22 Ekim 1847 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 2

22 Ekim 1847 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 22, 1847. S.itutday. Oct. 1G. Senate. Senator Nnli observed tli:it (lies nf tcrnoon would bo occupied ty thn meeting ortho county and Probate District conventions, and liinvcd that when the. Senate adjourn it lie to meet at hnlf past nine o'clock on .Manilay iriorn Ing i carried, mils Inlrotlnced. lly Mr. tTa'rinctnn. timvi- ding lor the building ot the Stato I'rlson on hie purposes contemplated by tlin Leged-Hnic, hut the luismcs Is not yet tully completed. During the year, (ouuniiincntions on sundry topics have been received fioin srvotnl el llie States,, which Will nl mi baily day be laid heloic you ; us hlo will a rmiiititiiiiciitioii I nun inic u( llie Directors (il the New Yntk Institute lorthc Mind, suggesting the prupiicty fil'll tiliiiisinu l.ein.r mule he ibis Ktlltc. bv which a Inrt ol ilsuulurtimntc Mind, who ine educated at the expense ill the Slate, may he placed in that institution 1 tieetu n proper n ii 10 state maiiuc resouuious pas 1.1 Alott, in the County of (iruud Isle '. referred 1 sed at the lns session of the I A-uisl.nliire, relating to i committee on 1-inaiieo. lly .Mr. llrowncll, in amendment of Chan. 1 of It. S., so that no town representative shall be elected on a balloting niter It! o'clock at night j referred to committee on KleetioiH, llsolntion, lly Mr. I lodges, Cum joint as sembly on Wednesday next at 10 A. M. to elect fudges of tho Supremo Court ; pissed. The annniil e.ecntive communication, of his Hxrcllcncy the (Sorcrnor, was transmitted to the senate by his Kccrctary.Tind win read by the Secretary of the Senate.' jHo.a:;o 1'elhir Citizens nf the Semite unit House of Hep- eczcitttitiecs. . The annual n-mbling of our State Legislature ev rrprcsenls an appmpriaO' s-e.i-ou (or a pa-sing sur icy ol those pioiumcut incidents pettaiinng to our ointnon wellare, whkli have luaikcd Iho previous year, And, upon such n survey un the pies-nt occn nou, we liud ourselves am ron led whh afninJ, tut cans s Inrgratitnde lo that lleneliceiit IJeiug tiom whom ie receie every goon. The year has heen chaiaeter- in ny u iiiii'iiimMiiii; oi iicnviiy alio ii ospei uj Slavery and llie Mexican War, transmitted hy me to the Lxecutivc of Virginia, were rccomcycd lo me in nccnrdnncc with an order of the Legislalute of that Male, iiirecung ine i.xeeuttve in reuirn mem lorn.- ml i " 'I 4 14 tint milium, ee, til von liecausp tinv ac lion in regard to it 13 supuoscd to be necessary, hut as Vermont can nnve no icars uini uer ,muor win oe (limineil hy the contrast In the respective positions n the two Slates, it is deemed due to her thnt n record ..fib,, tifownfiinn slwml.l In. in her own sale keening. I believe that the position of Vermont is distinctly understood in regard to nil those great questions nfna tioiuil councils, and in which Vermont In common with die. . thcr Siutcsof the Union basso deep an in i. ..... li nlll.i.ls ,,i(-ntMit Inrthe most liloloillld re I ll.nl ll,.. mihi,iiv nil willl II llt'iuSlllIU iim lictlllb t... .mi .-oi I....... .limited. Iinl. on the contrary. istnnkiugstill greater and greater demands upon the lilnoilnud lieaur of llie nation. It ishelicvcd that v.... ....... 1. .a U....M ...il.ln.r in llie moiness ol the eon ..... ,,. ,.t,..i..'-,. li.., si mitiipnt. either in teiraid lo the i...il-.;,...f ?.i' il.,. minimis mi which llie war win coninieiieeil, or the niiwoilliincssnl the purposes lor which il has heen waged. Sin- cannot ncngniM ine i .r....i.r'il ifn i.riitni.iit IIS I niiiuiilled lo anv career ol ! rnmmcM, nor will fhe regnd any iinio-oinphslird ; K-hemes ol leriilnral iiggiiiinlii'iiieiil as piei-iiliiig I ail olisMcle M tlie speeUy lUIJil-lllieill oi i-iih ie nine II ICS. I'eaee Ho lineiiaivneaiiv niiueiiinin ovmii The Senate came in and the following ap pointments were made : HUTi.AMl COUSTV. Oordcn Newell, i Assistant ,1w1i;cs of the Isaac T. Wright, ( County Court. Jacob r.dgerton, Hutland, Sheriff, jumps Rice, High IMUlW Win. (J. Kitlrribjrc, Sink's Allornnj. Martin i. Kverts, Win. Hall, Charles Hurl Jail Commissioners. AllLllSON COUSTV. Ocorgo Chlpiuan, ) Assistant Judges of the Klias Holtom, County Court. l)iivid S. Church Middlebury, Sheriffs Asa Chapman, High naiiitl. Geo. W. (Jrandy, Slate's Attorney, ir luiMness oiieratious : mid ah ton rli our lcioieinii ' m,.l nsUs f. r no irititntv. whelher slave or lice, as Minus res eet Miolllil peilnpH he ollli wliat lelnpeleil fcoiulltiou orusestaollllinenl anil seciiruy liv the retlection winch toreos hhii iipmi in that this lavorahle condition is to no small extent a result of llie il.'stitutioti utul distress whirh h-tve ptevailed in otlu-r linds, yet such a lemeiiil.ralii e may M-nc to iiu picss upon us the more deeply a sfiie ol oliligatioii lliat we, too, have not heen i-ulienn.; Ihf want ot hiead. So l;ir Ironi this, we hue in en cn,omg an uiilin(ed mpplyofthe itiiiisol the raith il'nimg the ymr pat, anil another liih hnriiHt ms heen gaihei er in. Our people, too, hiive hren pieserved fiom any wide pieiul and desolating sii Uu ; end order has been tnaiiitaiujd ; and our distinguishing social and itliijious piivileges, miiiupaued, have li.'tm yielding lor our enjoyment, their lich and coutilless bless- illL'S. As vvc enter upon the discharge of our legislative duties, let us not only h. nr in iiiiud our oliligiiions to those who have committed llirir inteii'sisto our cm, lint also recognize our icpniiibi!itv to u Higher l'ow er. Under the gcm-rally received and MilMantially eorrett iloetime, that I iws are but llie expression ul llie pnMic iiiiuil alio an nulex ol puolie uiniiils, mere KrWo conv the followinz expose of a branch of tho system of Stock gahibllnff which U nl- most daily Itlllictlng poverty ami misery upon many who are h tited on, by reckless and tin- principled sharpers, to " make haslo lo get rich." Hut liio cllectoftho manirttvers detailed bo- low, is not conline" to tho " Hulls" and tho ' Hears" who are personally engaged in them. The artificial elevation or depression In tho priceoftbe Stocks which those gentry seize up on lor their galvanic experiments, misleads hon est and bona lido Country Stockholders ns to the Horatio Seymour, JiJe of Probate for the value of their Investments, and freitietitly indu- li ri.in tins liu mi. to iilril i! vou tnveoulcil cootiera hi all voui rlfiris topioiiiiiie tho nihhewell,ire. And iniiiiessril w ith a guileliil hiis ul our obligations to those who h ive giMifii'iisly eniiiiuitli'd thrir interests to our ciro guided by linn convktioos of tiiith and right, and aidrd by tint Divine l'avnr vvliith alone can ilisiue sueeoss lo ihe bcs devised plans, we tuny hope licit our lalims lur the si.tiou will advance the sub slanlial piosperity and Inppincss ol the prople of the Stale. IIOUACi: IJATON. livntTivr. CiiAMnrn, October Hi, lblT. S Mr. Hodges moved tint so much of the fiovr ernor's Me-age as relates to public accounts bo referred to tho committee on I'inanco ; canicd. Mr. Cii-hm in moved that so much as relates In the act of List ses-iim to prevent Imposition and accidents in liu s-.ily of medicine., he referred to a select committee with instruction to report is d.mgir ol our ovcilookiug a tiiith ol gii'at practical i o hill for its repeal ; eairieil. iinpuiinnce that lies l,e)oiid. Laws themselves, in I Herniation, hy Mr. Kimball, that tho Secre I"r", f0!. .V" "J !!Vl;:.V.nV,':'l'.l' "r,.Hl,l'r.'