23 Mart 1873 Tarihli Chicago Daily Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1

23 Mart 1873 tarihli Chicago Daily Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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VOLUME 23. A- WILLIAM S . WIIiLIAMS & MONTGOMERY, Agents, Ko. 2 Oriental Building, 120 LaSalle-st. New York & Yonkers Insurance Go., ETBW TOiUBU Commerce Fire Insurance Company, Armenia MARIE fflißilE, I J. LEWIS’ IKSTFBANSE AGENCY, 21 CliamljeF of Comierce. - Hulls, Cargoes, Freight Lists," Season, and Up Freight Contracts at Current Rates. SmlM tepee (W, 3SJ jtuj vV "STO'IEaJES., INCOIII’ORATEO ISIJ. Detroit Firs & Inii Ins. Co,, INCORPORATED ISGS. AmM iMii Craw, INCORPORATED 18T1. SMB t MILLER'S imii iiiif NATIONAL aPXSFUES /-VTVTX3 3VEA3EtIa-tot Jil, PHILADELPHIA. CAPITAL, ... $500,000.00 ASSETS, - - - - 4:19,530-63 HUMBOLDT. HEWAEK, N. J. CAPITAL, - ASSETS, - - NATIONAL, ' ' • HANNIBAL, HO. CAPITAL, ... 3500,000.00 ASSETS, - - - - 239,038.00 NEW JERSEY P>late Crlass Xus. Co. •C-A-tPIT-AX., - - - 3200,000.00 Office, 152 LaSaUe-st. MUSICAL. MUSIC! 20 PER CENT DISCOUNT. Previous to my removal to 148 Stato-st., I offer for tho next two weeks my entire stock of Foreign and American Music at the above great inducement to all who purchase to the amount.of $5. Teachers, Seminaries, Singing Societies, etc., will be allowed the usual -discount and the above extra percent age for purchases amounting to $lO and up ward. • My stock at present is very complete, embracing all descriptions of vocal and m "Btrumentai music for tho use of Artists, Am ateurs, Teachers,. Church • Music, Commit tee*, Sinr-ng KNOpFErij 080 Wabash-av.. cor. Twenty-seeond-st. remova: EEMOVED 188 XjiEi.ls.e-sl:. E. B. PRESTON, Leather and Rubber Belting, Engine and Conducting Hose, Rubber Goods, of all kinds, AT MANUFACTURERS* PRICES. SOLE AGENT FOR HOYT’S TUBE OAK LEATHER BELTING-. lE=tL E3 3MI €3 L. ©LINGER & BALLABD, BEAL ESTATE BROKERS, HAVE REMOVED TO Southeast Corner of WasMagtoa aid Dearliorn-sts. IR/ HD IMI O "V-A. Xj. SAM’L GEHB, Real Estate. Loan, ana Inyosting Agent, lias removed hla Oiuco to NO. IQ TRIBUNE nni.mx«. FRENCH GOODS. BLISS & TORREY, IMPORTERS, 171 AND 173 RANDOLPH-BT., Have just received, per Steamer St. Laurent, tho lol loping ntEiisropa: a-oozos. Lnbin’g Extracts, - Cork Screws. Dorin’s t.'onds. 3U übl H r, l ’ Lw 5 ™' 1 ”’ IE-, SSSSgf PiCk *’ Condry’s^loodi? 8 ' • Also, fine variety of New Goods_and_Perfnme^ |^M^^ EDUCATIONAL. CMcago University Law ScM. Three Sessions daily and Moot Court. Lectures In Boon* Block. Student* enter at any time, and graduate when competent. For tunna and catalogue address Room £2. Tribune Buildng. INSURANCE. KTE-TCST TORE. Insurance Company, I E”Z?SSSXJJEicS-3Hn. MILLER I lEffS SlEill ifil, 162 LA SALLS-ST., BRYAN BLOCK. NOSE' BUT FIRST-CLASS COMPANIES, REPRESENTING $13,500,000 CAPITAL. Cmisi’tial Miin Asst* Cu., LONDON. . Arctic Insurance Company, NEW YOBK. Adriatic Insurance Company, . istb-w -stoirik.. Firemen's. Fid Insurance Company, 3STE"W , "S-OUK. Shoe & Leather Insurance Company, BOSTOET. • Prescott Insurance Company, BOSTON. JA3. R. MILLER. CHA3. W. DREW. EXCIDSIVH.T Marine tararal Hulls, Cargoes, Season, and Up-Freight Contracts, BT THE ORIENT MUTUAL INSURANCE CO., 5500.000.00 185,193.33 OP NEW YORK. (M Assets, Jan. 1,1873, - - $2,036,000. FAB.MEE & ATKINS, 300 DESKS, And FINE OFFICE CHAIRS. In stock, and still they come, from the largest and best-appointed factory jn America. They will bo sold by their manufacturers, A. H. ANDREWS & CO., FOR SALE. The threo-story and basement stone-front house, No. 427 west Washiugton-st., with Furniture and Carpets. The Furniture is new and of the most elegant description. Possession given at . once. Apply on the premises, or at 30 West Monroe-st. DOCK PROPERTY POE SALE OB RENT. Lota on Laflln-st., south of Twonty-socond-st., each ICO feet dock front by 2« feet deep to a street 80 toot wide, with railroad track connections. Apply to CHIUAUU SOUTH BRANCH DOCK CO.. 53 W sbash-av. FOB, SALE. Attention .11 to tho new Sabdirtslon, jnst outside flro limits, on Wcitorn-a.., Oakley and Idaho-ita.. eouth of Vaaßuron. Sco those lots at once. For a short time yon XT ““ bMI b “ rfi ' ll ”• kdwFn a.'RlCE4cb!