11 Mayıs 1873 Tarihli Chicago Daily Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 5

11 Mayıs 1873 tarihli Chicago Daily Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 5
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REAL ESTATE. I Doll Week, but Better Prospects lor the Futnre. tphe Tide of - Immigration, and Its Probable Effects, Recent : Sales of ; Residences and Lands. The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and the South Parks. Inaccessibility of the South Shore Park. .1.-. 1 -:.; Transfers for the Week, The past week has been a dull one in the real estate business..*. This is partly the result of; the usoaTand necessary reaction from the spec-, ulative fever-of 1 a few weoW ago,- and partly the effect of the - dismal' weather and muddy roads, winch have prevented- people from getting out to the suburbs, to look at .that class of property.- Wiili better roads and fairer skies the prospect will undoubtedly improve. The irnlnmfl of recorded transfers last week amount-, ed to nearly $2,000,000, and shows the great ac tivity which prevailed three or four weeks ago, as it takes at ieaat that long.to. .examine titles and arrange the details of the transfers. It is probable that a month hence the volume of jocorded will show a marked: decrease as 'the re sult oflhe present .decrease of buslnesfl. These temporary fluctuations in the volume btbusi ness from week to weekend month to month are pot of very great importance as connected with the value of real estate, comparing ono year with another, when it is remembered that Chicago and the West are wntinually experiencing an ’ INFLUX. OF MEN AND MONET.' On the 4th met. the steamer Egypt arrived in Now York from Liverpool with fifty teeven cabin end 1,648 steerage passengers—total, I,7os—the largest load of human beings ever brought in a single yessel to the .United States.. The tide of. immigration now equals'that of any previous year, and,, from all accounts from the other aide the ocean, the influx this -summer bids fair to exceed any previous season. There arrived at the. port of New York during the quarter ended. March SI," 1870, 27,077 immigrants, of Khom'lß,l49 were males, and 8.9D6 females. These im migrants came from 46 different count tries, and represented some 203 occupations. The principal countries from which they, arrived were £s follows: England," 5,375 ;'.'.Scotland, 890 ;. [lreland, 3,814; Germany, 11,236; France, 1,297; [ltaly, 1,625; Sweden and Norway, 302 ; Den mark, 352; Switzerland, - " 513 ; Holland, 476 ; [Belgium, 219; Poland, 446 ; Hungary, 181; Aus tria, 120; Russia, 103. “The great majority of these," says a Now' York paper, • “leave at once tor the West, in search of cheap homes and fer tile lands.’.’ - Prom other, statistics,"wo .know' (that, of those who come west at all the majority 'settle in Illinois; lowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, end Kansas, States for which Chicago is the metropolis. " - Here is., a .sufficient fcanse.' for, "a' continuanco of . the growth of wealth and population in this city equal to, or even in excess of, past years, and with the in crease of these the general increase in .the value of real estate. from year to year must follow. She increase will, of course, not be equal in all; parts of the city., It never is. Speculation takes told of this neighborhood or that, arid prices kre run up abovealegitimate range. -Then. the Holders have to wait a, few .years until the gem era! rise overtakes them, and frequently, if they are obliged to sell in the meantime, must make come considerable reduction in their price. Dnt there js probably not an acre nor a foot of land in or aboiit the city which will not sell for enough, five years henco to pay a largo profit on the inyeatnrent.' BET AH. SHOPS on almost all the prindp:ti thoroughfares are in idemand. In the general determination.of prop erty-owners to rebuild in a stylo worthy of Abe future of the city U is hot an ill-natured criti to say that we have too many “palatial •tores” withSO, 40, or 50 feet of plate-glass front, and not chough compact shops of IGto CO feej frontage at rentals proportionate their cize. • Hie demand for this class of shops Is not confined to streets like Twenty-second and West Madison, but is even greater in the newly-built streets in the business centre of the city, where rentals to correspond to the location would be easily obtained for 16-fbot shops, when equal rents could not be~ obtained'for the ‘’ palatial stores.” ' ' ' •’ There is, however, a groat demand for shops Cn all the secondary centres of trade, such as the junctioDS'of Madison and Hoisted, Blue Island and Halsted, Lake street west of Union Park, Twenty-second and Wabash, Douglas place and Cottage Grove, etc., etc. New clusters of shops are also being formed in various parts of the city, causing great increase in the value of the property, and concentrating trade to a wonder ful extent. It is only four or five years since the man who built the block of shops on the northeast corner of Michigan avenue and Twen ty-second street was laughed at for what was called his folly*; but the street has become a great thoroughfare, and his buildings have paid from 15 to 20 per cent per annum on his invest ment , . But on the other hand we find that in some neighborhoods there has been a very large re duction in the rents of ’ small stores and shops, resulting from the gravitation of certain classes of business back to the centre of the city, from which they were driven by the fire. This is the case with all those on Wabash avenue, between Harrison