25 Mart 1873 Tarihli Chicago Daily Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1

25 Mart 1873 tarihli Chicago Daily Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

VOLUME 20. STATIONERY. COBB, ANDREWS & CO., ' -rif» ' 469 WABASH-A?,, CHICAGO. Wishing to close out our stock as fast as possible, wo ofTor bargains to dealers and others, as stated below: 00,000 each Gold, Canary, and Corn Envelopes, No. 8, XXX (Wood), perm gI.OS 215.000 Amber Envelopes, No. 5, XXX, perm 2.20 10.000 White Envelopes, No. 0. X, porju 4.St) 20.000 White Envelopes, No. 10, X, norm 6.80 50,000Whlto Envelopes, No. 3, XXX, perm 2.25 150.000 Manilla Envelopes, No. 6, norm 1.05 80.000 Canary Envelopes, No. ft, XX, perm.. 1.03 50.000 Amber Envelopes, No. 5, XX, norm 1.85 50.000 Canary Envelopes. No. o, XXXX, perm..,.. 2.43 80.000 Com Envelopes, No. 5, XXXX. per m 2.49 20.000 Amber Envelopes. No.s,XxxX, perm 2.43 100.000 Coro Envelopes, No. 6, per m 1.18 15.000 Corn Envelopes, No,o, XX, perm 9.20 16.000 Ambor Envelopes, No. ft. XX, norm 2.20 80.000 Dickons(whlto) Eavolopos.No.n, XXX, perm. 3.00 80.000 Corn Envelopes. No. 0, XX, norm 3.00 75 Kearns Diamond Look Dill, 13 lb., nor ream.. 8.60 60 Kearns Diamond Letter, liS lb. (wide ruling), {icrream... 8.60 loams Diamond Note, No. C (narrow ruling), Jiorroam.. 1.65 teams Diamond Billot, plain, per roam 1.85 160 Kearns Diamond Billot, gilt, per ream......... 1.45 ICO Roams Diamond Octavo, gilt, per roam 1.05 60 Gro. Knglo Hex Pencils, porgro 5.C0 80 Qro. Eagle Hound Pencils, porgro 4.25 100 Oro. Eagle Rubber Perfection Pencils,porgro. 3.20 50 Gro. Eoglo Rubber Perfection Pencils, pol- Isbcd. porgro S.CS 60 Oro bun llubbor-Tlppcd Pencils, polished, q 15firo. B l?nglb‘ucJngonUlUco'PoVrcVii,’V'o»‘bVu‘.‘* o.’*j 6 Gro. Brown Bonnet Board, porgro 6.25 ICO Doz. Arnold's I or. Ink, perdoz.... 85 40 Dor. French Copying, Quarts, porcloz 7.00 4f)Doz. EronobCopying, pints, perdoz 4.40 80 Dot. French ** B" Copytug, quarts, perdoz.. 6.25 25 Hearns Din. Legal, 10 lb., Htop Lino, porream 4.96 50 Uoams Din. Legal, 13 lb., Stop Lino, porroam 6.68 100 Hearns Oxford Cap, 121b., per ream 8.00 ISO Roams Oxford Note, 6 lb., porroam 1.60 ICO Beams Oxford Nnlo, 5 lb., per ream 1.85 100 Hearns Oxford Letter, 10 lb., porroam 2.60 10 Cases Eureka Rubber Cornered Slates. INSURANCE. DEO. o. glares, FIBE AID IABIE Insurance, 3 and 4 BBYAII BLOCK. Loin Assurance Corporation ot Loion, Assets, $13,23-1,000 Gold. Horlliweslern national Ins, Co, of Mwaiee, Assets, $383,385. Home lusnranco Company of Colninlins, 0,, Assets, $800,734,. Hoffman Fire Insurance Company of N. I, Assets, $288,355. Hannfactnrers’ F. anil I, Ins, Co, of Boston, Assets, $500.000. RUBBER BELTING, &o. THE OLD IBBEE HOUSE IN A NEW LOCATION, 169 Eandolpi-st., near LaSalle. Leather and Rubber Bolting, Engine and Conducting Hooo, and nil kinds-of Rubber Goods. HALLOOK & WHEELER. REAL ESTATE. FOR SALE. The throo-Htory and basement stone-front house, No. 427 west Washlngton-st., with Furniture and Carpets. Tho Furniture is now and of tho most elegant description. Possession given at once. Apply on tbo promises, or at 30 West Monroe-st. Forty Acres. Tho handsomest high gro/o land atWashington Height# for aala by 0. H. PEOKWfrii A CO. TO RENT. TO KENT, From April 1, a handsome three-sto ry and basement marble-front house, elegantly furnished, and with all modern improvements. Xiocation one of the beat in the city. Bent, S3OO per month. Address O 83, Tribune office. BUSINESS CARD. J. W. LYON, TAILOR, 197 WEST VAN-BUREN-ST., CHICAGO. REMOVALS. 3F8.3E3 IME 0> J&. JLn. OUNGEK & BALLARD, REAL ESTATE EBOKEBS, HAVE REMOVED TO Sontlieast Corner of Washington anil Dearborn-sis. IE 3VDO V-A. L. SAM’L GEHR, Reel Estate, Loan, ana Investing Agent, llna removed blv Otlico to , NO. 10 THIIHINH IIITIT,1HN«. EDUCATIONAL, RACINE COLLEGE. Tho Spring and Summer Tonn of Raoino College will open April 3. For admission to College or Grammar Sohool apply to Roy. J. DoKOVEN, J). D., Racine, Wifl. Catalogues can bo obtained at the Mor ohanta*.National Bank. Chicago. FINANCIAL. Stocks Wanted. fit 10,000—Ptillumn I'nliinn (,'ur. gg.fiOO-C'ouk County Nulluuut Hank. eTOOKQ FOTI QAXj3E3, §2,fiOO-Ilubcock HxlinuiilHliur. iI'OQO-Cliiengii City llullwiiy. 85»t)00—North Cluciigo City Uullwnv, 85,000—Trudcra* liieitriincc. Uy HAMMOND & (JACK, r>l Wmihlnntnn-Ht. GENERAL NOTICES, notice. Tbo public are hereby notified that D. J. Muckollar, at the ollico of the Amerluan Uulldor. 411 Wabasb-av., la tbo only person la Chicago authorised to colloat inoue/a on my account. Only reoclpta alvon or autUorleed by hiiu are binding. OuARLKSI). LAKISV. fobllsber American Builder. !«J Murrayet., New York. GIFT ENTERPRISE. NO DOUBT MOW Kxtvtn ns to tho overwhelming aucoosfl of tho THIRD (JUAM) GIFT CONCKUT. which Is nnnmiucod to comooltjio.lllTPlyat Library Hall, I*mil«vlUo, Ky., on Ajipll g, 1871!, (or bonnet. oll'uhlln I.llirarv of liy. Sales nro enormous. Older Immodlatoly. Club ornors must come in at once. HALF A MILLION 3DOX.IjA.E.S Currency, divided into Ton Thousand Cash Gifts, is to bo distributed by lot among ticket-holders. Only ono hundred thousand tiokota have beon Issued, which makes the gifts In proportion of nno to ton. Got a pro gramme and read lull details. Thosoarotho gifts: One Grand Gift, Cnsli, SIOO,OOO Ono Grand Gift, Cash, 50,000 Ono Grand Gilt, Casli, 26,000 Ono Grand Cask Gift, ... 20,000 Ono Grand Cash Gift. - • - 10,000 Ono Grand Cnsli Gift. - - - 6,000 04 Cln«|i Gifts of 81*4100 onoli, 04.000 CO Cash Gifts of COO “ 25,000 80 Cash Gifts of 400 “ 32,000 100 Cash Gifts of 300 ** 30.000 ICO Cush Gifts of 200 30,000 600 Cash Gifts of 100 " CO,OOO 0,000 Cush Gifts of 10 “ 00.000 Total, 10,000 Gifts, all Cash, • 8500,000 Tickets, S10; Halves, SC; Quarters, 52.50. Ono In ton is sure to draw. Buy Eleven Tickets for 8100. anil got your money back at least* All gilts payable in greenbacks, without deducting any discounts. Tho Library is umlor direct control of tho Legislature of tho Stato and tho Library Trustees, assist ed and advised by tho most eminent citizens of tho South woat. under whoso direction, also, tho Concert and draw* Ing is held. Business of the Ooucort Is In charge of lieu. Ex-Gov. Thos. li. llrninlctte, of liy. Tickets, like greenbacks, are good to tho holder. Buyers do not necessarily have to be present at tho drawing, as an official list Is furnished