16 Nisan 1873 Tarihli Chicago Daily Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1

16 Nisan 1873 tarihli Chicago Daily Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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VOLUME 26, ESTATE. KEMT BARGAIN ! 'or Three Days Only -A.t 03L1,500. Sr--- roaroflo't. JLot 20x170 to alloy. giapke, iaiton & GO., - —jjQ baSallc-st.. Pnmn 2. ™ . „ TWO COTTAGES (ao^> ST., b.t,,0-^^^J(-f o^<!i OnATTANTIO. _ . TWO GOOD DOTS *lll ,0 th ° «.< MOK island A T AtTOTIOKT, Oa Saturday, April 10, nt 12 M., ON THE PREMISES, S 5 SwSs-‘ *—«. * 0. 0. TUAYJSH & CO., Koal Ksfom Auctioneer, ,nd Ilrakont MTi lIITLi whore Itwllldoibo fob sale OH NORTH DEAEBOEN-ST,, MmnWef OWoa »°-» T -. ovor 700 foot front, “°“° of flBMt buildingloe, faTtmto otro “t. taaludinif iwvoral cbotca corners, MEAD & COB, * ■ X 53 liaSqllo.Qt, ummm. IB3 h ?M? pTl in Addition, 60x SplyuT oCka for 01,10 ttt ° Robert o-ebeb 3 84 Boom a. FOSTSaEE, fiS9Bß6Baßaas 33U5B^*sg5l?J?H3& ' TOB ffAT.tj ~ v* «w -ponta, l bay window, do!. Wo U la^.iSA\!? ,DdDn,in UJ t ® 1r ®* ty-nlaih-at. Brtok I*”’* COr-Twen %*t bo sold this wools Annl^^H? 380 »«Ml»Od. cwc', 4 W.b., fa-T.'"’ 11 *- ApJI, n l ‘. t <fe li^,r„St„°ir WANTED, Fifty to a hundrec. teams, for hauling coal. Will pay good wages. Ap ply at 176 West Kinzie-st. MINES T. AMES & CO. SITUATION WANTED, hotel. Cwn cbo &®fbMt of # bo «/eMopor to * yttbone omenf- “** bwt of ro/eroaoo». Addr«it j “ oosmomowert. JAS. 0. SIMM, MANTTPAOTtTRER Off PDBE OOHPBCHOHEBY 5Q STATB-ST. bbnu Nob Pft TOE n „, n MdrbßEFßaja^ PIC SPECTACLES. SPECTACLES ■4l J. O. LANOODTH'B. OPTICIAN, b.f.„ n w t , h i„„„„ hotels. BRIGGSHOtoe: ®BB XTIXiT, * Corner of Eandolph-at, and Pifth-aT. OLD TKItHIH* 83 PBll dav ,* Proprietor.. Jlt!nw*l toutaf 0 ' I ClsriM. iadies* goods. BIOKERTON & JEFFERY. so Easfc Wnshlnffton-nt,, Hl’fjUdl-vUr °A>li. ,5d if°‘.h°og!. UlllM 10 fW* •rricE furniture, DBBS 121 IVeat Washington- reran’ mu |p MPStOAIi. Gall, See, AND HEAR Three of the most elegant Pianos ever shipped to this eity, designed especially for the parlors of three of our well-known citizens. Will be on exhibition for a few days at the ware-rooms of STOEY& CAMP, 211 STATE-ST. Western Agents for the Arion Pianos and Estey Organs, ROOFING MATERIAL^ eoi| Materials. PAWNS CEMENT, PARAFFINS VARNISH, ROOFING FELT. BARBITT, AENOIB & KIHBAU, . 230 East Monmn-st. REMOVALS, REMOVAL. O a J-_ STOTTOn IT** removed to hU Elegant Office, 72 & 74 Dearbom-st. f Rwniim'ißulMin*, comor of Randolph-,!.. Wloro bo will bo ploaiod to give any infer bargains in Hinsdale bei^oval ClllE, ABBOTT 4 CO., * DEALERS IN ’ RAILROAD SUPPLIES, And Holt Manufacturers, ,_ _ FiooiKlAMM.dUonjl. w La3^e.«* REMOVAL! J. H, PEEET & CO., JVteroUant Tailors, REMOVED TO NO. 129 DEARBOEIT-ST., «- - torent; ' o?¥iifwZT^h o ™-' Ol TO LET, tt, mn i llit°s.\fo"/i(m?th"o r ; r . 1J13,M ' > ' IC3LiySalie-st> fAadreffa’B^j?^ lg ) t TO KENT 8 '* * u " Bot - -- LaSallo.at.. RoomS For Bent. W oßfc oornor gg °* CHAPDf & GORE, Nos. 73 and 75 Monroe-st.. -y I) BALERS IN Pine Whiskies imported «, lapis, ai dpi Hate Moarod the Biota Nn <m ... oat old Bland, wdhive «>Vn!!?*-& «® aa <»cMoa irith F sHS*sAvioA}imii 'OE NEW OELEANS, TH OMPSON DEAN MomcUa, S“' luTln * st - !jGu1 * Arirll IGih; C*iro, SUI GREAT BBPDBIIO ZtiftTOS St. Lotlls Anfll 211 il p u -®* p&augo «pply to - toIV'SPA 1 * MQBRISOK, ■^^SIKESSCHAKO^: FOE SALE. (^h^Kufa gjTI'SM? /I* 1 !