and' Washington streets, and also the parts of West Randolph and Washington streets east of Halsted, and on Canal, betweenßandolph and Madison. -We hear of one store on West Randolph' street, between Canal and Clinton, .which last year rented for SI,BOO per annum, which is now empty Rn d offered for sßoo—a de cline of 60 per cent. ♦ BALES OF RESIDENCES. Notwithstanding the large demand for dwell ings to rent, we do not find that there are many Bales of any class of residences. Those who are desironsof- becoming the owners of cottages generally bay lots and build for themselves. The class that' occupy better houses, costing from SB,OOO to SIO,OOO each, are using their cap ital in trade, .and, as a rule, prefer to rent. The ownership of each houses' is, therefore, left mainly to salaried and professional men in all cities, though, perhaps, less ee in this than in others. Wealthy bankers, merchants, and capi talists of course own their houses, but this is a limitad class in any city, and the majority prefer building to suit their own ideas of taste and comfort. !- ' Air. A. J. Averell recently sold one of the mar ble-front three-story residences on the east side of Michigan avenue, north of the Burlington crossing, for 616,000. thirty-five feet, east’ front, on* Calumet avenue, which we mentioned last week as hay tog been. sold to Mr. W. H. Mitchell, of Alton, to he occupied with a 630,000 residence for him, is just south of Twentieth street, and not south of Twenty-second, as the types made us say. J. C. McCord <k Co. have recently sold two. two-story anfl basement marble swell-fronts, on Langley avenue, near Bills Park, located on lots 21x120 feel, for 612,000 each. There are eleven rooms in each ‘dwelling, supplied with hot and cold water, tnurWa mantels, all tho modem conveniences.’ The same parties are 'perfecting plans for ten more similar dwellings in the same locality on the comer of Thirty-eighth street and "Vincennes avenue. Five two-story and basement marble-front dwellings are' being erected on the comer of Langley and Thirty-eighth streets, t • Plans are nrepared for three two-story and basement marplft fronts on the northeast comer of Ellis Park. A large hall for the use of the 41 Landmark Masonic Lodge,” with stores nndemeath, will very probably be built soon on the comer of Wapansoh and* Cottage Grove avenues by Geo. W. Hoffman. . .. J. H. Hubbard win erect immediately six two story‘and basement octagon, brick fronts oh "Vin cennes avenue, just north of Egan avenue. ■. Mr. P. B. Gardner sold to Jscob Beldler a two story brickl Mansard roof, and stone basement,- “frith lot fronting 197>£feet on Sangamon street, 250 feet oh Jackson street, and 1973*} feet on Morgan street";’ consideration, ‘680,000. The building is 51x72 feet, and was erected several years ago. It has all the modem improvements. Mr. Beidler purchased it for his residence, giv -610,000 in cash, and a lot 126x190 feet, cor- Her 'West Washington and Morgan streets, on which there is a two-story brick house 40x60 feet; ail valued at 640,000. -- . B. F. Culver sold one two-story and basement, brick, N0.43 South Hay street; consideration, $9,000. Among other sales by various persons wa note: One two-story and basement brick on Twenty fifth street, between Wabash and Michigan ayo nncs, lot 23x115 feet; consideration, $3,250. . One tno-story frame on Michigan avenue, be tween Thirty-first and Thirty-second street, lot 25x100 feet; consideration, $8,000.: ' One two-story and basement brick, No. 460 West Bandolph street; consideration, $7,500. House-and lot, No. 340 West Tyler street; consideration, $4,500.. . ... House and lot. No. 260 South Paulina street; consideration, $5,000. ~ 't : ' : Four lots on West Washington street, east of. the Great Eastern Eailroad; consideration, 87,500.. . : : • Ten lots 25x125 each; in Judd <fc Wilson’s Subdi vision, in Sec. 33, 50,'14; consideration, 810,000. Toiiy feet on'Wabash avenue, corner Forty first street, in Wing’s Subdivision; considorar. tion, $4,625.' . ’■ ■ ’v Ninety feet on Twenty-second street, corner Central Park avenue, in Lawndale;’ conaulora tipn, $32.60 per foot.- • ■ •• • ■ ■ ••. *}''■ ; ’One hundred-and’- twenty-five’ feekon Ran dolph. 1 street; - near Sheldon; consideration, $26,500. ■ ’ ’ ■ . House and’throe lots on Sangamon street, near -Washington; consideration, $16,000. v } ! SUBURBAN LANDS. : ; - Among other large sales by .fho acre, wohearof an ei"hty-acro- tract -at Harlem J at 81,000 -per Acre. i°A largo .part of the • eonsideration, how ever, was in otner property.*- - J. C. McCord & Co. havo purchased of w..vv.; Crocker 23>£ acres in'-the - southeast of "the northeast Hof Sec. 82, 40,13, oil the Chicago & Pacific Railroad, about 2- miles west'of the city limits; 'consideration, $1,500 per acre. A railroad station will be made on this property, and several new houses will soon bb-erected by McCord & Co. ; ~ . - .• • • 1 Pi ye acres corner of California avenue and Tay lor street; consideration; $22,500. - • ■ Six acres in School Section, Sec. 16, miles west of Central Park’ on Harrison street; con -sidcr&tion, 8833T0r acre.