21 Nisan 1873 Tarihli Chicago Daily Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1

21 Nisan 1873 tarihli Chicago Daily Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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VOLUME 28. real estate. VALUABLE BEAL ESTATE FOE SALE. Owing to a change In our business (having recently cn gagedin banking), wo have decided to offer for sale, for (ho noxt 80 days, a part of onr real estate at a bargain : 00 Joffowbn-st., between Madison and SowhoPo? n t tta * ,W^l^,übfltant: bdhrlIckbuiidlngs covering l^^ x lSO?ooU on Canal-st., noar Harrison. lslOokUrffi.»lpSt ) . On l ' oro,t - V - Uo"«tM-PIMO. Wallcor'aSubdlvlslonof partof See. 81,89,11. *I H of Blocks 10 and 17, samo subdivision, 40 acres in s. o. « n. w. V 800. 86. 09. 18; 40 acres in s. w. tf n. w.JrfHeo. 86, 06. 13. liulK "" ,on nf)KSX«? % u10,,k • 11 •" J “■ •"°< 80 acres in o. s, w. kf Roc. 85, 09, 18, bSsaasai"- 2 So °- lo ’ “• is ’ j °’ 1 “““j"'. 13Jtf acres in w, Jtf n. w. y 800. 1, 08,18. SMrVufu ffrovo 01 tand,rontin « north eW ® of oonal, MgloffU A dam Subdivision. 132 lot* in Plsnon D. Smith's Subdivision. ADAM SMITH 4 BON, Southwest corner State and Washlngton-sls. AGUES. . ACRES. f We havo constant inquiries for Aero Property, Boo* QUmiiD 3 txm 24 ‘ taß3 ’ 15 ‘ aro pAnTI OULAnLY IN HOUSES. HOUSES. Wa have a long list of Residences at all prices and on easy terms, TO RENT aud FOR HALE. Seo list in FOR SALE column of Bnnday'a Tribune. JACOB O. MAGILL, f 81 end 63 Booth Olark-st. Bnlmnl Property. 80 Aorea on the main Boulevard, connecting the great Barks on the South and West Sides, only half a mile south of the Brighton House, are for sale. One-third cash, bal ance on B years’ time at 8 per cent interest. InquireofWM.li.OGDßH 1 , pashier Tribune Office, 2 to 4 p. in. An Elegant Heme. The house, with large brick barn, XT*'. 67 Calumet-av., next north of tho residence of Senator Logan, is for sale on easy terms. The lot is &6 feet by some 860 feet. One of the finest locations in tho city. Inquire of "WM. It. OGDEN, Cashier Tribune Office, 2 to 4 p. m. VALUABLE Real Estate for Sale. Burtnets and Residence Lots fronting on Milwaukee. •▼., North*av., Wood, Elk Orovo, and Glrard-sU. Tho prloos aro snob os to make thorn a pmfitabln Investment *o tho rc u**aor. Terms. 1-8 cash, baiuuce 1 and a years. JTho bioolc pavement on MUwnukoo-av., and all other Ira- Brovemonts on said street, Including sidow&lks on all tho •thor straits, p&ld by tho prosont owner. Inoulro of A . „ J , JACOB WEIL 4 00., nnrtnwoat corner of Madison and Uoarborn-ets., for fur tpos particular end maps of this property. Mnwom Choice Lota in Olybourn'a Addition, 60x IBS feet, high and thoroughly drained, for Bale from S6OO to S7OO each, on easy terms. One or two blooka for sole at a bargain. Apply to BOBBET GREER, 84 LaSttlle-st., Boom 2, E’OH. HAT.m. Cottage, barn, and lot, situated at 48 Winohester-av. Price, $4,500. Apply on premises, or at 122 Miohi gan-at. TO RENT. A few Very Desirable Offices are offered for rent in the Trib une Building. Single or in suites. With and without Vaults. English Tile Floors through out the Building. Elevator running during all business hours. These Offices are not equaled In the city. The best for all classes of business requiring a central lo cation. W. C. DOW, Room INevada Block. FOR RENT, Cor. State & Washington-sts. Sd Floor, Hoom 46x00, with vault, 8d Floor, One Suite Offloos, 6th Floor, liargo Booms. Passongor and Freight Elevators. Apply to W. B. HAIiB, On Second Floor of Premtwftff, POH. HJEKTT. Store,- 80x100 ft., Wo. 329 "West Madison-st. A 1 location for dry goods. Low rent to right party. D. POLE A SON, Hanio Agents, 188 W. Madlsco.st. FOB, BEKTT. Elegant Storo,lß9 West Madison st., 25x86, near Halsted-st. „ . D. OOLK 4 SON, Home Agents, 188 We#t Madtson-at. FOR RENT, Store No. 34 River-st., Formerly ooouplod by Dana, Ibrde A 00. Inquire of JBWBrr A ROOT. 8& lIITOMt. TO RENT. The 8-stpiy and basement marble front bouao No. 835 ™tb LaaaQo-.t., complete, with all modern inmiw moma, by WM. 0. DOW, i No. 1 Nevada Ulock. FOR SALE. £3 ZEE I HP G-XJA.&&I3&, AT J. O. LAIWtIUTirS, OPTICIAN, SlSUte-iU between Washington and Randolph. ®fjj t Chicago Putin Htulmnc. SILKS. SPECIAL BARGAINS IN SILKS FIELD, LEXTER & CO. State and Twentieth, and Madison and Market-sts., Have marked down handsome lines of PAHCT SILKS to 900 and SI.OO. Also, a full line Chintz Foulards to SI.OO, formerly sold from $2.00 to $3.00. Also, a fine line of Plain Colored Silks, which, together with a complete assortment of the best makes of Black and Colored Gros Grain Silks, they are now offering as specially attractive. NEW PUBLICATIONS. Scribner’s for May. OPENING NUMBEB OF A NEW VOLUME. Ono Hound Vol. and Eight Nos. for $6. "THE INSANITY OF CAIN” litho aureoillto tltleof a remarkable irtlclo In thoMay number of ’ ‘Scnrn tntn’s.” In "PICTORIAL” papera there Is a wolrd little poom by Wiaa Madia R. Oaket, with a decoration by the author; Mr. Rhodes* article on 44 GAVARNI,” the John Loocb of Franco, Illustrated by somoof tho host engravings that have lately boon mado In America; Stanleys paper on “FOUR GREAT AFRICAN TRAVELERS*” with a number of lively Illustrations, and “CUBA AND THE CUBANS,” giving na. by means of pen and picture, a good Idea of the situation in that unfortunate Island. Addze Lzdyaud’b designs ac companying Mbs. Walxeb’s amusing story aro very bright, aud tho Japanese pictures In the Etchings are as funny as tho letterpress descriptions. There Is a lino critical papor on Walter Savage Lander, by Edmund 0. Sxedman ; also some timely hints on 44 THE CALI* FORNIA JOURNEY,” by Susan Ooolidoe; an interesting account of tho CIVIL SERVICE RE FORM t tho last part of Saxe Holm's story, 44 THE ELDER’S WIFE*” a bright llttlo sketch by Kaxb