^ H7 Randolph-.!., Fidelity Bank Building. STONE. STONE. Cut, Dimension, Sidewalk, and Babble Stono, from tho celebrated Batavia Quarries, supplied promptly by MARTIN BROS. & CO., 128 and ISO Laballo-st., solo city amenta. - - Steam Inter Bane for Sale. Steam Lumber Barge “St. Clair" for sale. For price and term* apply to R * AY ? . Ohio. WANTED. Dwellings. Dwellings. BY GOOD TENANTS. WE CANNOT KEEP IN SUPPLY. Owner* will consult their own interest* by leaving their houeoa ..Ith n '- AMPSOJJ * cO ., Real Estate and Renting Agency, 144 LaSallo-st., Otis Block. WANTED, TO BUY OR RENT Dock and Qrormd for a Lumber Yard. Ap- Pl 7to HATCH, HOLBROOK & CO.. Attention, Sir Knights! Chicago Commandery, No. 19, K. T.-Spml«l conclave Month? evening. Marcn at 7« o'clock. Wore on K. C. order. By onicr Recorder. Masonic. >r , „ —rmiar assembly of Oriental Consistory will beheld Monday evening, the 2<:h let.. at W o'clock. H. MILES. Gr. Scc’y Masonic. , t. 2 R. A. M., Oriental Hall, No. Convocation Monday evening. GEO. N. CHASE, Secretary. 10. W. MONTGOMBRT. APPLY TO No. 86 LaSalle-st. FURNITURE, FOR SALE. WANTED. MEETINGS. CHICAGO, SUNDAY, MARCH 23, 1873—SIXTEEN PAGES. BANKRUPT SAXE. BANKRUPT SALE! TO BEGIN Monday, March 24. THE LARGE STOCK OP DRY GOODS, CARPETS, OIL CLOTH,;; Housekeeping Goods, ETC.. ETC.. OP D. MEWMfiSES, 64 & 66 WEST RAEDOIPE-ST., COKirEH CLINTON, Will be sold at above place, regardless of value, within *th© next so To satisfr creditors. This is a rare chance to buy bargains. Come soon and look to your interest. THE GOODS MUST BE SOLD. MOSES GOODMAU, Assignee. JEWELRY. RODDIff & HAITI, TOW Are now permanently located in their superb Jewelry Palace, with an uncqualcd stock of the choicest Novelties in FINE WATCHES, and DIAMONDS, the latest and most elegant designs in STERLING SILVER and Silver-Plated Goods, exquisite Jewelry, and everything to be found iu a first-class Jewelry Store. The policy of this house is to offer the very best goods always below the market jwice, and make every article just as represented. Their store is one ot the notable places which should bo seen by everyone visiting Chicago, EODDIN & HAMILTON, 99 State-st., cor. Washington. WIRE ROPE. WIRE ROPE, MANDTACTURED BY Messrs. E. S. Bewail & Co., Gateahead-on- Tyne, England. Notwithstanding tho serious obstacles thrown in hit way by the Custom-House authorities at Baltimore. I have succeeded in getting out of their hands (by great portion of tho Dumps at that port) THE LARGEST IMPORTATION OP WIRE HOPE EVER MADE TO THIS WESTERN COUNTRY; and notwithstanding the heavy advance in iron, Ac., and tho iniquitous increase in tho tariff on this article lam pro pared to supply Wire Rnp« (admitted by Haswoll, the celebrated American Engi neer, to bo superior to any other manufacture) at prices as low at least as any Other in tho trade. I keep on hand a full supply of best Galvanised Charcoal Iron vv ire Rope for ship-rigging, Ac.. best Charcoal Iron, and best Cruci ble Stool Ropes for hoisting purposes, mines, Ac. NOTE.—B. S. Nowall A Co. do not manufacture any B. B. Wire itope. All is warranted BEST CHARCOAL, and consumers will boar in mind that Charcoal Iron is fully CO per cont bolter than B. B. P2T"Scnd for Price List. March22,lS73. 