10 Kasım 1848 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1

10 Kasım 1848 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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4- ml r Vol. XXII. Whole l'o. lll'l. nVRIsIMUTOlV, FRIDAY BIORJVIIV, KOVEMnER lO, 1818. JVcw Scries, Vol. 3 No, fft JQuaincsiJ (Harb0. HAGAR & AllTHUK, Dealers in Hardware, Drugs, Paints, Oils, Dycffs .VC- v c CORNER OF CHURCH J.Nn CPI.ttOE STRrXT.S CALVIN I). EDWARDS, bookselleu statioxeh, Constantly for sale a general assortment of SCHOOL. CLASSICAL, AM JlIsmJIiLANUOOS HOOKS. The CiiEAr I'i-hlications, Dusk Books, Sta tionery, Mimical Hooks. No. 1 recks' Handing, College. st. R. E WHITCOMB, TEACHER OF DANCING, Minm.i: mr, vt. GOOD MUSIC FURXISIIUD FOR cotillon Parlies, AiV. Srpt. 14,1819. dllltlit w-12tf I. SHERWOOD & CO.'S AUCTION AND COMMISSION STOVE, Wf.st Sipe Scju.viiE. Constantly on hand Cabinet Furniture, Chairs, Look ing C.lasses. tec. J. PKRKIXS, M. D. HunuNGTov, Vt. CONSUMPTION, ASTHMA, AND LIVER COMPLAINT, c a x hi: cu it i: i. n . hatciii:mi:ii's boo t a x i) s ii o i: .s run c , Church-street. New York. Boston, ami I-arwells Lnrlies nnd Gentlemen's Hoots niiil Shops, ori.irri-.l..rri!,iioii and stvle.ciillstalillv on hand. Store tit door ninth of Lnrely't, mid diicctly cripo titcD. Kern's, near Imenrd't Store, Church 1st. M. G. RATHBUN 8l CO. M V ll C ll .1 V 7' T A I LO 11 S , Xo. 2 I'eeU's Hindi, M. G UTiincN .t Co. keep constantly nn hand nn exienive Tun imi u-Jiiiiiriu u .mmii-hh rnj Uescrip lollolwoilllilK . in ..rer,r,;..,,-unl,,,.,m,e-. to -me-ply every utmle in Hie Hue ol Oentleiiicii aim nisiiing i.ooii. M. . RATHBCN. . r 'r,n. J. St. J. H. PECK l c o. WII0LLSU.E I'F.VI.tllS I.N PAIXTS, OILS, (ll.A.SS, XAILS, tlro.l. I'.,,..!.-.. ,,,,,1 I iriii Inoi vippl 1 Brnds, I ore.... n . 1 A n ..c.u. Iron, Steel, Coal, Tar, BMing (.lotus, rlug and Lavendiah lo- ri.orR,n-l rorel,.. ni,,! Western SALT, Awnt, for the sale ot Fairlnnk's Scale. Adun Smiih's Uarr Jlill-Stones, l.ordlard's Maceol.oy and JoiiN-rECK, 1 cTw ..rTubaeeo S anu, Endless w ere the petty atiiiovances in which Juii.N II. Cuewi s lujocio. iMipv-lnv-nKpillier. H it her keenest snlTerinos Cassius I'. 1'eck, On the Siutre, College a C. $. Aril; ill, MOOK lilXl)i:il, l'Al'lUi lll'Li:il, AND BLANK BOOK MAhTIL In tht Fiee Press Building, College Stieet. C. F. STAXIFORI) & o. PEALERS IN" IA.NCY AND STATLE .t-m c.ini'iiTixt:. nusii .lliillinc. Ituu-s, Floor Oil Clidh, It'ino'nip Shades, i'aprr Hang ing, ItiniUhiiX ilas$es,nf all sites. rlowins nine, Light Hint- nnd White (ir.'lnitc WAKf: also, China and (Jlass Ware. GllOCEKlES, I'UKs, liUIFAl.O KoIlES, &.C. Church Stieet. c. w. iiu:w, ) Chair and Caihnt.t MAMTACTfnr-n, Two Doors South County Hoicc, Church Sr., Hcrmsotov, Vt. All kinds of work in the shove line made to order on the shortest notice. J. MITCHELL, Jlf E ll C 11 A X T T A 1 1, O 11 AND Cienernl Ucndy-Miide Clothins Store. Church Street. Uurhngiou, Vt. ci:out;i: im:ti:knox, HEA1.EB l.N tWfESg DRY GOODS, 'CVieAry,i'oiir, Salt, Plaster, Window Sash, Glass, IIEAI1V .VIAIIF. i i.nnun. Together with a large variety of oilier articles. FIRST DOOR SOUTH CF THE COURT HOUSE. " Apotl.ccnries' Hall," GEORGE E. HARRINGTON, iVfiJ'i if tor, WHOtCSAlF. AMI RETAIL DEM.ER IN DRUGS AND MEDICINES, Harrington's Building, Cor. Church !s College-si. PACIFIC HOTEL, Xos. in int A ir,o OUI IvWVK II MTKEET, NEW Y0BK. Honril $1,25 per Oay, $1,00 per week. wlniC A. ri.OWLIt. Strong, Doolilllr. A: Co. rEAI.LS IN ntAVV AMI Slltl.F !TiK-AS3? Cutlery, riaddlery, Me fHSD WARM chanic'sTooh.lloi, n. s " ishingsNiiils.tiisss.Wji,. dow Sash, Iron. Steel, Tin Plate, Sheet Iron, Wire, I'A.V'J'. OIL, FWV, SALT, Pl.ASTEll, Grind Sloii';s, Dry (irneeries, Ac. General A.Jciltaand Coinniissiua Merclmuls, a.TUoMrso.v, 1 F.a,tSideCourlllouseSqaare, W, J., STRONG, i. )i, uoolitti.e.) Church audi olle?e-strt. L a i7g ustus haven, with J.AJIKKT & CO. . Foreign Snd DOIIICMIC Ury UOOUS, IMPORTERS, AND VVIIOI.CSAUE IJl-Al-tn u Xoi. 13 & It I'cnrl Street, vi9m2 1IOSTOX, M. OSTJIEIM, IMPOKTKIl AND WIIOl.ESAI.1. PEAT ER IN WINS A. I Ii HBO H, Clsnrs , for vi a x i' it i: s i: it res, J- Xo. 110 Liberty Stieet, (On the Xnrl't Hiier iu ( llroadu-ay,) New York. July 14,'48.o diiwlyii - nra itiiin riHFS cV Seed it Water ' N ,1Hj IIrivsmaid it llBOTiira. AXfN. H UNT'R. Collens' and llrook's Axe", for sile by Oil IV, 13. ril.lill., I'.l t l. I iiu, Glaziers Slion ! ! I I WOULD respectfully iniorni my friends, nnd the public generally dial I have opened a Shop, near my residence on Pearl Slreet, for Ibe purpose ol J'uriiisl.iiiu. .'iillinit null .lii!-ina WcnileWslIkeH .tManufacturersprices. Ilurlingion, April 20, lsH. '3"" UPSOM SALT! Jn barrels of first (tiuli MA IV ler Pair IW VI i'i'" . " - vir Oft. , '43. Burlington iTvcc press. Published nt Burlington, Vt., lly . V. C. CI.AItKU, Editor and Proprietor. Terms, To Village subscribersvvho receive the paper by me earner s:, Mail subscribers and those who take lint the ii nam ui nnvnnce -.ou OHicc 2,00' II paid in tulvnnee, . 1,50 Vdevrtisements Inserted on the customary terms. thi: farmlu's nojin. BV It. D. WHITE. Oli t if there be one spot on earth, Where cloudless blis ami joy have birth ; Where bliehling sorrows seldom come, And envy's hitler tongue i dumb That spot of peace nnd quiet mirth Is found beside the Farmer's health. Thrice sacred spot 1 where friendship's light In nnny a lovely eje is bright Where hearts ami hand, to kindness given, Prepare an amepat for Hcicn, And consecrate nn humble " cot " With all that kings in vain hae sought. Windham, (Me ) 1318. Olire Jlianeh. i n c i ii i: x t s A DAY'S KXCL'ICSIOX. AX FAGLISII SKLTCII. IX One day last summer I took my place in a Gravcend steamer, and found considerable a- inurement in watching the various characters. e. Tw0 persons in particular attracted my notice ; ono was a middle aged gentlcinni, stout, rather , surly, taciturn, who paid nn attention to any liv-, inrr being on board, except a hugh New found- land dogi that was pinting or lolling out his tongue, roamed among the pissengers. shoving tliein out ol his way. oMiiglileiung cluiuren by "iiuucniy covering ineir iut. wiui one iick oi ,,i - , j.re.i oiiigiii-, uirnnn my uci ims ,imii i i- ,,0. ti;lt lie WHS going 111.111 IIV Hie Vigor VVItlll iwhiel, he stuck on his le r-. w,.ile rolling i pon ins ,cu npouiieuicK. ,. m.