™ 8 SK?SS«^SFpS aeoond-Bt, V{JO "tow-at.* near Twenty- drug store _ builiiuai! ItiVOl’ JpU)7oco<° olT ! f>Llrch’if* a *• : d'tlug & fine owner going ji M t, ' “ji “"ovVLK?" y M,mU}d * - ■■■■---«- 378jHooth \Vator»>t. ®^^^S~m6xiob. notice: MT .n.,|. . H. 8. HAYES. OIiICAQQ, April W«UropoUl»Bl«pok, WATCHES, &o. PINE WATCHE We have the largest assortment of Fine Watches in the West, which we are selling at remarkably low prices. We have just received another large invoice of GOLD GUARD CHAIN'S. l IATSOS & 60. STATE & MOHROE-STS. STOVES, RANGES. &o. RATHBONE’S STOVES Am toloreblx Hoorn, ,u over the United Slntee. Amen* tho most popular pattern* U Uw * fearless COOKING- STOVE, TVo &lso manufacture a largo rarloty of GOOD CHEAP STOVES. FOB SAUK TO THE TIIADE ONLY. BY RATHBOND, SARD & 00., 38 «&> 40r.alie.st. dMi - STOVES AND RANGES, WON FASHING MACHINES, AMERICAN MANGLES, JOKER’S ICECREAM FREEZERS HESTER FIITERERS, REFRIGERATORS & ICE BOXES. HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS. DAXiTOET C&5 Co., - 80 &S3 HAH-aor.PH.aT.. near CROCKERY, &o, noi, mwmi, littFS, &C. ‘f" 'E° ,,rß '' 1 ‘ ,mk 10 ••>« '‘lv of nliovo soon. In original packages or open atook, and aell *t n«» v„ » P. & E. JAEG-EE, _J3 Vakil-ay,, near BainliiliM PAPER HANGrwns. Don’t Fail: TO OALt. OK Hliffl, JEHUS PAIBS, . 107 STA^E-ST., Plate' B ato n^«f^ gestl,nd moat com ailT^ss fcj d CH Paw. OF S£!E3srr)S 3 AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. COMES, PAGE, SO® & CO., EUMBEHi msnrmmr, Wllolos&lo and Retail Dealor la all Uadi of 1 HARDWOOD LUMBER, TS'iS° W ' Ho»a*o°a, Florida Obdor, OFFICE AHD 7AHD—No. 211 Mh Marht.il. IMNANCIAIi. oiiinu3iriKsw2'£ RPARKSSmSHy PIEECE & BEOWEB, BROKERS, 03 Madisout-st. S i°^ 8 ' Oommorolnl Papor, Oovem. niont and Wootorn Securities. Ulinois 10 jgrmmt Hoglatorod Coupon Bonds. banking-house WESM&iaEWSTEB, 00 Waahington.et. * md Cornmer- Real Estate Loans. A ,r “-"»'■>* « lm- HIIUXUON 4 WATKIIMAN . SNUvu'mnwaun. CHICAGO, WEDNESDAY A WAR OF RACES. Battle Between the Blacks and Whites in Grant Parish, Louisiana. About 100 Negroes Killed in a Conflict at Colfax Court-House. The Africans Driven from Their Ban cades Into tlio Building. When Hard. Pressed, They Hang Out a Flag of Truce-Their Cruel Treachery. The Incensed Whites Fire the Oourt- House and Shoot the Es caping Inmates.. Horrid Culmination of the p 0 litical Chaos in Lou isiana. Fall History of the Trouble-Hs Origin and Progress. New Okeeakb, April steamboat Southwestern, wbiob arrived at about l:ko o’clock this evening, brings stirring and important nowa from Grant Parish. Tins whites have rolakon Colfax, and there ia not a negro to bo found for milos around. Prom passengers on tbo Southwestern we glean the following •, -h. The negroes had strongly ontronohod thom eoives In tbo Conrt-Honso, and built breastworks tbros and four foot high. There wore it ia said about -iflO mon annod and equipped thoroughly. On Sunday, at about 12 o’clock, about 180 white mon, who had gathered from tho sur rounding parishes, mado an attack on tho breast works, and a brisk light was kept up until some whore near 8 o'clock. Tho breastworks ware then stormed and captured, tho negroes taking' refuge in tho Court-House, tho doors of which vrere barricaded. After eomo fighting the' negroes- threw out a flsg of trace, and several detachment, of