30 Mart 1855 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3

30 Mart 1855 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

In Montpolicr, last virls, n roupl" wcro limrinl at n liotrl, nliiuu ri'pcct.4f ngcs woro tiliout "0 i niul In lVru, J I. ti til nj; ton County, on tlio Mtli nil, V.yl Il.iiiku, nf.ed.75, nnd widow .itclii'l'ii',ii - it on, nc utiitcd in tlio lionds or miittiiiuuiv. licv. 0. T. l.nnjilcur, ol llordy, lini lien norcly nffllctcil by the loss otall his chil dren, (thtco,) during tlio Inst three weeks, with scnrlot fetcr. His mother nnd himself rUo, Imvo been sick with the otiiio disease, but arc slowly recocting. A man, mt)M)can, in AVef-tmitittcr, la! t week, hitehcJ liis cuen hy mistake to hia own thumb instc.nl of n slump., nnil, doubtless unintentionally, allowed thorn to Jr.iw olTtho thumli, with tlio sinew attached, nbjitt nine inches in length, The I Lt.mr.ua s Uimd. - Tho N. York Jl. raid says, that "the spnsition concerning Mr. I'oole in that melronults, h.is icry sensi bly suhfided silica the arriinl of tho Afiica with the news of tho death ol tho Kuipeiur of Jiussin." SnvnuL months since, the editor of tho California Pioneer Magazine, .Mr. l!wer, wroto a fictitious account of the death ofone "John l Line, "giving a thrilling account of tho various imaginary spiritual and super natural phenomena which attended his de parture from tho scenes of earth. A pura. graph which we find in tho Journal uf Com. mtree, states that Judi;o IMinonds believed tho wholo story, "copied it in his ghost pa. per, and finally to -clap the climax,' wrote to Mr. Kner that ho had had several interviews with tho spirit of Lane." VinLEN thousand dollars was appro priated by tho hist Congress, lor the coinplc tiou of I'ort Morgomcry at House's Point. A liko sum icniains unexpended fi-um a pre viutis appropriation for tho sanio purpose, inuking 30,000 to ho expended there the coming year. Windmill l'oint, exactly on- posite Rouso's Point, in Vermont, is to hac light-house, tor which .fS.OOU was uppro priatcd. In Sr. Auu.vs, a lad only twcltc yearn old is in custody for stealing a couiderablo sum of money, and for other thefts. Several boys and girls of that village, have also been held to answer to tho law for disturbing reli gious worshiji in tho .Methodist Church. A young man mat. Albans was married on Sat urday tho 10th, anil becamo a maniac on the evening of the same day. Bad Him. The people of Palmer, Mass., liato voted to abolish their liquor agency, because, "some of the lkpior would not burn, some would Ircpca, und it was hinted strongly that some would cat holes through a horso blanket and tiiko the hair from the animal." Ar the recent session of the Supremo Court at Woodstock, Judge I'edfield pro nounced the decision of tho Court on a bill of exceptions in two liuuor cases, atrainst .t.,ln, I'. Freeman. The result is that the exeep- j tions arc not sustained th- laic it ti'slainul aud Freeman is fined on 10G counts, $1,3211 ' and costs, with threo months imprisonment j in the county jail, , AuirocERF. is an animal sjap, with a tmo of ammonia or lime. It has the ap pearance of ttearino. Tho bodies of jvrsom who have been drowned, and which remain many months in tho water, often become changed into this substaneo. In bodies bur ritd in wet ground, the s.imj alteration oc curs. Instead of tho usual rapid putrcac- I tion or ilecay of tho body, its soft part" (par ticularly tho fat) are changed into ailipucere; and tho general shape of the body is pre: served, except that it becomes more solid, und therefore smaller. The body recently dhintercd at Middlesex, and described by the r reeman as a "cato of petrifaction," has been examined by l'rjf. Thayer, or Wood stock, and found to be not stone, but this animal soap. The statements that no awl or knifo would penetrate it any moro than mar bit, and that it weighed over 500 pounds, must bo exaggerations or mistakes, w e think. Xew l'ublieutioub. Frank Leslie's Xew York Journal for April, is already received. It gives moro Teading matter for the money than any mag.i line wo know of, and surely no one can com plain of a lack of variety in its contents. They compriso Kiddles and Romances ; Puns and " Popular Science ;" receipts for Lemo nade and "Liies of tho Queens of England ;" Crochet patterns and tho " Causes of Earth quakes" and enough else besides ; with some twenty illustrations. It is very neatly printed and sold at $2 a year, or cents a number, cheap, cheap. Published by Frank Ltalio, John Street, New York. News of the Week BIT TELEGRAPH TO THE FREE PRESS. Boston, March 22, The Coat Tit Explosion Horrible Detail Further accounts from Chesterfield, Va., stuto that by tho late coal-pit explosion at that place, 31 persons, 23 ncgroos and 0 whites, were killed. The cxplo-ion caused tho earth to rock for miles around- (Jier 100 white miners were fortunately out of tho pitai me nine, J.icry ctlort was miidoto re. move those that were alive Dead men were ' found with tho tiesli charred holding sholv. Ih, I pikes and drills, in their hands. The tlesh on those still alive U burnt to the bono us if it had been roasted. The pits are 77II feet j A severe snow storm is prevailing at Nor folk to-day. The snow is already piv inches dci-p. Boston, March 3. Strike in .Mniicln slrr. The 6trike of tlio operatives at Manchester still continues. It is estimated that tho strikors now amount to 3000 or 1000. Yes terday they had a monster procession headed by a cavalcade, band of musio and liro companies in uniform Tho Agents of tho companies refuse to give in,sa;ing that man ufacturing is not profitable at the present tiioo, JInss. Ten Hour J.iivc. The Massachusetts House passed n ten hour law to-day by a large majority Lieut. J J. Hartstein of the Navy, lately command irg tho California Mail Steamer Illinois has boen appointed to tho command of the new Arctic Expedition in search of Dr. Kane. ItiLTiuoiiE, March 22. Moro deaths havo occurred from tho C-jal pit explosion nuking 39 in all Jv'eiv l?mr?bire The majority fur Mete ill', for (.04eri.nr of Xw Jlainrs! ire, U 1.0C0 .Vow Voik New. ev Voir, March S H jj stated that tho recruiting oftje oix-n- I in this City for tho III itish anny, is doing auaetivo business, atal that fiom 'fO to 90 rr.cn, mostly Am deans, have already Uc-n s'ini to Halifax. Kitsane, tho Limii.nati forger, was thU rooming scntenci.il to boi,,iprisonc1 two years and a half in Sinr, .Sing Prison ( now Morm at The South, CoLuxnii, S. C , March 53. We hdds heavy snow storm hero lat night, inflictiog it is feared groat injuiy upon the crop. Bjstov, Match 24. I'rom t nlifnriil.i. steamship (Jen. Law with lalifoinia datia to March 1st, and 5.317,000 in gold reached New Yoik at 12 to day Tho financial eiicis is over thcro ells, Fargo 1 Ca , hud re sumed payment, and Pago, Bacon .fc Co., would in n few days, Adams k Co., had tiled n petition for insolvency. They showussots overclaims to amount to $100,000. The fiiliiro of Bohinsoii it Co., is u bad ono Va pious rains h id fallen, much to tlio gratifica tion of tho miners nnd agriculturists who would bo largely benefited. Messrs. Head A. Co., ofSacramento had applied for tho bene fit of tho insolvent net. Col. Fremont is among the passengers by t'ic teo. Law. Know ill Ohio, Liquor Legislation, Ci.r.vrt.ANn. March 21. Thcro is 3 inches of snow on tho ground nnd it is still falling and drifting badly. Tho weather is extremely cold. The prupectsof navigation are gloomy. The bill introduced into the Legislature for u prohibitory Liquor Law submits the matter to a vole of the people