11 Aralık 1847 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 4

11 Aralık 1847 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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! felt oppressively by none, and be complained of by none. It is believed that there ore not, in the list of impor ted articles, any which arc more properly the sub ject of war duties than tea anil codec. It isestimated that three millions ol dollars would derived annually by a moderate duty imposed on these articles. Should Congress avail itself of this additional source ot revenue, not only would the amount of the public loan rendered necessary by the war wilh Mexico be diminished to that extent, but llie public cicdit and i iluring the past jear. The quantity offered and to Ira were committed during Iho past jear upon our train mall In them, over and abovo the postages recti the public confidence in the ability and deiernunalioii olicrcil lor sa'e, under proclamations issued since the I tranportin" supplies for the army on the road be cd, ..I'll... tr,t..tr,. .,.,.. ,,, nil t, a nnn,mn.,nf, . ''let til tnmtnru Inal ntiinimta In niiio imtlinna nun, i .,. - ?....' i ,. .r,i I -...1 t.,..,, Aillstnitlnn.lt ttllile. tin leSS th.in OIr COtlltUer- ........ n.w, ' , i, in i ,y I y. would be inn v esta b hshci I. and lie reduced uiuoiuitolliie loan wliic'i it may bo n?cessary tone- gotiitte could probably be obtained at cheaper rates. Congress i, theietore, called upon to determine whether it is wier lo impcie llie varduties recom mended, or, by omitting to do so, increase llie public drht annually three million of dollars so longasloans shall be requited to prosecute tin war, and nlterwnrds provid, in Hiinio otlier tortn, to pay tits semi-annual interest upon it, and ultimately to extinguish the prin cipal. If, in addition to these dntics.Congresj should grad uate and reduce the (nice oi such ot the public lands as experience has proved will not command the price placed upon them hy the government, an additional annual income to the treasury ol between hall a mill ion and n million ot dollars, it is estimated, would be derived from ibis source. Should both ineasuies receive the sanction of Con- gnw, the annual amount ol public dubt necessary ".obe contracted during the continuance ol the war would le: reduced near lour millions ot clollais. The duliea It commended lo he levied on lea nnd coffee, it is uro- iwei s ha he united in then duration to the end n , llie war, and until the public debt lendeied necessary ... I... .' I I... l .t:-l I si'! .ui,,.unr., ti,e pliblic debt to be commct'i should bo I Imitleii lo me lowet tiraeticablc nun. nm s hou hi he extinguished as early alter the conclusion ot the war n the tiieans of the treasury will permit. Willi this view, it is recommended that, as soon a the war r-hall he over, nil the surplus m the tiensury, luii neeiieii lor oiiieriiiiii-penviiiie objects, shall con-1 mime a sinking mud, mm he applied to the purchase d the turned debt, and that authority be conlerred liv i iu .r il.nt Mii.r,c The art ol ihe Cili of Anmwt. 