mon ad vanced on It, whoa they wore fired on by tho bo oiogod party, wounding several, oao ol whom was Cspt. Hadnot, who was shot In tho bowols, and it la feared, fatally wounded. Tboy retreated on the ontsldo of the breast works, and, as tho only moans ol dislodging the negroes, tho Court-Honso mas tot on Are, and they wore shot as thoy cams from tho burning building. It is reported that between SO and 100 negroes wore billed, and there were none now to bo found for miles around. Tlio Captain of tiio steamboat Southwestern makes the following atafomout: We arrived at Colfax on Sunday evening about 8 o clock, and found that the white people, and the Sheriff I aupposo at their head, had captured the town, after having had a conflict with the negroes. It waa reported to rao about 100 ne groes had boon killed, and many others wounded. Wo saw from the boat about eighteen or twenty lying around on the banks, dead. Ono white man was reported killed, whoso name I did not learn, and two very seriously wounded—Messrs. Hadnot and Harris. Mr. Hadnot waa shot through the bowels, and it is supposed ho is mortally wounded. Wo brought Messrs. Harris and Hadnot down from Colfax to Alexandria. Throe or four other white men were slightly wounded. About 100 negroes ssoapod, but it was rsported that; the whites wore still pursuing thorn. All of the loaders of tbs riot escaped, esjlodiaiiy thd white men. The negroes, ambuseadsd theme solves in the Oonrt-Hoaso, and the whites, flnde ing that there was no other modi 6i attack loft them, sot Are to the building. Tbo whiles num bored in the neighborhood of m men. Tho light lasted from about 12 m. until near sp. m. The whites are now in possession of Colfax, and when I loft, late last Sunday night, everything Vf&» qutat, • 9 jfi WFIOOi-f* btf nrb'qs *. is, Hotlakb: mi. jftw Orleans■Pfcavune Anrii in cording to Uw, and allowed the tiiS to *£iJ2S wb££ they are required by law to do it m* vi^tzi a I T Wc “ InaUae©, commhwloaod all officer* wbo^^S?® > i at .“/ tadudtoi bom jtoKS»sn? a ,isa h, hjn, «W» S®m.'<!jonii 1 hMtcncl to OolAJenS S^SSS^ o, ‘ , ss« r°S, P .& WJIM nuch Woleni den.on.lr.u2ni SbyW f rt2?«? r »“ # oourt-home, op After this! was advised by frlenda to seek ii§!lW crowing the river 1 *.* w« , a{ , night, After sf^asK&SS=-s by Mr. Uorautlni fuminiiino * escape & “bion^sra time iWn **.&»*■ SinceUmt j‘ e »rs- J come to this place In t»£n* < rii/ 0 * u i T i Mooro to m «f. s LT& end punned efteclbo * °7*m I K." l ',“ il ,‘“; nco * miiM C ’ “° mo *W»i boding, aJd (oS y o.to“uu on v'"*' I ,* «» MMSO the person* * an uad been demo. . of course, 1 did not aee *»ad Him in ouutody) Hut any violence . uim >yw» luwlUatcd; but Uin Uard to nay wbat APRIL 16, 1873. Blanen? "/boro Si ’jJJ)|, flo “ndor inch olrcmri. dootmctlou to f^ n ’, t0 1 ' f ' !lovo th".t (h 0 a? 10 MoM: In adjoining tak nohorses gunt «miwS«V n * abollt tlio country r h?tou;™!°Wt Sft;'«>w »»i” S S - i 'K fain Vt?* ? 08tro^^; O HiS y tlo ra C oflm r J OI) l ,rly Um boon inllciUllvor; uul, that I IranlrnMn 8 SS 1 "* t{ ! ™-talor pmo through on Monday. Sh«fih; n . A, ““ 1 " lrln >"«I fakon it out and hurnod ft AL„ <V' ,lrn mob had ti0„,.0 both garth* „ “jo KSB;, €n)hz . * «-5555.. , 2S ■S'cT" iigffi ™ on “‘ l k 0 “ »P «™,< l OoSlwUVwlU^^A^^ o wSSu cull and hoping lfcip“,“ Protecting iho puMlo properly .S L S.