24 Eylül 1847 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3

24 Eylül 1847 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS. FRTDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 24, 1847. tani! in ll.o OrJmanec. Prom those milcri lis, trw her wall tl.o ,-rikial Jourml, of tl10 ,,y Mr. I'orco Inn compiled ilia nur.itivo wliicli we now insert; nnd, !,, m.tcrmls l-ein.. thus nn tlicntie, , wo must receive it ns fetllintl,0 r.uc. ion. lie h.ts taken this trouble for tlio s.il'e of iistorie ttiitii j ami the fame tnot.vc, tnn;ethpr Willi the Intrinsic Interest of snl.jcct, and the further re.isnn tli.it we hive Khcii currency t vcramii, o, me iraiiMclii.ii which iln Injustice t he ile-ul, have Induced in cheerfully lo yield u uiu urge Kiiaro ol our pimco which It pics. tti to occu- (iar. Wrlsht-K Aildicss. Oar reader will tin J, on our fir-it nitre the Address prepared hy Silas Wkmiit for delivery before the New York State Agricultural Society at its recent anniversnry celebration at Sara toga. We are indebted to the kindness of Mr. Binoiiam of Williston, the excellent President of our County Society, for the paper containing it from which we copy. This Address was the last elaborate produc tion from the pen of one of the ablest of the Statesmen and Patriots of our Country, nnd will be read with a feeling to which this fact will lend impressive interest. Unsian nrmy In tho Caucasus that nearly n third of tho Boldicrs nro said to bj sick In the hospital., nnd some regiments cpi irtered In the Inwl inds have lost from fi'J lu 100 men in a sin gle day. A Roman catholic nrirt rcidinr near I er- mnr, in the county of Cork, Is slid to have been smitten by 1 lie eli ler, mm to hue of celilney. l lie i erreac for the iniarter Irrininitin ' April 5, 181" compired with the cirn-ii'Hii!iiiy period of the previous year, reached 093,711 o.ilhms, and "I, 0231. duly. .Mr Wlnthron. the American Connl nt Malta, and Lieutenant Loci;, of the ltoyal Artillery, have discovered nnd cxc.nated a very interest ing nnd remarkable ruin in the vicinity of Ci vita Vecchia. Two chamb-rs, ne.iily Fiiinr- liavn lieon t-loirril out. The I'.vcavators found some pieces of pottery, enn-isting of jugs and Ohniuplaiii ;mtl Connecticut Itiver Kailruail. I-j.-s3 Cijii'SO (tntytn GfikM (vA-.Wlt A J ASSI'SSMIlYl'ofnvc dollars on each 1tare I ill lbc rnintal stork ol t ip Chumiiluiu mid Con 1'itltlon tn Sell Limit. STATE 01 Vi'.IlMONT, At n swinn of tiie District or CiiittemjINi ss J l'robatc Couit Ik Id nt iluilmslun within unil tor Mill di.iiict,on the l'Jili clay of July, IS 17, comes Itu'us II Clapp, nf Wniis lield, in the Cniiiiiy ''f Wnsliiiimmi ntnl htnte nf Vcr Inont, who Is !n ndinti of iJ.uid l)--y Wnndiuir.ofi-aiil nlo-liclil. nml ol lliuzn Lliu Wuuilrull, nl c-lntt' m I'm ins ol -i iilivsici.in's itunell-' "",'" Itiu-r lltnlrond Ciminny hasliceu ordeicil by ' ,,p County of I.nnmlle. miliars, mid childirn of Avn " ." ,'' I '!' ? " , I ' .7, ' ' ' I'iiitKms, mid made liable on the lust day of 1 W.,it,iill,l,ite nl W i"lf Slid district, deceased, wedded her, ill spite ol Ills ov , ,1Venil..T m-xt I lilcd insiidc-ourl his pcli-ion, in wiihiu,, sdiiiis I Payment tnsy be nn le nt ttic Hin!iof Ilurlinalnn, j,,,,-, ti.n , k., wards mo H'i.ed in their nun tmlit of Irish imnnf ictured spirits "wrtfeiiii. , .MulJIpliiny.ltiitlniid, llhtk Itivr.nr Ikl-' j;.,. lw undividi'd li tli .ait. ol t li- follouini! di- ims 1 iih, nn' l.iii-iiiic hoik, uiTiK, .n, li., 1 1 j t-ctibcd lnuds, lyiuit ill sim wmiioril, viz, n jnn-'l ol lldiv.ud I'li-kciinif. K'o . No Oil. Suit- Strerl. llunluii or to llic Tit!isiiier,nl hi nil hi Mi Id. "bury SAMUEL SW11T, Ticamin. September !.", 1317. 13 DOMESTIC (iOODS ONLY, w si, A. ci;r,sT, 123 Ptarl Street, Kite York. IHK Dmne'lic Vnri'lioii"p,sii Ions rtiti'ihed In I Ci'dnrStti'i t, is now rpuimcd to the Urge stole fCn !' I Pi nil Hii i't nml BJ lli'nver St.. where limy In: M) U Olflfri Ol IHHIL-IV, l-llll-irilll "l J"U' I , " -. - . ,,lw. . K11 li,',,.., pans w-hich gav'c evidence of untiquhy beyond j iSZ'Z auv thing yet discovered in the island. Tmrl,, ,i SniT.or.N Yarx, lUnr., n us, Twinc l lio king ol rriHsIa lia issiicu a oeeree . , WAMUNus.nt llierfii nrri rim; priecs. whicli enarls that all per-ain joining 111 lor eigii lotteries selling licki-ts of such lollc- ries, or gptlmg Hunt p-ir.ies to se men . (l) cflu nll c,.,,mm. i,e piieesete. wlu-ilier tli.-y I If. MACK'S TMminmtr.uv fltunv ' IIOUSK FOR SALE. 101 over IhtelielJcr'sSlioc Slore.Uiirtlisticct, Ilui- y Tun subscribir helnn nlmut tolenvcfmn oltis linjtuu VviiiiuiiI. .lIlninturtssi,JJoniy WHITEHALL AND ST. ALBANS. 2.Q IVctv Ari'anjytuiiccit. The new and fast sailing Etcamcr Viiil lo 9'il ber blnce oil Cb"liy 'ireet. It roiiil oiotle Kiuria Ol no ocrp oi mou won n conven For pitlieii'ms npoly t i; ANNA H Yl I in. I tininfLMil li, i-nllt till twentt'.livt riereR. beilll? 11 nut ol lot No. tlfi, in Ihe dni'inii, k to the liglil of Win. Thumps in, .lunr., tdso nbuut twenty ncres of 1 1, 1 1 , 1 , pun ni lot No. SI, in the third divUoit, Ihe Inst pucel bcina llie s.mie bind in wliHi Anna Wwdiutf, (now deceived) widow ol Joseph Wooilruir, had a b.'e esinle, nil ol which lnnds were deeded to tit" s-iid wards nud to .Mniii S., Iicy O. mi l Julia A. Wood ntir rt.ii.linti f'nid Avn. di-cn.ed.bv D.ivld Dnv.on the lsiliihyul.iiilv,WJ,nsbyKilllJividl;iy'sdeed . ... ol tl.nl d.-ik' reeorded ill llie town cleik-solliee in said Toii'l u'2 nt " '' Wenlord, will tipper, ll.nt n silu of nil Ins s-id ! bp.einuer J, uw. Ilw3 ,'5 Cin.t. T. !. .IIVI'.M.V. Will conimeliceliT regular Inpvui Saturday, Sep. 11, B,V"(r,'.t i!' h" '"l'1"' '""' tlunaoltlu leuving i h; L. W niker, Alhany; S J, llmuphrey, ltfLI..I..1l AM..,.. ,, r ilOllll tUlo.lll l ; I . Ky. KI'llS' MOMJAY, TUKrDAY. V i;i )N 1 1S0A Y, and Til U WDAY, tr.d 1-15IUAY, SATUKDAY, AT SfX 0(LV;1'. A. :i , .cnuedials Laiuiugs. 1 19 coirtlo ijiimfnid euirdian i.ci-iif tos l'l .. - ...... .,1. I...1 L....I., .... t-..rl h.,m.ni,. lill..i...t it. ! lull, t. 1 r IlK 1101101 tl lOO'. I ll . IH'O'Ca- nnd toinpiws eNeiy known ileMiidile Hle ol' the I My lo t s'.nliteiu siulitaw' tniuti-nnd proiidid. idiovi uooiw. Country .Merchants nre iivennuy in 1'oreisn Itcm. Tho Paris ContUutlonnel slates that tho cho lera is raging with intense severity amongst Ihe ltilsian army of the Caucasus. It has trendy carried otTtho Cienernl, Major Itownlewskl. and Col. l'rinco Orbelian. The malady has dimi nished in some detachments of the army and in creased In others. Farmers in various parts of Cermany, parll cularly in some districts of Sixony, succ'efully employ acorns for the winter fattening of sheep. The Leicester (ling.) Chronicle states that, after some of the voters at tho late borough election had taken their coliuc, before proceed ing to the poll a remarkable sediment wa found nt the bo'tom of their cups : it was no other than a golden sovereign, which had pro bably been considered as an excellent substitute for sugar by thoo who provided the collee. The number of votes for Iwo rival candidates for municipal honor at ilradlord being equal, the parties decided tho election by to ing up. Mr. K imsden won the toss, ami was declared by the returning officer 'duly cleiUJ'' a town coun cillor of the borough. Measures nre boing taken in London to ctab lish an asylum for tho reception nfiihot, whose in'elbv.tn il anlinor.il rapicity the proniolor oft'us do-ign consider capable of miiiij develoji 111 'nt. A poor ma i, nt Asliton. who fir evon year-" Jus not li id .1 shoe to bis foot, learned, lal l'ri lay week, tli it he h id, by the death of a ro l ilivci b'come the proprietor of an e-tale in W,ite vilin- JJj.OO'J. Sir ih Il'igori, Ihe orphan girl who saved the life of a bibv by ilo-conding into a well Mtv tlire." fi-.