1R If,. " in rktil.litti n w.iii.hiMumiT nvstpn, " hiuh..,.ti in m,priii.,n m.,r.. it,,,,, ii year.nnd has proved to bean important auxiliary to ine lariu aci 01 mm, in augmenting me revenue, nnd extending the coinuiercc of llie tountrv. Whilst il xti'ii(lui the commerce ol" the country. Whilst it mh tPiidtil toctiIrirp;coininerec,it lias heen hetu'liciil ti our manufacture", hy diminiMiini; lorced pales nt motion ot foreign poods nt low pricey, to rnist' the t'u- ie tube advanced on them, and by checking lluctua 1ms teudtd to enlarge commerce, it has been hinelidal ties tobe advanceil on thcni.nnd by checking lluctua- ti'itut in the market. The system, although sanctioned by the experience of other countries, was entirely new tn the U. Stales, nnd is susceptible ol improvement in some oils pro-1 ,.onf- ine secretary ot the 1 reasury, utkj kfrhom .rvinir was uevoivcil large discretionary powers m ryiM.iI iriis iiit'ufurt.- imo t; iifc.( ihih coiircia, nnu ii luting, the practical results of the system t oumiies, where it has loni Ikm-ii established, report nt nn early period ot your se.fion mh k , ' k 1 rcjrulationf: i-ueflted by the jncMi;ation render it Mill more eliecme. l ' IW the act to " I inn idc lor the nmnn, the treasury, nnd lor the collernmi, Kif keepi ilwbiiircineut ot the public levenue" all bun discontinued as tMeal agentsct government, i l.ij-;r currency i-ued by them was no longer l mi lo ue received in payment ot puMic dues. The con.-slilutiotjal treasury eieatcd l.v this nto oiwiation on the first ot Jnmnrv lnt. I MnU'in ettubli.siifd hy it, the imhlic inoivvl ,, eollecied, toiely tor, and oii-burFed by th uieney ol llie omrcra ot the government m liver :and transkis of larire amouutii hai I. nd liade iron, points of collection to tohits of dNbu nent, wilhoutlosa to the Trencjry, or injury or in! Mcn- lence to tnetriitle oi the country, While the I sen oiierationsot 1 he sovernmriit have b-en conducted with remil.inly and i-a;, under this ol purchasers at Ihe laud sales. protection ol our tlijj, which the navy has caused lo ratmcments. and rhould Great lliilain iusi on en--yhtcii), it lias h.-.dii salutary cllect in checking and 'I ho ulieniion ot 'Junjiress was invllcd, at their respected In the moil distant tv .s. fining the uiuijual and unjust measure she h i prevenims an undue inflation of lite p.ijier curieney last and Ihu preceding session, lo the importance In iho dull of Mesicn, and In Ihi Pacific, theof adopted, It will become nieessarv 10 confer nihil is-ued by the banks wlntli exist under .Stale char- siablihini! a Turiloiial jiovernincnl over our ccrs nnd men of our squadrons liaiu dlsplajed dta- tiuiial powers on ilu I'osimasier (tenel.il, Inorder lets. possupfcions in Oregon and it is lo bo regretted that Ih'gutrhed uall nitry, and perlormed taiuablo ser- lo enable h in i to meet llie ercencv and rotiut Uequirina ns it does, nil dues to our government 'heio was no leglslaiion on the subject. Our cili-1 v'lB- lhoutly stages of the oar with Mcmco our own steamers on an equal fooiln" wlih l)riti-l to be paid in gold and siher, its cllect is to retrain '""s who inhibii that distant region ol country lire n'r potlson botlu oasis been havei apiurtd and held steamers engaged In transporting the mall between w-rp,,,- ,.-.1 w, t,.,iiuujn nn- iuiihi inspri'pnr- Honed to the speue in Iheir vaults, lor the reason that they arc at all times liable to he called nn by the holders ol their note for ilieir redemption, in Ol der to obtain specie lor the payment ol'diuies and oih t r public debts. 1 he banks, therclorc, must kcepilicir lnisuess witli iu prudent limits, and benlwaj.