^p ß po 0 ,U U k U ,k o ; April,, main, cdy„, I reported on Calhoun i.?- iu nun, ter, wore Jlockfonl; and another ffifv*a! 11 |. , « • Ule Rollon of ra"e«. n b j tzd£**hrs s»y *g? •bout 300 Yards fpnm 0, 4h. P ‘ D r «««tfd ( BtlUftto l?SgEM^r£K&* 9s^ja®SMlsS swswSffJ®SSS wg « u,„ ~.p : °. n tllo mom. covered movtoff on tti «!3m! ' rnii die tlio lUroollon ®of VoVon h m,8 UMlor " ,rom log lliore, a party o f il l' ..,52 UV,f‘mamvcr down to tbo croHßfnTr i!? a w #ftmo k°dy passed w“a«?as;%?l£: pl»l ra*S^l?#S mmm fSSSOHt SSsK ' s ® SSsgSSSEBSSiSI Hat “• HopuUlcan" « “ u ‘r’ o, I>. WILLUiX IVABO, K. If. Flowers, ___ •.. Ouaules Bkosvdek, PREPARING FOR THE OoNFhIOT, CAPTURE or IX-arSATOR OALHOoHI im Orleans Times April w. from the enters of Rio stcmner.La Bella orrlved Komisy night, have been gleaned the following fiK ‘her jatlloulara touching the outbreai lb Smut tbo ** 330110 P*mc4 Colfax on Sunday morn -8C t oU « r * thor ° ll ou the loveo n body of l ?J . Colorcll l fbcti, nearly all of whom wore armcrfi At Intervals between Colfax «nd Plnevlllo {opposite Alexandria) there wero seen small bodies of mounted,negroes, aimed «UU ddublo-batrclodebol gvmsj «hd evidently acting ss scouting parlies, at Alexandria* the aloamer was bonded by ex-Bonator Qdhoun, owner at what fa known ns OaU hotm’a plantation; at. Colfax; Mr; Oalhcrou informed Capt. WOaa that he was In tho Interest of both lh« on poilog parties, and had been tfylng to effect a cmn promfso; that ho purposed proceeding to Now Orleans to arrange for on adjustment of oils ting dJflonJUcs. TUo Lsßolfe then crossed to PinovlUe, and to° r ® 'was boarded by an armed body of f<£° U im ny y, } liio i aca J « ll «nd«d by tha Wr- I 'fh 1 * a demand for the body of CalhouuT Whom ( after a search, they found concealed Ji> thL after pact of the boat, and, capturing him, convent (? that he was notary iorcmoSfln SIV\ l n H U i o *, ttc *tt o ? a » but that he had been the Chief Instigator of thp<|Jehirbaace 4 Calhoun protested that such waa not tho ciso/ hilt that tho negroes, kiiow- Jng him to bo a Republican, desired WW to command I them. Hlßcaptow, making vigorous aearcbbl Wspw? , son, discovered letters from Ward, and declared fiia j , hla protestations of iunoceaco were of no avail, as the cwmvmlcatlons referred to him as the agent of S negroes;’ . ... .• The i tMUlidy. did not intend to harm Mr. Oalhoml, hUt thfl{ they would coufof him to Col fax, where they proposed lo mAko an attack on Ilia ne groes there in fores. They Informed the Captain that they would join with other bodies of wblto idea from Winn, and Grant, and Rapides, and with a combtcfotf loroo of at least 8 00 men, they would give baltlo to tho hcgroce on Monday inorulug. Tho latter, boaatlng about the «mo number, wera Intrenched vntUlu and about Calhoun's sugar-house, which has been their headquarters ofuco (fid outbreak; , Tho preaoncoof persons from thd Various parishes woe accounted for by tho statements that tiio people In the surrounding country felt called upon toioakd the cause a common one, for tho reason that, it not subdued luQrant, tho same trouble would spread to all the neighboring parishes} In other words, their action watt simply a moas uro for self-protection. ' l It la staled that* on Saturday lant, the Parish Judge and other oillceru elected on the McKncry ticket In M- ' ox&udvla took pobsoshlou of their respective otlicea 1 without opposition. ,u bkizubh or rnovißicms. from the oQlcortt of tho J, T, Moore, arrived rcster- J 3 *?; that tho steamer 0. H. Burfocf while h OC V* 1 ’ hcnco for Red River, was hailed at {iolfax, m ??’ "H 11 "1““ knoiim »Uo w«« hn mediately boarded by a lorgo party of ncgrocfl. who domauded a supply °f provision, and being in 100 ® lt £ or . c “ . t0 bo resisted, they forlhwUu helped of <£ur V «.h!?i e l ven ct }? k ? °*. bacon and twenty barrels lo SS.aTO I.S u *° n ' I “ vJ, ‘* “** THE FIRST FIQHT. o'iHuC h “ VO »aS wo have been able to obtain, vet, which wo receive from a B e utl«nian who ar rived on tbo steamer X), b, Hodge, ut about half-past 8 o'clock luet evening, indlcal.’H tho aofoty of Mr. Calhoun, who was at tho Icc-Uoubo Hold, at Alexan dria, Wednesday morning. Mr. Calhoun was taken from tho Lalkllo at I'lne- direction of Qriit n pJffi hJj! M « l,p , Hvcr lntho afore, tlia mtiv «' but , “Norwards nt D««h’« Rapines, hoadKy Dr * of ’ cll ( z « n * of sss td.s?3fel?° HQMtii, sffi,w P ln l J “"’, Rl ™o'>”r of Word, whlol. Waa ?atn.” d 'it , s?' ,I ”K «»P'lbltain«; ponding, a color™!mn, 0 tI J? . c °Dfcronco waa Bbotatllti houßft i»v t v2 ,a V B ? fM0 fWBIRncO away waa Interior to Join (|io*f£^ rl V , f. M i cn l tfMn^n ff teom tlw ttio nian, «jicl!I\(i»«?« i MB after killing Provl.l^rXn°th , e °^ a *if «*wn-«lve* to hi! W.?„ lb '’ mur ' lcr Itadnof. parly, iahoa, made another fr<,lt ' fer[iraiotli.;riiar wroanalnropulSS! J»rijr. 1>»1 luond had hwm alddlarHn.. I*^0 'non ln ward'll com a>ow«r l ohdwt!^?« I, lS?™"a roglmania during had hroa allowed (o n i' out of aorrtco. The nliarvi™ .. ‘ I’ iroro mustered olpally with ehotimiS imf ’ re „" «med prin tout Uirco-duarffn" * an hJui^L^f o ,”^, I >“t«a Jss-ss^aa--ssSSS .o™ed o ,o l h“°o;a U r. “Tho^affilro i'/° , ™"/° rnmmm $r d s!r r vr y l" 0p ”«°? f “™”° “>•- now ODgogad h in *?*" is .apparently •spmf Tlfo -«»“«■, antfsoon A°"omVS gff?S^S\a?&K?S Jvv*;. Qov * Hcmdnoba has been ajmltad ~£, ; . dl ?" t J ona .. now nro that thoro will bo blood* shot ItTifS'ofSi. 11 lk s'°- 0110 E>iar<l bus boon allot, it is not kn°wn bow seriously, Thoinwo Is full of rumors, The women are the most furl ous, and aro loading the rioters. ‘ furl " XNPiaNATOUa, April 16—1 U. rn—No fnrth** TnTZ™T rh ™°’ hatil ™* THE ERIE INVESTIGATION. VtoemnHngm Before the fce ß l.latlve Committee Yesterday* «s‘si*.‘a a® 1 boo by the public journals it is fltninrT ti,„* 1808 °S22OQ0 O ißnn Erio , c . om P“ n y 520.000 Jo loos, §ii ; 000 in iB6O, and ln xB7O 626 Ann r wish to State that Ibeio sums voro mifl my services and to pay conSsM i 12 oogaged Tbeao sums ” re Uod purpose, except that 1 paid . > some Sußijnobauna stock. I ace ft stated that certain counsel deny they war. cm ployed by me, but they canuot they by Mu Gould poraLaUy cad tbiU Ipaid them for their soiwices; lL»mt If t m zr % “jsg, to v°s r ’ tl* TUeao wore not full amounts, They «or<3 payments on account. I retained them, and rS them from time to time, All wore SpSos of tho SUBqiiobanna litigation torn, Sbomra’ foes, JfJ* 00 - m ° or $5,000 jji tho settlement of suits brought against the Company. I did thie iu two cobos. BUma came out of tho SOB,OOO received in 1868, 1860, and 1870. I bad n. settlement for tnnJ fa, Jl wa , B a wt * ioot of «W,QOO for one Ssr for tho Company before the matter ; bIbO, in 1888, oa to ovor-issuo of bouda. and again, m iB6O, concerning another investigation aa to an overissue. 