with agrnahurc, supplied 10 our f irmers 1 w bile inanv of the experiments were ton in tricate and complicate.! u, he ledueed to practice with nnyrt-rt linty of accuracy, mul uOir- were so tvtp'Mi- vnmr lit h" il"noiuiuai ii " tnt i.innniir du-rrpute, with indiMrioiis fru-nl nm l.iriii -rsort'i.-couiilrv.iindi-.-in-dav-ih.uvt.landii , ' - v i r'V-s ' ueariv tweniy je irs coiin'-. teil witli 111 Insiitii- i tngieil tin lerlinish, the biggy plain w hich iva 1 'rcjudicc n .ainst ih i.n '"re depo,t a golden token III its p ace. M,o Hon, I, i re-igned hi Irnf--,orsl,ip, contralned nevt cicountered ; and then scaled, bv down-iiKii.-ii!iumls.ibjetts,wi!,l,tl,a3citycais ol'p-in-nt w- ll'"s enableil to procure a good tdiication theretoby perMin.il and l.imily coii.siderations I right InrJ walking, tho rockv steeii that led, hy oncl iincca-iiu ''but in any measure to allay, an I ...ii.ii.-iiiii).i..i...ii.i hi liie meantime --colonic! I research, heretofore . .. 1 ' " . . .1 I kiiiLMom oroner. h:n been extende.l to its lerititmite vlyli:0t m)( i i.luUi., xviiUi-i u. exair.imtions the nnnatiuii of the annH . .da, mid tl.fir minute en- cmuei.t parts tVmMo; '''J'Vir:!.?,? j ii' J ...i ii. ..j ...-v u ... tural product', and ol tin- ira-il innuircs, iaborin-; Id ,sta,li,b upon philosophical principle, ihe l.ne ri-ln- nom between lh-.- s-il nml the malum- lobe applied, and between botli and ihe ciop to be .hnted an I pio- I, i, s -eking out. will, rapid'-u-ce.., the an- , , rr., ,i in tc- i..o, uf the vanou vegeu.bles iiihivatt-d by the (inner, ilw s-uls and uiiinun-s m win. h 111- luod f,,r car, f,m, m w,,y j,, ,ieli it may lie , hU(..,.0s.IIy ndniini-tercd. So with the f.iud of tv iloim-iio animals, and lh-.-ino.-t c.uiiomical man- ;. uu?..!,.,tms nre liie r-verse ol the former ' fy,,.m of rniutnuy .-.xniiiineiiis. Tlieie a result win ,nlll, ti jii-tifj- the tirhitrnry menus ailopte.i to pro. t nice 11 it-re f-nuses nre nseell illlftl. in o uellli' so ns ..,l r.. 1....I ....... ... ,.r... .. .,. t -,.ii- in.i.im c ,, w,;,. ,.!r.ct ,i,0 r,.Sil,, huMJ I -r ..1 .1... ....., Bi,..i la nfn.-.-.lu. niou-ing lb.- etlt-nlion of tl.e literary nnd scieniifi: lh- su.-cess already rs wi- 'rnpida'K Ic i, bringing Vtber the! enced is draw-in" t) t iee rt for" llio hhor mid cncrpics cot mcnt. Tlie nro -i-cs uade i 1 brin-niis ti"etber the u isclti..,i lllliltl ol the country, an I pro.lncl.i-: til- verv ffi -i-n- uu own i --n--. "in, -. iiarttiucaiionai innus C.llliniOn (ril.nl!. ... a . i..... . . rninent. is nisj iiiaiiuy suppoiieu nom incs-; ii nus. i nese iu.-ti- u'"!"f !,.Ic.M:,l,i ""'V'1"""!.' """r ' "."",!"'.- l...... .! I..V...-t ! t ....... I this instruction can hn univi-rs.illv diJe.ninnt..,l iimiiiii. tlie ngirultural poiiiiliiiuiu ol tli-Si.ue. Tlieaniiu-il sighed deeply. 'Oil, mother,' ho said, ' 1 fear addition to ihe school ih-trict libraries nny be ini.lj wL. are rii.nt-il : .Mr. Illliott lias failed for an iin- w-ith ic Icrcuce to ibis branch of educuiiun, an I ihm m!,,,Stf W, - tu,r0 is an execution on Ids hou.e place nuliiii tin-reach of nil the discoveries ns they , , i it.,u t.t. ,.i,i. . r . r , , ,., I progress, nnd llio ruled of lnbandry ded iced from a"! R J, 1 1 m,J "" bl U rK,1 ar0 " "" tlieiu.ns lliey shall be seitled nud niven lo the public "unit. I, very penny wc possessed was lodged lioui the p'-n's of ihe coiiipti-ni pruiessors tngiijed iu in his hands, and now we shall lose it nil. He piiisuing the ii searches. i HiiW there li-ivo been 1 itely so minv failures in lit and incalculable value, ' proprnue coiiiinittecs, their curre.poii,bntf s-crt-laiies, i, c.",Iu.