-t deep at llorh.'Mer h is received from her Mie.tya pre-ent of XlO, and from the Qieeu Di.vig'r XJ.) Tne innnoy raised fir the poor girl will either be invested in the fund or purchase a lil'- annuity. Sevr.il in inuf ictiirmg es!ab!is!im"tit nea' Alwrd 'en, (Seotland) have undertaken to supph the food of tlu'ir operatives at a cheaper rate and of a better qn ilitv. tli m they thorn-elves can procure. Fi nn 'J.O'JO to 3.H0U pwple ire daily fed on t lii i plan. The cot for breakfa-t and dinner, including bre id, is 1 I-2J. per m.tl : and the arrangements are so complete, tiial -lUll persons are b.-eakfaitcd or dined in twenty mi nutes. A stntue of the Duke of Orioans was inau gurated with great pomp, at St. Uinc. recently ; nnd in honor of the ose.i-ion, the King of the French pardoned nine p"ron who hid bo seiiteneed to various term- of imprisonment for liaviugtrtkon part in corn riots. A PiriM.in paper miniums, as a curious proof of tin' inlluence of tho weitln-r on tho.it ri ral profit-, th it on Kinid iv the 1-t nit., which was a very warm mil fin" diy, the money taken nt four of tho l'.iri-i in theatres did not exceed 1,075 francs; whil nn Ihe n"M Sunday. when the weither was rold and bnl, th" receipt-1 at t!ie -ame tlieitrp amoiinled to U).'M) Irauc-". The i.se of hor-elle-h as human fond In" late ly become common in D'um irk, and the pri soners confined in the C'iri-ti ms'iivo hou-".- nf correction, ut Copenh igen, regul trly receive a ration of this in" it as a portion of their diet. Within tho last two month, sivtv horoi h ive been killed at the Chri-iiin-hivii sliughler ho i-es. and Inve yielded S2li,003 pounds oftn" it, of which a fifth Iris been coii-nme-d in the pri-aii anl th' remiinl -r his h-en old at pricca vary ing from 1 l-l I. lo I 3-1 1, a pound, Soveril mn-e-s'f il ONii-rhviits hive h"en re cently in ide In Frinen on th" otlr-riz ition of tiees, o as to b able to take their honey while they are in a -t'lte of 'unction. Iire.nl liots are still breiking out in different part-of Franco. At Li-ieux forty--ix per.-on implicated hive been arrested, and serious com motions havn taken place at Trnyps, A destructive conil igratioii has taken pi ire at Archangel, by whicli 100 houses were consumed. A deadly murrain is very prevalent nm"n2 liornod cattle and swine in some districts "f Nntting-liimpshire, ling. ihe vintage in Portugal i exported tn b- very productive i nnd the orange, lomoo. Ti l other truit trees also p-nnne an nlmndint viobl. The Qurrn of Spain performed several oirB 8t privato r.onrert which ho I itolv irivp nt the j-nlace of I,a firania, nnd slm is said to have ac quilted horelf witli mneb skill. Iiuis Pliilippu", ii"w varlit.tho Cointo dT.ii. fliiring a trial excursion nn th" 31 nil. Ini'"! her toiler. Nine m"n worn killed, nnd thirteen ent tn tbn hospital with litllo hopes of recovery, two nf whom have sine died. A Frenrh inner says, th it n liiilo.hiv. ion years of aje. of tlio rninmnno of Herv.ur-Alby. nefr Genova, was lately seized bv nn encln wbilo lie was taking somo onglets from tbo nest. The tiird carried him tn the summit of n roe.k, nt n height of upwards of GOO yards, whence some shepherds resrned th" poor boy, wbolndsur tnined nonlhor Iniurv than a violent frigh', and the marks of Ihe eacln's claws. Tbp French pnvernment has ordered th" old fortifications of ninaum", in the department of the Pas-de-Calnis.to bn blown nn with trim cV ton. The operation excites great interest amn"ir military nnd srlentific men, and several F.ngll'li omcersnf artillerv nnd engiiK-ers intend to le present, us the French authorities will nfinnl every faeilitv In foreign officers desirous to wit- mas tl,A Avntneton. a Mininf Swiss sbi roshnotcrs, lately took place, on the plain nf Wvter. In tho canton of r-i...t.. Wn i mn 1S.000 ri Cllicn, assrmuieo .viiiiin-. - . 1 f , - 1 1m r,l,M. Th ri'-t1n nro snid tn have r"t olT Hie rsrs n( a R"iin Oenenl. wl om they inn pri.on"' md to have sent them s a present to Court Worandovv, thcRii'sian romminder-in- chief. . , i A .orietvof rirli merrbanls ln be-n formal tllsm'nri for th" rtlfposo of osts'.libin" a p-rr"'""l exhibition of th" prodoel. or tho Mi. try of nil F.nronean nstions. It l n-;) construct an imm"nso biziar nn on of be l.Mi" quays nnd to demrato it with " Asiatic luxury nnd magnificence." Pn great Is the poverty of Rmni'i rffieers on Inlfpav. who receive littln besides promises from their government, tint mniv of them are forced to earn n livelihood by working as exca vators on the Madrid nnd Araniuez railway, whilo others mount guard as sentinels on the Sn'nevont a Mohammedan s the Turkish Sultan, that he obstinately persists in nb-talnlng from Intoxicating liquors, although it is "jnno rd, that the moderate use of wine would Im prove Ids health. The cholera l makinj inch r.vsjes in the tickets, and nil persons forming public lot teries, or names of chance, wilboi.t the con sent of the government, shall bo punished by a line of .WO Ibaler.s. When the Grand Duke Cnntantine of Iluia visited the i-land of Iona, during his l.itctonr in Scotland, he was unable to obtain nrce-s lo the ancient cathedral, n the keeper of the Keys oh-linalely lefu-ed to unlock the gules on " Sunday, on which day tbo (ir.md Duke arrived. The coii-eiiiencc of this -crupiilous nb-crvntirc of the Sabbath, was, that the Kiis.-ian prince was forced to leave the island without viewing the interior of the cathedral and the tombs which il contains. The (iermati papers slate that in the autumn piitriri.p for rn.h or not, nnd learn Ihu iouMiuuket prices lor IJjincstic Uoods. 13 mac akin r.s roit ocTomnt. w.,f OUAHAi'S, Codrys nnd Indies Na A ?7 w':fy nulla' Jlagnrliies (or October, ffllT;l..G' Kercucdnt l,W..,Af..y i;U.AKI)5-Book Store. roirfl HTVA LL Tit ADI3. V . STANH'OKI) fi. Co. nre now receiving V . n Inrsi rre n.soitinrnt ol eoods vvbice liave been buuhl at veiy low luices, consisting id A.YCV it- SI'M'l.i: coons, wnri a iiiierisi in -"' '.'- ".u.i u-t,.'nuut..fc . M their interest, by liavme the proceeds ol such sale put I 1MHC.. lit nilen-t, or mvisleii in mocks, nml prnjmg s-iiu TrrTir.T t III W PIVIi ln . tuvivn rs. sen nn ins warm h'i! Y , . . .. ... .t. .i n... ..... .. t .. . IT FOll t ll III lUllll'l I 11 HI M.II nn- l.uttl.l.'O IK.. f-tnoni., JA.tJI'.S .tic.1I. Ml Vl l lilt, Kso.. will beiirelorlh l e nsnr.nt -d Willi the subscriber in giving triftructiun in t!l t depniliuent. M1L0 I.. Iir.NNnTT. Darlington, Sept. 'J, 1917, jliouoe nnd out buildings. II. Ijenvenwotlll, Iliiilinaloii.Sept. 0,1917. lAOUi.ltlllAIsf MATERIALS. Mut- f f f ictiucd by JOHN Itt) CII.Ontichii.8i rins-nu slreel,N'-w York,w.iere cveiyiulicleof liiebtsi q-Ml- ilv ninv bf hmt nl l)ir lni-...l IvI'P. Illilieil'S Tllllle Compound oi l!rouuiie,n s iperiiircli"inicnl,pro'lueini; i ij-nch piciuicH oi iini; ivuiu' lone, now u-s-u i have lied ttmich s nreiiiralioii.niiJ lc'eolnIll, uiu Kino in ii-e: ey, WlliMiigten, riov: A. .1 Il-ids. NevvYorliiT O. D.jiine. Mnniienl : Clark-. LJio-b- -r,tJjr.nai Fnrsile hythvin mufict'iirr, bi .Nn'sm ttrcit.Nvw Yoik; O l).