ut tho general election In 1855. Boston, 2oth,P. M. Aiill-Know-NnllniiK Operations. The citizens of Portland of all parties have united in nominating James C. McCobb for Mayor in opposition to -Veal Dow who is the Ivnow-Nothlng candidate, A dispatch from Washington says that the straight out Whigs oT Virginia had a meet ing a day or two sineo to org auizo against the Know-Nothings. Important from llurnpr, ARRIVAL of the ATLANTIC heath or mi; cz.vn coxfiumed. Nr.w YoltK. March 27th. Steamer Atlantic has arrived with bene gular dates. The death of thu Emperor of I!usla is fully confirmed. Tlio Emperor Alexander 2nd, has succeeded peaceably to the Russian throne, lie has is sued a manifesto stating that he will adhere to the policy of Ids father, Nicholas Con stantino and other bvotheis and officers havo taken oaths of their allegiance. Alexander has confirmed Oortehakofl' ns diplomatist witn the previous instructions to negotiate. Tho lii St preliminary conference has been held at Vicuna. Nicholas had recalled Mensohikofl'aiid ap pointed Gortehakotl" to the chief command. Ostensacken to be second in command and General Luders to tho command in Bessarabia, Alexander had appointed General Rudiucr Minister of War. Tlio Allies have ordered their Generals to press forward the war. There had been moro fighting in tho Crimea. The French stormed a redout, skillfully erected by the Russians during the night, and several hundred were killed. A strong ruinur prevailed that tho grand iluk", Michael, bad been wounded, and died at Sebastopol. A largo force of Russians threatened Bala klava. The blockade of the Danuho nao oeen raised. Bruiissa had been destroyed by an earth quake, with most of its inhabitants. A small disagreement had arisen between Napoleon and England. The former said the two armies should not act together if Roe buck's Committee proceeded. Lord Clarendon went by express to Boulogne, and made mat ters straight. Meantime the Commit tee pru ceds, but it is thought that Parliament will be dissolved. There arc berious difficulties in Ticcno and Switzerland. Tho Belgian crisis continues. 'I he King of Deuinark is dead. MiiiKKrs: Cotton active; best closed with lameness. Sales of tho week 7000 bales, at Is t'i.1 advance. Bread.-tuU's dull, Wheat 2d lower. Flour Is lower; Corn Is lower. Telegraphic Report ol t'ne Cam briilKc Cattle Market. Ucpoitid or tin WuUy Vrce I'm J Wednesday, -March 2Sth. At Markut 770 cattle, about GOO beeves and 170 Stores consisting ol Working Oxen, Cowii, and Calves, learlings, two and threo years old Market Beef Extra per cwt. 5J. Pint quality, 9, Second do ;;6i aJ. Third do $71. Ordinary 04. Hides per cwt $5J a 0. Tallow SlaOJ. Pelts; 51.00 1,25. Calfskins 10 to 11 cents per lb. Barrelling Cattle, $7i to 8J per hundred. Veal Calves 4 a 5, 0 a 7. 340 at market. Working Oxen No rales. Cows and Calves, 25. Yearlings, 12 a 13 to 15. Two years old, 25, 32 to 41. Three years old, 41, 2, 5, 9 to 5S Sheep and Lambs, 2432 at market. Extra, 01, 7, 8, 0 to 12. By lot, 3, , j, 4, J, to 51. Swine, none. Remarks Weather very cold, which keeps tho market firm. Tho supply of stock is ex cellent, and enough for tho week. Many of the oxon are premium cattle of 4.000 lbs. to the pair. Two pair by I). Waite, fatted by M. Stebbinof Deerfield, Mass., were taken. Win, N. Martin, of Brighton, took about 50 head of tho best oxen at market, ono pair of which, by Mr. Bardwell, wcro 4,900 in weight. Messrs. Batcholdcr, Gilman, of .Meredith, Hastings, of St. Johnsbury, Vt., and C. Smith, uf Montpelier, Vt., nil had somo largo fat oxen. 1 IS cars came over tho Fitchburg Railroad and 53 over the B. & L. Railroad, loaded with sheep, sw ine, horses, cattlo and fowls. Next week's market will be held on Tues day, and that of Brighton on Wednesday Thursday being tho annual Fast in tbisStato Diet). In Ihls Village, 5atlirday morning, March 2ith, of Croup, FRANK 31., youngrst mn if lr. A. P. UAHUKlt, aged 1 year and t months. In Vrrgcnnei, Marcb ;rth, 1IEXI1Y P., son nf II. II. Hostkick, of this Village, agid 21 yrari an 1 7 months. At Wlnooski, March litli.C. YV, Arstis, sen of Il'nry Austin, aged n years. Al Wlnooski, .March U'tli, riumtj Wwi,ht, agod about 16 years. At Vi'iaooskl.Maich St!', .Mr. A i rx amies At its aged sO yean. At Woodbury X.J. on Tuesday morning last, the 13th inst. at tho resldcuce of Araoa Campbell, Esq. hir fdther-la-Uw, Mrs. LY1UA V wifo rf Mr. Joiit !, Caufdcil, and daughter of Mr. Oideon Dickluson.of West Lebanon, N, II., In tho 33d year of her ago, of consumption. Jho deceased was brought to thl place from her residence In llurlingtou Vt.,afer neeks ago, iu the. hope that uudcr our milder climate the rapid progre.aof her disease might bo rotaided and her health measurably restored. Mo bore the fatigue I tho journey roiuarLably well, arid tho nextday afe-r hfr anival hero termed lo tflvo aequited rem wudstrenjth and vigor ; but it watonly to sink in .ro mindly and certainly, In a little less than fi urwotka her disease had ran itseourseand sho dio 1 without a struggle. Though dying far from her ratiTo heroo she was among friends, bo4 wira a3,ciion, and ttndtr sympathies wero tbo more elicited by the peculiar features of her cato ; aid all t'ut unremitting attention could do, wis dt a to iilleviato Lt riudorlna and give her tomfort ar.ri oonc-tdjiion upon her dying bei. la all the relations cf lifo Mis. Cjtnpbell won tho aff -ctiuin and esticra of her fi lends by toe amiability ol ter (Imposition, ttcnni'e 'I Kuipsr, and vlitu'us dajortracit. Her faith wu find upon tbo rock Cbrlrt Jcus, with an assuitd hopo of redemption tbr.iigli bis unmcrittd glare aud mercy. Ine evi tencss of a rfecdy dlrsolution wcro welcomei br her, for she raid sue waj rit ahald to die .bo waiendyto depait that she might beilh the ra lour. "O 1 fur the dealh of those, U hu slumber in the Ird ' O be, llto theirs, my at rcprsr. Like thiirs my lait ieard "' Ard so she sweetly passed aray ; leaving a hus barij. a "hild, and a largo air le t frtvudsto mourn thrir bi reari-nii'iit, bin tu nj iuo In herhoiepf gl.. y An Infant of file mouths preceded the mother a few djys to tbo grave, dying also t( consumption, at llurlingtou, Vt. ItVW.wry CVruWdnv BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, co.ii.iir.itci a i,. ' ntilw-t-nt. "( IMvUK I OR vv Oll) t ra.ts.. ii U I tW C.ICri'Utll. .M S.PHocrnr, ) IIOSTOX. M. F. Wood Commission .'Mrrrliniits lor tho sale of WOOL AND COUXTHY PRODUCE Hostox, March 2t, 1835. ASHE'S rots, per lOOIbs 6 t1 C 23 7 30 28 2 VI ill 13 rcaria API'Mli Dried, per lb. DEE.SWAX Yellow, UUTTEH Very cholcei per lb. Tall New York and Vermont Dairy Common Dairy, Western and Canadlnn, CllCCill Prime, per lb. Common and Fair, EOtlS Per doscn, A a 211 A 2 A 25 a 21 A !0 A 12.1 101 a 11 IS FLOUK Gcnesco, fancy, per Id. do oxtrn do common brands Ohio, common do fancy do extra Michigan, common do fancy Cannda, common A fancy 10 00 a 10 23 11 60 a 12 02 n jo a a 1,2 0 60 a 9 00 10 00 A 10 23 1002 a II 0 0 SO a 0 02 10 00 10 25 9 60 a 10 25 Kyo J-lour G50a 3 iJHAI.N' Corn, .Vorthern,pr bushel 1 03 A Southern, yellow 1 00 a 1 05 0J 01 1 00 2 00 1 40 cs 2 50 1 15 23 Southern, vvlilto 92 a Western .Mixed 08 a Wheat, Western 1 87 a Hyc, per 50 lbs. a Oats, Xorthcrn, G7 a Whlto Ileans,pcrbu.,0llb5. 1 75 a Peas, Canada 1 to a HOPS Pcrib., 1st sort, 1851 23 a PROVISIONS llcef, Western Mess, Ettra, 1 ni"!. 