11 Aralık 1847 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1

11 Aralık 1847 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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II mm, Volume 1. Burlington, December 11, 1847. Number 2. PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE. cd nation, Mexico commenced tho war, andoinniissioncr which could in any way inter-, aggressor in tho war to relievo herself from Fr.u.ow Citizens of tiik Sesitc a.nd Mouse of HniMiF.sr.NTATiVEs : The annual meeting of Congress is always jki iiiturcstinjr evoiit. Tho Representatives of xlio States anil of tho People como fresh from their coustitiieiils to take counsel together for tlio comuioii good. After an existence of nearly three fourths of n century, as a free mid independent republic, the problem no longer remains to ho solved, whether man is capable of self government. Tho success of our ailmirnhle system is h conclusive refuta tion of tho thcoricsof thoso in other countries who maintain thitn " favored few" nro horn to rule, and that the muss of mankind must be governed by force. Subject to no m biliary or hereditary authority, tho people nro tho only sovereigns recognized by our constitution. Numerous emigrants of eery lineage and language, attracted by tho civil and religious freedom wo enjoy, anil by out happy condi tion, annually crowd to our shores, and trans fer their heart, tint less than their allegiance, to the country whoso dominion belongs alone to the people, wo wero compelled in self-delouso, to repel tho invader, and to vindicate the national hon or and interests by prosecuting it with vigor until wc could obtain u jtis.t and honorable peace. On learning that hostilities had been com menced by Mexico, I promptly comniunica rc with our military operations or relax our her iust liabilities. Hv such a treaty, our citi- icrgies in tho prosecution of tho war. lie zens,who hold just demands ngaiust her, would ssosscd no authority in any manner to con-lhavc no remedy cither against .Mexico or their il these operations. If o was authorized to I own covernincnt. Our dutv to these citizens thihit hn instructions to tho General in com-1 must forover nrcvent such n neacc, and no land of the army: and in the event of n treaty , treaty which does not provide omplo moans of ..In- .,!. ..I... I .,.! .1.. . ! I ..... 7 ( - javni 111.1 iiliuu ii tin liuniuiiuiiuiu gi ti i ui uiseimi 5111 uiesuiiuiiiuuus 1-UI1 ILkUTU llljf iuu i.i.u i.iui, iiu-;ump.uiiuii wmi a succincirpiexicp, ho was directed to give him notice of sanction. statement of our other catties of complaint Jflfat fact. . On tho happening ofsuch contin- iV treaty of peace should settle all existing against Mexico, to Congress ; und that bodyJgencyV'qnd ou receiving notice, thereof, tho 'differences between tho two countries. Ifnn by the act of tho Ultli of May, 18111, declared (General. ill .-command was instructed hv tho adequate cession of territory should be mode further active by such n treaty, tho United States should re orders. Those leaso Mexico from nil her liabilities, and as- ructions wow given with a view to inter- some their payment to our own citizens. II, that " by the act ol tho republic of Mexico, a iSeerctary of War to suspend ft state of war exists between that government Military Operations until further 01 and tho United btates' this act declaring ; instructions wow civen with a vi the war to exist by the act of the republic of f Silt tostllitios, iHitil tho treaty thus ratified by instead of this, tho United States wero to con- mm muitiog pi o ision lor us prosc-,iibxita, could lie transmitted culion"toa speedy and successful tormina-fand receive tho action of tho q could bo transmitted to Washington, 1 sent to a treaty by which Mexico should nguin 'OCftivn tlin nstinn tti.i ,km-i-ii ninti t t 11 mi im rrn h.v tlm lint.i' ninnunt nf imlitliff.il.. tion," was passed,, with groat unanimity by ftlie'United States. Incss which a iust indcinnitv to our govern- Congress,thcrc being but two negative votes m Tho commissioner was also directed, on I mcnt and oiir citizens would impose on her, it me nuimiu unci nui iouricou 111 mo uouso 01 treadling the nrmv, to dehver to tho (iencral Representatives. , intomniand tho 'despatches which ho bore 1 he existcnco bl tlio. war thus having been Ctm the Secretary ofStato to tho Minister of !.." n.!.... 1. i !..: ;. is notorious tint slfo docs not possess the means to meet such an undertaking. From such n. treaty no result could be anticipated, but