.'l,a! t.iry orthe State be requested to furnish a t.ibi.. nmoiiLMhe wlsjs-innd niosi viiiiious nl' tl. Slate, im- Lir,stiitement of tlio e.petses ,,f thu Vermont Illicitly place upon (iilain ncls by their legisl.iiioii, St.ito Pri-on since its estahlisliment ; passed, toes tar to mould the public teniitncnt in leg-nd lo i Jjr, Mead pu"-ented a report from tlie l'resi ihose acts And, 111 vieiv ollhe educational nilluelli c j ( j )in.ctl,rs of the Windham Provident which the leglshilnte in this wav exerts, he .should not , ,., ,. .. .. . . ., i ,i , legard it as , p.,ount and evelu-ive purpo,e , ln-tlliition lor Savings, whence it appeared that register the public will, but he should alfo aim lo ! since tlie 1 lit li day ol January last, 3 1,710 50 guided in every act nl legislation bv the elevated prill- have been received from i!5!) depositors:, of which ciples ofa sound chii-ti.in niorahiy. S 5 bave been withdraw n. On tlie 17th of Sra, , J'y;v!ii',u,rul of luloruat WM m;ld0 amoun,ins Liybeljre lie legi.sl.iuuei-uelibusiness ashe may think to sl.l- oh. necessary, I do not deem it requisite for me In iiuenl , Adjourned. every subject, even ol public iiiieiest, wlmli may lJmn. Tho Speaker announced the nsual iii.tikiis ,.., , . . ...i.iii,. ,,. ..I,..,.. ,i us r, , s, ,n ...if eominillees. cient lor ine siniply to advert to suih inattets ol public eonceru as would more ajipropriatelyckiuu the notice of llie nverutive, from the lad, thill iiiloiiualioli per 1'iining to iheni might be presumed lo fall more espe cially into Ins pos-session, .Menibeis ol the legislature, turning as they do lium dilieient ipiaiiersol the Slate, and acquainted as they ine with the opeiallon ol ex ifting laws upon the well being mid pjnjie!ity of the 'veial sections which they icspeciivcly repieseiit.will, iuregardto most uialiers relating to the public vel tare, arrive lor themselves ai nunc jii-t mid coirect conclusions than any towhiili the Jixeculive could Kiuue lliein. 11 cotillions. lly .Mr. dough, to elect Secrc-' tiiy of Slate, Aiidili r 1 1 tlie Treasury, and S.tt geantat Aims on .Monday next -I p. in.; adopted. From the Sen ite, to appoint Judges of Supreme Comt ; conruned in. Petitions (. R feirul.Of Win. V. Vilas and others, lor new hunk at liurlinglon, to com mittee on Hanks. Of !) I freemen of Wardsboro. in fivor i f Mr. I'lvmpto i's right ton hit,to the commilteu of Kleclious. Ol ). V. Wevinniith tor isrcfiiiiie of his ollicial Allloliir ihnse subiocts lo which I renr.l il ns nroner 1 alld others, A1.IIIZO 1'icrCC. Charles Dickinson. for ine toeall your intention, 1 would suggest an appa-1 and James Smith and others, for Kepeal of ped rent de ect exi'img in ihe siaiuu; relating to public .lr- nct . , coinmitlce of Ways anil .Means. ial duties. In an olliee w bieli bol.ls so inent was made : (jrent continl over the tnn-tiry, wiihoui any elli-ciive 1 Sii.as II. liow.r.s of lluthiml, Auditor of Ac and unmediate chei k bejond ihe integrity of ihe illi-! counts ilVlll'i'lir ''""i ',"!el,t I H 'dges 138 ha Davis SI Scat. 2. ... .. ul. .. , .....I , i ii, , ,-( i u,i i in, tint- nuiinrii . . ,i i- , , , Ihe olliee would regard the requirement, that he 1 J",nt as-einhly iidjouined nno week, to should give bonds, ns oppres-ivc or unnasonable. elect Supremo Court Reporter, and the Senate i in-pivM.ni .uoiior in .vcconnis, u i.s proper tor me withdrew " 1 wouM 7Z 111 IvMiVr-,,, ,be i,,.J " .v.tionofMr.l'or.er the House proceeded propiiciv ofnlteiingour laws u.spe,-tmg the rights ol . l" L'k'ct '-Kf'-""g -lerl, when Aor.M.vs ma n ied women, so as to seeuie to tbe?n the sole eon-' uant vvue vb eted nod sworn, IroUnd bciKlitof nil proieriy vvhuh ibey mayhaveiit Hills in' rot unit ami referred. lly Mr. Dean, I", "r "cci-ive uiiring ii, in incir own iignt. , to. incorporalu Jllaek Itiver Savin-s II ink bv .VV..""'. . lie.. :! , Mr. I.vuun. to incorporate the Commercial iver incicases with ihe grow ih ol a state ami The con- I jlJ ' Iliirlington,aiiil al.-o liuilington Sav ings s-siutnt incriase ol business and its haaids, oi heim? , 1 mk and by Air. (dark, to incorporate Mont- nener .-savings mui; severnuv to ine eoiiuniiiee on li.iuks. Hy .Mr. Collamer, to chatter I'uion liailroail uiiinunv : to commillee on uoail lly Mr. Walker, lo repeal act of lSlfi, lelaling to sale of medicines ; to Julieiarv committee. Hy Mr. Conver.se, concerning bowling alley (select men empowered lo closo tlieuij ; to Jiuli ciary committee. SKN.VIT.. Momiav, Oct. 18. Prayer by the Chaplain. 1 ho report ol thu totniinltee on Holes was Dislriet of Adtlison. Harvcv Mmiill, Judge of frabatefor the JJis- trictof AVw llaien. Ira Allen, John II Copland. Horuco Urano, e. f t.,t ., -ff,,,.i jomnisxioners jot , tail ni .Hiunuaiti '. John I'icrnoint. Samuel .Morgan, Klliotl bher rill, Commissioners for Jail at Ycrgennest on ami n count v. Ariel llnrnham, ) Assistant Judges if the Ceo. 1 Ilaldwin, County Court) d'eorgp Sleeper, Corinth, Sheriff'. Win. P. Drown, High liailiff. Philander Perrin. Stale's AtlorncU. Levi II. Vilas, Judge if I'mbgtc for Ihe His trie! ot' llandotnh. Stephen Thomas, Judge of I'rohale for Ihe uivriei of itriiuioru, Anios'S, Hatch, Klihii Norton, Lelitticl II. deorgc, Jail Commissioners. I.AMOlLLr. COIINTT. Jason Crain. Caiuhridge. Sheriff. (leorge W. llailey, High liailiff. Win. W. White, Slate's Attorney. Harlow P. Smith, Judge of I'rohale. CIllTIUMinS LOU.NTV. Robert White, ) Assistant Judges if I'duey H. Penniman. f the County Court. J.utlierP. Illo'jgclt, liurlinglon, Sheriff. John P. (irillin, High liailiff. Frederick (5. Hill, State's Attorney. Charles Adams. JndacVit Probate. Israel P, Richardson, Isaac Dow, Henry Whitney, Jail Commissioners. flttAMl 1-i.n roOMV. David 0. Dixon, South Hero, Sheriff. Pardon Deuel, High liailiff. Julie?. Ladd, Judge if Probate. (liles HarriiH'ton. Slate's Allorneit. Win. II. Russell, Klihti Parks, John W. Brown, J a il ( 'um m I ss it, ners. i:ssex roi'STY. Horace Hubbard, ) Assistant Judges of Ihe iVitlmn .1. liraves, Vonnly IJourl. Reuben C. Renton, I.iinenburgh, Sheriff. John W. Hartshorn, High liailiff. m. C. Hartshorn, Slate s Attorney. John Urnnks, ir. Judge of Probate. John Dodge, Marcus A. Webb, Hiram II. Nichols, Jail Commissioners- Tho joint assembly adjourned to Thursday next, 10 o clock A. il, and the benato with drew. Adjourned Sr.vATE. ArTr.n-cooN. Mr. Miner culled up the joint resolution lor a loint Bemblv this al- tc moon at lour o clod; to elect a hecratary ol Slate, Sergcant-at-arms, and an Auditor in Treasury Department; and on motion of Mr. Burton it was amended by designating three o'clock P. M. of Wednesday, and the resolu tion was concurred in. Houm: Petitions ltrferretl.Oi 3. R. Par ker, Lewis Howard and Joseph Carlton andotb ces them to make sacrijiees which are wholly uncalled for,and which a correct understanding of tho matter would prevent. It will bo seen tho article is from a Aew York paper. Wo believe that City is the prin cipal theatre for the performance of this species of financial legerdemain, and wo trust it will be a long timo before New England morality will come to regard such "operations" with anything but reprobation ami disgust. Stock (iAvir.t.tvrj. Permit me, through the trie diiim of your paper, to give such of the public as are mutilated, a little insight into tlie myste ries of slock gambling, particularly that depart ment which relates to cohering. 