28 Ocak 1848 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3

28 Ocak 1848 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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BURLINGTON FRB E PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, JANUARY 28, 4848. M is., across n navlpiWo river. Jitdgo Wood luiry RMntoil the! mntlnn, BL'T on the grouml llmt, in thcnWneeofl-ghl'tioi. h Congress, nrer llie waters in ijucstimi, ike Court hid nn jurisdic tion in the premises. Tlio Jiiilffc dcciiloc! 1M iioiufs.ln (jiving tits decision, tlie I3lli nn.l lllli of wliicli are : " 13. The old states hid, K'f.ira llic constitu tion, a sovcrelcn power over lido waters, an well n, others navigable, and rotild tilMrnct litem by bridge", or other ways, when they deemed them donumled by public interest." "It. Thev still retain the power herore s sessc.l, except trheir gnt tiled to Congress, ANli i.U(!ii.rr.n ov, unless prohibited.' THIS is the point, esteemed friends "which lias been decided by Judge Woodbury of the U. K Supremo Court as to tide waters;" and when you are prepared to prove that the Light Houses, the Itrcak-watcrs, the Ports ofKntry, the Cus tom Houses in and upon Ltko Champlain, and nbove all, the appropriation in the Hivcr and J I-irbur Hill, ;W at the rcrtj last session nf Congress, (anil pocketed by Sir. Polk,) of "$5000 inn ASTRAMli:r.iar. os Lake uiam Tt.Ai," fur tho very purpose of nxMovtvi ob structions from its navigable waters, Jinwt indi cate sliglitly that tho waters of Lake Cham plain have been" legislated nn " by Congress for the past rjuartor of a Century, tho parallel will be a Icelle more obvious. However, gentlemen, wo bavo no epcclal do Kile to prolong this controversy. If you will let us quietly alone, trhen ice don't say anything, we swill bo much obliged to you. Thnt Pns. Among tho papers that were squeezed from the reluctant Mr. Polk by a resolution of the House, a few days ago, is tho following tho first step in an act which has cost the nation more blood, treasure and reputation than can at precnl be estimated. Santa Anna has proved, nslio showed himself at tho Alamo and at Goliad, In Texas, the bloodiest, the most inveterate and implacable, tho ablest, tho most faithless and vindictive foe that Americans ever contended Hg.iinst ! And yet this atrocious butcher and assassin, this cock-lighting, gambling desperado, wliom love of country has never restrained from inciting Civil War, and whose personal honor is but another name for treachery, was granted a I'reo Pass through the American blockading pquadron, by .hums K. l'olk! And this same James K. Polk dares to prate alxmt the Whigs " g'vi"g !'d and comfort to the enemy!" Here is what the Mexicans found to bo "aid and com fort," at any rate: U.S. Naw Dr.rir.Tvrvr, ) .May 1SI0. ('miinmdnro If pawn Anna endeavors l niter llic Mexican Purls, you will allow liiiutu past, freely. Kesiiectliilly yours, :i:oiton hancroft. Commodore Daviil Conner, Commanding Home Sijuadson. Greut Publication in Press, We have heard it whispered in literary circles that Dr. Cobb, the Poet laureate, has in embryo a work on the License Law, which lie will give In the world before long, and which will settle the troublesome and perplexing questions, inor al, civil, and military, growing out of that 1-avv, in a most summary and satisfactory manner. Tho doctor's intellect, always of an extraordina ry rliarartcr, brighten as Time and K.vperience tdied their lore upon him, and we arc justified in promising the public one of the most remarkable literary production-Tof the nge. We unJcrstand the Doctor is hostile to the existing Iaw, and is prepared to submit a substitute which will pos-hc-.s tho rare quality of entirely uniting public opinion as to its merits. To bring about such k result obviously requires great sagacity and skill. The Doctor is now employed in obtain-ino- Ktib-criliers to his forthcoming work, at the low price of ftl per 1U0. When wi-dnm is re tailed at this rate, it shows a wonderful ease in tho wholesale, acquisition of it. We ought, perhaps, in this connection, to say lint the Doctor does not by any means intend to abandon his great work on the Rise, Progress und prosperous condition of Vermont, with pic tnresipie views and comic songs. This he de-igus as his chief legacy to posterity. The hurry and press of public business incident to the clo.-ing days of the Legislature, alone pro ented that liody from availing itself of the Doc tor's proposition, as set forth in the following note addressed to the President of the Senate, and handed to us for careful preservation. His Honor, the Lieut. Governor, evinced much feel ing in the perusal of this note, as wo are ahlo to testify. Whether the sensibility of others will be similarly affected remains to lie seen. We deem it prudent to suppress the jiointed allusion ill the concluding paragraph : Mo.vrrEi.ir-R, Nov. 2, 1817. pjr y the request of many of my friends 1 have proposed deliver'niK u discourse Wfure die Legislature of Vermont, upon the Hise and Progress, and prosjier ous condition ot Vermont. To close with singing 3 original songs One on An- . 1 n,.t ,.r 1 i, i'.i tmiason 1111 """ "- ,111 ihe fonnmg of the National Ijovernuient, alter the l'.lecllon of Polk; to the lune Glover's march and one on the Mexican War ; 10 the tune of lionapartes .March 1 w ill also turn a Hinuncrsct, in imitation of the Member from ours Itespectfully, I!. COllI). " J inimy Pultcrson"n gain. Although we gathered, and communicated to our readers, a lew items of information touching "Nathaniel Niles of Vermont," our friend of the lUllotrs Falls (lazette lias more, and thus satis factorily replies to our enquiry if it could gratify our curiosity in tho premises : YesSir-e-ee! , , ,, It is quite a comfort, once m a while to be able to en- -i:l..a.. l.u !'. Pre, r,aiiiaiuei n-, u, ,siii...., w,..t, -lo Sardinia" is a son ol the late ltev. NathaiueUNiles, formerly of Thetford, but who died, we think in West Kairlee. Tlie father was a member of Congress from this Stale for four years, from 17'Jl tolTUAand was a good deal noted for his eccentricities. The son was Educated a Physician, mairied in this country, and it we arc not mistaken, did not live very happily with Jiis wife. At any rate, some Iwculy, or twenty-five cars since, lie left the country, it was said to gel rid of Ids lutler half, went to Pans, in w-hich city be hat re sided limit of the time since. Hefore Ihe Doctor bad lieen many years in Pari, he procured a divorce from his wife, and married a very pretty French woman. The divorce perii" u " , . ..,,, is ns lefuL and we reuieinlier hiaruiL' that ,h that account lie kept himself for a long lime out ol , . ' , ... , ... ,.. , msi,.,,,., i,. rouniry on'ce for a short tune wiihinu lew year..