- . . • . M. N. Lord sold 11 58.100 acres, Lot 1 in -Wil son, :Hcald & Steabinga’ Subdivision, fronting .east on South Park and west on Indiana avenue, and south of Pifty-ninth street; * consideration, .865,000. Forty acres in Sec. ft. 38,13, on the lino of the Ogden Canal, and one miio oast of Riverside ; consideration, 840,000. - . One aero tm. Harrison street, befcween’the C., D. i |Y..Hailroad and California avenue; consid ation, 65,000. i Eighty acres, .being the E. K of the 8. E. % of Sec. 22,; 88.13, four miles southeast of Brighton 5 consideration, S4OO per aero. -Forty acres in the 8. W. of the N; E. Sec. 11, 38,13, 1% miles • southwest of Brighton and south of the Archer road; consideration, $36,000. . Twenty acres adjoining the above in the same section ; consideration, £IB,OOO. At a meeting last Thursday afternoon, called for the purpose of advancing the educational interests of Washington Heights, the subscrip tions to.. tbi« object; were increased to 833.000. It is understood that these subscriptions will be binding when SIOO,OOO have been secured, and it is believed the amount will soon be raised, and that ■ work on a building -for “ The Ladies* College” will soon begin. THE 11ALTIHOEE A OUTO BAILBOAD BOUTS INTO THE cirr. On Thursday of last week the contracts were letter the construction of the Baltimore & Ohio Bailroad extension as far west as the boundary ; line between the States of Indiana and Illinois. The line has also been located from that point to South Chicago, and will run through the centre of. that place. From South Chicago’northward the lino has not been located, and there is much .speculation among land-owners and other inter . ested parties as to which of several proposed ■ routes will be adopted. It is pretty well under stood that the Baltimore & Ohio Company have made art arrangement with tho' Illinois Central for depot facilities and for the use of the tracks of the latter Company from the depots to some point outside the city limits to be settled upon. The; use of the Illinois Central tracks is, we understand, to ho paid for by tho mile, and the " Baltimore & Ohio . Company are thereforo deairoua of making the point of junction as near the depots as possible. [Svo routes have been proposed for the road from South Chicago to the junction: One throhgh the centre of Secs. 25- and 31 to a junction with the Dlinois Central somewhere near Sixty-sixth street. Along this route of about'three and a half miles tho Company would ,be obliged to’hnv the right-of-way, but as the , land-owners are believed to be desirous of hav ing the advantage of suburban trains, they would probably offer any reasonable induce ments to tho Company. The other proposed route runs nearly north-from the north boundary of South Chicago to the south end of Railroad avenue, a distance of one mile. Through this land tho Company would have to acquire the right of way, hut tho land-owners are known to be desir ous of having the road, and the cost would in fact he only nominal. Bailroad avenue runs parallel with the lake shore and half a mile back from it. Along this, for a distance of a milo and a quartet, the owners of the land propose to donate to tho railroad the right of way. Tans for two and a quarter miles from South Chicago northward, the Company would get the right-of way for almost - nothing. It is understood that the Company favor this route as far ns it goes, but from tho north end of Bailroad avenue they want to strike directly north and run along the ' XAE3S FEONT OF THE PABE to a junction with the Illinois Central north of Hyde Park Station, and a good many reports are in circulation that the South Park Commission ers are willing to listen to some proposal of the Bailroad Company for this privilege. There is, we believe, no foundation for these reports. In the first place, it is doubtful if the Park Com missioners have the legal authority to grant the railroad the privilege of even building a track on piles outside of the present water-margin, as it would destroy the attractiveness of the beach, which was ■ the - main object -in the location of that division of the South Parks. But aside from the legality of the question it would be an outrage which the Park Commisaion ers could never seriously contemplate. It is, therefore, to be presumed that there is no immi nent danger of the Bailroad Company securing that route, though it is 1 positively asserted in some quarters that they mean to try. If the line of Bailroad avenue were carried out to a junc tion with the Illinois Central track at saySiity second street it would run through the southwest comer of Lake Park, a distance of three-quarters of a milo. If the South Park Commissioners could legally grant the railroad tho right of way through this part of the South Park for a reasona ble compensation, it would be a benefit to every body concerned. The south half of the Lake- Shore Park is too large to bo accessible to the very people who are entitled to the moat consid eration in tho arrangement of these parks, viz., those who cannot afford to own or hire horses and carriages, but must depend on railroads of one kind or another for their Saturday and Sun-, day recreations in tho parks. To the scout half of the lake-shore front of the Park it is nearly a milo and a half from the nearest railroad stations, too far for women and children to walk to the beach to which every pleasure-seeker gravitates as naturally as a duck. . A wiTT.unvn STATION IN THE PABE where frequent suburban trains would land peo ple within half a milo of the beach, would he a means of making tho best part of it accessible, whereas, it is now practically inaccessible, Mid its improvement can not bo justified until this objection is removed. The South Shore Park is more remote from the great mass of tho popula tion who are taxed to pay for it than any of the other public grounds, and therefore its improve ment and the means of access require different treatment from those of any of the other parks. It is too far from the centre of population m tho South Division, and in Hyde. Park, to