1 8 was aleo tbua employed in 1870. During oil tble time I employed various counsel. I may bavo talked to Van Vochten aa to legislative matters, but not in the nature of a consultation. I never bad n, fX Harbor j have bad no conversation with General Divan in two years, I think; never bad flliy talk with him about money being paid to anybody. or fl 00lrea ffloro ftfln tho 968,000 alluded to, but 1 cannot eay bow much. It was all used to pay for my legal aorvicos, for those of other counsel, and for appoMancoa be fore the Legislative Oommittoo. During all mv live years’connection with tbo Erie Company I never spoke to a member of the Legislature con cerning legislative mattera outside of tbo com mittee-rooms. I do not recollect seeing Dutober since last winter. To Hr, Babcock—l may have paid out somo of tins amount for election purposes in 1869, hnd possibly in 1860, but novor to bo used m Senatorial or other legislative elections. It was for a general election. lima at that time Chairman of tbo Hopublicau General Commit tee, and Gould contributed eomo to tho election fund, about $5,000. I received about $16,000 per year for my own services. AUI have re ceived since 1870 baa boon for my own profes sional services. X bavo no knowledge of money being rued to inlluonoo the Legislature, nor of ita boltig tiflod to elect Senators or others. Adjourned. GOVERNOR HENDRICKS. «U view® on tho Political Situation. lXDiAXi.rai.iH, inti., April lO.—Tho Indlhnapo lia etnliiwl to-morrow mil contain a letter from Gov. ITonddtfto, defining bin position with refer-* enco to tumors ftcGly circulated as to tlio signlfl fiance of his recent trip' to Washington, Goy. lloaurloka save, in reply to a diroot inquiry s Ss UtomßblngtcnOity had nothing whatever to do With political matters, and whUut there I had less conversation Ih fetation to parties and party organize, lions than at any totaidH visit to that city, and I was surprised when I learned that newspaper cor respondents attributed to ioa any nollti cal purpose, A case In the ftdprcraa Court aUd soino business In Ihe departments occupied nearly all niy Urns, and my conversations with friend* and acquaintances upon public and political matters were casual and without arrangement, and, I might say, Without design.- I have expressed the hope, which I earnestly entertain; that all who sincerely desire a thor ough reform In the public service shall so act together as to restore Integrity rift'd economy In that service, aud place public authority uac« iftore upon a constitu tional basis. Ifow this may bo beat accomplished, wbethor through our existing organisation or by* movement introducing now elements, should be earn, fully considered, and the action of the Democratic liberal nnd Deform elements la the States will proba bly suggest iho best general action. I believe a largo majority of the people desire a change in Administra tion, ami Clio practical question is how they shall come together with a view to that sud. Very truly yours, • • T. A. Ukno&ioks. The t/ost Atlantic* Halifax, April IG.