1 Mayıs 1873 Tarihli Chicago Daily Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1

1 Mayıs 1873 tarihli Chicago Daily Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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VOLUME 5J(>. WATCHES AND JEWELRY. OTO ENTIRE STOCK OF w -A. T C n IB £3 AT COST! In order to make room for our Spring Stock of Watohea, wo aboil close out our present large stock of Watches, wbiob reached u« too ,U,to for the Holiday Trade, at the actual fioat Qf manufacture ana importation* NO RESERVATION. : 3.000 GOLD WATCHES, nt ftom S3O to $l5O oaoh; usual prioo, S4O to SOOO. GILES, 810. & CO., 268 & 268 WABASH-AV., AND 334 WEST MADISON-ST. TO RENT. TO BENT. A FEW MORE OFFICES IN THE PORTLAND BLOCK TO FIRST-CLASS TENANTS. T. LYMAN, Boom 17. . TO BENT. Second and third floors of 74 and 76 BANDOLPH-ST., very light. To right parties a low rent will he made. Apply to J. L. WAYNE & SON. TO BENT, Three Floors, separately or togeth er, of large building on State-st., near Van Buren, well-lighted, with elevators, suitable for wholesale business ormanufaoturingpurposes. Apply at No. 623 Wabash-av. TO BENT. HOUSES IN ALL PARTS OP THE OITY, w. If. BAMPSON <t 00.. TO RENT, Desirable Stores and corner Casement in Briggs House, corner Fiftb-av. and Can dolpn-st. Apply to PHASE & ADAMS. 31 B: STOCKHOLDERS' MEETINGS. STOCK-lIOLDEES' ANNOAXi MEETING OF TOR late Shore & Michigan Sonthern Railway Co. Offiok or The Lake Boons £ Miobjoah SouTnrnit) Railway oompakt. > Cleveland, 0., March 27. 1878. ) Tho annual mooting o! tbo Stockholder* of this Com* pany, for tho election of Director* for the ensuing year, ■and for tho transaction of other Important business, will bo hold at tho office of tho Company, in tho otty of Cleveland, 0., on' Wednesday, 7th Day of May next, between tho hours of 11 o'clock in tho forenoon and 3 o'clock la the afternoon of that day. The transfer books of the Company will bo closed at tbo cloao of business, on the 6th day of April noxt. and will ro-opon on tbo morning of tho Bth day of May next. OKOROB 11. KLY, Secretary. OFFICE OF Gteap,HMaM&Fffli RAILROAD COMPANY. April 26. 1873. The annual meeting of tho Stockholders of tbo Chicago, Rock Island A Pacific Railroad Company, for tho election of Directors, pursuant to law. and tho transaction of such other business os may come before them, will bo bold at tho office of tho Company, in the City of Chicago, on Wednesday, tho 4th day of Jnno noxt, at 11 o’clock a. m. JOHN F. TRACY, President. F. 11. TOWB, Secretary. GENERAL NOTICES. Chicago & Northwestern Railway. SPECIAL NOTICE. On and alter Thursday. May 1. the City Of fice for the sale of Tickets mil be at south west corner LaSalle and Handolph-sts. Commutation Tickets will bo sold at this oflloo only. MAHVTN HUQHITT, Gen. Supfc. W. A. THRAIiIi, Gen. P. Agt. OWNERS Wh® Lave tanutea (or rent can obtain good tenant* by ap. £ lying to WM. 11. SAMPSON A 00..U..1 SUt«i* aad Anting Agency, 144 Lsßalle-st., Otis Block. WANTED. BLACKSMITHS AND BLACKSMITH’S HELPEES I 1 WANTED—A number of blacksmiths and helpers. For the best workmen the highest wages paid, or piece, work. Apply at McCORMIOK'S Itospor Works, Blue liland-av., nearWestoro-ar. WAITTED, By an active experienced builneaa mam 13 years a realdent of thU city, a poaltlou with a aquaro Commercial or Menu factoring House aa Correspondent and Assistant Man ager, with view of ultimata)/ taking an Inleraat in same Address for 5 days. U 16. Trtbuoe office. CARPET CLEANING. KING CARPETCIEANER Boston Carpet Cleaning Co., 44 AND 40 WEST ADAMH-BT., Branch, QN 0Q BUSINESS CARD. John Lyle King, LAW OFFICE, 188 OLAKK-ST-, Hotween Waihlngton and Madiaoa. MEETINGS. Masonic. Regular convocation this (Thursday) evening at 8 o'clock, of Union Park Chapter, No. 148, R. A. M.» at thalrhall. corner Wadlaon and Unbey-sla. inatrnau, w p< TWINOt fo. K< Ulgh Pr|e>t Masonic. Wsubanila Lodge. No. 100, meets this (Thursday) evening at 7K o'clock, in Oriental Ha l, 188 Laßalle*»t. VUIUo, brethren ooidl.Hjlu.lWij. Jjf tßft t Mitibj ' iltom CARRIAGES. BREWSTER & CO., OF BROOME-ST., WAItEROOMS, Fifth-av., cor. Fourteenth-st,, NBW YORK. Elegant Carriages, In nil tho fashionable Tarlotio*. from original designs of our own ami tho host stylos of Paris and London, oxqnls- ItoLr finished In all Sllk-Satlns, French Morocco, and tho finest Broadcloths, Special nttontlon is eallod to tbo fact that ororjr Carriage offered lit our Wnrorooms Is tho pro duction of our well known IJIIOOME-ST» FACTO RY, and equal, In every respect, to those built to tho order of tho most valued customer. In addition to our slock of tho LARGER vehicles, wo offer a complete assortment of ROAD WAGONS, with and without tops, IN ALL WEIGHTS, for PLEASURE DRIVING OB SPEEDING, embracing In their construc tion tho various Improvements Introduced by us during the past fifteen years, and which bavo mode the “BBEWSTER WAfiON” The Standard for duality. OUR PRICES BEING FIXED AND UNIFORM TO ALL, order* by mail haro equal advantages with those placed In person. To prevent confusion, the public will please remember that we are not connected with a Joint Stock Company of Carriage Doslon now seeking to share our reputation by adopting a Arm name similar to our own. BREWSTER & CO., OP BEiOOME-ST. 