-mu condition loiie'et siuli n government, il Is. wholly inadequate lo tno' Policy on our part I t-ueli calls, or run the hazard ot being compelled to leel Hum iu iheir righis of person and properly or iAVy- The lour suspend specie payments, and lie thereby di-erenited. ' in 'hem Iho enjoyment ol iho privileges of olher ',ct "f -The auiount ol specie imparled mm llie II. Stales cuizi ns, to widen ihcy arc entitled under Ihe Con-' counrucilon. daring the incnl year was twenty lour inilhonsone siilution ot the (I. X. They should have Ihn rl'dill In "dditlou to the four war steamers authorized "ol eh iractcri?lu parlies bv lpoim"iiIiIciI dis, iIh huiidrrd and twciity one I hoinaiiil two hundred niid.ui siillrage.be rcprcrenied in a lenltoiial legu'ij. by ihls act, llie secretary of tho .aiy has-Iu pur.ue nitlons-northern ami souilieru."Atinlic and Z -. igldy one dollars, ol w huh there was retaui.'d m the Mir,. m by n delegate iu Congress, audnosseas nil auco of its provisions, cnlered into conirnt I ir llie ern- hence deLmini- men , ,, . .i,.. .... uury twenty two mil.ion two litindied and scvcniy ' t llioiiMind one bund red uud sevemv dolliits. nun in- ii'riuei niiaiieiui syuieiu iiiev.tlteo. and ine puiilio nioiieys iieen i placed on ileposm: iu banks. Our pidiclal sysiem, revenue laws, laws rc-nla- ',nannah, and Havana, nn.l Iroiu llavau i lo Ch i in-nrly the whole, ol tins unioiini wouM ban- gone in- ting ir.ido and Intercourse with ihe Indian Hibea Igrea i" lor three sieanura to bo emidovul Ii li!; lo their vaults, not o he thrown into ,-,rc,i alio,, by ;,d iho prol.clloii of our laws generally, thoi Id be ' '''"' "" I'amma lo Oregon, "so as to con them, biutobc withheld Iroiu the hands ot the p-ople alL1lJn vtr ihem. ! necl Ihe Isihiuus;" and tor (no steam, rs lo bo cm. as a currency, and made Iho basHolnew and inor- In .idditloii lo theinhnbilanls In that tenllorv who idoyed Iu lute manner Iroui New VuiK to Liver inous issues oi oatiK puper. hiii niiiviiiii.iu umt ir nu t ti l . i,lmi ous is,uesi. nam. paper. A la ge propoition ot the spree imported has been id into thelr..as,y or public iIuchj and alter hav- g been, to n gnatexn.-ni, ri coined ct He mint has pan ing ;., ,,, " ,i , .,,1 I, r . ; been paid out to the public credil.iis, and gone into .,, u ,. the country is iariier l.iaii at itnv birini r is noil The tniincial iiem .siablislled bvthe consfiiu- lilional treasury Im.s been, ihu, (ur, eminently success- lul ill its operniions; mul I recommend an adhemnce in alliis,...i,ibdr,i-,i...n,,sn.i...,.,.i..,ll.-ii viii provisions whicli wholly sepaiatu ihe "cuciniiient Irmn all connexion with banks, und exdudes b itik paper from ail revenue receipts. In some ol its details, not involving itsgvnerul prin- riples, the system is detective, and will require uiodili- i iilioii. These deleci", and nieh rinieudiiieiiis ns are il cinediu p r.uni.w'.r'sttairlhihlli 1 1-1 annual repoit ni the Secieiuiy ol lb.- Tiensury. The,.1 muendnieiiis are again recommended to the early uud lavoruble fiillsldenilioii ,.1 I'rto.rr.. During the past year, the nonage at llie mint and its branches has exceeded twenty millions oi dollars, M'l.i., l. ..I ..1 1.. : .1. . . . 