-.,,,.t. nml I'm sure I don't know ".,,..., ., . in potifi. iiiim nnv .i.i , iiiii.iixii ii i. inncif. 1 111 111 I OfIS 1) tUlilll- iiitn niv .-tin- i,,,, .i,n n.n ! null ri-sot-ciiug uu-inaini-ii luiciiiu lino ouiiifsiu- : lie 'iin, iiiin i run.., ..w - r, - iiruilliv to lilt- It . present and pioluble F-ipplv nl agrieiiltiiriil products: 1 depend on hut your litllo Irado; ami 1 inui give . ft-, with the probable influence upon the agriciiliutal m irkei '1 Ii- cuiiun-rciiil and ngriculiuial press will ' iluubllesi come powerlully to Uie 111 1 ul tlie assoein- lion, in allcllniisoftlusdituacier.nudliatiiigibeso great objects in v lew, In this way tlie Inundation may be graduallv laid. ld 'be maieiial co lecieii tor ine coiiuneneeiiieiit uf . a ,- n w. i,mlo,ial,n...f i , I leiass. - .,r leaciung inesiiuii-i in tue common scnools , -- - ....... . , . , ol uie nuitc. . . i rliu a generation nl larmers would soon come for-1 warn, wen eiiiieuitu in t ki.--.i .nm t-i-st-niiai nriuci- pies ol agricultural iruduflion ; in the line rtlatluti cvisimg oeiweu 1.11..... ,, ,-, c. lures, ami ill in aunpi.iiiuu mw rrcpiiniinii ui uitir pro lifts for the agricultural tnaike.. Pneh farmers, witli tlie continued nil of th- s-boolsin wliich they were futglit, would become the best manual labor in structors lor their successors. Tlie passage ol time lemiuds me tint I nm extend ing tlit-fs iniinrks beyond the proprieties ol the occa sion nnd the patience of my uudicnc.'. A single re flection shall cloe them. I Ion ever confidently the opinion maybe enterpiln cd that other ciiciitnstancesnnd relations might pie sent a prospect forth- agriculture of onr stitc ami country more stable, imbpend-nt and Ihlteiing, cor lain il is, tint the fulur" here opened is lull ofc!i--ering promise. Wcseein il tiie stiong-st possible security for our b- hived country, through an indefinite perio f, ngiiiit the scourge ol fa mi no. Ojr varied soil and climate and ngriculture double iliis security, esthc. disease and f.iilurcof nny on- crop will not, nsnne cesary coiiscquence, reduce nny class of our population to mi exposure to death ironi luing-r. Wc see also, in r-ddilion to feeding ourselves, that onr Finpbi' is al most, if not altogether, sullicient.il I tiihhilly and pru delilly applied, even now- iodrie lannne from th lengili and breadth of Ilurope. And thai itisinour potter, by fiPliful, mental nnd p'ljsiciul npplicnlion, soon to make it equal to the exj uision ot liiuigerlro.n me coinineieni wonu. ivcsee tint, u-petuient upon the rotnmerrhl markets, onr agriculture may bring i-wi u-ir country a ingu ciegreeot pto-perity.nnd niuoie us, wneu cAiraortunnry ncasions titui call lor us cxeicise, to practise n national i ..i i gin;- Mil in ihe beans oftiie humane as n -l e mp'snf. mi destitute. And we sec that liy tlie wnh-r diiiu-inn j !n..?,'"" asecces-ful ngiicul-, Vic arc ln in-' broader nnd .leener the f, l.ni,mi,r f"" ."" " !' P V" cmi.o,i,ieii., i our tree