ever render it conveniently accessible to tho majority of residents by horse-cars, and for;all who cannot afford to own or hire horses, the means of access must therefore he by steam. This is also the largest of all tho parks. Nearly 400 of its 600 acres lie in a compact, square body south of Sixty-second street, and at least a quarter of a mile distant from any depot But, as before mentioned, the smooth, pebbly, nnobatructo<l beach will bo the groat feature of tho South Shore Park-but without better facilities for. steam transit from the centre of the city, it must al ways remain difficult of access to the greatest number of those who pay taxes to support it. SATUBDATS TRANSFERS. The following instruments werefiled for rec ord on Saturday, May 10: - errr PBOPXBTY. Bondfldd rt, bet Hickory a -ir f, 25 r s sr i “'’ 6f ’ tZTii dAtea April 7: consideration, fI,9W. »T, bet Cleaver jjd Division stive w f.-90 dated May 6: consideration, sp,ooo. lionro# «t, S* ft w of Wood,n f, 60x125 ft, dated April 24; consideration, $0,250. « d.iad McGrath et, 200 ft e of Hoyne, nf, 60x132 ft, dated May 1: consideration,' $3,500. - : ■. ---a* ff - Bonner fit, 60 ft aof Twenty-fifthrt. wf, 60x125 ft, dated Nov. 11,1872; consideration, 5550. Fnlton at, no cor of Morgan at, Bf, ft, dated March 25; conßideration, 64,650. ...... Wallace at, between Hastings and Mitchell stfi, wx, Lot 6, dated May 0; consideration, $650. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: SUM)AY, MAY 11, 1873. Leering et, ■e of and near Hickory st, no front, Lot 29, dated April 26; consideration, 5750. . Sedgwick st, bet Sophia et and Webster av, wf, 34 feet to alley, dated April 7; consideration, $3,000. Sob-Lot 15 of Lota 1 and 4, In Block 26, e a Sec 29, 89,14, with cottage, dated April 18; consideration *1,335. West Liberty eh bet Union and Hoisted sts, sf, 25 ft to alley, dated May 5; consideration, $2,000. Indiana.. av, near Thirty-fourth fit, vr f, 24 ft to alley, dated April 1; consideration. $3,000. ’" * ■ Ashland av, bet Tyler and Harrison, sis, w f, 35x140 ft, dated May 5: consideration, $7,000. . West Erie et, 127 ft w of Paulina et; af, 25x124 ft 'dated ilarth 4: consideration, $1,200. Milwaukee av,"o7 0-10 ft n wof Wood Bt-n of, 25x 118 ft. dated April 11; consideration, $2,500. Ashland'a v. no cor of Tyler st, wf, 190x149 6-10 ft, dated May 5; consideration, 39,875. Samuel J. Walker to C.' G, McCulloch., ’ - Horne st, bet Adams and Jackson fits, wf,27ft to alley, dated Mayl; consideration, $2,000. KbrthlS 34-100 ft of Sub-Lot 8, and south 15 34-100 ft of Sob-Lot 4, of Caudal Lots 82 to 34, in Gate’s North Addition, dated May 10; consideration, $3,500. • - ' Xeaton st, bst XJncoln and Wood bU, nf, Lots 130 and 131, dated May 9 ; consideration, $1,200. Lot 6, in McKay’s Lot 8, Block 7, Ashland Addition, dated May 1; consideration, $3,500. East 10 ft of Sublot 4. of s ft Lots 5 and 6, in Block 31, Original Town of Chicago, dated Mby 9; considera tion, $4,000. * Park ay, n e comer of Oakley et, Lots 21 and 22, dated April 5 ; consideration, $4,800. Harding av, s w comer of West Indiana et. e f, lOOx 125)4 feet, dated Jan. 3; consideration, $2,400. ’ } NOBTII OP CUT LIMITS. Dirersy av, 391 feet .west of Halsted fit, a f, 25x124 feet, dated May 6: • consideration $1,250. . Lots 19 and 20, in Block 2, in William Eahne’s se X fi w# of sw if Sec 20, 40,14, dated May 5; considera tion, $3,500. ,: Lota li and 15. in Block lof Block 12, of o # Bee 29, 40,14, dated April 29; consideration, $1,725. • ‘ ; ' sonin.dP errr loots. • Block 21, in VailVn'Jtf of See 19,38,14, dated Oct. 4, 1873 ; consideration, ' Michigan; av, near Xoriy-fourth fit, 100. ft, dated April 23 ; consideration,' SIO,OOO. . * ‘ . Lot 36 in Block’4, ofh w£ of dated Dec. 20,1872; South % of Lot 9, In Block 9, dCw # n w 800 3, 38,14, dated April 7; consideration, $2,500. SUMMARY fOtt TUE WEEK. The following is the total amount of city and suburb an property transferred during the week ending Sat urday. May 10 : City property, number of. sales, 166; consideration, $976,481. North of city limits, num •hor of sales, 13; consideration, $33,875. South of city limits, number of. sales, 34consideration, $216,022. West of city HmiCs, number of sales, 1; consideration, SI,OOO. Total soles, 214. Total consideration, $1,232,- ’378.: i . t . r -• . ■■ LADIES’ GOODS. 228 West Madison-st., 228 228 CORNER PEORIA. 228 HUM. miiiire. Very Low Prices. STRAW GOODS, Sound Hats STRAW GOODS) STRAW GOOD 3, end Bonnets in STRAW GOODS, STRAW GOODS, French Chip, Peris STRAW GOODS, STRAW GOODS, Leghorn, and STRAW GOODS, STRAW GOODS, every STRAW GOODS) desirable braid and shape, 12K cts. to §5,00. TRIMMED BATS, Inspect TRIMMED BONNETS, TRIMMED BONNETS, them. TRIMMED HATS. Lover prices than ever before offered. RIBBONS, All Colors. RIBBONS, RIBBONS, . Gro Grain, RIBBONS) RIBBONS, Sashes, RIBBONS, RIBBONS, Fancy RIBBONS, RIBBONS, Black Velvet, RIBBONS. JUST RECEIVED, A FULL LINE OF LADIES' CTDEEWEAE, AT EXTREME LOW PRICES. 200 BOXES FBENCH FLOWERS, Tho finest display over made vest of Nov York. Don’t . fail to call and save money. : ." PARASOLS, All PARASOLS PARASOLS, the Newest . .PARASOLS, PARASOLS, Styles. PARASOLS. DRESS TRIMMINGS, GIMPS, FRINGES, " At Wholesale and Retail. MHUNE3B and DRESSMAKERS supplied vrith short lengths at LOWEST WHOLESALE PRICES. 228 WEST LIADISON-ST. - 228 II .A-CIECIEIIR,. 