1 do this that tho thoughtless, and unwary may be warned in timo against one of the most ruinous of all operations, into which an unexperienced person, ot weak resolution, can bo drawn by the fraudulent ca jolery of nn artful and designing speculator. An operation cnit ol vviucii, it one can escape, though stripped of every ve-tigo of property, yet Willi a remnant ot nonesiyi or ot character, no is lucky. The orinin and progress of all cohering is somewhat like Ibis : An individual whose eve ry sense nf light is blunted by constant scbein ing to ilelrand hw ncignnnr, idoks anoiii him in the market for some stock depreciated to point which enables it to he easily commanded l.. n sm.ill nmnttnt of inonev t the character of tlie stock being so had with the dealers, that thev would bo disposed to sell it for future de livery upon Us merits, or rainer wain ot merit. lie then looKs auoni mm ior anouuio scioi vie For the Free Press Mr. KniToit : It has often occurred to mo that something more than a more nnnotttlcctnent of tho Award's of premiums ought to bo found in tho reports of tho examining committees, at our County Fairs. Tho Society does not seek as its end to distrib ute premiums, nor Is the ditty of a committee performed when the list of avvanls is made out, signed, and delivered to the secretary. 1 ho ob ject of the Society is to encourage, in the work of improvement, tho agricultural community. It d.ies this in various ways, by bringing by moans of preiniums oil'ered, the best animals, Sic. from the various parts of tlie County together for comparison by giving Farmers and tboso in terested in agricultural improvement, an oppor tunity to meet nnd compare their views, to sec rtnd criticise superior agricultural, horticultural and domestic productions hy showing what has been done for agriculture, and in other ways which 1 will not now mention. Hut though the exhibitions of the Society show what has been lone, the Society docs not, through its commit tees, as a general thing, show what mighl to bo done. The more award of premiums, contains noth ing of interest beyond that of a personal nature. riicrc is no element of general interest In a re port comprising nothing more. In order mat a report may ha of general interest, it mti't contain some information of a general nature on the subject, to which tlie attention of the committee is called. There tnut be a state ment of the principles by which the committee have been guided in making the awards. Take an example. Should the Committee on Farm Implements commence their report by stating briefly and accurately, what constitute? a good plow ; Inw thq form of the plow should bo va ried for different kinds of plowing; what soils require furrows of peculiar Inclination and depth, and what plows arc host lilted for difler cnt soils, tlicre would bo something in tlie re port of real and universal interest and value. From tlie St houis Republican, 3th hist. -Itcltciiicnt among the liidliins. Tho Wnr. Wn nrn tumble to nivo our renders anv all' r-... il, m..i ,.f w.,r. Itninnrs Wo renrnt to learn there Is considerable ex- i. minis, in'tvn nun, run. v.. ...... . - --n--- , . , , ,. , e Hi. ii,. o,t nioiunr t in st.ie ii nd ! ox Indians, he- to the following ellect have .men u.o papers , , r ,inv ,,1vo rccciv,i during the pist week. -Aacr Santa Anna visi- j f'()m (Tn5tcj s',.ltc3 (jOVCrntnont. Wo arc ted tho city of Mexico, tlie i'itui commenced i tn,i jjtit cannot vouch for the Irutli of the report, an Indiscriminate destruction of the houses and that so great Is the dissatisfaction of the tribe, property of tho residents, m iking no distinction and so impossible has it bee n to i in justice U, .,';. ,t - rtslea nnd lb ii r,r them, from the violation, by t ic Unite. UStatts between the property of Mexicans and that of foreigners. The civil authorities applied to (Sen. Scott for protection, lie sent two columns of troops into tlie city, each having' a pieco of artillery, lloth columns were repulsed by the populace, with tho loss of both guns. Hen. Scott then ordered a bombardment of tho City. Those rumors are generally discredited, as well as the rumor that (Sen. Scfltl bad despatched tlcn. Quitman with 11)00 trortps to open commu nication with Vera Cruz. f PltlbADtLflllA. Oct. 18, P.M. The following was received al Baltimore nt 8 o'clock this morning. The Telegraph not then being in working order, it was nulled nftho treaty stipillations, tint the Agent, Major Bench, who has been with them 8 years, has heen compelled to resign Ins olfice 'l iu; Sacs and Foxes for several ybars isist in fact, ever since tho Black Hawk war have been peacea ble, and relied entirely and implicitly upon tho treaty stipulations for support and protection. During the past summer they visited the Agency as they were accustomed to do for their ra tions nnd their annuities. Hut, lor some unex plained rcaoti, neither could bo jnU them with out fuithcr instructions from Washington, and thev wore, consequently, kept about tlie Agency, suireritig, not only for food, hut for water, until disease set in upon them, and hundreds hive fal len victims to tho neglect of the Commissioner of Indian nll'airs at Washington. So loud, says nor ;,,r,irm mi hne imi. tin, dem iinl for relief, By an arrival at Charleston, it seems that tho i o. .. .i10 A,r,.ni rather tb in endure tlie distress British steamer Mcdw ay, from era Cruz, had , w i c 1 1 lie was rnmnclled to witness every iirrived at Havana. Cub i, with private letters, ,,,, naid over tho annuities of money without from Mexico, of i!7th September. I i. requisite, instruction from tlie Department, ilms : first, for tho--c whom ho may be able to Then tho awards should follow, and tho why and bring into the communion as conerers, nun t10 wherefore of each award would bo manifest then for those who may he induced to contract lediiced lo destitution nnd sullering by aels in which thy have had no pan, nnd in whose disastrous eonse- .inenics, so tar as it can I e avoided, iliey should not shale ( liber Stales h ive turned iheir attention lo llnssiilijeu, and ll would seem dial our Slale should riot be liss ready to give s.'dataiy and equitable pro tection to the w lie al I, ns w heii it can bedulie w llh out wiong to llie hit-hmd or hisciedilots, 1 I deem it my duly to .nil your attention loan act' pnssed at the last session ot the Legislature, entitled An net in picvent hnpo-iiion and aeeiilents in the1 sale of medicine." The proti-imi contained in ihe I act, thai it should not go iulo ellicl until the lirst day i of Noveinbei, 181",, would sei in toiinplylli.it doubts' unr eoieiiiiiiieu us lo llie lllltuy or expediency ol llie law- by the legislature thai passed il ; as llie provision nppeins io nave oeen uiseneu lor llie pillpo.se ol lillonl- ingan opportunity lot a repi al ol the act pievious lo its taking ellect. Such doubts wue certainly enter tained bv myself, nnd lime has but served lo confirm them. It is strongly believed lliat an attempt In car ry out tlie provisions ol the law would not onlj be at tended witli grent cmlnriassim nt and inconvenience, but would altogether lail ol I Heeling the pllipuses sought to be necoin lishtd. 