10 50 a 17 00 Western good 13 50 a 1G 00 Western Common 14 00 a 15 00 Eastern .Mess 13 00 a 15 00 Pork, extra clear 1 mos. IS 73 a 10 00 Clear 100 a 18 SO Moss, best lG50al7 00 Mess, othor brands 1G 00 a 16 50 Piiiuo 1 1 50 n 15 00 Lnrd, keg, per lb. Ill 12 Lard, bbl., per lb 10 a 10 j Hams, Doston smoked 10 a 101 Western do 10 A 101 Dressed Hugs 7j a 81 POTATOES per bu. 80 a 90 POULTRY per lb. a 12l SEEDS Clover, Northern, per lb lla 15 Western and Southern 101a 12 Timothy per bu. 3 25 a 3 50 Red Top, bag 3 73 a I 00 Flaxseed A 1 87 STARCH Potntoe, per lb, quiet. GJ a Gl WOOL Domestic Saxony Fleeces, Cm. 4a a 48 Full blood Merino 10 a 43 I do do AG a 30 1 do do 32 a 35 Western mixed 25 a 30 Pulled Extra 30 a 43 Do Superfino 33 a 3ij Do Xn, 1 25 A 30 Wool Skins SO a 1 00 Tho President hns issued a ProclAluatlon, put. ting into eTeet tho Reciprocity Treaty, which ad mlts tbo products of Canada and tho Eastern Prov in. ces freo of duty. ASHES The luatket is heavy And prices favor buyers. J1UTTKR lllirli prices still rulo for all grades j tho demand Is mostly for tho 6rf, which is very scarce, with snles at 27 a 2Se, In lots, and 50 a 25c for Western and Canadian. CHEESE Xo stock in market 1 prices range from 11 a 13c, as to quality, FLOUR The Hour market is firm but tho trado are purchasing very sparingly. Tho sales have been at 9 30 tor common brands Western ; fancy branch nt$10 a 111 23 ; and extras 10 73 a 11 50 per bbl. Gcncseo extra ranges from 1 1 30 a 12G2lperbbl, as to brand. Canada Flour is steady at $10 a 10 25 for fancy brands, and 10 50 all 60 for extras. ORA1X The arrivals of Corn naVb'beon mod erate and prices aro firm. SalcsofSouthernyollow at $1 a 1 03, and white at 92 n 94c per bu. Oats have further advanced. Sales of Northern and Westorn at G7 a GHc, and prices still tending up ward. In Rye thcro havo brer, farther small snles at 1 40 per ba. Wt.llo Deans nro selling at 1 75 a 2 SO per bu, as to quality. Canada Poas arc dull at 1 10 a t 45 per bu, HOPS Prices continue quite nominal, no sales of any importance having been made for somo time past. PROVISION'S Thcro is a steady demand for Pork from tho trade and prices have advanced. Sales of prime al 14 50 at $15 t mess atSlGa $17; and clear and extra clear at $18 a $19 per bbl, cash and 4 mos. Reef is in fair demand and good West ern mess is selling nt 15 60 a $16, and extra mess at 1G 50 n $17 per bbl, 4 mos. Lard is firm. Dressed Hogs aro scarce and selling t 74 a bjc including Western nnd flesh retailing lots 1'01'ATUES Tho sales havo been at 75 a 0c for common Whites, 85 a 92c for Peach DIows, 1 15 a 1 25 for Chenangces, nnd 1 23 a 1 60 per bu for Carters. SEEDS In Grass Seeds thcro is no cliango in prices, with moderate sales of tho different kinds. WOOL Ihero has been a very fair demand for Ccccc and pulled, und alc5 ul prices In thu iaugc of quoted rotes. The receipts fall short of tho do. mantl, buyers ore not ulsioseu 10 pay any nilvanco fin lute prices. YOrNf: MllXS nilllATINC SOCII1TV. llr.r. 1IKXKV WAKD HKKC'IlLIi, Of ilrooblyn, TTLL Lecture boforo this SocietyonTUESDAY L k.n i.Mt, .vi'llll, an, nt U10 TOWN HALL, HOOKS open atf-i 1. M. Lecture willcorumcnce at 7, precisely. TIUKIH'ti 25 cents, to be had at NICHOLS' and at rULI.Utt.S Uook-torcs, and at tho floor. Maich 29. JCiwl SImTi N G T It A D K 1- 0 K " 1 VV5 ! James Gr. Hovoy & Co. Importer and Wholesale Dealers in EUROPEAN FANCY GOODS, uownoi.v W.OCK, 27 Milk Street, HOSTON. Just rcceired per Iat r-tfnmcrs, I sTrise I'm..) nf Liwn, Spanish, Wood Fticlc, Mourninjr, Uridal, Silvered, Sandal Wood, Iiono .Stick and Extension Fans ; coin pricing a selected acsortrncnt from all of the .Manufacturers of Pans. 0 " I'mich Itubbrr Hull, of -Plain and Vch fct, i ariuus fixes, ;i Ilnir Ilrt.-lic, of Knslijh, Trench and Herman Manufacture. :t Tooth ItniM.rs of Knglifli and Krench new patterns. t Twine II act, whlto and colored. ' " .'crnum i'hecUed I.eulher llac, in Xesta of various patterns. 1 ' Leather Ketlcules, of Krench aud (ienuan. 1 Jet Hrucelctf Genuine article. 3 Ilnelivli Sriior Hogcrs, Luz Cou klus and ltadger's. AIo nn hnnd, a gencrnt assortment of Comics and Stapix (loons particularly adapted to the Spring and Summer fales. Order per mail promptly at tended to, and samples sent if rcrueitod. March U", 39wC 'Comic, but not Ow Serious, but not Heavy I" NEW DIALOGUES, roil llEAUIN'n AND SPEAKINfl "The Hundred Dialogues," liv wiM.i.Y.ii it. roivi.i:, CiOXTAINrionebunlredaQd ten pieces now pub. ' Ilshed for the first time. Among them are those that are long, short, witty, wise, comic, seri ous, and all having a high moral tone, happily mingling Instruction and wholesoiuo auiutcmcut. All agreo in pronouncing It tho best Hook of the kind eicr published, Price l,ni) by mall, pre paid. SCHOOL .VELOtlli:?. The best recommended, most extensively tied,and popular Juvenile Sing, ing Hook ever issued. Mure than ftrty thiitiantl copies Lave been sold $2.00 ptr dct'en. Published and for salo by MOKltIS COTTO.V, 1 J'J Washington Street, Jioston, March ii. w33wj Harvey Talcott's Estate. STATU Ol- VERMONT, To the Hon. the Pro. District cf Chittenden, ss. S Ldto Court for the District of Chitlenden. To all persons concerned In the e.tatoof Haivey Talontl, late of IiicKmond, In said District, deceased, UntcTINl. 1V1IEIIEAS, A. II. Murray, Administrator of tho estate of ra til deceased proposo to render an aa cnunt of their administration, and present his ac count again.t ssid e.tato for examination and al lowance at a session of the Court of Probate, to be holden at tho Probato ofltco, on tho 14th day of April not. Therelore, you are hereby notified to appear be fore salt court at tho time and place aforesaid, and shew cans-, if a-iy you have, why the account afore, .aid should not he allowed. Ulven under uiy hand at Duillocton this Hd day of March, A. V. 1S55. ' V 11 FRENCH, Judge. w.13 i V.Wzi. White's 'Estate. STATE Or VERMONT. ) Tho Hon. the Probate Distri t of Chltteulen.ss. Court for the Dis. trlct of Chittenden To all persons concerned in the estate of F.li'i 1 hitr, late of Williiton, insuid Dis trict, deceased. iIhchlno . 1U1EKAS, A. 1". Smton. Adininlitrator of the 1 I eiUto cf said d 'ei ased, proposes t lmdtr an ae i count o Ms a Julnislratlon, and present his account ' against n 1 t.t.it for examination and allowanes, I anlprajin- al.o fran c-xtensitn of the titno limi I telfortlio pijiucntnf ihodbli of aild dccea.et), ! one year fn-m the 2 1 Hi day it Apiil, A. I)., 1351 j and .aid Couit hating asilgn'd the "Ih Hay of I ,-vprn, a. u., ni), ai mo rruDate umco in iiurllng tun, for In arhg In the premises, and ordered that all prfcn, Intrrestcd be uotiflcd thereof, by pub. llihing sail order three weeks lucctssiiel) In the llirlmjlin I'm Prm, a newt-paper pilntrd at said Hiirllngt wi, previous to said daysit for hearing. There ore. you aro lieieby notiticd tn annenr h- fore said Conn at Ihu time and place aforesald.and showcaue, if any yni hate, why lha account afore- said should not bo allowed, and the time limited for the payui 3 4 ol laid debts extended (liven iimler my hand at Burlington this 21th day of March, A, D. Its, 5. , 3'Jrl W. II. FRENCH, JuJgo. T tiikmkhop HON. W. II. SEWARD, i t.t USfccchus, Oration, and Waitings. In one I JxVolunio, with ti Portrait, .tint Published. , prCe ono dollar. Mil. rJcwjitn's biography l celled by that of no living cotouipornry H Interest and Imporlunee. Ills prlnolples nnd sentiments nro ' ""i--niij. ni;i in. iuo oirjc.. bodied In this volume Scleral of liin hest jpciehcs lire given entire, 1'niverpnl IMuciUun, Trecdum nnd internal Iinprotcmento, nro the prominent topici of this book, as thy aro nf the present age. In their discussion, cicry true frleml of Hepublic.ui Intltutlin9 la now tnoro than ever Interested, To