'Wardrooms, Fifth-av,, cor. Fonrteenth-at, BUSINESS CHANCE. mom FOB SALE. Fnrnitnro, Pixlnres, aitt lease Of tie Present Treiont House. The house is most admirably adapt ed for families, having 120 rooms, 40 of which are in suites, with aU the modern Improvements. Furniture in most excellent condition, most of it being new. The house is in splen did order, rent low, and wIU bo sold upon liberal terms. If not disposed of on or before Monday, May B, it will ho sold at public auction, due notice to be given hereafter. JUG. B. DRAKE. REMOVALS. BEMOVAL. CAIBBON, AIBERG & CO.. Block. STATIONERS, Have romovod to tho LAUGH and HLH> GANT PBBMIBES, No. 84 Lake-st., Opposite Tremont House. H 3E3 m OV-A. L OF SPRING-BED FACTORY. Finding my present factory entirely Inadequate for my increasing bnslnooa, I have purchased tho steam mill property at 768, 766, and 767 Statist., and fitted the same up with tho necessary machinery, etc., expressly for a manufactory of Spring-Bods and Cots, of which I make fourteen varieties. 1 shall remove to my now quarters about tho Ist of May. after which time I shall bo prepared to fllf all orders, both from city and country dealers, with promptness. Dent forget tho numbon 763 Btato-sL. throe blocks south of old fsetory. L. 0. BOYINQtOW. AMERICAN EXPRESS COMPANY. REMOVAL. The WEST SIDE Branch Office of this Company baa been removed from 318 Uamlo)nh-it. to 60 South HaUtod* Bt. f corner of Madiaon. The SOUTH HIDE Branch Office, 620Waba«h*av., will bo removed to Wabaah-av,, corner of Twenty-second-at., May 1. B. O. BEATON, Agent. April 85, 16?3. REMOVAIi. GOODBIDGE & STOKES, Beal Estate and House Agents, nemo Tod to southwest corner of West Washington and Desplslnes-sls., basement of Pralrlo State Loan andTruat Co.*b Building. FINANCIAL. IDIGr. We haro Attorneys otorywliero. and collect tbo claims of Merchants * ud »ny ut «»• country. No Attorney's fees In suit*: no charges until collections are made. FKABIBK'S UUKOANTILU COLLEUTIQN AQKNOY, HflMadUonst. WE BUY AND SELL Business Paper, And negotiate loans on Collaterals. WBENN & BBEWSTEE, Bankers, Teuton Insmm Coiany, A few Folloloa wanted for caab. Polleloa In alt Eaaten and Chicago Oo.'s bought. 11. S. DIETRICH, Room 8, 77 West Madlaon-at., op atalra. $10,000.00 Fonrtli National Bank Stock for Sale, For prion and particular! apply to O. R. FIELD A 00.. 161 Monroe-tt. STORAGE. STORAGE. Furniture and all kinds of Merchandise. Money loaned on goods at Uurlioglou Warubouso, corner Sixteenth and BUta-«ta. 11. B. BAWYER. STORAGE. RMPIRB WAREHOUSE, l« TO 810 MARKETST. Storage of all kinds of merchandise at roaaonabla rataa. Parties doilring loafers household gopda will do well to call on us. WADSWORTH. DICKINSON A CO. FURNITURE. For a Short Time Oily at Retail. How la your opportunity ti obtain our find Ornamented, Painted, and Enameled Chamber milts at a low price. C.n.uJ.x.ml..o U rrl... ißK 0Q Uaualaoturara and I VVholaaata Dealer*, • ■HistdaUMnawg-aL INSURANCE. CBITCHELL & FORD, FIRE INSURANCE, 127 LaSalle-st. iasil laity OP 1 MEMPHIS. PHENIX OF BROOKLYN. rams. NEW YORK DiEmiß .a-gkehstoy. CASH ASSETS, $4,839,798.84 Policies issued on Dwellings, Fur niture, Buildings, Merchandise, Grain, Provisions, and other prop erty. JAS. B. FLOYD, ua.crairiir'r. No. 168 LaSalle-st, THE ViKbin Fire Insurance Coi OP BROOKLYN, N* Y. Assets, $595,333.13 Dwellings, Furniture, Mer chandise, &c., insured at FAIB BATES. DAN M. BOWMAR, .^.GKEUKrT, 150 LaSalle-st. CHINA, CROCKERY, &o. WE ARE QBXiXiXosra- Me Cla Dinner Sets, 141 Pcs,, for $35.00. WMteCiia Tea Sets, 56 Pcs,, for 6,50, In fact, we are closing out our entire Wholesale Stock, at Retail, AT WHOLE SALE PRICES, In order to make room for an elegant Retail Stock for Spring Trade. Scott&Oviflfitoflßrfls., 219 West Madison-st, BEDSTEADS. THE E3VLOPXH,H PABLOS BEDSTEAD (Surpasses all! Boren styles! All attest NewaudW & roved designs. An elegant plooo of furniture, convertl la Instantly Into a luxurious hod. Occupies only ono fourth tbo space of a common bedstead. Adapted to Parlor. Library. Dining-room. Office, and Store. Prices, $25, $35, $45. SSO, $65, $75, SBS, SIOO - on Installment* It desired. EMPIRE PARLOR BEDSTEAD GO., 352 West Mtidison-st. Wholesale) Waroroonig, 370 & 372 West Uadlsoa-at, CODLIVEROIL. ■WIXiLSoSt’S CAEBOLATED GOD LIVER OIL la a Specific and Radical Ouro for CONSUMPTION AND SOEOmODS DISEASES, .. Remember tlio name, ' * Wlllaon'a Oarbolaled Cod Liver Oil." It oomoa In largo wcdgo-shaped bottles, bearing the invontur'a signature,' and ia aold by the beat DruggUta. Prepared by J, H, Willson, 30 Plntt-st., N, Y, Whnloaalo Western Depot, HDRLBDT & EDSALL, 44 k 46 Rlver-St., CUcagO. For aale by VAN ROHAAOK, STEVENSON A REID, corner Dearborn and Ijiko-ata. HOTELS. Summer Hotel. The new Hotel at Highland Park will bo open June 1. Tbla Hotel la only throa atorlea blab, but contain! 