W. Hamilton,' called 44 A NOVEL SPOILED t” tho continuation of Dn. Hol land’s story, 44 ARTHUR B0NNI0A8TLE;” poems and translations by J. T. Tbowdiudoe, Geoboe Mac Donald, Thomas Dunn English, and others. Dn. Holland’s 44 TOPICS OF THE TIME” aro ontl* tied 44 THOU SHALT KILL,” 44 MITIGATING CIRCUMSTANCES,” 44 CRUELTY TO MEN AND WOMEN,” and 44 CIVIL-SERVICE RE FORM.” The "Old Cabinet 11 contains 44RECK LESS MOMENTS” and a couple of sonnota in tho Italian Manner. In "Homo and Society” there aro pithy papers on 44 OUR OLD BOOKS AND X*E RIODICALS,” 44 LESS GLITTER,” 44 MAK ING PRESENTS,” etc. Tn " Culture and Progress” thero Is a bnot paper by Col. Hiooikboh, in which ho Quotes tbs opinions of various educators upon his propo* slllon In regard to IntorCollcglato scholarships,and also an excellent account of 44 ENGLISH PARLIA MENTARY RULES AND THE LATE MINIS TERIAL CRISIS. Subscription price $4 a year, 35 cents a number. SPECIAL TEIIJIS-Pot 85 no pill BondTol. V., In cloth, poatago paid, and tho Eight remaining number* of *73, containing ail of Dr. Hollands story, “ARTHUR BONNIOASTLE," and tho opening paper of tho “ GREAT SOUTH," to be commence! In July, 80BIBNEB & 00,, 654 Broadway, B. 7, FINANCIAL. Ma at si, Bankers, First National Bank Building, sontliwest corner of State and WasUngton-sts„ CMcago, Dealers in Gold and Sliver Bullion, Bar, Loaf, Shoot, and Granulated form, for mechanical purposes. Deposits received to either ourronoy or coin, subject to chock without notlco. Six par coat interest allowed on all dally balances. Checks upon us pass through tho Clearing House as It drawn upon any city bank. Interest credited, and accounts current rendered monthly. Coin and Currency Drafts on New York. OHAnLES H. BROWER. n. PARKER PIERCE. PIEEOE & BEOWEB, BROKERS, 98 MADISOKT-ST. Local Stocks, Commercial Paper, Govern ment and ‘Western Securities. Illinois 10 per cent Registered Ooupon Bonds. REMOVALS. FLEMOVAXi. JAS. P. SMITH & 00., DEALERS IN Crystal Lake Ice, ni.o tommcd to Iholr NowOlßoo. No. 101 LaSalle-.!., Republic Life Hulldlng, hot. Marilßon and Monroe-.lfl. HOTELS. BRIGGS HOUSE, REBUILT, Corner of Eandolph-at, and Fifth-av, OLD TERMS, S3 PER DAY. HIOKOOICDS & HUNTOON, Proprietors. w Drigga House,) n . . of Barnesiluuao, { Clerks. PROPOSALS, THE CALCASIEU SIPHER And Mining Comnan? of Louisiana Invltoa proposals for the construction of a abaft In Cal oaslou Parish, Htato of Louisiana. The object of said abaft ia to roach a deposit of sulphur, about four hundred and forty (-110) foot below tbo surface of the ground. Tbo nature of the noil, and tbloknoaaof atrataaaro aa follow#: Flrat—lflO foot of clay containing aand. Hooond—l7o foot of quick aand, Third—llo foot of Oaloarooua or Ilmo atone, S^fa^hwSP&ok^ 11 * Whl ° h U ‘ boUt ° nft hundroii The Company will exhibit apian and apeclflcatlons to contractors for said abaft, and baa on tbo apot Iron rings, eitraotton onglnesand tools, Imported from Europe, with the Tlow of using tbo Kind A Ohandron system, alson ■teoiu saw-mill, abundance of timber, necessary build ings, etc., etc., oto. Tbo work will be dono under tbo supervision of the Eh glnoor of tbo Company, Proposals will bo received up to the tat of July, 1078, Addrusa V. A. BELAUMK, Hocrotary. -^^__^_^_Bj^j OarondHlßt-st., Now Orleans. GENERAL NOTICE. MUwaukee-av. Improvement. Tho property-holders of Mllwaukoo-av., between Dlv|. •lon and North-av., are requested to moot Monday oven log, lUst Inst., at U.Bartmanu's saloon, In P. Fot's building, northeast corner of Mllwaukoo-av. and Reuben* at., to tako action Jfor a spoody completion of pavement of said street. Contractor Molioonand Huporlutondout of West bide Street Railway Company are particularly in tlMd to ba present. COAIAUTTEE. A CARD. -A. CARD TO BAHKIES! In view of tlio recent rebboty of the aafo of tho Falls Glty Tobacco Dank of Loulsrlllo, (which was made In April, 1865, by ourpredooosnors, Dlobold, Bahman A Co.), and especially in view of tho fact that Hall's Bafo and Look Company haro boon, and aro still, Industriously cir culating papers and circulars with cuts describing said robbery, calling thoeafo n "worthless safe, H "unfaithful to Ms trust," Ac., and comparing tho samo with their own latest made bank work, Iwlsh to call tho attention of tho public to somo facta showing tho dishonest character of tho said circular. They forgot entirely to stato that tho safo robbed was eight years old, and at tho timo It was tnado was tho most improved work, was tested by tho hank and pronounced by exports tho best and strongest safo In tho city of Louisville. They forget to stato that all tho burglar work tnado by tho HALL SAFE AND LOGIC 00. at tho samo period was made In tho same way, and can bo and hat been robbed la lato yoaro by the samo pro cess. They show a drawing of a corner not solid on that old safo, and forget to say that tho samo kind of corners woromodo on tholr safes years oftor that safo was mndo. Wo loavo then tho pnbllo to Judgo of tho fairness of tho circular, and stato tho samo Falls Olty Tobacco Bank aro so well satisfied with tho present work of DIEBOLD 4 KIENZLR that they have ordered two now safes of us In. which Ihoy will confidently intrust tholr funds. I publish also tho following certificate of a tost msdo last week: Central National Hank, ) „ „ „ Chicago, April 11, 1873.) D. S. Covert, F.eq,; Dear Sib: Having previously decided to tost any Safa purchased by this Bank, I Immediately upon tho delivery of DIEBOLD 4 KIKNZLE’S new Burglar-Proof Safo, recently placed in our vault (without any suggestion from you), selected tho best export talent for tho purpose of giving this Safo a complete and thorough testing. Tho trial was os mado with the following result: Tho export* de cided that owing to tho peculiar construction of tho doors and tho solid