1 would, thcrelore, re spectlully recouuiKiid a tepeal of the iu tin question and should the legisl.iiuieionciir with me in the main (pinion, there aie obvious leasons why the subject thould receive immediate attention. It is a souiee ot much giaidieation lo ine to be able toexpr.ss. my linn and decided eonv kiioiw, that, un der the tegulaliona leteliliy adopted lor the supervis ion ol our loiiiuion schools, nnd theelloiis made in connection wiih thni siipfiwsuiu to uupiove ihse in ttiiutiohs oud extend tluir inlliieiiee, o palpable ad vancement has hen made in tunny ,niliculnl, nlll.o' much Icmauis to be desned. Hut n Ihi'toiuliiiou of tins greut ml. test ol tlie Mnte, nnd Us piesent d I taken up, and alter son o ilebite, Iho rules on the last se.sion were adopted, With a slight amend- mem. Tho Piesident announced tie select commit i tre on tho act preventing imposition in the Mile ol mcuicines, viz ; Senators lusiiiuan, Alincr nvv eat. The Senate went into joint assembly ; on re tinning. Hills Intra lueed and r.ferr-l. By Mr. Morse extending the charter of Ihe Bank of Manches ter; to the Cotinnitti'O on ISinks. By Mr. Mine!, incorporating the People's Ae.id.Miiy at Mortis lowii ; to thu committee on IMnc.ilinn. By Mr. J. Hamilton, in ullcrulinn oflhi' act of M.r iel.it ing to Common Schools; luiho same com mittee. liesolulions. By Mr, Kidder, instructing tlie committee on mililary affairs, tu inquire, vv helher to sell and deliver the stock which tlie combina tion are going to place in a position to prevent their obtaining it to fulfil other contracts. II.iv inrr found tho lir-t persons with capital and without experience they commence their pur chases on joint account. Heat tlie same time, without tlie knowledge of his associate?, gives separate orders in confidence to certain brokers, who nre directed lint to trailter tliestocu to nun (for that would betray him,) but cither lo hold it for him, or el-edeliver it tohitn by Iheir pow- to everyone. Such a report would show that the members of the committee bad it correct or faulty understanding ol their business for the time being, and would tend more to ptovoke that kind of discussion among the 1 arniers. which results in progress, than anything or all tbincs else em ulating from the Focietv. Let this course be nur-ucd by the committees on ! stock let each rcpoit embody their views, con enrninnr thn eomnarative value, of dillerortt breed- Con. Scott had luldrus-cd a circular to the Mexican States, inviting them to send deputies to tho .capital locoucliidu a peace. A division of 1,iOJ men had been sent by (Jen. Scott to take po-.sesiioii.of Tallica, a place near the capital. Fiiom Mi.xiui Schooner S irali, from Bra zos Smtiago, at Now Orleans, brings letters from (Jencral Wool's head-quarters to the 11th of September, which announce all to be quiet. Tlie schr Aretits, from Toba-co, 'J3d September, at New Orleans, brings advices that tno cele brated1 Miguel Bruno couinunded in tlie statu of Tabasco. Cnuiniodorii Perry lead returned to Anton hiziinlo. All was quiet and healthy. mui llion rnsitrnpil Lis nnst This calamity if our information may be re lied upon, and wo know no reason to doubt Its entire accuracy is entirely attributed to the ih eU'ectual tn inner in which the Indian Bureau, under the superintendence of the Commissioner of Indian All'ilrs,Mr. Atedill of Ohio, Is conduct ed. This is net the tirst in-tance where we havu been informed of tho gross negligence, and in diU'erence to tho calls of humanity, justly charge able against the olliccr. Ho is a partizin politi cian totally Ignorant (if Ids duties, and of the character u'nd wants of tlie people ov er whom liu is appointed to exercise control in tact, it is said, lliat ho gives but little attention to his of fice, or its duties, finding more congenial amuse ments in other parts of Washington. How far tbe-e reports may ho strictly accurate, we are not prepaid! to tt-sert from per.-onal knowledge, but tint there are numerous and well founded roinplaints, irom many oi uio iniii.ui 'li' "-- we do know. The Commissioner, in his zeal to carry out tlie Sub-Treasury, has stripped tho agents of the power and means of relieving tlie tiihesvvlien they most require assistance, and bus rnnnoittPil plnsi InillslicC lllioll those who Tin: Rr.iroiier.vinxTs nut (Jew Srorr. Bv the List accounts from Vera Cruz. Sept. 'JStli, there was an American force of '-'.V)0 men at tlie National Bridge, under (Jeneral line: an other of about 1000 men at Jalatiu. under Major I illy ; a garrison of a few bundled men at the fortress ol Penile; and another of about lOOU men at Puehl.i, under Col. Child-. The greater part of Iho force at tlie National Bridge vv is tin- ifledintelv to march to .lal.ipi, where it would lie 1 !,.,,. tni-tod tn tho faith of the Government joined hy .Major l.aliy command, or a pirlol it, and proceed lo l'erote, and tliencu to riiebla and .Mexico, to rcinlorce the main army, under lien. Scott, (ien. Cusliing's division of about 1(IOO men was daily expected at Vera Cruz from the Brazos, and would forthwith inlvatu e to the sup port ol (leu. Lane. As Lane's division will en counter oppo-itinn from the gueriill.is, particu larly at t.erro tiordo. where considerable lortih But, we suppose it is wasting iinc and piper to appeal to the justice ot the viovernuieui uu such subjects. 'Vie Ainir can do no wrong, and the poor Indian must s'uffer, without a hope of improvement in bis condition. DnATU of an KiitTou. Wo regret to learn that Mr. A. 1) Puter-on, editor of the Anglo ' American, died in New nrk Saturday morning. or of ntlornev and cettilicate in their names. Having bought pretty largely on time, the com-1 let each rcpoit tell, not only lliat such cow, bination now commence their purchases for Y nr lmrsn wus the lust, hut vim thev vvprn su- oi i ,. .... ,...... i i ..I..... " ' . . Sergean.-at.arms, and an Auditor in the ? " " - Trru' ! w'lt rcclS "e h Modi iho inJiltntion a li..t of the stockholders. and 1 am""S "s '"' ,,a ,na,I Ml" bct,er- this in secret tliev canvass, to di-covcr liovv way the proceedings of our County Society will much of the stock not actually tin their own hands can bo thrown upon tlie market. Satis- lied on this head, they now commence calling in ca tons are said to have been erected, it is pn.b-, , , Iuck- ..,,cr a brief illness. The deceased nine that hy the time ho reaches l'erote, lien. .,, , ,. ,.,,,, .. in, ilf. nress f New Ker, J-evv.s Howard and Joseph Carlton anii oth- , , , rc.,,af, 011 ti,c. I ers, for a tnod,l,cat,on or repeal of the school W,e the sellers for the first time discover that I law- to commit ee on education. Of 1. , , , w,tl liiirnhaui and Asa deorge and others for repeal . ! , . r , . ,, ,i, ,,,.; ,1,, I Burlington, Oct. iilt, 1817 becomo a store-house of knowledge to tl; whole community and by the discussion of the positions assumed by the d'H'ercnt committees. new truths and more correct views will obtain . ii pv n. p e.ornprpn i ev c in i u u miii iv who i nrniifr nnnr inn en iiitv no n in nnne 11:1 s i. I'vn L'o .,iiij oiiiui n ,., l ilui ii , . .. f .i . . : , - of pedler's act, to committee of Ways and " . 1. " .. L.. ' .. r,..1 ,,i ! jcctsn' interest to the Farmer, .Means. Ol A. 11. ill i-lon and others, (or in- . ,.;.'., :....: ' tt, I have not time crease of capital of Bank of ltrattleboro, to com mittee on banks. Of Ira Dow, to committee of