13A roosna. It 1> 80U feet Inug, bna uruad balls running full length of heuao; 000 feat «>f placta 18 foot wide j a bread deck outlie tcpoftlio bouao, BUO feet long, overlooking lake Michigan. It it one hour’s ride from Chicago, in tbo growing town of Highland Park, whero a pier la uolng built for tlm accommodation of pleasure excursions from Chicago. Elegant Hilliard Hall, Orotiuot Ground*, and flue Livery Establishment In connection with the Hotel. The Hotel will bo under the management ofO. D. Hop. kins, formerly of Htauwlx Hall. Albany. For further information apply to O. D. HOPKINS, Proprietor, High. i.ud r.tk, or f. v. n*\yicmn. a,.iu n. v. i), 00., IWMonroo at., Room i, Chicago. CHICAGO, THURSDAY, MAY 1, 1873, ENOCH MORGAN’S SONS’ S -A. IP OLIO Isa substitute for Soap for all Household pur poses, except washing clothes. . SAP OLIO SFor cleaning your house this Spring will save tho labor of cue cleaner. ISAPOL I O 5 Will not injure or discolor Paint, but restores col g or and brightness. Try It. GSAPOLIO 9 Cleans Windows without water, and saves the g trouble of removing curtains and carpets. BSAP OLIO O - - - - - . |SAP OLIO b Gleans Bath-Tabs, Tables, Floor*, Ac., qulokor w and bolter than Heap. Try It on. 1 SAPOLIO 2 Polishes Tin, Brass, Copper, andatl MotalWarts, rendering them as bright as now. ISAP.OLIO For washing Dishes and Glassware Is Invaluable. Cheaper than Soap. S-A.IP OLIO Removes Stains from Marble Mantels, Tables, and Statuary, from Uard-flnlsbod Walls, and from China and Porcelain. 10 cents. SAPOLIO Removes Ruins and Grease from Osrpets and oth er woven fabrics. Depot, 80 and 88 South Watsr-st., OHIOABO, TXiX/. Opening! OF zeultst ac co., IMPORTS TAILORS, Oomer Wabaah-av. and Monroe-st., Tils (Tlnrslay) Alternson, at 3 o’cW, Continuing until 7 o'clock. ALL ARE INVITED. REAL ESTATE. Desirable Mvestment. 1 am Instructed by owners to offer for sale, on favorable terms, 6, 10, SO, 80, or 40 sores of the property known ns the "Steel Farm," situated In Bee. S6, T. 89, R. IS, In the southwestern part of tho city, bounded north and sonth by Twenty.sUth and Tblrty-flrst-sts, and east and west by Kodzle-av. and Mowry-aU. This property adjoins Lawndale on the south, and Is certain to advance rapidly In value. The attention of Capitalists is called to this Advertisement. Apply to JOHN JOHNSTON, Agent for Owners, Room 4, Nos. 84 and 86 LaSalle-st. VALUABLE LOTS AT A BARGAIN. N. E, Corner Wabasb-av. ana Fifty-ninll-sL N, W. Corner Wabasb-ay. and Ftfty-nintb-sL 5 Lots in Eganflale, desirably located. WM. A. BUTTEBS & CO., 65 JC 57 South Oonnl-at. Houses 01 liir Payments. I hare remaining bnt two houses (two-story) for saloon monthly payment!. Water throughout tho bouse*. chan delier*, io. Inquire of tbo undersigned at 67 Htat«-«t. JOHN COVERT, AGEE PROPERTY Near Central Park, for sale s Five acre blocks In our now subdivision of S. W. A*6O* HIM Pari Bali Co., Office 163 MONIIOB-BT., Boom 4. Kent's Building. Houses and Lota for sale on easy terms. FRANK P. HAWKINS, AKont. WHITE, PINK, & BUEF BLOTTING PAPER, AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, AT CULVER, PAGE, HOME & CO.’S, 118 ond 120 Monroe-st. TREES I TREES I 820,000 worth, all kinds and sizes, for sale cheap at ths SHEFFIELD MISERY, 44 Baclne-aT. It, J. T.IBWIB. Proprietor. t37~ Take the Chicago ana Clyboum-av. cars. TREES! TREES! Ten thousand Scotch and Austrian Pine, from two to ten foot high, for *alo at oxtremeljr low figures, at tho Oracolaod Nunory. forty rod* north of Gracolsnd Ceme tery Office. Taka North Olark-st. oars In connection with tho Oraoeland Dummy. Also, a general assortment of Ornamental Trees. Shrubs, Greenhouse and Uoading-out Plants.'.City Depot, 433 North Olark-it. Catalogue* gratia. \ F. BULZRR A BRO. GERMAN AND FRENCH FASHION PAPERS, For Si-PortliJ Cunt In Quantities to suit, at $0.50 per barrel, at X 47 liaSallo-at., in basement. DRESS-CLEANING. SPOTS Of oil, grease, champagne, loooroata, oto., taken oat of the moat delicate material without cleaning tbo whole gar* moot, or removing trimmings. . A. SOIIiVAUa, The Original Importer of the Industry. 264 West Madisau-st - - -158 miiiois-sl. REVENUE STAMPS. Revenue Stamps Tho QKIOAGO SAVINGS INSTITUTION AND TUUBT COMPANY. N. tV.foornor of Dearborn and MadUon-ats., Chicago, koopatamp* of different donotni nation* In reasonable quantities. and the TWO CENT CHECK and PUOI'IUKi'AUY STAMPS In any quantity. IloTOQue stamps that are out of tut bought at a die* count. SAPOLIO. OPENING. 070 and 378 South Watcr-st. TOR SALE. At L. SOUIOK 3t CO.'S. Nu. UQ Madison-st. FOREIGN. Earthquakes in the Sandwich In lands and Great Britain. The German Emperor’s Visit to Russia a Peaceful Omen to Europe. Latin and Greek Monks Fighting at Jerusalem. Wreck of a French Steamer oil the Brazilian Coast. BRAZIL. New York, April 30.—A Rio Janeiro loiter of the 4th Inst,, states that owing to tbo lato rains a land slide had occurred which threw down a massive stone wall on a building In tho navy yard, instantly killing twenty workmen and wounding fifty others. Another letter from tbo anmo city gives tho particu lars of the loss of tho French steamer Qambe, which left that port March 94, bound for Bordeaux, Franco. Llko tho steamer Atlantic, tho officers can only account for her going ashore on the hypothesis that the wind, which had boon prevailing for many days strong atm steadily from tbo south ami southwest, may bavo oc casioned a slight increase of thocoast current, of which sufficient notice was not taken, and, an the night was thick and stormy, it was impossible to see any dis tance ahead: but tho wreck of tho Oambo dilTcrod from that of tbo Atlantic iu this, that not one of tho groat number of passengers on board was lost, Tho vessel was duo at Bahia ou tbo 20tb, and at 9 o’clock on tho morning of tho 97th she wont on a reef known as tbo Java Bocks. An tho passengers were all asleep In their rooms, tbo sudden blow of tho steamer woke them, and occasioned tho greatest confusion and alarm. Prompt decision and conduct on tho part of tho officers, however, served, in a great measure, to allay tho excitement. Tho vessel’s launches were low ered and manned, and by 6 o’clock In the morning tho passengers had all been safely landed at tho town of Abrantoa. AUSTRIA. Vickka, April 90.