that the Eamo irritating disappointments which have heretofore attended tho violations of similar treaty stipulations on the part of Mexico. Such n'trcnty would bo but n tempo rary cessation of hostilities, without tho resto ration nf frinnrUhiti nnd trnod ltnderstandiUL' ;e with deeper reverence fused to aecedo to imv terms which would ho ti,rtrsi nt" tlm ..nlu until hn. .,nnii, I. the inanifespitioiis of tho IVivino protection. accepted by the United States, consistently 'liant victory had crowned our arms at CcrroUwecn the two countries. n all-wise Creator directed ami guardei us with tho national honor nnd interest. , Gordo. ' 1 That Congress contemplated tho ncnuisitloii declared ley Congress, it became mvdtitv. tin- 'Pifrniun nflmra nf almcien. dertho constitution and the laws, to conduct ;h Gnrieral was instructed by tho Secretary of and prosecute it. This duty has been per- tVa? td caiiso it to bo transmittcil to tho corn formed ; and though, at every stage of itslmaiiA- of tho Mexican forces, with a request limbless, i n.ivu mamicsicd a willingness in that lnigt)t lio committed to his government. Nocoimtryhas been so Miucli favored or terminate- t hv a list neucn. (Mexico has m-i 'unZ?.,;;,.,;,., i i.,i. t t , . " . , , . . 1 . - -- j f ( 17' ' M. UK VUll IIIIO J1UIH1 lll'l IIUl I VUVII IUU nhniild nfutirttvlntltm vvitli ilun t in t rrvfni'fUtcn1 - ...1 t. ..... t i. . .1 - . . iu our infant struggle for freedom, and has The brilliant and rapid successes of our Tho Despatch which I) bnro from tho Sec-1 of territorial indemnity when that body madr provision for the "prosecution of tho war, is ob vious. Congress could not Imvo mcant-wbcii. in May 184G, they appropriated ten millions of dollars, and authorized tho President to cm ploy tho military Und naval forces of tho Unit- enu 10 accept ino services ui uu . - . . 1. 1 1 oiuniecrs, 10 euniiiu mill w ivar; and when, at their' last se- our army bad invaded Mexico, additional appropriations and nu 0 r.iisins of additional troops (or tin' pose that 110 indemnity was to be roin Mexico nt the conclusion of the 'yet it was certain that, if no Mexican .vaj.acuircdjjno IridcmnitycoiiU be Ithcr manifest than Congress control- torinl indemmty, trom tho taet that. t session, an net was passed, upon live iceommenilation, appropriitiug inns nf dollars with that cxpros ob- approprrilion was mado "to enalile lit to conclude a treaty of peace. I boundaries with the republic nt to be used by him in the event that :oiiMuouy wiiH-iicii mcrour surpriMiig pro- 'arms and the vast jcxtciit ol tho enemy's tor- rotary of War to tho General in command of

gress, until we have become 0110 of tho great ritory which had been overrun and conquered tho army was received by that officer, then nt iiotiiins of tho earth. 1 before tho close of tho Jast session of Con-Ualapa, on the 7th day of May, 1817, together It is in a country thus favored, and tinder cress, wero fullv knnu'n to that hndv. Since 'with tl. .l.or.ninl. fmm il. ano-.. a government in whieh tho executive and leg' islativc Iiranrhcs hold their authority lor a limited period, nliko from tlio people, and where all urn responsible tor their respective constituencies, that it is ajrain my iliilw.tocom immiciltc with Cousrcss upon the stalt of the 11, and the present condition 0, I J mo HS. BVlMbiliTviits iiuhhc gLfrins mi lesnatch from tho SecrnLarv that time, the war has been prosecuted with to tlio Minister of Foreign of Mexico, having increased enenrv. nnd I am ratified to stiitc. ilmnn tmneintttml in litii fm,n Vnrn nni 'Pi, a the past year tho most irescutcd that our country. wide-spread and uiiivil i.i.rT,i.-Cil-17ir ,73 li.CT was founded, when ull of our pcoplo havo In inl. or when labor in nil brtr bus received n fiarcr or h v.f , From our iibundanco wo ha enabled to perform tho plensing duty(Tif fur- vicing with each other u. nialiinL' food for starving millions oWess fa- in2. vorcd countries. I While every patriot's heart must exu wherever 01 "enemy, thoi! Hb; rt. - hi ro not bo besti ol , regulars and re- tlinclnlitic. indmiTT!!? been .mice, all seeking the Foreign 1 ol. increased energy, and lam gratified to state, 1 (won transmitted to him from Vera Cruz. The'cd Stat with a success which conim'inds univcrsiUjllMoissioner arrived at the headquarters of thoiisat ..I1U.1..II. Bii..i, mwwun llu ijmMj uiivs itiierwnrn. ills presence uuiu i'i many glorious victories afjkBMii character so perjft, the Mexican Govei.i-ithcv voluntecrOglHooti, 0f June, 1817, thori iiuperisiiuMitcIi p pop the capi- at th TTTwas met hv fiirmi- the ur forces first encounter--three uchicreil, sicual victories , ject. 