iustumioiis.tlie pride and glory of otircoun- iry.nnd in.ed liyus Ircemeii ns their richest cniihly i , in-ioij oi -oi en ii Koveriimeni.coniirin- j clhyiiie experience of this rcMibhc. fiiini-liinj- d. Iiionsiraiive prool dnlawell tdueated, industrious, and independent ycomaiuy, mo tlie safest rtposilory oi freedom and ircc mslilulions. A Stoiy of Apiley House, Ono fine autumn day, in tho year 17511, as bis unjety (Jeorgn II. was taking a ride iu Ilvdo l'.irk, his eye wa atlrarled by tho li-Miro of an ,,, g,jj(,r 'tvho was I , ' r , '" '"ut " inemory ol t ices va resting on a bench placed tree. Tlie king, who?-.- my now some years since wo heard tho bullets , whi"tlo at tho battle of Dcttingon : tell mo what has befallen you since.' 1 ' i was wounded in Ihe leg. please your maj 1 e-ly, and recoiled my dicliirgti and a pension, on which inv wife iind I are III ill j0 ,rj,,r up 'ntlr .,v ..on,' aim trying , i enmrr.rir,ll ? t tl ,1 loni.oria uie r is, l..ero any thing you particularly wtli for ? ' l'lcase vonr majesty, ll I mp'lit make bold to speak, thero is one tiling tint would make mv ' ,r ,- ' l""'r ""'" "i, .i o ippv as a queen, it sue could only get It. tj.ir son is a clever hoy, and as wo arc anxious to givo him a good education, wo In- neorv nueioc in onr nnn-n, Inm .... mir..st pciinv so mv v.ifo l'eens -in annle-st-il . .', ', f, ' ,. , ' , i',1' V OlllIUL lilt l -in. ..UL, ailll Oil 1IIIO UU s, W'tlCIl ''I10 l "hie lo bo out, she oltcti sells a good deal, lint sun an 1 dust spoil tho fruit, and r.iinv we.itlier keeps her at homo; "o her profits arc i,.,t littlo unt ne-ir romnirl, t,', l-n-,, ,, l,'. ... U''.1 "'" 1 c'lr HHiugh to keep our luj at """- '..,rt-..-u jum hhj-.-mv, ii ju wuom have tho goodness to "lie her the bit ol wato "" "" , " have the goodnc priiund outside I Jiu,d for ber f'lii l.t-,,.,,,,.-! av. iiht .in 11.1 ; me ran; gaie, we couiu nuiiu a iiit-st-ill, nnd it would bo, 1 may Lite to us. The good-natured monarch smiled, and ' Von ehall b ! it, toy Iriend. I wi-h all my subjects were as moderate in their requests a- ,.,, ' II,. Il.ni. n r..ll..-...l 1... tl. r-fn- -.. . I11I blessings of his fiilhfiil veteran a rntmrlcritilo rf-iifTrii-i-iil i " i , Von o Uf h i Si Sy, 'yt fn " il "u,:u plr ,'i',ivrec a,,,1;u'icl' c ;'-- . .p a Littdl aecosti, r i m X o tnati vim 1 ' 1 ,r,1IWI"cc'1 ? ,lll"."-t V-.flno,r "'Mho whole region of Wo-tern Vermont, a chc nei Gobbled to I , ' I ?,"I' "' wlncii III- gracious majesty King Henrge nered cham.nig,,, of f,ro,t and fi.-IJ, with a ...... . . : . ii. v. as wont to so i-ei irr.ni nnr sra i ar i vi e i . m . .it , . . .1 . i ... ;i . Ir en. ' f.I.I ll.n ..ln..rl. It, .. "' llOJi.ll VllUinCS III! Ill SI TIll. SCCI111 11ITI V UUl l IllllU In a lew days a form il conveyance of the hit , tliu world, a summer stay in its pleas t society, of ground I" James Allen, bis 'wife, and Iheir among the mountains and the waters that encir heirs forever, was forwarded to their humble ! cle il. and ill full view ol tho wondroiislv beau dw oiling. The desired shed was speedily erect- .. .'ii . , ' -7 w? n "- "'?"- oncco-t lor ncr on, who really possosfcd conUcraUle 1.111-111-. 1 ears roiieu on, uoorgo 11. and the veteran w.t!r ... "V'-'" tl) tluur l.ttliur- ; hut .Mrs. -M'tMl still c.itricil on her tiuik, linpin: lu My tin s-o nr inritii'V lor Imr son, who w.l-t b"Onino :i tltir .vn!,n lna,1 a,tl 11:1,1 i1"' Mention n head ,.r .