—Tho scandal about tho American Commissioners continues. Mr. Cunningham has been appointed temporary Superintendent of tbo American section. The cabmen continue on a strike. Washington, April UO.— A telegram has been received from the Special Commission at Vienna, appointed by the President to examine into the alleged Irregulari ties of tho original Commission, to oitoct that some of the suspended Commissioners appear to bo Implicated on charges of Improperly receiving money. It loaves tho following persons free from tbo chacgo of any Irregularity, viz.: Dr. Anthony Iluppsuer, Thomas McElrath, Lewis Soasongood, J. C. Bolton, O. L. Blodgett, H. Garrotaon, Edward Golthlol, Clayton McMicbael, Isaac Cook, A. G. James, and William F. Bound. They recommend that so pari of the sus pended Commission be restored el present. It is understood that tho result of tho examination, and tho gronnds on which Its recommendation is founded, are to bo Immediately forwarded. CANADA. Special Dispatch to The Chiedgo Tribune. Toronto, April SO.—Tho lion. Mr. Tilley, Finance Minister, has given notice of a proposition to Increase tho Provincial subsidies. It is proposed to relievo On tario and Quebec of indebtedness to tho amount of $10,606,084, and to make a proportionate subsidy to tho other Provinces. The Opposition fool their weakness In tho Dominion Parliament, and any proposed struggle this session lacks general interest from Its complete hopelessness. Nevertheless a fight Is to take place over the alleged fraudulent payment to contractors on tho Intcr-Ool onlal Hallway, and also ou tho Pacific Hallway. Tbo crime of wlfo-bcatiug Is on tho increase, and, from the lightness of (ho punishment Indicted, Is likely to Increase. One man, for tying up bis wife and using a horse-whip to her, only received one mouth la JslU GREAT BRITAIN. London, April SO.—A sharp shock of an earthquake la reported to havo been felt at Doncaster yesterday. In the House of Commons, this afternoon, Jacob Bright moved tbo second reading of tho “ women’s Disabilities bill.” In his remarks In support of tho bill, Xt». Sviubt MUd the iulojttiou of female suffrage In Wyoming Territory, ami elsewhere, lie also said If tho measure was defeated It would bo brought forward again and again. Mr, Bouvcrio moved that tho second reading of tbo bill be postponed six mouths, and Mr. Scourfleld seconded tho motion. Debate followed, at (ho clo«o of which the House divided, and tho bill was rejected by a vote of 322 to 165, GERMANY. Berlin, April 00.—The Provincial Correspondent says tho visit of tho Gorman Emperor to St. Peters burg confirms the pacific policy agreed to by tho Emperors of Germany, Russia, and Austria, last Sep tember. It Is especially significant at this time, be cause prospects of quiet In Western Europe were growing gloomier. Two cases of cholera are reported to-day In Magde burg. ITALY. Komi, April SO.—The Chamber of Deputies, to-day, lu opposition to the representations and remonstrances of Signor Sella. Minister of Finance, voted $450,000 for tho establishment of nn arsenal at Taranto. When tbo vole was declared. Sella asked for an adjournment, and said he would inform tho House, to-morrow, what course ho should take. SPAIN. Madrid, April 30.—Tho masons of Barcelona, who wore recently on a strike, have resumed work. Paris, April 30.—Tho Carllsta have surprised Bllboa, which Is almost defenceless. Bayonne, April 30.—A rumor comes from the fron tier that tbo Curo of Santa Cruz has boon shot by his own o Ulcers. SANDWICH ISLANDS. New York, April 30.—A Sandwich Island letter of the Ist says that a number of sbockn of earthquake had bcou felt lu tho interior of tho country, but that no damage was reported. PALESTINE. London, April 30.—Advices from Jerusalem state that several fights have occurred In Bethlehem, be tween tho Latin and Greek monks. Five of tho f jrm or and six of the latter were injured. HOLLAND. Tm Hague, April 23,—The debate in tho Chamber of Deputies on the Achiuoso question was ended with out a vote. SPRINGFIELD. Decoration . Day Proclamation of Gov* Bovorlilaro—Rnllromlmid Ware house Commission—Pardon*. Special Diwatch to Tht Chicago Tribune, Springfield, Ilk, April 30.— Tho following official proclamation of Gov. Uovcrlclga will be promulgated to-morrow: In observance of tho annual ceremonies of Decora tion Day, established by national choice and consent, and warmly approved by tho Grand Army of tho Re public and tho Government of tbo United Blatcs, I, John L, Beveridge, Governor of the State of Illinois, do by this, my proclamation, designate Friday, the 30tn day of May, 1873, as Decoration Day, and do enjoin all loyal and patriotic citizens of this State to lay aside their usual avocations and unite in strew ing flowers upon tho graves of thoso who nobly died In defense of our couutry. Lot tho services commemorative of tho day bo such as shall lead the living to a deeper and more perfect reverence of ths memory of our horolo dead, and Incite them to other labors and higher sacrifices for the nation's greatness and glory; and, In sddltlon to tho