- ( iiie i iVmore than we can tell, but he certainly is f'V.l'.'.'eni it-Slate dun have hern 111 till biiikuuiiilu '..:.' s, of m'cZZ Ul U nmed of his IMtl 1 .rfc iwior is n verv intelligent, well educated man, rlertlV c. n poiciit to lullillhc duties ol hisappoint- ,1 t and w" leel qmle sure ll.al be will bring no .lis - !"Pd':, ui'o'uhe'V: Jlllry "To K'loluelfus he'i; one forrutin i3 not only a pleasant place in which io reside, but the eeiies of livinR there arc much less than in most Kurnicnti cities. This being tho case, Nathaniel can go to Sar dinia nl his earliest convenience. Mr. Polk will give him a " Puss." The Wur. Tho nmva from the Seat of War Is of no spe cial interest. Humors of secret negotiations for Peace were brought to New Orleans by tho Btcamcr Virginia, which left Vera Cruz on the lth inst. They are entitled to little credit, how ever; being inferences from certain unexplained movements of a Ilrilish courier. It seems to lie settled that General Scott has been recalled, and is to bo court-martialed on the charges preferred against him by Genera! WoitTit. The Court to consist of (ion. Tow son, (Paymaster General,) Gen. dishing and Col. llutlcr! General Scott, tried by such a Court, will appear something as Mr. Fox said Dr. Franklin appeared, on his examination be fore a committee of Parliament touching the wrongs of the American Colonics " liko a schoolmaster undergoing an examination by his pupils ! " This War has proved a prolific nursery of quarrels among military men ; all of which, Idle and silly as most of them are, ate to lie settled by expensive Courts Martial, Uncle Sam de fraying tho expense. Col.. Hansom's llnnv. A gentleninn of Mlddlelown, Conn., has received a letler from New Orleans, sta ling that the body ol Col. Uansnui hi. I heen placed on Iward the ship Windsor Castle, bound for Uoston, and which sailed Irom New Orleans on the lth insh Col. Il.'s liody, as well as his ctlccls, were under the imme diate charge of his orderly senjemt, MctircKur. lHOnc of the noblest and most able speeches, in the debate in the Senate on the Ten Regi ment Hill, lias been made by Mr. I'r.Ancr. of Maryland, in reply to his colleague, Mr. John son. It is a masterly refutation of the errors and sophistries of the Message, and places Mr. 1'fiAitci: in the front rank of the powerful deba ters in the Senate. Wo shall giro tho speech next week. Uj'Speaking of the Nimbastic and incoherent speech of shreds and patches of prose and poetry, of Senator Foote of Mississippi, the Union says : " His speech will sjieok for itself. He finishes it to morrow in the Senate." We hope he did, for we never paw a speech that needed " finishing " moro. XXXth CONGRESS. Mop4V, Janutry 17. In the Srnate, Mr. Mangum's resolution calling for (Jen. Scott's plan of the war was taken up. (ten. Cass opposed its passage. He thought a disclosure of" the plans of the war tit this time, would lie highly injudi cious. Mr. Manguiii defended hisresolutioii.iudiguant ly reielhug the iden that llie plans ol the executive might not be disclosed to the Aiuerienn jieople, when it was known to lie. the fact that they had already been dis closed tu llie Mexican ieople by public orders from the general in chief of the army. Mr. Allen ol Ohio opposed the resolution and moved that it lie laid on the table, but the subject was passed uvrr iiiionuany. The Ten Itegituent Hill was then taken up, Mr. Rut ler of South Carolina, opposed the bill ill an able and eloquent speech. Alter an F.xecutive session, Adjourned. in the Jltiust, Mr. tiiddingsollered a resolution cit ing a case of a negro purchased in a Congressional Imarding house, so sa)8iliedesiatcli, and appointing a select committee ol Ine to inquire into llie exiedieu cyol abolishing slavery in the District of Columbia, or ol removing ihe scut id Oovcrnincut inton Iree State. Mr. ialc of Alabama mucd to lay this resolution upon the table, but this motion was lost.HJ to 8G. Much confusion preatled ill llie Hall, several iiwin. ben Marling to the Uoor nt the same tune. Alter or der was rcstured, .Mr. (iiilduigs wished to mmtdy his resolution, but Air. Ilarrulson of' Jcorgin, moved to lay the whole subject on the table, and this motion was carried, yeas 'Jl, nays Hi. Seeral oilier resolutions nnd bills were now offered and llie House adjourned. Tcr.stiAY, January 18. In the Srnnle, Mr. Mangum's resolution calling for the plans ol the campaign us proposed by (ien.f-cott then came up, which on motion of Mr. Sevier was laid ontbe table. A)cs 24, najs 211. Mr. Webster asked nnd nliijined leave to bring in ahill, which was read a second anil third time, by unanimous consent, and was finally passed. It makes attachments issuing out of llic United Slate courts con liinn to the laws regulating such auaihmeuts iu llie several states. The Senate then resumed the consideration of the ten regiment lull. .Mr. ILulger, of N, C, having the floor, expressed his opposiiioii to the bill in strong terms. He charged the war asthe immediate result of the unconstitutional act of the President, in sending the army of (Jen. Taylor lo the mo i, ramie. Iltmnf. Mr. Vinton moved that the House resolve ilsell into committee of the whole, on the reference of Ihe President's message. Mr. Jatuiesoii addresed the committee, made a random scattering speech, with many hard hits, which produced much laughter. Nothing else of importance done in the House. Wlunfsihy, Jan. 19. Srnnle. A communication was rcceied from the Treasury Detmrtineul, to correct an error in the report oftheSccrclury ol the Treasury, caused by a mistake ol llie cleik. The Ten Regiment Hill wns taken up. Mr. Fooic addressed the hi-naie in supisirt of llie war. Jlnur. Mr. Collumer, irom the Committee on Public Lands, p ish led a bill to amend the net lo reor gani.e llie general laud uliice, approved July 4, iH'JG. Passed. Mr.Vinton, from llie Committee of Ways and .Means, reported n bill providing for a loan not exceeding eighteen millions. The House went into Coiiimiiiec of the Whole on the ('resident' Message. .Mr. Tuck addressed the committee, cluetly on slavery. Thursday. Janunrv 20. Semite. Mr. Herrien submitted a resolution calling upon ihe President tor reorts and oiher communica- tutus troin I .en. I nv or. as to llie lie nrnoer to lie cupicd by our troos, referred to in his lciler to the tfe cretaryol'War. The Senate then nroeceded to consider the resolu. lions submitted yesterday by Mr. Manguiii, calling lor t ue instructions unticrwiiiciii.eneruir-eousoriier. o. , a7fi, was