26 Mart 1873 Tarihli Chicago Daily Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1

26 Mart 1873 tarihli Chicago Daily Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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VOLUME 26. OOaY. COAL! GOAL! Parties in want of Goal will And it for tholr interest to buy of Messrs. KELLEY, MOR XEY & GO. They have tho LARGEST COAL SHEDS in the city,andean deliver promptly, GLEAN, DRY GOAL, free Item snow and Ice, in all kinds of weather, as tholr 000 l is ALL UNDER OOVER. Wholesale ’and Retail, at lowest market rates. Orders Jjby mail receive prompt attention. Liberal inducements offered to tbo trade. MAIN OFFICE AND YARD, COMER OF NINETEENTH & GROVE-STS. BRANCH OFFICE, 168 WMNGTON-ST, near LaSalle, Lehigh, Lackawanna, Blossbnrg, And oil kinds of Soft Goal. mEYJOEIET&GO. MATTRESSES. IMPORTANT. The WOVEN WIRE MATTRESS CO., of Hartford, Oonn., manufaoturora of the lATIOIAL AND Woven Wire a Mattress, have established a branch, of thoir business trt 280 State-at., Chicago, whore a full lino of their superior Rods can bo soon. Tho public Sof Chicago and vicinity aro invited to call and examine them. THEY ABE THE BEST BED in tho world. For sale by Furniture Dealers generally. WOVEN WIRE MATTBEBS CO., PROFESSIONAL. Important te the Meal Profession. Dr. VAN* HUMMEL is desirous of meet ■ri-iVlng with cwo or throe highly educated and experienced physicians, who will learni Ms peculiar method of treating CHRONIC NA* BAL CATARRH, etc., and open branch es tablishments in neighboring cities, as his practice is getting too largo for him to attend BE GRADUATES OP RE PUTABLE MEDICAL SCHOOLS, AND * GIVE EVIDENCE OP THE PACT. Office hours. 0 a. m. to 4 p. m. No. 24 South minoia-st., Indianapolis, Ind. REFERENCES: Bis Exoollonoy T. A. Hondrlcki, Governor of Indiana, out. Gov. Leonidas Boston. Hon. O. D. Slooth. Rushvlllo, Ind., State Senator. The Right Rev. J. 0. Talbot, Episcopal Bishop of Dio* oeie of Indiana. _ , . _ , _ . Hon. 0. 0. Clark. President First National Bank, Rush* vlllo. Ind. Col. R. N. Hndson, Terro llanto, Ind. . _ Mr. W. H. Morrison, President Indiana Banking Co., Indianapolis. Ind. FINANCIAL. BANKING HOUSE WRENN & BREWSTER 06 WasMagtoa'ia*. Deposits Received arid Interest Allowed. Gold, Government Bouds, Local Stocks, and Commer cial Paper Bought and Sold. Collateral Loans and Commercial Paper form a leading feature In our business, for tho negotiation of which wo cave unusual facilities- X3IC3-- Parties holding claims in all parts of the country will Ondoor system for their adjustment complete. We ask you to Investigate our reliability and pobu qualities, and Mnd for circular. FRASIER’S Mercantile Collection Agency, 146 Madlson-st. $3,000.00 In hand, to loan on Inside Real Estate, throe or five jqats. WM. P. WATSON A CO., Stock and Note Brokers. 106 Olark-st. BUSINESS CHANGES. DRUG STORE FOB SALE. Eligible corner; centre of city; first-class: doing a fine business; Invoice, $12,000; cash purchaser* only wanted; ownor BolnnE.it. TOWI.EII, 378 bouth Water-st. FOUNDRY FOE SALE ATT -A. BjAJRO-A.I3ST- A small Foundry, on tho North Side, In perfect running aider, on favorable terms. THOMAS WIIAJE, (33 Wn«t Mooroa»st.. or Room 2b. 1W Wawhington-st. STATIONERY. CULVER, PAGE, HOYRE & CO, fianafactaxera and Jotter, of papeh, BLANK BOOKS & STATIONERY, 118 & 120 Monroo-st. J. M. W. JONES, STATIONER PRINTER & BLANK BOOK MAHUPAOTDREE, 08 South Cannl-at., iiml 107 South Clarh-at., nimlimliat Church lllpck. . HOTELS. CITY HOTEL, Corner Sixteenth end filato-eta. TERMS, SS-OO PER ID.A.'X, ■I. W. TOWNE. Proprietor. _ EDUCATIONAL. Citicap University Law Sclool, Throe Boislons dally and Moot Court. Leutaros In Boone Block. Students enter at any time, and graduate when competent. Term begins April 1. For tonus and dialogue address Itonm S9, Tribune Building. HAIR LUXURIANT. "CTE 3 On (op of your bead U a bald spot. Try MANN'S HAIR LUXURIANT. Wfyt Ilf WATCHLs AND JEWELRY. PINE WATCHES. We have in stock a very large assortment of Fine Watches, Gold Opera, Guard and Vest Chains, “Gorham” Ster ling Silverware in beau tiful cases, and elegant Jewelry. One price to all, and as low as any Jewelry House in the United States. I. 1&T80H & CO., STATE' prams. FOR SALE. MAPLESU6AE. Wo ore now receiving our regular consign ments from Michigan of GENUINE NEW MAPLE SUGAR, ADULTERATION. For solo to tho trade by tho ton or single ease, by HAGUE <Sc SPIES, 52 WEST EAKE-ST. KIRKLAND GRATE COAL, Mined by Kirkland A Co., Veoder*, Fountain Co., Ind. Bold by . 0. H. DYKR & CO., Cor. Wab&aU-av. and Madison-tt. Steam Lnier Bane for Sale. Steam Lumber Bargo *' St. Clair ” for aalo. For price and terms apply to E. R. AYREB, Sandusky. Ohio. INSURANCE. Gnat Wastan Imran Co., OF NEW OELEANB, LA. CAPITAL, ONE MILLION DOLLARS. BEK I. SELMAf & CO., 11l W. Wasliington-st., Managers Northwestern Departing. LAND COMPANY. GOBI COBBY LAI CO., CHXC-A-O-O, XXjL. Capital Stock, - - $750,000. Assets, Over $1,100,000. OHAELE3 A, GEEGOET, President, Ofllcci 184 Dcarborn-st., Chicago. DIRECTORS—Edwin H. Abbot, 18 Pemberton Square. Boston: Franklin E. Gregory, (Goo. O. Richardson A C 0.,) Boston; George Holfnian, C 9 Willlam-st., Now York; Franklin H.Watrias, Charles A. Gregory, Chicago. BUSINESS GARBS. RITCHIE, 6EEG6,GILLESPIE & GO. 70 LaSallc-st., Chicago, IMPORTERS OF Scotch Pi£ Iron, Rails, Cast IronPißfi. SHIPPERS OF CANADIAN&DNTTED STATES PRODUCE. Httchlo. Oroßff, Gillespie tfc Co Illontrcnl. Ritchie. Hlmiey Ac Co London. TUoums Itlßiicy dc Co NcvYorq. EDWIN HUNT & SONS, 58 and