61 South Canal-«t., Chicago. in connection with cbovo, I would acknowledge the kindness of tho Cuitcm-House authorities of this city, R. C. Mcldrora, Kso., of the Pittsburgh A Fort. Wuyno Rail road. and I. M. Drill, Esq., of the N. C. R. R., at Bal timore, for their efforts to induce tho authorities at Bal llmoro to allow my goods to como forward same as other goods arc permitted to bo forwarded daily from the port of Now York- INN”SS^_ HATS. ©PHXKTG- HATS. HATS. HATS. HATS. FASHIONS. ATT. THE SOBBT STYLES AT GOOPBF & HBimepil’S, 126 Clark-st., Bet. Washington And Madison. ART GALLERY. THOTBGMPMt ) OF THE FINEST QUALITY .BRMDISTDDIB.tS 1 59G Wabash-av. $a IRON FOUNDRY. SCHILLO, COSSMAH & SEffl, IRON FOUNDRY, 87 TO 05 WEST POLK-ST., Fumisb HEAVY and LIGHT BUILDUSTG indMACHINEHY CASTINGS on short no tice. Call for estimates. . Counter Brackets, Coed Hole Covers & Baker Furnaces for sale. RANGES, &c. BTOYEB, RANGES, FURNACES, will. an GOODS, It*’ I*' 1 *'” 0 bOLSE ’ A T .'TPOKr <&a CO’S, 80 & 82 HANDOLPH-ST. VAN’S RAN Carving Tables, Broilers, <tc. HERON, SMITH & MOOERS, S. E. cor. Clinton and Washington-sta. OOALKJOALI INDIANA BLOCK COAL, ? h r e SSk°e r t C fS& ta SHEPHERD & GREENE, 108 Sontt r.iarir-st. near WasMaston. OPERA GLASSES. iIfITiIASSES, AT J. G. LANGGUTH’S, OPTICIAN, E2 Stato-aU, between Washington and Randolph. We have just received an elegant assortment of GORHAM MMUFACTUEING • CO.’S Sterling. Silverware, Warranted 925-1,000 Fine. The Gorham Company is pre-eminently distinguished for their ortiatio designs and ornamentation, fine workmanship, and the purity cf their Silver. Their great facilities for manufacturing enable them to produce Sterling Silver that cannot be approached in utility, beauty, and price. An examination Is respectfully requested. 1. HUM & GO., State and Monroe-sts. FOR TRAVELERS TO EUROPE. Circular Letters of Credit, available in all principal Cities of Europe, being at tbe same time valuable letters of intro duction to a large circle of European Banking Houses, is sued by HEKR7 GBBENEBADM & GO. ROOFING MATERIAL, &o. RooSiia. Materials. BUILDING & CARPET FELT. HUGH LN’M'SS, Send for samples and circulars. BARRETT, ARHDLD & KIMBALL. DIMES SAMS 111 BANK, 105 CBARK-ST.* Methodist Church Block. Sir per cent Interest allowed on deposits, payable semi annually, July 1 and Jan. 1 in each year. CEO. SCOVILLE, President, Wm. Ktlset Hetd, Cashier. NOTE.—Until farther notice, any boy or girl calling at the Bank will bo presented with a pass book froo. ana one dime deposited to his or her credit, which sum can bo drawn out at pleasure. BANKING HOUSE WBENN & BREWSTER, 96 ‘Waelaiaisrtoii^st* Deposits Received and Interest Allowed. Gold, Government Bonds, Local Stocks, and Commer cial Paper Bought and Sold. Collateral Loans and Commercial Paper form & feature In oar busiucss, for tbo negotiation oi wnicn wo hava unusual facilities. Local Stocks. We h&TO for sale Chicago City Kill way. North Dl. Won Railway, Chicago Gas Company, and have buyers for sev eral National Bank stocks. WM. P. WATSON A CO.. 105 Clark-st. ■WANTED—A partner with *35,000 or *30,000, ta Uke «. half-interest in an established Jobbing House. Adore** MADISON-ST., care Trlbuno office. I am prepared to negotiate, at once, » few l° ft ° s r ® f £5,000 each, 3 to 5 year* 1 time, on g HR/ *** tAta ' Tfo. 10 Tribune Building. Loans on Eeal Estate. Wo aro making loans, for a term of years, in sums of 85,000 to £IO,OOO and upward, on improved Chicago property, or on Improved suburban property, with largo margin. Can also make some small loans. BAIRD A BRADLEY, 90 LaSallo-st. MONEY TO LOAN In any amount of oven thousands, on Income producing r«l«Utc. at 3 por cent ± scm >DKK Room?. Nlxon’sßullding. Dont forget that many bills yon have given n P year are now. as business becomes settled, coUectame ix properly nusnod. Our facilities for this business roto surpassed. No charges If not collected. tßAaih.it a Mercantile Collection Agency, 146 Madlson-st. O- SLAUGHTER, Banker and Broker, northwest corner Clark and “J 1 its., dealer la Government Bonds, Gold, Canada Aloney, and Local Securities. Buy and seU on commission in New York, Stocks, Bond*, Ac. Will also furnish sub scription price any of tne now Railroad Bonds, free o commission. INSDEAUOE CLAIMS, lam caxhlar claims against the bwkmpt Insurance f’-om panics, and parties should see mo when they set h a s« **price,paid. J. b- Republic Ins. Certificates. I wUI bar .4 full mark.t S, SILVERWARE. GENERAL NOTICES. 