ways and means. Of Samuel Richards and oth ers, to .Messrs. Carpenter and llullett, as a sc. lect committee. Ilesolution. By .Mr. Wheeler, requesting unco in obtaining- compensation for volunteer I m's,,m'P? 111 '" ,ww'i!. "V,n.,,or: " "! ' ' r I MAnvr.Asn.-Thoinas, the Loco Focn candi- niililur,. snr,.i...,s l.,i , thn b.st ,vr vvbnllipr I r1-""- ",,mu e.lll.ru Ol HIS Ml .1, imv. - . i q ... . u ... , 'J ' ' "-s. . ........ rendereil nude or not ; adopted Hills iiilro,!aeed and Referred, By Mr. Car penter, in mill il ion toChapt. 48 R. S tn judi ciary committee. By .Mr. Blake, in addition to act chartering bank .if Bratlleboro', to committee on banks. By .Mr. Cntlin, annexing Orwell and Sudbury to Addison County, to select com- untlce oi live, Mr. Robbin'oii of Hancock bad leave of ab sence from and after to-morrow morning, owing to sickness. Adjourned. eiiurmuuMV ion, ivveiuv, uvon nn 01 i i . ... ir t i'i - . it i or more. Now our schemer begins tn realise ..mm, ... .-..v a . He gives bis brokers nrders to sell his stock on could vv isli on tins subject. 1'crliaps you may their hands or in their name, lids goes oil' rea- ' hear from mo again in relation to this matter. .lily, and is a simple operation. But still ho has biJond timo and onnnrtiinitv occur. J. a large inicresi in 1110 common sioci., wiiiun no ., . .. ,o, cannot sell nnd deliver without the knowledge , ; I ol his as-ucuites. lie manages tins pan ol the businestv in the following manner, lie goes or , . .1 , . i .1 , semis Miiuu i eilLurL oi ins in umiii" il-pi.ii.-u m i . . ..... :es during tho hjt war, vvhether I k, ,)ra vi ( . l.,mi,,e1liai ) to dates for (Jovernor, has G3S majoiity in the r a call from the otato authorities (mt infcrcst m cmmml ,,ork tMw. States. T,is is llki.ll, .j.lc Tiihune says : Jjvcc )xts$, niiitiiixti'rox, vi. FRIDAY MOli.MNd, OGTOIIKR Si, 1SI7. " Is TUP. DAUK AXn TIIOUIH.Kll MOIIT THAT Is Ul'ON Us. TIIKKK IS .oSTAI Ctisbing will ciuiie up, which will swell the ad wincing column to .VJOO men. The Second Ohio Rogimcnt left New Orleans for Vera Cruz about the beginning of tlie pres ent month, and may po-'-lblv have arrived iu sea son to accompany den. Oiislnng s divi-ion. 'This regiment is 1001) strong. Five ether reg iments arc hy this lime on the way to .Mexico, viz. one from Indian i. two from Kentucky, and two from 'Teniiesso. The-e live regiments com prise uu aggieg.tte of at le.t-t lOOJ tiien. Tlie entire lorce now in motion lor the support ot (ien. Scott, and to keep open his couimunic.itiou with Vui a Cruz, is at lea-t 10,000 men. When (Jen. Scott marched upon Mexic.o.a city of near 200,000 inhabitants, defended by 110,000 Mexican troops, with lortsand batteries at every po ni, in. s eiuno mice, riuieim 'v-'""'-"-. , dCsnat:he.s to (ien. Scott. IU carries did not probably excecu l i.uuu men. u was m, .j,rUtuI) urier 0frf.c,,, q,c p,CMdent exiren eiy uoiu unucriaKiiig, am vvuuiii nave , h , i,c.1M, ,iert. neeu desperate, inn lor tno excellence oi uu troops. .V. 1'. Jaur. Com. On the Congicis mid Ijogislativc vote, tlicre is a clear Whig majority ut this election. But Mr. Thomas had a strong hold mi thu sym pathies of the Anti-Improvement, Anti-Tux men, and this lias elected him. He gained over half his majority iu Worec-ler county alone on this issue. ured at his olliee any day vv ithiu thirty, sixty, or ninety uajs ; and it he perceives tint tho moans of his associates aro almost exhausted, and that the combination inii-t soon breakdown, lie sells thus mi time, double or treble the amount of bis individual interest in the common slock. All this while he is exhorting his coufedrrates to hold firmly, and to purchase more, and they probably are buying for themselves and the com-1 TCNNIlSSIIi:. OmciAt. mnn stock the veiy shares which he is wiling. T10 votc f(ir (iovernor of Tennes.-ee at Iho Now; his matters are all arranged to his liking; ,a(u i;cclinn lia, lwn uacMv convasscd by his dupes have spent all their iiioney in nuking , lH0 l,p,,isl.iture, with the following agrigat'e niargins on hypothetical stocks ; the loans aro , rei,t becoming due, and mu.-t be inet; the vyeak sol- . g r y , lers have billed and made sruno miserable settle- j Whig majority l,nl5. nient; Iho stronger ones have at great sacrifice IViuress Co. giving Neil S '.', Aaron V. I.V), was bought the stock which our schemer has sold, not ollicially returned, but is included in the above, and made good theircontraets. No denrind any j Tcnne.,.0l,i w0 believe, is tlie first Stale which longer CMsis ior u.u mock, lie now ueui.ues , rveoo. p. tho inrirroir.nlP e.-.li. I ir.un bis inability to sustain tho fabric any longer. "It must 'fall," Ho manifests deep emotion, 'r.r..,u liLn ? er.Aeiiiblo ,i,nl r..,r.i.,iiirtiils III AI'.OVKTIIE IIOKIZON ' " .. , !,,.. soei.iiea in sen .is sji,-t-,ni- pussiun.-, .uu. ;-,s inan.is upon us, win tie eoii-uieiiii iu the Kepoit ol 1 tho present miiina law neeiis ameuuineiit ; pass ne.-sniie isiipeiiuieuuuii, wiuin in unc nine win he ; t.,, p rom the llou-e, appniitin"u joint com laid k lore you ll is uuneccsaiy lor me to dwell up-1 ,;Uco , j,,,.,,, ilt ihnVxi.eihency of rccom on this suhicet here I have received ihe ihiid Annual Kepoit of ihe Stnte ( Jeologisj, nnd it is now in process ol publica tion. It nppiaisl'iiim the liepoit, that thesiuvey Iris b.en irogiessing dining the past )earvnlia good de 'grieol nctivity and siuerss, and dial the field labor nasbeeu niaiuly eompU led, otilvii siuall portion ot Ihe tnte remaining unexplored. 'The slim oiigiiidlly ap propriated lor lhe puipos, s ol ill. survey will Is- ev hausied on llie liisi day of AInrt h next ; uud from the ISIIlllllles ol the (i. ologlsl, npjii udtd lo Ihe liepoll, it appears that an additional appropriation of sixteen bundled dollars a year lor two years will tip requiied lucoiiqueie ine i.iiiuuuug sjsiematie llelil ol Ial I mending lo tho fivor.ihle consideration of Con f gress, Whitney'-, propos'uion to construct a rail. 1 nnd to thu Pacific; pis.pd, and .Messrs Uodge ' Sweat and Cushunii were appointed on the pait 1 of Ilia Sen lie. j I loisK Prayer by Rev, Mr, Iird.