-.nrejru nc-c pn.K with a -ly Mi.ile, a id se.uned .u,ctly to , enjoy the terror occasioned by the antics of his liurly liiend. , i 1 he other nerou whom I especially noticed ',, I II I . 11 T V .. w,, very pretty and w ell d es-rd lady. o, ng .. ; , , , . , ., ., ,, who called her 'mamma.' She wa,evide,ly , n.,.PS.e,l nf non-ns. I ed she seemed l ,f, bv ., and ,,rir ;ime was legion. , in this small way were cau-cd bv the unwieldlv , gambols of Lion, the Newfoundland dog; and her incessant and puerile exclamations nl ter ror, indignation and spite ngnin-t the good lu Hired brute, kept up the sly, m ilicious smile up on the lips uf his apparent iinnoliring master. The little gitl, on the contrary, had, to the in- crei'cd al inn of the weak ino'her, in ide friends with the monster: and for a long time amused her-elfby throwing bits of biuscuit for him to catch, which feat, notwithstanding the incor rectness of her aim, he managed to accomplish by making a boisterous plunge to one side or the oilier ; and when nt last she timidly offered him a piece out of her hand, and he acknowl edged the compliment by licking her face and rubbing his side agnin't her till he almo5 pm-h-cd her down, the little creature furly screamed with de'ylit. Her mother screamed too, but in one of the "inall hysterical screams in which she w as fond of indulging, and was f dlowcd by nn outburst of anger at Lion', audacity. ' Good gracious!' she exclaimed, ' if that hor rid creature should be mad, he'll have killed my child! And how dirty he is too! Look nt your police, Adeline ; see what a stale il is in ! I low d ire you play with that animal ?' This transmission from hydrophobia to a soil ed dress was too much for Lion'-, matter, and he burst into a long and loud laugh, ' I wish, sir,' s lid the lady appi-hly, ' that you would call away that nasty dog, in-tcad of set ting him on to every body who is not accustom ed to have such dirty tniiuals about them.' ' . I he gentleman said nothing, but bowed, and .nn uuwi-ii, auu alter saw him en- ( ived the agreeable, peopte who knew walked lorward; and I soon alter saw him en joying a cigar, while Lion pi, in his own rough fashion, to how to read the expression of his hone.t and intelligent physiognomy. L'ttleAdeline, deprived of the attraction which i hid lixed her attention to t lie inside or the boat, boguu to see amusement in watching the foam ing water as it ru-hed from the water wheels, and danced in long lines behind them. She knelt on a shawl which a fellow pi-senger had lent as a cushion for tier little knees, and lean ed rjuietly over the side, watching the roaring water; so her mother was for a linio relieved from the iiui'quilowinged vexations which had hitherto beset her. Wo were within a few miles of Gravescnd The tide was jii.t at the full, and the broad ex panse of the river lay around us in all its mi. jesly; and to thoso who have never beheld the Hud. on or the Mississippi, old Father Thames is majestic ; aye, and if we place in the bilanco tho bi.-toric, political and commercial importance .of the transactions nf which his broad breast is and has been the highway, our ' time-honored ' I river will not lo.o in dignity even when coin , pared with those lliant Hoods of the West. ! Such thoughts as these, however, did not j trouble Adeline's pretty head, which began, 1 I could see, to grow giddy with tho continual j whirl beneath her. A largo seaweed that was ! daOied from the piddle-whcel caught her alien- nun, ii saiiK, men rose, uirneu roiiiiu in a suon eddy, and then darted out in the long wake that uon. ll sank, then rose, turned round in a short ' vvas left behind the steamer. She leaned for ward to watch its progress farther; still her I neck was stretched; she lost her balance, and I toppled over into the roaring Hood, In a mo ment all was confusion on bo.rd. Men were shouting for ropes and boat', to stop the steam j er; cries of 'a child overboard!' 'who can swim?' and a thousand other cries and questionings'; I but above all, were the poor mother s heart rend I ing shrieks, too painfully in eirne-t tinvv ; and sh alune, in the find, in-tinetivo devotion of I ma'ern il love, that even should she reach her 1 chi'il sho should only sink with her, endeavoring lo leap into the water to save her. I .Suddenlv Lion, followed closely by his mis. ler, c nnu leaiing along tho deck, knocking the people lo the rigid and left like ninepins. They sprang into tho boat tint hung at the stern, ev ery ooiiy giving vvay 10 mo iicicruiiucu energy Jul b.ith'iii in ..nd dog. Lou looked anxiou-ly I in his in ister'a face, und uttered a sharp, low j barl . I ' Wait,' said the latter in reply j ' whero vvas j bite seen lat ?' ' ' There, sir,' replied a sailor promptly j 1 thero beside that piece of plank,' 1 How olteii lias she risen I 'Tvv ice.' The gentleman drew a long breath, and said , to di dog in a low inne, ' liKikout !' And Lion did lookout, with wild, Hashing eves, and limbs that trembled with anxiety What a moment that was ! F.very one else was passive ; every other attempt was laid aside, and all stood in mute expectation; those who vveru near enough watching the third rising of the poor clillil, nnd thoso who cnuld not see the water, keeping their ryes fixed on Linn. In mi other instant n cry was raised, as n golden-tressed head was seen to emerge from the water. The noble dog had Been her first, thoticli, and ere the warning cry reached his oars he had dashed frnm the boat with wonderful rapidity and wis swimming toward the little sufferer as fliough he knew that life and death depended on , . 