330 Monroe-st. FINANCIAL. Financial. Financial. DIG. MERCHANT TAILORING. Tie Mi Novelties. Tie Latest Designs. Tie lost Yariel Selection. Tie Eldest Imported Bools. Tie Most Elegant Display. Tie Finest Motif EstalMieit Tie Wlole Country Airis. Tie Pale ResptMly Mitel. WALBHE, DRAPER AND TAILOR, McVICKER’S THEATRE BUILDING. 1873. SPRING OPENING. 1873. TAILORING, And Specialties in Men’s FiriisMi Goeis! “Wo respectfully invite you to call and ex amine our spring importations of Fino wool ens and latest stylos in Men’s Neck Wear. J. B. HALL & GO., 130 DEAEBOEN-ST. Fine White Shirts to order. J. S. McFAELAND & SON, IERCHAIT TAILORS, HAVE REMOVED TO 171 South Glark-st. Spring Importations lw Complete. H. E. MOLLM, TAILOR AND DRAPER, 113 EastMadison-st. Gentlemen requiring Spring Suits will find a large and choice selection of fashionable goods at. extremely moderate prices. 113 EAST MADISON^ST. CROCKERY, CHINA, & o. BEST QUALITY AM) LATEST DESIGNS In Plain, White, Gold Band and Decorated CHINA, Mwm cm Glassware, CUTLERY & SILVER-PLATED GOODS, Lava & Parian Ware, Imitation Glia, Dimer, Tea and Toilet Sets, AT VERY LOW PRICES. F. & E. JAEGER, 73 WABASH-AV., Between Randolph & Washington. TO RENT. TO RENT. Elegant 5-atory and basement Stone Front Store, 73 and 74 WABASH-AV., between Randolph-st. and Wabash-av. Fronts also on Dearborn Flace; 48x193. Steam elevator and heat. First-class in every respect. Rent moderate. Apply to WM. H. SAMPSON & CO., 144 XiaSallo-st.. Otis Block. TO RENT, Prom April 1, a handsome three-sto ry and basement marble-front house, elegantly furnished, and with all modem improvements. Location one of the beat in tbe city. Rent, S3OO per month. Address O 03, Tribune office. TO RENT. Rooms with Power. Apply to HENRY M. SHER WOOD, 103, 105, 107 Canal-st. TTAT.T. TO EENT. HALSTED-ST. OPERA HOUSE, corner Halsted and Hanison-s’*., can be rented after April 1, for society mcctinge, bails, etc,, and on bnndaye for church par by the year, if preferred. I* Iho largest and finest JSfli So Wert dWod. Adclj to J. H. kEELEB. 145 Clark-st., comer Madison. Lawyers' Offices for rent in Superior Block, 77Clark-at. Vault*, ©levator*, heat. etc. H. C. MOREY. 77 Clark-st. TO RENT. Largo lots for rent, fronting on Twonty-second-st.. Throon-st.. and Loorais-st., suitable for planlag-roill or manufacturing purposes; also, smaller lots, fronting on Twenty-aecond-Bt., for stores and 523 Wabaah-av. TO ZEI-EISTT.. A good office, nicely fitted np. Gas fixtures, steamboat, *»ood light, ana first-class in all respects, good Ugui, c. h . CHAPIN. 33 Sooth Water-st. RUBBER BELTING, &o, THE OLD RUBBER HOUSE IN A NEW LOCATION, 169 Eandolpli-st., near LaSalle. Leather and Eubber Belting. Engine and Conducting Hose, and all binds of Hubber Gooda. HALLO CK & WHEELEB. mm. REAL ESTATE. WEST CHICAGO LAND COMPANY. THE CENSKAL PASS AHD 0. & E W. B. E. NEWCARWORKS Having exclusive control of a portion of the prop erty ot the West Chicago Laud Company, west of Cen tral Park and adjacent to the new Car Works of O. & N. W. Railroad Company, and located on Kinzie and Lake-sts. and Park-av.. Forty-elghth-st, (formerly Hyman-av.). and immediately adjoining the now Station now completed at Hyman-av., I am prepared to sell desir able lots fronting on wide streets, at low price and easy terms. Aside from the groat manufacturing interests