each ono, and gifts duo ticket holders at a distance can bo collected through any Bank or Express Company tbo same as a draft or obeok is ool* looted. Order quick. Bend inonoy by P. O. Order, Draft, Registered Letter, or Express, prepaid. For tickets, full programme. Information and all par ticulars, apply either to lion. THOS. R. UUAMLETTE, at IxnUsrillo. or F. I. DIBBLE A CO., 164 LaSalle st., CHICAGO, Western Depot of Supply. Apply also at Bookstores of W, PHILLIPS, 1M Dear born-si., and 997 Htato.st.: HORTON 4 BUO., R37 Wost Lake-st.sP. V. FITZPATRICK, 853 Stato-st., L. MA NASBE, Optician, 83 West Madlson-st., or at TRU MONT HOUSE. ROOFING MATERIAL. BELT’S PATENT SEEET-IROH Roofing. Parties desiring a Metal Roof will find tho PERFECT NESS, DURABILITY, and CHEAPNESS of thli Roof- Ing very deserving of examination and adoption. PRICE: EIGHT DOLLARS por square, PAINTED on BOTH SIDES, boxed and delivered on cars in Cin cinnati. O. CONTRACTS for 100 squares or more, will bo on tefed Into for its application on buildings in Chicago at NINE DOLLARS por square, measured after roof is laid, and WAEEAUTED TOLD & WATER PEOOF. This Roofing Is very simple and rapid of application by any ordinary house carpenter. For further information, circulars, or orders, address W. S. BELT, Patentee and manufacturer. sfi nnd 58 East Third-st.. Cincinnati. Oliio. FOR SALE. MAPLE SUGAR. Wo aro now receiving our regular consign ments from Michigan of GENUINE NSW MAPLE SUGAR, Which we can GUARANTEE tho STRICT LY PURE ARTICLE, WITHOUT ANY ADULTERATION. For sale to the trade by tho ton or single case, by HAGER <Sc SPIES, 63 WEST EAKE-ST. Office Baskets AT WHOLESALE AND DETAIL, AT CIILVIR, PAGE. HOYHE & CO.’S, 118 AND 120 MONROE-ST, KIRKLAND GRATE COAL, Ml„,d SrKUkkadACo.. V.*.™. FonnUta Co., tod. Cor. Wabash-ar. and Madiion-at. Steam Lite Barge for Sale. Steam Lumber Bargs “Ht. Clair" forsale. For price and terms apply to E. R. AYRES, LAND COMPANY. COOI COUNTY LAND C 0„ CHICAGO, XLXj. Capital Stock, - - $750,000. Assets, Over $1,100,000. OHAELES A. CffiEGOEY, President, OlQco. 184 Dearborn-st.i Chicago. laL.^OTOßS—Edwin 11. Abbot, 13 Pemberton Square. Bolton: Franklin G. Gregory, (000. f). lUoharditQii <4 C 0.,) Boston; Gcorgo Huffman, 69 William-et., New York; Franklin ll.Wotrlas, OharloaA. Gregory, Chicago. CIGARS. CIGARS, Heavily reduced in price, by tho Box and at Retail. Consumers cannot fail to bo suited in our large stock, and at our LOW PRICES, 146 Madison-st., Oornor Twonty-aooond-at, and ludlana-av., * 101 WEST MADISON-ST. ST-A-aSTTO 3ST <sc oo. 3 FAMILY_QROOEIIB_ AND IMPORTERS. MISCELLANEOUS.' lAEIB busses, AT J. G. LANGGUTirS, OPTICIAN, * 63Stato.«t„ between Washington and Randolph. unnii, Of every description, executed PROMPTLY, In FIRST* CLASS STYLIC, at HUASONA ItLK rate*. A. ZKICKK A CO.. 11l Mnnroobt. MEETINGS, Attention, Sir Knights. Special conolovu of Apollo Comtuamlury, No. I, K. T., this evening, at Hall, l!ll Tvroniy.wcund'Sl., |or work on order IC. I*. Visiting Sir Knights cordially invited, liy order of the J2, O. * B.D.W. LOOKR. Recorder. Masonic. Ashlar Lodge, No. flOfl, A. t.andA. M. Special com munication ibis (Tuesday) evening, at 7k o’clock, sharp, at tboir ball In Masonic Temple, fur work ou 12. A. He* gree. Fratorulty WASHINGTON. Senator Caldwell Closes His Case by Resigning Ills Scat. Lively Debate on the Recon* sideration of Casey’s Confirmation. Inconsistency of New Hamp shire Congressmen on the Salary Steal. The Clayton Case to Bo Proceeded Willi. Special Impatch to The Chicago Tribune. CALDWELL’S RESIGNATION. Washington, March 2-I.—Tho commercial valuo of tho word of a Senator of tho United States does not rank so high in this locality as it did before the days of Credit Mobilior investiga tions ; nevertheless, your correspondent was led last evening to make a statement on tho positive authority of Senator Caldwell, to the effect that all tho rumors with regard to his resignation wore without foundation, anti that they wore sot afloat by his malicious enemies with a view to his injury. It will bo remembered that in tho case of this gentleman, ho had such an exalted opinion of official dignity that when ho came to make a statement before tho Committee on Privileges and Elections as to tho circumstances attending bis election, ho re fused to bo sworn, but simply submitted his statement on tho honor of a Senator. In denying tho rumors as to tho resignation of Caldwell on his peremptory request, your correspondent was under tho impression that this statement was also made on the honor of a Senator. How much that honor amounted to may bo inferred from ' tho fact that in less than twen ty-four hours of his assurance to tho contrary, Caldwell arose in tho Sonato' and tendered his resignation, with a brief ex planation. This branch of tho subject may bo dismissed. Tho causes which led to this resigna tion date back to tbo commencement of tho con sideration of Caldwell’s case by the Sonato. Since Pomeroy’s downfall that worthy has boon a potent element against Caldwell, in the hope that ho might succeed to tho vacancy. .Pomeroy hos worked quietly, and yet effectively to havo Caldwell expelled. Got. Osborn, of Kansas, has also boon hero for some time, and his influence Las boon decidedly against keeping Caldwell in tho Senate; but tho strongest element, and tho ono which has boon tbo most effective in Us influence upon Senators, has been the unanimity of tbo public press in demanding Caldwell’s expulsion. Carpenter, in a spirit of bravado, during the de livery of his speech at tbo outset of tho discus sion, sought to make light of tho element, and; shaking his flat at tho reporters’ gallery, said that it but represented tho clamors of tho howl ing mob. Still there are some sensitive Sena tors who are not so indifferent to public opinion, who did not dare to vote to retain this m&u in tho Senate. The two weeks’ debate. while it perhaps did nob obango a single individual con viction, nevertheless brought tbo weak point in this case so prominently before tho public that a largo number of tuo Senators did not dare to go homo and face their constituents with a record favorable to Caldwell’s retention. This fact was brought to Caldwell’s attention last evening, but ho would not believe it. After a canvass ibis morning, however, ho found that at least eight votes on which ho had relied were sure to