1 , .-" " ' . . ins master watciicu Ins prngrcf s anxlonsiy,.- Ins Lice ns pale as death, mid it was by rigidly compressing them that ho could control the ncr vous quivering of his lips, "lie has her!'' he exclaimed, as Lion rose to the surfaro after a long dive, holding little Adeline bytho Imirof the head in such a manner that her face was out of water. " He has her, and she is saved !" Down went the steps nnd on them stood a couple of ac tive sailors, encouraging the brave dog Ly shouts and gestures, and ready to receive his prerlnis burden when bo should approach them. Slowly ho came on, wistfully eyeing the steps, and now nnd then locking up at hi master, who was lean ing over the side encouraging him with his well know voice. " Here yon arc !" rried the sailors, seizing the little girl. She was hauled from one to another, nnd at last deposited in the arms of an active looking gentleman, whom everyone seemed in stinctively to recognize as a surgeon, and by him carried below. "Sow, come up, that's a brave fellow," said the s-ailnr, retreating to make way for I.ion to cnniu mo steps, nut tlic poor creature whined .Hpnlnia r LremaTned r, ne rcmaincu . , IG flVllI lltlnil ' pilcously; and alter one or two fruitlo: to raise himself out ol the water. quite passive, "Ileln him heln him!" " lie is Pi-l,-,i,cn,l cried his nia.ter, fighting his wav thron-'h the ! r rma, (n n.. tp i .a rA..A r i.; r... n.. i crowd, to go to the rescue of Ins favorite. Dy the time, however, he had reached the top nf the ladder, the sailors had nerceiveil thn eomli. tion of the dog, nnd w ith some difficulty drag- ged him from the water. With their asit mice he craw led feebly up ; nnd languidly licked his masier s lunti, anu strctclieU liunscll on the uitii. 1, w-onl,! l,o dimentl In loll ,i-1,iM, ree.p.l ll.p mo,t atlention-tbe little girl under the hand of the surgeon and all the women who had squeezed themlvcs in the cabin .... lerthe firm conviction , ,lpy apr(1 r,cc(,,,in!,y ,cM or ,hc 110.jlo rr"n1 lUt' kiml 1,111 ""rnt'ons of the ., ,.,.., ,i.,, ,i, ,..,., i i.s, v . ... r.iin, n imnin ui 11 10 ni,6lcr. , lloth of tho invalids were convalescent ; and ''" ,','lVi' 'U' f,.l:,,,''1 '"'ylho earc,es of his friends, when Adeline s l""" ".no "inning up stairs ; J throw- " " . ."mna "". " clasping li.m afiectionately 1.1 her arms laid "er T" t0"U l,CJj a"d "l''.'t' He's a dirty animal, madam," said the gen- tlcmm.u ho could not forget her former slighting remarks. ' He'll make vnur pelise in such a state! Ileside. hp toav he mad !'? ., i. - ..i,i. i meek reproach. They vv r. very fine eyes, and , ,. , ,, . , ,; , ' J.. ' , I fliltllr' llA f nl t it fns Lu fanllll'ii.-. r.iOrtt.A.1 .. up ui-i iiva tiu, an III l-fHM, ui U..,l.. ' i""'" - ' u, yray, pray, give mm to me, she be- ?an- ican find a man who will support thcni geii- "Give Lion to you, he exclaimed in dens- teelly. There you w ill find mothers, who have 1011, left the children at lionio with Uetsey, while " by, what would you do ? I will tell you. thev go to improve their minds at the Mountain l on d p. ! and pamper the poor beat till he was Hoiiso, or tho Springs. eaten up with disease, and as nervous as a lino , If only the rich did this, nil would he well, lady, No, no; you'd better give Adeline tome. They benefit others, and do not injure them Ltnii and 1 could lake better care of her man you sclvcs. In nny situation, idleness is their curse, ean." ! and uneasiness is tho tav thev must nav fur "Perhaps o, sir," .he replied, with that man- t that bad come ever her since the accident, ' but still I could not spare her. bhc 13 my Ollly child and I am a widow." ; "I must go," muttered tho gentleman to himself. Whew! Has not the immortal Meor n-sured ns that one w idow is equal to twenty-five ordinary women? It's not safe uiorrally safe to be in the same boat with her." Ho walked away. I!ut who can wrestle ngainst fate ? When the boat returned to l.on- don ilridge, I saw him carrjing Adeline ashore, and the pretty widow leaning on his arm. They had a long conversation all the way home! And when he had put them into the cab they had an- ,v,,Pn lie nan put iiiem into the cab tlieyiiau an- other chat through the window, termiiiating with a promise to "come f,iry.-' What could this mean? lie looked after the cab till it was out of ,-jirht .. i ,i,ii. .., ., ri,i r i,nr .... n ., served to himself. " What a charming creature fIic is without them !" rrnnklin's Itestli.s I'lnce. " Such was his wr,nh, his loss was such, We cannot love ux, well, or grieve too iiiueh.' In ono corner of the bnrving ground, best known as Christ's Church vard, Philadelphia. rero'ctbe remains of the philosopher rranU'im. On entering the yard from Arch street, attention will unavoidably be directed to his humble tomb by a well-trodden path which leads from the gate to the marble slab which hears the simple liisrriplion.vviiicli win at once strike tho beholder witti wonder, viz: " Llenjiniin and Deborah icy. lining in debt, tliey resolved to tiko tasli Franklin," With wonder, I sav, bjc.iu-o wc iomblo bo irders from ll'iston, during tho sum- are uccu-tnmod to see the stones covering the ieuemeiits of great men inscribed with eulogi- inns; but the one we aro now iieiioming lias nothing but the words above quoted, and the year in which ll was placed theie. And lids is the grave of a mm who might once have been seen, a runaway uov, ui tlio -treels of Phil.uleliihia. seeknif einolovment as a printer ; and again, as editor mil proprietor of tho L I Slates Gazette, long so ablv con- dueled by Mr. C landler. Once trviig expert- incuts w ith a simple paper kite, again, aston - ishingthe world with the discoveries made through its iiistruineutalily. Once in Lnglimd as a deceived journeyman printer; again as Minuter from nn Ini!t'titinlitit lt.niilil ie. ( )neo in his workshnn. as a Lhoriinnnocbinie. -aeain in the halls of Legislation, advocating tho cause of freedom, and urging an oppressed people lo rise and drive the llnli.h Li in from our forests, Yes he was one of thoso who si-ned away their for tint slock, which turned out unlucky, you the growth of the plant, the tree, the unfolding lives, futilities and honori, if necessary, fr the know.' 