-Of Jasper Rami and .'100 others, for tho removal ol Frank lin county buildings from St. Albans to Sheldon; I Mr. Rnvc'e, moved to refer tho petition to the member-, from Franklin, ami Mr, Sibin moved to lay tho petition on the tablo for the present, to make such rc-cxniiuuntinus ol lerlaiu localities as as other p ipers on the subject would bo present- may he loium necess.yy in making out the linal lie- ,.,, and after some discussion by .Messrs S.ibin, V " ; , n-m,nlK!". !,u!i' I lloii p, Rice, nl'.S. and Needhani. the moth,,, of lions ol Ihe ulililv and inieiuLinee ol ilnsirreat woik.l -Mr. fvibin was rejected. .Mr. Bridges present- mid of its credit lo the Suite, licit it is needless lor ine ' od a remonstrance ng.iin-t said petition, which to say that 1 tru-l the iipproiiriniions w ill be leaJily luaue, ho thai no otistaele shall he- prcsellttd tu us fucccm-IuI and honorable .ouii.leiiou. In accordance wuii a resolution pissed at the last session ol the legislature, diiecling ine m npuiunt borne one lo exnimue the documents i-ollccicd by Hen ry Stevens l'.sq., relative lo the claims r thi. Stale ujM.n llie government ot the United States, lorevpeu H'S incurred during ihe revolutionary war, I appointed the Hon. Charles K. Williams, whose repoti 1 hnve lenwin to believe will be submitted tu the legishiure al its present session. To cany inl ellect the resolution of the lnt seK-iun, diieciingnie tinqipoini some suit'ible person or per lilis to conespolid Willi the seulplor Towels. itMicct inp proposi-d si.itue-in niaible of Kilmn Allen ami J hoiuas l.lnlieiiueii ior ine viieain niches m ihe h,!,. hy ol theCupitol, 1 lqiiouited ihe lion Charles I'nine and the Hon. (ieorge T. .Maish, 'l'here r.-pori has not yet been received, nor am 1 apj.n.ed wh.u ,. gress has Ik-mi made iu llie woik assigned In tbeui ; hut believe it will be lallhlully accoinphslied ot ihe ear liest period practicable. Under llie lesoluliuii requesting ine to exniiiiue or cause tu Is- examined the Historical Collections ol Henry Steveim, Csq , 1 apKjinled the Hon. Sniiuel t5. Crofts, ami A. l!, Chadwick lUq , Iu examine Ihe collection, uuJ reiiort lo nn- the ii.iinU-r, eliiirae. ler, and value nl the books nnd documents whiih it unbraced, and the nriv o vylii.h it could I obtain nl. 'There report Inn lieen made to mr ; but not Iteliii" inyn-lf nulborited to make the part haw on the lernisliropose-l.the subjeet is oien lor mull union us the legislature we (it to take m regard to it. 1 he re. IKirloftlie Committee will be laid belore you. Under the terns oi rt solutions, prowdin; lor the collection of the Surveyor General's iaiers. utul other documents pciiniuiuR to liu- hisf ryof tlie State, tome progress bus been made tuwaids accuiuphshiiig the On motion of Mr. Hodges, 300 conies of tho Message were ordered to be printed for Iho use vi Ihe Senate, , was ruled out ol order until Ihe pending motion was.lispn.-nl of. On the call of Mr. S.ibin, the act of 18:111 for a committee on this subject, and their report wen. read : thu reference to the members Iroin Franklin county was then sup ported by Mr. Royce, opposed by .Mr, K.ihin, and adopted. Ol 'i F. Ilogue nnd Joseph 'Tot tenham and others, for exemption of homesteads from attachment, mortgage or alienation, to (ieneral committee. Ol Daniel Pealiody and others, for a repeal of tho school law, to commit tee on JMiicutiou, 'The inwrnni"iit noli lied the llnu-c of a va cancy in the 2d Brigade 1st Division, by tho re moval of Russell Ihckock Irom the Stale. Hrsoluthm. By Mr. Converse for a joint rom mltteo of three Senators and live Uepro-cnt-i-lives tn consider the project of Mr. Asa Whit ney, for a railroad from Lake Michigan to thn Pacific Ocean ; adopted, nnd Messrs Converse, Lyman, Needhani, ('nils, and (iomlrich of Mid dlebury, were appointed on Iho part of the House. Hills Inlrmluee,! nml referred. dly Mr. I lull hell, concerning writs of audita querela, to judi ciary committee. By Mr. Sprague, to charier ll inl; or Brandon, mid hy .Mr. Walker to charter In o River Hank, lo committee on Banks. By .Mr. Lyman, in relation u, .Matfiwlio Tuli."rnplis, to committee on rot,,!,,. ty Mr, mkp In lino lences, (wood-land in u fr uriUliir timber or wood, lo ho considered s improveS land,) to geeeral committee. By Mr Lyman to charter the Steam 'Tow Boat compauv, to' committee on roads, I vrnt.LK;r..T, i-ATKiorio Winn i-autv U.Mren SrATcs." Daniel Webster. to ritVF. t's A ci.EAM of LiiniT, ExrciTix.i Tin: i t,e lll(1.t ,ie,. c;,n rom tlie wreck. Nece-sity requires a compliance with Ins aiivice. I no stock is piihed oll'upon an iinctivo market.and falls peih ips fifty per cent, in one day. Our speculator has his tools ready, to purchase to fulfill llie contracts thu he has made; lie fills Ins pockets with dill'erences, acquires wealth, nukes some settlement of the nll'airs of the combination, (the world being ignorant of his The Coventor's .Hcng3. We lay before our readers this week, the ex cellent message of (iov. Laton. It is short and for President iu IS 1 1. to the point, and deserves, in all respects, to lie true position in tlie transaction,) rejoices in his regaidedusa mmlel message. The duty of the mvn cunning, and teals no sympathy for those far ns iho mn.,, is ,-,l ' '" '"'vo been ruined by his knavery. Nunc of them perchance have, in their endeavors to F.xeculivc, so far as the messago is concerned, is defined justly and forcibly. " I regard as suf ficient for me simply to advert to such matters ol public concern as would more appropriately claim tho notice of the Rxecntive, from Ihe fact that information peitaining to these might be presumed to fall more especially into his pos session." It has always seemed to us that a common sense understanding of what are the duties of an Hxcculive, would bo sufficient to deter our Presidents and (inventors from writing messa ges containing arguments ' long drawn out." It is usually the caso that an Lxecutivo messago is more than three-fourths taken up with tlie writer's own private views, and tho reasons which have brought him to these views. Tho Kvecutive's own views on matters of State pol icy should bo found in his recommendations to thu Legislative bodies to pass such and such laws should lie withheld ; it being alway granted, that the good of the State is tho funda mental reason, and that the plaro for discussing quertions of state policy is tho Hall of Legisla tion, and not tho F.xecutivoChainher. Ill this form, and in this form only, csn tho views of tho Hxceulhe. legitimately assiimo an ollicial character, and become distinct front tho opinions of the man. Wo admire tho strong, goon sense oi v.ov, i.ai.ui s .viessage, us simple, j i. ,vo ,. ..... I I .1... 1 ... ! - ! .1 l .iigmueo siyiu, nun me gouu msiu Miovvn in ino j J0,,s exclusion ol everything looking liko a uncus sinn of tlie topics, presented to tho notico of the legislature. sustain themselves, been tempted (their own means being iu-iiliicient ) to speculate on tho property of others entrusted to their charge ; or have been led to ferge, or to perpetrate some similar crime. Thus ends a conspiracy, fraudulent in its in ception, and every step of vv Inch is marked by a disposition to rob and to defraud, A transaction which has oft times brought poverty upon house holds, where even luxury might "always have prevailed and tenfold worse, lias cast into the dust many a once hippy family, who now la ment the fair fame of a father or brother, lost forever, and who now stands before thu world branded as a felon. Think not that this is a fancy sketch. No it Is a tmo picture of every corner which lias ta ken plaCo in Wall street. It is tlie observation of one who has spent many years iu an atmos phere of stock operations ; whoso business has been Willi stocks, and who would now raise his warning voice and cry out " avoid this, and in .b.n.i ..n . ..i.. i !...i . ..r . i, i;. ,1.1 e , , . ,..