GO Jjoke-st. fiuilders’ Hardware a specialty. All kinds of Trimmings in Bronze, Silver and Nickel Plato, and other styles. . TO RENT. FOR REIT ORLEASE The docks now occupied by John Granger, with lots in rear, on tho "West Side, north of Lako-st., with frontage on river of 146 foot. Those lots adjoin the track of the Danville & Vincennes Railroad, and afford the finest facilities in the city to the Coal Trade. MATTOCKS & MASON, 623 'Wttbash-av. TO RENT, Prom April 1, a handsome three-sto ry and basement marble-front house, elegantly furnished, and with all modern improvements. Location one of tho best in tho city. Rent, S3OO per month. Address O 93, Tribune office. REMOVALS. REMOVAL SAM’L GEHR, Real Estate, Loaa, aufl tuvesliiig Ap 'lias removed ills Office to NO. 10 TUIIHINB lII7IT.IHNC. MEETINGS. Masonic. Regular Communication of nianoy lodge, No, 271, A. F. and A. M.. will bo held tbit (Wednesday) evening, at 7iSod. m..ln OrloataiUall. _ U. O. BOWZfIR. Secretary, ELEVATORS. SAFETY Tbo public «ro Interested to KNOW whether or not tho orlous Passenger Elevators now In uso aro absolutely afo. Wo CLAIM that our WATER BALANCE ELEVATOR is SAFER than any Steam Elevator now manufactured. and wo are ready TO PROVE IT BEYOND A DOUBT, to any ono interested. That tho public may bo fully Informed, wo hereby Challenge Any and all manufacturers of Steam Elevators to a TR.Ii3.Li TEST Of tbo safety arrangements they use on tholr best mo* chines, before a Committee of Experts Who aro competent to give tho wholo subject an Intelli gent Investigation. Tho Oommlttoo to bo composed of omlnonb Mechanical Engineers, to bo selected by tho En giaeorln-Otilof of tbo City of Chicago, or any ono else of otiual character and ability. Wbllowo consider tho question of safety of PARA* MOUNT IMPORTANCE, wo would liko also to submit to snob Oommlttoo tho following Questions: Which Elevator runs with tho most comfort and fooling of security to passongorq? "Which runs tho smoothest and with tho least noise ? Whtsn runs tbo fastest ? Whlob will osrnr tho most passengers In a day ? What Is tho cost por passcuacr? Whlob tsbost under control of tho operator? Which Is most likely to got out of order? Which will raako tho round trip quickest ? Which o&n bo started and stopped quickest? Which costs most U> operate ? Which Is subject to must wear and tear? Wo offer this challenge, not simply for an advertise* meat, bat with adoelro to got authentic Information to tho public, that they may know whether or not it is eafo to rldo upon Eloyotors, and on which kind they may eon* elder themselves safest. WM. E. II ALE A CO.. Southeast comer State and Washington^!., Chicago. PARLOR SWINGS. PATENT PAM D.on receipt price, $4.60. J. FREEMAN QJJIGG, 2fi3 West lUniUnon-at.t Clilrni ART GALLERY. TAKE YOUU Old Pictures of De ceased Friends To BRAND’S, to have thorn boauti j fully copied and oulargod. BRAND’S ART GALLERY, I 500 Wabash-av. S^GMldren’s $ PHOTOGRAPHS. BRAND makes a specially of Child* roll's Photographs; so wliilu the little ASK /ffK ones nro In good health, takothomto MVBH his Studio, whore you will got the vjL fS llnost work for THREE DOLLARS m “ft PER DOZEN. 590 Wabash-av. REAL ESTATE. M Site Residences ■ Wo have now for salo ono of the largest lists of property ever offered in the vicinity of Union Park, This list consists of Residences of every description, ranging in price from $4,500 to $32,000, bn Park, Warren, and Ashland-avs., and on Washing ton, Walnut, and Pulton-sts., besides fine Building Lots. Parties desiring to purchase will do well to call on us. W. D. KERFOOT & CO., 90 East Washlngton-st. FOE SALE. The Executors of the Estate of Thomas Buffern, lato of Now York, now offor for salo SIXTEEN HUNDRED LOTS. Bounded on tho north by Divislon-st., on tho oast by Iloboy, on tho south by Ohioago-av., and on tho west by Western-av. These Lots will front on tho abovq-namod streets, and also on Hoyno, Leavitt, and Oakley-sts. , , „ This valuable property has never boforo boon plaood in tho market, and is now offered on tho most favorable terms. For plats, ab stracts, and terms apply to MATTOCKS & MASON, Agents, 523 Wftbaah»ftV. A Flffi EfflHCl FOR SALE At a bargain, atßaronswood, 20 minutes'rldo from Kin* rjo-sl. Depot. Gothic Coltoao on brick basement, con, taiutng 8 rooms, furnace, filter, well, and cistern; lot H2xlflJ: ornamented with fruit and shade trees. Inquire of W. P. JONKS. Room 18. No. 172 X^Halle-st. RANGES. &o. STOVES, RANGES, FURNACES, With an endless variety of now and desirable HOUSE* KEICI’ING GOODS, at DALTOKT cto GO’S, BO & 83 BANDOLPH-BT. VAN’S RANGES, Carving Tables, Broilers, Ac. HERON, SMITH &MOOERS, S. 1!. cor, Clinton and IVashlm FURNITURE. D. M. SWINEY & BRO., Cabinet-Makers, AND MANUFACTURERS OF FINE OFFICE FIXTURES. Factory, cor. Klnale-st. and AsUand-ar. CHICAGO, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 26, 1873. WASHINGTON. Senator Clayton Whitewashed by a Bare quorum. Ex-Senator Patterson’s Pam phlet in Ills Own De fense. What Caleb Cushing . Wrote for the New Hampshire Corrup tionist, The Rush of Patriots Eager to Be Sent to Vienna. Special Dtepateh lo The CMcai jn Tribune, EX-SENATOR PATTERSON. Washington, March 25.