- in ; hirno i i n.r. i . inn- r...i . j i-.L.til h.ibird.ihorv r-lab'i.sliiiient. lo liu with his mother in :l neat.llioiiL'li hum- ble dwelling, a lilllo way out of the citv ; and thither he hoped soon io brill" a ftir 'vouii" ijr;j , ,j , ,.nii.i!er of a Mr (inv a mii.ic " " '1 . ', V ' ' .... ,, ', ' , ' ' , ? ' v ul " r?"1"1 "'-'ir them. hvert I. icv l,l'-y her lover Mas wont to call her, had given her consent, and the happy d.iv was al- -t-adv fixed. ()' ,,,,..,,: inu-ei-er tvheo Mrs Minn n-o. - IllOrillll HOW t V t T, W IU'11 .11 11. I It'll 0. 0- cae J(-"' ""al !o lier place oi niercbaudizc, she was startled to perceive ihe space around her Iriilt-stall lilled with woikmeu conveying stone, rn..rf.. n.,l ..I t ... ....L..,...,!. ..nn....v.. c- ' . . ' " J I'oiii-r.eiicing a rouii-1 tho sln-d, huilding. .'-oiiio wero standing videnlly preparing to denioii-li ,omi, ol superiority, especially in tho tb-parl-v,' slid one nl llio m?n, Mnovo menls of. M.ilheni.iiic.s nnd Mural nnd .Mi-nl.il it. ' Come o'i ladv your thing,- out of this as fast a you can, for we "I1'''' "W? T,H ,!'V!,Cl1 .iS d.JW" , , .'--'V "hcil fl'o exchnned ; ' and who has , -"J unt-ii ; sre cxcriun-.i ; unu wnouasi -,-neo t on uuin-jniv 10 loucil 11 .- in !,ou.l,.):....e - - r. - " - i;ing nail given nor tlio giotunl lor her own, t-.-..r.. lrn-il..l t.-Jll. rl.lmi.l,.. nn.l ,.t Inn.Tll. -1w. .. . ' . . .. roiurnetl lioino he.irt-icli and ile-pomliiig. if- alone.- 1 li as .Iejecle, AliIoituoes. it is said, s-h n n com 'diat eveuiii" l.dw.ird Alien rnlered ors .IweiliiiLr. wearin-r a coiinti-u nice a .lei, her own. Ho threw himsell on a chair, and mo I, b ird i-noiir.li : but. inv dear boy, 1 liavo ,,111 .vorff. ,Pws for you.' rh( then, tt it.i many ,.,' ',i,,i ,. ;.,, nr tint morniii". un'd tca"; ' " ? ce! , ' J ,?, 1 r ,, concluded by asking In n what they ere to do. IMward iiaucil, "And so said he, at length, i tm ,.,r, Clnncellor has taken a I incy 10 inv mild ou : ho cannot seizo tint which his cover- i-jstowi-d on another. Let us ret ijiiicllv t ht, and 1 feel ccrlain tint all w ill lw well. . inlbmimr t iv. I dward nresented lumclf iigii lo-iii" Tho iu. i10 dnt'llin" ol tho l)til lnanceiior. tai . ,. Jj",!,;., l0 inquired of tho gravi ,.,.,.! I,i, .nuiiiiiiii. vinvi-ti - (ittitil mi Afy lord Is ciifrin-pil jtit nnv, and cannot bo ccn. except nn ttrRiit uiisincM,' ' .My li:iinss is tirgvnt,' replir-d llip ynung; mm ; 1 but 1 will mvait Ids hinhhip's loisuro.' inn n iinitr vaiiinr no had. At iciiztli, ultcr sntinp in an aiito-romn for several hours, ho w as ' niviiL'ii in enter mi; iiunienei; ciiimiir. There, tit it table covered with linoks and tiiprs sat uml Apsloy. Ho win n dignified looking man, --till iii flits prime of life, with a pleasant enunl. ntnee, anil rpiich, p'-nolralinj eye, ' Well, my .rmmi, no sjhi, ' what can 1 dn lnynu !' tMvr slightly with n-ently etn!uriMsiiig nnJer- ' oiir loriihi) can do iiiitch,' replied Udw-ard, brush ;prosl'titly up a hill Ijjcnm'ms- steep, ' yet nil I seek is justice, mrtiavc chosen, as t lothed witli trees anil closged with fillen braft- the silo for your now pahce, a pioco of ground rms ; 0w, tip heights almost affrighting, ovor wlncii Ins majesty King CJeorge II. bcstnwod on rocks mnss-covorc-d, iloep-itikin' hogs, and ob my urenN and their heirs forever; and since Utai-les nimcless and Inntimlinili!c, at nno tny f.itliorV death, my mother lias reniaini-i! in titn-j- cliinbing tip tlie f ice or a precipice twenty tm.l ..I..