-.. ,ii ,iiit.- um, is. in en.v i i;iiiu.... u in- Iho reasons of such recommendations tions ify,M1 ,volll( wo, rj : mi,, pecuniary d lie withheld ; it being always taken for ruin moral ruin of that priceless jewel, an honest reputation," II. .V. 1'. Journal if Comm-rcc. Clay. fiOJUO-Polh, .VJ.HIT: Mnj. 1 13. Total tit - Il ll'.l.'.IITj do ill '17 lil,'JJ3 j Inercase l.tlTti. Whig increase 1,I3J ; Loco do r:i7. (.r.ornt.v. Towns' ( Democralb candidate for (lovernor) mojority, in all but four c.mnlie-, 1 ISO. 'The tow ns to" he heard from, in the List t lection for (ioveruor, gave 101 Whig majority. Frem the Suvanuih Republic iii.nfOjt. ILL I.lltilSLATI'Ri;. Si:Aims. IH 17. Whig. Dem I Heeled, -J.'i Si) To be beard fiom U It Iu I. 1' 11 IS 1.5. Whig. l.-m ii i u 1 Cost of U,o Ali-XK-'lil Wiir 1 07,n0l,(M0 Muni,. District Tutus. During die lns-1 sessiouof Congress, .Mr. .Millcrin Senator fiom New Jersey, made a speech in the Senate, in which lie gave a statement, and am -lima le in detail, ol the evi nsesol die war, and ot the ainonut nl debt created on thai account, Anion ulher thing? in lliat speech, he said l " None can ntitieipale the diUbuhies, or estimate tlie ev)iens.'s-of sileh ail army. They can only be rea lised whtn vve come tu stole up the account of tins war. " Wi may, however, in some degree, anticipate the amount by the evpen Juures alrcntly made. 1- rom the best nilnriirition 1 can get, I am s in-lied that one year ol tins war will eo-i us about lon.uiiil.noi) "At the last sjs-ion we appiopri ile.l for the nnny alone, as follows lly tlie acl ut llie 13th Mav, $10,(XJO,0iKI lly Ihe act of th.- i Hii Julie, li.IKU.i.KM lly tho acl of the Bill August, J.'JtWjuUt) York, and was for many years rl-si-tant editor of tho Albion. The .inuable qualities of his character had endeared him to a large circle of friends, hy whom his loss will bo deeply re gretted. Si-Ecin. Tlie New York banks h id, on the 1st inst. about 4.000.01111 in coin, and the Sub- treasury .-s.o.OMI.OOO. L',000,000 had been or ' dered irom the Litter to New Orlcnm. 'The 1 'Sarah Sands for Livorpool, took out 3,G00 nt iHl1' I Rccvt.i. ok -Mil. TnisT The Wa-hingloti 1 cnriespondent of llie N. York Journal of t oin ' toeri-e sajs : -Col. Win. M. Smith left here ion iaiuiiiav mot tunc ior .iiexico, us nearer ni to Mr recalls bint, liecau-e there is nothing filher for him to I do. The oiler of this government having been rejected, no armistice will again be a-ked for, ' no negotiation invited, nnd no terms of peace I piopj-cl on our side. Such at least are pro nounced to be the instructions sent out." S'.l,-Joo,o m We have raised hy hnus made expressly to meet our war expenses, as follows : lly Ihe act nl the -JO-h ot .Inly, jlO.iMO.OJO Hy; the act passed this session, rJ.OOJ.ooJ Ve have al?o con-iuned the surplus iu the Treasury when lie war colu mn -life J, r.',00),OJ,) 'The neces.s.'iry appropriation bills umv on our table, to be piss, dat this -..s. noli, will, t uiideislaud, amount to about. ."OmitOT iilavkcto. Ifiiliton rattle .Uurl.et alontliiy, Oct IS. nci-or.TED ior. tiic Tr.xviu.i.r. , At market, lOtW Reel Caule, including ia1 H tores llyol.es Woil.uij (lxen.CI Cows and Calves, 5-Jml Sheep, and aboji LIMIU c-w-iue. 1 1 r LP CxTTt.r. Dvira 7 S.1 ; 1'irsl quality '. 7.ri j second and third quality In. in I ri) m ..ri7."i, s-rouE CArn.L Sales wvte not tiotK-ed Wokklno Oxen Saks made at 470, 71, js-.) and Cuts sn C vt.rts Sales noticed nt 10, IS. Si, "j,:t,l, mid h-Ji 5J. Smxr Siles of old .--heei were made nl $1 7". i IU an I II Hi . I.ambsat 1 H Is, i "ia and :!. Svyijp At whole-ale 1 J nnd 61 f,,r jsiion'ts ; n, refill from j to lij ; Old Hog-, (at, at Sj to fie do do., lean s. 1 ?j "1 Henderson, link, suppoiled by the Whigs. I lino liihviiuis, "J Whiff Llecled fil To be heard Irom 8 lUlIUS INTATIVEJ. 1 S (7. D.-m. C,i it IT, C 1815. Whig. Dem. fin Tnlnnl. Huinnlcr. tllade. Ware, Wo have received the returns from Dade, which give a majority of 301 for Towns. Heiid riv, (Dem.) elected to tho House, ami Jackson, Whig, elected Representative from Stimpier. No returns from Tutnall. Tho Senate is ours by a majority of 3 and perhaps 5 while wo havu a mijoritv of two in the House. Onto. There Is no doubt of the complete success of tho Whigs in this Slate. The Iltic keye Whigs, as they sty in t,u Ve,tl wil d() to tako along, Altai, U. V. M. At the late Flections oftiie several Societies of this lnsinuiion, ihe lollowiug ollicers were elected . t 'w'Tl.!!!!! r- iN''.V "' l:"ox I'resideut. b, VV . Illicnixa K, lee ('resident ll univ liistiiut-, (!. s. Dm.,,,, IV-sident. W. ' ""ivfi it. v I ll"iUt ill. I in our adveiti- ., b'lc'' 'ur Religious Inquiry, I W. Towjr.i i. J. 1'. & Co., """" The Legislature of this State commenced its annual session ut Moutpelicr on the 1 Ith. 'The report of tho pioccedings.to which a large share of to-day's paper isdevoted, known a commend able activity in the despatch of business. Mr. Lyman has presented a bill for re-chartering tho Rank of Ilurlington. School Hooks. We invite the attention of our readers tn the advertisement of .Messrs. Jbxks, I'auiek it Co., of Ro-ton, which wi'l bo runnel sing columns to day. Ale-srs been long established us a publishing , , " . r . r Atteui-toitiie I.tiEorCvn- llnvi-i -The Xe , mom especially of Scii.k.i. 1I..ks of .,., v..,.,..., ..;, ,,, . ,.. '.,..' standard merit and anlhority. The numerous lowing sinty appears'- works they udvertiso aro nil of approved excel-1 Some fiend in human shape Inst night made a lerri lencoa, Text Rooks iu our Schools, and our , own acquaintance with Ihe gentlemen who 8 inch bomb shell, with a train leading oil by w huh it constitute tholirui fully warrant us in recom- ,",,.i'e!'ii J,!.'.'' "I'11."-1"',' .but loriu- ,. io ... i iinlely ihe Laptaiu received no injury Two of the mending their 1 louse lo tli3 public coiiliJenco. j missilca went thrnugh his lied wiihoui loiichiin. Inn, liu eseap,- is looked upon ns miraculous, the contents of the shell having U-eii scallend around foruhun The absence of the Kditor must account Tor ! ''.'' ',' 'n"" " nsHiK,"''l,,uf "bis attetiqn , , , r ., , ... , . r , I tin- hto olCnpl. llrngg, exccpl dial some ol hmmen the luck of tho usual quantity and variety of cd- think he is too seme iu his diseiplim- Thj, is ti.J itoiial matter to-day. i wtl",J "l'"irt uu his lile 'Total, ? I IU ,-.011,011,) The aceiu.iey of this statement was not called m qii.-siiou on the I'.oor ol lb- S-uate, bv any mi", and tin- silence is a vutuil a,luu-.i,i;i ot its ir.it i. ll is linn shown, that the debt erealed by llie War, amounted, on the -Jd of March, ls!7, to one liundi.