—1t will bo remember ed that when tho Sonato Orodlt MoblUor Com mlttoo submitted its report, recommending tho expulsion of Senator Patterson on tho next to tho last night of tho session, that tho Now Hampshire Senator arose immediately.to a ques tion of privilege, and demanded an immodioto disposition of tho report, os his term would expire on tho next day, and that thereafter ho would havo neither the right nor opportunity to bo hoard. Tho Sonato generally demurred to haz arding the Appropriation bills for this par peso, and, after considerable discus sion, it was formally agreed that notwithstanding the fact that Patterson would oooso to bo a member of tho body, hia cose should bo talcon up and disposed of in tho pres ent executive session. Presuming upon this, arrangement, Senator Anthony, after thoOlayton case hod boon disposed of, asked, to-day, that Senator Patterson no granted tho right to file a reply to tho report of tho Committee, which shall bo made a part of tho oilloial proceedings of tho Senate. To this proposition objection was at once made by the various members of tho Com mittee, both Republicans and Democrats, since Patterson’s reply to tho Committee had boon published in pamphlet form, and had unwittingly been laid on tho desks of several Senators, itwas urged that tho only understand ing had with Pattbrsou was, that his case should bo taken up, and this course tho Committee wore prepared to recommend, but not to give tho ox mombor the right tp file an argument criticising the report of tno Committee, which should be made an official record. Ponding tho disposition of this question, tho Senate adjourned. Tho matter will be finally disposed of to-morrow by having Patterson’s argument road, when, as a matter of course, it will bo printed in tho Globe, and will thus become a port of tho official pro ceedings. Senator Sherman has been already given notice o this effect. Patterson's argument is printed in pamphlet form, and its authorship is attribut ed to the versatile and oven facile pen of Caleb Cushing, tho groat defender of unfortunate Sen ators. In the debate to-day, Senators Scott, Morrill, of Maine, and Stevenson said that, on tho most cursory examination, they found it to abound in palpablo falsehoods. The pamphlet, after a few general observations, opens by stat ing that the Now Hampshire Senator pur chased bis stock from Oakes Amos, and he then proceeds to defend his right to hold such stock, or any other stock which is a source of profit. On this point ho says that members of tho Senate ore not hero for the pur pose of declaiming over transcendental or spec ulative questions of sentiment or theory. They aro charged with tho supervision of interests, and tho distinct interests of their respective States, os well as tho general interests of tho United States, and it Is well for tho public good that Representatives in Congress and Senators should themselves ha Vo an Interest in common with their constituents and their States. Tho theory of tho report would produced a body of Senators as little useful for tholr high duties as children in tho nursery. From this point the ox-Sonator proceeds to apologize for the discrepancy between his state ments and those of Oakes Amos, by attributing them to forgetfulness, that common fault of men who are not employed in commercial pursuits 5 and then, from an eloquent defense of Amos, ho proceeds to state that tho whole Credit Mobilior outcry was but tho work of tho defeated enemies of the present Administration. Then ho proceeds to administor a severe castiga tion to the President, and finally winds up as follows, making his course that of tho Adminis tration. “ Congress, lu the morbid state of mind produced by those investigations, has seemed to suppose that sensational paragraphs in tho newspapers, which are pleasant reading to-day and aro forgotten to-morrow, constitute tho judgment of tho people of tho United States, and so it seemed to have been thought that Con gress must undertake the great process of self purgation in tho ingenious fear of suicidal self immolation. But the excitement was hero, and not among the people of the United States. Tho moment Congress adjourns, reaction commences in favor of the martyrs to this superfluous agita tion in Congress; Gentlemen tho most in culpated aro received with triumph when they return to their respective States. Tho Administration suffers no prejudice, either ‘from the panic-terror of tho accused or tho 'equally panic-terror of tho sincere among the accusers. And thus wo are told, that tho investigations regarding Credit Mobilior wore to affect injuriously, and perhaps defeat, tho Republican party in my own State of New Hampshire, when the contrary effect is Indicated by tho electoral returns from the State and the 'indications of a similar reaction have occurred in other States. In conclusion, let mo say that I have reviewed tho report with anxious purpose to discipline myself to a can did examination of its contents, discharging my mind of all natural fooling of resoutfulnoss in view of tho severe conclusions of tho Committee; penetrating into tho recess of my own conscience to judge my own actions and motives without reserve or mercy; in a word, discussing the case impartially and with out bias, favor, or affection, as if it wore a question of history, relating to some third per son of another ago or of a foreign country, and on such a retrospect of tho facts, 1 do sol emnly appeal • from tho condemnatory opinion of tho Committee to tho bettor judgment of tho Senate itself, of my countrymen, and of my God.” SWING. ly examining o out it will seen the ba cannot fall ; or become :zy, the Tray ilding the lild securely, t not binding and at the ime time af- Tding a Table : Toys, &o. vn beplaood any Ceiling, ill, Doorway, >roh, or Gar in. Sent C. CALDWELL POLITICALLY DEAD Tho statement that