-!...! ...... 1 If l...t.l - ill ' e . , . t , n. 1 ' . .' . plcr.so lo read this paper, you'will sou that vsli-it s.is.iisiiBn u,.esNiiu. ii iuiii luru-iup win , i si no is ine i.ict. Ind Apsley took the document, and perused it attentively. ' You are right, young in in,' h; 'aid ; ' flie ground is indeed secured to your l.im V JV tlie act nl nnr ,ll( rrrap.lnns snvorni-fii. I took possession of it. believuiL' it to be a waste pot, but I now find I must become the tenant ul your surviving parent. What doss she expect r , 7 . , 1 lial, s.ud Ldivnrd, ' she is satisfied to leave to your lordship. Wo are enniident that tho ciuei lawgiverut our country will Uo Mint is jtist and rigid. b it f rintly and reluctantly it cimr- from our lips. 'Von shall not ho disappointed, voung man,' I We ibscetidnl tho brink we crossed tho gulf, replied tho chancellor. 'I was nffjrvd a site finding in water, tnd then climbing tho lock, for my palace, equally eligible, at a yearly rent ' by llio'lielp of dwarf -J pin" b-islies th it grow in of four hundred pounds. Tli.it sum I will piy its clefis anJ clung to its fine, at lulf pistl'3 vonr mother, and have it properly secured to her. we slooJ, or rather in our weakness lay, npo-i heirs forever.' i the top nn-t point of wli.it is known as tho fan Ldiv.ird thanked his lordship, and rcapjclfully h:tl of tlu iiiount.iiii. withdrew. Tho iow from this point was m"at and drink . li- I" ,!l.u'ceIt ,,uI clipsod. lus mother was l0 our fiinting s0,,ls. OXto tlio West hv thj established in a neat and cninforlabb- Hw n-n.i.. . :.. i . i . . i... . - , . . , , , - r in one of the suburbs; and ore two had gone by, "wet'ii.ucj i no longer i.ray; mtglil ho seen in And thus it ramo In pas that tho stately man-, sion of Lngland s warrior-duko is subject, at the ' present day, to a ground rent of four hundred pounds a year, piyable to tho rcprosenUttics or, the old apiilc-woman. Twin the X, V. Courier nnd Jnuircr, IlntTontAL Cor.r.nsroxDnNcn. Uctnniing re- cently from a six weeks' e.ciir-ion into the stretching down the ids of -mailer mountains, country, one oftho 11 litors of tiii" paper brought ni 1,j",s. rising orer hills, in close proximity, i .!. :.. i.: .., c i- . . i i tUvarfod in contr.i-t v, it h t hegreat masson which back ... Ins port fol.o notes n Ins experience , wo hM a a yimv hk(.nes5) m1 and ob-ervat.on, which have hitherto given place .resting in silonco, as if eon-ciuus of greatness to muter of more immediate interest. As they and power. It was a glorious, elovating;, in tnuch upon some topics of public importance, Hn"S vi-ion, conveying thougl.ts of grandeur they mav perhaps even now not unprofitably oc-' "."P th.e n) al'J t.', .,,,,"J for l1'".'"1 J ' 1 1 ' .nl len-.t. rw it- shmilfl not it tnllnnnco last tor- enpy the t-paco of more form.il editorials. il'r.i.tr.Tox, Vt .Aug. 1 S IT. Onr can-lie correspondent Ik. Marym., who J is not tho Cynic ho seeim, Ins given mo a tlis,-' taste, or rather forlilied tho di.