'y contested battles ot t ontreras the 1 1 Cuaiiriihnsco. It was not unlil alter lliosu limits l dm iiiiiivttinnt nf thn bounties of I'rovi- n iiit nnt'innal niidn a!iini.it(s every bosom, in nrtiniw li:i,l r.siilied ill ilnninivR viclnries. and Meico.X letico at homo, such as havo rarely fallen to hohoUliugtlio high proofs of courage, coiimiiii- thu capital of the enemy was within our pow- said treaty, when signed by tho authorized n tho lot of any people, it is cause of eongratu- i:iUi military skill, steady discipline, ami liu- Cr, that the Mexican government manifested gents ofthe two governments, and duly rntiti latinu that our intercourse with all the powers i minity to the vanquished enemy, exhibited by ,any disposition to enter into negocialions for ed by Mexico, shall call for the rxpciiditnie ot the earth except .Mexico, continues to be of otir gallant army, the nation is called to mourn peace; and even then, as events havo prmed, ofthe same, or any part thereof." I he object amicable character. ovcr'the loss of in my brave officers and sol-, thero is too much reason to believe they were ol nuking this appropriation was distmcly sta ll has ever been our chorUhrd policy to ,iers who have fallen in defense of their in-sincere, and that in agreeim; to through ted in tho scend messages on the subject cultivate peace nnd good will with nil nations: Cmintr)s honor nnd interests. The brave dm forms ol negociationthe object was to gain which I communicated to Congress, pimilar audthispolicyhasbeciistcodilypurMiedhymo. ,c. met their melancholy fate in a foreign time to strengthen the dufeiices of their capi- appropriations mado in ltHi:t and IcjOG, which No cliango has taken place in our relation-. antl, nobly discharging their duty, nnd with ,ta, and to prepare for fresh roistancc. were referred to, were inti-nded to be applied with Mexico, since tho adjournment ofthe their eoimtrj's Ibg waving triumphantly in. The General iucouimaiid of the army deem-, in part consideration for thn cession ot l.oui last Congress. The wat in which the tlio face of tlio liu. Their p itriotie. deeds nro cd it expedient to suspend hostiliiies'tempora- i.un and the I'londas. In like manner it was United States were forced' to engage with justly appreciated, and will long be reuicin- inly, by entering into an nrmUtico wilh a view anticipated that, in settling the terms ol a tn-n-tbo government of that country still continues, here'd by their grateful countrymen. The pa- to tho opening of negotiations. Coniniis-iou-y of "limits and boundaries'' with Mexico, a I deem it unnecessary, after the full expo- rental care of the government they loved and 's were appointed on iho part of .Mexico to ci'swoti of teriitory estimated to be of greater ition of them, contained in my message "I served should ho extended to their sun iving meet the commissioners un the put ofthe Lfni- valno than the nmniint of our demands against the eleventh of May, Id Hi, and in my annual families. ted States. Tho result ofthe coiifeieuces her might be obtained ; and that thn prompt message at tho commencement of the ses-dou Shortly after tho adjournment of thn last which look place between theso functionaries payment of thisstmi in part consideration lor of Congress in December lust, to reiierato the session of Congress, the (ratifying intelli- of tho two Governments was a fiiluro to eon- the territory ceded on the conclusion of a serious causes of complaint which wo had genee was roniivod of tlu signii victory of clinic a treaty of peace. treaty, and its ratitiention on her part, might .In a.'iiinst Mexico before she eouimenced bos- Vera Cruz, and with it the btroiig castle of1 The Commissioner nf the United Slates took , tin inducement with her to make such a ccss o-i lijities. San Juan do b'lloa, by which it was defended, with him tho proiect of a treaty already pre- ofterritory as would be satisfactory to the I ot itis sufficient on the present occasion to say liulicving that alter these and other successes, pared, by '.ho terms ofwhiehtiie indeiiuiity, ted States. And although the lailue to con that tho wanton violation of the rights of per- so honorable to our aniu and so (lis istrons to required' by tho L'nited Stiles was a cession of'clnde such a treaty hn rendered it unnec-'s-a- miii and property of our citizens e ittcd by Mexico, the period was propitious to allord territory. " ry to inn iiuy