corners of the Safe, wedges could not bo successfully Introduced. They also found it impossible to forco tho spindles, owing to tholr conical shapo, and an at. toropt to drill thorn proved a (allure. Tho final tost was a determined effort to drill tho Safo itself with all tho ap pliances experience could suggest* Tho finest stool, costing $3 per lb, was purchased, and some twenty drills mado aud tempered especially for this purpose. . A spot was selected at random npon tho side of tbo Safo, and tho greater part of two days was expended by tbo ox ports In tho effort to boro a bole. After breaking or otherwise rendering useless all these drills without making an impression upon tbo first woldod stool plate, tho attempt was abandoned by tho exports, who confessed thomsolvos unable to drill tho Safo in any given time. I therefore gladly certify to these facte, and rejoice in tho possession of so elegant and porfoot a Safe for tho security of (his bank and that of Its depositors. Very respectfully yours, WM. F. ENDICOTT, President. Wo invito tho attention of all wanting gonulno Burglar- Proof Safes, to oar Into Improved work, for which wo claim the highest degree of merit. No Burglar-Proof Bafo mado by tho firm of Dlobold 4 Kionzlo was over robbed. D. 8. COVERT, General Agent. For Diet old & Kienzle’s Safes, AUCTION SALES. THREE LOTS EACH 30 1-2x125 FEET, ON DOUGLAS-PLAOE, Between Bralrle and Indiana-avs., -A-T On WEDNESDAY, April 23, at 21-2 o’clock p.m„ At our office, 186 East Madlson-st. Terms atealo. C. O. THAYER 4 CO., Ron! Relate Auotloncm and Brokers. SEVEN LOTS I« Onkwood Subdivision, Fronting on Cottage Orovo and Colfax>ava., between Six* ly-fifth and 81xty.slxlh*at«. AT ATJOTIOKT, WEDNESDAY, April 23, at 2ftf o’clock p. m., at our office, 186 East Madlaon-st. Snlo positive ami without ro* sorvo. Terms at snlo. O. 0. THAYER 4 CO., Real Estato Auotlonocrsniui Brokers. PEOUR. MAIZE FLOUR THE UNITED STATES MAIZE FLOUR MANU FACTURING COMPANY, located at Rock Falls, 111., Smith A Phelps, Proprietors, most respectfully announce to the citizens of Chicago and tho pubKo generally that they have soourod the right to manufacture (tinder Jonos A Standing's patent) their celebrated Silver Flake and Golden 'Hat Indian Maize, or Cora Flour, and are fully prepared to supply the trade. For sale by all the loading grocers in the city. S. n. McOREA A no., 187 East Washlngton-at., Rooms land 2, Chicago. BOOKBINDERS' MACHINERY. -A-liXj KIXISriDS oip BOOKBINDERS’ IAGHINBRY MADE OE SUPPLIED BY CULVER, PAG*, HOYHE & CO., 118 & 120 Monroe-st. WOVEN WIRE MATTRESS. YOUR LIFE / IS SPENT IN BED. You get tho Most Comforl by using PETERS* IMPROVED Woven Wire Mattress. *An Improvement over all others, Bold by dealers in Furniture and Bedding. WHITTLESEY A PETERS, 120 LtiSullo.at., Hd Door N. of Mmllrton. PAPER HANGINGS. Don’t Fan TO CALL ON HUGER, JENKINS & FAXOI, 107 STATE-ST., And see the largest and most com plete stook of Paper Hangings, Dec orations, Window Shades, Laoe Cur tains, Lambrequins, Bedding, &0., to be found in the oity—oil New and Beautiful Designs. OFFICE FURNITURE. AT COST. Our Entire Stock of Fins DESKS. Other Office Furniture at Reduced Price# TCJxxtll IMCsay l, BasTiicK’s^iay BUSINESS CARDS. JOHN MIDDLETON & SON, Carpters&Biilte, 60 and 52 Thlrd-av. GENERAL CONTRACTING, STORE & OFFICE FITTING. CHICAGO, MONDAY, APRIL 21, 1873. FOREIGN. The People of San Salvador Pre paring to Rebuild, Fears of an Epidemic from Obstructed Sewers and Decaying Bodies. Tlic Dutch Faring Badly in the War in Sumatra. Mohammedan Plot to Massa cre the Christians in Bosnia. SAN SALVADOR. Panama, April s.— Reports from San Salvador state that tbo authorities still persist in re building the city on tbo some ; site, although this is the eighth time within 160 years that city has boon destroyed. Most of the people, never-; tholoss, have removed to Santa Tools. The only building that stood the shocks without the least injury was a building erected of timber. The Impulse at present is to import timber from Cal ifornia, for the construction of such earthquake proof houses. Aid and money have boon tendered and sent from all parts of the Repub lic. Everything has risen to exorbitant prices. Prisoners In jail were removed to other places, and the Sisters of Charity have boon assiduous in their attendance on the sick and wounded. Capt. Kennedy, of H. B. M. ship Reindeer, gave all the assistance he could, and offered her for the use of Mr. Biddle, Uni ted States Minister. The latter, os well the Government, returned letters of thanks to Cant. Kennedy. Groat fears are entertained that the stoppage. of the sowers, the exposure and fright, the dead bodies unrecovorod from beneath the ruins, ana other conditions, may bring on an epidemic. A fine bridge lately built across the river on the road to Boyapongo was thrown down. Other roads have been rendered impassable by immense blocks of stone thrown down from the heights, some 100 tons in weight. Owing to the continuance of shocks, more than forty bodies wore displaced from out of the niches in which they wore placed In the com tory. • The earthquake is supposed to havo boon caused by the suppressed volcanoes of St. Thom as. One of tho seven volcanoes within a radius of thirty miles—lzalco—is at present In full blast, throwing down Us sides a constant stream of lava, visible at night along tho whole coast of tho Balsam region. Tho officers of the Reindeer report that tho United States Consulate was a mass of ruius in side, though tho walls wore standing. Mr. Bid dle, United States Minister, with lus live little ones, had a narrow escape. During two days throe officers remained in Ban Salvador, and they felt light shocks. In some places tho ground cracked a foot wide and very deep. At every shook all the cocks in tho place began to crow, and pigeons whirled about wildly in the air. Tho English visitors think it is tempting Providence to rebuild tho city again on tho same spot. Tho crust below it Is evidently a more shell. Tho oar placed close to tho ground hoars a noise like running water, and tho fall of a heavy stone produces a hollow sound. Tho In dians would never build on this site. London, April 20.