'Oh, that can ho done next summer ; 11 Ihiwer; just as fixed and detenniiiito tire welfare of their fellow citizens, lint all this wo can always get bo irders enough, and thos'o the laws which govern the growth of mind, in could not save him Trum the hand of death. tint will pi'y handsomely. Give the man n dividual or collective. Society can in one Though the Philo-opher and tho Statesman mortgage of tho house, to keep him quiet till fceiiso be sud to lnvo nn existence apart from must lie us low as the less favored, vet tho cir- next siiinnior.' ' Hut wlnt w ill vou do with tho ,h" individuals that compose it nt a given time, ciimstances connected with tho lives of those children?' 'Sally is a very smart girl ; I am I hey arc but the timbers th it coiiijhmu the edi vvtiosc motto vvas " nonsibi sedvalia." possess sure she will take ns good care of them ns if I '. ''"' thus i-irs, not the ithn'.r. They charm, which nil can appreciate and all love to were nt home.' I '"'' ' ch mwi, while the w hole continues, cherish. We lead his mime on the marble To make n long storv short, the farmer ami , ''t tho whole depends for Us vitality on tho slab pondir over his virtues, an I mourn his his wife concluded to' go to tluehec, just to P?rt 1 "ley tiro dleased the w hole w ill bo ntt ii f r ..fur frit'iiil. W'h tl. ll nl Hmniiii hiu mIiiiu- ilmi- lei.) r, rl.rht iii tint themselves lo in. diseased also. ho li is not observed what a grave, and think how many have gazed with convenience, it they nlcaseu. Iliey went; l""S i"."-"'"!" i"" iioin.ui i.u in poiiiiuig nignvvay siirvejnrs severally orqereu reverence upon that stone, and our ejes be. spent nil their money ; ind n wntch stolen from eoiiiiiiunity ,- And what Ins undo him the to 3d reading ; agaiii-l hill relating to fences ad como li.vd upon it as though it pos.eoed an in tho steamboat; wero dreadfully se.i-sick oil' source nl so much miseliud r What but his joining highways, and it was dimi-ed 1 J3 lo endearing charm. Wo look birk on his life Point Judith; came homo tired und ilu-tv ; ' " unregulated desires, his own ungoveriied I 7 p. lly Judiciary committee, bill in addition to and deed., and when we remember that a 11 Hum found the babe sick, because Sally stood nt tlio passions? He did not govern thorn when they chip. IS It S relating lo school liniisp, (einpow. wept when Franklin died, we cannot retrain door with it, 0110 chilly, damp morning, while wore weak, nnd now they gnvnrn him. Wlnt ering di.tncls to take lands for school iones.) fr 1111 dropping a tear over his l.isl abode. s,ho wns feeding the chickens; nnd the eldest if a community bo made up ol such men j supported by Messrs Whitteniore and Caipenter No lowering monument rears its head above girl screaming und screeching at the thoughts ' Hut wo must pass to the consideration of "f N. and laid on the table. Ijy committee ot the clouds whore ihe first beams ol thu ri.ing of going to bed, becau-e Silly, in order to consequences, more immediately hearing upon f'ims, hill for tho relief of Clurlo. Story, and sun will TIIU Ills name; uui uiai name is in- scribed In characters not easily to be erased, on every libert)-loving heart, anil so long as Phi- losophy continues to be 11 science, beiievoletiro a virtue, and liberty Ilia watch-woid of tlio American neoule. will his meinory be cherished, and his name be honored. Ihptitt Hc. AUTUMN. Sweet Sabbath of the year, While evening lights decay, Thy parting sups meihiiiks 1 hear Kteal from the world away. Amid thy silent bowers, 'Tis snd. but sweet to dwell, Where lulling leaves and drooping flowers Around me breathe farewell. Along thy sunset kirs, Their glories melt in shade j And, like the Ihings we fondly prite, Seem lovelier as they fade. A deep and crimson slrrak Thy dying leaves disclose; And on consumption's waning cheek 'Mid ruin blooms the rose. Thy scene each vision brings, Of beauty in decay : Of fair and i-arly faded things, Too exquisite to stay. OTjoys that come no mere, Of (lowers whoe- hlonr.i is fled; Of larewells wept upon the shore Ol friends estranged or dead. Of all that now may seem, To memori'a learlul eye ; The vanished beauty of a dream O'er which wc gaze and sijjh. TRAVELING AND I't'ULlC AMUSEMENTS. There is ono kind ot extravagance rapidly try, which, nuts etlects increasing in this country ?" r l1" 1111,1 "r ""-' jf ,,IC w"Ist K,mU."' f-Mravaganco : I mean tho rage for travelling, and for public n scmeiits. J he good old homo habits of our ancestors are litfi.i Imii imi . . ll II ll lin ti oil il imp I isfllll fllvil 1,,.,-.1,;,. ,,;, ,vill l, ....11 ;r iin,. n,l our freedom do not follow them ! It is ea.,v to i t. i. .. . . i ii laugh nt such prognostics, and wo nru well aware that the virtue wo preach is considered ntmri 1,.,,!pIp hut 1oi m,v roiWtiiur muwl inipiiro how decay has begun' in all republics, and then let them calmly ask themselves whether wo arc in no d.mirpr. thus rapidly from the siinpl CUT torelutticrs. v...:,..... .1 1 ... :...,.:., governments do not chan.-ro iirfrfnih the cati,es which bring iil.out the final blow, are scarcely perceptible in the beginning ; but they iMflJ n JnhvTSi nnd ; f. rcH h-irder nnd hauler upon tho energies nnd vir- . , 1 , ., , . , mi.,, ni a OUOIMU aill I 1U UIU SIC11S OI1IV IirG al;lrmin;;U. hurried nnd irreo.ilar. A rennblie wiuiout industry, economy, and