issued, and also liisoiinion as 10 ihe cflicicncy ol 1.:. .,. ,u .. tiie K11,,,. ito t llett. Mr. .Mangurn said he hud two objects iu presenting these resolutions : First, 10 know the extentof the Executive purpose on the subject of llie conquest ol .Mexico. Secondly, to ascertain ihe onimous of the hi'diest military authority u tu lh inviinw of turryiogvut ihia purpose. Mr. Mangum expressed his surprise nt the tender looieiiness 01 gentlemen on 111c oilier side, whenever light was sought tor. Air. casasaiu lie was nut tender 01 the Kiccutiie but of ihe honor of the country. He did not wish to en lighten the Mexicans. Desirous ns he was to give every information to Congress, he hoiied the President would come out lully nnd plainly ui suy it it himle sign lo eonauer llie whole of Mexico ; but as to hold iug Mexico, thnt was a dillereut question, Mr. Critlenden replied in a lone of sirong sarcasm on llie subject of the Executive withholding light from Congress, lest the enemy should he lienelitted liy it. The resolution wns modified by .Mr. .Mangum, tons lo leave il discretionary with the President lo onnt any disclosure which would lie detrimental tu the public in terests, nnd in thislormil was ngreed lo. Tlie Senate then proceeded to tlie consideration of the ten regiment bill. Mr. Foote of Mississippi concluded his remarks. nn,l the Senate adjuurned. 7ouAe. Aller readme the journal, Mr. Brndbead rose and announced the decease of Air. Hornhcck.a member ot the House, at Allcntnwn,Pa.( untbe lCih iul. The customary resolutions were then passed. Ad journed. WamiijiOTon, Jnn. 21, Stnate. Mr. Cameron pronounced an eulogy on me ileum 01 .nr. iiornucrK.uiicr wnicn ine nenaienu- iourneil to Alomhiv loorntllif I J.ie.-1 he hi no Ma. Brown ff....u- .Mi.-. I.. II ....!. n ndii,i,.n li stn t,.nl, was deuaieu, wncuiiie iiouseau ebaled, when Ihe House ad- Monpay, Jan. 21. General Tajdor'n vicwsaslo lie army to take, previous to as adopted. hai to-morrow he would nsk joumedlo Monday, I A resolution calling for fii , ,, , 'I Mt. .l, niu. , ,l li..,.intr,.w he would nsk lea ve to miroducr a bill rclaling toan increase of the Tlie Washington Monument jesol -'.'r. luiuwins res. union cuing , for inloii.iat.un as lo the client j la in ourlwasVpide... eel of ap- -a - -uvo-vns, ,.ui..Uv -.v.. s, 1CI KS. Indemnity nnil Security. Mr. Polk, in his Message, asserted that the main object to hn attained by the further prose cution of the War on Mexico, is " indemnity forthepast, mid security for the future." Mr. Ci.avtiin of Delaware has explained the mean ing of the rather obscure expression. He says it appears that Mr. Polk means, by "Indemnity lor the past," one half of Mexico, and by " secu rity for the future," the other half I Concert. Tho Misses Ilntiwx gavo a Concert, nt Strongs Hall, last evening. The period at which onr paper goes to Press prevents our be ing able to speak of the merits of the performers. They come among us, however, with the w artn est testimonials nf applause and npprobition from excellent private and public sources. They are accompanied by their parents. The Roch ester Daily Advertiser thus speaks of their sing ing : " The eldest Miss Ilrnwn is rertainty nn enrapturing singer, find destined to attain an enviable jmsition among the vocalists if America. Her voice is sweet and clear in the extreme, nnd her articulation perfect ly distinct. 1 he youngest Alijs n. is scan ely her -in-1 lennr In any respect, though hut I) mere child. Her engages the attention and enlists the sympathy of tilt." The young ladies repeat their Concert Mi's netting. 3 f A valued friend, writing us from Troy, X. V. takes occasion to use the following abusive language : " Hy the way, Marshall "Sate," nreo ease; though Alphabet Jaincsdid ho! write the "Knight of 0 Wynne," unless my book lies." Nonsense! just as though we didn't know who wrote the " Knight of Gwynne." Two or three other respectable gentlemen have called onr attention to this same , under the erro neous impression, we suppose, that Editors wear " creepers." TTTho Magnetic Telegraph is in operation as far north as Rutland, and is progressing rap idly northwards. The llutlani Herald has its " News by Telegraph " in a conspicuous place, "as large as life and twice as natural." We are rapidly becoming a great people ! New York and Roston might as well " move into the coun try." It. M. I. Lectures, It will bo seen that the scries of lectures be fore the Mechanics Institute, will commence this netting al G 1-2 o.clock. The public spirit of this excellent association of Mechanics, entitles them to expect liberal encouragement and sup port. Mr. Reach delivers the opening lecture, this evening, on " Tho U. S. Army." 3j Tho able and fearless speech of John P. Hale of New Hampshire, on tho War with Mex ico is given at large on our first page. Mr. Halo certainly "takes tho Hull by the horns," Bj" Tho weather is a perfect burlcsquo on Winter ! Rain and mud, instead of snow and ice. Northern Railroad. We learn from the Uoston Traveller, that the net passenger receipts of this road tor the tour weeks ending JJee 2.',ih, were 8U.283 iri. The gross freight receipts lor the same ieriod, were $17,11:17 U3. q'he net passenger receipts (or the week cudim! Jan. 1st. HIS. have Is-cn sH.'JTIilll. This is certainly a very enemiraiiing statement, considering III"! l-,',Ur l,U Jnllunry bn an.ut.Q ,wr months ol the year fur railroad receipts, and tliut the Northern ronil is nut vet Intle i,is,t..il. noil siwrinlU that it has 110 connection with the great roads north of it, Irom which it is destined to receive its chief re venue. A'. Jf. Sttitetmtin. Mr.. Poinsett ov the War. The Nntioual Intelli gencer contains a biter from Joel c. roinsett.forsome vears Minister to Mexico, and afterwards Secretary of War, addressed to Senator Jlutlerof Souih Caroh- a. .Mr, Poinsett detiouuccs ihom emphatically tlie policy nl tlie ailmui'stratiuti in regard lo tlie w'nr.cliar acleriscs the President's views as chimerical, plates that the course of onr government will lead to still lurthcr useless i'.'iidilurc of blul ami Measure, while its Mliey will finally have to lie nbandoued, and ex. presses the opinion that our Hoops could now le with drawn from Mexico not only without dtshnuor. but that the step would elevnte us in the estimation ot the world. Jjtmtun Courier. Donation Visit. The friends of Rev. II. I. Pahker, propose to make him their Annual Donation Visit, on the afternoon and evening of Wednesday, Feb I, at his new residence in Main Street, in the S.iwycr-houso formerly occupied by S. L. Her rick. II. ill. I. liCvturcN. This evening (Friday) M. HI. DE U II. The following course of le ctures will be delivered before the Mechanics liiftitutc, coiiimenciug on Kri day evening, the 28ih ol January, at ti o'clock, at Strongs' Hall. " United States' Army." M. M. BEAcn, U.S.A. " Injunction to Iilior 110 curse." Rev. II. I.. Stacks. " Woik." (Six Ixcturcs,) Leonard Marsh, M.D. C. F. Davev, Ksq Single Ticket, adinittinga nentlcmanund juW .2.1 I leket lor Ihecourse, do do 1.00 Fumily Ticket for ihe course, 1,50 I ickcisut bdwards bookstore, and at .Messrs. Urms maids'. The funds to be appropriated to the increase of the i.iurury. Jan. rj iUarkcts. llrlgbton Miirkel Thursday, Jan. 20, 1R1H. Rklor.ll.ll loll THE IIAI1.V AIIVLIITISIR. At Alurket ,VJU Beef Caltle, 3(1 Stores, 2150 Sheep ijwine. 