28 Mart 1873 Tarihli Chicago Daily Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 6

28 Mart 1873 tarihli Chicago Daily Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 6
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MONEY AND COMERGE. MONETARY. TnunsDAT Evening, March 27. Financial affairs are boginning to assume a I • Very complicated and unsatisfactory condition, ( fcoth as regards tho aspect of National finances and in tho monetary relations of Now York with i /London. One of tho results of tho enormous; extension of railroads, and tho number of i I Hew and uncompleted railroad projects last year Ttvas tho accumulation of a largo amount of raiK (road bonds In Now York lost fall. Owing to tho < I cloud of discredit which fell over all American j ’railroad securities in Europe, tho holders of I these bonds woro uuablo to sell them in Europe lam markets as they had expected, and , I resorted to tho temporary expedient cf borrowing of tho foreign bill-draw ers in Now York, who. gave tho borrow ers sixty,day drafts on thoir London correspond, cuts. Thoso hills being sold in tho market j placed the borrowers In possession of money, : which enabled them to tldo over until tho pros- I ent time. Put now tho borrowers And there is ’ lint littlo more prospect of soiling thoir. railroad i |>onds in Europe thau there was last fall, and, as I they had contracted to pay their debts to tho I foreign bankers in bills of exchange on London, i (hoy are a till wanting to borrow sterling bills; In other wordn, they wont to renew thoir loans. CTbo bills which they had borrowed before Itavo gono to London, boon discounted, oqd, In many instances, have gono through tho hands of Loudon bankers into tbo Bank of England. Tho not result of tho whole of borrowing of tho foreign hill-drawers | Is, that, practically, tho Bank of England is car j tying a largo amount of unsold railroad bonds | for railroad builders iu this country. This the | Sank of England refuses to do any longer, and yesterday, os a moans of stopping tho practice of ! borrowing sterling bills in Now York,*raised its • rate of discount from B>£ to 4 per cent. Tho j Bank of England makes no secret pf the fact j that this was tho cause of tho rise in tho rate of discount, and this being the case, it may bo ox • peeled that tho rnto will ho raised from tlmo to , time, and it is not. at all improbable 1 may bo advanced as high ns 0 or oven 7 percent. ns it was last fall for tho same purpose. Should I this ho tho cane, It will inevitably result iu mak- I ing mouov very stringent iu Now York, tho effect •' of which will bo felt to a greater op loss extent : nil over tho United States. Another effect .will bo to advance tho price of sterling exchange, and with it tbo price of cold. . , . „ It is rumored iu Wall street that Secretary JRlcbardson will endeavor to counteract tho effect of this policy of the Bank of England by issuing more greenbacks. There may or may not ho any foundation for this rumor. Wo .venture to predict, however, that, If tho experiment la tried, it will not only foil of Its Intended purpose, hut will entail other, disas ters that would not otherwise come. It must bo remembered that if a pressure comes in conse quence of the action of tho Bank of England, it will not bo for a lack of currency in this country, but from a lack of available capital or credit, whioh cannot ho supplied by turning United Btatos bonds into United States Treasury notes, which would ho all tho Secretary could do, as ho I would have no other way of getting his currency i Into circulation than buying United States bonds 1 |n tho market. As yet it is only tho credit of American rail • road bonds that is affected, but if tho Secretary ■ of tho Treasury issues more greenbacks, and j thus makes another decided move toward infla . tion of the currency, it can scarcely fail to help advance the price of gold, and depreciate tho credit of the Government. But there ore other and equally important in fluences at work to cause an advance in the price of gold. In this column of The Tribune of Wednesday wo gave conclusive reasons for an unusual foiling off in exports of ootton during tho next throe months. The facts that tho cot ton crop of 1872 was only 2,854,851 bales, against n crop of 4,817,000 halos iu 1871, and that, not withstanding this largo decrease in the yield, the gold price of cotton is now 25 per cent lower than It was a year ago, are significant of an unusual export of gold this spring and sum mer to settle tho balance made against us by our present heavy imports of foreign goods.- Even last year, with an unusually largo crop of cotton to hclpsettlo this foreign balance, the exports of gold wore $25,000,000 moro than • cur total 0 product of prociouo metals for tho year, and the stock of coin in this country was undoubtedly diminished by that much. On Jon. 1, 1872, tbo total stock of coin in tbo United States and Territories was probably €15,000,000, viz: $111,432,826 in tho National Treasury (this amount including the $86,049,700 1 bold against coin certificates), $20,000,000 in , circulation on tho Pacific Coast, and say 810,000,- 000 in all tho other States. At tho present time, ; it Is impossible to count up over $100,000,000 of coin in the entire territory of the On Monday of this week thoUnitod States Treasury held only $63,128,897 of coin all told(this amount Including $24,287,000 bold against coin cor i iificatos). Ada 830,000,000 for coin In oiroala , tion in the Pacific States, and for all amounts held in any part of the Atlantic States, and it makes loss than $100,000,000. Tbo Treasury of tho United States really owns only $44,000,000 cf coin, being $13,000,000 lees thau it ownod fifteen months ago, and is iu no condition to attempt to keep down tho market prico of gold by oxtra sales. On tho other hand, if a pressure for money should be tho result of tho movements of tho Bank of England, as indicated above, the currency-inflationists would clamor for tbo issue of apart or tho whole of tho so-called * ‘844,000,000 reserve,” tho issue of which would only stim ulate tho rise of gold, which tho Treasury would fcoj jowotlosa to prevent. The possibility of a crisis in financial affairs growing out of the circumstances mentioned . above, and beginning with tho inability to coll ' railroad bonds in Europe, may look less a month beaco. but for tho present the facts do not afford ground for a vory Aattorlug condition of things this summer. As far as tho West is concerned, it would ex perience loss damage than tho East. Tho gold value of hor produce would bo f idly sustained, and tho currency prices would keen pace with tho advance of gold, white in tho East, whore capital is so largely Invested in securities paya ble in currency, tho loss would bo great. CORN ron COTTON PLANTERS. References to the subject in tbo Southern papers warrant tbo conclusion that there will bo a considerable increase in tbo breadth of laud planted in cotton, aud that tbero will bo loss than tbo usual amount of com planted. The cotton-planters know that they can make an acre of cotton moro profitable than an acre of com, and that, with the proHont enormous surplus of com in tbo 'West, they can buy it cheaper than they can raise it. The greatest obstacle to tbo marketing of a very largo part of the present surplus of Western corn in tbo Southern States is tho Item of freights. It costs some where from 500 to 750 per bushel to take a bushel of corn from Illinois iuto Georgia aud Alabama, and when tho Cumberland aud Tennes see Rivers are low it costs moro. If reasonable through rates of freight could bo obtained for com to, say, Atlanta and some other central points, it would bo of nearly as much benefit in working off tbo present surplus of corn as a re duction of freights to tho East. THE LOCAL MONEY MMIRET shows signs of working closer. Merchants, both In tho oity end country, are remitting heavily to Now York, and country banks are sending in or ders to remit largo amounts of exchange on Now York. Orders from lowa and Minnesota, also, for currency are Increasing