-tate wliich na-! Inrn nun inn fur lif. r.ti.l ... t , .. , T. t. , . o I have rrs .Ived to spend a week or two lon - cr ill tliis vicinity It has charms for mo aput 1 from the fact that it is half tny homo ; anil lor I nil l!in i.nn.r.,ns i,f recrmilinn Imdilf nr.,1 niniitfil it ... . ' . . n .1 , I .rrenlif nrfl'i.r. nfi-r nil llio -.-ntnri,ifr nlir-n in tiful scenery over wliich it sits enthroned. I sent von a brief notice of tho Comnmce- ---I. -.. -"'--i-'.l. mil aJlli III ll-llll liinnt .if Mm Uiili-nr. ti. 1 ..... . ... 1. j ,.at l'rof. (J. V. ISnNEiiicT, who has been fur I understand he his been chosen Superintendent 01 tlie .M-iy-netic. Tt-ieL'r.ipli, in inocoss o con iruclion between Albmv and .Montreal: and ( th xt be will nrnb ihly ucc-jit tho oiHce, '1'licrc U not a man hit ho countrv wliuc.ti "ivo U llh :in nntfrnriiiv :l uuni intdb(mtit imm-in- t!. m !... an, thoiiKb I aroatly rorcn tin? nece-itv which ' - .1! I I?.- l :. . i compels l.im to leave tho Univer-itv, 1 inn glad lint tho Telegraph L'omp my h is lud the lore--igbt to secure lus services." I learn aUo lh it lii-ident Wm'.r.i.ui Irin-niitled a reignitiun of his ollice to the Corporalion, under influences similar to tlio-o which governed l'rof. ISr.M.Di -t-hut, at tho iequet of th it body, he co'i.-ented t. vvillidr.uv it. Tho University'i highiy prosper ous; it never was inor.i so. ' It Ins dono much more, I am well persuide l, to eb-vato th stan- ! J ir,l of scbol.irsliip, and to infuse into the hearts I of learned moil an en'liu-i ism for true kinwl- , Pcn tm m!,y collc-'es that have conforrei! ........ . .' r i . ... ... - i in-r exeellonce is ils cour-,, of studv. wiiieb in- u . ... .. .k 1..-11 i I'liilosophv, over those usually followed in iuti- ! ltinUr-lt-.SraJe iu this country. In tho depirtinut I ist n.imeJ Dr. .Mv-.ii Ins ., , , ,:.lir,i.... , , 1 1. i.,,r ' wl,twla,.40!1',,f EvE.; ..(!,,,., u: ,r nn mil n mi mm o lit I 'nicer, tv ut llur. .... P... .,.t ,i. -i.... ... t, i i i. .... . ,.i. ' ""l ...lti-.it . .julii I II e.',nill 111 lllllU SOC'lllS t'J III J III." 1 V UOsI ralllO Oil 1 every account : but of its Vcoiuplih,et , , :irtf enlort.iined. I. .cat oeling is ...SJilv tliuch stronger. i any conii.iu-ii.y, ll.au I ,,evoliml to tho well-being of tho whole : an I tho , . u i i. ..... o i . neonle of n town woul 1 otmos . ant- nroL-ct lor ' :,. r,. ,1... : l ,' I,,, , ,;,,,. ...1,1.1 had increaed their business and lin-ir gains, no matter how clearly Ihe genertl utility of such a stop might In il-.'inon-tr.ileil. 'Kituor can never more truly consult her highest interest, or her best and woithiost ambition, than by build ing up. mid enlarging her in.tiiuiious of learn. never iij commercial : sue fan controlling inll-ienco in nation il . n. . . u never hj very wenltny : uur rdin.irv 1-h.iniK-ls nf greatness open to her nmbilion. Hut sho may easily be come disiinguihed for her edocition : sho miv oaily have llio be-t college in the country : nuJ under the right guidance, in this respect, she may outstrip oven old Massachusetts in this no ble race. it ' i; ,! ,i a. ,.;i;i,. niy... niin.i;n, r almo-t endles i.i iely to s-iinuner tourists, T,0 Like, with its splendid silling and lino tihin. in tho neighborhood tt hicli abound region i.pqYtsitu where hunters, at