110 jieei tannic uiiu iwu lots Mieep unsold, Priies BtEr Cattit Extra ( 75; first quality 15; f f,;,(l second ?3 25 rr 5 75 j third $1751 5 Si. Woaki.NO Oxen Sales at tjfiS, S82, mid $W. Cows ami Caiau Sales til (j'.'l, tji2Saiid SI2. Sin ti' Sales at I 50, 18J,nnd 2 25. WclhersSil, i 75, $5 and 5 51). Swine Lots to peddle at 4 and 5, At retail 6 nnd 7c, Inii.ammatorv Sore throvt or Qrinsr, is on ncule and sometimes highly dangerous complaint, aud should lie attended lo in the early stage of tlie malady, ns the slightest delay is nlten attended with serious consequences. Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills of the North American College of Health, are the best medi cine in llie world lor the rurc of an inflammatory sore throat, liecausc they not only purge from the liody those humors which ore the rntise of every descrip tion of inflammation ami swelling, but Ihey suit all ages, nd may lie administered without a monism's May. For n grown person from lour to eight ofsaid Pills should lie taken night aud morning, until the ur gent symptoms have abaied, after which three or four pills taken once in Iwenty.four hours, will iu a short nine inline u peine, eure. Beware or Coc.iTERrEiT Tint om.t original ANUOENliNE INDIAN Vh.I.TABEI l'll.U HAVE THE ilG- nati're or 11.1.IAM Wkiuht whittin with a rrw on tiie Tor I.AWEL or ea il hoi. A, other i sen unit, una lo cutinlrrfeit thii it iorulrv. The genuine lor sale by W. II. Cl'UTIS. Water K , n.l M'III'HIWIIM.'a i. ..!.' .. u,tr I Stile nt'fllts fil, IllirllltiTlixi ....... w n. i r.. i, VyOllece Mreet i,....i t. .. J. H- Dyke.lluutingioii j W. Rhodes, Jr. Itieiiiniuid : E. 1). l.reen, Hiehiuoiid j J, . . '1' W Tower' Underhilt ; llutlbui &. Ilmlges, Wilhston :' It. San' "lerson, and t.. Aers, Wesi Willisiou j J, Lyman, Jrnrlio j II. t he, Hiiiesburgh j W. S, II I' uod', ".m"' "rJ 1 Staples ,t Lyon, Charluite ; John Sinionds, Shelburne ; It, Richmond Barnard jnnd nl iiruoeii rergusou, r.ssex i uod', , ' b"ir,V; C'harluite ; Jo! Sinionds, Shelburne ! It. It r iini.ii, ll,.r.,,.l .i,..l -Jil'ZVfo',',,',!!1''" U"J "'"""l- fsneo. fniiitsr, SO .Mr. Beow.n -Sir u afWds me gteut pltasure lu Is- able iu testily tothe wondetlul virlne ol our Sar saparilla mid 1 omatu Hitlers. 1 think my case is one ol peculiar iuicicst ; ihcrelorc I send vou u (s.ilcct sketch of my lice Ifforc taking your medicine, and alter lis lw, which you can makeup nl if you sec tit, tortlie hetielit ol yoiirwll r those that nrc snnilnily ulllicted. I linvc been lor the Inst lour years lined se verely nllliclcd with a III MOIt lovcting my lace and purtofmy body most of llic tune. 1 liavc Ikcii mm. hie lonttcnd to my bn-iucs. During that time I have taken every medicine that has lieen recommended .and have drank gallons ol the Sarssparilla Syrup and de coction, all ol which have not had llie lend ell'ect upon my disease. At last 1 was recommended by inr phy sician In give your Sitrsaparilla nnd Tomato Hitters one trial, ns he had used llieiu with good success hi n niunlierot similar cases. 1 have ued only lour bot tles, nnd to my utter astonishment it has entirely cur ed inc. 1 think llie cuts which occoniiany this will show you the wonderful difll-rence ill my npiearaiiee. I do most siucerelv recommend your medicines toall, ami know they will find them annul valuable nrlielc. iwS Yours, truly. 1. ItYAN. For rule by Turn. A. I'm k, nnd A. C Sir.AR, Apo thecaries nnd wholesale Druggists, and by dealers gen erally throughout the State. Is Yorr. I.ivir. l)tsr..tsr.nl Ynn may find rebel if Oil.... !...- H...- I...-!.... ! I j"u oi oui uy in lime, vui ii-iii iiuju-l amuii the lollowing: New Jersey, llordentown, Oct. 25, ISI.'i. . Mr.Selh W. Fowle Dear Sir: I tint well nwnre that persons of every age and sex, and condition in hie, in every pari oi ine country, nave uscil. and liecu lieu cfltteil bv Dr. ll'iWiir'j flattitm nf tl'ihl rkrrnt. My own life has been sacd liyit. My father's and my mother's family were both consumptive. My lath er, mother nnd a sister, died with that latal disease. l or some years, 1 liae heen predisposed to it inyseU. About one yenr ago I was quite sick for a nunilier of would allow me to lay. My phvsieian pronounced my disease l.iicrcomplaint j my liv'cr was very much en- cvi3,ci,niiiieu loiuy ocu wnenitie pain in my sine larued. 1 raised bfood several time the teiin in lov side w as so severe that the cars passing in tlie street by the door nlli'cted inc. I was cupped, hied, and had various other remedies npplicd butall to no purpose; 1 got 110 relief: nl last mv ph&regiri wid lie could not cure me. I expecieil to die soon, Imt providentially I heard ol, and obtained n Itotllc ol your Halsaui, which relieved me nt once, lwas encouraged tnpersecre iu using it, until I took four or five bottles, which saved my life nnd cured ine. My health is now good. For Liver Complaints I believe it to be u certain cure. Signed, MARTHA A. IIKI.CHKI,. I am acquainted with .Mrs. Uelchel her statement is true. Signed, WII1TAI.L STOKES, Druggist. He careful and get the genuine Dll. WISTAU'S BALSAM OF WILD CHKUIIV. None genuine unless signed by I. IIIJTTS. Address all orders to SKT1I W. FOWLK, Uoston, Mass. For sale w hole sale and retail by Turn. A. Peric, Hiirlinglon, anil hy Dealers in .Medicines generally in Vermont. At Bellows Foils, on Tuesday cvening.the 18th inst.. by the Rev. Joel Clapp.D.D., N. TRACY SIIKAFE, F. sq., of Westminster, to Miss I.. UliKTKUDK II YDK, eldest daughter of Col. Kvuell Hvpe ol Pil lows Falls. At the residence of W. Ilarron Williams, Esq., In tbecily of Rochester, on Thursday, 13ihinst.,by the Rev. Dr. Dewey, Richarii U. Shibmam, of Utico, Kditor of the Oneida Morning Herald, to Mary F., eldest daughter of Capt. It. Vf. Sherman, of Vcrgcnncs, Vermont. In this Village, on the 20th inst., by Rev. II. L. Starks.Mr. K.vos P. Sisco and Mi-s Lavina A Boox houw.r, bolhof St. Albans. , Also, on