being es tablished at-that point, there is no snbnrb equally near with as good facilities for quick transit to the city, Par ties desiring to sea tho property can takejears at Wells-st. Station at 12 o’clock (every day except Sunday), and re turn at I:4a, having plenty of time ttHymau-av. to look at lots. For nlats of tho property and particulars, apply to ASA W. CLARKE, Oriental Building, 120 LaSallc : st,, Room B. Basement, HOUSES, LOTS, STORES, OFFICES, For SALE, to EXCHANGE, and to RENT, In all parte of the city and suburbs, at BOTTOM PRICES. FIVE ELEGANT now STORES at BARGAINS. EL GANT SUBURBAN HOME, with amplo grounds, to peak low. ACRES for SUBDIVISION a SPF.CrALTV. Seo list in for solo column of Sunday’s Tribune. JACOB C. MAGILL, 81 and 83 South Clark-st. Washington HeigMs! We offer for a short timo at Wholesale Acre -Prices, fif teen of the most desirable blocks in tho Morgan-av. Sub division near the depot, at prices that will insure to pur chasers 50 to 100 percent profit retailing tha lots during tho coming summer,. Terms, Vi cash, balance In 1, 2 and 3 years; interest at 7 per cent. H. F. CLARKE & CO., 122 LaSallc si For Sale. A fint-class residence, 14 rooms, all modem improve ments; two-story and basement brick building; frame barn In rear; lot 24x110 feet; In vicinity of Jefferson Park West Side. Price, $15.000. Address P 35, Tribune office., For Sale or Rent. UJOfsctonCanal-st-, comer of Mather. Suitable for a coal or hardwood yard. Apply to VM. B. WALKER. 19 Chamber of Commerce. PHOTOGRAPHS. OH! SHAW! DOM WH FANCY PRICES IN Photographs. Still another new and beautiful style of Photograph, combining Al.r. the fine artistic effects of the late style of Photograph, namely: xno namoranat, nernn. Medal lion. Vignette, Cameo Finish Photograph, producing a br-ntlf*d effect. Call and see them. No additional charge for Babies* Pictures. Bring your old and faded pictures and get them beauti fully copied- SHAW will, for tho next three months, make FIRST-CLASS PHOTOGRAPHS for SI.SO per dozen, and upward, to give the rich os well as the poor a chance to get FIRST CLASS PHOTOGRAPHS at reasonable prices. Come early to avoid the rush. SHAW’S, 137 Twenty-secoifl-st West Side Cars pass tho door. A cloudy day 1* batter than a bright, day. Please cut this out for future reference. t«WPT&TIHSIEY,!t@ rj&gji Photographers, , |Jfa=| jAre doing a rushing borings* at 150: I titato-st., between Madison I aed Monroe. > CARPETS. Carpets •AJSTID CURTAIN GOODS. 3STEW STORE AT 195 & 197 WABASH-AV. (cor. Aflams-st) With one exception being tho only concern that has visited the Kastem market to re plenish stock, X am able to offer the largest assortment, of the Latest Styles, of any house in the City. SPENCER H. FECI. BUSINESS CARDS, Cook County Land Co., Chicago, 111. Capital Stock, - - $750,000. Assets, Over 1,100,000. OFFICE, 184 DEAEBOEU-STL, CHICAGO. CHARLES A. GREGORY, President, FRANKLIN H. WATRISS, Secretary. DIRECTORS; Edwin H. Abbot, 13 Pemberton Square, Boston; Frank lin E. Gregory, Gen. C. Richardson ± Co., boston; George Hoffman, 69 Willlam-sb. New York; FrankilaU. WatrtM. Chicago; Charles A. Gregory, Chicago. EDWIN HUNT & SONS, lEIA-IR/llirV^A.lßylE] 58 and 60 Lake-st. Builders’ Hardware a specialty. All kinds of Trimmings in Bronze, Silver and Nickel Plate, and other styles. ' RBAJj estate. SAMUEL GEHR, Office, No. 10 Tribune Builflinp, Offer* the following splendid business property for sale on easy terms: 40 feet on South Water-st., between LaSallc-et. and nUh*ar., and 150 feet deep to a wide alley. 