Cnldivoll will appeal to the people of Kansas forte-election to tho Senate is without foundation, all tho information from that State, as well as tho opinions of Kan- Baa men of different wings of tUo Republican party now hero, concur that politically Mr. Cald well ia dead in Kansas. It la quostlonoblo if bo will bo able to got up asrospootablo a reception on Ida return homo aa waa given Colfax at South Bend or Oakoa Araea at North Easton. POSTAL CAB TROUBLES. There is Ukoly to bo trouble between tho rail road companies and tho Post-Office Department, on account of tho refusal of tho former to,con tinue tho postal cars on their various routes at tho compensation they now receive. Tho mot tor was the subject of consideration at the Cab inet mooting to-day, and it Is understood the Postmaster-General waa authorized to test tho law in the matter, and tp use whatever moans ho saw proper to protoot tho Interests of the Government, and to secure o continuation of the postol facilities enjoyed by the people. It is said that some lawyers who have boon cou -1 suited are of tho opinion that all railroads being United Stateo post-roods, tho Government has tho power to seize and operate such roads as re fuse to carry the malls under tho present rate. No oxtrome measure will ho taken, however, until all efforts to cqmo to a satisfactory understanding have failed. There are those who think that tho Postmaster-General ia to blamo for not hoviug brought tho matter to the otteutlou of Congress. The railroad companies have boon complaining for a number of years, and have repeatedly noti fied tho Postmaster-General that they could not afford to do the work at the present rates. irton*s(e. CONGRATULATED. „ . Since the end of tho Caldwell case. Senator Morton, who conducted it with so mufh ability on behalf of the people, baa received the con gratulations of all the membore of tho Senate who me not in the habit of purchasing tbolr seats. Morion Is notv iho acknowledged loader of tho Senate. an honor to which doubling tts drod. Tho doubtful course of tho Now York Jonator, however, during tho present aoaaion, has •ruined his prospects In that direction. Among thoao who congratulated Morton was Sir. Sumner. who spent about an hour in tho Senate. CLAYTON’fI case. Tbo case of Senator Clayton was disposed of to-day, notwithstanding tho proloat of nearly a dozen Senators to tho (effect that, not having read tho evidence, they wore prepared neither to debate nor vote. It is not clear as to just what difitinotioua are made between this case and that of Caldwell, Tho testimony, which is very voluminous, certainly shows a wider ilofd of corruption and tenfold more cor rupt schemes to socUro Clayton’s election. Tho intrigue began In 1870, when as Governor of Arkansas ho manipulated tho Registrars of Elec tions so as to secure a Legislature In his inter est; that his wholo administration was bent to Influencing tho State oflloors to counlvo at palpa ble frauds on tho people; that being under a pledge, publicly and privately made to Ids political friends, that ho, if elected United States Senator, would not leave tho Governorship in tho hands of Liout.-Qov. Johnson, a Conservative, ho corruptly instituted through his friends and supporters a. proceeding by quo war ranto to depose Johnson from otllco, in order to clear tho way to tho Bonato; that, being elected Senator while tho quo warranto was ponding, when that was decided In favor of Johnson, ho resigned the Bonatorshlp, and afterwards secured his ro-oloolion by Inducing B. J. T. White, Secretary of State, in consideration of a largo sum of money, to resign, by Inducing Johnson to take White’s place ; that ho corrupt ly procured tho vote of many members of tho Legislature in support of himsolf for tho Senate by paying money, by tho appointments of them selves and friends to lucrative ofllces, and by granting to them and their frionds State aid to railroads in which thoy and thoir friends woro interested. - In tho debate to-day theao facts woro severely commented on by Senator Nor wood, but thoy attracted no attention. At hardly any tirao during tho discussion woro there a dozen Senators in thoir sqats, and thoso paid no attention to tho proceedings. Finally, when Norwood had finished, a voto was demand ed by Senator Wright on tho resolution exoner ating Clayton. Tho Democrats immediately commenced to protest against tho speedy dispo sition of this important case, especially as thoy had no tilno to oxamino this testimony. This having no effect, thoy then generally abstained from voting on tbo ground that thoy could not intelligently do so. Car penter, Conlchng, and Schnrz would not voto for tbo same reason. Out of 67 Senators present 89 voted, being but 2 more than a quorum. Tboro woro 83 for Clayton and 6 against. Tho general Impression is that this is tho most pain ful case of whitewash that bus boon administered elnco tho days of tbo Credit Moblllor victims. SENATOR ROOT. Tho Senate Committee on Privilogos and Elec tions, having won a substantial victory in forc ing tho resignation of Caldwell, turned its atten tion. this morning, to tho oaso of Senator Bogy, of Missouri. Tho Committee simply had before them tho memorial forwarded hero some time since by certain citizens of Mis souri, which sots forth that tho recent examination, by a Committoejappointed by tho House of Representatives of tho Legis lature of Missouri, touching tho corrupt use of money in tho election of Mr. Bogy was imper fect; that it was not full and fair; and that, in tho opinion