the 23d inst., by the same, Mr. Amaziaii G. Lucas of llenuinglon, to Miss Leonora A. Di.iss, oi this Village. B i c i, In Essex, on the 18th inst., Pou.v, wife of Samuel Thrasher Esq., oged 57 years. In Wcstford, Jan. 12th, 1818, of consumption, Mrs. Harriet Merriam, wife of S. 0. Merriam, in the 3 lib year of her nge. Thus has passed from our midst a pleasant and agreeable companion, a tender and nlfectionate moth er, a winthy and chcrithed friend: She will live no more below, but in the affections and remembrances of a large circle of kindred and acquaintances, She was the daughter ol .Mr. Joseph Morcton of West Randolph, and was the fourth sister that hns been cut down by death within six years. Her soul seemed radiant with glory, and her pinions spread for the uniMT world aa she dffinrte.1. Truly, it is desirable to " die the death of the right eous," nnd 10 have " our lost end like hit." Pasirs please copy. Com. In Troy, N. Y. 011 the 12th insl.,in the 70th year of her nge, Mrs. Marv, wife of Col. John Carpenter. Iu this Village 011 Thursday evening, 20ilt inst., Jane Ei.ua, wife of Win. A. Burnett, aged 30 vears. "Blessed nrc the dead, who die ill the Lord." J. T. HENEDICT'S SCHOOL. TIIi:si:cOXITi:itJi (oftwoquarter-.H weeks each) of J. T. Bemjuct's School for Bojs and (iirlswill commence 011 Wednesday, February loth. It is desirable that all scholars should attend, at least one term ; none will be charged for less than one quarter. The following nrc the teachers in tlie several depart ments. Miss Lait.i Wiiefxer, in the English department. Tuition per quarter .... 3,50 Mr. E. D. Siiai-iitk, in the Ijitin and Ureck languages. Tuition r quarter . . j3,50 Mr. S. HiicuciicK, in the French. Tuition iier quarter $3,10 J. 1 . Dem.iuct in .Mathematics. 1 union ter quarter N'n additional charee will he made for the Eiielis.i branches, when pursued ill connection with ciihcrof the other departments. ! German Silver or Nicklc. 1ILATED with pure silver. Those who mnv u-ishn iiimhI simmui nnd wliodo Hot Wish to ntt to the expense of pure Silver ran find nl ourstore lu

tile and Tea Spoons, Cream. Mustard and Salt Spoons, Sugar Slmels and Sugar Toiigsr.Hiilter hnies etc., made of tiennan Silver and thickly plated with pure silver nnd made so near like solid silver skioiis mat our friends iu the Country around and in town nsn, are daily buying them ol Pedlars for pure Silver and never di-roter llieir imsiake until tliey come to gel them marked. We sell the best ware there is made, at 7r,eis SmoirSliovels.'ini'ts. Butter Knives .V) cts. each. Forks sj73' l'r doz. We have also at aH times u tine nssoMmiMit ofwell iiinde. mire nscoill. Si vet SlHUins nud Forks at as low prices as can purchased at any place m ijliy, iownor A.oumry iiuu we uiaiiv um .u ver Spixms tree of nny extra charge. HUINSMAID ii HUOTIIEItS. Hurlinglon, Jan. 1818. Siheitmilht. jVcaiidrr'N Clinrclt Sliifory, VOI.IJ.Mi: Si: OM, Translated by Prof. Tor rev, lor tale by 0. OOODKJCH. Jan. 27. , 31 OKI. VNDINI:, byMissEilgworlh.S.'i cts.; The lisiofilie Fairies, 25;Jaue Ijyer.an autobiogra phy, by C. Hell, 25; Now Hi Then, iy Dr.Warrcii,5Hj lirahaui's, ltuion.and IJodey's Manzincfor Fell. 25. Ware's Progress of the Christian Lite, 31; 'I he Si lent Pastor, 37: Evangeline, by Imgfrltnw, 75; Poems byj.lt. Lowell, 2d series, 75; North Atuerieaii He view, lor January, lleccivedat HIHW WHS", NEANDEH'S His.ory of the Christian Religion and Church, translated by Prof. Tnrrry. Vol. 2, iirice 83. Just received by C. Jl. UUW'AUDS. Jan. 27. 311 Found. P0CKCT-B00K Contaimno Papers im and iiiemoranda supposed lo lie of value lo the owner, w-as found on Wednesday last. Call at Mark ham's Shop. Jan. 27. T. WARD. STATE OF VEHMONT.JT'lir.Hon.tlie DisrmcT or Cmrri .mii n.ss. J Jl Probate Cnmt for the District ot Chillcndciiito all persons concerned iu Ihe Estate of Itoyal Sanderson, late of Millon in aid District, deceased, t.RrtTI.Mi: Wiitrvas, Maloua Sanderson Administratrix of the Estate ofsaid deceased, proposes to render nn uccouut of her administration, aud present her account against said csUitc- torrxaminatioti nud allowance at a session ol the Court of Prolsite, lo lie holden al Hurlinglon on the twenty third day ol I'tbniaryiiext. TiiiRLioiii, You are hereby notilied to apjicnr lie foresaid court at the time and place aforesaid, and shewcuusc, if auyjnii have, why the account nlore said should Hot be allowed. tiiven under my hand at lluilington this 2Gih day of January, A. D. 1818. 31w3 If. UIXFORD, Hesitter. rriuts. THIS DA V II V JiXPJtLSS. ID. IIIXIiY, & CO., iiwi: r,m:ivi:n a; splendid loi ol" Prints, which are new mid choice , styles. Also r.inhroidery lliaidsiuidliiiiips. lluiluigioii.Juii, PJ.iaia, 30tf Ihe lollowing prices, Willi a Irlieral inscouiii 10 niose who buy n large quantity, viz: Table Shioiis S2,10s'r scioin, leas i.ijpersei. wcui ,-.n...".n.-..iuiii. Mnstiird nod Sail Sooiios till cis. each. Sui:ar lomis .STATU OF Vr.KMtlNT.j 'Pill! Hon. the pKTinrr or CutTTI.Xlil.VAS. I 1 Probate Court for the District of Chittenden : In nil pi'tonsconc rneil in the l.sialeot ii.inu i mac, inie oi uinrione, ius.nu Dislliet, deceased, (Intl.TIMI ! Wore, i-.is. Lliinh Lake. Administrator on the l.slile of said deceased, proposes to render an account of his administration, and present his account against said estate lor examination and allowance at n session of the t mirt ofrrohale.to be liolden nt flurlingtoii, on the 211.1 day nf February next. Tni.Rri'nnr., Yon arc hereby notified to appear lictorc said court nt the time and place nforesaid, nnd shew can1, II nny you n.ive, wuyiiiu account niorcsuiu should not lie allowed. (iiveii under my band at Hurlington this 2dth day of January A. I). 