—A dispatch from Penang, Straits of Malacca, dalod to-day, say tho latest nows from Sumatra is that tho Dutch forces havo retreated to tho saa-boaob, jthbro th«.y havo en trenched themselves. It is doubtful whether they can hold their position 'thoro long, os they aro vastly outnumbered by tho Alcbinoz, whoso forces aro constantly increasing. The losses of tho Dutch in killed and wounded since tho be ginning of tho rebellion, nro estimated at 500; those of tho Atchinoz are unknown, but must bo very heavy. Perpignan, 111., April 20.—Tho Carlisle Inst week stopped a diligence; in tho Province of Corona, snot all tho passengers and seized the mails. The library and cabinets of physic and chem istry, belonging to tbo Seminary of Goroua, woro pillaged by the mob last week. Tho Pectoral Republicans continue to rulo tho city of Barcelona. They make requisitions on wealthy citizens on tho slightest pretext. Tho volunteers yesterday surrounded tho Church of Maria del Mar on suspicion that tho Carlisle’ Club had Us headquarters there. The Church was carefully searched but nothing was found to confirm tho suspicions. SANDWICH ISLANDS. San Francisco, April 20.— Tho hark Kato, with Honolulu dates to April 2, baa arrived. Her nows is unimportant. The question of reciproci ty is agitated in all circles. Tho press suggests that tho United States agree in tho treaty never to oncrooch on tho independence of tho Kingdom. Tho leprosy is spreading among tho native population of Honolulu and other places to an alarming oxtont. Dr. Oliver has been appointed Government Physician. Tho Gazette has coasod to be tho Government organ. Tho British Commissioners gave a grand ball, attended by Queen Emma and tho United States Minister. Tho opizootio is increasing la this city. Belgrade, April 20.—Tho Mohammedan fa natics in Bosnia plotted a general massacre of tho Christiana to-day, during tho observance of tho orthodox Easier. Tho authorities woro in formed in timo of tho feet and extensive mili tary precautions woro taken, which prevented it from being carried out. Advices from Bozna Serai, tho Capital, this evening, report that no outbreak has occurred, and all is quiet throughout tho province. Teheran. April 19.—Tho Shah loft the capital yesterday for Europe. The whole population Hocked into the streets to witness his departure, and His Majesty received the most touching farewell from 80,000 of his loyal subjects. Rome, April 20.—The Pope rose at half-past 7 o’clock this morning, and said mass In bis pri vate chapel. He subsequently gave an audience to a deputation bringing Peter's ponce. Milford Center, 0., April 10.—The Pitts burgh, Cincinnati & Bt. Louis Railroad depot and the grain warehouse of Bhaull *fc McMahill, containing 0,000 bushels of grain, wore destroyed by fire last night. The amount of loss la not known. Morris, 111., April 19.—Last evening, at 0 o clock, the flouring mills of Johnißarr, known as tho Morris Mills, wore discovered to bo on lire in the engine-room. The alarm was.lmme diately given and tho uteamflre-ouglno and hand ougmo wore soon at work, but tho flames spread so rapidly that in a few (minutes after tho flro was discovered tho whole building was In flames. Tho wind drove tho flro upon the distillery, which was connected with tho mill, and both dis tillery and mill woro totally destroyed, "ho bonded warehouse, containing 290 bar rels of highwluos, and cribs containing 200,000 bushels of corn woro saved, although on flro S times. Tho loss is about $15,000 on tho uk, with no insurance, and about 916,000 on machinery, slock and other material in tbo building, insured as follows! Franklin, Wheeling, Ya., 96,000 | Norlb Missouri, 91,000; Alomania. of Cleveland, 91,000: Browers', of Milwaukee. 91,000 ; Germany, of Erie. $3,000. Utica, N. Y., April 20.—A flro at Cauiatota, iaet uigtit. destroyed tko groator part of tbo busi ness portion of tbo town, including tbo Pratt liouso, Post-Oflico, Atlantia & Poclflo Telegraph ofllco, and - Oaniutota Bank building, Boss, $86,000; insuranco. $30,000. Bai.tthoiie, April 20.—Last night a flro broke out in tko battery-room of tbo Western Union Holograph ofllco, and soon after ito discovery an explosion occurred, which woe supposed to bo SUMATRA. SPAIN. BOSNIA. PERSIA. ITALY. Fires* ono of tho carboys of odd. Tho flro was con fined to tho room in which it originated. Tho oporating-room and ofilco of tho Associated Press, on tho floor below, wore deluged with water. THE INDIANS. Latest Advices from the iTlodoc Coun try—TUo Troops Bolnforcod by Vol unteers from Yroka—Jack’s Band Believed to Bo Still In (ho Lava- Buds. San Francisco, April 20.—A Yroka dispatch says Frank Merritt has just arrived from tho front, having loft at 2p. ra. Friday. Ho re ports that tho Indians aro stilt in tho lava-hod, somo of tho Modoca having boon soon whore young Hovoy was shot, evidently keeping open communication with tho lako for water. A num ber of shots wore fired along tho lino just hoforo ho loft. Tho troops are still remaining in tho lava-bed. Col. Pony and 100 mou started at 0 a. in. to-day. Merritt loft for tho south eido lava-bod to out tho Indians off from tho springs, Tho Indian found in Jack’s Cavo was Bcar- Facod Charley, without doubt, by tbo descrip tion. Ho was dead, instead of wounded, as be fore reported. Eugene Hovoy’a body was burled near tho camp on Friday. It was so horribly mutilated as to bo scarcely recognizable. From a noto from tuo Hon. J. K. Suttrol, who started out yesterday morning with a company of volunteers from Yroka, wo loam that they or ganizod yesterday, at noon, at the foot of iroso Nest Mountain, by electing J. 0. Burgess, Captain : J. G. Ilollcck First Lieutenant, and A. Noblo Second Lieuten ant. They are well armed and mounted, num bering twenty men. They arrived at Ball’s Inst night, and would loavo for tho lava-hods at 2 o'clock this morning, escorting tho regular courier to hoadnuortora. Morritt says tho epizootic has not roachod tho front, but is bad at Ball’s Place. Details of General Crook’s Pcado Con- ference. San Francisco, April 20.