ana some largo amounts were sent out to-day. For tho present tho shipments of products to tho East are very light and will proh ~ ably continue so until tho opening of navigation, consequently tho demand for both currency and exchange has a tendency to diminish the supply of loanable funds. Now York exchange was higher to-day, being Jn active demand at-800 per SI,OOO premium. LOCAL STOCK ANl> DOHI) MARKET. Moeara. Lunt, Preston & Kcau quote as fo! lows this afternoon Buying, Selling, C-20aofM2 IWJS IMjtf 6-JW»of’o4 \W6 }\Vi C-VOs of V>s 6-UDh of v»r*, Jon. and July 110,',' 110?; B-iOa of M 7, Jun.aml July 118 llJJ'i B-liUa of Mrt, Jan, ami July 117,Jtf 117?f ■i.i-vu mjs \\iy 1!. H. ft» (N>w Isaiio,) (--> M mul Gold Councils (i .hi Kv'umyo U«T!hig iUrljango (larpo rtrufte), Northem I'liclllu Gold 7*SO.» «'uli'J';z>) (:ity 7< 00# Ainl Cr».yU Cjimiy 7n 00# * lut i:Uuo:» County and Township 10a 02 ®OS HEAL ESTATE, The following instruments woro filed for roe* ord on Thuruday, March 27; city rnovcUTf. * Huron id, bet North Clark ami Dearborn el*, a f, 20 ft to alley, dated March 25; oansldtraliou, |3,000, Wood lit, liot lowa and Rico sis, of, 25x125 ft, dated Jan. 20; consideration, $1,450, Hlato fit, 100 ft o of. Congress at, wf, 60 ft to alloy, ’with hnlldlnffß, known an ilia Priming Vinegar Oo„ dated Fob, 38; consideration, SBOO,OOO. Obarlca O. E, Prusalng to tbo Priming Vinegar Works, . . Lot 14 in Hayden Ac Seavov's Lot 9, In Block 20, 800 20, SO, 14, dated March 25; consideration, (1,100. Oorard st, n of and near Wnbanula av, of, Lot 49, dated March 8; Consideration. (550. Edgar nt, u of and near Wabhnsla av, w f, Lot 47, and a 6 ft of Lot 48, dated March 25 ; consideration, (000. ' Wabash av, no cor of Thirty-seventh st, wf,o7 ft to alley, dated Feb. 14 ; consideration, $17,480. Western av. bet Bremer and North Park at, vr f, Ijolo 4 and 5, dated March 21} consideration, SI,OOO. Hickory at, hot Bonflcld and Decring ata, n f, 25 ft to alloy, dated March 25 ; consideration. SIO,OOO. Ohio Inland av, Ix>t Eleventh and Twelfth sis, of, 25 ft to alloy, dated March 18 ; conoldcratlon, 8,000. “O'’ at.between Tucker and llnlstodits,sf; Lot 15, dated March 17} consideration, SO3O. West Taylor st, ■ o cor of Johnson st, u f, Lot 23, dated Feb. 27; consideration, (1,700. Hubbard at, between Ada and Noble sts, n f, 25 ft to alley, dated March 20: consideration. (1,000. Hubbard st, o of and noar Hoyno st, n f, 24 ft, dated Feb. 10; consideration, (1,050. West Lake st, 100 ft w of Francisco st, 8 f, 23x233 ,ft, dated March 25: consideration. $1,300. Bleuiark court, 120 ft o of Noble st, u f, 24x100 ft, dated March 17; coußidernlion, (800. Danin av, 223 ft aof Thompson st, of, 25x128 ft, dated March 27; consideration, $l5O. Michigan av., near Seventeenth st.. w f, 25 ft W alloy, doted Doc. 10, 1872 ; consideration, (15,0u0. . West Twcnly-Drst at, l»t Western av and Oak ley st, bf, Lot 07, dated March 21; consideration, st, hot Loomis and Throop sis. n f, 24 ft to alloy, dated March 27 ; consideration, (3.100. West Monroe st, bet Paulina and Boon sis, n f, 22x 130 ft, with building, doted March 13; consideration, (10.000. West Twentieth st, 100 ft wof Wood st, n f, 23x125 ft, dated March 20 ; consideration, SBOO. _ . Flournoy st, wof and near Rockwell Bt, n f, Lot 7, dated Fob. 14; consideration, SSOO. West Monroe st, bet Wood nml Paulino sts, n f, Lots 8,0, and 10, dated March 2; consideration, (38,000. Wabash-av, b of and near Thirty-fifth st, w f, Lot 10, dated March 28; consideration, (2,500. Lots 0 and 0, la Ohaso’s Block 20, See 33, 4014, dated Fob. 6; consideration, $4,500. north of errt limita. Lots 0 and 10, in Block 7, Ravcuawood, dated Deo. 0, 1872; coiiHidcratloD. (1,500. Lot 6, In Block 14, Raveuswood, dated March 13 { consideration, (200. BOOTH OF CITY LIMITS. Lot CO In Woodworth’a Lota 12 and 13, In Newhall ot al. nwX of Sec. 15,38,14, dated March 21; considers- °i(Ot 4 In Block 1 of Saltonatall 4 BuafloU’a Subdlvialon In so Kof See. 3, 38, 11, dated March 1; consideration, (3,900. „ . . , Bot Bln Block 3of\r%of nw AT Sco 3,38, 11, dated March 34; consideration, $7,C00. Bat 1 In Block 4 in Qoodspcod’a Subdivision in no u Soc. 0,18,14, dated March 10 ; eoufeldcrntlon, SIOO. j.ot Bin Block lln Mcßride fit 01. Subdivision in o S: of n w See. J, 38,13, dated March 21; coneldcra* on, (200. COMMERCIAL. The following wore tho receipts a*d shipments of tbo leading articles of produce in Chicago dur ing tho past twenty-four hours, and for tho cor responding date one year ago : UKCIJirTS, BHII'MENTfI. 1873. j 1872. 1873. ( 1873. Hour. br15......... MB9i>} £3,200 | 0,622 8,033 Wheat, lm 20,006 2,470 ! 12,301 7,488 Com, bn 27,870 22,730 5,000 13,705 Oats, bu 22,400 8,150 10,311 23,115 Rye. bn 1,802 1,400 Barley, bu 2,1501 4,093 4,577 8,803 Grass seed, lbs 8,710 83,090 90,049 00,283 Flax seed, tb5...... 0,100) .... .... .... Broom corn, 1b5.... ....I 10,000 29,730 848 Cured meats, lbs... 140,770 30,090 573,200 042,619 Beef, brls | 20 100 64 Pork, brla 70i 33 845 140 Lord* lb 6,840 41,490 61,140 122,001 Tallow, Iba 11,603' 15.073 75,070 2,420 Butter, lb 10,183; 44,930 8,470 33,500 Dressed bogs, No.. 37 89 Live hogs. N0...... 9,750 8,9901 2,778 0,121 Cottle, No 2,515 3,271 205 1,658 Shocy, No 30 1,042 .... 1,044 Uidcs, lbs 33,403 104,273 69.002 32,880 lllghwlncs, brls..,. 200 4171 201 293 Wool, lbs... 14,820 10,970 31,420 80,000 Potatoes, bU 2,008 6,935 1,203 .... Lumber, M f00t.... 183 822 634 275 Shingles, M 610 830 740 607 Lath, M 40 .270 02 12 Balt, brls 283 .... 420 669 “Withdrawn from etoro yesterday lor city con sumption : 1,048 bu wheat, and 1,405 bu corn. Tho following grain has boon inspected into etoro this morning up to 10 o'clock: 28 oars wheat; 48 care com; G caracals; lcarryo;s cars barley. Total, 88 cars; or, 35,000 bu. The Board of Railroad Commissioners, in com pany with tho Chief Inspector of Grain and tho President and Directors of tho Board of Trade, visited tho grain warehouses this afternoon, and toolc notes. When tbe now regime is established, by know ing ozactly what duties it baa to perform under tbo law, tbo first thing chat will require atten tion will be tbo necessity of uniformity in inspec tion. Heretofore a little too much latitude has boon allowed to tbo sub-inspectors at different bouses; and tbo consequence baa often boon a difference of lo or moro per bu in the actual market value of tbe samo grade in different houses. This can only bo remedied by an effi cient supervision of the conduct of tbo track inspectors, seeing that they all adhere to tbo same interpretation of tbo rules. Wo may illus trate this by reference to tbo requirement that a certain grade shall bo “-reasonably clean;” which wo may presume to moan that all grain which is unreasonably dean, or reasonably un clean, or unreasonably dirty, shall bo passed into some other grade. Now, It is probable that no bettor wording could bo invented for that rule: but it is easy to boo that two Inspectors would differ in judgment to tbo extent of a consider able percentage of I dirt in deciding tbo exact quantity of filth which is just necessary to pass tbo grain into tbo uexfc lowor grade. The in spector can only bo kopt right in tills respect by being visited, and told if bis standard is above or below that of bis follows. And the same remark wIU apply with equal force in regard to other points in inspection, especially that involv ing moisture. It is stated that no corn must bo dry. Who shall decide the exact percentage of moisture allowed under tbo rule? Those who say “uono" evidently know nothing about it, for absolute dryness is as impossible with us as ab solute cold. There is a difference of judgment in regard to those two points, even among ex ports. which astronomers would call “ personal equation,” and which requires continuous cor rection in ardor to keep up that uniformity of grade at different bouses without which an in spection system is a continuous wrong. And this matter of compaiatlvo moisture will probably provo to bo ouo of much greater im portance this year than for two or throe years past, as