go against him, oven on tho Horton resolution. Among those wore Jones, of Nevada; Patterson, of South Carolina; Ferry, of Michigan; Wright, of lowa, and Robertson, of South Caro lina. This information, which was obtained through personal conversation with those Sena tors, induced him to tender his resignation. It was feared in several quarters that Qov. Osborne might appoint Pomeroy to fill tho vacancy uutil tbo Legislature should assemble next fall, but tbo Govbrnor stated positively to-day that he would have nothing to do with Pomeroy, and that ho would not make any appointment until next December, and not then uutil ho had con sulted with tbo loading men of his Slate. It is suggested that tho Governor has an ambition to fill the vacancy himself. I cabby's case. The motion to reconsider tho vote by which Oolloctor Oasoy was confirmed, on Saturday, was called up In tho executive session of the Senate this afternoon, when another spicy debate took place, which lasted about an hour. Tho recon sideration was refused, however, by tho close majority of two votes. The Senate has elected to proceed with tho Clayton case tho present session. Tho final dis position. of the samo may bo easily predicted, both from tho report of the Committee and tho vote by which tho casowastakonupto-day. Load ing Senators are of the opinion that tho debate may last two or three days, and that Clayton will bo completely exonerated. An element that enters into the case is tho fact that Arkansas has a Democratic Legislature, and if Clayton is turned out bo will bo succeeded by a Democrat. It is anticipated that tho vote in this case will bo strictly partisan. Those who have carefully and impartially read the evidence say that tho only distinction botwoonCaldwoll and Clayton is, that while tho former paid money for votes, tho latter traded and bargained offices with the mem bers of tho Legislature for their suffrages. SOUTHERN APPOINTMENTS. Tho Admiuistration organ boro to-morrow will officially announce, first, that tho President intends to mako no appointment In tho South except from native Kopublicaus, and, second, that no changes will bo mado of present incum bents, cavo through iucompotoucy, or ineffi ciency, or maladministration of official duties. Special Dispatch to 27ic Chicago Tribune. ‘ CONGRESSIONAL EXTRA PAY. New York, March 24.—A Washington Bpeoial aays: Up to tho present time only ouo-half of tho members of Congress havo drawn tholr extra pay. The inconsistency exhibited by many representatives is well illustrated in tho case of throo Now Hampshire members, — Hibbard, 8011, and Parker—all Democrats. Those gentlemen voted against tho increase of salary and extra $5,000, and returned to their homos amidst tho election contest, involving tho question of their own return to tho Forty* third Congress, and considerable capital for themselves by proclaiming their opposition to “ tbo-incrcase-of-tho-salary " bill. As soon as tho election was over, Hibbard, who was not re turned to Congress, and Parker, who was, immediately wrote hero and drew tholr $5,000 extra pay. Mr. 8011, whoso election is still involved in doubt, has not applied for bis extra pay. As yet, not one of tho members of Congress from Connecticut during the last session has applied for tho extra. THE UNION PACIFIC SUIT. Another Washington special says: Attornoy- Oonoral Williams expects that Mr. Ferry, one of tho counsel employed to conduct tho suit against the Union Pacific Railroad, will arrive hero in a few days, when a consultation will take place be tween tbo counsel and Attornoy-Qonoral in rela tion to beginning the proceedings. It has not been decided yet whore tho suit shall he brought, but probably m either Now York or Boston. [To the Associated Frees.] TUEAHDnV HEOULATIONS. Washington, March 21.—Tho Secretary of tho Treasury has issued aiid directed a rigid en forcement of tho regulation which requires tho Treasurer, and all Assistant Treasurers and de positaries of the United Elates to refuse pay ment of oil ofllcial chocks of tho United States disbursing ollicors, if presented mpre than four months after their issue; and all Treasury drafts presented more than throo years after their is sue. All checks, payment on which has thus boon refused, will have to bo forwarded to tho Secretary of tho Treasury, the former for oxom iuatiou and verification of tho drawer’s ac counts, and tho latter for a statement of now accounts. APPOINTMENTS. Tho President has appointed tho following Assessors to ho Collectors of Internal Revenue j CHICAGO, TUESDAY, MARCH 25, 1873. Frank 'Wlalto, Sovonth District of Indiana; James It. Ilaydou, 'Washington Territory. NOMINATIONS. Tho President to-day sent the following nom inations to tbo Senate t E. D. Nicolls, Deceiver of Pnbllo Moneys, Independence. Kansas, and A. H. Dames, Associate Justice of tbo Supremo Court of Dakota. OnCKNIIAOKS. Outstanding legal tender notes to-day, $358,- 669,997. Tito Senate, in executive session, confirmed tho following nominations: A. H. Barnes. Asso ciato Justice of tho Supremo Court, Dakota Ter ritory: Isadora Eatingcr, Appraiser of Merchan dize, Evansville, Ind.; Edwin A. Howard, Indian Agent for tbo Whetstone Agency, Dakota; Jcaao W. Driest, Agent for tho ludiaua of tbo Otoo Agency, Nebraska; Jason B. Brown, Indiana, Secretary of Wyoming. Postmasters: Thoodoro S. Case, Kansas City, Mo.; Thos. B. Mowry, Macomb, 111.; Charles Bangs. Hillsboro, Ilf.; Charles 0. Myers, KondalTvillo, lud,; James Newby, Cambridge, Ind. WEST POINT VISITORS. Vice-President Wilson this morning appointed Senators Sherman and Stevenson members of tbo Board of Visitors to West Point. Tbo Senate, to-day, at tbo instance of Senator West, reconsidered tbo vote confirming Col. Casey as Collector of Now Orleans, but, after debate, tho nomination was again confirmed. TUB NEW HALF-DOLLAR. Under tbo now Coinage law an important stop was taken toward tbo metric system. Tbo half-dollar will bo increased in value half a cent, adapting it to tbo Oriental trade. It will not bo a legal tender in sums in oxooss of fivo dollars. Tbo Statistical Bureau of tbo Treasury Depart ment states that tbo ebaugo is necessary in order to adapt our coin to tbo basis of tbo grammo, and will bo nominal, not requiring recoining. TUB CLAYTON CASE. It is not supposed that the debate in iho Sen ate on tho Olayton case will bo of long duration, or