'I'his has consisted cluelly iu coiuernng Ihecoimol toreigu countries intu Auierican coin. The largest amount ul loreigu coin imported has Iieen received at New Vork ; and il' a branch Mint were established nt that city, all the foreign coin re. ceived at that port could at once be converted imo uur own coin without the expense, risk, and delay in transporting it to llie mint lor that purpose, and ihe uinount recoined would lie much larger. hinenenre lias proved tliat loreign coin, and cap . cully foreign gold coin, will nut circulate extensively as a currency oinonrr the neonle. The important measure of extending our specie circulation, both of goiu ami suver, anil ol dinusing it among ine people, can only be effected by converting such foreign coin intu American coin. I repeat the recommendation contained in my lnt annual message for the esiablishment of n branch ol the mint of the United States at the city of New Yo.k. Ml the public lands which had been surveyed and were ready lor market have been tiroclnimed for sale I , , j .' t " hundred and thtrtv-cimit thousand, hvc hundred and thirty one acres. . ine pri;nemyo me "estern en csnnd lermo- rw ,Mt.xc0 have been arrested by the presence ol "in. 1 licy can be bunt in our couniry ric in which these lands lie will be advanced by their, a military lorce ordered out for th at purpose. Some anil In (-rcaitr numbers than In any oilier In urn speedy sale. oulragcs'havo been perpetrate d by a portion of the world. ly withholding them from rnarnet, their grow h northwestern binds upon the weaker and cumpira- , I refer you to tho accompanlng report of thr all I incronse ol population would ho retarded, while thfly defenceless iieln'mrln" tribe, l'rnmpt mea- Postmaster Oener.il for a detailed and sntlfarloiy thousands ol our entcinrWiig ami meritorious irontier ,j urs were taken to prevent s"uch occurrences in fu- account of lha condilion and oper.nlon of 'that de population would he deprived of the opportunity ol tuL 1 purtment durlti" tho past year. Il Is grntlflng to securing freeholds for .themselves and their families, j ,. one nj ,wo ,0,lsind Indians, belong- lind that, within so short a period alter the reduc- l!ut in addition to the general considerations which . ,.vctni ,,in,. hnvn bicn removed durlin' llie hn i" the rates of postage, and notwithstanding rendered the early sale ot these land proper, it was a !? Jf vc ias, of tho M H -lsimTto t h" co,7.i t ry the great Increase of maifsmlci., the revenue re. loading object at this tune to derive as large runt ins ?u celvul for the ytar will be sufficient to defray nil pu-tble horn this source, and thus dimmish, by that j 1 " 'n a"nn e 0 nls have been luado for 'he expenses, and that no farther aid will bo req-.ilr-amount. I he on, u. ii.m ren.lerp,! neeewfirvliv i hi. pt. I "V11 Home, arm arrantniLius nai, uotii niauu mi i t iOeiipn nt n ti.rii.ii wn. . . ' i It is esliuiaieiT that not less than ten millions ofl acres ot the public lands will be surveyed and be in a i:: Y- I..! I .1..-; .t 'condition to be proclaimed for talc durin, uic year IS". in my last annual message, 1 presented the reasons which. in iiiviudi'incnt rendered it necessirvto orad. nallnirreolKca a nave remain unsold lor long nerioi lUsauermey nau, been offered lor sale at public auction Moini niillinna i,l'nnii,u Kit,. niJn t..t 1.1. In .he limits ol several of .Intern stale? have ' ueen omreu in ine maiKct, anu Decn subject tosalc at private entry fur more than twenty vears. and , l.irgu quantities lor moro than thirty years, nt the loet ptlce preiribed by the existing laws, and il In been found I hat they will not command thatY I . i .. ,. , price , n- anus, ii.-iii.iin uu?uiu mm uueuilivaiew In.teKnlii. iieri.,,1. nnlr il,n ,,rip,. rfnmnnp,i loriin , tor tliein by ilia fnvernnicrii thill !.. r..,lne,..l 'N,,l . . ... ' J . . . 