120 feet front cn Twelfth-st., just East of Cans!. Price, per foot, and easy payment*. BUSINESS CHANCES. Rare Business ODDortimity! A Wholotalo na« Ectai! Stock of China. Crockery. Glaaa, Plated Ware, Ac.. 40.. foraalo In ono of the larg oat and mo.t thriving cltl« in Eaatorn lowa. Rocompo Utlon. being tho only store of tho kind in thaelty, and having tho to tall trad, of 18.00 Inhabitant.. Tho wholo aale or jobbing trado haa boon well attoadod to. and la la a vary flottriahing condition, and can bo oitondod accord ing to the. energy and onterpriao of tho proprietor. Stock amoanta to about 313,000. Tbe building ta owned by the proprietor, who oonld give a vary favorable leaae. Good Chicago Boat Eetate will be taken for one-half of amount of P’ archaa. price; balance caata. For particular, tnqnlin s. H. KESFOOT & 00., Joel H. 'Wicker Sues the “Inter-Ocean, 51 Laying His Damages at $500,000. The Penalty that Attaches to the Publication ol So-Called "Sensations.” •The Inter-Ocean would Appear to hire been guilty of jmbliahing a moat scurrilous story, affecting the pri vate and domestic Ufa of one of our wealthiest citizens. Messrs, G. VT. Knox and n. A. Wilder, attorneys for Joel n. Wicker, are instructed by their client to insti tute proceedings against Mr. Scammon, for libel, $500,000 damages, particulars of which salt are oen- Uined in a bill just drafted, which wo hero summarize r The complainant affirms In his bill that, until the • committing of tho grievances complained of, he servedly obtained the good opinion and credit of his neighbors and dtlzsna generally; that he baa been a resident of the Otty of Chicago for thirty-two years, and has, by long-continued effort and Industry, accu mulated a largo amount of property, and was reputed to possess large wealth; that daring this time bo con tracted marriage and formed a home to Cnicago, where he was surrounded by his children; that in course of time his wife died, leaving him with tho caro of maintaining his household and family; and that. In conducting bis household affairs, it became necessary for him to employ certain help, and, among others, ho engaged Sarah Golan, who for several years continued to work In his household; that said Golan, by her becoming demeanor and faithful discharge of her duties, gained his favorably opinion, insomuch that he became very kindly dispos ed towards her, and Interested in her better education and advancement; that he conducted himself toward her with great kindness and generosity, and, in pursu- i once of his kindly regard for her, advised with her . about her welfare, and offered to provide her, at his expense, with the best of school advan tages, whlgh offer Golan accepted; that he did there after provide for Golan the best of educational advan tages, paying her expenses; that Golan, after tho expi ration of the time spent in her studies, did of her own choice return to his and ho thencciorth treated her as a member of Ins own family, and nos as an inferior, and provided her with a homo therein. He goes on, after much of the iame sort, to t-ay that after the return to plaintiff’s house, and being Instigated by persons nnlmown to him and who pre tended to be her friends, but who were In fact only seeking to use her aa a medium for obtaining from him a portion of his property, she began ungratefully and wickedly to contrive by various acts and devices la Inveigle plaintiff Into a marriage with her, intending thereby to become possessed of a largo part of his es tate ; that be utterly and absolutely resisted the at tempts ; that Golan, continuing to be instigated by said pretended friends, set np tho false and wicked pre tence that he had agreed to marry her. and, in pursu ance of said scheme, sued him for a large amount of money, to wit, $75,000, aa damages for the pretended violation of said pretended agreement; that, not satis fied with this wicked scheme, the pretended friends of Golan, with a still further idea of obtaining from him property, begin to harass and annoy him, and with a view of compelling him to marry Golan dogged his footsteps, and fr-lowed and assaulted