decora tion services, I would respectfully enjoin tbo reverend clergy and the leaders of religious denominations in every place of public worship on Burnley, (lie 23 tb day of May, to hold relig ious services commemorative of our fallen comrades oud tho causa for which they laid down their lives, and thus associate (ho hallowed sentiment of piety and tender duties of patriotism. Tbo Railroad and Warehouse Commissioners, at tho mooting to-dav, confirmed (he appointment of Mr. Harper of G. W. Doan, as socoud clerk, and James 11, Paddock, third, in the Inspector's olhco. Tho resig nation of James U. Raymond, Esa,, as Secretary of the Board, has not yot boon accepted. Gov. Boverldgo pardoned to-day Thomas Johnson, sent to tbu Penitentiary from Cook Country last March for one year, convicted of receiving stolon goods; also, James it. Lovelace, from Moutgomory County, sent for throe yearn, in May, 1873, for larceny. TJie Atlantic Bank llobbory* Nkw Yona, April 00.—The Tribune, tomorrow, pub lishes thu following: “Tho Deceiver of tho Atlantia Uiiik yesterday completed tbo list of depositors and amounts to (heir credit, but refused to give a copy to the Tribune reporter. Au examination was also undo ny him of the special loau account, and somo ■ingular illustrations were brought to light, showing the loose manner In which the aftulrs of the bank were conducted by the defaulting cashier. These were of such a character as to indicate not only criminality on the part of Taluter, hut suggested to somo of the de positors, who learned the facts that Taluter had confederates aa desperate as himself. The special loan occouut shows that over (310,000 have been loaned on securities oil of which have disappeared, Of this amount, L. 11. Niles, No. 8 Broad street, one of Taluter’a brokers, and oa far as known, hia only broker, had received *90,0001 and J. U. Conover, a clerk of NUes, who Is <Tc? naid to receive only a small salary, named byname per sons as low as $8 a week, had borrowed $38,000. Nearly all these loans had been made to Niles and Conover within tho last throe months. Only one loan of slo,ooo' Is entered as having been made previous to 1873. sad this wan as late as November, 1873. Alt tho aocttfUlea deposited by Nllos and Conover are among those said to have been stolon; Tbo books of tbo bank show that tho concern was Indebted to Niles to tho amount of SBO,OOO, represented to have been deposited by him, but Niles yesterday appeared before Receiver Strong, and on boing asked the amount of bis claim against tho hank said It was between S3OO and S3OO only. This extraordinary dis crepancy continued to puzzle tho Receiver and ac countants until the close of tho examination last night. The Receiver has caused Inquiry to be made into tbo standing and credit of all Taintor's alleged brokers, and tbo mercantile agencies’ reports render still more suspicious their largo operations for the ac count of tho young defaulter. Further inquiry into the accounts revealed that, within twenty-four hours of tbo collapse, one of tho Directors had overdrawn tbo account of his Ann to the amount of SO,OOO. PRINCETON. Tlio Judicial Oonvointion«»Sconoa Do* fore. During:) and Alter tlio mooting: ■•JiidgoLnwrcncoisFrloiidsAbniidon tlio t ifflil-.Tlio Iflon. A* M. Crain Nominated on tlio First Uallot*' Special Jttooateh to The Chicago Tribune. PniNOETON, 111., April 80.—Tho Judicial Convention mot at 9, and adjourned at 4:39, having nominated ' tho Hon. A. M. Craig on the first ballot. Tho • meeting was, throughout, engineered by the anti- Lawrence men, It was generally understood among tho friends of Judge Lawrence, early In tho afternoon, (bat His Honor should not bo nominated, but trust to tho sense of tho people for his election or otherwise, with or without nomination. Tho subsequent proceed ings were, therefore, entirely without interest. Hon. A. O. Bolncs, of Woodford, was elected Chair man, and M. Heaton, of Knox, Secretary, both being pronounced anti-Lawrence men. Tho usual formal organization was performed. The platform prepared by Mr. Fetors was submitted In tho shape of resolu tions, and carried. A. M. Craig, T. Lyle Dickey, Oliver Baldwin, and Martin Sknuobcrgct, were suc cessively nominated for Judge of tho Supremo Court, A loiter was produced from Mr. Craig declining a nomination, but several delegates successively arose, and declared that bo was to bo considered at. tho dis posal of tho people, and that ho must stand for election, if nominated. Tho platform adopted roods thus: Hnolved, That tho provisions of tho Constitution of 1870 of tho State of Illinois in regard to railroads are, equally with tbo other provisions of the Constitution, tho supremo law of the State, and our Legislature should provide tho necessary legislation to execute such provisions, and our courts should sustain and adopt the same. Jieeolved, That tho charters of tbo railroads In this State ore not ooutraots in tbo souse that they are para mount to the Constitution and laws of this State, and that tho provisions of tho Constitution of tho State In regard to railroads and necessary legislation to ouforco tho same are not repugnant to the Constitution of tbo United States. Eesolved, That tbo railroads in this State aro public highways, and their operators common carriers, and tho General Assembly, as required by tbo Constitution of this State, should pass