-xt-r, Alliany; Wiliriin Iins-t-il, L'lien ; Chrke tc llrotlier, siyraeu-ejT. C. Ujmiic, Mnntu-el; William ll. 1'i ilt, iticbuiund, Virginia j Cooley J( Co , stpringli'lil. Connei tient ; mid Hriii luiiid V 111 it ii L-l , Uullnitoii, Ye.tiioiit. 11 vvinnin-o.N the court nloies dd ijoiti nppoint there cond Weiluenlay in OJto'i'-r, 131i lur h -n i inj n n.l do ti.lnm on smd peiition.nt the ollire nl ihe Itcnislcr of, Slid i-ouit in said llinliugton, mid doili order that nil per-ons intvtcsted be nniilied then nl by puhlicnliort of this order containing die substance nl siid petition, three weeks succi-s-ivcly in llie lliuliii jum I-'nc 1'icss, a n-wspapi-r piintid in said llurliiigiou llie lost nl wliidi piihliciiliens to be previous to said second Wnliiesdiiy in IK-tnber, 1SI7. ll.ven under my hand lit said Burlington this 19th nay u July law, Rtinn:s El inmof IVilect Love, by Kev ) H KIXG, for sole by Sept.' ,1317. or (ivi or tiii: hli-ns- v ) S KIXG, I 1WKT1XGTUX. Vv'.M. Vi:STON, Keghtcr. NEW GOODS. OATS WANTED, FT10K which Cas.ii wii.mii: paid ay IT JOHN H1SADLEY & CO. CnriHtinu, Itii'h Malting, Floor Oil Cloth, nil widlh. ' Sept. 1?, 1317 liwt Knits, W in low li!iade, I'.ip-r Innsiin;., l.nokinr , (ilssst-s all sue.. I'lowinj blue, liju blue an. a rongressol deputies I mm tho governments ol , i states w ill assemble at Die-den, for . u the (jerman tho purpose lowering the rales nl" pu-tage and accelerating the trail-mission of letters through out Germane. iirnlllte n le I- 11. .11. I.. I!..l...u . l, I 111-. II It It..." .' .', iHnvItcts. Unrlui-jtoii.lii-pt. nl-o, China till J Glssi Wale : o Itobes. its. !, 1617. 13 alis made nt3!?, 021,0-1. Hrigliton Cnttle .Uiu l.el 3Iotulny, Sept. 2a. (r.i roi'itD ion the Tr.AVi.ur..l At innikel. 2:00 bead of Cnille. (ineludin-r 1?50 toies) III jnke.s Woikni'; Oxen, III (Juw- and Calves, y.K.i.1 Si-i-p, mid nbo.ii Swine. JliLI Lai n.l1 list q-ia ill-SliS'J ; second q-nlily 5 73 , t.nrd ij i iiiiy, -l to -ji Voi;ki:.u Oslx :3 ilesujliccd nt $73, SU.S'JJnnd $llti .Smke Cattle Sales were noticed,!! year olds at Sll Hi. Cows A'.n Cvi.vts iUJ ,i-.d J.j. "riui:i.i ri.ile-bu-k Old Sheep in lots from 01 7j to -J 73. I, mil,-. I'roiii S I ." I lo 3! 5 1 tivvi.NL 6 iles nt wlioie-ile. O.d Hogs 5J. Shoals nt lei in uom .ri) to li) mid 7 cvl.U. I .. li i.ire uiiuiiieis ol caul-: remain unsou nt the cli.s.- m tne niaikei. WlK,. Jy,.TJ;ifi-c. Th.-re have bJ.-nsdes tbece Wool to considera ble exit-lit, lit our q-ioled laled. l'udcd Wi-ol is vciy -Jiree, nud iiru-s oj ni.ul. Prune .Sivony Fieec-s, witshed Ainertean lull blood do. do It! do. do do. do 1-l.t com do. - Siiiyrm, nnwa-hed, - - llneni'9 Ayres, unpicked, -Cvtra Ncftiru pulled lamb, sup. Nurth'n pulled lamb - no oo iio do do do uo do ESTRAY. tW r? nilOK!'. into the cnclosu-e nf the nib-'f-'.iJ scrile-r on the lft'l lll-t . a light led Iwo ILmJL. war old lltlirr.lt, lined baek,itlis-i:ue white on llie belly. The owner is iei'ieied to piove propeily pay charj- s nud laue ner iiw iv. 11 ' 1 ' iriji-iirr Undciliill,Sct. 17,1917 iini vi:m.r. I H.W12 ui:tuu.vi:i) rmwAiWYoitK U with my stork of Fashionable Ooujs far the Full trade, c'lUsi-jliti'i nl Uluii li-lnili-, l''aln .V fiinry CnsluiTrs. Vest-ill-,', (' oiiliiiii,-, Dn'-s -;ooils, .ll'ill'-, l'a-tx-r lluii;iii'j, l.inlii- I) ;-s 'I run inlir.--. All eo ors nl' Aleriiio, ,'iiitili ploid I n-linirie, Oio C.011 ntnl C'liluiiibiii I'liiiil. I.n-lles fotlnrs, nn.l 1,'iidrr Tlnnilkerelilnrs, Solniitini .Millet's IMitfr. S T A T n 0 T VU It M O X r, I v T a Probate Di-rnict or CniTTt.xt'i.M, ss. ) Court hoiden nt lluilinrton, williin nud lor the Ll.stri'-t aluiesaid oil ihe 'M WediKSilny of Septeiuhi r, A D. HI", nn In s triiinent puipoitiug lo be the last Will mid Te-tann ut nf Solomon Miller.lalc ol llurlingtou In said l)itncl decen-ed, was pri-sented to ihe Cnint line lor Piub.itc, by Hariy .Miller, the Cxecutor, liieiein limned. 4 TiicRLror.c it is nrdeicd by s lid Coir t, that pu'jhc no lice be iriven to nil pcions nib-rested ihi-ieiu 'oiii'penr befiiie said Court, nt n session theieol to be bolden nt Ihe Odi.-e of the Itegisler of said Court in IJiiihngiou on the Sih Wednesday of Scpleinle-r A I) 1317, mid i.-ont. st llie probate nl sii I Will, a -i.J it i blither order ed ihnt this ortb-r be pubhsb'-d ihiee weeks su -cee-ive-ly hi die 1'n-e 1'ieis, n papr printed nt Uuihuiiloii, in tins St ile, the h'l ol watch piihbcatinus sliail tie pie lnus lo th-; day iis-lue-l, n. iiloie-aid tor henilui:. (liven u ider my Inn 1 nt th-Iteg.slei'h olli.-e, tins Slh dv nl ri -iilcinber A. IJ. 1.SI7 Vy.viiI.Li KvsrtLL. juage. WJtOUCHT IKON I'll'IX COit STJ:AM, (!AS, axd VATi:it, or au, V I r- I. Ml., Ill niL-he.s bure. AU nil kin, la nl riUi'imx. lor conneitini; the same Jur sale at wnh n 'apply ol Vmnntic Gaols and Ginccms eriatlv leda.-ed laites. bv t whicli will be feolU lis cheap us ran bp bou'-ht in Vic fc TliO. IbiNOUKIS.tllroiher, I S-.r.te. UANIC1. KCltN. No. (i'J.lJul.l Si. New Y'oik. 1 Uuilington, Sept.7, 1S17. llwG Orders ncconipanied with a diagiain ol the vvoilue-I . . "... ,ried. pin ly exeruud. , CI 9 ", "T In''ranirm fur Cutting up .. .. t . ..... r VI (.urn f.r s:i n nt I i. A 'nirti'tMirtl nm Unncf j. s. ruutcc lhv3 N. building" by steiii.i. Sept. y, nn. F ANTi:r...:),1!)() buh'-l.nf Oais for whicli " cash wid be pui I upon delivery Ilurlinston, JOHN liUAUI.UY ,t Co. Sept. 13, 1817. U pai.i. and wiN'rr.it riir.n :OTTo:is mid sold nt the I nil ruinuei- raini.nl lioy,l.,lo heiedoutull llie pleiill-' s. Apjilu-itioti nuij be made to r.OL'T neres of g io.I iiisnirni;-'. nnd On "v. ol a-ioil Ihuh.h ll.iv . will In-len-id mid ic I un ruinuei- I'aini.nl Tiny, Yl., to be led lUv.3 J. &.I (I I'lXK . 'o.lbi'lini:to!i,t. nr to SA.MUl. SCAlNCll, Tmy, Yt. Ilinlber iiNo construct apparatus for wannina ( 12w l I I U,ANTi:i) A I'lltST It ATI". Iil.CKSAiniI. , Can lire ill liuihniiton lounJrv. uj ' n. wnm.urt. I l0Tict:.--Tm suuscitiuKits uxumt IS Ihe lirm of Uji.-ui.ass .t llonu.M, Invnig pur c.iased the Brick Stun- now oetu,aed by Thus II. Canli -id, will on th" lust day nl O.-t iher next open nn entire new stuck nt Ooud-, ceiiM-lmg nl DUUdS eo Mi.mci.nss OILS .'c I'Al.N'l'ri, I l.ULK, I IMI. Darlington, S-'pt. 10. 1317 U ep n-)7,i:.(i)i,t)l!iiis.vi:u siYi,t, (Ini.n M J rohilnuis, with nud without SenNnn I K-vsj .Mr NA1I.S, SAL T, &.c. rouiph'te nsottmrnt nf every tiling Ihnt .o. 1 3 do 40 ft 31 t 31 U t;7 ft S C tt 3-t f.t 3.1 if V-l l'J 11 it PALL ROODS. TJOI'IVSOS A- t.m'M), mellow-opening their L ttoi k nl new nnd elegant I'M. i, i- wisrr.n coons, whiih f ir vniiny nnd rj.trnt.liss nevi-r bien irns.. cd ri t'l s in-uki t. nod winch iliey ilf.-r lu parch iseis on the un st i "-.ii. iMe leiius. S j.leinlicr -I, 'I'i:L!'7J:t.VI'II XOTICK. fKMHyriii'.n: nr tiii:Ti:oy ami Cira- R da .Innitiou -lelegmpli 1 ninpanv (nu upon mr TP the S ihseribfr. h ivn s-verasj!wnh.-ito llie rnpilal &lo, k nl sii I coiupa- ' ,, ... , fr.,i.u- Ci.iul f..r the lJ.bl.ntnl m-to payilie loliiwini:a's---iiieni nu tlt-tr si-v.