astin, find alnmdjut simit; the' tlio streams in trout : tho t 111 nroiier season. Iind abundjiit smut mountain wliich tower aloft nnd spread their 'n I'1'1" geographic bounds, of aught that can in bread foreheads to llio slsv, and intile tho d6ni-, lo.xicato. lli-rtt-u-K i a goml citizen and obeys zens below lu tho clear atmosphere of tho upper tholaw. Hut thanks to Yn kitchen and his co- K, woild ; oiler lo those fond of iiut-door rccreatiju ' thanks tu his wil'o ami his d liighlers, th inks full emiilnvnient for n sniiiiiier tumuli lit-. to tlio milk of limn-in kindness tliat lives lu his ,.,EU)) .j10 en nf ,), (jrei!1 Mnuntiiinf, had ,m imnri.j -, it oigautic proporlions upon mv ,..-,,"i , L ... r.,. ,i,E -, 1 .i.', t i,' .u. t had d.tvn .since 1 determined to climb it. Wc left Darlington, live ot u., in llio after- 110011,11111! tiding sixteen miles found Jltbttt'ii'k's nt the tool uf tho mount tin. a moil udmirablo spit for "tirrviiiTr j Jortctio" over ni -lit. lit Iho moniinjnt li-tlf pist six, un,icr ury ctoud-i. with it dull prospncl but no lorcbulins. fiVo of ll, bes'das 11 "dlJi? un.l luncheon-hMri-r. c.nn . men-fd n-foiit Iho lr.unp which w.isj t le-id in to the Inftv heights wliich frowned abovu our he ids. 'i'iireo nl Dtir pirty were 1 i-lies : nono nf its were R'ntit",- tlmtipli nono It id scruples about cnlurinjr upon frigiulic task-?. So on wo walkc I first thruuirli sloping moidows thick with nfimlms arass ; then ilirouyh a forest, leci ingii, ny troe-roon which inil mter-lwistea ovor its face; at another, picking a doubtful pilli through tangled pinn h-isbe., and at all times making progress, even the slightest, with labor of the li-ird-.-st and mast overcoming kind, iinlil at 1 i.t, after nr hour.s' exertion, hreith less, hungry, Uiiit and al.no-t dying lor want of water, wc -t-- d upon an opr-i pice winch givo us a full vise" list of a Hilf mun" fiO f.-ct deep, and tlr-n i:i,t acrn.. it. a biro, frnwniii", nrcciii- .. , ... - f .. , , . . , . ering soni3 20J feet above us, an I forming th-j Rrtl of the throe ere it pMks w liich co-npisothj mountain I . vi'elsinr'' was nirfnren onr erv : i.t!,e, twcii'v uiiit'-i ni-iauL at tile lie iro-t puuu, .etching alon g for mora than a hundred miles distinetlv in our viion; bo.on-1 it. rn.e tli9 nr !,.. .1, .. I ..,..,..., .!.. i ,..,,.i bv ri,s which tretclied like threads, over tho lp .),.,, hv .,,, re-ld 1,.,.), u3. YAT t0 the No.th, with the help of a glass, wo could cr. . .1 ,;,. txn, the comelv mountain that .irj4 .M,real.Ae.ross tho 'lake lav 1'latts- imrgli. llurliiigton was concealed, lying nn tho further side if a sloping lull; bat its Collcgo dome -.litiered in the light, like a rising star. Toward-, the l.t-t, t!i3 view lacked not fields and village ; but mostly it was of forets, ever ?) above all tb it is low and small : yet in tho mid-t of it ail, 1 am ashimed to say, tlie rns- tie of n Wge'irtg diverted onr thoughts, and created a counter enthusiasm, whicli forgot all the grandeur and glory ot tho spot on wliich wo tooJ, until tlie side blow ot a atone liurloii rum 1 fr'.".n. lUo wjiich ho crouched, and piling. '-'V'" revolving nown a precipice uu loot m height. 'lie did nut coiuo back to repurt hi 1 Ir"gr0 ; of Ins receii'.ion, therefore, 110 retort! hOTO u- lll'lU-. Hut we had a long walk still before us. Two other peaks, tliu .Wc and Chin, remained mi-cliuib.