him, and endeavored to break into his bouse at night, with tho Intent to do him great bodily injury if not to take his life; that ho was advised by his frienda to accept of their proffered protection and assistance, and for a long timo was compelled, through fear for hla personal security, and at great expense, to keep his house guarded at night, and to bo accompanied during tho day by sufficient protectors from their Intended vio lence; that through these long-continued harass menta be was rendered mirerable and wretched, and, in order to put a stop to tho terror and dread which accompanied his dally life, and with tho single object of relieving himself from tho danger to which hia life was daily exposed, with groat reluct ance, and protesting that hla action was not In fulfillment of any agreement with Golan, he was induced to ogreo to marry her, and wo* shortlv afterwards lawfully married to her in tho City of Chicago; that on tho 6th day of December, 1872, the defendant, proprietor and publisher of a dally newspaper In Chicago called the Inter-Ocean, diu libel him maUdoualy, by publishing In that paper a false statement concerning his relations with said Golan, and hia marriage with her, ono part of which libel stated that “her (Golan’s) charms proved too much for Mr. Wicker's susceptibility, and he finafly made her a proposition of marriage, which she accepted; no seems to horo xepented himself of hi* bargain some time after ward, and postponed the wedding day ” (meaning thereby that ho had not only proposed marriage to Golan, but had also appointed a day upon which to marry her). The libel further stated that he had employed and paid detectives to act os spies upon her actions, and to endeavor by the use of all arts and beguilements that money could procure to accomplish her departure from the path of virtue, and to secure tho utter ruin of her good fame and reputation ; tha* the minions did their work faithfully, but. were sig nally baffied and forced to report to then employer (meaning plaintiff); that during tho space of nearly two years h<s continued to pay the de tectives to spy upon Golan’s 'conduct, and to use all the arts and begnilemfnts hi* money could procure to accomplish her ruin; that in another part of the libel is contained the fol lowing libellous matter: “Then the fire came, and Mr. Wicker made tho pretext that ho was totally im poverished, and had not any longer means to support a wife ” (meaning that he admitted to Golan the pretend ed previous agreement to marry her), and In amKher pare of said libel was tho following matter: “Mr. Wicker put hef off with a plea of poverty until last summer, when she became at list convinced of his perfidy ” (meaning thereby that bo continued until last summer to admit to Gobiti tho pretended previous arrangement to marry her, but, not intending to do so, put off tho performance with a pretended plea of poverty until Golan became convinced of the so-called perfidy), and In another part of said libel occurs tbs following matter: “Lately, Wicker has mado over tures for compromise, beginning with tho declaration of hla willingness to consummate the marriage* (meaning that ho mado propositions to compro mise her suit against him. and acknowledging the pre tended engagement), and further “ ho claimed thal all bis property was gone, and that be had not a dollar in the world, and that to substantiate this he showed mortgages upon his property amounting to $580,826, and that he offered $5,000 to be let off.” Therefore, hf, Joel 11. Wicker, resolved to bring suit against tha newspaper called the Inter-Ocean, placing his damages therein at $500,000. CHECKS DRAWS BY CLEUKS, The T.lnblllty of a Hank for Paying Check* Signed by a Clerk After Expiry of Authori ty to Do «o~A Case of Interest to the Coni mcrclnl World—Snprcmo Coart