integrity, is Sainson shorn of his lock . l.tviirimiu ni.d idle republic! Look at ., , 1 .... 1110 pi.rasc; j no words were never made to be nnrned together ; i-vurv uuuy tees 11 ivijuiu ou ileum 10 one oi illl'OI. And nre not ice hecomingl uxuriom and idle? Look at our steamboats, nnd stages, nnd tav cms! There you will find mechanics, who luve left debts and employment to take care of themselves, while they go to tike a peep at the .'great canal, or the opera-dancers. J Here von , .- . " ,, . .. ., . " a", r neir wtiges- worth of travelling; why should they look out f a . . ataa " a . a "'" i '.'ere are ..ospiu.s enougi, .1(1 linivliln l.if t mm ill onil'iiod nn, hj lor gn marrying, thev have no idea of that, till thev allluence; but their restlessness U as great n ' benefit to the community ns the motions of! Prince Estorh uv. when nt pi-pi-i- slnn thp liPrla drop from his co'it. People of moderate fortune have just ns good a right to travel ns the wealthy ; hut is it not unwise? Do they not injure' themselves nnd their families? Vou sav travelling is cheap. So is staying at home. 'Hesidcs, do you count all tho cost.,? The money vou pav for stages and steam- l)()lLs ;s ti,0 smallest of the items. There are clothes bought which would not otherwise bo bought; thoe clothes are worn out nnd defaced twenty times ns quick as thev would have been nt )10,;,P. children are perhap's left with domcs- t home; children are perhaps ties, nr stran"ers; their heal y the least," under vcrv mi, V(mr uhtancc is waste'd in altli nnil morals, to uncertain iiillueneo ; 111 your absence by those who have no self-intere.-t to prompt them to carefulness ; you form an neipiaintniico with a multitude of people, who will be sure to take your house in their w ay, w hen they travnl next yeir; and finally, you" become fo" accustomed to excitement, that homo nppenrs insipid, nnd it requires no small pfiiirt to roturn to tho quiet routine ol your duties. And wlnt do you get in return for nil this? Komu pleasant scenes, which will soon seem to v. like a dream ; . Funic nleas int faces, which vou w ill never see ' again; iiipl much of crowd, and toil, and dust, und bustle, ' I once know n family which formed a strik- ing illustration of my remarks. The mm was n farmer, nnd his wife was an active, capable woman, with moro ol munition Him sound jiol- iner season. These boarders, nt the time of their arrival, were projecting a jaunt to the riprings; nun tney tulKeil ot j.auo vionrgo crys- tals, and Canadian music, nnd L'ngli.h olllcers, and 'dark blue Ontario,' with its beautiful little brood of lahiltls, ns Wordsworth would call tlicni; nnu now one lauy was uresse,i superbly at Saratoga : nnd how another vv as scnnd.ilii.hl for always hippening to drop her fan ill the vi- cinitv of tho wealthiest beaux. All this lired the quiet imagination of the good farmer's wife ; , and no sooner lad the boirdurs departed to en- joy themselves ill spite of heat, nnd ilu-t, and Vever-and-ague, than sho stated her determiiii- tion to follow- them. 'Why hive wo not ns mind a ri.rht to travel as thev have ? ' 6 lid sho : 'thev lnvo mid us money enough to o-o to Niagara with; nnd it really is n sliamo for J.eo - pie to live and dio so ignorant of their own country.' ' Hut then w e want the money to pay onng ner unner ner ni.inon.y, inn 10111 ner a frightful 'raw-head-niid-bloody-bonos' story ; thu horso had broken into the garden, and undo wretched work with tho vegetables; und filly pounds of butter 1ml become lit for the grease- pot, because tlio hoops of the firkin had sprung, and Sally hid so much to do, that she never thought of going to sco whether the butter was covered with brine. After six or eight weeks, the children were nrnttv well restored to orderly habits : nnd the i wife, being really a notable and prudent wo- itnnn. resolved to make tin for her lost butter nnd vegetables by doing without help through the winter. When summer otimc, they should have boarders, she said ; nnd sure enough, they had hoarders in plenty, hut not profitable ones, There were forty cousins, nt whose houses they had stopped ; and twenty people who had nccn very polite to uiein on urn way; npu u being such a pleasant season, nnd trantlmtr so INn one should nim nt a lower standing; it iniy ehenp, every ono of these people felt they had he higher than he can reach, but it will be right to take a journey ; nnd they could not good for him to be found labqring in that di hcli passing n day or two with their friends at rcction. ihn firm. (Inn nllnr nnrtther camo. till tha far-1 The man who 1ms no Rolf roi.trnl. lies at the mcr coiiiu near it no longer. i ion you wnai, niviuy oi m, own waywnni inoiinaiinns, oi ins wife,' said ho, ' 1 am going to jail n-s fast as man own craving appetites, nnd his own pitiful pas can go. If there is no other way of putting n sinus ; on the other hand, the man who does stop to this, I'll hell ever bed in" the house, ex-! exercise self control, finds 1,'h own exceeding mcr could hear it no longer. 'I tell you what, cept the one we sleep on. great row ant m Ins own mind, ana m mo ro- And sure onougli, he actually did this; and gard of t lib community, when the forty-limt cousin came down on Hut this power of self control, so importnnt friendly vi.-it, on account of what her other in nil its hearings upon. our character nnd hap coiisiin had told her about the cheapness of pincss, is to bo gained in early life by specific travelling, she was told they should bo very acts of self government. 1 Ivory net of obedi happy to sleep on the floor, for the sake of nn- cnec the child may render is an net of self gov- coiiinioduting her, for a night or two; but the truth was, they had but on This honest couple are now llieir debts, and laying by 0i,j jj,, racctiou-1y tells how lio went to j.,,w york )o jiayo jU 'i, Rloiell( m, , l,nU blacked liko a lookiii" glii.s.s i and she nn important work. Let time cherl-h this habit, ,.h0s her Lake (ieor-e diamond ring, nnd tells nnd he will becomo a man of self control. Who ), ,llc s,nilli,o;,t ,la"3 ,-,., ,ird, and how afraid has not s.een the full grown man, nfter indulg- sj10 wng ,jU uoiit,r ,uil,u hurst, and nlvvavs ing in sonio fit of pas-ion by which ho feels - r ..s. lrtl 1 1 jt .t. ii 1 . .as "IU. . , in", 'After all, it was a toil ol Mrs, Chilli. i- .