223 STOVES. BAHG2S. &c. Jiistleceived _A_ C.AH LOAD OF iMULGKEHEFS PORTABLE EARS AND STOVES, RsffipMofs, Ice Cream Freezers, AND EOBSE-FUSHISHINB MODS, moTsos mi co;s, ST'ZS State-st. HALT! pon <3-: M Buev aii Emirs And Imperial Coffee Urns GO TO B. E. 6IVAUDAN&TRESTED, JR.’S 849 STATE-ST. RICHMOND DOUBLE AND SINGLE OVEN PALACE RANGES, BARSTOW STOVES AND RANGES, REFRIGERATORS & ICEBOXES, ICE CREAM FREEZERS, HOUSE-FURNISHING GOODS. BANGS BROS., Cor, State and Van Buren-sts. STEWART’S COOKING STOVES, RICHMOND PALACE RANGES, BARSTOW'S UNION RANGES, THE FISHER REFRIGERATORS, HOUSEKEEPING GOODS. HATCH tSa 503 West Madison-st., Union Park land Twenty.accond-at. car* and buses paaa tho door. It will n»v SHIRTS. W. H. HOLABIRD & CO. . SHIRTS TO ORDER, : Heavy Shirts and Overalls at Wholesale. Madiaoii-at.. nenr tlio Bridge. FLOWERING PIiANT3, &o. BEDDING- PLANTS. Verb caas, S3 per 100; other kinds, $6 and 83. Send for list. Addrew ED GAB SAITBBBS, 250 StaU-Bt. CIRCUS AND MENAGERIS. MiMlMlffS W orld’s Aggregation.. AMERICA'S FAVORITE! r EARTH’S - Greatest imiiseMi;Enterprise! Will He visit and Exhibit at. . CHICAGO, ONE WEEK ONLY! Commencing and Exhibiting as follows: WEST SIDE =. f Monday, . May 12, Tuesday, 13, . - • On the tot corner of MADISON & HEM®., AFTERNOON AND ET3 Then will remove to SOUTH SIDE, and'locate.: and . Exhibit on Lot corner of,, . STATE&TWEHTT-SECONII-STS. "two -davs onsrxrsr Friday and Saturday, May 16 & 17, AFTERNOON: AND. EVENING. Alwoya thb Largest and Boat, la'' ‘ ENLMED IN EVERY DEPMTHEHT! FIVE VAST TENTS. Two Stupendous, Menageries, IKE FuJSE BUGS RHKOjEEOS, . 'Weight over Throa Tons. > The African Ostriches, Nino Feet High. 34 BEN 3 OF LIVING WILD BEASTS. Rare Eicenits Irom tie Animal Moe Two Magnificent New Museums. Triumphs of Mechanical Skill. The Double-Headed Girl. The Siamese Twins. The Monster Gorilla. The Corioli Art GoUery. Living Statuary. 14 CAES OF BEPEESEIITATI7E MAEYELS. Unions Phenomena of the "Wbnder-Wodd* GREAT DOUBLE CIRCUS, THE FINEST UPON EARTH. TEN GREAT RIDERS. HAWLEY, HAWLEY, HAWLEY, < THE HERO OF THE TRIPLE SOMERSAULT, TRIPLE SOMERSAULT. THE B.H3HSTC3- ANIMALS. THE BIDING OKAN-OUTANG. THE BIDING GOAT. THE TfmTWff DOGS. THE HIDING MOIJKBTS. More TRAINED HORSES. PONIES, imdMUX.ES than ever vrcre aocn under one management, xogouier with more TAXjENTED abtists Than any Show in existence can present, and whoj* equals as lUders, Acrobats* Gymnasts* Ac., no Circus in the world can produce. ;B6MI tie Grail TrimjM Procession! The Richest Pageant of Modern Times! THE-TIGER-TAMER,'' tidingthrough lbo«treii«olCbl cage in an open den, surrounded by MAJi-JiAALftu KOVAL BENGAL TIGERS. . . . , .1,- THE GENIUS OF LIBEBTY, on the back of the Ele phant YOUNG ROMEO. Arrnrra The Gorgeous GOLDEN CHARIOT OF THE MUSES. A Herd of Egyptian Comols* „„ Magnificent Emblazoned Banners—SUver. Velret, Batin,Gold. Mors PerforroersvAnimals*Birds* Horses, Ponies, Cagrs, Care. Vans, fciierioU, Dens, Camels. Drorvedariea. etc., than hare ever gcloer. making, rrirhtmt question, TOTi WOBLD» GREATEST AMhAeMENT ENTERPRISB, and repre senting an outlay of TWO MTf.MOMS OP DOLLARS. - -Two Exhibitions Dally. . Doors open it 1 md 7p. m.. Coipntmres one htmr later.’ Admission to all BO cents; children under 10 years, SB cents. '. _ liberal reductions to classes in Natural HHWp_in aU schools. Applications therefor to bo made to the propri etor before la o’clock noon °?j£iM b FOBE&UGH, Sole Proprietor. DRT GOODS. ooooodooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooboooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo JOIN E DAVEY & CO., Successors to Hamlin Hale & Co.'s Hetail, 328 & 330 West Madisoa-st., CORNER ABERDEEN, Notwithstanding everybody ««j» doll times, ourrapldly • J I Increasing business has made it necessary ' ■ r. . for na to Increase our capacity. : We hare therefore opened the Basement, with a roomy and easy stairway from the front part of the store, which nearly doubles onr salesroom. Id the Basement, wo will keep a fall line of Cloakings, 'COoths; Casstmcres, Flannels, Linens, Damasks, ■ j Napkins, Spreads, Qollts, and Nottingham . .* I /' Laco Curtains, bytheyardorinsets. Wo will open. on MONDAY, May IS, ladies* linen and ' j '• Lawn Salts, - In which department wo promise to excel the wide repnta ' . lion of onr predecessors (Messrs. Hamlin, Hale i. A Cd.)lhjpuriotyof styles and cheapness.'. ' . We.havo in stock upward of fifty different styles to select from, and wa Insist that oar-West Side friends and customers can save money by pat - ronlsingusinthisdepartment. With the improvements In tho store, nb finer room ■ seo those goods can bo found in this city, and, ' | what is better, no greater variety • . . / can bo seen elsewhere. . This department will bo under tho management of our * Mr. LOW/who has been so long and well known by the trading community of this city. r REMEMBER-Keep the largest and bcst-solooted stock of Dress Goods on the West Side.. The cheapest Black Silks In tho city. The largest Hosiery ( 1 stock on the West Side.' ' SOp Parasols in stock, all now, and the latest novelties. Two eases Iron- Grenadines In stock, ranging in price J j from SOo lo $4.60 per yard. No boose ever showed a better lino. ’ Fire cases Black Alpacas, - oar own importation, jost opened,' ranging in price .from 2£c to $1 per yard. AJI4-4 Brown and Bleached' Cottons at mannfactnreia* ■ - ■■ • - cost. : ' • : • ooodooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 000000000000*000000000000000000000000000 : DISSOLUTION NOTICES. DISSOLUTION. ■ The firm of Wright Broth ecs dissolved partnership April 1, IBTS, by mntoal consent. All onUiunding debts and unsettled will bo adjeostod with tho undersigned. i A. J. WRIGHT, i f ,•- . . Af.Wright’s Xirery Stable, 9 ■ U, 15,17 Qalncy-st., near State. . 