—Details of tho poaco conference at Camp Vordo, April 0, aro received to-night. The; conforonco resulted in tho un conditional submission and surrender of two of tho worst bahdbof Apaches. Peace was brought about through tho complete rout of tho Apaches, who havo forltho lost 20 years defied tho Gov ernment. Over J2OO warriors havo been killed in tho last, campaign in tho fastnesses of tho Apache country. The Council opened at 9:30 a. m. Cracky, tho Mohavo interpreter: Bhuzolor Par, War Chief of tho Tonto Apaches, and 150 men, women, and children joined tho Council. The warriors gave up tbolr arms. When tho «talk began tho Apooho Chiefs wore tho first speakers. All acknowl edged complete defeat. They desired peace. Oon. Crook accepted In a few remarks. Tho Chiefs promised to send word to all outside Indians in arms to como in and sur render. Passes to protect runners wore promised, when tho conforonco broko up. The vanquished Apaches wont up tho river to tho old post, whore a feast was given them. Tho General’s policy will bo to treat tho In dians humanely, place them on reservations, make them no promises which will not bo ful filled j to maintain order among them, instruct them in their simple duties to God and man, and thus prove to them that peace is bettor than war. Gen. Crookj in general orders, commends by name a long hst of officers antb-soldiors for gal lantry iu tho last campaign’,>*-Perfoct harmony exists between tho officers and’lndians and the War Department. Tho terms of tho treaty will bo strictly enforced. Thoro • seems to bo no doubt that tho poaco thus inaugurated will bo permanent. LOUISIANA. United States Troops Sent to Colfax— Unsettled State of Feeling: Through out tho State—Proporty-iaoiacrN Itc sulvo Not to l»oy Taxes to the Kellogg (■ovornment* New Orleans, La.,’ April* B. L. Hodge started last_ night - with United States troops for Colfax. A special dispatch announces the departure of the Kellogg officials from Bt. Mary’s Parish. Tho impression is gaining ground that tho presence of United States troops will bo required in every parish of tho State to enforce obedience to the Kellogg Government. A special dispatch announces a largo and en thusiastic mooting of tho property holders of Ouachita and adjoining Parishes, and at Monroe Yesterday, which was addressed by Gov. Mc- Euory. Tho meeting resolved to pay no taxes to tho Kellogg Government. THE LABOR QUESTION, Tho SfrlUcß for (ho Hlglit-IQoiir Sys tem iti New lurk City—lfllning Property Iturnod by Strikers at Conl burgU, Ohio* New York, April 20.—Delegates from all tho trades unions in tho city mot last evening and heard tho report from tuo committee appointed at tho last mooting to ask tho Mayor, Aiaormou, and heads of departments for tho enforce ment of tho Eight-Hour law. They scorn to havo obtained no definite answer from either. and stated that tbo matter is under con sideration by a committee of tho Alderman. Tho trades-union committee was instructed to wait on tho Aldermen for a reply, and to act further as was thought expedient. Tho President of tho Gasmen’s Protective Union has domed tho report that tho striking gasmen asked to bo reinstated as untrue A number of Italians havo taken tho places of tho quarryraen who struck on Thursday on ac count of tho introduction of a steam-drilling machine, and tho police guard tho works at Thirty-ninth street and Fifth avenue. Tho umbrella and parasol makers havo re solved to strike to-morrow for higher wages. . Thocigarmakors last night appointed a com mittee to report moans of improving thoir con dition by tho formation of a co-oporativo society, and making goods direct for tho market or oth erwise. Cincinnati, 0., April 20.— A Youngstown, 0.. special to tho Gazette says tho coal-strikers last night burned sixty houses at Coalburgh, the property of tho Mahoning Coal Company. St. Lodis, April 20. —A partial strike, growing out of a change of foremen or bosses, lias taken place at tbo Vulcan iron Works, in South St. Louis, and part of tho works havo been stopped in consequence. Yesterday there was a congregation of somo of tho strikers about tho works, and from re marks dropped by somo of the men It was sus pected that they designed interfering with tho machinery, and a squad of polico was sent down tboro to protect tho work, but no demonstra tion of any kind has yot occurred, and part of tho polico has boon withdrawn. The FropoNod Commercial Convene tion to Ue Ikeld in St* Louis* St. Louis, April 10.