-inl Chitfnloi, Co. i.iii.-is ti ii-c.-iv.-.i.iiiuii.-iind ndju-t the rnlul- a. id del. I l.nls ol nil peis.ili- nil i lll-t DllY COODS, (illOCl.ltli.ri, CliOCKCIiY, llAUDU AliiJ, ni-ikiti ill ty be i.nl-d In. To t.ie i itiens i.l Will.-toii, lticaiiinnd..b nchoand nil ll.ie wlm w ish to buy ihi ir good, ut the lowi-t inmk-.t purr, thr would say that tiu-y would bi veiy l,'i pv .i link'' their ncqu iiiii uice MU lhat ilii-y wi,l nl ie."il tiu to lic.-nnilnodale them u.ion ci, livurnbic tenuous nny -bue in llie County. ii..u. i:. uou(ii..s, IIOIIAClI t!. lilll'Tl.'M Willislon, Sept. 13, B7. I-v-3 .tOI.SSi:K; 11 rd by S. UJHui. n new-lot i-old rm I r. I rlnui."nilii' liatilr'ti rolor ol lll (!ohl, nn-! some colore I; gold brno-li t cli-ini. (Jold 11 1- I!.. I I nir. mi 1 rii. f.r I'.on-il. Cnl.l . n -il i'ens, new- slyles of llo-i-7n Combs, (toi-l huming j w-uii tin- Itaiiro-id lendrneii's nl ihe day. l.orkets nf nil s.z-, nn I other new- lion I., Violin in ndiiinabi" order to m rimunoil-it nml Hows, -Ve. V- HI11NSM AIU illiOTHl.ltS O'l'I'AIt'l 'S "sITC AIf lllltl-ll O nisi I'.it-nt f-iiciin Candles, ju-t n-ceurd ;:)55eu;1 Ware, 'pill. S'riraiinr.it ins o.v iiaxd at his ft Cabinet Shop on Cutlin L'lnr n lew rods r.t of the lbiriuiginn It-ink, n larje n-sorluient ol Caluo'-t birnitilre, i "iis.siin of Mtihuzliiy, Girriilu. 1,'nilrr, V.iril an I jfl-u T,i'j!es, Scndm-in ir.'i lltiiil: Ctsrs mid icitltoitt. Dirtwij iiiut Cnninnii Rurentt : nl-o nil kind- of Caolll.-t w nl. w'tir'l lie VVi'l s..' uliifU-li- iv low- tor ca-ii, cuaii) im. iie-e. or improved credit People me enrnr-ll) -t-linli-.l toentl nii'l i-xaimne q.ial 11 y nod pi I' es b'-lolt- pii-rhn-iu rls.-where.n- I mil de teruilll' d llol lo be u.lJelfcul I. mi 1 fid wulk vinrr-nit.-d, noim-.k--. S A Ml) Jl. NICHOLS, liu.iiutun, September Cih, I a IT. 11 i' it o d u c i: ommioDicn iUcucIjaiU: no. HI acr ."itfect, m;v yokk. .Ias. S. rrr.st:so.t. Cvrbixeii Sherman. r.ni nr. to Messrs. J ! .l.Pcck. ! Co Burlington, Vt. " Draper, Aldiich H l-'rink, j " Tow.ivn.l, Sayre Claik, ) New York. .1 .N.I 1'. Sejinoiir, ) " Phillips ij CuyUr, Albany, llm3 JiiiL'vj ivs iLLsrSTA(ji:" iTousi:, Hy Hussell U(,Ii: I?XTr.NSlVi: alt J U'cftit y j.'t-:i iha.tc in tin- 1 1 i .m'ij '. .iii ni it irf ut w 'onitiKKi'itf ii ml iii'jkf cot'i lortnltlf it-nm nen u pitrorsaml the lruveiiiin rulilic. It.-lio.- I'.hh. Au j , HIT d:t SHOE. A Dl.nS3nD, DLESSHD AND IICAVCNLY On Heithnf Aijutt, in t'n yar 1913, a tinmtlar sr.nir tietuirnl in ttie Iwyiil .V tentifie Institution o l-ianct. Vht iift.l.tcutclit iJe l I'ltH'tent.hxi litit'l t-Jie, hit nam iiitlitieti-litil, hin face radiant tcitAtvn.M, fur s. ,'n'c wn titumpHiiiit,) and hit mice iciUieiataiatuiu Unc,de'Mcrrd the foUoicina it put It " We nre n!r.tnJed nt this singihr prrpimllnn. M.-re un!. il will mi- iic" iliiji! Il-rr we hnvea prepiratiou Ill-idem (he form nl n b'-iiiilifid leece of -iliiv ihebesi s,al'' "'hieu wek'iuvvby iicm il nractice, lo cute cvciy -lel cd Wi ' "hniruus riiipbon. eve y d.-(i,'jreiiient of, nnd even ',,,.,, I i. ,. i ui-roiored sl-.ui ! h-ie will ni un -ic nn.l suimlir L o i n i.-i- F.,w" """ . .N'-Hr---- lb" Cieie, the Y'ellciv itace o; nre i.ut, nml lb- ite.i Mnn ol ths fur West, nre nhke under ll.e inllueoce of its extraordinary poweis ofcl'-uill.j veli-.w or diKoluird slliu.nnd inn kiugit whit', and beaut.Iul, im J nl chanj.114 th- color cl il nk, or black, or bro.n tki'i " (ili-ieseveml per s ins vvrtc brouvjnt it rwmd by die l're-idtiil, who bad Us-'dit, la pronto) Ins li'S'-lllnn ) '1 here art probibly few pi rsousofintelii2''ncr,who, t.fler rending Ihr iihov-, wid doubt lbc qaoluks cl JOKUVIVALIAX ClltiMlCAL HOAP is- crnixi rintplet. Hiotdie J, Salt I! ium,Sciiiy,tryilpclat. S.re Heads, tJUt $ues,Bntid and h.nLifa Itch, (Jhutliel nnd Tcnuer t'.es'i, Viektes, Tan, iu if urn and changing dark unturn er Ytllvw itm to a ,ure clear vlnte, as stnOQtU and s)jt as an a . - ta.ii's, mid in fid every kind nl vrupilon nnd disfigurement. Head ihea? ceildicatts ! I'rom the New- Oilcans Sentinel, October, 1914. One of our ruhscilhtts. .Mr If. Lenunrd. iiifnrmH us that he has been rurrd ol old, scaly bail Kheum.of rigiiUdi jeais siuiu.i.ig, 0.1 his beuid, fuirfeis. nnd hands, by a cake of nn mticleimnh ndviMr-cd lnt"Iy v speak ol Joii'.s' linlnn Lbtinirni Soup, lis nlio ,i : -'i..s ts lluil he I. is ined us rffftts u'i bis le mole iiivr It j'e.l.nnli niuikld Willi (1111 spol.-, ond he to-jiid in two vveeksb-r kin much clearer nr.d whiter. Jiiiiks Cilhru.i, n piiinn-r. .11 Jei'ey Cil). v a- cu-ed ofcaibuiii-ie.iind piinple., whit b he was iii'.hcled with lor many jenis.by pail ol a cuke of Ju.iea' lui.au Cheiiiu ni o.ip. l'eions 111 urchasin.-i this ruu't nlwnvs nk for .IONiJS' ITALIAN CIIU.MlCAL.SOAP'inn'l per haps, ns many wbo have b--e:i ch--.it -d w .1 1 counter-l-'ilo, will be too much ditcnuinL,'-d to try the nenume, wesTyiu suehjliy this ouei ymi wto iiot ifR.et il : batalways see thai the name ut T. J JN JS is oil tbo wri-pp.-i. ind nn!y at Krm York at 8! CHATHAM SI KULT, ii.S'i nj t'te Ameiican Laglc. 1'ilce. . . . .10 (Ji-ii s 11 I nhe. CpTjll dirrriiuns f r nsi-ni-couiuanyenclica .loin-!.' Soap, for ia!c by (Jco. V.. nARKIXoro.v, Atiitlur Verincnt. (Sucrrssi-rs to Carney !( Sleeper,) DfctLr.r.s i.y i:vi:i!Y iiimiiii'tiox cf S U Ij, Is. l'ALL (iOODS. SWT. 10. IS 17. II 'iiry Thnui i'i Kstutr. 'IVIll been npponted by the T 7" I f . Vs M)YiI lnvr j-i-t received f-om New- luka hrije -1 n k nl j y (.0 pre: Mpccinl Notice. C3The cxtroonlinnry BBAnir.Nnnr.a rius, which nre iiclr-ivinij uupanlletd tiniuijihs 111 various -ec-lioiis ut llus country, lire now introduced iitto tin- vi cinity 1, -1 every wrk p-r-on lend the ndvc-itin-iurnt

ol the lirueleubei- t'omp-iny, vvhirh wi.i be louud ut another co!uio-i. 1'or sale at Siitnv.,...ii'. Wr-i sub Couit lloiii-S 1'iarr. A. so nt A. C. sn.Aii'3 Apotli rcary auJ IJ.114fcn.re. subcri lions ; on tin- Stlmt (Xt , ISI,, twenty dnhai on a shur, o-i tin- lull of Nov HIT li ireu doll-n-n-i nshaie: nnd n-i theOm nl U'r. hlT.len dohiu-ouii .,,ll, -.n,i c.,1.-beino liecordlll-i to nltic.e 31 nl lbc oriirl'S nf As-nrnlmii nl -aid roinpaiiy l'ajineun imv l- nrule nl the Hank ol .-t. Alli.ni-.at lie- I link ol lliuiine-ioii and llie I niiner-nn.l .Mechanic-Hank in liiirliiiiiun.nl ihe Hank of Vt rK-nnrs, at lb'- lui-s of MiJ.llebiiry.nl llie Hank ol limlniid, at ih- liank of Mniulirsl-'l nnd lo li IJ Him lal'.ll. I."'), l-'i-t IJeiinui'ilon.whi-ri ihe n.-n arv n-ri iniswdlbe given iii.ii w iu:.m:uilt,) .1 11 I'M IC, riustees. 11. r Kici: . , llurlinsto:i,Sept 'Jl, in IT. i3wll HEALTH! HEALTH! Dr. WOOD'S S Its A ! III ff I V ami V1M CIIUKKV lUTlKUS. The fnllowini! nluufiry tr-tiitionhl wppivpnto to the A2e.1t, Mr M. wiitcs.m LiiuiJirnlc, I , ana iiivf in l.ivurcl uiis iiieiucinc. . 1317. Wr.KJiu's Inman VLGHTAnix Tills, in nil.laion to beini; otic of tlic lic-t anti-l)iln'U tiieviicine in tin; won), u""i n iiuwlt in n'ninvina whitli is truly a'-totii'-liinr Tour nr Hvr of win! Imlinn Vi-itt nblf 1'iiK t:ikfti oLTy niht on coin to n-t, will in a shnrt tirnt oomili tiv riil tlit- liutJv if tlio-c tintrhul inmioi-y wiinh.il Imlpil in tin livr. nrp tli vau t j ffj.Ltjks oitii J 1 1111 ill till riu",pii.in innniAniiuiii iiiiioiii m nr 1 Jmul ler lt!:nlc, ililliculty of iTcnthin, iiniuci ami CAMnutwir. Vt., Sent. Ut Mf'ttw!"