Decision. Messrs, T-yr T|,n and Jackson send us the following opinion of the Supremo Court, by Judge Lawrence, ia the appeal of the Manufacturers' Lank of Chicago v. A. S. Barnes et ah: This action was brought by Barnes A Co. to rccovei from the bank a balance claimed to be due on deposit* made by the plaintiffs with the bank. The deposit* were admitted, but the defease set up was payment to the plaintlCTs clerk under the following circumstances. It appears that on tho 23d of June, 1870, Barnes, the resident partner at Chicago, and the only person au thorized to draw checks, being obliged to leave tbs city for a short time, gave to a clerk employed by him as bookkeeper and cashier a power of attorney authorizing him to draw checks on the bank for fifteen days. This power of attorney was lodged with tho bank, a conversation having been previously had with, the assistant cashier In regard to It. On the 7lh of July Barnes returned, and resumed the charge of hia business. Nevertheless, the clerk continued to draw occasional chocks, signing tho name of Barnes with tho initial letter of his own name, to indicate hla agency. Ho continued to check until the following January, the whole amount drawn being $»,&47.94. Of this sum, the clerk bad used $1,507.39 in paying debiS e r the firm, but without tho knowledge of Barnes. During the Interval, the bank-book bad boon several times written up, and the paid checks returned; but as this had been attended to by tho sama clerk, acting In hi* capacity of book-see per and cashier, the fact that ho bad been drawica chocks after the power of attorney bad expired was not discovered by the plaintiffs untb Jan uary. Judgment was obtained In th- Superior Court for the amount of chocks drawn by tho clerk less tho sum applied by him to tho debts of the firm, for which the plaintiffs gave tho hank credit. by the Court without a jury, and it is insisted tha Court erred In rendering judgment for am J sum than the amount chocked out by the J**"* the bank or pass-book of tho plaintiffs was wr.tten up caso of Weiser v. Denison, IO N. Y.. GB. Ther , a» . clerk bad drawn cuecks in the name of h.s -mnioT.r and tho paaa-book had boon several time up and tho chocks r-tnmed before discovery the fraud. Tho Court held that the balancing-of tho pass-book and tho return of the checks aro for the protocUon of the depositor, and not for that of the bank and tho fallnre of the depositor to examine the check* is not z .:ch negligence on bit part as to exoner ate tho bank from liability for the continued payment of checks Improperly drawn. We do not sgrre with counsel for regarding tho present caae a* stronger for the bank than that In the case before ns. The checks drawn by the Clerk showed upon thdr face they were drawn by him, and the bank knew, : by a document In lb* own possession, ami which bad been made the subject of a special conversation with one of Its officer*, that the clerk had authority to draw checks only for fifteen days from tho 22J of June. Tho facts that the plaintiff had been tho* careful to give the clerk express written authority, and to limit It to fifteen days, and to lodge this authority with the bank In pursuance of a previous arrangement, were snl&deni Co show the bank that the plaintiff had no Intention of giving to tho clerk a general authority to draw. The bank waa guilty of great negligence la paying checks of the clerk drawn after that period, and cannot be excused merely because the plaintiff failed to examine the returned check, which he had a right to presume had been drawn by himself alone. We consider the reasoning of tho New York Court of Ap peals, in the case cited, very satisfactory, and adopt iUL decision ts the better role. Judgment affirmed. 80 LaSaUe-at. NUMBER 216. A BIG LIBEL SUIT.

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