—A largo meeting of mer chants, bankers, real estate owners, and busi ness men generally, was hold at the Merchants’ Exchangeable afternoon, to further consider the question of holding a convention of Western and Southern Congressmen hero next month. Tito Committee appointed at tho previous moot ing reported that tho Mayor, members of tho Oily Oovommout, and many prominent citizens who havo boon consulted, woro fully agreed that groat houoflta would accrue to tho entire country from an interchange of views and a full appre ciation of tho wants of tho Grout West and Missis sippi Valley by members of Congress through an informal conference in our city, and an excur sion by tho nowlv-oponod railway from this city to tho Gulf of Moxiu* through tho Indian Torri tory and Toxns. “ Your Committee believe that in no more suitable or foroiblo maimer could wo bring to the attention of members of our Na tional Congress tho importance to tho country at largo of tho developments of tho interests of the Mississippi Valley and of tho Groat West, and thereby secure to thoso interests moro favorable recognition in futuro legislation, and thus, by tho prosecution of our claims in this way and at this placb, secure the im provement of Western rivers so as to facilitate the Interchange of tho produce of tho Northern, Northwestern and Southern portions of the Mississippi Valley. Tho encouragement of tho construction of slack water navigation connect ing tho waters of Mississippi River and its tribu taries with tho Groat Lakes and with the waters of tho ocean on the Atlantic Soa Coast; tho re moval of obstructions at tho mouth of (ho Mis- slsßlppi lUvor, so as to secure cheap exporta tion of tho products of tho grain, tobacco, hemp, and cotton-growing States of tho Mississippi Valley, and the cheap importion of foreign goods and products consumed in tho West aro thomoro prominent of tho Important subjects which might ho brought to the attention of Congress, and of tho people of tho ontiro country, and wo would sug gest their special consideration,” The committee then recommend that tho Mayor of the city and President of tho Merchants’ Exchange invite Senators aud Representatives of Congress to an informal conference in this city on the 16tU of May, in connection with and preliminary to an excursion by way of tho Atlantic & Pacific and Missouri, Kansas A Texas Railroads, through tho Indian Territory and Texas to tho Gulf of Mexico, and that during their stay hero they bo tendered tho hospitality of tho city and given a publio reception, banquet, etc. Mayor Brown will deliver an ad dress of welcomo, and Gov. Woodson, ox-Sonator John B. Henderson, and other distinguished cit izens of tho olty and Stale, will be invited to ad dress tbo convention. Tho report was unanimously adopted. An Ex ecutive Committee, consisting of such citizens as Mayor Brown, Hon. Henry T. Blow, Thomas Allen, Adolphus Molor, G. B. Alton, Cant. Jas. B. Ends, John S. McOnno, W. H. Bonder, and others, was appointed to arrange and carry out tho programme for tho convention and enter tainment of tho delegates. Speeches wore thou mndo by Congressmen Wells and Howard, and others, sotting forth tho importance of tho proposed Convention, not only to tho people of tho Mississippi Valley, but tho whole country, and drawing attention to tho ab solute necessity of an increase of their transpor tation facilities from tho Wost to tho seaboard. It was said that ouo-half of tho members of Con gress had never soon tho Mississippi River, and a groat many havo novor looked on a prai rio, and, therefore, know hut littlo of tho needs and requirements of this groat val ley. Bringing thorn boro ond laying hoforo thorn tho statistics of tho wonderful productive ness of tho Wost, and showing thorn tho largo portion of this valley wouldiucroaao tholr knowl edge. enlarge tholr vlows, and could not but re sult in good to thomsolvos and tho people thoy represent. An effort will bo mado to take tho excursion party from Galveston to Now Orleans, via tho Gulf, so that thoy can view tho mouth of tho Mississippi River, obtain knowledge of tho obstructions thoro, ond view tho country and Its capacities along tho banks of tho groat rivor above Now Orleans. WASHINGTON. Special Dispatch to Tho Chicago Tribune, TUB LOUISIANA DIFFICULTIES. Washington, D. 0., April 20.—Tho present attitude of tho Federal Government with regard to tho Louisiana disturbances may bo summed up os follows! Tho Acting Secretary of War has instructed Gen. Emory, In commandof tho Depart ment of tho Gulf, not to uso troops in any local troubles except to onforco tho decisions of tho United States Court, and, in tho event of tho dis turbances becoming general, to await tho demand of the Governor upon tho President for troops. The President has telegraphed hero his approval of tho action already taken by tho Attorney-Gen eral and Secretary Robeson, Acting Secretary of War. CIVIL SERVICE RULES. It is now announced that, as soon as practi cable after tho reorganization of tho new Civil Service Commission, tho rules prepared by tho old Commission will bo so modified as to enlarge the authority of tho appointing power so ns to give greater scope and discretion to tho heads of Departments in tho selection of subordinates. TREASURY DECISION, Numerous letters of inquiry have been re ceived hero indicating that tho decision of tho Treasury Department of tho 18tU ult., relative to tho arbitrary allowance on bottled wines, spirituous liquors, oto., was misunderstood. 'lhe Department decided that tho 21st section of tho act of July 14,1870, so far as it related to al lowances for lockage and breakages, repealed the 69th section of tho net of March 2, 1709, only so as to cut off tho arbitrary allowances therein proscribed onbottlod wines and spirituous liquors, leaving such allowances still to bo made on all beer and porter in bottles, and on liquors in casks, under sold act of 1709. This is a modifi cation of previous rulings, and was raado upon a written opinion of tho Solicitor of tho Treasury, as to how far tho latter act repealed, the former. [To the Associated Press.) Washington. April 20.—Tho Department of State has arranged for the examination of ap plicants for Consulates, seventeen in number, under the Civil-Service rules, to fill vacancies. NEW YORK. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. New York, April 20.