1813. Ufw:i II. R1XFOI1D, Kegistrr. Itlll or Divorce. Marinpa Doty, j Supreme Court, Chittenden Co., OaMnsnDiTV. i January Term, 18 ID. IN ihiscas, it was shown that the said Ormntid had . willlully deserted the said Mnrinda, Ibr more than three years, and therefore, ihe Court adjudged and pronounced the marriage contract heretofore solemn icd between the said Onnond mid Mnriuihi, o'i.' dissolved, and that llie. slid parties are no longer tins bjnd and wile,biittwaiu, and free to contract matri mony with whomsoever each willcth. The Court further decreed, thai the said Marluda hate the sole nnd exclusive care andcustiMlv of Kllon Duty, ami nor child of llie panics 10 ibis Hill. J. W. Ilickuk, Soiiciior lor 1 eiiuoiier. KnwARns &. White, ) chittcn,lcnf C ily Court, JrRr.Mt... Myers. ) 7 '"' 1 WHIlltl'.AS, Aery II. lilwards nud ()enr C. W lite, of Colchester, at this term ol Court have brought into Court here their writ and return, against Jeremiah Myers, then of Hiirlinglon, in said Omiilv, declaring 011 a promissory note, dated June It, IMIi, iinyaoie 10 planum oronier 011 me istuay 01 renicti. .... iuir ... .1... itn..t, ..ru...i: 1...1.. ..1......1....1 dolfars And, whereas, it appears to tlie Court here that the said Jeremiah M)ers resides without this Stale, and has not had icrsonal notice ol the penden cy nf this suit : t Therelbre. it is ordered bv the Court that said suit be continued to the next Term thereof, and that Ibis order, containing the substance of said declaration, be published in the Hurlington Free Press, n newspnjicr printed at Burlington, aforesaid, three weeks success ively, the last publication to be nt least twenty days prior to the next Term of said Court. tiiven under my hand, at Hurlington, this) 22J day of January, A. D. 1818. r.. j. is 1 ssuuil x .uiera. I). RlxroRD, Attorney for Pill's. 31w3 Almirn IS. Day's llstntc WK the Suliscriliers, having lieen apjuiinted hy the Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examine nnd adjust the claims nnd demands of all iersons, against the estate of Ahiiira S. Day, late of Fssex in said District, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto ; and six months from the day of the date hereof, being: al- lowiui ny saiu iourt lor mat purpose, we no tnert lore herebv irive notice, that we will attend to the business of our npiKiiniinent, at llie dwelling of Oeorge Whit ney, in r.ssex. in saiu uisirict.on tne nrxt Aioimavs ot April and May next, at 2 o'clock, P. M., on each of sain nays. Dated, this 21st day nf January, A. D. IS 18. AAIAISA mil An 1 , 31w3 BYRON STEVENS, I Commits. rlcct Scliool. " TI.SS I,. II. STACV.will commence her next 111. term on Monday, the I lib ol February. Schol ars are cxs.dcd to cuter at the commencement of the term. TflTION. English, &3,00 French 1,00 DrawiiiL' 3.011 School-room, one door west of .Mr. Langworthy's, up amirs. Hurlington, Jan. 21, 1818. MOwS A liOVD CALL! Taxes and a rrttirn nf Ihe Wie Money, Or rt Government fjinn. BY the Congressional Globe it is seen that the Administration must have, in some such wayjunds to buy n peace, or both monev.tmen to enrrv on the War. Now, the People's Agent, being wholly npisjsed to war, will sell any goods, ifteinhed, nt War prices nnd invest tlie ensh 111 J'l'rre purchases, hopimt prices and invest the cash 111 Vi'rre pun-liases, hoping that iii duelimetbewarsiieculalion will end and eace "c ,. "' -i--i ni-iemi ,,, urn ug lormo m v to nav taxes and seudini! luck the oubhc monev Oiow us,m1 for is-hool purMjses,) or going to Mexico to home, nnd ronltuue lo tio as they long have done, buy. lug goons enenp 01 nieir ngent, ItuVV.MtU. liiirimgtoii, Jnn. I'J, 1818. JO FOR SALE. 'IMIB TAVERN STAND AT COLCHES- JL ler Falls, near the factory, is ofC.n.,l fix- snlM n,,.l (Mwisession lobe given the first day ot Slay next. It is not second to nny stand in the Stale, as a village luvcru, lUKiug iiiioconsiuerniion me cost oi it. IS.UU WAIt.NEK. Hurlinglon, Jan, 21, 1818. 3tif LKONARD SCOTT & Co.'s ttitti oV It c-p ii l I i c a I o ns 1. The Ih.ikIi n Quarterly Review, 2. The Edinburgh Keview, n . , 3. The Wesiunii-ter lieview, f Qnartetly. I, The Noilh Ilrilish Iteview, j 5. Blackwood's Edinburgh Mngaiuc, Monthly. 'J't!llllsViiieij In be uimle in mlcnnre. Ior any one of the four ltev lews, 3110 jicr nullum rnrmiyiwo uo. - - inj " For any ihree do. ... 7.tm For all tour of the Iteview s, - . . 8IKI " For Blackwood's .Magiine, . . . 3 00 " For Blackwood Si. the lour Ifev lews, In Ul " Address C. H. EDWAHDS. Acrnl. 3fl liurliiigiou, Vt mifOMPSON'S Pockct M ip of Vermont, X New Edition, couiaiu'mg the Bail Roads. 1818. Jan. 18. Ily U. tl. EDWAHDS. ON therveningof llie 19ih inst., n lady's Oold Pencil and a large slide for a guard chain. The liinier will conter an oliligaliou and be suitably re warded by leaving iheuiutlhisollice. MiiiifflcN. 1 dl JI- 1INK AND CEDAR SHIN JLJJ gles.tbrsaleliy (iEO. PETEHSO.V. jail. 10, 1910. !EADY-MnK CbOTiiixfi 30 A I,t net: St'p- ply ol all kinds ol ready-made Cloilung, for sale by r EMOXS. 1J Kilehy G Hoxes Fhk.sh Lkmoxs, for llec. lo. 2'J-w3 Huck lira 1 Flour. FHES1I tiround Buckwheat Flour. Hr sale by Dee. IU. i.J. vi 3 GKO. VHTIlllSOX. liOl, IN CHURCH STREirr, Somhwiikrk ni 1 Ivveen Mr. Kern'sSiore, and the Female Semina ry (.Mr. Converse's) a (im.ii lshir closed on both snles, and containing n small Daguerreot) The finder will conler a siiceial lavor, and lie liber nil.. .........I... I I... I :. ' . .1.:.. . ,1- . .tu. i, n.iiii.-i,, ii, ii-ii,iiiii ii, mis oiuev. January 18, 1818. STRAW CUTTER8. rTOWN'S STRAW CU'ITERS for su.r nv x JOHN HKADLEV &.CO. Dec. 1ft, 1817. 25 TIIH Itl'RLINCTON SAVINGS BANK. TH IS Institution was incorporated it the last sea tiou of ihe legislature for the puriswe of recei. ring on deposit all sums ol money ntlered, and man ukiiii; ami improving liiesameio tlie liest nilvatltae lor the use and Is-miit of ihe dennsitors. The wluil iiieouie or profits ol ihe iiisiiiulion, alter deducting its necessary exiieuses, ore lu oe uiviueu among llie de oositors. The Corporators hrld'their first meetiiiL's on the I3di and I5lh inst.. and have oreanis,-d the institution hv ndopiiug a sel of By-Laws, for its regulation und eieciiug uie louowiug oiucers ior ine ensuing )car, JOHN N. POMEROY, rietideiit. Wvu.vs I, v.mav, Fire J'retiJenl, E. A. SrvNsut'RY, Seerelaiy. llufitdof Trutteet. Dvs Lvov, Ch'ih-miin, John II Peck, Henry P. Iliekok, James Cook, Will. II. Wilkins Jr., (ieo, Pclersoii, Chnrli-s D. Kasson, Jamhs W. llltuoK, Trtatuier, 't'tii. It ink will fie linen for the receolioirsif denosit' at the Ticasuicr's ollice on the 1st Wednesday ot wis .,,,..' I, -.I.- M A,, I..,, each Wednesday ilieicatter, uurtng the sanie hours- JtlllllUI,, ...I, "-, - ..,, Barinioii, .ixv. mj ... , " ., 101 U.h A I Dec. 15, 18li. uuiil liiriiur iioikv. 1817. ssil AM) SlKitlt, AT A 1.1, PIIIIT.S C'.ri7..V If .SJMJ.IA', EXPRESSES. wwr.!: Ai:iiAr..Mr.NT. Northern nnd Southern J)x press. I" KAVRS Foil Nkw Yoiik kvkiiv Wi:nxi:s- I i day morning, and for Montreal cu'ry Friday inornhig. Arrives from New York, Thursday evening, and from Montreal Tuesday. Ollice, New Votk, No. Ill Wall street 1 Albany, No. II and 12 llxclmnge j Troy, No. I7." River St.; Monirenl, No. 183 St. Pauls Sl.j lluilington, West side Square. CJIEENF & CO. Huston nnil Mnntrciil llvpicss. FKAVKS FOIl 11()ST0 AM) nlo,NTIti:L J every Pridny tnoruiiig, nud arrives troin ltosioii Heducsday evening J Irom .Montreal 1 uesday cc mug. Ollice, Hail lload Fxehange, Itotnn; 183 St 1' M., lontreal ; cstsute .'square, lluningion. Hurlington, Jan. 1, 1818. 