that Clayton will bo disturbed in the posses sion of hiu seat. CENTRAL AMERICAN MISSION. The commissions of the present Ministers to the Control American States will expire on tho Ist of July, when, by law of Congress, tho mis sions will bo consolidated and only ono Minister assigned to oil those States. It is said to-night that probably Col. Williamson, of Shrovoport, Da., will receive tho appointment. oaldwell'b resignation. The resignation of Senator Caldwell was oc casioned by tho knowledge that many Bopubli can Senators would vote for Mr. Ferry's .resolu tion of expulsion, though it is not certain tho necessary two-thirds vote would have boon se cured therefor. It is behoved that a majority might have boon obtained. Caldwell did not dosiro to remain in tho Senate with oven a mi nority vote for expulsion, but preferred to re sign and rofor tho whole matter to tho people of Kansas. Caldwell will not return to Kansas for a week or ton days. CHARRED NOTES AND BONOS. Treasurer Spinner received to-day from Frank lin, Fa., tho charred remains of 6100.000 of United States notes and,bonds, National notes, Pacific Railway bonds, etc., wbichThomas J. An derson. Cashier of Lamborton's Bank, at Frank lin, attempted to destroy by burning, a short time ago, aftor which ho blow out Ins brains. Tho notes are sent boro for identification. SENATE-EXTRA SESSION. caldwell's resignation. Washington, March 21.—'The Senate mot at noon. Tho VICE-PRESIDENT laid boforo the Senate the following letter: Washington, March 24, 1873. Hon. Henry Wilson, Vice-President oj the United States: Sin: Ido hereby very respectfully notify you, and, through you, tho Senate of the United States, that I have resigned, and do resign, toy seat la that body as a Senator from the State of Kansas; and that I have forwarded by mail, postage prepaid, addressed to the chief executive officer of that State, at Topoka, Kan sas. a resignation in tho following form, to-wlt.: United States Senate Chamber, S larch 24,1673. His Excellency the Governor of Kansas, Topeka, KanA sas : 6m: I hereby respectfully tender you my rcslgna- 1 ’ tlon os a Senator of the United States from' tho Btato of Kansas, to toko effect Immediately. Very respect fully, your obedient servant, Alexander Caldwell. I have also delivered in person, to tho Hon. Thomas A. Osborne, Governor of Kansas, now in this city, « duplicate ox tho paper forwarded, whoso acknowledg ment of receipt thereof Is herewith enclosed. Very re spectfully, your obedient servant, Alexander Caldwell. Willard’s Hotel. Washington, March 34,1873. 2b the Hon. A. Caldtcell, Washington, D. C,: Sir : 1 hereby acknowledge the receipt of your letter of this day, resigning your seat In tho Senate of tho United States as a Senator from tho State of Kansas. Very icspeotfully, your obedient servant, Taos, A. Osborne, Governor of Kansas. Mr. WRIGHT inquired whether Mr. Morton proposed to take any further stops. Mr. MORTON replied that it was not compe tent to expol a man who was not a Senator, or to declare hie scat vacant; therefore ho con sidered his duties as Chairman of tho Commit tee on Elections at an ond. Mr. FENTON said that ho had a speech to make in tbo Caldwell cose, hut it would not bo pertinent to do so. olatton’s case. Mr. WEIGHT moved that tho Clayton oaso bo taken up. Mr. THUBMAN said be had never found timo to read the testimony. Mr. CLAYTON remarked that it was duo to himself, and to tho Btato which bo represented or misrepresented, that his case be now acted on. Tho Legislature was now in session, and ho appealed to all Senators who wished to deal just ly in all things to now proceed to the considera tion of the subject. After discussion, tho Senate decided to take no tho Clayton case—yeas, 86; nays, 14—aa fol lows: TEAS. Alcorn, Frelinghuyaen, Patterson, Allison, Goldthwaito, Pratt, Amos, Hitchcock, Ramsey, Bogy, Howo, Robertson, Boreman, Ingalls, Sargent, , BoutwelJ, Lewis, Scott, Buckingham, Logan, Sherman, Chandler, Mitchell, Spencer, Crngin, Morrill (Mo.), Ciowart, Dorsey, Morrill (Vt.), West, Ferry (Conn.), Morton, tVlndom, Ferry (Mich.), Ogloaby, Wright—3o, NATS. Bayard, Hamilton (Tex.), Saulsbury, Cascorly, Kolloy, Slcvenson, Davis, McOroory, Stockton, Fouton, Marrimou, Thurman—l4. Gordon, Norwood, Tho resolution before the Senate was as follows : Jtceolved, That tho charges mode and referred to tho Select Committee of the last Congress ofl'octing tho official character aud conduct of Powell Clayton aro not sustained. Mr. WRIGHT said that ho, aftor consultation ■with other members of tho Committee, had como to tho conclusion that the subject should go over to-day, as tho Sonato did not scorn pre pared for its decision, but would bo to-morrow. Tho report of tho Committee In tho ease was read, but no further action was taken. tub “iibcohd." Mr. ANTHONY submitted tho following,which was adopted : Itesolved That there bo printed and bound, with au Index, to bo prepared under tbo direction of the Cora miUoo on Printing, the Congressional Jiccord for the present executive session of the Senate ton copies for each Senator, tbo Vice-President, and Secretary of tho Senate: five copies for each member of tbo House, two copica for each executive dupartmeut, five copies each for tho libraries of Congress, of tho Senate, and of tho House, and 1100 copies to be sold by tho Congressional Printer, at the cost of presawork, paper, ana binding. THE POSTAL SERVICE. Mr. WINDOM submitted the following, which was laid over: Itesolved, That tho Select Committee on Transporta tion Houtea to tho Boaboard bo directed to Inquire and report to tho Senate, at Ita next session, aa to tho na ture and extent of tho obligations subsisting between the railroad companies and tho postal service of tho country, and whether any, and what, additional legis lation Is necessary to guard the postal service against Interruption or injury by hostile action on tho part of any or all of said railroad companies. Mr. MORTON offered tho following resolu tions, which were road and ordered printed: itesolved, That tho Bou&to of the United States has received with Joy the Intelligence that tho Itupubllcau Government of Spain has abolished slavery In tho Island of I’urto Rico, ami raised the colored people of that Island from the condition of slaves to the rights and privileges of citizens of tho Spanish Republic. Itesolved, That by this