—Alexander Powell, colored, messenger in tho warehouse division of tho Custom-House, has boon promoted to a $1,200 clerkship under tho Civil Service Rules. Ho is tho flrst colored man to serve as clerk in tho customs service at this port. Eleven converts wore received into the Ro man Catholic fold iu St. Mary’s Church this evening. Tho most prominent was the Rev. Dr. Dakin, a Methodist preacher of some re nown. The ceremony was very impressive, and tho church was packed to suffocation. Tho terrible outrage on Mr. Mendolbaum in a gambling don, on Wednesday, has stirred up tho police, and to-night they ordered all places of this class on tho Bowory to close up. Tho order was promptly obeyed. f To the A ssoeinted Press.] New York. April 20.—1t is understood that a now paper is to bo started, in Brooklyn by Hon. Domas Barnes, and is to bo a high-toned 4-cont morning daily. David Goodrich, father of tho murdered man, declares that tho pistol found by tho body of Charles Goodrich was not tho property of tho latter. Goodrich’s pistol had nn ivory handle, while that of tho ono found is wood. Tho off&irs of tho Bull’s Hoad Bank aro said to bo progressing favorably, A mooting of de positors will bo hold on Tuesday, for tho consid eration of their interests. Tho day of tho open ing of tho hank will probably bo formally an nounced this weolc. A wholesale jail delivery occurred at Washing ton, Pa., last evening. Among tho prisoners who escaped was Bricoland. tho raurdoror. Pur suit was mado in all directions, and intense ex citement prevailed. CLEVELAND. Judicial Interference In Behalf of Two Girin Detained In a Catholic ANyluin* Cleveland, April 19.—A writof habeas corpus was granted to-day by tho Probate Court of this city, to two girls named JMartha and Mary Kel ley, aged 10 and 18 years, taken from the Cath olic Orphan Asylum, on Harmon street, and given into tho custody of their mother, wholes tilled that her daughters were placed in tho Asy lum ton years ago by force and violence, their father, since dead, being a Catholic, ana she a Protestant. Bhs had gone to tho Asylum forhor children, and, being refused, applied to the Court for assistauco. Turf Notes* Special Ditpatch to The Chicane Tribune, . New Vomc, April 20.—1n addition to tho mom bore’ cun, which is to bo run for on the fourth day of tuo Joromo Pork mooting, a now race for gentlemen riders has been arranged. It will bo opon to hacks, tho property of members, who havo not boon m a training stable since January 1, to oarry welter weights, three-quarters of a mile. The Prospect Park Association is to bo made a stock concern, with a capital of SIOO,OOO. Under tho present management the Park is controlled by a dozen or fourteen Directors, who own all the stock. Tho purfloa of tho Monument Park Association, of Long Branch, which havo horotoforo closed July 15, will hereafter close on tho 16th of August. Tho Board of Appeals has reviewed at length tho rules adopted by tho Drivers’ Association. Points of difference will probably bo amicably settled. Erie Investigation. New Yoke, April 10.—At tho Erie investiga tion to-day, Thomas Shearman, associate coun sel with Field for Fisk it Gould, testified : Mr. Gould told him, just before tho coup <!’ otat in 18G7, that ho {Gould) could fix matters with At torney-General Barlow, and that he had been paying him an installment of tho $35,000 con tracted for. Simon Stevens told tho witness that Barlow demanded SIOO,OOO of Gen. Sickles as compensation for his services In the revolu tion of thq Hhie Director/* wd for procuring a NUMBER 245. ropoal of tho 01anaiflcfttiou act. Wilnesa knew that Harlow lobbied Blromionely at Albany for tho Erlo Directory. Mr. Shearman also slated that Slovens informed him Umt money bad been carried to Barlow by Wheaton H. Pcckbatn, and t.J while ho (Slovene) wan Foreman of the Oilv jl Jmy, and was about to tnako an invoi.Ug/ ; £jnj,; as to whether Peck ham had divldcuf-Slh Barlow n SIO,OOO feo received in tho 'S .Uod trial, when tho Grand Jury was suddenly '^charged. j$ . DISASTERS. RAILROj Further Parti ■gliiftt ot thfl Ktoninpton u HQorror* Boston, April injnrod by tho Stoning ton railway have rotichod fliis citv, oro reported to bo doing well. Homo 300 men wore employee! yesterday in rebuilding llyi bridge ana goUing tho wrecked engine ami cani out of (ho chasm, and work was continued to day. New Youk, April 20.— A special gives addi tional particulars of tho Htonlngton disaster. Tho train loft Htonhigton about thirty-flvo min utes lato, and was running at tho rate of forty miles.por hour. As it approached the bridge, tho flromon and engine-driver became award of tho existence of tho watery gulf before thorn, but saw tho danger too lato to prevent tho disaster, or oven save tholr own lives by leaping from tho onglno. Tho locomotive jumped tho gap. about 80 feet wide, and landed on tiro other mao, in a sand-bank, plunging into it with such force as to week her completely. Somo idea of her speed may bo oscortainod from tho fact that a ploco of rail was broken up and shot through the boiler so that it remained like a shaft exposed at both ends. Tho engineer, William Guild, when dis covered. was between tho driving-wheel and en gine. thoro being but just enough of hlabody loft to identify him. Tho fireman, George Eld ridgo, was crushed to a Jolly. Thoro wore about eighty passengers, and tho scono can hotter bo imagined than described. As the overturned stoves and lamps sot flro to tho woodwork, cries for assistance ront tho air from tho smoking caldron. Frantic husbands wore calling for wives, and wives for husbands, sons, and daugh ters. Bomo escaped through tho car windows ; others wore pulled out of tho water bolow, while many moro wore writhing beneath tho ruins. One man. with his body partly out of tho win dow, could extricato himself no farther, and was calling wildly, “ Ob, savo mo, I am burning to death.” His screams and moans woro not hood ed, and death nut an end to his sufferings. When Mr. Allen mot his death, ho was stand ing ou tho front platform of a car, and, as tho train struck, his foot was caught In tho grap pling-iron, and iu this condition ho was burned to death. METEOROLOGICAL Signal Service Iluroau Reports and Prognostications* Chicago, April 20—10:18 p. m. The following reports have been received from tho places mentioned below: Station. nttr~~Thr iffmL Weather Chicago 29.93 41 CAlm clear Cincinnati £0.91 47 NW, fresh clear Davenport 30.00 43 NW, fresh clear Denver 30.06 SI 8, gentle clear Duluth ...... LaCrosse Marquette 20,96 25 NW, ganMo clear Milwaukee 29.66 35 NE, gentle fair Omaha 30.05 45 calm clear Kt. Paul Toledo 29.63 86 W, fresh clearing Cairo Cheyenne... 