laws establishing reasonable maximum rates of charges for tbo transportation of passengers and freight on tho different railroads In this State, and shomd also pass laws to correct abuses, and to define and prevent extortion In tho rate of freight and passenger tariff on such roads, and such legislation should bo sustained and enforced by tho Judiciary of this State. ifesolctd, That we will support no man for Judge of the Supreme Court who Is not In accord (with the sentiments of these resolutions ; that wo recommend to tho anti-monopolists of this State to nominate such candidates for Supremo and Circuit Judges, to bo sup ported at tho ensuing judicial elections, as are pledged to sustain the whole Constitution and laws of this State In accordance therewith, and wo will .support none other. Resolved, That the opinion of the majority of tbo Supremo Court of Illinois In tho Chicago Evening Journal case, delivered by Judge Lawrence, that tho courts of this State have authority to punish for sup posed contempts committed not In tho presence of (ho court, and that said court will claim and exorcise tbo right and authority to puuish any criticisms of tho press upon the decisions, opinions, or olllclnl conduct of such court, when in tbo opinion of such court their action has been incorrectly stated or their Integrity Impeached, denying to tbo supposed offender tho right of trial by jury, or, Indeed, any trial whatever, except by tho complaining court Itself, la In violation of iho principle of free government, and establishes an odious tyranny to which no froo people will submit, and that wo will support no persons to ofllco rtho en tertains such sentiments. A speech was made of a very violent kind against Judge Lawrence by Oolonol Elliott, in seconding tho uuiuluutlou or Mr. Omig. Mr. Nathan Grey followed in defense of Judgo Law rence. Ho referred to tho fact. Inexplicable to him, that in all the nominations that hod been made, Judge Lawrc o had not been " mentioned, and ho ch; o Prized tho whole proceeding ns a onr-sldcd n.udr. Ho said tbo formers had a club In (heir hands for tbo first time In their lives, and they wanted to hit every head that appeared. Ho was pro ceeding humorously when a determined attempt to stop him by the anti-Lawrence men was made, to which ho submitted, although (ho Lawrence mon were undoubtedly, In tho opinion of your reporter, in tho majority, had a fight been accepted. Tho policy of inaction was persevered In, and all tbo other side could do to provoke them to show their strength failed. Several times they throw down the challenge by sneers and Innuendoes that the other, side wore afraid to show themselves, but It was equally of no avail. The ballot on the resolution was, by counties, as follows: Bureau... Henry.... Knox LaSalle... Marshall.. Mercer..., Peoria.... Warren... "Woodford. Total, Bureau.... Grundy .. Henry.... Knox Mercer.... Peoria.... Putnam,. Stark Warren... Woodford Total On tbo informal ballot the figures stood Oral# Dickey : Shollobergcr Baldwin Lawrence On tbo first and final ballot: For Craig, 67 ; tho Warren delegation declining to vote, and tho Knox man polling only five out of twelve voles. It may as well bo made as public as possible, at onco and forever, timt Judge Lawrence's friends mean to elect him. 1 adhere to my figures of last night, and they would have been justified had tho Lawrence party organized instead of determining to abandon the fight in the con vention to-day. It was at the desire of tho Judge himself that his name was not put In nomination. METEOROLOGICAL, Signal Service Bureau Boport* and Prognostications* Chicago, April 80—10:18 p, m. The following reports have boon received from tho places mentioned below: Station, Uar. Thr ITnid. Weather, Breckinridge.... 30.12 46 8., fresh. Cloudy, Buffalo 30.18 46 Calm. Clear. Cairo ~ 29,77 60 E., brisk. H rain. Chicago 30,02 40 N. E,, fresh. Cloudy, Clncluoatl 30.00 60 E., gentle. Cloudy. Cleveland....... 30,13 60 E., gentle. Clear. Davenport 30.02 61 E.. brisk, Threat'sg Duluth 30.11 44 Calm. Clear. Eaconaba.. 30,18 42 8., fresh. Clear, Fort Garry 30.13 88 E., light. Clear, Keokuk 29.74 67jE., high. II rain LaOrosse 30.00 631 N. E., fiosb. Cloudy. Milwaukee 30.08 42R., fresh. Cloudy. Omaha 29.72 60iN. E, brisk. Cloudy, Pembina 30.18 39‘Llght. Clear, St, Paul 39.07 OSIN. E„ gentle. Clear. Toledo SO.IB 40 N. E., gentle. Cloudy, Detroit 30.14 45|N. E., fresh. Cloudy, VUOUARILm&B. Washington. April 80—8 p. m.—For the Lower Mississippi Valley, Tennessee. Missouri, and the Gulf States, falling barometer, fresh southeast winds, rising temperature, cloudy weather, and heavy rain. For the Northwest and upper Lakes, and thence to Indiana and Kentucky, fulling barometer, brisk northeasterly and northerly winds, increasing cloudiness, and rain. For the South Atlantia States easterly and southeasterly winds and diminishing pressure, followed by cloudy weather, with occasional rain. For the Lower Lakes and Upper Ohio Valley and Middle States, northwesterly to southeasterly wluda and high pressure diminishing to-night with cloudy weather. For Canada and New England, clear ana partly cloudy weather, with northeasterly winds. Cautionary signals are ordered for Duluth, Chicago, Milwaukee, Grand Haven, Detroit, Toledo, and Cleve land. Reports are missing from the extreme North west, Rocky Mountains, and (bo Pacific Coast. Preferred Suicide to Matrimony* PiiiLADCi.ruu, April SO.