2Vif IS OKFKnKD for tilt; ilelcflioll nnd convic 1 tiou of ihe pcr-oii or i-r.on who rolled two cat- .I.,.,, L.,Mi... ,.... ,wi il... 1,.,. :.. ,1... i.s... 1 menl nl niysioreoii rsniimmy t?t iimz. Jit. win, lluilington, Jan. 12, 1818. S. W.TAYl.Olt. WLVKIt SPOONS IIl'TTHH KmVBS AXI) l y Sugar Shovels, warranted good ns the coin, at id ns llie eiiui, at J. V. K.V.MMI.I.'S. Oct, '.'I). DKA LKIiS ix F.xrv & Stapm: Ik v (.'onus, Carpiiini:s, Ku-h .Malting, 1'loor Oil Cloih. lings, Window Shuth s, Pn per Hiiigiugs, Looking (i lasses. allSies; l'lowing lllue,Lighl lllne. ,t White (iran- ile WAItll, nl-,,, China nnd tllass are, titocencs, nrs, Butbdo Unties, ,c. Church stteet, lluilington, Jan. 1818. 29 Sleata Ferry, TO ANn t'HOM IIUIII.IMITIIN AMI 1SIKT KT.ST. miiKSTKAMi:nJNO.GILPIN,CAiT..IONKS, Jl will leave Burlington every morning (Sundays excepted) at U o'clock, tor Port Kent: Reluming. she will leave Port Kent every day tSundajs excepted) at 12 o'clock, M. for Burlington. This arrangement will continue as long as the navigntiou ot the Iake will permit. Pnssiige nil Cents. Iliirhuglon, Jan. 11,1818. YJn.i Instruction In the Trench I-nnguimc. IlfONS. TI10Y0N, HKCENTLY FROM If JL France, offers his services to the Indies and icntleuien of Ifiirltngton as a teacher ot llie 1-rench .auuuaL'c. He is emnloveil ns Instructor iu .Miss 1'leniinir's Schisd. but could nive his attention lo a lew additional Classes, day or evening. His terms for in slruction are quite moderate, and may lie learned on application to mm nt llie rraiiklin House. liurimglun, Jan. li, mm, ai UK. IV. WAltD, LATF.LY BCTUBXKD TO THIS CoUNTHY FROM the American Mission iu Cevlon 011 account ot the impaired stale of .Mrs. Ward's health and tor the lienetil ol his children, olfers his services to the ts-onle of Burlington in the practice of medicine and surgery. lie win oe nappy 10 receive cans at ine resilience 01 his brother. Dr. tieo. W.Ward, near the Methodist chajiel. January 10, isiti. sa J. A. RAYMOND, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. OFFICE at the residence of the late Hyinan Iine, corner of St. Pauls and Hank Street. HurhtnMon December 31, 1817. 27tf LAW BOOKS ?toryon Apfficy. Story "ii Pnriiifoliip. Stpry on HnilnienU. Story on the Con., Abr. (ioulil's ricnding. Jrroii Sales. story a bquity jun-spru ileiict'.li vols. Enst Reports, new Hd, h(inty Umc-t. Chitty on Criminal law. Uiuest New York Reports, Wheaton's Selwvn. 4 vols Kinne's lnw Coiiicn- Ci it Cwle of Louisiana. Juryman's (Juide. Vermont Statute-.. Reek's Medical Jurispru dence. (IIUIII, 4 vol. do Kent. do Rlackstnnr. Vermont Reports Vol. 10, IT.iuul in. For wile Jv RurlinBton, Jan. II, 1HI7 t. t m.is Wauled. I N AfiP.VT 1 HiTnr.ivr.Tnv. vni tiir il " China mid American Tea Conipiiny." Ad dress A. &. 11.. No. tfi Old Slin. New ork, iMwt paid. 1". .AiuMJUi'tv, viui nine con-mm- on hand in 11. mul itouinl ii;ic knifes, ruire and trn-'rant TKAS, lor Kile to suit purcliaaera. new iori,Juii. u, jbii. FOR SALE. THB COMMODIOUS MUCK DWELL hii! houe ol the fiih-MTiUT, on IVarl stn-el.t- now ollIred tor s-ilf together with outbinldin,ft w d niid water, mid nboiit one acre of land, Al ; the Miinll white ilwcllimr huu.e neitdoor Kat. l'ov.eir ion i;ieii inuiiedialely. u, A. titt MUVll. Ituriinuton, J.in. :, HH. JSif VLxstvv. RAliS l'Voli tiround Planter, mr sale by LiLO. VLTUnsoX. S'J-w3 1000 Jan. 10. BY TIIK HihrilK-r, three good Kntne Jntlies; A I mi. tutthand Lathes, whirh will lit sold low for ea-h or yood mr. ii. It. UK,MAt. Ilurliiitfton Il.-c. T.lSIV. aim.t ATTENTION ! HATTALION ! ! A1:1' xV Lin tbnse linvitnr unsettled neenunls vvitli '1'. W. Lnvell. will Kive riLs bv e.illinr and M-llbmr tlieni iniinediiiiely. T. W. I.I IVKI.I,. nurnnsiiin, 11,-e. ii.isit. i-ni Itl'dlV. pOTASIt nnd Cnldrim Kettles, f nil deseriptinn., eoninleie nssiirlineiu nl II wW.ire.nl ' ' IK-c jirju.isarox iocxduy. IJiLOUIt. 00 lliiLs. Sitkhkini: 1'i.ont, . lor wile by . 1). It I. XI! Ji CO. MACKIXfi "HAKHKLS. SO kiiist""batk A Wbite i)nk pnekin Barrels, by i)ec.,'4-. stuom;, duouttu: H CO- CASH PAID I'Olt IMlll'S. f D. lil.MJV & CO. will iuy Cvsu ron a 1. few lliiiiisand uihhI IVlts, Dec. si, , 1M7 lll.Ci: ItVIUl COATS. 1 I). IIIXIIY & CO. inyn iiKriKVi.i) A J niee Int nt euuli, nuvv U the time tu uet a tit. DieiinUr'JI. Ion; TTsAlt.MKHS vvnuld diivtel to call mid exnminc the V finierinr nrliele nf IMun 'lis.etilled llie ' rtes ter l!iii'le INniK'h " iiiaiint.ielured nt IVv.SI.'IT. IIIWI.I.WTOX VOCSDUV. Cabinet Ware Maker ATAY findnurent variety of Cabinet rl'riiiiuiiii. X with (Hue, ,nm!i.iier, Vrnirli,.Vc, and u umsl nssnrtlnellt ul Tunis, ailanled In llieir iw. Dec. li.i". STIlOXl!, DOOI.ITTI.i: t( (( S.XhT, l'l.ASTl'M, (-' 500 Sack Nova Seolin rialer, Itl Ton etirted dn (,rindtone, liHHI Sacks ground rock nnd Western Salt, M0 Itbls MiiK-iline and extra Hour, Coarse Western and bbl. Salt.-c. Ae. Dec. is, isi7. yruoxa, nooi.rrri.r. .s ro. BLOCKS axd Lookixi; (ii.ssrs, at ww CATI.IX if .s'.'.l.'. Mill's AXI) LASHES A coon aswht- i ati.ix ,s sri:Ai;. I UST m:CEI VEl), A FHK.sH Un- W m:WV Krined (llove,. I' A T 1 .1 . v jVS P 1 1 A It . ViuriXar. OH MUDS firm,.. ab.y Vi;V:;nr,r,;r sale , IS et... y iir piiion, by tii-.o. nyrr.iisox '-'.' J U,... r.iiir i vii. .i.ijif l ilies atourSiure. CATI.IX If Sl'I'.AH. 17 XC'll A Xl.'i: nn I.OS'DON, MVIlli'l'ddl., I J DIMIIilN nnd IlDINIIUil'H, ill nuns insnit nnrelinsers. KI1I1 ln. IrtlT. J If J II. I'KCK f) Co. VS l)Kli:i) Al'l'LIX l'oit si.t: nv I Die. i:, 1417. CATLIX if SVLAK ,K. E. LYMAN irOULI) HKSPKtrrPHM.Y IMOIIM TIIKIU f hn n.ls, and Ihe public generally, that they have law, 11,,. ti.nd, fni.,. lirr.,;,.d by the Senior Pari iier, corn. r nl Cburdi nnd College street", Wickwure liuiiiiiiig, nnd base on hand, and are con-ianllv re 1 living din rt from Ibeiou and New York, n large, rich, ami lasbioiiablenim k o 1 It V . 0l!S, ra.tsimMi iar r or a i.bf.at varietv of t'MI.VK ANI I)U:ks OOOI M, Vi. siqsT. Tbils l, . Merino and Lyom-e Cloths, fane Plaids, dillerenl 1 olorsuiid prices j alao a large assort ment nl Black, Hliie Black. Salm, Stripe, If7,b, Plain mid Figured A l.l'AUASl ul-o, Oregon, Victoria, t'ashniere, .Minis. De Inline liiussi t.oiirlSjiifid a va riety of oiher kind-, not )tfe cnuuu.ralcd, llroiidelolhs, t'nssiineris 11 ml Vesting. A large nsaortuiiitt of Hlack, Blue Black, Brown, (.recti nod Drub. Oertonu. I'.uidish nnil Aiuerienn: I al-", lilac k, Blue Blatk, nud T'ancy Cnjsiinen s nnd -I Paul '"skins, a vnrieiy ol liiehnnd Fancy Vcslhigs, coii " 1 . .1. 1 ..i.i ii m.'.ui... v,.i.. r" '"'i; I'Ullll HIM II" l-lillllis, ..ll.ir. Ill' n, . .-v.