-d. llefresbing ourselves tirst from a spring and the lunch, wo pushed forward ; cliiubid tho -teen and rockv nnsc. nlunieJ down the lure, rocky stoopon its further side ; cro-sed with intinito toil, tbroi.gh tho iutinitely i loinu tu ni-iriy a nine in lengili, to tlio nir-h-est point in llio (ireen Mountain chain. Wo hid hero number mnt glorious view, far reaching, infinitely varied, mignilicent iu overy way. lt was now hall" pi-t two o'clock. Wo -tiud upon a ridge, lilted a mile above the plain, mil could look down, on either ido into a vast vi'hy of furot and rock and far stretching bid. Tnoiigh the day was of August, tl.o .viud winch wopt Ihe Mimniit Mnacked of Xu veiiiber. I.irge mass,, Heecy ivhito cloud finned in the Insoin of the valley IHow, rolled gently and t.iti-ly up the tide of tho mountain, until their tops reiched it crct, when the wind from tho other ide caught them urd mvept tliein n iltly over info the regions b:low, and oon wo .uv them hove: iug in b auty anil iiiijoaty over tlie I.iku and upon the mnunUiiw that skirt it Western .!inre. H.imetiines a thin mist would ri-o from tho .ilh-y on the llisiern hide ; and then tin; wind would lilt it up, and send it send ing like a thug .iir. i!it-;d, ovor the spot 0:1 .vhicli we - 'nod. O'r.i luallv the-o driving cloud i grew more Ireq ient, and tied moro -.vviftly, and tlieir bre ith a- they hurried pt-t, locamo more J imp anJ chill; m l siiddi-nlvthev clojod urniin 1 iis, and w-' fo ml iiiir.elvei'iipun tho top uf tlio in imlain, in a cild rain-storm, at 3 o'clock Past -h onneP '. V. tinnco in iv nuu-iiii lo u aicu.'iny. iiirryu.ir- . I,,r!,, i,r,, ,, 1,1 I, , ,,r liiim nil.it.. . . ... !"VJ" ,'" ' ,h? n- ' , r? "l !;lrJf 9 of T r?,lcis- " A uTti, 1 mi.iH T wt'-H ' t,,"KI 1 ' U"' -.iU .-VaM line lau in all tn.- wurni, tinn Killin . u" "-"..-"', I"" ", " I'l'1 ; Utl-I llrOS.IIIg g-)V, II, llllil l'CCI.lllV lilt S'ing g-itvri, and i'peci.illy after dinner. to show i-Mt-lly whore was tho humor of such an expedition ; hat I think Ihivea. quartette of mni iniimpeacliablo it, losses to the icrity of my word, when I say that we ilidenioy it huge ly. It rained all the '.vhile cold and hard tho b iVs iv to wet, the b.ij full :pvcrv thing vyaj soiked: no wor-a walking (humanly speak- . aJ m " u -v "J '!'K-i : ' . o is tl. 1 ll r.-tek nf ..-It tt Im rrtnln III it ill.) ti.. och-i that (lay a I nigh more hearty und mine jo vial, though 'ih-j wit that provoked it iniy h.ivo have bcv.1 le.s ,i;ic. tlu i ever slunk the sides of indoor revellers. V icached our carriage at llio font of ihe niTiutiiu at 8 o'clock, tired lie yon I all power nf word, hungry, wet, jaded out, in linel and tru'y, iitp. tin. One hour s fiJ, through, tl.irkness worthy of Kgypt, in a ' "" '' I which would notlu called a nud ten thousand !uil" in ,hc' 'f .. wildentc-., brought us to 1,uiTWt K s ",,',col"rtl' nf V.ccA memory, Vkkmost has by law Inrbidden tho sale, wilh. breast, as any man may sou at ti glamw wlm looxs ill lus lice, tlliiil.-s, let 1110 add, tn tho provision of some ti uo friends and Ihonmi'li b'Htt' " town, wo lud, within an halir, 'If)' mothe, ploisant woiils, a hot, bouinlfpl, Ncrmont supper, an! mine hollies of 'tjhim.