., k'S of Rpp'tit? cutifii-, ituli4L'tinn, jrt yt Vin,I)i'r Sir thtiilt'iu-y, -wnitliy or jellnw ccnuph mou, and otli-i ' ' Hjiin l '-n :i urrnt suirt-ror from that tor cr i-ympiiuiis ot an liiii.uum.uu or luipiu tir.ic oi uic ; in er. Wrilil''' In. linn VeypnUc IMU nl-o finriiiiixhly ' c!',nsj tin tt Hinrh nn.l Imw'.-l- nt nil li..nm li'i:ti '., niiil ntliT impurity, nti'l i!irif Krt men tvit.iin m i tor t'h(!u', il3v.i t ry, clmlrra iimhIiu-, u.I i-w ij ntlicr Ii-iiLl-T nl III lilt "till f. X ll ) ni-.i lihl .Mill Uiip'tA ;Ii '.'-t'oii. anil rou-iiMi it-nllv ttf hi'ii.t 1 nml t- the wholi.' Itnnn', u wt-u aa driM- J.itc oi iwiy nimi'i Imm the toiiv. tin-1 -t'lte nt 1 1-lirv Tlium hte nl Ui Imtoti in Ui-tuct, ilfican-il( irp.."t'i.t HHivi'iit, nn.l in-u nil t i.tiiiH nml tU'inniiti- i'xliibitil nioli't tuen to ; niU n niuiithi I ton 1 1 lie thy of thf il.tlc llurtoi, leiu .it lunvil Uy " 'i'1 Cou.t tor tli it pirpo-, wu !o thoiriot' llflfliy lH'tn llli't W Will utU'lnl to Un tu-m--s nt our a iniiniin'ut, ut tin t Un ol Jihti .N i'iHiiL'ioy 1 1 lturliiintnn 111 ii.I Di-trk-t.nn tin? ti -t VViliR'.l.id in NtiiiuiT iml l'rlnujty iic.t,nt tUuVlut.k.A -i., on v u'li il -nnl il:ij. DjteJ.t.tK tltlniiivnf AiuunA I) 1317. JOHN V I'OMUIOV.) 1). I.Y(N, f Commissioners 11 u;AVi;NvoiiTii, ) 11 lt-i KiMii our in .ii t i -ni tfit in i-t fMiMiivi fvt-r oil n .1 hy I'.HtlL'Il' II" Htt'Mlll'l I In- ll 'fit 11 11 1 ti 1. ",l',t tin 1 o ii (.! ini Tail iti.tl inter r-t nuAi t' tli.KiUttrlc ha- ii-A.'r l-i 11 t liiru- ami ilf..nl),i'. ( ii I iiiiw- r.in pn-H'iit n w -U ''i.tvA anl li-riv Ftn k, p.isi-im-cil nl un- y t)ic 'st in c. To Uiuv wlun t.t purcln-i nt who! iff, wr wutiU iiimh t'iPir pir-i ti-nl.ir aitfiition. ni-uriiii' tlifin ih it onr i o U arc nit oSfiitHMl u, ion thf hum itvi.-iMt- tHnin, whirli will (M'ltite ii t Ml at rau3 cora'-pj-iJiiijiy aJva itat,v- UUd lo tin.' pll fll IfetTt ranniel I.. rViitamnic's fluli. 7 V the SuV-ciitKT. having lirn njijuHntrd 1 y lh" ll'intfi.'ioU' thf Tiohite Court tor in- D.-trict ot 'imiiu- ,-nul mi-t tc 1 1 VARIOUS STYti-rf AND QUALITICS fiilnplctl to th" x. i:x(;la:'d miutiikiix jiarklts, A 1' TIlUll WllOl.KS.M.i; lKKJMS, GRANITE BUILDING, ra. -tt) JU3-.J .10 ANN S T ll Ii Ii T , lioston. (iuttmlin, t t'liiim-'Miinfi" to nn-n n.ljU'f. tut rmini- nn i ni'in i.nH j ,ul -;-no- n th- i-st.fnl HAMULI, 1 N. !iA uUlii', la Ml t 1) 'Ulit.il.rf.i il. SIIAICKR FLANN'KU for snlc Cinrtu.t,. it hv (atUs V JdrtAR. , vt-iJt.a.iil nl fvtf!irrM: aihlMV mudiIh imm i!k i iln- .1 .I0jT lilllLMAXr LOTI'KltY i:Vi:U l.ere,.-.l..-nu..,llmv,-,ll,y siilL'nui l..r. tat puTi.se DltVU'V I V Til !' 11 Si e .In Iher.l.ire h-reli)- i;ile not is-,-, hlt uv Will nl WHITING t Kr.IIOUIifne now nliiml nn.l olT-r lor ileal t'.i nr ext."i-ive e.nc iijis, th ' nwl nn.l mini: roiiii lele u nrime-it i-l UHADV l.l)iu Cl.tJ TllI.Mi, ; ver oli'eic.l in ihi inuiilry. Our Lui I r.ci bun couiitieJ i-.tclnsively n the HUi.lAI.K TltADi:, ih a-entesi r.ve is taken in lliepl.-eti'in olsnehOoo.Is, imj llie in'iniii-ictiitin nl -ueh Sijlesas w.l l-t uit tie' Ci'timry Tin.le.imJ nrf wemipoit utiruwn (Iitul-, we lnv.- no liesiniinn in sijnn; ve t-.iniHil l- UN lil.liOI.IJ 'llie uinicst i-.in- w mKeii 111 llie nn .-in I n-irch'i-eis may l- n.i-e I l.ni inn lurei-f l'l- Imm in nee, Jy,-"i''"'"ml Imm.; m l-i't liiinnl iel.fl, 1 feel !. i r lint otti-u. nill -i in.', '-mil lliereim- III 'ii-nn !- !iiiiilil Kiww lh"iiieiin. I.ylneli 1 wns i-im-,1. l iinl iiLimii 11 M-iir ii'e. 1 11:1.1 i-iii.i 11 .1 llliieli limn llenlthllii iwW.e, nml l)i:t uml.si inn -li ui!ifn I ,iw nun. il In n- lu iw tin-nm-i il Hum 'I'm ton I umi-li I me in-m .---il tne. nml in 1 11 1, hie I in-iiIiim -t.-l l.unl.-n I w i . l-il'j ll-l.i l.k- In Hi fll I lu t'l- --lilliile.-! 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Itlio-lo, Jr Itiejiiiioiiil ; uptoMlli-r. Aei-n!eiinilly,iii likini!"fi n neia 11. II. (ireeo, Ilii-liuioiitl ; .1. II. & T. V To-.m-i. ..r j i,nv,. im inhrrtiH uieul i.l VJi . Il"if-Siiir;'-Uil.-llilll; Iliirilmt & II., Ii;i-h. Wiln-l.m ; It. S in- ' ufli,( nd Wild (Itciiy II Iters, nn.l on leailm it, I iles-oii, mil (i Ajers, Wni Wulivimi ; J. l.yiunt. tnnlii lit ii I niulit piwluMy o'uiiiii miiuc leliii. n. i Jeii' liu ; V 1! t iie, llinetliurgli ; V S - 11 1'. ' ilmiUin? n euie ot my en-e n piMli ; nml ns n I i-t WooJ. Westl.-rJ j bl.iples l.juii, Clinllolle ; Jolill ,H. 1 pim tTedn boltlr limn J ojrrtnii' iiilUiiiiiiiii lie B.iiiuii I', Mielinirne j It Kit liiinnnl 11 irn.inl iini-1 nl (., inking it, nml lo my K"'iii J")', 1 ut "nt Iminil ii New K'ml-in-l HraiiLli Ollice nnd General U.pol, I'Ji .. !.-nij enetni tiiK-.l by iiswi.iul.-iiul l!e(i, I wn. Itemonl Kneel, lljslon. ni.liiceil lo eoiiliniie inii-e. A.ler i.-iKi-iiJoiie i.nii.e i wn.s nble o 1"? olll nun nil'-ll'l l" tin- iiuiu-h iei-.ineu ,i iiie.niul feeling iiiiiciiliellerili.nl I li.nl lor uioiiihs, or evenjenis.l ns now f-Jiilit-'J llmt I lintl nt I i.i lonnd ti rein-tly loriny (mftfw.nnilleli ns-m.-il.i'niby i-i.n-tiiinini! lis u-e 1 .-liotihl l- etiieil Ami tueli hnspit.v eil loTie ill- rne. limit ntnv Inken only two Hot ll,", miiI run say lo llu-se Hilier'm lioui tills iIihiim. Ihll I mil elllliely etireil. I kt-einliollleill my bouse, .....i l -ii 1 I.-.. tin- leii-t iiiiiil-ii--.iiili-yiiiittiti,u tltidt- ..l ilmexeellent .Meilieine t-nlllt-ly leliuneit It. 1 mil I'ncts to I'd Kcnieiiibcrcil' Tint Consunii tinn is nlnio-i nl-.iy protlueetl by a cohl tint might t-nniy be cured. Tint Wi-ter'n lial t un ol' Wild Cheny will cure nny Cou;Ii or Cold, no nuitler of Imw lonjs hl-iiuliu. '1 Irit the niilder term of Coiiiuiiplioi ns-'ll is nMi cmed by this lliliiu. Tint it is i. .needed by many hyer, cli-rirj ini-ii nud ti ivflirinii-i. I ell tins linisiiil ins neier u.'i-n uiiiiieu One Growl Cnpl.il Prize ii'jS II i,00! -'J!J I'rii-s nl' t?"l!00 ! lt-iii'.' IIiu luui-nt llin-i- iiiimlicr l'ni' ! TiinnrtsTTivo imuv.v m'.miiiiiis f S OOO ! ALEXAXDltl.l UJVVL.ll Y, I"iissS, fur IIT Tib ilriwn in Aleviiuliii on S it.utlnj-.tlie 3.li!i thy ol O lob-r, tsl7,iinJert!iet-'ii iinlcnduicuol Coiu-nnss- "in- s J. W. M.U'r.V.V C.i , '"ilreessnis to .1 li tli-.iu-i, . Ji l " . IMnn.-iseis. 73 Nu. uh 'r li Dniwn li.i.l. is lt3:iiVisiici'::. Schc::ii:. i (.iiin.1 i'iit!iirvioo,o(; l ................. I ..,-..1. n.i.nclilit1 ullt-liiiii-ii:i.l.L-iiiiii,l-.e.-.iii:nu-.l m nil'- f'"- k "id ft'iiiliire lavoribly wnh llie bet tu-iom- III. Ill' t IlllUllllj t' liri ill mr ti .uiu iiniii lie Co.i'iuy who nrebujiii uill doited to iut.k ai out fjiuck Ix-loie in r ku-,-iiieir puichai.es. .1. J. Wnirivi, M Kehoe, Jit. C. W . UAI.Lt.ITE. 7ll ie;vi loiue iiii-im-ss o our lippo.ullllenl, nl iliedttell- I HI low 1. I .N iniliio:,-. i t lni, lime in sii I y ot IJ ocmuer next, ni IJ D.-Irn t, on t it .':tl d o'elo. k A. M.. oil -.ml d.ii- Uited, lb,, ill I .In- f Ju'in, A IA MAN IIAI.I,, ) P, 1317. '.mniissioners. Djrc.T. .Hurray's Kstnlc. At n I'roSn!" Court 1 " " .JU,Ulll) 1 " " tiil.OOO 1 " lo.OUt) 1 lr.V)7.- 5 " prizes 10,01)0 5 ii 'i ,r),00!) ,-, ' -1,0110 201) " " '-',000 (il) ' " 1,0.10 " a ,ri03 I'jfj " " 1230 lv!!j l " 130 :i,717 " " 60 j;t,i:io " " 40 J7.-1I STATU OF VCR MONT, ) uinr.