1854-" ~ IQT'S. WElffl MMY. A. J. WEIGHT lias moved into his new Stables, just erected at Nos. 13, 15 and 17 Quincy-st., one of the most complete Livery premises in the Northwest. His old friends and patrons for nineteen years, and the public in general, will And him prepared to nil all orders with A IM ABB ELEGANT STOCK OP CAEBIAGES, Comprising ‘ some of the Finest Teams and Turnouts in the city. A. J. WEIGHT. DISSOL UTION. The firm of Hahcr, Perlcy A Co. is this day dissolved by mutual consent. - Indebtedness to, and of the firm, will be settled by cither partner. _____ O. C. rISHEB, e._e._perli:y._ co, Mny 1. 1673. Chloai CARPETS, &c. CARPETS! We shall occupy our Mew, Store, first-floor —1 SGiTwenty-. second-st., TO-MORROW, and will show the finest selection of Carpets EVER seen in this city. Prices always the lowest. DRAKE & WETHERBLL, 136 Twenty-Second-st. LADIES’ UNDERWEAR. LADIESMDERWEAB t APRONS AND CORSETS. Special Bargains. r. h. McDowell, • 131 South. Halsted-st., Corner Adams, will offer Monday, at Hetoil, 1.000 Ladies’-Pino Chemises at 75c, worth $1.25. 1.000 Ladies’ Extra Pine Chemises at sl, worth . I $1.75. 600 pairs Ladies’ Pine Drawers at 50c, worth : si.no. ■ 1.000 Ladies’ Fine Shirts at sl, worth $2. • A large assortment of Ladies' and Jlisscs Aprons from 25c. Ladies’ Night Dresses, Linen Lawn and Grass Cloth Saits, Wrappers, Skirt Waists. ,tc. X continue to retail my lino ofgoods at Haw York lowest wholesale prices, making a say injf to customers of 30 to 50 per cent. Store open until 9 every evening. DENTISTRY. D,i.f®WHMCO. ~T~> «•! IV TI3T3. 181 and 183 "West Madison-st., northeast 'corner Halated. . TEETH EXTRACTED WITHOUT PAIN. Artificial Sets $lO, sls, S2O and $26 Pure Gold palings I? i° ft Silver Fillings....— v’-rtrenting Teeth, each --50 cents FURNITURE. Furniture of aa 011 m % I. HUNT & CO.’S, 374 aaaiwau3Eee»av. DIVIDEND NOTICE. MeM 1. 2, Teutonia Insurance Co. Cleveland, 6., April 2s, 1373. Notice is hereby 'given that, by order of the Probate Court, .dividend of fire (5) per cent, payable on and after May 8, 1873, at the National City Bank of Cleveland, has been declared to the creditors of the Teutonia Incur ve Company of Cleveland, who hare proved their -claims according to law. Dividend order, can AyslgnoeTeutonia la^nfaneeCo^ TEAS, jk.'^TU'^rsr, A beautiful CKTST GOBLET to each Tea .Customer, It the SHIPLEY A HAKRISS Great Wholesale and Re tail Tea Houso. Best English Breakfast, sl. 240 BIjXJE HAT.STED-ST., 34G AKCULEit-AY. FIDELITY SAVINGS BANK. SECURITY FROM LOSS. BY ROBBERY, FIRE, OR ACCIDENT. THE Savings Bank ....... . ■ AND Safe Depository, In their now Fire-Proof Building,, 143, 145 & 147 Eandolph-st., Rocelre for safe keeping in their GREAT FIRE AND BURGLAR-PROOF SAFE DEPOSIT VAULTS (among the. best in tho .world* having cost- over: one hundred thousand dollars), Coupon Bonds* Securities, Family Plate, Coin, Deeds, Wills, Valuables of every de scription. . < Also* rent Safes in their Vaults at from 810 to SSO a year, according to sizo. TRUSTS OP EVERY KIND RECEIVED AND EXE CUTED. Interest Allowed on Savings Deposits, JO±L£i O. BATHES* President. TO RENT. ;A few "Very Desirable. Offices, axe offered for rent in the Trib une Building. Single or in suites. WitH and without Vaults. English Tile Moors through out the Building. Elevator running during all business hours. These Offices are not equaled in the city. The "best for all" classes of ■business requiring a central lo- W.XJ. DOW, . Room 1 Nevada Block. cation. OCEAN NAVIGATION. FOR EUROPE. miAILUE ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. Will Ball from New York as follows; CITY OF BRISTOL.:, Thursday. May 15, b A. M. CITY OF BROOK LYN...... Saturday, May 17,10 A. M. CITY OP WASHINGTON....Thursday, May 2, 2P. 3L CITY OF ANTWERP Saturday, May St. 2>. M, And each succeeding SATURDAY and THURSDAY, from Pier No. 45, North River. Cabin Passage, 885 and SIOO Gold. Steerage, to British Porta $30.00 Currency. Steerage, to German Porta 25.00 Currency. Steerage, to Bremen or Scandinavian Ports 88.00 Currency. SIGHT DRAFTS for sale at low rales, . FRANCIS C. BROWN, : General Western Agent, 80 South. Market-st,, Chicago. GUMBO MAIL LINE. ESTA •RT.ISianErD 1840. Steam Between Sew York, Boston, and Liverpool.' FROM NEW YORK:. Abyssinia...May 101 Algeria.;......' May 14 Batavia.. May 17 j Russia ..May 21 Calabria .....May24l Java. May £8 •And from Boston every Tuesday. CabinPasnoge* 880» SlOOxmd3l3o« Gold* - .Excursion Ticket* at Reduced Rates. ■ Steerage Passage. S3O currency. Passengers and freight booted to and from all parts ol Europe at lowest rates. SigbtDraftson Great Britain. Ireland, and the Continent, i ; P. H. DU VERNE!, Qen’l West's Agent, t N. W. ctr. Clark, and Randolpb-sta. MTMALMiI. bailing' from HewTorfcfor Queens-? town and Liverpool every Satur day, and for London direct every fortnight. Cal Passage SBO, S9O, M SIOO Currency. Excnrslon Ticket* at farorable rates. Intending pas sengers should make early application for berths. STEERAGE, 829.00 currency. Prepaid steerage tickets from Liverpool. Queenstown, Londonderry, Glasgow, Cardiff, Bristol, or London, 83LQ0 currency. Passengers booked to or from German and Scandina vian points at low rates. The Steamships of this line are the largest in the trade. Drafts on Great Britain, Ireland, and the Continent. WILLIAM SIACAUSm, Gen'l Western Agent, Northeast corner Clark and Randolph-sts. (opposite new Sherman House), Chicago. • 1 •' Sailing twice a week from >ow York, and carrying pa«- sengora to all parts ot Great Britain. Ireland, Continental Europe, and the Mediterranean. Cabin from $65; Steer age, British and Irish ports oast, S3O; west, 832. Conti nental ports same as other regularlines. All payable In U. S. currency. Apply for full Information at tho Com pany’s offices. No. 7 Bowling Green, New York, andN. E. corner LaSalle and Madlson-sts., Chicago. ttevtoeHSOlT BBOTHEBS. Agents. STOCKHOLDERS’ MEETINGS. OFFICE OF GMoapJociE Islani & Pacific RAILROAD company. April 25,1873. The annual meeting nf tho Stockholders of the Chicago, Rock Island * Pacific Railroad Company, for the election of Directors, pursuant to law. and tho transaction of such other business ae may come before them, will be held at the office of the Company. In the City of Chicago, on 'Wednesday, the 4th day of June next, at 11 o’clock a, m. neoaosuflj, JOHN P. TRACY, President. F. H. TOWS, Secretary. Joliet & CUtaro Ratoai Company.