ill cl.isses of poupJct old and young, therefore. thl book Is presented nn a Manual of pnt.Uc.il I'hiK oiophy. Since theUcws and principles embodying Trccdom and Iinpruvoment In this country hwo come lo bo generally known as Sofardlmt every Intelligent porsmt, on elthor side, lequltei tobc ful ly " pofled up In tho matteri .I.S. UodficM, w39i.1, Xos. U0A 112 Xnsiau Street. SPRING GOODS Just Received nt Lyman's. NllW SPUING STV'Lll UK LAINHS AND I'lM.NTS IIOIVC: CHIIAI AT Till! CORNER STORE. .Mdrcli 27, 1955. d.Utf Union Nurseries. JTlOn SALL' this SprlnR, as usual, nt this well I known citabllshmcnt, n tcryoitcnshe anlcx. ccllcnt stock of riuirr Axn onxA.nnNTAi, Tunr.s, SI1RU1JS AND PLANTS, of ercrydescrlptlon, including all tho choice varie ties of tho Apple, Fear, Flum, Cheiry, Grape, Cur rant (Jootcbcrry, Hn.s,herry,Slrnwbcrry, .tc. Orniliiiriitiil Trrc. 1 lowering Shrubs, Iinrily Roses, lJahtias, Phloxes, IVonlcs, Miscellatcous Hordcr I'luntt, Ac. Also, Iiuckthorn l'Untl for Hedges t Cuttings of (lrnpes,llooscberricsRnd Cur rants i Scions of Fruit Tlcos ; I'luntt of lthubaib, Asparagus, Ac, Ac, Ac ;iTAII grown here, un der tho immediate supervision of the unlerslgned, and wnrranted ritti: lo namu. ALL OIIDKIIS inetutlng pnyntnt, carefully and promptly executed, l'Oll l'HICCS, Ac, sec tho (lenornl Catalogue of theso Nurseries for tho Spring of Ifejl, with a Sup plement for tho Autumn of that ycur which will govern the sales this Spring. CATALOGUES forwarded to all who apply, on receipt of one postage-stamp. AlJl'REss., J. EATTI1V, Agent. Fmov Ncr.erie;, Kecsovllle, .V, Y. March 28, 1955. dAwlw NOTICE. ri.HK SUDSCIUUEll is desirous of establishing j A a trarclting Agency in every two Counties or i ruoro tnrougtiout tho 4ew hngianil and .Middlo States. Each agent Is retained at $10 per month and expenses paid, or if preferable, admitted to a share In tho aggrcgato proceeds of his agency, Nono but thorough business men need apply, and who havo a pecuniary responsibility of at least SKID. Those wishing such an agency can ba conferred witli at the Exchange Hotel, llurlingtou. Vt , on the 3d aud lib of April ncxtj also at .Moiilpellci, Cottrill'a Hotel, on the 10th, and at St. Johnsbury House, St. Johnsbury, on the 12th, of April. j T. J. PAGE, Proprietor. , Rutland, Vt.,12th.March, 1955. d.lntoupt j Treasury U. V. M. riHIE Office of tho Treasurer of tho U.N'IVEIISITV I J OF VEHMOXT is removed to tho rooms former. I ly occupied by tho 'Burlington Lyrtnm" for their Library and Heading llooms, over (1. W. Allen's ' .vpotnecary store, o.i tho orn -r ol Church ami Col- lege rilrerl" .March 2C, lh3 j. AT REDUCED PRICES f.r.i AVrXll purchasedatallnKAT Hnni-CTloN molt I XI. Cost, the entire stock of Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, ur HIGBEE & WEBB, I Am preparc-l to cite lueh lUnr. as wcie neor before ottered In Hiirllngton. I have vn.igcil tho cn ices of .Mr. F. I. IIihukk, who will he happv to vr.iit upon all who m iy dciirc goo-Is at birgain. C. W. HHOW.VLLT.. .March I't,. dOAwt Removal. F. PAVKV'S 0!tce Is removed to tho romoa over (i.W. Ai.i.ts .iothccarv tore. corner C. fo Church and Cidlcgo litreeti. March 2C, 1S55. d.lwlw or about tho 10th of April, the store In tho II.'lLDINII.Oollesio-ilrfit, fr. u..l,r a..t,lo.l .y V.. .. J I lll.f.It, Will ll,Cni,l as n.-HOi: STOIIH, nltli an entire .Vew Stuck of EOOl'.-, SHOES. ia-IIIIEUs .iti'l LEATHER, ..feu ry lariety, prico an-1 style. Ilellevin th.it Jlurllngton nee, Is such an e-tah- i, . 7' , V , , 1 " l rol,tu,or ,0 I m-- . j,.... ,uirai quire. All goos will be puichasod with cash, anl tills with a practical know le'lgc of the bui'mo.-", will ghc tho Subscriber nh'ant.it.s uusurpa-stil. Custom work will bo dono In the l.itcstf I lc, an, by tho bctt of workmen, "The terms will be positively CArll on ile al cry JAMES II. PLATT, .Tu. d.lwtf March 21, 1S33. Farm for Sale. laiHE-LEAVENWOKIH FARM," situated tno -1. miles North of the Village of llurlingtou, and containing about 1T-1 Acres, 8.) of which is Wood Land. Said firm will be hold entire, or in parcels to suit purchasers, on favorable teims. Eniuirc of .1. II. WHEELER, Et , Town Clerk's Otflce, Ilurlingtun, or of the Subscriber at llines burgh. F. WILI.so.V. March 27,1655. dAwlw Dissolution. r 111 K FIRM of lUOHEE .t WEUR is this day -i- by mutual consent dlssoiied, llai ing sold our stock of goods, we wish all tho.c owing us to call immediately at the ol 1 stand and settle. CHARLES P. HlfiREE, inirsii M. WEIIII. March !3, 1x15. djivl For the Ladies, ktampk i:.Mi!itoii)i:itii:s. JUST rccciicd a new lot of Stamped Collars, Under sleeves, Rands, and HM'k'fs ; also, euamcl cloth and working cotton, ut LYMAN'S, March VI, 155. wtf New Tin Shop. ROY ELINN having opened a shopon tho West slJo of tho American HoUl for tho manufac ture of Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron work, Invites bis old friends and customers to give him a call, jy All kinds of Job work, Roofing, Ac, dono in the best manner. Burlington, March 23, 1855, iKwSnms D ALLEY'? PAIN EXTRACTOR aul llu.iun Sihc, for Ruins, External Intlimmatiur.s, Sores, Piles, Ac. The genuine articles for sale l,y Hie Agent. TIIEO, A. PECK. March Vi',. Hwtf KENNEDY'S-!! EPICAL DISCOVERY." Tlifs ponular roinedv for Hilin irs.Salt Rhcillti. P.licu- matitm, Ac, is for s ilo hy the Wholesale Agi nl. 'I IIEO. A. PECK. March Ji;. dtutl Grass Heed. PRIME lot of liras Seed fir ,ule r.l liio Aj x ricultural store, chuich strict, by J s. PIERCE. Match ii, tl.twtf PAPER HANGXNCJS . G, W.BAKTBi&CO,, I.IIPtHtTIJItS t)F ' FRENCH PAPERS, J.JAVKNOWONIIAVD, AND ARE IlI'.CEIV. 0,00 I'R'cvh, OII.T Ai n VEL LT, VELVET.CILTam rvl.'H..-, Willi Iloideri In I' iitcli . 30,030 Pieces Fine Satins, Landscape and Par. lor Tapirs. SOU Fire-Board Prints, beautiful dulses. 50,000 Pieces American satins, ftoni II cents upward V.5,000 Pieces Auction Lot, which will be sold at ruimu, nil. 100,000 Pioccs Cheap Papers, from fi cents up. ward. 1,000 Pieces Paper Viniow Shade, all styles, together with a largo assottmrnt ot Paimed Ctont tillAl'CS, ut holesale and Retail, by o. w. Baxter a co. Burlington, March 15, 115. dAww House and Lot for Bale. 'B1IIE Brick House, with ooa a:r of Ian 1 and X good Orchard cf grafted trull, bolongiogto the Sabsciibar, in Biptist Corners, East Charlotte, Is for sale at a low rate, anl on rcasoniblo tetmi i f pajmcnt sixteen cords r.l firewood will ba sell with tho i'ij-1, Agool plioo for a pliTsb'ivi er mhanic. SAJll'EL I'OUEI.L. March S3. ilia w I- 1MSTED! PaJron, Muitaid .ej, Rye smut ' " or Ergot, Heibs and Bcar-grrusc, (Hut aro ""O, u7 THEo. A. PECK. March 13. d.lwtf Nfilino. I IIE1IEI1Y give nnti.-e fc,t nuv0 .irtnun 1 IkAAi' Habkis, JrhistiuiedurliiMhe renn of his uilnoiity.and that from this dao shall i remain ler this tl.it I .hullclaint none ol bis earnings, nor pay any debts or Ills con ,rac""?t liAACIIARRI!" rvnl-siiAitiiH. ii ",u"" Iluutlnjton, March JC, 1855 w36wj FRIDAY MORNING. MARCH 30, 185.5. FRUIT TREES. TO 4 t;i:.VI:llAI, Ai,rtmer rtment of Fuiir Tufcs, A 1 ciiniisting . f Apple, Pear, Uhcrry, Plmit, vo., w ill l,o Kopl oou"latitly on haivl liy Mm Mil), scrllicr, nt lil toio on Chiireh Mtrccl, nfter t lio lOlli of Ajirll noxt, through tho season for sotting. They ,fll bo fiuiit one of tlio best nuisiilos In tlio counlry. Persons ubnut plnnl'ing Applo Orctinnls, will be fiirnlshod vtllli tri os of tarr slse, and tlio most popular vnrlcltcs in cultliatlon, ilarly ordiis nro aoliclteil, . . j. s l'inum:. liurllngloii, Mniili 111, 19",j. itlwtf New oora. T ii.vvi: itiicmvi:.')-