of the memorialists, if tho investi gation had boon conducted with more vigor, and with a purpose of revealing the real facts or tho catffi, other and more important evidence would have been produced, showing that there was corruption in Mr. Bogy’s election. Tho memorial, howovor, does not state that ad ditional facts can bo proved; nor indicate with any certainty tho character of tho now evidence which may bo produced. In view of this latter f aot, the Committee decided that tho only question which was referred to them was, whether tho memorial itself would form tho foundation of an odvorso report going to effect tho legality of tho election. This point was decided In tho negative, and, subsequently, Senator Morton asked that the Sonata discharge tho Committee from further consideration of tho memorial, which was granted. Thus ended, for this ses sion at least, tho case against Senator Bogy. PEIISONAI,. Gon. J. B. Gordon, tho.*now Senator from Georgia, was called to tho chair this morning, by Vice-President Wilaon. and presided over the Senate a short time, while the Vice-President wont out. This Is tbo first time that an ox-Gon fodorato has filled the Vice-President's chair. Mrs. Senator Morton is very sick, and . the Senator leaves to-morrow for his homo at In dianapolis, whether the Senate adjourns or not. APPOINTED. R. B. Hayes, ox-Governor of Ohio, was to-day appointed to tho Assistant Troasuryahip at Cin cinnati. Gov. Campbell, of ‘Wyoming, was also reappointed. [To the Associated Press.] BRIDGING TUB DETROIT AND RT. CLAIR RIVERA. Washington, March 25.—Tho Secretary of War has appointed Majs. G. K. Warren, T. B. Comstock, Godfrey Woitzol, and W- E. Morrill to inquire into, and report upon, tho practica bility of bridging, consistently with tho interests of navigation, tho channel between Lakes Huron and Erie at such points oa may bo needed for passing railroad trains across tho said chan nel. NOMINATIONS. The President sent tho following nominations to tho Souato: E. S. Hammond, Now Jersey, Agout for tho Indians at tho Colorado River Agoncy, Arizona: J. A. Tonnor, Arizona, Super intendent of Indian Affairs for Arizona Terri tory ; George Ingalls, Illinois, Agout for tho Piute Indians, Southeastern Nevada. Postmasters— John R. Blackwell, Litchfield, 111.; William S. Utley, Racine, Wis.; William S. Lasuro, Grin noil. la.; Cyrus Hall, Bhelbyvillo. 111.; Tindil 11. Oalam, Constantino, Mich.; Edwin A. Clif ford, Evanston, 111.; L. R. Johnson, Cambridge City, Ind,; Thomas B. Wood, Franklin, Imi. 5 Charles H, Howard, Osage Mission, Kb. ; Will iam W. Kenyon, Howell,. Mich.; Lemuel D. Willis, Grass Lake, Mich.; also. Frank White. Collector of Internal Revenue. Seventh District of Indiana ; Alonzo D. Carroll, Collector of In ternal Revenue, Second District of Missouri 5 James K. Harden. Collector of Internal Reve nue, Washington Territory. CONFIRMATIONS. Tho Senate confirmed tbo following nomina tions ; Register of Public Lands, W. W. Martin, Independence, Kansas 5 Receivers of Public Public Moneys, E. S. Nicolls, Independence, Kan.; Eldridgo W. Little. Santa Fo, N. M.; Postmasters, David W. Olommcr, Dowagiao, Michigan 5 George L. Torbort, Dubuque, la.; William Butloy, Racine, Wis. LSOAI* TENDERS. Outstanding legal tenders to-day, $358,009, 007. CIVIL BEUVIOB. Tbo Civil Service Board of the Treasury De partment hold to-day the second of the series of nine examinations for the purpose of tilling forty vacancies in the $1,200 clerkships in the Do paitmont. WANT TO 00 TO VIENNA. Applications continue to be forwarded to tho Prosidoht and to tho Department of State for appointments to tho Vienna Exhibition. Tho statement la made by request that all appoint ments authorized by law have been made. PERSONAL, Gon. 3. D. Gordon, Senator from Georgia, waa temporarily colled to tho chair this morning by Vice-President Wilson, and presided over the Sonata a short time. This is tho first timo an ox-Ooufcdorato has filled tho Vice-President's chair. _ . Gon. Whittlesey, formerly an officer -of tho Freedman’s Bureau, was tbia morning convoyed to the Government Insouo Asylum. Tho Gen eral has boon Buffering for aomo timo past with paralysis, and wont to tho Asylum for treatment under tho advice of his physicians and friends. SENATE-EXTRA SESSION. CONGRATULATING SPAIN. Washington, March 25.— 0n motion of Mr. MORTON tho resolution congratulating. Spain on tho passage of the Porto llioo Emancipation bill unanimously paused. AGRICULTURAL REPORT. On motion of Mr. ANTHONY a resolution was adopted for printing 1,200 copies of the report of tho Commissioner of Agriculture for tho use of tho Bouato. . MISSISSIPPI LEVEES. Mr. ALCORN desired to offer a resolution au thorizing tho Committee on tho Loveoa of tho Mississippi to sit during the recess. Mr. FERRY (Conn.) objected, because legis lation was thereby contemplated. , , Mr. WINDOM favored tho proposal to have the Committee sit, but, no quorum being pres ent, 4ho resolution was laid over. i TUB CLAYTON CASE waa then taken up. • Mr. NORWOOD’S report dlaaonling from tho conclusion of tho majority was road. SENATOR BODY. Mr. MORTON made tho following report; Tho Oommlttoo on Privileges and Else Ilona to whom was referred tho memorial of thirty-seven members of iho Missouri Legislature In regard to tho election of Loula V, Bogy to the Bonato ortho United State* from that Slate, have had tho aamo under consideration. Tho memorial seta forth that tho recent examination by a Oommlttoo appointed by tho Uouao of Represen tatives of the Legislature