—Tho only effect of Sun day'h storm on tbo crocked Atlantic was to carry away her mainmast. Tbo boa wan ao high yes terday that no work could bo done, and it is reared that much damage haa been done to the wreck by tho gale. The lion. Mr. Norwood, of Butland, Vt., iehoro looltiug for tho bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Fiahor. Tho subscriptions to the fund for the Bey. Mr, Auoleut has now reached SSOO. New York, April 15,—London papers at hand to-day state that tho first dispatch received by the owners of tho steamship Atlantic, announc ing tho loss of tho vessel, attributed the disaster to the watch ondeck mistaking Bambro forDevol’e It appears that Mies Ilawdun, reportod as among tho cabin passengers, disembarked at Queenstown. l\m Xumi, April ID,—O.'lio iKmdon Telegraph .NUMBER 240. M** 110 "to.MMWp Atlantic loft on and thJi* { K°. rk .! vilh 987 ,0M ° l coil «' the ni.t J! nfl ‘a Bond her out on »»£,“ £ o»ly MO tons. The Con- s ‘ i vP^& a^ S? iSaSi '>VS»VL iKStwE sFS^SaM^tc. Me v„, *° St “SOUtH Save agreed to n. v ovcry .tocSo''! ' ' J “ lyrocovored ' “d®20 P for nnrt“fe United Slates Consul at (Wn L° '„rfl,„ b “ n , I,ntlrin ff. inn exertions on bo « Jt‘t &rd S °^te"llL n l,i7S Si ’ “ !BB<Mm on,stewards, and engineers iTavo t& tTlumms™saved ' revelations. 11 1,0 * Loulll !mk ° unpleasant PHELPS, DODOE & CO. °* tUo F,rm Concornin* molr JrfcyiUariiio* with the CitJl toms Department. C £s= u ?“"7r-?“ ; tivolv sm.i7 It lu roB PP c , t *» certain compara- ' « I%« ra “ 1I . itomli r- nni,B,l » l wzosof tin-iiiato ' to th o , ni ‘ ,lli " tI ‘i 10 raw materials » too mamifocturera and receiving in room the linished product. Tho 4riS tiiatlon f ln g °i° dß (u , I consequence of (ho fliic aittwont at 'r° “ olal vna sometimes S m . oC »l“l>mcnt from the contract ■ L 08Si S u th oro vr “ B «lwaye the Fho f 1 !V“ r °aaotion in consequence of • naal soulml ! I ,^, 0 rawmateriiloto the , oottioniout, tllO COBt itself wan not fivaJ SCSSs : sSP-J? & = i & n t 8 a? Of the Government than against it In «IS tormVo“ fl S?"?’ Clllling atto ° tion to^ho terras of too contract, wore Bout to Now York himirSTfr co l lflldorin s thorn of no importance w?ti?m?i. thom t0 i aa dork to bo aftixoi without concealment to the pages of their In voice hook, .flio name clerk, who had provioun charitaWo 10n mnf ? tU ° Uou s° and Bdll0 “‘ B <l from cnanfahlo motives, and who was enlw Hoquontly shown to have boon concerned lo Btora l n?/i e '»n , " d '? ‘ o i' l f stp ‘ ,rao '‘ B to °nter tho »™win S o ,®™ ci Kht for tho purpose of in jP?®!,,ns goods and papers, did, however hw',,r r .w ‘rrosnlarltioa in question, ami, in plflco of informing ins employers, a a n-aa his firing them them an opportunity of ?Zn n ? “7 1 rr ° r ' romovort the* memoranda ■ wE«S3f b i° ok| and,after destroying those hid KeenZ ß a m St , anoe ? " o°™ Hie Oovommont iZIMmZe? llul l>rosorvm s those whore a fi?i™ ooooat had ocuurroa to tho tirm, placed the nf f-n, I , n i t i lo “Treasury Agent. Aohanre of fraud having boon preferred, the firm at onoo voluntarily surrendered their boohs and panoru to di?av K » a " tll0ri “ c8 - “ nd offered wifflZid w mltiM tZfZT m ““yjnot ohlme and ponaitioo that might be proved against them and as in earnest of good faith, and before unv complete examination, deposited tho valuo a? tho imported articles claimed to have blen viu! tl>o Government bold tho' memoranda to bo in tho nature of duplicate in- SSf s , 3 P‘‘- , 53 £y>-rly in voicochijut of fhoZotal ulnntTt these items, the maximum uuder-valuation charged was iesa than 816,000, on which tho highest ost mated loss to tho Government war not probably in