1 ...li ......... tn t..n.i ...i i l- i 1,,,,,',,'r I...IH ni tni... .L. ih.t. r.i.if... .1 , k.'adiust all Questions ul controversy belwctn them ...i ,i.n,i ,.i i... i i 1 ingihe measures recommended. Whtn ihe couniry Is (.waged in a foreign war, ' nnd wo mint nee,.sinlu i-,.n m im. ?i ,,nt, ' nml wo must necessarily resort to loans, it would 1 tube the dletalo of wisdom that we should nvailourselvea of all our resources and thus limit ( iho auiount of the public Indebtedness to the lowest j,u.ibl? sum. 1 ,fein lobe the dlctale of wisdom thai we should pu.ibl sum. I recommend lhat Ihe existing lawa on the sub- jtct uf preemption tl"hts be amended and modified 1 M a, (U operate pro'uectivcly and to embrace all wru) may seitle tinotl ithe nubile lands and make Im- proveuicnta upon them beloic they aru survcye ,...n., Q- i.. .11 ...f..... sTfllasalterwaid. In all cases where tnetit may be made alter tno In ijiitii trillion isht d. It llie flu lit ot urccniDtlon bi "'f emuracea ur;u ana n zeiM. it wt mere ers upon our boi Tn educate trit Ihelr ion ud best tmiuii Ho Ir unites In h&t to leave the fiu 1 to be encountered. these paalotic pioneer emhTrff iiii oi yiuuiuuu mr ine parent erniueiii, when they lind iheir cured lo them by the permmeut laws i7 anu inui uiey ure no lonner in danier ol o no i homes and hard-earned ImpiovLinenls by belnj oiouimi 11110 competition Willi a more wca thv i ass ""i'. me pniieiuoo oi our laws, or any regui.iriv organized governiueiit. lieloro Iho ques-1 lion id limits and boundaries ol'ihe territory of Ors-1 gini was defnitely seiilul, roin iho ntccssity of1 ihilrcondiilun, Ihe Inliabiianls lind establislad a louipur.it goveruiiifiit ol ihelr own. 1 .ni. .... hi in i eg .ii auinomy lor continuing tlio rights and pnvili -ts which citizens of other poillons of the 'leirltoiies olihu U. S, have hither tn , nt ,ved. nr mav imw . n,..u had pieviously emlgiated lo H, .,r,.,. numbers Ulis havo follnived ll.etii d , , .he , rcen h u Mul ,,,,,, lhu d,,,l,, , ,u , , .,., ., .,.tr , ''n i. rceitt year ti rind ,iih' m (jut, hi v Liits ui'jir iiutitoeri w 1 1 Do i'fCMIlv 1 net ens. ul-' i ue tR.iuy inutas- J"e7.' " U) -""-n, established p,m ' strneted as , lender ihem convertible a, Ihe leas. routes Kadlng to Oregon, and belween dillertnl,l''"i'"'l '"' "learners of the first : ol ''-' olli. cs at ".Xsioila nnd such ' . Vr I";"-'" "".'"' "' ,l10 ''"'llie, wiihln llie 'erniorv oi I tic u iiiinl feiaics, , . ,0 nub ho i ii ter- u"u ri'lue. I'nsl offices have accordingly '"l'iUl'"ll,d, deputy postiu.isiers nppoinicd, and provision in idu lor iho iranspoilaiioii ol iho mulls, I lie prcsirv.iil.iu ul pi .100 w nil Ihu In. II in iribes residing west ol iho Itoeky .Mountains w I render il l'r"l"'r authmlty should be givi 11 by law lor llie appointment ol uu idequaieuiimbi.r of Indian ngeuls '" reside iiiuong ihein. ' recommend 1t1.1l a survcyer general's nfiirn he established ill lhal lerrilorv. and Ihnl Mih iml.tl,, 'suds be surveyid and brought inlo market at an early per!"d I rt.iiiiiii I reeoiiiiuend, also, that grants, upon liberal ilerms, ol lliulied quaiuliiea of the public lamta lie made lo all ii.l7.ena of the United Stales who have .emiuroled, or may herealier within a prtactibeil po riod emigrate, to Oregon, and aelllo upon Ihein. These hardy nnd adventurous citizens, who have encountered the dangers and privations of a long and toilsome journey, and have ai length found an abiding place lor themselves and Ihelr families upon Ihe uliii.nl verge of our western limits, should be 'secured iu the homes which thay have improved bj Ihelr labor. I refer