of Missouri, touching tho corrupt uso of money m tho election of Mr. Bogy was Imperfect) that It wan not full and fair, and that, in tho opinion of Iho mcmornllsto, If tho investigation had been conducted with more vigor and with tho purpose of revealing tho real facto of tho case, other and more important evi dence would have boon produced, showing that there was corruption In Mr. Bogy’s election. Iho memo rial, however, does not state what additional facia can ho proved, nor Indicate with any certainty tho charac ter of tho now evidence that maybe produced. The Committee understand that tho only duty which they have upon this reference la to report to the Senate whether tho memorial presents such facto as would Justify tho Senate In instituting an examination in re gard to tho election of Mr. Bogy, and aro of tho opinion that It does not. Such a proceeding Is of grave char acter, and should not bo sot on foot without such & . statement of evidence, that could probably bo pro duced, as would appear to make ft tho duty of tho Bonato to proceed to on investigation. Tho evidence token by tho Committee of tbo Legislature of Missouri also accompanies tho memorial, and has been exam ined by the Committee. It is not tho province of tbo Committee upon this reference to Inquire whether Ibo Judgment pronounced by tbo llouso of Represent atives of tbo Missouri Legislature upon this evidence was correct; but they express tho opinion, that tbo evidence is not of a character to require of the Senate an Investigation. Tho Committee therefore ask to bo discharged from the further consideration of tho me morial and evidence touching tho election of Louis Y. Bogy to the Senate of tho United States. Tbo Oommlttoo wore unanimously discharged from further consideration of tbo subject. OLERRS’ PAY. Resolutions wore adopted authorizing tho pay ment of por diom to pages and oommlttoo clerks to April 16. THE MANUAL. Mr. BOREMAN offered a resolution authoriz ng tho Ohiof Olork to roviso'tho manual and to mot 1,000 copies of samo. PATTEttSON. Mr. ANTHONY asked tho Senate to take up the following resolution heretofore offered by him. 'Wubrcas, At tbo Inat eosnlon of tho Senate a resolu tion was reported from the Senate Committee on Evi dence affecting certain members of tho Senate, that James W. Patterson bo and ho Is hereby expelled from his sent ns a member of tho Senate; and, Wiikrsas. It was manifestly Impossible to consider this resolution at that session without serious detri ment to public business ; and, Wiieiirab, It Is very questionable If It be competent for the Senate to consider tbo same after Mr. Patterson has ceased to bo a member of tho body ; therefore, lUsolved, That tho failure of the Senate to take tho resolution Into consideration is not to bo interpreted as evidence of approval or disapproval of the same. llesolved t That Mr. Patterson have leave to make a statement, which shall be entered upon tho Journal of the Senate and published In tho Congreuioml Jloeord, Mr. NORWOOD, who was entitled to tho floor, preferred that tho Senate procood to tbo consid eration of THE CLAYTON CASE. In addition to tho views presented by him in his minority report, ho proceeded to explain tbo tostimonp, showing that Clayton, as Governor, wielded his Executive power in a manner far from being right, from tbo beginning of tho Senatorial canvass to its close. Mr. Clayton., did other things showing that bis election was corrupt, both in its Inception and consummation. Mr. Clayton could not have corao to tho Senate but for these things, and tbo additional fact of corrupt use of money in his transaction with White. The Sen ate have, under the evidence presented, the right to declare Clayton not entitled to his seat. Mr. WEIGHT said ho would have all electors free and unbiased, as far as possible. Ho should not object to tbo passage of a law providing that tho seat of a Senator snail be declared vacant if it should bo shown that ho bod loft his scat hero, and was in attendance on tho Legislature at tbo time of bis election, or undertook, either in per son or through friends, to influence his election. Thoro was no testimony that nhould influence tho mind of a single Senator as a. juror, show ing that Olaytou over improperly sought to influence registration or a political convention, in Arkansas. Ho undertook to say thoro was nothing whatever to impeach his first or second election, and that Clayton’s conduct in commo tion with his election was without parallel in oar politics. Mr. NORWOOD said that Mr. Olayton never protended to deny any statement that White made. Tho declaration stood uncontradioted that tho $5,000 paid to White for resigning as Secretary of State come from tho Senator from Arkansas. Mr. CLAYTON, In replying, did not deny Whito’s'tostimonv. White did not say any where that ho (Clayton) paid him money for his resignation. In reply to Mr. Morrill, of Vermont, Mr. OLAYTON said ho did not contribute auy part of tho $5,000 In monoy or bonds. Mr. NORWOOD, resuming, said that whon Clayton was on tho stand ho did not explain that tho money and bonds woro not his property. Ho did not thou explain, as ho did now, that ho was simply agont for transferring tho property from a debtor to a creditor. Mr. Norwood re ferred to tho testimony to sustain his views, previously expressed,-referring to tho witness McConnell in that connection. Mr. DORSEY sold that whon McConnell first came to that Stato ho attached himsolf to a newspaper. Ho was a professional liar, a wan ton and vilo slanderer, a