-'i .1 l iiuilm.i . vs ( h.,, ,, i. t -.1. v.ilnn sud i.,r th- I) tnet n! tn-nid, on ili- - th tl .V ot r-i'-m i-r. A IJ 1-.7, nu liwi.ii. ..,.. .-.r. rt I'.tf t be ih ! -vt Will in.! 'iV-Miiieui ol Urn- ii.lur- 6-1011,01)0 1 !"'-"' " ''I -I'm, 111 K'lld U.-!M(l, ilet-.-tlhe.l. wiis -llUHlO , 1,V"""""', C"m "'" ,jr 1'ioti.te L-y iliwi.i .i . i .M'lrmy, llie lAeemortli.-it-in iinm.-d. -ttyiill) 1 ULH1-1.-ORF il is ortleie-J by sa tl Cmtrt, t'l-it rublie 15,000 notKf 'r Klvi'n luill' kt.:h cone-in -J ihert-m lu nn 1 ll-- V" c i'r'' "Ul1 ('uurl-'" " session thei.-ot lo be 'l. rTv . A'.. I 'l"",Il'' IJta'-is-r'a tV-e in sud lliirhnoion 0:1 ihe TlO.OO I ' feeoild tliie Itv nl O 1 ,l.r. A II lit- I ... 125 (II). I ' !lrl',;'lU; ol fiitl i.l. mid it us lurtiter on'eied .1,1,11,(1 5"ct ,1,0"1'' l Piibluht'd Ihiee weeks sut-eev. vi ly U,JIIU in fis- Ha-..iii4ioii 1 i. e Ihrvs. n ii"npipPr prmied nl I. n I itv nre CsiutiittiL-1 Aiiiinst t.'s-in C 0 .11 Al 0 X P II i: i'A I'Ul) C II A L K : Thy ai c not rtcmr Ir-ir Jr phtfuUy ivjuimts it it to iLz ski i i ho v ci'iit,e. huxc titughthuic suUout yeiLie,at,ii it. hen thy t!e skin tttfieais ajter VJwg jJirp't,ed Cit'iik .' Dcjn.ie3 it is i.iju, nus, c n'attiiitt; a turgc quaa t ty of Lml ! We lnv prcpart-j a btauuljl es-?tab,e article, JUMM SPAXISff lily white. It H vrWt!j. imu ce'it.Lein purififil ofclt Jelete-rh-J- fj.rihin-.; ntid it ininn-to the skin a nature!, hfiWiy. n!ilmsirr, rli-nr, vhite ; nt the ?ima t ii ti .iciiptf t.s ;i c-jeinetic on the flon, tnnhiny it agft tilir? smnm'i l)r .Smut s Am!-?ion, ?n!rt;cnl Cl.pmi'tof Maa-cliu-'its-'Bil A itt r fnniij zin .tunes' lpunsn Liiy 1i:, 1 hmt it ;.o.s ti: mo&t ucautinu PtiJ tin tural.O'Hi nt th'.' i-nmc tun" in'mcent white I ever Paw. 1 irrtunly can i up-ctfiitiMi-i U'commtn-J ltiuse to nu wiiuat in r'-'jtjnt b-.-jiutui.i." Irif'-2r Cents u Uox. D:nrrtinN 'ihe Uft way to npp'y tV.c Lily Wimtr, is wnh boil icuth-.Tor wool the lunntr'is pre fvrab.e. A Tine Srt orTL'-th for 2j Cents, WHITE TEETH, FOUL BREATH, HEALTHY GUMS. Yellow nn.l ti'ihenitliy teeth, after being one or trti.-e tiealletl Willi J0.i:S" AMRF.R TOOTH PASTE. have the npK.irn,ic' nf the m.t hiautiful ivory, atllie Mine tune it n irlellv i.inuce'U anJ ex- r('ii-nlj the. tint it- ton?: tut 4-nly u-e n huh'y nd-vnnttt-ou-., t wn to tin w tt cih that nre in a gmi.t ccn d.tiou; ur.i ll.rin a In nutuul pn-h, anJ preentui5 a preiiMtiire iltcay Tii'-e alit'.iJy tl'-cajeil it pi t enttmui h-cumitig wiir-' it hIj fittetw 9'ich as are iet.oinin loose, ami pfr.-everancc it will ren tier th" loulf-t t-ftlt delicately wh.te, ami muke the Lutth u -liciiu:y Mr-ct I'rjr. i nr .'J7 l-'CVntsn IlfU. All the nlovs aiesiU only at 11 CHATHAM .S'l UrA't 1', .S gn nj the American Jstglr, AVur Yoik, l"Aso ii v tiie Arr-Ji.NTr.uAbLNr- witt Names a ri'E a rt is mL Stxr Co i.c?i n.! l'orile by Cieo, 11. HAriKl.NuTo.v oijiy Aent for Wrniuiit t..3 BOOK AGENTS. H .VA.sni:r.i). Hhhk lTm.mii'H. St. New IliU'-n Cl 131 Ymk Hi , will i-in'ln i-t.-":-l f cl s,!i!eiiii'l of i "il i .lU.iel" r, losout l' v'i',-e ipl. -in-in iIu-mv " iih.-s o th.- i-lnle oi Veniioiit, I 'i " Tut lol's V.-v.tt!'- U'-tind tl-e Woild.o tli.-L iiiu-.t i?i lies CM-iiiiiiK'.i," a vt ". i "(i'i ar wi ii. i'ij I (ri--. iiiil;.- I.' lit", witi iiu-:.t n. Tie t'-ritis tti.tli me he'll wi.lht. ;.'ieu tin npiitu ntion hy in-ill. To-' I'tiid Tii.swoK.wlii-.il in i'o.y-riuiii se iiri-d, w.u tn- H.lti t-xt..iiti'.ely to saUutLeiP. inn. noi in itiiy iiool, siori s- i'ii.'J 100,110(1 (iii.ooo 0:1,0.10 :il, noo IS.!). 10 297,'WO 037,110 1 W'lui-h PU illetltlolls it-d, its utoietsiid lr I.'li.it ' oil. ii. tin.. So. I,, tin f! ii.vviuim to the d..j he. mo ; (Jivii tm ler my band ol the Hester oniee, this Olll tl iv o, t.-juuci-, A IJ s 17 lM W . Si;STON. Register. J. M. PERKINS' p YMXAnII'M, at Stu.o.;n' Htu,. Is ipc:i ceiy Tiiiiis 'ay, Iriilay nn I Sntmlaj t filing-., at o iiiii'ik, lor tiie lecej t.on ol Pupils oniv Itjilinton, tfrpt 1,1817- ' lur iHictiey in all iilPc'lumH ul the J.u an. I i,iv-rr ol ,(ptMU,n c very cn-e oi ' DytTrps.u nml lis iiu.-mlaiiii v leioice in uw iiKeHiuiiui pHi.iut-uiui rnn (. nneil hy th' ns-e tl ue wooah ftaitapaitua 'I'tmt Ki-oicH now who. hut for t'ns iJjUnii. uiA Imit Ihtu in lln'ir (nuv.s having heen tjiwn up to the ly tlu'ir liiemls unit ithvsifiaii-4. Ahoe nil. letiif-tuher tuat this inval- UsilMe m--uicine lias ueMn iimi'iu'd uihht tunnus u.iiiif nn.l (tint Dr (J'tetrv un v can wmranti'U tu cuie Aihnia m every stajie whet iu , . r ri. fl . liiis ei-r iichifvetl and ha never hten ,.,,,1,7.. .n I To 1 1 it we troiihlnt wilh hahittnl Cttivrm Appi-litc ItiM of (our lonncli or lle.nlnrlic, I wouhl nu nest has be-n inut'ited umler nn'ius, jv rt.t.UI,m,(.nil tin in to try it. lw nctonn-hinj; f!l-(t-II titer's eeiiutii' haUnmul li tUl ,ny cnSi. m lrt...MMy nneMitr-ilim Irom llm pert-lii a upuii to tune. It Ins brt-ri , lUs.t ,oum. n mil. j u.t., )lthiwA ihey M!lm-- Ym a,e nl lilfily lt leier any one to me, ami it w ill give me iet pn-a-u i to peiMHi.tlly ii-lomi iiieiKl tiie u-e of lli.it cellent it nuily ami He the particuiaib ol'niy udie liie.l, M1M.S nKNNTIT. We nre npniiaintnl V.11I1 tiie ahovi linnied .Milr- B'litiftt, liinl itiet-lateuif tnl thenirethsH-riUiliuhi- nliisK tan known to tail, 1'or delicate health in yuutu U nml s 11 fct iiiJi una.aleU as it does lor alt deaseu of this climate. He careful ami cH the cnuint- IJlt. lb I AK a BALSAM OK WU.D CliClili V. Nom genuine uniecs e.tfneuny 1. iili in, aiuw-h nil oitieistu " ....., i.-. .1 , i.im. rein ...t SBTtI W l'0VI,i;,Uo--ton.Ma. r i!c Mc-1 " 1 m " v" s .jile and retail hy 'I'm.' A I'txK, lluiliuulon, uuJ hy j, " ' ' HAtVv at Lavs. Uealeu in Medicine u,,ally 11. enuont. Cnmt.ri.1je, Vt. Pcpl 1st , Isl7. J I thing lo the gieai Mii-et-- ol litis medicine, there BatIi,Mf.,Mtiy"7. Mrl Ilrown, denr fir, I have ' nreiiiinij uniliiliousjl,,- puinciil.ii iiml gel I).- Wood's sometime itiM t-mlett-d iiuieh lioui Jiiutidicc nnd 1J)8-' ns ihis is lite original and on'y genuine y, pimitioti. lieisut in tlit- .liiii;it-lt ;lisi,iiH ,u-.-iiitl troutileund Sold wliolet-nle nnd ntnl I.y Till. U A 1'i.CK. jniii Irom llie len.i i-iii(i e food, with pirn in Un- head 1 nnd A C. tfl'llAK, Apoilit-e.-iriesniul uhol.-s.iU- Urti- uii.i Mtlt a: u i-hiiht couuli, ui-iit'iiil wtukitt n nud d. lulity ol Ihe nn iii. A.UTusiujin miiul'i r 1 1 uiedi cuuswitlioiii nny it-liel, I u-.it. ne luted lut y jt.iir S.ir tsiipittllhi Itild Toliltllo lliltt-is. 1 Itt-riiitl iiiuueilMte refiel lioui the lite ol' one U.llle.illjil liel l-ii.1 li '.l lot the y;reut rt ll.'l 1 h'tve let tiled, nnd would lecol.iinelid 11 to alt w.'iu me tull'.-jiu i mm tiiniUr d.s.nj. is. Yo'in-T ul , i.i.lJ..niCKIl.SLAlU. Uemember nn laKv.ns Imy litem nf P. IIUOU'N, CI W'lishlllloll t-tli 1 1, or fs-e 11.1,1 his name ll binned u the IJ reeiiou u Inch itiioinp.iiuts ihe ILnile. i'..r f-.il.-1. Tiidj, A. I'uK.aud A 0 till jr., Apo tliecii lex aud wholes ile 0, Uganda, und hy dcJleieeii-l-r.dly llllouliout tue t-jlale. iUnvncb, At Vinookl,nu llie I9t!i inl. I.y llie Key. II. II. Siiiuli, Mr I i.rrr. ijeai. hi .ni-s ,iuiiv iicst Als'. l'J' Ihe b line, at llie lame lime mid place, Mr Adam lJi.il. U All- Uauci. Uooa.v.iiII ol" Winoo-ki. In riailvlm-Rli, N . on llie I llll inst ,1'j Itev. Mr I nltir, Mr CiUkLCS O Williams, ol Mount Vrriiuii, Vt.,toMisa.MAKV A.vn Muonc,olH.ft lleiksliire. m-t. inn ni'ilon : J ll. Ac J. lowm. uiue lull j Tvi.cit cc l!i'.nronn, mid J. Tuiile, lei ; "in. ll. 11A1CH, l uioitKi l ails. i-Jiiiu llr. Ii. iTI.irNli. TTAS remofd liis Onice lo llie latf retlJenrr cf XX Mr. Starr orner ni i-nurcn na v,neiry urtcu--Burlington, 6pt,S4, 1647. 