there is great danger that our elevators will bo olioko-fuU during several weeks of warm w'catber, if not through tbe whole sum mer. Tbo freight difficulty continues. Rates of freight are bold so high that no one seems dis posed to assume tbo role of shipper, with tho ruinous experiences of former years staring them iu too face. Hence matters are almost at a deadlock, except tbo filling of shipping orders for car-loads ; aud tbe grain markets are loft al most exclusively in tbe bauds of tbo option deal ers, who find tbo load too much for them to carry. Tho leading produce markets were rather moro active to-day, but principally in a apecul&tivo way; and grain was generally easier, owing to largo stocks in store and high freights, which produce a wide-spread dlsposisiou to unload. The reported receipts wore very light, as a con sequence of tho storm ; and tho shipments wore email for tho same reason. Dry goods wore again quoted active and lirra. A largo number of country merchants wore on tho market, and the mail order businoaa was also liberal. Tho grocery trade was satisfactorily active, with prices unchanged, though coffees and some other articles In tho list had au upward tendency. Teas woro weak, and some low grades wore Uoff” a Utile. In tho butter market a shade Armor feeling was noticeable In choice descriptions, tho demand for such considerably exceeding the supply. The poorer sorts remain dull. Choose was strong at tho quotations, or at 17@18o for Now York factory, and at 15@170 for Western do. Canned goods, though by no moans active, were moving more freely than on tho preceding days of the week, tho ploasntor weath er operating favorably. There was a fair move ment in lake and saltwater Ash, at prices that, have been current for thopast fortnight or moro. Dried fruits wore unchanged in prioe. Hay re mains dull. Hides and leather woro strong. Tho oil trade was liberal at 11%0 for carbon : at 760 for extra lard : QCo@sl.o2 for linseed, and at 78@740 for turpentine. Lumber mot with a moderate Inquiry. First .and second clear are held firmly at quotations, but the easy fooling In regard to oommon grades continues, and prices are reduced for common flouring and joists of 18@2i foot. Tho hardwood trade isimproviug. A fair business was transacted in iron, steel, and nails, at the prevailing prices. The metals continue active and firm. There was no special change In tho markets for wool, hops, or oroom Corn; tho two former staples are dull and nominally unchanged, while tho latter meets with the average order demand, and rales ,mys m?* .uo iwjtf no* aoo u Int. Tuuradat Evening, March 27. THE MARKETS. ulondy at previous prices. Timothy need was in active local demand, and tho hotter grados woro about 100 higher; sales ranged from $0.00@9.50. Other Hoods remain Arm. Poultry was in fair request and very Arm, being soarco. Eggs wore active at 10<g)17c. The demand for green fruits i was moderate, excepting apples, which are Ih largo supply, and ft (made easier; there was no change In prieoe. Potatooa Bold olowly to tho city trade at tiO@S2o for poaohblows, on track, and 53@560 dolivorod. Hlghwhios wore quiet and steady at yester day's quotations. Sales wore made of 100 brls at 870 nor gallon. There wore buyers at 86Wo, and uollors at 870, all through the session. It is .staled that (docks aro lower now than for several years paßt—partially tho result of tho tompor auco, agitation. Lake freights woro Inaotivo, and nominally dull at yesterday's rales, at 16c for corn and for wheat by sail to Buffalo. Shippers Hoorn indisposed to oporato at present rates, pre ferring to throw thoir grain back on tho market, and lot other people send it forward. Through freights to Now York woro quoted at 00a per 100 Ibn, and to Boston at Cso. Provisions woro moro active and stronger, in sympathy with a further advance in tho prico of llvo hogs at tho Slock Yards. Moss pork was a shade higher on this 'and next month's deliv eries, and s@loo per brl higher on tho more de ferred options. Lord was iu good demand and stronger early, but receded to yesterday's quota tions. Moats woro in good demand, and higher on shoulders and short clear; rest unchanged. Tho further advance to-day was partially duo to a riso in tho gold premium, which increases tho paper price of exportable , products, on tho samo basis of gold prides. The market closed at tho following range of S rices: Mess pork, cash or seller April, $14.75; o seller May, 810.00; do seller Juno, $15.30; do seller July, $14.50@14.00; prime moss, SIB.OO @18.25; extra prime, 810.00@10.60. Laid, cash,or Bailor April, $8.00@8.05; do seller May, do seller Juno, SB.BO. Sweet pickled hams quoted at 100 for 20-lbs; for 18-lbs; fqr 17-lbs; 11%@120 for 16-lbs; 12@12>*o for 15-lbs; and 12|£@12%0 for 14-lb averages. Dry salted moats quotable ats>£@ss£o for shoul ders ; for long clear; for short ribs j and 79£@7,K0 for short door. Boxed shoulders, 55£@8%0. English meats, for Cumberland!); 7J6@80 for short nbs; 8 @B%o for short clear; 18@l4o for long out hams. Bacon is quoted at 7o for shoulders, 9o for clear ribs, v%o for short clear, and 18® 140 for hams, all pocked. Mesa hoof, $9.00@ 0.50; extra moss do, $10.00@10.50; beef hams,' $23.50@29.50. Oity tallow, grease quo table at 6#@o%c* Sales woro reported of 1,015 brls moss pork, cosh or seller April, at $14.75 ; 100 brls do at $14.70; 1,250 brio do seller May, at $15.00; 2,500 brls do, oollpr June, at $16.80:100 tes lard at $8.10; 1,250 tes do, seller April, at 88.05: 2,250 tos do at $8.00; 750 ics do, soller May, at $8.20; 250 tes do at $8.15; 500 tes do, eollor Juno, at $8.85: 1,000 tes do at $9.80; 10,000 ibe shoulders at o)<jCt 20,000 lbs do nt Go, packed; 100 boxes do at ; 40 boxes do at i%o; 100 tes sweet pickled hams (10 lbs) at $12.00; 850 boxes short ribs at 8o; 50,000 lbs do, seller April, at 7jljjO{ 50,000 lbs short clear, seller April,‘at Flour was dull and weak, in sympathy with wheat, hut without quotable change iu prices ex cept on rye flour. Shippers hold off fn view of tho weakness in grain, though flour was reported firm in Now York. Holders woro Ann, iu view of tho fact Chat our shipments exceed tho re ceipts. Sales were reported of 30 brls white win ter extras (California) at $11.00; 60 brls do at $9.75; 100 brls on private terms; 200 brls spring extras (Lo Souor) at $6.65 ; 800 brls do on pri vate terms; 100 brls suporfinoa at $4.50; 150 brls rye on private terms. Total, 930 brls. Also, 80 ions brau at $10.50 on track; 10 tons com meal at $12.00 on track; 10 tons do at $ll.OO at mill. Tho following was tho closing range of prices : Fair to choice white winter extras, Bed winter extras Good to choice spring extras, Low to medium Good to faucy Minnesota.... Spring Btiporllnce Bye flour Bran MiddUnna... Wheat was active, hut weak, declining from tho lowest range of yesterday, with tho trading almost entirely speculative, and local. Liverpool was reported dull and heavy, and par ticularly weak on arrivals off tho coast, which wore numerous, and sold lo per quarter lower than yesterday. New York was quoted steady early, but trade opened there very heavy in con sequence of tho news. Tills, and tho high freight-tariff, caused our local*holdora to offer their property very froojy, and tuoro was an utter absence of orders to buy on account of parties residing outside tho city. The built of tho offer lugs were taken by tho local shorts, as for two or throe days past; those gentlemen have probably tilled in to tho extent of nearly two or throo mill ion bu during this week, thus far. It was note 'worthy, too, that tho parties who ware selling out for tho coming month wore not buying in for the month following it, as thoy usually do a lit tle while before delivery day. A groat many of them wore evidently sick of the deal, and determined to got out of it, for a while, at least. Nevertheless, the alacrity with which tho shorts took hold caused the market to become comparatively firm during the latter part of tho session. Boiler April open ed at $1.20, advanced %o, declined to $1.19%, rose to $1.19%, and closed at $1.19%. Boiler