man who laid in tho gutter aud slept ia tho statiou-houso. This testimony was unworthy of boliof. Tho quostiob was thou stated on tho resolution of tho Committee, namely, that tbo charges mado and reform! to tho Select Committee for investigation, affecting tho official character and conduct of tho Hon. Powell Clayton, aro not sustained. Mr. SAULSBURY said ho should decline to vote, as bo bad not had time to oxamino tho tes timony. Mr. McOREERY remarked ho was paired with Mr. Cameron, although ho did not know how Mr. Cameron would vote woro ho here. [Laughter.] Mr. STEVENSON said ho should decline to vote. Tho charges woro too serious to justify a hasty conclusion. Time had not boon afforded to enable him properly to weigh tho testimony. Mr. STOCKTON would decline to vote, for tho reasons assigned by other Senators. It would tako a wook to sum up tho testimony and place it before a jury. Messrs. OASSERLY. THURMAN, RANSOM, and KELLY severally declined to vote for reasons sftnllar to those above stated. Mr. CARPENTER remarked: “I doslro to join tho Democratic party on this occasion and decline to vote." Tho resolution was agreed to by yeas, S3; nays, 0, as follows: YEAH. Alcorn, Ferry (Mich.), Patterson, Allison, Froliughuyßen, Pratt, Amoi, Hitchcock, lUraaoy, Anthony, Howe, llobortuon, Doroman, Ingalls, Sargent, Boutwell, Junes, Bcott, Chandler, Lewis, Sherman, Conover, Logan, Btewart, Crugln, Mitchell, 'West, > Dorsey, Morrill (Mo.) Wlndom, Ferry (Conn.), Morton, Wright—33, Cooper, Davis, NATS. Ooldthwalto, Morrlmon, Gordon, Norwood—o. ABSENT OU NOT TOTING. Bayard. Ponton, Itausom, Bogy, Plauagan, * Baulabury, Browntow, Gilbert, Bchurz, Buckingham, IlamlUou (Md.), Bpoucor, Cameron, Hamilton <Tox.), Bpraguo, Carpenter, llamlln. Btovouson, Onaserly, Johnston, Stockton, Clayton, Kelly, Surauor, Conkllng, McOroory. Thurman, Dennis, Morrill (Vt.), Tipton, Edmunds, Oglesby, Wudlolgh—33, PATTERSON. Hr. ANTHONY called up his resolution, which appears In a previous pari of to-day's proceed ings, in relation to ox-Sonator Patterson. lie proposed a modification, namely: that J. W. Patterson have leave to file a statement, which shall bo published in the Congressional Record. Hr. DOIIEMAN thought it altogether im proper that this privilege bo accorded, as Hr. Patterson was now a private citizen. Hr. STEVENSON said that he had no personal fooling, but thought it would be a bad and mis chievous precedent to give ofiioial stamp to the statement, which Patterson had made as a pri vate individual, but which, os any other private Individual, he had a right to make. Ho protested against giving an ouiolal indorsement to a pamphlet, which contained inaccurate state ments. To treat It In the way proposed would destroy the moral effect of the Committee which made the report in the case. Hr. ANTHONY said he did not impugn the Committee. . . , Hr. STEVENS said he did not uudoretand him, but Patterson had published forty-flvo pages of printed mutter in direct anevror to toe NUMBER 219. report of tho Committee, and containing state* me not true. , , .. . _ 1 ANTHONY remarked that Patterson, sit pghoro In tho closing days of tho session, ho £• 10 tight to demand a oonalderationof tho rot o ition reported by tho Committee rccom- expulsion. It was said all over tho flijp e that It Mas impossible to consider tli at that time, .and that Iti HJd hot ho done without tho aacrlOco of pt 3 o business, but that If Patterson would wj » i hia right to bo hoard, the Senate would p| 2: on tho subject at this special session. Ho e i *5 tovoral passages In tho pamphlet which ho w d advise Mr. Patterson to leave out. While h M tknowlodgod tho dinicultlos In the way, ho thought something was duo to ft man charged with crime affecting hie honor, which was more than his life, and tho character of his children, After a long debate tho subject wont over. TO SPAIN. Mr. MORTON offered a resolution, which was adopted, requesting tho President of the United States to communicate tho rosolutiou passed by tho Senate, congratulating Spain on the aboli tion of slavery in Porto Rico to tho government of that country. HEVIBION OP THE LAWS. On motion of Mr. CONKLINO, loavo was given to tho Committee on Revision of tin Laws to sit during tho recess at Washington ov olsowhoro, a proviso being added that no money bo paid beyond the actual espouses of tho Com* milteo. COMMITTEE APPOINTMENT. The VICE PRESIDENT appointed Mr. Bout well to supply tho vacancies on tho Committee on Elections and Privileges, and on tho Com mittee on Public Lands. Tho Senate wont into executive session and afterwards Adjourned. NEW YORK. ISrii Foster Not Dciit!--ITIncl)onnolI 1 lUo Forffor—The Goodrich Hliirdoror Son* tonccd-Tlio Hull’s Head Uank-Illia collanoous Local Nows* Special Dinpatch to The Chicago Tribune, New York, March 23.