- l nnd nine teen nlitlhn tiro linmlietl thrnmml itMuix ,' !e lueinber it. This eiieruiotis debt is brought ii",n the couuiiy, m one jearol .Mr. Polk's War. Governor llrown.ol 'Tenilissee, lheeoiili.lenli.il nnd political iriend oi .Mr Tnlk.nud though well inforiiied on die subject, nut iueluied lo make the debt and expenses l irger than they actually were, justified ihe war and declated to ih, people iu his late eleclioneering speeches, lint the expenses ol ii were at least tight millions uf ihllniit per month! This would nuke lor llie six months Irom the 3d of March, (the time to wuu-u .or oilier siaieu tlie ilelit) to the ;m ol r-eptem-ex,fmtij-eislit miliums nf Julian 'This sum, add-d 'To Druggists nml dealers In .Medicine, nr.. wiIiak's salsa vi oi wu.n eurr.r.v- Tins eel. braf-d and infillil.le rem -.') ti.e cure of Co isimipiinn,Asthmn. nml Liver Comp innt.w ,s , ., covered slime 9, or m-vvu ents ngo, in the cit) of Tlulaik-lplua, the icsidenee ol one ol the most disim "iilbed pll.vsleiillis that ever lived. !-llice that tune il b is, by iis own merits.beeu rapidly, sutely.and sifely working its way through (he opposition ol quuksands nndeoiinlerfi iieis, umil.by ,ts tin... value, and intrinsic exeellence, n Ins g mied lor it-sell a most enviable n. nlariiv.and ciahbshed u-ell in the conl'idrnce of nn i.ucllig. nt and enhhiened publu- Irom one end ul the continent to ihe oiher The testimony ol ihou-ands who hive been relieved and cured by this valuable ar ticle, will show dial it stands uurivnlled--.it tin-head ol nil oiher medicines lor the cine ol'di-ea-es lor which it is recommended. The genuine Dr Wi-ur's llal sain ol Wild t'heiry is now for sale by duly npiminied ngcnts. nild all resnectable dealers in mediei ne, m nil large cities and nil iniporfint towns iliroughe.it the United Htates, Canndas, nnd llntisli provinces lie earelulnnd get ihe genuine 1)1! WISTAK'S BALSAM OF fll.l) CIILIHIY. . Not.'- genuine 'VjlV.-.'?. '"i?."'.'.1 '"J" . l- Ul-"TTS, Address oli orders t i.iii vv i uvv i.u.iioston, .Mass. Tor sa c whole. lo the 1 fJ,.oo,UHi, ihe amount iu Mar. li, makes one I n!""!',1'',11,'1 1 "tn- A- .V1 CK' Rurhngton, nnd by um, r.., I..., c, .... i . i -'ssMs.s . ..vu.siiivs i;euerauv in v eriiioni. hundred nnd sixty-scu-u millions two hundred ihuu soul dollars, already expendid iu llie pros.-cniiun f ibis war1 nnd for what benetit lo the country I for I vvlni object I .No benefit whatever to the country ; and as to the object, vve can conceive ol none, except lo lind ptotit.ible plans lor Loco Toco olliee seekers, nnd lo extend the area ol Slavery. Fnormous and Hauling ns is this amount ol'.kbt, there is'till number itrm vet more appalling. Tl.ei'rrs.i at least tiren li th'iiti not m en havo been nlrcadi sacrificed upon llie same unholy altar I How is tins immense debt lo be paid I It is m the contemplation ol the leaders ot the Polk piny, to raise means tor tint purpose by ,irrr( tuiiitimi i;w the vennle .' Iu thateveut, the amount to lie levied upon the lands in Olnowonldbe not l.ir Irom suterii mil lions scecn handled and tirentu thousand dotlnrn .' I .inneisol Ohio I nid-holders are ou willing to be la vd in t its trightlul sum tu support .Mr. Folk and hi war I llunliol it. nnd judge lor yours-lves You have the pint er. and it by your votes vou continue our tires.Mil - tillers in olliee, ou will do all you can to bring this overwhelming lax np.ui jour tarins, upon your lauds. 1 jou want the tax, vote lo bring it upon yoursel.es. 1 I tu I what proof have you that il is the design of the lu.kpmy to collect, bydiuci lavanon, ihe amount ,, , . , ,.l J oils oeoi i uu- ileelaillliollsiH Mr I oiks lending and confidential fnends in i,e Souih ti, Ihe lollowiug per-ons of ibr hiqhest roivcfi lulity nre n lew more lliat have added ihetr vnlnnblc. tesiiinony ol ihe woudeilul vitiues ol llrtnrn't Siria partita and loinntu Hitters : John Wilcox ol New- lledlord, cured of a drcndfiu hinnorol three years standing, alter Inking all other preparations m vninj likewise his Mj:cr ,i .j ,t Willi the luippiesl results lor the snme piitpns,. (i.orge llliss, Cv- ol New lledlord, has used n lor general debility, loss ol appetue, .Vc; by the u.-e ol two bottles was culirily cured .Miss S J Smith ol Charlesiown was cured of a dvs s psja, attended with a mere conch lienjnniiii Wliitney ot l.j nn, cured of indijesiion anil dlspcpsta hy us-tig two bottles. Ill tact , the article needs no praise Ii wdl alw.ijs s-ak for iis,-ll ine trial is sufficient to K-.lisI) nny ono oi us superior merits over oil other pimtK-is or ahers naitves For Kil.- by Tmo. A. Tun, oud A (' Speak. A iheeaiiesaud wholesale Druggists, and by dealers gen erally throughout (lie State. S. Korrt.i. Wnxht's Indian Vegetable (V's will W ii.iiou ii I'liuouieiire i.r cverv knuf ol sv mini.-, -...nils. and the more cautious occasional iiuunolioii anion J ; they noi only cleanse and puruy llie hod) o'l all Iwd the laiihlul at the North, that this course has ihe humors i.nd ever) iliing lint is opivsed to lir-nl-.li. but uui nun in me niiniiinsiinnon, and theulore that ul true nitriols must R,i,,iu.,, ,, ,. t,, .. n.. lean Wings,' and ' llim.-h l-Vd-nihsts," would 'think ol luakui'- any ..pposmun i n We leel assured, inai If he ea. ers nl ill.. l'..ll ....... i i . ,; . . v s.,.. ,.,, u,e, ien, it-vyn airett t,ix lonu el the war cviiem hlur.-s V. ,.. haw. I el'. "".".V'- ,-" uiy , ,7- .....is u. i . uogiess., in lt-iutss4.r. proclainied ,, ,he Mu,np bu, lw Waslnngtot union, Uu- cniilkleuti i and ollicial oraii ol .Mr I'olk advocate direct luxation 1 ' 1 iviiiuesr l-olls,.qllt.lc,.a imc la-en over nnd over the Whigs, 'fliev wmne.l .1- again predicted hy IK-Oll e ULMIllsl (he ,.,i,u .....r .1 . '' ilVCas.-T,e , . ",,','x,,,l', and great .s-ierdiee ol hie 'rb,' n ed, e i. T"UiZ i.urr more man veil li,-, . It.. been ver lied to liu again wanted, in season,, d , l,;l, is reuu rid tn pu an end , ,,e a, and to a course of fi lion desirucl.ve to t,e lt imcri.Ms ol ilir coum-V which puis , mind,,,.,,, lK.tl ,.. ,,, f . sople, and our Ircc iiwiimiww.uVw mtitt thev- restore he digesiive org-ins to a In alt! y tone. ..... .,,-,,, si uu energy in me em-ulntion thai health nnd vigor are given lo ihe whole Irame 1'reiu two i,, lour nl snid hi,,,,, V, e) iMe fills, laketi every night on going to lied, inI toon makr a yei iff ( rtf uf the Host vtnttiHule case oj gei, aula, nt ihe same nine the constitution --, ill uiuiergo sui ha indieal ebmige thai s-ioliila,.u well n every other cninploint, will tv banished Irom the bo.lv , iul new- life and via or will be gn,n i t,e whole Innne llLWARL Ol CoiXTlRtLII TllE OM.V OBWIXVI. AMI OKXtlXE IxpiAS VlfJLTAULL Tll.Ls IMVt 1I1E SK- siTtitr oi Wii.i um Wrimit AsiTrix-win. a rrv o- tiie Tor i.viiLi. or Etc ii mil Anne other i Rfi uuie.atid toevUHlnftit Mii umfcikv Ihe genuine lor sale I.) W. II I I UTIS, Water Street, mid TIICODORC A. CCCK. tV.lege Street, sole nnents lor llarlingiuu. K.-iiIk-ii Ferguson, I'ssex ; J. H D) ke, Huntington j W. lihod.s, Jr Richmond; II. 11. tireen, Richmond ; J. II. .V T.W. 'IWi, I'udeihill; lliirlbut .x; ll.slges. Wilh.-loii t !. M derson, and li. Aers, Not Wilhsion i J. I.jnun.