the mouth was little bettor than nominal at tho same range. Boiler May sold at $1.23@1.23%, closing at $1.23%. No. 1 spring was scarce and strong at 61.27%(5>1.80, according to location, and dato of receipt. No. 2 spring olqsod at 81.20% for strictly fresh receipts. No, 8 spring was dull, closing at 81.10% for strictly froan re ceipts. rejected do was little bettor than nom inal at 95a, Cash sales wore reported of 400 bu No. 1 spring (A., D. A Co.) at 81.30 ; 400 bu do at 81.23%; 400 bu do at 81.23; 400 bu do (N. W.) at $1.27% ; 2,400 bu No. 2 spring (fresh) at $1.21; 800 bu do at $1.20% ; 14,800 bu do at $1.20%: 5,000 bu do at 81.20 ; 25,000 bu do at $1.19% ; 15,000 bu do at $1.19% ; 1,000 bu No. 8 spring (fresh) at 81.10%; 0,400 uu do at $1.10%; 1,000 uu regular at $1.10; 1,000 bu. rejected spring (fresh) at 05o; 400 bu by sample at $1.33; 400 buao at 81.14, both delivered. Total, 70,000 bu. Corn was rather more active and irregular, 'de clining from the inside pricosof last evening, but recovering the difference toward tbo end or the session. Our receipts wero light, and Now York was quoted strong, but offerings here wore excessive. The reasons for this wero partially stated in our issue of this morning. High freight-rates, ami scarcity of vessels at that, bavo weakened tbo bauds of holders and mode them want to soli out, ia tho belief that tbo first loss would bo the least. Then there was an ex pectation that some 2.600,000 to 3,000,000 bu will bo delivered next Tuesday, on the option of seller April, and tlrixt this will cause large quan tities to bo thrown on tho market, producing a further break in prices. This fact will, probably, provo to have boon - contem plated by tbo weakness of yesterday af ternoon and to-day. Seller .the month, or regular No. 2, or seller April, opened at 30jKo, declined to 30Wo, advanced to 305£0, and closed at 80%@30%c. Seller May sola at closing at 81%@34%b. • Seller Juno sold at 3G@3o«so, seller July at37K@3Bo. and seller August at 89@39#c. Receipts of No. 2, dated to-day, sold at 33c; and dated on tbe 17 ta inst., or after, at 32K@32%c. Cash sales were reported of 5,000 bu No. 2 gilt-edged receipts at 83o; 7,000 bu do at 82«£o; 14,000 bu do at 82%o; 0,000 bu do ot 32%0; 15,000 bu regular at 30%o; 40.000 bu do at 15.000 bu do at 80%o; 2,000 bu rejected (fresh; at 23c; 800 bu do at 27Kc: dOObudo at27o; 4,600 bn, by sample, at 3%0, on track. Total, 146.000 bu. Oats were loss active, but firmer, at yester day’s range of prices, opening weak and closing at tbo outside quotations of tbo session. Seller April sold at 25#@25K° \ seller May at 23K@ 28%0 ; and sollor Juno at Regular No. 2 was quotable at tho same price as seller April, and strictly fresh receipts commanded lo premium. Cash sales wero reported of 2,400 bu No. 2 gilt-edged receipts at 20#o 5 1,200 bu do at 2l3o; 10,000 bu regular at'26>£c; 7,800 budo at Total, 21,400 bu. Rye was quiet, but firm, there being no offer ings of graded lots, and only a small demand. Regular No. 2 was quoted at bid, and Gso asked. Strictly fresh receipts wore worth 1@ 11*0 premium. Cash sales wero restricted to 800 bu by sample at GBo. Rarloy was quiet, but steadier, and a shade firmer than at tho close yesterday. Tbo supply of No. 2 was a littlo in excess of tbo demand; seller April opened at 700, and closed at 78 bid, and 78>$o asked. Regular No. 2 was nominal at ’ tbo same prices, and strictly fresh receipts quiet at 80@81o. No. 8 was firm at 050 In City, and nominal at GQo in Central. Cash sales wero re ported of 1,200 ba No. 2at 81o; 400 bu do at 60o; 800 bu No. 3at Gso; 400 bu by sample at 61.10’t 1.000 ba do at 05o; 100 bu do at 85o; 800 bu do ac81o; 1,000 bu do at BOo; 1,200 ba do at 750: . 400 bu do at CCo. Total, 8,200 bu. LATEST. In the afternoon wheat was moderately active and lower. No. 2 spring sold nt sl.lU><(s) 1.11% seller April, closing at 51.11%; and if 1.28% @1.2:% seller May, closing at $1,25%. Corn was in moderate demand and a shade easier. No. 2 sold at 8(%@3(%0 cash or seller the month, SOjbf @3oj)£o seller April, and seller May, tho latter options closing at the inside. ; Other grain and provisions woro aulet and unchanged. CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. TnunnnAT EvxunfO, March 27. * ALCOHOL—Was In moderate requeal and steady at $1.7401.80 for t)4 per cent proof, . .. ... BROOM COHN—The average trade In grades extols, Common corn ta plenty and dull. Wo repent: No. 1 hurl, OQOJtfo per lb ; No. 1 slock braid, 5 ©fttfot No. 2 do, 4@4wo : do, 3®51{0: inside green, Utoo; do rod Up, 8040; do pale and red, 202'rfc. BUTTER—Tho continued light receipts of ehoico table butter enable holders to fully sustain prices, sales being readily effected at 20®320, while occasionally evon higher figures are obtained. Low grades remain dull and unsoUed, Wo quote: Common to choice roll, 20®2C0; strictly choice dairy, packod, 28@320; medi um to good, 280250 { Inferior to common, 10020 c. BAGGING—A moderate amount of trading was done in this department nt substantially former rales, though cotton seamless goods aro less firmly held, owing to tho lower prlco of the raw material, fol lowing oro tho quotations: Stark, 370; Ludlow, poo; Lewiston, 84Wo; American, 32«0 j ArooskoM, 82)4c; Otter Crook, 340; burlap bags, 4 and 6 bu, 28©22A»c: gumilosj single, 17®l8*rfc; double, 29020 c; wool sacks, d7Wo. _ . . BEANS—Woro In moderate local demand. Wo eonllnuoto quote: Navies st $2.3002.60; prime to choice. $2.1002.25; fair to good, $1.0002.00 ; common to medium, $1.0001.00. .... i BUILDING MATERIALS-Trodo iu this department Id only fair. Prices nro steady as given below: Stucco, $2.0002.75; Now York stucco, casting, $3.78©4.C0; su perfino do, $8.8004.00: Booeudalo cement. sJ.2o® 3.60; Utica cement, $2.00 per brl; Loulsvlllo co went, $2,00: Akron cement. $2,00; marble dust, t1i.25Q0.G0; lime In bulk, 00c@$1.00: limp (brto), $1.25 per brl; while sand, per brl, $2.75®3.00; plastering hair, ' per bu, 40050 c; lire hrlck, per 1.000, $40.00000.00: building brick (common), SIO.OO ©10,60; sower brick, $12.00®13.00; country brick, $12.00, del.; Woodstock pressed range at $25.00® 40.00; St. Loula hydraulic pressed, $46.00, del.; Milwaukee, $30.00, del.; Bnclne. $26.60, del.: HiUit dale, $26.(J0, del; flro clay, per brl, $1.0005.00. Tho following la tho Hat of prices per box of 60 foot for domestic window gtor.a, from which a reduction of 45 and 6 per cent la mads to dealers : rirfit vouote qunUtv. ttrcnqth, Cx Bto 7xo $ ' $ 3-W 7xlo to Bxlo ; 0.76 0.00 Bxll to 10x13 7.25 10.00 Bxl4 to 10x15.‘. 8.00 12.00 11x11 to 12x17 8.75 14.00 12x18 to 10x20 0.25 16.00 14x22 to 10x24 ...10.00 . 18.00 18x23 to 18x80 11.00 10.00 90x23 to 24x30 13.00 21.00 26x23 ta 24x30 , 14.00 24.00 20x04 to 20X40 16.00 20.00 28x38 to 28X44 10.00 , 28.00 28x40 to 80x48 18.00 20.00 80x50 t032X53 ; ' .... 00.00 82x64 to 04x56. 80.00 34x58 to 34x60.. ?. 43.00 00x00 to 40x50... 4500 CANNED GOODS AND PloKLE3—There was moro Inquiry thon on tho preceding days' of tho week, but trade was far from being active, and prices wore not subjected to any material change, ruling firm as given below: reaches. 2 lb $ LB6® H*!!2 Pencbcß,3lb. XBSO J. 20 Pears, 2 lb 2.000 S’H? Plums, damsons, 2 lb 2.000 2.26 Green gages and egg, 3 lb 2.750 8.25 Quinces, 3 lb 2.750 8.00 Strawberries,2lb 2*600 2.75 Raspberries * 2.500 2.75 Dlackberrlco, 2 lb 1.000 2.15 Gooseberries,2 1b,... 3.2j0 2.50 Tomatoes. 2 ib 2.160 —5 Tomatoes, 3 lb 2*600 jkT? Corn,Elgln 3.85© Corn,Benton Harbor 2.800 2.00 Corn, Yarmouth 2*300 ®*29 Peas,2lb, pod 3*l6® ?*"x pcau, 2 lb, soaked 1.600 1.70 Lima beans, 2 1b... 2.500 2.75 Succotash. 2 lb 2.50© 2.75 Lobster. 2lb IM 0 ® 5*59 Lobster,lib 2.400 2.50 Oytors, 1 lb, full weight 1.20® i.JO Oysters, 2 lbs, full weight 2.20® 2.30 Oysters, 1 lb, slack weight,..,... 1.000 1.10 Oysters, 2 lbs, slack weight 1.60® 2.00 fiokles. Small, brts, 2,200 per pkg $10.50011.60 Small, V brls, 1,100 per pkg 6.000 6.50 Medium, brie, 1,200 per pkg 8.500 0.50 Medium, V brls, GOO per pkg 5.230 5.75 Largo, brls, COO per pkg 7.600 8,60 Larne, M brls, 300 per pkg 4.750 6.25 in 10 gab. hogs, per keg 3,750 4.25 In 5 gall. kegs, per keg 2.75© 3.25 Chow Ohow (Harvey)* qts. 5.750 0.26 Chow Chow (Harvey), pts 8.000 3.50 Chow Ohow (0. k B.), qtu 6.500 7.00 Ohow Ohow (0. k B.), pts 3.75© 4.00 .