—lllchard Z’ettit, a lawyer of this city, commuted suicide last evening. Ho has been engaged to Miss Staley for teni years. She had lately received a handsome estate by the wills of the late Itobert Boldclaugh and B. Baldclaugh, and every thing waa prepared for his marriage at mwn to-day at St. Mark’s Church. They designed taking an bn ropoon tour. The deceased was the son of tbolato Judge I’ohlt, and nephew of United Slates Naval Pay master lllchard Potilt, The lady Is English, and a cousin to Bishop Staley, Uto of Honolulu, NUMBER 255, THE INDIANS. Official Confir aitlon of the Last Slaughter °y the Modocs. —_ l Additional Trod S to Bo Sent to the •W Scene S Operations. | ——— Tho Sioux I> -troy an American Settlement In Manitoba, Special Dispatch to Tho Chicago Tribune, Washington, April 00.—Official dispatches received at tbo War Department to-day give full confirmation of tho press reports regarding tho latest and most ter rible features of tho campaign against tho Modoc*. As soon os (hoy wore received Secretary Robeson called upon Qon. Sherman, when o prolonged consul tation ensued, Oou, Sherman bad previously expressed • tho hope that tho press reports were exaggerated. Ho did not hellovo that our forces had been surprised* and was inclined to denounce tbo story, as told in tho morning papors, as sensational and untrue. The result of tho consultation was a decision to concentrate. all tho available forces on tho Part.lo -slope, for. tho support of Qon. Jeff, 0. Davis, who has assumed command. This decision, however, is virtually a repetition of tho results of a previous consultation. Referring to tho possibility of effectually surrounding tbo Uodocs, Gen. Sherman re marked that there aro not troops enough under arms on tbo continent to accomplish such a purpose. Tho lava-beds arc thirty miles in circumference. Atlanta was only five miles, and it wan found impossible to surround it with 160,000 men. It is probable that .our effective force now operating against: Capt. Jack now numbers about one thousand men, including the cavalry ond artillery, tho usefulness of which is greatly Impaired by tbo epizootic, now pre vailing in the camp. No additional news had been re ceived at tho Indian Bureau. A general Impression prevailed, however, that tho recent sense of security regarding future operations of tho savages bad been hastily reached. It is known that tbo success of Capt. Jack’s hand will be comraunlcatad to other bands and tribes with a mysterious and accurate rapidity, almost equal to tbo telegraph itself, and it is be lieved that tho signal-fires which have been built lately on tho hills adjacent to tbo lava-beds may have communicated not only in formation to other hostile savages, bnt invitations to Join in a general uprising against tbo whites. The suc cessful operations of Gen. Crook against the Apaches in' Arizona aro too remote from the scene of Gen. Gil lem’s defeat to counteract Its Influence. The records of tho Bureau show that similar troubles have been experienced with tbo majority of tbo uncivilized tribes ouco or twice In each generation. Tho explanation of this la that tho old warriors are unable to restrain tho young bucks, either through their natural influence as seniors or by relating |tbeir own, oftentimes bitter, experience, when in their younger days they attempted to conquer the whites. In army circles, tho expression of regret and chagrin were akin to dcspcratlou. Tho officers whoso lives were sacrificed wore well known and highly respected throughout tbo army. Gen. Lorenzo Thomas, the father of Capt. Evan Thomas, who was killed, called at tho War Department this morning, and bad on affecting Interview with Gen. Sherman. Gen. Thomas, who is on tbo retired list, is quite advanced in years, and Is deeply affected by his bereavement. Washington, April 30.— Gen. Sherman to-day re cclvod the annexed dispatch from Qon. Schofield: Lava Beds, April 30.—0n tbo 30th, MaJ, Green, commanding tho ramp on the west side of the Lava Bods, ordered Capt. Thomas, of tho Fourth Artillery, and a party of Warm Spring Indians, about 70 soldiers and 14 Indians, to mako o roconuoissanco in a south easterly direction to a point about four miles from camp. Tho party left tho camp about 13 o’clock meridian, reached tho designated point, and woro resting. No Indians had been seen. Suddenly tho party was fired upon by Indians, and compelled to retire. -Subsequently upon searching in tho lava chasms, tbo Ijodies of Capt. Thomas and Lieut, A. I*. Howe, of the 4tb artillery, and Lieut. Thomas F. Wright, of the 18th infantry, were found. FJrst-Llout. Arthur Cran ston, of the 4th artillery, has not been found. It Is supposed that thoy were killed. Lieut. Qeo. M. Harris omi Acting-Assistant-Surgeon B. Semig are seriously, though I hope not dangerously, wounded. Thirteen enlisted men were killed and wounded. All the officers and part of tho men remained together ond fought llks heroes, but tbo Indians secured the advantage of tho position before being discovered, Tho remains of (ho slain officers will bo taken to Yrcka to-morrow. The bodies of four warriors have boou found at or near tbo scene of tho battle. Capt. Mendenhall reports from BurlottsvUlc, and is expected to Join on tho 30th. The Indians oc cupy a position In tho rocks about four miles south ol their eaves. It will bo. impossible to surround them with the forco at or on route to this place. Tbo cir cumference of tho lava beds is about 30 miles. Oeu. Davis Is expected tomorrow. AlvahGlllott and Gen. Davis started from Yrcka for tho lavo-boda this morn ing. . Gen. Sherman has, after a conference with Acting- Secretary Robeson, telegraphed to Secretary Belknap and tho President in tho way of consultation aa to fu ture army movements. New York, April 30.