—Tho reported death of Mrs. Foster is untrue. On tho contrary, she is rapidly recovering. District-Attorney Phelps is malting prepara tions to remove Qoorgo Francis Train to a Lunatic Asylum on Ward's Island. Tho stockholders of tho Bull's Hoad Bonk mot this afternoon, and resolved to make up tho deficiency and resume business. Tho officers say they have a clue to tho guilty parties, and will probably have them in custody within a week. Dion and Mrs. Bouclcault became citlzona of tbo United States on Saturday last. Foohtor baa declared bis Intentions. Government has made tbo Soaman’sExchango, in this city, tho naval pay station for Brooklyn- Tho crow of tho Colorado woro paid off to-day. As tbo Soamoa’s Savings Bank is in same build ing, and C. 0. Duncan tho Paymaster, is also President of tho bank, tbo appropriateness of tho selection is made manifest. Tho mysterious murder of Charles Goodrich continues to bo tbo general tbomo of conversa tion, It is now believed that tbo murdoross was aided by a man. A Now York gentleman who bad intimate relations with tho deceased, and is said to have boon mixed up with his fomlnino entanglements, has disappeared. Ho was last seen on Saturday afternoon. ou which occasion ho promised a member of tno Goodrich family that ho would bo present at tho funeral on Sun day. His presence was anxiously lookedfor by tbo detectives, but. much to their disappoint ment, ho failed to put in on ap pearance, and since then, in spite of tho most diligent efforts, hla whereabouts cannot bo discovered. There aro rumors to tho effect that this man befriended tbs woman, whom Mr. Goodrich is said to have so greatly wronged, and that high words have fre quently passed between them oh tho subject. The name of tbo mysterious Individual, who was brought over from Now Yorkyosterday, is Smith, the same name which was found oa the back of the map found on tho kitchen floor on tbo morn ing that tho murder was discovered. Smith gavo some information which may load to tho arrest of tho suspected woman. Smith was released at midnight/but is kept under surveillance. Tho Chief of Police assorts that tho woman’s name is not known. The murdered man had life insur ance policies amounting to $25,000. Ho loft no will. Henry Magrudor, who shot Clarence Lock wood about a young woman in their boarding house ou Madison street under peculiarly atro cious circumstances, a short time ago, was found guilty to-nigbt of felonious assault, Lockwood having recovered. Judge Brady’s charge waa strong against tbo prisoner. Ho was sent to Sing Sing for ton years. ♦ The jury in tho case of Bonona Howard, the wealthy counterfeiter, camo into court at 11 to-night, and said they could not agree. They woro locked up. Tho trial has consumed flva days. To the Associated Press. •New York, March 25.—Tho Post-Office au thorities turned over to Nathaniel Jarvis, Jr., tho Receiver appointed by tho Supremo Court, tho package of bonds valued at $17,000, which has boon lying in tho Post-Olllco addressed to Bldwoll, ono of tho alleged Bank of England forgers. Other packages of bonds addressed directly to Duncan, Shormau & Co. aro expected, and will bo attached as soon as they come into the hands of tho iirm. Goorgo MacDonnoll. ono of tho alleged forgers, was brought before Commissioner Gib man this afternoon, and was confronted by Sergeant Webb, of tho London dotoctlvo force, who produced tho warrant of tiio Lord Mayor of Loudon, for his arrest. Tho prisoner’s counsol raised tho point that thoro was no proof bofora tho Court that tho Lord Mayor had jurisdiction in such cases, but it was overruled. Francos Groy, whoso expenses were paid hero by tbo British Government, testified that sho lived in London ; know tho prisoner, who had furnished her monoy to corao to America, promising to moot hor m Liverpool, but did not koop his np- S ointment; sho returned to London and was loro arrested; identified Noyes, and was brought hero to identify MacDonnoll. Detectivei Farley testified to arresting MacDonnoll on tho Thurin gia. An affidavit was submitted that a full depo sition has boon forwarded from London, and an adjournment of tho case for two weeks was granted for tho preparation of evidence for tho bank, and tbo accused was remanded to tho cub* tody of tho United States Marshal. The Goodrich mystery is yot unsolved. It Is stated that tho building of tho row of brown* stono fronts on DoGraw street, Brooklyn, in* volvod tho supposed mnrdorod man heavily in debt, and that ho was not as wealthy as at first supposed. Tho following is a description of tho missing watch Gold hunter; Prcdtway; 19 linos; rod gold, frosted; No. 11,232; Jules Jur corson, Copenhagen.” It appears tho so collod bloody shirt found in tho homo whore tho murder was committed had no blood stains whatovoron it; had no buttons torn off, aud was simply soiled. Tho Chief of Police of Brooklyn still holds to tho theory that Goodrich committed suicide, and that tho cause was finan cial embarrassment. Frederick Hoggo, accused of tho murder or Siogaried, appeared as a witness in his own be half to-day, and testified that ho never bought any arsenic, and never administered any to any human being. , . ' ..... It ia reported that tho city roal estate of tho Harlom Railroad Oompauy, equal to a dividend of 35 por cent, will bo divided among tho stock holders. Officials of the different steamship linos at this port think that tho bill now ponding in tbq Legislature, increasing by 91 ‘A 0 .* 3 ,5 1 ® “?? “? tax from Immigrants, is against tbo interests ol tbo city. Immigrants aro already taiod 92 a bead, but tbo bill referred to will causo addition- to Nowbnrg this morning for tbs first time thlasoasou. . , TUo Erie Investigating Committee examined the bookoof the Company to-day, butuowit noußoe, and adjourned to b ridav. The Supremo Court denies the motion to dis miss the complaint In the case of Boody against Drew, reported yesterday. Ocean Steamship Nowi# Nrw Youk, March 25.—The steamships Egypt and Abyssinia from Liverpool, has arrived. Liykupool, March 25,—The steamer Polynesia boo arrived. Fast-Day in Itlaluv* Augusta, Mo.,* March 25,—The Governor has appointed Thursday, April 17, as the fast-day of this State.

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