$ 8.50 010.75 . 7,00 © 6.50 . 0.25 © 7.00 . 5.00 © 6.00 , 0.50 0 8.00 . 8.25 @ 5.00 . 4.23 @ 4.35 .JIO.GO @ll,OO 11.00 ©16.00 Pure, # gall, cans, per doe $ 0.50010.00 , Pure, quart cans, per doz, 5.500 6.00 Extra golden, V gall, cans, per doz 6.500 7.00 Extra golden, quart cans, per quart 4.000 4.25 CHEESE—Remains firm at the annexed quotations. Trade Is reported good for the season, and stocks arc becoming much reduced. Wo repeat our list as fol lows s Now York factory, 17®18o; Ohio factory, 10 • ©l7c; Western factory, 15017 c. COAL—Only a light demand existed at tho fol lowing prices: Lehigh lump, 512.D0@13.00; pre pared. $12.50013.00; Lackawanna, $12.00: Edo, SIO.OO ©10.60; Briar mil, $10.00010.60; Walnut Hill, $10.50; Blossburg, $10.00; Cherry Mine, $9.00; Hocklug Val ley, $9.0000.50; Indiana connel coal, $10.00: Indiana block, $9.00 *, Kirkland grate, $9.00; Mluonk, $3.00 ; Wilmington, $6.6007.00. ' , _ • .. . COOPERAGE—Was quiet and r.lcady. We continue to quote; Pork barrels, $1.1501.25; lard tierces, $1.50 ©1.60; whisky barrels, $2.0002.25; flour barrels, BO055o; rough slaves (pork), $17.00018.00; do (tierce). 1 119.00021.00; do (whisky). $22.00023.00; sawed and nicked staves sverogo $3.00 more than rough; flour staves, $9.00011.00; circle flour beading, 7©Bo per set; flour hoop polos, $14.00015.00 per m; pork and tlorco poles, $30.00035.00 perm. EGGS—Mot with a fair Inquiry from local dealers and shippers, Tho receipts wero liberal, and prices rifled weak and lower. Bales ranged from 10017 c. Wo note sales of 3,800 doz at 17o; COO doz at 10>tfo; 850 doz at IGo. , . FEATHERS—Were In demand and Arm. Tho offerings wore light. Wo quote; Prime live goose at 640070 from first hands: Jobbing prices, 70@7C0 for assorted feathers; mixed feathers, good grades, 450 C2c; common do, 25040 c; chicken, Co6o. FlSH—Prices of flab wero unchanged. Fair activity characterizes the demand, and prices were uniformly firm. If wo except whUcflalv and trout, the supply of tho different description* Is ample. Following are tho quotations: No, 1 whltefisb, V hrl, $0.7507.00; No. 2 do $0.6000.75; No. 1 trout, V hrl, $0.0000.25; No. 1 shore mackerel, #brl, $11.00011.25; No. 1 bay, $8.6008.75; No. 2 bay mackerel, % hrl, $7.00® 7.25; No. x shore kits, $1.8301.90; bank codfish, pa* 100 lbs, $0.0005.23; George’s codfish, sfl.Co®C.76; Labrador herring, split, brls, $9.0009.60; do V brl, $4.7605.00; Labrador herring, round, brl, sß.oo© 6.60; do H hrl, $4.2504.60; box herring. No. 1, 31© 83c; box herring, scaled, 42046 c; Columbia River salmon, now. half-hsls, $10.00010.25. FRUITS AND NUTS—There was very little doing In domestic fruits, and tho quoted prices wore only Indif ferently sustained. In foreign descriptions trading was reported good, with prices firm. Stocks are full. Wo repeat our Ust, ns foUowa s Foreign—Dates, BJ£@ 0o; figs, drums, lIMQIto 5 00*. box, 14#016tfo ; Tur key prunes, 10@10«£o; raisins, $2.6002.60; Zanto cur rants, 808Vo. Domestic—Aldonapples, 18020 c; Mich igan do, 7@8o; Western do, 5 ; Southern do, iVfiOVo; peaches, pared, 17020 c; poaches, halves, 6®7c;'do mixed, 4K@s>tfo; blackberries, 0x010c; raspberries, 390410 ; pitted cherries, 24035 c. Nuts— Filberts, 14@160 * almonds, Torragona, 21022 c; Na ples walnuts, 24025 c; Brazils, 13014 c; pecans, 110 l2Xo; African peanuts, 6*£o7c; Wilmington peanut*, T0Bo; Tennessee peanuts. 005 c. GREEN FRUITS—Was In moderate request. Apples are In liberal supply, and a trifle easier; round lots of choice are quotable at $3.2008.25. Very choice varie ties bring $4.00 at retail. Other fruits are firm. Wo repeat: Apples, common to fair, $2.0003.00; good to choice, $3.5004.00 per hrl. from store; cranberries (cultivated) at $10.00013.00 per brl; common do at $0.0009.00; lemons at $0.0000.75 per box; Valencia oranges, $10.00012,00 per case; do per box. $5,0005,50; Palermo do, per box, $3.6004.60; Messina do, $4,000 6.00. GROCERIES—DeaIers report continued activity In tho demand for staple and fancy groceries, and most goods In tho list wero hold with pronounced firmness. Coffee* mot with some speculative Inquiry, aud ware also in good consumptive request, at a slight advance on tho prices current earlier in tho week. Slocks are in good shape, and tho condition of tho market 1* sat isfactory, Wo quote: Bi-Gauu Soda—Bo9Xo - 29V030V C ! 0.0. Java, 27>f®28c; Java, No. 3.25X020X01 fancy Bio, 24Af®24Jtfe ; choice do, 23X024c; prime Rio, 23X023XC J good do, 23 @23 Vo; common d0,21X0-2c: roasting do, 19X@20Xo; Singapore, 23X@24c; Goats lllca, fancy, 24>£024j£0; do, prime, 23*f0240: Maracaibo, 23023& C. Candles—Star, full weight, 20V021c; stcarine, full weight, 15M01OC; do short weight, 14 V® 150. Rice—Patna. BVO&.VOt Rangoon, 7VOBo 5 Carolina, 809 Vo; Loulriana, . , ■ BuoAns—Patent out loaf, 13?»®13)f c 5 crunhod, pow dered, and granulated, 12V®12*»°» A, standard, 11# @ll Xo; do No. 2,11X011 J B, 11X01W; extra O,IIXOII Vo; O,No. 2,10X0110» yellow O,IOXO lOVo; choice brown, 10 V@lo)tfc; primodo.lO0lO,Vo; fair do, 0X09X0; choice molasses sugar,1O)(01O)£o ; fair do. 009X0; New Orleans sugar, choice, 10X0 XOtfo; do prime, 0;£@l0o; do, fair, 0^09^0; com- drips. $1.3501.40; silver drips extra fine, 72@750; good mignr-house syrup, 45048 c; extra do, 50@650; Now Orleans molasses, choice, 82 @85o; do prime, 75080 c; do common, 05@70o; Porto Rico molasses, choice, 56005 c; common molasses, 32 040 c. . Haleuatub—Common to heat. o®loo. Bpioes—Allspice, 17018 c; cloves, 37@380: cassia, 88010 c; popper, 23023V0; nutmegs, $1.2301.30: ginger, pure, 28030 c J do No, 1, 20025 c; do No. 2,10 French mottled, Gorman root- U> '. 7W@7Mo« Golden wear, 000‘tfo; White Lily, White Hose, brown Windsor, ivQluo palm, 6®ojso; Savon Imperial, Ctf®6tfo. 'tiriuou—Gloae, OtfQlOo; laundry, 6® 70; common. , x , . HAY—Nothing now won noted In tho bay market, Oalyo amall number of orders wero placed, and prices were again quoted easy. Tho receipts ore IlKht but more than equal tho demand. Whole sale dealers were paying the following—care to contain 20,000 tba t On Tiuon—Timothy, heater pressed. tlMo@lfl.6O; timothy, loose pressed, $ll.OO (2116 60: proirlo, pressed, |9,00@10.60, Oh Waoon— Timothy.loose, sia.Bo@U.6O: prairie, loose, so.oo® 0.50. For delivery of pressed, $1.00(31.60, according to dlsUuco. „ . ...... , . UlDliS— There was a flrw tone to tho hide market. Fair activity was noticeable both In tho local and Eastern demands, and especially desirable lola were salable at #0 advance on our quotations. -We make no change in our list, os follows : Green butchers*, 7o: green ealtcd, cured, heavy, Uo; do light. Wot part cured, lOQlOJtfo; groou frozen, vaot/o! green calf, Ho: green city veal kip. prime, Ho; dry 16®17o; dry kip, 220; dry calf, iflo: dry flint, 10»20o; deacons, 60® Mo; damaged, 808110; V, M CAUSED GOODS. MAPLE STJIUP. 187.'5. nil oilier iliiimacil .lock two-l!ilnln price; Lnuuled, 10 per cent off, .. . . , HONEY—Wan quiet. Wo continue loquolo: Choice while comb, 2fi@29o; fair to Rood, 20026 c; strained arid common,-12015c. . , Hdl’B—Tho market rttnalns quiet, ami price# aro without material change. Wo to choice Western nt 4n@-lRo; fait to W^S®% 05 ,?°J n 7,55 to, medium 26@80o; Now York, 45@B0o; English, 40© 1 iOn'anD 1 &T^iL—*A fair business was transacted In Iron and steel* There was no quotable chaugo lu prices, which are ob follows: i ron ,* 4 0-10© 6 totca Ilorso-alioo Iron 2 1-10© 7 rates Philo Iron T @ 7*,f Bosnia Iron 20®210 glh Bussia Iron. No. 1 stained „ . *9° yjl Norway mil ••••-? 5112° SIS 1 German plow steel. 11 ® 120 79 l h English cast plowutcol.... 13 W}3tfo V[> American tool stool. 10 @lßo VJ” Chrome tool steel.., 1? @2o rates Engllah tool steel 21 @l3 English soring steel..../ H , ®12,V0 72 ft LAKE FIICIOUTS—Were quiet and nominally tm changed. Quotable at 10c for corn and 17jtf®l7#o for wheat (o HulTalo. . LEATHER—In this department of trade there wore no Important changes. Business was as Rood as la usual at this season, and the market rptplns nil the elements of strength that has characterized It for the pant six weeks or more. Wo quote : ÜBMLOOC. Cltyhnrness •$ 80© 41 Ooumrybarucsß . ?9 Lino, city, 79 lb 41® 43 Kip, 9 lb CO® 1.10 Kip, veals. 