1 (i;'tir;n A. Allt n's IMutc STATU 0" Vlll'.MONT, J The l'u.haie Court Divimir I'l' CuiTriMiN, s. S lor the U.piiictol C .'lt.-ii.leu, To all e.Hins ii t -itted ill the it-tale ol l.LtHKii; A. Al.l.i;.', l.ne ot lluiliiijjlo.1, in fa.iiJ dlfllltl, ilett-usetl, lllle.l lle, tilllxriMl- Whiens, Sophia Iri Allen, udminit-l.ntiix of llie es tate ot Mid tleienfed, l.ns liiruU application to Mid ft. in I pi willing to extend llie lime lliiilled hy soil i-ouit lor fell, uiu Kijd e.t.tle, tme )e,ir litiiu the 1 lilt da) of tv teliitier, 1817, and tiltsi pio- ow-b lo it-lltl I on ut-ci-u.it ot Iter ndniiuisiiniioii io Mid couit and haie ihe Kline iilliiwv.l h) miiI couit : Wi.Lmi'ixi.v, lie I'oti.t nioititiiil tlolli I'ppoiut llie IU-CO.III It fttllt b iny m w.ioorr, 13ll, ioi n dllll., lilt,) deciding in Ihe piciiusr, i,i ihetlhteol Lie Kt-i-ie. ol laid couit in tsii I IiuiiiiiiiIoii, ii ti-u oVtotk in 1 1. I Jll'UOi-ll, 11 11 .1 ill. Ill OldtT llllit llll pt'lM.lld Ulll-ll rlt-U la iiolifi-d ih'-rttd hy pti'ilicut on of litis order iltiti wetks i-u.cef.iely in tit.- luthiii.ton I'ltt- 1'iifc., n new --paper pi lined in sud Ilui hu-jlou, llie lufl ol w hit ji puullcouonv lu ih- previou. to llie .lld steit.ll.l etlneii day in Oclohrr. 1-117. lhat ihrv mav ih.-u mid then uppenr ami irhoiv rain; why the -,.iid airouui t.hould nt l oe iiiu'weu, iiiiu wii) uie lime lor tetlliii baM t tale i-liould not Is- rxielided, Civen under my hand ut said Duilington this lOiL day of Sfnl'inbcr, IB 17. I3w3 WM, WESTON, Register. 8,(iu:i,-!7.' In llie nhove S.-lieme, formed hy llie ternary etiinhi nation ol 7.niiuihes, making dJ.'iJi ticket-., iintl l!i iliiiwmi; UluilU'l-, tliere will lietJ.'J l'ri.cH, until Imv iiii lln ot- ol the diaw u nuuilii-l oil llu'lil : I.I5i each hwi'141-vtiol ih-iii on; au I li.l.lll 1 eaeli Invin ; one, only, of them on ; mid albO.SJ.TI I tit kt is having none ol the dniwn iiuml't-lMoll,helilj hlallks Todeteiiiiinc ll.e lain ot ihes- pnes nnd hlanks,75 1 nielus.ve, will ( M-ieiiilly pl.ttctlinti wh-i-1 011 ihe tiny ol the dniwm;, Is ol lll'-ill will he thi.vv.l out at iiin.loui ; nml' th-il licket It'tiiui; 011 it. nun comhiu-i-Hon, Ihe Itt Jd lilitl lid tlniwil nulllhelB Will he el. I. lle i In the (irniid Cnpllal 1'iue of iKnl.l-OJ Tint ti. k' t Ii lying on it llnMili Slh nud C-.h iliuwn iiumh'-r, lo ... 40,000 Tint iitkelluiii4 011 ittlie Till Bill nnd '.'ill tlniwu nuiiiliei-., to . . . CO.IICO Thai tnkct hmiuiiim il ihe IO1I1 llili und I'.'ih iliawii uiuuiiei!-, to . 15,000 Thai i fkti luniuH on it the 2.1 3d nud-ltli dniwn iiiiudier--, in ... 12(07j This-5 iickeis wnh the 3.1 lili nnd 5ih5ih . l-th and ill. (iili .111 and bill Slli'.'ih and Huh, or '.'th JOihand IU1I1 druwn iiuuit't-is, 1 tit-li ..... 10,000 Tl u- .'1 iitkets willi llie In 2.1 nnd I1I1 2 I : I and full 3.1 -till und (lih llli .'uh nud 7lh.tr 01I1 '.ill and 'Jlh diawu nuinhei-i, t ni Ii - - - - - S.OOO Tli's-3 liikeisw ill ihe fih 'Jlh nnd 11th 'Jlh Huh and 12th '.'J 4lh nnd I'.iii 3 I bih nnd 7ih, or -lih Lili and eili drawn nuui lifts, t atli .... 4,000 All oilier tu keis liiingon them nnv TimrE ol lilt-dtiiw 11 liuinli. is, (heing 2wi,)taih 2,000 Tin 63 liekflshavlllJoil iheinlhe 1ft and 2d dlliwn moulxil'. ruill . . 1.000 Tlmse 126 tick -tshauniioiiilieni llie 2.1 nnd 3 I, or 3d nod llll thaw 11 nuuiheis, e.-icli, 5 JO Those I sii nekem liaMii on llieui ihe dlli nud Stli, or Im- illl and Clh diuwii uuui- lieif, l-liell .... sjq Tlu'H- lili Itt ktls Imvini! on iheiii ihe f.ih and Till, 01 llie Till mid Bill dniwn Hum- lieiit.t-ut h 150 All oilier lukels linvius on ihem nny iwo nf llie dinw 11 nuiiiher, tin-nits 3,7 17,) cull to And all oilier Ucki is, h iuni; mi', only, cf Ihe dlliwll lljuiheia oil III-111, (.h-iu-j -.'3,. I'. li.jtaJi - . . co 1 ink' t whiih flmll li'iu-drnwii n pii.e ofn supe lioi ileiioiiiiiiiilioiua.i he eut.tietl 10 1111 nileiior priz-. l'iizit-i jiihle folly th-jsii.tei iliethitwiiif.iinjeu'j. .t t-l lo ll.t ti-ual dt dtl. t.t 11 ot ll.ltt-ii ikt , .-ni I'm kjuitt, niiule '1 11 kits, or Aluii.ii'eiit iriiitimlet of I'liikajj. -i 1 mi U hid hy ii.l.hosinj. the .Mmiuen tVuiliii.tnt'1 11 I'u 1. k net 1 1 wholt. will Le tt-1.1 lor jl.u. ciiaiib 111 j rt poiiion, J- W .UUltY.fcCn,lir.ton. ISc'ttliij's; iav ihu .TlciHon. A I.VIM.i: VAIUIITV tfClIKAl' l'VIU.I ' t-.l 1U.S, mtlt n will ' dnve dull laieaw.ty," this day rect-ivetl I'tddu-is siippu.-d on fhon notice all 1 tilt us liitor il.le terms 1,8 111 li.i-lo.i or tt w- Yon'l. s.t. ItJ, ldI7. 12wl C. CiOOUlIICU. POOI.SEY'S FINE SVIU.'PS, for salo 1- Caili.v vt Sii.An. I Vi r.liavt-tect ived Simples ofilieeelelirnt'-d 1'ri-tni t ' Air light t.onkiii-t Moteiroui llie iiianut itiory . ol A. T. IJlilliillil L'o. Tlov. N. Y itn 1 itle l-.t.w p'epnied In lullllsh 1I1--UI lotillvtho wtllll II Cot ktllj Stiitc, which wilt do hufiuers nlit nnd in flin.t nt.-tri- wn'.; u vety little luel. We nnhnr ii-irtfinml slnll e.inst-ijiit-iiil'y kip nil lu w. nils mend -aoui 1114 loplot'lile Ihe l.ne liiemol llie-te ,-siovi-s lu-lore Ihe p-ililt-.hut we will h-uely uiiiurilt- lint I'lli"! wt-aiher suelin!we may t-p'-t.i 111 or atei'ii 0 lJajsiliie toits will uliuost tool; without tho u-e ol auytuel N. S. MiJ.vsoN vt roLLivrr, Wmociki Ciiy.JuneVih HIT. 5J WU llie . Ilouo ftOrt HUM..-' OATS ron sali: at WUU the Aeticultuial Withou. Bfpi. 9, 1818. J. 6 PEIRCE- l.iii lliirilmfs llftati. il'-ciiheiti, having lueu nppointi-d hy the lloiloinhle the l'lohalt- Coilll foi lite U.stiiel ol Chitlendeii. tomllll-lotlels to it-eeiie, oxaiuiue and ndjiivl the ilaiuis tnl'I ilt-miiii s 1 1 nil peisous, uj. m.i Ihe t-.iale ol I.OIS III1 It l.IiU T , hue ol Lw, lllStltl ll.-liiit,det.eii!-iit, Itl'lt-Mllted lllsoltenl, mid iiiso iilUlaim and demaniU t-hdiili il in ollsei iheieio ; nud MX months trolii the il.iy ot the dale lie. col, ticiti allowed hy t-ui.l I'ouit lor that purpoi-e, w t-tin nine loie hen In t'lte llolue. that we will illl'-ud to llie hit- t.iits ol our appoint. in nt. nl tue tiwellin ol l.u y 11 ll-.lt. 111 f.-s.., in hi d J.-liiel.tiH me 11. M 1 ut-uut ol l'thiu iiy neM.iit lOo'tli-tk, A- -M .011 Mid day. Hutu mis 1 un tiny 1,1 AuuiMi, .. ii. ion. MAItSIIAL L'AhTI.IJ, fummUsionen 103 L1J.MU.MJ WILLlAAltj,-; -""""J""" p AIJVAYrf WAKIIANTKi: TOTIIIl WU i I.e. ii-ldrt-vsd uiilo all iriiioiis, pe.-pie nnd lon-yi-s. tor nit- putpt-vHot iuderin tinio ither se pleuMti'; t uu'ile. lances an 1 beautiful eo.np.'-Aions, hj the iw of KAUtVAY'S CIIINilj-i: MIlOICATtll) SOAP. .luch Is w-drintiteil o itmoie 1 11 in oil the l.iee, neck orlnntls. l'liiiplt-s. Iliou-he., Hun Hum, Tail. Its mysterious elf-cti upon ihe cuiuie, in cleans-n': llie pott n ol ihe tkin atHUecreling lts-l-l In in mi nn. puritu-s, cieat, n a healthy iicliou cl the fekin,aud pre dentin'; i-ALr Rurt v, Kin' Wi nn, Krislpelas, Uimi, Teller, I'utkly Meat, Sen y, .MtMphew mid li.irher'tj Itch, has bveii 11 t.ouit't-o mil h woti.l'r thro-.i-jliout the world Indeed, it is n- li.mrliuu' to e erience llie 1 1 levUof Ihis dt-llelous so.llt. A tevt lil.pllctllli.lls t'A-I'-llullllte 1 ompli't-l y, any Ittlie ol '1 .111, Su III lit-. Tt-tt'-r, vt-. lis ille.lu-l l':il p-op in, U-HI4 Melttletl Ifiuil Ihe iiii'.t Mle, litleau i t-lli -.tuoil tiilui. and ex uacl.s ol 01 final po.. th, iciideii. Us cure lor bkui ih- seaK's leilaiu ; wlti'e 1 DI! 