30.02 45 calm clear Detroit 29.63 37 N, gentle It snow Pembina ...... Yankton Port Garry ...... rnORABILITIES. Washington, April 20.— I Tito local storms in Virginia, Ohio, and Michigan will extend north eastward with ’diminishing force on Monday, and will possibly entirely disappear. For Now Eng land and tho northern portion of the Middle States, cool, northerly winds, and cloudy or part ly cloudy weather. For tho Lower Lakes, north east winds, backing to northwest. For tho Up per Lakes, increasing northwesterly winds and clear weather. For tho South Atlantic Statcu and Virginia, south and west winds with rising temperature. For tho Middle and Atlantic States, easterly winds and local rains during Sunday night, followed on Monday by northwest and southwest winds, partly cloudy and clear weather. Cautionary signals are ordered for Chicago, Milwaukee, and Grand Itavon. San Francisco, April 20.—1t is raining hero to-night; also at Potulama, San Leandro, Yroka, Redding, Santa Barham, Stockton, Napa Valley, Monterey, Sacramento, and Maysville. Tho ram is welcome, as fho crops of grain in many sections began to Buffer severely. NEBRASKA. Unknown rtn&vido—Sad PJntalls of (lui <srent storm. .SrwciVif Dispatch to The Chieaoo Tribune. Omaha, April IS).—Two miles west of Papillon, Nob., near tho railroad track, was found the body of a man with a bullot-holo through his breast. It is supposed ho committed suicide, an a pistol was lying by his sido. Ho was a Ger man, name unknown. Every day brings startling nows of tho late storm throughout this State, whole families be ing among tho missing. Doad bodies are being recovered every day wherever tho storm raged with tho greatest violence. Tho Kuiglits off P} (hlnn, Special Dispatch to The Chicafio Tribune. Richmond, Va., April 20. —Tho Supreme Lodge of tho World closed its session yesterday even ing. Tho first three days wore consumed iu dis cussing the case of tho Stato of Pennsylvania, which had boon placed in clmrgo of a Distinct Deputy, owing to tho suspension of its Grand Lodge for iusubornhmtiou, having sustained tho decisions of tho Supremo Chaucollor. Tho Su premo Lodge, in compliance with law and his orders, permitted the State to re-enter tho body through its representatives. Pittsburgh has boon selected us tho city for tho next ses sion of tho Bupromo Lodge. A now and hand some banner has boon adopted. A Grand Lec turer for each Stato was created by law. Tho proposed parade head-dress for Knights has been referred to a committee, to report at the next session. Past Grand Chancellor B. B. Usher, of Aurora, HI., presented a now installation cero mony, which was unanimously adopted. Richmond, Va., April 20. —Tho Supreme Lodgo of tho World, Knights of Pythias, adjourned to-night to moot at Pittsburgh on tho 8d of April, 1871. Obituary* Boston, April 20.— Tho Hon. Jno. Chapman died yesterday at his residence in Salem, aged 60. Ho was for several years editor of the B&tom Gazette. Spbinofield, Hass., April 20.—George Bliss, one of tho oldest and host known citizens of Springfield, died last night, aged 80. From 1850 to 1852 ho was President of the Michigan Southern Boad; in 1853 and 1854 President of tho Chicago Sc Mississippi; and again, from 18G8 till ho retired from active business in 1860, President of tho Michigan Southern. Ho was also an active director of the Chicago Sc Bock Island Bailroad in its early history. l/lnli Items* Salt Lake, April 20.—1n an affray between negroes last night, arising out of a game of cards, two wore shoe through tho breast and one badly cut in tho back by a razor. Two of the wounded are in a dangerous condition. Tho Arizona Mission is moving rapidly. Seven thousand men havo boon colled for tho purpose. A now Judge arrived. Weekly Review of tlio Albany Live* Stuck niurkcl. Special Dltmich to The Chicago ifVlbtm*. Aliiamv, N. Y., April 20.—Ueevlb— Tho leading features or thin wook’a market huvo been similar ta those of last week. Tho market opened dull on Thurs day. with small attendance of buyers, and tho sales of that day aggregated ouly a few hundred head, though tho attendance on tho following day was much larger. Buying was not rapid until Saturday, when tho market was broken down, and soiling quite rapid. Receipts for the work by rail number 661 cars, or 0,307 head, against 6d5 cars, or 0,045 head last week, ■ In average quality the otTorlnga wore much Inforlor to those of last week. Woiikino Oxen— Ouly a few yokes have been In tho market, and found ready buyers at tho market price. Tho demand for them Is good, at o<£)fl.l*o for common to fair, and OJgo for fancy. Miloii Cuws—The supply this week numbers full 00 bead, and tho market ruled dull up to this room ing, when life was infused into it by local dealer*, who took about 60 h*ad In a bunch at about ftSO.OO&SS.SO. Selection prices range from liO.OOQW.OO, including tho calf, . . Veal Oalvf.r— The receipts this week have boon largo, estimated at 1.600 head.

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