2 dot. OalianUcd or gilt Hunting bevcrsi 2 dot. " Ver,o Wntchcs; 1 Hoj. llpen la'o gilt Watehos; 1 2 do?, Outd Wulolio", various sls?9) 1 1 do. Siher ll intitu Wnlnhesi , which with others on haul nukes tho hrgest nnd I mott vnilcd as3ortint?nt ever on linn 1 i amongst tho variety canbo foun How priced nndhlgh priced, ! amongst them are several of very (Inn finish nnd ' very accurate, tlmo koepcrr la silver and in 13 carat I gold c.ics. Also, a new lotnf Retlelli-. sllcered 1'an.. Tn.lla I Itubber Comb, long tooth shell FI lo Combs, and tv leryfino assortment of new ntnl 11 lob Jewelry j SnulT iloxes, Clgnr Cies, und Fancy (Inod-generally i Itcvolvers, nnd douldo and single barrel Pistols, oil sold cheap ut tho Old tan I, Church St, .1. 11. HIII.VS.MAIII, Lite llrlnsmald, llro. .t Co. STOLEN, Trom myeo'iiilor, li,t 'liiurslay, ono dojen Shell Eldo Combs, with long teeth. A reward for thief and Combs will b" given. J. lb II, Spring Xtyclj ,J iI5M'EIM, S'Uf(V,irr fi . If Itiniitn, nttt r,or .Lyouu'l, i;oi,m:oi: stkeet, "ITrOULU lti;spi:cUfM,Y INTOUM THE t Cltltcns nf Uurllngtnn and vicinity, that ho has received n largo supply of rnshlonablc Hnts and Caps for men ai.,1 boyssuitable for tho present Spring Trade. A g 1 ns.orlmcnt of Trunks, Valises, Ilonuet Cases, Traveling Hags, School Satchels, Ulnbrelhs, Canes, Jic, Mitten, Hoys' Holts, Ac. Tho.o uishln ' nnv of tho nbovo tialucd goods, will pleti"e call und examine. iTT Hats nnd Caps undo to order. Repairing I done with neatness nnd dhj-ntch. i WILLIAM C. IlltliW will remain as formerly, j FURS ! ! FURS ! ! ! rl'ST Ilccctved.il freli lot of Li lies' and Ocnts iiti:s rnts, I selected frouilargo stocks In ew York 00,111091011,' 1 I'orsnlont J, EII.M0XIIS, College Street. I .March 17, 1S33. diwtf & CAPS SPRING (1855) STYLES! VrK aro propirod to 5how our Sl'UI.VH .STVI.KS for the pre-icut "iiiri, which wu run afcly s.i y canimi I uf i. i-.- ii,. t-u.-t f it Mi (atii. Jlut it our .-Is 1 'li . tl 1 I til t ploac, wo an prr pnrcil tc nj-'ct ,vnir w Uy in iking to your or-lti , any style whlo'i y'jur fancy may rtin,;ot. I)urin tlio I ite ilcprp---i'in of tminu vro li.ivt been n'lUn tu our lacilltii'i fur .MArTJArT:;jM.c;, which woenn now p.iy, nro not oxcllcd hy any, cither In City or Country, ctrthHng us tu sell a Tirst Unte Attlcli n u litiu i'rlcc I Wo aroalinnst diily rrci'hin direct from tho Manuficturie, I.irgc a l iitions to our preent stock nf Hungarian, Vvrit!-Avakc,Young America a:ul Know-Nothing X.T ft f) rM imi:LL-ACAxi;s All of whluh will ho 5uM at fi low figure. X. ALMI.V A CO. Uurllngton, M.tich, !'.... dAwtf Notice. Porsoii. wisliing to purchase DRY GOODS or CARPETING, will II ii 1 an i'.tei)ie aSfo. Intent at l.'i'i Church ft. soiling at piloc shich in iko it fur their interct to cill l.firo bu'.ii i !-'whtre. V. 1 i s i AMKJUU. Uurlhiton, .Tiin. li.". tf RARE EAIt GAIN at the kl I V K ! n Ti.o reuniiidf v uf mir K 111 now bo stl'f . - . i... it..... 1 .lll, A I 2 ; is i : r o .) i tv.,, ol .-. ,., i,...,le tn, iP pau Tor. iilliln;t imiu i,hi ,iliiiill;-i,,r tliuc in i.int ot such ! to .i.U!e I, r'm)., Our l'ifii'!. .lie c-ivcinllj itivitpil tu cull iu tiiuj !) rtjuio 8111111' of theiii, ..I.' n, Jrtrt'fi-! trj 'rrt,., vj;iv!', !;.!- .',:., i'!.i'!:n'!. Jlerino Wrappers ., i ,l rirnvrs for I. i.llr. an.l 11 lichen, K,ii(i I'..l,n lor IjmIi. p., J .1h"c, 'tn, I Chll.lien, Kr.itte.l I 1 r it --.'Ai t .nnl Oicr sacks, I.e ' ins lor Men ami llovtt. ALSO, 4,t.iir4uT".us, srvwr, umivi:;!, Stockings, -.Ik l'..ktt IM'd-i. ,V (Vint.; l.inen Jo. W.so, AiiolIiurC:irltiiio(i:uiiIt!)I!)i:i:i::s. Cinibru .1 ni Soiie l.attn lUkfs. Mlssr. " llemittitoli do. Al.i'l, A great laiicty of D r c :i s T r i ia m iny a, (Ilrdlcs for Rohci, l)i .ning llowns and Aprons. W.S-iJ, Another Carton of lb'.-apiiior 1'icnch Kid Hlovcs. At'", White in Col'd Maneillos Quilts, for l'rc.ich and -inli- 1!, ,1-ti ad', 1'iihs an I Cradl'.s, Pl.VNKETS all ,ut s Tt-gcther wit.i a :.ii.ai .ni'ty of Wiiuluw .Sli.rli Cin iuin wtioils, and House l'tirni-hing litiotls geiicially. A 1 tt ) , .i c A' .y c; v .' r .v A' . , aii tn, ,. Our Stock nil'inn t rst-n thing UMiallr kept In Dry Hoods Stors", ,n it will bo , IdiervCHE IP for CASH. Wed.. iiotiMI.M.I.ENiii; and DEFY Till' WORLD (u COMPETE with our PRICK-;, but wo DO INVITE ALL to call nnd oj.nntno lor them, selves, and uro willing to abide tho decision of a discriminating Public, to whoia tho ulii e is sub mitted, Very respectfully, X. I'lXIC, Jit. Jan. ir.th, l-i'i. tlAwtf B)' Tetojjrapli inuM lA'.MAN'S STOKK, lU'KLLVGTON ! ARRIVAL OF THE STEAMER.' I TintiK mis iatrh ntDM :;i:w vouk ! I ! J NEWS OF t'Kl'AT IMPORTANCE! ! I ! Rrriprocili Hill Ptt3Mtl .' ! ! ! .' I rilRADE IN Dili HOODS VERY RRISI Jt- leceipti ol Diy (loDds iiuito large. Till' ' Sites ! rpiick, and nt v.'.-v low lijures, In staple gouds z : Shue'ings, .-lifrtings.IJcnii.is.Miipcs, Ac. .con siderable I,. tiuiydisplii',l, at prices inuh lower' than lael spring. , WOOLENs nro he.-.vy a-ld flrm, at prices that at tract cousi Jcrable attontluii. FOREKiN (lO'JDi Caaslmcre,, Shawls, Do Lulnes, Ao., iirv -t.v c. 'i,t, Piic . of all aiticli ., excepting wuit', aoi o i.r.,lu kinds, evhihit greatir regul nily nml fiiiuu,'-.-. 'Tho stylu nro tho best In Miil.-I, i iii-uifctllly liuct with lealv i l salve. EMBROIDERIES. Iu this lino we nolUealargo 1 I and beautiful nssoitmont, and at low prlets. Tho! sly lea aro choloo nml too i;,jo Is uro good. Much at- ltriitiou has been devoted lu thL liuo by the La lies, ' ami moro animation dis layed thnn usual. ; THIIIETS, .11ER1NOS, COIIURdH, AC Large 1 importations of lhct.0 goods this sc.-it.oii, und prices ato from VI lo 3 pu s.t- Km than lastyear. A biautiful itssurtnient of these g' od. aro now leady ( fur exhibitiounud mile. Purchasers are Invited to , giio theui ulool; beloro purchasing ehewhere. IIOsIERY A HLuVEii Asusual.a wellsclccted , i stock of Hoeieiy aud (IKhok nro in the market, but for choice good.,, .) lAnf tirf gvuli, tho CORNER ' SlORE is J'ipplied with nil endless variety, and at lli'lt-M. 3r"All ai viL.it' d t" ell an I oxaminc for thtm. 1 lehca. C'ORN'Eli "fOUE, 111 iwir. Ilwl.l,,!, ) ;--,,.u i,-,l Heal V.-i jlo I'iulc. ' ' IIP. "Cm l'ui,"n rilKd, uh, ut fro railes - south of the village of iluilla ,ion, op tli.Shel. burn r-ad. ool.taLlitig ia uero, ot 1ml. exaollcnt tmlt, ami finely watei,.!. ALSO 55 ucrnof lxri'1 ii"trto it, on tho West silo ' I'fShollurn road, Loin ; tho .Vutli i art t i tho old 1 lloeo Faun i f t'i la' .lu'oph llaiiiugtoti It is I finely siliul, 1. ".. ,m:ibes ldat a Ijw prie.,, lepaiatcly ot t u .u, , a id u ul" nl c. edit given. i D. A s.U ALLEY. 1 Tob. I si' ,. d.'.wi -v 1 r.lEKICATDD INHALATION, DU..I. I t) T Is 1 .)( I! 1 1 ti T 1 N( ; , nf Nutti: imiitun, Ma..., I ND forairlyof tlio Iirnmpton Hospital, City 4. Road, Loudon : f,j i!io euio of tYisnniptiou, ' Bronchitis, anil all t,i.r eh. oii3 aiT.ti'ns of the Throat, I.nn.-;s and al.-pi. sa.cf, b the inhi'itim el medicated vapors, as practiced in tlio said llospi. tl. Tho rente li" e'uplovr,) by Dr. B. aio broujhl 1 iblo linmodiile I'jntact with tho uleoralod surfaces i t f the Lungs and Thr' it, by inlulalUn.iroJaelug i their action at lhs very s-i't of the ili-casi. A sin. ' gle wiok' til.il sviil to .vinfo th, pnulil of th0 elfleaejof the life... t, i.ty power of thi.sti. ilncn t Dr. Iluntin ;wi'l l,o a-tuo ncKcin II, it-1, Bur lio ton, on U.. ho.liv, J'hi.sliy.aml 1 riday, the I'i' id I I'd ii, ii.