act the people of Spain have ? liven a new assurance to the world that, in establish ug Republican Institutions, they aro actuated by a genuine lovo of liberty, and a sincere regard for the rights of all men, and that It will bo accepted as au omen of the power and perpetuity of the Spanish Re public, The Senate wout into executive session, and afterwards Adjourned, ailn ©filwiiii CONFIRMATIONS. CASEY. CONOIIATULATOIIY. A BRUTAL ASSAULT. A Man Is Struck with Paralysis la a Fight. The Assailant a Special Policeman, Yesterday morning, at 10 o'clock, Michael Rosenborg, who, with his wifo and throe chil dren, occupies room C sat tho St. James Hotol, on South Clark street, near Polk, observed a largo volumo of smoko Issuing from room 40, occupied by a Mrs. Furnoy. Ho gavo an alarm of firo, and rushed into tbo room. Ho found that tbo smoko camo from somo moat in a fry ing-pan on tbo stove. Tbo alarm bo bad given created a panic in tbo bouso. and In tbo confusion some damage was done to the furniture. A man named J. W. Williams, tbo agent for tbo bouso. and who is a special policeman, became enraged at Rosenborg's hasty but sincere action, and be gan to abuso him for what ho bad dono. Rosen borg defended himself, when Williams, who is a man of groat power, took him by tbo throat with both bauds, and, after choking him for at loast five minutes, forced him down on tbo edgo of a tub, on bis back. Ho thou boat him most brutally, and bonded him ovor tbo edgo of tbo tub. This inhuman act so afTootcd Rosenberg’s spinal cord that bo became paralyzed. Ho coasod to move, and lay as ouo dead. When Mrs. Rosenborg cried,“ Oh, do not kill my husband," Williams replied with an oath aud struck at bor. Thinking ho had killed his victim, tho assall ant ran out of tho house, and Itosouhorg was carried into hio room. As ho lay upon his bod ho was a moat pitiable object. 110 was, apparently, a man in tho most per fect health, but could not movo a musclo of hla body, 110 could neither talk or swallow, and hie efforts to inform our reporter how too fight originated and his pare in tho affray wore aie troßbing. A strange feeling it muat bo, to bo robbed of tho powers of locomotion and of speech in a minute. A warrant for Williams’ arrest was executed by Roundsman Bartholin soon after the fight. Williams was taken before Justice Baa yon. At tho trial, Dr. Quirk, who examined Rosenborg, presented a sworn certifi cate, which stated that ho was completely para lyzed, and in a very critical condition. Williams was accordingly held without hail until next Fri day to await tho result of Rosenborg's injuries. If accounts ho truo, audthoro acorns to no but ono version of tho affair, Williams' assault was entirely unprovoked, Bosonborg having done what ho did only out of a desire to save tho house from destruction. Yesterday afternoon Bosonborg was aomow' *; improved, but hiu re covery was deemed vei,. uncertain. WALL STREET, Review of tlio Money* Gold* Rond* Stock* and X’roduco Markets* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. New York, March 21.—Tho week opened with an improved fooling in financial circles. Money was easier, and accessible to borrowers on coll at comparatively cheap rates. Tho change is founded on the belief that Secretary Richardson intends liberally Increasing, at an early day, the volume of logol-tondor notes in circulation. GOLD was lower, and ranged from 116% to 116%. STOCKS. Tho stock market was firmer In tone, and prices advanced from Ito 8 per cent. There was no marked reaction in tho general list until shortly before 3 o’clock, when a weak fooling sot in, and part of tho improvement was lost, though at tho close there was a partial recovery. Tho greatest activity was in Pacific Mail, which foil off at iho opening from 65% to 55%, and afterwards made a steady advance to 67%. In late dealings » reaction to 60% ensued. Panama rose from 118 to 110%, the advance being maintained. This woo tho result of tho story about doubling tho stock telegraphed yesterday. Now York Central made an advance of 1 per cent, selling at 101%@102%, receiving strength from tho re ported placing of £2,000,000 sterling of tho Com pany’s bonds at London. This is probably un true, as tho ageut sent out has not had time to complete tho negotiation. Chicago, Columbus & Indiana Central ad vanced from 39% to 89%, fell off to 89%, advanced to 40, and reacted to 89% in tho late dealings. Tho fulling off was on account of tho reported discovery of forged "puts" and “colls” in this stock. This subsequently proved to bo without foundation. Harlem opened strong at 135, against 183 at tho close on Saturday, but later solos were made at 184@136, western Union was exceptionally weak, and declined from 87% to 80%, with a slight recovery at tho close. BONDS. There was a small business In railroad bonds, and salea indicated no special change in quo tations. Union Pacific mortgages, however, wore strong and higher, first mortgages advanc ing from 86 to 80%; land-grant from 78% to 79, and income from 74% to 75%. Central was steady at 103%@103%, and State-aid bonds at 111. Boston, Hartford & Erie firsts de clined from 40% to 40% in the afternoon, sales being made at the two extremes. Tennes see State bonds sold at 83@83%. Telegrams from Tennessee State that tho Assessment bill passed tho House, and that tho Govornnor, Comptroller, and Treasurer sent messages to tho Legislature stating that the rovonuo under tbo Funding act would bo applied to tho payment of tho interest. Tho rate of taxation has not been increased. Governments wore strong in sympa thy with highor prices in Loudon. The domond was good. PRODUCE. Holders of flour wove firm. Tho arrivals are light, and tho stock of shipping extras small, winter wheat extras are scarce and higher. Family grades rulo firm. Superfine is in fair request. There was a good demand at tho close for all low grades under SB. Medium spring wheat extras woro heavy and irregular. Bales, 13,500 brls; receipts, 7,178 brls. Tho inquiry for wheat was light, chiolly confined to millers. Winter wheat was offered loss freely. Bales. 