-., nud various other kinds, ion numerous to mention. a SHAWLS. A lame assortment ol rich nud fashionable Shawl , mebiibni' All-wool, Ca-linicre, blai k and lancy Silk, rVcla, r"",':,i i'Juinfk, lligldaiid Pkniil.nnd oiher si 1 i'.s 01 neii v y wish a 1111 net nun w is ior w inicr win r. ul lu-tivy uix'l mill i IMXl iiirros Vriiits nml fiiniiture Intclifr. nil lvl4 nthl iii:iliti'(, nt rry Imv jirict't; n!-o, n variety ol Srutcli, Hnli-li nnd Atii'Ticnii (Jitttjhains. DnnmMlc (aonds Hi-nvv nnd irnc drnwii nnd Mc-nrlioil Hhrrtitifr. Shirting--, Dnllnii;, Tifkiny, nnd Mrix-d SIumihc. IJlcitclii il ri nl iniNk-iirlu'dOotton Klnmu'l;wliile,lirU-k nnil ((Ifirrd Cmnbrkko, liln.' Knlis-h, Ann-ricati nud S'lli-dnry t'lutitirh, plnin ntid twilled ml mid yellow iio. isoiMiilN li.nr,rntion mm wool j nni, uurpul Wiirp, Wickiii!, Wiiddm, iKittiiiLS fee. tJiini tiun, Ac. Pillow mw nnd linni Slu-ftin!?. linen T.nwn. wliltf nnd brtiHii hini'ii, Srotrli and KiHh )inptrt lnif.kr- h;ic, rni-n, itiuinrir ciik mid iiut-u ijiikln, iIk Itniinn ('rnnts, luncy do, book mid Swiss Muslins, Lawns, Hosiery nud Oloic, Illnrk rn-limcre. wontfd nnd alnarn. Iilfirk. hrnwn nnd ttliite cotton llo-n, ntir nnd rhildrrtiV worsted mid eoltoti (iicry Jnick, bt'tivt-r, kid, Itcrlin liiifd, culunpre, pilk, liiirn mid cotton (i loves in urcnt n- rirty; bonnet miucnp KiiitHiim,o:re8nnu clonk I ritn iniii, including Uuttoii!, tiimp, Fringe, Cord, &c. KhocH. A vnrietv nf lndips Slftw. walkincSliors. Buskins. iVc.,ulo ItidieV Uubber Itukin?, ItnUnT Shocc, plain nnil litf'd Imlim' nnd gentlemen's patent Rubber Uer sliots, &,ct Also, a general assortment ul' . M. I. Hoods nnd roccricitt includins Jnvn,Ln;nirn,Rionnd St. Domingo CofTef; old Ii-uii, yonnn lison, hyson pkin mid black Ten; Spice: ol nil kinds; crashed, pulverized nnd brown Sugars, Alolnp-n!, wlinle and sperm Oil.c. !(c. The nttention ol Cnh purclmsep,, of iIhw who pay iortlieir (iootU, nnd like to Une thent Chrnp;Wn vited to the oliovu Stock, confidently iK-lievinij-tito ItooiNmid prut will meet their entire approbation. Iturlinntuii, Jan. 16 18. m WANTED. ICail-Koad Tie nnd SuIi-SHn. rl IIC suliMerilers wih to contract fitrtfONNJ Rail. A rond 'I'iea.o! tmnarnck.whiteorblnek oak, black or swamp ttfrh, cedar, butternut, or clifstnut timber. The Ties are required to be se'en leet in lenjrth, for nnywwKl Piwcihed, (exceptini cednr, which niunt he "4't't'lt) nt1( i mrhei fxpiarcor olntood bfariv( six inches, top nnd bottom, and tube sawed or smooth ly hewn, Ato, ' Om; 11 mid red Thonniid Hemlock IMnnk, To be three inches thick and ei?ht inches wide, and loiirteen feet in length, for SciiSils. We wii to contract for the above specified lunilW, to be de H. ered on the ine ot the Rutland and Hurlinif ton Railroad, between Hurlington and Urandon, on or lietorethe first day of September next. Address -the sulicnbers at liurlmcton. CIIAMMZKLAIX, STKOXG CO. Pec. 27, 1817. 7 Magazixks for 1813. UNION Magazine (Mrs. Kirklond's) for January. Orahatn's, 44 Columbian, " (ioifey's, " Ladies' Nationnl, " onoV (-lo'fe ili"rT??t fity"oi the month ol publication, ami delivered tu subscribers without rharye tor ixwt ne. C. It. KIMVARDri. VnluaVilc Itiioksi WILKKri' KxploriniiKipcditionine ed.fi vo1.$i5. iio do do ( heap, 5 do l-'riinkliii's Works, 13 vols, by Spark. JeUerwm's Work. I om. I'recott's Compie-it of lVnt, 2 vols. i'reHf)tt's Conquest ol Mexico, 3ols. Writings of Ilurh S. lit'ijare, vols. Alixjn's Hurope,4 v. Ifnl If, icon's Work-, 3 V. Lord Roliniihroke'i Works, 4 v. Map-haU'd Lile of Wohiimtoh, "l v. Spark's Life ol Wa-lunnton ; Thier'a French Revolution ; States man's Manual, 'i v. ; Modern llritoh Ksayi"t, 8 v ; Lardner's l-cture on Science and Art, U v.; llmnd'a llucyelopi'dia of Science Literature nnd Art; L're'ti Dictionary ol Art- ami .Manulnctnres ; elters t Miotic Leonotiiy nnd Housekeeping ; Cclopujdia of tVH) IVaclical Jleeiprs ; (lilroy on eating. .Ian. 15. Kor sale by C. II. LOWARDS. NEW KOOK'mNDEUY Cuml Iinokn ilrmrrrc swd Uniting : iliit tfiey porn the iHttrrr of Sfircrh, hme mm, if taint irunltt theif relate nf neglect ami tlrttructifin, from the irant of a decent exterior trltlrh it Jnt shitliuctmisht hnre !' and thn hare ternrcd fnr them the in tittiary uj the rie und gvod, betides jrccrtiig then Jor the benefit nf future generation. O. S. ADKINS, HAVIN purchased Stock mid new tods, inchi diiu: a Srmuor. Rt'Mu Maciunk, mul tilted ur tin a room in the Tree 1're-s lluildin-' will lie happy tu wnit iijM,n ibnse wbn vvisli tor uny vvntk in bis Inie. I'.irtieiilnr iillenlinii will lie eiven til Unlilii, and I AliinnlneinrniL' H ank ItisiLs. Mnsie. 1'ernsbe.its. iind Ilnnks of everv descrinlion. , lmnd in n in-nt mid durable innnner. I A share ul jmLilic loiruiue is resK-cttully Hillelli-d. IVc. U. 1817. 21 EJ UKSKItVl) C1TH0X. Currants and Jul- 1. lent NK-nn (.midles lor Kile by a. c. srn.ii. riMIIXK nf this tchen you smoke Tohttccot A (ini'll Ciuarsnretold by A. S. MIWKY. December ISI7 r(i(i'S ! A FEN doxen froth rggsjtist re J eeived by A. is. DUWEY.. IKeemti,r31,lSI7. I (J00I) ASSOin'm)XT7Tiiosn 1Iu;k il nnil Ilrnwn (if tlllCOATb. jiwi reeeivnl and fur Kil.-eliesilif.iri-a-liby 1. 1). UIXliY &. CO. lkv. ), HIT, CLEKiK SIIOKS, Am.is, Waoox Homs, O ,vc., lor isile nt IIit.i.imuVn Koi'sniiv rpAULE LEfiS. .10 slts fixe tiuxkd I Table l-ei", fur Kile bv Ik e. Is 17. VUIXSMAII) H IIKOTIIUIS. . U7 E Alii'. NOW lU'.ADV TO SITTLK WITH ALL onr i-nsioiner. i-ui. ihi7. cat i.i x h srr.Mi. . Hook lliiuliii. 'J7J2 Tlie MilwiiU'r Im. received a ilioiee .-! i I',.,,... 1.;, !!,,,. sli.s-l. nn.l will is'rve liis ciMlunierMind tlie ublic,wili tilensure. on liorl nniiee. .Nov. 1S17. SAMCKI. HCXTIXGTOX. WK IWVK OX 1IXI1 GOOD ASSORTMRVT of IIOdTS H SIIOI'.S nn.l ready-rn.de fl-O-TIllMi. wlneli we iro- tnwlltii low lI'T '"" CATI.IX x snui;. , , Jl VSS rill'SKTTS yi'AUTKlILY ir. , C (N)('L"n:i) bv U. W. Knier-sm. Tli.-o.lorp ' l . I Plliot Cnls't. nswsled by seveinl e,;iea.or lo ,.;..,' nn i-n SK' I .Virl'ri'.T.'VVW ll" 1 I i:.!eii n.i.oi.r m ; -" Uj i"''-at lvr price of .'JsnisTec. iv.sl. and SUKvri.. , ;: ,' c. u. v.i. i'"-'" ' Asent Jor r.iirlinstoii and, ieiiii. I YEIv'S Cnrau I'kctohal For thk enre of numb', raids. roiiMinipiion.iind all all. e. ,, Lino's nnd Tliroal Tli'm conitiound i entirely ntsivc ibcniiiicireiol nituLeiy.und larocnui- mendsd liv ptiVKieiana ui ine iuneti ref uccUDiliy. Its , 1'uriMiil i i lull) laid os-n m llie inss-cticn el' tho iiiedieal ptott-ssionind it 1 conridemly belt, veil Out I us coinbinaiion is siu-li ns to kivc iIm- ntinoni rner cvol if ncdiculclle'l Willi tlie 11111 pel lei 1 ty. I v7u.4 1'or talc hy A. 0. SfKAll.

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