'lillLUT ri'lilWIlf-. it is the nasi txtiaordmary Zi.nip 111 l,,e wirld. ll It-uiL' tlltlit ly litelioiu .I Wl. essential Oils. Coromi- S:ihl.inut-, o ,11 wul in 1 inilale or mil 11111 llie P..HI ; I, ill on ihe ii iinniy, wid tciuler II i-wett liurt. l.ni, t'e-41 nn.l litniiii), anl n- v rluis pi i.n-pailui-t be.iul) to tliH lomp.i-iou o all who use it. I'nce ut 23 cents lor l.ir-c cakes, and 121 ceiit.s lot t-uiall. Sold in lt-rlmi'tnti hy A. 0. Ptcar, Whole.ali Ayeni, or 12 ct tils oei cuke ; 1.1 Vt ietme., K Hun '.io'iu ; Wlll.slon, llu'lmi't ,V, I In. Ij. ; .Middlehul) A. I'. itJiik-il; .Mouip li r, (! W Sioit J. vV Ii. t.. UADWAY. 2 Couiilnuilt 1 , .N. Y THE LAST CALL. SI. 1,I,IN; AT COM'. pill' .si:ii-nti!n:i! iiwixii .i.u ins stori i. ul Will.p ton, oii' ta u,j s.ti'- llie Uil nice ot Ins STOCK OF GOODS AT COST, allot which will Ik- s,,i, nt piivne sjlf or auction nievio n to l'l - liisi ol 1 1 .to. er n--ii Iiewoiiiii aistiniKe nu. opiMiiiiiiuiy 10 mytiinofe w 110 are uiu -men 10 nun, eiiuer oy .voie or looK . count, that the Mine mutt h-- s. til. d Is lon- f tt lime TllOri. II. CA.NT'll.l.U. Willi-ton, Aus S3. 1917. VHiO Tlinkc who limp b?cn ilccciicil uitli mock i'1!i:ti:m)i:i) hair prlpaka- TI0XS. S'tmUi read the folfowns st.ttenents of resftctallt I .'ti-it: Mr. A'-rtl-'m Vandfih ik.of IS Aenue J),New Vwrl;, rert.i-s ihnt hi- H-ad w,h entirely b ilJ u:i the t p. and t.y the ne it twort-! UmWscf .O.YiisS' CORAL UAiR RESTORA. TIYK, ie l-s a g-io.l c-op ct hair, and w.U soon have it long, ltu t. i.n I Li.viruii.t. ,M.- Willi im .lArKtt.v.-. rf I.ih-rly ftreet, P.IU ti.rn. crimi'-s (J11 tl.e 3 ' "I lVlinrtiy. lnlT.ihai llr. l'... 1. 111. .1.1. 1. 1011's h. a.I, on me t p, wi,. euiueiy taida Lu lii'.'-'-n t ' 'i ?, nn I tliu. I.y um two 3. hollies of Jones total ll-ur lienoiiime, tl.e twirls (.wins u.st. tln.-k nn.l healttiv. lle CADrct? I'V usul'lhlsa null' longer 10 lute u letter head ol hair than he etcr l.ud. y TO Tllt'tr W HOVE HAIR IS GKAY,.j on i allim; hit axd w iiah ai tiie ItUDI.. I herel'V rcrtiiV 1l1.1t 11 v hair was lutnii'g ciity. an 1 f.ilhn.! tt". and thai f un e I l.ae u-ed Jims' -.'oral Unr KtHi nitive itli iseuliiely censed lauini;. is mow i"2 lr.-l. and li-is a line, tlaik look, lleloie I u-ed Jdne'tt Corul Hair lie.toiutie 1 cuuLed out hauJlu., ol hair ilciiy , ... ir.T.ini-it-c n.. 1-: V l .l. lO.lil Itl.lO,.. lOHg M.i.t- . u.wr. yoi; sum ron pakduvff j Mr Pf-ir. n erf rrr. rf I'ulion M'eei. had his hair completely choke J up .th tl.nl Jtud, and .lone s' Coral Hair l.tflorallic cuine.y tiuo p.-.i.t of-.u'- vuirw ... Do )tm mini in Dit-s, Iltr.utll) ami 111 like )tl'll 11. till vtiii nut, 1,1 t . .i.titti . I 1 1. .nn- II. Culleii. lute tinrlert'ii board llie 'te-m- ho-11 South Aui'-iic'i, do c.-ili l'i:it Jones' C'nn.i H" if Kt vioriitin-is Hi-0. n nun ie uiu ufvu ur 1111 i.-mj. ilieiinnr. cleaiteiiiiraii.l ki-et luiithe l-a,r u Itiuiittne s.ifi,ile.in. fuky.1l.11I. and 111 oidtr ; u ll my uutou.t-rs piel'-iied 1 10 --I'y It. ul'' el-'. Sold oniy i Xew lV.rH ct Si CHATHAM .- 1 ilbl. 1 , -tif;.-! of the America. 1 Lag.c. Direction) for usiigJoi.es Coral Hair Jlettaretlit, For, loEtiNn ti.l tlKtwrn 01 11a. K. il .s i-.tctfs.-ny to tails - a s.llll llivlioli till ll.e kii p. to ih. t the ttt-b-toralitt- may enter ihe ;.oies. Tins 1.1a) tetmucty applytii'- it w.th a inodt-.uieiy h'ir.1 luus.i, l.ut il is 11, ttssoy in un- uiise i.ais.i 11.C.1..8 ec (.1 1.1 uitaai e.iv- ol 1 :i..1i:i .v. Wninr tiil IIaik Taii-s Orr, Tit.ns Ghkx, vVc, 1 j - j I the Ktrtoiulire w.1.1 the hand, ot po.t hiu-ll. l'..u Ihe hair i.idiiltunt L.tts, so llie Uutomtiic .nay uiu h Ihe t. .- p. 'I lie Mine diitclit.n nmybe us-d f r Di;r-s'..vo. vtc. ULU. L liAUKl.M.TU.N. i.n3 Aputhe.-ary Hall. STATUAHY .11AUI1M. QUA1U1I.S, tli'aintmi, I riviii 11, IIW. Move nniiied (junrii.., will known fer fur 1 1 isl 1 111 -5 11 suiu-iior ,: i.iluv ..1 10., il.!.. i.l In... vv l.u.. nud tukiui; u hmli poii.tt uic m,w U-in woiked, (no ihieiutju ijuihi) 01 i.uitle, jid u Ik uiituuilled 111 ,iueiic.i. All oiders for iiionunienis. tcinb nnd srnve ttiim s maihic t-iahs, l.u. K", x-dert.iis or t-itnuaiy Irom llie. ti.itlii, nu.y 1 iidJirt-eed 10 Kuow-iis 1'uy.ot, 1'iu pucloi, ut l.toudt-iip.t.r ,, o.k.or - Sl. It'll I. I.uodtll blllH-l ll'.toiul.-i l ot Un- Oiiillis'o Uutiuiui 1 1. li.NUWLv.!) TAlLtJII.il !o. l.iuur I. 1-117. iu. IJtu'iu'rrt'ot yiM's. T M. rAUKt'l, coiitinui-s I114 rooms, as usual ill College il., llutlllltolt. Yl . where lie is produ. cut' Finerior iJniiierreoivnt- Miiu.iiu'c nt the low ulce ol 1,50 put 11.1 111 ileoitiit cims and lin.lied to they will liewr lit.le lii li.-t-u 1 1 S' ilieiin-n nre iuvllej to call anJ cl amine lot. vainly ol iveuut'iis. Lost , A SII.VIIU TOII.Vt.CO uos. t,e nnd he. . . tweiii 1'ie rti leuce of CaiioA lluier, I'm a id tin- l.udee 111 the lall,, .y nu. w,.. ,he Van N.-n p!e nnd Co lege Kircp. Th- linder will U Wllally lewarded hy leivnif it ,t this o(Be, ni:..r.covi:i.,s ANODYNE CORDIAL, .1 s-ife and efeclual Cure fur lie Vismtery, tumour Con plaint Cl.oliia Mrivr,lWtra Infantum. "1 1 1 1 fearful inonaliiy ninoiia i-hiidrt-n, which takes I , l .rouilif unriiitM-.iau.wiu Ill's and 1 u.-r 'cl ies. h iheihesuimufrcouiplai'.t.or cltoleia int.iiit- urn, h.l lll.lil.ed lllinylo wur 11 1 i-synie nn woild nny ilw woik ft tleMli. "! veoiir litilecnrs irom an liiiimeli Mmiy len.ediis ute rdv.-i. used ami iii-ini tiluil'le lues mc i-'tved liy iln-m. i ,.t cull tlic w.uk ti dciMietion tots on, tillinii the In.irti ot dtviiius paieiils "'i'i IniiientHii'ii nnd inouunrp ; mid will eoiilinuelo progress in. Ul a medicine t oi Ik- lotui l ili-'l wul nl once iirr.fl ilit-iliwnse, nud rt 1 hat k llie lltl u' tlealll. Wr tllllil. We have lonilif tl e vet) Ihius ill" puWic needs 111 Dr. Joints Com s Auo.l)iie Cordial, lor the 1 tin-of iljscnuiy, rummer 0..1111 nuui. tholeni luliintuiii, und choieia iuoilu3. j 1 inn intiiitme tins wen 111 us.- tuny hihiui on .", tVotct'O. "lJ wiisdisvoieicil in 11 fui-ju'ar, provid'iuial uiiu- TIU'. Co-n.iitneiit:iiii tAuua un.lr llie firm "f ner. .Some ol the itiih.-.es wi ie si, len und eaten hy llv Imv 't Woo I, is mi. .1. y .h..licd I inn- did 1 who had tue .uiiiuier ifiup unit my jever. ly, mil i-o,wiit nn I li-oi -- I'. ". ul lw "" "'' " ,lK' ?" -" ' slfUiiiij. mother, wu cll.v- iid isieud uli hi. iniere.t 10 S.3wy ll.til. iv, itud.Jid u.,'l) cured 111 11 tiny ,11 two. Tin. lam-oiunii to ih 11. Io is it iuv ilii- Jct.t-. .liia ir.it. ll- H" kuowledjeoi 11.. C, nnnwed him to comU ie tlitw U-nlow is 10 p.i) thi ";,11,Ni;V HAKI.IJW, uilnif. x.dli u ,eia wliuli lie I ad known, duuiitf a ( .U l'. WOUUtj. p.attue ol lieiwern io,t and f.lty )e.trf, 10 he vuhi- Colchesifr iic 23.1 1317. 3wl nhle 111 llie nhove i-tiiiiuiuU, 1111 1'iue mull wn, this ' - . " lucdicine, wbuli ijiiownlieie.iioihe ptih.ic. bok- A STOUIi to KUK near uiu sjviuuic, tsoie a Heiaill.y OtU tl. ltARltl.Nu I Uj, Enquire ntthisotlic July, ill 83 Apothfeviy HU