-t . f r e msultatlon with pito i,i ,,t thoebo o I'i c.ses, N iui s jor ,,Uui ttn-ut, whnh aro slien ' fr t , b d t 8 P I Dr P ruiyb i'- i !' I a nil H eases pc eul'ar to Feunb s r , cf charge, at his rooms, Principal OIDcd, Northampton, Mass., where, all Icttt'ra (poslpuld) will bo duly ausw cd Feb btli. dAwtf Dounty Land. 'PI'll iindcrslgtit.l will glvo lliolr particular at. a tontlnu to procuring Lvnl Warrants under tho Dounty Lind Hill recently p,i"r,l by Congress. All tho Volunteers at tho llnttlo of Pittsburgh, or their widows, all widows uf Hevolutionnry Sol diers, nnl all Sol Hers of tho War of 1312, or their widows, whuhvvo not nl ready roeidvd ono hundred and sixty acres, nro entitled to Land Warrants un der this Hill. Full Information on alt Hountv Land or Pension Claims can bo obtained of WES FOX A SHAW. Hiirllngton, Vt., .March 11, 1855, wtf COWS tiu Yoni) 4'aMlis for salo by XATIIANIKL ML'TTON. SiicldCrxi:. March 15, 1955. w3T3 3 room wanted! r."vXPEIIIEN'CE has domonstratol to hundreds, R J yes, thousands, that STANFORD'S is tho piaeo to l'tirclinvp Cnrpctiug, (lll-l'liitli, rnncyiinil Staple Dry Goods, CHEAP ! t am now offering a better opportunity to the Pub liothan evcrbtforc, tosccurc bargains, as room Is wanted for rvr.iv c4os ! I will close out my entire stock bcfoie 1st March next, at ptiecsthat will, peibaps, surprlso tho pur chaser. C. F. frfAJCirOKD. Ilurltngton, February, 1955, dAwtf Now Music. IB EAIt the 111 Hlrd's Song) 1JL I'll Meet Thccln Heaver, t Mary the Milkmaid-, Heinember Me t llcggar Hoy's Appeal; Hovers Adieu j Just received at Hl'ST'S Muslo Stcrc. March C. dtf Picklcn ! ST nill.i. Pickles for -alo at tho AerleultnrotStore, O Church Street, by J, S. PIEUCE. March 23. dAwtf Tl AVfXfl Itetarned to my old stand on Church I Strret, I am now prepared to supply the needy with tho bf-U nf Trni, Cnftt'P., Stiznr, Splrrs, iltnrnrnnl, Tnpioc.s Vcrmlclllti rnrina, Corn Slarrh, Itufinx. Split 1'cn", Canary and llnnp Sent ail Imih of Soap, Markcrct, Salmon, Cad VtA, Lamp Oil, Hurninp Fluid, Cider Vinegar i Pork Lard, Flour by tho barrel or pound, IJuck Wheat and Meal, at ft vorymolcrato advance from cot, and as I mako all my purchases for cash think my prices will ba found atisf.ictorv . I. wAnxnn. Jan. 25th, 18,15. dAwCmos. Another G lorious Victory! I rgMiKSTHcnnu; in KritoiM. is kivi;ting J the attenth n of tho civIlUcd world, and while all aro speculating as to the probable ".ictor, here In uiiin-tru, where we are mutually acquainted, no ouu fur a moment doubts tho result. THJKK will roiHiucr ! j For where elso In tho .State of Vcrmon, can CIoth lug for tho prcEent M'lnter be obLiii ed bu cheap I CLOTHING Fan nn: mu j.jx. j Comfort, Beauty anJ Economy1 ! Combined ' ' Tho Public aro cordially Invited to compare our I I .Stock of (lood, , Keiuly-.lltulc niitl Mnlc to Onlrr, 1 with any, or all, similar stores In Uurlington, either ' j as to iiality, quantity or price. The beet stock of ! OVF.KCOATS, COATS, PANTS .t VliS'iS, ! EXl'KE&SLY FOK THE SY. VSON , AND ALL ; THE ET CETF.KAS of a (1cntlcinanii Wordrube, can bo purchased there J cheaper than atuny other More In the Mate. Ami as fur arlcty, style, and excellence of workman. ehip, ono trial will secure the patronage of the most ' . . PAIIENTs. this is tho piaeo to brine vour sons. Tho slock of goods which we uro waking up into Boys' Youths' Ac Children's WLvrai cumn.vfj, IS IMIF.KII 11 E A L T I r f I. ! Ccuie, rarmcrs, Mcrchints, Tradesinen, come. Mechanics leal e your work ; lJo, lawyer, send that client homo And buy a silt of TL'liK ' Its all as clear as il.iy, you see, That no other rulo mil work, long as peorle havo their wits They'll buy their clothts ofTl'EK ' Wholesale ij- Retail Clothing Emporium .vo Il.VXK HI.U'K. Hl'IM.I.VfJTO.V. .Vol, 17. ddwt II C lt I, I . O T O N CAUPET WAREHOUSE anl cHtit'Kr.nv stoiii:, 150 CHURCH STREET. 1.1 A fresh lot of new and beautiful styles of roui.iri.v and American Carpets!!.1 TURKEY VELVET, TAPESTRY, BRUSSELS, THREE PLY, INORAIN, and Common Wool, Cotton and Wool, and all Cotton, Bocki a g. Crumb cloth, Hugs, Mats, stair Carpets, Ac, ALo, FLOOROILCI.OTIIS, all widths from 1 yd to C j ds Straw Matting, Ac Also Crockery, China & Glass Ware. A largo and cntlro new stock. A LSI), PAPER HANGINGS of every quality. Alltho aboie goods halo been bought at greatly reduced prices, and will bo sold accordingly. NICHOLS & IIOYXTOX. Burlington, Oct. 1S54. dAwtf Kid Gloves. V FRESH LOT ol verynico White and Colored Kid (Hovcs, all sires, for Gentlemen and Ladles, just recoiled at LY'MAN'.S Feb. 17, 1S55. d.lwtf n .V It K 1! A U ti A I X -S ." " IltlO.M WASTUHI" COME A .V J) SEE ! I " DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, Crockery, Paper llnngiiii;?, Looking (.lnsses, t'lirpt'ting nml Oil Clntli-, A T our spacious NEW STORE, 150 Church St., V (ono door North of our old stand,) which aro liuiv otTured tor eaih at prices that are without a Iieeedeut ' hero or el.ewhcre." We shall offerour cntlro stock far 20 days without regard to cost," many things for 50 cents on tho dollar Now Is the time to buy Goods. Money is wanted and goods must bo sacrificed " A penny sated is twopence earned." Recollect the New store, 150 Church St. NICHOLS A BOYNTON. Feb, 11. 1655. diw RANGES A APPLES MO Bbls. choice graft Juitrccolved 35 Boxes of Oianges, by HERRICK A MILES, Dee. 13. diwtf I)K. I.. WILLIAMS' UMVr.RfAL PAIN EXTRACTOR; FOR Till! Cl'RE OF NERVOUS HEADACHE, Chrouio Rheumatism, WELLING and Tain In the Limbs, Side.or Bow. T? els, Cramps, Nervous Headache, Tio Dolorcm, Neuralgia, Sprains, Ijrulses, Flesh Wounds, Spasms, Soro Throat, Bums and Scalds, Lock-Jaw, Croup, 1 bito Swelling, Iljdrophobla, Frosted Fct, Tooth Acho, Bilious Colic, DyipepsU, Poisonous Bites, Fling", Ao., 1c., Ac. This ltEMtur has bcou lold in 16 States, and Id so'se 3,000 Cities and Towns, and has given great satisfaction to all who have u.ui II. It Is guaran t' ed In all Nervous and Chronic complaints, to bo superior to all other preparations extant. Mr. T. W Loveli, of Burlington, Vt., is well acquainted with the "Pitx EsrHaCTOK," hiving both sold and used It. PRICE 25 and 50 cants per bottle. L. WILLIAMS, M. P., Proprietor, .Vrut Yorlt. If" Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by HERRICK A MILES, Wholesale Grocery, Water Street, Burling. ton.Vt.i Now York, ALEXANDER A SLATER, Diuggisti 76 Barclay Street, New Y'ork. Buillag.ton.Oct. 13. 1351. dAwly. Jan 25, 1055, New Goods, I I'.'.T OPENING A NEW AND EXTENSIVE ' laristy of Eir Klngi, Pius, Finjer Rings Pocket Hooks, Brushes, Combs, Britannia Candle sllckf, Te Puts, Oy.tvr Ladles, Plated Spoons, Hunting Watches, Ac, all of which will bo sold as Iot as can be had at any place In town or out of it, at tje ol I stand. Church Street J E. BRINSMAID. Lata HilmruslJ, Brother A Co. Jan. S5th, 1655 dlwtf Dr. Fitch's Remedies. 1 BDOMINAL Supporters, Shoulder Braces, In. haling tubes, and all his celebrated Medi. cinea ; for alo by his Agent, TIIEO. A. l'ECK, Pamphlets relating to thew furnished attheroun. ter March 13, dAwtf Auction ' rwiM at pinii.tc amtiov o-i ' n Hatnnlny, Much 21, nt .ht ih''rdn In i, in Richmond, rt d ntnl . year old HAY IIOM r.f ; tho .Morgan breed. Tin' wld horfn ii wnll broke, kind In every ifpfct, mil is a K"'d trwi-tl r. X. fi. T'JMI.r.N'S tV. Hlchtinnd, Mirch 1S55. w3r.wtn Notice. rtllin COPAUT.VnitlIIl' heretofore oxlttlngln I tho nini nf HOOD A HLWr, U tbll Jay tllu roHol by mutual c union t, nilM.V KOOh, WfUJAM IirN'T. .Icricho, March 5th, lft.lfi. tSRw't l3t. Lawrence Academy, rorsn ur, v. rniin present Term will eloo mi the Htb dny of I .March next. The nest term will commence on lliiirfday, Mahcii 20lh. IlKHitr II. Uivkium, A. 11., l'rlnrlpil,anl Wamio UniniUM, A. It., Attnt Ml Amahiu II. WAnm.,i, a Rrailunte nf the Mnint Ilrdyoko Semi nary, hai clmr-;Q of the Fkai c IlErAnTMET. Tuition iier'Frini of I 1 1Vec!; ! Linjtn", and tho hljhrr branches of Fngtt-h Fdu cation, S nQ niemcntnry IJnpllfh StndlPr', 4 10 Music on tho Piano Forte, Drawln- ftnd Ktlntln, are aIo tntiht In th ehoot, bv other fttil eotnpc ont teacher", for which cjttrnfhnrsr". re tnfld. Tho Tftt'-irRrs are bmnv to Inform tho public that .Messrs. TJuekhim nnd llritfh',T, tjri binte nf th Unlvprslty of Wrmont, Ath't hive not hoen 1 1 tho school moro than half i r"i-, Imvo fully aunMinr-l the hlih reputttlin for teTMn', thy prov'ously enjoyed. The TiituTPr fol anrrd thnt thli Institution afTords ficUitles for noulrln!; it s-irlor Aondpml cal IMuMttoti. Flho e idnmy hulldru(9 aro ample, and commo Hou, with lihiiir.