20,000 bu ; receipts, 6,830 bu. Pork was quiet ami rather nominal. Now moss for March is quoted at $16.00, with sales of 20 brls old moss at SIO.OO, and on Saturday evening 50 brls now moss at $16.25. Prime moss is firmer at $14.76@10.00. Receipts, 413 packages. Cut moats oxbibit a light business, and prices aro generally nominally unchanged. Pickled hams, 10%@11%c. Sales of 20 boxes pickled should ers at 0%0, and 20 boxes pickled hollies, 12 lbs, at 100. Receipts, 7,019 packages. Bacon was firm aud moderately active, with solos of SDO boxes at 8%0 (buyer paying brokerage) for long clear, ana 8o for Cumberland. Lard was moderately active and firmer; prime Western, 8%@8%0 for March; city, B%@ B%e. For future delivery, sales nro'roportod of 500 tlorcou May at B%c, 500 tierces June at 0 l-100, and 1,200 tierces April ut 8 9-160, but quoted later as high as 8%0. Receipts 2,810 tierces aud barrels, and 250 kegs. LawlesuiiesH in Crawford County, Xml. From the .Veto Albany Ledger, March 21, Last wuck wo gave our readers an account of tho robbery of tbo lilos of thoGourla in Crawford County of all tbo papers in tho railroad suits, in ordor to provout a Anal hearing of the case. Wo append a copy of a letter recently received by Mr. Golden, a citizen of Crawford County, who has boon employed, legitimately, in tho in terests of tho railroad company, ana has not re sorted nor docs bo propose to resort to any but legitimate measures in carrying out tho instruc tions of his employers, which is his right, and in which ho will bo protected at whatever coat: To if. 11, Qolilen ami others to whom it vxay con cern : Wo tho Vigilance Committee, havo boon ob serving your works and doings. Mr. Golden, wo Imvo boruo with you, hoping you would soo your folly aud opon your oyos to a sonso of justlco. Wo thought probably you had mau enough in you to baton td tho petition of your follow citi zens But, no : you skulkod around like a wolf in sheep's clothing, “ Booking whom you may de vour.” You claim to havo a right to prosecute, oto. Wo claim that you obtaiuod that right (if right it bo) by fraud. You swindled us out of our rights. Now, Mr. Golden, wo will deal plain with you. Wemeau business. We don't bollovolnyour “one man power ” any longer. While wo live tho peopio shall rule. Wo. to-ulght, lift the remaining papers, tbo documents relative to your railroad swindle suit; and boroby notify you, after ibis day, if you aro known to glvo your aid in tbo same again, you shall bang. Yon bavo boon notified onco before, but now officially by tbo Vigilauco Committee. Wo profess to adopt tbo rule, “Bo sure you aro right, and then go abo&d." Wo bavo novor failed yot, and do not moan to fall this timo. Tbo attorneys, Nobio 0. Butlor, Qcorgo Ly man, and others, bad bettor bo careful and go slow In their attempt to rob tbo pooplo of Craw ford County of tholr privileges ana their prop erty. A word to tbo wfso is sufficient. Fooling that forhoaranco is no longer a virtue, wo doom it lust that wo should so speak and not. Signed aud approved by tho ■ Vigilance Committee. “Vent, Vidi, Viol" NEW YORK. Tlio Stokes Case—Cotton-Brokers— lUrs. Foster—Stock Operators In Court—Xko Bull’s Hoad Hank—Tho llroolclyn mystery—Smuggling—Fan ny ißydo—Curious Suicide* Special Dispatch to Tho Chicago Tribune . New York, March 21.—Tho Custom-House au thorities to-day found $1,700 worth of sowing silk in a false-bottomed trunk belonging to one of tbo saloon-passengers of tbo Bboln. Tho owner drew a pocket-knife and attempted to cut bis own throat, but was prevented and locked up. His name withhold. About a month ago, a man giving tho name of Vaudoroin, and representing himself ns an escaped French Communist, arrived from Franco with 64,000 worth of paintings. Ho said they wore to bo used in decorating bis resi dence, and they wore passed at tho Custom- House. On Saturday one of Col. Whitoloy’s de tectives visited Yauderoin's place in Houston street, and tbo latter offered to sell tbo paint ings. To-day they were seized. Fanny Hyde, tbo pretty little Englishwoman who shot her seducer, George Watson, under pe culiarly aggravating circumstances in February. 1872, m Brooklyn, and who forfeited her bail after tbo failure of her first trial through tbo disagreement of tbo jury, was arrested in Wash ington, yesterday, at tho request of tho District- Attoruoy of Kings County. She arrived boro this afternoon, and was looked up to await another trial. She says she has always boon willing to return, hut was not notified that she was wanted. Bho has greatly improved in health since her release. There is no doubt that she will be acquitted. Tho last jury stood eleven for acquittal to one for manslaughter in the fourth degree. Tom Fields’ personal effects wore sold to-day by the Sheriff to satisfy execution. They brought nearly 620,000. His deserted wife ana children are sick, and suffering from want. Rosanna Smith, of 42 Thompson street, com mitted suicide last night by taking Paris-green. About a roar ago sho lost an eye, and tho chil dren of tho neighborhood have since boon in tho habit of calling her “Qlass-oyo" and ‘‘Cock eye.’* Being very sensitive, this preyed upon her mind and dfovo her crazy. Hor domestic rela tions wore happy. Greenwood Cemetery officials say that there is nothing In their charter to prohibit tbo burial of a murderer in tho cemetery, but there is such a clause in the deeds of sale of lots. This, how ever, was. not contemplated when tbo oomotery was Incorporated, but at tho timo of tho execu tion of John O. Colt, for tho murdor of Adams, at Chambers street and Broadway, thirty years ago, his friends desired to purchase a lot, and in tended to erect a splendid monument to his memory. Tho Company, considering that such ostentatious display over tho grave of a murderer was not .only highly improper but would give groat offense to tho owners of lots in the cemetery, refused to sell to tbo fami ly, and in all subsequent deeds the clause re ferred to was inserted. Tho father of Foster was one of tho original owners of a lot, and, therefore, his deed does not contain this clause: and tho Company cannot interfere, nor does it desire to do so in any similar case, if tho burial is quietly performed. Min. Foster, the wife of tbo unfortunate man, still continues In a very critical condition. Tho torriblo excitement sho underwent during the few days preceding tho execution, and the fear ful reaction which sot in after the sentence was carried out, wore more than human nature could boar, and Mrs. Foster’s frame gave way completely. Sho now lies in hor bouse, 802 East Twenty-fourth street, utterly prostrated. Attending physicians have but