you to the accompanylni? report of the sec retary of War for a detaihd account of the operations ol the various branches of lite public service connect ec wl h t hedcnartnient under his charge, ine on CC Wl II I Clicpiirillieill UHiiti ilia Liiaiv, ......... j .. t j ... I inn Devolving on line ueiaiiun-iii iih ......i. iiill ohernn.nnd ro-nonslble diirlnir the Pist year, aril have been dischannd with nLllilvaild success Pacific relations continue loexi.'twlth the various Indian tribes, and most nt them manifest a strong frlom!. 1,1,, r.,r n,nITliP,l s;tnie KnniK denredations meeii ine weaicru uorucr oi .ir.?uuii moi -..!.. IV Tt.,. J.n,t.ii,,.. I,I,., nr., .m.nosed to Irivo been cointnlitcd by bands Irntn llm region of tn,Kflra in r., mv. Since tho treaty oflSiri with tho Clurokeo, thei Thulirst of the Auierican mall steamers author! fcudsamottg them appiar to h-ivo subside I, arid cd by Iho act oflh3l of March, 13li, was rnm they have become more united and contented than , plcled and entered upon Iho service on the 1st ol they have been for many yeais past. The commi- June last, and Is now on her third vovage tr lirein sioners appointed In ptirsiiince of the act ofjnne 27 eti and other Intermediate pott". The other vs- 1B,B-lo folllc claims arising under the ireaiy oti3 niiiiiuntu imuer ine provi-i nii "i in, ....... exatI1nn,on'0f nu ,jlc ta?et.9 biuiylu b Una them, C f)Cf( IP F MhnflllthQ 1 11011 tl Ol . Ill V LT S I . , This Is the fourth board of co,,l.loners which "'i1 '." ' '"i "! nrti,tiu h.a t.o..., n(1.,r.tr.l ti, nit th..'-n Intf.rrctpH tn bring lorw'ard their claims. No doubt Is entertain. ' bended In making similar arrangements with all cd that Impartial justice has been dono by Iho laic olher Powers wilh which wo may have eomrniint hnard. and Ihat oil valid claims embraced by the c.uioru by mail steamers, except with Great llrlt. Vntv hive tin..,, ennlderril find nlti iv pit. rl'hl re. I V- ' V . . , , Li 'suit, and the final settlement lo b.Mtiade wilh this. llilh, min. thn l,...hr nl IQlf, luhlnlt IV I U h PA II, Ulba under the trealy of 1340, which will bo com nipt A nod lilt! hefiiri, vim ilurinn vniir session, wil 1 and ihn Iliiiied States, nnd nroduen a stale of rila- lions wilh them simple, well-defined and sat ""ciory, Under the discretionary authority conferred by the ' Under the dlscretlonnry authority conferred by the inct r,nc third ol .March last the annuities due to, lnc VaMuils ifiocs have been paid during Ihe prc- cnt Vear ' ,ne eada of lamllics Ineiead of to thtlr thicM, or such persona as ihey mi, ht designate as , ct of tho third ol .March last Ihe annuities due to chlel, or such persons as they iui,lit deslgnale as required by ihe laws previously existing This modeof payment has clven geneial etti-faclbn to s''- erc.il budy oT tile Iiisi:.in-. Justice has been done them, and they are gratelul to the governineut 1C UI1U flllLIUSIUU (.'tlPtMia IIIUJI UU- e of preventing fraud and imposition tnu irrtatbody ol com a m:i!Jiliy of nil ttie.nitiicnn number of the reased Inter- junf them. ire some .surround ss civilized subsistence ml civilizullon. rtotilio secretary of the ry and lirailfiin,' account irauous ol tno naval ser- pastuar. Our commerce has been d Willi increased ac'ivil, and with safely u,lu "uccess in einry quarter oi nie uiooe, nnoer the ' "i .. ,it uwnni; ,n ,uyj.ci,iiin.i .win me lana '"es. ine n uai omcers ami men nive pi r- lormed gallant and disiinguisheil srrvieci on land 1,9 ai water, nnd