-, itf.n'iiiil(,il nnd Chomlcil Apptiratu, toctlir w'lh a rospeetibli? Cabinet of .MlnernN. Public pitroniffo ii "Mieltnd. Ily order of tho Bnfird of Trttsteef, II WMOSD, Secretary. POTnwr, Feb. 2T, 1fl.'i". Xotr. Tho otlomio voar Ii divll d Into thre termvf f'ftrteen wek eifh. Tlin flrt tTrnfin inencc! nn tho tfoonl Trim 1 v 'l inut, cvi-ry year. At the clue of thn ftrt torm, ! a v-ieiiion of three weok, an-1 at the eb.e of th nmond term, a vactMon nf t-vo wnok. ( I' tltlnn formerly eharged by tho quirter, 11 Tek-). w3j w3 Deafness Cured. IjAD whst Pcirpa" .Vim tie ("Ml hn binc ' The jrreatit cure rvir vrt nerfjrmed bv any me-liclne. It nrer fnil tFrom tho Albanv Ilnity Ini',,',rboilpr, N, V. Wt Tmv, .Tuno 3. ThN 1 to crrtitv that T, Will ir I .lonka, i.r'irtrlo. tor r.f tho U'eit Tmv I.Tfhn'isco lln, havtn?b"en afllicted with d-ifn" In one eir fur the lnt twrntv 3 eari and in the othor fur tho lut venr, o that it was imp'j!hle fr mo 1 1 he ir Cm loud'"t vnic", and after trying v.irmm retnedie wifhiut i'nnr vtnx my lienrin In th l,.t, t wi indui't 1 tn trv i-Trpi'si Compound eoiitc Oil, f ir tho (uro nf Ileafne", nnd ft Ii with tfreit enin iti m I i-u rnnbll tn state that it hn prfetlv ret'ire I mv hearing. anl I will bo hipny to i"3 nv perBni who wilie I n f .r matinn In rclition to iny ci if mv nl io in V"ct Tmv. wTr.r.vun .ir.vic. Kn careful ant purcho of Mr. T. . I'CriC, Tliirllnstnn, A. M A I). WIK, lo Tultnn Mr-ct, New York, a thcro Is a counterfeit articlo in the market. Feb. 20. wtriw" Do Yon liny ISoiits niul slioo for !"nN ! If roil do eill on I T. C. WAMr. ii CO . V.) rs-nil sirri't. i ITho will--11 you HOOI1 ISETMLIVO Doots, Shoes, Rubbers dt Gaiters, 'if all kin'Isanl sires, From the unillpst chil-l's t,i th" Hr-rsi mpn's.hy tho CVRnr DOZEN', nt .Willi l'lUCE-i thin liniflfpn knmrn for ysrs. ,y rtlro !S PE VliL STIIEETa trv, hcf-irf Inlying. lloston, rcb. J, IS)). r3mos. ST.lii'TLKXG. rl'T rillii! " WHAT VERY WotfiAM iTiOU'LO KNOW, How i,fi it han the Will II JTJ fr, i 1 iar to ;t i- id tint pii t-V rooljli.ii a. n-I ' 1. ,.t n , v t, let.1 ih') litipt i'i d oxliioiiiil'ug i,tf,u- , f , ol i-t to the cojojiiit nt ot ln.allh Tin: rii.ooMi.Nu nuiin:, K " t f v i a i s ii p. i i n t h il-i-h -if hr..' f, it d ' . I ra,ph.'iil.!y, U. collie. fetltftt, oirkl .-, tite l w fe, with fi.ime cnurn.i !," i - ItllV I n, ml,: i si 111- pir i u.-pie-s-t'l, cuuiitf-ruiiit-o i pi i ,m f t i.T rirjr, nini un uti-1 p'( -le.u t : i .! j ,- trn o,,, a it ug fiom ij!'i ru'ut i- t ' . . . l 1 ' i-i-l ml' a of htitl'h .id 1.1 , t ...t ni. ii I - ii(! Ftatu, thi- Uuhiii h if u,ii!i ( i ' i lt tUtU.!! ill. I liti-i.i, I 1,.' V , ! ,; nil, J EinT.TAF.Y c3:,:pla:::ts uf:! the "!!.:?::; " l Mo Till. 1 Ul' , AUi I" i K I II Jl. I I . Tini -ir'tllt'S ct'SM MP'rlov, .1'uiH'i I.) 111 !'! IIOMIitl , IVS1M1 , l.H ;, ICtNti'" H !I a, .it utltir nu. I VSIIISI' llltl HU'X, U, 11 DREADFUL INHEHITANCE ' Am' ni nt H..S. ctiotmii" M i-t ti U f I tti( - tin remt.lr? X.. nl if, Su in.:.-: Tlio rfmeily I., knu i tlifni. anil Utiuvt!!) t)i,. rt n lUenii arc Hintf.l out m I e rn if . mi 1 n .! 1 i.i i brfjii'"Ui',f L,, tl..)iu THE MARRIED WOMAN'S I'MVATH Mi:i)!('AI, fOMrAMn.'.', II V I'll. A. II SI.UT'CF.lC. ri.onv, on niHijotw y wtiu.. ( ir Uttm!i,d:)t J.'Jiinn, ( y,(i H)), tmo , ;; ' "I. ti rx ruiR, uruv uri,iu, 1 no A st.ii. !r! u, .k f p., t' -1 , . r. , ,' tii..ti f.,ii, ,1 , 1 use 1 in It-H . ,',, , , i .1 .. t ,t ir, ! ,'. , , , y.,.. I liili.l, l l,itt. .ti. ! o'ttt-r , ii . hu I -f.. I I v u. - n, ,1 ItooWlk-rs m 11,0 I'tiite,) sUiti-i It in l'i..t j.jll In i in 1M7, sin.'0 wlncli t.iac FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND C0FIE3 I, ue tetu sol,, of wh.ch there were ui,art, of 0Xi: IIL'XDItEI) TlltiL'SAXD MX T ItV MAI! , ilU .I n the IiIkH entimatiotj u .rti'cli it i LuM a n Ii i hi- iopuUr Mednjal hook koi; nvnisv ri'.Ai.vi.r. tho author Laving OutoIcJ Lu eiJufiw uUoiit.ou to llm tn"i!ii?i.tufeot.pLi.ntt rnluirto ri-iraW, In i nt t.i whU'U hit ii jeailv cotuulUM iy ttiouMndd both iu 'tuo un 1 ktttr. JIfttj ccry wtvmin can ilicuter, bjr eoiujiariua; har own stjji'toiui n!tb thu JeseribeJ, llm caturo. cluiratVr, caiiDVH t f, nnd Ibv profit renieiie tut, bfr 3cni.talutH. TLm w.Ttj about bofcomini a diu'.'.kt lui uttt,n ccv-l liutructibn bqJ al!eo tf tbo uttutMl Importaaca t 1 t.r ft! ura Loaltl), Iu tevpect to wUcli Iter hqmUtcujm (r bitli contiltiD a tac.lical psnUcman, will Qnd oo1i m otractlun and. ftJviw, aa 1 aUo sUIa tuny nm-, tomi hlch otherwU wouVl occanion nnxfety r tlurui ai ull tlio fcculUritlci incMeot to htr iltUAtUm art (lcc:'be 1 flonr iiinar nro mlTeriog fr(-m obstruct. ou ci 1' ;.r r Itict i-pculiar to the tVuiitle t.ytt?u., mhk-'a uOik-n i Tie liil.h, tl.o ci7?lU cf which tlcy r ijimrjjt, 411 1 f"i nl.ich tbcir tUUcaejr forb44 bftVini uieJtcul iln.v Mjoj- luflf s'nj from ifrUcpntz uUt ( (falha of tbv wotn'. tvr fiuu jluor a$ui (wetkneu, debllit, ic.) Mjd tt lu cuiutiot ajony fur mo montbs i-acm!..!; coiuo tit 1st. Manj Uaro ditScutt If not (Uufaroui t'ul.rn ,., nnl tW utu) uocetUIn rifOTvt.ai. genie hiv i vet a.t hiir M dorfns ach tlmo, uill caob t!uj ia f . fi, lim o.o.i 1. I'reri'otion, amoboratlaa inl tiif. It is f court-e ImpractioabW la com; fu!l 1 , H..lJc4ti trfated of, an they ao of a nati.. i UzZri for tbo uurriej or tboo cDtoniiiU' i io-nui,w Poa4li, ir you a haUanl or a ftttior a H'r4 or a t tiicr lUrii yoa tbotina-it vi-lfu.oof n "; -u nt burtf I'roru joar atocorlty, auj U m t.D-o ia ls.rtilLj nbat muni iststtfero itl th-!. t . ai.l I ? .D. n-t lr tbao your own H mill a-ti 1 .,, ,, 1 it uij-, it Um to tbouuodj, maiy a -'t f j t n ' aiu.ily, (tllo4t4 Vy utoopleM tUhtrf, I'm . ''.tti t'i in ul fir h wrdioary TOCtttloo. anil n' j-. tl.. ra.-jii (i-t iceslktl attantliw, u.dlsln .n i.lvoni-t nnftriinni l.n'h otlmrvlM wcvH fioip.ty f. r (I.nfnj 4. n. tin ) .-'if 11 -f ag' anl th r;i c 1 j.ir cL-1 '.1:1 Im-in j r- s Lt,orfcl ii-Istr. -t i, t uM.,i.i,i. I. it .Atr ri'luir '.I?. - . ir. , 11 tu 1 t. b-iu t(tmiiud. well in W ti 1 ' ..4., tn Ui it An ni tr t ti ta.B. p t a.! jr t . . jtia tutrio'turnti i-f jnyut . 1 I-. t'lL.l ru it I cu Ijut. i t i -A, aul 4thr oAunorj the runi.ic . . uul . tllll p.- a Vi VacMiiF. -,.il t, cut,- lu i'.,e r .. . 1 li.r I . . irr. . r Y . : t.n 0)1, .1 .(Lie a . A St' lit" In Vcimout. f taltti A Plerc, .VsnwIur--Q P Hile, CWn EM Erown, UWw RUld A Ornniss,.Vif ;Wirr CLCata A Co. I'alifji U W LlaLdcll, IVrcrnafs Collins A Porter, Mmtpil.' PM'eleh, )ranti'tV II Wallaoi', Psudsr. L Pratt, Jr., li'.y,t,A S K Collins, .1 ar.'f.'iftw.', U Nioools, lu'dttjun 1'MarryOoll. H'ijf,r Ii O Tyler, .11 ntpll rr 11 M tt, t. .ItVtaa. Jan. 10. wfruin Frriich Ola-iH, Sank anil t'nllv. I.