faint hopes of her recovery. The inquest in tho Goodrich murder ease ad journed to-night without doing anything. This is part of the programme of tho authorities to keep tho facts from tho police as much as possi ble. It is generally believed that tho detectives are holding hack for tho offer of a reward, the dead man’s relatives being rich. From all that can bo learned there seems now no doubt that Mr. Goodrich was murdered by his dis carded mistress. It seems that ho four years ago seduced a young woman of respectable connections, under promise of marriage. Bho boro him a child, and tho liason had been continued up to the time of bis death. Many persona havo soon hor entering and leav ing tho house in DoQraw street, and sitting on tho stoop beside him in tho summer. Recently Mr. Goodrich bus boon paying bis addresses to a young lady named Miss Clem, residing on Forty-ninth street. In this city, ana they wore engaged to bo married. Naturally ho endeavored to rid himself of tho other young woman, but made tho at tempt probauly without informing hor of his faithlessness. Sho discovered it, however, and charged him with it, and it is supposed he denied it. To satisfy her ho went through a mock mar riage performance, but she became aware of his deceit also, soon after, and violent quarrels en sued. At length goaded to madness she shot him with his own pistol when his back was turned, twice in tho loft side of tho head, and, as he swung around, onco in tho right side and once across tho forehead. Ho foil on the hearthstone. Thou realizing what sho had done, she washed tho blood off his face, arranged tho body carefully to give tho idea of suicide, took his watch ana money for present necessities, and Hod. It is certain Goodrich was killed on Friday morning. A light was soon in the second story about 12 o'clock on tho previous night, and tho suspected woman was in tho house tho previous afternoon. That sho has fled is also certain, because, although tho detectives know who sho is and havo boon searching for hor, sho has not yet boon arrested. A mysterious man. who is said to bo an important witness, was captured in this city this morning, and is now in custody in Brooklyn. In tho closet of a front room up stairs a now shirt was found, which had boon worn but little ana never washed. On tho collar-band bloody finger marks wore visible, and about an inch of tho cud on which tho collar-button had been sown was torn off. Tho other buttons hung merely by a thread. In tho drawers of tho bureau wore indications of tho recent occupancy of tho room by some female, and some medical apparatus found in tho wash-stand goes to confirm this be lief. The inquest was adjourned until Friday, owing to tho absence of material witnesses. A mysterious package in the Post-Office, ad dressed to A. Byron Indwell, is refused by tho Trust Company. Sir Edward Thornton is nego tiating with Mr. Croswoll to have it turned over to Nathaniel Jarvis, tho Receiver appointed in behalf of the Bank of England. Deputy-Sheriff Jarvis will at once attach itandoxamiuo it. Mc- Donnell baa engaged Messrs. Follows, Garvin, ami Brooks as counsel, and refuses to make any statement. {To the Associated Press.] New York, March 24.—Hr. Dos Bassos, counsel for Stokes, mudo an application to-day in tho Court of Oyer and Terminer for au order to ohow cause why tho judgment record in the case should not bo amended, on tho ground that it does not include material facts. Tho Court took the papers. At a mooting of tho Cotton Exchange to-dny tho Board of Managers wore requested to insert in tho by-laws a clause prohibiting tho .transac tion of any business .except between the hours of 10 a. m. and 4 p. m. Tho widow of Foster, hanged on Friday last, is utterly prostrated, and not expected to live. Azariah Boody has brought a suit against Daniel Drew, Kenyon, Cox A Co., and others, in tho Supreme Court. The plaintiff and most of tho defendants entered into a “pool" arrange ment in Toledo, Wabash A Western Railroad stock, in which the plaintiff was to take 12.600 shares with a margin beyond that number. Ken yon, Cox A Co. wore tho brokers for the “pool." At the close of tho “ pool" tho brokers reported 186,000 shares on hand, and the ooat $0,707,010, and called on the plaintiff to take up 15,000 shares on that basis. The plaintiff now insists the brokers used the “poor 1 stock for “puts NUMBER 218. and "calls," and for other purposes, and de mands a full and complolo account from tbo brokers of tbo transactions, making also tbo other members of tbo “pool” parties defendant. These defendants demurred to tbo complaint, and a motion by tbo plaintiff for judgment on their demurrer, as frivolous, was argued to-day before Justice rancher, who has reserved his decision. The depositors of tbo Hull’s Hoad Bank mot to-day to try and arrange matters between tbo stockholders and depositors, so that the former would make good tbo deficiency, and the latter still continue to do business with the bank. A committee of five was appointed to confer with tbo stockholders on the subject. Willot, the Cashier, made a statement, showing the de ficiency to bo $267,000. Marshal Fisko has deputized Charles A. Moigga, Bank Examiner of this district, to take charge of the property. Two Brooklyn detectives wore In this city to-day, and returned to Brooklyn with a Now York man, who had business relations with Charles Goodrich, murdered there a few nights ago. The Corouor, District Attorney, Detec tives, and tho stranger had several consultations during the day. The officials decline to make public tho result of tbo consultations, or to say if tho stranger is under arrest. District At torney Brittou said this afternoon: “I am pretty well satisfied as to tho persons who committed this murder, if wo can got hold of them." THE LABOR QUESTION. Agitation on ttio “ £lgh't«llloiir Lnwu —lTllnorN’ Strike at Youngstown, O. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. New York, March 21.