- BBCKBTABY’S OFFICE. CHICAGO, MayS. 1573, The Stockholder* of the Joliet A Chicago Railroad Company are hereby notified that the annual mooting of aald Company, for the election of Director* and transac tion of other basinass, will bo held at the office of the Chicago A Alton R. R. Co., on Wednesday the Hth Inst., at 10 o’clock a. m. W, M« I«aRRABEE, Sec. Stockholders’ Meeting. Notice le hereby given that the annual meeting of tho Stockholders of Chicago South Branch Dock Company, for the election of Directors of aald Company, will be held at the office of said Company, No. 523 Wabash-av.. in the City of Chicago, at 10 a. m., Wednesday, June 4, A. D, ]s*n. E. G. MASON. Secretary of Chicago South Branch Dock Company. REMOVAL. I GDLBSMiD’S LOAN OFFICE •war REMOVED TO 113 OLAHK-ST., Between Madison and Washington. CZT~ Ready for ha tineas Mond ay. _ COAL. COAL. Fresh arrival off the lake now nnladlng at J. CAMP BELL A CO.’S Dock, Best quality of Bmr■Hill and aU of her kind* of bajd and soft coals, delivered to every part of thw city. Also wood on hand._^ — MEDICAL. UNIVERSITY & CANCER PXANT IM^BJDXCIOSrBS. JSJ'o, <l2l Watoaali.a'c - . £& B> HALLOCK. A*enL RAILROAD TIME TABLE. ARRI7AL AND BEFABTDHE OF TRAINS, Spring' Arrangement. Explanation or Betebencb 3larks.—+ Saturday ex cepted. • Sunday excepted.-. 7 Aloudayexceplod. I Ar* rive Sunday alSdJOa.m, {Bail?.*' :<■. MICHIGAN CENTRAL-* GREAT WESTERN RAILROADS Dfpot, foot of lake H . and foot of Ticket of ee, 7o Canalst., conter of iXadUon. 3lail (via main and air lice) Day Jackson Accommodation Atlantic Express Night Express. IKDIANAFOLIS VIA PZSU HOAD. Mail.-. Night Express GRAND BAPID9 AND Homing Express..-;. .Night Express HENRY O; WENTWORTH, General Passenger Agent. CHICAGO 3t ALTON RAILROAD. Chicago, Allontt St, Louis Through Line,'ami Louisiana Oto.) neio short route from Chicago to Kansas City. Union ■ Depot, West Side, near. Kadlton-sl. bridge. St. Ix>uis A Springfield Express, . . via MainLlne.. • 9:15 a.m. .Kansas-City Favt-.Express, via* , Jacksonville, 111.,' and Loulsi- ■ ana. Mo •9:15 a.m. Wenono* Lacon*. Washington Ex* pr*9 (Western Division.),..-... • 4:10 p. m. Joliet tk Dwight Accomo’datton. • 4:10 d. M r bt. Louis i Springfield Lightning Express, via Alain Lino* andalso via, Jacksonville Division 39200. m. Kansas Citr Express, via Jack- *- .. soaviUe,' IIL, A Louisiana, Mo.. p. m. Jefferson City Express........ 20 p.m. .Peoria, Keokuk £ Bnri’a Ex..... *.92Qr. | ■ t Dally, via Main Line, and daily except Saturday, via Jacksonville Division. 77Dafly,vi&M:Ua Line, auddaily except Monday* via Jacksonville Division. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & Sf. RAUL RAILWAY. Union 2>epbf t 'corner ITaditon and Canal-tit.; Ticket OJtes - •- * 87 WesLlladison-tL: and at Depot. < . ; ; ' - . ; •- Least . MHwaoVe©, St. Paul k Mltmeap^- • ollsDitjr Eipresa, ’ Milwaukee Pcairlo da Chlca Malland Exproii 1 Milwaukee. St, Paul A iltnaeaD oli« Night . CHICAGO. BURLINGTON & QUINCY RAILROAD. Depot*—Fool qf Laie-eL, Indianaac., ■ and Sixteen o»»ti Canal and Slxieenth-stJ. ■ Ticket-atfUes in JSriggt llotu't, JTo.S* ClarlMt,, ami aLdepaie, Mai1.,.....,;....;...........,;.;.. • 7:40 a. m. * Ott am aod Stroator Passenger.. 7:45 a. m. Dubuque and Sioux City Exp.... * 9:10 a.m. * Psciiic Fssr. ILlae...,*lO*«Ja,-m, * Gale*barcPasaongar,.• 3:15 p. m. • Mcmiota* Ottawa Passenger..; • 4£op. m. * Aurora Pa**oager,. ....... * IHsp..m. • tnrora Passenger.....*....;. * 5:50 p.m. uroraPaasongor (Sunday),.,., -iJWp. m. Dubuque A Sioux City Exp f 9:00 p. ra. i Pacific Night Expre55^.,........ til;00p. m. I Downer’s Grove Accommodation Ul:00a. m. * Downer’s Grove Accommodation ■ * 6t15 p. m. * ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD. Depot foot Latest, and/oot of Twents-jecond-et, Ticket 'o*lee, 75 Canal-it.,'cvrn*r q/ Tfa&ton, ‘Leave. Arrive. St. Louis Express • 7:30 a. m. • 9.-00 p. m. St. Louis Fast 1in0....... t R;lsp. m. * 755 a. m. Cairo Mail.... * 7:39 a. m. * 9:00 p, m. Cairo Erur055..,....... tß;lsp. m. w 7:55 a. m. Springfield Express.... * 7:30 a. m. * 9:00 p. m. Springfield Express. t 8:15 p. m. • 7:55 a. m. Dubuque h Sioaz City Ex * 9:15 a, m. *2;oop. m. Dubuque it Sioux City Ex t 9;00p. m. * 7:00 a. m.- •‘Gilman Passenger. ..., • 5:13 p. m. * 9:00 a. m. Hyde Park and Oak W00d5....... • 6:10 a.m. • 6:43 a. m. Hyde Park ami Oak W00d5....... * 7:10 a, m. * 7:45 a, m. Hyde Park and Oak W00d5....... 19:09 a. m. * 6:40 a. m. Hyde Park and Oak Woods.. 313:19 p. m. * 9:00 a. a, Hyde Park and Oak Woods *3K>9p. m. 510:33 a. m. Hyde Park and Oak Woods * 430 p. m. i 1:45 p. mj Hyde Park and Oak W00d5..,.... • 5:15 p.m. • 5:30 p.m. Hyde Park and OakWbods * 6:li)p« sx. * 6£sp. m. Hyde Park and Oak W00d5....... liaiOp. m. • 753 p. m. **Oa Saturdays this train will be ran to Champaign. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN RAILROAD^ - . Ticket office, SI -West J/adCstm-et, ■ Padf10Ea5CLin0.................. *10:15 a* m. * 3:45 p. m. Dnlmqao Day fix. via Clinton.... 10:15 a, m. 8:45 p. Nx- P&clQe Night Express!... tI0:I6p. m. {6 JO a. in. Dabaqaertlght £i. via Clinton.. 10:15 p. in. 630 a.m. IrrceportADabuqneKxpress..... * 9:15 a. m. * SrJOp.m. Freeport ADabuQueKxpxesa..... * 9:15 p. m. * 7JO a.xn. Milwaukee Mail * BJO a. m. *lO:lSa.m. Milwaukee Express...*; 9-30 a. m. * 4:00 p.m. Milwaukee Passenger.* j* 5:00 p. m. • 7:40 p. m. Milwaukee Passenger (daily) $ll:0Op. a. S 6:00.a. m. Groin Bay Express. ..........9:40a.m. * 7:15 p.m. St. Paul Express..; j *10:10 o.’m. 6:00 p. m. GreenßarlLzpress * 9;COp. m. * 6:20 a. m. St. Paul Express it 9JO p. m. 16:50 a. m. ■: CHICAGO. ROCK. ISLAND & PACIFIC RAILROAD. Ifevct, corner of Earritnn and'Shmryitv-eis. Ticket ajice, © Welt Uaditan-it.' ' Om*bs,LcaTOnw*UiAAtolxlßonlluj f 10:15 a. m. * 3:-tsp. m. Pom Accommodation...... ,«• 6:00 p. m.{* 9:30 s. m. Espxcaa , ItlD.-tJOp. m.,t 7:00 a. m. Lcargnwortfa dr Atchison ExpruMjtlOiOOp.nMi 7:00 a. m. LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILROAD. Depot, corner Harrison and Shermansis. Ticket ofleer, nortkvest corner dark and Raadolph-iU,, and souihisest - - comer Caxaiand Jladisom~sU. 1 Hail, Tfa Air line aad Mate Lino Special New • York Express, via . Air line... . ; *9:00 a. a. • 8:00 p. nx. Atlantic Ex pres*, ria Air line.. £:lip. m.l 8:00 a. m. NiebtExpress, t£& Main Line.... *h):oop.m.| v h>:3oa. m- Elkhart Accommodation * 3:40 p. m. *10:10 a. m. Sooth Chicago Accommodation.. 13:00 m. | 1:50 p. m. CHICAGO. DANVILLE &. VINCENNES RAILROAD. Passenger Depot at P. t C. et St, Louis Depot, comer of Ca nal and K inzie-tU. ' Freight and Ticket office 16S Washing-tonat, MalL. Evansrille A Terre Haute Ex. PITTSBURGH. FORI WAYNE & CHICAGO RAILROADk Day Express... Pacific Express. Fast Line Ma 8.,... Valparaiso Accommodation. CHICAGO & PACIFIC RAILROAD. (OPET TO BOSBIXB.) Depot comer ITatsted and A’orth £raneh-ets, General office 16 Metropolitan DlocJc, comer Randolph and ZaSaUc-ete. Roselle Accommodation. lUvcr/Park Accommodation.... River-Pork Accommodation.... CHICAGO, INDIANAPOLIS & CINCINNATI THROUGH . LINE. VIA KANKAKEE ROUTE. Trim the Great Central Railroad Depot , foot of Laht-ti. for through ticket* and sleeping-car berths apply at Ticket office, 75 Canaf-eL, comer Jfadison; 130 also foot qf Ttcenty-seamU-et. |* 8:00 a. m. 5 A:00p. m. ,.(*9;3Qp.a. } 9:15 a. a. Leave Chicago..-. Arrive at Indianapolis.... Arrive at Cincinnati Only line running Saturday night train to Cincinnati. Pnlfman sleepers on nigbttralna. TENTS. TENTS Per sale cheap; 500 Wall. House, and Hotel Tents, com plete, mostly new, and in first-class order, suitable for Emigration, Families going West, Colonization Societies, Railroad Building Parties, Lumbermen, Fishermen, Hunters, State Fairs,Camp-Meetings, Ac. Just received, and with other kinds of Quartermaatir and Ordnaneo Stores, to bo sold cheap. COL. O. TJPPINCOTT. Government Goods Depot, 195 and 197 East Lako-st., Chicago, 111. INDELIBLE IKE. la a Case containing Payin’* ladellible Ink and Brlgg’s Pen, tho only reliable Marking Ap paratus, Trade sapplied by Fuller A Fuller. Canvassers wanted bf.STOOD ARD A CO., Northampton, lliu. SviPT»te-. l>y tnail. 75 cents. PAYSOH’S (Untie SCALES. PAIBB AUKS' jJ-TJ STANDARD I * SCALES Hi*- rJL OP ALL SIZES. Vj^yJ^^a-p.TO-nAT-rgS.MOKSS&CO 1U ASD m LAKE-ST. medical cards. drTc.bigelow CONFIDENTIAL PHYSICIAN, 4« State-st,, Chicago. It Is well known br all reader* of the paper*, that ut. C Bbrelow 1* tho oldest established physician in Cnlcago, Science and experience harts made Dr. B. tho nwl re nowned SPECIALIST of tho age, honored by tho p.tw, «teemed o* tho highest medical attainment* by all the medical in*' ,tn*es of the day. having devoted TWENTY TEARS OF HIS LIFE in perfecting remedies that will mire positively all case* of CHRONIC AND SPECIAL DISEASES in both sexes. CONSULTATION FREE. SEPARATE PARLORS for ladle* and gentlemen. Call. CORRESPONDENCE CONFIDENTIAL. Address all letters, with stamps, to Dr. C. BIGELOW, No. 464 State-at. Br. Kean, NO CUKE! NO PAY!! -360 South Clark-st., Chicago, May be confidentially consulted, personally or by free of charge, on all ehronie or nervous diseases. DR. J. KEAN la the only physician in tha city who war rants cures or no pay. Office hours from 9a.m. to 8 p.m> ■Howard Association,-PhSadelphia, Pa. An inditulion having a high reputation for honorable conduct and professional skill. Acting Surgeon. J. S. HOUGHTON, M. D. Essays for young men sent free ex charge. Address HOWARD ASSOCIATION, 2 South Ninth-at., Philadelphia, Pa. 5 Arrive, Zcarc, * s:33a'm. * 8:45 p. m. * 920 a. m. • 8:00 p. m. $ 3:35 p. m. 51020 a. m. I 605 p.m. \ G.-OOa. a. t*3.-Cop.m.' >*U 20 a. m. * 5:30 a. zm *3:45 p.m. tU:lOp. m. *6 20 am. 9,00 a, m. 820 p.m. 19:10 p.m. *520 a-m« Arrive. Leave. •adOp.m. * 8:10 p. m. * Sdop.au • 9:40 a.m. 77720 p.m. 77720 a. m. 777 £bl a. m. .1* 8:IUd. m. *9:ooa. m. t_7:3om.ni. •i& fc-a. *U£Oa- m. 9:00 p.m. *6KPp. m. JmM, Leave, 4 .15 p. m, 8:00 p. m. 2r!Bp. m< 3:1.’ p. m. 8:0Jp. mi 9:55 a, m. 8:16 a. m. • 8:55 a. m. Q-Lom mi 7:00 a. m. : 8:00 a. m,* &:sup. m, 7:18 a. m. Leave, Arrive. Arrive, Leave . Arrive. 6:40 a.m. • 9:20 p. m. Leave, Arrive, • 7:10 a. m. * 7:00 p. m.| •1:40 p. m. I: 7:Xa. m. Leave, { Arrive. * 9 .*OO a. rn.lt 7:80 p. a. {5:13 p. m. I 6:3 da. m. t*9.'oop, m. t*6sX)a. m. * 4:55 a. m. * 6:10 p. m. * 3:40 p. m. * 8:50 a. m. Leave, Arrive. 6:00 a.m. 9:10 a.m. 6:15 ami. 10:51 a.m. 8:30 p.m. 7:31 p.m.