—A Washington special eaya: Tbo result of tho consultation between Gen. Sherman and Secretary Robeson will bo tbo transfer of a largo number of troops from cast of tho Rocky Mountains to the Pacific coast, and a determined effort to exter minate tbo Modoca. Toronto, Out., April 30.— A dispatch from Fort Garry (Manitoba) Bays: Information has been re ceived from a trustworthy sourco to tho effect that some American traders, having poisoned Little Kuifo and Bitting BIU, Sioux Chiefs at Cypress 111)1, 450 mile* from Fort Qarry, in tho British Territory, tho Sioux fell on tho post and massacred all tho Americans and half-breeds in tho vicinity. Tlic Wlnnobajroos—False Rumors* Parsons, Kos., April 30.—Enoch Hoag, Superin tendent of Indian Affairs, passed down the road to day with n delegation of Winnebago Indiana from Wisconsin, who go to select a homo In tho western part of tuo Indian Territory for their tribe, which numbers about 1,000 persons. Topeka, April 30.—Full advices from tho Southwest leave no room to doubt tbnt tho recent stories of Indian outrages in that locality are pure Inventions. There are no uostile or troublesome Indians within IOC miles of the outermost settlements. Tho Indian Penalty for itiurdor* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. DeS Moines, April 30.— An Indian of the roving tribe of Musquakoes, which Infest this State, a few weeks ago murdered one of bis tribe. The tribe was then, and are now, encamped on tho Skunk River, near Colfax, in Jasper County. Tho tribe put tho murderer to trial, and decided that ho should be punished by being starved to death. The sentence was carried out to the cruel letter. Tho Indian was tied to a log out in the woods, ond several Indiana wore detailed to carry the sentence Into effect, which took eight days, other cruelties, known only to tho rod devils them* selves, being added to the torture of starvation* OBITUARY. Tho lion. James JDrooUfl—John R* Thompson* New York, April 30.—John B. Thompson, of tho Evening Test, formerly editor of the Southern Literary’ Messenger, died in this city this afternoon. Wabiiinoton, April 80.— Tho Hon. James Brooks, Representative of Congress from Now York, died at his residence in this city, to-night, at 6:30 o’clock, in tho presence of bis family. Ho recognized those around him to the very last moment. lie bad long been in feeble health, from, as he himself frequently said, the effects of a fever which ho contracted in Asia. Tho deceased was in hla C3d year. Ills death has created profound sorrow in all circles of tho com* munlty. Tho Labor Quotation* New Your, April 30.—A special dispatch from Providence, It. 1., saya ; The mill operatives through out Rhode Island will strike to-morrow for 10 noun work by the day, or sixty hours per week. The move ment is controlled by the Rhode Island branch of the Now England Ton-Hour Association,numbering nearly 80,000 members. Tho time-table adopted by the organi zation provides for commencing work at 6:30 in tho morning, allows forty-five minutes for dinner, and for stopping tho machinery at 6 o’clock in tho evening on tho first five days of tho week, and closing work on Saturday# at 13:18 in tho afternoon. . . . „ . New York, April 30.— Fears of another riot at Pat tenburg, N. J., aro entertained. A large number of Swedes and Italians, who have been put to work upon tho rslhoad. have incurred the animosity of the work men formerly employed, Murmurlngs are heard on both sides. Both parties aro said to be heavily armed. Tho Crispins reported seven Broadway firms as hav ing acceded to their demands, and that the movement is generally a success. Several firms still resist. Washington, April 30.— John W. Browning, of New York Oily, has been appointed and commissioned Ex ecutive officer for tho state of New York, by A. E. Red stone, President of the National Labor Council at Washington, D. O. There will soon appear an official authorized statement of the labor movement by tbs Hon John Poole, of North Carolina, Chairman of the National Executive Committee of the United Working men oi America. Lynching Cnuo. Loonvxtw, April SO,—About lu o’clock last night, at Uarrodsburg, Mercer County, a largo crowd, sup posed to bo uegcoos, gathered around the Jail, aroused tho Jailor, aud told him to open tho door, os they had a man confined in tho Jail. After ho had opened the door they informed him thoro wa-» a colored boy lu Jull whom they wanted, and meant to have, and going where he was took him out a short distance from tho town and huug him. Nearly ft year ago he waa tried and sentenced to ouo year’s Imprisonment, tho offense being an attempt at rape. The jailor permitted him to go after his cow every evening, and one day last week ho xnudo his second attempt on the person of • little colored girl. He waa found dead thia morning hanging to a limb. JiU name wm

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