80® L-0 City upper, No. 1, yft V...’ 28® 30 City upper, No. 0, 79 ft 2.1® 27 Country upper. No, 1 25® 27 Collar, 79ft.... 20® 2^l Calf, oily 1.20® 1.40 Calf, country I.lo® 1.25 Bough upper, light 85® 39 Bough upper, heavy 32® 34 Bougn upper, 27® 80 Buffalo slaughter sole, best 35® 87 Buffalo slaughter solo, No. 2 S3® 35 «B. A.” solo 80® 82 Calf 1.25® 1.45 Klp, No, 1, medium 85® 1,10 Kip, No. 2, heavy 76® 80 Harness .' 40® 46 French calf, J0d0t..... 66.00000.00 French calf, Lcmoloo .. 00.00@80.00 French calf, 24 to 20 lbs..’.. I.Bo® 2.35 French caif, 20 to 30 Ibß 1.75® 2.25 French calf, 80 to 30 lbs* • • • 1.65® 2.18 Frenchklt>. 60 to 100 1b5.... I.oo® I.CQ LUMBER—There la a tolerably fair Interior demand for lumber, but tho local trad* la only moderate. First and second clear aro very firm, while wo nolo a decline In common flooring, and Joists and scantling of IB®24*ft. Hardwood In meeting with an improved demand. Wo quote: First clear «$52.00®66,00 Second clear, 1 inch to 2 inch 47.0U@60.00 Third oloar, 1 inch 88.00®40.00 Third clear, thick 45.00 First and second clear flooring, together, rough..,. 40.00042,00 First and second clear siding, together... 23.00®24.00 Common elding 20.00@21.00 Common flooring, drensod, first 35.00@37.00 Common flooring, dressed, second 80,00032.00 Wagon-box boards, selected, 14 inches and upward... 87.00@40.00 A stock boards 87.00@40.00 Unlock boards 28.00030.00 Common b0ard5....... 16.00@10,00 Joist, scantling, small timber, etc., 10 feet and under 16,00® Fencing 16.00® Joist and scantling, 18 to 24 foot 16.00023,00 Pickets, square 15.00@10.00 Pickets, flat 12.00@14.00 Cedar posts, 5p1it......... 1C.00@18.00 Cedar posts, round 20.00@22.00 Lath 3.75 Lath, on track 3,37# No, 1 sawed shingles 1.60® 2,00 Aorßtar.. 8.50® 3.75 Shingles on track. .’ 3.25® 8.50 Tbreo dollars per car to be added when transferred, which charge follows the shingles. Thickness—Five shingles to bo two monos In thick ness. Length—Sixteen Inches. lunnwofD. Oak (dry). .... $23.00040.00 Black walnut 26,00080.00 Maple... 14.00035.00 Ash (dry) 80.00040,00 Butternut. 23.0U0C0.00 Countertops (select). 1.000 1.60 Flooring, 6-in. grooved and matched 075.00 Axles • 60® 78 Wagon poles (each) 55© 60 Hick0ry........... 50.00@75.00 Box boards 35.00040.00 Common.* 20,00025.00 Clear 30.00040.00 Culls 12.00014.00 METALS AND TINNERS’ STOCK—The market: was characterized by fair activity, and prices ore ruling strong as quoted: Tim Plate—lo, 10x14, $15.00: do,* 12x12, $15.60; do, 11x20, $15.00; Co, roofing. 10, $14.60. Pia Tim—Largo, 420; small, 43c: bar, 44c. Sheet Zino—Full casks, lie; half casks, lljtf® U>tfo : lefca quantity, 11 Vc * slab, 00, Sheet InoM—No. 24, 7o rates. Copper—Copper bottoms, 45048 c j braziers, over 12 lbs, 470 ; tinned copper, 430. WniE—2 to 6, So; 0.8, and 0,10 c; 10 to 11, Ho ; 12, 11 Vo; 13 and 14,13>tfc; 15 and 10, 14o; 17, 16o;18, 10c : 10, I'Jo; 20, 20c ; full bundle, 15 per cent dia nmtnl; fenen wlra. 7«n. ' , . , NAlLS—Continue to meet with an active local and interior demand at the following rates: lOtgCOd/ per keg, $5.50 rates; Bd,do, $5.76; fld, do, $0.00; Id. do, $6.25; 3d, do, $7.00; 3d, do, tine, $8.60; 2d, do, $8.75; clinch. $7,87 M ; 12& C otf to the trade. NAVAL STORES—There was more inquiry for these goods. Quotations are unchanged, as follows; Manilla rope, lb $ Sisal rope, sMl> I®#® Vft Hemp Bash cord, "ft tt> *0 0 23 i Marline, $ 1b...’. 1 20 @ 22 Tarred rope, 73 lb 10 ®, Oakum, 73 bale 6.00 00,60 Pitch, 79 0-00 07.M • Tar. 73 5.60 06.00 OILS—A fair amount of trading was done in the leading oils at prices not varying materially from thouo current earlier In the week. We. quote: Car bon, lOMo*. extra lard all, 730; No. I. 70c; No. 2, 05o: Unoccd, raw, 05007 c; do boiled, $1.0001.02; Whale, 88c; sperm, $2.0002.10; neat-foot oil, strictly pnro. $1.10; do extra, 05o; do No. 1, 80c; bank oil, G8 070 c ; straits, 72@760; elephant oh, 05o; turpentine, t2@74c; naphtha, 03 gravity, 21@320; naphtha, com mon, 17®18c. _ PAINTS, COLORS, AND POTTY—Trade was good and prices wero quoted firm as follows: Strictly pure $ 12.00 Fancy brands 10.00®11.00 ZINC. Genuine Velllo Montague 14.60 American Jr*2s finow while 11.00 ooLons. Maaury’s railroad colors • Palaceoar colors in cans... 0,60®10.C0@1-.60 llocliello ochro Englloh Yen. red -f*s2^-»i*ss English oraugo mineral 15.60@1C.00 Pittsburgh orange mineral W.OO EngUnhrcd load aa«.J?’S2 American red lead 11.00® 11.60 English vormllllon, per lb 1.40® 1.43 Scarlet vormllllon 23.00 Paris white *-g0 Whiting 2.50 TPTXX. In bulk 3«c In bladders...... I‘IQ IRON—Was active and firm at former quota- Scotch (according to brand) ..$60.00067.00 Tuscarawas CO.OO Macalllou 00,00 lake Superior 68.00@00.00 Chicago stone coal 67.00 Missouri stone c0a1..... 67.00@63.C0 POULTRY—There la very little poultry of any do* scrintlou offering j and under the Influence of a fair local demand, prices are very strong. Turkeys are qnotahloatl2*tf@l6o; ehlckt-j at $4,0004.60 ; ducka obout $3.0004.00. We note sales of 1,100 lbs turkeys atl4o; 030 lbs do at 13c; 29 doz chickens at $4.25@ 4.60 ;16 doz do at $4.00; 8 doz do at $3.60@3.76; 3 coops at $4.00, . _ . POTATOES—Were In moderate request. Early rose aro quotable at 70®73c; peachblowa at 60062 con track, and 630550 delivered. Sales Include 1 car peachblowa at 600 ; 1 car do at 63c; 1 car mixed at 43c, all delivered : 00 bu curly rose from store at 700. SEEDS—Timothy was in active local demand, and about 100 higher on the bolter grades. Sales ranged from $3.0003.50, Ordinary clover was In moderate re quest and steady at $4.7501.85; mammoth nt $5.60® 6.00. Hungarian and millet remain firm at sl.oo® 1,33 for the former, and millet at 06c@$1.0S. Flax was ctoadyot f 1.8009.00 for fair to good, and $2.25 for choice for sowing. We not© sales of 77 bags choice timothy ut $3.60: 100 hags do at $1.45; 185 bago prime at $3,40 : Cl>3 bags do at $3.35 5 780 bags at $3.30 ; 70 hags at $3.25 : 46 bags at $3.10 s 130 bags at $3.00; 4 bags eboleo clover at $4.85 ; 10 bags do at $-1.80 ; 10 bags at $4.75! 13 bags mammoth ot SO,OO ; 10-bags Hungarian at $1.33; 25 bags nt $1.30; 1 car poor; ut $1,00; 30 bags millet at $1.05; 40bageat $1.00; 100 bags at 05c. . „ . BART—'Was in fair request for tho season. Worcpcnt nuotutionsj Onondaga and Bagluaw, flue, $2.25; ordinary coarse, $2.26; coarse Diamond O, $2.40; ground solar, $2.60; dairy, without bags, $3.60; dairy, with bags. $4.2504.60; Ashton dairy, per sack, $5.00; ground alum. $2.2602.50; Turk’s Maud, $2.00. HASH, DOORS, AND BLINDS—There was an Im proved Inquiry for thcao goods, Prices ruled steady, as follows: noons—four rAncn. ThicKima, Rise* i 2i 6 by fix 0.... 1 2z 8 by fix 8 -.75 1 JM; 2x ObyCx 0 2.75 13-8 2x 8 by Ox 8 0.00 13-10 2xlo by oxlo 3.00 * noons—two panel, 1 3-10 2x ObyCx 2.25 I 2x 8 by OX 8 2,80 2x ObyCx 2.35 1 Qt 8 byOx 3 2.00 OOXBIDB ULINUB, Thickness, A'lnh e,™ 13-10 V™ 1 3-16 oxl2 2.05 1 3.10 2.05 13-10 2.03 13.10 10x15 2.50 plain kail hash. _ Size of Thick- SiteofU-UgM Weeper glum, mm. window. tcimmio. Bxlo 1 3-10 In 2x 3 )i by 3x9)rf 400 oxl3 1 3-10 In 31 7 by 4xo 670 oxl4 1 3.10 in 2x7 by 6x2 Mo 10x12 IWO hi 2xlo by 4x6 670 10x14 13-lOiu 2xlo by 6xJ ....... Mo Oxli: 13-8 In 2x7 by 6*4 10x14 13-8 111 2XIO bvßx2 ....... 