-. Fiom the Vt Stale Agiieuliuri-t PKACTICAI. EDUCATION. ... .i. !.-. , . e.i . ... i inger, in, departing ; " " ' ''" "u. ' ! r" " Prah m " ""U'V city and yolZtiluthc mi-taken for lawlessness nnd license; indeed, those who w , l ,w i p li-'ivt i 1 1 i P , Z o ,,lh ns o Jo . .. i ,l , ; J n, ' 11 nioIvToidvMhe'l ,m,l llior,. i il,n ,.,i',.i f,r,l every man can use nil his powers of body nnd mind in obedience to his scno of dutv. " We .- .nnn em, ,p nil 1,1, t.,,,1,- n,l lifilP tin IKrfit In ,tn iinm,. A ...n.i l.tc il.p ,,,..;, :,, ... tl . ,z ,, . ' J . . . '. steal fie can steal, lmt he has no riL'ht to steal. , . ,, ,: ...... ., .. .. i A man his no right to take the life of another. The united vo'ceof his own moral feeling and ,nnn feeling of all men and of all tunes says to him, in the form nf law, "if thou steal, ion , sua t ie punished; it l,o,i t ikest away the lite ot thy brother man. tlinie own shall bo i. . . i. i,- , , . .- , ,- requirtd i.sapen-iltv. It n habit of obedience in accordance with tins-idea of right an, free, ' .'V' )y"U:u'1' t T I .1 !,"',0rSt" ?, ' 10 necessity ol written law: but there would bo nniif. ,lu li..u Inn- C.r .ill , -.miI.1 ..l.r... .. 1'itv . . 1 . : . .1 111 1 , 1... , . . . .. , ., . . iiiuiw v...i. 1 mi., iii'jiu inijii-itiiii u 111 111 (.tiiiiu i.u - ' .,."" T . . " '' ' ,',, ? - . .. ... , 1 i- , without n sense ol constraint. 'I ho obedient nl,;-.... .1 ' I .- .1 1 C .1 , 1 c.ti.e.i never thinks of the law- of the land ns Zwu-'?,T 1',' nr,,0n- ,lllo'"r"m- nnni " " K ",' lhlW0 i1'""1'1 T, ntr,'01ne' d'7 ho eye of tho parent, 1.1,; if i ,aW,V ,,'7"oral Ilft'' n"'1 ' the school-roon, must ever hold nn inmortnnt place. II neglected there, nil ell'orts elsewhere will be of littleuvail. si. cn nowhere else but f "" " ", .1 cn,."ta"t "'""S'T ',?,' f ht tu bcur ul'" tl'u character ol the at home are so mai.v- ,i,d , r,,.ii i.lP,,PPa nrouglil to bear uiion tins cha child. 'I'mtiaiirnaainn ,,C. ...:,,l..l .. .... 11.. nieces with disobedience to pirents or teach- or.. All just laws, all just requirements, ns they spring from a common ground, so they nru indissoliibly connected. The child tint (lis- obeys with impunity the requirements of the parent or teacher, is' preparing to ilNobcy the laws f the land, and the laws of his Maker. How many ruined mei, hive traced back their course to some first act of disobedience, left uncorrected, unrepented, till it his affected Uio ' whole character, and evil his become their, chosen way. The regulations of the household or school-! room should bo ripM regulations, not merely arbitrary, dictated bv the ciprice of the mo- ment, nor as regarding children as creatures of intellect only, but possessing intellect and fool-, ing; sfich n slnll co:u iin.l tho:iiselvin tu tin good sense of all, and enforced from a sense of!,, J .: " : ' ' : y. lutv to nil. I nnnrehend thero is far les d infer of Inc. ..I. . l ..( i...: ....I in; i.. ilium i;ui;iliilii-llL .11 III 1,1 until" HJU little. Thero may bo loo minv rules; These should rather be few and comprehensive, Many rules do not make up government. The stern inundates of the Russian Autocrat do not nnkel npatriiegoveriiine.it. In iiccordauco with the principles just ovpressed it is not easv-to liave mucii govcrinnent, loo union clieertul one- dience to right nuthority. Wo ought to be wholly obedient to the hw of dutv, and thel 1 i. i... i '.... i r ! nearer we become so, tho better and Inppior ght to do win, is right, letting the consequences tike c ire of themselves. The ' J ' ' '"" uf ' ' U " "nienduient was then obedient sclu.lar never feels the severity ,fV, l '"""M,,,, "iVM7, . nghtschool regulation.-. He never think of plllVi ?'"' ',C"i t "i"'0" l' Cl"1, tin.,,,, nuv er tikes the trouble to know tl.eni. c.' " " 'f eej "" k,'f w", V,"" u "I" :,",d I'ho re.Milt.s of early formed habits of ohedi- once, or the contrary, lire linuifestod ill the ..ii i:e.. ..c .i... :...i ..:.i. ...i e. iiller life of the individual in two forms, as' bearing upon me community ol vvincli he tonus Irt, und upjii his on ii sell culture. All the '"Ihu'iices tint relate to tho growth of t ho indi- vidua inm.l, or ol society, iniy be divided into two classes according to their prevalent type, good or evil, J ho one is the constructive elc- , "lcllt; hejther tho destructive. Iheystmil together, side by side, the iron be.udn the clay, in all huniin institutions, in nl liiiinin w.irk, he " ho fonintloii ol society, or the culture of tho imlividiiil mind. Tho ono is the element of. 1 hi'1', f-'rowth nnd power; the other of weikne.-s, decay nnd ruin. W o spiuk ot tho lawsol at- traction, ot mo laws ot nature, wtnch govern our practical uie, oeupiy mi.irosung, inmost feirful to every thoughtful mind, tlio results of h.bits of obedience upm our uvvit self culture, Hy right self culture is meant tho giivnriinient ol all those Kin era of body nnd of mind which make up our individual existence, and which are emphatically placed in our owp Wping,' It supposes all these- povvfk brought into 6iib-. jection to the law of duty? it supposes a powcrl of clcvatinrr nun's Rolfiibnvc the world of anno-1 titc nnd nassinn. nnd nf livino- ill nn intellectual nnd moral world ; n power (!' making tho-so va - Hons circumstances nftimn and nlaco. hv which most men are governed, subservient to our own advantage. In this is the ideal of humanity, Thero is no snlilimer spectacle than that of n human spirit, surrounded by voxntions, liap- poititmcnts, nnd temptations, besetting it from within nnd without, calmly threading on its in mo nccomiiiisiiinent ot us uign ursiiny. 