-MlEXni 4, LA - ALWU ON HAND, FOR .' niio by t .5 i; x rt it nail ', .ihape and -iia, an I ,tji' t s t, "if Or I rs ! iiptl t . 1 1 twd rstast tthoIHn: llu lc o S' cet III RVI.4 "tti any ' n'sea, llUCE, Col. i I i.NTTT fH xc.Mip.i v fft t ACOUSTIC 0(1.! &) IIiki vcr x Ma, 3 , ) 1851. J wly NORTHERN RAILROAD, N.Y. it n! ttfilfrstiirt. jkwtw. j w v rr. it a it it a sa i:m u.vt. COMMENTING .I.VNUAUY 11, 1855. I ) --"i:N(li;il Tit VIMS lnvo Itonso's Point . H 10.4.1 A.M., tin nrrltnl of l.-alns from tho llnsUml Xorlli, arrlvlni? nt Oj?'lonsljur(,-,i 4.45 P.M. cuiirn'Ollriit wllli tlin Uylotfn nnl I'rcseott Ilnllwsy for OUnttn. nn, stipes for BrookTlllc, KIn'Ston, IMtvltle, Toronto, Ac, 1,-nio O? lnsliiirsli nt 10.00 A. M nn thcarrlrnl of tho Uvtnvtn .1 Proscott trnln, nrrlrlns; nt Rouse's Point nt 3,41 I'. M., connecting iritli tho Vermont Crntrnl Itnllroml for tho Roolh nml Hnst. nnd Cham lOaln i .et. Lnirrcnco for Montreal nml QueljfC. iii:o. v. iiotlh, sup'i Ornrs N'onTiicns IlAitnoAri, Mnlone, January, lfl5.5. t' Corn Planter. 4 rrr.f. M Anrit in. r shut! lie ready to fornlsli C. II. Ham's Patent Corn Planter, ono of theso lil.or-.avlns mnelilnes which will suit the most par. tle'ilnr. IM operations nro very simple and easy, nnd four nere. of corn em lie plnnted In n day with esse l,v one man. Tor planting small eds of any kind It cmnet lie snrpas..od. Price J3 00. nv ono wintlnc tho nltoro will direct to T.. J. lintt'iloli, Hssex, owner of the right for Chittenden Co. Hisci, I"ct. 10,1315. "3mos 1 tsfrrs xnv vouk TVpr,.Fouxi)nv, s. 3 tMLhod In 1S13. lias now on hand, ready for ! Inif " rWir.rv. lo f"it toiilt purchaser', I ini inn lhs. TinM'S TVPR of new cut, I sn.f.ni rVCV TYPR, jnnni " sfniPT' of various style', b,oio " nr.nMtN'". 1011 " flUN WinVTS In great rarlety, ion r.onnKiis. IO.ne.0 f.rl Tin .A VP TVPn MICTAT, nULR3, and all the roreHs In the hustness, 111 tSo Tnore Tvns nr cist hv sleam plwer. of the new enmn-slHoo of mlil p"nllnr 'o this foun drr. and Wlttnil Ta rr.UT TVf.V PPrPTOTt to nor ever iiso,t V,rforo In any part of the world The iinq'ialll rooldllT In the prnees, of easllnc, ena. Ide. m to sU lhftse more durable tvps at the pri est of o-dlnnrr tvn"S. either on credit or for cash prr..."., H'oed Tvpc, and all other Printing Ma fn'tilt, PTeor Pmer and Cards, fwhleh have no C,0.oi,ilit,' or prim,) furnlsh-d at manufacturers' prler.. The talest oclmn Hook of the foundry Is free. Ivelren to all prlntlne offices, on th. receipt of 60 cuts to p-oniv 'he pestaee, 3TPrlntors of oewspspers who choose to publish ttrs adreetl.emr. Ineltidlne this note, three times boforo the first , tit "f July. 1"51, nnd forward me one or the niners, will he nllowed their bills al the fine of oiirehaslne five time, the nmnnnt of my n,.nf,et.iro.. Address. OEOHOF. PP.rCK. I 11 CrtAvnr.rts-5:T., A'te lor. S'ew.V.irlt, Tcb. 12, 11S, "55"' HUTCHINS 6c SAWYER, I'ommlsi.ion Icrclinnta. AM) WHOLESALE DEALERS IN" Buf.t or. Cheese, Grain, AND AM, KtNTH OF COUNTRr I'RODCCK, No. 78 i)i:v-sTnni:T, New-York. January 1C, 1S15. wjms () (O CQ 2 s! - j 6 irl o -si, a i o o w 6 0 i ""- r. 9f 2 A -3 it it ' 't - 1 it. r ?" . C. S T. 3 - 5 i "5 4 e 5.- 4- a fi HA (J) d 2 y i S n 3 a IS a Cash Music and Piano Store fV HOIl 4CE W ATE!!'. .Vo. Ilroa,lway,.V.w v, ..tk. Opposition to the Combination' MC-Ui AT liKEATLY HEDUCED R 4.TE?. N'ottri' I'tan linj the combination of Music Deal er, to k"cn up the nrlses of non-copyrisht mosio nmri't the i.itcrsti of N'atiro Composers, and their rornsil ti ctcnfl t' Mr. V tTEIt' the courtesies of tho tra-le, I10 is mnkini- immense sales haring ahuii Int evi.leneo that ho has public countcnanco an, I 'iwirt in his opposition to the flreat Monopo Iv, nn 1 in his efTtrts to ni l Satire Talent and adopt the N'tti tnal Currency. Ills stock of American and European Music Is immnso, and the cataloirue of bis own puhliciti'ins is ono of the larj-est and best elee'e 1 in tho I'nlted tats. He has al'o made a Orout P.eduetlon in tho prices of Tianes, Mclodeors, anl Musical Instruments ot all kinds. Superior tone 1 ej Oet.iro PLinos for $17i, $!00, and f 225, interior of as good quality and instruments as stronjr and as durihle as thrso which cost $500. Tianos cf cvryiariety of stylo and prise, up to $1000, com prijinc; thoso of t n dllerent manufactories ; and am,,n them tha celebrated modern Improved HonAcr; W.irrns' Pianos, and the first premium .EotPiv rn3 of T. Ort.nr.nT A Co.s. make (own its of the . I tlean Patent) . Sceond.hand Pianos at creat bar -alns. Prices from Sin m l..n v.lo. deons from fivo difrercnt manufactories. Including the irell.known J. I). A II. W. Sunn's Melodeons, (tuned tho equal temperament.) the best make in tho rnitod States. Prices, $15, $00, $75, $100, flH.SI!.IS5,S15n. Smith's Double Hank Me ludei.ns. $200. Each Piano and Mclodeon suaran. tcod. Tho best terras to tho trade, schools, Ac. 121 per cent, discount to Clergymen and Churches. All orders promptly attendod to. .Muslo sent to all parts of tho country, post paid, at the reduced rates. (leneral nnl Select Catalogues and Schedules of prices of .Musical Instruments forwarded to any ad. dress free of eharsi, I'ob. i. Sm, . M . OSTHEIM, lUrORTER or W I N K S and LIQUORS, S.'t S'iMmt SJi-ecJ, ( Two Joort Jrom Coentiti Slip,) .V E W -YORK. March 1, 1655. tf Valuable Farm for Sale. f1 HIS DESIRAI1LE FARM, containing Tsro J4 Hundred and Klnety Acros, is situated four miles nrth of Vcrgennes, on the old stago road, and ono and a half miles from the Railroad Station. It Is pleasantly situated, and the soil is of excellent tiuility. On the premises is a Commodious Hrick Dwelling. built In a substantial manner and the most approved modern style; together with all the necessary IJAIt.VS AMI t)TIIi:it IH'II.DIXtJS, I l'ur Dairying and other Farming purposes, Alsi I an Orchard of nearly TOO APPLE TREES, I just coming Into bearing, j 4)f tho fhiiiicat Vnrietiei, Altogether, this is the most desirable Farm erer j odered for salo in this region, R01VLA.VD T. R0BI.VS0X i rrrtakt.iU 1 C H 4t . . . FARMS FOR SALE. flt'S 'IMIE SUBSCRIBER HAS TI1UEE FARMS ZJZ. for sale in the town of Milton, within a mile of Chcekerberry Orecn ono containing 3S0 acies, n 150 acres, and tho other 100 acres, all lying on the mala road to Burlington. I will sell ono or all of said farms on reasonable terms. Pos session given tho first day of April next. Persons wishing to purchaso real estate would do well to examine said farms, AMOS BROWN. Milton, March 3d, 1S5S wjmot Economy and Good Light, .V5.VTEXT SMOKE CO.VSUMIXO LAMPS," i to bum "Caoap Oil," " Lard ot grease of any kind" and giro a far better light than Fluid cr Oil in common Lamps, Kitchen Lamps 75 cts. Sew ing and study Lamps to barn very littl Oil and give good light. Wicks, Cnitamlci, and Glebes for mott all kinds of Lamps, told at tho old stand Church Stroct. J. E. BRIS6M.UP, Late Brinsniaid, Brother A Co, Jan. 23, 1S55. diwtf Railroad Watches OF my Snog own importation, cased inheavy IS oarat fino gold bunting oases, from 2 i to 3) ounce cases ; also, nno ones in heavyiilver cases, withmy own namo and of my own importation, of the finest movements I have ever bad tho pleasure of offer ing to Railroadmen. Double Time Watches for spirtsnien; Ladies floll Watchee in great variety, all at low prices, at tho Oil Stand, Church Street ' J E, BRIKSMAIP, Feb 3 diwtf I.RFSII CAMluilli-lha7reraTd"atre. 1' dAw tallhy TIIEO, A. rECK. DOM'X'S Elixir ' The old and tried rem7dTf7r coughs, colds, Pulmonary oomplaiats, Ac The jrnuins for sale at TIIEO. A, PECK'?. March 13 dAwtf -I . M " u f - - . hJ J j 5 M I

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