deserve Ihu high commend, llr-n ot Ihe couiiuv. While otlier maritime powers are adding tn their ii. i"iii imiimn j m m inn i urn a iw iu iiijku simii.ir :i luiuoii- in uiir war steamers viihmii-d by the .narcli, lili, aro In cuurc o. construction of live steamers, to be imploied In Ihe ranspnrlailou ol tho United Slates mail "from m' Vint l.i miI' r i,t.s I...11. i n , n I I 'I, , . lj l.t tl i nesc steamrrs wni no hip property onnr con tractors, bul ate to be built under the Fiiptiliiiend -nfu miii iiirrninn n ;i mvd uoni"iiii.iur in mil-uui' ., nlu jeuly ,.,, llt. j , te ,. , , r , A prescilbcd number of naval ofiioers ns well as a po,toiiico agent, am lo be on board of llioin t and. .iiithoritv i is rtserveo in llie vu) I 'ei 11 iiiivni .111 all limes lo exercise control over sal.l sleamhiis, 'and 10 have Ihu right to t iko them for tho t.uluivr use nnd service ot iho Lulled Mates, upon Umg proper eouiieuaiii.ni 10 ihe couir.iaiors Iherclor Whiln ihisu steauishipa will he employed in transporting ihe mulls nt ihu Hulled Males coasi wise, uud 111 foreign uiuiiules, iipoii an annual couipeusailoii lobe paid to ihe on nets, they ill be nlwuys ready, upon an emergency ri quiring ii, lo be rimvpiml A.ir ftlenuier! nnd llie Iluhl 11 . served to tuku ihem lor public use, will n Id greatly lo lherllicieuey and slreni'ill of Ihis descrlpii. our uuval toreu. To ihe steamers thus .unli irized under contract 1111 le hy tho Secretary of ihe Navy, iliould be ud. led live olher steamers nnihorized un- der cin.racla made In pursuance of law by the I'us.inaater General, making an addition, in tile whole, of eighteen war steamers, subject to be taken I lor public use. As farther contracts for the trans, poriaiion of th mall 10 foreign countries may tie .authorized hy Congress, Ihis number may be en- Urged lidrfinlirly, The enlightened policy by which a rapid communl- callon with the vatlous distint parts of the globe Is established, by means of Ametlcan-btilll sea steam era. would find nn nrnnlfl reward In the increase 0 our commerce, and In making our country and its resources more morally Known noroaoj dui w.- - - - - '. V , , ' i nnliniin nHv.mtnitn is sill oreatcr. of having OUT - r ... . ..-.i naval officers Inadu familiar with sleam navigation. and of havlm? the mivilcdffc of taking the ships al ready equipped for Immediate servlcu at a moment notice) ana vm so rncapiy purcnascn oy memm pcnsallun to be paid for the transportation ol tne --1 r ' , ,i ., r cial Interests, would seem to fivor the policy oi augmenting the number of this description of v- cu iroiii ine treasury nir urn nuriiufu. btcn made for tlip tranportaiion of ilu mail in n 'olLfllllLT iruIII vjl(irH3IUU lO lllYIIIIil. A wlpiJJil and sa.Kietory p;al nmnt authuritic of firemen, and tin difficulty is anpre- : ; ..' .:: t. till. ti.l.A..,.. i .f .u-e . i .u On tho arrival of Iho first ol Iho American stcim- crs, bound M liremen, at Soulhaniiiioui, In tnt tnonin oi .luneiast, tne lirltlsn post olliee otreeuo the collection of discriminating poitaji s on all If t tcrs and other mailable matter, which she took out ,tu Great lliltaln, or which went into Ihe firiilfh, " " j wruuic hiu ....' ofhurope. . . . of Kuropj. Tne eilsct of t 'is to subjectall let i by AmeMcan stt-n age, having been , . The eilsct of tho order of llie liillisli post of!ic- II letters nnd other m liter uan-portiM steamers lo doublo nostng. one tiot- age, navmg btcn previously pal.I on tliein lo tne United States, while tellers transported in Britisii steamers aro subject lo pay but a single postage, This measure was adopted wilh the nvowcdobjtct of protecting the llrllish lino of m.all.sltatnersnow- b v ..., n liu.