'mercy oflm own wayward inclinations, of his eminent. If ho has restrained nn appetite, tears, nnd goes cheerfully to his work or play nt the direction of pjrent or teacher, is doing iniii'-eii oigracnii, sign lor mat eany uiocipnno 1 which would have made such a thing almost impossible, Many a man 111 childhood, exposed to harsh commands and cruel treatment, withi hunger and want staring him in tho face, has 1 grow n nil, even in this stern school, w ith habits of self discipline, which have given a sliming for good to all his subsequent life. Wliilo an- ? " """Vl 'I'1 r"" " '"'"" "mroi, i '''I'''" P" "'He habit of chporful oho- "Slit ..i.thnrMv, depend many of tl.o,e iidluenee, that ennoble J existonc , and in - i--riM.su iiiu ii i ijuiiiss oi uiu iiiuiviuuai, aim lL'n" 10 1110 eiCVailOIl OI SOC1CIV. i,. Montpelicr, 18 IS. Lcisflaliii'e ol' Vermont. 'I've nAV, Oct. 31. Senate. Prayer by the Chaplain. Mr Stewart from the roininiltep nn Hank m id,' a report in fivor of the hill to continue in , f s f , . ,i - i, . i. ..... , .",.!.' i"o ii'iiii-rus in iiiu ii iiiu ii v ii ii-nr, ami on ,ht, fa (,f Ar n.imUt..r of Cut. ami others, m;u(1 ;l PtHt(,mplU f f lct , u.,,icfl u rt,,,' Unit this eMciision was a-keVl to enable tl e Hank ,,.,,, ... ,, ... .... , ,. vv ...in, v.141 11,1. u ut :iu I k ui (lie Wl lua- ,nt,n c, w hen .ues-rs i hup ana . laniuer opno'eii me nir- 11.- ,ei ... .1 ... ii.i-r i'-i"p.iL'e 111 nit- 1.111 oil 1 e groin u l ai 11 ere ,' ,. , 7- , , . ,. 'her passage of the hill on the ground that there .nn iui ii iMiiiuiiLiiiii uu tii'i.iii. .limn, WHICH, II was contended, was rcnuired by statute in this case as well as in that of charter; and recl.arters, and on the ground also, .hut no such extension sim,d ,e granted cither on account of public or private interest, as the law would now enable .,0 mal: colIcc"!' J "cure " it,Li.. i e: in . i i .1 . ., Mo6.lr, A ? I lI KmM '. enntended tint , l"e P"w,c ' " rre"' "? involve. , me ltuto provision fornollce wa. not applicable lo ,,, Ca.e,.nd tll as the directors appeared to ' " l the concern,nn extension oftiuie should be grant ' T Z''n" """V 01 lime should be grant - cJ:"J "! " "' .. , ., , "'!C ,rPJ"lncl1 at S', Hill contending .f?'" , ',nn w" "e0V.ar-v ,n '""'f h.3 ., ' '! , , rC C0,U'Crn cd to i,uruc allJ olj" ,-. ,' n .. . . ,. ' . K.,!"bj!1' nU"l 1 '0 greatest qu?s - "on," l",.If!nJ was wlicllicr the directors had ' U"ft , . 'S0"", moved to lay the bill on the m!; U ttar.M rdfr,e''' . , , . ,J, , ! - defining the duties of J "" Allomics was read twice and referred to "Ti .!.'!. L. . ,- , , , . , , J'l 'T ' S ' fur !"' a"i L7, ' f. T . e I,a,,k ,.com,n the same ""L Zl in UV "' t" "v '' , T Z """" '' "me 10 U "ey,"- L 3 P M., was ,"' '.V ', , n . .,,. , , ., !' ? l?l , i " i- pt,,c . 1 ,0 rx,el"J Jhi1 limits, for a 3d reading, when the same was rc- Ij'ctcd. i no u, u, proviuo orsciiool Mistrirt libraries . , . ,., , .""t.'l'u.l. ," P ' 1 ii,n0"dlnc" P'PI'0' T. ' C""' T l,lenQ'"" r;"spd ' ' " ' " ,, , ', ,YrV-, 1 .e,ss f.'V i, U,ul NV--,,Ur -"PP"""? uviu::; V I !"'" ,'lnu' , 'inX' ,n ' ,1? ' !' i.-,,,,, ,.:.. ' -,,., ci" Mr Redlield also opposed the amendment, In- ...i'i ... ,...i.. . i ' I,"l",uuil "r , e " , ,,. t M W' ' P 1 7.5!: i.r. and f .. ia,,,.' iri.i,.n I!..,i pI,i .VO-.O.J .,!..,,., ,u ll.llllltll.ll -,,(ln,n .mTmviiur n . .,k., i 'i,.i;-i, ,,, , i . . i CirrjL,j lti WheiTti.e question still pending the Senate Adjourned llocsF.. Prayer by Rev. Wm. H. Lord. Tne Speaker ap)inted Mr 11 "ibronk on C immittee on lloads in place of .Mr Carpen ter of Powuil deceased; and Mr Spencer on Committee on Hanks in place of .Mr Flagg ex cused. Mr Whittemore called up the bill tncorporat - inr il,p Wrow.ni V,.ll..i- It ,l,.i-,,l l , ,in,l . n. ordered to a 3J reading, 'fiioin ij-c. referred Of Rufus F French, to committee on F.diiratiuu; remnii. trance of C. S, Perry and others, to .elect committee on pe tition of Selh Smith; of selectmen of Montpe lier, to select committee on division of said town. Mr Wentworth presented the anninl report of the Hellows Falls Saving. 1) ink, and it was re ferred to ciuiiin'tteeon II inks. Ifrporls, Hy committee on Rinds, bills rela ting to bridge from South Hero to Milton, in ad dition to net of I S 17 relating to highways and bridges, and Senate bills relating to repairs of highways and bridges ana the i, miner of up I - .. ! - I . 11 I. 11 ' i""i-iii u i iiauiug. Tho cleclimj of Judges of Supreme Court was. postponed loThur.duy next 3 1, M. 1 I'.LI'.C'I ION OF 17. S, SLN'ATOhJ. T.ie House resumed pon-ideration ill the solution for tha elaetion of U. S. Senator. Mr Nedrnm n)ored to postpone the resolution to e bed in the liousc. ciiecKeu a passion, or complied witlt a uiny i"-' f1) i cnauie uie .,.-iiioin! tm.il- in tuiviii'r ofl' once, he can do it apain. and ho knnwn he can. avail itself of its funds, it oueht to .l.:n.. O.. Tl.nlr Tho rliilit. Itint pnninj Ilia -r,-ir... ,.-tt.n tl lilt 1 IllVV anidicable to all SPCtS. M 1 10 a. M. Thursday next. Mr Whittemore sug, gested an amendment making that lime the ft rind for decline, with a view of adopting tha resolution, nnd Mes-rs Cirpcnter of N. audi ( Dcane of C, seconded this view, and nppwrt4 postponement. Messrs Needham and Bjards, , ley urged that some gentlemen were not pro. pared to act upon the election yet, and that Iha j po'lpmiemciit was not unreasonable. Ayes 97, r.oes 107. So the motion was lost. Mr Hub. bell moved to nmend so as to elect at 3 p. in,, nil- uueriioon. ,nr neainn raiscu a m,cuuu orJer whether any nmcndinent as to time is in order, the resolution having once boen amends ed in that particular. The chair ruled that by strict parliamentary rule the motion would nol bo in order, but that according to the usages of tins House, the motion would be enieriameo, The amendment r,f Mr Hubbcl) was adoptcH, i nnu ir... rp.m 111,4 in ,iflRnn. Mr Carpenter of N. called up tho bill Ineoi. par.itlntj the Vermont Annual Conference of thu Metliadn-l Episcopal Church. This bill KUlliO, irzes the Vermont C-iiilcrenco to receive lund for the support of supcraniiaied ministers, pi to Invest the sarpe to an amount not exreeJing $20,000 in land or otherwise. Messrs WWltei more and C ill.imer opposed lbs bill as an inno. vatiun upon a long esiablished principle of legifj l.itlon in this state, and uri;ed that if any law il t society tr be a csneral ssrs Carrentc of -V, rangborn, Hastings and Needham iui, tained tho hill, regarding the purpose of it a 1 charitable simply and in no degree dangeroui, Amotion fo di-miss was opposed by Mr Ilnh. hell, and withdrawn, and the bill was laid upon, the tsLle. I If, .