—Tho probabilities are that, with tho opening of tho spring trade, a strike, on a most oxtcnelvo scale, will bo organ ized by tho different trades unions in this city. Undeterred by their unsuccessful attempts a year ago, the workmen are determined to again attempt tho enforcement of the “eight-hour" rule and Increase of wages. Tho trades unions are In active preparation, and aro straining every nerve to increase tho numerical strength of their organizations, and aro taking measures to Insure concerted action in ail departments of labor. Tbo straggle will not be confined to ono trade at a timo, 'for all tho societies havo an understanding with• tho league, and these men, mustering in all about 80,000 mechanics, will strike at tho same timo. Tho leaders declare that they are in a position to successfully copo with capital. Tho carpenters and joiners de mand increase of pay of 62 per day, and tho .Gormans demand 25 per cent extra for piece work. Tho President of tho Workingmen’s Union states that 100,000 men will bo on a strike at tho same timo, and that tho movement in this city will bo followed by like action in Boston. Chicago, St. Louis, and other largo cities. Tuo feeling among employers is very firm and they are determined to resist tho de mands of the strikers at all hazards. Already the contemplated aotion has had its effect upon the building interest, and tho builders refuse to take extensive contracts. They havo, however, demanded ton hours as a day’s work, and if their demand Is not complied with they will sus pend operations. In Brooklyn the carpen ters havo notified their employers that after tho 7th of April they will demand $3.60 for a day of eight hours. The bosses offer to pay them by tho hour at tho rate of $3.60 for a day’s work of ton hours. This offer tho workmen refuse, and if their demand is not com plied with, they Trill strike on tho above-men tioned date. New York, March 24.—The proposed move ment for a general strike among the working men for the maintenance of the eight-hour law Is gathering strength. At a mooting of German shoemakers, held yesterday, addresses wore made favoring a strong organization, so as to partici pate in the coming strikes. The Internationalists’ Association propose takinglogalmo&Bures against employers who refuse to comply with the Eight- Hour law. Members of that body think that all sections and trades would strike this year to en force that law. Special Diepatch to The Chieaoo ZVttuiM. Youhostoww, 0., March 24.—The situation at (ho Mahoning Goal Company's mine is un changed. A strong guard is necessarily kept there night and day, to prevent a collision be tween the strikers and the new miners. One Fossott, editor of the minors’ organ hero, and instigator of tho trouble, is under arrest for an attempt to create a disturbance at tho mines yesterday. THE WEATHER. War Department Reports and Prog* nosticutions* Chicago, March 21.—Yesterday morning the Signal Sorvico reports indicated a colder tem perature all over the country—lo degrees below zero at Pembina and Duluth; snow m Northern Novr York, and rain in Louisiana and Tennes see. This morning the general temperature continues low throughout the East and West— -Bdegrees below at Pembina: 10 above at Du luth ;29 above at Chicago; 5 above at Alpena; 20 at Buffalo; 70 at Montreal; 25 at Boston; 6 at Burlington, Vt.; 28 at Now York; 10 at "Wash ington ;61 at Charleston; 60 at Jacksonville, Fla.; 61 at Now Orleans; 60 at Nashville. Snowing at Brockonridge, Minn., Davenport, lowa, Pittsburgh. Pa., and Knoxville, Toun. Raining at Omaha, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Louisville, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Washington, Capo May, Fortress Monroe, and Northern Florida. War Department, Office of tub Chief Signal Sebvioe, Division of Telegrams and EBPonxs for tub Benefit of Commerce, Washington, D. 0., March 24. —Probabilities— The storm-centre in the Ohio Valley will move northeastward over Ohio, with increasing north east winds and snow during Monday night from the Middle States westward over the lake region to the Kooky Mountains. For Tuesday, in the Gulf States, continued southeast and westerly winds, followed in the Western Gulf States by northerly winds and falling temperature on Tuesday afternoon. For tlio South Atlantic States southeasterly winds veering to the southwest, with rain. The storm-centre will continue developing in the Middle Atlantic Coast, and northeast winds, with threatening weather and rain or snow, will prevail over the Middle States and Lower Lakes, with low temperature, but somewhat higher than on Monday. Rising barometer and clear weather will prevail very generally in' Now England on Tues day morning, followed by falling barometer, northeast winds,. and cloudy weather Tuesday night. Cautionary signals continue at stations on tbo Gulf and Atlantia Coasts. Toronto, March 24.—Weather cold; snowing this afternoon. Bloomington, March 24.—Quito a severe atoot storm prevails hero ; everything is covered with a thick coating of ico. Des Moines, March 24.—A furious snow storm commenced hero to-day at 4p. ra., and is still raging at this hour (midnight), with throe inches of snow on the ground. FIRES, Destruction of Proporty—lioss of Life* Special Dispatch to Tho Chicago Tribune, Des Moines, March £1. —Near Pomeroy, Col* houn County, a few daya ago, a house was burned, and a woman named Lester and her two children perished with it. The mother lost her life in trying to save her children. Pboviuenob, It. 1., March 24.—The Richmond mllla at South Soltuato, mu ou cotton thread by Robert Joselyn, waa burned this morning. Clinton, March 24.—At Marshalltown, lowa, on Saturday, a bam, throe mulou, eight horses, ten head of cattlo, and fifteen tons of hny. the property of 0. Rich, were burned. The loss is $3,000 ; insurance. SBOO. Topeka, Kan., March 24.—A fire at Thayer, Kanaaa, last night, destroyed about half the bus* inosH portion of the town. Tho loss has not been ascertainod. Horrible Outrage. Geokobtown, Del., March 24.—This morning, while the daughter of John Lank, a respectable gentlemen, residing near Rehoboth Station, was returning from tho house of her uncle she was accosted uy a negro named Joseph Green,or Bur ton who tore off her clothes and violated hoi person. After the assault. Burton fled, and the girl, who is only 15 years old, managed to reaob her father's residence, whore she mads known the facts. Burton was sur rounded in tho woods and captured about two miles from whore he committed the outrage, and the prisoner, in tho custody of the officers, reached this place this evening, and wo* lodged In j&il to await his trial. He is a harden ed criminal and makes light of his offense.

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