part of tlio three millions ot ilol- Mexico, her repeated acts of bad faith thro' her another opportunity, if she thought pro- It is well known that the only indemnity hirs appropriated by that net, and the cnliiv a long series of years, and her disregard of pm-to embiMce it, to enter into negocialions which it is in thn power of Mexico t .ike in sum rcmiius in th-treasury, it is still apphc-i- solemii treaties, stipulating for indemnity to for peace, a commissioner was appointed lo satislacliuu ofthe jn-t and long defcred claims hie to that object, should the contingency occur our injured citizens, not only constituted am- proceed lo tho headquarters of our nrmy, with of nur citizens iig.'iin.-t her, and the only means making such application proper, pin cause of war on our part, but wero of full powers to enter upnu iiegociations, and to by which she e in reimburse Iho United Stales i The i doctrine ot no teriitory is tho doctrine such an ngrivatcd clnracter as would hive conchnlo a just and honorable treaty of peace. i;,r the expenses of tho war, is a cos-ion to the of no indemnity; and, if sanctioned, would bo justified us before the wolo woi Id iu resorting ; was not directed to in ike any new over- l.'niied States of a portion of her territory. a public acknowledgement that our country to thisextremo reuieily. With an anxious de- tures of peace, but was tin be-irerofn lies- Mexico has no money to pay, and no other was wrong nnd that the war declared by Con sire to avoid a rupture between Iho two enuu- patch from tho Secretary of Sta'e of the llui- means of nuking tho reuiiired indemnity. If gross with extraordinary unanimity, was iin- xrics, wo forebore for years to assert our clear ted States to the Minister of Foreign All'iirs wo refuse this, we can obtain nothing else. just, and should In abandoned ; nnd an adim rights hv force, and continued to seek redress of Mexico, iu reply to one received from the Tn reject indemnity, by refusing to accept a sion iiulouuded iu fact, and degrading to thn liirthe wrongs we had sull'creil by amicable latter of tbe'jj.l of February, 117, ill w hich cession of territory, would he lo abiudiiii all national cliaracler. iicgociatiou, iu the hopo that .Mexico might the Mexican government was informed of his our just demands, mid lo wage tlio war. hear- yield to picitic councils and tho dcin-iniU of appointment, and his pri-eueo at the head- iug nil its expenses, without u purpose or deli- Justice. Iu this hope we wero disappointed, quarters of our army, and tb it he was invest-nile object. Our .Minister of poaeo sent to .Mexico was iu- rd with full powers to conclude a definite A stale of war abrogates treaties previously Mihiligly rejected. Tim .Mexican government treaty of peaco whenever tho .Mexican gov- existing betw een tho belligerents and a treaty refused even to bear the terms of adjustment, eminent might signify u desiru to do so. of psace puis an end to all claims for iudemui- i-l,i,.li ho iviin nttihnrized to nrnooso : nnd ti- Whiln I was iiim-ill'iii!? to subiect the United ti lor tni-iimns net enoiinilteil. under the all iiaily, under wholly unjustifiable pretexts, in- States to another indignant rofusd, I waset thority of one government against the ciiizMis were deemed lo be of njnost liberal eliiirncter. volved Iho two countries iu war, by invading rv-solted that the evils of the war should not lor subjects of another unless they are proviibd I The eominissioner of tiio United ..'tates was the territory of thu ntuto ot lexas, striking he protracted a day longer than might lie ah- form its stipulations. A treaty ot poacu wli en (ho first blow, and shedding the blood of our solutely necessary by the Mexican govern- would terminate the existing war, witl out citixeus on our own soil. mcnt. I providing for indemnity, would enable Mei- Thuugli the United States were the oggriev. Care was taken lo give no instruct! ins lo the co thn uckuowludged debtor, nnd herself the Tho terms nf iho treaty proposed by the I . Slates were not only just to Mexico, hot, con sidering the character and amount of our claims, the unpisiiliablo and unproved coui m Micemeut of iiu-tilitti'-i by her, tho expenses of Iho war to which wo have been subjected. and the success- which hn e attended our iu in- ailthoiized to agree to the establishment ofthe Kio Grande ns tho boundary, from its entrance into the Gulf tn its intersection with the south ern b jundury of New Mexico, in north latitude

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