-J - T..- J J .. 7 Tf l. T 1 .1. Ma ; ii".iuiraiinjri,ni.-.i , proviumg t,,r taxation ol porpeluai ieaes ; ro 10 juuiciary cominmee. viojourucu. 2 o'clock r. M. Senate A resolution received this fore noon fixing mi this afternoon to go into the elec. "on of a .senator of the tinted btates was taken l "1 pied. lt. 7, "V " . '. I.? '"7" "7 was jesumed. ! .AL-ers Kunhall, Ileeman, Walker and Dra, ' rjSTJZir. ..... ..... v ...i .- elude, that nl the introduction of sectarian bKka that the people of every di-trict should be left free to decide this matter that there would ba no legitimate tribunal to decide what wassceta. ri.in, about which there would be constant dii-ltitt-i. .'viessrs Ilimilton of Chi, and Sweat pok in favor ol the amendment which they consi dered of vithl con-eqiience to the successful op .. i , . ...L- .1 .:' eration of the propo.ed law ; when the quetion t lind lnt.i.di.,ei.t rejected J.a. 10 i- .. , - . ' M While then proposed to amend by extend- j ng . benefit, of the money raised for purcha- sing hook, t the supplving seho,.l bo.,ks to tha j,ii,ii ,i, nn, ! ,, h,p ,lireeiin nf th ... , --w. - I teachers, and the amendment was advocated by M ssrs White and Chandler, when ne "riur as. !,.. ii. i,;..r, ,,r- ir s s..n.. ' ' " K" 'w" " ir- r. ,..,Hn. mi...l tl,.i ,no..n,re h. ,.ni riving t " w - v .... . ..... to the House informing that the Senate wer. ready on their part to go into that election, and it was so ordered-and Mr Merrill, clerk of Hie House appeared and made the same an- nouncement on the part of the Hmse, I ELECTION OF U. S. SENATOR. The Senile then proceeded lo ballot with tha following result : Whole number of votes, 2(1 Necessary to a choice. It Of this number Win. Upham received 18 , l.evi II. Has, 5 SfV.ter,nS. 3 Anj Mr, it ,, bci declared elected on the pirt of the Senate, a message to that effect, and that the Senate were now ready to meet tha House to complete the election, was on motion ' of Mr f;ianJer sera t0 the House. . -riw following bills passed the House and pent ,0 tie yc1.lle for cnnCurrence were taken J up, read twice and relerrcd as follows, viz. 'm fr the reief of C urles Storv, lo the com- n,iltec on Flnaru.e . tn prervc ii.h ln Lemon- f-ir, to committee on Agriculture ; relating to applications for altering town or county lines, , Judiciary committee ; relating to publi.hing i'"ntio of marriage, to committee on Finance ; teMs to ,C08 j,,,, artinl, accounl a,,a trustees, to committee on Finance. i A communication from the President of tho Vermont C'ntral Rail Road inviting the mem bers of Imth II mses to ride over the road front I vlir,l,field to Cnnneclient River and h.ek. n, .1111 iniiviM Hi iniuil- Saturday, was pro 1 read. prosented by Mr Kimball and A mes.age beinC received now from the IIoi.se lint that body had on their part elected a Senator nf U. S. the Senate retired to meet !. ' jr o complete th. election. Adjoiirncr. Hol'se. An account ol Charles B. Adams, State (ienlngist, di. illoweil hv the auditor, wai referred lo the committee on C aims. ' Resulutians. lly Mr Hubbell instructinp Ji diciary coinuiillee lo enquire as to the necessity of further previa ons relative to claims of the wile in case nt divorce al.o in reference to rents ; adopted. From the Senate, for joint as-. ' cnibly to elect officers of slate prison, ic; laid on the table. B; Mr Harding, instructing com- niillee on Grand Li-t to enquire as to expediency 1 '!f e"'Pi'H! wild lands from taxation in school districts ; parsed. I'ciitiam referred, Of Samuel Sias and oth er., to committee on Roads; of Silas Hall and , others, to comiuillce on Kdtication; of Russell 'Hide and others, to committee on Roads; of I Pro-per lllarkmin and others, to General com. , inittee ; of liurr Freeman and others, to cemmit. 1,m.. Mititjrt- VllMrw . ,,.' , , ,' , , ' vilmluffn an referred. From the Sen ate, repealing act relating to divorce, and rela. ling to applications for new towns, counties, AVo, both to Judiciary committee ; as to filling va cancies in school district ollicers, tn cnimniltea on relocation; incorporating Danville and Pas siimpsic. Ilailro.d Co., to committee on Roads, lly .Mr. Seymour, 111 alteration of act .elating to roads and bridges; to committee 011 roads. I'nre.twl Hills, To preserve fish in Lemon-fair; relating to piiblt-hiug intention of mat-, ri.ige ; altering chap. 107 R S relating to fees j relating to applications for altering town or county line (notices lo be published;) severally pi-seil. Kvempling homestead fiom attach ment ; laid on the table, on an inliiuition tha I more Uebite is to bo had. I or reiiei ui viiw story ; passed. jiV.ir. 11 C immittee on Grand Li-t, bill, providing for corrections iq l;c grand lit, and it was ordered to a tU read'Pg- The joint assembly for appointing county offi, ecu adjourned to Fl'd-a' 3 !' "V F,LLpriQNOr U, P, SENATOR, Pir-pant to (hp jojnt resolution, li,e !ousa, proceed d on its part to Ibe election of U. 5; Senator for six years from the fourth of Marcl) next, Mr. Catl'in nominated. hc Hoc Um. Uti 11 1st billot. 2d, ad. Whola number. 207 307 31 1 ,eeary to a choice, 1.04,