excess of 82,000. By , strict rMn inZf!. iaw - «'» Government had°a' riLht to couQHc&te tho aggroßuto valno of nromfaed o ™ lßo8 ' ljut tllQ Government com promised by assessing tho firm 8271.000 tb«- ™Tofcod. td ° Jto “ a cMmocl to hivo »00“ illegally; Juq^ofa^ pool and passed by tho appraisers in Now York tho contract price of 174 boxes was ai £? * “ora than invoiced, the market valuo making a .difference between cost and market value of about $23. on which tho whole Joss that could under au v circupjfitoncoa have accrued to tho revenue waa. , ss l for this tho Government) boZfor\MM y <h ° * uUtoluo of *bo 174* THE INDIANS. , No Further Nows fpom llto Modoc.— Xho Inman Murilor at Surveyors on 1 tuo Cimarron lUvor—snntauta, Ulif I Tree, ana Ollier atg Indians, Etc. ■ Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, WAsaraaioN, April 15.—Nothing has boon nr colvod to-day by tbo Government officials rolatlvs 1 to tbo Modoc war troubles. Don. Bhonnan] accounts for tbio on tbo ground that a greoS otarm west of tbo Missouri Blvor bast torn down tbo telegraph wires, and dis-i patches cannot bo sent through. ' [To the Associated Press.) VfAaantOTOH. Aprllis.~ Superintendent Hoag has informed tbo Indian Bureau that bo boa or dered a thorough investigation into tbo murder of tha surveyors by Indians. In hia convmuul- 1 cation, bei encloses a lottor from Special Aceub Jolm F. Williams, who eayst “It appears tbab if said outrage was committed at all by th» Cheyennes, It was probably done by some of their young men, la tho absence of their Chiefs ) While intoxicated. This view ia strengthened by the bodies being buried in the sand, Which la un usual among Indians, They usually scalp and leave the bodies exposed. Tho investigation will be pursued, and especially with the Indiana on their arrival at tho agency to wnich they ora moving, and we expect uo further trouble rt The Chiefs and head men of tho Kiowa, Co manche, »ud Apache Indiana, having petitioned for tbo release of SauUuta and Big Tro o and having restored all the stolon property and given guarantees for their future good conduct their petition is grouted. Santanta and Bhr Tree aro now hold only until provision can made for their safe escort to their own countrv I lbiii.Ausi.iTOA, April H.-Goorgo H. Btuart, of the Board of Peace Commissioners, says that the murderers of Gen, Canby and his party will bn properly punished, but that tho act of CapU Jaok vrill not alter tbo policy of tho Board. Ocean sccnnuiltip ]Vow>« Portland, Mo., April lO.—Tha rttoamohip Pol ynooian, from Liverpool, ban arrived. Qujce.v«tu\vn, April IB.—Tho BloamalUp da, from Now York, baa arrived. Pwuotnrn, April 16.—Tho atoamahip Harmo nla. from Now York, baa arrived. Nkw York, April 15.—Arrived, tho atoamera Frlaia, from Hamburg, and Java and Minnesota, from Liverpool, lloaton Cattle Market, Watt«towh, Mass., April 13.—Cattle—Receipts.! 210. Prices have not improved from last week, then* tolog but few buyers. Sales of choice at 110.50(C) 11,00; extra, $9.606510.25; first nualUy. SB.OOG|9.OQ si •oooml, W,0iiG)7,60; third, |5.00@C.50. ~ SinsEP Asn Lambs—Receipts, 3,309. business watt. A little better than last week; the Albany market boiugk ttborl of ' Bhocr,‘l’sused an advance la Western of )sn f per lb. Sales iu lots. $3.50®5,y0 each ; extra, fs,9b(C* 7.50, ,

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