-ion mitl until W, nun, it milted to continue, must speedily put on end to the iraut-ponatira ot an utters and oilier inntter oy a- tiamers, and cite to the Hilllfli steamers .i itniuiiolv of the business. A just and ly is an mat we desire, and on tins u i steamers brinyiiw letters ti-ii or American ve-eU u, i n, unusier I ...neTR lalitn in- ui;i-, in inu case, ami ol ihCTslrn f lo correct this liuaualiiy. llV.hs" exerted u ae noiver conlerred unmi him bl 1 ixisiiiiL' I fli'iiui 'er of Ihe United Slates at London has brought if subject lo ihe attention ol the ItrllNh itoveiumenukand is now emra -ed in iie',iilitloi, lor the nurlfose. of nrtmsiln., ri,.,..i ,,.,..i .... ran;;enients, whkh slidlV bo equally just lo both, countries, should he tal m coneliidiiiv such ar inu iu couniries ; nnu i recommend that sui.li powers lie confined. In view ol the cxi'iln staloofour connlrv I trust il may not be Inappropriate, iu c,i-ln" Ihis co iiiulcation, lo call lo mind iho words of wi- dom and adtiionlilon of !he first and most Illustrious oi my preueccusors, in tils larcwell address 10 his countrymen. That greatest and best men. who served Ills couniry so long, and loved II so much, fir.-aw. cue a belief that Ihtre ua nnl ,lnr,M..i i.,i lerest and vleivs,"and waruid his coiinirvmen a- ...l..-r , bo deep anl solemn was his conviction f ilm Im portance of ihe IIhImo nnd ol presenilis harinnnr belneeti in dlllireni pans, ih.u he declared to hii cnuulrymeii In Hut ajlress, "it is of iulinite m.i nieiit Hi it yj i shjull properly .Minnie Ihe im. meusa value -if your niii.inal Union l.i your col leeilvo anil iniividtiil luppinuss. ihu ou s'l.mlil cheiish a cuidiil, liibliual and iiiiinovable nttat h inent l.i It, ueeu-ioiiiln.' )ourselves lo think and n speis. in ii, n.s :i piiii.i.ii ol vonr polidc.il sil-iv ;,, pm,pe,i,,; '., ,, for i,; pre-" vl io, . j...,us nnsleiyj di-countem log wh.iever mav "est ev, n a suspie thil II can in any event .he nbandnned; and Indignanlly frowning upon the hrsi d iwmng of every ntiempi in nlieii.nr any ir- mi m um 1.1 i) ninn nil! rel, or IU euleedle III -ii riu lies winch now link toguhcr the vsrious psin " Alter llielapse of hnlf a cenlnry, these itdrnnni ll his id Washiniiiou bill upon us iih all ihe ton e ol irinh. Ii Is difliculi l.i isiliua.ii ihe 'iniineiist, value" of our gloiiiios Union of cinf. deruled stnt, t lowhiih weareso intu h indehtid foronrgrowili m population and wealth, nnd for all 1I111 1011,11 iuie us n great and 11 hippv union. Uow miini purl ml are allour dihVrtnces olopnil m upon minor qui sii.nis of puiilio policy, compared unli Its pre- tervutinli; and hnw si-rtiniil.iii dtu al..,..l.t . ......t.l all agitating topics which may lent to dlsimci unit duldo us Into contending parties, separated by geographical lines, what by Ii may be weakened ur endinui red. Invoking Ihe blessing of the Almighty Kuler nf Ihe Universe upon y.iurdeliberations, il be my lughe.t duty, nolesslhin my sincere pleasure M cooperate wilh you In all measures which mav tend In pro-nine the honor and enduring welfare t.f our i iiuiiiinn couniry. JAM KS PO..K. WMiai.r im, December, 1547. i 'air reciprS III tl SI lUtlH lly um alustH porisH to IhK slatelHrl w. m

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