800 A discount of from 23 to 30 l»w coakw made from (he above Uul. TEAR—A quiet feeling prevailed In thin market, ami In some of the low grades n slight reduction landed. Following srn the quotations: Young Hyson, com mon to fair. 5fl0OOo; do good, C!so7flo{ do choice to extra One, Si.WHijtl.2o; commonlo lino old llyaou, 70a Ofl.00; common Imperial, 00®«5o; good lo nnolco do, B(lc0$!,lO; floe to good gunpowder, 70C@|1.00; choice, {1,1001.20: extra, Sl.8O0l.48: choice to extra leaf Ja pan, 0flc@tl.00: fair to good do, 70©80 c; common do, 42@480; colored natural loaf Japan, 6C@osc; common to line Oolong, 36®150} good, 00®70o; choice to extra, l)Oc0$l.OO. , . TOBACCO—Won flteady at unchanged prices i Ciißwma—Fine Cut—Extra, 7fi0850; choice, CG® 7Co s common, 83®00o; poor. 40®500. Pi.uo—Natural leaf, 76®80o; half bright, C0@70o; black, Hound, 48®550. BMokino—Extra, 330 35c; medium, 30@320; com mon stems, 270290. ' . . . WOOD—Continues firm and unchanged ! Beech, $12.00: maple, $13.00; hickory, $14.00; Blahs, $7,000 8.00, delivered. . • WOOL—Another quiet and unsatisfactory day was naased, Prices are nominally unchanged, as follows: Tub, washed, extra medium 65@f110 .Tub, washed, fair to do 8i0R(1o Common dingy. .....46®470 Fleece, washed, XX, light. 61053o 1 Flccco, washed, X, light BloC2o j Fleece, washed, XX,dingy ~4o®Uo Flccco, washed, X, dingy 40@440 Fleece, washed, medium light. ,i 47®300 • Flccco, washed, medium dingy...... 40045 a Fleece, unwashed, XAcXX, in good condition.. .30@330 Fleece, unwashed, X&XX, dingy. 2flfrfi29o Fleece, unwashed, coarse to medium 39®370 Fleece, unwashed, coarse, and dingy 2H0310 Super, pulled .42®430 Extra, pulled ; 42® 4Co Burry wool C@loo loss. CHICAGO LIVE-STOCK MARKET. Thubsdat Evehiko, March 27, Tho receipts of livo-stock cinco Saturday havo boon as follows: Cattle, Uorjs, Sheep, Monday 8,349 B,MI 023 Tuesday 0,712 9,723 740 Wednesday 2,815 0,780 438 Thursday 8,000 10,000 9,000 Total 19,870 38,033 3,107 Same tlmo last week 12,237 48,043 0,429 Week before last 11,973 88,109 ‘ 8,143 Shipments wore as follows t Cattle. Jloqn, Sheep, Monday 2,517 7.C33 353 Tuesday 2,145 7,891 1,124 Wednesday 205 9,778 .... Total 4,807 18,001 1,477 CATTLE—Tboro .was no diminution In tlio de mand tor ttiia class of block, and no abatement in tbo flnnncma that baa characterized • tho mar ket since tbo beginning of tbo week. Tbo mod erate supplies at tbo East, and tbo consequent firmness of prices tboro, induced a confident fooling among shippers, and, although tbo amount of stock on salo was largo (tboro woro many stale cattlo), tboro provod to bo no largo overplus, all suitable offerings meeting with prompt solo, and at as good prices ns prevailed earlier In tbo week. Tbo finality was oxcollont, tbo bulk of tbo fresh receipts consisting of me dium to choieo well-fattod steers, for which the ruling prices woro $1.75@0.12>£. Very few sold below SI.OO. Tbo extreme range was S2.GO@ 7.00, tbo inside figure for bulls ond old cows, and tbo outsldo for a bunch of fancy steers, tbo average weight of which was 1,0-13 Ihs. Stock steers continue in active request at full former prices, or at $8.C0@4.00 for common to medium lots averaging from 700 to 000 lbs, and at $4.25@4.60 from good to primo droves averag ing from 000 to 1,080 lbs. Batchers, stuff was not particularly active, but, the supply of such being light, holders word enabled to sustain former rates. The market closed os it opened, firm. QUOTATIONS. Extra—Graded steers averaging 1,400 lbs and upwards C0.0000.0S Choice beeves—Fine, fat, well formed 3 year to 5 year old steers, averaging 1,300 to 1,400 lbs 5,76(20.15 Good Beeves—Well-fattened, finely-formed steers, averaging 1,200 to 1,800 tbs 6.2506.60 Medium Grades—Steers In foitv flesh, aver aging 1,160 to 1.300 lbs .. 4.7505.00 Butchers* Block—Common to fair steers, and good to oztra cows, for oily slaughter,arcrngmgSOO to 1,100 lbs 3.75®4.60 Block Cattlo—Common cattlo, lu docent flesh, averaging 700 to 1,050 lbs 3.4004.40 Inferior—Light and thin cows, heifers, stags, hulls, and scallawag steers 1.7503.00 Cattle—Texas, Northern wintered 3.0003.76 Cattlo—Corn-fed Texas 4.0005.00 . CATTLE SALES, j Vo. 48 extra steers. 14 extra steers. 40 choice steers. 14 choice steers., 49 choice steers. 28 choice aleora. 81 choice steers, 17 fat pony steers. 18 good steers 84 good steers 80 medium steers.. 84 medium steers, la medium ‘steers, 13 OXOO 16 Block etoerfl 31 cows 18 oovra 18 COWB 17 con*s 17 good steers 17 cows 14 medium steers. 81 choice steers... 15extra, steers.... 30 fleshy steers.... 34 good steers 84choice steers... 16 extra steers. 13 medium steers. 16 good steers 10choice steers.... 14 butchers* steers. 34 good steers 63Texan steers.... 48Texan steers..., 16 butchers’ stock. 151 st pony steers., 11 medium steers.. 30 medium stoera.. 85 Texan steers. SO Texan steers, SO choice steers, 73 Texan steers. 48 choice steers. 60 good steers 1,268 6.70 HOGS—A buoyant tone pervaded tho hog mar ket, from the opening to tho close. Tho receipts continue to fall below tho legitimate require ments of tho trade, and prices continue to work upward. Buyers wore more than usually nume rous, Now York, Boston, Philadelphia, Cleve land, Buffalo, and other points being represent ed, and, by the middle of tho afternoon, about everything had boon disposed of. Transactions wore reported at 5?5.10@5.20 for poor to com mon ; at $5.25@6.35 for medium, aud at 65.40@ 6.50 for good to ohoico, indicating an advance of 10c oa compared with yesterday’s prices. non BALES. Vo. Av. PriceJ.\o. Av. Price. No. Av. Price, 52 186 $5.25 127 189 $3.30 63 215 $5.40 33 815 6.20 64 193 6.35 CD 103 6.23 53 300 5.25 69 239 6.10 03 100 6.35 137 189 6.37* 126 233 6.25 63 200 6.40 C 8 269 6.35 49 324 6.30 29 230 6.25 46 262 6.25 65 227 5:45 116 200 6.40 127 210 6.87* 68 239 6.35 03 194 6.35 64 197 5.35 61 218 6.33 67 234 6.45 69 2C2 6.85 65 270 6.80 02 200 6.40 69 239 6.40 03 203 6.40 00 ISO 6.40 78 188 6.40 61 200 6.10 61 220 6.85 84 104 ■ 6.25 70 207 6.35 134 236 5.25 23 213 6.25 03 ' 210 6.60 03 200 6.20 48 811 6.40 03 199 6.36 07 229 6.35 41 202 0.33 07 ?01 6,37* 69 259 6.30 74 189 6.25 08 225 6.35 52 203 5.30 63 198 6.40 42 214 6.25 79 190 6.37* 130 200 6.35 03 189 6.40 87 200 6.30 84 258 6.60 04 284 6.40 126 200 6.25 60 211 5.40 00 241 6.30 57 256 6.45 66 104 6.40 66 229 6.30 23 825 6.10 , SHEEP—There was a fair amount of trading, in this branch of tho market, and prices wore again steady and firm. Receipts wore liberal, but not largely excessive. Tho market closed steady at 93.25@4.00 for inferior to common ; at $1.25(3)1.60 for medium, and at $1.70(3)5.76 for good to choice. A ear load of extra sheep, fat tened by Henry Hoffman, ofAlodo, 111., fetched $6.00. Their average weight was 120 lbs. THREADS. FfePTsoMS’ •' BEST SIX-COED WMte ffll M Ttails Are soft finished, 'without tho use of any nub stunco whatever to produce nu artificial glass, thereby prencrrlug tbo superior strength of six-cord thread. Tho now shade of black has u silken polish, aud all numbers are warranted six-cord to 100 luctuslve. For Bale-by all Dry Goods Dealers. ASK FORJ.&P. COATS’ BLACK, And uso It for Machine Sewing. SCALES. FAIRBANKS 1 KTANDAUD IT SCALES . ■ [ .1 01' AI.L 81/.KS. 1.^ JpAIHEAM KS, MOUSE & OO W WKST WABIUNGTON-ST. KA.IIiH.OAD TIME TABLE. ARRIVAL m DEPARTI Winter Arrnn; EXPLANATION OF JIBPKKFHOE M copied. * Bumlny excepted, t M rirs Sunday al 8 :U0 a. in. { Dally. CmCAOQ & ALTON (1 Chicago, Allan tfc St. Louie Throw Ufa.) rttfie thorl root* from Uhlvufli lirpot, U'eet Side, near Madleon.il fit. Louis A Springfield Express* via Main Lin0,,.., Kansas City Fast Express, via Jacksonville, 111., and Louisi ana, M 0... Wonona, Lnoon, Washington Ex* press (Western Division.) Joliet & Dwight Aconmo’datlon. Bt. Louis A Hprlnalleld Lightning Express, via Main Line, audalsa via Jacksonville Division Kansas Olty Express, via Jack sonville, Hi., A Louisiana, Mo.. Jononon Olty Express...., Peoria, Keokuk A llurl’n Ex..... 11 pally, via Main Line, and dally except Saturday, via Jacksonville Division, it Dally, vis Main Lino, and daily, except Monday, via Jacksonville Division. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL RAILWAY. Difon Depot, corner. Madison and CnnaUiti,; Tick*! Office Milwaukee, fit. Paul A Minncap njl.U,, Kipr0n................. *11:00 0. m. t7:»o. m. Milwaukee A Pralrio du Omen ■Moll and Eipro.., • 4:M P, in. *ll :!0 a. m. Mlhranltrc, Ht, Paul A Minooap oils Night Express +9:00 p. m. * 0:00 p.m. CHICAGO, BURLINGTON & ( Depots— Foot of Lnke-tl., Indian and Canal and Sixteenth'll*. Tii and at depute. Mail and Expre55......... Dubuque and Bloux City Exp. PacilloKast Lins..,.. Galesburg Passenger Mondota k Ottawa Passenger... Aurora Passenger*; Aurora Passenger Aurora Passenger JHnmtay),,... Dubuque A Bloux Olty Exp Faclilo Night Express Downer’s ururo Accommodation Downer’o drove Aooninmodatlon Ottawa and Btrostof Passenger.. ILLINOIS VENTRAL RAILROAD, Depot foot of Lnke-it, and fool qf TicentU'teeond-it, Ticket oS‘ee, 75 Oniut-t:., comer qf Sladieon, gt. Louis Express t. Louis Vast Lino Cairo Mnl) Cairo Kinross Springfield Express Springfield Express..... Dubuque A Sioux City Ex Dubuque A Sioux (Ji»y Ex........ ••Oilman Passenger,. Hyde Parle and Oak W00d5...'.... Hyde Parle ami Oak Woods.. Hyde Park and Oak W00d5....... Hyde Park and Oak Woods Hyde Park and Oak Woods Hydo Park and Onk Woods Hyde Parknnd Oak W00d5...,... Hydo Park and Oak Woods Hyde Park and Oak W00d5....... **Ou Saturdays tbla train Mill bo run to Champaign. CHICAGO* INDIANAPOLIS & CINCINNATI THROUGH LINE. VIA KANKAKEE ROUTE. Tratne arrive and depart from the Great Central Dailroad Depot. fool qf' La/:«-il. For through fiekett anil elecplna J ear berth* apph/at TieJitl office, 7b C.mal-el., corner Stadia ton; 120 ltVuft(ngt<m.«(,{ JVemtmt Uoute, corner Congrcu, et. and JHehi.oun.ge.{ alto foot qf 7'icenty.teeond-tt, Leave Obicnrrn Arrive at Indianapolis...... Arrive at Cincinnati Trains arrive at Chicago at 7:00 a. ni. and 9:15 p. in. Only lino running Saturday night (rain to Cincinnati. The entire train runs through to Cincinnati. Pullman sleepers on night trains. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN RAILROAD. Ticket Oftice, 31 ll’ert J/adf,fnn«it. Pacific Fait Lino., Dubuque Day Ex. via Clluton... PacifloKlght Express.. Dubuque R igbt Ci. via OlJntou. Freeport A Dubuque Express.... Freeport A Dubuque Express.... Milwaukee .Mall Milwaukee Express Milwaukee Pa55enger............ Milwaukee Passenger (dally). ... Oroou Bay Express 8U Paul Express.... . Green Bay Express.. St. A v. Price .1,298 $6.30 CHICAGO. ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC RAILROAD. Devot, corner qf DarrUon amt Shcnnan-ete, Ticket qfiee t * * 83 Weii Madlton-st, . 6.75 0,12«f .1,316 .1,324 6.37tf 6.25 6.23 4.70 Omaha, LoavonwHli A Atchison Ex *10:00 a. ra. • 4:00 p. ra. Pom Accommodation o..a :l S£* S* ♦ SimS* S‘ Kitfht Express tlO:iK)n.m. t 7:KJ *•_»; LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILROAD. Sepal, corner Harrison and Skerman-ete, Ticket offteee, norlMceH comer Clark and Handolph-ete,, anii eouthveet cop*tr Canal and Jfad(«oa*<U. Mali, via Air lino and Slain lino • Spools! Now York Express, via Air Lia0...... Atlantia Kxptois, via Air Lino.. Night Express, via Moln Lino.... •' BllchartAocommodatlon * CHICAGO. DANVILLE & VINCENNES RAILROAD. Paetenger Depot at P,, C.&St. Louie Depot, comer 0/ tfo nalaud Kioele-st*, . .. Freight and Ticket office 108 WasMng-ton-et, 6.12* 6.C5 <U9* 4.50 6.40 4.40 4.00 4.60 6.10 6.00 6.90 .1,407 .1.400 .1,115 .1,103 .1,031 .1,087 .1,077 .1,060 .1,140 .1,205 Mall * 7:40o. in.l* 1:40 p. m. Evansville & Torro Hanto Ex.... * 7:00 p. m«lt 7:30 a. m- PITTSBURGH. FOB I WAYNE It CHICAGO RAILROAD. Bar Express • 0:00 a. m. t 7;Mp. m. A'S® S; WSt a Mol! M:R5a. n>. *6: lop. m. Valparaiso Accommodation...... *3;4op. m« BiuOa.in. MICHIGAN CENTRAL & GREAT WESTERN RAILROADS Depot, foot tif Lake tt . ami foot Tteentu-teeond.ee Ticket office, 76 Canal-et., corner of ifadlton. . leave. Arrive. MalVfylamain and air lino) * 6:30» “• * fsjP* , IK; S; o||£ S; indiaxatolib via rEao road. • Mall • 6:30 a.m. •8:45 p.m. Night ’Express to:l6p.m. l*;6s«Tam. miASD nayiDS and pesxwates. m Morning Express *2* ffi’S* Night Express 19:10 p.m. 6.00 a.m. .1,033 .1,229 .1,420 6.12* 0.00 5.12* PROPOSALS For Material, and Work, and La bor Required in the Construc tion of tlio Cook County Jail and Criminal Court Building-. Soatod nropoial. will bo rocoivoit unlit tbs 7th d.7 of April, 1857. of nnou, by tho Hoard o! Oomndnloaor. of ConkCouuty, tortbolurolahlno end-dfllivory of annul, torlal, work, labor, and ponetracllon of and lor tbo Cook County .tall aud Criminal Court Iluildliw, bilux »™«« d on the corner of Michigan and Daaiburn-ita., in the City of Chicago, according to plans and anoclnostions, uclaus aud drawing* on UIo la tho odico olMcjwra. Armstrong A Arctiitocta, No. 14 South Olark-at., Chicago, as * 1. All material, work, labor, conatruotlon, and finish for ontlro mason, cut atone, and plastering woric com* pl a. l All material, work. labor, construction, and finUh for the Iron work complelo. , _ , . 3. All material, work, labor, construction, ana Oman for tbo building, o&rpoator, joiner, aud woodwork com- material, work, labor, construction, and finish for tho plumbing and gus-fitttng complete. The stone to bo ured may bo granites, marbles, pc sand storms. Tiio ({uulitinn must havo unlfomUty of color, tox tnro, and durability, and no stono will bo cunsidorcd whose quality has not boon tested by actual uso In build builders may Include one or more of tho Items speotfiod n their proposals, and all proposals must boroado on tbs printed jonus to bo obtained of tho Oonaty Clerk, aud be accompanied with s copy of this notice, and by aponu baud la tho sum of ono thousand dollar* (jtl.OiW), with sa curity, to bo approved bysald Board, that tho bidder win aceui’C and pcnonii tho contract it awarded to bun aud give pond, with approved security therefor, as follows! Fur tbo atone, mnuu, and pbistoriujj work lor the iron work and material........ -o,W« l<*ur tin# carpenter, ioluor, and building work and malarial * .. *o,im. roe tbo plumbing, gss-titting, work, and mate- The Vlght'toVe/oclany or all bids rocoivoil is reserved. Proposals must be inclosed In a sealed cnvolopo ludorsw} rrouuTS.li ((or tho various kinds of work and material named), aaddenesltod with tho County Clerk, addrMMd to The iloaxd of Coimulsslonura of Cook County. 11. at. BlJiiiim. JOHN lIKUT4NG. A. J. GALLOWAY,- THOMAS i.ONKKGAN, CEOUUB M. IJOGUK. Committee on Publlo Buildings, Board of CommUslonsrs Post, SlttSti-Zollung, Union, snd Intor*Oo«a» ideate ciipy. Chicago, March U, lb7.i. FRACTIONAL CURRENCY. $5 Packages mCTIOMI CUBBENCY TBIBUKE OFFICE. OF TRAINS. foment. lAmco.— t Saturday ox* lomlay oxcoptcd, I Ar- RAILROAD, uqH Line, and Loultlana into Itaneiu City. Union »(, brhl'je, /.mm, Arrive, * 9:18 a. m. * 8:10 p, m. * 9:15 ft. m. * 8:10 p. m. • 4:10 p. m. * 4:10 p s m. * 8:10 p. tn, * 9:4U o, tn; U7:30 p. m. 119:00 p. m. 119:00 p, m. 119:00 p. m. • 9:001’. m. P7:3oa. m. 7:SOa. a. 8:10 p. m. Leave. Arrive. lUINCY RAILROAD. ia-ar., and SLeleenlh*tt. t eJctt office fn ilrtyyi Haute Arrive. Leave. * 4.15 p. tn‘.. * 2 :W p. md * 8:16 p. m. * 8:10 p. mj * 9:55 a. m, * 8:10s. m. * 8:55 a. tn. * 7:48 a. m. * 9:15 a. m. *l0:15a. tn. * 3:15 p. m. * 4:20 p. id. * 1:45 p. m, * 5:30 p. m. Loop. m. 19:00 p. m. +10:00 p. tn. *11:00 a. m. * <1:15 p. in. 7:45 fl. m. 9:55 a. mj 1 7:00 a. tn. Z 6:45 a. m* • f.:wip. m* • 7:15 p.,m. 8:10 p. tn. fears. Arrive. • 7:30 ft. m. + 8:l5p. in. • 7:30 a. ni. + 8:15 p. m. • 7&lu. m. t 8:15 p. m. • 9:15 a. in. t.a:lH)p. m. 4 5:15 p. m. • fidoa. m. • 7:ina. m. 5 if :<«) n. in, 112519 p. ra. 4 3:00 p. in. • 4:Mp. m. • 3:15 p. m. • C:10p. m. *Il:(jOp. ni. • fl:00p. m. • 7 :f*fl a. m. • 9:00 p. m. • 7:55 a. in. • »:iWp. m. • 7:53 a. ra. • 3:00 p, m. • 7:00 a. m. • 9dO a. m. • 6:48 a. ra. • 7:45n. m. • 8:40n. m. • 9«JO a. m. slo :;to r». m. } 1:45 p. raj • BriM p. m. • O;Mp. in. • 7;35p. ni. 8:00 p. ra. 3:50 a. ra. 0:13 a. m. • 8:00 a. m< 5 • 4:‘Wp. ra. 5 • 8:311 p. in. } Arrive, Leave, * 3:45 p. m. 3:40 p. m. 10210 a. ra. 8:30 a. ra. ■ 3:00 p. m. • 7:00 a, m.‘ *10:15 a. m. * 4:00 p. m. • 7:40 p. ra. $ G:CO a. m, • 7:15 p. ra. fl.oo p. ra* * 6:20 a. m. 1 6:60 a. ra. *10:15 a. in. 10: IS a. m. tlO:I5p. m, 10:15 p. m. * 0:15 u. in. * 9:15 p. in. * 8:09 n. m. * 0:30 a. ra. * 5:00 p. ni. {ll rOd p. m. 9:40 a. ra. *10:10 a. in. * 0:00 p. ni. t9:30 p. m. Arrive, fears, Arrive. 050 p. m. 6:40 a. m. * 8:00 p. m. 8:00 a. m. 10:30 a. m. 10:10 a. tn. * 9:00 a, in. * 5:10 p. m. •10:00 p.m. *1 * 8:10 p. in. *1 Arrive. Leave, UENKY O. WENTWORTH. General Passenger Agent.. PROPOSALS, 03? VOU KALE AT